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School 2013: Episode 14
by | January 21, 2013 | 118 Comments

An episode with a liberal sprinkling of the cute, which is a nice interlude amid an unexpected twist that’s sure to hurt our hearts—what a way to ease us into a lull of fun and feel-good moments before ramping up into the big finish. With two episodes remaining (a special will air after the finale next Monday), I was wondering how we’d inject more drama when our main thread of bromancey angst was behind us. Turns out, there’s always a way.


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Two mini-crises erupt at the same time: In the teachers’ office, Se-chan puts himself on the chopping block instead of In-jae. In the classroom, the students clamor for the use of the late fees, which have recently been borrowed to pay off Jung-ho’s debt.

The boys who know about the money all grimace in chagrin, and Nam-soon excuses himself for the bathroom to buy some strategy time with his co-conspirators. Too bad Byun-ki swipes his key from him and opens his locker, which is empty. While the class is gaping at the missing piggy bank, Nam-soon owns up to it pretty frankly, though without explaining: “I used it.” He says he’ll pay it back, then leaves the room.

As for Se-chan, he may be pulling a strategic move with the offer to quit, which seems less a noble idiot move and more a way to leverage himself against Principal Im. After all, she’s using him as an excuse to get rid of In-jae (since they don’t need three lit teachers), and he’s also the motivation driving the parents to press for In-jae’s departure. Withdrawing from the game calls the principal on her bullshit excuse and also puts her in a weak bargaining position—what will she tell the parents if she loses their star teacher on top of everything?

Principal Im orders the teachers to stick around for a staff meeting afterward.

Nam-soon, Heung-soo, and the two minions leave the classroom feeling dispirited. Jung-ho’s not with the group but we saw him looking unhappy with events—enough that I’m half-expecting him to come up with a surprise solution—but for now, it’s his sidekicks who apologize to Nam-soon for making him the sole bad guy. Maybe they should tell the truth, they suggest.

Heung-soo points out that the truth won’t make the kids any happier, since they won’t exactly consider helping Jung-ho to be high on the list of good deeds. Nam-soon tells them all that it’s not their fault, nor is it Jung-ho’s—nobody said anything about using that money. It was Nam-soon’s decision, so it’s right that he be held responsible. He tells Ji-hoon and Yi-kyung just to worry about repaying the cash.

Trust Kyung-min, the snappish one, to be the first to call this embezzlement. The mean girls chime in that it’s not too surprising since Nam-soon had a shady past, and Jung-ho sits there grimacing at the conversation. He actually gets up and tells the class, “Hey, that money—” only to get hushed by Yi-kyung.

Nam-soon returns to address the class, keeping in mind Heung-soo’s comment about the class not being satisfied by his paltry explanation. So he tells them he had an extenuating circumstance that he can’t really talk about, but that he’ll pay it back Monday morning.

The kids are all set to tell the teacher about it, but Min-ki speaks up (aw, Min-ki) and advises that they wait just a bit for Nam-soon to pay them back. The students keep grumbling about not trusting him, and now Ha-kyung says she’ll make sure to collect the fee. Her hardass attitude helps shut them up, as does her promise to tell the teacher herself if she doesn’t get the money.

Crisis averted for now, the students decide to pool their cash for the goodbye party.

Se-chan tells In-jae he can’t handle being the homeroom teacher and lists all the headaches on his plate, which sounds like he’s making an excuse to convince her there’s no other reason. Granted his excuses seem reasonable coming from him—he’s here to raise grades, not to handle student problems—but In-jae asks if he’s doing this because of her. He says no, it’s for himself. Semantics.

Yi-kyung urges his best friends to make up already, pushing past Jung-ho’s obvious awkwardness at being in everyone’s debt. He grumbles that nobody asked them to step in, but Yi-kyung replies, “If we didn’t, would you be standing here now?”

But reconciling with Ji-hoon—which both boys do seem to want—is a tougher deal, because there are ideological conflicts here. Jung-ho asks what the point of being friends again is, when they’re headed along different paths. Ji-hoon points out that Jung-ho can straighten out and join them.

Jung-ho takes a decidedly pessimistic outlook, arguing that going to vocational school may seem like an answer now, but Ji-hoon will toil his life away reeking of oil and parts and earning a pittance. And that’s assuming he’s lucky enough to keep working. He refers to how he’s being chased by money right now (the reason for the gangster run-ins), and that Ji-hoon won’t stop being chased by money just because he’s walking the straight and narrow.

Ji-hoon says fiercely, “At least I won’t live doing bad stuff.” Jung-ho: “And who will give you credit for that?”

Back to impasse.

Ha-kyung takes Nam-soon aside to ask for the reason he took the money. He admits that it’s for Jung-ho, and to her credit she doesn’t blow her top over it, merely asking if he really thinks Jung-ho will have the wherewithal to work his butt off to repay the money. In any case, he’d better make sure to honor his promise.

In the staff meeting, the principal leads the discussion on how to handle Se-chan’s offer/threat to quit. In-jae says she doesn’t want to cause further trouble and seems ready to walk away quietly, but it’s the other teachers who speak up, saying that first they’d like to discuss the question of whether In-jae really such an unfit teacher. They comment on the difficulties they all face teaching, saying that the kids need constant encouragement and nagging and pushing to spur them to change—but more importantly, that Class 2’s collective changing is apparent to all. Not only that, but even the parents are starting to change as well.

The teachers appeal to the principal to reinstate In-jae. They’ve already taken the liberty of introducing the incoming teacher to a job at another school. Even the toady vice principal voices his support for bringing In-jae back as Class 2 homeroom teacher, adding that Min-ki’s mother has approved the idea, saying that she felt In-jae’s presence would be good for Min-ki. Aw, now that’s change you can believe in.

So In-jae is persuaded to change her mind. Teacher Jo gives her a gentle pep talk over some tea and sympathy, and she admits that she did want to stick it out through the end—it’s just that she didn’t feel she had that right. The kids rejected her and she was essentially kicked out as homeroom teacher, and felt she wasn’t qualified to stay on. She confides that things have been really hard on her, but it was the kids that got to her most, who made her hesitate.

He chides her in a half-pitying, half-affectionate way that it’s silly of her to get so attached to kids who will just forget everything and zoom on with their lives anyway. But that’s what makes In-jae who she is, I suppose, the way she cares regardless of that.

The girls head out to buy snacks for their goodbye party, and Kang-joo sighs that she wishes she had a time machine to go back to the day they all turned on the teacher. But she commends Ha-kyung for changing enough to actually do something for a teacher, and Ha-kyung quips, “It’s not just any teacher, it’s Teacher Jung.” As if that explains everything. Which it does.

Kang-joo grumps about Nam-soon spending their money, and Ha-kyung has to defend him, saying he probably didn’t spend it himself. Naturally Kang-joo jumps all over that until Ha-kyung relents, making Kang-joo swear she won’t spread the secret. Kang-joo’s eyes pop out to hear the truth, but Ha-kyung warns her to shut it. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Se-chan prods In-jae to join him for class, handing back her notebook and playfully refusing to go alone. She thanks him, and since Se-chan doesn’t handle earnestness gracefully he sort of hems and haws and pretends he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

So Se-chan heads into class, only today he takes up the position at the back of the room while In-jae walks in to the front. The kids all perk up, but assuming this is goodbye they start to wail and moan and groan about how they petitioned for her not to quit (“Don’t leave us!”). So In-jae has to raise her voice to shut them up, and announces that she’s back as homeroom teacher. Smiles all around. (Which turn to groans when she announces mandatory study time, heh. Back to business as usual.)

Teacher Jo steps in to request a favor, since his PE class got cancelled earlier for that staff meeting. Could he take the class now—and could In-jae and Se-chan join them?

They head to the gymnasium for couples dodgeball, and the teachers are set to pairing off the kids. Ha, I love that the Nam-soon and Heung-soo pairing elicits more exasperation from Heung-soo. But that’s nothing compared to Jung-ho and Ji-hoon, who are paired with the help of meddling Yi-kyung, who signals to the teachers to stick his buddies together. Worse yet (for them, but better for us), the teammates have to maintain contact throughout the game.

Last but not least, Teacher Jo instructs the teachers to hold hands. HA. The kids have fun with that.

The game commences. So much cute.

The teachers buy everyone snacks, and then it’s time to head to study hall. Nam-soon’s one of the last to leave the gym and tells In-jae that he was worried she’d really gone, and that he’s glad she came back.

Se-chan hangs back with Teacher Jo, who asks if he really intended to quit. He says yes, because he felt perhaps he wasn’t cut out to be a teacher. Teacher Jo says in his wise old way that there are all sorts of teachers, but that they’re all teachers.

After school, Nam-soon and Heung-soo ask the (former?) bully trio if they have job leads, and urge them to do a good job. The boys haven’t found anything promising yet, but figure they’ll have to go out and pound the pavement of the weekend.

The boys go from Help Wanted sign to Help Wanted sign, and it’s one discouraging rejection after another. They find busboy jobs at a buffet, but it’s not long before an obnoxious ajusshi takes issue with getting his sleeve brushed by a dirty dish, and he starts yelling and jabbing at Jung-ho—which, as you can imagine, does not go over well.

Jung-ho tries to hold in the words, but his glaring sets off the customer, who snipes, “Did your mom teach you that way?” Oh, it’s all over then, and Jung-ho drops his plates and walks.

His friends try to hold him back and entreat him to just get through this job, but he fires back that guys like them get treated like dirt with one look. He says he’ll do things his way, and gives them the ultimatum to follow him out or to stay behind and bus dishes. He leaves, and Yi-kyung and Ji-hoon head back inside with big sighs.

When Monday morning rolls around, Nam-soon gets ready for school and heads to his tin of cash, but it’s only got about forty bucks left in it. It’s not enough, and more importantly, it’s all he has to live on. He even puts in a call to Dad, but he isn’t coming home anytime soon (so no money).

Jung-ho’s not in class, but the others are and put in what they’ve got. They’re still about 100 dollars short of the 300 total, which Nam-soon has to tell Ha-kyung with the promise to find a way to find the rest by the end of the day. With aggravation, Ha-kyung throws in a few tens from her own wallet and warns him to make good on that promise.

Nam-soon has to admit to the class that they’re still a bit short, but that he’ll make sure the full amount is paid by the end of the day. The mean girls use that as an excuse to strike at Ha-kyung, wondering if she’ll really live up to her deal. Gah, those girls. I know they exist in real life. But do we really have to hear so much from them?

Nari, the sleepy student who’s always late and making up hypochondriac excuses, asks the teachers for advice on her university entrance chances, with her area of study being theater and film. When asked about her interest in that major, she just shrugs that she was a child star, like it should be easy since she has experience acting as a child on a daily soap. Se-chan gives her his usual, by which I mean the cold hard truth with no sugar-coating: She’ll be lucky if she makes it into college with her grades, and nobody cares about an acting gig from last decade.

Nari is one of those indifferent students who never seems to care about anything, but being told your shot at the future you wanted is not gonna happen is still a crushing blow, and she trudges back to class wanting to have a heart-to-heart with her best friend, Hye-sun. But Hye-sun has just gotten a brand-new phone and everybody’s playing with it, and she doesn’t register that Nari’s particularly glum. She waves her aside and gets distracted.

So next, she tries writing a note to get Hye-sun up to speed, saying that she’s feeling totally down about her school chances. She slips it into Hye-sun’s notebook and tells her to read it, and waits expectantly for the sympathy to come. But another classmate pulls her attention away and the note gets dropped, forgotten, and Nari finally just takes it back.

The boys still need to scrape together about 70 dollars and try calling Jung-ho, only to get no answer. They wonder amongst themselves whether they should ask one of their teachers for the money… or maybe get a quick fix with a loan shark? Nam-soon suggests that they try using their brains, which gets three boys staring at him blankly, echoing a chorus of, “Us?”

It’s soccer day in gym period, which darkens the mood of both Nam-soon and Heung-soo. Heung-soo tells his buddy not to look like that, since he’s wearing his guilt-stricken face, but Nam-soon says he can’t help it—it gets to him, no matter how he tries.

Heung-soo tells him to hide it, then, though he’s not saying this angrily today. Just a matter-of-fact way that acknowledges that this is hard on both of them, and that Nam-soon’s reaction makes it worse for him. He tells Nam-soon to go to gym class, but he’ll be sitting this one out. And he heads to the empty classroom to wait out the period, alone.

Nari goes home early, technically for being sick though it’s really just because she’s had a crap day. Hye-sun catches her on her way out and gives her a cheery goodbye.

Jung-ho finally shows up and slams down his cash in front of his friends. The friends hand it over to Nam-soon, who asks where it came from. Jung-ho bristles at being asked that by everyone and tells them not to care, and with him in a sensitive mood Yi-kyung suggests that they accept the cash now and ask questions later.

Thus Nam-soon presents the cash to Ha-kyung in front of the class, apologizing for the trouble. And just then, Hye-sun loses her brand-spanking-new cell phone. She freaks out, and a mean girl snipes that it sure is convenient that Nam-soon paid back his debt just as that phone went missing. Argh. I’m so annoyed with her, I refuse to learn her name.

Ha-kyung and Kang-joo snap at the bitchy girl, but they can’t help but wonder. And neither can Jung-ho’s friends.

Ha-kyung asks Nam-soon where the money came from, and Nam-soon says firmly that it wasn’t Jung-ho: “He’s changed.” To her credit, Ha-kyung accepts that as an answer, even though she’s not entirely assuaged.

Too bad the girls choose the bathroom as the place to say this, because head mean girl Kyung-min overhears from the stall, and she isn’t about to cut Jung-ho any slack.

Now they can’t keep the news from the teachers anymore, who ask for the details. Hye-sun says it might not be one of their classmates, because the phone disappeared during gym period and the classroom was left unlocked. Heung-soo tenses—he was in the room, which is probably why it didn’t get locked—and it was Nam-soon’s responsibility. As is his norm, Nam-soon just accepts it as his fault and apologizes for forgetting.

In-jae offers the students once chance to return the phone without punishment, if they drop it off to the lost and found by the end of the day.

As students file out of class, the stragglers wonder where the phone could have gone. Kyung-min says meaningfully that the guy who showed up with money today is the guy who stole it, and calls out, “Hey Jung-ho, I hear you had some cash today.” He tenses up, asking if that’s a crime. She says, “Nope. I’m just saying. You had money.” Urg, I hate you. I wish I could unremember your name, just so that I could pointedly choose not to learn it.

Nam-soon takes Jung-ho aside after school, and Jung-ho barks, “You think it’s me too?” Nam-soon says no, but he does want to know where the money came from, since that can be his defense. His friends try to soften the request for info, saying that the situation is suspicious so it’s understandable that the students would jump to conclusions. But Jung-ho fires back that it’s not the situation they find suspicious, but him. He stalks off without saying anything.

If anything, his reaction confirms to his buddies that it wasn’t him. Nam-soon wonders at Heung-soo’s moodiness, and all Heung-soo says is, “It disappeared during gym class.” He looks pretty troubled… I mean, my money’s on the unexpected culprit (Nari), but why do you look so guilty?

The next day, Nari calls in sick. The school has unexpected visitors in the form of two policemen, called by Hye-sun’s father to catch the thief, and have already been given Jung-ho’s name as a likely culprit. The cops have confirmed that Jung-ho was absent in gym, and assure the teachers that it’s probably him.

Jung-ho can’t stand all the whispering in class speculating that he did it, and gets up to storm out. Yi-kyung holds him back, warning him that leaving now will confirm in people’s minds that he did it: “But you didn’t!” Fuming, Jung-ho sits back down. There there goes Heung-soo with the shifty eyes again.

When the teachers arrive for morning roll call, In-jae tries to take Jung-ho aside quietly, but it’s obvious to everybody why he’s being singled out. He feels the indignity as everyone stares—just as the policemen enter with news, having reviewed the CCTV footage. The good news: It’s not Jung-ho, and the whole class gets to hear it. The bad news: Park Heung-soo will have to come along to the station with them.

Without a word, Heung-soo gets up and walks out, only stopping to shoot a tense look Nam-soon’s way.

He’s escorted out with his arm restrained by the cop as students crowd around to witness his walk of shame. Nam-soon runs after him and stops him before he reaches the police car, asking, “Why was it you?”

Heung-soo says, “It isn’t me.”

Nam-soon yells, “You didn’t do it—so then, why is it you?”

Surprisingly, Heung-soo’s voice breaks on a sob, “Because I lived a reckless life. I’d forgotten that for a bit, while playing around with you.”

In-jae lays it out for Se-chan, and for us: Heung-soo didn’t report for gym class. That doesn’t make him a thief, but it does mean he violated probation.

Nam-soon watches the car pull away, carrying Heung-soo in tears.


Oof, Heung-soo! Nooooo. Don’t cry.

There’s an interesting motif running through the latest episodes that comes together with this latest twist—the idea that you’re pegged by your past, that sometimes you can try and try and that change is not going to be good enough. I don’t think that’s what the series is arguing, but it’s definitely the philosophy being challenged, particularly by Jung-ho.

I expected the show to wrap up Jung-ho’s arc rather neatly, so I’m actually pleasantly surprised that they’ve kept it going, if only for the fact that change is freaking hard. That it takes a lot more than a desire to climb up out of the hole you’ve dug yourself. Ji-hoon represents one side of that coin, the hopeful side that wants to be better, the side that decides that enduring a tough, honest life is better than not trying. And Jung-ho’s the harsh cynic who’s been beaten down by life one too many times to believe it holds anything good for him.

It’s significant that he has his moments of hope, but also realistic to show that hope on its own isn’t enough. I wanted him to bring himself back from the point of no return, but I also want him to work for his redemption. He’s getting there, but he’s not there yet. So it’s fitting that the drama shows the struggle—the one step forward, two steps back challenge of self-improvement.

Then we have Heung-soo, who gets carted away on a freaking technicality. Ack! How cruel is that? He knows he didn’t do it (steal), we know he didn’t do it, everyone knows he’s not that kind of kid anymore—and really, he probably never was even in his gang-fighting days. But there his past goes, tripping him up now even when he’s doing the best he can. And the cruelest part of all that is that it wasn’t like Fate pulled one over on Heung-soo and got him unfairly. He knew the rules. It’s just that, as he said, he got a little relaxed and forgot, and his past sins are making present self pay.

I just hope that whatever trap he’s fallen into this time, it gets resolved mighty quickly. Don’t make him suffer, hear me? Because it hurts when Heung-soo hurts. For a character who actually doesn’t DO much—he’s motivator and catalyst, but not the most active, plot-moving character—there’s such pathos in his journey, perhaps for these very reasons. That we have to believe wanting to be better leads to being better. What’s it take to turn over a new leaf around here?


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  1. stellar

    yes!!!!!!! thank youuu!<3

    • 1.1 stellar

      gahh. my heart can’t take seeing heungsoo cry.:'( why can’t they just be happy?? i’m also hoping that this gets resolved soon.;A; they’re all trying so hard to change their lives. and really, there’s very little i wouldn’t give to see these boys happy.:( <3

  2. Ace

    I love this show! Thanks for the recap!

  3. smile134

    Thank you so much for the recap, Javabeans 🙂

    It’s a nice moment that all the teachers in this school finally stepped up and raised their voices about In Jae. Otherwise, the Principal would be the dictator of the whole school. About the other plot development, honestly, I don’t know what the writer and producer are doing with School. This is a 16-episode show, so we only 2 episodes left and they throw in another misunderstanding/stealing plot to make Heung Soo suffer? What’s the point? This kid has the worst luck chasing him around. About the cell phone case, I feel like it was poorly developed. In reality, do any school really report the case to the police and let the cops get inside school and arrest a student in front of all other classmates/schoolmates like that? This is the worst way to handle that situation ever. In this case, whether the student steals it or not, from now on he will have to go with all doubting/judgmental eyes on (well, basically that’s the way to kick him out of school).
    In my high school year, it happened that a few students lost their calculators (It sounds cheap, I know, but my high school time was about 10 years ago when non of us students had a cell phone). These stolen calculators were sold to some stores which sold secondhand stuff. In fact, one of my friends even found her calculator at one store and had to buy it back. In our case, we reported to the homeroom teacher and searched, but not the police. The point is, at that moment, we all understood that these stuff was cheap compared to the future of someone and they must be in desperate situation to do something like that. That’s to say how I am disappointed by this stealing plot. I’m praying that they will end the drama nicely.

    • 3.1 sweetyoon

      I think your case is unique and you especially had a great, understanding high school. 🙂

      But cellphones are way more expensive than most calculators on the market. The retail price of a smartphone without a plan is usually 600 dollars.

      And I for one am usually on the side that says leave it to the police. Petty theft can escalate extremely fast and it’s better to nip it at its bud.

      • 3.1.1 smile134

        I know cell phone is much more expensive than calculator these days. But given the situation (10 years ago, no students or even only a few adults in my country had cell phone), calculator is big to us (if anyone sold it at that point, it would worth at least weekly allowance for a high school student like us).

        Back to the drama, my point is the way they handle this was so poorly. I can accept that some students have no mercy/sympathy ‘coz people and situations are different. However, why did they not protect the privacy of Heung Soo? That’s the least thing that can be done for him. Until it is proven that he committed a crime, he is still innocent.

      • 3.1.2 alsey

        Lost/stolen calculators can actually become a big deal. I am in school right now and used to go to a math and science academy. In our math classes most students, myself included, own their own graphing calculators which can cost any where from $115 to $175 and up (ti-84 vs ti-89 versions). There was an incident where someone took a girls calculator, which cost more than a generic phone. Even with the cost of the calculator, the actual police did not get involved. In most cases of theft at schools, at least in my experience, it is the campus security guards and occasionally district police who become involved. Only in extreme cases such as weapons on school property, drugs, or inappropriate behavior by a teacher have I ever seen local police become involved.

    • 3.2 Tyme

      Just to clarify, in the show they make her dad call the police. The teachers are surprised when the police show up in their office for that reason. Apparently she lost a phone the year before as well and the culprit wasn’t caught then either.

      • 3.2.1 smile134

        I see it now. Sorry I watched it with lack of subtitle and my very poor Korean!

    • 3.3 Fasr

      It wasn’t reported by the school, Hyesun’s father was the one who reported it. The teachers were surprised too, even the kids were teasing Hyesun about it for a bit.

    • 3.4 Mika~

      Phew, I didn’t want to be the first to voice an unpopular opinion. The writers seem to be running out of material after Heungsoo finally forgave Namsoon, and I kind of accepted everything last week, because both Minki and even Kyungmin had their arcs being built up in previous episodes, but where did Nari’s conflict come from? She’s always been an underachiever, sure, but how does that relate to stealing from her friend?

      Jungho’s conflict felt rehashed – I was fully expecting him to make up with Jihoon by now. His return to surliness was really rather unexpected; just last week, he was telling UhmForce how he didn’t want to lose Jung-saem, he was stepping down to Namsoon and Heungsoo, and he returned the cellphones… but despite having his ass saved from the gangsters by Namsoon’s timely intervention, he’s going to tell Jihoon that it’s better to live like the gangsters? I do agree that Jungho’s change last week was a bit sudden, but these changes in Jungho’s personality don’t really showing him gradually changing as much as they show him oscillating back and forth.

      Heungsoo’s probation problem came from nowhere, too. Why does the show have to make the poor boy suffer? I’m also REALLY confused as to what happened… I don’t get how the police officers can take him to the police station because circumstantial evidence makes it seem as if he stole the phone, and all the hard evidence they have is that he cut PE… When I asked for more Heungsoo and Namsoon last week, I didn’t mean more suffering. I MEANT THE BROMANCE, DAMMIT, THE BROMANCE! GIVE ME THE BROMANCEEEE!

      Lastly, I’ll bet this is a super-unpopular opinion, but I kind of want Yikyung and Kyungmin to end up together. I only came up with this crack-fic couple after they got paired up for dodgeball, okay? Blame the scriptwriters! I hope she falls for him. HARD. That would be so satisfying, because she’s acts especially snobby to the trio.

      • 3.4.1 Eulaliee

        I totally agree with you on yi-kyung and kyung-min (kyung couple) how cute. Hahah anyways, I shipped these two already!

        And I think the reason for jong-oh’s personality escalating back and forth between bad decisions and wanting to make is change is very realistic. Like what the elders always say, old habits die hard. Growing up, I constantly skipped school, hung out with the wrong crowd, got into fights (with girls of course) and did bad things but even within the midst of it all, I still wanted to do good. I would something good one day and then three days later, do something bad. Every time I did something bad, I would tell myself not to do it again but it’s hard when I’ve only been use to doing bad things. I acted right on instinct without realizing that I’m doing it only until someone points it out. (Sorry for the long rant)

        But excited for tomorrow’s episode and extremely sad that this drama ends next week! I haven’t been so happy looking forward to Monday and Tuesdays but now, I’m going to go back to dreading it after ‘School’ ends.

      • 3.4.2 TS

        Yi-Kyung (That’s minion 2, right?) is coming off increasingly gay to me. THere was that super-cute scene where he asks J-Hoon “What’s wrong with what I”m wearing and Ji-Hoon asks if he’s going on stage. Hey, he could end up with KyungMin as his hag: even more satisfying. 😉

      • 3.4.3 Jackeline

        I don’t quite agree on your first two points, but I know a lot of people agree on that last one haha. I don’t think it’s an unpopular opinion at all. If you watch School on Viki with the live comments on, at the dodgeball scene, basically all the comments were about the Yi Kyung/Kyung Min ship. xD

      • 3.4.4 DeeDee

        OH MY GOODNESS YESSSSSSS TO YI KYUNG AND KYUNGMIN. I kept on replaying that dodgeball scene. Let’s be on this super unpopular-opinion ship together.

        He was left out because he was selfless and just wanted his friends to reconcile, whereas she was left alone because she well, has no friends. I was pleasantly surprised when the writers put them together (read: WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THAT EARLIER ?! URGH DARN YOU GENIUS WRITERS. THEY’RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. )

        • JoAnne

          yep I was cheering that one too! But she’s still the same brat, no softening up YET.

      • 3.4.5 Fidelity

        I don’t think the recurrng issues with HS and JH are due to not having enough material – there are still stories that the show could spend time revealing/wrapping up:

        – Sechan’s past (Did the girl on his back die? How was he involved? What of it triggered his resignation?)
        – Minki’s brother, Hongki (What was the breaking point for him? Even if that’s not revealed, I hope there’s a closure to this.)
        – The new debate competition (KJ vs. HK? Maybe there’s one academic area KJ can outshine HK in)

        Only 2 episodes to go! 🙁

        Also, I’m going to admit, I felt a chemistry between YK and KM in their 10-15 seconds of screen time together in today’s episode. Woo, shipping!

        • heayun

          Seriously, the writers really need to cover Sechan’s past! I really hope the ending doesn’t leave us with a bunch of loose ends. It all seems so rushed as of now.

      • 3.4.6 Gala

        Yikyung-Kyungmin: I started thinking there’s gonna be something between these two during a confrontation in class (that time when JH wasn’t attending class). There was just that weird vibe, and it made me wish the writers explore that… Which they did during the didgeball. Too bad KM will be her obnoxious self in the next episode, accdg to the previews. And dang, she’s gonna accuse JiHoon, YK’s BFF. Then again, that might also bring these two together.

      • 3.4.7 Stephanie

        kyung couple!
        haha but I have to disagree with most of the comments because it really is why I like this episode so much.
        I also felt Nari’s conflict was under developed. But you could see with whatever little time they had, the director did try to highlight her. If you saw the promotional items, Nari was in every group shot, while her best friend was not. Curious, isn’t it? They planned her part from the beginning actually.

        About Jung ho, I felt it was a development rather than rehashed. Most shows don’t deal the problem with their level of depth. They just end up at Jihoon and then “happy ending!” Which is usually not the case. It really is a lot of work to be done. And I’m glad they discussed the fact that he is forever being labeled. And it’s not easy to get out of that or to find a way out either. Since society, especially korea, is so cruel with that.

        About Heung Soo. OKAY THIS ONE I think felt was a bit of a last min stunt. I do understand that they need some conflict to pull the boys together but… This was a bit of an awkward handling. But I’m glad given their personalities, the writers know that only situations can bring them closer, they will never be able to solve it with all their manpride issues, heung soo’s I mean.

    • 3.5 mandy

      I think it is a way of answering Jung-ho’s question. Who is going to give him a credit in living a right way. There is always a price to pay. Heung-Soo is not violated the probation. It is like if there is a crime, police is questioning the known criminals with prior history. In a way, person’s rights are ignored. Also, it represents how fragile these kids can be. Remember, Heung-Soo was never really in the gang but hang around to keep Nam-Soon in check. He was the one to put a stop before his friend cross the line. It hurts me so much to see that kid breaks down and admitting that he lived recklessly without concern for others or himself. My heart ached for him and Nam-soon who will realize the moment of mistake cares so much of burden …… So much more. No wonder Heung-soo was so angry to find him with almost normal school life.

      As for the police, the father of the girl made a report because she had her phone stolen last year and did not catch the thief. Because of the bitch, kids were suspecting Jung-Ho, and girl gave up his name to her father.

    • 3.6 ravens_nest

      The theme of both Heung Soo and Jung Ho’s current plots is the same. Trying to reform from being a delinquent is all well and good but often society will not allow it.

      It’s not so easy a transition from being a hoodlum/criminal to going back to the straight life that a few sentences to that effect and a nice teacher is all you need. The truth is once you’ve been branded a troublemaker or a criminal, people will almost always see you as such and treat you accordingly.

      Heung Soo said it earlier during the missing test plot to Uhmforce: “Continuously suspecting a kid who used to do bad things of wrongdoing is also a habit.” We saw that the moment the kids learned about the returned money in conjunction with the girl’s missing phone, several people immediately suspected that Nam Soo, and then Jung Ho, stole it. Why? Because they have checkered pasts. No other evidence.

      The reason this arc is important is to talk about criminal stereotyping in society. People that dress a certain way or act a certain way are automatically classified as criminals with no evidence. Obviously Jung Ho, Nam Soon, or Heung Soo stole the phone because they needed money and the other kids in the class are good girls and boys and would never do such a thing. It’s probably home influence. It’s probably a moral defect. It’s probably a predisposition towards crime. Like the Principal said a few episodes ago, “People who were meant to be criminals, will become one and that’s that.”

      This is the societal mindset that we are trying to live in every day. For those who fall in a demographic that’s likely to be stereotyped, that is the societal mindset we are trying desperately to escape, with varying degrees of success. This is what Jung Ho means when he gets angry about people suspecting him.

      People are wondering why Jung Ho is re-considering being a gangster? Because that is the reality of trying to escape that lifestyle. It very much echoes what ex-convicts face after being released from jail. About 40% of ex-convicts wind up back in jail within three years of being released. It’s not always because “they haven’t learned their lesson.” Oftentimes it’s because no one will hire them with a criminal record and thus they are forced back into their old lifestyle simply to survive and/or feed their family. (FYI, there are a growing number of companies now that target ex-cons specifically to help them find new jobs after they are released. Homeboy Industries in LA is one of them.)

      If someone says that they shouldn’t have done anything criminal in the first place, they are talking from a place of privilege. While in diverse countries there are many racial factors involved with the induction into criminal activity that I believe South Korea may not experience to the same extent, there are still similar socioeconomic barriers that can affect whether a child will commit a crime or become a teen hoodlum.

      Jung Ho’s abusive alcoholic father, Nam Soon’s neglectful alcoholic father, Ji Hoon’s low income home, Heung Soo’s single parent household that is run by his sister since their mother seems to be in a coma…all of these problems combined with each of their clear poor socioeconomic status contributed heavily to their criminal activities. Jung Ho’s excessive debt (possibly from his father using all of their money on booze) forced him to start working for those gangsters. Nam Soon can barely scrape together enough money to feed himself off of what his father sends him and his bullshit delivery job that’s probably not making him enough but he can’t quit because at least it’s something. Heung Soo’s only escape from this life was soccer and that went down the tube when Nam Soon broke his leg at the joint.

      People say these kids just have to work on their school work and graduate and things will be better, but it’s not that cut and dry. How do you study well when every night you go home, your father beats you bloody (but never where they can see) so you can never be comfortable? How do you graduate and get a good job when you just aren’t smart enough to even understand how to read a math problem? How do you study when you have to spend so much time working bullshit part time jobs just to make ends meet cuz your drunken father is never around? How do you dream for college/vocational school when you know your family will never have enough money to pay tuition and you just aren’t smart enough to snag a scholarship from the hundreds of thousands of other kids trying to do the same? How do you find time to study when every other day someone blames you for a crime you didn’t commit because you just seem like that type and didn’t you used to be a hoodlum?

      I’m not saying all this is impossible or that an ex-con/hoodlum can never reform. One of my most cherished University colleagues, Reginald Dwayne Betts, is both a well respected poet/professor and is an ex-convict. He wrote “A Question of Freedom: A Memoir of Learning, Survival, and Coming of Age in Prison” about his experiences as a convict. (http://www.rdwaynebetts.com/home.php | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD_iLRYYOfE) He is honestly the most intelligent man I have ever spoken to and we had the best debates when we took classes together during our college years. But he is a rare case of an ex-con making it after being released, most definitely due to his extreme intelligence and poetic talent. Read some of his work; it is fantastic and ties in perfectly with this drama actually. (Sorry if it feels like I name dropped but I love this dude and his work.)

      The story arc with Heung Soo and Jung Ho is displaying how much the reformation of a former hoodlum is an uphill battle…against society, against perceptions, against stereotypes, against your circumstances, and even against yourself. This story-line resonates deeply with me. I have family and friends both who have struggled, are currently struggling, or who I know will struggle amid this very thing every day of their lives. This is one of the realist story lines I have seen in a drama and I welcome it wholeheartedly.

      • 3.6.1 ravens_nest

        Sorry about the three or so typos. I should have proofread better. lol

        • Fasr

          What typo? Very hard to find amidst all the good points you were making 🙂

      • 3.6.2 ohmychristinee

        i couldn’t have said it better myself, great job on this post.

      • 3.6.3 Pooja

        props on this post!

      • 3.6.4 Dita

        “This is one of the realist story lines I have seen in a drama and I welcome it wholeheartedly.”

        So much agree…

      • 3.6.5 Ditu3ka

        Thank you for your analysis. It was very plesant and informative read.

      • 3.6.6 JoAnne

        Great job on this, really! You bring up excellent points. This debate happens often in my country and one of the most frustrating things that happens is people will point to the ONE kid that makes it out of a bad neighborhood and say ‘if he could do it, so could any of the others.’ It’s just not true. I mean, it is in THEORY…but in practical application, no. It’s like saying every person who goes to law school could end up a Supreme Court Judge if they wanted to. When you take it out to the ridiculous extreme, it’s easier to see the fallacy. But for some people, no matter how hard they try – either their past or their circumstances is going to keep them from what they are trying so hard to do.

      • 3.6.7 alua

        I agree – very eloquently put.

        Unlike some others commenting earlier, I don’t think there is any rehashing here of conflicts – it’s an on-going struggle and what Jung-ho, Heung-soo etc. face is indeed 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

        My guess it that Jung-ho borrowed the money from teacher Jung but his pride didn’t allow him to admit that to his buddies and Nam-soon and Heung-soo (who are sort of his buddies now too :-D). The teacher texted Jung-ho when he didn’t come to school and there was also no scene where the teachers were told by the kids why they were blaming Jung-ho – hence no chance for her to clarify the situation (and now of course all the blame got shifted onto Heung-soo).

        I don’t think the police are being very systematic by the way. Shouldn’t they investigate ALL the students who weren’t in PE class? They have obviously skipped over one – as has the class, but in their case it’s something that reconfirms how prejudiced they are and they blame only those they have always blamed (reflecting again why it’s so hard to become a better person for people like Jung-ho & the rest even if they want to).

    • 3.7 DHM

      I’ve been called out of my high school classroom to be interviewed by the police in a campus office with clear windows so it was in full view of a crowd of my very curious school mates.
      That was an American high school just around 33 years ago.

      And in this episode, it wasn’t the school who called the police, it was the father of the owner of the cell phone.

    • 3.8 pogo

      late, but just stepping in to say how much I appreciated the teachers taking up cudgels on In-jae’s behalf – she’s created a change all around her, and I like that it reaches outside her classroom too.

  4. MeeisLee

    Is it a little sad that I use School 2013 as a break from School Reality? Sigh. Mondays and Tuesdays dont come fast enough (except for when I have an exam).

    • 4.1 TS

      No, I use it as a break from work reality.

  5. andie

    it was a boring episode for me…. maybe because i was getting used to, in seeing so much intensity in this drama that this episode didn’t hit the mark

    • 5.1 andie

      sorry if this is going out of topic but am i the only one who notice about dramabeans’ new headers?? i want to see the new ones…

      • 5.1.1 Byul

        I totally freaked out about the Seo In-Guk one. So cute!!!!!

  6. snow_white

    thanks….will watch the episode first and then i’ll read the whole thing….

  7. sweetyoon

    just a little confused here.

    what exactly did heungsoo do to break probation? skip class?

    namsoonahhhh~ save my heungsoo please. <3

    • 7.1 Byul

      i’m pretty sure that’s what he did, yeah..the subs on viki made it a little hard to understand but I think the recap cleared it up pretty well.

    • 7.2 TS

      Since I don’t speak Korean and had to rely on the subs, I think it’s that he was in the place of the cellphone when it was taken and that he had a criminal record. So he’s suspect number 1.

      Or maybe the terms of his probation are to attend every class. One thing’s for sure: whatever he got in trouble for was when Namsoon wasn’t around. So Namsoon has more survivor’s guilt, so to speak, to take on.

      And yes, Javabeans got it so right: it hurts like hell when HS hurts. I’ve been edgy all day since I saw him dragged off in tears like he was. (Ate 2 chocolate bars to numb the pain.)

      Gah, tomorrow, start putting everyone on the road to a happy ending!

      Btw, who else thinks Namsoon is officially Ha-kyung’s b!7€# now? Even when he got all defiant with her and said who told you to get involved, she pointed out the kids calmed down because of her. Reminds of one of the earlier episodes when she kept saying, tell about the lesson school and you’re dead, and he was all, yeah, whatever, and she warned him, “do you even know who you’re messing with?”

      • 7.2.1 yumi

        By the end of the episode I wondered if both Heung-soo and Nam-Soon were on probation.

        1) The kind of beating Heung-soo took that ended his hopes of a soccer career would be impossible cover up easily. He had to go to the hospital and the authorities must have found out about it. So the fact that there had never been any official consequences discussed in the series had me wondering.

        2) Nam-Soon did not finish middle school in a traditional way. It was mentioned he tested into high school. So now I am wandering if he had spent time in the Korean version of juvenile detention.

        3) Also, when Heung-soo was taken away, I got less of a sense of fear of punishment, and more of a fear of exposure.

        • TS

          THat’s a good point about Namsoon. But back in episode 9, he did tell Se-chan he’d dropped out and then just stayed home and slept. Maybe he was on some sort of house arrest or had struck a deal to stay home, which worked because he was too depressed to go anywhere?

  8. Byul

    i was fangirling throughout this entire episode, and all my otps got paired up during dodgeball:D kang ssaem, jung ssaem, fighting!!!:) aaand then heung soo pretty much killed me. WHYYY,SHOW, WHYYYYYY?????

    • 8.1 yumi

      I totally love that game. The next time I teach or rehearse in a space that can safely accommodate paired dodge ball I definitely going to have my class or cast play it.

      • 8.1.1 Byul

        and then pair up the people that look good together/are having troubles;)

  9. beckster

    Ugh!!! I knew it! Knew it, knew it. With all the awesome bromance and everyone being mostly happy and lots of smiles all around (mostly from me), I knew they would throw a wrench in my plans for happy ever after…

    oh bromance…why do you hurt so much more than the other kind of ‘mance?

    thanks for the recap! Capped my day.

  10. 10 raindrops1

    Thank you for the recap. I’ve been looking forward to reading it all day long, it really helps me better understand each episode. I also really enjoy reading your comments.

    I have a question if any fellow School 2013 would help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    How did HS violate his probation? By not attending class? I’m sure this is something I should have picked up but I’m still a bit confused about it.

    I love this drama and also enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts.

    • 10.1 raindrops1

      I see that my question was also asked by @sweetyoon. @Byul thanks for the clarification. I was also a bit unsure what it is that he did wrong. I’m just hoping now for a speedy resolution to this latest problem.

    • 10.2 sajatokki

      I thought it could also be because he had a police record for violence (with Jungho as “victim”) so the police is more..suspicious of him.

  11. 11 magnus

    I felt the impending doom when that adorable Dodgeball game happened. It was too cute for words and of course the happy couldn’t last long.
    Damn everything; resolve this T.T only 2 episodes left.
    Seriously though how cute was that game? I was with the kids cheering when they held hands.
    Se-chan and his inability to deal with earnest-Jung is hilariously adorable. I love him getting flustered about it. Cute episode, my emotions are going to hell in a handbasket tomorrow I can tell you that/

    • 11.1 Byul

      they were so giggly. i swear, they act like the kids themselves…but who am i to talk, i was practically jumping up and down too:D

  12. 12 Abbie

    Heung-soo! No! He’ll be released right? He’ll explain why he wasn’t in class, and the comes will fill so bad for him, they’ll release him, right?! ARGH!

    This show is so freaking GOOD!! It moves along at such a quick pace!

    I love all the characters, but Heung-soo is a personal favorite. I mean, it’s Kim Woo-bin! He’s such a great young actor. I’m eager to see what he does after this.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

    • 12.1 Abbie

      * I meant the cops will feel so bad for him that they will release Heung-soo.

    • 12.2 eternalfive

      I know right, Kim Woo-bin is brilliant, isn’t he? 😀 Heung-Soo’s my fav character too, and I’m pretty sure a lot of that has to do with Kim Woo-bin playing him. 😛

      • 12.2.1 TS

        Yes, a thousand times yes! Oh wait, I’m not asleep yet…

      • 12.2.2 JoAnne

        When you consider that he has only had a very few roles and that he came to acting via modeling – he’s a freaking genius. Kim Woo Bin Genius Model/Actor yes, I said it, now KDrama will make an (endless) series of shows about it next season.

        • ladysarahii

          Yeah, he was phenomenal in that last scene. I really felt his humiliation there at the end. I mean, ouch. And that burst of emotion after staying mainly deadpan the whole series… Wow.

    • 12.3 yumi

      I think Nari will confess to Teacher Jung that she took the cell phone. Heung-Soo will be released, but the damage will be done because the students will know that Heung-Soo and maybe Nam-Soon, has/have a record.

      The class will have to chose or chose not to integrate him/them into the community/society. Ha-kyung, Min-Ki and Kang-Joo have the social capital to do it, but it might be more interesting if the writer could figure out a way to use the chip-on-the-shoulder-I feel-Miserable-so-I’ll-make
      everyone-else-miserable into the reconciliation plot in a way that didn’t feel contrived.

      • 12.3.1 TS

        That mean girl, (@Javabeans, I actually *can’t* remember her name!) mentioned how they were all dodgy. And to be fair, they are a bit at the very least. Namsoon’s happy memories include him and HS stealing from some vending machine, and they were gangsters. And now, it seems they’re forming another gang with Oh Jung Ho and the minions (Yi-Kyung in particular tries to take HS’s arm here).

        They seriously need some brain power though. Ha-Kyung putting some money into the repayment and talking to NS while glaring the other boys away was almost captain-ish.

  13. 13 mysterious

    Probation for what?! Oh, the fight with Jung-ho from ep 4? Skipping class qualifies as violating probation with the police?! WHAT?!

    • 13.1 TS

      I think it’s something from before this school. Because if it was that fight, then wouldn’t In Jae know about having been at the police station?

      • 13.1.1 Carmensitta

        That logic is completely flawed if the writer uses such a route. So… he was on probation for something from before, gets all the merits for beating Jung-ho and is taken by the police NOW for… SKIPPING CLASS!? Freaking skipping class???

        • DHM

          No, he gets taken by the police to the station for questioning because he was the only one the cameras showed at the scene of the crime and Jung-Ho is right- your past sticks to you like bad chewing gum and influences how others look at you.

    • 13.2 red

      i have the same question like you. skipping the class means violating probation? i don’t get it.

  14. 14 3united

    doesn’t it seem like the thief was the friend of the girl who got her phone stolen?

    • 14.1 TS


  15. 15 Tha

    Why can’t this show just go on and on!!! I love it. And there’s plenty of stories to tell. So many characters with depth! I want more of School!

  16. 16 ilikehim

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    • 16.1 Dita

      Really? hahaha…

    • 16.2 ladysarahii

      Yeah! I noticed that, too. And in this show he’s like their biggest shipper. “Hold hands.” Oh, please. So not necessary to play dodgeball. 😉

    • 16.3 Saturtledaisy

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    Please, make everything okay again tomorrow.

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    On a completely unrelated note, I’m loving the new headers. <3

  21. 21 keya

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    1) yi kyung and kyung min told to be partners for the game. Although I dont really like her..
    2) I really love the part where Sechan puts out his hand and jung teach puts hers on his. Cuteee
    2) Sechan teach flustered with Jung ssem’s thank you
    3) that scene where heung soo talks to nam soon at the class, part where they’re supposed to go to P.E class. (i just love the way he talks there, his intonation is sooo soft /gentle and dunno, i must be weird)
    4)Heungsoo telling Nam soon he lived a reckless life before and he forgot about it for a while because he’s having fun with Nam Soon…TT..

    the probation makes sense why Heung Soo had to change schools so many times before seungri HS. I just dont get if he’s in probation why didnt he get in trouble back when him, Nam Soon and Jungho fought and they had to go to police station?

    Anyway..I love this drama!

    • 21.1 keya

      god..terrible writing..

      Does anyone know the ratings for this ep?

      p/s: Kim Woo bin is such a good actor..watched first without subs and at the last part when he answered Nam Soon’s question, I have no idea what he said but I felt like crying. lol

      • 21.1.1 TS

        Same here. As I mentioned earlier, I was upset on his behalf all day!

      • 21.1.2 bjharm

        I did see 15% mentioned, that considered better than advage, though short of the magic 20%

    • 21.2 anais

      My guess is that Heung Soo actually had done reckless things after he and Namsoon parted ways. Reckless as in maybe petty theft? Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense that he would have been on edge as soon as people mentioned the phone going missing during PE. It also makes sense that he recognized so quickly what Jungho might have been up to when the local thugs were hanging out during the essay contest. It read as knowledge gained from first-hand experience.

      Guess we”ll find out tomorrow.

      • 21.2.1 TS

        Yes, I agree with you. Perhaps that’s also why he’s had to move about a bit.

  22. 22 Janette

    I don’t get the whole heungsoo’s past thingy.. someone help me ._. what does he mean? so he stole it? why isn’t he saying anything?

    • 22.1 TS

      Just that he’s an automatic suspect having been a criminal in the past.

  23. 23 sajatokki

    Namsoon, you can’t make a face like this without breaking my heart! T__T


    And more crying for HS and NS from Ep15 preview?? 🙁

    • 23.1 TS

      Maybe everything just comes out in the open and they finally deal with the crap HS has gone through and NS’s guilt over it etc. And maybe then they’ll laugh again. Aish (or is it Aigoo?), I hope so. I can’t stand how much the HS flower is being shaken.

      • 23.1.1 sajatokki

        If that’s the case then all good, but doesn’t mean it would break my heart less </3 Can't wait for 15 and 16 but at the same time I don't want this show to end!

        • TS


    • 23.2 anais

      I want to tar and feather those mean girls, then dunk them a few times in acid, then lash them to poles atop pyres, set them on fire, and watch them burn. Oh, after feeding them small enough quantities of phlegm globbers to make them hemorrhage wretchedly, but not enough to put them out of their misery instantaneously. Heather Chandler’s fate is too good for them.

  24. 24 jollyroger

    I must’ve missed it in the past episodes but why is Heung-soo on probation again?? Also, if I’m not mistaken, I believe he has been ditching classes for quite a number of times now, so why is the probation thing being brought up only now?

    • 24.1 E

      because a crime was committed while he was at the scene, and he’s on probation so doubts that he would be the ‘culprit’ is formed (because of his past, however shady that is, after nam soon left)

  25. 25 bishbash

    aaaaand, the preview is out!!! oh man i hate those bitchy girls >.<


    • 25.1 TS

      Wow, Mean Girl 1 is really determined to crush the Rude Boys.

    • 25.2 anais

      Ditto. I refer you to my comment 23.2. (Just didn’t want to repeat myself.)

  26. 26 hanie

    I know the writers won’t let me have my happy episode!!! please, we are nearing the end.. gahhhh… I’ve been so nervous when everybody looks so happy playing dodgeball, I keep on thinking that something bad gonna happen juuuussttt about now. But I never thought it would be Heungsoo. TT_TT When HS told NS that he forgot while playing with NS, I feel like I wanna cry along with him.

  27. 27 TS

    My, my, Uhmforce, what a big stick you have! You arranged a super-speedy transfer for Namsoon, and a new teacher to replace InJae, and then a new position away from Injae’s turf for the replacement.

    A little man with a BIG reach indeed.

    • 27.1 haaruka

      Exactly my thought. Uhmforce totally plays his role with his title well.

  28. 28 AuntieMame

    “Because it hurts when Heung-soo hurts.”

    Actually, it hurts to see all the students hurting. And, the action of each student is a result of that person hurting, having been hurt and/or trying to avoid being hurt further.

    The drama has not been complimentary in showing the world/society that we have created for these students.

    Thank you for another excellent recap. I’m glad that the drama isn’t tying up each storyline neatly, but showing the one-step forward and two-step back, push-me, pull-you ordeals that one encounters in real life.

  29. 29 mjinxer

    I’m a lil’ confuse about Heungsoo on probation because it never really mention much… but then again, i guess in the beginning when he first transfer into the school, he was a trouble student and transfer a few times before.. so i’m guessing after Nam Soon and him parted, he was doing bad things.. cause if i remember correctly, he’s always saying that Nam Soon retired.. SO in all, he must’ve lived a tough life before deciding to change and graduate at his school now. and while at it, happened to be at the crime scene and now he got taken by the popo.. the strong relationship between the two boys are just amazing. i can feel their friendship for each other… cannot wait for the next episode (: damn, the drama is coming to an end and it’s giving me a bitter-sweet feeling.

  30. 30 owl

    Sure was a lot of talk going donw about what “kind” of money Jung Ho came up with. It was an interesting way to show how hard your reputation follows you from friends, classmates, enemies, teachers and police. There is so much happening in this show even as it wraps up – lovin’ it til the end!

    Nam Soon and Heung Soo – you look so fine in those white uniform pants coming and going *fanning hot face*

  31. 31 lizzzieq

    So curious as to what HS did that got him on probation. Also confused about how he actually violated it.

    Hakyung was standing on the stairs when talking to Namsoon right? I thought I saw her take a step up. If so it’s a pretty funny running joke about this drama’s tall, tall men.

    • 31.1 Fasr

      Yes I saw that and immediately snickered. Them model guys. (I love it when the make Namsoon, Heungsoo and Sechan walk down the hall in one frame)

  32. 32 Rovi

    Sorry if I’m gonna spam this one (hope everyone will forgive me for this)…

    …if anyone’s interested in some of the cast’s Twitter accounts (dunno if anyone commented or whatnot…), here they are (excluding Jang Nara who has her own website):

    @Daninote – Choi Daniel (Kang Se-chan)
    @2012_sy – Park Se-yeong (Song Ha-gyeong)
    @Rhy93 – Ryu Hyoyoung (Lee Kang-joo) – hoping for a cameo with the twin sis? Or would that be too awkward with Dani around…?
    @JWKwack – Gwak Jeong-wook (Oh Jeong-ho) -> Woollim Family FTW~!!!
    @jihoonstarfox – Ji Hoon (Lee Ji-hoon)
    @luvluvlk – Lee Yi-gyeong
    @____JJONG – Kim Jong-hyeon (not SHINee’s @realjonghyun90)
    @Eunhye67 – Gil Eun-hye
    @cutty871027 – Nam Gyeong-min (one of the bitchy girls)
    @monktigerr – Kim Chang-hwan (Han Yeong-woo)
    @hrimmmma – Kim Hye-rim (apparently the account’s kinda gone…?)
    @likisky – Lee Kyu-hwan (@jrjyp look-alike)
    @99chacha – Choi Chang-yeop (Kim Min-gi)
    @gaeunion – Oh Ga-eun
    @ASSAZZOA – Kim Dong-seok
    @jihyun_Ahn – Ahn Ji-hyeon

    (just for a fun-fact, some fans are pairing up Lee Kyu-hwan & Kim Dong-seok on Twitter, and it’s kinda adorbs. XD Oh, and Lee Kyu-hwan made a group named K-5. XD Melt our hearts won’t yah? XD)

    FYI, Class 2-2 has 35 students, and here are the other (overlooked) students (excluding our bromance OTP & Dani):
    ? – Kang Seong-ha
    Jeon Su-jin – Gye Na-ri
    ? – Kim Min-gyeong
    ? – Kim Bom-yi
    ? – Kim Sol
    ? – Kim Ji-ah
    ? – Moon Ji-woo
    ? – Park So-hee
    Kim Yeong-chun – Byeon Ki-deok
    ? – Shin Hye-seon
    ? – Oh Seh-il
    ? – Lee Yoo-jin
    ? – Lee Jeong-gwi (the one who’s kinda like an old man already with his receding hairline)
    ? – Lee Ji-hyeon
    ? – Lee Hye-seong
    ? – Choi Min-ji
    ? – Choi Soo-mi

    I don’t wanna even start on how I wouldn’t waste my time on Dani.

    Seriously I luff this drama. 🙂 (though I’m currently on ep.9 in KBS World, booo)
    Wouldn’t be surprised if JeokHyeolYaHwa already made fanvids about Nam-soon & Heung-soo. XD *squee*

    • 32.1 E

      aww that’s really nice of you, thanks!

      • 32.1.1 Rovi

        No probs. Happy to feed my “School 2013” addiction and feels. XD

        I followed Gwak Jeong-wook out of everyone (since it’s kinda disappointing our bromance only has me2days *cue sad face*) firstly, then it just kinda steamrolled into finding out some of Class 2-2 has legit Twitter accounts; I forgot how the hell I found out about @99chacha (Kim Min-gi), maybe in one of @JWKwack’s tweets….

        It was in January 05 when glossing over at allkpop’s articles about “School 2013” that one comment provided 7 legit accounts of the cast (that included @hrimmmma since her account was still alive by that time…)

        Anyways, peeps were asking their accounts over at allkpop, so I just joined in on the hunt, and voila, found the others. Jjan~!

  33. 33 biankoy

    oh no show!! not my babies! *cries*

  34. 34 Carole McDonnell

    Nam soon, forever in my heart!

    Question: Have been marathoning The Devil with Joo Ji Hoon and I could swear the actor who plays the young protag is played by the same actor who plays Jung ho. Was so interesting seeing him be all sweet and lovable. (If it is him.)

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 34.1 Rovi

      Yes, the younger version of Joo Ji-hoon WAS a younger Gwak Jeong-wook (around 16-17 if my reckoning is correct, since he’s a 90-liner…)

      If you’re curious for his other dramas, here they are:
      -Heo Jun (by Lee Byeong-heon PD) – young Sang-hwa
      -Empress Myeongseong – Sunjong (as Crown Prince), and the funny thing is his younger version is a MUCH younger Lee Min-ho (93-line)
      -The Rustic Period / The Age Of Gangsters / The Wild Days – young Kim Du-han, Song Il-gook’s real-life grandpa
      -Jang Hee-bin (2003) – Gyeongjong (as Crown Prince) AKA Yi Gak in the making, LOLsz
      -Age of Heroes – young Park Chun-sam
      -The Devil – young Seung-ha (Tae-seong)
      -Queen Seondeok – teenage Bojong
      -High Kick Through The Roof – special guest, tho I dunno if he interacted with Daniel Choi in this one
      -Merchant Kim Man-deok – ?
      -Shut Up Flower Boy Band – Jeong Ma-ro of the “Strawberry Fields”. You know it’s Woollim Family in the house since it has MyungMyungsoo in it. Inspirits in the house yoh~~~!

  35. 35 bebekputih

    Omg lots of people are getting bord with this drama but i still find it exciting. one that keeps me curious from start to end. its hits close to home (i went to gangnam-ish highschool and class 2-2 feels so familiar). til we graduate we had these conflicts haunting us hope seungri hs has better fate. fighting school 2013!

  36. 36 aoiaheen

    Oh the ending! Didn’t expect that. I always wondered why HS lost a year. I assumed it was because of the rehabilitation required for his injury but I guess it wasn’t just that.

    I loved how the kids teased the teachers when they were forced to hold hands. cute.

    So much cute in this episode.

  37. 37 12midnightblue

    aww….it’s gonna end =( but yet, i can’t wait to know what will happen next.. btw, thanks for the recap =D waiting for tomorrow’s episode..



    if anyone is still confused, Heungsoo was taken away NOT because he broke the provation, BUT BECAUSE HE WAS ON PROVATION. If any person on provation to be under any suspicious

  39. 39 TS

    How are they going to remove everything by episode 16?


    circumstances, it is the norm to take him or her away to investigate/question. And Heugsoo was aware of this fact. He realised bitter fact that even with that small suspicion he couldsummoned not lile everyone else. Throughout the epi the reason he tense comes upon this realization

  41. 41 TS

    I can’t believe this show is only 16 episodes. Others go on and for 20+ epis, but the one show I wouldn’t mind continuing, or at least having seasons with the same characters in them so we can see them graduate, ends at 16.

    What will I do without Heung-soo? Sob.

  42. 42 Lilian

    I love how we are going from the trio into a brotherhood of five! Although it will take lots of time and effort to make Jungho not give up on his life! It is true though that it is hard for the world to forget your past. It is easier said than done to forgive and to forget!

  43. 43 Fiona

    I think the thing about Heungsoo being on probation goes something like,

    He caused too much trouble at too many schools, so when he transferred to Seungri High, the administration made him agree to some conditions involving school rules. So when he skipped class he violated a school rule and hence violated probation. And then he was taken by the police because he doesn’t have a clean past, and has a history of causing trouble at every school he went to so he’s more likely accountable for the crime than anyone else. Probably the probation thing was only within the school? Which explains why the police didn’t mention anything about it when they got into trouble with Jungho.

  44. 44 Julianne

    OMG yes my point exactly. HeungSoo’s a kid who doesn’t do much! From the beginning, people act like he’s a cooler Jung Ho just cuz he transferred a lot. But to be honest from day one, he doesn’t do much of anything, let alone anything bad. He doesn’t really study, but he does what he has to for the most part (like in In Jae’s remedials). He doesn’t start fights, or back talk teachers. He doesn’t bully other kids…literally he just minds his own business, but people go around acting like he’s some low-life gangster like JungHo’s gang was.

    He’s probably got a pretty messy track record with other schools, but he’s been a pretty ok student at SeungRi. Yet all the kids at SeungRi are so judgmental and jump to conclusions.

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