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Joo Jin-mo to play Yoo Oh-sung’s father in Friend 2
by | February 14, 2013 | 26 Comments

We’ve got some more casting movement on the sequel to the legendary two-friends-become-rival-gangsters movie Friend (2001), and it’s a bit of a head-scratcher: Joo Jin-mo (Coffee) has been cast to play Yoo Oh-sung’s (Faith) father, and Yoo Oh-sung is reprising his role from the original film. What, now?

You may remember that early casting rumors were searching for someone to play Jang Dong-gun’s son (everyone from Yoo Ah-in to Lee Min-ho has been rumored, but there’s still no one cast in the role). It turns out Friend 2 will be a story spanning three generations: Yoo Oh-sung will play his original character, Joo Jin-mo will play his father in the past, and the yet-to-be-cast young actor will play Jang Dong-gun’s son in the present. That’s a lot of gangster blood running through those families, but I guess you can’t really have a sequel to a gangster movie with the son and father being an accountant and a florist.

Director Kwak Kyung-taek (who wrote and directed the original movie, and then directed the drama version starring Hyun Bin in Jang Dong-gun’s role) is helming the sequel and so far using familiar actors. Yoo Oh-sung is of course in the first film, and Joo Jin-mo has worked with him on A Love, and the two have another action film in development called Enemy.

[If you haven’t seen Friend, there are SPOILERS ahead: Yoo Oh-sung’s character in Friend already had a gangster father, so it’s at least a story written into the original world. In the sequel we’ll go back and follow the father’s story in his 30s, when he came to lead the Busan mob that Yoo Oh-sung later takes over. At the same time, the present-day story will follow Yoo Oh-sung’s release from prison after serving his sentence… where Jang Dong-gun’s son is lying in wait.]

So it’s complicated, but a little less complicated by the fact that Yoo Oh-sung anchors the story by playing the same character aged appropriately over time. So at least there’s some sort of narrative cue there, otherwise I’d be swimming in names and crying, Who’s supposed to be whozit? I’m not certain I like the idea of reviving this story yet again because the original is so iconic, but there’s no shortage of love in Korea for this film, so I’m sure the sequel will be showered with love as well. It’s just… with this story, don’tcha think the movie will have to change its name from Friend to Family?

The big question out there is who they’ll cast as the son, because those are some big britches to fill. Friend 2 starts shooting this spring.

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nyss

    “That’s a lot of gangster blood running through those families, but I guess you can’t really have a sequel to a gangster movie with the son and father being an accountant and a florist.” LOL I DIED…

    • 1.1 momosan

      Now I kind of want to see a gangster movie with the accountant and florist!

  2. anais

    there’s no shortage of love in Korea for this film

    Indeed. It was one of my first Korean film loves. Yoo Oh Sung’s character – oof!! Broke my heart.

  3. Kiara

    Reading about this makes me want to watch The Godfather series.

  4. TS

    Man, that Frozen Flower duo is everywhere.

    • 4.1 LangitBiru

      who the duo? pls tell me.

      • 4.1.1 anna

        Joo Jin-mo and Jo In-sung, I guess? They both started in Frozen Flower.

        • bd

          You must mean “starred in” since both (esp. JJM) had careers that started well before FF.

  5. crazedlu

    The two pictures you choose.. nice. Haha.

    • 5.1 OMG

      Yes…I agree….quickly saved to computer. 😉

  6. aoiaheen

    Please let them cast Yoo Ah In. He would rock that role.

  7. Abbie

    I’ve never heard of Friend, but now I want to watch it since I loved Yoo Oh-sung in Faith and Jang Dong-gun in A Gentleman’s Dignity. I’d love to see Lee Min-ho take on the role of the son. Just because I love him. Where can I watch Friend with English subtitles?

  8. cindy

    Damn. Go Joon Hee is lucky to date this guy…. (Joo Jin Mo)


  9. Pepper Fish

    Sounds kind of like the Godfather Part 2 to me, hahaha.

  10. 10 Nicole

    Joo Jin Mo is so effing hot. SO HOT.

  11. 11 Raitei

    Back in univ, 1 of our profs made us watch “Friend” to examine the portrayal of violence in movies and create a reaction paper on whether it’s appropriate and/or justified. Although the film showed a lot of violence and blood, I thought it was rather nice and had a bittersweet theme. Even cried a bit. So, would love to see how this sequel goes…

  12. 12 denise

    joo jin mo is too pretty damn hot to play a father figure role. 🙂

  13. 13 snow_white

    haven’t seen the first movie… can’t say I’m interested in this..

  14. 14 epuda

    Joo Jin Mo !!!”faint”. Give me anything …movies, dramas etc etc of him…I will take it. I simply adore him. he is also more closer to my age and wouldn’t be cradle snatching like I am wont to do with Lee Min Ho, Yoochan and the lot. I will have him if he will have me…with my three kids and all hehehee…and a husband in tow too!!

  15. 15 YY

    If JJM saunters around half-clad like in that pic, I’m definitely watching this.

    • 15.1 Kiara

      Lol ikr?.

  16. 16 KimHan

    who else but Kim Woo Bin as Yoo Oh Sung’s son! Yoo Ah In as Jang Dong Gun’s son! ^_^

    • 16.1 sally_b

      I vote for THIS ^

      although he probably doesn’t want to get type-cast as Gangstah-Boy forever….he sure knows how to make it seem real.

      …and he Looks AWESOME while doing it.
      (chants..Kim Woo Bin, Kim Woo Bin ~)

  17. 17 Bengbeng

    lee jong suk? why not?

  18. 18 leslie rodriguez

    Yeah!! I want to see JOO JIN MO!! In another movie!! Please don’t take to long to translate in English!! I LOVE YOU JOO JIN MO YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!♡♥★♥★♡

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