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Running Man: Episode 129
by | January 27, 2013 | 95 Comments

The Idol Team is back to face the Running Man Team in the 2013 Running Man Winter Olympics. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the games can’t be fierce. The competition is tough, the games brutal, and there can only be one victor. Will the Running Man Team be able to clinch a victory over the fresh-faced idols?

EPISODE 129. Broadcast on January 20, 2013.

The 2013 Running Man Winter Olympics kick off at Gimpo Airport and right off the bat we’re introduced to our “upgraded” Idol team. First, we have Kwang-hee (ZE:A) who mirror the boys’ disappointment that there’s a disproportionate guy/girl ratio on the idol Dream Team.

Then there’s SHINee‘s Minho and immediately everyone complains that he’s like an athletic powerhouse. Does that make him Spartakooks Junior?

But his welcome is nothing compared to Sulli (f(x) and now it’s Minho’s turn to grumble about his lack of fanboy fanfare. Ha, then Kwang-hee tells him that he was practically scolded when he arrived.

Heyy there, Yong-hwa and Jong-hyun (CNBlue) – we just saw you guys a few weeks ago! Then there’s Lee Joon (MBLAQ), and L aka Myung-soo (INFINITE) to round out the rest of the idol team.

Jae-suk marvels at the Pretty… and then record scratches at Kwang-hee. The idol takes it like a champ, until he’s compared to Kwang-soo. At least they’re BOTH upset at the comparison and Kwang-hee defends that it’s like a Before and After Photo (Kwang-hee’s plastic surgery is no secret in the variety world.).

The Olympic torch is lit by resident figure skating star, Maknae FD, to commemorate the start of the Running Man Winter Olympics.

As expected, Kwang-hee’s a chatterbox in the Idol Team car. He’s all, Let show ’em what the hot young’uns can do! When the others point out that that has nothing to do with whether they’ll do well today, Kwang-hee says brightly, “We’re the forerunners in Kpop!”

The Running Man Team hits the nail on the head when they note that Kwang-hee seems more concerned about being funny than winning today. Their Summer Olympics loss still fresh in their memory, they resolve to bring their A-game today.

Speaking of being young, the Idol Team note that they’ve never ridden a sled before (gasp). The Running Man Team are all, Sure, neither have we! and Kwang-soo mumbles that he’s not that much older than the idols.

The Running Man Team are confident that they can at least beat some of the less-athletic idols (e.g. Kwang-hee, Lee Joon, and Jong-hyun). Now I’m getting flashbacks to when Jong-hyun carried Choi Ji-woo and Lee Joon’s heodang spy days.

Yong-hwa asks what it’d be like if Kwang-hee ripped off Jong-kook’s name tag and Jae-suk replies, “It’d be funny!” Because everything he’d do with that high-pitched voice would be funny?

They start the ski-sled relay race and woah, Suk-jin’s actually good as he glides on the ice with ease. But then he jets in the wrong direction, completely missing the turn. Whoops.

He makes up for lost time and then Kwang-hee’s huffing and puffing behind him. Suk-jin: “You’re the first idol who’s lost to me!”

There’s a considerable gap between the teams by the time it’s Yong-hwa’s turn, but before you know it, he’s right on Haha’s tail. L closes in on that gap, skidding right behind Gary. How appropriate that they play INFINITE’s “The Chaser”?

Lee Joon takes full advantage of the lead, even posing for the camera. But he sees Jae-suk ski towards him so he madly starts trying to ski backwards. LOL.

It’s down to Minho versus Jong-kook and now a giraffe kick turns out to be useful, giving the Tiger a needed headstart. Kwang-soo tries to give him another kick but falls on the ice. Animal karma?

They’re neck and neck as they approach the final turn but Jong-kook miscalculates and turns too late on the corner. He nearly skids out of control just as the finish line is within reach and Minho slides past for the win.

But they quickly shift the blame on Kwang-soo and Jong-kook asked if he kicked him or pushed him. Kwang-soo: “It’s 50:50.”

The cast continues to tease Jong-kook in the car and Jae-suk aptly describes Spartakooks in a few words: He’s got power but doesn’t know how to use it. HA. Then they mention how Kwang-hee’s the weakest link on the Idol Team, which makes him a prime target.

Funnily enough, the idols are talking about that very topic in their car. Kwang-hee defends that he was reining himself in so that he wouldn’t scare the fans with his uber strength.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone in that car or on this side of the screen is going to believe that right now.

Mr. PD introduces their second game as an ice hockey match. But it’s not so much ice hockey as it is hard floor hockey and that ice puck looks more like a robot vacuum.

The boys comment that Sulli looks super cute in her goalie suit and her voice drops a few registers to tell them to knock it off. Why am I getting the feeling that this level of pseudo testosterone was eerily absent in a certain drama?

The relay race loss is still fresh on Jong-kook’s memory and he asks the staff to put a disclaimer in post-production. Something like “No idols were hurt in the filming of this show.”

Jong-kook fulfills his warning as he plays rough with the idols boy in the rink. Turns out that the Ace is also an ace goalie and the boys are amazed when she blocks two goals in a row. She’s like, “I have to block them!” And then her helmet covers her eyes. Hee.

Jong-kook continues to ram into the other team and they’re a good sport about it, falling down laughing when they get hit. Then Kwang-soo earns a minute penalty (for throwing a player’s broom) and when Suk-jin readies himself to shoot… Lee Joon pushes it out of the way. Ha.

Kwang-hee finally gets a chance to play but he takes one look at the other players fighting for the puck at the other end of the rink and he freezes. Then Sulli is all, “Oppa! Go over there! They’re probably all spent!”

There’s suddenly a chorus of screams and a moment later, we see that it’s all from Kwang-hee, who freaks out whenever the puck comes towards him. So, when are you going to show us that uber strength again? Hehe.

The puck flies past and Yong-hwa picks it up. He shoots at the goal and Ji-hyo blocks it. Then Jong-hyun gets possession of the puck and it slides into the goal.

A hockey match is no fun without a brawl. Haha grabs Yong-hwa and they start rolling on the ground together before Maknae FD breaks it up. But then Haha’s outburst initiates a domino effect and soon, all the players are wrestling each other.

L breaks out of the pack and it’s just him versus Ji-hyo… he misses. Then he dives in front of the goal to block the Running Man Team. HA – it takes me a minute before I realize that Kwang-soo’s pants are at his knees again. Is he just too tall for the suit?

Haha finds any opportunity to take on Yong-hwa and they both earn a penalty. They continue to wrestle each other to the ground. Don’t worry – given the EIGHT times Yong-hwa’s been on this show, he’s practically family.

Kwang-soo puts in a goal for the Running Man Team and everyone’s like, “Pull up your pants first BEFORE you celebrate!” By halftime, the score’s tied 1:1.

Sulli wonders if she can sit down in her suit and her To the Beautiful You co-star helps her out… by lying her on the ground. Hahahaha.

Haha and Kwang-soo start concocting imaginary ideas (like secret weapon AZ887), as if writing their own sports drama and Jae-suk comments that the Idol Team look like they’re writing their own high school love story.

The Running Man Team agree that they’ll work to make sure the other team ends up in the penalty box as many times as possible. Haha: “This is what ‘AZ887’ is!” That way, they’ll leave Jong-kook and Kwang-hee on the ice alone. Brilliant.

Jong-hyun comes over to play, curiosity getting the best of him. When they ask what their secret weapon is, he gets fairly close: “AZ0885!”

The second half kicks off to pure madness as Operation AZ887 kicks in… and the Running Man cast literally take down their opponents. Save for Kwang-hee who initially runs in the opposite direction before ramming into Jong-kook… and skids to the floor.

The Idol Team watch helplessly from the sidelines as Kwang-hee gets a beatdown from Spartakooks. The score is 2:1 by the time everyone’s back on the rink but L and Minho work together to tie the score again.

Surprisingly, Kwang-soo sinks in another goal and he jumps on Jong-kook in celebration who’s like, Gerroffme. And though the idol boys put in their all in the final minutes, the Running Man Team win the match.

The Idol Team reminisce in the car (and I love how Yong-hwa turns to L, all confused, “Your name is Myung-soo?”) and Minho says that he can’t acknowledge Kwang-soo’s goals.

Their third game takes place at a swimming pool and Mr. PD introduces this as a ski jump/diving match. D’aww, now you’re just mixing any two sports together.

I’m highly amused as Mr. PD explains the rules and he’s like, “If you don’t think you can jump, you don’t have to!” But he adds the caveat that means their team’s total will be that much shorter aka you have to jump.

Gary’s up first and he lands face-first into the water (Ow!) and everyone jumps in concern. He does, however, rack up 5m for his team. Kwang-hee grabs onto anything he can find but with some encouragement, he dives into the water. It’s just that he’s now treading water ’cause he can’t swim. Aw.

They don’t call Ji-hyo the Ace for nuthin’ as she fearlessly bounces on the diving board and then dives in, feet first.

Aw, Yong-hwa, are you trying to be all cool? You can’t fool us; we know you’re adorable! He sets a new record as he flies off of the diving board. Then L matches that record.

Kwang-soo lays down on the diving board and tries to measure the distance in his head as the others crack up, laughing: “If you fall there, it’ll only be 1m!” Then Haha spits out that this is his only chance to beat Song Joong-ki, and that finally spurs Kwang-soo to jump.

He jumps. Far. Man deserves a standing ovation for that courageous act. Not that the cast will humor him anytime soon and they joke that celebratory time is over.

The teams are pretty close by the time they get to their final contenders. But Jong-kook doesn’t set up a wide enough gap and they anxiously wait for Minho’s jump.

Minho looks totally determined and Jae-suk jokes, “We’re filming Running Man but it looks like he’s on Dream Team!”

Minho makes an impressive jump… but the Idol Team still loses by a mere 20 cm.

Now nice and dry, the teams head inside for today’s finale: Hide-and-Seek, Olympics style. As a reminder, the teams will switch off every 10 minutes between hiders and seekers.

The Running Man Seekers wait patiently as the idols search for hiding places. Granted, Kwang-hee’s infectious laugh might make him easy to find. Hee, then Kwang-hee just follows Lee Joon around, who tells him, “Keep quiet!”

The Running Man Team flexes their hide-and-seek muscles – this is a game they excel in. They catch L make a run for it and they corner him before taking him out with ease.

The remaining idols are shocked at how quick the Running Man Team are, but these guys have got this game down to a science. Rule #1: When your teammate call you, you run.

The ringing sound of the bells are enough to raise the hairs on the back of the idols’ necks. Couple that with the name “Jong-kook” and the idols freeze in place. To their great relief, Jong-kook passes by them without a second glance.

HA – it’s funny that Suk-jin is all suspicious because he looks into rooms that he would use as a hiding place. He doesn’t quite search the places so much and overlooks both Lee Joon and Kwang-hee.

Well it’s a good thing Big Nose Hyung starts looking for his own hiding place and discovers Kwang-hee hidden among some boxes. He asks Kwang-hee which Running Man member he likes the most and Kwang-hee whispers back: “Ji Suk-jin!”

Before you know it, Kwang-hee’s out and he jokingly takes out the compliments he doled out minutes before. And with that, only four idols remain.

There’s a minute left before the switch and the Running Man Team spot Ace Yong-hwa. They give chase and corner him in an office. But time is quickly running out and Yong-hwa manages to buy his last few seconds to freedom.

So he sits there with Jae-suk and Kwang-soo who are probably thinking, “We’re screwed now…” The idols ready themselves to launch their revenge and that little smirk from Lee Joon kills me.

Now that the tables are turned, Yong-hwa takes both members on simultaneously. He rips Kwang-soo’s name tag off (Not before giving us a peek of Kwang-soo’s undies again. Seriously, it’s like a theme now.) before he goes for Jae-suk.

Lee Joon literally skips through the halls and runs into Suk-jin, who’s surprised to see him. They greet each other and when Suk-jin learns that the idol was hiding near where Kwang-hee was, he points out that he’s let Lee Joon off the hook. Lee Joon: “You could see it that way…”

Suk-jin gets about five feet away before Lee Joon bellows, “Yong-hwaaa!” Then Lee Joon hands off the name tag ripping responsibility over to Minho and clarifies, “I left you off once!”

The idols resolve to find decent hiding places with just a minute remaining when Sulli suddenly points to the end of the hall: “He’s over there!”

She means Jong-kook and they run to catch him before time runs out. Jong-kook slips into a bookcase and with mere seconds left, both he and Ji-hyo drag Yong-hwa towards them. Uh oh.

They sit there, immobilized and Yong-hwa confesses that as soon as he saw Ji-hyo, he knew that he was caught.

Minho and Sulli make a run for it as soon as the speakers announce the switching, leaving Yong-hwa to fend for himself. Jong-kook immediately wraps his arm around Yong-hwa’s back… and eliminates him.

SpartAce search for Minho and find him behind a display. They quickly take him out.

The jailed are surprised to see Minho join them and they all marvel over Jong-kook’s keen ability to hone in on his opponents. Minho confirms that the idols’ original plan was to take Spartakooks out first, but he was nowhere to be found.

Gary: “He was probably on the ceiling.”

I love that mixed look of shock and confusion on Lee Joon’s face when he learns that only he and Sulli are left to take on SpartAce and Haroro.

He opens a random door, saying that there’s plenty of hiding spaces back here to be met by a frightening sight: a Kookie fly trap Version 2.0. Sulli pretty much takes over as she rips Haha’s name tag whereas poor Lee Joon’s on the receiving end of one of Jong-kook’s holds.

In fact, Sulli even creates an opportunity for Lee Joon to rip off Ji-hyo’s name tags but he helplessly cries back, “I want to! But I have no hands!”

SpartAce whimpers that the Idol Team won the last time and then in a surprise turn, Jong-kook slips outside, leaving Ji-hyo behind. He muffles his apologies to his teammate and the Ace is quickly taken out.

Jong-kook tries to reason with her during the switch – she had to take one for the team. Ji-hyo gives him a thumbs up, leaving their team’s fate in his hands.

As soon as the switch is complete, Jong-kook opens the door and eliminates Lee Joon in seconds.

Jong-kook finds Sulli sitting on the staircase and he accidentally knees her chin. She starts play-crying and Jong-kook panics because he’s weak to ladies’ tears.

Everyone gathers together and the idols initially cheer when Sulli lifts Jong-kook’s name tag above her head. But they both have each other’s names in their hands, leaving the others hungry with curiosity. Jong-kook cries out, “We won!”

Flashback to Jong-kook and Sulli’s earlier conversation and Jong-kook offers that he’ll do anything for Sulli the next time she visits if he lets his team win. Her condition: that Jong-kook acts as her bell aka her slave.

Jong-kook laughs at this and promises that he’ll let her win the next time she drops by but Sulli misinterprets this. “One year?” (Both ‘episode’ and ‘year’ sound similar.) They reach an agreement and Jong-kook rips off her name tag.

The Running Man Team look at their prize box with hopeful eyes – gold medals? They take out gold colored name tag medals instead and raise them high above their heads with pride.


95 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white


  2. Katherine

    Another fun episode added to the list. Loved that the RM team didn’t go easy on the Idols and vice-versa. Only let down for me was Kwang-hee, his style of comedy just doesn’t sync with me so whenever he popped up I rolled my eyes, even though I will give him props for jumping into the water. Myungsoo aka L or Infinite – was DAEBAK !! Even though he didn’t talk much, he totally caught everyone’s eyes for his efforts and athleticism, last but not least Jonghyun is so freaken endearing to watch – always had a smile whenever he popped up, especially with him always smiling/laughing.
    I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him alot more on RM along with Yonghwa. I demand another F4 reunion.
    One more thing Song Ji Hyo on the “ice-rink” aka hockey match was awesome, the amount of times she blocked had me in awe – truly is the ACE.

    • 2.1 adib_chan

      totally agreed with ur comment.. L was introduced as new ace during the happy for that.. can’t wait for him to pop once again in future rm ep.. ;D

      • 2.1.1 ♪♪ ♥ leehyuk ♥ ♪♪

        I just love the way L flips away his fringe… not to mention he is so awesome in athletics..

    • 2.2 Katie

      I agree. I’m not a fan of Kwang Hee, I don’t get his sense of humor and I cringe when tries to be funny lol. I can’t believe he gets compared to Kwang Soo <3

      • 2.2.1 Alicia

        My favorite 2 variety comedians are : 1. Kwang-soo and 2. Kwanghee. Enough said.

    • 2.3 anvesha

      -I was also happy to see L! I hope to see more of him, it was a shame he got out in the final round so quickly.. -And Kwan-hee, not a fan of his comedy. And he didn’t contribute much. ’nuff said
      -I love when Yong Hwa comes! He always makes things interesting.
      -I am guessing they’ll bring Jong-hyun to balance out guest team lol I love him smiling all the time.. and Joon, he is funny (the back pedaling in the ice ring right after his pose LOL).

    • 2.4 sachiko erin

      Jonghyun didn’t do much but he was so adorable in this episode with his tv viewer mode, lol always smiling and laughing
      and RM casts seems to adore him as well, Suk Jin bond over with him, lol the rest think he’s a curious kid and not a threat, KJK patted his head and was sorry when he ripped his tag
      most of the comments in RM articles after the episode were about him

      Yonghwa was his usual ACE self though he didn’t looks that well. maybe he’s a lil sick?

      L is also good though he didn’t really speak

      • 2.4.1 jjeennyy19

        he is sick during that time but still manage to be his usal ACE…

  3. austriandramalover

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    Can Yong-Hwa become a regular cast member already? I just love it everytime he’s on the show 🙂

    • 3.1 coby


    • 3.2 kelinci biru

      Me three!

      • 3.2.1 cheshirecat

        count me in!

    • 3.3 jjeennyy19

      same here..:)

  4. icecream

    This episode was fun. The only drag was Kwang Hee. I hope he does not get invited again.

  5. jude

    Kookie fly trap V 1.0 and V 2.0 is definitely my two favorite things from this episode. Just look at their faces on the screencap. Hilarious! LOL

    • 5.1 icecream

      Poor Joon. He got terrified last Olympics by Kookie too!! Now the ant trap again.

    • 5.2 Esther

      so epic

  6. onyxx

    Kwang-hee = Kwang-soo? how apt. they’re both loud, funny and ineffective in these games, although LKS did well in this episode

    • 6.1 bd

      LKS is not as ineffective as he (and others) makes himself out to be.

      He has done well in numerous games and has even ripped off the Tiger’s nametag.

  7. Gom

    This was a fun episode. The Idols were adorable. And the Running Men didn’t go easy on them (I get peeved when they’re not bringing their A game because of guests).

    I didn’t want to say this because it’s been said time and again, but Yonghwa is awesome. As per always. That corner brawl he had with Kwangsoo and Jaesuk was hilarious. And the way he launched at Jihyo and Jongkook during the final minutes were just… wow. He’s really one of those people who’s not afraid of risking anything (er, his name tag). And to think he was obviously not feeling well that time. He’s one of those guests whose screen time is not a waste. 🙂

  8. alive

    What an awesome episode. Jong Kook’s “Ant Hell” strategy was brilliant, just brilliant. The way he lured and trapped Yong Hwa. Wow. And I thought it was a painful yet correct decision for him to shut the door and leave Ji Hyo. That was the only way either of them would survive – otherwise both could have gotten ousted.

    Broom hockey was amazing. So was the execution of AZ887. Lol.

    Minho sure is competitive, isnt he? L left a good impression as well. Jonghyun and Lee Joon brings the laughs. And Yong Hwa daebak as always.

    Awesome episode. Awesome.

    • 8.1 bjharm

      I thought it odd that he ducked out and left Ji Hyo alone like that with only 30 seconds on the clock before they became the hunters, he could of easily held out for that 30 seconds, there was no need for her to be taken out like that. I can only think that as he hasnt been on the winning side much in resent episodes while Ji Hyo had a string of either team or solo wins may of had something to do with it.

      • 8.1.1 Quiet Thought

        My impression was that it was not so much Joon or Ji Hyo as Sulli who flushed Jong Kook out of the ant-trap. She was bouncing back and forth like a pro, had already eliminated Ha Ha, and had almost grabbed Jong Kook’s tag a few seconds earlier. She was manhandling Ji Hyo thoroughly and if she’d made a sudden move on Jong Kook while he was tangled up with Joon, Ji Hyo could not have taken Joon and Sulli at the same time.

  9. Daisy

    I don’t like Kwanghee’s way of being funny… He was pretty rude.. I know he was just fooling around and all but you can tell Gary was upset with his remark though he played it out cool..
    I think Kwanghee’s should find a different way of being funny. I like him one We got Married but on Running Man I get pissed off when I see him onscreen.

  10. 10 Nallali

    If Giraffe is to be replaced once he’s off to the millitary, my bet’s on Yonghwa!
    And thanks mr PD for the return of the bells!

    • 10.1 racheose

      gwangsoo already did his military service…

      this episode is really fun. and yeah kwang hee is rude, pioneers? i can tell that the other idols looked uncomfortable too.

      spartace combo is really good, it’s not obvious but they always work together somehow and they trust each other.

      jonghyun is cute and always smiling. jae suk was right when he said jong hyun is like just watching tv at home.

      and i super love that hockey tactic and kook’s trap hahaha

      oh and gwang soo you did so well, maybe coach kook had been training him haha

    • 10.2 miaa

      btw, kwang soo already went to the army . :)… so he will stick with RM. p/s no changes.

  11. 11 jel

    I am in awe at the Spartace teamwork. This is probably one of the more overlooked combinations on RM, but I love it whenever they work together. I think they have great chemistry. This epsiode solidifed that. They took out what? 3 idols together? (Minho, Jong Hyun and Yong Hwa).

  12. 12 Quiet Thought

    We sometimes comment here about the female idols being too girly for an active show like this, but Kwang Hee has to be the girliest idol I’ve ever seen. Sulli, on the other hand, was all game, and she earned a compliment from Ji Hyo. which made her various girly squeals and cries even more fun. The National Hockey League and big league soccer would be a lot more entertaining if all the goalies squealed “OH . . .OH . . . OH” like Sulli, Ji Hyo, and IU while the other side was taking a shot.

    • 12.1 bd

      Well, there’s probably a good reason for Kwang-hee acting “girly”/effeminate – he’s most likely gay (as are Jo-kwon and a few other idols).

      And not only gay (nothing wrong w/ that), but effeminate gay.

      Which makes his being a cast member of “We Got Married” a bit humorous.

      • 12.1.1 Annie

        I don’t doubt that Jo Kwon is probably gay but, for what it’s worth, I always thought Kwang Hee’s effeminacy was an act – in the dog eat dog idol world, it was probably the only way he could stand out.

        • bd

          Methinks it’s not an act; no straight can do, or repeatedly do those “mannerisms” that Kwang-hee does.

  13. 13 Quiet Thought

    Loved the screen shot of Ji Hyo giving Jong Kook the thumbs up after his sacrifice maneuver. I was immediately reminded of the discussion in the comments on ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’ ep 2. If Jo Won and Kang Hee can manage that kind of chemistry on screen, that drama will do well.

  14. 14 JC

    I love the SpartAce combo so much!
    They don’t get force-paired together much in the show, but they always have such great teamwork. <3

  15. 15 Justine

    I guess I’m in the minority because I thought Kwanghee was hilarious in this ep! From the moment he was first introduced with his face covered and got the RM team confused over whether it was a girl or a guy walking in, I was already in stitches. Personally, I think it would have been a less lively episode without him around because the rest were kind of quiet, even Joon, surprisingly. Kwanghee’s definitely the kind that’s best in small doses since he’s so outrageously loud, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed him here.

    • 15.1 Shikurai17

      I agree with you. I was loving Kwang Hee. I think he made it exciting. Everyone else was quiet and really didn’t interact with others. This is the first time I seen him and hope he comes on RM again.

    • 15.2 jjeennyy19

      “Personally, I think it would have been a less lively episode without him around because the rest were kind of quiet, even Joon, surprisingly.”

      You are wrong..If kwanghee wasn’t there the other idols can make it fun..Lee joon is funny too, Yong Hwa is witty and yet they can’t speak coz kwanghee was such an attention seeker…he never gives a chance..I somehow felt that other idols are a bit uncomfortable coz of kwanghee..and if Lee Joon or Yong Hwa wasn’t funny enough, I’m sure the running man will find a way to make it funny..

  16. 16 Elysium

    Kwanghee’s style of variety works well on things like Star King and Strong Heart – not so much RM although he’s easier to take in small doses

    Loved Jihyo’s squee when Minho walked in! And is Haha’s new post-marriage image gonna be trip-wrestling all the female guests?

    Thanks for the recap! Would love to see Sulli o RM again just to see slave Kookie 🙂

    • 16.1 meanrice

      If YEH ever guested, that should be the ep that Sulli comes back to cash in on the slave contract. Spartakooks would have a Haroro type manic breakdown. Make it happen RM!

  17. 17 kelinci biru

    I love this episode. Looove it! Thanks for the recap, gummi

    My favorites: L!!!!! He’s fierce, quiet yet fierce. the fact that Lee Joon is learning (I think?) he was second to last because he found good hiding places and managed to get away from running man during defense. Hopefully L will get back and use that knowledge, to not hide in open space. That last tiger vs lamb also cute.

    imo, Yong hwa should be permanent member, he’s always fun and not afraid of Jong kook. And next idol olympics, please invite anybody else from zea but Kwanghee, at least Siwan was competitive and fought for his nametag, or Hyungsik or Kevin or maknae. I know Kwanghee is supposedly funny, but in running man it always the balance of competitive spirit and laughs that most entertaining.

    • 17.1 mary

      Lee Joon is GOOD at hiding. His first RM guesting, he even lost his VJ hehehe.

      Later on in the episode he pointed out where he was hiding all the time and it was SCARY AS HELL. He fit himself into this boxy space where cables are kept and honestly, if I were him I’d be mored scare of something grabbing me in that dark space than having to run away from the Tiger.

      His first ep was also funny, he almost didn’t do anything, didn’t get much screentime because he spent 20 minutes inside that closet/electric circuit wall panel thing. Hehehe

      Still can’t imagine he’s going to be badass in Iris2.

  18. 18 nova611

    didnt like team kwang
    i hope Yong Hwa will join more RM ep & win
    Haha had been sharper lately, the last ep he’d fooling around is Suzy ep. Then no more Mr Playboy image..

    • 18.1 Allydah

      Well~ He graduated from that image :>
      He’s a devoted married man now!

      I’m actually super happy about the fact he’s no longer a play boy. Though it was funny watching him scream “Be my last love!” And what not. xDD

  19. 19 annebelievable

    Myungsoo-ah!!!! I was so worried when i found out L was going to be a show. He was such a slacker in those infinite shows. Just derping by himself in a corner and constantly being lazy.

    Thank you for showing your skills L!

  20. 20 Running Man Fan

    Another fun episode. I like the games that they. I think the Running Man team and idol team did their best. Many favorite moments-
    1) The return of the commander spartakooks. Finally, he showed his competitiveness and his eagerness to win since the last episode.
    2) Surprisingly, Kookie was rough to the idols and even specifically take the Pd to state that the idols were safe during the game.
    3) Kookie pretending to be a tiger at the cage. His expressions were hilarious!!
    4) Min Ho and Jong Kook competition. They are basically the senior and junior version of each other.
    5) The ice sled game – kwang hee lose to Ji Suk Ji. Hurray!
    6) The comparison between kwang soo and kwang Hee. Both denied their resemblance
    7) The idol team were so sporting.. Although terrified of Kookie, they still laugh even when hit
    8) The diving game and hockey game ace – kwang soo and his loose pants!!
    9) Kookie caught the idols and took revenge.. Especially Yong Hua and Min Ho ( their reactions)
    10) The most classic team work – Ak887Z
    11) Lee Joon captured by Spartakook and how Kookie always play the mother hen standing in front of Ji Hyo and Haha.
    12) Lee Joon cute expressions and the expression of shock again when he saw JK.
    13) The Jail talk and Gary is cute and suggest that JK hide at the ceiling.
    14) Spartace teamwork. I like that Ji Hyo and Jong Kook have a mutual agreement with the thumbs up when Ji Hyo was eliminated
    15) Jong Hyun laugh that looks like he is watching TV
    16) Gary jump at the diving pool and how he coolly exclaim he is fine
    This episode show that command can make mistake or miscalculate. But he is still at the top of his game with his skills and strength. I appreciate that he is a gentleman and negotiated with Sulli for her tag.. But the price is to be her slave.. Haha. I think everyone deserve a clap. Kwang hee was irriating but quite entertaining.. Sulli is a crybaby that keep screaming.. Although not my favorite, they have a role to play.. Thanks for recap. 🙂

    • 20.1 mary

      Sulli needs to get again SOON. I want to see the Tiger playing slave for once. Hahaha

  21. 21 Dramlov

    It’s always a pleasure to watch Yonghwa and Minho as guests on the show because they always give their best. I think the hockey game was really rough, specially towards Yonghwa…i mean he really must be family because the way he was tackled and pushed by RM members was too much.

    The chase game was the best, made me remember old RM days. I felt sorry for L because he did a good job in the other games but he hiding doesn’t seem to be his forte. I think that if it weren’t for Sulli, Yonghwa and Minho wouldn’t have been caught in KJK ant trap…that was really unlucky, i think the idol team would have won if both of them survived in the end instead of Sulli and Lee Joon.

    One thing that i didn’t like at all was Kwanghee, i was in the first 10 minutes of the show and i already found him annoying as hell. I also found Jonghyun lacking on the show, all he did was smile, it was like they gave him the dumb role in the idol team…well at least he wasn’t as annoying as Kwanghee. I hope we wont see Kwanghee in RM any time soon.

    • 21.1 Ben

      I just found him to be quite rude. It would be fine if everyone in the show was like him but they’re not.

    • 21.2 mia

      Jonghyun scored the first goal for team idol during the ice hockey game

    • 21.3 adib_chan

      i don’t think jonghyun was given a dumb role in idol team.. he has his own persona,, he found the interaction between the cast mem quite entertaining which makes him switch to the tv viewer mode.. jaesuk acknowledge that and the rest of rm mem also like to tease him.

      in term of competitiveness, he score 1 goal during the hockey game.. both L and jonghyun play a good job in that game but during hide and seek, they need to learn more about that.. 😀

  22. 22 bd

    This was a good/fun ep b/c the games were good and competitive.

    What keeps it from being one of the great eps is that there are too many guests (which prevents that good-natured banter among RM members and guests) and here, the guests are young idols – so they are not as apt to show their personalities as older, more established stars.

    YJS looked so happy to see Sulli again. I think he has a soft spot for Sulli after the two were teamed up on her 1st appearance on RM an she took care of him after he suffered piggybacking her (not a small girl) for that pencil sharpening game. The next time Sulli appeared on RM, YJS looked disappointed in not being paired up w/ Sulli once more.

    Kwang-hee was just horrible w/ the ski-sled game; surprised that Gary wasn’t so good either (must not be one of his “hidden” talents).

    As for Gary hitting his face entering the water on the ski jump/diving game, I’m sure it hurt, but remember, Gary is the king of tolerating pain to the face/head.

    Really surprised that KJK was so physical w/ the male idols b/c before, he always took it (way too) easy on them (numerous times when he would pretty much just allow them to rip his nametag off) – I guess he got sick of losing.

    The SpartAce “Ant Hell” was classic.

  23. 23 bd

    While I really like Sulli, if the PDs want to make the games even more competitive w/ the idols, they should invite Suzy or Bora as the female idol.

    Suzy has the strength and wrestling skills (she inherited the “Young Girl Warrior” mantle from YEH) and Bora is probably the best all-around athlete among female idols.

  24. 24 BattleAngel

    Thanks for recapping again! Loved this episode! Before watching I thought for sure RM would let the idols win again but I was pleasantly surprised that RM members actually competed pretty fiercely and won. But I have a feeling that if the Idols won the game the PD’s wouldn’t have just given them “gold colored” name tags and would’ve switched out the prize for something else.

    I usually don’t like idols on the shows but I really thought Min Ho, Yong Hwa and L did really well. They really were good in Hockey but they were not match for SpartaKooks and Ace offense defense combo. SpartaKooks was so cute playing along with the caged tiger act and I loved the AZ887 plotting. Jong Hyun was just so cute with not being very good at much but always happy and laughing.

    The bell game was good too. Loved the Ant Hill trap. Lee Joon was so scared seeing KJK, HaHa, & SJH waiting for them. Funny how Lee Joon started yelling for Sulli and she turned out to be braver than him.

    I thought it was hilarious when Lee Joon couldn’t get out of KJK’s arm hold to help Sulli. He even tried one last burst of “super human strength” & yelled to get out but it was no use. KJK’s hold was basically like handcuffs. I actually didn’t think KJK needed to sacrifice Ji Ho as it was so close to switching time but I guess he was getting tired but I loved that Ji Ho gave KJK the thumbs up and said she trust KJK’s decision and trusts him.

    One thing is I wish KJK would stop be SOOOO weak to girl guests. I mean he didn’t have to BEG Sulli to let him tear her name tag and promise to do whatever she wanted. He could’ve got her name tag gently and easily without being walked all over. Sigh..glad RM members won and can’t wait for the next episode!

    • 24.1 Quiet Thought

      Sulli really gave it her all in this episide . . . I think she scored three of the five name tags pulled for the idol team. She realized herself that she’d fallen for the anthill ploy, but, then, Jae Suk and Kwang Soo made the same mistake this time around. And KJK playing nice to her was harmless. He knew exactly how much time he had left, and she’d just cracked her chin hard on his knee by accident.

      • 24.1.1 hue

        what did sulli do? scream and act cute all episode. even in the end with kim jong kook i was like “wth is this girl doing?” he was not obligated to “be her servant”. other say kwang hee is rude but sulli is the same. KJK is just weak against girl idols. roll eyes.

        don’t let me get started on the hockey game and her screaming non-stop. seriously, she did not even move a CM to try and block the giant buck.

        am not hoping to see her anytime soon.

        • Gom

          @hue come on. give the kid a break. i think she did just fine. considering it’s her first time. whether she just got lucky or not, she lasted that long in the game and in my books, that’s pretty commendable.

          ji hyo even praised her. and if you noticed, when she and lee joon were face-to-face with jong kook and ji hyo, lee joon at first just stood there contemplating his next move, while sulli, without any reluctance, launched herself into jong kook and started wrestling him.

          i don’t know why i’m defending her lol. i think i just find it strange that some people thought she was annoying when all this time i thought she did very well. 🙂

          about jong kook not ripping her name tag, i think it was adorable. as yonghwa said, it’s like a match between the tiger and the lamb. we all knew the moment he and sulli were the only ones left that sulli had no chance whatsoever. he wasn’t being weak, he was just trying to be nice to the little lamb.

          • Quiet Thought

            It was Sulli, after all, who broke up the ant-hell formation at the end of the contest. She correctly went in hard and fast and repeatedly switched targets, taking Ha Ha out and forcing Jong Kook to release Joon to protect his back. It was Sulli, not Joon, who forced Jong Kook to sacrifice Ji Hyo.

          • Hi yo

            I always find myself rooting for the female guests during the RM eps. Nothing against Ji hyo, who is one of my favorite RM characters, but it’s getting old to see Ji hyo dominating over almost every female guest who comes on the show. It’s almost like KJK dominating over all the males in the earlier eps, only with the opposite gender. So I always find myself hoping that the female guests could put up a good fight against Ji hyo, just to make things more interesting.

            While Sulli is one of my favorite idols, and had my support throughout the entire ep, I honestly didn’t expect much from her, like the last championships when Eunjung came on and barely got any screentime (through from what I understand, she was very tired at the time). So, it came as a very pleasant surprise to me when she was able to joke around with the boys during the ice hockey match. AND THEN, she basically fulfilled my wish to see a female guest give a good fight to Ji hyo when she got Haha’s nametag, manhandled Ji hyo all over the place and almost got Jong Kook’s nametag too.

            So, yeh I thought she did a pretty good job.

            Two questions through; Is Kwanghee always like that? Cuz I can’t imagine him being in WGM with that personality. And why didn’t Sulli jump? I was looking forward to that 🙁 I thought she won’t be scared since she had to do a dive off in THBY.

            Rant ended.

            PS. Did I find her screaming annoying? No, not at all, its pretty common for girls not used to team sports to scream when a projectile flying at them with a bunch of testosterone-driven males right behind it (no offense to females). Even my sister, whose some half-boy, half-scary-person hybrid, screams when a football comes at her face.

            Second Rant ended.

        • la dee dah

          I can’t believe I’m spending time defending Sulli, who I only know from her less than stellar acting in TTBY, but my gosh, your comments are full of exaggerations. She most definitely did not scream “nonstop’ during the hockey game. She only “screamed” during the hockey game when she was trying to move out the first time or trying to sit down, but with the very heavy gear, she couldn’t. Even Ji Hyo couldn’t move much. Look at the goals Ji Hyo “saved”, while she did her best, some were really because they aimed the pucks right where she was standing already (well, she was blocking up most of the goal). Sulli did try to move, she even got her broom to sweep away the puck one time or another, but she can’t make ‘sudden’ moves in that thing she was wearing. And she was going at the guys and their tags during the last game. I know some idols have anti-fans and all, but I was hoping they didn’t saturate this community. Let’s stop it with this nonsense, if you dont’ like her, fine, but saying Sulli was being “rude”? Sigh…

          • Quiet Thought

            The RM staff test runs with that over-sized puck would have shown them that no one was going to get it airborne and it would not have been that that hard to block any shot by stretching out in front of the goal. I suspect they deduced that making the two females wear over-sized padding would not only be safe and funny, but it would keep them making any dramatic blocking moves. Ji Hyo just coped with it better than Sulli.

            As for the squealing, that seems to be a common trait among Korean women not used to team sports. Check out Ji Hyo and IU goal-tending at the soccer game a few months ago. Ji Hyo even cracked a joke about it.

          • zodd

            Eh I didn’t care much for Sulli hope they get another female idol that’s more athletic, like Bora.

  25. 25 BTP

    haha I love that Kookie was on FIRE this episode

    Jihyo–> one word. ACE! she is seriously SO AMAZING and
    definetly a role model for all women everywhere!

    Gary joking around with L was so cute!

    old man sukjin, I’m suprised he didnt get caught in round 1. but i still love his character 🙂

    Kwangsoo and Jaesuk. Do I even have to explain? 🙂

    Haha: I LOLd so hard when he wrestked “Kim Yuna” to the ground

    Idols that caught my eye the most:
    -seriously, Yonghwa just needs to be a cast member by now. Not only is he an Ace, but he’s just so funny (and lets not forget HAWT. )
    -and Jonghyun, he is SOOOOOO CUTE!
    Kind of like the Park Ji Sung ep, I just automatically liked him. They both have this innocence too them that makes me smile along with them even if they’re isnt anything funny going on. He’s like a boyfriend I would love to have and yet a son I wish to have, all at the same time. I know, weird.
    – L, a really amazing athletic person

    • 25.1 Gom

      jonghyun is indeed cute. i’ve always thought of him as the dark, brooding guy from busan. but as it turns out, he’s actually quite hilarious. in a very awkward kind of way.

      i think i read somewhere that he watched the episode he was in two times. and during the second time, he was still laughing like a crazy person.

  26. 26 apluszee

    I just find Lee Joon being adorable in this ep. despite his busy schedule and he looks absolutely knackered in most scenes, and finally got most of his screentime during the hide and seek game. His skipping was so hilarious! too adorable and casually greeted JSJ!

    Gotta love him to bits. He’s starting to learn on how to survive on the show!

  27. 27 nhetski

    the ant hell was perfect! SpartAce combo is the best!

    • 27.1 Ben

      That photo is so classic.

  28. 28 verte

    ‘…he accidentally knees her chin…’

    *she accidentally chins his knee

    • 28.1 mary


  29. 29 Dita

    The hockey strategy was just brilliant.. and funny.. 😀

  30. 30 DAEBAK!

    Thank you for the recap. Enjoyed this episode so much. Really loved Yong hwa and L in the idol team. Hockey game was a full on blast! Everytime Yong hwa is on RM or anythingelse it just makes me perk up ^^

  31. 31 mingtsai

    i was looking forward to this episode and i’m so glad that it did not disappoint.

    i think the Idol group this week was really an upgraded version. hehehe (plus, i just can’t get over how handsome L looked) ^_^

    personally, I enjoy watching Kwang hee. i think he’s funny and offers his own brand of entertainment. i was already laughing during his entrance, from his walk to his high pitch “anyeong haseyo” to his aegyo opening remarks..

    there wasn’t much Gary in this episode (i wonder why he was quite subdued) but i love his confident remark towards L when he assumes away that they were both the most good looking in their teams hehe; i also love the Monday Couple moments during the hockey game and Gary’s face-water dive during the third game..

    here are some of my favorite moments in this awesome episode:

    1. Suk Jin during the sled race — doing so well at the beginning and then missing the turn (classic Big Nose Hyung! hehe)

    2. Gwangsoo’s awesome jump-dive in the pool.. way to go Kirin! ^^ the RM team cheered.. for about 2 seconds and then promptly returning to their usual treatment of Gwang soo (KJK: “come back here now!” YJS: “this doesn’t change anything” LOL)

    3. AZ887 FTW! planning time and execution were just daebak! Jonghyun’s attempt at spying, Kwanghee’s face when he realized that he’s the one left with the Commander.. pfftt..

    4. Gwangsoo’s awesome hockey skills: he scored 2 out of the 3 goals for RM team! woohoo!

    5. Mongji’s equally awesome blocking skills..

    6. Jaesuk and Gwangsoo, shoulder to shoulder after they were both eliminated by Yonghwa (cute!)

    7. and the one that takes the cake for me for this episode: Spartakooks’ Ant Hell! how awesome and cute were Jongkook, Haha, and Jihyo when they were the last ones standing.. their hats with the 2-horn design were just sooooo adorable! and the look on their faces.. it was like a mix of you-think-you-can-beat-this-defense and can-you-believe-we-have-this-kind-of-formation ROFL

    i was so happy when the RM team won the hockey game and the diving game but i was ecstatic when they won the race in the last part! but PDs, wth with those gold-COLORED tags as prizes? hehehe ^__^

    can’t wait for next episode.. it will just be the RM family!

  32. 32 verte

    Doesn’t L look like the boy version of Min-ah from KOD?

  33. 33 jaejoongie

    I love L because of this show hahaha, he looks even better with his bangs off his face (after the jump), not all idol could look good without their bangs -____-
    Jonghyun makes me smile whenever he popped on the frame just to laugh, he should come more often
    ACE jihyo, i love her more and more 😀

  34. 34 Carinne

    Love this episode to bits and pieces. Best part was the hockey match IMO. So much action, my heart was racing faster by each tackle from SpartaKook. And, I like how those CNBlue boys took care of Sulli better than her TTBY cast mates. (◠‿◠) D’aww.

  35. 35 ♪♪ ♥ leehyuk ♥ ♪♪

    One of the best RM episodes… The best game IMO would be the hockey match and diving long jump match…

    Min Ho is super competitive… the surprised & shocked look on his face when Kwang Soo scored the hockey match and also the diving jump match.. Min Ho totally underestimated Kwang Soo.. hehe

    Crazy me keeping score on what they did… I simply love this episode.. better than Dream Team…

    RM Team:
    Kwang Soo : 5m 60cm
    Gary -: 5m
    Jae Suk : 4m 60cm
    Kim Jong Kook : 4m 50cm
    Ji Hyo : 3m 50cm
    Haha & Suk Jin added score : 5m 70cm

    Idol Team:
    Min Ho : 5m 60cm
    L (Myung Soo) : 5m 10cm
    Yong Hwa : 5m 10cm
    Kwang Hee : 4m 20cm
    Lee Joon & Jonghyun & Sulli added score : 8m 70cm

  36. 36 Lilian

    Ooh..I was surprised! L is really more athletic than he looks. But a little too quiet for variety though! And Yonghwa is definitely a good choice as a guest each time. I loved it that he kept Jong Kook’s name tag which he ripped during a past episode. =) hehe…and Jonghyun still a bit quiet but I loved the sweet and gentleman part of him in helping Sulli out.

  37. 37 Ri

    Keep Yonghwa, Minho, L and Joon. Yonghwa has impeccable wit in games as well as his physical ability. The way he talks is charming and although not always outright humorous he is not a bore to watch. Minho is fiercely competitive his scenes with Sulli were really cute he looked after her a lot. Both him and L dominate the quiet athletic persona which make them great guests. I like that, it works. But L especially needs to speak up a little more, with the attention he gets from just from participating I don’t doubt he could get majority of the screen time if he talked a bit more. Maybe bring in some of his fellow members. Joon has this great dumbass funny aura about him. Makes him comfortable to watch I am glad he lasted long he never gets screen time in RM. Disliked Kwanghee, stick to talk shows will ya? A disrespectful twat. When he opened his mouth in the intro none of the members looked amused even Jaesuk found it hard to keep his smile. Jonghyun just smiles lol… I got really annoyed with Sulli during hockey she didn’t even move or try. I hope F4 come back next time and maybe a different Jan Di next time. A SNSD member would be good besides Sica/Fany. Or Lee Hyori, hope she guests when she has her comeback ^^ anyways RM are on a roll idols or not these episodes have been great!

  38. 38 meanrice

    AZ887 is comedy gold. From conception to execution. Also Ant Hell, i anticipate we will see that often. Genius and actually Spartan like!

    This episode had me laughing so loud and so often my neighbors may think im crazy.

  39. 39 Harihud

    Fun episode, fun recap. I like the CNBlue duo & “Flaming Charisma” Minho…those big eyes blaze with determination. I wonder who picks the team uniforms. RM gets somber blue, the idols get pink, red & fuschia hats. Lol. I’m glad it ended with a bell chase.

  40. 40 Yeon Hee

    No words for Young Hwa, even since WGM he kind of person who can fit in any variety program with her cheerful and character. For Jong Hyun, even though he looks like quite person, he’s have a cute n natural adorable side which can make everyone luv him. I agree if L needs to talk more.. I remember sesame steet episode. If u want to choose Infinite, put Dongwoo for his pureness n adorable laugh, Sungyeol for his prank n playfulness, or Sungjong for his competitiveness.. Or bring them all n it will be gag show!! They are so naturally funny.. 🙂

  41. 41 swol

    DAEBAK! 1st time i wrote a comment for RM. its bec. of Minho, Myungsoo and YONG HWA! My eyes cant enough of all the PURRRTY! Imagine if SJK is still there. i will not be able to recover!

  42. 42 Jay

    Was really impressed with the gentlemanly nature of the CNBLUE boys and Minho and the Running Man cast is always good-natured. Aside from the obvious things, helping the goalies to and from the goals etc. I noticed Minho (and I think Younghwa too) had lots of words of encouragement for Sulli particularly when she failed to block a goal. Perhaps its just another example of Running Man bringing out the best in people.

  43. 43 Esther

    i don’t know, maybe i’m biased toward running man members, but i felt so dabdabhae when the idol team were using pushes during the ice rink game. in spite of that little extra spurt, the RM team almost actually won. glad they won in the end though.

    also, anybody else not really feeling the idol guests? i guess i can’t really relate or am not a huge super fan as they are mostly younger; prefer actors/comedians.

  44. 44 cinthy

    loved this episode!!! glad the running man won!!!!! they deserve it, and kwang hee so annoying

  45. 45 ...

    it was funny when jong kook, haha, jihyo lined up in the defense mode in that tiny space. they looked so cute. indeed running man know-how.

    jong hyun is very cute smiling all the time.

  46. 46 Jam

    This episode was very enjoyable. I hope to see another Olympic Special soon!

  47. 47 Raptor

    Lee Gwang Soo needs to stop his crazy shit, like kicking Commander in the middle of the first sleigh race. It was slightly funny the first time but the second kick caused KJK to lose his bearings, which then led to the loss of the race later. Getting irritating

  48. 48 Raptor

    JSJ can be so infuriatingly stupid. How long has he been on Running Man? Freaking forever! And he can’t even take the time to check under the manager office’s desk???

    And equally idiotic Giraffe caused both him and Jae Suk to be eliminated by Yong Hwa with his attention seeking betrayal crap again. GET OVER IT DUDE IT’S GETTING OLD

  49. 49 Raptor

    Ace Ji Hyo does it again in every game for this ep: the ski sleigh big lead over Suili… that Hockey Goalie thing where she blocked quite a number of pucks, the way she had so much fun with the diving board and making the guys nervous before she took the leap/ plunge, the awesome teamwork she had with Commander KJK. I love that she took the hit for her team with no grudges, even though I felt it was unnecessary for him to sacrifice her since the timer was reaching the time limit. Nonetheless, ACE JI HYO!!!

  50. 50 Raptor

    Compare Jae Suk and Kwang Soo, and Ji Hyo and Jong Kook, and you will see what a difference teamwork makes

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