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I Summon You, Gold loses Lee Jong-hyuk in last-minute shake-up
by | February 17, 2013 | 51 Comments

javabeans: Dramaland is crazeballs. We knew this. And yet, every day brings more proof. You may not have had upcoming weekend drama I Summon You, Gold on your to-watch list (or even drama radar), but the behind-the-scenes news is turning out to be much more juicy. Also, really confusing.

girlfriday: It’s definitely another life-imitating-art classic King of Dramas scenario. The drama actually swapped creative hands a month out from its premiere?

javabeans: Yes. It’s switching its entire production team in the eleventh hour. What’s craziest about this scenario is not that it lost its lead actor, Lee Jong-hyuk (sadface), or that it’s lost a director or writer or even jumped stations (it hasn’t lost those, just its hero). What’s crazy is that it is switching production companies. As in, the people actually making the show. Who does that? How does that even work?


javabeans: (Let it be noted that girlfriday and I sat here for ten minutes trying to come up with an analogy in the real world and had to scrap it because the real world is not that insane.)

girlfriday: Apparently, you can take a drama in the middle of production, and give the idea to a new company, as long as you steal the writer along with it?

javabeans: First off, ONE MONTH. One freaking month till airdate. (It’s slated to follow Rascal Sons.) Secondly, is it a good thing or a bad thing that it hasn’t started filming yet, and therefore has no filmed product gone to waste?

girlfriday: Maybe we’ve just put our finger on why the first production company lost this show.

javabeans: But… losing the prodco lost them their star actor. (GnG is the old production company. They represent Lee Jong-hyuk. When they lost the show to Yigim Productions, Lee understandably did not follow.) You win some, you lose some?

girlfriday: Losing Lee Jong-hyuk is a big ‘some.’

javabeans: To make it more complicated, I Summon You, Gold originated with the broadcast station, with whom the writer has a contract. The broadcaster gave the drama to GnG, then took it back to give to Yigim… which is where the writer is contracted. So why not start with Yigim?

girlfriday: They must’ve stolen her as part of the deal?

javabeans: Who else is confused? We need a better illustration. So: In King of Dramas terms, this would be like if SBC gave Kyungsung Morning to Anthony first, then Empire did its shady maneuvering in the background and stole Jung Ryeo-won out from under Anthony’s nose. So Empire scored the drama and the writer, but lost Siwon, who stuck with his bro.

girlfriday: (Fictional aww.)

javabeans: By the way, the broadcaster is MBC.

girlfriday: Well, mystery solved.

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51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jade

    LOL at the mbc comment.

    • 1.1 risa

      Maker of

      • 1.1.1 WeWe

        now i get what GF and JB talks about

        *still ROFLing

    • 1.2 jomo

      Me too ! I guffawffed.

    • 1.3 bjharm

      same had to smile. frankly it a wonder anyone does any business with then at all! Or are they only so screwball to those outside of Korea?

    • 1.4 altair

      Until the “King of Dramas terms” explanation I had not understand the whole fiasco. Thank you for the analogy.

      • 1.4.1 Uhnny

        Haha. Me too!

        King of Dramas has made a deep impact on how I see dramaland and the Korean entertainment industry as well. 🙂

        I’m glad I watched that drama. 😀

        • Rachel

          Haha same here! Every possible pre-production hijink can now be better understood with reference to King of Dramas.

    • 1.5 Ace

      I was thinking why would KBS/SBS do this? Then I read the last line, and yeah. It makes sooooo much sense now. 😉

  2. nancii

    You know I totally didn’t understand what was happening until the King of Dramas reference!
    Now I get it!!
    Aha. Good old Ansony…..

    • 2.1 minhoswife

      LOL at Ansony!!!

    • 2.2 MariD

      Same here.. Thanks to the KOD reference/analogy it mades complete sense… Sigh* I miss that show..

      • 2.2.1 kopytko

        Yup. KoD is a masterpiece. It is mentioned whenever some news from backstage appear and it usually helps us understand the crazy. *Anthonyyyyyy*

      • 2.2.2 Conny

        Me too. Best show I had watched in a long time. LOVED IT!!

    • 2.3 So3

      hahaha me too!! LOL love this KOD reference, makes it all clear now XD

    • 2.4 luiz

      LOL Too…hahaha

    • 2.5 Fangy

      Hahaha… same here!

    • 2.6 Ennayra

      Me too.

    • 2.7 Jyyjc

      PFFT omg same here everybody

  3. Lynnnnn

    No more Lee Jong-hyuk?!? (sadface x2)

  4. Pokioki

    Love how the King of Drama lives on

  5. becca_boo

    It’s so sad that all you have to say is “MBC” and suddenly everything makes sense.

    Using King of Dramas to put things in perspective really helped, too. Is that just the go-to illustration now? ‘Cause it works.

    Thanks for the update!

  6. kopytko

    Of all dramas does it have to be this one? I was so happy to see Lee Jong Hyuk… *goes to throw a fit*

    • 6.1 Annie

      mte, mte.

  7. topper

    MBC. Mystery solved.

  8. Annie

    I’m not sure how giving the show to another writer would work – will the new writer just have a scenario to work with? Or is it a new concept to begin with?

    • 8.1 Farhana

      It’s the same writer, but different production company. I guess the story will stay the same, but the way it I presented will change because of the (possible) differing production value spent?

      • 8.1.1 Annie

        Oh, I thought I remembered seeing a translated article about Jung Sung Joo doing this drama instead of the original writer. My bad.

  9. Mystisith

    It’s so sad than it becomes bitterly funny. The way those Prod Comp work is puzzling and their relationships with the channels are even more strange. Not sure what MBC is trying to do here: I would have watched this for the main lead, not for the story. So unless LJH is reinstated, chances I’m watching this are low.
    I miss Ansony too, despite the fact than we separated in not very friendly terms (that ending…)

  10. 10 befuddled

    I love you two for putting it in KoD terms.

  11. 11 anvesha

    I’m also one of those who was totally confused about the situation until you mentioned King of Dramas. Now, I get it! And in that context, it also makes a lot more ‘sense’..

  12. 12 trotwood

    Oh, KoD. This show has become like the MLA handbook or the Associated Press Stylebook or the Charter of the United Nations. These are those handy manuals that clearly explain the protocol for everything. I seriously did not understand the explanation until the KoD reference. I think that is what the writer should do next: write a KoD manual to help us understand all these shenanigans.

  13. 13 lenrasoon

    lol @ myself for only understanding this mess when you guys used the King of Dramas analogy.

    • 13.1 thil28

      haha, so true with the KOD analogy, totally understand the mess, now!

  14. 14 hanie

    I LOL-ed at MBC comment. Shame on me that go ‘ahh..no wonder’. Men, that just sad and funny at the same time imo. I guess with MBC’s reputation, all this insane thing that not suppose to happen in real world can happen in MBC.

    Thanks for the KoD analogy.

  15. 15 Celina

    Didn’t something like this happen in The World as They Know It? Or was it simply a switch in production teams?

  16. 16 Penelope

    thank you jb and gf,

    I will miss lee jong hyuk and ejiah. But I still watch him

    on sunday about fathers and sons – hilarious and

    heart warming !.

  17. 17 cheekbones

    Would there be any lawsuits to follow ?

  18. 18 DAEBAK!

    when i first read the headline, i was like nonononono. i was looking forward to see LJH, then i started reading the post and i was like “what is actually happening?” “how is that even possible?” i was answered with ~KOD~ totally get it now, in the end you gave me -MBC- it made me go ‘ahh so that’s how it was possible!’

  19. 19 Toystar

    Love the KOD reference so perfect.

  20. 20 JO

    Maybe the writer hated the production company and where they were taking it so she/he chose to switch. idkk

  21. 21 ck1Oz

    That’s the wittiest article. I had to read it twice to figure who stole whom and what actually happened.

    So that means * In KoD terms *
    Jung Ryeo Won was with SBC originally, went to Ansony. Then Ansony lost the production and her.
    But she is back with Empire, who has the current contract with SBC?
    But Siwon stuck with Ansony.

    * good grief * my poor head. And I am only the reader. No wonder they need to drink soju all the time.

  22. 22 enkeys

    thanks for the King of Drama analogy reference. Had no idea what u girls are talking about until i reach that part 🙂

  23. 23 Thursdaynexxt

    Yes, long live the King!! LOL, you only need to mention “Ansony” and the theme song starts playing in my head …

  24. 24 goldeng

    definitely, mbc =all craziness makes sense!! im not even surprised anymore… theres someone over there in mbc that is hiiiiigh…

  25. 25 glirzmadrb

    I don’t know why we get a lot of the ‘King of Dramas’ scenario these days in Korean dramaland, but thanks to ‘King’, we get to appreciate/ understand these series of unfortunate events.

  26. 26 glirzmadrb

    I don’t know why we get a lot of the ‘King of Dramas’ scenario these days in Korean dramaland, but thanks to ‘King’, we get to appreciate/ understand these series of unfortunate events. To think, we thought that dramas are supposed to be overrated narratives of real life.

  27. 27 Lilian

    Oh wow! Thanks for the better explanation. It really cleared things up for me! =)

    And yes, Korean drama land is truly crazy. I wouldn’t mind another kind of sequel to King of Dramas focusing on another part of the industry. There is just too muuuuch juicy stuff going on behind the scenes. A lots of money/dirty networks too, most likely.

  28. 28 Babspr57

    Y’all kill me!!!

  29. 29 Viki

    Okay, this is so much easier to understand in King of Dramas term hehehe…everything else is confusing.

  30. 30 asianromance

    Thank goodness for King of Dramas and your reference to it when explaining the behind-the-scenes mess! Wasn’t MBC the station that went crazy a few months ago and suddenly dropped sitcom and a few variety shows with barely any notice?

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