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Kang Dong-won and Shin Mina pair up for short film
by | February 20, 2013 | 42 Comments

I got really excited when I heard that Kang Dong-won (Psychic) and Shin Mina (Arang and the Magistrate) were going to pair up for a Kim Ji-woon movie (The Good, The Bad, The Weird, I Saw the Devil). But then discovered that it would be a short film, which had me confused — what kind of short would get such big stars? The project, called Hide and Seek, is a short action thriller that’s basically going to serve as a showcase for a new theater technology called ScreenX that surrounds you on all sides. That sounds… like sensory overload. Also, haven’t they already done that with IMAX? Call me an old fogey, but I still think 3D is invasive.

Crazy surrounding dome experience aside, I do expect the Kim Ji-woon/Kang Dong-won/Shin Mina combo to produce something worth watching. The thriller stars Kang Dong-won as X, a mysterious agent who has to transport a package, the contents of which he doesn’t know. Shin Mina plays the girlfriend to the secret-laden, secret-keeping X. I’m sort of imagining a pared-down chase movie, where you skip all the exposition and just get down to danger.

Lee Som (Ghost, White Christmas) co-stars as his handler, named Fingers. Hee. I really like this cast, and wish desperately this were a full-length feature. Lee Som is definitely a young actress to watch — she’s still newish, but she feels so different from the cookie-cutter starlets. She does dark really well, which I like.

The film is being conceived as a dome-theater 360-degree multi-projection thing, but all that is frills and I could take it or leave it (leave it really, if I had a choice). Maybe it’s a flash in the pan or maybe it’s not, but in any case I care more that whatever movie they make would still hold up on a regular screen. ‘Cause I don’t literally need to be chased from behind to get into a chase scene. Just sayin’.

Hide and Seek has started shooting, and will premiere this spring.

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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. alua

    I would prefer feature length, but I’ll take a short if that’s all we get.

    Kang Dong-won AND Shin Min-ah! Must be like winning the lottery, no?

    • 1.1 Raine

      So this is what it feels like, eh? I’m liking it! And Esom looks…um, stunning!

  2. nonski

    wow~ kang dong won and shin min a pairing is just soooo awesome! thanks for the post~

    • 2.1 Soo Won

      i saw the picture and thought it was shin min ah – lee jun ki!!!!… sigh…

  3. Orion

    I love the pairing, love both actors, hate the idea of the technology. When will film-makers learn that the human senses can only handle so much and that what enables us to be immersed in a film is gluing our eyes to it?

    How does this work then? Do the chairs spin or do you need to twirl? Or is it like a planetarium? All three of those sound nauseating. There is limited material, forms, colors to see in a Planetarium. Fast-paced action would probably leave the viewers blind and with very bad pinched nerves in their necks.

    Still, I’d love to see it (is it possible to make it into 2D video?) and hope I will.

    • 3.1 kungfupigeon

      I went to something like it when I was younger and I nearly threw up. It wasn’t even that interesting what I saw, I think it was a documentary on African wildlife from the perspective of a helicopter. So I think I got motion sickness from being completely stationary. Which is weird because I never got any sort of motion sickness (be it car, boat, plane, train). Who knows, now that I’m older, maybe things will be different?

  4. stars4u

    I experienced that 360º screen when I went to World of Coca Cola in Georgia and it only had my neck hurting from looking at all sides

    • 4.1 Betty

      I went to the world of coca cola in Georgia… several times *ahem – don’t judge me* and I loved the 360° and the moving chairs experience, not the splash of water in your face though lol so I am all for it. Here in France we have the géode who is a little bit the same and I like it very much so I really like this idea even though there is little chance for me to test it for myself lol plus with Shin Min A and Kang Dong Won my favourites actors —> triple YES!!!

    • 4.2 JoAnne

      when I was a kid I went to an exhibit like that at Disney World and I was completely overwhelmed. Had to sit down, couldn’t keep my balance. I did NOT like. It was too much, too big, too invasive…it’s not like I was little, I was 11 or so. This won’t be a thing I do I think.

  5. UJ

    I really wish to see Shin Min Ah star with Kang Dong Won or Hyun Bin in a drama or a movie :3

    • 5.1 Annie

      With the small number of A-listers in Korea, isn’t it weird that this hasn’t happened already?

      • 5.1.1 UJ

        It really is… It will happen someday *fingers crossed*
        Considering the fact Shin Min Ah and Hyun Bin are business partners (O& Entertainmento) so they may star together someday 😀

    • 5.2 pogo

      Seriously, she and Park Shin-hye have the most amazing luck with getting gorgeous costars.

      (I have my fingers crossed for a Jo In-sung or Lee Jun-ki reunion with Mina, myself)

  6. Mehkko

    Lee Som was excellent in White Christmas! I really hope she gets into more stuff…:)

  7. asdjfkl

    Sounds like a great movie experience!! Too bad I can’t watch it here 🙁

  8. Robin

    That sounds EXACTLY like the kind of theater that is featured in Flower Boy Next Door! (Though I don’t think it’s a 360 environment)

    It’s like they’re taking a page from Disney (Alien Adventure/Journey to Mars anyone?) with this!

    • 8.1 ilovemandoo

      Exactly what I was thinking!

  9. Carmensitta

    I saw today a new Korean movie, Written, was published on dramacrazy and the premise is really intriguing: a character from an unfinished story tries to understand what happened(that’s like the really short version). Anyone seen it yet?

    Don’t spoil me, the only thing I want to know is if it’s scary or not. And how scary it is, I have a 5 years old’s tolerance to scary, or maybe an older kid as I managed to sit through A Chilling Romance with my eyes closed just for about five minutes in total haha.

    • 9.1 Carmensitta

      PS. Looking forward to this short movie as well, it does sound as any other action movie out there considering the plot, but I’d give it a try when it’s available.

  10. 10 9to5

    There is already a theatre like this in Toronto, called an omnimax becuase the screen is a dome. The sound comes from behind the screen and you sitting in a reclined chair so I didn’t find it all that overwhelming to watch. I think this short will be pretty cool to see! 🙂

  11. 11 hanie

    Film is only 1+ hr long~ So, short film means…shorter time, or what? Which equal to less time goggling and spazzing on Kang Dong Won & Shin Min Ah (n enjoying the film). Ahh… just thinking about it makes me happy. I wanna watch it…

    • 11.1 alua

      I don’ there is a precise cut-off point, but normally films that are shorts are anywhere between 1 min to up to an hour long. Probably more likely up to 40 minutes or so.

      Over an hour is normally classified feature-length, although 60-65 mins make for a rather short feature-length work!

      • 11.1.1 alua

        *I don’t THINK

        {{{{{NEED TO GO TO BED, nearly 2 am in this corner of the planet}}}}}

  12. 12 Nicole

    It’s cute how they both have the same arm position in those photos (and at first glance, he reminded me of Lee Jun-ki)!

    This sounds interesting. I haven’t seen much of SMA’s work but she’s always been someone I pay attention to. Sounds like the film’s in good hands acting-directing-wise so hopefully this will be worth watching!

  13. 13 kay

    yay kang don won!!!

  14. 14 Nina

    I read “Kang Dong Won” on the heading, but I saw Joo-won instead. How is that even possible?! They look like freakin’ identical twins! That’s uncanny.

    Any who, this pair sounds awesome btw…they look gorgeous together! true beauties…

    • 14.1 maya

      Wish I read this before posted a new comment. I agree with you. They’re identical twins..except that we knew that Kang Kong Won is a bit older than Joo Won.

    • 14.2 momosa

      It’s a strange feeling, I saw JW too … feel like I have betrayed KDW for new favourite JW since Level 7CS. I couldn’t get enough of JW now, I would like to think I missed seeing KDW too much.

    • 14.3 alua

      I don’t agree at all.

      Kang Dong-won has a very distinct face. Much finer facial features than Joo-won (I don’t mean ‘finer’ as in ‘better’, although I personally think they are better, but that’s just individual bias :-D).

      • 14.3.1 pogo

        I get what you mean – JW’s got an adorable face that you just want to pinch and cuddle, but Kang Dong-won does look like he has the princelier version of that face (should be more like JW has the cute version of KDW’s face since the latter is older) – partly down to age, I suppose.

  15. 15 liyana

    What the what???? Kang dong won and shin min ah? Its like a jackpot for us.

  16. 16 Sora

    Kang Dong Won my loveeeeee !!!!!! Please come back on the small screens for your fans who really want to see you weekly …. pretty pleaseeeee 🙁

  17. 17 baoi

    I didn’t know Lee Som was an actress. I know her as a model only..

  18. 18 maya

    Off the topic here..Kang Dong Won and Joo Won could be brothers. Kang Dong Won looks so much like Joo Won in this picture. They’re so cute! I am having a noona crush on Joo Won right now. He’s only 3 years younger so I don’t feel so old.

  19. 19 lemondoodle

    So it’s basically a long CF.

  20. 20 yammy

    Kang Dong Won!!!! <3 and i really liked Shin Mina in Arang and Magistrate, so I'm liking this couple. Don't know anything about Lee Som. As for the 360 things, I'll pass. I had a horrible experience of watching Batman Returns and some documentary about Antarctic exploration in IMAX and felt like puking the entire time. Give me a nice flat high definition screen and take away all that fancy stuff.

  21. 21 rabbitsfortea

    Short film or not, I’m thankful we get to feast our eyes on such a beautiful pairing *__*

  22. 22 kdwkyah

    ah, i remember seeing one of these 360 theatres at the shanghai expo! and who can’t stand a good thriller with hot actors/actresses!

  23. 23 Sunshine

    eh i dont care if it short film, i really wanna see pretty boy on the big screen again!!!! 😀

  24. 24 Dix

    ‘Cause I don’t literally need to be chased from behind to get into a chase scene. Just sayin’
    Haha! Too funny.

    I can see myself getting distracted during the whole movie trying to analyze how the whole system was engineered. lol

  25. 25 pogo

    There is no one in this cast I don’t love – from my eternal love Shin Mina (Arang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)to Lee Som, whom I’m really glad to see in something again – the White Christmas boys were amazing and deserve every bit of their success, but I’m glad to see our girl getting work too.

  26. 26 Jess

    Ohhhhhh they make a hot couple! I would ship them in a heartbeat! Too bad it’s a short film. DISLIKE!

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