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Teaser and stills for That Winter
by | January 1, 2013 | 173 Comments

Here’s our first look at the new Noh Hee-kyung melodrama set to air next month on SBS, That Winter, The Wind Blows, starring Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-sung. It… sure is dramatic, I’ll give you that. It honestly must just be the way it’s edited together to give maximum melo impact, but is anyone else feeling like Jo In-sung is acting a lot?

I know he’ll be better; I’m hoping it’s just the teaser, because I don’t think I could take him being that dramatic about everything, even in a melodrama with mistaken identities, fauxcest, chaebol fortunes, and blindness. And that’s just the start.

Song Hye-gyo stars as a blind heiress who lost her parents in a tragic accident along with her sight, and Jo In-sung is a gambler and a playboy whose first love died tragically as well. He’s a fortune hunter who cons the heroine into believing he’s her long-lost brother to get his hands on her money, only to then fall in love with her. Or her with him? I’m not sure who’s going to fall first, but in any case then there’s that whole you’re-my-brother thing, which if cleared up becomes a you’re-a-lying-sack-of-thief thing… so yeah…

Frankly I was most excited by the teeny tiny glimpses we got of Kim Bum and Jung Eun-ji. They’re both playing characters tied to Jo In-sung — Kim Bum is the bestie and Jung Eun-ji is the sister of his first love. In the teaser Jo In-sung narrates that he wanted to live, but met a woman who wanted to die. It seems literal, because the teaser basically consists of multiple suicide attempts from her. Dark. Guess you can’t say you weren’t warned.

That Winter, The Wind Blows follows The Great Seer and premieres February 13 on SBS.

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173 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Farpavilions

    The trailers for this, Yawang, and I Miss You make kdrama look like a vale of tears!!

    • 1.1 Pat

      believe me, i miss you IS a waterfall of tears.

      • 1.1.1 Farpavilions

        I do believe you, having inexplicably sat through 15 episodes just to see if the actors’ tearducts were as strong as the Roman aqueducts of yore :)

        And hey, I was first! Cheap thrill much!

  2. Mystisith

    Maybe the actor overacts a little bit but it doesn’t bother me since it will compensate for the female character: I doubt she will be very expressive given her condition…
    Story line is ultraclassic and even without having seen the previous versions, it’s not that hard to have a good idea of the story and its outcome. Will we care for them? Wait & see.
    The cinematography is so beautiful. Lot of light. Landscapes. HD cameras, actors with flawless skin (SHG is elven). I fell in love with my screen. I will give this a chance, just for the aesthetic.

    • 2.1 jane

      Jo In-sung does overact but the problem here is that it SHOWS and it doesn’t look natural. He’s usually a more quiet actor and i think that he does better job when it’s more quiet and deep, i loved his acting in What happened in Bali, which was also a melodrama so i dont get why he is so…awkward in this drama but then again if it’s the team behind Padam Padam, it’s nothing surprising, they often go for the highly emotional, extremely dramatic effect which doesn’t fit everyone. The funny faces must stop but the drama looks interesting and i hope it does well.

    • 2.2 canxi

      I think it’s just that they showed dramatic moments in the trailer plus the fact that we maybe haven’t watched anything with Jo In Sung in a while. I remember thinking he was kind of awkward at first watching What Happened in Bali. I feel like these are standard Jo In Sung faces, though. The drama looks wonderful though (cinematography) and the colors are beautiful. I’m down because Noh Hee Kyung penned it. Her pain was the type of pain I could handle, haha. I also feel like she handles these character types well (pretty much similar types as in Padam Padam).

      • 2.2.1 Kgrl

        Ditto. Not judging until I’ve actually seen the 1st ep. Seen the movie and know the plot line, but hoping this production can bring something fresh to the table.

  3. apple

    Ughhh why does he have to pretend to be her Brother?!!
    Why not a friend of her parents whatsoever?!

    • 3.1 apple

      and it’s somehow reminds me of the Movie with Moon Geun Young and Kim Joo Hyuk …

      • 3.1.1 Monona

        It’s actually a drama remake of the this very film. I think it was called Love Me Not

      • 3.1.2 hanni12

        it’s actually based on that movie and I think that the Korean movie is based on a Japanese drama.

        • Steph

          Yep. I’ve been waiting forever for that drama to be fully subbed because I love Hirosue Ryoko. The Jdrama is called Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu. I also loved the movie with Moon. I’m looking forward to this drama even if it does look a little dark, depressing, and awkward.

      • 3.1.3 cai

        Love Me Not!, it’s almost the same plot, blind heiress, somebody else pretending to be her brother, fell in love…………… so loved that movie

    • 3.2 Moko

      I instantly thought the same when I read the storyline. But does anyone remember the ending…it means we will go through a lot heartwrenching stuff only to see them both spoiler! ….die and reunite in eternity? At least that was what it looked like. Well at least the movie was pretty enough to die for, so they just pull the same with the drama. (It was reeeaaaally pretty!)

      • 3.2.1 Moko

        I forgot to mention…we get BUMMIE back!!!

  4. gia

    Song Hye-gyo, bellisima

  5. Gon

    why always melo, shg~

  6. MsB

    Have to say, the premise of this story does remind me of Love Me Not too!!

    • 6.1 hapacalgirl

      I feel like its a drama remake of the movie because it is the exact same plot with the exact same characters.

    • 6.2 canxi

      Yes, it’s a remake of the movie.

      • 6.2.1 MsB

        I’m the rare person who liked the movie. Now I’ll have to find the Japanese version.

  7. Susan

    Eh, not my cup of tea. The story reminds me of a Moon Geun Young movie I watched a while back.

    • 7.1 Susan

      Just looked it up and realized they’re based off the same Japanese drama, heh

    • 7.2 Myuu

      The moon geun young movie is the same with the drama. They are actually from the same story line in which was based off on the original Japanese story.

  8. Z

    Yeah that is A LOT of acting in just 46 seconds.

    Also, I have thought that Song Hye-gyo was the prettiest thing on the planet ever since I sauce Full House. But this dude she’s starring with might have her beat. Good thing her character is blind or she might not stand a chance even if he was her real brother.

    • 8.1 kilmenyanne

      Really really LOVE this comment

    • 8.2 sogazelle

      You don’t say….he’s my crush!

      I don’t care if he overacts….nothing will take my eyes away from watching this drama…February 13 is too far away.

    • 8.3 maria

      LOL A+ comment– not too mention kim bum is there as well– THE TWO ULTIMATE FLOWER BOYS IN ONE SHOW….. if i were SHG, i’d be threatened just by that! 😀 <3

      • 8.3.1 Rachel

        The real SHG won’t ever be threatened by that. In fact I bet she’d end up going out with JIS. She has a knack for it, snatching the lead guy from the projects she starred with (Rain from Full House, Hyun Bin from the world within, and LBH from All In to name a few). I just hope she will stop using her beauty as a weapon to steal pretty guys.

        • Opal

          Why you think that she is using her beauty?. That is prejudice, and with Rain is only rumored. I will say that with LBH, he was the one that used her, she was just too young and with HB, well I won’t comment but he did mention that he fell for her not because of her beauty but because she can make him relax. It is very comfortable around her. Rumor said he was the one who betrayed her, having affair with his co-star. I neither believe nor disbelieve it as we are just outsiders and not knowing the truth.

          It is not her fault that she is beautiful and men get attracted to her beauty but saying that she is using her beauty can be considered as slander. Please refrain of judging people because of their look.

          • AnotherFan

            Totally agreed with your view. I also think the previous comment was slanderous – it’s so sad to see people (especially women) to trash others (women) out of pure prejudice and jealousy.

        • hui ting

          “I just hope she will stop using her beauty as a weapon to steal pretty guys.”

          Wow. So when a person is this beautiful, that means she’s using her beauty to steal guys? One of the most ridiculous things I have heard about SHG. You seem to know a lot about her!

      • 8.3.2 Farpavilions

        Frozen Flower had Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki (alas, not enough of the latter)… I guess he must be very secure in his looks to star alongside those younger blossoms!

    • 8.4 Steph

      Lol, this comment is the truth. He is so incredibly handsome and pretty. Yes, he’s BOTH.

  9. Marie

    So Glad to see SHK back on screen I love her ever since Full House JIS isn’t bad on the eyes as well. Ready and waiting Here is to a Great New Year!!

  10. 10 Kiara

    K-drama hates me. Too many melos :(.

  11. 11 Mar

    I’ll be looking at the pictures if DB provides recaps, for all the pretty. Just like with I Miss You, I adore the cast, but can’t take the melo.

  12. 12 ssosh

    AHH JO INSUNG ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. 13 jomo

    ……………..KIM BUM!…..KIM BUM!
    ………………………..KIM BUM!

    Guess why I am going to watch This That Blows?

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      Why do I feel like he’s going to be the Little Voice of someone again?

    • 13.2 Mari

      I’m joining in your chant!!!

    • 13.3 Miss D

      I was about to comment just that!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who ignored most of the preview but started jumping up and down, then rewinding, playing, rewinding the little glimpse we get of Kim Bum.

      KIM BUM!

      Hehehe and I like that new name.

    • 13.4 belle

      Watching this just for Kim Bum too. He’s looking so hot these days. I’m glad he shed his Padam Padam image.

  14. 14 Merrily

    I hope the ending of this drama will no be like the ending of the movie. My heart wouldn’t be able to endure that pain twice!

  15. 15 denise

    it’s Jo In Sung. nuff said :)

  16. 16 ck1Oz

    Em the close ups of the 3 actors all end up looking like CFs of some skin product or something. All fair,fine pores and darn gorgeous skin and looks.

    • 16.1 aisuzieya

      lol. i love your comment. they really look like cfs shots. SHG is looking especially gorgeous. effortlessly.

      • 16.1.1 amy

        agreed!! i keep telling myself how beautiful their skins are :L every moments in this drama is like CF, which is good…their chemistry is daebak!

  17. 17 lu

    The drama is a remake from Love Me not that is a remake of a japanese movie/drama ?

    But I must say I still prefer the actors MGY and the guy from Love me not but maybe I’ll like the pair here better because the guy on the movie with MGY was just SO old to her or she was just too young for him that made things a bit odd to ship but MGY and he did an amazing job there.

    I can’t help and compare…
    the train scene is better in the movie… their first meeting is also better in the movie (the teaser showed these scenes so that is why I’m taling about it….)

    Does they really have enough story for an 16 drama?

    But aside it, they are all looking good.

    Here have an love me not mv from the movie:


  18. 18 Ai

    I am so ready for fist in mouth crying from Jo In Sung.

  19. 19 crazedlu

    whoa. if jo insung continues like this, he’ll take song seunghyun’s “most acting” award, come next year’s year-end awards.

    oh, bummie.. what are you doing in this? pleeease have a good story.

  20. 20 Liliumlied

    OMG there is a movie with the EXACT story, starring Moon Geun Young. Has anyone heard of “Love me not ” ?

    • 20.1 lu

      it is a remake.


      I watched it few years ago and loved it.

      I think Moon and the main actor killed it.

      That main actor did well the sexy jerk role…


    • 20.2 Fab

      This a remake of that movie!

  21. 21 Saa

    If she’s blind, how did she do her own makeup? o___O

    • 21.1 lu

      in the story she is very rich so… yeah she must have people to help her.

    • 21.2 canxi

      Um guyssss, you can be blind and do your own makeup. You just have to learn. She still has arms =__=

      • 21.2.1 Fab

        And she just turned blind recently, she knows where and how everything looks like…

        Yeah I am just being annoying. :p

        • lizzie

          Hum, for what I know in the movie some time already has passed after her turning blind and her parents dying…

          • Fab

            Excuse me I am not really familiar with the story. I was thinking that he saved her from the many attempts to commit suicide, hence losing her parents not very long ago…

        • canxi

          Nah, it’s OK. You should check out the movie, though I’m not certain if there is a part where she puts on her makeup. However, in the Korean movie, Always, there is a small part where Han Hyo Joo’s character (who is blind) puts on lipstick.

          • Fab

            Well ever since I saw MGY somewhere, I decided to watch everything she’s been in, but somehow never got the chance to watch Love Me Not(no reverence to the flower?), and now I want to try this drama first.

          • canxi

            I think there is a reference to that flower actually, ….maybe I should watch it again,lol.

  22. 22 BattleAngel

    The actors/actresses are all SO pretty I barely noticed the overacting. I enjoyed the original movie and that was super tragic, heart wrenching, and sad already. I can’t imagine that spanning a multi episode drama. I am sure this one will be ultra melo. Hopefully the characters will be better written than in “I Miss You” since they have a jumping point already from the movie. But I also can’t help comparing the movie to this teaser.. The drama almost seems TOO pretty. I liked the dark somber feel of the movie more as it was more appropriate for the tragic story being told. Dunno I will check it out when it comes out and try not to think about the movie and focus on the new story to be told.

    • 22.1 lizzie

      I agree, I’m not sure but the movie had this dark and cold feel that suited the story and made it all more tragic.

      And Moon eyes had no light on it most of the scenes making her being blind a bit more believeable? Not sure but SGH eyes are a bit too lively for me..lol if this makes any sense?

      • 22.1.1 BattleAngel

        Yeah.. I think SGH looks too normal and not lonely enough in her portrayal as well as her eyes do not look blind. With MGY’s acting I could sense her sadness and loneliness in the movie train scene but with SGH it just looks less convincing for some reason. Perhaps its how everything is much brighter and prettier than the movie that it doesn’t seem seedy or gritty enough for the story.

    • 22.2 jomo

      I think Train was overacting a tad.
      He saw the dailies for Windshield, and was like, “So what if he’s ‘transparent?!’ I can do fast and rumbling way better!”

  23. 23 canxi

    I enjoyed watching Love Me Not a whole bunch (I watched it one night on a whim and was surprised it was so good). So, I’m looking forward to this. It looks great and if it’s the Padam Padam team, I’m definitely there. Jo In Sung looks wonderful! Ah, his smile. I missed it and didn’t even know. Will also probably like Song Hye Kyo in this. I don’t usually like her but when she plays someone strong and jaded, I do lol.

  24. 24 lizzie

    Watching the teaser…

    I wonder how much they filmed?

    I mean have a major spoiler in the teaser, and that scene just happens in the end of the kmovie they are based on.

    I wonder if it will have the same end? Because it seems so.

    I still trying to figure who Eunji and KimBum will play?

    This will be interesting!

    • 24.1 canxi

      Maybe they started with the end,lol.

    • 24.2 Fab

      If they’re doing live-shooting(high chance), then I don’t think they’ve shot a lot of episodes yet, certainly not the final episode. Also expecting the drama to be slightly different from the movie.

  25. 25 Fab

    It’s all sooo pretty! What can go wrong?!

  26. 26 hellochloe

    Woah, Love Me Not? That movie made an impression to me, but that was only because of the various imagery (that one only notices after a re-watch) and the color palette of the film (bleak, like the mood). Story-wise… *scrunch face*

  27. 27 malta

    Song Hye gyo is ridiculously pretty.

  28. 28 linda

    It is Song hye gyo. I am in for her.

  29. 29 eastwick

    Song Hye-gyo is as beautiful as ever and I don`t know if it`s the make up or the clothes but she seems somehow … matronly. Or maybe it`s because the movie with Moon Geun Young is still fresh in my memory.

    • 29.1 anonymous

      She’s still pretty but somehow has aged. How old is she?

      • 29.1.1 belle

        She’s 31.

    • 29.2 Sam

      Her makeup! That’s the culprit…she looked like what my mother would wear on her face on special occasions.

  30. 30 Jones

    JO IN SUNG! He’s one of the best melodrama actors out there. Case in point: Bali. That scene where he’s slamming on her door afraid that she’s sleeping with So Ji Sub’s character, realizes she’s not home, and puts his head on the door in pain but still continues to lightly tap it with his fingertips – perfection.

    I CAN’T WAIT for this drama!

  31. 31 malta

    I just love that Kim Bum is picking serious acting projects. It’s so nice to see him growing as an actor from his High Kick and Boys Over Flowers Days.

    I just wish this drama wasn’t so melo. A bit too much tragedy for me.

    • 31.1 canxi

      I like it too. I’ve changed my opinion on him after Padam Padam, honestly, and now I think he’s really good and am wondering where he was hiding it all that time. Also like that he’s going for characters and not just leads. Often times the side characters are way better anyway >_>

    • 31.2 belle

      Ditto. I’ve always liked him since BOF, well mostly because I ship him hard with Kim So Eun (even until now that it’s been 4 years), but I must admit that his acting there wasn’t to die for. However, I was pleasantly surprised with his massive improvement in Padam Padam. His performance there was remarkably impressive. I’m confident that he’ll blow us away once again. :)

  32. 32 Wolle

    I’m looking forward to this drama.

    • 32.1 hana

      me too but only because I’m more interested in the cast .. not much the story though.

  33. 33 lily

    I’ve only seen jo in sung in Spring Day and he kind of over-acted in that drama.. so I’m not sure if this is a common thing for him

    • 33.1 Annie

      Urgh, I loathed that drama. I agree he was quite bad in it and it didn’t help that he and Go Hyun Jung both tried to outdo each other in terms of overacting. Which is a pity, since I enjoyed the original Jdrama quite a bit. I wonder when Korea’s love affair with Go Hyun Jung will end…

  34. 34 jude

    Err.. I’ve seen the movie with MGY and that other guy (I’m sorryyy you’re hot, mature and everything but I just can’t remember ur name) and although the plot leaves a lot to be desired, it was pretty.. good. MGY acting is believable, her vulnerability and loneliness is apparent and that kills me a bit. But Song Hye Kyo? She’s.. um.. pretty. I hope when the drama comes, she will show more

    • 34.1 canxi

      “But Song Hye Kyo? She’s.. um.. pretty.”

      Yeaaaaaah. That’s my problem with her too. I only liked her in World’s Within which is ironically a drama of hers that many did not like,lol.

    • 34.2 Arawn

      She is beautiful. Problems is that she’s TOO beautiful. She seems like a doll instead of a humanbeing and that’s not very interesting. I haven’t seen her properly in any drama so maybe (?) she can “cover” this by acting? Beauty can be an advantage or an hindrance for an actor depending on will it hold them back or will they be able to use it and yet at the same time be ready to “ruin” it in the name of the acting. Like, be ready to look ugly at times, for instance when crying. Even beautiful people look somewhat ugly with puffed red eyes and runny nose but many pretty actresses won’t go there, they just want to look pretty and that’s it.

      It’s just that from the teaser I feel like SHG is the type who’s pretty but hollow and not willing to throw herself in… She DOES look like in a skin commercial. She’s doo perfect. I feel no connection or interest in her character what so ever.

      • 34.2.1 AnotherFan

        Well, I am surprised that you’d able to “judge” or make all these statements about SHK’s acting while you haven’t “seen her properly in any drama” yet (whatever that means)?

        I sense quite a bit of coldness towards her in some of the comments here. Is it because she is “too pretty”? If so, what a pathetic reason!

    • 34.3 Gom

      The movie’s plot does have a lot of holes. And I’ve always wondered if it was made instead into a drama. A drama would’ve given the plot more time to be fleshed out, if that makes sense.

      But MGY’s performance was so memorable. She definitely gave everything there. I loved that she was not the typical blind girl who’s kind and warm. She has all these walls put up around her and was pretending she was cold but in reality she was such a lonely, sad girl. And MGY totally nailed that side of the character. I wish SHG does the same.

      • 34.3.1 canxi

        ^^^^ Yeah! Yes. I hope they fill the holes too. It was a pretty long movie, but I remember thinking it could have been longer for that reason. It’d give us more time to see how the hero’s feelings for the heroine changes, in the movie I felt like we didn’t really get to see a lot of that even though we knew it was there because of the movie’s description. It kinda just popped up.

  35. 35 Toya

    Freaking crazy how a haircut changes an actor’s face. Didn’t recognize him for a second there.

  36. 36 deasy

    as long as jo in sung is there I will watch no matter what. I’ve been wait for 7 years allready. it must be a great drama that can make two great actor chose to join it… I need to give warning to SHG “STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN!!!!!!” I know that she always have great chemistry with her co star but enough with on screen only. I dont wanna see you break my man heart just like what you do to LBH and HB…

  37. 37 Sunshine

    shg looks bloat? or she either gain weight…i wanna see this because of kim bum but i hate melo drama!!

    • 37.1 mellisa

      I think SHG is wrapped up in plastic underneath her clothes in that picture where she is walking in the water. It is still winter in SK so the water must be freezing cold, she has to have some sort of protection from the freezing temperature.

  38. 38 jun.b

    About the whole overacting thing- I saw the first two episodes of the Jdrama version and noticed that Watabe Atsuro (who played the character Jo In-Sung is playing) tended to use a lot of acting and ham it up a bit when he was with his ‘sister’ and the people who take care of her. His character is this cold-hearted, money-grubbing scumbag , but when pretending to be the blind girl’s brother, he has to turn into someone who is everything he is not — kind, nurturing, genuine. At first, he just barely manages to do so, but I assume that as the series progresses we would see his act become less of an act as his feelings for his ‘sister’ become more genuine. Or something. It’s actually pretty nuanced and it’s not just poor overacting (or so I have fooled myself into believing).

    I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that I hope/believe that the overacting by Jo In-Sung in the trailer is the purposeful kind (if there is such a thing) and not the Sung Seung-Heon kind. I want to believe ;_;

  39. 39 eva

    SHG seem to look older than JIS
    maybe it’s her heavy makeup??

    • 39.1 rose

      i thought i was the only one who noticed it… she looked old,older… plus the facial expressions? reminds me of autumn in my heart:(.. nothing new…

      • 39.1.1 anonymous

        i have the same impression. She looks old but still pretty.How old is she?

  40. 40 Gaeina Lee

    If I have to journeying the weepfest and the dark tunnel with or for JIS, I’d do it gladly…

  41. 41 hanna

    I cried so many times last 2012 watching those selected k-mdrama. And i realized that it wasn’t good for health but laughter is the best medicine. So 2013 no more crying drama but laugh, smile & giggle like an idiot, for me to watch.LOL.

  42. 42 Sajen

    so I’ve decided to watch the show without actually paying attention to what’s going on I’m just going to watch the pretty people and chant Eun Ji over and over again in my head.

  43. 43 saranga

    i’m excited to watch this! not looking forward to the inevitable angst, but i’ll always have a soft spot for song hye kyo. worlds within is also one of my most favorite dramas—i’ve sort of become a fan of the writer’s works, though she could do away with the tears in this one. her acting also seems promising.

  44. 44 anna

    Wow, G-dragon looks like a younger version of him. I see it sometimes.

    • 44.1 hana

      and you just had to say that …… now I cannot’ UNsee that .

  45. 45 Imja

    this is a remake of a japanese drama .. whats the name again..Ai Nante Irane Yo … looking forward this drama… 2013 looks like its going to be a great year for kdrama land

  46. 46 nymf

    song hye gyo is so gorgeous like she never ages at all timeless goddess indeed. her acting is promising i like her crying scene & her voice i can feel her pain.

  47. 47 Christy

    First of all, love the soundtrack! Love Jo In-sung, love Kim Bum and Jung Eun-ji. And while I think Song Hye-kyo is a pretty face to look at, I am hoping she can bring at least half as much to the table as Moon Geun-young did in the movie version.

    Second, I do see some over-the-top-melo, but I’m hoping the series turns out to be more organic in bringing out the tragedy and emotions of the characters rather than shoving it to the audience by the fistful like Missing You. Otherwise, I really cannot wait for this to air and get me out of the kdrama slump I’ve been in lately!

  48. 48 mexxdbest

    I hope this isn’t LOVE ME NOT the dragged version

  49. 49 Bu Young

    I’ve heard good things about Jo In Sung, he’s handsome as well, but I’ve never seen him in anything so I might check it out. He kinda looks like jung woo sung

    • 49.1 canxi

      In acting, I think they are kind of the same vein. I used to get them confused,lol. I like Jo In Sung! I would recommend The Classic, and Madeleine, and for a drama What Happened in Bali. He’s a melo actor definitely, though. But Madeleine is pretty light.

  50. 50 rainbow

    SO MUCH melodrama !!!!

  51. 51 misha

    my ultimate girl crush is back the most beautiful woman ever Song hye gyo gosh she’s so gorgeous here like she never ages at all! i love her acting look’s very promising i can her pain in her voice. can’t wait to watch!

  52. 52 misha

    my ultimate girl crush is back the most beautiful woman ever Song hye gyo gosh she’s so gorgeous here like she never ages at all! i love her acting look’s very promising i can feel her pain through her voice. can’t wait to watch!

  53. 53 nakai

    I have new found love for Writer Noh after Padam Padam. So I’ll watch this even though I’m not really a fan of the main actors.

  54. 54 S L

    Song Hye Kyo looks like Taylor Swift with that fringe… And Kim Bum reminds me of Legolas haha.

  55. 55 birdscout

    The title of this drama is bugging me. Shouldn’t it be That Winter, The Wind “Blew”? Or, am I missing something in the meaning?

    • 55.1 jomo

      You seem to have forgotten that making sense in translation is NOT a requirement for a title, for example, 9 End 2 Outs.
      Shouldn’t it be anything else but that?

      • 55.1.1 birdscout

        Lol. So true. Thing is, ” 9E2O ” actually grew on me (maybe because I loved watching it so much). Will have to see about TW,TWB.

    • 55.2 Gom

      I shouldn’t have read your comment. The grammar freak in me will haunt me in my dreams tonight. I may have to pull an all-nighter for this. Lol. Maybe the Korean title makes more sense?

  56. 56 missjb

    how I wish k-drama produce melodrama more like Nice Guy who always not always about tears tears and tears without a reason, and turn down over the top acting.

  57. 57 crixa

    I guess you can say that Jo In Sung looks overacting here in some way, but hey, give the guy a break, he wasn’t able to act for more than 2 years, maybe he wasn’t able to balance his acting or he got carried away or something. It doesn’t also mean that catching a few glimpses of the drama, we could be able to conclude about their acting or the drama as a whole. Whether the drama will be good or not, I’d still watch because I adore Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung that much. Yup, I’m biased like that.

  58. 58 sweetspring

    i’m watching this for one thing and one thing only- Jo In Sung- that walking, talking, breathing piece of beautiful art.

  59. 59 a.n.jell

    loving it already…love the cast….welcome back song hye gyo, jo insung, kim bum, and my newest favorite jung eunji…i hope this will turn out to be a good drama…

  60. 60 Amy

    its gonna be ‘crazy nite’ for wednesday and thursday for MBC,KBS and SBS..
    MBC – 7th grade civil servant (Joo Won,Choi Kang Hee, Chansung)
    KBS – Iris 2 (Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Lee Beom Su, Doo Jun
    SBS – That Winter, The Wind Blows (Jo In Sung, Song Hye Gyo. Kim Bum)

    All of them are great actors..

    • 60.1 belle

      Seems like we’ve got tough competition there. I still have my eyes on this one though. :) I hope it garners the highest ratings.

    • 60.2 hui ting

      OMMMMMMMMG. I DIDN’T EVEN REALISE THIS! and I am gonna watch all of them! I love Joo Won, I love Jang Hyuk & Lee Bum-soo, I love Song Hye Gyo. Ah.. Good thing I’m not living in Korea, because I really won’t know which to watch, LOL.

      Wed-Thurs will be one tough slot…

    • 60.3 jdji

      if they will equel it may end up around 13-15% for all three drama, but if one of them dominate and can break 20% more other may around 11-12% and the other one will suffer low rating with highest only 7-8%

  61. 61 Anne

    Well they’re pretty. That’s for sure.

  62. 62 Enz

    All I can think, watching the trailer, was how pretty this song hye go is. I haven’t watched anything from either of them so I might tune in but really hate the crazy storyline right now. But too much pretty and as mystisith says, the cinematography looks good.

    Des anyone know if Jo in sung and gong yoo are still good friends? Just curious

    • 62.1 nakai

      Awww…Miss the gold ol’ days when they hang out together. And with Kang Dong Won too. My eyes miss the sight of them together.

  63. 63 Rani Heriyani (@aiya_anie)

    the story reminds me of one of Moon Geum Young’s movie…. ????

  64. 64 Ruth

    Hmm. I feel like I might be the only one that’s not interested in watching such an obvious remake of Love Me Not. I mean, I know there’s a lot of crossover from jdrama and movies and all the rest. At the same time, the Korean movie version with Moon Geun Young is so well known and fairly recent (2006), I guess I don’t see the point. Are there no other story ideas? Are they anticipating that this treatment will do a better job for the story? I dunno, but they haven’t hooked me yet. At this point, it seems like a melodrama for the sake of melodrama rather than an intriguing and innovative story.

    Reading through the comments, however, I was reminded how soon we are to seeing Jang Hyuk back on the small screen. Yay! Even with that awful haircut, I’m excited. Hope the new Iris (2) is as good as the beginning of Iris and not as draggy as the ending. (which also reminds me that GI Joe comes out in March with Lee Byung Hun being all hot…yay!)

    • 64.1 misha

      obviously you don’t really like the drama so why bother to read & comment in this blog & bring up other show? gosh. NONSENSE

  65. 65 christine

    i bet song hye gyo is gonna try to date him >.>

    • 65.1 Opal

      Or he is the one who wants to date her?

      • 65.1.1 en

        i agree with you. is her co-star wants to date her.

  66. 66 altair

    Yay! A melo!!!! In my book, dramas should only be melos!!!!! To each his own. I LOVE melodramas. Plus Jo In-sung is a total eye candy. The plot sounds great, the leads look hot and did I mention it’s a melo???!! I can’t wait. I predict ratings above 10 for this one. At least SBS will have one drama with good ratings in 2013 after the semi-disastrous, rating wise, 2012.

    • 66.1 rjyuggy

      Yay for melos!!! Rom com are too cutesy and never really funny. I watch stand up or slapstick comedy movies to get my laughs.

    • 66.2 jdji

      im not sure if look to the competitor, IRIS 2 and Level7 CS

  67. 67 jing

    There was a movie starring Moon Geun Young with this story..blind heiress being conned by her supposed brother…

  68. 68 rjyuggy

    Trailers are out of the context (most of the time). So I’m sure that we have to watch the scene in context to judge whether he is overacting or not.

  69. 69 Kwazz

    thanks gf,

    When the character is a partially blind person then it is

    already a handicap, so you can’t participate much in

    active physical movements but has to be assisted by

    someone, the acting will become rigid except for facial

    movements, example the drama MY –

    the 2nd lead actor with the cane.

  70. 70 topper

    Wow, OTT acting.

  71. 71 Gom

    The film version of this was so dark and quiet. I loved it. So I’m definitely keeping my eye on this one.

  72. 72 rose

    i really hope SHG can give justice to her character… bcoz, if this is really a remake from a movie(w/c MGY starred in,i have to see that after).. i dont like another history of Hwang Jin-I (wherein SHG did the movie version of Ha Ji Won’s hit t.v drama and then it didn’t turn out well.. just stating the fact,no offense to her fans)

  73. 73 song yong in

    sigh. Jo In Sung! why melo? i don’t think i’ll watch this.
    oh man, a lot of blindness going on in kdramaland of late, gosh.

  74. 74 niKai

    did SHK remove her lovely mole? didn’t see it in the stills.

  75. 75 Lai

    ahhhhhh at last! SHG is back! love her since full house! she is hilarious…I’m not into melo but i will watch this for her and JIS. 😉 oh and Kim Bum 😉 I thought it sounded like Love me not movie, reading the comments just confirmed it! ahhhhh cannot wait!!

  76. 76 Rach^^


    Drama producers: where are the comedies? WHERE ARE THE COMEDIES???

  77. 77 müge

    my first thought:
    ‘OK! Song Hye-gyo’s new man has been decided because she has a habit to pick her men from her co-stars.’
    about over-acting of JIS, I’m really suprised if you could see/decide it just waching a speedy teaser. I don’t agree yet.
    and about the drama, I’m looking forward to see it because I LOVED the original movie ‘Love Me Not’. I hope the drama will be good, too.

  78. 78 CA

    SMH. Some ladies in here sure have some issues from the way they talk about SHK. Talk bout her acting, sure. But making her seem like a woman whose only wish is to aim for guys? That’s crossing the line, and is just downright disrespectful. Please don’t do it here. Or anywhere for that matter. It reflects on your personality.

    The trailer looks really beautiful. Am watching out for this drama for sure!

    • 78.1 hui ting

      I agree. Not sure if most of them are just joking but some really are ridiculous. Using her beauty to seduce her co-stars? They make it sound like ‘SHG is beautiful on the outside that’s for sure, but I’m sure she doesn’t have any inner beauty.’ Can’t believe she’s getting a torrent of criticism for dating her co-stars, who, by the way, are humans too. Ludicrous.

  79. 79 coby

    I scrolled and scrolled..and then KIM BUM! I’m in! Why is she so pretty?

  80. 80 Keis

    Aww, the video is now private. Can you take it down then?

  81. 81 nymf

    the shk seducing her leading man comment only started after sega thingy. some of the sega fans well some coz if ur a sega fan & u reacted in my post then your guilty.. hated shk coz she dated hb & they want hjw for hb. spread degrading fabricated & cheap things about shk in different forums & in youtube pathetic. insecure fools! your nothing compare shk all of you are just brave coz your hidden in your computer ugly trolls!!!!

  82. 82 Cherry

    Is it based on the movie “Love Me Not” ?
    It’s the same story, except, if i remember correctly, the bestie is a gangster (Kim Bum here? Really?! )

    I don’t think i’ll watch this one because the movie’s ending was so tragic :(

  83. 83 zashi

    Can’t wait for Feb. to start watching this. The teaser looks good. Hope it does well in the ratings. Considering it will have stiff competition.
    SHG haters will always come out and spill their negative quips. Some are jealous, insecure or just plain mean. I hope she takes all negative comments and turn it to positive. I have hopes the writer of this drama is good! AJA FIGHTING!

  84. 84 HeadsNo2

    Early contender for Most Acting 2013!

  85. 85 asdjfkl

    the video is not working for me -______-

  86. 86 meanrice

    Its my hommie who looks like old song joong ki

  87. 87 goldeng

    kimbum!!!!oh that man i love him… i wanna watch this and allbut im a bit afraid this would b too much melo for me… i dont like sad sad tragic melos that make me cry to the point my head hurts… hope thy hae a way of telling the story without making it feel suffocating…

  88. 88 iwaa

    Wow! Can’t wait for this. I just hope that it is broader and better than the two (though i love Love me not).
    I want things to happen like:
    1. Hopefully the stabbing thingy will be done at some episode 5 or 6 not on the ending part (because if that happens we will all have a tragic ending :()
    2. SHG will be treated, and will have her vision back
    3. TIME JUMPS. (i really love dramas with time jumps like Nice Guy)
    4. Then when they meet each other again after a long time they were already new people, and not as hard as rock anymore.. Like SHG from a lonely rich to a bitch rich and JIS from a playboy and gambler to an innocent and kind one!

    In that way they can express more their feelings to each other, right?

    Please Writernim and Directornim we’ll look forward to this, so don’t disappoint your viewers!

  89. 89 lingga

    seems not good…its to usual drama from korea. let we see

  90. 90 MB

    The video is private. Can’t view it. :(
    Anyhow, base on the plot, am I feeling it’s quite similar to Moon Geung Young’s “Love Me Not”? Same thing – blind heiress, then goes the man who pretends to be his long lost brother. I just hope the ending is not as tragic as the movie’s.

  91. 91 MBMD

    Can’t view the video. its private :(
    Anyhow, isnt it quite similar to Moon Geun Young’s “Love Me Not”. Same thing – blind heiress, a guy who pretends to be his long lost brother.

  92. 92 sharealittle

    Actually, I want to watch the japanese version of this drama but never got subbed anyway (upto 4 episodes only). Aside from the story of the 2 main leads, the background stories of the supporting casts are interesting and quite mysterious (the movie version did not dwell on them that much). And many say the jdrama version has a more satisfying ending than the movie.

    Looking forward to this.

  93. 93 tieuyeunu

    isn’t there a korean movie with the same plot?

  94. 94 Fairy Tale Junkie

    Is it just me, or the plot in this drama is similar with Moon Geun-young’s Love Me Not movie (which also adapted from a Japanese drama played by Ryoko Hirosue)?
    The blind heiress and the pretend-to-be-lost brother as the main leads?

    (Please forgive me for my broken English)

  95. 95 Amethyst

    I love Song Hye Kyo and I will watch this drama because of her

  96. 96 ARO

    JO IN SUNG… you are the most beautiful thing that ever grace my screen. I love you already!!!

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