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Yoo Inna, IU, Jo Jung-seok to star in Yi Sun-shin?
by | January 23, 2013 | 71 Comments

Er? Okay, first things first: There are TWO dramas called Yi Sun-shin set to premiere this year, and it’s confusing to say the least. One of them is what you’d expect for a drama by that name — an historical drama starring Uhm Tae-woong as the legendary naval commander Yi Sun-shin. Then there’s a totally different drama set in modern times that has nothing to do with the famous war hero at all, called You’re the Best, Yi Sun-shin, about a heroine who was for reasons unfortunate and unknown, named after the admiral. It’s like naming your daughter George Washington. Parents are weird.

It’s a KBS family drama set to air on the weekends following ratings hit My Daughter Seo-young, about a single mom with three daughters who grow up in a small island village. The youngest of them, Yi Sun-shin, heads to Seoul to become a star. The casting reports are still unconfirmed at best for all the roles, but so far, we’ve got: IU (Dream High) as youngest daughter Yi Sun-shin, Yoo Inna (Queen Inhyun’s Man) as second daughter Yi Yoo-shin, and Sohn Tae-young (Two Wives) as eldest daughter Yi Hye-shin.

You can see how the name thread went from good to okay to bad by the time they got to the third daughter, which is strangely a recurring motif in dramas (See: My Name is Kim Sam-soon). I like the sister casting, if it all goes through — each could easily headline her own drama, so they’ll certainly carry interest in a big family drama with multiple plot threads.

And then up for the hero role is Jo Jung-seok (The King 2 Hearts), in what would be his first non-sidekick role, after a fantastic year of being a scene-stealer. Another reason to pay attention is the drama’s director, PD Yoon Sung-shik, of Gaksital and Story of a Man. Not his usual fare, but that actually makes me all the more curious. Writing is Jung Yoo-kyung, of Marry Me and Insoon Is Pretty. Looks I might have to jump on the family drama bandwagon this spring.

You’re the Best, Yi Sun-shin is set to premiere in April on KBS.

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71 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Norkys

    Jo Jung-seok? πŸ™‚ I’m in! ;-)))

    • 1.1 Lux

      If you think about it, Jo Jung-seok was paired with IU’s teacher from Dream High, Lee Yoon Ji, in his last drama The King 2 Hearts. And now he gets to romance the student….lol

      • 1.1.1 kfangurl

        LOL! I hadn’t thought of that! That’s funny – but it also makes it feel kinda wrong πŸ˜› And Jo Jung Suk’s not that kind of guy XD

      • 1.1.2 niKai

        OMG. that’s a weird connection, if you really care about that kind of stuff. haha. But it’s drama land, so those two drama totally are in different universe

  2. xiaoSxin

    Just happy to have Jo Jung Seok back in dramaland. β™₯

  3. Annie

    Decent cast list and I’m excited to see the IU-Jo Jung Suk combo.

    Who wants to take bets that Jo Jung Suk has some brothers to pair with the other sisters?

  4. Carmensitta

    All is good, but giving IU the leading role over YOO INNA!?

    • 4.1 Carmensitta

      Ups, my bad….she’s older than IU… sorry!

    • 4.2 kay

      they’re such good friends IRL, this would be a cute casting.

      • 4.2.1 Stardust

        yeah it will be like real sisters!! really helps with the chemistry hehehehe Looking forward to this drama!!β™₯

        • eternalfive

          Yeah, it’ll be awesome to see the two of them filming together. πŸ˜€

  5. crazedlu

    In. Te. Res. Ting. Will have to give it a shot.

  6. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news…

  7. Lilian

    Haha..sounds interesting! Have not seen IU and Yoo Inna for a long time….but how long is this drama going to be? I hate it when dramas get too draggy.

    • 7.1 Super Cool

      Well,it’s to take the slot of My daughter Seoyoung,so it’s gonna be about 50 episodes,a pretty long one.

  8. Lovebug

    Ok I absolutley love Yoo Inna!!! So I would watch, but don’t know about the lead going to IU???? She was adorable in Dream High but not sure would want to watch a drama semi centered around her. And I assume Jo Jung-seok would be paired up with Yoo Inna? He is way to old for IU!

    Sigh I was hoping to see Yoo Inna be lead in another rom com, but will most likely watch eitherway…

    • 8.1 Annie

      Nope, he’s with IU. He doesn’t look his age so they should be ok.

      • 8.1.1 Lovebug

        He may not look his age, but neither does she. He looks like he is in his late 20s to me, she looks like she is still a teenager (well which i guess she is). Hopefully I can get past it…

        • Annie

          I think he’s supposed to be a lot older than her, if it helps any. But I agree that IU really does look very young.

    • 8.2 Jo

      Lol, about him not looking his age…did you watch that Architect 101 movie? He was in it. He was a high schooler and he was HILARIOUS.

  9. Rashell

    Mmmm, this one does seem to be worth checking out. I love me some Earnest Bot and would love to see him finally be the lead man. I like all three ladies, so I think I’m on board. Now if someone will just sub this one, please!

  10. 10 Sam

    Not really into family drama’s and the plot doesn’t sound that interesting, but I’ll definitely give it a go just because of the cast and director.

  11. 11 snow_white

    wow…..what a cast πŸ™‚
    and Jo Jung Seok πŸ˜€ definitely gonna watch this….yay for his main lead role..

  12. 12 Daisy

    Don’t like the idea of Yoo In Na playing second lead….

    • 12.1 nova611

      mee too πŸ™
      i like IU
      but not as much as YIN
      shes great

    • 12.2 Merrily

      I think her public relationship might have affected the offers she gets.

  13. 13 MsB

    Jo Jung Seok in lead? My drama world is almost complete for 2013!! Hwaiting, Binnie!! Hwaiting!!

  14. 14 tessieroo

    Yoo In Na is finally back! *dances around* She and IU are good buddies too so I’ll bet they’re thrilled to be working together. This is awesome news, thank you! πŸ™‚

  15. 15 lemondoodle

    I’d rather have Yoo Inna as the lead over IU. She’s great freinds with IU so I doubt she minds playing second lead though. Jo Jung Seok is amazing, but the age difference is just kind of… I’ll pass for now.

  16. 16 JMVM

    JJS in a leading role? *starts crying, waving her hands and doing a pagan dance of gratitude at once*.

    Now, let me squeal like a baby piglet!

    Deep breaths! Breath…

    Okay, now I am good.

    This guy is amazing. The amount of feels he gave me in TK2H as Eun Shi Kyung are still with me. I still cry sometimes when I remember him.

    He is an amazing actor, so I hope that if this comes through, he will get an interesting character that will let him show us even more awesome. I am sure he will do good no matter what, but he deserves good writing as his first leading role.

  17. 17 John

    I’ll. watch it for Yoo Inna if for nothing else.

    • 17.1 JoAnne

      ha! I will be there for Earnest Bot but I do enjoy both the girls as well

  18. 18 kittikiki

    Jo Jung-seok as a leading man?! I am IN. Can’t you just see him and IU being dorky and adorable together?!

  19. 19 nabithoj

    ..I would watch for Son Tae-young and Jo Jung-seok. And Yoo Inna, shes growing on me. Sometimes I think she over acts, but who hasn’t. IU, well, never saw her in Dream High so I can’t say. Although I’m kind of disappointed that some idols, with no to little experience in acting are snabbing the lead roles that could easily go to better actors/actresses. *sigh* what ppl do to get ratings and $$$…

  20. 20 glo

    As the lead actress’ character is an aspiring star (a singer?), IU is perfect in this. And reportedly Jo Jung Suk will be playing as a successful idol-singer (perfect for him!). IU and her best friend Yoo In Na will have a blast filming this drama together, wonder how many episodes will this drama be?

    Can’t wait to hear the good news.

    Any dramas in this timeslot (Weekend 7.55PM) always have a high chance to get high rating simply because they don’t have any drama competitor aired in the same timeslot; as many other dramas usually aired at 9.50PM, so hopefully this time around, it works out well for the casts of You’re the best, Yi Sun Shin.

  21. 21 queencircles

    Damnit! i love him! But i don’t want to watch a family drama. :/ maybe I’ll make an exception if there are subs for it

  22. 22 ANO


    IU & JJS please say yes! Weekend family drama for KBS will always score big at the year end award.

    So excited. If the PD Yoon of Gaksital go for IU for his lead, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

  23. 23 beppu10

    Welcome back to dramaland, Yoo Inna! πŸ˜€

  24. 24 blackitty

    I love IU!
    I will definetely watch this drama, just for IU

  25. 25 iphis

    i don’t think yoo inna would be a ‘second lead’ if this is a family drama, i think she’d have a love interest of her own, probably. but iu and jo jung seok? can we imagine the cute but CAN WE IMAGINE THE FUCKING DUETS.

    • 25.1 topper

      This. The duets.

  26. 26 Ace

    I’m in. Love IU and I know she and Inna are good friends. The only one missing is Suzy.

  27. 27 ricky trh

    Yoo Inna. Oh, yeah! *fist pump*

  28. 28 Sera


    Jo Jungseok as leading male? And IU as leading female? Let me just swoon at the inevitable duets this drama will have because asjdfkjaksdf

    Anyway, I’m not too concerned about IU’s acting skills. She was initially going to debut as an actress, anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing her actually showcase her skills, though I’m sure she’s getting tons of criticisms for taking the lead. According to her acting mentor Go Yoonhu she’s talented to the point that he was surprised when she debuted as a singer instead.

  29. 29 jennie

    yay for Yoo In Na and Son Tae Young.
    idk honestly about IU, i don’t think she should get a lead role yet…..
    (idols are really taking away rookie actors chances)

  30. 30 Laeah

    Ugh. Please stop putting idols in dramas just because they are cute and let them ruin everything.

  31. 31 Arhazivory

    I was already on the train after hearing about JJS and IU, the former is awesome and the latter is adorable. Now they’ve added Yoo Inna and I’m totally in. She is just too awesome. πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait.

  32. 32 pigtookie

    If Yoo In Na is in this, then I’d understand why IU was more willing to be onboard, them being really good friends and all.

    IU hasn’t shown much exceptional acting talent, but I’ve never found her bad either. She seems like a girl who would focus on her musical career but still open to projects. And based on the grounds of how much music is involved with the two leads, that gives her considerable extra boost- she’d get people to believe she’s a talented musician for sure. I just hope that she’s sure that she can do this, because acting should come before music in this drama (and especially against Jo Jung Seok, because otherwise they could have courted Park Shin Hye or Im Joo Eun).

    Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy were a good pair together even if there were complaints about Suzy initially. I’m not too skeptical about IU but it did seem sudden that she would take up a lead role when she’s been sticking to music primarily all along.

    • 32.1 Merrily

      IU had a huge scandal just quite recently that affected her music career.

      • 32.1.1 Rovi

        It’s not even a SCANDAL even in the most strictest sense of like, let’s say, Lee Jang-woo & Oh Yeon-seo-type.

        And please should we get past that photo thing? What are you living under a rock? Move on you skank~!!! It’s obvious you’re an anti…

  33. 33 ck1Oz

    I am In for 50 episodes of Jo Jung Seok. Yay πŸ™‚

  34. 34 JD

    i like IU but her acting is so wooden. don’t know if that’s just her character in dream high…

    • 34.1 hana

      although her acting during dream high isnt actually amazing or anything but i wouldnt say wooden. She has potential so Im gonna wait n see how she does before passing any judgment.

  35. 35 Kel

    Excited to see Jo Jung Seok especially now being in the lead role.

    But really why IU?!

  36. 36 kfangurl

    Aw, I LOVE Jo Jung Suk!!! <3 I'm definitely in, if he's in!

    Also, I love Yoo In Na, and I do like IU, so for me, this is looking pretty awesome.

    Plus, there's the PD for Gaksital too, which makes this even more interesting!! Woot!

  37. 37 JC

    Yes please!!
    Jo Jung Seok in a leading role of adorableness, pleasepleaseplease. <3
    I don't usually like family dramas but I'd totally watch that.

  38. 38 riley

    “an historical drama”

    AN historical drama?! I am making the giant hearts-in-eyes of grammatical correctness at you right now, gf!

    Going back into my deep dark cave of geekery now πŸ˜‰

  39. 39 jessiefuschia

    yey!!!! new drama…. looking forward to this!!

  40. 40 Noelle

    Hooray! Yoo Inna. I la la la love her. So happy to see her in a new drama.

    Btw, I would totally name my daughter George Washington. Be awesome.

  41. 41 watashiwachiaki

    you’re the best Jo Jung-seok!!

  42. 42 Makoto

    All I wish is good storyline. The casts alone are already super okay for me. πŸ™‚

  43. 43 Viki

    Yoo In Na and Jo Jong Suk!!! YES YES YES!

    but IU as the main lead then? that somehow doesn’t make sense since this is her 1st role, right?

  44. 44 alligator

    YAYYYY for Jo Jungseok. Can’t wait to see this drama!!!

  45. 45 blue

    wait wait..IU is the main, not Yoo Inna? mneh. :\

  46. 46 racheose

    ‘It’s like naming your daughter George Washington. Parents are weird.’

    okay i’m watching this haha the names of the daughters are kind of hard to pronounce though… like tounge twisters. and the bot is back! XD i hope they cast a sidekick like ‘earnest bot’ that would be funny

    • 46.1 Rovi

      Well, the naming of the daughters were kind of a practice for the older generation; it’s called a generation name, and it was kind of a practice for the Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese families back then.

  47. 47 MC

    Ugh, I saw the pic of Jo Jung Seok = automatically drawn in. *_____* <3

    I adore Yoo In Na too.

    Hope this drama is a good one.

  48. 48 Nikki

    Jo Jung Seok, yes! Yoo In Na, absolutely yes! IU, uhmm, don’t know yet. But definitely tuning in for the first two! πŸ™‚

  49. 49 denise

    I knew my Jo Jung Seok would get a leading ROLE. AWESOME!!!!!!

  50. 50 Lissa

    miss u Jo Jung-Seok!!!!!!!!!!

    hope he will be as good as him in King 2 Heart…. because he’s the one who makes me deeply in love with King 2 Heart and deathly heart-broken in the end….. haha

    can’t wait to see u again!!! @@

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