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Kim Haneul back with romantic melo
by | February 28, 2013 | 37 Comments

Kim Haneul seems to be doing well alternating between film and drama roles, and since her last one was in a hit drama (A Gentleman’s Dignity), it’s time for her to take up her next movie: a project titled The Mood That Day.

It sounds like a thoughtful melo-romance, and the descriptions call attention to its atmospheric, sentimental tone. The plot unfolds over the course of 24 hours as a man and a woman who happened to sit next to each other on the train fall in love in Busan, an unfamiliar city (to them). I’m getting vaguely Before Sunrise vibes from the setup, though I think location is key to shaping the mood.

The Mood That Day has actually been in the works for quite some time, and Kim Haneul was set to star in it all the way back in 2006—where her co-star would have been a not-yet-famous Kang Ji-hwan. That cracks me up, since the two have been in numerous projects together over the years and feel like a familiar married couple (in my mind, that is): They started with a CF when she was a rising star and he was a no-name actor, then romanced each other in 90 Days’ Time to Love and the movie version of Level 7 Civil Servant. When the project fizzled seven years ago, the CEO of the production company developing the film promised to work with Kim in the future, though she has since passed away.

Now The Mood That Day is being revived by the CEO’s former colleagues, and Kim Haneul is finalizing contract negotiations while the production courts potential leading men. I guess it would be too much to hope for yet another Kang Ji-hwan reunion… OR WOULD IT. It’s only a bad thing if the pairing doesn’t work, and I’m pretty sure these two crackle together. Get on it!

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37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. xiaoSxin

    Ooh having a deja vu right now! I’ve already said this recently..If Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae can have 3 projects together, so can these two.

    Yes please I love this pairing a lot.

  2. Danna

    Damn, now only f KJH wasn’t busy already…they had great chemistry together in level 7 civil servant…I’ve come to love Kim Ha Neul for her many movie roles (I’m just going to pretend the Korean You’re My Pet doesn’t exist) and I think that she shines best in comic roles…pretty much feel the same way about him except he has less dramas/movies that I love…..another actor I’d love to see with her again is Yoon Kye Sang

  3. ht

    OMG! But Kang Ji-hwan has Incarnation of Money now.. I doubt so.. 🙁

    • 3.1 Kiara

      IoM has 24 eps and ends in April.

    • 3.2 Bengbeng

      oh that’s just 2 months away. they’ve waited 7 years, what’s another 2 months, right?!

      Kang Ji-hwan, Kang ji-hwan, Kang Ji-hwan!!!

  4. Leona

    Joo Won… I know he is way younger but he is the one who could romance her just because she is hot and they have lots of things in common like…. 7th lvl civil servant
    She was romanced in a train by Kang Dong won in Too beautiful to lie. KDW was a little green at that time but she was a riot.

  5. skelly

    I guess I have to watch her L7CS movie, because I have yet to see any sparks fly from her, at all. I was not impressed with her acting in either You’re My Pet, Road No. 1 or AGD (I thought she was stiff and distant in the former and spastic, fearful, and shallow in the latter) so I would really, really like some recommendations as to where I can see her shine.

    • 5.1 Elina

      You definitely have to watch this movie. Fun and entertaining.

    • 5.2 ffiza

      Ha, I haven’t watch all three you named because of the bad reviews. But, I did watch L7CS, it was funny and I bought her acting as a secret agent.

    • 5.3 rememberme

      try watching all her movies and dramas starting from her debut 1998…. i’ll bet ur as* is going to regret of saying

    • 5.4 Carmensitta

      I’ve only seen You’re My Pet and AGD from your list, but many other movies with her and my conclusion is that with such dreadful writing she couldn’t do anything more. In her previous films she was a riot, she knows how to do comedy. I always go back to films like Level 7 civil servant and Too Beautiful to Lie when I’m pinged with melancholy.

    • 5.5 Dave

      See “Paradise” – excellent story with excellent acting.
      “A Gentleman’s Dignity” is also good, but more or less a comedy. “My Tutor, My Friend”, “Too Beautiful To Lie”. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Abbie

    I’ve only seen her in A Gentleman’s Dignity, and, while her character was a bit annoying at times, I did like her and think Kim Haneul is a great actress. I’ll be looking forward to this.

  7. Annie

    Love her! Too Beautiful to Lie is still one of my favorite rom-coms ever. It would be really neat to see a drama adaptation.

    • 7.1 damianna

      i love that movie too. her and kang dong won look great together!

  8. Maricel

    I don’t like it when actors/actresses work are in a lot of projects within a short period of time. I tend to forget their work and how good or bad they are. I prefer them working at a slow pace ,giving me time to identify them with a role, and getting to misa them too. For instance with Jang Geun Suk, or the girl in personal taste , orr Choi JI Woo, well many of them…

    • 8.1 leaf

      you mean son ye jin. i miss her too. hope she does a drama soon

    • 8.2 heineken

      try saying this to the ceo production company, not in here

    • 8.3 Zoey

      As much as you like the actors taking the time before they select their next projects, I am pretty sure that just like yourself they like to get paid. We all work for money… 🙂

  9. snow_white

    I haven’t seen any of Kim Ha Neul-Kang Ji Hwan projects together…..

  10. 10 Penny

    The plot do sounds like “Before Sunrise” which is my all time favorite movie. Hope this Korean version is as good or if not better.

  11. 11 mspocket

    before sunrise….. i definitely gonna watch this. esp kim ha neul is in it.. cant wait!!!

  12. 12 YY

    LOL at the title….I supposed it is a stark variation of more romantic titles like “Romantic Interlude” or “Romantic Encounter”.

  13. 13 damianna

    this is the actress that i love the most! to me she’s the prettiest of all the prettiest! i want her to be paired with all the handsome guys. i’m fangirling, so i better stop.

  14. 14 Onees

    I love her. Catch her in 1n2d. She’s so pretty and funny. I love actor that have great personality in real life.

    • 14.1 beauty

      she has inner aNd outer beauty, very caring and thoughtful. Everyone wants to be her friend and she is always helping out. shes the girl every guys dreams of.

  15. 15 Urnaa

    Haneul, baby is back with what she can do best. Remember Piano?

  16. 16 haaruka

    Before Sunrise, childhood. If they indeed will casting Kang Ji-hwan, I’m so joining in these bandwagon.

  17. 17 Christine

    me too, KHN is one of the most versatile korean actress both inner n outer beauty…. I have seen all her movies n dramas n she definitely shines all the way

    • 17.1 starship

      high five christine

  18. 18 arina

    watch her in Blind..she received best actress award for this..

  19. 19 Farpavilions

    Mildly off-topic … has the k-version of Absolute Boyfriend been canned then? I thought she and TOP were supposed to helm it.

  20. 20 eula solana

    Were (Phil. Fans) happy to hear it for another tv drama she will have. We wish that Philippine tv network will also airing her new drama. Why dont pair him back with Jang Dong Gun. We all knew how was gentleman`s dignity captured the viewers lets see once again if their chemistry will much more gathered more high rates compared to AGD series.. Exciting!

  21. 21 wena malazarte

    Im one of her fans here in Philippines.. AGD became one of the best korean tv series that captured the attention of filipino viewers and gathered a highest ratings. Why not make a try to pair her back with Jang Dong Gun in the movie for sure their televison chemistry will surely still strong that can capture the movie goers who following the AGD series. If that AGD series was a big hit in your television here in korea and even in some asean counties where it was aired surely their fans will watch their movie. We, their Phillipine fans we will look a CD of their movie together.

  22. 22 JC

    after watching her in AGD in philippine top rated channel abs cbn i suddendly began to like her and craving to look whatever dvd movies her in Phil. I watched blind and my girlfriend is an agent. I found out she`s a versatile actress. She gained a lot of filipino fans tru her agd. Many filipinos television viewers of that said drama loved their team up with actor Jang Dong Gun. Why not pair her again this time in a movie. I agreed the comment of my co-filipina to why not pair her back with her love interest in that said drama Jang Dong Gun. Who knows this will become one of the highest top grosser movies 2013 here in korea even in some other countries cause both of them have their own fans now in asean countries. Iwill surely buy dvd to watched them back on a movie screen.

  23. 23 nice

    100% agree!!!Jang Dong gun and Kim Haneul movie.

  24. 24 nadi kyaw

    I like her

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