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Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 14
by | February 19, 2013 | 202 Comments

It’s an episode full of hilarity and heartbreak, as our characters find themselves on a crash course with that unavoidable fork in the road. Do you chase your dreams or hold onto the one you love? Do you give up on your one-sided love or do you make a last stand? Do you stay or do you go?


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EPISODE 14: “Sometimes love is looking at two different maps”

Enrique pulls Dok-mi in close and asks her to go to Spain with him. He asks full of hope if she’ll trust and follow him, but when he backs away to look at her face, he can see the answer is no.

He quickly covers up his reaction: “See, you can’t. You just barely came out of your door, so how could you go someplace that far? So don’t tell me to go either. Now my dream is Go Dok-mi.”

Dok-mi: “Your feelings for me are like a rain shower. It’ll pass.” He starts to get angry, saying that his feelings aren’t passing ones… but are hers?

She says she’ll just think of him like a magical elf: “One who sent me out into the world, and made me live again, and smile again.” She says that she shouldn’t expect any more than that. Oh, Dok-mi. I get how crazy girl’s speech might’ve gotten under your skin, but uh… she be crazy.

Enrique: “Elves are things that exist in my games. The person standing in front of you now is just a man who’s fallen in love.” Augh, so perfect. LISTEN TO HIM.

She says she’ll think about it—about his words and what they mean and if she can go. How so like a writer to parse and re-parse his words. He agrees to give her as much time as she needs without bugging her for an answer, but in exchange asks her to stop telling him to go. I like that deal.

As they walk out, he tells her that it’s not so one-sided as she thinks—him just bringing her out into the world and changing her. “You’ve changed me too.” He takes her hand and yanks her close with a smile and stuffs their hands into his pocket.

They stop to listen to a guy playing the guitar (cameo by Kim Woo-joo, singing the song posted above) and they smile as they listen to his love song. Enrique muses that he thought himself a rather cool person, but he’s changing, and finding out that he can get jealous too.

He says it all very calmly, and then suddenly turns to her and whines: “Stop staring!” LOL. You meant this guy? She asks if they can’t listen a little longer, but he pouts and says no, dragging her away with the cutest evil eye at the poor unassuming singer.

He notes that he never used to say things like “No” and “I don’t like it,” but that must be a change as well. He asks if she isn’t scared he’s going to turn into a bad guy, and she looks at him with this face, like he might as well ask if he’s turning into a three-legged moose.

He says a little more sincerely that he’s the person who carried heavy things and always thought he could handle them on his own, but now he’s searching for a way to put those heavy things down.

She stops and turns to him: “Then promise, that if it’s heavy you’ll acknowledge that it is, and that if you want to put it down that you will. Promise. That if it’s hard you’ll say it is… promise.”

He nods over and over, and she raises a finger to his forehead, just as he always did to her. With her finger there to beam her thoughts over, she thinks to herself: “If you want to go, promise that you’ll say you want to go.”

Enrique: “Don’t tell me to go! I can’t keep that promise.” She pulls her finger back in shock. Did he really hear her? It’s pretty uncanny.

Jin-rak chuckles to himself as he works on his webtoon, when the power suddenly goes out, killing hours of unsaved work. Oh, sympathy pangs. Ow. He swears he paid the bill, but finds that everyone in the building is running out with the same problem.

Enrique and Dok-mi arrive from their date to find everyone standing outside. The neighbor ajumma makes a snide remark about their landlord’s poor upkeep on the building, and all of them turn to her and ask—isn’t she the landlord?

She pulls the security guard aside to ask and he admits to making it up, and asks if she got the flowers he left for her. She pretends to be put out by all this attention, but she’s loving it.

The security ajusshi tells them all that the water tank blew the heat and electricity, so they’ll have to sleep elsewhere for the night. Enrique excitedly offers up his place for a slumber party.

So Jin-rak, Dok-mi, and Ryu come by and Enrique welcomes them eagerly, saying that he loves it when lots of people are over. He shows Dok-mi to his room and he’s so giddy about her spending the night, it’s adorable.

Once he closes the door, she says aloud as if she’s just realizing it: “You didn’t like being alone…”

Dong-hoon sends Jin-rak a composite of Jin-rak’s face with Enrique’s clothes and a text wondering if maybe the reason he lost the girl was because of his fashion sense. Pfft. Jin-rak tells him about losing all their work from today, and tasks Dong-hoon with telling their PD because he can’t deal with her.

Enrique and Jin-rak share a pot of ramyun, and I love that despite having settled into a rather civil version of their relationship, Jin-rak isn’t above griping at every little thing about Enrique like the grumpypants that he is.

He asks if Enrique is really going to give up on the animation project, and Enrique asks his advice—what would he do? Jin-rak says he’d find a way to have both, and Enrique admits that he wants that too, but that would mean forcing Dok-mi, who just barely stepped out of her apartment, to go such a distance.

He can’t force her to do that, but he also can’t be away from her either—he can’t bear to be away from her for one or two days now, so how could he bear one or two years? He says with a sigh that it’s right that he gives up the animation project.

We see that Dok-mi is listening to their conversation from the other room.

Jin-rak admits that if he were in Enrique’s shoes, he wouldn’t be able to give up the animation project: “I think that’s why I’m here, and you’re in Dok-mi’s heart.” Aw.

Dong-hoon screws up the nerve to tell his editor that they lost all the work that was supposed to be turned in today, and he happens to catch her at a moment when she’s wielding weapon-ready chopsticks.

He backs away slowly as her eyes turn to saucers and she yells up a storm… but then swoons at Dong-hoon’s puckered lips and calms down. Heh. She says the webtoon’s comments are all about unrequited love, so they’ll just re-edit some frames on that topic and put them up.

She tells him to go, but to her surprise, he sits down right next to her and pulls her chair in close, insisting that they work on it together. She says she can do it herself, but he gripes that this is why she’s got dark circles 365 days a year and gets to work. She’s so smitten.

Dok-mi works late into the night, and comes out to find Jin-rak still awake. She smiles over at Enrique, asleep at the dining table.

Jin-rak asks if she can’t sleep, and tells her that when Enrique was going to leave the first time, he asked Jin-rak to look out for her. Flashback to his requests for him to knock on her door once in a while and let her know that someone understands her.

He says now that it made him nervous, because he realized that Enrique might not go back to Spain after all, and if he were to stay, he’d never leave Dok-mi’s side. He says he was right after all.

Jin-rak: “So don’t worry. No matter what you decide, Enrique won’t change.” Aw. She looks over at Enrique with a smile.

Stalker girl turns out to be a member of Enrique’s gaming fan club, and they meet to start their online protests about Sola doing the animation project without Enrique.

In the morning, Jin-rak and Enrique are busy plotting and scheming, as Dong-hoon looks on in horror. They’re talking about doing something at the final meeting with Jin-rak’s brothers to sign the disinheriting papers, and they sound vaguely like felonies: “Steal the car,” and “We just have to get it…”

Dong-hoon: “What? What is IT?” Jin-rak ignores him entirely, and Enrique says he’ll take care of the plan. Dok-mi walks in and they all clam up suspiciously, and Jin-rak and Dong-hoon scurry away.

She asks what’s going on, and Enrique says they’re on their way to see Do-hwi to apologize after Jin-rak awkwardly accused her of painting Dok-mi’s door the other day. He muses that she must’ve felt unfairly wronged, and maybe she’ll know a little of what Dok-mi felt.

He asks if Do-hwi was really a good writer in high school, because he doesn’t want to be judgy, but she doesn’t really seem like she would’ve been, and wonders why their teacher liked Do-hwi. He says he doesn’t like anything about Teach. Yeah, you and me both. Dok-mi’s eyes widen in surprise: “That’s what she said?” She asks to hear everything that Do-hwi told him.

Dong-hoon thinks they’re headed to see Do-hwi, but Jin-rak says he has no intention of going there, since he doesn’t sincerely feel the need to apologize. He stalks off.

Enrique gets ready to go out, and makes Dok-mi walk him to the door. He tells her that his fan club problem should die down soon enough, but asks for some time to handle it. He asks her to stay inside because he’s worried about her, and then sighs that he just got her to go outside but now he’s asking her to stay in.

She says that his fan club doesn’t scare her, and that she understands them—they like him and want him to be his best, and that’s something she gets. Enrique: “But my fans don’t know what I really like.” He points a furtive finger at Dok-mi.

Suddenly the tone shifts entirely as Enrique, Dong-hoon, and Jin-rak pose for the camera in shiny new suits. Oh, is this for The Plan? That explains the outfits, but not the hilarious modeling interlude for absolutely no reason.

They music-video-strut down the street, and head to the meeting with Jin-rak’s brothers. Enrique takes the lead and goes in alone, doing his best imitation of a gangster walk. He throws down an envelope and sits at the table.

HAHAHAHAHA. What the hell is on your face?

Jin-rak joins them and as Enrique mutters in Spanish, he introduces him as his Italian mafia friend who might fly off the handle at any moment. Enrique makes threatening faces while saying things like, “I wanna go potty.”

While they drag out the conversation, Dong-hoon peers down at the car keys on the table and heads down to the garage to attach something to the license plate.

Jin-rak signs the document choosing to give up his inheritance, and Enrique amps up the crazy, pretending to reach for a gun. Jin-rak “translates” that if anyone moves, he’ll start shooting, and Enrique pulls out a sausage to smoke like a cigar. I know that sounds like a euphemism but it’s really what he does. I’m dying.

They head down to the garage and wait for Jin-rak’s hyung to drive away. He stops when he hears a noise—a bunch of cans on strings, that Dong-hoon put there. As he gets out to search, Jin-rak and Enrique get in the car and drive it away, cackling.

They pick up Dong-hoon on their way out, and stop by the side of the road. They open the trunk and gape at the “It” and start laughing their heads off… is how the plan is supposed to go, as Enrique imagines it. Uh-oh.

So they’re really still waiting in the garage for the hyung to drive past, and he does… only he doesn’t stop like he’s supposed to. Ha. Foolproof plan, eh? What’s even funnier is that Dong-hoon doesn’t know the plan has failed, so he gets in the backseat, only to realize that it’s not Jin-rak behind the wheel.

Their low-rent plan backfires perfectly, and Jin-rak sighs that he really is all alone now. Dong-hoon reminds him that he’s not alone: “You have me!” and throws his arm around him. Enrique looks on with a smile and raises his arms like he wants to join in on the hug, but just laughs it off. Aw.

Stalker girl leads the fan club in a demonstration outside Enrique’s building, and stares Dok-mi down as she walks past. Dok-mi heads home without a word, and opens up “That Man” to add a passage:

How many meanings are there in the words I’m sorry? Sadness and scars. Misunderstanding and repentance. Regret and reconciliation. Innumerable feelings are mixed up within. That man believes that you can’t express your heart with one short word. “Will you come to Spain with me?” What that man spoke was love.

Dok-mi heads back over to Enrique’s building, holding the boxes that Do-hwi brought over. She stops in the hallway, thinking of what Enrique told her—that Do-hwi has liked Jin-rak for a long time.

Do-hwi arrives, and has the gall to be indignant about Dok-mi returning her things. They head inside and Dok-mi asks to have a chat.

The boys arrive and find the fan club protest going on down in the street. Enrique sighs, but then he and Jin-rak both start getting scared that something might’ve happened to Dok-mi, and they rush inside.

They panic when she’s not there, but Dong-hoon runs into Do-hwi’s posse on the way in, and he tells the boys that Dok-mi went to see Do-hwi.

She brings the boxes full of their memories and says coldly that she’s come to expect that Do-hwi would lie about their high school years and their teacher—none of that surprised her. But she realized now that Do-hwi never came looking for her in the first place, not when she could’ve done so any time before. She says with a pained look in her eyes that she actually felt something when she looked at these things, not knowing that Do-hwi wasn’t sincere about them.

She guesses correctly that she came to this neighborhood looking for Jin-rak. Do-hwi doesn’t deny it, saying that she likes him and Dok-mi doesn’t know anything about him, or his family. Dok-mi gets it now, that her so-called crush is really to do with his chaebol background, and bitingly calls her pathetic.

Dok-mi: “Our memories are in here? You don’t have such things! Don’t play with someone’s heart! Don’t come near me, or that person. I won’t leave you alone.”

Do-hwi flares up, asking what gives her the right—is she his girlfriend? Does she like him? The boys arrive behind them…

Dok-mi: “I like him! I like him. Not the outer image of Jin-rak that someone like you sees, but I like him because I know he’s an upright person!” Oh noes. Enrique!

She whirls around and locks eyes with Enrique. Ohgod, ow the pain.

She just stands there, frozen, and Jin-rak walks up and takes her by the wrist. She looks up at him.

And then we get a flashback to their conversation late last night. Jin-rak says Enrique won’t change. Dok-mi: “I can’t be happy watching him like that by my side. Will you help me, so that he can leave?”

Back in the present, Jin-rak takes the lead and they walk out, crushing Enrique’s heart into teeny tiny pieces.



BAH. Why Show, why? We were doing so well. There were direct conversations and promises to be honest, requests to each other not to be noble OR idiotic, and a hero openly saying out loud all the things we’re trying to mind-beam over to the heroine. So then why, oh why does Dok-mi need to pull this age-old stupid, totally predictable it’s-for-your-own-good tactic to push him away? So. Lame.

I was actually completely caught up in the moment, thinking that she just blurted out that she liked Jin-rak to get Do-hwi to back off. I thought it might be a misunderstanding between ‘like as a man’ and ‘like as a person,’ one that Enrique could question and doubt, and make him nervous. But when they revealed that she freaking planned to break his heart to make him go for his own good, I just threw my hands in the air.

When Dok-mi told Jin-rak that she wasn’t some Rapunzel but the witch who locked her away, I had hope that she’d stray from that classic quietly suffering heroine in other ways too, but this move was so disappointing. I just can’t get behind a move to lie about your feelings and crush the heart of the person who does nothing but adore you. That’s just mean. Not to mention dumb, which she’ll eventually figure out. But I’m allowed to be annoyed until she catches up and realizes just how idiotic it is. Mostly, I’m disappointed that the final arc couldn’t avoid this turn, because I was rooting for them to face the obvious rom-com forced separation conflict with a solution that wasn’t so obvious.

It does work in one sense—my heart was crushed along with Enrique’s, but I don’t like the cost. I don’t want to be mad at Dok-mi, but now I am, and will be for a week. Of course I love her and I fully expect that the final two episodes will bring her back around and that part of her journey is in learning how to love, how to speak elephant as it were. But did she have to crush his heart (not to mention her own) in the process? So many strides forward, and yet… so much farther to go, grasshopper.

*gives puppy a hug*


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  1. Ace

    Wow! 2 more episodes to go. I did a double take when I saw we’re already at 14.

    Thanks for the recaps!

  2. asdjfkl

    Thanks for the recap! :DD

  3. Wishful thinking

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 3.1 Wishful thinking

      I loved the quirkiness of the episode, comedy done just right. Dong hoon was the real star of the modeling interlude, his butt-slide pose had me rolling on the floor. Haha. I really can’t believe that they could not tell the difference between italian and spanish, seriously. lol. The facial hair on Enrique also gave me a good laugh. I think that the scene at the end was not planned. Dok Mi could not have known that the guys would show up and Do-hwi’s apartment. I think that Dok-mi meant that she liked Jin-Rak as a person/friend, it just came out the wrong way. Jin Rak probably remembered their conversation and decided that this was a good a time as any to help Dok-mi out with her plan. I really hope that this issue resolves quickly so that we can end with a lot of cuteness next week. *Fingers crossed*

      • 3.1.1 Cloudy91

        I totally agree! Dok Mi looked surprised when she saw guys there… and she looked very distressed to see Enrique in pain! I hope this is just another misunderstanding!

      • 3.1.2 abby

        I think that too. It wasan’t planned, Dok Mi could not have guessed the guys will arive at that exactly moment to heard was she said or even be there. I think she just said that to get the F#$% off of DH once and for all, or like you just said, he like him (we know) but as friend.

        We know the last thing she want to do is hurt Enrique, has no one notice her shock in the end when she realised what just she said and couldn’t stop looking at him? If she would have planed this before, she wouldn’t have that reaction, don’t you think? This drama always surprise us in the way it resolve its issues, so I am confident it will the week.

        • minsun

          yes i believe she didn’t plan it and did this to tell do hwi to back off jin rak bec he is a gd person and she didn’t want him to get hurt and manipulated by do hwi the way she suffered…

          Jin Rak was quick thinking and went in at that point to take her away, remembering their conversation.

          I have to say I was torn being super upset on enrique’s behalf, and ogling at how very cool jin rak was. KJH is a good actor.

          and ysy was so gd in this ep!! how can you not love this guy when he channels enrique looking at you with those eyes…

      • 3.1.3 JoAnne

        This is also what I think. The confrontation between Do Hwi and Dok Mi was set in motion that morning because of something Enrique said – not the night before, when Dok Mi was talking to Jin Rak about the ‘problem’ she was facing.

      • 3.1.4 Ivy

        Me three! This is gonna be soo painful: Enrique, Dok-mi and Jin-rak will all be in pain and it’s not going to work anyway! If Dok-mi is so willing to crush her heart to help Enrique, couldn’t she just go with him to Spain? (yeah, I know she can’t, that would be too big a step)
        Uhhg, so frustrating – can’t wait for the cute, which I doubt will appear before the ending though. There’s loads of angst on the way

        • Bengbeng

          but that’s what i can’t understand? why can’t she go to Spain? what’s holding her in Korea? Her work? She’s been working at home for a long time, it’s not different from working in Spain, isn’t it? Her grandma? but never did the Drama show us visiting her grandma? Does her grandma lives so far that she can’t visit every weekend? Even if i’m holed up inside because i’m afraid of the world, i would never forget my grandma who provided for me. And Dok-mi mentioned that because of her considerations to her grandma that she was not able to transfer school and just accepted the bullying. that is where i’m getting the disconnections, hence, my assumptions that grandma is not the factor that will make her stay in Korea. So what SHOW??? what is making Dok-mi stay in KOrea? It’s not as if she will be away forever! it’s just for 2 years, 2 years with the man she loves. If she can’t really go to Spain, then can’t she just support his choice?

          I tihnk the writer never experienced love, that’s the only conclusion i can get from that twist in the story.

          • pogo

            …how about the fact that Korea is her home, she’s very likely never left the place, least of all to go somewhere where she doesn’t even speak the language and doesn’t know a soul besides Enrique and maybe Seo-young? (plus I don’t know what the job opportunities for Korean-language editors are in Spain, unless Dok-mi just continued working long-distance).

            I don’t know enough to speculate about the writer’s love life, but can I just take a guess and say you’ve probably never been a shut-in?

      • 3.1.5 mrshobbes

        I’m another one who totally believes Dok Mi didn’t expect the guys to suddenly pop up when she said what she said. I think she was caught up in the moment, thoroughly p!ssed off at Do-hwi, and itching to give her a piece of her mind. Pure bad luck and bad timing the guys heard it.

        You said what I thought happened really well. 🙂 So long story short, I don’t feel angry with Dok Mi. Just as distressed as she obviously was when she realized Enrique heard her “confession.”

      • 3.1.6 camille

        just a misunderstanding, it was clear as day that dok mi means liking jin rak as a person, not anythin special, unless we jinrak fans would get our hopes up when we know it’s hopeless already… love dong hoon and webtoon boss!!

      • 3.1.7 pogo

        Thinking about it, it’s next to impossible for her to time that conversation for the boys to show up and overhear her, but it’s still a downer, and a bad one. I can’t take a week of Enrique looking like a kicked puppy as the last image in my head from this drama, especially after how they were together :/

      • 3.1.8 Betsy Hp

        Okay, yes that makes much more sense logistically.

        I’d thought Dok-mi had planned it all out, with Jin-rak’s help. But the timing was way too tight. Plus, Dok-mi isn’t an actor — she doesn’t fake her emotions well.

        So you’ve changed my mind to the much happier scenario that it really is a big misunderstanding.

      • 3.1.9 Wendilynn

        it was totally planned.

        • Wendilynn

          especially since Dok Mi was telling Enrique goodbye in the beginning of the episode.

  4. muhloy

    i still love love love Enrique’s spanish.

    even when he is talking about pooping.

    • 4.1 lily

      i died laughing, that scene is SO FUNNY.and dong hoon actually got into the car HAHAHAHA.

      • 4.1.1 emmy

        That was the funniest part of this episode.
        He was so excited like “Ok! Let’s go! Let’s go!”
        Dong-Hoon is so hilarious!

      • 4.1.2 secretlyaddicted

        The. best. part. LOL.

        And I also loved it when Enrique was so excited to hear Jinrak call him “Que-geum”. They’ve reached another level of friendship. 🙂

        • pogo

          and then him wanting in on the Jin-ran/Dong-hoon hug, poor lonely puppy.

          • Betsy Hp

            Oh, I totally heart-clenched at that moment. Someone give that boy a group hug!

  5. Nespelem

    Enrique is not the only one feeling betrayed. Why, show? You were doing so well. On the brighter side, liking Enrique’s new hair style. And the pd was, as always, awesome! Love her adorableness.

    • 5.1 Nespelem

      Oops, just realized I was repeating girlfriday sorry 🙁

      • 5.1.1 Nespelem

        After reading some of the comments, I have to agree with the people that feel dok mi’s actions at the end are given a twist that she did not intend. It’s just that Enrique looked sooo sad.

    • 5.2 Ace

      The PD has got to be one of my favorite characters in this show. I love her!

      Also, where’s the cute Japanese neighbor? I know he doesn’t really do anything to the story (and I ask dear writer why ever not?) but it’s just such a waste of the actor. He doesn’t even get a direct contact with Dok-mi.

      • 5.2.1 Nanaki

        The PD probably IS my favorite character. I don’t have conflicting feelings about her. And Dong-hoon. No conflicted feelings there either. Love them apart or together.

        Poor Ryu-chan, reduced to Plot and Product Placement Device.

        • zsa

          IKR…they should totally have their own drama…I’d pay to watch it….how can they be so freaking cute…this writer’s creativity is amazing!!!

      • 5.2.2 Kdrama_Love

        I was thinking…perhaps Kouki Mizuta who plays Watanabe perhaps chose the role to be his entrance into Korean drama. Also, adding his character may make the show more marketable to Japanese audiences.

        It was reported at the end of January 2013 that this show became the highest priced cable drama sold to Japan.

        I love this show because we have an absence of plot devices that make no sense. The characters actually communicate. There are no big secrets that get drawn out forever. There are no crazy, conniving characters that only find redemption at the shows end.

        I hope that other writers and all the stations will look at the success of this show and try to copy its positive aspects. I’m tired of being toyed around with or having high expectations for shows that ultimately bomb.

        I think the fact that this was first a webtoon was good. There was a great deal of story. Also, the screenwriter is the one who wrote the movie, “Il Mare.” I feel like she really knows her stuff. The show was so poetic and she was able to inject a lot of emotion (touching/comedic/ect) into the scenes without things going overboard.

    • 5.3 Shukmeister

      It was disappointing, when there were several other avenues they could have traveled. Man, I had really hoped they had trolled us with the preview last episode.

      Maybe there’s a KDrama code somewhere that says the writer is required to stumble near the end of the show and pick a sorry, tired trope from a droopy hat on a production company table somewhere. And I’m directing this at you, too, KofD!


      • 5.3.1 RockPaperScissors

        KofD was my first thought also when I saw this episode’s ending. So sad to see a drama take a misstep at the last 2 episodes. But I have faith that the ending scene is another fake-out and the writer has something planned besides noble idiocy.

        As far as the guy’s fashion show, it illustrates a truth I’ve come to know: You can take any guy & put a suit on him, and he cleans up well. However, it is a woman’s destiny to always run into someone she knows on the very day she decides to forgo makeup & wear her sweats.

        • Ruth

          Haha! I love it. “…it is a woman’s destiny to always run into someone she knows on the very day she decides to forgo makeup & wear her sweats.”

          So true.

      • 5.3.2 Mystisith

        I agree. And I would like not to… Let’s put it bluntly: I didn’t like this episode. The comedic moments felt forced & not subtle to me, we had a lot of repetitions (finger on forehead editor and DH pucking their lips…): Writer has lost his/her inspiration… Bleh. I’m almost sure the destination aka Happy Ending will be here but why that last minute melo?

    • 5.4 alua

      It feels… out of character for Dok-mi, but the show itself too.

      Because at least until now the show knew better – it threw us hints of things we had seen elsewhere too often, but then did something slightly different with them. Like the stalker girl, who barely got any story time (well, she’s still there and I still don’t like that story arch, but at least it’s interlaced to bring out other conflicts – that issue for DM and Enrique whether to go Spain or not – rather that completely overtaking an episode or two).

      I’m going to hope that Enrique sees right through this and confronts Dok-mi (or that Jin-rak is the good kid he is and tells Dok-mi not to lie to herself), and that they sit down and communicate and figure out together what they want to do. It’s not such a big problem they have, it’s just one that comes with (practical) complications that they have to solve together if they do want a serious stab at having a relationship. (Like Jin-rak said: Try to figure out how to do both.) It does mean that they have to be honest with their feelings first – whether they both like each other (well, we know they do) and whether do want to commit to a relationship.

      • 5.4.1 alua

        And I wonder if we are being misled though…

        I mean, even if Dok-mi planned something with Jin-rak, how would she know that the boys would hear what she’s saying? And, I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like in her character to push Enrique away by pretending to like something else. Yes, that she would gang up with Jin-rak and try to convince Enrique to go to Spain (by persuasion or something) but not by declaring that she likes Jin-rak. That just seems so… off.

        • Sue

          Thank you Alua! Somebody said what I feel. This ending did not ring true with Dok Mi or the show. I actually fast forwarded while watching it without subs, and when I saw the ending (I was surprised I understood it, 3 years of kdrama at work) I decided not to watch the episode as a whole. It felt so fake in a drama that felt so real. I’ll probably watch it next week, after the last two episodes are available. I’ll watch them all in a row. Maybe that will prevent me from throwing a shoe at the computer monitor.

        • pogo

          I agree with this – Dok-mi might try to persuade him to get away from her in other ways (not a fan of the Noble Idiot Sacrifice trope, but her), but by faking feelings for someone else? Fingers crossed that she did not set up that last conversation on purpose to be heard by Enrique *sigh*

        • alua

          @Sue and @pogo… The more I think about it (like all day today, ha!), the more I believe they were just giving us some misleading final minutes in this episode.

          For now I’m just going to trust that the show will know what to do and what not, because so far it always has.

  6. austriandramalover

    That ending -.- Why? I also thought she’s just saying that she likes Jin-Rak to get Do-Hwi to back off and then that… -.-

    That crushed look on Enriques face 🙁 *gives him a biiiig hug*

    Now it’s gonna be a week of “everything’s gonna be ok, everythings gonna be ok” which I so do not like 😀

    But how awesome was the “Enrique plays mafia guy from Italy, who speaks Spanish” sequence? Stomachache alarm^^

    And thanks for the, yet agian, awesome recap 🙂

    • 6.1 redfox

      yeah that plan and the dressing up for the plan, I was like – uh? what? that was hilarious

      • 6.1.1 lil' miss

        i love that the guys are like, “hey, well, at least now we look good” and enrique’s all “well, we’re returning the suits” and the guys are all “nope – you said you were buying them” “yeah, you said you were buying!” awesome.

  7. Lisa-Loo-Loo

    This drama warms my heart…makes me SMILE!!! My favorite scene today the one where Enrique gives Dokmi his room to sleep in. He’s so cute and so excited. I love the way Enrique’s character can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.The last scene floored me, when she says she likes Jin Rak (was the whole thing staged?). Why is running away and trying to make the other person hate you, “for their own good” always the route taken? This episode explored every emotional genre: I laughed, I cried, I got angry…it completed me.
    *side note* – totally adored Jin-rak grabbing Dokmi’s hand. I admit it I’m a wee-bit sad he’s not our hero.

  8. skelly

    Thanks for the recap – you are saving me precious hours of my life. I had the feeling in my bones that this show was going to break our hearts by taking these wonderful, quirky, well-fleshed out characters and put them through the usual kdrama rom-com plot meatgrinder.
    Why, show, why??? Of all the tropes, why noble idiocy – and in such a mean, hurtful fashion? Arrrrggh, and it is PSH/Dok-mi, so she can’t even make up for her terrible words and actions with some superlative PDA. Even though I was expecting it, I was hoping they would rise about my cranky old suspicions and prove me wrong with a twist at the end worthy of their characters. The wedding is officially off, show.

    • 8.1 skelly

      rise above. Sigh.

  9. dongsaeng killer

    awwwwww….. poor panda *hugsies*
    wae show? wae???????? you’re so much better than this!

  10. 10 ajj

    ugh..what happened to this episode.
    Never saw that coming.

  11. 11 June

    That ending – NOOOOOOO. T____T

    But I died laughing at Enrique’s “gangster talk”. His “go buy banana milk” and “go study, idiot!” sounded so threatening. xD

  12. 12 Tam Tam

    My money is that the end of this episode is a fake-out. Or so I hope, like some of the other episode endings….

  13. 13 J Wong

    Knew that was going to happen. Since the show has used this age old predictable tactic, I hope they have some new and satisfying way to resolve this problem.

    Also, I’ve been guessing the security guard is the landlord. This episode pretty much confirmed it for me.

    • 13.1 Shukmeister

      I agree about the security guard.

      (1) He’s been there long enough to leave a mark on the wall for his hat. That’s a few years of a job most people would find boring and unfulfilling.

      (2) He is waayy too invested in the lives of the tenants.

      I hope the ahjumma on the 4th floor admits to liking him before that is revealed (assuming we are correct, of course!)

      • 13.1.1 Stardust

        yeah I suspected that too!! LOL LOL

        Maybe his is the oldest one sided love, if he decided to become the security guard to protect the tenant he loves…

        LOL LOL

        • xianzhongfan

          he is the original stalker/peeping neighbour!

    • 13.2 Mystisith

      Am I the only one who frigging doesn’t care about who’s the landlord in that drama? Seriously, that plotline with the ahjussi is for a 50 eps family drama, not for a Flower Boy installment. I’m here for YSY, PSH and the other young men! get a clue, writer.
      >< Yes, I'm angry with that episode…

  14. 14 nomaden

    okay, at first I was crying for laughing so hard…and then ended in…broken hearted?? But, for the better part, at least this isn’t a 24 epi show where I would’ve just waited til the show is finished so I can avoid all the angst altogether.

  15. 15 pumpkinattack

    *Sigh* Noble idiocy here to ruin the day. xD

    Thanks for the awesome recap! 😀 ♥

  16. 16 Rashell

    I’m seriously considering breaking up with show! There is no drama staple I HATE more then noble idiocy. I will never understand how stomping on the sincere feelings of someone who loves you can be for their own good. Enrique is a grown up and even if Dok Mi didn’t agree with his decision, she should still respect him enough to allow him to make his own choices. I would have understood better her telling him she wouldn’t see him then faking liking someone else to hurt him so bad he’d leave. She of all people should know better then to inflict pain on purpose. And I will never buy the excuse that it was for his own good. There is no such thing! I hate this! HATE! Show better fix this very quickly next episode or this will kill my love for this drama.

    • 16.1 kdramapedia

      That got me, too. It’s one thing to be a noble idiot, and it’s another to be just an idiot. Her of all people should know how it feels to be betrayed by someone you care about. And for her to use Jin Rak, knowing how he feels about her is even worse. Why bring someone else into your game? Why play with two hearts? She really is no better than Do-Hwi acting this way.

      • 16.1.1 Toystar

        Oh me 2. What was that???

    • 16.2 Miss D

      I basically ran over to post what you just said. Thanks for covering the bases.

      But actually, I think my immidiate reaction went more like:


      She broke his heart. Into little panda pieces. The look on his face. Breaks my heart. Into little angry fan girl pieces.

      On a side note, however, I do love love love their failed mission. In my opponent, since they ended up sporting dashing new does, it was all very successful.

      But still Show, I won’t forgive you if you keep up this noble idiocies for long…

    • 16.3 rhienz

      hm,, i knew many people would think that the last scene was planned (Dok Mi blurt out that she like Jin Rak)…
      and people will think it just a noble idiocy)

      but i didnt think that way…
      i think that scenes weren’t planned at all…
      yes, we know that Dok Mi asked Jin Rak to help her to make Enrique go back to Spain…
      but what happened in Do Hwi house is just a coincidence,,

      actually, Dok Mi said she like Jin Rak just to make Do Hwi go away and dont go near him,, but at the same time Enrique heard all of that… so it’ll look like Dok Mi did that on purpose.

      and Jin Rak just act on impulse… when he heard Dok Mi said that she like him, he remembered right away what Dok Mi said to him at Enrique house and so he went along and took Dok Mi hands to make it look what its looked…

      so, i think its not a noble idiocy,,, its just a coincidence but at the same time make what Dok Mi wanted happen..
      the proves are:
      1. Dok Mi went to Do Hwi home wasnt planned to confess that she like Jin Rak, but to get angry at her by lying again to her…
      2. The boys went to Do Hwi house wasnt planned too…
      it just bcoz Dong Hoon went there that they know Dok Mi is there.
      3. The shock on Dok Mi’s face when she turned and knew that Enrique was there and heard what she said. her face was showing both shock and pain…

      and many2 other reasons that make me think that its not just a noble idiocy…
      and that also bcoz i believe that the writer-nim wont disappoint us…

      • 16.3.1 kdramapedia

        Even if it wasn’t planned, Dok-Mi is STILL in the wrong for going alongwith Jin-Rak. again, no better than Do-Hwi who kept running with the lie in high school just to get more friends.

        And regardless of the method, pushing someone away intentionally “for their own good is still noble idiocy.

        • Rashell

          That’s my take too. Even if it’s not a plan, which I agree that the exact scene couldn’t have been, Dok Mi knew when she let Jin Rak take her hand what that meant. And she went anyway. I’m hoping it’s all explained in the first scene of the next episode. But I’m worried that she’s going to roll with it for “his own good”. That I can’t accept.

        • Bengbeng

          Yeah, i felt that Dok-mi stooped to Do-Hwi’s level. Why can’t she be happy the Enrique chose her instead of the animation? Moreover, that location problem is soooo easily solved. I know for a fact that the animators of Disney and Pixar are scattered all over the world. We are in a digital world, dok-mi even managed to work at home for a long time without reporting in the office. Then it means the animation projects can be done even if Sola (who or whatever that is) is in Spain and Enrique is in Korea. I felt that the writers thinks the viewers are dummies and won’t know about these things. I’m sooo sad!!!

  17. 17 kdramapedia

    Yoon Shi-Yoon was BORN to wear a suit! My goodness. Best part of the episode, lol.

    As for the ending, I’ll just pretend that infuriating nonsense didn’t happen, and live in denial until Monday.

  18. 18 Abbie

    Are you kidding me show?! Seriously, you had to go there, didn’t you? You know when stuff like this happens in dramas, I can’t help thinking the writer(s) have run out of ideas. So disappointing; I was expecting more from the writers of this show, who have done well in subverting classic rom-com situations. I am PISSED!

    That being said, I am glad Dok-mi finally confronted Do-hwi, who has been a waste of a character all series long, and even when you think she should feel repentant about all the hurt she’s caused, she still ends up looking like a bitch. Still hate her.

    Glad Ryu came back for those few short scenes. Wish he had more. Am loving all the PD/Dong-hoon scenes too. Their cute together.

    My favorite part of this whole episode was the guys dressing up all fancy and putting their Plan into motion. And it failed wonderfully. HAHA!

    Gah! I’m still so mad about that ending. I’m disappointed in the writers, and, by extension, in Dok-mi. Seriously, I’m actually glad this show is ending next week. Poor, Enrique. Yoon Shi-yoon sells the hurt so well. He’s an amazing actor and my heart goes out to Enrique. Now I just want him to be happy!

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  19. 19 anvesha

    I am pretty sure that what Dok-Mi was talking about liking Jin Rak as a person. I also think that she went to confront Do Hwi to look out for Jin Rak, and not to ‘show’ her feelings for him. It just happened that way. I really hope that.

    Also, really drama? I was so happy that we didn’t have noble idiocy in the drama. It has handled so well in the early part of the epi…

    • 19.1 lily

      they probably introduced the stalker girl to focus our hate on her instead of do hwi. maybe jin rak and do hwi ARE going to end up together 🙁

    • 19.2 Gidget

      I’m hoping the same thing too. But why would she have to do it? Jin Rak is a big boy and has told Do Hwi off plenty of times all on his own. They haven’t portrayed it like he’s somehow threatened by her.

  20. 20 Nanaki

    Last minute actually made me shriek. AND WE WERE DOING SO WELL. Dammit, K-drama, every single time! I was so relieved when Dok-mi was fine after the graffiti incident. I thought you were above this, Show. I was disappointed in myself for not believing in you. @%$!%!!!

    I loved the pointless modelling sequence. I get the frumpy fashion we’ve got goin’ on is suited to the characters and everything but I haven’t quite managed to block out the knowledge that two main boys clean up ridiculously well. Loved it. Cue ‘Sharp-dressed Man’.

  21. 21 hana

    thanks for recap…………………….

  22. 22 eunice

    come on people..im sure she’s referring to jinrok as a person not romantically.. she’s finally got the courage to confront people..let’s just support her hahaha

  23. 23 SopheaJane

    What I hope is Que Guem to really read Dok Mi heart and know that what she did is a lie.. This is what I hate about a drama who have an early good plot.. Shivers me every time to wait for the new episodes. Would the ending be sucks? I wonder… I hope next episode will mend it all.. just to more.. please drama God.. Dont ruin these beautifully written drama into a typical one… 🙁

    • 23.1 Thursdaynexxt

      yes, can’t QueGeum just place his finger on Dok-mi’s forehead and read her true thoughts?

  24. 24 dayoldbagel

    a re-post of a post i made on soompi…

    It seems pretty clear to me that what happened at the end of this episode wasn’t something that was planned by DM and JR. DM asked JR to help her get E to leave, probably just in a general asking for help kind of way without any concrete plan in place, and so JR saw this as an opportunity to do just that – trying to help DM out and also maybe still hoping that without E in the picture he’ll have a chance with her. As for DM, she of course was just saying that she cares about JR as a friend and doesn’t want to see him possibly being emotionally manipulated by DW…her saying that DW shouldn’t use emotions to manipulate others and that a person’s heart shouldn’t be toyed with makes it clear to me that she didn’t plan this because if she did then that would mean that she too was emotionally manipulating somebody – though of course the circumstances and intent are much different, but that fact would still remain. Also she looked surprised and hurt upon seeing that E overheard their conversation (though i guess only the surprised part matters here… since she would have had a pained expression on her face regardless, since even if it was planned she still would have been hurting somebody that she loves). Also, if they planned it then why would JR have done the whole steal hyung’s car plan right before he was supposed to show up with E in front of DW’s? Of course they couldn’t have been sure that DW would even have been home and DM going over to talk to her seems like something that she did because of what E told her earlier that day which happened after she asked JR for help. They couldn’t even have been sure about how DW would react to DM’s words, that she would react with anger and demand to know what right DM has to tell her to back off and ask if she likes JR – of course she wouldn’t necessarily have to ask DM if she likes JR in order for the supposed plan to work, but there are many ways that she could have reacted that wouldn’t have lent themselves to the plan nearly as well. The whole pan of course would have been really insensitive to JR too so i don’t think that it’s something that she would have come up with…i also doubt that it’s something that JR would have come up with and even if he did i doubt that DM would have accepted it. None of this adds up to it being planned.

    • 24.1 ks

      I really like your theory and I think it actually makes total sense. DM wouldn’t be the kind of person to use JR to hurt Enrique. But I’m only hoping this because I want DM and JR to get together (however futile my hope may be 🙂

      On the other hand, this was such a funny episode. I laughed out loud on the part about the plan to steal JK’s brother’s car. Hilarious. Those three makes such a fun trio. I also think that Enrique should sport that hairdo from the beginning – I think it makes him look more mature and manly.

      In the end, my favorite characters are actually Dong-Hoon and the PD – love love love those two!!

    • 24.2 yohan lei

      yes, i agree with you…DM just doen’t want DW to manipulate JR who to her was a good person…she only like JR as a good friend…nothing romantic about it…hope E could read DM’s heart…awwww!

    • 24.3 sparklyaria

      I rewatched the ending after I had gotten over the shock and read your comments. I think I agree with you. She looks shocked when and hurt when she sees Enrique standing there. She doesn’t look at anyone else but him and they are just caught in that moment. When she looks down you can see that she is processing it and trying to find the right words until Jin-Rak steps in front of her. By taking her wrist he pulls her attention away. I think Jin-Rak just used it as the opportunity to try to help her because the moment presented itself. I don’t think it was planned either. I can’t see either Jin-Rak or Dok-Mi coming up with this plan because they both know what it is it like being used and manipulated. I am hoping next week they can pull this out and take that hurt look off of both Dok-Mi and Enrique’s faces.

    • 24.4 Nauna

      I have to agree with you. It just goes completely against DM’s character for that to have been planned. Your reasoning just makes so much more sense. And we have been fooled by episode ending scenes with this drama before. They are not always what they first appear to be!

    • 24.5 Maris

      I agree with you there. It is definitely not planned or preconceived. There was nothing beyond a much needed talk between DM and DH. It unfortunately for everyone concerned that it turned out the way it did. I am a little surprised to see that E took her statement of liking JR to mean other than that for a friend. Just goes to show how deeply his emotions are involved.
      I am positive that this particular misunderstanding will be cleared in case of all parties concerned in the very next episode. This has been yet another point of beauty of this drama that people talk, resolve and there is no unnecessary dragging of an issue or over dramatization.
      For me the drama is taking its natural course with all the characters staying true to who they are with many layers just like in real life. Getting hurt, hurting others wether intentional or unintentional, being happy, making others happy…….is part and parcel of forming emotional attachments in life. All the characters in the drama are so well written and acted that I feel as if I am part of their lives closely experiencing what they are undergoing. Just Love them.

    • 24.6 pogo

      yeah, I don’t actually think that particular moment was staged either, and I hope you’re right. *sigh*

  25. 25 Stardust

    I had forgotten about what I saw on last week’s preview so I was too, thrown for a loop at first going…
    – WAD?! The first time a 2nd lead gets the girl?! But but there is no spark in their eyes now…
    – Then the flashback zapped me back right into noble idiot territory BLEH….

    I love this drama to bits… I will forgive you drama, give me a good resolved ending next week please.

    Thanks for recap hehehehe

    One more thing I really really love the way the scene where Dok mi and Jin rak spoke looking at their back views, but seeing their expressions in the reflected glass… sooo lovely… and tricky since the camera etc must not be seen… =))

  26. 26 dumzkee

    tsk. i’m hoping enrique will see through that act and scold them for trying to attempt such farce-noble-idiot-cliche stuff! tsk.iknewitiknewit!! *sigh*

    and here i was rolling on the floor with the mafia scene, then end up going “whut? huh?! yaaargh!” way to go burst the bubble. aaand then will wait another week to hope for a fake out!? and it’s the last 2 episodes, too. i just hope the it will give me episodes that will totally and completely erase this sad,sad scene! aigooaigoo! *beats chest*

  27. 27 Rockyroad


    thank you dramabeans

  28. 28 haha

    I don’t think she planned it. Like she asked and thought of it but she didn’t know if they’d come or settle the whole timing that is…..
    The shock in her eyes, you can tell what she said wasn’t meant for Enrique to hear….

    • 28.1 owl

      true. Can’t “like him” mean just that without romance attached, or is that where this show is at and it has to mean in a relationship way??

      And the fact that Jin rak and Enrique “hang” together – just doesn’t work when the both like the same person, hello~do they not know this??

      • 28.1.1 pogo

        yeah, but I guess without the context it’s easy for someone to misunderstand and think Dok-mi’s talking about a non-platonic liking of Jin-rak…

        (and I know hanging together may not work if they like the same girl, but I kind of appreciate that Jin-rak and Enrique try, ha)

    • 28.2 Stardust

      hmmm that could be true too… but Jin Rak could have messaged her to let her know they are coming back on the bus already… But of cos how the conversation will transpire isn’t something Dok mi can plan…right? She is not so devious right? X.X

      So if it wasn’t a plan of noble idiocy, or whether is is noble idiocy at all:

      We are all forgetting about how Dok mi actually really,truly feels… In our desire that the cute Enrique not be harmed, we forgotten to ask what it is our heroine wants in HER life…

      Does she LOVE Enrique back? He is falling in love with her, and she is fond of him, but actually other than luke warm one sided hugs and awkward passionless chaste kisses, I can’t really see her loving him back…not yet anyway… until she loves herself, to get to know what she herself wants, she is not capable yet to love another person… She told him so… Its very realistic and so undrama like that I think I forgotten about thats how real life really is… not candy and kisses…

      How would YOU feel if a guy says he loves you, but no matter how good he is, you don’t feel quite the same way, and if you are standing in the way of his future or his dreams, would you want to hold him back? Esp if it may become a burden in future… “Hey I gave up my dreams for you! ”

      At first glance it may seem romantic but I wouldn’t want that on my conscience…

      • 28.2.1 yammy

        I agree with you, we have to take account of Dokmi’s thoughts. It makes sense that she would be reluctant to take the big step of embracing Enrique’s love if she believes she doesn’t know how to love. Throw in the fact that she would be indirectly cutting Enrique from his dream, and noble idiocy becomes less idiotic and more reasonable.

        On the bright side, I first did not recognize enrique in his gelled hair and suit combo. And then after realizing it was him, I practically drooled at Enrique in his suit and hair gelled.

  29. 29 Maris

    Am I watching the same scene or did I miss out on something when watching the conversation between DM and DH. I did not feel at any single moment that this was a planned scenario between JR and DM.
    1. DM came to have a talk with DH on her own without anyone else knowing about it. When she found out about the real reason from E. she was hurt by it and came for a closure between them and to let DM know that she knows her real intentions and will not be taken in by her lies and attempts to be friends again. DM did say that she liked JR but it was clearly meant as a friend. She felt that JR was too good a person for someone to be next to him for the wrong reasons.
    2. Yes, she did ask help from JR to convince E to leave for Spain. She did overhear E telling JR his choosing DM over his dream but there was no plan to go this route. It was JR’s own spur of the moment decision to do it….with what intentions we have yet to know.
    3. It is not in DM’s nature to go round about way in anything. Throughout no matter how difficult she has always done the correct thing and has been open in her dealings with everyone. This sort of thing is not part of her.
    4. She was equally stunned by how everything turned around and could not react in time before JR took her away.
    This is my understanding of the scene that resulted with both DM and E in great pain.

    • 29.1 Maris

      Oh yes, JR did not even know that DM was with DH until DG told them. That information made both Jr and E rush to DM’ s apartment. So clearly nothing was planned.

      • 29.1.1 dayoldbagel

        Unless it was some act put on by him that conveniently ended up working out, but i doubt that…and like you said, DM went to DW because of what E told her earlier that day, which was after she asked JR for help…so this couldn’t have been planned since DM wasn’t even aware of the info that she confronted DW with.

    • 29.2 yohan lei

      awww…you are so right. that’s the way i see it too. lol

    • 29.3 Fangy

      That’s how I interprete it too. LOL.

      After watching this drama for so long, I’ve a strange faith that the writers are just pulling our legs into thinking Dok-mi actually planned a noble idoicy show for Enrique to witness.

      Maybe next episode, it will reveal further that Jin-rak turned down her request? Him leading her away it’s just to avoid the akwardness?

    • 29.4 pogo

      yeah, I think criticism of Dok-mi for failing to react in time to prevent Jin-rak from taking her away and Enrique from misunderstanding might be a little bit excessive until we know for sure whether this particular thing was planned or not (I think not)

  30. 30 kles

    I must say that the 3 leads are really winning in this series… Yoon Shi Yoon especially, LOve LOVE LOVE!!! I watched a few eps of baker king, but didn’t like the show, haven’t watched YSY in anything else. Grumble about the ending of this ep though, I was thinking about 2 eps ago that the writer would have to come up with some separation before the ending, but this is a bit too predictable. Poor Panda!!!

    • 30.1 Lizzy4e

      Watch Me Too Flower. Yoon Si Yoon is the lead.

      I could see traces of Enrique in the M2F character, Jae Hee, but it is less giddy and more nuanced.

      I prefer YSY’s Jae Hee over his Enrique. (Jae Hee most childlike behavior is a scene with earmuffs, nothing on the scale of a panda costume)
      Actually after spending the weekend watching Me Too Flower I was a bit embarrassed for YSY to see him in a panda costume this week. I guess it is all about stay true to the character.

      He is a strong and charismatic actor with a great range of emotion.

      • 30.1.1 Lizzy4e

        Alright, I take back what I said about being a bit embarrassed re: the panda costume. Just saw YSY doing a dance in a bee costume and it was cute as hell.


      • 30.1.2 Shukmeister

        I marathoned M2F last week and thought both YSY and Ji Ah did an excellent job. And the kisses just proved he can deliver swoon-worthiness if they give him the chance!

  31. 31 owl

    AAcchhkk!! I wanted to rave and gush about the Flower Boys In Suits cuz they sure were purty! Burn your sweats, Jin Rak, you are a suit man, baby 🙂

    But alas, the ending was so very everything wrong.

    I just don’t know anymore.

    • 31.1 Thursdaynexxt

      Hee hee! Those Boyz in Black were just awesome – loved gf’s first screencap!! *squeeee*

      (reminds me of YSY’s fashion in Me Too, Flower…I know I keep harping on about it, but YSY has great suits and coats there too – although the less said about his hairstyle there, the better!)

    • 31.2 pogo

      Yeah, to go from the cracky awesomeness of the way Enrique started out wearing that hair, to the absolute GUTTED way he looks at the end……ouch.

      I’ll just take a break from all the heartbreak to appreciate Enrique’s wardrobe, he’s been working some seriously nice coats and cute cardigans all through this drama – all the panda hats and ahjumma trousers in the world cannot take away from the fact that he seriously rocks the outerwear.

      (and yeah, Jin-rak is a suit man for sure)

  32. 32 Enriqueforever

    Did anyone see the preview? I hope the scenes with Dok Mi knocking on his door with the panda hat and stuff would be towards the end and after all that mess!

  33. 33 sally_b

    Thanks for the recap ~ ❤

    Random thoughts:

    * I think it’s a testament to the writer’s skill – that I / we have been faked out (in the good way) on more than one occasion…like the graffiti-threat door painting.

    Dok Mi didn’t crumble to ashes over that — and thus, I do not presume that Enrique will be damaged-beyond-repair either. It gives rise to the opportunity for Dok Mi to become the pursuer…and that’s a GOOD thing.

    * Jin Rak continues to be the guy that-does-all-the-right-things — and so, is doomed to be forever-alone. 2nd leads, you break my heart everytime.

    * 3rd lead – Dong Hoon being served dumplings by a panda-eyed PD. priceless.

    * Do Hwi gets a verbal *ss-whoopin. nicely done.

    * Enrique wears the most absurd goatee in the history of rom-coms…really. It looked like he scruffed the heel of his shoe onto his chin. Lol.

    * Why does Dong Hoon keep sticking his butt out as a High-Fashion pose? …and why do I laugh like a little kid when he does? 😉

    * stalker girl storyline needs to completely end in the first ten minutes of the next episode. With only two more to go – please send her to Tae Joon’s island. thank you.

    nnnrggg. another week’s wait. will miss this leisurely love story ~ ~ ~~

    • 33.1 Mystisith

      That modelling scene with the suits (out of the blue, if I may say): Again, as much as I find them smexy, it’s DEJA VU. How many copy & paste scenes in that episode? *Still upset against writer.* This is why the ratings are average.

    • 33.2 pogo

      ahahaha that goatee! It’s the fakest-looking goatee in the history of goatees, even if the comedy of seeing Enrique with the suave hairdo is completely broken by the expression he’s got on his face at the end.

      I agree that stalker girl storyline needs to go to Tae-joon’s island, hell I’d take Tae-joon coming back over her.

      • 33.2.1 Maris

        I liked The gentle, soft Taejoon. Don’t you think he is way too nice to be bracketed in the same sentence as the stalker girl?
        You are so right about E though. 🙂 just thinking of that scenario brings a smile.

        • pogo

          lol I know I’m being too harsh on Tae-joon, I like to think he’s off in the army and using his weekly outgoing calls to have an angsty no-we-can’t angsty long-distance romance with Seo-young.

          • Maris

            Not Seo-yong please 🙁 although she is better than the stalker girl you mentioned. The gentle Doctor is too good for her. What do you say to him treating his patients and just having a relaxing time with Hippo instead of the girls you mentioned. 🙂

          • pogo

            Maris – I’m down with single Tae-joon hanging out with Hippo too 🙂

          • Maris

            That’s a done deal from my side and if I may say so a fitting happy end to Taejon’s story. 🙂
            Now, i wonder what’s it going to be for the rest. Do they end up happy too?

    • 33.3 owl

      Only Enrique could pull that off – it would have been totally unacceptable played by anyone else! “most absurd goatee in the history of rom-com” what can I say ? The hair, the “cigar” and the Italian mafia conversation (poo) in Spahish with Jin-rak’s bro (Jin rak, btw, got all the goods in THAT family – ha!) That was a writers/producers/actors moment that all came together like crack~

  34. 34 Aya

    I still believe that dok-mi said the words just to get on do-hwi.. While, jin-rak is assuming she’s doing what she planned to do when she asked him for help (hench the flashback).. O please

  35. 35 pepero

    Thanks for the recap, it was great to read as usual.

    About the ending, I really don’t think that Dok Mi planned for him to hear about her liking Jin Rak. How could anyone have planned for the whole scene to play out the way it did, anyways?

    So I do think that she meant to tell Do Hwi that she liked him for who he is, as a friend, but unfortunately Enrique heard it and totally misunderstood.

    And although she had wanted Jin Rak to help her so that he could leave, I believe that they probably wouldn’t have put anything into action if it wasn’t for this unfortunate event. Also, I think this was Jin Rak acting on his own, believing that this was how he could help her.

    Dok Mi understands the pain of heartbreak and being misunderstood, so I doubt that she would put the one person she loves through all that. I am thinking that she was equally as shocked when she saw the boys behind her and was just dragged along with Jin Rak because she couldn’t do anything else at that moment in time.

    Ah, I can’t wait for Monday to see how this plays out! Here’s to hoping that Enrique will not misunderstand for too long and that Dok Mi will actually clarify instead of clamming up. Because if she does do that, then I swear, I will stone the writer for not understanding the character that she created and totally killing the drama for us!

    • 35.1 skelly

      Hmmm. Whether planned or unplanned, she did let the scene play out. She could have backed out of the statement, or made it clearer once she knew she had an audience. But instead she went with it and she DID intentionally hurt Enrique’s feelings. That girl, in some ways she is one cold fish.

      • 35.1.1 pogo

        I don’t know whether it’s her being a cold fish or just her being shocked and unable to react in time (we’ve seen that happen to her before)

        SO not a fan of the ending though. And not just because Enrique’s hurt face is a devastating sight.

    • 35.2 pogo

      I hope to goodness it’s a misunderstanding too and not deliberate on Dok-mi’s part, not that I’m a big fan of the misunderstanding trope either but it beats her deliberately pushing Enrique away (oh damn it drama, you were almost perfect and then you had to go and pull this?)

  36. 36 yohan lei

    thanks for the recap GF…till next week.:)

  37. 37 altair

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  38. 38 doel

    Ep13 has been awesome for me. Good writing.

  39. 39 Pakykul Gunk

    I finish reading with “Oh Nooooooooo” too!

  40. 40 moonsshi

    Thank you com enters for restoring my faith in this show! It’s gotta be a misunderstanding. DM couldn’t preach to DH about honesty and not toying with people’s emotions just to turn around and stab Enrique in the back.

    I just hope the fake-out is as good as Jin-Rak trying to chase after the car…heh heh.

  41. 41 eeeeek

    yoonshiyoon <3!

  42. 42 omoooo

    Ooh my heartbreak. :(((((((( I don’t think I can watch it yet, I trust the recaps more bahaha. But yes, along with everyone, I don’t think Dok-mi can do that to Kke-Geum deliberately.

    I’ll live in denial for a while and actually watch this episode when the next one is already up. I can’t stab my heart and wait for days to have it healed <3 Thanks for the recaps!!

  43. 43 k-soup

    oh my.. what a heart breaking scene. Can we all just pretend that this episode didn’t happen? I need 6 more episodes!

  44. 44 coby

    I cursed Dokmi…
    Thanks for the recap.

  45. 45 eternalfive

    Why, Dok-mi?! More importantly, WHY, DRAMA?! How can you purposely crush the heart of a man who says things like “the person standing in front of you now is just a man who’s fallen in love”?!?!?!? Owww, Enrique’s reaction at the end just killed me. :'( I’m hoping with all my heart that this is just another fake-out, because if it isn’t…well, then not only will the drama have ruined itself with the oldest, most stupidest kdrama trope ever, but it would have also used it in the most unrealistic way possible. Please be a fake-out, pleaaase be a fake-out. =\

    Oh another note, I completely died laughing during the first half of the ep. And I want more Enrique/Jin-rak scenes where Enrique’s being the annoying dongsaeng and Jin-rak’s being the frustrated hyung! So cute.

    • 45.1 pogo

      I knowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! Enrique’s been the adorable puppy all along but I love the intensity that Dok-mi brings out in him – we saw it earlier when they argued, and right before he kissed her – and when he said that to her I’m pretty sure I swooned.

      I did love all the crack this episode (and Yoon Shi-yoon looks SO GOOD with the different hair, a lot like Lee Jun-ki actually), but the whole make-him-leave plan Dok-mi cooked up is just so Typical Kdrama Cliche when the drama itself has been everything but. I do love that she spoke her mind to Do-hwi, but I am not a fan of the let’s-lie-to-Enrique plot twist, and not just because watching his face like that CRUSHED me.

  46. 46 Gidget

    Last episode I almost posted a comment, but thought I was overreacting after reading the recap. I wanted to say:

    Show, show, show. You go to your room right now and think long and hard about what you just did.

    I guess what’s really bothering me about it, is that the show got me invested by being a wonderfully paced artful exposition on the characters and their relationships. It took us along as it explored how their budding relationships will help them evolve and grow. But over the past 3 episodes the show — for some unfathomable reason — morphed into son-of-FBND. It’s grafted in unrealistic manufactured conflict and madcap comedic elements that don’t advance the story in an organic way. They keep breaking my suspension of disbelief which makes the show’s world seem much less real. The recent episodes have started to seem more like a collection of delightful scenes, rather than the unfolding of a believable story.

    All that said, still love, love, love the actors. They’re doing a ridiculously good job. What’s really stood out to me is how many risks YSY has taken in creating his character paired with how much layered emotional nuance he has the ability to create. Just when you think you’ve seen his range, he gives you more. He’s such a gutsy actor.

    • 46.1 Thursdaynexxt

      I know what you mean, the show’s lost some of its cohesion for me too, and some moments felt a bit manufactured (except the Boyz in Suits montage – luvved it!)

      In Ep 13’s panda suit dance, for example. I love YSY’s aegyo – any time, any place! – but scenes like that felt like a bit of a time-filler, and I was wishing they’d stop beating about the bush when there’s so many things to ferret out. Funny I don’t feel like that about any of the Dong-hoon & PD sequences, though!

      Heaved a Big Sigh at the episode ending, but looking on the bright side, it’ll give YSY a chance to show what a seriously good actor he is!

    • 46.2 Mystisith

      Completely agree with you about the loss of steam in the narrative department. The show is like caricaturing itself now. If I wasn’t attached to the actors I would have dropped it, I think. To be honest, I want to see YSY in his next drama/movie already. Not a good sign…

      • 46.2.1 owl

        I’m most attached to editor gal – so lethal with those weapon chopsticks -haha, but pulled herself together for the sake of her new found civility – haha at least she is trying to work on her public delivery, which is more than I can say for most folks!

        • Gidget

          Agree. That was funny. She’s the only character they seem to be developing anymore.

      • 46.2.2 Gidget

        Exactly how I feel. I’ve become more interested in the actors and their next works than the world they’ve created.

        I won’t do this quote justice, but someone on this site (JB?GF?) explained that the best ending to a drama is when the door gently closes, leaving you believing that its world carries on behind it. I can’t believe that world exists anymore. The drama seems to be showboating the talents of the actors rather than advancing the story in a believable way.

        Didn’t the modeling bits seem to send an obvious wink at Zoolander? And, I’m sorry, I can’t get behind the potty talk and sausage/cigar bit. The slang references for smoking a sausage are too vulgar for me to want to see in a drama. For me that was a complete RomCom buzzkill!

        • Geurae

          I think the smoking sausage bit wasn’t meant to be carried out as vulgar. I didn’t see it that way, at least. I was chuckling at smoking a sausage as cooking it, not as something vulgar like I think.. you… Did… (?)

          • Gidget

            Ohhhh. What a relief! I’m new to the world of Kdramas and didn’t even think about the Korean love of word-play. Knew there was a love of puns but didn’t know it went beyond that. Classic example of how two different cultures will have REALLY different interpretations of the same event. Unfortunately the culture of So.Cal. was my frame of reference. It can be unbelievably crude.

            Thanks for responding. Its good to know Kdramas aren’t brazenly headed down the same path our entertainment industry has followed.

            *angel choir singing… faith restored*

  47. 47 abby

    Are there more spanish language here? Because I died when E said “QUIERO CAGAR!”. Literaly I don’t think “pooping” made it justice, when I KNOW that is just putting it in nice words. (the most accurate was “shit”, I think). Seriously, I died when I heard him.

    • 47.1 mandicg

      jajajajaja I laughed soooo hard when he said that!! thought I was the only one who noticed! you’re right it literally means “I want to shit” naughty Enrique jajajaja

  48. 48 KDrama Fan

    Why not this ending to this episode? It’s nice to have thorns on roses then be able to strip away those thorns.

  49. 49 maxzzr

    Thank you for all your hard work. I’m enjoying this series a lot. I did feel bad but honestly I’m not surprised and everything will be resolved soon enough

  50. 50 kkegeum-lover

    I do agree with your comment GF Eonnie 🙁
    Why do she has to do that painfull things just to push hum back ti Spain??
    Really dissapointing for me then
    It’s hurting to see the heartbroken-guy Enrique oppa 🙁
    Hoping for the great ending
    Passionate kisssuuu maybe??? LOL :*

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