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Han Chae-ah joins All About My Romance
by | February 22, 2013 | 23 Comments

Well, if Han Chae-ah gains a high-profile rom-com in place of losing Heo Jun, then that’s fine by me. Now that political rom-com All About My Romance fiiiiiinally has a heroine in Lee Min-jung (that is, if they can get her to stay), they’ve cast Han Chae-ah (Oohlala Spouses, Gaksital) as the second lead. Hm, is it wrong that I like the second lead more?

Han Chae-ah will be playing a reporter and a law school hoobae to both Shin Ha-kyun and Park Hee-soon‘s characters, and get this: they’re both in love with her. BOTH of them? What country did she save in a past life? Not that I don’t get why she’d get all the love, because she’s awesome. But it’s less common to have a second lead who’s got her pick between all the guys. Eeny, meeny, hot-ajusshi-mo.

The 16-episode drama from the team behind Protect the Boss is about two politicians from opposing parties who battle it out on the assembly floor and then carry on a secret romance behind closed doors. Shin Ha-kyun stars as a member of the conservative New Korea Party, while Lee Min-jung plays a representative of the Green Progressive Party. They’re as opposite as two people can be, in ideology, personality, and political agenda… but sparks are sparks, whether fueled by regular rom-com hate or political rom-com hate.

Park Hee-soon plays a prosecutor who becomes Lee Min-jung’s aide when she’s newly elected to her parliamentary post. It looks like the four leads will have a pretty complicated love square, on equal, mutually destructive turf. Nothing like the fate of your political party and the entire law-making branch of government to add pressure to your romance. As if dating wasn’t hard enough.

All About My Romance follows That Winter, The Wind Blows and premieres in April on SBS.

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23 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Danna

    Loving the casting more and more…also this has the PTB production team behind them?!!…this show just keeps getting better and better for me

    • 1.1 niKai

      i hope it has the same tone as Protect the Boss – complicated stuff that gives you no headache.

  2. Annie

    This show is going to be the one to beat – but I can’t help wishing Han Chae Ah would get a leading role. I wonder what exactly it takes to break out from second lead status in dramaland.

  3. apple

    What, Heo Jun is history for her?! Ohhh nooo
    And I want her in a lead role dammit.

  4. Alex


    I have to admit I’ve never liked Han Chae Ah. I think Style is what killed her for me…in general I find her characters unlikeable.

  5. crixa

    Yes, I agree with you girlfriday. I like the second lead more. I’m not a fan of Lee Min Jung at all.

  6. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

  7. Kiara

    Not a fan of either one ..oh well at least Shin and Park will carry this show.

  8. gratisetamore

    Maybe Dramabeans can run an article how second leads can get out of the level and on to becoming leads or the negative why second leads have a difficult time becoming leads. Or is it us or the casting director ?

    For some reason I have not been impressed with the acting of Lee Min Jung after BOF . She may have a pretty face but she fails to deliver when paired with actors with dominating personalities .I wonder how she will fare with Shin Ha-Kyun or maybe that is the idea -pair the weak with the strong one.

  9. dbfan

    Contrary to the majority, I love Min Jung. I thought she was endearing in Smile You.

  10. 10 Ace

    I hope that LMJ & HCA’s characters become very good friends in this drama. PTB’s Eun-sool, Na-yoon, and Myung-ran’s friendship was soooo cute.

  11. 11 canxi

    I like the cast. I hope Lee Min Jung will deliver not only her bubbly charm, but some gravitas too. Show us what you really got LMJ! I’m still a little iffy about her in the lead but I fo’ seriously hope she does well and shows a new side to herself.

  12. 12 jomo

    For me, it is all a SHK SHK SHK show.

    I don’t know Han or Park; I like LMJ, but I am most interested in how they all do thrown into the kettle together.
    Male or female actors get better nearby him.

    I’ll never forget the amazing scenes between SHK and Jung Jin Young in Brain- both great actors so much better together.

    • 12.1 canxi

      SHK ALL DAY!

  13. 13 chane

    I loved her in Gaksital and OC!!!:)


  14. 14 The Real CZ

    Man, for a girl-girl OTP, LMJ and HCA would be as close to perfect as it could get.

    • 14.1 ht

      IKR! + Shin Ha-kyun and Park Hee-soon.. ooooooh my goddddddd!

      • 14.1.1 The Real CZ

        I don’t even know who the guys are lol. I mainly watch dramas if the plot sounds interesting and if the actresses are hot.

        • Kiara

          They are veteran/movie/theatre actors. The most talented actors in Korea dont usually do dramas and its a freaking treat to see them both on the small screen.

      • 14.1.2 einay

        I love Park Hee Soon… that ahjussi look great! I will watch for him.. ^_^

  15. 15 subject

    Can’t they give Han Chae-ah be the main lead? I can’t stand Lee Min-jung one-dimensional and flat acting with her wide open eyes saying “look how cute I am” facial expression, she’s so not good match to Shin Ha-kyun. Aish, what to do?

  16. 16 hanie

    So, LMJ’s casting rumor is true??

    I like Han Chae-Ah. Hopefully she can be cast as lead in some other drama. ahhh… almost perfect line-up… almost…..

  17. 17 JC

    Han Chae Ah is cool and fairly likeable, but I actually really like Lee Min Jung. She’s picked some unfortunate projects (coughthedisasterthatwasbigcough), but she can be a really likeable and relatable actress.

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