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Yoo Ah-in up for king role in new drama
by | January 4, 2013 | 115 Comments

If you wanna see Yoo Ah-in (Fashion King, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Man Who Can’t Marry, Antique Bakery) back on your television screens (or, let’s be real, computer monitors), start the rain-dancing and bargaining-with-gods now: He’s in talks to take the role of Kim Tae-hee’s leading man in the SBS drama Jang Ok-jung. This comes with the usual caveats—it’s not final, he’s still just considering, he hasn’t committed yet, blah blah blah.

If you don’t immediately recognize the name Jang Ok-jung, perhaps you’ll know the infamous concubine-turned-queen’s other moniker: Jang heebin, aka the scheming temptress oft-portrayed as a murderous villainess for usurping Queen In-hyun’s place, only to be usurped right back after King Sukjong regretted dethroning his first wife.

Only, this drama purports to take a twist on the usual telling of the tale. It’ll reinterpret the familiar story and characters by incorporating a “modern flair”—it’ll still be sageuk, but Kim Tae-hee’s version of Jang heebin has previously been described as a Joseon fashion designer. And since she’s the heroine, who knows how they’ll reimagine Queen In-hyun, always portrayed as kind-hearted and meek to a fault. Will she be the villain?

The role Yoo Ah-in has been offered is of King Sukjong and he is the main lead, so we’re definitely going to be taking some liberties with history as we know it. (SPOILER ALERT? It IS history, but in case you don’t wanna know…) After Queen In-hyun died, Sukjong suspected Jang heebin of having a hand in it, and she was executed by poisoning. So… maybe we can expect just a little bit of melo here.

On the upside: Welcome back, Sageuk Hair. Rawr. On the downside: We’ll just have to imagine the mane’s glory from our glimpses of neat royal topknot. Aw man. Can the king at least get a shower scene? Maybe a fight sequence where a sword slices open his robes and his hair tie, juuuust as a jug of water flies overhead, overturning to douse him?

It’s a drama. Drama is fiction. IT COULD HAPPEN.

Jang Ok-jung will follow Yawang, which puts its premiere in the vicinity of March.

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115 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. KDrama Fan

    “Welcome back, Sageuk Hair. Rawr. On the downside: We’ll just have to imagine the mane’s glory from our glimpses of neat royal topknot. Aw man. Can the king at least get a shower scene? Maybe a fight sequence where a sword slices open his robes and his hair tie, juuuust as a jug of water flies overhead, overturning to douse him?

    It’s a drama. Drama is fiction. IT COULD HAPPEN.”

    Made me chuckle. Thanks JB.

    • 1.1 Lilian

      haha..I loved that too! No more fashion king nightmares hopefully =D Redeem yourself in this drama Yoo Ah In, assuming you actually sign up for it in the end.

    • 1.2 trixicopper

      Not COULD happen… SHOULD happen. 🙂

  2. rainbow

    That’s a great news..
    Welcome back 🙂

  3. shiku

    HAHAHAHA! It could definitely happen! I’m starting my supplication to dramagods right now!

    I’m still iffy on this drama since KTH can’t act but I want to see YAI on my computer monitor soon since I last saw him in punch and had skipped Fashion King.

    I wonder does he get jealous that SJK is the toast of the k-drama and k-film town instead of him?

  4. rhia

    All hail the strikethrough! Heh heh heh.

    • 4.1 jomo

      Almost keyboard sprayed because of the strike through!

      Ah, come on, guys, he wasn’t THAT bad in that show some of the time when he wasn’t dressed like a pimp and not being a big dick and not being spitting mad and not hijacking a landborn pirate ship from Mexico to NYC and not not kissing people.

      • 4.1.1 momosan

        Was there a time in that show (which shall remain struck through and nameless) where he wasn’t dressed like a pimp or being a jerk? Sometimes you’d get one and not the other, but honestly, even at the even when he’s simply talking on the phone, he’s wearing a muppet pelt.

        • jomo

          Ummm….scanning memory…cannot think of one now that you mention it…of course there was a time he was half-naked and speechless so maybe that counts?

  5. belenzky

    love the last part of your post… hahaha…

    would love to see him again in a drama after that forgetable fashion king… lol!!!

  6. akikisetsu

    I hope this fashion-theme drama would work for him this time around. But really nervous with Kim Tae Hee doing sageuk. Let’s just wait for it.^^

  7. QT

    the first thing that I notice that you scratch Fashion King xD
    I didn’t realize or just can’t remember that he was in Antique Bakery buh let’s hope he take it & bring on the mane of glory!

  8. Ace

    Sageuk hair and Joseon shower scene –> count me in.

    Hope there’s lots of comedy as that’s Kim Tae-hee’s strong suit though she wasn’t bad in her crying scenes in My Princess. So she’s gonna be busy then what with this new drama and her weekend dates with Rain? 😉

  9. Francesca

    OMG! Please make this GOOD, Drama God! It’s Yoo Ah In and his mane of glory for fark sake!! *still in trauma with that Fa****n K**g*

  10. 10 Sun Yue

    So he’s going to be the king in a show loosely tied to fashion…

    • 10.1 al

      I see what you did there!

  11. 11 Sadhli

    YAI…….something to look forward abt this show for sure.
    Cant count on KTH but as YAI is here thats enough for me to add a show in my watch-list.

    And being in Saeguk is good thing….can we expect some of Moon Jae Shin’s antics here (those hiccups are still making ROFL), untidy hair (just as u described in last para), his deep eyes *hyperventilating*….

    Too excited for this show….not sure how i’ll wait for 3 (THREE) monthsssssss……..

    thanks for writing it up…

  12. 12 JoAnne

    “Welcome back, Sageuk Hair. Rawr. On the downside: We’ll just have to imagine the mane’s glory from our glimpses of neat royal topknot. Aw man. Can the king at least get a shower scene? Maybe a fight sequence where a sword slices open his robes and his hair tie, juuuust as a jug of water flies overhead, overturning to douse him?

    It’s a drama. Drama is fiction. IT COULD HAPPEN.”

    Since I JUST this weekend marathoned Sungkyunkwan Scandal and was completely destroyed by Geul Oh…oh thank God.

    • 12.1 kfangurl

      LOL! SKKS is great isn’t it? And how timely this news is, in your case! 🙂

  13. 13 kfangurl

    I hope this is good!! I loved him in SKKS but passed on Fashion King coz it was, well, FASHION KING! >.< Maybe he's just more awesome in sageuks?? 😉

    • 13.1 Ennayra

      I did the same thing. I do want to see him in that movie… Wandeuki, I think it was called. But other than that, I’ve only seen him in SKKS.

      • 13.1.1 kfangurl

        I have that on my mental to-watch list too!

  14. 14 oozzeee

    ,maybe it would be great it they can have SJK replace KTH as the other leg of the triangle? After all, he was very fashion forward and he had the “flair” in SKKS.. 😉

    • 14.1 JoAnne

      I would buy that DVD set, full-price, before ever even watching the drama. And a back up set for when I wore out the first set. And a back up set every year thereafter for the rest of my life.

      • 14.1.1 Ennayra

        I agree. That would be ideal. I think SJK would be totally fine with it, and Yoo Ah In would probably flip out. And I would love to see that. Can we get the deleted scenes and the NGs too? 🙂

        • JoAnne

          and the candid fanmade video of the night they go out drinking to try and get YAI a bit more comfortable with the idea?

          And then the security footage from the elevator they take when SJK has to lug poor drunk YAI back to his room?

          Because by the time they hit the elevator, the magic that is SJK will have done its work and YAI will be …

          I have to stop.

          Is there fanfiction for Geul Oh and Yeorim?

          *sits on hands to not search the innernetz for naughty fan fiction at work*

          • momosan

            “Is there fan fic for Geul Oh and Yeorim?”

            Is snow white? I will not lead you down the path of destruction, because there are things that cannot be unseen but I will mention that google is your friend. If you perhaps add the word “slash” or / to their names, you will go to the very places on the interwebz that your momma warned you about.

            You have been warned.

          • Mawiie

            Ummm youtube will also be your friend. Seriously, those MVs are worth a drama on their own LOL there are some really talented and dedicated netizens out there xD

          • JoAnne

            Well. I know what I’m doing THIS weekend.

  15. 15 Claire

    I just hope his acting has improved…..

  16. 16 pearl

    YES!! I am waiting for Yoo Ah In’s new K-drama. Let’s write off the fashion king from his drama history. I loooovve your post, Javabeans, I can imagine every words in your last past of your post. JJANG!!! hope I will happen.. the Joseon King Shower scene.

  17. 17 kakashi

    I’m saying YES. please.

  18. 18 ElainesTale

    oh damn means i will miss seeing T.O.P as a saeguk king.. but on the other hand that means seeing yoo ah in playing a more clean cut role 0.0 (i still cant believe he gave up king2hearts for the disaster that is fashion king)

    • 18.1 JoAnne

      oh wait. TOP as a king in a sageuk with that VOICE? Um, yes please.

      Now imagining YAI as Puppy Jeonha. All credit to Lee Seung Gi who rocked the roll…but now I’m dying.

      • 18.1.1 Ennayra

        T.O.P needs to be a sageuk king. And meanwhile, he should just make one of those books on tape where he just reads things. Yeah. That would be nice.

        • JoAnne

          OMG yes. If we all chip in….

          what do we want him to read?


          • ElainesTale

            oh gawd i went for a big bang concert and all T.O.P needed to do was stand there and grin. or voice something if the crazy squeeze in the mosh pit was stopping everybody from seeing anything. *goes back to fangirling in my memory*

          • ElainesTale

            saw this, thought of you guys… http://pinterest.com/pin/433401164109883008/

          • JoAnne

            I was at the Pru Center in Newark for the second night, but I’m old and not paying a hundred bucks EXTRA to STAND all night.

            but after seeing the concert…uh…next time I might.

    • 18.2 Ennayra

      What? He gave up King2Hearts?!! I didn’t even know. Lee Seung-gi is great and all, but that drama would have been so good with Yoo Ah-in too.

    • 18.3 Mawiie

      It was Lee Je Hoon who gave up Jae Ha’s role in K2H, not Yoo Ah In

      • 18.3.1 ElainesTale

        whoops did i get it wrong? i thought i remembered at least 2 other actors gave up the role before lee seung gi got his turn

  19. 19 Nallali

    I loved him in that coming of age project with him playing a hunch back + vietnamese woman’s son, he had some wacky neighbours!
    I guess the king role had to come at some point since his co stars Yoochun & the other guy in FK had their roles already 😉

  20. 20 Raitei

    Oh, my! Looking forward to see YAI in a drama again! Especially as a king who will get the girl. 😀

    Although, now, I’m starting to think what the ending will be. Will they stay true to history or not? >.>

  21. 21 lily

    is kim tae hee really that terrible? I’ve never seen her in anything. I just know that Korea loves her.

    • 21.1 canxi

      She’s not very good, no, lol. Korea loves her because she is beautiful, though. She’s been in good things and has even acted with some good people but she hasn’t been very good herself. She’s like the female version of Hand Towel, in a way.

    • 21.2 Annie

      Yes, she is. Her main job is doing CFs, she probably ‘acts’ once in a while just for kicks.

    • 21.3 Meghan

      I don’t think she’s as bad as people say, but she’s definitely not one of the best actresses in Korea. I’ve only seen her in My Princess though, and that was a rom com, so I don’t know how she is in darker/melo fare.

      She’s more famous for being beautiful. I think she’s considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea. Probably right along with Han Ga In, which is funny since they’re both so popular, but not the greatest actresses. Lol.

      • 21.3.1 AnotherFan

        Okay, I am honestly scratching my head each time when people call KTH, or Han Ga In for that matter, the most beautiful women in Korea – I don’t see the breathtaking beauty there in either one of them. They can be at best called “very pretty” but that’s about it for me.
        However, I am totally in awe of SHG’s mesmerizing beauty – that kind of beauty comes by maybe once in a few good decades. And I can completely understand the fuss over Jeon Ji-hyun – her looks are unique and she definitely possesses an air that demands attention.

        • pogo

          Same here – Kim Tae-hee and Han Ga-in are both really pretty, and I can even see how others might consider them beauties – it’s just that KTH’s looks are too perfect, imo and I find that a bit…boring? lol

          otoh Jeon Ji-hyun and Shin Mina are goddesses who walk the earth, as far as beauty is concerned.

  22. 22 rjyuggy

    Whats the noona age difference?

    • 22.1 JoAnne

      it shouldn’t be much – he’s 26 or so, and she’s in there somewhere too. Dating my baby, who’s 30, so she won’t be much over that if any at all.

    • 22.2 djes

      6 years.
      Yoo Ahin born in 1986 and Kim Tae Hee born in 1980.

      I really like YAI but never like KTH’s works.
      Partially excited for now.

  23. 23 ran

    I hope by ‘re-interpreting’ doesn’t mean the heroine will turn out a good person. I’d like her to remain (little) evil , she’s still human and makes mistakes. I want to see more heroine with double faces rather than simply a good-hearted/pitiful woman who gets misunderstood by the world.

    oops, i’m goin ot. I really miss YAI back on screen. so yea I don’t mind him doing sageuk again, just hope his role is interesting enough.

    • 23.1 canxi

      I understand you. It’d be cool if it was a story like Wicked. Starts off as a good person and is essentially the story of how she became evillllllllllllll.

      • 23.1.1 Ennayra

        Yes! Like in Gaksital with Shunji. I’m still amazed months and months later.

      • 23.1.2 JoAnne

        But she doesn’t become evil in Wicked, Canxi! The whole POINT is that she took one for the team.

    • 23.2 Meghan

      I don’t think even with taking liberties with history as they will, that they can change the actual historical story of her being executed for treason. So, maybe she starts off good… and it’s story of her descent into the land of evil. Power corrupts people. That would be an interesting watch, though maybe not so happy. Lol.

      • 23.2.1 Alex

        That’s the only way I see this working…they can’t take too many liberties with the character since Jang/Ok Hee Bin is rather iconic in a sense and has been played so many times by a variety of actresses. I would prefer a straight-out saguek rather than a modern twist take. She would be more suited to playing a Queen In Hyun character rather than playing Jang Hee Bin. I’m interested in seeing how they pull this off.

  24. 24 canxi

    I dunno, man. Fashion King was horrible but tolerable because the acting was so darn amazing. And I want Yoo Ah In to be in a really good drama as much as the next person but visualizing him out-acting and carrying Kim Tae Hee for 20 episodes or so is giving me hives…

    So, in my mind is like “Yeah! Gooo Yoo Ah In!” but my heart is like “Run awaaaaaaay~ *hissssss*”.

    It’s not even like Kim Tae Hee is awful but she’s lacking a lot. She’ll start off good and then pitter down as episodes go on. That happened in Iris. That happened in My Princess–like the more comfortable she gets the less talent she uses. It’s weird.

  25. 25 Annie

    I will be watching this for the lulz. There’s got to be a reason why lots of other actors turned down this role (and no, TOP was never actually in consideration. His agency was just putting out bs for publicity but none of it was ever corroborated by the production). The two possibilities are: the male lead’s role is insignificant or the script just sucks. For the former, it may very well be true but I think the latter is simply more likely.

    Re: the age gap, it’s 6 years. Not huge and in real life King Sejong was 2 years younger than Jang heebin. Plus, it always helps that Kim Tae Hee does not look her age at all. I seriously thought she was 18 when I was watching the first episode of My Princess (one of my first Kdramas, so I wasn’t familiar with many actors and actresses). Now if only she could act…

    • 25.1 canxi

      Nah, it wasn’t TOP’s agency actually, it was the production that said he was pretty much locked while in reality he was just thinking about it. They did want him and did offer the role to him.

      • 25.1.1 Annie

        All the news that I read quoted the production as simply stating that they were indeed looking for a male actor. Do you have a link? I’m not trying to be obtuse; it just boggles my mind that any drama team would be so reckless as to consider casting TOP.

        • Annie

          *as a leading character, I mean.

        • canxi


          There was also an interview that was translated (I read it on tumblr) that asked him if he had any new job offers and he answered that he was thinking about this role.

          Casting a idol in a male lead role isn’t crazy though. Especially since TOP is actually pretty good and has tons of potential/improves with each project. He’s busy now though. Big Bang is always busy & he’s starring and shooting a movie right now.

          • canxi

            an idol*

          • Annie

            Again, this is all from TOP’s people. The director or screenwriter would be a different story. But what do I know, it may very well be true. Thanks for the link to that website – I hadn’t heard of it before.

            And yes, I think it’s pretty crazy to cast an idol as a lead role in any sageuk production. I find it a little hokey that some people on this site are willing to give male idols a pass for things that female idols would be skewered. Imagine the uproar if someone like Sulli who probably has more acting experience than TOP had been cast as the female lead instead.

          • canxi

            I don’t think you’re completely right on that, Annie. Lots of people here skewer ANY idol in a drama regardless of gender. Yunho just got cast in something and the groans were everywhere–it’s not just that it’s an idol getting a lead role it’s the fact that it’s someone who can’t act that is getting a lead role. Many of the female idols that get cast are really not that great. I’ve only seen Sulli in one thing and I can’t see I felt much for her performance and I don’t think that script or even that drama was completely to blame. If she gets something else, I wouldn’t be opposed to giving her another shot, though, and even if she was offered a lead role in this I wouldn’t be opposed to that either.

            No one is giving T.O.P a pass, whether or not he was offered this role, I do think he’s actually good at acting (as I stated before) so you can’t just bypass an opinion to call something hokey. When you do that you’re not taking my opinion as an individual and just lumping me in some sort of generalization based on what you think. It’s OK if it’s your opinion that it’s crazy to cast an idol as a lead, I understand that, but what I was trying to say is that’s it’s not unheard of and has happened before and in saeguks as well.

          • Annie

            @ canxi, I wasn’t referring to you actually since you did mention TOP being a decent actor in your opinion. Sorry if it came across that way.

          • ElainesTale

            TOP in 71: into the fire was amazing actually. i was surprised.

          • canxi

            @Annie — It’s alright. I do know how you feel and I have noticed that trend with male idol actors vs female idol actors (on some threads more than others). So, I hope you don’t think me getting a bit upset was out of the blue. I’m sorry too.

            On the other hand I guess the facts on whether TOP got the offer or not will be a Dramaland Mystery. I don’t find it too hard to believe since both him and YAI are both velvety-voiced & seemingly cool/calm/collected (public image wise). So at least it seems like they’re going for a certain type, if anything.

        • kay

          i remember reading that top was offered a role in the drama, but it was NOT actually the lead role. maybe second lead? so totally believable.

  26. 26 Stephanie

    HAHAHAHHAHA I love your dramatic tone.

    I can literally hear you saying it, the last paragraph…

  27. 27 kaye

    I want to watch YAI in another decent/awesome drama but if Kim-Tae Hee’s in it, I might pass on this one. Like how I ignored Fashion King altogether with Yuri in it. Make good choices, please, Hong-shik oppa.

  28. 28 Bu Young

    Yay! I hope he does it! Wow, lots of noona-dongsaeng leads lately huh?

  29. 29 jomo

    I like.
    That is if KTH can dump her angelic image for a change. I mean, with Rain as an acknowledged boyfriend, can’t she finally go all sexy?

    I get the impresssion that YAI is very smart and incredibly coachable. If the writing and directing are good, he will be great.

    Can they be hot together? So depends on the director.
    Saguek “sex” if done right, can be very very hot. Standing close and not touching, or barely touching.
    All directors should be forced to have a coaching lesson from John Malkavich – Dangerous Liasons – on how it’s done.
    Saguek sex if done wrong is called The Great Seer, and you want to hurl watching…

    • 29.1 JoAnne

      *sobbing* My Beloved

      • 29.1.1 Cynthia

        My condolences to you.
        You should have doubled up on the sneaky camp visits…….

        • jomo

          Look, everyone! It’s Cynthia!!!!

          • JoAnne


          • Cynthia

            Hello, my fellow lady beaners!
            Didn’t you think it odd that my sweetie KHJ and I dropped out of sight at the same time?
            I’m back now.
            And my walk isn’t as graceful as it usually is …

            Will make a point of checking into next Friday’s Open Thread. Maybe I’ll see you guys there?

          • jomo

            BAD Cynthia!
            So nice to hear your wickedness again.
            I’ll be there.

          • JoAnne

            I will too!

    • 29.2 JoAnne

      wait does JiSung….have SEX?

      • 29.2.1 jomo

        No, the other guy did – Lee In Im played by Jo Min ki with the mystical lady in the bed behind the sheers, remember?

        It was so bad you blocked it.

        • JoAnne

          OH no, I remembered that. It was GROSS. It was just so long ago I thought maybe someone did the deed again, and now that the boys and girls are grown…

    • 29.3 canxi

      Didn’t she already go all sexy with Lee Byung Hun in IRIS?? Was it not sexy enough?? lol

      I’m not sure if I can see any lady matching YAI’s sexy output just yet.

      • 29.3.1 jomo

        I didn’t. Was it sexy? Was she able to be believable?

        • canxi

          Lol, well there was a bed scene in a hotel room and I think it was snowing outside and Lee Byung Hun’s shirt came off…? It was pretty believable as far as kissing goes–it’s one of her stronger points that she doesn’t shy away from that lol.

          • jomo

            Ooh! That is hopeful then.
            She was kissing on THT in MP, but it was more sweet than salty.

      • 29.3.2 JoAnne

        Immediately flashed back to that scene where his massive arm is bigger than her entire stupid head.

        She is so lucky.

        grumble grumble grumble

        Hand Towel, Lee Byung Gun, AND My Beloved?

        • jomo

          I will add to Cynthia’s condolences.
          I did think of you immediately upon hearing THAT news, sos you know, which means he belongs to you in my book.

          • JoAnne

            Thank you Jomo *sniff*

        • canxi

          I’m sorry JoAnne )’: I’ll get your 4th oppa to kiss it better for you!

  30. 30 jandore

    Um. I loved Yoo Ah In in SKKS and want him to do well, but he keeps picking these projects that…really are awful, awful ideas. This one sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen. But who knows, maybe a miracle will happen…

    • 30.1 Francesca

      His movies are good. Wandeuki/Punch, Boys of Tomorrow, Antique Bakery, Sky & Ocean. Go watch one of them.

  31. 31 AnotherFan

    Joseon King Shower scene – boy, we are a crazy bunch 🙂

    • 31.1 jomo

      They managed to have a bunch of shower scenes in Chuno, so maybe…

      • 31.1.1 JoAnne

        Man the solid wall of muscle those boys presented…goodness.

  32. 32 ElainesTale

    its quite impressive that amongst the whole hoo ha about kim tae hee dating rain, his name is completely not mentioned here.. haha!

    • 32.1 ElainesTale

      then again.. this is a article about yoo ah in.. i’m just using it as an excuse to gossip *whoops!* ^^

  33. 33 Francesca

    JB you forgot STRONGEST CHILWOO! Where the silky long mane of glory Yoo Ah In was perfect for a shampoo ad!

  34. 34 Dee

    Or a king when not in duty dont like his hair in a bun knot! Hihihihi 🙂

  35. 35 noodles143

    oh no, i’m a bit worried bc i don’t think he fits to be king…
    (well he did do Fashion KING, nevermind that)
    But idk, i hope there’s other offers too but it’s not like i totally dislike this idea (kim tae hee and yoo ah in? yay.) but then again the age thingy… *sigh*
    anyways just glad there’s finally some movement and talks about her new drama!

  36. 36 Hmm

    Actually with Hulu and a supporting game system, people can see K-dramas on TV screens.

  37. 37 shi suisen

    Oooh, interesting. But the fact that Kim Tae Hee is going to be the female lead is a bit… -_- And her role is Jang Hee Bin, so there’s gonna be lotsa glaring here and there?

  38. 38 Jumbalaya

    thanks JB 🙂 Really excited for this drama, although Yoo Ah In did such a fantastic job in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as the rebel I can’t imagine him being the king…all regal and authoritative…

  39. 39 Kiara

    I prefer his character in SKKS, his mane of glory and totally badass attitude. But King Sukjong? sounds really boring. His character could be more exciting as a warrior/scholar/bodyguard etc, kind of like Kim Boong Do in QIHM.

  40. 40 wenabon

    BWAHAHAHA @ “Can the king at least get a shower scene? Maybe a fight sequence where a sword slices open his robes and his hair tie, juuuust as a jug of water flies overhead, overturning to douse him?”

    I ripped my face mask laughing so hard imaging that scenario actually happening…LOL I’d love to see that! ^_^
    Thanks Javabeans!

  41. 41 Jo

    Whenever they introduce “joseon fashion designer” I sigh. It sounds like it will be a shallow sageuk. I want some more “Tree with deep roots”, “chuno”, and “princess’s man” quality sageuks!!!

  42. 42 12midnightblue

    oh JB..you and your fettish with the mane of glory, hilarious really=P
    anyway, back to the drama, seems interesting. let’s hope it’ll play out well especially since Yoo Ah In’s back =D

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