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Hwang Jung-min for the other When A Man Loves
by | February 25, 2013 | 35 Comments

My first thought upon hearing that Hwang Jung-min is up for a new role in When A Man Loves was to cry, fist in air, How many more A-list co-star careers will the Hand Towel ruin?! Because that’s the name of the new MBC drama that Song Seung-heon has joined.

Only to find out that no, this is a different project with the exact same name. Why? Who can tell. Goodness knows there are enough other cliched titles out there to recycle that you could avoid two in one season. YOU’D THINK.

At least Hwang Jung-min’s When A Man Loves is a movie, so the two are in different formats. They’re both heavy dramatic pieces, though: Song’s drama is a revenge melo about a guy in a crime organization, while Hwang’s… has no description attached other than “conventional melo.” Hwang’s movie comes from the producers of his recent dark thriller New World, and is the feature directorial debut of the assistant director on big crime films The Unjust and Nameless Gangster.

Hwang has yet to sign contracts but has given a verbal agreement, while the film searches for its female lead. It plans to begin filming in April. Meanwhile, Song Seung-heon recently attended his drama’s script reading, which is gearing up to begin filming to take up the post-Level 7 Civil Servant timeslot.

Via Star News, TV Daily


35 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dakchigo

    Go Soo had a drama with the same title back in 2004! What’s with the fascination with that title?!

  2. magnus

    They have the same name??
    Korea, why?

    • 2.1 JO

      why not.

  3. ilovekimchi

    Ihearthuwangjungmin! Will be watching for this…thanks!

  4. Mystisith

    Not saying anything about the project since I hardly know that actor and what is all about but… That title is just plain booooring already. Just call it “A movie”.

    • 4.1 Soo Won

      haha! like this one better! :))))

    • 4.2 alua

      I agree, the title is boring and details are too scarce to awaken any interest, but having seen Hwang Jung-min in two movies (This Charming Girl and Waikiki Brothers), I’ve got to say that is enough to interest me. These two films left me with the impression that he’s a lovely actor and, especially, that he knows how to pick projects that are worth your while. Well, both This Charming Girl and Waikiki Brothers are slow/reflective, so they might not interest everyone, but I personally was charmed.

  5. Nicole

    He was such a lovable character in Dancing Queen! Such a lackluster title for a film though.

    …and whoa, I totally get ajusshi vibes from that Hand Towel photo.

  6. ikyan

    Am the only one that giggled when I read the hand towel but lol.

  7. MariD

    I need the “hand towel” reference explain. Anyone???

    • 7.1 Boo

      LOL, I learned about it from this post:

      … xD

      • 7.1.1 MariD

        Omg… I’m dying… My roommate thinks I’m weird cause I was reading the post & comments and laughing out loud like a maniac. Ok. I understand the hand towel thing now.. Txs..

    • 7.2 Angelina

      Why you are so mean to SSH, javabeans! Stop call him “hand towel”!!!

      • 7.2.1 jomo

        But he IS The Hand Towel.
        (This is my fav video of him being cute cute cute.)

        I wish he would stick to comedy, but I guess melo pays the bills by giving him more CF income.

        • YY

          I personally think he’s a fine dramatically dramatic drama actor.

        • Pipit

          OMG! Thanks so much Jomo! I just love that beautiful man.

  8. jomo

    Made me LOL
    “Why? Who can tell.”

    The Hand Towel is so freaking handsome I know I will succumb to watching this as long it isn’t Jin-diculous.

    • 8.1 Gaeina Lee

      Ahaha… I know there’s gonna be “Jin” reference somewhere..
      Ahh, good times.. Is Heads on board for the recap? ^^

    • 8.2 YY

      “When a man loves a towel
      Can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else….”

  9. snow_white

    same name!!!! 😀

  10. 10 respechuae

    Moon Chae Won is rumored (unconfirmed) to be offered the female role opposite Hwang Jung Min. Well Chae-won kills it in melodramas. Please, please make it happen.

    • 10.1 altair

      Nooooooooooooo!!!!!! Moon Chae Won can’t be starring opposite Hwang Jung-min after making such a cute and YOUNG couple with Song Joong Ki!! I refuse to accept this pairing! Plus, what is Hwang Jung-min doing as a main lead? Why? Are talented AND gorgeous men over in drama land and now we only have talented men left? NO! I refuse to belive that! He is not leading man material and I am telling you right now _insert name of whatever TV station decides to pick this up_ I will NOT watch this mess!

      • 10.1.1 respechuae

        Don’t worry, it’s just an unconfirmed rumor at this point. Also, it’s a movie, not a drama. I’m sure Chae-won will pick a drama by the end of the year, hopefully opposite Lee Jun Ki or Hyun Bin (wishful thinking LOL).

      • 10.1.2 HT

        Wut? Are you a troll or something? How shallow.. it’s pathetic.

        Know what? It’d be a honour for Moon Chae-won if she gets to work with Hwang Jung-min. Now get off your crying ass and watch some HJM’s movies.

      • 10.1.3 SP

        LoL Calm down please. It will be a movie not a drama dear.

        I don’t see any problem even if he isn’t handsome but he’s surely talented so if it’s true MCW will learn a lot from him and she definitely happy to act with him too.

      • 10.1.4 Gaksitalpyong

        The type of artist I know Moon Chae Won to be is not one that picks her co-stars and dramas based on the appearances of her leading man or whether the drama/film will be popular/mainstream. She chooses her roles based on the script, and if it allows her to reveal another side to the artist she wishes to portray to the audience. She thinks of acting as an art, one in which she needs to show her creativity in each piece. She also loves roles that allow her to explore another dimension of heroines, and not the typical generic heroines kdramas are known to have. If offered this role, and given that the heroine of the film is different from the generic (like Se-ryung, Ja-In, and Eungi was) she most definitely will accept it. Especially if she is paired opposite of a powerhouse performer like Hwang Jung Min, who I’m sure she would be honored to work with. In her last film, War of Arrows, she worked with the likes of Park Ha-Il and Ryu Seung-ryong and mentioned how honored she was to learn from such talented sunbae-nims.

        • altair

          They all say how honored they are.. blah, blah, blah. The fact is I want leading men to be both talented and gorgeous. So on my CHA SEUNG WON -JUNG WOO SUNG scale of hot leading men, HJM doesn’t even measure a beep. And no, I will not get my ass to watch anything with HJM as someone suggested. I just don’t have the time and patience to watch people who are not beautiful enough. I am too busy being shallow…lol.

          • nobody

            I hate when people say they are too busy to be serious about dramas/films/actors. altair, I don’t think you’re that busy because busy people don’t waste their time to watch dramas/films just because of some hot guys. Anyway, you have the right to say what you think and we have the right to say that you’re shallow. I’m angry.

            Now, Hwang Jung Min? I’m in. And Moon Chae Won would be a nice choice, although I think she does better in sageuk.

        • Starlinh

          Very well said @Gaksitalpyong.

          From what I know of Chae-won, she would be very happy to work with actor like Hwang Jung-min. She will learn a lot from him.

      • 10.1.5 alua


        He’s not leading man material? Because he isn’t ‘gorgeous’ enough?

        I don’t see how he’s ugly or un-handsome or whatever you’ve got in mind. Well, he doesn’t look 22 but he still looks mighty fine.

      • 10.1.6 Annie

        Hwang Jung Min can act circles around precious Song Joong Ki. I’d sooner say that Moon Chae Won is not worthy (and I like her … a lot) than Hwang freaking Jung Min.

  11. 11 Gaeina Lee

    Hwang Jung Min!! Ahh, am so excited for his next project.. Can’t wait to see him in romantic movie! (I wish it’s gonna be a romantic movie..^^)

  12. 12 lily

    I don’t understand the hand towel thing..?

    • 12.1 Trina

      go back to the comments of the Hand Towel…. As for, HJM, I only watch one of his drama and so far he is ok.

  13. 13 gaea

    “How many more A-list co-star careers will the Hand Towel ruin?!”

    I’m sorry dear all, but I’m choked and laughed to tears when I read this. ROFL!

    I never hate SSH…but…HJM in one screen with him… Hmmmm…. *left the board to pray for Hwang Jung Min to not destroyed by SSH*

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