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Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 10
by | February 5, 2013 | 274 Comments

Sparks of all kinds go off left and right in this episode—the romantic kind, the combative kind, and the kind that sting and burn. Our heroine is forced to face her demons, while the boys race to be her knight in shining armor… except they’re so busy fighting each other for the honor that they don’t even notice their Rapunzel is slipping out of reach.


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EPISODE 10: “If you want to know the enemy, don’t look with my eyes, but hers!”

Facing the departure gate, it finally dawns on Enrique that he’s been grasping at straws for a reason to stay—someone who’d need him at the company, a deal that couldn’t be done without him. But now he knows: “I didn’t need those things. I can leave whenever I want.”

Seo-young argues that his stuff is already on the plane and it’s about to take off. She tells him that everything that seems so dire now will fade as soon as he gets back home.

Enrique: “No. The reason I can’t leave is with me—It’s still okay, I can stop here, I can leave anytime—I was fooling myself like this. But you know me. Once I start a game, I have to see the end no matter what. I can’t end it here.” She relents, telling him to follow his heart to that end then, and not to give up like she did. She boards the plane, leaving him behind.

Enrique rushes back, now armed with Seo-young’s phone. He tries calling Dok-mi, but she’s busy buying flowers and misses his call. He grows more and more incensed as he thinks about Do-hwi, and then Jin-rak, who is now a con artist and evil webtoon plagiarist in his eyes.

Jin-rak is still stuck at the meeting with his editor, who seems to have taken a liking to Dong-hoon. She wonders if he hasn’t slept because he looks so tired, and tells him that she’s not going to allow herself to sleep more than four hours a night until she’s 35. Ha, well that explains the constant dark circles and raging anger.

Jin-rak gets a call from Enrique, whose face darkens as he says he doesn’t really care that much about the plagiarism, “But why did you hide your identity? I don’t like people who can’t be honest. I can’t have someone who isn’t honest… by Ajumma’s side. So leave her side. Until you do, I won’t return to Spain.”

Jin-rak jumps up and rushes out to the party, frantic about getting there before Enrique. “Because I was first!”

Dok-mi arrives at the party, and we catch up to the scene that closed the last episode, as Do-hwi introduces their old teacher with a nasty smile. Dok-mi drops the flowers in her hand in shock.

The two boys arrive at nearly the same time, or at least appear to in split-screen, both muttering simultaneously about this sinking feeling of nervousness.

Inside, Dok-mi sits nervously as Do-hwi catches her up on what Teach has been up to. He turns to her and asks if she’s still writing, remembering the play they wrote when she was in high school.

She’s near tears and growing increasingly agitated, which no one seems to notice. She finally speaks: “You’re all… fine. You all ask me without a care. You’re all… so cruel.” It seems to jab at Teach, while Do-hwi just scoffs like the evil snake that she is.

Dok-mi blinks back her tears and gets up, staggering to the door. The room grows fuzzier with each step, and she starts to fall…

But Enrique is there to catch her. “Ajumma, ajumma.” A tear trickles down her cheek as she looks up at him and thinks to herself, “You left. Why are you here?” And then she faints in his arms.

Do-hwi then comes running up feigning concern… and then we see that it’s Jin-rak holding her up, not Enrique. Omo. Did she imagine him as Enrique? Omo.

Jin-rak screeeeeeams, “What the hell did you do?!” He carries her out and rushes off to the hospital, leaving the entire party standing in the street. Enrique arrives just then and demands to know what happened.

Do-hwi just wails that she doesn’t know why everyone’s blaming her. Uh, because you’re basically the one standing over the dead body with the knife in your hand and looking guilty? Hypothetically. For instance.

Enrique growls that he’s like a dog with a bone when he wants to get to the bottom of something, and demands to know what the hell she did, back then and now. “What did you do to make a person shut herself away so completely?!”

Dok-mi wakes up in the hospital, a little embarrassed and insisting that she’s fine. Jin-rak doesn’t let her off the hook so easily, and asks what happened back in high school. He says that Do-hwi’s version of the story sounded not quite right, and wonders if he hasn’t stood by and watched her long enough to merit that much trust.

Enrique arrives just then, and sees them together. He stands behind a curtain, as Dok-mi starts to tell Jin-rak (in vague terms) about waking up famous one day. She went to school not knowing what rumors were circulating about her and didn’t know how to handle it, or even how to run away.

“Why do people hate other people? Why do they treat them differently? Why do they want to step on the weak? There must be people who aren’t like that. Where are all those people? I thought if there were just one person like that, it would be nice. Since then, being alone was always more comfortable.”

She cries while saying the words, and Enrique cries while hearing them from behind the curtain.

Jin-rak thanks her for opening up to him, and offers up a pathetically cute confession in exchange that he was a loser in high school too. It’s pathetic because it’s sort of like telling a person who got hit by a car that you have a paper cut, but it’s cute because he means well by it.

She starts to get up, when Enrique shows himself. Dok-mi immediately thinks back to her hallucination and smiles to see that he really didn’t leave. Aw. He challenges Jin-rak to confess anything else he’s hiding, and they exchange charged looks.

He rushes over to Dok-mi and apologizes for insisting she make up with Do-hwi, and speaking too quickly before even knowing the whole story. “But the one person who’s one your side… isn’t Oh Jin-rak.”

When it’s time to check out and pay the hospital bill, Jin-rak stands off to the side, pitifully emptying his pockets and sighing to himself, as Enrique pays the bill. Dok-mi promises to pay him back.

The two boys walk ahead as Dok-mi trails behind, and they finally have it out. Enrique says that he can’t leave Jin-rak by Dok-mi’s side, and Jin-rak in turn calls him out for liking her.

They go back and forth in a round of over-my-dead-body, and Jin-rak swears that even if it’s not him (to stay by Dok-mi’s side), it won’t be Enrique. Enrique of course says the same—he can’t let it be Hyung.

They’re so busy having their shouting match over Dok-mi that by the time they turn around, she’s long gone. Pwaha. Serves you right.

She walks home on her own, thinking back to the moment she saw Teacher tonight, and then back to high school, when he weaseled out and named her as the one who was obsessed with him and left the school.

She heads to a realtor to start looking for a new apartment, and says that it doesn’t matter where; she’ll go wherever the security deposit is cheapest.

Enrique finds her on her way back home, and she asks why he returned. He can’t quite bring himself to tell her the truth, so he puts on his happy face and says it’s because of his book… and then admits he came because he was worried about her.

She tells him that she played his board game and did what it told her to—she opened her door and stepped outside but this happened. “You don’t need to worry anymore, because I’m not going to throw the dice again.”

He says that her teacher was 28 at the time, (ah, so it must’ve been Teach who told him what happened) and that he was so scared of losing his job that he thought of himself first before protecting Dok-mi. Years later he realized how terrible that was and gave up teaching.

He tells her that her teacher came today because he wanted to apologize to her, and asked Enrique to tell her so. But Dok-mi counters coldly that she doesn’t want an apology—are those words supposed to make her feel better? I know, right? Even I’M angry at that measly apology. So you quit teaching, boo hoo. Ass.

Enrique tries to get her to overcome the problem using another soccer analogy, but it has the opposite effect of making her shut down completely. She says, dripping with cold sarcasm, that he’s right and she’s all better now, and walks away. He sighs, knowing it’s a flat-out lie.

Jin-rak waits and waits in the hallway, and eventually goes home.

Inside, Dok-mi opens up Enrique’s board game and holds the dice in her hand. Enrique opens up the USB drive from Jin-rak and finds a picture of a notebook—proof that he didn’t plagiarize Zombie Soccer. And Jin-rak puts away the notice of his debt case.

Dok-mi writes more of her work in progress:

That woman’s door did not open for a long time. Invitations began to pile on her doorstep, two, then three. A person who came close like a new breeze, a person who blocks a gale like a shelter from the wind. For the first time, that woman grows afraid of her own desire to open her door.

Dong-hoon is still moonlighting as a flower boy designated driver, and has an unfortunate accident when he backs up into another car. Suddenly his webtoon editor arrives at the same club and barges her way in.

It turns out he called her, not wanting Jin-rak to know about any of this, and begs her to co-sign the contract that he’ll repay the cost of damages to the other car. She hems and haws, but eventually signs, and they share a cute little moment looking into each other’s eyes.

Dok-mi heads out the next morning and hands the security guard ajusshi an envelope. He’s in the middle of catching the neighbor ajumma from falling, which Dok-mi mistakes for a public display of affection and leads to awkward looks all around.

Enrique gets all riled up watching his team lose at soccer, screaming that he can’t trust a soul in this world, like they personally betrayed him or something. He furiously draws a sketch of Jin-rak’s plan (to woo Dok-mi), which basically involves watching her from a distance for a long time.

He declares that he’ll just do the opposite then, and say that he was the first to take her to the beach and the first to storm into her apartment… and then buries his face in embarrassment: “Why does it all sound so childish?” Because it is?

But then to his utter surprise, Dok-mi shows up at his doorstep. She’s here to repay him for the hospital bill, but he looks at it with an evil eye, knowing that the second he takes it, she’ll zoom away. Hee. But she asks to come inside. His eyes widen and he nods eagerly.

At the same time, the security guard and ajumma knock on Jin-rak’s door to tell him that Dok-mi returned the settlement money from their protest because she’s moving. The ajumma says everyone in the neighborhood knows that Jin-rak likes 402 (aw) and they all sigh in sympathy as the news sinks in.

He thinks back to the only request he ever made—for Dok-mi to just remain where she is.

Enrique rattles off this story about how he ran out from the airport, and then stopped at a Chinese restaurant. (That’s why you were late? Pffft.) He says he always racked his brains choosing between jajangmyun and jjampong, and so decided to try the dish that combines the two flavors.

But what he found was that it didn’t taste the same at all—he likes each separately, but not together. Was it because of the lost anticipation of choosing one and missing the other? He says resolutely that from now on, he’ll think about it carefully and choose one or the other.

Dok-mi interrupts his rambling to say thank you, which we know is a goodbye. She thanks him for everything he’s done for her, and says that when she thinks of the ocean, it’ll make her smile and give her strength.

She says she feels bad that he’s only ever done nice things for her and she’s never done anything for him. He pouts that it’s like she’s saying thanks but it sounds more like I’m sorry, and tells her to be nice to him from now on.

He thinks of something right away, and asks her to come with him to his book signing tomorrow, and wear a dress on the red carpet. He giggles to himself in excitement, but realizes it’s asking a lot of her, so he just asks her to come along.

She says in response: “[He’s/You’re] a good person…” Enrique blushes, thinking she means him. But she finishes: “Oh Jin-rak-sshi.” *gasp* What?

She says that she feels comfortable enough with Jin-rak to tell him about herself. His face falls, “So you chose… between jajangmyun and jjampong. You thought about it carefully, right?” She doesn’t answer.

She leaves the envelope of money and heads to the door. He reaches over to open the door for her, and they end up face-to-face. He raises a finger to touch her forehead and their eyes lock.

Enrique: “When I looked at you, I strangely used to think I could hear your voice. But now… I can’t hear anything. I don’t know. I really don’t know.” Augh, puppy. He opens the door and she walks out.

Dong-hoon checks their webtoon stats online and gapes to see their average rating as 1.5, with a total of 11 votes (including the two of them, sadly). Jin-rak barely hears him, he’s so depressed about Dok-mi moving away.

The doorbell rings and he flings the door open angrily, jumping in shock to see Dok-mi at his door. She asks him to go to a Van Gogh exhibit with her (like a date?), and he beams. “I love you! I mean, not you! I love Van Dok-mi! I mean, Van Gogh!” Hahaha. You’re such a spazz.

But around the corner, Enrique has overheard the whole exchange and pouts that he likes Van Gogh too. Waah, I don’t think I can handle it if his heart gets broken.

It’s the day of his book signing, and though he puts on a happy face, all he can think about is Dok-mi and Jin-rak making time with Van Gogh. He finishes the signing and takes his camcorder on a tour of the city, and picks up two stalkers in the process. One looks like his ajumma stalker anti-fan, and the other looks a lot like Seo-young from behind.

He’s bobbing along down the street when suddenly the ajumma stalker jumps out and pushes him down, into oncoming traffic. What the?

The car comes to a screeching halt. Eep, did he get hit?

At the art gallery, Dok-mi grabs a pamphlet and gets a paper cut, drawing blood in the same spot where she had pricked her finger trying to close her curtains and keep Enrique out.

Enrique lies in the street as people start to gather around him. Suddenly he sees Dok-mi looking down at him, crying with worry. Is it really her? Is it a vision?

He smiles as he looks up at her, and the realization sinks in. He thinks to himself: “I’ve fallen in love.”


Awwww. What a great episode for Enrique. Yoon Shi-yoon has been doing a fantastic job all series long, but he really brought out the full spectrum of Enrique’s character in this episode. He’s outwardly such a bright bubbly chatterbox that when he quiets down to show a moment of sincerity it hits that much harder, and cuts that much deeper. That sharp contrast has always been there, but it did wonders in this episode when he went from riding high on Dok-mi’s thank you and then sinking when he thought she chose Jin-rak over him.

I do believe that Dok-mi means what she says about Jin-rak being a good person, but I think she’s saying that for the boys’ benefit, not because she’s chosen her noodle dish, so to speak. But even still, the fact that Enrique suffers heartache thinking that she’s made her choice—that in itself hurts like hell.

But despite what they say to each other outwardly, we see in the episode’s theme that they’re still on the same wavelength, just on mute for the time being. I love what each of them hallucinating the other in a moment of trauma conveys so simply, without needing explanation: I wish you were here. It finally takes that kind of shock to make Enrique realize that he’s not just feeling jealous or protective or feeding his curiosity and his I-have-to-see-how-it-ends nature, but falling in love. The question is how much Dok-mi realizes about her own feelings, if at all.

My concern isn’t that Dok-mi is running off with Jin-rak, but that she’s going around saying her goodbyes, intending to lock herself away for good. It was so nice to have her knocking on both boys’ doors for a change, and I’d hate to see her retreat back because of Do-hwi’s nasty stunt. She was doing so well, but now she’s back to shutting down and everything she’s saying right now feels like goodbye. I hope that rather than having the boys save her in some way, she’ll decide for herself that she wants to open her door and come out into the world. And if that reason happens to be because she falls in love, all the better.


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    This drama just hits that sweet spot for me every episode. This one finally got under the outer shell that all our characters wear down to the real people underneath. And it was fabulous to watch.

    “So you quit teaching, boo hoo. Ass.” This line was especially awesome and summed up my feelings about teach as well. Do Hwi is dead to me at this point too. Not enough karma in the world to give that girl what she deserves.

    Enrique is so sweet in his realization that he’s fallen for Dok Mi. Now we just need her to realize she feels the same. Poor Jin Rak, but my feeling is you snooze you lose. You can’t wait around, or someone will sneak in an make what you’ve been waiting for theirs. I’m volunteering to comfort him in his time of heartbreak.

    Thanks for the recap! Can’t wait for next week!!

    • 25.1 Mystisith

      It’s not even a question of who was first or who did more to deserve her… It’s a question of “who’s the man than the girl likes.” Cruel, definitive and JR can’t do anything about that.

      • 25.1.1 Rashell

        I completely agree, but if Jin Rak hadn’t just been waiting and watching then he’d have already at least tried to get the girl long before Enrique showed up. The waiting just gave someone else, Enrique in this case, the opportunity to get her to like him first. Jin Rak is a pretty great guy. Dok Mi can see that now even though she likes Enrique more. If Jin Rak had taken his chance when he first realized he liked the girl, I think chances are pretty strong that he’d have won her heart. Instead he got to sit back and watch while someone else stepped in to win her. That’s got to hurt. But I don’t think it’s unfair.

        Take your chance when you have it is the lesson here. Because if you don’t someone else definitely will. Be proactive. Nothing worth having is going to just come to you without making an effort.

        • kumi

          It’s a question of luck or fate.

        • lili

          I’m agree with you…timing is everything in love. I think Jin Rak would have had his chance with Dok Mi if he made his move sooner. Too bad, it’s too late now.

  26. 26 Ziah

    Thank you so much for the recap. It won’t be on dramafever until tomorrow and I just watched episode nine. I usually don’t read the recaps before watching the show but I was feigning big time. I will originally say that I was rooting for Jin rak, but after the last two episodes I’m on team Enrique all the way. My mom still wants her to be with Jin Rak but how boring would that be. All he did was sit in her apartment and mentally stalk her, what would he do if they were together? BORING. Yes Enrique’s a bit immature but he’s just what she needs. They would never have a boring moment. Can’t wait to actually watch it tomorrow. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • 26.1 Mystisith

      2 passive people together. Watching the clock ticking and feeling all cautious around each other… Recipe for a disaster.

      • 26.1.1 Shukmeister

        The dynamics of the three take me back to Dokko Jin, Gu Ae-Jung, and the good doctor in BL. I really really shipped him, but the meta-show filming clearly showed how little excitement there was with Yoon Pil-Jo. Still my heart bled when he took that sad walk in his boaters, and I know I will sob incessantly for JR when he leaves the playing field.

  27. 27 austriandramalover

    This series just gets better and better! I love nearly every character (I guess it’s pretty clear whom I despise because everyone despises her^^) and I love the more serious tone of the last two episodes.

    Don’t get me wrong I love the zippy and light tone of all the other episodes but the more serious moments are just really touching and manage to bring a tear or two (or more) to my eyes. But not in the way other dramas (Yawang or I miss you) recently did which was the really sad kind of tears. Here it is more the ‘I-just-love-this-so-much-and-it’s-so-touching’ tears which I love!

    And the preview for next week? BRING IT ON! (is there anyone who’s got a time machine?)

    Thanks for the super fast recap once again 🙂

  28. 28 MistyIsles

    I’ve never commented on a recap before, but I can’t resist pointing out that you compared Jin-rak’s attempt at being sympathetic to “telling a person who got hit by a car that you have a paper cut,” when that’s exactly what ended up happening to Enrique and Dok-mi. Not sure if it was intentional, but it definitely made me smile.

    (While I’m actually speaking up for once, I’ll take a moment to thank you all for this wonderful website! I found it shortly after being converted to Kdrama obsession around a year ago, and am on here daily, even though I usually don’t say anything.)

    • 28.1 girlfriday

      LOL. It wasn’t intentional, but now that you point it out, how weird… I MUST BE PSYCHIC.

    • 28.2 ilikemangos

      *gasp*. hadn’t noticed until you pointed it out!
      HAHA. def. have to give it to you GF. that was pretty win.

    • 28.3 pogo

      that is psychic indeed o_0

  29. 29 Abbie

    Such a good episode. I really enjoyed it. And this show is just so good!

    Finally, Enrique knows that he loves her! I can only hope she loves him too! Sorry, Jin-rak.

    I liked that Dok-mi was able to open up to someone in this episode. I think she chose Jin-rak because he is a good person and is a good friend, not because she loves him. Sometimes people can only open up about their pain to a friend, and not to someone they love.

    I think seeing each other when they’re not there (Enrique and Dok-mi, that is) is really telling. They love each other. Only, Enrique is the one to figure it out first. Dok-mi still has a ways to go.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  30. 30 KDrama Fan

    Great recap of an awesome episode.

    Thanks GF!

  31. 31 Enriqueforever

    I knooow! I hope the preview was not a dream!!! Aaaaaaaah Monday Monday!

  32. 32 coby

    thanks for the wonderful recap! Its good that this site analyzes the drama for me for I am not so gifted on that department. YSY is really great. The moment that I see his expression going down, I feel like crying already. Its time to go melo and some smooching! Can’t wait for Monday! <– that will not be understood by anyone who ain't watching this drama.

  33. 33 Sajen

    I don’t get why everyone likes Jin Rak I personally find him annoying and useless because even if they somehow fell in love with each other they’d never be happy because Jin Rak would never be able to pull Dok Mi out of her shell, heck he probably wouldn’t even try, Enrique on the other had is just what she needs someone who will pull her out of her shell no matter what make her get out and see the world.

    However before that I want Seo-young to come back and be Dok Mi’s best friend because I think before she’ll truly be open to love she needs to learn that not everyone is a terrible person like Do Hwi.

    Of course this is assuming anyone ever sees Dok Mi again cause if it was me I’d lock myself further in my cage and throw away the key so no one would ever see me again.

    • 33.1 VINNYBLUE

      “I don’t get why everyone likes Jin Rak I personally find him annoying and useless because even if they somehow fell in love with each other they’d never be happy because Jin Rak would never be able to pull Dok Mi out of her shell, heck he probably wouldn’t even try”

      1. It’s because the actor who playing Jin Rak is Kim Ji Hoon, the hot and masculine look namja more than Enrique. If Jin Rak is different actor or maybe a so-so looking namja, I guess they would fall for Enrique.

      2. Enrique is not an ideal 1st lead male type in korean drama, he’s not the hot and cold-hearted namja. But Enrique is more like the happy and bubbly namja and a lili bit childish, for some people, he’s not manly.

      I usually fall for 2nd lead male, but for this one, I absolutely go for Enrique, because he’s the only person who can change Dok Mi’s life for better and the person who provide on what she’s lacking.
      No matter how deeply and sincerely and crazily Jin Rak loves her, it’s Enrique who can break her shell.
      Enrique has all the right for falling in love with Dok Mi and Jin Rak needs to fight for it (where is he in the last 3 years anyway?). If there’s no Enrique, I guess Jin Rak would forever stay in his small room and just look the girl until he dies silently. LOL A tragic ending for such a good and hot looking namja.

      • 33.1.1 momosa

        ..I guess Jin Rak would forever stay in his small room and just look the girl until he dies silently.

        Reminds me of 24 years living next door to Alice!

    • 33.2 dobabado

      Jin-Rak is…

      – Patient (this is evident lol).

      – Accepts “No” for an answer: A really really rare trait amongst guy leads?? Like, Enrique has been told to ignore DM’s existence due to discomfort on her side but he decides to ignore her wishes.

      – Understanding: Shown especially in the DH box scene. Dude, does anybody else remember Enrique calling bullshit on DM’s cellphone diary which turned out to be true later on? Or whenever he asks a question (to DM) it sounds like he’s asking because he personally doesn’t understand, NOT because he’s making an attempt to understand her as a person?

      JR Bonus traits:
      – Polite: This is a good trait for anybody
      – Adorkable: “Really fucking pathetic” never looked cute on anybody ever, really. But somehow it’s working on me whaaat??

      The thing I find irritating about JR is that he’s all like “I’M FIRST BACK OFF.” Ugh, it’s terrible and gross. I don’t see him as a lover to DM, either. More of an older brother/confidante.

      Um it’s pretty evident I have a huuuge beef with Enrique. lol. Ah, really he is so endgame now so there’s no point in drawing up a huge fuss anymore. =3=

      • 33.2.1 Still for Jin Rak

        Right?! Dude, for a while there I thought I was watching a different drama than everybody else!

    • 33.3 oftheshore

      But if you locked yourself away and threw away the key, how would you buy the most recent HTC/Samsung phones and the trendiest hipster-ish clothes? 😀

      • 33.3.1 Bambi


      • 33.3.2 Shukmeister


        I kept thinking she had a nice collection of bags for someone who rarely leaves her personal space.

  34. 34 SopheaJane

    Please drama God!!! Dont turn this into another ordinary drama piece in this Kdramaland… I hope the preview is just a trick like last week preview… I dont this beautiful-brilliantly written drama to end sour. I hope however the ending is… It is not as quirky or typically like others.. This drama is definitely a good start for 2013… I love how Park Shin Hye, Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Ji Hoon shows of their acting skills here… (REMINDED HOW BAD HEARTSRING STORYLINE IS TO WASTE ON PARK SHIN HYE TALENT AND ME TOO, FLOWER FOR YOON SHI YOON)

  35. 35 love

    i know she is going to choose enrique in the end, but i wish it was jinrok…just how the story is going, theres not enough for dokmi and jinrok to be together now, especially with enrique in the picture and in love too.
    its the first kiss foreshadow thing, shes going to be with enrique forever.
    🙁 poor jinrok.

  36. 36 alli

    I really like Jin Rak at the moment, but I hope he doesn’t fall toward becoming a Nice Guy™. He is teetering precariously on the edge at times with his “but I was there first!” shtick.

    • 36.1 dobabado


      Jin-rak, stop calling dibs on a girl ugh.

    • 36.2 pogo


  37. 37 faye

    It’s is breezy and fuzzy!!!!! So cute! XD I really like Jin-rak’s character, his shy reaction whenever Dok-mi’s around. Ugh! But I can feel that Dok-mi likes Enrique… What to do???!!!!

  38. 38 Tha

    I can’t get enough of Yoon Shi Yoon! he’s awesome! loved him as Tak Gu but Enrique is so so cute! any other dramas with yoon Shi yoon that you can recommend would be awesome!

    • 38.1 altair

      Yes! Yoon Shi Yoon was soooo good in King of baking and now he is perfect in FBND. Love him too much!

    • 38.2 Minty

      i loved Yoon Shi Yoon’s acting in ‘Me Too, Flower’ although the character he played was supposed to be close to 30 yrs old… at first i found it weird to be looking at his youthful face LOL but his acting was spot on… there’s a particular scene when he got angry with his rich ‘friends’ and whoa! i felt his rage just by looking at his eyes (ok, stops spoiling LOL)… anyway, this site has recaps for that drama… you might wanna check it out…

    • 38.3 watashiwachiaki

      Me Too Flower! =)

    • 38.4 watashiwachiaki

      sorry for double posting….

      Shi Yoon also had a mini-drama / CF (compiled to be a 1 hour drama) with T-Ara,,, it’s bubi bubi,, it was so cute,, like all characters he ever played on a drama is there ahihihihi….

    • 38.5 ladysarahii

      If you have the stomach for it, High Kick Through The Roof. He plays the nephew with a quiet crush on the housekeeper, and the role is so different from Enrique.

      Gah, he is so good.

  39. 39 Sammy


    Who thinks this is the most perfect theme song for Do-hwi ever?

    “Who needs enemies when we’ve got friends like you?”

  40. 40 yumi

    Thank you.

    • 40.1 yumi

      I like Enrique’s character, but at this point he seems much too childish, even with his moments of reflection to be the right partner for Dok-Mi. But since she seems to be warming to him. . .

      I really really wanted her to be with Jin-rak whose sweet tentative nature I find darling. But the die is cast, and he was cast as second lead, so things won’t go my way.

      ah well.

      I’ll just cross my fingers that My Daughter Seo-Young will give me the ending I want.

      • 40.1.1 hitsugaya

        how would you like my daughter seoyoung’s ending to be?

        i’m hoping sangwoo-hojung couple will be more loving, and sangwoo appreciates hojung more..hojung is such a cutie..

        i’m excited to see how the series will end..10 eps more >_<

      • 40.1.2 Mari

        Hey there’s still hope Jin Rak can pull a Park Si-Hoo!!!

      • 40.1.3 memi

        Enrique’s character isn’t exactly childish, he has a reason to feel that Jin-rak isn’t suitable for Dok-mi. He knows Dok-mi’s situation is severe and can only be rebuilt from trust. Jin-rak has already lied to Enrique, and Enrique doesn’t trust him anymore, and he wouldn’t want Dok-mi to end up with an untrustworthy person. I found Jin-rak’s character to be more childish and annoying because he thinks he has first priority to get the girl when he’s been snoozing for 3 years. His reason for wanting Enrique to stay away is because “he saw her first, it’s been 3 years,” and because of this, he thinks Dok-mi is already “his”. I found that so much more childish, “I saw this shoe first, I’m going to buy it and you can’t.” Dok-mi is not property, and shouldn’t be treated like property. All my hope for Jin-rak is gone. Even Enrique knows so much that even if he saw Seo-young first, that didn’t mean he was definitely winning her heart.

  41. 41 hannah

    As much as I love all the major players in this drama, the webtoon editor is very much my favorite character. She worked it at the nightclub like a boss!

    • 41.1 owl

      I love her so much! I hope we get to see more and more of her. I love how Jin rak and Dong hoon are scared to death of her – ha!

    • 41.2 miss_c

      Haha! She is just stealing every scene she’s in. I love her cause she is just hilarious.

    • 41.3 oftheshore

      I’d love to see a spin-off series about her life. She’s the boss, yo!

      • 41.3.1 Carrie

        YES! Instead of 24 it could be called 20 (for the hours she’s awake). Or 20to35, for the scope of her plan (and to satisfy K-dramaland’s need for really bad titles). It could be epically awesome, especially if Dong-hoon and Jin-rak get to continue their roles in a side capacity. I’d love to see a slow descent into (even more) craziness in lots of different settings. Loved seeing her at the nightclub. That was awesome.

        • owl

          Or “Minus 4” for the hours she does sleep!

          • pogo

            and 4minute can do the opening theme 😉

    • 41.4 nasus

      can’t agree more~ the editor is awesome!

      and omo! to my surprise, judging from what happened in this episode, i can sense that she will end up being together with Dong Hoon.. but no matter how much I love both of the characters, it’ll be so awkward seeing them together as couples!

    • 41.5 Kiki

      Yes! Love her! Loved when she stopped in the club to do a little dance while on her way to find Dong hoon, ever the multi-tasker. Love that she’s so unhinged that everyone she comes across is a little terrified.

  42. 42 J Wong

    Thanx for the recap.

    Do-hwi…you have some gall to think you did nothing wrong in this situation!@%$ Too bad nobody pushed you into traffic.

    OMG!!! The preview for the next episode!!! SQUEE!!!

  43. 43 Ennayra

    With this episode especially, I have truly come to like Park Shin-hye and Yoon Shi-yoon. I was kind of ambivalent about both actors, although Park Shin-hye will always have a special place in my heart because the first drama I ever watched was Stairway to Heaven (which I never finished), and the 2nd drama I ever watched was Tree of Heaven (which I actually finished). She’s basically my first leading lady. 🙂

    Yoon Shi-yoon, I liked alright because of Me Too! Flower, but I didn’t empathize with his character, who kept lying to the main character and the viewers. But here, he’s sold the role of Enrique to me. The character’s motivations are clear. I respect him. Because of this drama, I now know that Yoon Shi-yoon can act (and when I say act, I mean ACT).

    About this episode, I hope that Seo-young is gone and the girl stalking him is that crazy fan. Maybe Seo-young changed her flight and hopped a plane to Jeju, or whatever island Tae-joon went to. And can they both stay there?

    I love the writing, the acting, the soundtrack, the directing… And there’s just something about the wardrobe of winter dramas that appeals to me.

    • 43.1 pogo

      And there’s just something about the wardrobe of winter dramas that appeals to me.

      That orange coat Enrique was wearing at the airport was so perfect, it was almost unfair.

      • 43.1.1 Shukmeister

        It wanted me to share a tangerine or two with him to ring in the new year…

  44. 44 Sammy

    Thanks for another great recap!! ^^

    *sigh* Why? Why do the guys always treat the girls like objects in dramas? HELLO!!! WE HAVE FEELINGS TOO!!!! Gosh. The guys were at it again, in treating the girls like an object. “No! She’s mine!” “Over my dead body, mister!” I guess the guys never think about whether the girl has feelings or not.

    That being said….

    NOOOOOO!!!!! You can’t break Enrique’s heart! I love him too much! D:

    • 44.1 anicheung

      This was my thought exactly. Um… guys, rather than laying claim or trying to swat other guys away, why not let HER make her own decision who she wants to be with? Granted, it might take some time on her end since she’s withdrawing once again, but you can’t decide FOR her who she should and shouldn’t be with.

      In this aspect, Jin Rak has been irritating about his whole “I saw her first” bull in which I think he’s crossing some lines when he pretty much forbids Enrique to ever see Dok Mi again. Dude, that’s not your call. And now Enrique’s getting on that same, “I won’t let you stay by her side” crap? Sigh.

      Still, I do love both of these men, even if my favor is leaning more towards Enrique. Normally a hyperactive Energizer Bunny who never shuts up would be hard to stomach. But those moments of truth and seriousness in his emotions really hit all the right spots. And Yoon Shi Yoon really manages to nail it wonderfully.

      • 44.1.1 unik

        I was a bit annoyed when Enrique started with “Hyung is not qualified enough to be with Dok-mi”” and spouting on about going to Spain only when hyung disappears. It was like fighting fire with fire but he made it up to me with the jjampong and jajamyun meta when he chose to respect Dok-mi’s “choice” (I think she chose to be alone and do on a noodle-free diet).

  45. 45 Tien

    Is the stalker ahjumma the same actress who played mean -turned-nice lady investigator in Dong Yi??

  46. 46 Haruni

    Can’t wait for the next episode!! Monday please come in lightning speed!! XD

  47. 47 Almontel

    Thanks for the recap as always….and i always look forward to your drama analysis so that i can compare it with mine…

    great acting from all the actors/actresses especially YSY, KJH and Park Shin Hye…even th editor lady was awesome!!!

    i can’t wait for next episode, but why do we have to wait another week? why oh why?

    will it be just a soft touch kiss or something more since this is cable…hmmm?


  48. 48 miss_c

    Awww…I want Monday to come quickly but I also realized that this show has only 6 more episodes left. No!Don’t end, please! But seriously, this drama is just awesome that I don’t want it to end. Sigh.

    • 48.1 S a r a h

      GASP! You’re right!
      Time flies when you’re having fun.

      Aww, I don’t want it to end.
      On the other hand, I think I’ll be pacified if the ending shows Dok Mi and Enrique getting married and having cute babies together. 😀

  49. 49 Wishful thinking

    The PD cracked me up in this episode with her version of club dancing. I so love her. I am so happy that there is major movement in this episode. Enrique for the win!!!

  50. 50 onyxx

    *sigh* jin-rak exasperates the hell out of me. what is he waiting for before he makes his move — the end of the world.

    wow. the teacher’s cowardly act blindsided me. somehow i didn’t expect that. still it doesn’t change the fact that Do-hwi is a vile, poisonous human being who has a habit of wreaking havoc wherever she goes.

    oh man, i can’t believe i’m so “involved” in this drama :). i wish it’s Monday already.

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