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Running Man: Episode 128
by | January 20, 2013 | 35 Comments

This week, the Running Man cast work extra hard for the chance to earn double or even triple their New Year bonuses. It’s time to break a sweat but will their efforts reap them a ripe reward?

EPISODE 128. Broadcast on January 13, 2013.

A new year means a new start for our cast members as they review each other’s resolutions for 2013. Most of Kwang-soo’s have to do with Jong-kook (“Hear Jong-kook say ‘Save me’ at least twice.”) and Gary hopes to win the Daesang award at the SBS Entertainment Awards. Dream big, Gary.

Suk-jin’s resolution about bringing back gold as a Running Man prize (they previously lost that privilege recently) gets everyone riled up.

But let’s introduce today’s guests: actors Park Shin-yang (Sign, Lovers in Paris) and Eom Ji-won (Childless Good Fortune, Sign). Man, has it really been NINE years since Lovers in Paris?

The guests, here to promote their movie The Gangster Shaman, share their own resolutions and Shin-yang seems like a pretty good-natured guy because he humors the cast by reading them like he did in the movie Promise. Or at least for now, if the clips are any indication.

What the? The actual SBS director drops in, surprising everyone, to give the show his well-wishes. Not only that – he’ll be announcing the teams today. Everyone is understandably nervous – this is your boss’ boss’ boss.

He’s actually kind of hilarious as he reads out the first team (Ji-hyo, Suk-jin, and Jae-suk [Blue]) as his favorites and immediately the others are like, “Wait, you don’t like [the rest of] us?”

The other teams are: Ji-won, Jong-kook, and Kwang-soo (Red) in one, and Shin-yang, Haha, and Gary (Green). Jae-suk sighs that it’s too bad he wasn’t teamed up with ‘good buddy’ Shin-yang to which the cast calls him out on. Jae-suk: “I see him once every 10 years!”

The kicker is that the teams receive a special bonus of a whopping million Won (~$1,000 USD).

Ji-won shares that she heard some tips about the show: stay on Jong-kook’s good side and don’t team up with Kwang-soo. And then Shin-yang honestly confesses that neither of his teammates were mentioned as recommendations. HA.

Everyone heads out as the War of Money Race begins, and Shin-yang asks Gary the origin of his name. Gary: “My nickname in middle school was kae (dog) in middle school.”

He wonders why no one recommended his teammates because he like their dynamic so far and then he berates the GPS system for talking while he’s talking. So he turns down the volume… and it starts talking again, like it’s mocking him.

And then Gary busts out his best impression of the famous confession from Lovers in Paris. In another car, Ji-hyo confesses that she decided to become an actress because of the movie Promise.

In the Red Team’s car, Kwang-soo mentions Jong-kook’s uncanny ability to predict what the mission will be and Ji-won pipes that she’s playing a shaman in the film. So she tunes into her powers and gives a vague description of “car wash” and “water”…

…then Kwang-soo pats her shoulder, “Maybe you’re tired and should take a break.” Ha.

Turns out that she’s right and at the carwash, they see Maknae FD dressed up as Neo from the Matrix. Their mission here is to collect water in a bowl affixed to them via Matrix style. Water + Possibility of slipping = Insta-hilarity.

Ji-won has this huge smile on her face (“This is so funny!’) and she’s particularly earnest about conjuring different ideas to collect water, like getting on her knees. I love it when actresses chuck their high-profile personas to the sidelines for the sake of variety.

It’s too bad then that their brilliant idea is only somewhat successful because most of the water ends up on her face.

I’m not all that confident in the Blue Team’s strategy as the Suk Brothers lift up Ji-hyo. I mean, it’s a good idea in theory but why do I get the sense that they’ll drop her before they get any water?

So Maknae FD sprays a delicate shower of water before crankin’ up the intensity as Suk-jin gets sprayed in the face. Afterwards, Jae-suk complains, “Why would you do that! Don’t you know how heavy Ji-hyo is?!”

Looks like those ski goggles came in pretty handy as Shin-yang gets hit with the water hose without any difficulty. However, he starts getting annoyed that Maknae FD is skimping on the water and bursts, “Spray the hose properly!”

The Blue Team are first to succeed with flying colors thanks to the Ace, nearly filling the pitcher to the brim.

Kwang-soo resolves to collect water by getting on all fours and he takes in more water to the face than what ends up in the bowl. Surprisingly, it’s Ji-won, not Spartakooks who scolds him, “We shouldn’t have been on the same team.”

As for the Green Team, Shin-yang is able to collect water like a champ… it’s just getting up that’s the issue. But no worries because they succeed as well and the losing team (Red) ends up having to foot everyone else’s gas bill.

That leads to a bickering match between Jae-suk and Jong-kook about how much gas to put into the empty tank. Jae-suk: “Fill ‘er up!” Jong-kook: “You only need $50 worth! Why are you trying to waste gas!”

The Green Team grows impatient and honk their car horn, to which Jong-kook yells to wait their turn. Then Haha points to Shin-yang all, It was hyung! and Jong-kook immediately apologizes. HA.

Once they reach an agreement, the Red Team has to negotiate all over again with the Green Team. At Jong-kook’s argument (“With $50 [of gas], you can drive to Busan!”), Shin-yang jokes, “Put in diesel gas!”

All of their cars now fed, Jong-kook practically beams when he hears that their next mission location is a gym. Kwang-soo: “It’s as if we’re going to Jong-kook’s house!”

It really is Kwang-soo’s unlucky day as he gets double the scolding from both Jong-kook and Ji-won whose competitive spirits are on par with each other.

Meanwhile, Haha and Shin-yang create their own loveline, complete with a “love shot” with chocolate. Gary pipes in the backseat, “Then is this a love triangle?” HAHAHA.

The Blue Team arrives at the gym first and Jae-suk complains that his supposedly impressive pull up is nothing compared to Kookie: “Jong-kook can do that ALL DAY!”

It’s an exercise karaoke game and the losing team will end up paying for everyone’s lunch bill. And Mr. PD means everyone, including the staff. Gulp.

How cute is it that Haha and Gary start dancing to the music and then Shin-yang joins in? Too bad that the Blue Team can’t smile with them because they’re too busy struggling to try to sing into the mics. Well, mostly Suk-jin anyway.

Mr. PD shares the total amount and the losing team will have the great honor of shelling out $930. That means one team’s bonus can go flying out the window in one fell swoop. Everyone gapes.

So everyone starts to up their game and Shin-yang is surprisingly pretty good, heartily singing along. Then there’s Haha, who seems to struggle at first but then finds his niche in resistance bands.

The cast are impressed with how flexible Shin-yang is and try to rope him into showing them a split. Jong-kook defends Shin-yang’s insistence that he can’t do one.

So Shin-yang suggests that all of them do a split and Jae-suk yells at Suk-jin, “See? Thanks to you, now we ALL have to do it!”

A small monetary bet is enough to get everyone to agree but poor Ji-hyo sccreeeammms in pain when she attempts to do a split. Then to everyone’s surprise, Ji-won’s able to do one with ease.

The boys convince Shin-yang to pull his pants down to avoid a possible wardrobe malfunction (not without getting a sneak peek of Haha’s pink undies). Shin-yang dutifully follows. Heh.

One impressive split later, the Green Team immediately demand payment and everyone’s all, We’ll give it to you later! Then, Haha jokingly tears off Ji-won’s name tag so that she’ll pay up and she yells at him. HA.

What’s better is that when she goes to get the money (“Do I really have to pay them?”) and Haha tells her to hurry up, she yells angrily, “I’m coming! Here!”

The Red Team try to score some extra points by dancing and belatedly realize that they have to sing. Then Jong-kook and Kwang-soo team up by singing into the resistance bands mic together… and then Kwang-soo steps on Jong-kook’s foot. Hard.

Then to top it all off, the resistance bands slip and the mic accidentally hits Jong-kook in the eye. Oh man, I know it must be painful, but I’m dying.

Don’t worry though; Jong-kook gets his revenge by bouncing on Kwang-soo’s foot. And then Kwang-soo finishes the song by doing the same.

The Green Team choose to sing “Can I Love You?” featured in Lovers in Paris (and Shin-yang asks that they adjust the key, heh) and he sings it just as wonderfully as he did nearly 9 years ago.

Gary’s inner rapper inadvertently comes out when he’s about to sing the chorus, singing it a bit too early, “Care-care-carefully~” HAHAHA. But it does turn out to be Shin-yang’s solo and he earns a score of 50. Aww.

Watching Kwang-soo make his rounds around the gym equipment is pretty hilarious. I mean the guy even adds a few adlib vocalizations while hanging upside down! The Red Team end up with an impressive 99, which means they can eat lunch scot-free.

Aw man – even though the Green Team give it their all to sing, they still end up last. Nearly all of their bonus goes to pay for lunch and now they’re left with just 20 bucks to their name.

Everyone ends back at the SBS building for today’s final mission: a Survival Chair game. Those members who don’t end up sitting in one of the six designated chairs within the time limit will be unable to move on to the next round.

Jae-suk mentions that Shin-yang offered him some chocolate but got a few rocks instead. Shin-yang defends, “You try being left with just $20…”

The elevator is too small to accommodate all of the cast members and their VJs. Jae-suk figures that whoever’s VJs get left behind, “They just won’t appear on TV! There you are Kwon-ryul!”

Kwang-soo mentions that n one of the Red Team’s VJs are on the elevator with them and Jae-suk replies, “You’ve got the surveillance cameras!” HA – not quite the same.

With an innumerable number of chairs in the building, the cast spread out in search. Some of the members mistake the stickered chairs for the designated ones, like one that says, “Myuk PD.”

Then Kwang-soo surveys the Running Man room and gripes, “Why are there no pictures of us here?” There is, however, a picture of Lee Min-ho.

Both Ji-hyo and Jae-suk find the correct chairs and hide them from view.

Some time later, Jong-kook and Kwang-soo find Ji-hyo sitting in her chair and when Kwang-soo tries to persuade her to get up for a moment, she’s like, “D’you think I’m some sort of idiot?” HA.

Jong-kook knows that arguing won’t get them anywhere and says that it’s faster finding another one. Keke.

Shin-yang, did you just try to make a decoy by plastering your own name on a chair? Ha – why so cute?

Just finding a chair doesn’t mean Suk-jin is safely out of the woods, so he decides to hide somewhere. Though I’m guessing that loud rolling noise is bound to attract some attention.

Like Haha, who promptly searches for the chair once Suk-jin leaves. One man’s loss is another man’s gain and Haha sits his butt down, refusing to move.

Gary sits down and it looks like the Green Team’s in the clear… but then he opens the door when someone knocks. It’s Ji-won who instantly realizes that Gary’s found one of the chairs.

With Kwang-soo’s help, they roll Gary onto his back, who screams, “I’ve only got $20! I’ve got nothing!” They eventually get Gary out of the chair and unsurprisingly, Kwang-soo takes off with it.

Ji-won catches up to the Giraffe, “You were going to take it for yourself, weren’t you?” but then Gary bursts into the room to get his chair back.

Gary puts up a decent fight for a good while but when Kwang-soo threatens to take that last twenty too, he surrenders.

It’s both Suk-jin luckiest and unluckliest day today. He finds another chair with just four minutes remaining but then Jong-kook shows up mere seconds later. Suk-jin soon finds himself 2:1 against the Red Team and they peel him out of the chair.

Jong-kook claims the chair for his own… but I can’t include his awkward position here.

Suk-jin turns desperate when there’s less than two minutes left and Jae-suk runs to protect his hidden chair. Pulling the mat-hyung card doesn’t work either, so he resorts to kicking.

While this battle within the same team rages on, Kwang-soo and Haha fight over the chair in the elevator. The timer ticks down the last few seconds and both Haha and Suk-jin are left out.

Haha acknowledges defeat right away, adding that he understands because he stole the chair from someone too. Jong-kook: “Who?” Haha: “Suk-jin hyung.”

But what’s better is that Jong-kook stole his from Suk-jin too and they all have a good laugh.

There are just three chairs left in the second round and Jong-kook whispers to Kwang-soo where they should look first. Then Shin-yang starts to whisper in Ji-won’s ear too and Kwang-soo has to remind him that they’re on different teams. Whoops.

To Ji-won’s luck, she find Jae-suk’s old chair in the same place it was before. She hides in a room backstage and then Shin-yang pops his head in and leaves without a word.

Full of gratitude, she comments, “I would have lost if he used his strength. He’s gentle, as expected.”

Jae-suk checks the auditorium and discovers Ji-won in her hiding place. They both radio their teammates for backup (Ji-won: “I found Jae-suk!” Jae-suk: “I was the one who found YOU!”) but with less than three minutes remaining, everyone starts to panic.

It’s bare-footed and jacketless Kwang-soo who comes to Ji-won’s rescue and he tells her to run, er I mean, roll away.

She doesn’t get very far when the others catch up to her and she yelps, “I’m a guest!” And when that doesn’t work, she threatens to kick Jae-suk where the sun don’t shine.

The last ten seconds are pure chaos and when the end of the round is called, it’s Ji-hyo who ends up in the seat. Thus, the final contenders for the final round are Shin-yang, Jong-kook, and Ji-hyo.

Ji-won is genuinely surprised at Ji-hyo’s strength and gets in the final word: “Don’t pretend to act all nice!” Pfft, look who’s talking.

At least we spend a hilarious moment in jail as the boys imitate Ji-won’s threats, much to her embarrassment.

There’s one chair left in the final around and it’s Jong-kook who finds it right away, lying in the same spot where Ji-hyo claimed her win just minutes earlier.

Ji-hyo arrives moments later and when Jong-kook assumes his spreadeagle position again, she repeats Ji-won’s threat to kick him straight at his family jewels. So Jong-kook changes positions. HAHAHA.

Shin-yang soon joins them and he tells Jong-kook very manner-of-factly than he can take Spartakooks in five seconds flat. Woah, that’s a tall statement. Does he honestly think he can beat Jong-kook?

Then he clarifies, “I mean, I can sit in that seat with you.” Thattt sounds more like it.

Funnily enough, Jong-kook is pretty powerless sitting in that chair so the others roll him out into the hall. With just over a minute left, Shin-yang gives Jong-kook ten seconds or else, he’ll use his strength to wrench him out of that seat.

Shin-yang keeps to his word and with Ji-hyo’s help, they topple over the chair. Ji-hyo’s attempt to tickle Jong-kook’s feet proves useless and Shin-yang yells out and apology before sitting on top of Kookie.

Five… four… three… two… one… and they’re still stuck in that awkward position once the whistle blows. Let’s get a close-up of Spartakooks.

The three join the others (Jong-kook limps towards them) and Mr. PD finally announces the winner after reviewing the tapes. For the first time in Running Man, both the Red and Green Teams are declared victors.

Both teams have the opportunity to double or triple their bonuses but d’aww, the Green Team leave with just $20.

The Red Team nervously wait… and end up with TRIPLE the amount: $2,520. (Just in case you’re wondering, they donated their winnings.)

Shin-yang isn’t about to leave nearly penniless, so he suggests, “How about [we try for splits for] $5,000?”


35 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    thanks for the recap..

  2. myma

    Poor Kim Jong Kook. I just felt so sad for him. He was practically limping after the win! Shows you how much effort he puts in

  3. florance

    What is the name of the song kwangsoo and jong kook sang? The 99 score one!

  4. onyxx

    not as funny as the past 2 episodes but there are some parts that sent me howling: the short introductory segment, the gym karaoke, the gargling sound SFX when the water hit Jae-suk and Suk-jin’s faces lol.

    having LKS in your team can be a double-edged sword…

    • 4.1 alive

      I agree. He can be so funny and I love him, but sometimes I wish he wouldnt sabotage his own team so often

    • 4.2 bd

      Have to majorly disagree – this ep was a complete riot – both the games and guests were funnier.

    • 4.3 Hubba_Hubba

      Hmm I thought this ep was the funniest in a long time. I’d never heard of Shin-yang before this episode but he killed it. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard at the final encounter C:

  5. iyra

    i hate LEE KWANG SOO!!!!always betrays and always looks for an opportunity to take punish the commander

    • 5.1 reina

      yeah..i second this!! it’s getting more n more annoying to see gwangsoo hold grudges to jongkook..i mean,when he’s your TEAMMATE..i know this is variety and you could do all those thing..but looking at it,jongkook apologized when he took haha’s chair even if he’s not his team..gwangsoo??trying to fight his own team!!even jiwon say her manager said she should stay near jongkook and stay away from gwangsoo!!

      • 5.1.1 ...

        you are obviously still a child who can’t take jokes. it’s Kwang soo’s and Jong Kook’s image to have a love hate relationship. Would it be funny if all the members just get along and always be nice to each other??? Kwangsoo loves Jong Kook. and you sound really really stupid to take what Jiwon said seriously.

    • 5.2 bd

      Relax people, it’s a running gag.

      Maybe it’s getting towards the end of its usefulness, but it’s still good for a laugh or 2 when well done.

      • 5.2.1 RunningG

        Ya, it is just a gag. No point getting all heat up for this.
        Besides, I don’t find this offended.

    • 5.3 RG

      Relax, it is just a gag.
      No point getting all heat up for this.
      Besides, I don’t find this offended.

      How can you hate one of the members in Running man?

    • 5.4 pigtookie

      Wasn’t there an article not to long ago, about Jong Kook once encourage him to keep going with his betrayer persona for the sake of his character on Running Man? I wish Jong Kook wouldn’t get hurt though.

  6. Running Man Fan

    I personally like this episode better. I am laughing at kwang Soo, Jong kook, suk Jin, Gary and Jae Suk new year resolutions… Jong Kook ridiculous laugh when he heard kwang Soo resolutions.
    It was a great honour for the SBS CEO to come down personally and I like how hilarious he is when he group the teams.
    I like it when the guests were sporting and participative in games. Ji Won show her competitiveness when he declared that her manager advice her to be with Spartakook team and not to be with kwang soo the betrayer. Shin Yang honestly say that neither Gary or Haha were on the recommendation list.
    Favorite moments
    1) The giraffe-tiger team, baby team and the same cast team
    2) The matrix water game and how Kwang Soo mess up the team unintentionally
    3) Suk Jin get spray in the face
    4) Jong Kook and Jae Suk bickering on the price and immediately apologise to Shin Yang when he honks
    5) Shin Yang jokingly say diesel oil?
    6) Shin Yang bonding with the kids and even dance with them
    7) Jong Kook home ‘the gym’ and how cute when he beam brightly while marching in
    8) Jae Suk impressive pull up and how he respond that Kookie can do it all day
    9) Kookie and Kwang Soo sing bounce with me and step on each other foot
    10) kookie gets hit by the resistance rubber accidentally ( that must be painful ) kwang soo was apologetic to his hyung
    11) Shin Yang able to do the spilt and won the bet, jiwon reaction to HaHa.. 🙂
    12) Suk Jin lack of fitness, kwang soo hilarious way of singing and exercising
    13) kookie worried about the ladies at the last game
    14) How all the people find the chairs and try to hide them
    15) Tiger-girraffe team work
    16) Kookie ask Kwang Soo not to fight with Ji Hyo for the chair ( a gentleman )
    17) Suk Jin Chair was stolen by HaHa And Jong Kook
    18) Jong kook awkward way of sitting and how he switch position when he feel threaten of being kick
    19) The Brother and sister relationship between Ji Hyo and Jae Suk
    20) The Giant baby Kookie at an embarassing posture with Shin Yang on top
    Ji won yelling at Ji Hyo sound a little bit harsh but I treat that as entertainment.. At least she experience the competitiveness of RM and I believe it is all for variety.. I like that spartaKook went all out to win because he had not being winning for the past few episodes. The Commander Is back!!! But I felt a little bad for him a he is limping and was worried about his back.. Still safety should come first.. Glad that the winnings goes to the charity. Thanks for the recap. 🙂

  7. Lilian

    This episode wasn’t that funny. It reminded me of another episode where they had to use water guns to shoot down the cans. And poor Suk Jin. He had the luck to find two different chairs but could not even defend one!

  8. Running Man Fan

    Not to forget the monotone Haha and the ever so cute Gary the rapper when they sang the lovers in Paris song… 🙂

  9. AddyisVIP

    Thanks to the recap I got to laugh and enjoy this ep once more! The ep was hilarious, a great start for Running Man in 2013!!! I laughed so hard because of Kwang Soo when he steped on KJK while singing, and then at Kookie getting hit in the face with the elastic band hahaha… He sure suffered a bit in this ep!!!
    Runnning man is one of my stress relievers I love the cast they are amazing!! ;D

  10. 10 racheose

    i know it hurts but why do i find that part the funniest? i mean when kwang soo accidentally hit jong kook with the mic. before they did the diet karaoke with kim byung man and jae suk got hit too…

    the chair game was a bit dangerous but it was nice to see everyone trying their best. suk jin was very funny hahaha i feel bad for him but it’s really too funny.

    ji hyo helped shin yang win since he is her idol it’s so adorable haha

    i’m glad runningman keeps on donating prizes to those who need it… they’re really the best XD

    -must stop thinking perverted thoughts… but jong kook’s position is just too… and when shin yang was on top of him… see it sounds weird hahaha-

  11. 11 J-Pooh

    Thank you for the recap – I love Park Shin Yang! One of my fave fave actors! Seeing him in this ep made me love him more! He seemed to be more loosened up at the end – he needs to be in another ep of Running Man!

  12. 12 bd

    This ep was a complete riot and one of the best.

    The games were hilarious and the guests were all-in and brought their own personality to the show.

    Can’t believe the RM PD went w/ a water game in the freezing cold, but “Matrix” water collection game was pretty funny and despite getting hit in the face w/ water, both the RM cast and guests didn’t complain (btw, it was nice to see Ji-hyo paired up w/ others than the Easy Brothers).

    The exercise karaoke game was pretty funny the 1st time RM did it (ok – it was more the singing, YJS singing and Haha dancing a Turbo song much to KJK’s chagrin and Ms. Mong’s cute, but not very good dancing to Turbo songs when everyone behind her would stop and just watch, and then dance again when she looked back), but this was also hilarious.

    Watching Ms. Mong’s teammates force her into the split position was painful (but funny).

    The Giraffe and Tiger doing the resistance band mike together w/ the Giraffe w/ the Giraffe standing on KJK’s foot was funny enough, but when the band slipped off and hit KJK’s face, I was rolling w/ laughter (again, painful, but very funny).

    YJS should have really let Suk-jin do the resistance band mike since it would have been the easiest one for him YJS is strong enough to do the other things).

    I didn’t think a Survival Chair game would be that funny, but boy, was I wrong.

    The whole thing was funny – such as Suk-jin having the luck to find TWO chairs and then have both taken from him (typical) and Ji-won and Ms. Mong threatening to put the hurt down under (the latter which made KJK turn himself around on the seat), but the funniest absolutely was KJK and his chair.

    1st positioning himself so that his thick legs were thru the arm rest hole, then the other abusing KJK b/c he was pretty helpless in that position, then Shin-yang forcing himself into the seat (where was rear was in KJK’s face) and lastly, KJK walking w/ a gimp b/c his thighs were so stretched out when Shing-yang forced his way into the chair.

    There was also good banter – such as bickering over the amount of gas and throughout the games as well.

    It seems like Ji-won has gotten some grief over her aggressive play – such as rebuking Kwang-soo when he messes up (who doesn’t, and besides, it’s a running gag to rebuke Kwang-soo) and threatening YSJ to hit him where the sun don’t shine – but that’s what was so great about her, she was spunky and played to win and used every trick in the book.

    That’s what made Han Ji-min and Gng Hyo-jin such great guests – b/c they were fierce and they even bit and kicked (not to mention what Ms. Mong does).

    Lee Tae-gon got criticism as well but that’s what makes for a more fun guest; everyone on RM knows it’s for entertainment purposes and don’t take things personally.

    Kwang-soo continues to do things to KJK and yet they are close (they both know it’s all to get laughs).

  13. 13 Ally

    Is Park Shin-yang perfect or what?! Love that he just left when he saw Ji-won! He’s so nice and funny. Gentleman. :p The last part was too awkward, it just left some viewers (like, me.) thinking… HAHAHAHAHA.

  14. 14 BattleAngel

    Thank you for recapping! I Loved the episode but was disappointed in i some of the editing the PD’s made. For example they didn’t even show Kim Jong Kook or Song Ji Hyo’s resolutions! And although I don’t exactly “hate” LKS but I do wish he’s stop sabotaging his OWN team members. I mean just because his character supposedly “doesn’t like” KJK doesn’t mean he should try to hurt or sabotage him when he’s on his own team. That rubber band accident hitting KJK in the face could’ve been dangerous! I do like how the Red team just messed around on purpose the first time they sang because I think they knew that they had it in the bag since KJK was “at home” at the gym and it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. I also loved it when Ji-Won got mad..she’s sweet and unassuming on one side..the next second screaming at HaHa like he was a little kid whining for candy. I also am starting to get tired or everyone ganging up on Kim Jong Kook…he looked pretty hurt and was limping after the chair game ..hopefully his back is okay…last week Kwang Soo kicked his back and this week he gets hit in the face with the rubber band and ends up limping. I know it’s for the sake of variety and it’s for fun and it’s all fake but the members need to start worrying a bit more about real life injuries/limitations of their all the cast members.

    • 14.1 ...

      really? and how do you know that he really got hit for real and not just pretending??? Kwang Soo would never kick Jong Kook for real. You are on camera why would he do that. He was probably only pretend to do those stuff but never for real. please don’t take variety too serious.

  15. 15 pigtookie

    oh man. Lovers in Paris is not my favorite drama but there is something about how a couple of songs can bring you back to your first dramas, when the first beats ring.

  16. 16 ren

    Hello everyone! I am a new appreciator of Running Man and I’m enjoying it. I love the roles all the characters have though my favourite is by far Kim Jong Kook haha love his aggressiveness for some reason lol. Anyways I hope this show doesn’t end like 1n2d S1 (my ultimate favourite).

  17. 17 JC

    I LOVED this episode!
    RM just keeps getting better and better. :3

    Poor Sukjin. 8D

    And I really did feel bad for Jongkook this episode, he took quite the beating.
    Especially the elastic thing with Kwangsoo, that had to have hurt.
    I feel like the PDs are becoming increasingly lax about monitoring the horseplay.
    Which makes for great entertainment, but man, I did feel bad for KJK this time. First the foot, then his eye, then getting squashed in the final game.

  18. 18 swinter

    What the name of the song did the RED time win with,and the artist

  19. 19 fuyu

    what is the name of the song that haha team sang at the last game? please~

  20. 20 Elia

    Stop blaming Lee Kwang Soo. If it’s really too much, it won’t go on air. If KJK has problems with LKS doing those stuff to him, he can just sort it out right away. If you find this kind of thing not funny, offensive, or violence, write a complain letter to the production crews, not throwing blind hatred to the cast who only carries out his character on the show. I’m Lee Kwang Soo fan, and HE’S HILLARIOUS!

  21. 21 Mommai

    We fell behind on our Running Man watching and only just watches this one today, but it was soooooooo funny! We loved the chair game! It had so many awesomely brutal and hilarious moments in it. Our family watches it together every Sunday 🙂

  22. 22 amora


  23. 23 cinthy

    love kim jong kook!!!!! he is awesome

  24. 24 sunny

    Did jihyo cry after that ji-won yelled at her?! i thought i saw her crying….?!

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