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School 2013: Episode 12
by | January 14, 2013 | 156 Comments

Things accelerate in this episode, which is much appreciated since I thought last week was spinning its wheels in place a bit. It wasn’t entirely at a standstill, but it was slowing down and I was feeling it. This episode brings things back into action in a big way, with some glimpses of hope in sight for some characters and major shake-ups for others.

Extension update: School 2013 will NOT, thankfully, be getting any additional episodes and has decided to end with Episode 16 as initially planned. The finale will air on Monday, January 28, and a special will air on Tuesday.


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Se-chan tells In-jae that she’s the teacher he’d wanted, but failed, to be. She asks, “Why are you asking me to do what you couldn’t do yourself?” He also stopped getting up after he fell; why does he insist she get back up? She asks if it’s because it’ll make him feel better that there’s somebody still up. She walks out, and this time he doesn’t stop her.

Now the class feels bad for making In-jae feel bad, which would make me sympathetic if… okay, it doesn’t make me sympathetic. Granted In-jae wasn’t the sharpest teacher but in this they’ve made her their scapegoat for their poor life choices. And when she asked for brutal honesty, they served it up with a side of spite. Let’s just say this class is starting to get on my nerves.

But this class isn’t mature enough to feel bad themselves, so the students turn the blame onto Jung-ho for more scapegoating. Not excusing the fact that Jung-ho was a terrible disruption who probably should’ve been expelled already, they’d rather pretend he was the one who made them act like assholes. Better than feeling like assholes.

Jung-ho gets up menacingly to confront the head bitch Kyung-min, the girl whose potential redemption arc comes too late for me to stop thinking of her as head bitch. Everyone tenses, and a voice from across the room shouts angrily, “OH JUNG-HO!”

It’s Nam-soon, which is a relief. No, it’s worse. No, it’s a relief. Ack, can’t decide. He steps in, eyes blazing, and everyone tenses even more now that the inevitable jjang clash is here.

Then Nam-soon asks, “Didja turn in your answer sheet?”

Ka-dunk. All the tension defuses, just like that, because Jung-ho’s so confused he doesn’t even know if he’s supposed to feel insulted.

Everyone starts breathing again, and I love the little smirk that plays on Heung-soo’s face—the one that says, “Atta boy.” Jung-ho starts to challenge Nam-soon, asking if he’s mocking him, but Yi-kyung thankfully pulls him out of the room. Phew.

Se-chan runs into Jung-ho and Yi-kyung on their way out, and tells him to go back to class quietly. This is Jung-ho’s last warning, because there’s nobody around to clean up his messes now that In-jae’s gone. Jung-ho glowers, but goes back to class.

In-jae’s desk is empty in the morning, and Se-chan starts to text asking if she’s coming. He erases that message, then writes a comment on the cafeteria menu, then ditches that too.

Class 2’s atmosphere is chilly when he calls class to order. The students hesitantly ask, “What about Teacher Jung?” It’s clear they don’t actually want her to be fired, but Se-chan just asks, “What about her?” He doesn’t say it with bite, but there’s bite.

He pulls aside Kang-joo and Ha-kyung to ask why neither of them have entered the essay-debate competition. Kang-joo says she doesn’t plan to, and leaves.

Ha-kyung asks if he’s curious to know why neither of them signed up, and I admit that I half want him to cut her down and say no, why should I care? It’s because these students—like students everywhere, really—took for granted that there was a teacher out there who genuinely wanted to know. It’s why Jung-ho didn’t come back to school until the teachers told him to (although it seems he does want to stay in school, deep down), and why Ha-kyung now stands around after being dismissed, all, Don’t you want to pry? Aren’t you interested in my teenage angst?

Se-chan says that Kang-joo must have a reason, as though he has zero interest in pursuing the matter. She says that In-jae would have asked, and he tells her he’s not In-jae, “So you’d better abandon those expectations.”

I’d like to think that Se-chan is being a hardass on purpose, rather than just reverting to his former ways. Maybe he’s forcing them to face their guilt. Maybe losing their one champion is what they need to realize she was their champion, till they chased her away.

In-jae oversleeps and awakens into automatic I’m-late-for-work panic mode. Then she recalls why she’s not late and trudges back to her phone to check her messages. There’s one from Ji-hoon (“Are you not coming to school?”) and a cutely misspelled one from Young-woo (“When are you coming, Teacher?”).

Then she clicks on Se-chan’s name, and a whole string of texts pop up. They’re the most trivial of messages, asking where to find certain forms or who to ask for things. The one last one pops up, from Nam-soon: “Teach…”

Time for evaluation sessions regarding the students’ futures. Kyung-min pulls in lower grades than hoped for, and Se-chan isn’t one to sugar-coat the truth. He says that her chances for college admissions are slim (for the schools she wants, that is).

Kyung-min leaves feeling pissy, and the other students all gripe about Se-chan’s poor bedside manner. I don’t think he’s trying to be abrasive on purpose, but it does seem that that part of his personality comes out a lot more without In-jae’s mitigating influence. He’s gotten used to it, and he even asks a question to her empty desk before realizing she’s not there.

So Se-chan drops by her apartment that night, asking if she really means to quit. He passes along Uhmforce’s message to submit her paperwork properly in person.

In-jae agrees to do so, and he deflates a bit. But he tells her he isn’t trying to keep her just to make himself feel better: “It’s just, if we go together…” He trails off, and asks that she not ignore his messages anymore.

In-jae writes her resignation letter, then starts writing notes about the current situation with the kids: Ji-hoon’s study plans, Kang-joo’s hurt feelings about the competition, how to smooth Jung-ho’s return…

Everybody seems on edge in the morning, including Uhmforce who snaps at Se-chan to submit paperwork and takes Jung-ho aside to assign him to two weeks of school clean-up duty. Se-chan lights up when In-jae walks in the door, but she’s come with letter in hand and submits her resignation.

Uhmforce tries the tough love angle, telling her she’s irresponsible for leaving her kids and Se-chan in the lurch. He won’t accept the resignation until they’ve found a replacement. He adds that her that he’s the most hated teacher in school, but that if every teacher quit because they were disliked by students there’d be none left in the country.

The kids get wind of In-jae’s return and wonder how they’ll face her now. The late students sneak into class trying to escape punishment, till one realizes that today she wasn’t plagued with In-jae’s annoying text messages about running late: “It feels pretty empty, now that nobody’s waiting for us.”

Jung-ho gets to work sorting trash for his punishment, and Yi-kyung cutely joins him with a trash-picker in hand. Aw. He also tells Jung-ho to apologize to Ji-hoon first, because their rift isn’t going to just heal itself. Inasmuch as I don’t think romanticizing bullies is productive, I do believe there’s a decent kid inside Jung-ho, and I consider his loyal sidekicks as evidence of that. Yi-kyung and Ji-hoon are good kids, and if they’re so insistent that a good friend is buried under that hard facade, at least I’ll have hope that they’re right.

In-jae shows up and praises Jung-ho for actually doing the punishment, and he says it’s just for today: “I might not tomorrow.”

She hands him his cell phone and starts on the advice, which he points out isn’t her business since she’s quitting. She concedes that he’s right, but says he still weighs on her mind. Jung-ho: “So keep coming to school. If I attend, why can’t you?” Haha, does the bully actually have the most persuasive argument?

In-jae hands her journal to Se-chan, which contains her notes about the students. That tips him off about Kang-joo’s anger about the essay competition, and he assures her that they’ll conduct things fairly. If she and Ha-kyung both opt out because of their personal issues, they’re both losing out.

Kang-joo bursts out that he’s just worried that his precious top student might miss a great transcript-booster. After all, people tend to favor the good student and consider the other students as mere accessories. Se-chan’s so flabbergasted that he gapes and says she’s working one mighty inferiority complex. Kang-joo answers that yes, she does feel inferior. She’s also not doing the competition.

Nam-soon approaches Min-ki to ask him to take over as class president, since the kids are more likely to listen to Min-ki, a good student. Min-ki declines the position, but he agrees to support Nam-soon’s appeal to bring In-jae back, since he doesn’t want her to quit either.

Nam-soon seeks out Kang-joo as another supporter and finds her sitting outside moping. She asks if he sees her as Ha-kyung’s accessory, which he scoffs at. But he does suggest that Kang-joo go easy on Ha-kyung, who’s up to her eyeballs in the pressure of making it to Seoul U.

In class, the mean girls are busy launching hate-missiles at Ha-kyung, who tries to pretend she doesn’t hear. It bothers her, though, to hear them sniping about how Kang-joo refuses to participate in the rigged competition meant to bolster Ha-kyung.

Kang-joo comes in to ask for a moment, but Ha-kyung’s feeling peevish already and insists she say it here, in front of everybody instead of gossiping behind her back later. Kang-joo reaches for her shoulder and Ha-kyung, who’s packing up her pencil case, whirls back—slicing her hand with the metal ruler in her hand.

Ha-kyung freezes and the students yell in shock. Nam-soon steps up to wrap Kang-joo’s bleeding hand, chiding Ha-kyung to be more careful.

Heung-soo comes upon Ha-kyung fiddling with her cell phone, not sure how to handle the aftermath. He tells her to send it off already—better to react right away when something happens, as he well knows.

She rattles off the message: “Kang-joo-ya… are you very hurt?”

In-jae returns from the hospital with Kang-joo, asking how this happened. Kang-joo says that it was an accident and asks her not to punish Ha-kyung for it, which gets In-jae saying wryly that it’s funny given that they were just fighting.

But Kang-joo knows how Ha-kyung feels, even if she does have too much pride that she can’t just say sorry and settle things easily. In-jae points out that saying sorry is a difficult thing, which provides Kang-joo the segue to blurt her own apology for not joining in to protest In-jae’s departure.

She says she wanted to raise her hand, but she’d been feeling peevish (about the test scores), and she’s regretted it ever since.

They’re called to a meeting with the vice principal, because Ha-kyung’s mother is at school to “settle” this matter. Kang-joo assures them that she’s not very hurt and that she’ll explain it all to her mother at home, but Ha-kyung’s mother wants to cover her ass and get Mom’s agreement in person. How can she know that Kang-joo’s mother won’t take this to the police and demand the school open a disciplinary hearing?

Kang-joo bristles, saying her mother won’t do that, and Ha-kyung’s mother asks Kang-joo to write up a contract promising as much.

Ha-kyung has been sitting silently in growing mortification, and finally has had enough. She stalks out, and In-jae finds her in the hallway in tears.

Kang-joo starts writing her promise not to raise an issue over this in the future, but Se-chan tells her to stop and return to class. Writing an agreement couldn’t prevent a lawsuit if she really wanted, anyway. Mom says in her sweetly bulldozing way that it’s better than nothing. Kang-joo signs.

As Mom leaves, she tells Ha-kyung to run along back to class now that everything’s finished. That does it, and Ha-kyung bursts out, “What’s been settled? What’s finished? I don’t even know how hurt Kang-joo is right now, and I haven’t been able to apologize, and haven’t heard from Kang-joo that she’s okay. So what’s finished about it? If we leave things and finish it now, how will we make up and be friends again?”

In-jae sends the girls to the nurse’s office and orders them to both take a nap for the next hour. Ha, the boys get heavy labor and the girls get naps? Though I suppose ordering the boys to nap wouldn’t have the same knack at bonding that shared animosity toward Se-chan does.

Lying in their cots, the girls look askance at each other until Ha-kyung asks if Kang-joo’s okay. Ha-kyung doesn’t okay herself and apologizes—for the hand, for the competition, for everything.

Kang-joo cuts her off and tells her to just be like she normally is, ’cause this meek version is totally cringe-worthy. Then Kang-joo shoves her way into Kang-joo’s bed, and as they huddle under the covers, she asks if Ha-kyung likes Kang-joo or Seoul U more. Ha-kyung: “Of course you! And I’m not going to Seoul U because I like it—I just have to go.”

Kang-joo says that she likes Ha-kyung more than college too, and like that they’re all made up.

At lunch, Nam-soon plops his tray in front of Heung-soo and sends him this dorky smile, which is awesome on its own but made even better for the fact that Heung-soo returns it. But it’s not long before Heung-soo sighs in dissatisfaction that this is “surprisingly awkward,” and Nam-soon admits that he feels it too.

Heung-soo tells him to move to the other table, but Nam-soon shakes his head. “You said we were in the process of working it out. Then we should stick it out.”

I guess the cafeteria is going to be our symbolic battleground today, because as our two minions Yi-kyung and Ji-hoon are doing their own bromancey thing, Jung-ho bypasses their table to join… the jjangs.

The air goes tense and Heung-soo and Nam-soon both look at him warily. Is he picking a fight?

Then Jung-ho says, “If I’m going to attend school properly, I’ll have to take my place behind you.” Wow, he just ceded pecking order to the bigshots, and in front of everybody too. Jung-ho even gives each jjang a piece of lunchmeat, to their surprise.

As lunch comes to an end, Min-ki decides this is the time to make their appeal and calls the class to order. Nam-soon steps up and asks if they’re all okay with leaving the In-jae situation as is. Has anybody changed their minds?

Students admit that it feels like Mom’s left the house. Min-ki says he’s in support of bringing her back, but there’s an unexpected backlash—the mean girls retort that Min-ki’s mother was the main force in getting rid of the teacher. She went around calling the other moms to her cause, a revelation that makes his face fall.

The tide turns against Min-ki as well, like it’s his fault his mother is crazy. He walks out of the room reeling, dogged by comments of “Are you going to your mommy? Run along!”

Nam-soon follows him out, and Min-ki confesses, “At times like this I wish I didn’t have a mother.” Maybe the wrong person to say that to, since Nam-soon asks back, “What about when you eat food your mother cooked for you?” Min-ki admits that he doesn’t feel that way then, but apologizes for not being much help.

The next day, Min-ki’s mother prods him to take one last look at the sample essay prompts, pointing out one question that’ll probably come up. He wonders who her source is that tells her everything ahead of time and tries to defend In-jae, saying she’s the reason he’s able to get through school as it is. Mom says that In-jae only says sweet things that kids like to hear that do their futures absolutely no good. Se-chan’s bitter words, on the other hand, are better in the long run.

In-jae gets caught peeking into Class 2’s window, and tries to pull the “I was just passing by” excuse. (She’s no longer their homeroom teacher, which means she’s just the teacher for literature period.) The students crowd around, not giving her a chance to escape, and start chatting up a storm.

She’s looking for Min-ki but is told he’s not around. Turns out that Min-ki is in fact in the room, but didn’t want to face her: “I’m too sorry to see her.”

The kids are let out while the school preps for the competition, with the exception of a few: Jung-ho has clean-up punishment, and Nam-soon and Heung-soo aren’t excused till they turn in their homework. Nam-soon hands in his stack of hand-written papers, only to have Heung-soo smugly say, “Those are mine.”

Ha, Nam-soon shoots him this wide-eyed look, but did he forget their deal? Nam-soon grudgingly agrees that it’s Heung-soo’s homework, which means he’s stuck at school for clean-up. Heung-soo sends him a smirk and gets excused.

As Heung-soo collects his bag, he overhears Jung-ho take a call from his ex-hyungnim and arguing that he doesn’t do that kind of stuff, and that he could get expelled. He ends with, “Then I’ll pay you back!”

Kyung-min approaches the teachers nervously to ask if she can still apply for the competition. Her grades aren’t strong enough to secure college admission on their own, so she’s decided to try widening her college-entrance methods. Se-chan points out coolly that if she’s going to take that approach, she should have started last year and worked consistently in one area. That’s how all the other kids do it.

Kyung-min asks how they’re expected to decide their future in their first year of high school. Se-chan: “That’s why I’m telling you, this is ridiculously hard.”

In-jae shoots him a disapproving glare and chases Kyung-min out, who’s blinking back tears. Kyung-min says she knows her grades are middling, but Se-chan shouldn’t be so harsh. In-jae says he’s trying to motivate her and steel her nerves for the hard work ahead, but Kyung-min retorts, “What more impetus do I need? I sit in class and everybody’s competition, and those others don’t even get sleepy. What more motivating do I need?”

Kyung-min wipes a tear and admits that taking out her anger on In-jae makes her strangely feel better. Yes, or you could get a punching bag. Just a suggestion.

In-jae smiles, though, and starts to say, “Then come to me whenever—” until she remembers she can’t make that promise.

In-jae suggests that Se-chan take it easier on the kids when discussing their grades, because the students feel as though their entire lives are judged based on those marks: “That includes the question of whether they feel they’re people worthy of living.”

Se-chan says that such gravity is necessary to prod them to study. In-jae argues that studying is like art or music—to a certain extent, talent is involved.

Min-ki’s mother brings him dinner at school before the competition, and sneaks him the answer sheet for one last cram session. Min-ki tells her dully that he knows what this is all for, and that she’s trying to secure him a promising future: “But Mom, I don’t want it. The life you’re trying to give me—I don’t want it.”

Mom argues that she’s just sweeping the path in front of his feet—is that so wrong? She’s experienced the harsh realities of this world, and there’s no way she’s going to leave him out in the cold without doing everything in her power to protect him and ease his way.

Min-ki returns, “You only give me the answers! And those answers you give me don’t feel like mine. But tell me, Mom—are those answers even correct?”

She says with certainty that he’ll know in ten years, after he’s gone to law school and become a judge and realized Mom was right.

That answer just makes him look even more empty, if that’s possible. He asks, as though the realization has just dropped, “Are you… going to be like this until then?”

Both Kang-joo and Ha-kyung turn up for the competition, as does Min-ki, which relieves me somewhat. I’d been afraid he’d go off and do something drastic. Not that he still won’t.

Heung-soo, meanwhile, is out in town when he sees Jung-ho being pushed along by gangsters. He senses something dire about to go down and rushes out after him, which, aw.

Jung-ho ends up back at school, lurking in the hallway as In-jae locks up the students’ electronic devices, to be held till the competition is over. Nam-soon spots him hovering, while outside Heung-soo strolls by as the hyungnims gloat that Jung-ho’s gotta steal those computers and phones for them. He owes them too much money otherwise.

Heung-soo finds Nam-soon and fills him in, and together (aw) they go looking for Jung-ho in the empty classroom.

The competition prompt is handed out, but In-jae belatedly realizes she forgot to arm the security system and heads back to do so.

Min-ki takes a look at the prompt, and one glance confirms that it’s exactly the same stuff as the one his mother prepared. With a sigh he walks out, leaving his materials on his desk. That means Kyung-min notices the papers left behind, and she’s immediately suspicious.

Min-ki hurries out toward the entrance… and then stops. Ack! Why are you looking up? Don’t go up!

Grimly, he presses the up button on the elevator. Up he goes.

Kyung-min accuses Se-chan (who prepared the prompts) of distributing them beforehand, slapping down Min-ki’s papers. Se-chan flips through them in shock while the students start grumbling.

Nam-soon and Heung-soo make their way to the cabinet in the teachers’ office, and confirm their fears: It’s empty. Jung-ho already got here. They head out… and set off the alarm.

All the while, Min-ki takes the long, grim climb up the stairs to the rooftop.


Ack! No, Min-ki, step away from the ledge! Life is better than one pushy mom, I promise.

Sigh, Min-ki is so tragic. He’s the classic case of the model student who does everything right, who’s kind to his mother and well-mannered and totally smart. But he’s also totally powerless, rendered so by the one person who loves him most and thinks, ironically, that she’s doing the best for him. When it finally dawned on Min-ki that this meddling may not ever end, I felt a stab of fear for him, because he must have felt so grim. It’s one thing to think of yourself enduring for two more years until college, but it’s another to realize that your entire future is filled with this bleakness. It’s why I hate that he’s going up to that roof, but understand what drove him there.

You would think that after driving one son crazy she’d back off, but I suspect Mom is so guilt-stricken that she feels she has to cling to her denial—otherwise she’ll just break. She has to pretend that all is fine and well and that there is no flaw in her plan to build the perfect son, and in that sense Min-ki has become her salvation as much as he is her puppet. It’s why Min-ki can’t die—he can’t, do you hear me?!—because otherwise it’s just too tragic. What will Mom learn if she drives two sons away? She has to find a way to back down, and in order to do that Min-ki must live. Yes, my logic is airtight and in no way flawed! Got it?

The thing about this class is, I do like the students when they’re on their own (most of them, at least), but the Class 2 pack mentality all but has me tearing out my hair. I admit to feeling a perverse sense of satisfaction at their belated reaction to In-jae’s departure, though they didn’t feel nearly enough hurt to make it worth it, in my opinion.

In-jae has frustrated me too, but despite her bumbling efforts to try different methods and engage all her students, I was still rooting for her. She’s more than just a teacher who cares, she’s the only teacher who cares. In Korea, the homeroom teacher is the one who actually has responsibility for the class—it’s the opposite of the US, where the kids travel from period to period to their different classes. In Korea, the students stay in one classroom and the teachers come in and out to teach their subjects. So the homeroom teacher becomes the one in charge, the home base. And in that respect In-jae did her best; I don’t blame her for falling short when her best wasn’t good enough, because she tried.

That’s the thing about In-jae that always kept me on her side, even when her actions seemed dumb or pointless. No, she wasn’t the most effective educator, but teaching a subject is only part of the job. And it’s a reality that kids sometimes need prodding and persuading—to do what you want them to do, sometimes, but honestly often it’s to do what they want to do. It’s just, they have too much adolescent pride or baggage holding them back from themselves, and In-jae tended to put that first, above her personal desires as a teacher.

It’s gratifying that her methods, flawed as they are, do actually get through. She doesn’t have a magic solution and I’m not saying nobody else could get through to these kids, but what matters is that she does. I loved the cafeteria scene where Jung-ho willingly humbles himself and bows to the almighty pecking order—and since Jung-ho’s the one voluntarily stepping down, he actually gets to keep his pride somewhat. He’s come a long way to being able to actually take this step without feeling insulted by it. Embarrassed, maybe, but not mocked or degraded.


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  1. aby

    what a sweet episode!!! the bromance and the sismance is so cute!!!

    • 1.1 aby

      can someone explain how OJH character changes from angsty to being comedic?

      • 1.1.1 TS

        He grew up. And he went from angsty and angry to a bit pathetic too. This is the first time I felt a bit bad for him.

    • 1.2 siee

      this drama is lot of cuteness, friendship, and bromance. maybe at the end of the story, it will be ha-kyung and nam-soon? on a date maybe? study date maybe?

      • 1.2.1 aby

        actually i’m secretly shipping HSxHK hahaha…

        • JoAnne

          I like the looks they give each other so me too!

          • TS

            And me! But mostly, it seems like what we’re seeing is a group of friends who care for each other and empathize with each other.

            I like how HS went where HK was waiting and advised her. And it was sweet how she asked him for help on what to say.

        • eternalfive

          Haha yes, they’re so cute together! I totally did not just jump off the NSxHK ship there…

          And how cute was Heung Soo’s side glance at Jung Oh during the cafeteria scene? It was hilarious. XD

      • 1.2.2 mysterious

        I still can’t believe they aren’t going to pair Heung-soo and Kang-joo since they would be perfect. Only 4 ep left so I’ve given up hope. I can’t ship Heung-soo with anyone else, especially not Ha-kyung; she doesn’t deserve him (or anyone for that matter). If there are no romantic pairings, I’ll have to be satisfied with the HS and NS couple, but no Ha-kyung with Heung-soo. Show, if you do that, I will never forgive you!

        • merrie18

          Yeah, I agree with you. Now that the drama is over and I’m reading these recaps to relive HeungSoon moments, I believe Kang Joo would have been so cute having a crush on Heung Soo. I mean in the first episodes, she had many bad impressions about Heung Soo and her potential to end up with him was really high. As for Ha Kyung, I don’t hate her but don’t like her either, it’s good that her love line with Nam Soon was cut out and we got the heart-breaking and adorable HeungSoon instead :P. Oh well, I absolutely love the bromance, I actually think it was better than all the love stories I’ve seen in Kdramas, and what the boys shared was TRUE LOVE because they made it obvious that they were fine as long as they had each other by their side.

  2. stellar

    thank you soooo much!!!!;~;

  3. Jlee

    Eee!~ Thanks for the recap! n__n

    Love this drama to bits.

  4. Smile134

    I was crying at each step Minki took to the root top. Minki-ah, please don’t, please! I read a few news about Korean students suiciding before (I was an exchange student there for a short period so happen to have some friends that share their views about it). I’m desparately hoping thay someone, anyone may stop Minki, or Minki himself will choose to live and fight for the life that he wants.

    • 4.1 siee

      min-ki’s part is a tragic!

    • 4.2 TS

      Min-ki s the real tragedy so far, not least because he bears so much and is yet a decent person.

  5. Ace

    Yay! My favorite scenes:

    *The girls making up
    *Jung-ho eating with Nam-soon and Seung-ho and trying to make small talk. hahaha. That was hilarious!

    I didn’t think I’d hate anyone more than a mother-in-law from hell. Stage mothers are worse!

    Someone save Min-ki!!!

    • 5.1 Ace

      Noticed something after re-watching. I think it’s the vice-principal sneaking confidential information to Min-ki’s mom. Not fair. Hope Se-chan discovers the source and please get that vp (if he’s the culprit) fired.

      • 5.1.1 yumi

        I didn’t see it but the evidence points in that direction. He’s the one Se-chan shared the test with.

      • 5.1.2 mysterious

        My thought as well – it’s the vp or principal. I wouldn’t put it past her. But it looks like it’s the VP. Se-chan – find the culprit so we can pelt him with stones (j/k) and will Kyung-min ever learn how to talk to people. Just when you feel sympathy for her, she goes back to her b**chy ways and we hate her again. *Sigh*

        • TS

          Actually I didn’t blame her for lashing at Sechan. He could could’ve said all he did without the bitching himself. I.e. these colleges won’t work, but try this good school, look at what the grads do, plan your future as much as possible etc.

  6. funkypicklez

    junghoyah. when will you ever grow up. sighsx100 i was so proud of him just to find out he went back to the gang again. >..<]

    minkiyah. don't jump. please don't jump. gah. i just want to hug him and let him cry his heart out. i just want to pat his head and tell him everything will work out. 🙁 sighs.

    • 6.1 jamie

      He only did it because it was only mean he thought that would help hip get away from the hyungnim gang. He could ask some help from others but he chose to solve it with his own… just it was a bad decision though.

    • 6.2 Peeps

      I think that he doesn’t think that he had any other viable choice. To him, it was either steal or be beaten to death. At least, that’s what I think he thinks.

      So far, I do think that he wants to stay in school and stay out of trouble but I’m not really sure if he understands that he can bring bring the police in to solve his gang-related problems. Then again, he might end up having a record under his name as bringing in the police also means that he himself has to ‘fess up to “playing around”.

  7. Miss D

    Has anyone else seen the Dead Poets Society? Min-ki’s struggle remind me of the same pressure the main character of the film faces. It’s just so sad 🙁 Hopefully this will have a better ending!

    • 7.1 anais

      Uh yeah. Totally. I can’t do another Dead Poets Society. Not another Neil. Especially because the bully parent doesn’t learn his lesson in DPS.

      • 7.1.1 TS

        I don’t think she will here either. But gosh, I just want min-ki to step back! I love that kid, he’s so decent. Even his wanting to jump comes from shame at his mum’s shady tactics, which shows he’s decent.

    • 7.2 Alex Mottis

      Hopefully, I cried and hated so much what happened to Neal, though I understand it but still… I’ll be a mess if it happens 🙁

  8. crazedlu


    minki. minki MINKI.

    namsoon and heungsoo, pull a superman.

    better yet.. you do it, JUNGHO.

    please. he can’t.

    • 8.1 anais

      I am so hoping that Jungho is already out on the rooftop for whatever reason that he can stop Minki.

      • 8.1.1 Dita

        yes, I was thinking about that possibilty too. I think Jung Ho is the one who see Minki or hopefully can prevent him from doing suicide…

  9. dbfan

    Daebak!! I cried a ton in this episode and ever since I knew that Minki was heading to “that” path I even felt more terrified. I cried a bucket as he entered the elevator, although I feel like there’s hope. Kyaa, just when you thought that Nam Soon and Heung Soo are free, another hurdle is placed in front of them. This episode was definitely Jjang! I LOLed at Jung Ho’s retort. This drama is creeping its way up in my fav kdrama list. Ohh the angst, it hurts so much. Glad to know there’s another episode to look forward to tomorrow, or not! :/
    Thank you for the recap.

  10. 10 anvesha

    LOVE the cafeteria scene!
    I can’t believe that after all that, Jung-Ho ends up doing the thing that will put the blame on In Jae.

    I was always annoyed by Kyung-Min because she seemed so whiny but now when I see Min Ki’s mom get questions for him and teachers even creating an event to help certain students, I somewhat understand her frustration (not that it condones her rude attitude towards others).

    • 10.1 Dominique

      But wouldn’t it be more logical to wonder why the hell the teacher forgot to lock up in the first place? Saying she is only human is no answer. Had she done what she was required to do, it may not have prevented the wayward kid from trying to do what he must, but at least the system would have worked as it is supposed to.

      In fact, it is sheer sloppiness on the part of the teacher. But, to my utter surprise, sloppiness on the job (a popular plot device in Korean dramas) is never condemned in Korean dramas, and this bothers me a great deal.

      • 10.1.1 alua

        Did she forget to lock up?

        They are still in school, they might still have used that room, so I can’t see it as ‘sloppiness’ as part of the teacher. She needs to lock up when they go home.

        If you are talking about the cabinet itself, yes, then it’s sloppy (although it didn’t actually look like you could lock the cabinet).

        • TS

          All the phablets are there, so yes she does.

          (This show is making me wonder if I should’ve got a Galaxy Note II instead of the sIII. Eh, whatever the tech, it’s always out of date in a few months…)

        • aoiaheen

          I think she locked the cabinets. Since the cabinets were broken when GNS/PSH checked them.

      • 10.1.2 Liz_B_L

        I’m a student teacher and went to different schools in Belgium for internship, but none of the teacher rooms are ever locked. Of course, exams are kept somewhere else, but the personal stuff (mobiles, wallets, tests, …) of the teachers are in there. There is always a risk that a student might come in and steal stuff, but we trust them not to.

      • 10.1.3 Carole McDonnell

        Teachers generally don’t lock anything up. At least in the US. Either stuff was on the teacher’s desk (so the kids could pick the stuff up after class or whenever) or was in the teacher’s pocket book, which the teacher was always carrying with her. And I’ve heard more than one teacher say “go get it, it’s on my desk..or in my desk…or in my pocketbook.” Most kids would go get whatever and not steal anything. Closets, cupboards, cabinets, desks, were never locked.

  11. 11 nomaden

    The only drama so far that’s made me teared up was TK2H when the princess found out her hidden trauma. But the bromance and sismance in School 2013 certainly put some tears in mine. I think one of the most important things about highschool is friendship and how you let your friends shape you as you shape them. And as I watch these kids, I thought how lonely their lives really are because stage mothers such as Ha Kyung’s mom meddle these children’s life-line that is friendship. It’s enough that the pressure of highschool is crazy enough. But to lose your best friend in the midst of finding out who you really are, that’s the biggest tragedy of it all. Thank you mom, for not being ANYTHING like these moms!

    • 11.1 Florentine Lily

      I love this episode. Friendship rules and I’m so glad to see their relationships healing.

      I must thank my Mom for being only like those mothers 50% of the time. She knows education matters but has never driven so close to the edge that I was suicidal.

  12. 12 saltandpepper

    ohh….no extension 🙁

    • 12.1 bjharm

      yeah when I hear about the idea the first thing that came to mind was did Jang Nara have the free time to do up to three more episodes. Not saying that the reason why it didnt get the extention but she always booked out.

  13. 13 XX

    Dammit. I knew Minki was giving off a suicide vibe (even though it’s not 100%. Gotta wait till next ep). It was written all over his face every time he talked with his mother.

    And loving Namsoo’s and Heungsoo’s fixed bromance.

    • 13.1 cv

      Yep…so sad. I really hope that he doesn’t jump. I want someone to stop him, either the teacher or namsoon and Heungsoo.

  14. 14 twentyonebuds

    I loved this episode!! This drama is yet to disappoint me… it’s so beautiful and heartfelt and realistic and its got oomf. I love love love it to bits. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  15. 15 slh

    The character depth and development in School, even of the minor or antagonist characters, is amazing. I love that this show makes me care about every person. The bromance and female friendship, the complex need to belong in Jung Ho, even his previous “minions,” and bitch girl all have layers, and I love that the show chooses to show us these layers rather than the typical one dimensional role.

    • 15.1 TS

      I really agree with you! I even was touched by the mean girl suddenly realizing In Jae made her feel better and looking slightly embarrassed by it.

  16. 16 yumi

    Thank you!

    I think the drama switched the student couple pairing. And the think I like the new configuration of
    Nam Soon+Kang-joo and

  17. 17 Mika~

    Wow, the mean girls were on a ROLL in this episode. They started off by blaming Jungho for Injae’s resignation, then they gossiped about Kangjoo to provoke Hakyung, and then they started picking on Minki for his mother’s faults? They could’ve solved another SAT problem with all the time they spend ragging on other people! Although the other classmates (Dani’s group, the class clowns) do warrant some blame for being silent bystanders, I’m only disappointed in them, whereas I’m extremely irritated by the mean girls. In my opinion, it’s not so much that the entire class has a pack mentality, but that the mean girls say all these horrible things, and the rest of the class doesn’t do anything about it. It’s kind of like how the class behaved with Jungho in the beginning, except he had used physical force and the girls cut more emotionally.

    Minki is just so pitiful. And it’s pretty sad that as the child, he’s the one with more integrity and honesty than his mother, the head of the parents’ association. I don’t think Minki will die, just because we need a happy ending… Who knows? Maybe Jungho’s actually on the rooftop and he’ll save Minki.

    On the other hand, I was delighted to see the hints of a developing bromance between Jungho and Heungsoo & Namsoon (we can say they’re pretty much back to being buds, now, right?)… Though I am concerned for Jungho… It sucks that he’s finally trying to reform now, and his gangster hyungnims are dragging him back to their way of life.

    • 17.1 bjharm

      rule by groub is very Korean I think

    • 17.2 alua

      I don’t think it’s just the mean girls. It’s the whole class – yes, it’s particularly one girl that says awful things, but everyone goes along with it. The silent bystanders are just as guilty and the clowns may think everything is a joke, but I find them just as problematic – they all turn on each other in a second if that is what suits them.

      They were all so awful and lame the whole episode that I just want to yell at them to f* off (like when they come out to ask about Injae’s lipstick etc). So fake of them. Indeed, if I had been Sechan, I would have gone all sarcastic on them in the classroom.

    • 17.3 sajatokki

      I very much prefer Jungho to the Mean Girls 😐

  18. 18 MeeisLee

    I get through the week by comforting myself with the fact that a new School 2013 episode will air *.* . Automatically makes Mondays and Tuesdays soooo much better.

  19. 19 wontonsoup

    Okay, am I the only one who ships Heung-Soo and Ha-Kyung or…?

    • 19.1 Eulaliee

      I do too!! They are so opposite that you can see their chemistry flying all over the place.

    • 19.2 yumi

      I think the writers do too.

      There’s been a realignment for the student romance.

    • 19.3 aby

      me too… i wish they can at least give us romance in the last few episodes!!!

    • 19.4 lmk

      thought i was the only one shipping this. my crack ship.

      • 19.4.1 TS

        Me six on this, though I’m cool with it all just being understated and more about them all being good friends who’ve been there for each other than anything else.

    • 19.5 alua

      I am afraid I can only ship Heung-soo and Nam-soon.

      And there wasn’t anywhere near enough bromance in this episode!

      • 19.5.1 Mika~

        RIIIIGHT??? Oh my gosh, please don’t tell me the bromance is going to be reduced now that they’ve made up. Though I can already see it happen, and I understand the writers need conflict, I want more Heungsoo-Namsoon scenes. MOARRRRRRR.

        • alua

          Lots of bromance in ep 13.

          But seriously, I can’t honestly ship either one with either one of the girls, there is just not that same feeling! Maybe if the writers of the show had subtly build towards that every now and then, but other than in the first two or so episodes, there just hasn’t been anything (a possible flash of jealousy when Ha-kyung treats Nam-soon to food, but that’s it).

          I generally think the two girls’ haven’t been developed much. Especially Kang-joo has remained the same, ever since we got insight into why she’s so overly ambitious and only this episode added to that. The romance can be in next season of School 2013! In this one, all I need is Nam-soon and Heung-soo.


    • 19.6 Shahera5

      I like Heung-Soo and Ha-Kyung a lot. I think it’s a good pairing. And I like NamSoon and Kangjoo.

  20. 20 Eulaliee

    Wow, you are fast!! But yeah, this episode really brought back life into the class and all of the other characters who got pushed aside.

    My personality is vey similar to ha-kyung. It’s hard for me to express my words, whether it’s through letter, texts, or words, I find it to be the most difficult thing on earth. The words “I love you” and “I’m sorry” are probably the two hardest words for a lot of people to ever say… So I give her props for being able to admit that she did wrong when it was out of her character.

    And yeah… Nam-soon and Heung-soo scenes… XD! You Already know the feels! Hahaha but damn, they threw Jong-oh right in the mix too. I feel as if Heung-soo and Nam-soon are more of the quiet type while Jong-oh is more of the talkative type…. This will be a vey interesting friendship to watch! And of course, Min-ki, I think he probably won’t jump or won’t get the chance to jump.. He’s just feeling so desperate and trapped. And when you’re desperate, you do crazy things.

  21. 21 Laeah

    I feel like since MinKi’s suicide was the cliffhanger that he might not actually do it. But who knows. If it was realistic to Korean school life they would follow through instead of teasing at it. Not saying I want to promote the idea of suicide but it happens all the time.

    Leading cause of death for children under 18 is suicide in Korea and it’s this kind of situation that leads to it a lot of the time in Korea and elsewhere as well.

    Let this be a warning to parents and future parents.

    • 21.1 alua

      I don’t want him to jump, but if it were realistic he would jump.

      Or he would at least get seriously hurt, rather than be stopped.

      I think he’ll be stopped (it feels too dark for this drama for him to succeed with his suicide attempt, everyone so far has always been saved somehow)…

      The way his mom is, she wouldn’t get it if he tried and got stopped. She would just blame someone else (Injae most likely). In fact, even he did die, she would probably just blame someone else….

  22. 22 ladymoxie

    This show, really! Honestly, I have not seen one episode but I just feel their whole damn heart so much! I’m already crying just reading the recaps, how am I supposed to hold up watching this thing?!

  23. 23 Fidelity

    Gahh, a literal cliffhanger as we see Minki driven to a literal edge… I’ve loved his humble character for a while now, and I certainly hope we won’t lose him in tomorrow’s episode.

    Today’s episode was great though – it was fun watching Se-chan spam In-jae and then getting pouty that she was not responding to his texts. A part of me still wants them TOGETHER! 😛

    • 23.1 Julie

      And i thought i’m the only thinking that Se chan excuses to see In-jae and those pouting thing about text messages are damn cute….

      • 23.1.1 Julie

        why make me think that it was vice principal that distribute that give the material of exams to Minki’s mom ? He is the only one that had those material beforehand at the last time…

    • 23.2 TS

      He copies everything he does as a teacher-guide-friend, though: the gym cleaning, the text messages, the lunch menu and even the funny face (previous ep where in Jae called him out).

  24. 24 Jinny

    Thank you for the recap!
    :(( Minki noooooooo. What if he jumps and Nam-soon and Heung-soo see him from below and catch him (okay I’m getting desperate here). I wish we got more Ha-kyung, although her making up with Kang-joo was so satisfying. I’m still all for a loveline even if it isn’t very deep heh. But I wonder if Nam-soon going to comfort Kang-joo and Heung-soo going to Ha-kyung mean anything….asjdkf;lj this drama is too good.

    I like how Jung-ho’s arc is being handled, a slow peel back and reveal of his inner self. You think he’s redeemed himself when he goes to sit with the jjangs (funniest scene in this ep) and then he steals the computers :/ But if Nam-soon and Heung-soo are the ones that set off the alarm does that mean they’ll get blamed for the theft??

    • 24.1 Laeah

      It’s pretty common to survive a fall from a 4 story building. I wouldn’t be surprise if he lived but was injured and had to stay in long term in-patient care.

      • 24.1.1 TS

        no, not some physical disability on top of everything else. That would make him his mum’s prisoner for sure. Right now he can still walk away when he’s an adult at, what, 20?

        • Laeah

          No… I don’t mean disabled, just I mean, it will take a long time for recovery!

  25. 25 lizzzie

    Funny cos i felt last week’s ep was much better paced than this ep. But still nice moments, as usual. Glad they still managed to fit in some Namsoon/ Heungsoo moments. SO CUTE, the dorky smile and awkwardness.

    And Namsoon, someone needs to teach you that’s not how you shake your head, you can’t do a head wiggle like that and say ‘i won’t’…. i think some strings in my heart just snapped at the cuteness

    • 25.1 TS

      He pouts too, and it’s super cute, but not exactly jjang…

  26. 26 yumi

    Nam Soon seems physically different to me this week, a little frailer I think.

    Actually he didn’t look anywhere near being Jjang. Seung-Ho seems more like alpha of the pair. (to mix cultural references)

    Actually even though the class know that history crowned Nam Soon alpha, they actually treat Seung-Ho as the alpha. I’m not suggesting Nam Soon is beta–just he doesn’t give off dangerous alpha vibes to this classmates.

    • 26.1 Chrissie

      That’s probably because they have seen him all this time as the guy who gets bullied. Honestly, when the guy smiles I wouldn’t even think he could kill a fly well until he gets tense, glares, and has that evil smirk of his, then I believe lol

      • 26.1.1 TS

        Heung soo is his alpha. Even when they were in gyunggi, heung soo was the one who told him no, and to whom Namsoon looked for approval.

  27. 27 23nuraina

    This drama always keeps me in tears and its not even tragic…well done!!

  28. 28 mary

    Spot the mini Jang Nara behind Jang Nara in this screenshot: http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t413/javabeansdb/drama/2013/school/school2/school12-00377.jpg

    • 28.1 bjharm

      lol yeah I see the one, though she needs a bit more puppy fat to be a 20 year old JN, but the nose and mouth, I do see a likeness.

  29. 29 cv

    Thanks for the recap!

    I’m glad that they are now focusing more on the side charactesr stories that make this drama da bomb! ^^
    Please have someone save Minki… or better yet, have him come to realize it’s not worth it to kill himself and become stronger by getting out of his mother’s thumb.

    I like all the characters growth as we head toward the end of the drama. IF they all learn something of value whether it be school, family, friendship, relationship, growing up or just life in general–this show be one of the best coming off age dramas I’ve seen in a long time. ^^

  30. 30 owl

    Gotta be the cleanest school in Korea with all the punishments being handed out.

    So much happened in this episode as the storyline winds down. Sismance in the nurse’s office, made me think back on HS girlfriend fights and makeups – so much better than with guys!

    Adorable Nam Soon snapped out of his HS stupor and stepped up to rally the students for In-jae. He was so cute on his tiptoes to catch a glimpse of In-jae in the hall scene (wiping drool just thinking about his adorableness).

    And Heung soo, just *spazz! in every scene he was in (wiping drool just thinking about his adorableness)

    Min ki and Jung Ho both need saving, just on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Loved Jung Ho’s interaction with everyone all around this episode. Realsitic? Nah, but still liked the way his character is playing out in kdramaland. Min ki – poor kid with mom who doesn’t “hear” her son. At all. Pushing him to the limit.Realistic? Sadly . . .

    I wish there was more In Jae/Sae Chan romance. He can be so sexy, but that teacher wardrobe- yeah, kills some of that charm.

    • 30.1 Ruth

      Haha! The cleanest school in Korea :-). No doubt.

      • 30.1.1 TS

        I have been thinking that it looks really nice!

  31. 31 dramalaine

    thank you very much for these recaps!!! i’m a bit impatient waiting for the episode to be shown on our local cable and very thankful for your up-to-date recaps!!! :]

  32. 32 bishbash

    The preview for today’s episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6HDhSJSbBE


    • 32.1 dewaanifordrama

      Thanks for posting the preview…I am hoping that that was the sound of his book bag… T T

    • 32.2 alua

      Oh my god! Wahhhhhh….

    • 32.3 TS

      Can you translate, please? Or anyone?

  33. 33 yumi

    Thanks for posting.

    His book bag dropped.

  34. 34 dewaanifordrama

    Yay for some awesome story progression!

    I’m honestly not surprised that the show has gone the route of Min Ki committing suicide. Korea has the world’s highest suicide rate, and it’s a huge problem which it is trying to address in the drama by having Min Ki commit suicide. I am devastated though that it is Min Ki – he is such a wonderful character with so much innocence and a sense of trying to do the right thing, and be the supportive son – but it’s too much for him to bear. I think the show has done a wonderful job at making us care so much for him, and being so devastated at his potentially committing suicide (though I think he will), but also having us understand why he’s doing it.

    On another note: I am not so sure why people are being so quick to criticize In Jae’s teaching methods…perhaps her methods are not best suited for students intent on studying for the college entrance exam, but I don’t think she’s a terrible teacher because of that. I think it in fact highlights a problem with the education system (and this is not just endemic to Korea, but it is a rising problem in many areas of western education as well). Why have we made education about being able to pass tests really well just so we can get into college to get a job? What has happened to the idea that education is there to enlighten the mind and to prepare people for a fulfilled life? I am not saying that working towards a career is a bad thing, but really, have we devolved as a society into purely going to college just so that we can get a job? Life is meant to be lived, and to find happiness (at least in my book) and to to do that means we need to do that which we love. Sure, we need to work at it, and life is hard, but to live like rats caught in some trap of endless test studying and then working long hours just to die young from stress and overwork…that is not life. Man, sorry, that was a long rant. Watching School 2013 just makes me frustrated at broken education systems the world over.

    On a happier note – I love how Nam Soon and Heung Soo are making up – ooh those lovely smirks from Kim Woo Bin – they make me smile! ❤

    • 34.1 TS

      Kim Woo Bin really owns this role. It’s going to follow him everywhere like Bidam does Kim Nam Gil. Gosh, I love them both. But I get seriously dippy at the sight of Kim Woo Bin.

  35. 35 mysterious

    Jung-ho’s change seems so drastic. But I guess he was just waiting for someone to show him a different way that didn’t involve being a thug. I hope the cellphone thing doesn’t get him or HS or NS expelled. And how great was the scene where Heung-soo passed Nam-soon’s work off as his own, knowing NS couldn’t say anthing. When HS bowed to Se-chan and pushed NS out of the way, I laughed so loud. HS was loving every minute of it. The cafeteria scene and when HS rushed off to help/stop JH from doing something stupid touched my heart. If HS can get past his anger toward NS, forgiving others is much easier for him now.

    Ha-kyung got off too easily. She has been forgiven way too many times. Even if she is under pressure, she needs to learn to control herself, and not snap whenever things don’t go her way. Ha-kyung and Min-ki’s mothers need to just stop.

    And for the love of god – Someone Please Save Min-ki!!! Nam-soon, In-jae, Se-chan, Heung-soo, Kang-joo, heck I’ll settle for Ha-kyung or Jung-ho at the moment! Just someone save the poor boy! Maybe his hermit brother will fly to the rescue, I don’t care! I just don’t want sweet Min-ki to die!

    • 35.1 Ruth

      I thought that too about Jung Ho, but his dramatic change never struck me as unrealistic. In my own experience as a professional dealing with “unpleasant” kids, I’ve found that just caring for someone starved for love and attention, although that caring must often be in some form of discipline, can entirely change a situation. Just them feeling safe somewhere is enough to “calm the monster” for awhile.

      • 35.1.1 TS

        In jae gave him a really good alternative way to look at things: just see it as just for today. Of course, he had to get to his own rock bottom to hear her…

        I’m taking that advice too. 🙂

        • Ruth

          Yeah, I thought that was probably one of the best lines of this epi. (maybe in all of kdrama of all time) just because it’s so true.

  36. 36 Julie

    Anyone notice small scene.. when Nam Soon went to teacher room, and In Jae just give her resignation letter. Nam Soon supposed to hand papers to Se Chan, and both of them look at In Jae.. Those failed handing receiving paper hahahahaha… those small scene really make you laugh. Se Chan and Nam Soon always hilarious when they together in one scene.

    • 36.1 dewaanifordrama

      I also loved that scene! I also love that Nam Soon just sent her the text that said: 쌤 – it was just lovely!

    • 36.2 Ruth

      I seriously thought that was just about one of the cutest things ever.

    • 36.3 pogo

      I actually cackled at that scene, no lie.

  37. 37 shen le

    I feel as guilty as Namsoon. I accidentally made my sisters little toe be fractured and my mother say she will never forgive me. Although it was an accident (I dont know shes behind me) but the fact that im her sister makes me even guiltier.

    • 37.1 TS

      All things pass, don’t worry.

  38. 38 dany

    I am glad there is no extension, though I would love to see more of our characters, extensions are problematic in general.
    I love our dorks Nam soon and Heung soo!

  39. 39 sajatokki

    Nam Soon and Heung Soo…. ’nuff said <3

  40. 40 aimie

    Does anyone know if Namsoon and Ha Kyung are supposed to end up together? Lots of people don’t seem to think they work, but I do!
    I’m getting a little impatient though, and confused as to why he keeps talking to Kang Joo. Does anyone know if there’s supposed to be feelings between nam Soon and ha kyung? Because if so, it needs to happen soon! There’s only like 4 eps left…

    And Minki part was soo saddd!

    • 40.1 Alex Mottis

      The Nam soon/Ha kyung relationship is driving me crazy because I don’t know what we’re supposed to think about them, and with every little Heung soo/Ha kyung and Nam soon/Kang Joo interactions my hope for them being endgame seems to die. It’s just the show isn’t that focused on the romance

    • 40.2 booboo

      For some reason I feel there’s more connection between Nam Soon & Ha Kyung. The way they treat (e.g. when Ha Kyung ‘forces’ Nam Soon to come and study with her, & how Nam Soon gets her to come to school with him in the earlier episodes) and how they look at each other just seem to suggest that they have mutual feelings, romantically speaking. Or maybe I read into their actions too much. Blame all the romantic kdramas! Hehe

      Let’s hope they would at least have one second together in tonight’s episode. And uhh…too bad they’re not extending. No more of Nam Soon’s cuteness come February.

      • 40.2.1 bjharm

        The production said they where going to drop the lovelines, so maybe we just seeing ‘ghosts’ in the script of what was going to be.
        frankly any school students the age they are, no matter how hard they work or troubles they in are going to have ‘feelings’ for the opersite sex//unless koreans do not have hormones.

        • TS

          Not that they dont’ (how else did they continue as a people, just lie back and think of Shilla?) but these people are all really young in many ways and with complicated lives. The bromance s and sismances seem more than enough right now.

    • 40.3 sajatokki

      I’ll be happy with just Se Chan-In Jae pairing ;D

  41. 41 Ruth

    I. Loved. This. Episode.

    Maybe there are faults (there always are), but I was so pleased with the writing this time. It’s nice to see that they’re not turning Se Chan’s personality on a dime (he can still be a thoughtless moron despite liberal amounts of requisite melo wrist grabbing at the beginning). It was also a relief to not have to see the principal even one time in this episode (good grief, I can’t stand her…even if I can understand her).

    So, a couple things stuck out to me.

    First, I appreciated the more in-depth look at the relationship between Ha Kyung and her mother. I know the “tiger mom” has been hinted at before, but Min Ki’s mom has just completely upstaged her in terms of crazy. Ha Kyung’s mom is much easier to relate to – that parent trying to do what’s best and ward off future problems. She’s a helicopter parent to be sure, but not the crazy puppetmaster (just almost).

    Second, as much as I love Min Ki (and I do), I think something very dramatic is going to happen for his mom to snap out of her crazy. I sincerely hope that it’s not his death, but I think it might definitely wind up in a hospital. That poor child. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only parent that wishes he/she was at the top of those steps to take his backpack away and just hug the daylights out of him.

    Third, the bromance(s) and the sismance (doesn’t sound as good) are really the lifeblood of this show. The love/hate of these kids for each other (at that age, I think love and hate can often be coexistent…as we’ve seen) is so natural and good for the soul. We see how much even the most messed up still can reach out emotionally to the others (of course, sometimes there’s blood involved).

    Finally, although I’m glad that Se Chan seems to have a genuine realization of In Jae’s value, it was also very gratifying to catch the undercurrents of the OTHER teachers also recognizing her value as a teacher and as a person.

    While I’m glad this drama won’t have an extension (which generally never adds much at all), I will definitely miss it when it’s over. I hope the entire production team, writers, and especially the actors find great success in their careers. If this drama is an indication, they definitely deserve it.

    • 41.1 TS

      I kind of wish I’d found it already completed. But then I’d have missed out all all the great discussions with all of you!

      • 41.1.1 Ruth

        Yeah, I think this one will be great for a marathon at some point, although I’m not sure I’ll rewatch it. We’ll see. It depends on how quickly the actors get cast in something else, lol.

    • 41.2 pogo

      Amen to all of this

      Ha-kyung’s mother isn’t as crazy, but she can certainly be infuriating – there are far too many things about this show I’ve actually seen playing out in real life, and it just makes me love it even more.

      Also, I love Se-chan’s campaign to get In-jae back into school and teaching, their relationship as colleagues is even more fascinating than if they’d just started the shipping directly.

  42. 42 fanboi

    This one is ‘jjang”. Im a guy and I am thoroughly enjoying this drama. To start, this was recommended by a girl friend saying that I would like it since it’s not that teary, cheesy and mushy drama which I have stigma against. Well, this episode is by far my most fave. It has the heart. I always had this soft spot for nice teachers, I don’t know but every time I see those kiddos disrespecting In-Jae I scoff and suddenly have the instinct to kick the living daylights out of those kids.

    Well, I am glad that this series somehow avoided its spotlight towards from the usual oh-so-sweet-my-highschool-first-love because high school is really more than the pinks and hearts. Funny though, that the bromance ensues as the main couple in this series, in some scenes my perv mind would think of them jumping at each other and getting at it (esp on the last episode when Heung Soo confessed ‘didn’t you miss me” to Nam Soon. I’m more of the Sageuk guy, but this is definitely a breath of fresh air.

    • 42.1 aoiaheen

      “, in some scenes my perv mind would think of them jumping at each other and getting at it ”

      I know, right?!? I’m glad its not just me 🙂

    • 42.2 TS

      Actually, I felt Heung-soo came off very young and hurt when he said that.

  43. 43 TS

    Question regarding Heung-soo and his aunt who was buying him a coat (finally! And he looked so cute in it!): what was she saying to him? Did she mention his mother?

    • 43.1 Ruth

      I gotta admit. It was nice to see a relative that didn’t suck. And, yeah….he did look cute. Good grief, he’s tall.

      • 43.1.1 TS

        I know. And didn’t she look proud of him? I like that he’s got his sister who’s so protective of him and this aunt babying him. I just went awwwww…

    • 43.2 Fidelity

      Just a bit – the aunt said that she had a ‘dream’ about HS’s mother. Strange dreams are sometimes interpreted as ‘signs’ in Korea, and she likely assumed that the dream was HS’s mom’s way of asking her to take care of HS.

      • 43.2.1 TS

        Aww, thanks! Where I come from strange dreams get interpreted as signs too. Anyway, if it gets HS some relief, then let his aunt dream away!

  44. 44 Roshogolla

    Is it wrong of me to secretly wishing Nam-soon and Heung-soo to share a meaningful kiss?

    • 44.1 TS

      Not at all. 😉

  45. 45 Tylee

    I know this is off topic, but can someone why kdramas have cold sets

    • 45.1 bjharm

      you really think they going to spend money just to make cast and crew more comfy?

  46. 46 Lilian

    wow! almost the end of the drama and still the show serves us new conflicts all the time. I love it! And the ending scares me, I hope that nothing happens, that cannot be resolved!

  47. 47 aoiaheen

    I’m watching 2 dramas nowadays. I miss you and School 2013. And of course IMY has so many tears (everyone cries at least once in every episode) but none of them mine.

    Where as school, even though the conflict is as simple as a teacher quitting her job, i cried buckets. I cried at the scene where she’s writing the list of each students strengths/issues. Then when the students ask her to come back… oh well… there were lots of tears from me.

    And then there’s jung ho who totally surprised me when he sat down to eat with GNS and PHS. Yet it didn’t feel forced in any way.

    Everything was really nice.

  48. 48 Carole McDonnell

    Thanks for the recap.

    Poor Min-ki. The quiet troubled non-squeaking wheel that is ready to implode any second. I feel so sorry for that kid.

    Gotta say that my annoyance with all the entitled characters who bulldoze over the emtions of their friends and family and teachers….well, my annoyance has reached a dangerously high pitch. I understand that teenagers try one’s patience by “knowing” that a loving person/friend/teacher will always be there for them but i so don’t want their “knowledge” to be rewarded. Somewhere along the line they — and the evil moms– must learn and “know” that however they behave there is a point where they will not be forgiven or get what they want. Oh this episode just irked the heck outta me. Probably cause I’ve known so many teenagers like this.

    Please please please let Kang-joo and Nam-soon hook up, drama gods! Please!!!! I would hate for Ha-kyung to get our hero..simply because she is the kinda female main protag. Seriously, i know she’s suffering and all and is finally learning how she is taking advantage of her friend’s love but EVEN SO i want the solid good friend to NOT have to give up her crush.

    As for Jung Ho, if he turns around and “accepts and acknowledges the love and patience he’s been trampling on …I really don’t care. He kinda lost me a few episodes back.

    • 48.1 pogo

      Please please please let Kang-joo and Nam-soon hook up, drama gods!

      Either that or let her and Heung-soo hook up, I think she’d be so much more fun to watch with either guy than Ha-kyung. (I usually love ice princesses who are not so nice, but Ha-kyung isn’t holding my interest so much any more, it’s more exciting to see her interact with Kang-joo than either of the boys)

      As for Jung-ho, I did lol when the unlikely unit of three formed at that lunch table. And even more when he shared his food with them, who’d have thought it.

  49. 49 Ruth

    [SPOILER] Thank goodness about Min Ki. I had to watch that section before the rest was subbed. I still wanted to cry, but not for the same reasons as it could have been.

  50. 50 ninji

    I lurve (akward, super fighting bff) Nam-Soon and Heung-Soo as much as the next person, but still I don’t think they deserved to have the top picture for this episode, so many good scenes in this episode. The girls in bed, Jung-Ho making a peace offering and Min-ki, wow. And I’m glad I like all of the School characters now – well, most of them.

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