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Gift of Room 7 joins 10 million ticket club
by | February 25, 2013 | 31 Comments

The Korean domestic box office has been booming lately, that’s for sure. And now we have another addition to the top ten all-time box office record-holders: heartwarming jailbird daddy-daughter comedy The Gift of Room 7 has surpassed the 10-million ticket mark and edged its way past D-war and Speed Scandal for eighth place. Is anyone else seeing a pattern with some of the box office winners of late? Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King (aka Masquerade), All About My Wife, and now Room 7… is there a thing that Ryu Seung-ryong does that doesn’t sell? I suppose if the man can market ramyun on sex appeal, the sky’s the limit, really.

This weekend’s numbers put Room 7′s total count at 10,386,784 moviegoers, and it joins Thieves, Host, King and Clown, Gwanghae, Taegeukgi, Haeundae, and Silmido in the (increasingly less) exclusive 10 mill club. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that it’s reportedly recouping nearly 20 times the cost of its production, which is a thing that the other big-budget blockbusters can’t boast so easily.

The family comedy from writer-director Lee Hwan-kyung (Champ) stars Ryu Seung-ryong as a convicted killer with the mind of a six-year old, who lands in prison along with a room full of hardened criminals. But when they see that he can’t live without his daughter, they hatch a plan to break the girl into prison. It’s so illogical it’s genius.

Champ was also a heart-tugging daddy-daughter movie (starring Cha Tae-hyun as a washed-up jockey), so clearly this is a theme near and dear to the director’s heart. Park Shin-hye plays the grown-up version of the daughter, who carries the more emotional latter part of the story, post-prison hijinks. Aw, the stills already make me want to cry.

And below is a spread for Bazaar featuring Room 7’s resident badasses: Ryu Seung-ryong, Kim Jung-tae, Park Won-sang, and Oh Dal-soo. It really takes very little to make them look the part, doesn’t it? But that’s probably more to do with their long filmographies as gangsters, loan sharks, and gangster-loan-sharks — your go-to bad guys of film and tv. Something tells me their combined powers of comedy are the winning ingredient here.

The Gift of Room 7 is racking up more tickets in theaters now.

Via TV Report, Chosun


31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Annie

    Park Shin Hye is on a roll… yay! I hope we get to see her lead a big network drama soon.

    • 1.1 jdji

      park shin hye role is really small here, so its to exaggerated to tell she was on the roll here, even the child actress who play as her child version has more screentime than her

      • 1.1.1 haha

        it’s not exaggerated if her role is the heart of the movie with little screen time she has. Her role is so important that they decided to hid her in poster, promotion and even ask her not to go to the Press Con.
        For your information, she has been receiving a lot of love and favor from movie critics from this role.
        It’s not totally exaggerated to say she is on the roll if the girl has 5 new CF in 2 months right? LOL

      • 1.1.2 Kayt

        If a really small role with so little screen time can take an Award winner Kim Ki-duk (“Pieta’s Director ) to praise her after seeing the movie”The GIft of Room 7” will give you the best gift. There is a lot of inner purification today. “The Gift of Room 7” starts from Park Shin Hye & ends with Park Shin Hye – the recent most glamorous actress & perhaps South Korea’s top actress with unshakable position in near future!” and Ryu Seung Ryong praised her as an talented actress who he’d love to work again, I’d say she in on the roll

        If a really small role with little screen time that was able to shine along with the lead and senior actors and touched 10 millions people’s heart every time she was on screen, I’d say she is on the roll.

        If a really small role that could make netizen call her character’s name whenever her article come up, I’d say she is on the roll

        It’s actually a challenge for actors to shine when they have little screen time ( I feel bad for KB and EJ right now in TWTWB, being next to the mega star leads) and Shinhye was able to impress people. That’s more than I could even asked from her and I’m so proud of her for that.
        These article talk about how important her “very small role” and casting is… is case you are interested 🙂
        I’d rather her to have a small role but have impact than and big role without an impression

        • Maris

          Well said! Her performance is acknowledged by everyone with many interview requests since the movie screening too. PSH has really matured as an actress and can only get better with well chosen roles that challenge her exceptionally moving acting skills. I feel that she was casted for the role knowing that she has the capability to make an impact where it was very much needed.
          Well done Shinhye! And obviously the rest of the cast in making what seems like a very heartwarming movie

  2. dbsklove

    OMG i watched it when i visited korea a week ago. it was SO. GOOD. although yes, i wasn’t warned about the emotional stuff.. must brace myself next time.

    the little girl was so friggin cute too 😀

    • 2.1 dbsklove

      btw love the photoshoots 😀

      • 2.1.1 Rachel

        Haha me too! They are so cool.

  3. dubokki

    i really want to watch this movie !<3 looks like a reallllllly good movie!

  4. anais

    Love!!! I love Oh Dal Soo’s pose especially!

    Must check if CGV LA is carrying this!

  5. Kayt

    Congrats RSR!
    He deserves it and this year is his year! I can’t wait for him to win all the awards.

    I’m also so proud of Shinhye. She was able to shine and touch people’s hearts even with little screen times she had
    RSR really like her too. He said that he feels like father and daughter with her right off the back. Even director said she was the perfect casting and the gift of the movie ( that’s why they had to hide her in the poster, promotions and even press con etc)
    RSR wants to do a melo drama with her in 2 years. Please Drama God, make it happen

    • 5.1 Annie

      He wants to do a melo with her as her father, right? Just checking 🙂

      • 5.1.1 Kayt

        yeah he said he wants to do a melo with her and Soo Ae in one of the latest Radio shows.
        RSR really likes and thinks highly of Shinhye. He invited her to his Birthday FM and even visited her in the set of FBND. Now he wants to work with her again in 2 years. I’m really proud of her just seeing how much he appreciates her.
        As her fans, I hope they could maintain the good relationship and if it’s possible, he can be her acting mentor too. The guy is so talented and so good at picking his roles/ project. If she can learn from him, it would be great

      • 5.1.2 Kayt

        I think so as father lol

      • 5.1.3 Kayt

        or anything tbh, I’m fine with father in law or even enemies lol

  6. Ivoire

    Thank you! Now I am really curious to see this movie.

  7. hana

    You can read some comments from here

    It seems really wonderful

  8. Nilechoclat

    I want watch it 😀

  9. dongsaeng killer

    LOL @ the tattoos and gun pointing directly into his crotch. hehe

    Sounds like a good time

  10. 10 myweithisway

    This movie is definitely on my list of ones to watch.

    Also, that ramyun was seriously sexy (I may or may not have a few bags around).

  11. 11 ILUKD

    Such a fine Ajjussies …. Hats off to them …. These are few amazing korean actors …. … Love them no matter what role they play … 🙂

  12. 12 Penny

    AW at the movie stills. Now I badly want to watch it too!!! Shame I wasn’t born in Korea. Also, the photoshoot is so freaking cool!! I love their gangster pictures! AND GAWD, RYU SEUNG-RYONG SO HOT.

  13. 13 snow_white

    the film sounds so good..

  14. 14 BattleAngel

    OMG I can’t wait to watch this movie. I am a total sucker for a movie like this!

  15. 15 Maris

    Looking forward to the time when I will be able to watch it. I wish they can she it outside Korea. It should not be difficult to do so with the way people are still responding to it even after crossing 10 million and that too with a tough competition from other movies at the same time. I am curious to how far it will go and where it will eventually settle in the list of most viewed among the Korean movies. At the moment it stands at 8th position but with the least production costs from all of of them.

    • 15.1 Maris

      Everyone from the cast and the rest connected in producing this movie must have done an exceptional job for the movie to have done this well….that too on a low budget, I believe .

  16. 16 neener

    MUST WATCH!! I just hope I can download it right now!

    RSR is one of my fave actors! Ajhussi crush on the roll!

  17. 17 TS

    Where can I see this streaming?

  18. 18 tosin

    Oh my days .. sooo proud of you Shinhye!! awhh by baby is totally on a roll.. loved her in everything I have seen her in soo far.. just seeing her act makes me happy
    I cant wait to see the movie…I’m a sucker for these type of movies!! Compared to other actresses does anyone else find her a bit classy..maybe just a hint of classyness.. love her tho..

  19. 19 anna

    Wow! 11,704,636 already! He’s going to beat his own record. I think it’ll surpass Masquerade soon.

  20. 20 xlecia

    omo!!! i can’t find this movie with english subtitles…anyone can help me?

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