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Yoo Ah-in in consideration to play Jang Dong-gun’s son
by | January 12, 2013 | 42 Comments

Well, isn’t Yoo Ah-in a busy bee. Or perhaps he’s just casting his net wide. Rumors are still out and about the he’s in contention for the king role in Kim Tae-hee’s upcoming drama, Jang Ok-jung, and now reports are circling that he’s also considering a high-profile film project: Friend 2, which would be the sequel to the original critical and popular smash hit starring Jang Dong-gun.

Granted, this could be nothing more than a media grab for attention, because there are conflicting reports with some saying he has given his verbal agreement and others stating that he isn’t doing it at all. But in any case, the bigger question may be: They’re making a sequel to Friend? They already did a drama adaptation (Friend, Our Legend starring Hyun Bin), but I guess director Kwak Kyung-taek isn’t quite done with the franchise yet. He directed both film and drama, and is coming back for the second movie.

The original film was a tragedy (centering around four close friends who grow up together in the 1970s and take on vastly disparate adult paths), and the sequel would be a revenge drama-thriller. Friend 2 has already signed on Yoo Oh-sung (oh, Ki Chul), who was in the first film as one of the quartet; let’s just say that some characters died in the original, so they won’t be making reappearances.

If Yoo were to take the role, he would be playing the secret son of Jang Dong-gun’s character. Hm, I can see how that might work, although I’m not convinced we even need a follow-up story. Just as long as we’re not talking about a love story between the friends’ son and a daughter, or a hopelessly looping plotline that gets done to bits in both generations — ’cause who really wants to watch Friend Rain?

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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. inxomnia

    LOL I love that little snub at the end <3

    • 1.1 trotwood

      I laughed at that line, too.

    • 1.2 Tazzo

      haha yeah, me too

    • 1.3 luiz

      LOL. Me three

  2. cattleyae

    But JDG’s son is Colin! :p I still have AGD withdrawals.

    • 2.1 sachiko erin

      haha, JDG even instructed Jonghyun to call him once in every two weeks regardless what happen
      lol and he said ‘it would be good if i have a son like you’

  3. Kami

    i prefer the fanfic by cynthia muak… Chingu, I am not sorry I Love you… Han Dong Su (JDG) and Dr. Zhen Chae Rim in Four Sister…)

  4. cg

    any reviews about the drama “Friend, Our Legend” ??

  5. Annie

    He looks a lot like Jang Hyuk in this photo.

    • 5.1 cg

      that’s true..

    • 5.2 h311ybean

      They resemble each other to some extent for sure! I’ve always thought so 🙂

  6. kakashi

    I’m all for more Yoo Ah-in … but I’m not really for a sequel to Friend. The sequel-craze is not good for any cinema – hands-off, Korea!

    • 6.1 kakashi

      oh, and I am mainly for Yoo Ah-in with long, shaggy hair. Thought I’d add that.

      • 6.1.1 a_diva

        me too! me too! i personally think the long, shaggy hair in SKKS was a major mistake . . . in a good way(?) i mean, he was so tasty in SKKS and so attractive that he’s totally ruined himself for me. whenever i see him and he doesn’t have that hair, i’m disappointed. the only thing i can think about is how much better he’d look if he were a bit scruffier and had the mane of glory going on. perhaps they should give up on this friend sequel and do a sequel to SKKS instead. they could have him (and his hair and 5 o’clock shadow) lead an underground organization to root out injustice and recruit some equally gorgeous fighters with even better longer shaggier hair.

        i’d be excited about that!!!

      • 6.1.2 JoAnne

        still not over Geul Oh

        • JoAnne

          pic above – I want to bite his chin

  7. pumpkinattack

    I’ve been noticing all the frames without lenses on dramas these days. I know it makes it so you don’t see the glare or reflection, but it’s just so weird! Ha! Now I notice when someone is actually wearing real glasses.

    • 7.1 a_diva

      the frames without glass is a bit annoying to see b/c it’s just so wrong. there are anti-glare lenses and other ways to eliminate the glare so it feels a bit cheap and lazy when i see this. if you don’t want to take the time or spend the money to do it right, just leave the darn things off i say.

  8. Danna

    So Friend was a great movie and Friend, our legend a good drama despite not being a hit…but will this sequel work?…I mean its supposed to be a revenge thriller….not exactly in the same vein of the original two is it?…though the director is the same, so that’s some hope…plus getting Yoo Ah In onboard is always a good thing (Even if this ad the Jang Ok Jong news sounds like press releases to get him to sign…lol…King Of Dramas anyone?)…here’s an idea, since this is called Friend 2…and the original shows had plenty of angsty friendships… can we also get Song Joong Ki and fulfill some dreams?

    • 8.1 Francesca

      “since this is called Friend 2…and the original shows had plenty of angsty friendships… can we also get Song Joong Ki and fulfill some dreams?” << THIS!!!

  9. lily

    “Just as long as we’re not talking about a love story between the friends’ son and a daughter, or a hopelessly looping plotline that gets done to bits in both generations”

    lol mte. not all successful movies need sequels… especially if it was never planned in the first place.

  10. 10 Yoo Ah In sikseekers

    Thank You so much for this post Javabeans! We are so excited reading this news! We hope this rumor will come true! So excited to see Yoo Ah In’s new projects!

    Please excuse us that we have shared your post to our facebook fanpage and give full credit to you. Thank you so much!

  11. 11 Francesca

    Sorry..sequels are always meh! As much as I love Yoo Ah In, I wish he takes fresh projects. AFAIK he’s busy filming Kangchulie (movie) right now. I hope he will take drama after finishing that movie so I can see him soon on my small screen.

  12. 12 Waca

    Yeay! Yoo Ah In! I like that actor!

    I vote for the king role, ’cause he’s so handsome in sageuk costumes (SSK, at the end when he’s dressed up as a guard…*drools*)!

  13. 13 Anvesha

    Haha Friend Rain..

  14. 14 canxi

    I love Yoo Ah In to bits and tiny pieces. But, I want to see him in a funny role again. Was his last one in Antique Bakery? lol…I feel he is always the brooding/troubled type.

    Ah well, I hope he chooses well anyhow! 🙂

    • 14.1 Francesca

      He was funny too in He Who Can’t Marry 😀 That charming nerdy kid.

  15. 15 han toe

    Mr. Kwak… ran out of idea …. so yesterday…

  16. 16 h311ybean

    Methinks all this busy bee-ness has to do with YAI trying to get past the high-profile train wreck that was Fashion King. I hope the perfect redemption project/s come along soon! 🙂

  17. 17 bd

    Reading this board, I’ve come across girlfandom for YAI and I was like who? And really?

    Then I caught him in “The Man Who Can’t Marry” (starring Ji Jin-hee) and I was like, now, I get it (btw, TMWCM is a charming romcom and has a great cast).

    YAI can act and has this sort of geeky-charm about him.

  18. 18 mary

    Maybe he’ll be in love with a North Korean and they’ll call it Friend 2 Hearts?

  19. 19 kelinci biru

    Wow. This picture. Why I suddenly get “he’s all grown up” feeling. Yoo Ah In. *lostbreath*

  20. 20 im_eve

    Those lips

    – Me & song joongki

  21. 21 anonymous

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  22. 22 Kstylick

    I hope he’ll accept the role. It would really be nice seeing him act again.

  23. 23 Ruth

    I’m not real familiar with Yoo Ah In (yet), but when I saw this picture all I could think was…”awww, it’s a baby Jang Hyuk.”

  24. 24 saranga

    i used to like him, but after the debacle that was fashion king (hated, hated both him and SSK) my interest in him as an actor has definitely waned. not to mention i saw that reality show thing he was on with some heiress, which i briefly checked out after hearing about it. ah dear. this is why i so often say that actors should talk as little as possible…

    i don’t see him with kim tae-hee at all. i hope hope hope he won’t take that role, and i’m ambivalent about this one as well.

    i remember him from that drama with uhm jung hwa and ji jin hee- he was so geeky cute back then! sigh.

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