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Incarnation of Money: Episode 4
by | February 13, 2013 | 56 Comments

He’s back and uproariously hilarious. Cha-don is faced with a prosecutor who won’t take him, a section chief who won’t help him, and a girl who won’t let go of him. Becoming a full-fledged prosecutor turns out to be harder than it looks, but he’s determined to show everyone else and himself that he’s got what it takes.


At the courthouse, the news outlets are abuzz about the former mayor of Seoul who currently faces lobbying charges. The prosecutor in this case is none other than Se-kwang, who is in the middle of his cross-examination.

Things aren’t going well for the prosecution at present: Insufficient evidence coupled with the witness’s testimony aren’t enough to incriminate the ailing mayor. And who else should be the mayor’s defense lawyer than Lawyer Hwang.

We see that time has certainly altered the relationship between the once co-conspirators when they meet in the hall. The taste of money has turned Lawyer Hwang, who gives an evil grin when asked if he once again bribed the witness.

But Lawyer Hwang has another bone to pick with Se-kwang and mocks the “righteous Robin Hood prosecutor” public image Se-kwang has made for himself. How ironic that a murderer is now so dearly loved by the public.

He fully accepts his own image as a lawyer who mooches on the powerful: “I was a villain in the past and I’m still one in the present.” At least he doesn’t try to mask his past with self-righteous acts like his fellow Traitagon members. Smiling devilishly, he says, “The one who sold their conscience isn’t me, but you all.” Evil Lawyer has a point there.

Lawyer Hwang leans in and says that though Se-kwang may have a steady paycheck, things are different for him – he’ll be out in the streets if he loses this case. His high-pitched laughter echoes down the hallway.

Looks like the former Mayor Jung isn’t sick after all as he throws off his mask. Not only that, he’s apparently chummy with Chief Prosecutor Jo and gives him an earful about keeping his subordinates in line.

Which explains why Chief Prosecutor Jo assigns the new trainee, Cha-don, to work in Se-kwang’s branch. When Se-kwang politely refuses to take him on, the chief prosecutor jabs, “How many times have you briefed me on this current case?”

Chief Prosecutor Jo doesn’t hide that he’s putting a tail on Se-kwang – he’ll do it if it’s the only way to obtain consistent reports on the case. His threat that it’s a direct order falls on deaf ears and Se-kwang walks out.

Poor Cha-don stands there discombobulated for a moment but mention of a possible failing grade is enough for Cha-don to dart after Se-kwang. He catches his possible training instructor outside the elevator but Se-kwang remains steadfast in his decision.

So he has no choice but to let Se-kwang get on the elevator. As soon as the doors close, Cha-don curses his bad luck… and the doors open again. LOL.

Cha-don twirls his gold coin between his fingers and recalls when the orphanage director told him that he’d get to meet the mysterious Gentleman of Jingogae once he became a lawyer. Thus Cha-don vowed that he’d make his benefactor proud.

He lets out a distressed sigh about the kinks to his plan. How will he graduate at the top of his class and become a prosecutor now? He musters the resolve to combat his obstacles head-on.

Cha-don gains entry to the team office and Section Chief Yang asks who he is. Cha-don immediately introduces himself and doles out the endless compliments. Chief Yang smiles – he’s already heard about the new trainee… from Se-kwang. He has Cha-don dragged out of the office. HA.

Se-kwang’s team debriefs him about the shady relationship between President Park (Jae-in’s boss) and Mayor Jung’s assistant. Se-kwang paints a larger picture for us: President Park runs the Yellow Sea Savings Bank and receives the slush funds that are later delivered to Mayor Jang in secret.

Their way in is through President Park, and to determine whether the act is embezzlement or willful neglect. He assigns his men to various tasks to investigate the bank president. But when he gets to Chief Yang, he tells him to watch what he says.

That’s something to keep in mind when Chief Yang gets in his car at the end of the workday and Cha-don unexpectedly pops his head out from the backseat. He’ll always surprise you, that’s for sure. I kinda love how blunt he is about what an awful boss Se-kwang must be.

They end up at Boss Bok’s restaurant and Boss Bok is surprised that Cha-don is here, knowing full well that he doesn’t have the money to pay for the food, let alone the room.

She and Assistant Kim watch on a screen as Cha-don lays it on thick about how only the cream of the crop gets to eat here. He even feigns humility with a richly fabricated tale that despite his humble origins at the orphanage, his late father left him a HUGE fortune. Then he does the perfect Oh have I said too much? look.

Assistant Kim laughs that Cha-don is a natural con artist and Boss Bok looks on with amusement. She remarks, “You call it scamming if an uneducated person does it, but you call it strategy when it’s a prosecutor.”

Suddenly, Jae-in marches into her mother’s study, threatening that she’s going to quit her job at the bank. Their relationship hasn’t changed one bit – Boss Bok tells her daughter to stay put and Jae-in bites back that she’ll pick up a man and party all night or whatever. Boss Bok: “What kind of crazy bastard will take you?!”

We cut back to Cha-don who says to himself while preparing a wad of cash, “Nothing is impossible with money, except when you don’t have enough.” Then he stops, asking himself the obvious question: “Where did I learn this saying? A book?” HA.

Chief Yang gawks at the money and hilariously, Cha-don’s like, Is this not enough? It’s enough for the chief to sing a different tune now but Cha-don doesn’t let it slip out of his fingers that easily – information first, money second. Smart man.

So Chief Yang blabs that the prosecutor is working on a big investigation so he’ll find something for the trainee to do. Boss Bok lets out a little laugh from the other side of the screen, impressed.

The prosecution targets the Yellow Sea Savings Bank next and, as expected, Mayor Jang flips his lid at the news. But while the prosecution team sets their eyes on former employees to get them to testify against the bank president, Cha-don has someone else in mind: Jae-in.

His reasoning make sense – why not use a current employee instead? He knows it’s difficult – but the riskier it is, the better his chances are that Se-kwang will acknowledge him.

And then he starts to psychoanalyze her: an outcast at work, suffers from depression, a binge eater. She has no experience with men and is likely to be dirt poor and supports her entire family on her own. Chief Yang seems relatively impressed and Cha-don fans his own vanity, saying his incredible insight even scares him sometimes. Pffft.

Cha-don’s confident that he can win Jae-in over to their side in the time that it takes to consume a cup of coffee. Chief Yang finds that hard to believe – humans are so complex – and Cha-don’s like, Wanna bet? Oh, I can’t wait to see how wrong you’ll be.

He walks up to Jae-in (who works at the bank under a different last name) and flashes his charming smile. But it has the opposite effect of what he’s going for and she calls out, “Next!” Rejected.

Cha-don tries again (with fresh coffee in hand) but by now, Jae-in is thoroughly annoyed, taking him to be another person with bad credit trying to apply for a loan. Before he can explain himself, she barks that she’s seen plenty of people like him before and has him thrown out.

Still yet, Cha-don waits outside and offers her a ride home in Chief Yang’s beat-up car. Or would she like to go to dinner instead? Then Jae-in grabs his jacket and hoists him in the air – what kind of scammer is he and what is he trying to sell her this time?

Struggling for breath, he squeaks at her to calm down but Jae-in is in Rage Mode and she chucks Cha-don into a trash pile before kicking the car door loose. Damn, girl can take care of herself.

The prosecution team continues to search for a witness to testify against Mayor Jang and President Park. Problem is, all of the former employees report that they were unaware of any money laundering between the men. (It should be no surprise that they’ve been bought off by Lawyer Hwang.)

With two weeks until the next court date, the team is running out of options but Se-kwang remains determined.

Lawyer Hwang laughs over dinner with Chief Prosecutor Jo about planting the new trainee as his mole to infiltrate Se-kwang’s team. Chief Prosecutor confirms that there is a traitor in that well-oiled machine of a team, but it isn’t Cha-don. The chief prosecutor brightens to hear that there may be a job promotion in the works if they win this case.

Se-kwang, on the other hand, trusts his team members and doesn’t believe that there’s a traitor among them. Hm, interesting that Hyuk, his right-hand man and Prosecutor Kwon’s son, shifts a little uncomfortably.

Meanwhile, Cha-don remains fixated on Jae-in since he’ll be regarded as a hero in Se-kwang’s eyes if he brings her to the witness stand. He’ll need money to persuade her and he silently puts out his hand, asking that Chief Yang return the money he gave him.

Then Cha-don struts inside the bank with a spiffy new scarf and shades, plops a gift on Jae-in’s counter, and walks out without a word. Inside is an expensive designer handbag and a note. The other ladies gape but Jae-in rolls her eyes and scoffs in annoyance.

Back at the coffeehouse, Cha-don furtively whispers that Jae-in will definitely come to return the handbag. What he’s worried about is that she could also slap him. Jae-in arrives just then and he scrambles to compose himself.

Jae-in angrily sets the bag on the table before taking it back (to Cha-don’s surprise) and tearfully admits that she was suspicious that he was another scammer. But as soon as she saw his eyes when she came in, “I knew you were being genuine.”

That takes Cha-don by surprise and Jae-in continues, holding back tears, that she’s grateful “that you like a pathetic girl like me who only holds a pessimistic view of the world!”

A mixed look of shock and confusion washes over Cha-don’s face and he can barely stutter a response. Jae-in runs to the bathroom in tears, moved by his sweet gesture.

Cha-don panics to Chief Yang, who tells him that he’ll just have to keep up the misunderstanding until they can convince her to cooperate with them. Cha-don: “Are you telling me to date her?!” Chief Yang darts.

Jae-in returns to her seat and tells him that she’ll be honest with him. Cha-don braces himself for the answer and she replies, “You’re not my type.” He spits up his coffee.

She does, however, appreciate his earnestness and agrees to a few dates. Completely shocked and possibly relieved, Cha-don utters in English: “Wow.”

Cha-don takes her out to a buffet and remarks that he likes girls who eat heartily when he notices the salad on her plate. She politely says it’s fine, but when he momentarily steps out to take a call, she madly piles food onto her plate.

Jae-in hides the food underneath the table when Cha-don returns. She bucks up the courage to ask what about her made him like her. He chokes on his food.

Jae-in waits patiently with expectant eyes and after a long moment, he asks, “What do you think?” She answers that people have complimented her on her eyes or nice personality. Cha-don gathers himself for a moment and answers, “Your hands.”

Taking her hand, he tells her that they’re soft like “a baby angel.” She eagerly sits up when he mentions that there’s one thing he worries about: that she’s not eating enough. If she were to faint from lack of eating…

And the waiter interrupts them to clear the stacks of empty plates from below their table. HAHAHA.

Boss Bok finds her daughter awake in the middle of the night, gloating about how her new handsome admirer adores her hands. But Boss Bok quickly kicks her off Cloud 9 and remarks that he’s likely a gold digger who knows that she’s rich.

Jae-in gets up in a huff muttering, “So annoying!” and sits down at her diary where she’s written “Things to Do When I Get a Boyfriend.” Then we see her check them off as she goes on dates with Cha-don including wearing couple tees, seeing a horror movie together (and it’s Cha-don’s who’s the scaredy cat, heh), and dancing at a club.

It’s at the club where Jae-in has a run-in with a man who maliciously calls her a “hippo” and a “dump truck.” Cha-don initially tries to stealthily sneak away, but steps in when the man raises a hand to her. He asks Jae-in to step aside and hold his jacket, presumably to take the guys on.

Cha-don blocks a punch and bends it back before poking the guy in the eyes. Then he engages in the most ridiculous fight ever as he kicks and punches the other guys while crying out classic martial arts cries. Jae-in watches from the sidelines, starstruck.

Afterward, Jae-in leads him down an alleyway. As the snow falls she tells him that she’s decided to accept his feelings. Then Jae-in closes her eyes and says, “You can kiss me.” And leans in. Oh honey.

Cha-don has this panicked look on his face as he checks his surroundings. He thinks back to how he’ll become a hero if he persuades Jae-in to work with them. Scrunching up his face, he gives her a quick peck.

Jae-in’s eyes flicker open and her voice breaks, “You really cherish me!” She whirls him around for a proper kiss. He initially struggles but Jae-in is too strong and he eventually gives up, digging his nails into the wall.

Se-kwang hears news that President Park wants to arrange a meeting tomorrow with the prosecution team. He belatedly realizes that the date conflicts with Mom’s early release hearing, so he calls in to reschedule.

As for Mom, she rocks back and forth, calling out Kang-seok’s name and occasionally screaming out to “Bi-ryung,” demanding to see her son. Of course, no one is there and she immediately shrinks in front of the female officer, calling her “Bi-ryung” as well.

We check in with the real Bi-ryung, who has just arrived back in Korea. She goes by the name “Angelina” now and the mayor’s assistant vaguely recognizes her as a former actress…

She meets with Mayor Jung over drinks, and it’s too early to tell whether she’s coaxing him about becoming mistress like she did with Chairman Lee. He reminds her that she once mentioned taking revenge on a certain someone when she returns to Korea. Angelina laughs it off and tells the former mayor that there’s no need for him to avenge her. “If I take my revenge, I should do it myself.”

Mayor Jang receives word about President Park and calmly sends off his assistant to handle it.

President Park walks down the empty corridor after a long workday when he bends down to pick up a card on the ground. It reads “Traitor” and suddenly, someone strangles him from behind with a wire and drags him back up the hallway.

President Park thinks fast and stabs the masked man a few times with his pen but it’s no use. The pen clatters to the ground and he’s dragged away.

The next day, the prosecution team reports to Se-kwang that President Park is nowhere to be found and wonder if he’s gone off the grid.

Elsewhere, a young woman drives her red motorcycle to a crime scene and she’s stopped at the police tape. Whipping out her badge, she introduces herself as Prosecutor JEON JI-HOO (Choi Yeo-jin).

She cuts to the chase as the officers on site brief her on the corpse, which is virtually unidentifiable with no hair or fingerprints or ID. She demands to see the corpse and the guys gag while she pokes and prods for clues.

Rolling the security tapes at the bank to check President Park’s movements reveals someone awfully familiar: Cha-don. Se-kwang wonders what that new trainee is doing there.

Jae-in takes a deep breath, nervous about meeting Cha-don’s older cousin (he’d mentioned it in the car, covered in lipstick stains). She give herself a pep talk before emerging outside and hears Cha-don’s voice.

He’s with Chief Yang (who’s here to act as his cousin) and complains how most women usually have pretty hands but Jae-in’s resemble pig’s feet. When the camera finally pans back to her, we see her sobbing.

Her eyes puffy from crying and her hair unkempt, she finally walks into the hotel restaurant where Cha-don is waiting. He gets up and waves… and she charges at him with a cake.



Let him eat cake. I for one, hope that she does more than just wallop him with that cake. ‘Cause then it’d be a waste of cake.

Now that we’ve been properly introduced to Jae-in in her adult persona, it’s apparent that she’s very much the same naive and idealistic fourteen-year-old girl we met earlier in the series. Though Cha-don was mostly wrong in his analysis, he does pinpoint some deeper issues that can attribute to her emotionally stunted state. Her primary coping mechanism is gluttony through food and drink, and it seems that she hasn’t had many friends, if any in her life. How saddening is it when you have a mother telling you to trust no one because they’re all after your money?

That leads to her extreme swing in emotions, latching on to anyone with whom she feels a connection with and utterly heartbroken when faced with the bitter truth. I appreciate that we didn’t drag the lie and addressed it right away. I’m more excited to see how she’ll take her revenge on the “good looking dummy” than anyone else. And we already know that she can take him… and win.

I’m curious to know about Prosecutor Jeon and how she’ll fold into the mix of this wacky world. Her hardass personality is bound to clash with Se-kwang who already has his hands full with an overeager trainee. The dynamics between these three should prove to be an interesting one. Say, how do you train the boy you once tried to kill to become a righteous prosecutor?


56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. TS


    Was so waiting for this!

  2. DayDreamer

    I was so waiting for this recap just to relive the little funny moments in it. I loved the quirkiness of the main leads and laughed so hard when Jae-In mauled Cha Don with kisses and he had this single tear falling from his eyes.

    • 2.1 Conny

      That scene made me laugh so hard I had tears running down my face. What sealed the deal is when he was digging his fingers into the wall.

      He’s the best. He’s also husband #2. I already informed husband #1..lol

      • 2.1.1 TS

        You know, I thought he enjoyed it despite himself…

      • 2.1.2 DayDreamer

        Is husband #1 your actual husband or another actor? lol

    • 2.2 asianromance

      I would have been upset at her mauling him, if it weren’t for Kang Ji Hwan’s hilarious expressions and the faux-epic sort of music that accompanied the scene – like it was meant to be romantic, but skewed because Jae-In was all over Cha Don and he was trying to bear it for his case.

      I wondered about the tear though. I thought he might have had feelings for her (seemed like they had gone on several dates by that time) and felt really bad, but the ending when he so callously referred to her hands as pig’s feet showed that he didn’t really think much of her.

      • 2.2.1 Orion

        I think he was just mourning for his pretty lips being kissed by someone he clearly felt revolted by.

      • 2.2.2 DayDreamer

        To me, the lone tear trailing down his cheek was like this non-verbal way of saying, “Help! I’m being raped.” Pfft. He never had feelings for her despite numerous dates but was only going along with her misunderstanding that he liked her.

    • 2.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I am actually afraid of Chubby Jae-In. First she shows rage, attacking an innocent bystander and kicking off the car door. Then she proceeds to continue her aggressive sexual predator attention on poor Cha-Don. I felt sorry for him. I know it is suppose to be funny, but I can’t help finding it violent and invasive.

  3. snow_white

    thanks for the recap…..

    I’m currently watching this episode….right now….will read the whole thing after i complete it!!

  4. TS

    Okay, few comments on this episode: first, why shouldn’t the heavy girl find guys who like her? People like all sorts of other people. Didn’t Sumi see the Seinfeld episode where Marisa Tomei thinks the ideal man is short and bald and can’t believe George is single?

    Second, I liked Jae-In’s list of things to do with a boyfriend. I’m going to make one of those too.

    Third: what’s with comedies making heavy girls out to be strong? Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. Unless we see the same girls lifting weights, why should I believe that? Come to think of it, Runway Cop showed the Kang Ji-Hwan much weaker after losing fat, though he had amazing tone and lots of muscle.

    • 4.1 houstontwin

      I know plenty of happily married young women who are on the plump side. I would love to see our heroine succeed in love and work without losing an ounce!

      • 4.1.1 TS

        Same here! And as someone Eastern who’s been refused by matchmakers as being chubby (I’m a size 6-8, btw) because I’m not tall and thin, I’m often surprised by the attitude that you have to be super-thin to get love.

        • M.D.

          Judging by the posters of the drama, I have a feeling you (and myself) WILL BE DISILLUSIONED. She will become a modelesque beauty. Which is explainable even in terms of making her up. The actress IS super-thin. But this is a general misconception and a common preconceived idea: only the thin are beautiful, smart and meant to be happy. Modern society is so very democratic and fair.

    • 4.2 befuddled

      Yeah, the fat girl comedy doesn’t work well for me. You make a good point about the odd assumption that fat = strong.

      Maybe I know too much about medical issues like autoimmune thyroid disease or Cushings and other such things. I want to connect with the humor, and it’s not like I’m mad about it or anything, but, instead it just makes me feel a bit sad to see the stereotype of fat people perpetuated like that.

      I know people, too… there is one woman that is overweight and gets rude comments about it now and then, but she does exercise a lot and even trains + participates in marathons (running, biking).

      • 4.2.1 TS

        See, that makes sense to me, if the woman is heavy but exercises a lot and so is strong.

      • 4.2.2 Lovebug

        Yeah I am hoping she keeps the strong thing when she is thin, otherwise that joke really falls flat.

    • 4.3 Quinze

      Yea this whole attitude of Fat girl= Strong annoys me because what we see so far is just a girl that likes to eat. I don’t see working out as part of her routine to explain her being strong.

      I’m really hoping he falls in love with her before she does her transformation or at least that he’s properly chastised when he does because otherwise it’s pointless.

    • 4.4 SomangLyn

      fat is not fat

      i am strong and I am a big girl
      not like that character

  5. Nallali

    Can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard! it’s a pity though that so far its only CD providing the laughs and being hilarious…can u imagine the level of hilarity if there was another funny character played by someone like Lee Bum Soo?!!

    • 5.1 Orion

      I think Lee Beom Soo and Kang Ji Hwan playing nutjobs in the same drama would make the Universe explode. What a hilarious end to our existence it would be though…

    • 5.2 nomad

      Oh! Oh! What a great idea!! I want that too!

  6. maakopla

    I liked this episode. Jae In is hilarious but kind of freaky and weird. The moment when she threw Cha-don into the pile of trash, broke the car’s door and walked off while growling and yelling really loudly… xD Well, okay it was funny but really weird. All the “dating” made me laugh so much, especially that horror movie scene, poor Cha-don.

    All in all I find Jae.In cute if not adorable. I am so sure that she would be even pretty as well, if she didn’t have those huge fake cheeks which unnaturally never move when she speaks, laughs or screams. Those fake cheeks make her look like a pig, totally. I would have loved to see a drama with fat heroine who won’t lose weight yet the main guy would still start loving her (equals super shocked Korean audience).

    Se-Kwang, I am still wondering whether I like this character or not. Somehow it kind of annoyed me how in this episode they were trying to show his good side. Sure, I can believe he killed off Cha-don’s father just because that old man killed his father (and nothing else) but then Se-Kwang became a law abiding prosecutor who is actually on the different side from all his crime buddies. He is even concerned about Cha-don’s mother. I don’t believe anyone can be just bad or just good, so Se-Kwang is bond to have some good sides to him as well. Still, I would have preferred to have him as a true baddie, a really hateful person. But I guess it’s still too early to say anything.

    I can already see how everyone will turn against Se Kwang and Cha-Don will be the only one who could help him but then he finds out/remembers the past and it’s going to be a huge mess.

    Anyway, can’t wait for the next episode!

    • 6.1 TS

      I don’t like Se kwang. He may have disliked/hated/loathed Cha-don’s father, but nothing excuses what he did to Cha-don and his mother.

    • 6.2 So3

      “I would have loved to see a drama with fat heroine who won’t lose weight yet the main guy would still start loving her (equals super shocked Korean audience).”

      That reminds me of the forever-lovely My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

      • 6.2.1 maakopla

        Yeah, but she wasn’t even that fat… But anyway, we need more dramas like that. I mean, all heroines are nowadays super skinny, way too skinny and it’s kind of disgusting. The guys are super skinny too. Some time ago I watched a drama filmed in 2000 and the guys actually looked like men.

  7. Jessaflyne

    I ADORE Hwang Jung Eum’s portrayal of Jae In. She make the transition from Seo Shin Ae (the child) to the adult Jae In so believable and convincing. Happy to see the adult counterpart take the baton from child star successfully. Can’t wait to see where the journey of life will take Jae In next (the next and most likely last, time skip). IMO her future is the most intriguing and unpredictable among other characters, she can go anywhere and become anything.

    Kang Ji Hwan on the other hand, I like him just fine usually, but must admit that his portrayal of adult Kang Seok is a bit… off? Not that his acting is bad, just that… bit overact? It’s so different from Park Ji Bin’s portrayal. I had hard time believe that they’re the same character.
    But I enjoy him and Jae In’s goofy-ness together. They have nice chemistry so far already, even when their relationship still in “false” stage. I bet they’ll be crackling when their love really grow full-fledged in the future.

    • 7.1 mayke88

      Yes, HJE is the most hilarious Korean actress I’ve ever watch! She’s entertaining in all projects I’ve seen her in. She doesn’t afraid to embarrass herself, say and do silly things and make her appearance/style bad, eventhough she’s really pretty. See High Kick Through the Roof, I become her fan since then. I like when she does serious acts as well, she’s a good crier, and his chemistry with her male co-stars also always good.

      • 7.1.1 leelo

        HJE isn’t afraid to look silly simply because she’s absolutely cute and gorgeous. no mater how silly she may try to look she’ll always end up looking cute…For example, in FH2, though her hair style was hideous, I still found myself getting use to it and thought she worked it pretty well.

        • mayke88

          Yeah, maybe she isn’t afraid because she’s really pretty. But still, that proves her guts. There so many pretty Korean actresses, but none as far as I know are as brave as her in repeatedly choose roles either with silly embarassing and/or with bad styles. The amazing thing is, despite that, she managed to make her roles shine, her dramas were all have good quality and ratings (after High Kick, I dunno about before HK), and also still regarded as one of prettiest celebs and CF Queen in Korea.

          Her projects choice/taste are pretty unique too. She can easily be a successful romcom actress if she wants, but she instead venture into various and unusual genres, from sitcom, epic history, family mellow makjang, medical, to suspense dark satire. The ones that international fans don’t usually follow. I heard she wanted to do FH 2 only because she loves Man-ok role.

          • Orion

            Lee Si Yeong is another good example. She plays insane characters and can be silly like nobody’s business.

    • 7.2 Nakai

      I dont know why but I feel like JiHwan is nervous. Hopefully he’ll get the hang of it soon.

      Love Hwang Jung Eum.

      • 7.2.1 Orion

        I got the same feeling. His comedy is usually crazier, but this is a team that has done two very successful dramas staring a seasoned heavy hitter like Lee Beom Soo and maybe Kang is afraid he might be too much if he completely lets go.

        I also think we’re still settling into the character as viewers so it might be the same for him as an actor. Also, we have another time skip coming at some point and the asylum bit is still on the table, so maybe he’s saving the more energetic stuff for the post-mental treatment part of the story.

    • 7.3 Sabah

      Wonderful comment. Thanks.

    • 7.4 bazigo


      LOL where the mischievous-but-sharp before accident or genius-though-weird Lee Kang-seok after accident? I only see hyperactive narcissistic and childlike adult who does not seems that bright and too silly. The only thing same is he an a## to Jae-in.

    • 7.5 asianromance

      I’ve never been into HJE, but I fell in love with her in this episode. Did you see the ending tag, right after the preview? Her Jae-In character dancing in the club to the EXID’s up and down – she can dance and fist-pump! I hope she is still this adorable after the fat suit comes off!

      I think for the Cha-Don character, it’s more the writing than KJH’s acting. Current Cha-Don is made to be slick, loud, and hilarious, but we ended with Park Ji Bin’s amnesiac Cha-Don- quiet, almost emotionless and robotic, with a hole in his heart, yearning for his parents. Present Cha-Don seems more like pre-amnesia Cha-Don. And as of episode 4, we haven’t gotten to see his serious side much.


    I find it interesting that the members of lowlifes Inc all seem to now dislike Se kwang.

  9. Carole McDonnell

    Gotta say I like Cha Don cause he is such a slick a$$ sometimes. He isn’t the perfect hero, which I like. And even in his shallow way at looking at fat folks, he still manages to be likable.

    I really like the new prosecutor but am hoping she isn’t going to be paired with Cha Don/Kang Seok. Probably not cause I’m already feeling that Jae In and Cha Don are each other’s destined ones. I want Jae-In to keep much of her weight but the thumbnail/poster for this program shows two skinny girls so I’m thinking….uhmmmm

    I’m just hoping when/if Jae In loses all her excess weight that she still retains a lot of her emotional issues….except that she will be able to control herself and not react by eating.

    Am totally intrigued by Prosecutor Gwon’s son, who seems so sweet and so respectful and untainted by either his dad or Se-kwang.

    Favorite characters:
    Kang Seok/Dha Don, Jae In, Dha Don, Gangsta Mom Boss Bok, Prosecutor Gwon, Lawyer Hwang, and Prosecutor Gwon’s hottie seemingly innocent son.

    Am not feeling Se-Kwang at all. Thanks for the recap.

  10. 10 Lovebug

    Though I am enjoying this show, I admit I having problems with the “fat” humor. I am ok with drastic weight loss storylines having been overweight and losing over 60 pounds myself. But I really hate how Jae In is so sloppy (Seriously who drinks coke like that at their workplace). I know that she obviously has a eating disorder and compulsively eats likely due to some tragic event in her childhood. I just don’t like how its played for laughs.

    Now interestingly I don’t mind the arc of KJW’s character not being attracted to her and the jokes behind that because that is real. (Not right but there are shallow people like that out there) and it would be funny no whether she was fat or thin if she was someone he found unattractive. The kissing scene was really funny.

    Despite my discomfort regarding some of the jokes I really like this show, and the characters! My favorite dramas usually have some character growth for both the guy and the girl, and these guys have some growing to do!

    Plus I can’t wait till he finds out who he really is.
    Revenge time!! (Is it weird that i am excited for revenge, well I am a kdrama fan so i guess not really)

    • 10.1 annnsow

      I am seriously wondering if I can watch this show because I might not be able to stand the jokes…

  11. 11 Jesse

    “Then he engages in the most ridiculous fight ever as he kicks and punches the other guys while crying out classic martial arts cries.”
    Bruce Lee style. Quite frankly I’m amazed that no one commented on this earlier! This scene was hilarious.

    • 11.1 asianromance

      Definitely Bruce Lee style! The haircut went well with it too.

      Haha, at one point, all he had to go was hold out his hand and the dude falls over!

      • 11.1.1 DayDreamer

        Inorite! Hahaha, that sequence was so funny. And Jae-In was all gooey in the heart just from that. Even I’ll admit, it made my heart mushy. 😉

  12. 12 Noelle

    That is fucked up. I already want to kick him.

  13. 13 chasen8888

    I have watched all 4 episodes of this show and although I do like it, I am frankly saddened and disgusted as to how they treat the “fat” issue. The plate scene was awful and had me in tears. The fat jokes were a huge turn off for me and I have to wonder about the common message that has been running in most k-dramas that I’ve watched and that is “you only get love if you are thin, being thin is the best”. That is a very sad message to give to girls – it is clear that our society is double standard with men and women especially with weight as it is more accepted with men than women.

    However it is because of these types “messages” we have to deal with the worldwide adverse health such as anoxeria and bulimia, emotional and other related issues today. I have yet to see a k-drama/j-drama where a “fat” person actually likes themself, dresses good, eat healthy and is liked/loved in return by a hero they are not gluttonous, pathetic creatures as its tend to be shown in these dramas. There is “fat” and there is “fat” – the healthy and unhealthy kind and what they always show is the “stupid” kind. Some of the “fattest people are the healthiest, brightest, classiest and best persons I know even more than the thin ones”. People come in all different shapes and sizes – “what is wrong is liking yourself, no matter the weight?”. This is an issue – internationally which much be addressed.

    As usual here in this show they are only going to show that she is only an appealing person to the hero when she becomes thin and gets revenge by being thin. It would have been nice if they show that appealing personality to the hero prior to the weight loss, making him intrigued by her earlier on. Most of the time when I watch these shows and see the main characters the 1st thing that comes to mind is “they need to put on some weight as their thinness does not look healthy at all”, a little fat would have made them more attractive – a healthier look.

    I am not condoning obesity at all, what I am promoting is that these shows should show a healthy view of weight issues for both men and women and not make them the “butt” of fat jokes. But then that’s society for you.

    • 13.1 Rachel

      I think that’s what I liked so much about My Name is Kim San-Soon. Of course Kim Sun Ah was by no means fat by Western standards, but at least she was allowed to receive love without losing weight first.

      I agree that all the fat jokes are a turnoff. But at least she gets some payback for the way he treats her (and I expect there is more to come.)

      • 13.1.1 nomad

        KSS wasn’t fat, but she was certainly over-weight, and I think that’s what most women are like in the world. Not fat, but somewhat over-weight. And yes, that’s what made that show so endearing. She didn’t have to be unhealthy skinny to be loved.

    • 13.2 Carole McDonnell

      So true. I’m hoping this drama will turn all those expectations on their head. Might be a vain hope because, as you say, the anti-fat bias in k-dramas is pretty ubiquitous and seemingly unchanging. Will see.

      I’m always wondering WHEN filmmakers will learn that what they consider funny might be offending and hurting the feelings of the audience. I can’t count how many times being made love to by a fat Black woman has been used in American movies as a joke/sight gag. Lucky Chuck (I think that was the title), Deuce Bigolo, etc. And there were other instances, like Never Been Kissed where the fat black woman was constantly shown eating foooood. Not just food but foooooooooood. And not just eating but eaaaaaaaaaaaating.

      Some moviemakers have a nasty moralistic streak. Am hoping the guys writing this script are truly enlightened…and not just thinking they’re enlightened. Will see.

  14. 14 Taber

    I love the dancing at the end, just loved it…. I do think most fat young people are strong it has nothing to do with working out but you building strength because on a daily basic you carrying double your weight mass, just walking and doing normal activities as a big person is not enough exercise to lose weight but it does build your muscle. I really don’t mind the fat jokes, just like I don’t mind the Blonde, Asia, Skinny, Ghetto, Red Neck etc stereotypes in which jokes originates from. It’s not something you judge all big people on because not everyone fit that mode. The way I look at it is that there is a person out there that does conduct themselves like Jae-in and it funny and sad but it is what it is.

    If I let TV, movies and drama be a blueprint on how I perceived a person then EVERY white girl will be a slut, Asia only know how to do nails, Black people only sell drugs, Puerto Rico only know how to have babies and can’t learn English etc,etc. Each one of these statement are true to some extent but does it mean it true for all, no that why I don’t have a issue how Jae-in is portrayed because being from the United States a nation on the verge of obesity I work with fat people and as I go about my daily life I see heavy set people in respectful, loving relationship, so it craziness to think a big girl can’t be loved.

    I know fat people in the “States” and fat people in ‘Asia” are seen from different viewpoint the over the top display of Jae-in character seem extreme but the hatred and prejudices shown toward her is extreme as while. The same way Asia look at fat people American trend to look down on bone thin people, it’s not attractive to be a tooth pick and most of the time we associate that kind of body shape with some kind of eating disorder or drugs use. I notice that Asia cultures loved how the girl in they early to middle 20 still look like they in junior high. In the states it not something that is consider cute, to still be perceived as a child/teenager when you are a woman is not a complimen looking undeveloped is never a good look in the States. So it may be harsh for some who not use to seeing fat person treated in that harsh public manner but you have to understand the huge culture differences.

    I do have to say the way Jae-in eats food is sloppy and disgusting, I have never seen a big person eat that way (EVER) her eating habit doesn’t have nothing to do with her size but everything with her upbringing this shows a lack of manners and education which has nothing to do with a person size but everything to do with lack of self worth

  15. 15 Mar

    I really cannot deal with the fat girl slob bashing stuff in this. I wanted to watch this but just this is just so off putting. You know what would be great? Never having to see an actress wearing a fat suit ever again.

  16. 16 leekyuwon

    Can somebody explain to me what going on…I don’t understand young Cha don and young Jae-in why is Cha don grow up and Jae-in is still the same…I am confuse

  17. 17 Bro

    Damn. First of all, I think everyone is getting way to sensitive and looking way to deep into this “fat” issue. I honestly didn’t even think it was a problem until I read all the essays here. Everybody needs to relax and just enjoy the freakin story. I honestly don’t even think they’re bashing fat people. I must be the only one who got a vibe that they’re bashing spoiled, ungrateful, lazy rich kids or something like that.

    But man back on topic, Kang Jihwan is killing me with his comedy scenes. The whole martial arts scene was crackin me up. But I do agree, it’s hard to believe that he’s even the same character as his child character. Maybe they’ll explain the drastic change in personality later in the drama.

  18. 18 Taber

    @Bro you are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else, but that all you are entitled too. You don’t have the right to tell people how to feel what to do regarding this drama. This is a blog where people from all over the world come to RANT or RAVE, so don’t be RUDE by telling other what they should do base on your personal preception.

    As I stated in my essay I don’t have a issue with the drama perception of a fat girl but for the ones that do have ever right to voice they opinion.

    Bro, you don’t have to like it or understand it but you do have to respect others comments.

  19. 19 lorrettamt

    Just watched episode 1 again and came to realize that the evil attorney hwang guy later finds out who cha don really is: lee kang seouk, the owner of the 10 million dollars that his daddy left him. unfortunately as cha don tries to find out whats wrong with the case of the buried treasure, he doesnt have a clue about what really happened to him 15 years ago. i wonder if he gets his memory back or if that hwang guy is trying to get money from him. i am anticipating this drama to be a good one! thanks gummimochi for the review.

  20. 20 a_diva

    Bi-Ryung adopted the American name Angelina!? Really? Really Really? I can’t believe nobody laughed at that. I had to pause and get the giggles out before I continued on with the show. Her level of delusion is far superior than anything I expected but I’m not sure why I’m so surprised since kdramas are synonymous with exaggeration!

    Anyway, I am just watching this episode but I totally agree with the comments about the treatment of the overweight issue here. It is definitely this treatment in the entertainment industry that perpetuates the unjustified negative connotations associated with being overweight and obese—particularly that you are not worthy to be loved and treated with common human decency just because you are not “normal” sized. I too would like to see the day when a character offers no apologies for being who they are and just lives . . . I see it all the time out in the real world—a “fat” person who is comfortable in his/her skin, has healthy relationships, good careers and good lives. Of course there are ones who let it affect their lives, but there is no one way to be and that is not reflected in the shows we see on the small screen.

  21. 21 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    When the dates started, I couldn’t tell if they were really happening or it was just a fantasy. But the tear rolling down Cha-Don’s face did make it seem like she was molesting him.

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