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Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 15
by | February 25, 2013 | 141 Comments

There’s a nice thread running through the episode of trading places and moving forward to a place of emotional understanding, which also gives us a really cute bit of Enrique-Dok-mi table-turning. The episode is almost worth it just for that adorableness alone. There are some things that bog it down, like the seemingly endless circle of arguing the same point without any movement, but ultimately we do take a step forward. Only one more episode to tie things up and give us our Happily Ever After!


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EPISODE 15: “Sometimes Love Wants a Long Road”

We resume with That Dreaded Scene, which had me muttering curses all week, though I entertained just enough doubt that the show would pull a reversal to keep hope alive. Enrique’s face falls to hear Dok-mi declare that she likes Jin-rak. *Shatter* Sound of a puppy getting his heart stomped on.

Dok-mi looks genuinely surprised to see they’ve attracted an audience, which suggests she didn’t intend for her words to go heard by anybody other than Do-hwi. But Jin-rak takes her by the hand and leads her away, like he’s the boyfriend stepping in.

Dok-mi pulls out of his grasp as soon as they’re outside and says she’s sorry for the scene. Ah, a flashback to last night shows us a bit more of their conversation: While she had asked Jin-rak for help in pushing Enrique away (nobly, stupidly, for his own good and all), he hadn’t agreed. In fact, he’d been the one to urge her not to lie and to go to Enrique anyway.

Still, the timing today had been too perfect to pass up, and he’d done it to comply with her request. But he sees how torn up she is about it and says sadly, “You can’t be with me, even as a lie, can you?” Her admission that Jin-rak is a good man is as hurtful as anything because it makes him think he might have had a shot, and now he’s cut up with regret over losing that chance.

“Leave,” he requests, “so I can give up on you.” And if she finds she can’t go to Spain, then ask Enrique to stay here.

That’s when Enrique steps in to pull Dok-mi away. Another flashback to last night jumps a few moments back—what is this, Flower Boy Memento all of a sudden?—to show that Enrique had been awake as the other two had talked.

Dok-mi had admitted that she didn’t feel confident that she could be with Enrique and not feel guilty as the cause for his lost dreams. Jin-rak had encouraged her to focus on Enrique, and not invite all this pain. At least someone’s talking sense up in this hizzy. Even if nobody’s listening.

Enrique had let them talk while he feigned sleep, thinking, “Those two sure are alike.”

Now he goes back to confront Jin-rak, saying that he’s so fixated on Dok-mi right now that he has no mental space to have a care for Jin-rak’s pain. Jin-rak takes umbrage to his wording and bites back, “Don’t tell me you know my pain.” Aw, that’s one bromance shattered. Those things fix with superglue, right?

Dok-mi waits for Enrique at his place, and sees the text that pops up from Seo-young. She heard the latest round of gossip upon landing in Spain and urges him to come back home and stick with his dream. As a word of warning, she adds that his feeling for Dok-mi may not be love; don’t confuse that with pity.

Ouch. But it’s not something Dok-mi can dismiss, because it jibes with what she knows of him from editing his book: that he’s unable to turn a blind eye to those who are hurt or emotionally locked up.

Thus when Enrique joins her, offering her tentative smiles and jokes, she hardens up and gives him her answer: She won’t go to Spain.

He deflates, then decides he’ll stay then, which is missing her point. They argue back and forth (and back and forth) about how she should stop pushing him away, how he should not give up his dream, how she’s lying about her feelings, how he’s confusing love with pity, how she should know better than think that of him, how she never asked him to stay…

It’s one long circular argument, and it’s both sad to watch and a little bit aggravating.

Dok-mi adds that she has to learn how to like herself more, and that she’s only just started the process. But being with him and feeling self-doubt for ruining his dream just takes her right back to her old self, and she doesn’t want him putting her in that position of feeling pathetic.

Enrique asks her to state what it is she does want. She fires back, “I don’t have faith in someone who said once that he was leaving.” Ouch. And also, isn’t the important thing that he stayed?

After another round of confirming that she means it, no really she means it (seriously, it’s the world’s saddest merry-go-round), Enrique accepts her answer with heavy heart and crushed spirit.

It’s only after she leaves that he sees the texts from Seo-young and figures that Dok-mi read them.

Dok-mi heads home and asks herself, “What did you just do?” Funny, I’m asking the same thing. That was a frustrating fifteen minutes.

Dong-hoon remains behind to talk with Do-hwi, whose side he’s always supported when others had been against her. But even he tells her that he was wrong to have liked her for not being a nice person (as in, her meanness was honest), because he doesn’t like people who use others, or who toy with people’s emotions.

Dong-hoon informs Do-hwi that she’s got the wrong idea about Jin-rak’s wealth, because he’s cut himself off from it. He suggests that she move on to her next target, and to keep her gold-diggery motivations from being discovered with him.

That night, Dok-mi peeks out her window across the way, catching a glimpse of Enrique standing there by his curtain. He keeps his head dejectedly down, and both of them pull their curtains shut.

In the morning, Enrique shows up at Jin-rak’s door to take him someplace to “take care of” a matter. Which turns out to be taking a “confirmation photo” together, proving to fans that there’s no bad blood between the two. Okay, that’s sweet. To make it more credible, they’re doing it at the PD’s office, and she’s only too glad to have the famous, handsome Enrique dropping by.

Enrique explains that Jin-rak came up with his idea in high school and didn’t plagiarize: “But he acts so so so slowly in everything… Really slooooowly…” Haha. It IS in character.

Afterward, Jin-rak asks if Enrique is going away, and that spurs Enrique to ask, “Do you know this? You and ajumma are really alike. I have no desire to leave, but why do you keep asking me to?”

Jin-rak: “Because I’ve [we’ve] never received love. Because I’ve only been rejected from a young age. Because I was always alone. The reason I spent three years simply looking from afar and the reason Dok-mi hid in her room are probably the same.”

Enrique says he’s decided to do as Dok-mi requests, which sparks Jin-rak’s temper (even more)—how dare he leave when he should know why Dok-mi’s acting this way. She’s pushing him away because Enrique left her feeling abandoned the first time.

Enrique counters that he would have stayed if she’d asked him: “Why do she and you make things so complicated? Why can’t you just say what you want to say?”

Jin-rak rages, “What do you know?!” And punches him in the face. Yikes. Both he and Enrique realize belatedly that he must’ve been itching to do that for a while now, deep down.

The fourth floor ajumma has finally started to warm up to the security guard ajusshi, which is cute I guess. I’m still not sure what this storyline’s purpose is, but today we get confirmation that he is, indeed, the building’s mysterious owner. He’s outed by authorities who drop by to take him away for investigation regarding the building, despite his best attempts to shush them.

Hearing the news, Jin-rak thinks back to the day he signed his apartment lease. Ha, now we see that the owner (Mr. Security Guard) had been present, with his face hidden behind sunglasses and a bandanna. This plot is going somewhere, right?

As Enrique broods at home, he sighs that now he understands how difficult it is to be understanding and to not be able to do certain things in life no matter how much you love a person.
Ooh. He used the l-word.

With this newfound realization, Enrique heads next door to tackle the situation in typical Ke-geum style: By dressing up as Inspector Gadget and addressing Dok-mi formally as a teacher he is here to learn from. The lesson: How to live as a shut-in.

In character as the shrewd scientist, Enrique inspects her apartment for clues on all the requisite hermit accoutrements, explaining that he is going to put himself in her shoes because she doesn’t appear to be able to understand his feelings at all. If he puts himself in her mindset, maybe he’ll know why.

He doesn’t break character even as Dok-mi, watching with a mixture of exasperation and annoyance, apologizes for speaking harshly the other day. She has to insist multiple times that she’s sorry, and then he turns to “analyze” her behavior.

Magnifying glass up, eyes narrowed, he guesses that she read Seo-young’s text message, and that she was looking over their coupley photos, and that made her angry. Which means… she was jealous.

Dok-mi’s taken aback that he guessed the reason behind her reaction so shrewdly, but she’s not ready to acknowledge the jealousy part yet. He wonders why she can’t just ask him to stay, but at her continued silence he sighs that he’ll just have to be a shut-in then. Off he goes to wear Dok-mi’s shoes. Figuratively.

That night Dok-mi adds to her “That Man” file:

I try following that man’s way of laughing. I try seeing the world through that man’s eyes. I try thinking with that man’s feelings. To that man, love is seeing with both people’s eyes and feeling with both hearts, seeing the world more deeply.”

The next day, Enrique loafs around home all day, playing games, reading comics, and going bored out of his mind. The doorbell rings, and the sight of Dok-mi through the peephole has him utterly confounded. Her… here… why?

Dok-mi impatiently rings his bell over and over, which is a super cute reversal. She even tries to give his door a mighty kick but can’t quite go that far in her Enrique impersonation (she taps the floor lightly instead). Omg, she even has a face mask similar to his, which she busts out to fake illness, coughing conspicuously.

Enrique is tempted to open up, but he swats his hand from the doorknob, willing himself to stay strong and not cave in to her tactics. Aw. This is adorable.

Out comes the panda hat next, but still he remains resolute and unresponsive. She eventually gets him to open the door by saying she left behind an important manuscript… which he passes through the tiniest crack in the door.

Finally she turns away with a sigh, realizing, “So that’s what it feels like, waiting in front of the door that doesn’t open and just turning away.”

Though I was initially confused as to why Enrique wouldn’t open up, it starts to make sense the longer the role reversal goes on, because he’s learning by playing her part. Giving in right away, Enrique-style, wouldn’t be very illuminating. And as a side effect, his role-playing proves equally enlightening for her.

Next Dok-mi tracks Enrique down to an appointment at his 4-D movie theater, and now it’s her turn to read his mind while he’s the one freaked out at the telepathy.

They watch a move together, separated by a whole aisle of seats, each of them huddled on their side. Enrique shoots a look over, then inches his butt one seat over. And then two seats. Cuddletimes. Gah, he is too cute.

By dinner, the mood is much better and Dok-mi is ready to make her confession: She was jealous, and it was her reaction that clued her in to how much she must like him. She’d spoken out of anger, and it’s a first for her getting that mad at anybody. (He corrects her, saying she always gets mad at him. Ha.) Furthermore, she was afraid he’d grow to dislike her when her feelings had grown so much.

Enrique’s admission of feeling jealous of Jin-rak is a lot less surprising, since his petty rivalry has always been obvious. He does concede that Jin-rak seems like a pretty awesome guy, and says that it felt like he was working through his feelings and trying to get over them.

Dok-mi promises not to react that way anymore, and if their role swap has shown her something it’s that being unable to see him was the worst feeling. All that other stuff pales in comparison.

Enrique does warn her that he won’t take her side blindly in the future, because he doesn’t regret pushing her to see the other side of things, such as when he urged her to consider Do-hwi’s feelings. But he encourages her to get angry and fight, because retreating and hiding makes the other person feel worse. He promises to be the one person for her who doesn’t change.

Their food reminds them of their seaside trip, and it gives them the brainwave to go on a new trip together.

The webtoon PD drags Dong-hoon to buy the same bag as Enrique, and it must be noted that Dong-hoon is rather pissy about her infatuation with Enrique (though he denies it, of course, saying he’s just worried she’ll fall into a one-sided love). She surprises him by giving him the bag, though, which is adorable.

On an up note, she tells him that the webtoon is attracting monstrous hits. On a down side, the story has people wondering whether the thinly veiled real-life characters are in a similar love triangle.

These rumors are exacerbated by the actions of Enrique’s gaming club, led by crazy Stalker Fangirl, who declares to her fellow crazies that they must send him back to Spain.

That leads to an online smear of Dok-mi’s character (oh no), with photos of her dating back to high school (ack, oh no) alongside new ones of her on dates with Enrique. She’s painted as a two-timer, and in no time our principal characters all catch wind of it.

Do-hwi’s initially shocked to read the stories, but then she reaches for her keyboard… Uh. If this isn’t an eleventh-hour redemption disguised as a misdirect, I’m probably going to have a fit. Damn her. Such an insignificant character, given such significance.

Enrique and Jin-rak both catch wind of the story before Dok-mi does; she’s happily packing food for their getaway. Enrique hurries over and finds Jin-rak in the hall, who sighs that he’ll have to take down his webtoon. Enrique feels bad as it’s his gaming club who’s to blame here, and says he’ll take care of it.

Enrique gently breaks the news to Dok-mi, feeling panicked and guilt-stricken, itching for a way to make it better. He apologizes repeatedly to Dok-mi and suggests going on their trip as planned, promising to stay with her.

But Dok-mi says no, because she doesn’t want to relive the past again and just run.

So Enrique comes up with an idea, cautioning her that he’ll be taking her to an unfriendly place, but asking her to have faith in him.

It’s his gaming club, and the instant Dok-mi walks through the door she’s the target of furious glares. One belligerent fangirl body-checks her on the way out, and the whole thing sends her flashing back to her traumatic days in high school.

She wonders, “If the teacher had spoke the truth then, would my life have been different? If Do-hwi had supported me then, would my life have been different? Then I wouldn’t have met you.”

Enrique announces that he’ll do his animation film and go back to Spain. They exult. Dok-mi cries.


Uh… is this another fakeout, like the beginning of this episode? I pretty much expect it, given that Enrique had just asked Dok-mi to have faith in him, and he wouldn’t take her directly into the lion’s den only to abandon her there. So I’m not worried on that front. Well, especially since we’ve only got one more episode to go, so we’re closing in on the amount of probable angst in store for us.

That said, I’m not a fan of this kind of fake-out storytelling—not unless it’s done really smartly, and it wasn’t particularly so here. It wasn’t dumb, either—it worked for what it needed to do—but there’s a difference between a clever reversal and one that’s just tricksy. If you subvert my expectations with a neat twist, then kudos and thank you. But if you play on my expectations by deliberately withholding, misleading, then jumping back in time, then jumping back in time again, and keeping information out of our hands just so you can whirl around in a plot 180, then no, that wasn’t particularly interesting.

I’m a bit sad that the bloom is off the rose so thoroughly for me; I started out loving this show right off the bat and was constantly impressed with its insights and beautifully melancholic tone. The acting was wonderful and the show’s ability to mine the little moments for emotional truth was what had me glued to it. But I’ve been falling out of love with it gradually, and last week sorta did it for me when the show brought the fangeeks to the fore as the main evil and used them to drive a wedge in Twoo Wuv.

No, the malicious fans are no manipulating mother-in-law or spontaneous cancer, but they have the same effect: They shift the couple’s issues to external forces that hold disproportionate sway over their actions and somehow strip them of their emotional agency. The meaningful thing to do would be to focus on their connection and their personal issues, not have a picket line of angry interlopers chanting, “Break them up! Break them up!”

C’mon, finale episode. Turn this ship around and remind me why you were so special. Pretty please? With a flower boy on top?


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Off to read now…

      • 1.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        I’m a bit sad that the bloom is off the rose so thoroughly for me; I started out loving this show right off the bat and was constantly impressed with its insights and beautifully melancholic tone. The acting was wonderful and the show’s ability to mine the little moments for emotional truth was what had me glued to it. But I’ve been falling out of love with it gradually, and last week sorta did it for me when the show brought the fangeeks to the fore as the main evil and used them to drive a wedge in Twoo Wuv.

        +1. Plus frickin one. This show started with so much promise too. I wouldn’t go so far as saying it’s a smear on the Flower Boy franchise, but the first two installments leave this one in the dust.

        • Mystisith

          Definitely the weaker chapter. If I analyze the script, I think it’s a “miscast” of some sort: Didn’t follow the rules of the Flower Boys franchise (4 interesting and EXPOSED males). We had more female characters than male ones here: Mindboggling! The character growth of the characters is inexistent (Jn Rak) or not convincing (Do Hwi). The tone of the story is for pre-teenagers when the characters are supposed to be what… 24 years old?
          Also, all those gimmicks and repetitions: Finger on forehead 4 times?
          Someone wanted to put a circle in a square and it didn’t fit. (Yes, I’m a fan of the movie Apollo 13… ^^)

          • pabo ceo reom

            It’s just sad to me because I’m a fan of the cast, a fan of the franchise, and a fan from the beginning of the show. For all of that to sorta slip away as the drama progressed is hugely disappointing. You know what it is? It’s that furiously frustrating feeling of knowing a drama you like is not living up to its potential! #grumpypants

          • JO

            What I loved about SHUT UP was that no character is INHERENTLY EVIL. But this drama is inching towards the nonsensical-ness of a makjang. . . Also, I feel bad for Japanese guy. He is like…nonexistent. The amazing thing about SHUT UP was that although there were many boys in the band, they were practically equal in character development, screen time. They were convincing characters, as in, we believed they had their own lives aside from being the main character’s best friend.

          • pogo

            @JO – but the difference with SUFBB was that the friendships were what the entire show centred on – Ji-hyuk’s love interest remained a side character, at best, and the rest of the time was devoted to fleshing out the boys.

            When you have a drama which is centred on two people in a romance/getting there and you have only 16 episodes, it’s next to impossible to flesh out everyone else. I don’t blame the writers for that, but they could have done a little more with Watanabe for instance, or even Do-hwi’s unnamed minions, instead of meandering off into random fangirl hate plots.

        • dramajoo

          While I also don’t really like the use of fangirls to move the story along, I think it would be impossible to create a drama without some external forces. Where would the writing go if the entire storyline was created internally? I personally think it would get old and boring pretty quick.

        • alua

          The whole Do Hwi storyline annoyed me from the beginning (and this movement towards redemption that ever becoming clearer is what I feared and dread – probably the writer thinks it ties up things neatly with a bow, but it’s a freaking hideous bow, it’ll be tied but totally crooked you know!!!)

          And the fangirls… thinking they have any right to tell someone how to live their life, ohhh, it makes me so angry I can’t even put it into words. Enrique shouldn’t be giving them even one second of his attention.

          In the end, I like the premise of FBND and how certain parts of it were put to he screen, I like some of the characters very much, but there a few troublesome bits and pieces and some things where I wonder if they’ll be loose ends (Seo-young/Tae-hoon? the security guard? the nearly invisible Watanabe who essentially was just meaningless background pretty?). Even if the final episode is perfect, this drama isn’t going in my top 10 of the year. 🙁

          Well, fingers crossed that we’ll get a proper kissed between Enrique and Dok-mi at least…

          • skelly

            Ha! Good luck with that last one

          • pogo

            I’m with skelly there – I love this show and two episodes of a so-so plot are not enough for it to shake me, but hell will freeze over before Park Shin-hye gets to return a kiss in a drama.

            (at this point, I’d settle for a proper hug that both of them are into, god knows they need one)

        • eternalfive

          Very true. I’ve been gradually getting bored of it too. I loved it enough at the beginning to ignore all its little, relatively insignificant flaws (e.g. wtf is Watanabe’s role exactly) but now even those flaws are starting to bug me as well. *sigh*

  2. snow_white

    thanks for the recap…..
    have seen till episode 11 and I need to marathon the rest pretty soon so that I can read the whole recap….

  3. Shukmeister

    Troll! Please let it be a troll. Now I’m on pins and needles for tomorrow’s finale!

    • 3.1 Shukmeister

      And I’m sad there wasn’t a speck of Wantanabe in this episode. I had hoped his character would have more meat than expositional eye candy. [sigh]

      • 3.1.1 Kimmi

        thank you! I wish he had more plot like the other guys =[ i would trade Do-hwi screen time for him anytime or even the security guard plot, I just want more Wantanabe too!

        • mrshobbes

          YES YES YES. If this whole franchise has taught me anything, it’s that you can never ever ever have enough flower boys.

          • meanrice

            My rose has but few petals left. They have been falling off like the Beast’s enchanted rose with each passing episode there is no Watanabe.

  4. Ziah

    I agree javabeans, the last two episodes left me wondering, what exactly is this show about. When my mom and I watched, she was like “I liked it better when she was a weird and twisted.” LOL. I still like looking at the garden (flower boys) but I feel like the ship is going off course and the last two episodes have felt like fillers. Don’t get me wrong, there have been parts I think are adorable in them, but overall meh. There are still a lot of questions unanswered, what was the point in the attempted carjack, what was in the trunk, why do we care about who the owner of the building is (that feels like a forced storyline), why is Do-hwi even on this show anymore…. I hope the end is really good because this show was one of my favorites but now the story lines, which were beautifully simple, are forced and convoluted. Last week I spent a week made at Dok-mi, this week it’s qi-guem… My heart can’t take this! (collapses from the stress)

    • 4.1 Ziah

      Mad, not made. Sorry for the typo

  5. Rashell

    I have to agree that the fake ending was good once, acceptable twice, but as a common occurance just
    Really obnoxious. I have no doubt that Enrique isn’t going to just abandon Dok Mi and drama must not think we’re very intelligent to know its a fake out. I agree that this fan arch has not been very kind to my love for this drama, but an awesome final episode will make up for it. Come on show. Please end on a high so I can remember why I loved you so much.

  6. owl

    [email protected] in ears@* lalalalalalalala “I can’t hear the last words of this episode”

  7. Peridot

    I also have been somewhat disappointed with the direction this show has taken in the last two weeks. I hate the fact that external forces are being used to manipulate the conflict between the Dok-mi and Enrique. Let the conflicts, insights, and eventual understanding come from the characters themselves. I hope that the final episode does not rush things and that we can be given a satisfying conclusion.

  8. Jambo

    Thanks for the recap! The role reversal scenes made up for the “tricksy” parts for me. That left an unpleasant aftertaste for me, but luckily these two are too cute for me to start picking a fight with the Show.

  9. Mar

    I love the characters in this show and I’ve really liked the way that it’s not been typical fare. BUT.

    It set the characters up understanding each other so well it had nowhere to go for conflict, so, we have been set up with awkward forced conflict. Between that and writing the romance for early teen level viewing, the show has really fell short a bit. And the little Japanese fellow was struck with the Woo Bin (BOF) curse of no storyline.

    Do hwi was a waste of air time.

    Oh, what this show could have done if it had gone a little darker/deeper with the school age trauma and Dok mi’s anxiety and issues, and a little more mature with the romance. As well as YSY does cute, he can bring heat, and wow was that so not utilized in this drama. All of that forced conflict air time could have been spent on some nice flirtation and teasing lol.

    I hope it wraps well, with a satisfying non lamo ending.

    • 9.1 Conny

      I’m with you 100%. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but I do enjoy shows with more more mature relationships much more than when I sit through 16+ episodes of someone in their mid 20s, arms held stiff and eyes wide open while they are being kissed..lol.

      As someone who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, I was really excited about this show since I could relate well with Dok Mi, but I don’t know. The direction this show took with regards to her overcoming it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

      And YSY and heat? Holy moly.. That kiss in Me Too Flower!!!

      *fans herself*

      • 9.1.1 Mystisith

        Looks like we see things the same way: They could even have used Enrique as a teacher who gives her skinship/affection lessons. It would have been cute, sexy and funny.
        “What we have here is not a rom-com” (the author will know who she is).

      • 9.1.2 nomad

        Currently marathoning Me Too Flower as we’re speaking (sorta)… *fanning myself too*. YSY somehow reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio, cause he’s one intense actor, isn’t he?

      • 9.1.3 Neto

        I still get shivers when I think of that Me Too, Flower! kiss. It was hot and intense. I was also hoping for some more action to happen in this drama.

        Other than that I’ve actually been really happy with the acting over all.

    • 9.2 Thursdaynexxt

      *Nods head vigorously*

      Yeah, could’ve focused on developing a few more of the really interesting storylines, like the JR-E bromance (after E was pretty much abandoned by Tae-hoon) – and can never have too much of Dong-hoon and the chopstick-dancing PD!

      I cheered at the early confrontation between DM & DH, as well as the unexpected encounter with the teacher, but then … nothing happened! I was like, “is that it?!” The whole conflict would have had more depth and felt more grounded if they had explained more about how her high-school hell was so bad it drove her to even consider suicide, and how it shaped her into the state that Enrique found her in, and showed just how far she’s come.

      Will look out for YSY’s next project with anticipation. Meanwhile, will re-watch Me Too, Flower! for the scenes of YSY getting bitten, beaten, handcuffed, kicked in the shins… such wasted potential for his acting in this drama… the last ep of FBND better be good!

    • 9.3 pogo

      I’m not out of love with this show, but even Do-hwi was better as an external conflict driver/impetus for character development for Dok-mi, than the idiot saseng fans (and the main stalker girl just irritates me the more I see her face, because UGH SO POINTLESS).

      The misdirect endings were fun at first and I did enjoy them, but when this one followed a whole episode of them actually talking it out and understanding each other instead of staying in their individual corners to angst, it’s just frustrating to have the character whiplash at the end – Dok-mi last week, and now it looks like it’s Enrique’s turn.

      And I do love the romance for what it is and the emotional connection between the two of them, but yes, it could have used a small touch more skinship, why can’t we have that instead of all the stalker-fan nonsense?

      I’ve also given up any hope that any drama PD in Korea will ever let Park Shin-hye look like she’s into a kiss, ever, or play a character who could be into a kiss. *Sigh* she and Yoon Shi-yoon are still strongly on track to tie with her pairing with Jang Geun-seuk as my favourite pairing of hers ever, but it could be so much better!

  10. 10 Russe12

    Thanks for the recap! Off to read…

    • 10.1 Russe12

      Okay, I must say that I love this show and it has been pretty awesome…but I haven’t been as impressed with it in the past 2-3 episodes. I was wary of the whole fan plot from the beginning, and it hasn’t been as bad as it could’ve been but it still isn’t super impressive. Let’s hope for a good last episode to turn everything around, yes?

      With that said, I do still love how Enrique and Dok-mi are continuing to grow and understand each other more. I wish there was more focus on that (or some of the hardly-used side characters…) than on this whole other plot, but I’ll take what I can get. Even if the ending sucks, it’s better and deeper than a lot of dramas I’ve seen recently (it’s actually made me look at my life and want to change things xD) and overall, I’ve really enjoyed the ride.

      • 10.1.1 pogo

        This is one of the few recent dramas where I’ve loved the two main leads of the OTP equally, and it’s a shame to waste their screen time on pointless plots and gimmicky out-of-nowhere misdirections and seeming character reversals.
        Overall, it’s still standing fairly strong for me but I do hope for a good ending with not too much face time for the nut job stans, they add nothing to the story and even as external conflict drivers. they suck.

  11. 11 Rockyroad

    Personally, I think the scriptwriter took a looooooong nap from the second half of episode 14 and she lost her momentum in the next episode.

    one more to go. let it be good please!

  12. 12 Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap!
    I have the same problem than javabeans with this drama. I too fell out of love, bit by bit. “The saddest merry-go-round”, the storytelling tricks which get old etc. At least we had less of DH and I’m grateful for that. Now, those annoying fans: I would give a clear warning if I were Enrique and Dok Mi. Don’t mess with my girl and don’t mess with my man unless you want to die a painful death. Case closed.
    The ending: Come on, we KNOW than this cliffhanger is a trust test in disguise.
    What I loved in this episode was the reversal: Putting yourself in the other’s shoes. Dok Mi is too passive and if she loves him really (and I don’t feel it, sadly) she has to fight for him. Don’t give me the crap excuse of fear or shyness or noble idiocy. I must be the most shy person in the world but if the man of my dreams wanted to stay with me I would find all the ways to make it work!
    I also liked when JR explained than he understands her because they are alike. It’s the old magnet meta again: +/+ or -/- couples can’t work, buddy. You need a female Enrique.

    Let’s see what the drama will have in store for the last episode. In my dreams, Dok Mi would surprise us by being a lioness. RAWR!

    • 12.1 Mystisith

      I also have to say than the ratings are disappointing for a tvN drama which had so much buzz before being launched: Just above the 1% mark for the last eps. So even SK viewers realized than something is off and then left the ship. 🙁 Can someone cast YSY in a good drama from beginning to end, please? Maybe I bring him bad luck…

      • 12.1.1 nomad

        Yes, please, please? *hoping along with you*

    • 12.2 harpreet

      hahahahha………totallt agreed at the female enrique for our jin rak …lol 😛

  13. 13 Noemi

    My strategy for watching the final episode: forget about my disappointment over the last few episodes and just concentrate on shipping Dong-hoon and the webtoon PD 😀

  14. 14 Abbie

    Parts of this episode I loved (namely the role-reversal) and parts of it I didn’t. This show was so great when it started, but now it feels that the writer is following normal drama tropes to finish out the series. Do I really care about Do-hwi? HELL NO! But, seriously, if she’s going to do what I think she’s going to do… I’ll be so damn pissed at this writer. Do-hwi has had absolutely no redeeming qualities all series long and now they’ll make her the hero? What the hell, Show? And the crazy fangirls…. what the hell? Dramas, in my opinion, are always better when the conflict stems from within the characters, and not from without. But this show is really going to go there? I’m so mad… I have no words to express my dismay and outrage.

    Obviously, that ending was another fake-out. RIGHT, SHOW?

    Jin-rak seriously needs someone (new) to love. Not Do-hwi. If he ends up with her. Damn, I’ll be pissed.

    I actually think some of my dislike of Do-hwi does stem from the actress herself. I don’t like her. I don’t know why, but something about her I just don’t like.

    One more episode, and it better be a damn good one. Ya here me, Show?!

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

  15. 15 Nanaki

    Is anyone else confused by Do-hwi? She was after Jin-rak from the start, wasn’t she? And LOOKING for him, not just surprised to see him about. How’d she know about him? Why’d she follow him ? Why him specifically, for crying out loud? There are ways to meet rich men that don’t involve tracking him down when he’s ‘pretending’ to be poor and then staking out his crappy apartment in the middle of winter using the guise of making up with the former best friend who despises you for reasons you find incomprehensible.

    It just seems weird that all the other character set-ups are fine and then you get Do-hwi’s Jin-rak fixation.

    • 15.1 Abbie

      I know! What happened to that little plot thread? Seriously, I’m starting to see all the plot holes now that the show is almost over. What was this writer thinking? What was the significance of Do-hwi’s Jin-rak fixation if it’s not going anywhere more specific? And what was up with Tae-joon and Seo-young if they were going to leave the show half-way through?! So many things happened that (in my opinion) shouldn’t have. If Tae-joon and Seo-young had stayed, or even just Tae-joon and he showed interest in Dok-mi, this show would have been better.

      • 15.1.1 Nanaki

        At least with Tae-joon and Seo-young they’re gone. But Do-hwi is obviously and irritatingly still present, and every time her Jin-rak fixation is mentioned my brain gets totally derailed through just wondering WHY. I hope there’s an explanation, but I’m not sure I’m going to get one.

        I can see how some of those little plot lines would work far better in a web-comic or even a sitcom, because you have more figurative room to take a break from your protagonists and to explore everyone’s characters and pasts. Pull the threads. The TJ/SY point is one of those, that’s a nice little arc for the beginning of a longer story, even if it is a character-based one, and I can imagine how that played out in the comic. But in a 16-episode series set in a tiny little world, I really don’t think the same approach works.

    • 15.2 KimYoonmi

      Do-Hwi is shown pretty much to be insecure. She is kinda of an Enrique that went terribly wrong.

      Do-Hwi doesn’t like being alone. She’s constantly lonely though she’s with other people. While Dok-mi isolates from the outside, Do-Hwi isolates from the inside.

      She serves as a foil to Dok mi and also kind of a reminder of Enrique’s possible darker side.

      And it said this episode she met him in America and found out about him there (you know, mysterious America where there is a huge crime rate and education which produces cold-hearted people. <–obviously a joke)

      I think Do-Hwi wanted Jinrak for two reasons. Not only because he was rich, but also because Dok-mi was around him. She probably ran into him by mistake and then remembered. But I don't think her story arc is over.

      The difference between Do-Hwi and Dok mi is that Do-Hwi thought her heart would be protected and filled by having more people around her, but found herself lonely instead. I find a little bit of that same kind of loneliness in Enrique, but he has places to channel it and to take care of himself that she lacks. Dok-mi on the opposite end, thought that she could protect her heart from all hurt by having contact with no one.

      Do Hwi probably doesn't want to admit it, but I think she's really, really lonely. The girls around her don't seem to comfort her heart or understand her. Maybe she *does* miss Dok mi. But with her pride and catty ways plus a lack of understanding of herself, she's flinging that loneliness on Jin rak instead.

      That would be my character work up for Do-hwi.

      • 15.2.1 yammy

        thank you! I was thinking at a similar thread, but couldn’t pinpoint it down. I think Do hwi is also important to keep the realness of the story. Yes, we would like her to leave but, is it really the case in real life? she can’t just pack and leave her shop.

      • 15.2.2 Enriqueforever

        I feel the same way with Do Hwi! Everybody seems to hate her but I think she just has issues on her own. She obviously chose to deal with them in a terrible way, but I don’t really hate her at all.

        • Peridot

          I’m not one of those who hates Do-hwi. My disappointment rests with how poorly fleshed out the old conflict between her and Dok-mi was.

          • KimYoonmi

            I thought the old conflict between her and the teacher was humiliating enough.

            Dok-mi was never secure from the very beginning. There are a bunch of lines about how she was ostracized, etc *before she met Do-Hwi. Meaning she was often alone. But Do-hwi melted that outside.

            Do-hwi having a crush on the teacher led to her own jealousy and I think in a lot of ways surfaced her insecurities. Seeing her friend with the teacher she liked made her feel alone because she had no way to self-comfort herself. With Do-hwi, I get the feeling that she doesn’t know how to self-sooth and deal with lonliness.

            So, in order to not feel alone, she wanted to get good with the other girls and get back at Dok-mi, not understanding that Dok-mi, while looking well-liked was fragile on the inside. (I think she truly thought that her friend was a lot stronger.) Accusing the teacher and student of having relations and in society the girl usually gets blamed, is pretty harsh.

            From there, in order to stay in the group, I think Do-hwi continued… but the rumor escalated and she felt guilty (Why didn’t you say anything?<– she said that), but at the same time her loneliness was eating her not enough to stop the rumor. (She states that she was lonely and needed other people around her. Dok mi said that she only needed her at the time.)

            Though it's hard to believe, I do find points at which she does seem truly guilty (at least from the writing) about what happened. But she's one of those characters that doesn't express it well, so she projects it on Dok-mi as her fault.

            She didn't think Dok-mi would shatter as she did. And she's had shallow relationships ever since in compensation. The combination of seeing Jin Rak and Dok mi are probably two reasons she stuck around. Dok mi, because she doesn't want to admit she feels guilty and Jin Rak, because he's rich. There is some basis though, that while it looks like she's using Dok-mi as an excuse to see Jin Rak, I think the reverse is also true. She's also using Jin Rak to see Dok Mi.

            Anyway, I think the past conflict between them is enough. Silence kills relationships. Dok-mi knew it was Do-hwi who spread the rumor, but Do-hwi didn't stop the rumor when it got out of hand. Do-hwi is upset and feeling guilty that she both spread the rumor and that she didn't know Dok-mi wasn't stronger. (Which is like pity, but in the worst possible sense. <–see, darker version of Enrique again.) That's quite enough to kill a relationship.

            Slice of life seem slow, but I think the focus is elsewhere and often small bits of dialogue and character actions and reactions make the larger fabric make sense. There is a heavier character focus in Slice of Life.

          • Peridot

            @KimYoonmi: Let me clarify me thoughts. I believe that Do-hwi is a character with a lot of insecurities and that where she went wrong was in forsaking her one true friend. She was weaker than Dok-mi because their friendship was not enough for her, as she felt the need to belong to the “crowd.” I think that she feels remorse and that we have been given hints of that remorse throughout the last couple of episodes (in other words, I do not believe that this is an eleventh-hour redemption). While I am not found of k-drama-villain redemptions, I am okay with accepting this redemption. When the character of Do-hwi was introduced over the first couple of episodes, I thought that there was depth to her character and wanted to know what could drive someone to abandon the person who was her sole friend. Yes, we were given more revelations in the dialogue between Do-hwi and Dok-mi in the later episodes. But there was just something about the way the show handled this conflict that disappointed me. Sometimes I wondered, is Do-hwi a weak character or is there something more sinister to her? In a way, I feel that this confusion was not the result of thought-provoking story-telling but of poor writing (or wasted time). Like I said, I think that I could understand a bit of Do-hwi’s character through her conversations with Dok-mi (it was interesting that she was genuinely shocked that her treatment of Dok-mi in high school could have the long-lasting effect that it did; and her belief that Dok-mi was stronger than her was telling). In short, I do not think that Do-hwi is vile. I just wish that, instead of focusing on unnecessary conflict, this show could have spent some time on fleshing out its secondary and tertiary characters. For some reason, I can’t really articulate my thoughts on this topic, but I have discussed similar frustrations in my earlier posts.

  16. 16 Onichick

    Im finding the PD and friend story line awesome. And I cackled like a mad woman at the “Flower Boy” series shout out they did.

    Overall…I am disappointed by this show and I cant fully figure out why.

    • 16.1 Conny

      Hehe.. Go Mi Nam…

      I giggled. Loudly.

  17. 17 CML

    Trying to stay positive… I really hope FBND is able to end on a high note

  18. 18 ks

    This episode was really dragging on. The relationship between Enrique and Dokmi was getting very tiring. Dokmi was becoming dull and it made me wonder why those 2 men would fight over her. I think I must’ve rolled my eyes & yawned several times throughout this episode. The only reason I continued was that I already got this far – I know, stupid reason to continue with a drama. But seriously, at this point, just want it to end so Nine can start.

  19. 19 mary

    The past episodes felt like filler. Probably because they both admitted liking each other early on. AND we know Enrique is an emotional genius (EQ of 400 probably) so there’s no tension in the relationship.

    I just wish they’d put in more editor scenes instead, if they wanted to air something interesting. 😀

  20. 20 Gene

    I’m guessing that the ending is a test for Dok Mi to speak up and state that others shouldn’t make decisions for Enrique or her, kind of a stand up to the bully test.

    Either that, or Enrique is just going to state that he’ll do his animation and go to Spain after he pursues his current dream, Dok Mi…

    I’m guessing it’s 50/50 on either being the start of Ep 16.

  21. 21 Conny

    Thanks for the recap.

    I’m really glad to see that I’m not the only one who had been turned off by the direction this series took the past few episodes. I was starting to wonder if I’m just overanalyzing everything instead of just seeing it for what it was.. entertainment.
    But.. too many things just don’t add up for me to be pleased at the moment. There are way too many to mention, and it’s getting late. Cranky writing has never worked for me so I’m just going to type out the one that literally made me to ‘OH HELL NO’ just a few minutes ago:

    Is DH seriously going to come charging in on a white horse, rescuing DM? She looked rather determined as she placed her fingers on that keyboard. Think a few words are going to redeem you? THINK AGAIN… (for some reason I can’t stand the actress either. There’s just something about her, but I can’t put my finger on it.). If that’s the direction the writer is going, then I’m going to be seriously disappointed. She has not earned the right to meddle in DMs life, she just needs to quietly disappear into the night. End of story.

    On a lighter note.. That poor, sweet, amazing, loveable, hilarious PD absolutely MUST GET KISSED in the last episode. And soundly. None of that ‘oooh, he’s kissing me, what to do??’- flailing stuff either because that would totally go against her character and just make me even madder. (Better yet would be if she took charge. Now that would make me laugh out loud.)
    I absolutely loved the PDs character, and hope we get to see this talented young lady for many years to come. I’m definitely a fan.

    • 21.1 Nanaki

      Yes, since we’re all raving about the PD – who’s the actress?

      • 21.1.1 anotheraddict

        She’s Kim Seul-Gi and she’s a regular cast member of SNL (Saturday Night Live) Korea. She’s an awesome comedienne and she sings well, too. And, fun fact: PD’s loverboy, Dong Hoon is played by Ko Kyung-Pyo, who is also a regular cast member of SNL Korea.

        • RockPaperScissors

          Thank you for the explanation.

  22. 22 faceza

    OMG!!! i cna’t believe tomorrow is the day, i don’t want it to end i do believe it can have a lot more episodes, so sad that is going to end.
    I’m only expecting an epic finale!!!!

  23. 23 k-soup

    it feels like climax instead of falling action and we only have one episode left…!

    • 23.1 Conny

      Nah, tomorrow they’ll announce a four episode extension.

      Omo, if they had done that, I think I would have had to fly to SK and slap the writer and studio heads.

  24. 24 a_diva

    i really loved kim ji-hoon in this episode. he was pretty great, particularly in the opening scene when he cried just ever so slightly when talking to go dok mi, and he got even better when enrique took over.

    i know everyone loves yoon shi yoon’s cutesy, wack-a-doodle antics in this drama but i have found him a bit annoying. he has done an excellent job of showing that he is much more than just a bubbly guy throughout the show, but i thought he particularly excelled at turning the silliness off in this episode and shining through. then when he reverted to the outwardly bubbly facade, i actually liked it. he was so cute and funny with the mini pony, clue glasses, and magnifying glass when he went to dok mi’s apartment to “investigate.”

    i am very glad that this drama has turned it around with this episode. i loved loved loved this drama at first. it was so quirky and new. then it lost some of that spark and got sidetracked with subplots and storylines that were boring, poorly developed, or not developed at all. looking back, for example, i wonder what was the point of the cousin and seo young’s angst . . . also, i wish they had taken dok mi a little darker but there’s only one epi left now so i’ll just wait until tomorrow and enjoy whatever they throw at us.

    • 24.1 ys

      The mini-pony reminded me so much of Jeremy, I couldn’t shake it for the rest of that scene. How cute would it be to have Yoon Shi-yoon and Lee Hong-ki in the same show?

      • 24.1.1 pogo

        YES I’m not the only one who thought of that!!!!!!!! (and Lee Hong-ki should be in more things, he’s one of the few idol-actors who’s actually GOOD at the acting)

      • 24.1.2 Laya

        Yup! The moment he was revealed when the door opened I was like OMG is he channeling Jeremy? 😀 😀 (And then I wondered what it would be like if Hongki had played Ke-Geum. Kekeke.)

  25. 25 Maricel

    Uhm, the beginning was a nice reversal. I really liked Quegum and Jin Rak relation, they are different but they appreciate and respect each other. I am just happy becuase Jin Rak is finally letting her go, i hate to see him so lonely though u.u…they should create a drama about him. “Healing my flower boy neighbor XD”

    Dok Mi and Enrique argument was kind of meh to me. It wasn’t necessary. On the contrary, the role exchange was so cute!!! Loved it…

    I don’ t find the fans a bad plot, even when they represent an external factor in our main leads’ s romance, at least for her they are similar to those happenings that made her be the way she is now. It was the world the one that changed Dok Mi , so she needs to face it again, including all the harsh people out there.

    When she reflected about how important those bad experiences were for her life, I sooo agreed. Life is like that, you need sadness, and fear, and regret, all that suffering to keep going and becoming a better person…well, and if lucky to find the right person for yourself too.

    Last episode, how dreadful u.u

    • 25.1 a_diva

      a drama about jin rak . . . good idea!! truly inspired thought. the pds in south korea should really be trolling sites like this for more of what the viewers would like to see!

  26. 26 Sajen

    so I’m guessing from the comments I’m the only one that still loves this show just as much now as I did at the beginning, and I’m probably the only one that thinks that no matter how much I loved the first two this is by far the best ?Flower Boy” series so far, right?

    • 26.1 Maricel

      Agreed 🙂

    • 26.2 KimYoonmi

      I’m with you.

      I’ve been tracking the character arcs which is my habit with slice of life dramas.

      Enrique changed a whole bunch from the beginning, though it’s not that easy to spot. Plus his character got a lot of depth.

      Dok-mi changed a lot too.

      Jin rak also progressed quite a bit.

      And though I don’t think people have been paying that close attention, Do-hwi also evolved in the series. Though you don’t like her, I think one can *understand* her quite a bit versus the beginning.

      People think that the last conflict was pedantic, but it was a conflict that was there from the very beginning: Will Enrique return?

      Which evolved into the question of trust and dreams. Can you respect a person who isn’t taking proper care of their dreams? I wouldn’t respect her if she went, and I wouldn’t respect him if he didn’t leave. A little separation isn’t so bad. There is Skype, etc.

      With this drama, it’s not sweeping events that you’re looking for, it’s the shifting questions and the character development.

      Also, personally, what others are seeing as plot holes for some reason I don’t see as plot holes at all, but maybe I caught some of the smaller bits of dialogue???

      • 26.2.1 Julia

        I don’t understand why DokMi would be wrong to go with Enrique to Spain. Sometimes, you make sacrifices for love. DokMi has the kind of career that she could work over the internet from anywhere. I think it might just be a timing thing … too soon for her to trust her love for Enrique to make that move.

        I think I might just be old fashion in my views. I think it is ok for one partner to follow the other over career choices. In the length of the relationship, there will be give and take on both sides.

        • alua

          It’s not wrong for Dok-mi to go to Spain, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to go somewhere just to follow someone. Yes, you sometimes make sacrifices for a partner, but it is not very convincing in this case, given the amount of time they have known each other and the kind of relationship they have (they are just starting to be gf/bf).

          I mean, in dramaland they do anything but in real life, would you really move half-way around the world for someone you have known for a month or two? (It’s not more than that, right?) That’s someone you barely know… and I would hope anyone in such a situation would be rational enough to ensure there are other reasons why you’d move and that you’d have other things to do (a job!) because ‘trusting your love’ isn’t sufficient. If it’s only ‘love’ you move for, you are likely to end up feeling bored/depressed very soon, never mind the fact that you are in a strange country with no support network (family, friends) and certain to experience culture shock and alienation, which are things you’ll have to deal with. Plus, living abroad isn’t for everyone. Dok-mi has a dream to travel, but travelling and living abroad are two very, very different things. She has just made it out of her flat right now.

          There is also the fact that Dok-mi can’t just move to Spain. If she goes anything longer than for a few months, she is going to need at least a visa to stay and funds to maintain herself. Her freelance job makes some of this easier, but it doesn’t resolve the visa issue.

          Some of all this applies to Enrique as well, but at least he does have reasons other than Dok-mi to stay in Korea (he can and has lived/worked there).

          To me, it would make most sense that either they spend some time apart (doing the long-distance relationship thing though it sucks x_x) or Enrique stays but figures out a way to still realise his dream (he doesn’t have to make an animation at that instant, or maybe he can do it while being based in Korea but occasionally travelling to Spain, or he can find a different, equally exciting project in Korea).

        • KimYoonmi

          As Alua said.

          And not to speak for her, but also the fact that when you move for someone else rather than for yourself, you put yourself at risk.

          What I think would be ideal would be he leaves for whatever amount of time the production company needs him for and then returns. Dream complete. It sucks, but would be realistic. The amount of time on a movie production would be 4-6 months max. Animation or no. And he just wants to do the one movie from what I gather.

          Independence in a relationship means that you have something to bring to it later on. Clingy people in a relationship isn’t pretty.

          What I don’t get though, is why he can’t make the deal and do the fine tuning over Skype or some such… long distance doesn’t seem bad since he seems to be full of idea rather than drawing ability. O.o; That part the series didn’t clarify very well. But they probably didn’t get that sponsorship.

    • 26.3 Enriqueforever

      I’m with you as well!!!
      I’ve been reading comments and for the past minutes of scrolling it’s all been about how terrible it’s gotten, and such… But I still love it just as much as I did before and I am sad to see it go 🙁

    • 26.4 flav

      I agree with ya, Sajen. I still love this show, and much more than the other two from the franchise. Ramyun was hilarious but ultimately pretty shallow, Shut Up… let’s say I’m not the biggest fan and leave it there.

      I’m not blind to its faults (wtf is going on with Watanabe, it’s true that the fangirls of doom are a ridiculous contrivance at this point) but I felt it spoke to me in a way no other has, and for that, it has my heart forever 😀

    • 26.5 pogo

      No, you’re not alone – I find the fan plot annoying and the misdirect endings equally annoying now and I do wish the romance had had a little more of a skinship factor, but as a series, I still think it stands pretty strong and unless the ending is TERRIBLE, it’s still going to be one of my favourites of the year (and Enrique and Dok-mi one of my favourite couples ever).

      I just get annoyed at some points these last two episodes because I know it could be – and has been! – so much better than this.

    • 26.6 Maris

      No! You are not the only one. I am right up there with you. At least you finished he other lower boy series, I could watch SUFBB nearly halfway and Ramayun one only 5 episodes. Maybe should try and complete them now.

  27. 27 yohan lei

    thanks for the recap. whatever, i still love FBND and it’s sad it’s ending tomorrow. i will miss most esp. the khaemi couple.:)

  28. 28 goldeng

    im not eveb ma about the trolling cuz since the beginning they trolled us withthat so i started inoring those bits but i think thlast eps. have been going in circles… theyedeemed themselves wih the clever way they turned table but yeah … i still thinkwe could ave known more about jin rak or know what happened to taejoon.. i still dont know if he liked the annoying girl or not… id lik tjis laat episode to be all rainbow and butterflies for everyone so i hope th writers dont dissapoint 🙂

  29. 29 My2Girls

    Ms. Javabeans a wonderful job (as always).

    But I have a plea for all DB readers in this episode at 30:44 you see a close-up of Dok Mi’s Blue boots and for me it was LOVE at first sight! Anyone that has ANY idea the manufacturer will earn my eternal admiration.

    Thank You!

    • 29.1 Enriqueforever

      Haha I loved those too!!!!

    • 29.2 pogo

      I second the request for info on the blue boots – they’re gorgeous!

  30. 30 altair

    Sigh! Since TWTWB started, nothing has been the same in drama land. This show lost its appeal to me. To watch or not to watch the final two episodes?

  31. 31 teapot

    this drama has 16 episodes, i find the second half of 14 and 15 as out of sync from 1 to first half of 14 – a bit boring – BUT overall this drama is really really good, with 2 out of 16 on the average. they’re excuse to be lousy at times. i am looking forward to tomorrow’s last episode.

    practically all dramas have lapses too, right? no drama is perfect, I want to be repetitive – overall, this drama is much much much better than many korean dramas I watched with almost the same storyline, as though they have a template.

  32. 32 Fun-Lugha

    Funny cuz I hated Ramyun Shop, Shut Up FBB was ok, not too bad. I mean everyone was raving about it so I also convinced myself it was awesome but honestly I wasn’t crazy about it. This though is where my love begins…love love loved it! Shame about the original Dok Mi crush cuz he was only around for a couple of episodes and from a totally shallow perspective he’s the most gorgeous of the 5 flower boys-i feel a bit short-changed there show! I don’t know what Watanabe’s role was but he’s too cute! Overall my fav Flower Boy instalment…here’s to the 4th one next year-fingers crossed!

  33. 33 dobabado

    Shut Up FBB > FB Next Door. (Haven’t watched Ramyun)

    When Watanabe got literally no screen time even though he was considered a flower boy, I speculated that the drama might have been crappy in managing their storyline/characters. And then after episode 7, I stopped watching and stuck to recaps.

    You’d be right on the ball if you think I’m betting the finale will be a dud.

    Anyway, did I not totally call it about E’s character? About him asking “Why aren’t you normal?” type questions to hyper sensitive people? I appreciate that he understands his wrongs and remedies them. Good quality to have.

    JR is still so boss I can’t even. I just really like the parallel between him and DM. They are like soul mates that aren’t lovers (if that’s possible).

    Thanks for the recaps all this time, Dramabeans crew.

  34. 34 chin-chin

    this episode is ok, based on “characterization” which is the overall theme of this drama. you have to watch and listen perceptively to truly appreciate the final episodes.

    I agree with teapot that this drama did not use the template used in most korean dramas. they took risks and threw that away.

    overall, i really love this drama and i love yoon si yoon and park shin hye plus others too. really excellent!

    probably the reason why watanabe and taejoon had limited screen time might be because of acting which “needs improvement”. the acting of the rest is not awkward -quite good.

  35. 35 dayoldbagel

    Unlike javabeans and most of the people here, I still love the show and it’s likely going to be my favorite flower boy installment – pending the last episode of course. I really enjoyed SUFBB so it’s a close race between them…no matter how much i try i still can’t make it through the 1st episode of FBRS though.

    I’m really surprised that so many people consider the ending of the previous episode to have been a fake-out – that info was withheld from us in order to mislead us…i (and others) think the show gave us enough information to have concluded (with a high degree of confidence) that it wasn’t a plan and that it was something jin rak did, remembering that DM had asked him for help. Some saw JR flash back to DM asking for help and concluded that it had to be planned noble idiocy, maybe because it’s such a common drama trope, and something that they were fearing…but if you looked at the actual details of the episode you’d realize that that really couldn’t have been the case.

    I also don’t agree that DM asking for JR’s help was a form of noble idiocy, at least not in the way that i define the phrase – yes, part of it was her doing it “for his own good” in the typical noble idiocy way…but to me a lot of it really does have to do with her doing it for her own good b/c of her insecurities – that in the future her feelings for E will grow even more and that it’ll be even more painful if eventually E comes to regret his decision or leave her.

    I’m also a person that hates when the drama in a drama comes from silly and frustrating external forces…but i don’t agree that that’s really what has happened/is happening here… more-so they help bring up (or bring attention to) internal issues or feelings that the characters have. I don’t really mind it as of now, but that could change depending on how the online rumors thing is handled.

    • 35.1 Fun-Lugha

      Reminds me of a while back somebody on here posted on a drama recap that most of us were like sheep, agreeing with whatever the recappers here think of the episode. I for one was plenty offended but on reflection i figured that person had a point actually cuz I’d been a sheep myself on a couple of occasions! Just wondering how many less ‘i’m starting to get bored with it’ comments we’d have seen if JB had said the ep was mad awesome! Food for thought…

      • 35.1.1 Mystisith

        It’s not a microclimate on DB, just saying… On soompi, there is less activity on the drama thread now than in the beginning, and on twitter people also express their dissatisfaction. It started well but it nosedived.

        • lili

          Yeah, I noticed that too…except from the hard core YSY-PSH fans, people seem to have deserted the thread. Ratings also took a dive…As for me, the show was great until they hooked up (episodes 10/11), after that the series become tedious imo. I guess I must have gotten old but the lack of skinship between the leads really bothered me,I’m not satisfied at all, it’s like watching silly teen romances all over again (as a teen, I sure would have liked it but not anymore, )…no chemistry thus I’m not invested that much in their relationship. I admit, I must have been blinded by Kim Ji-hoon presence and the awesome premise of this show that I even put on hold many other dramas (7th Level civil servant and Incarnation of money to name a few) but oh man, do I regret it.

          Pros :

          – bromance (Jin Rak, Enrique, Dong Hoon)
          – side characters (love the editor, she is hilarious)
          – Jin Rak’s clumsiness when it comes to love.
          – refreshing (in the beginning)

          Cons :
          – romance (Enrique’s childish antics+Dok Mi’s blank expression+ no skinship = no chemistry.
          – Do Hwi’s character, she was a complete riot in the beginning (it was even fun to watch) but writers decided to change her for the worst.
          – Enrique’s childish antics…most of the time, he’s acting like a 5 year-old boy throwing a tantrum (Sorry YSY, still I love you)
          – noble idiocy -_- Fake or not, there’s nothing more cringy than this plot device.

          Ha, one more thing, I heard that Park Se Young (‘Faith’ and ‘School 2013′” will have a cameo…probably a new love interest for Jin Rak (because she totally looks like a doppleganger of Dok Mi in the spoiler pics I’ve seen)…Even though I hate it when they try to pair everyone up at the last minute (or introduce someone new), the very fact writers decided to ditch the Do Hwi/Jin Rak couple is an utter relief…and since I totally love Park Se Young, I may half forgive them.

          My final rating :
          ***/5 (it would have been a solid 4 if not for the last couple of episodes)

      • 35.1.2 Peridot

        Well, I can honestly say that I am not one of those sheeple. I formed my opinion on these last couple of episodes on my own. Regarding the overall quality of the show…I still like it, but my enthusiasm and excitement have waned a little. I try to never let recaps influence my own opinions, so I am rightfully offended by that person’s comment regarding those who post on this forum.

      • 35.1.3 Sirena

        Personally, I’m offended by anyone suggesting that I or any of the people who comment on this forum are ‘sheeple.’ True, I do find the recaps informative, but I do not allow them to influence my opinion of the show. I am one of the many on this forum that truly fell in love with the show and the characters.

    • 35.2 Maris

      Same here. No drama has me involved so deeply in the characters at so many different levels as this one.
      People actually talk and listen to each other. That is something so rare. To have journeyed along with their emotions of happiness and sorrows, moments of strengths and fragility…..has been for me a tremendously enjoyable experience.
      The dialogues are still thought provoking gems that stimulates the brain to a greater understanding of not only understanding these characters but life in general as a whole.
      ” love is seeing with both people’s eyes and feeling with both hearts, see the world deeply.. ” all the episodes have been full of them. Great job by the writer and the cast in getting it across so well.
      All the incidences that seem contrived have actually been healing and beneficial for all the characters making them move on to a better place than before. It made them actually face many of their weaknesses and become stronger for it. It has brought their relationships to a completely different level and depths in a totally positive direction….wether it is DM, E, JR, DG and even DH.
      For me, this drama has been totally great bar minor flaws. I expect the same for the final episode too.

      • 35.2.1 pogo

        Same here – I think two flawed episodes is not such a bad strike, but when they come towards the end of the drama it’s not so good.

        You’re Beautiful (the drama that made me a PSH fan) also suffered from a similar problem – it lost all its energy about two episodes before the end and suffered for that, but the show as a whole is still worth watching. I just hope FBND gives us a good ending to make up for some of the last two episodes. *sigh*

        That said, I hear filming was over and done last week, so yay for no live shoot, at least the writer/s aren’t actually working against a clock this time!

        • Maris

          Actually pogo, I enjoyed the last two episodes a lot because they showed the culmination of all the relationships in such a naturally believable and beautiful manner. I have yet to watch the last one with English translations but all I can say that the dialogues and acting is just amazing. Also, it is so refreshing not to see unnecessary misunderstandings that hinder the development of deeper relationships between the characters.
          Although sad about it ending but am looking forward to the FBND special next week. I wonder if it is a gathering of all the cast with their Interview or an extra episode.

          • pogo

            Mar – I liked the relationship development too, I just wish the fan plot was not a thing that either of them have to pay attention to. Like you said, it’s good to see a couple who talk to each other and are honest. It’s just that I don’t like the very obvious fakeout about-turn at the end, even if we know they’re not going to dump each other.

  36. 36 k-soup

    so my suspicion was correct..hahaha.. the security guard was the landlord 😀

    • 36.1 pogo

      haha I thought of that guess from last week the minute those guys came in looking for him!

  37. 37 KDrama Fan

    Thanks JB for the recap.

    I’m watching for JR, D and the webtoon editor. Definitely my fave characters.

  38. 38 Enriqueforever

    I really really really loved the whole switching roles thing! That was just the cutest!
    I really don’t know why everyone seems to be losing their love for this drama, but I still love it no matter what! The characters have surely grown and it’s really been different from other dramas I’ve watched. No matter what the ending is going to be, this is gonna make it on my favorites list! Plus… I really just love PSH & YSY together… haha 🙂

  39. 39 Ti

    Praise the lord…I thought they were going to break-up in this episode…stupid writers you lied to me!!! This episode seems wonderful, I’m gonna have to watch it tomorrow…but the ending of the episode was a lie right? right? Enrique’s not really gonna go to Spain and leave Dok-mi with the crazies right?

  40. 40 Keanu

    What is the game that Enrique was playing called?

  41. 41 Ace

    Lately, I’ve been skipping most of the scenes and just read the recaps. I do play the scenes with the PD though because I just adore her.

    Too bad about the other secondary characters like Seo-young, Tae-joon, and Watanabe who just disappeared. One of the reasons why I loved the first two installments in the Oh! Boy series was because even if we didn’t get a full story on the secondary characters, the characters were interesting from beginning to end.

    It’s sad that if this will be the last in the Flower Boy series, that it wouldn’t go out with a bang. There was not a squeal-worthy moment re the romance department when I was watching this unlike in FBRS & SUFBB. The only time I got excited was when I thought Tae-joon was the Post-it guy. 😉

    Hope the upcoming dramas would be better (Gu Family, Lee Soon-shin, & Nine)

  42. 42 eunice

    rant or rave

    RAVE!! hihii

    i still think it’s great! the storyline and the characters are different from your typical kdrama. also, the acting is awesome with psy, ysy and the gang so can’t complain there.

    i remember from one recap, db said that the storyline of taejoon and seoyoung would have been from a separate drama and they served their purpose on this “drama”. for watanabe, i think he also served his purpose on this drama which is to be part of the garden (flower boy).

    so basically, the story is now focusing on the OTP which should be given that there are only two more episodes.

    I love db and their recaps, but i do agree on the comments that we tend to be influenced by the recappers and their insights on a drama. (just saying)

    • 42.1 eunice

      * i meant psh not psy hahha

  43. 43 onyxx

    FBND’s focus on using fans’ enmity as a conflict-creating tool has always been too much of a stretch for me. i know fans can be too much sometimes, but the way this drama has increasingly tried to put the blame on fans is almost a cop-out. it’s like the writers have run out of ideas and are basically coasting along until they reached the finish line… i hope they turn this thing around in time 🙁

  44. 44 dany

    Even if the show lost some its charm (for me, anyway) it is still a great show. Thank you.

  45. 45 george

    I think starting a show as almost perfect is a jinx(i was thinking back to AIC) because if they cannot keep it up until the end,the show will lost its flavor and you will forget about it the same time as it finishes or sometimes viewers give up on it before it even ended.

    I can forgive this episode as long as they wrap it up for me nicely in the last one.Please,please,please…..

    Thanks for the recap,javabeans!

  46. 46 Julia

    In answer to why have the ajumma/security guard story? Just my opinion, but I think it expands the age range for viewership. I’m more an ajumma and loved it.

    For characters I like, I always write my own stories, and I can assure you Jin-Rak gets to fall in love. Baby, you deserve to be loved!

    I have loved this drama, even if it has been a bit clunky in the last few episodes. Sometimes when I am watching a drama, I feel like I can hear the writer’s voice. I felt that when Enrique said that he doesn’t see people as villians/good guys but looks for subtle meanings and motivations, that people are complex. The writers are trying to introduce us to 3D characters that aren’t black and white. That is what I love about FBND.

    • 46.1 Stardust

      I heartily agree!! People are complex, there is no real ”correct textbookanswer” to life, and we are still living life to find out the answers for ourselves =) I love the drama for raising these questions..

  47. 47 Stardust

    I still love this show, and will be sad after the last episode airs… I basically am following no other kdrama at the moment, which is super unlike me, but the rest of the drama fare seemed so unpalatable, that either I am getting depressed, or it is really a depressing scape out there.. I know many ppl have been saying good things about the super Melo That Winter… but…. I am unsure if I have the heart for it hahahah

    Admittedly, after the first few eps, the show stopped being fluffy and quirky, but that is to be expected, since it is growing more and showing the darker depths of all the characters… I find it very refreshing about the adult way the characters handle themselves, and learn about themselves… and talk to each other…. Is it funny that I find it amazing to see that when characters have a tiff, and after cooling down, can put themselves (almost literally) into each others’ shoes, and speak reasonably without a misunderstanding that stretches on for episodes on end… hehe

    This is my favorite Flower Boy series so far, with who has become my favorite actress ( Park Shin Hye ) and now my favorite Oppa Kim Ji Hoon ( he’s younger than me but I DON’T CARE ) HAHAHAH It certainly lacks the bromance level of Shut Up Flower Boy band, and perhaps that is the reason why people are disappointed, because that was what they expected, but I still found enough bromance, lovely romances ( esp unexpected ones between Dong Hoon and panda PD ♥ ) to keep me warm and fuzzy…

    Thank you javabeans and girlfriday for all the awesome recaps, here’s counting down to tomorrow ( when I will get to see the subs XD )

  48. 48 Naomi

    thanks jb,

    Oh Jin Rak you rock !!!.

    I cried with you too !.

    Your honesty is rare in todays profess love.

    I can visualize a childish man with docile dok mi and

    that mimicking face and funny sound language.

    Well jin rak, you will find someone someday but not with

    do hwi, be realistic scriptwriter after what you had


  49. 49 maakopla

    Allow me to let out some steam. Sorry if it offends someone.

    There is really no point on this whole drama anymore! Really…

    After a wonderful beginning the whole show was ruined for me when Enrique and Dok Mi started dating (it was very unnatural) and there was that nerd-mother conflict incident followed but more nerds. what happened to rom com and why WHY is angst so necessary here?!

    Waste of Yoon Shi Yoon’s talent, the whole show I mean. Enrique is cute but at the end of the day he is way too weird and irritating. Is he a 5 year sold kid or something? I also hate his lame name. Sorry but for me it’s not enough to see him wearing a panda costume, squeal and be happy only about that if his character makes no sense and the episodes suck anyway.

    Besides, what was that zoo scene in the last episode? Sure, if Koreans go abroad heartless foreigners will call them monkeys everywhere they go. “It happened many times.” Yeah right, foreigners are evil…

    Unlike most of people here I actually liked Do Hwi’s character until she became angsty. She was funny and creepy at the beginning, a perfect rom com character. But then the angst…

    I also do not understand why was Enrique’s brother dating his best friend such an important part of the plot? It felt unnatural. Kim Jung San was like an emotionless statue…

    The only scenes I’m enjoying lately are between the cartoon manager and Dong Hoon. So freaking cute!

    Watanabe is also one hella annoying and useless character. Is he supposed to be funny because he can’t speak perfect Korean?

    • 49.1 lili

      Agree 100%…I couldn’t have said it better.

    • 49.2 lili

      Agreed 100%…I couldn’t have said it better.

  50. 50 lemonade candy

    wow! the finale is coming! yeay!

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