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Yoo Yeon-seok joins Gu Family Book
by | January 31, 2013 | 42 Comments

We’ve got our second lead for the Lee Seung-gi/Suzy supernatural sageuk Gu Family Book, due out this spring: Yoo Yeon-seok (Wolf Boy) has signed on to be the rival to our half-gumiho hero. Yoo is an actor with a lot of credits to his name, especially in films (His film roles range from Oldboy to Introduction to Architecture, and his dramas from Night Hospital to Hon.) but he has yet to have that really huge career-defining breakout role. Perhaps Land of the Sympathetic And More Deserving Second Lead is where he’ll make his mark?

He’s romanced Suzy before, in Architecture. (And he even received a bunch of hate for stealing her from Lee Je-hoon, the poor guy. People, it’s a character!) It’ll be his first sageuk, so it’s historical newbies all the way around for the leads. At least it’s a fusion fantasy action drama — it’s not like the great retelling of a true historical figure, god forbid. Yoo Yeon-seok will play the golden boy warrior to Seung-gi’s half-gumiho I-wanna-be-a-real-boy hero. He’s described as cool-headed and cynical, and the best scholar, fighter, and swordsman in the land. Ah, so he’s one of those. Mr. Perfect it is.

At least that means the hero will be more of an underdog, if his rival is the best at everything. All we really know so far is that he’ll fight tooth and nail to suppress his supernatural roots, and try to live as a human being. My primary concern isn’t for the story actually, but the action — I want actual badassery, ya hear me, Show?

Gu Family Book follows Horse Healer and premieres in April.

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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Arhazivory

    I want badassery too. Looking forward to this. <3

  2. mav

    Can Horse Healer end sooner?

    • 2.1 Annie

      Ugh, yes please. And not just so this drama will come sooner.

  3. danni

    For some reason, the word badass and Lee Seung-gi just don’t seem to go together in my mind. I’m kind of wary about this drama since sageuks, fusion or not, never seem that interesting, but I sat through K2H for LSG, so I might make it through this one.

    Not familiar with the second lead, but its sad that he’s had so many roles and still hasn’t had that big break yet. I don’t think starring as the rival to Korea’s golden boy is really going to help either.

    • 3.1 cutieblue

      If the bromance is strong with them, he might get enough spill over love from the viewers to finally breakout. ^_^

  4. snow_white

    Lee Seung Gi 😀
    waiting for this….

  5. Waca

    I so want badassery too! I’m waiting for this show, thank you for the news! 🙂

  6. crazedlu

    suzy has not won me over. at all. and i don’t think she ever will. but, i’ll check it out because seunggi is good.

  7. Rashell

    I don’t know this actor, but he looks cute. I’m already on the “how can you not love Seung Gi?” bandwagon, and I don’t mind Suzy. So I think I’ll be watching for this one.

  8. coby

    Seunggi! can’t wait!

  9. Korazy Lady

    Wow! I cannot believe this is the same guy from Werewolf! I’d never seen him before and he reminded me of Siwon, but certainly doesn’t here. I’ll have to tune in just to see what kind of role he plays.

  10. 10 Jae Shin

    It premiers in April?? Yay! It’s like a birthday present~~ ^_^ Hehe I can’t wait. ^_^

  11. 11 addylovesbwood

    I’m not familiar with this actor wotsover but it doesn’t matter cuz I already hv my Seung Gi with Suzy.

    Maybe he’ll end up with Han Chae Ah. I super syked abt her signing on to the drama!! Come on April!!!

    • 11.1 glo

      Will Han Chae Ah be in Gu Family Book? I remember reading on dramabeans that she’s been cast for MBC weekdays sageuk “Gu-am Heo Jun”, due to be aired in March 2013.

      • 11.1.1 glo

        I stand corrected, seems like her casting in Guam Heo Joon has not yet been finalized.

        But I’m glad that Jung Hye Young has confirmed that she joins Gu Family Book.

        I love all the casts in this drama, super excited for GFB.

    • 11.2 Annie

      Han Chae Ah will be in Guam Heo Joon, not this drama.

    • 11.3 Airyn

      Looks like it’ll be Jung Hye Young who will be playing that particular role. Not super sure, but the description seems to fit the role of 2nd female lead that Han Chae Ah was rumoured for.


  12. 12 Toystar

    Sorry but I love Seung gi and when he smiles omg!

  13. 13 Mic

    A lot of people seemed worried because of Suzy, but if she just has to look pretty, this drama is potentially amazing.

    I’m excited. The premise and character descriptions are interesting.

    • 13.1 haha

      I don’t worry Suzy. I liked her in DH, and I heard she is good at taekwondo as well. So instead of just being pretty, I’m looking forwards to seeing great action scenes from her!

  14. 14 MariD

    I can’t wait till April!!! I’m super excited for this.. I missed Seung-Gi in my screen. Plus in april both of my favorite Dream High girls will be back on screen. Suzy here & IU in the weekend drama.. 🙂

    • 14.1 Ohdrama

      GO HYE MI IS BACK!!!!!

  15. 15 lemondoodle

    Oh not Mr. Perfect 2nd lead… I always hate those guys. Still can this come quicker… ??

  16. 16 Melbee

    I second the badassery all the way. (always love your use of words girlfriday). I need April and me some Lee Seung Gi to come, like now.

  17. 17 Meilin

    Lee Seung Gi’s character is sort of like Inuyasha except he wants to be he opposite. I hope I wasn’t the only person who was thinking of this…hehe ^_^;

    • 17.1 imeadd

      Second to that, I was thinking the same thing. I was like owh…is this Inuyasha thing? but since I love both LSG and Inuyasha, pleaassseee April come faster!

  18. 18 fihaofsa

    goodness… i like everyone in the cast EXCEPT suzy
    like i’m sorry but she is way too overhyped……………
    im not a hater, but it’s just annoying. yeah she’s the “IT” girl right now but she just cannot act for her life..

    • 18.1 Ceecile

      Please let’s not exaggerate. Yes she’s still lacking but she’s improved with every role she took. Let’s not pretend LSG is this amazing actor. He wasn’t good when he started but he improved and now he’s a decent enough actor.
      Isn’t he the “hit guy” too? He’s honestly not that great a singer or actor yet he’s deeply loved, isn’t that being overhyped?
      Why is it that only girls get called out for this sort of things uh?

      • 18.1.1 lemondoodle

        Because he’s proven himself over time and is in no way over hyped. His success is earned over the last 8 or 9 years of extreme hard work and talent. He’s a wonderful well trained singer and a pretty good actor now. Suzy is neither yet. I’m all for supporting her and hoping she does well, but there is zero reason to bring Seunggi down to do it.

      • 18.1.2 kmj

        Correct you, there are people THINK he’s overhyped because they don’t want to accept or find out about him. I used to be one of them but after knowing more about him, I’m amazed by his talents and personality, now I can say confidently he’s totally deserved what he’s got. And pleaseee don’t use Seung Gi to defend Suzy, bringing him down isn’t a good way to prove her talent, can we just let her prove herself through this drama, who know, maybe after GFB, I will like her more.

      • 18.1.3 manassuper

        your comments is exaggerated as well…..if you have doubt on his acting go watch the king 2 hearts or just check it’s recaps here then you will know how amazing a actor he is……if you doubt him as a singer i don’t need to go to past to prove this just his new album forest has dominated k-pop billiboard charts for six weeks……do you follow kpop or not to make this irresponsible statement…..good thing now don’t doubt is variety skill he has achieved it all both in terms of critical acclaimation from press,sunabaes and ratings…..plz be reasonable and check the facts….by saying this things you are just being an anti becoz none of your saying makes sense…….plz be reasonable while commenting and don’t make comments for the sake of it………..

    • 18.2 Ohdrama


  19. 19 Gala

    I don’t know why… I just can’t see the charm of lee seung go. He’s my least favorite cast in 1n2d. I think I got so annoyed at him during his heroine6 stint. It’s funny, the one time I saw him perform live, he couldn’t hit his notes. It was like the only time to win me over and yet he didn’t. Heh.

    • 19.1 dramafanP

      Who the hell is Lee Seung Go? Of course that guy has no charm, it’s Seung Gi who has it :)). If you has already researched about him enough to at least get his name right, you should have found his charm. There are so many celebrities appeared on variety programs here & there but he’s still the most popular. Wonder why & how? if it’s not his charm that worked? :/
      Singers have those times that they dont sing well, even those veteran ones, nobody’s perfect of course, especially during their rookie days. However, I think most of times his live songs actually sound better than the recordings. This is the opinion of the me who never liked or interested in Kpop until I knew this guy.
      But still not trying to push my opinion on you, if you still dont wanna give the guy a chance, there’s nothing I can do.

      • 19.1.1 Gala

        iPad auto corrected his name. I know him well enough. I do t even let my biased view of him stop me from enjoying the shows he was in. I just don’t find him particularly charming as the rest would.

    • 19.2 kmj

      It’s okay, I guess he’s not your taste, no one force you to like him, same for me not interest in some flower boys or some amazing actors but he’s still fine ‘coz there are many many many people admire him.
      btw, is this the article about Yoo Yeon-seok, why did you share your thought about Seung Gi instead of him?

      • 19.2.1 Gala

        Yes, you’re right. I kinda forgot the main subject of the article when I commented. In fact I have a whole comment prepared about Yoo Yeon Seok, which I forgot to include. Even my main point for the comment. I just got distracted reading some comments about their excitement for LSG.

        Basically, I wanted to say that the drama isn’t grabbing my interest, especially with Suzy in the mix. But I’m glad YYS has been casted cause I felt he was so misused in Tasty Life. He really needs his name heard cause I think he’s a charming actor.

  20. 20 Ohdrama


  21. 21 pillowhead

    pale pale!!! LSG <3

  22. 22 OneFive1

    For some reason this always makes me think of Inuyasha…

  23. 23 Momos

    No offense, but I find YYS more handsome than LSG…
    Hahahaha, weird taste? He is so cool in the daily drama ‘Tasty Life’, currently on OneTV…. So cool in his white doctor jacket….hhhmmmm…

  24. 24 racheose

    gosh ghi stop squealing SEUNG GI this is not seung gi… but he is cute

    sorry my friend squeals everytime there is sueng gi in the screen… and i know you’re reading this ghi…

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