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Kim Hyun-joong quits City Conquest
by | February 7, 2013 | 115 Comments

javabeans: WHAT. Kim Hyun-joong is quitting City Conquest? Whoa. But… that… not… compute.

girlfriday: And yet, I’m more surprised that there’s a City Conquest still around for him to quit.

javabeans: First off, how the hell is that show not done filming yet?

girlfriday: I thought they stopped filming altogether.

javabeans: It’s just been languishing forever.

girlfriday: I don’t understand the order of events. Did he quit first, or did it fail yet again to get a slot and then he quit?

javabeans: I wonder if it’s a matter of it planning to resume filming “later,” and now there’s no later. I know KBS rejected it, but you’d think that a drama produced by an outside company would still chug along without a broadcaster, because if anything it could sell it later as long as there was a finished product to sell.

girlfriday: It’s been cropping up in the headlines every so often, trying to get a time slot somewhere, so it might be that they were shooting with hopes that next time they’d get one, and next time, and next time… and at some point, say when cable refuses to take you, you call it quits.

javabeans: Or you get innovative. Sell to Japan first, like Full House Take 2. Umm… okay maybe bad example. Or go online, or DVD, or something. But to just quit NOW, halfway through, leaving nothing to show for it?

girlfriday: Yeah this way it’s guaranteed zero return. I suppose if it’s an action drama though, it may have been too expensive to continue pouring money into a production that keeps getting rejected.

javabeans: I’m wondering how bad it must be that it couldn’t get anyone to buy it. Broadcast is understandable given the fierce competition, but there are so many cable stations. Not just the big ones like OCN and tvN, but there are tons of smaller offshoots, like SBS Plus and MBC Every1 and Dramanet.

girlfriday: Seriously. And it doesn’t even need to be all kinds of flashy to get a slot, even on the Big 3 anyway. We watch entire dramas with crap production values all the time.

javabeans: If Full House 2 could sell abroad, how in the world did a Kim Hyun-joong vehicle not sell to Japan, or China, or Taiwan?

girlfriday: The only answer is that the pilot sucks. Whatever it is that they’re shopping around at networks must be SO BAD that it trumps all that starpower money potential or something.

javabeans: And from the star’s standpoint, it must be bad enough that his commitment could wane. It’s his name on the line, so to give up on it? Eeek. (Apparently his management and producers are in the process of contract dissolution.)

girlfriday: Dude, can’t you just see him getting sued over this? That would suck. To put your name on something that doesn’t see the light of day and get screwed in the process?

javabeans: I don’t think he will, because reports are that Jung Yumi is also negotiating a contract exit. It could be that the project just took so long that they’re legally in the clear. I’m just speculating that, of course, but there’s usually a time clause in there.

girlfriday: Well she’s already onto a new drama, so there’s no going back for her.

javabeans: And he’s got his overseas tours to keep him busy.

girlfriday: Guess they’ll have to leave the city conquering to someone else.

javabeans: Buh-bye, City Conquest. I’d say we’ll miss ya, but you can’t miss what you never had.

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115 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Carmensitta

    Well, actors always quit dramas/films for lack of time and conflicting schedules so… just choose a good project babe!

  2. kopytko

    Is it funny or just lame? I don’t know…

    If I were the producer, I would put in some product placement and sell whatever they have as advertisement.

    • 2.1 John


      I would put in some product placement and sell whatever they have as advertisement.

      Yes, orange juice would work…

      • 2.1.1 kopytko

        Juice was exactly my first idea 😀

      • 2.1.2 befuddled


  3. jomo

    I agree there MUST be a legal way out for him to take this step.

    Something like if production stops for longer than X period of time, actor is allowed the choice of leaving to take other projects.

  4. Carole McDonnell

    Yeah, i too had heard it was finished with.

    Oh well, whatever’s going on, I feel so heart-sick about this. I like Kim Hyun Joong so much. I know he’s been working on his acting skills and trying so hard. Such a shame. Well, at least he’s free from a bad would-be star vehicle. Just wishing him peace.


  5. Conny

    Do we know how many episodes had been completed if any? Such a shame to pin your name to something that never sees the light of day.

  6. Mystisith

    SK Dramaland is all kind of crazy lately. A drama aborted like that in the middle of its filming… Just for my personal culture, is there precedents?
    I’m really sorry for Kim Hyun Joon. He is maybe not the best actor but not the worst either and I could name a few dramas which would have deserved to be sentenced to death.
    I would like to see some footage of the show, in order to make my own opinion: Some says it’s crap, others say it was too violent… Was it really worst than Jin or Faith?
    Huh. Those pics just break my heart: I hope he can cash in a little something as a compensation. Also, someone find him a light and easy role to rebound from that mess.

    • 6.1 Ivoire

      Well said, Mysti, well said…

    • 6.2 Gom

      I would like a footage too! I don’t understand, how can it be that bad? KHJ may not be an excellent actor but he’s already got some star power under his belt, so how can he choose such a troubled drama? There must be some heavy politics thing going on here. I can’t believe out of all the low-quality dramas that plague dramaland, why would everyone reject this?

  7. snow_white

    I like Kim Hyun joong……hopefully he’ll get a better project next time….

    • 7.1 Eun

      Right! I like him too, since watching him in PK, (tho he is kind of robotic there. LOLS) Oh well, he is in a good management company, so, better luck for him next time. Rom-com please.

  8. Mar

    Wasn’t this thing being presold in foreign markets before they even started filming, so what the hell is going on? This is what I call a total cluster. I’m having a hard time believing that this couldn’t get on air because it sucked because hello, we all have seen too many dramas to even buy that for one millisecond.

    What was the news previously about it was too violent to get on air because of the new administration in Korea? Because part of the plot was vengeance against corrupt power figures? Is there any validity to that? If so thank goodness City Hunter already aired!!!

    • 8.1 Lily


      Seriously, there are so many stupid dramas out there…they’re going to tell us this one was too crappy to be sold ? Really ?

      I bet there’s another reason. And I bet it really has to do with politics. Sad world.

      • 8.1.1 Mar

        Just to clarify, I don’t know if it’s been said it’s too crappy to air. I’ve not seen anything that said that. That is just speculation voiced by Javabeans in the commentary above. And I think that is common speculation because no one will pick it up and air it. I just personally feel that it can’t suck that bad compared to some of the stuff we have all seen get on the air. And not to mention it’s friggin Kim Hyun Joong. Even if it blew big ugly chunks of bad tv suckatude, there will be enough of his fans that will watch it just to see his pretty face. Doesn’t add up.

        I did see some articles that talked about it was too ‘violent’ to air in the current political climate (new president in Korea). And also that the production company was told by KBS to make some changes to script and other stuff to include replacing some of the cast if they wanted to get it on the air. I do not know if those articles were reliable or not, I had just googled to find any news on the show and read random offerings.

        • skelly

          I, too, doubt that the reason was quality. Everyone from producers to fans and everyone in between is all kinds of forgiving when it comes to idol “actors” and their lack of ability (after all, we have already suffered through two or three of KHJ’s attempts that were sold, shown and even sympathetically reviewed!). So it can’t be because of bad acting, and production values are also given a bye most of the time, and delays, fits and starts are nothing new to drama schedules – there’s got to be another reason, but my guess is that it is boringly contractual rather than interestingly suppressed/censored/blackballed.

        • lemondoodle

          Playful Kiss ratings disagree there will be enough of his fans that will watch it just to see his pretty face.

    • 8.2 altair

      The presold to foreign markets thing could be a marketing strategy to make people (and potential buyers) interested. It’s not always the truth.. You are right about too many dramas that sucked and still found a broadcaster. Playful kiss being one of them. About the ” too violent to air…. and…… vengeance against corrupt political figures”, I think we give too much credit to a drama starring a pretty boy. But then again, who knows…..I am not that interested in KHJ, but I had sort of, kind of a little interest in this drama. Oh, well. Such is life!

  9. Ivoire

    Yeah, sad ending really…

    • 9.1 Pipit


  10. 10 crazedlu

    Ha.. hahaha.

  11. 11 canxi

    That sucks. After a while, I was starting to get curious about this show. I wonder just how bad it was.

  12. 12 Mar

    I’m thinking KJH, Jung Il Woo (rebound from just being totally wasted in Sun and Moon) and Jaejoong (same thing in Dr. Jin) should do a bromance to recover from the drama weirdness. Hell, throw in Lee Min Ho for Faith recovery too to square it up.

    Sheeeesh, wait, might be too much flower on the screen we might die.

    I’d totally risk it.

    • 12.1 Mystisith

      I’m not a specialist of variety shows, but how about a Healing Camp Flower Boys episode? It’s their job to help the poor souls in distress from what I could hear…

      • 12.1.1 Mar

        No variety! We want our fantasy and BB Cream intact lol! A drama or a movie. Lot’s of shennigans. I’m thinking crazy love interests, maybe running from the law for some mistaken reason or robin hoody thing, 3 musketeery all for one, one for all, but not depressing like the 3 musketeers, but a happy making romance bromance. If they want to get perms and take some of their clothes off, I think that would be okay too. 😉

    • 12.2 pogo

      Moon/Sun wasted pretty much everyone except its child actors, sigh.

      All those boys should be sent to Recovery Boot Camp (boot camp in name only, and featuring lots of chill time and boyish hijinks)

    • 12.3 kdramapedia

      And there must be several broody shower scenes for them to contemplate their next dramas.

    • 12.4 Dol

      Best KDrama idea EVER!

    • 12.5 Russe12

      This is a perfect idea. And not just because it involves Jung Ilw- okay, yeah, mainly because it involves Jung Ilwoo, but even without him it would make an awesome drama! xD

    • 12.6 Bernadine Moore

      Perfect perfect perfect….

    • 12.7 catiechan

      Better throw in Gong Yoo too. He needs to recover from BIG, big time.

  13. 13 Danna

    There’s still always the possibility of this resurrecting with new faces like Poseidon…..’course it could also turn out horrible like Poseidon….but I think this is the right decision for these actors

  14. 14 lemonade candy

    dude, just publish it as dvd or something. fans would buy them. or any tv station somewhere over the world… just because the show wont sell in korea doesnt mean that it wont sell ever anywhere…

    wait. maybe it can’t. i don’t trust kim hyun joong’s acting skill…sigh…

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    or maybe the money lost can be redeemed by suing kim hyun joong and jung yumi? **horror**

    • 14.1 canxi

      Lol, straight-to-DVD dramas can be the next wave.

  15. 15 pogo

    I’ve never had the highest opinion of Kim Hyun-joong’s acting skills, but this does suck. How bad must that pilot be, if it can’t get picked up despite his popularity?

  16. 16 beggar1015

    I have to agree with some other comments here. We can all name some very bad or very violent dramas that had no problems airing on the big networks or on cable. I can’t believe City Conquest was too much of either one not to be picked up, even for a song. Yeah, there’s got to be some behind-the-scenes politics that killed this drama. This could be a drama in itself. The Conquest of City Conquest.

  17. 17 Belle

    …this could be a drama in itself! A drama about a drama that never aired…throw in flower boy actors, politics, & everything-KDrama related and there you have it!

    • 17.1 canxi

      What they should have done was film everything that happened before this and made it a documentary. O:

      Then call it “Off the Air”. I smell awards.

      • 17.1.1 Belle

        lol 🙂

  18. 18 MsB

    So wanted this to take off. So disappointed.

  19. 19 cv

    Dang! that’s too bad. I was hoping to see him in a drama again. 🙁

    Oh well, better luck in a drama next time Kim hyun Joong! ^^

  20. 20 kkongchi

    I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a kind of Boys Over Flowers curse out there. Kim Bum is doing sort of okay, although he seems to still be stuck in supporting roles, but Lee Min Ho hasn’t really been in a good drama since, Kim Hyun Joong is abandoning a sinking ship (and also hasn’t really been in a good drama since), and Kim Joon, um…still exists. Even Lee Min Jung, who must have been jumping up and down at the prospect of a lead in a romcom with Gong Yoo, wound up in a drama that was epically bad. Gu Hye Sun’s Take Care of Us Captain was supposedly pretty bad too, although I didn’t watch it so I can’t really say, and The Musical was just sort of eh.

    It makes me wonder if some of those roles were so iconic that they can’t seem to get away from them. Like the KDrama version of Star Trek.

    • 20.1 Mystisith

      I saw BOF in my early K drama days and thought it was very average. So kitsch. Now than I’ve seen much better (and worst too), I still wonder why this drama is that popular and high rated. Maybe because it’s one of the first dramas largely broadcast for us Westerners.

      • 20.1.1 kkongchi

        The whole Hana Yori Dango thing had a huge built-in following. The manga was big in the mid-90s, the Taiwanese version was MASSIVE in the early 00s, and the Japanese version was very popular in the mid 00s. The Korean version was almost guaranteed a certain level of success, so much so that I’m kind of surprised that it took them until ’09 to make it. And I liked it for what it was: fluffy and fun. Would I call it good? No. But it knew what it was, and I think it was well executed and, for the most part, well cast.

        I agree, there are series out there that are much, much better. It’s not my favorite romcom, but it was and remains kind of a guilty pleasure.

      • 20.1.2 Birdie

        Despite its flaws, there’s something about it that made it popular all everywhere. It is a hit in Japan, China,all over Asia, in the Middle East, South America. Maybe it is timing,its cast etc. It is not just one factor. I loved it, but don’t ask me why..maybe it is the fantasy, cinderella story.

      • 20.1.3 dramafanP

        Oh, I thought I was the only one thought that, seriously the best version is still the Japanese one. I watched a few eps of Taiwanese & Korean versions and really couldn’t keep up. Don’t understand why they are so popular & overrated.

        • ajj

          I couldn’t agree more the Japanese one is the best version. Or maybe because Im just super biased because I have this huge crush in Matsumuto Jun .Anyway BOF is the worst.

    • 20.2 Annie

      I wouldn’t say that the roles themselves were iconic – just that the people filling them by and large lacked talent 😉

      (this is only partially tongue in cheek; as a Kdrama viewer, I am allergic to Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun like no other).

      • 20.2.1 kkongchi

        …it could be a lack of talent as well. Lol. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

        • Annie

          That’s nice of you.

      • 20.2.2 ajj

        Not Lee Min Ho, City Hunter turned it around. But Goo Hye Sun, Im forever allergic.

        • couchpotato_md

          agree with you, city hunter was better in terms of story , execution and acting skills.

        • Eun

          …City Hunter is the only one that add shine to Lee Min Ho’s resume, in my own honest opinion. ㅋㅋ

      • 20.2.3 ttt

        I totally agree with this! I disliked GHS soooo much in BOF that I don’t even want to watch anything that she was in or will ever be in!

        LMH kind of saved himself in City Hunter, but barely. He wasn’t too convincing in the action sequences, but his chemistry with PMY was amazing! I started Faith and gave up at the second episode. Then I started Personal Taste and gave up after 1 episode.

    • 20.3 lemondoodle

      LMH had City Hunter, which was enjoyable. Though I came for him and stayed for Bad Daddy… But all his other dramas have been terrible and/or offensive. It’s mostly the cast have more good looks than actual talent.

      I really had no interest in City Conquest, but now I want to see it just to see how horrible it was that everyone passed on it. I don’t really believe there was something so bad in it the government wouldn’t let it be seen.

    • 20.4 Rashell

      Lee Min Ho was in City Hunter one of the best and highest rated dramas of 2011. I don’t think Personal Taste the year before got horrible ratings either. Faith probably did better then it should have.

      Kim Bum was lead in She Who Wants To Marry a pretty fun drama. And his supporting role in Padam Padam wasn’t bad. He’s also co-starring in a movie about to be released soon.

      I could list hits and misses from the rest of the cast too (minues Kim Joon) I guess what I’m saying is everyone is going to pick a bad drama here or there. But I think most of these actors are doing just fine. I don’t buy into the BOF curse.

      I just can’t help but wonder who in this cast or behind the scenes made enemies of the higher ups at the broadcasting stations. I don’t buy that this drama could possibly be worse then some of the other “bad” dramas that make it to air.

    • 20.5 Mar

      I may be the only person on here that loves the k version of BOF. Special place in my heart love. Sure it has it’s faults, huge ones, hokey shit and bad continuity issues included. It just has something that I’ve failed to find in other dramas. And I enjoyed KHJ as Ji hoo Sunbae. His eyes speak volumes. And I may be the only person on here that did not like the Japanese version.

      I can’t buy into a BOF curse either. Lee Min Ho-Personal Taste, good. City Hunter-even better. Faith-bad production and directing crap- but loved him as Great Big Choi Young. Actually I loved a lot about the characters in Faith. Kim Bum-The Woman That Still Wants to Marry and Padam are stellar. Two of my favorites. He’s done a couple of movies and some music too. KHJ-his music career seems pretty solid and Playful Kiss while not one of my favorites because of the plot-I think he did fine as that character. He’s not played overly talkative or demonstrative characters so I’m not sure why people think he’s stiff. The damn characters ARE stiff lol. Kim Jun-true he’s not done as much post Boys, but he’s doing military service so not sure that’s fair to comment. Gu Hye Sun-She’s seems a quirky person and seems very much a free spirit that will not be mainstream, so I’m not sure why she does the stuff she does, but she has written stuff and done some directing and producing and artsy stuff outside the mainstream entertainment biz on top of the three dramas she’s done besides BOF.

    • 20.6 gratisetamore

      This observation just struck me -while everyone thinks BOF was the golden lode it might turn out to be the “curse”. But not really a curse but more so because it became a defining point/standard that couldn’t be shaken off at least for now for its stars.

      Though City Conquest became a problematic drama for KHJ though it started well with all its hype and media coverages, at least he did very well in his music career.

      As far as CC is concerned it is difficult to really pin down what went wrong as many say here there are so many dramas of poor qualities /weird stories that shouldn’t have been shown .

      Someday Hoprfully we’ll get to the root of it all.

  21. 21 Quiet Thought

    Sign me off as someone who wandered over to ‘Boys Over Flowers’ as an Anime fan and quit it after the producers essentially crippled the main character to make her the house pet of the boy-toys who were originally supposed to be the villains. Pure industry mysogyny.

  22. 22 Orion

    A drama with a pretty idol boy would bring in money no matter how much it sucked. They would never drop it for that reason, just as they haven’t dropped many a crappy drama where there was potential for cashing in.

    The issue here is politics. Something is shown or said that the government just doesn’t like. And if you’re about to tell me “But it’s a democracy” or “The government can’t just do what it wants”, I envy your naivety about how this world and most of its countries are run.

    • 22.1 Mar

      I’d buy that. But that means we also have to buy that a production company would fight to keep something in the show and risk scrapping the project. And that I do not buy.

  23. 23 ZOBear

    Aw, but I was waiting patiently to see Kim Hyun-joong be all badass and surprising me how good he is in action drama’s like Lee Min Ho. Hmm…I think I’ll go watch City Hunter again.

  24. 24 kfangurl

    Well that’s a sad ending to this saga.. It just doesn’t look good on anyone now, does it?

  25. 25 Jess

    I thought they finished filming already, and that they were just waiting for a station to pick it up. Oh well.

  26. 26 missbess

    ah but look at that permed hair that jb is going to be missing out on! :p

  27. 27 bjharm

    I get the idea that the production company blew all its money just getting Kim Hyun Joong on board and thought that all they would need to get it sold, thinking lie to me here, big name leads why bother with something like a storyline that anyone interested in or can follow. But he not nearly good enough an actor to carry a drama with just his face and six pack abs, so let through in some nice blood and gore, that should sell! But ow what about the goverment watchdog,,done time up you failed!

  28. 28 ajj

    How bad could this drama be that even with Kim Hyun Joong they cant sell it. Maybe this is a good idea for him to drop out of this sinking ship, though I thought he really wanted to be in this drama. Time to focus on something else Hyun Joong like singing or variety.

  29. 29 Sajen

    can’t say I know or care to know anything about the pretty boy band member lead but I do like Jung Yoo Mi she was the best part of Que Sera, Sera and I liked her in I Need Romance 2012 as well. So was kinda looking forward to seeing her, but oh well.

    • 29.1 Chrissie

      Mmm I think you have the wrong actress. The lead in this was in Rooftop Prince and A Thousand Day Promises

  30. 30 Aimee

    Yes, why not straight to DVD? How bad could it have been? At least recoup something.

  31. 31 selina


  32. 32 Suzi Q

    I thought they were filming this drama last fall.Last heard that they stopped production in December due to lack of funds.
    No wonder City Conquest is dead in the water if both Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yu Mi quit. I thought KHJ was immensely popular in Asia, but even he can’t sell this dud to any Korean networks.

  33. 33 Bravehart

    They just said that to save his face/ego yeah the plot story must really sucks I think he needsto do lots of lots of acting lessonss. I dont know but since he join BYj company his kinda going nowhere never had a hit drama never had a hit song whatssss going on???

    • 33.1 JustMe

      You’re kidding, right? I guess you really don’t know much about Kim Hyun Joong. Let me educate you . . although Playful Kiss didn’t do well Korea, it was an international hit via YouTube. It was such a big hit on YouTube that it was featured on CNN . .here is the clip of the news report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJeTL36hmoc

      It set a precedence for future Korean Dramas to be aired on YouTube and other online sites because of how well Playful Kiss did internationally.

      No hit song? His Breakdown album was a big hit, #1 on Music Bank and Mnet Countdown for 2 consecutive weeks, #1 album in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. His Japan album “Heat” was the #1 album in Japan selling over 200,000 units it’s first week, His new full Japanese album Unlimited was #1 on the Oricon chart on the day of its release and it is now considered Gold status in Japan.

      Since joining KeyEast, KHJ won several awards including Best Male Solo Artist at the MAMA awards, won 4 awards at the Yahoo Buzz Awards, and various other awards. His popularity increased so much more since becoming a solo artist.

      Despite the failure of CC, KHJ’s future looks bright. . .he’s going to release a new Korean album this summer and begin his World Tour in the later half of the year. Going nowhere? You have no idea what you are talking about!!!

      • 33.1.1 bjharm

        do not know much about the guy as clearly the person above dose, but yeah I was one of those outside of Korea that enjoying playful kiss, though for me it was the lead lady that made it so. But yeah one dud drama is really no big deal, it just the waste of time that he could be doing something else is the real bother, koreans have pretty short memories anyway it seems and the next scandel and CC well be forgotten. He should still look at his contract with KeyEast or at lest whoever handling him for that company. I mean joining a drama that ran out of money? didnt they do any checking at all before signing him up to do it?

      • 33.1.2 katie torres

        I agree I love khj and as far as playful kiss goes the version he is in I loved it I have watched it several times. if you have seen him in barefoot friends where a lot of hs natural personality comes out you would know that he is actually a good actor because he is freaking funny in real life and to be able to play someone so stiff has to be hard and his eyes relay so much with just a look I love him and I think he is super talented and will just get better as time goes on

  34. 34 mink

    Well its just a good step for KHJ to abandon the ship. Since the drama had been already wiped too much shit from the stations. Personally i dont think the drama sucked at all since i was one of those people who saw the clips of CC before it got erased and yes the drama was actually HOT. And i dont think KHJ sucked at acting too because judging from the character he portrays on the previous dramas , he just portrayed well. I mean if you even take time to know what the characters ji hoo and baek sung jo attitude REALLY are. They dont really require overacting and so he just portrays it right. As for CC too much violence. corruption or maybe nudity????NAH! POLITICS it is honey its called POLITICS in the k entern. industry. and its sad because they say that the production comp. isn’t that strong enough to release such a huge drama. Acc. to the tv stations. WTF? Hello other countries already bought millions for copyrights and you say that they arent capable enuf?b*tch please! It all boils down to one and its not about the drama being too violent or any of that BS but because they dont have that strong dirty connection to back up the drama. POLITICS big dirty POLITICS. No wonder all the dramas that have aired lately are all sh*tty ones. Well as for the drama and the characters KHJ and JYM its best to move on. He will have another drama this year anyway so bye bye CC. though i really want to see you , too bad people stank you up. tsk2x.

  35. 35 Shahera5

    I’d sure like to know the inside scoop on what really happened. I was looking forward to seeing Kim Hyun Joong in an action role and hoping that with the acting training and action school he undertook for the role his performance would be good.

    I keep wondering about the $10 million US that was (I thought) advanced from foreign TV networks. Was that paid? Spent? Wouldn’t they be demanding their money back if they’d paid it and they didn’t receive any drama for it? Wouldn’t there be huge lawsuits?

    I have seen a figure that the drama was only 30% complete. I’ve seen a statement that the production company wasn’t up to this size of a drama. I’ve read that KBS had some part in the production from the beginning, so if that’s true they surely would have been aware of the plot line and the level of violence.

    My impression (from far away) is that KHJ and other actors left because there didn’t seem to be any hope that the drama would be completed and they had other projects. It’d sure be nice to see parts of it. I liked what I saw in the teaser trailers from KHJ’s October 2012 fan meet in Japan. Oh well.

    • 35.1 JustMe

      I’ve wondered about the same thing. Didn’t Japan, China and other countries already buy the copyrights to the drama? If the money was advanced, it would be really bad if they already spent all of the money . How are they going to pay back the investors? I thought they would have continued shooting despite KBS rejecting the drama and they would air it in other countries, YouTube and other online sites. I think they would have recouped their money many times over if they were to have done that. KHJ has a huge international fan base.

      I believe they couldn’t continue shooting because they ran out of money to fund the drama and needed KBS to help fund it and when KBS rejected it. . .well, there was no hope for it.

      Isn’t the drama an adaptation of the manga so KBS surely knew about all the violence and the story plot before they saw the actual script. The writers couldn’t have gone way off track from the manga storyline so I don’t understand the issue about the violence is all about.

      I think it has to do with profitability and the potential that it may not do well in Korea. . .maybe KBS wanted a bigger cut of the international profits and the production company weren’t willing to give it to them. I think it had to do with politics and greed. Too bad. . .I really wanted to see the drama. I’m sure the production company are going to want to recoup their money so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the unfinished cuts on YouTube in the future.

      • 35.1.1 bjharm

        korean dramas have to pass the government watchdog, or get fined so heavily it not worth it to show it. It is not what you show it how you show it, that is the trouble I am guessing. So if the production compnay where not smart enough to show it the right way, why should KBS risk getting the fines in airing it?
        As said, if it is watchable, and not a bad as it made out to be, then it can by recut to show directly to overseas market. But really just because Kim Hyun Yoong is in it dosnt mean automatic tick for overseas sales anyway, his fans may like to think he the biggest thing in asia right now but I think you find he really rather a small fish in an overcrowded market full of small fish with just as vocal fan bases.

        • seo

          Woah. are you kidding me?he is just a small fish?.. I dont think so. his success is a living proof how big a fish he is. And yes its always a tick with him overseas that is one of the reasons why playful kiss became the first drama to be aired in youtube and became a hit. so i know it would tick even if the show meant him sitting in one corner and doing nothing, if you dont think the same then thats fine. but calling him just a ”small fish” is just way insulting. The guy did’nt earn all his fame from nothing but hardwork and you calling him that. Dude, have some respect.

          • Mystisith

            If having a hit on YT was synonym of being bankable, it would be cool. But that’s not the case. And sadly the foreign audience is just starting now to be considered interesting for the drama idustry…

          • bjharm

            small fish in international terms if you can not see that then you have to be a fan, and that ok, fans see through different eyes. And anyone who done well in Korea and Asia have worked hard, it pretty much a given anyway, and I not taking that away from him. Lets face it better to be a small fish than no fish at all.

  36. 36 Ace

    You know, I may be one of the few who was looking forward to this even if I didn’t like his leading lady. I liked Playful Kiss even if I skipped the first 2 episodes the first time I watched it (yeah, I did some rewatching because I thought KHJ & JSM’s roles were cute and way better than the TW vers). I’m sad that they’re backing out of the project though I can’t blame them since it’s been so long since they started this and it still didn’t get a broadcast slot and I know the cast have other commitments too.

    KHJ may not be the best (or the worst) idol-actor out there but I kinda like him. He has this robotic acting going on that kinda grew on me. Hahaha. Better him than some idols I could name but wouldn’t here. Besides, I don’t think the drama sucks. After Dr. Jin, Paradise Ranch, Lie To Me, etc, how could a drama be worse than those?

    I suggest they air it on YouTube like what they did with the PK YT episodes. I bet there would be an audience for that format.

  37. 37 Moose

    KHJ was a pretty boy band leader and only 22 in his BOF days. Now he is 26, a successful Asian star and looks more mature too. He is disciplined and dedicated and his acting has improved tremendously.

    I think the production company messed up here. KJH ‘s acting is not the worst out there and he would have pleasantly suprised us in CC.

    With a fan base that followed him to Playful Kiss and his music, I would hardly call him a small fish!

    • 37.1 Hunter

      To a fan’s eyes he might not be “small fish” but to ordinary audience out there, the term pretty much is applicable to him.
      FYI PK was followed by a lot of people but that didnt mean that all of them watched it for him and is his fan.

  38. 38 couchpotato_md

    I’m just sad that City Conquest is scrapped… just because Nam Goong Min would be in it… although he is not the lead, i will watch any drama that he is in because this guy can act. I just wish this guy would land more projects… I’m missing him since Can You Hear My heart and the cameo in Cheongdamdong Alice was not long enough for my liking.

  39. 39 seo

    Honestly, the show seem to have a very big potential ,i mean ive been seeing shitty dramas lately and i think its refreshing to see this guy on an action drama. I wonder why the stations put a thumbs down . The funny thing is the stations seem to be so defensive with their reasons that all comes out like a b*llsh*t. They say its because of the new government and the show being all about corruption and violence might affect the viewers. DUH?!.Well maybe the drama is describing exactly what form of government they have now. LOL! that is why they got to crush the drama before they get caught. I just hope it would still air though. Maybe in cable,YT or on dvd. I dont really care if it will air in korea though the casts would love for it to be. But id rather not seeing how the broadcast stations being an a**hole on them. I mean im sure it would be a sell , and they should show it. Havent they already shoot it halfway?..why not continue. But i think the reason why they stopped it is because its already eating too much time out of the casts with all the delay of airing. Too bad i was really waiting to grab a peek of Kim Hyun Joong’s ass getting all dirty and rough. As for the broadcast stations, WRONG MOVE!

  40. 40 YY

    “It’s sad, so sad
    It’s a sad, sad situation
    And it’s getting more and more absurd…”

  41. 41 hana

    I don’t know why but I was actually going to watch this even though I never liked his ” acting” in anything he’s been in .

  42. 42 dianne

    They shoud have just released it in japan or china and overseas , i mean KHJ would really sell thats a sure deal. I mean why push it to air in korea when it would still be a profit outside of it especially that the Kim Hyun Joong is in it. I’d say release it overseas and let those who put a thumbs down to it drool on its success overseas. I juts fell bad for the production company though because this is gonna be a huge blow esp. it being a big budget drama and just gonna end up on the shelves. Me and my mom and cousins even grandma was actually waiting for it. I thought it would still be released but with hyun joong leaving the drama thats goodbye for me too. WHY??!!! The drama with him as a badass is such heaven. and now its gonna be hell because of these networks. well i wont be watching kdrama from now on , no more. Im just gonna wait till KHJ get another one. Nevertheless KHJ FIGHTING!!!

  43. 43 Jambo

    Kim Hyun Joong, Fighting!

    I’ll always be fond of KHJ since I owe him my KDrama addiction (it started with Playful Kiss on Netflix). Good luck on the next project.

  44. 44 Lilian

    Oh wow! I totally forgot about this drama till I read this news. Anyway, I don’t think it will hurt the lead, Kim Hyun Joong much.

  45. 45 Ciara

    Man! I was excited to see this drama. Although I haven’t been hearing much about it, I wanted to see Kim Hun Joong act again. I guess that won’t be happening…for awhile. Oh well. He has to do what he has to do.

  46. 46 Mikunda

    I just anted to see KHJ’s abs, lol> would watch this for nothing more but eye candy and some KHJ hotness. I guess he doesn’t have many fans left in Korea any more with so many young Idols and such.

  47. 47 Maris

    I feel bad for the whole team. The producers must have suffered huge loss. The actor actresses already put o much into it. I am surprised they could not come up with any solution. KHJ even took special acting classes. All in all not good for anyone.

  48. 48 Hunter

    KBS probably didnt want to have another loss like they did in Love Rain. LR is entirely different from CC, but it had in its lead an idol as famous as KHJ, yet it bombed locally.
    True, this show did have some potential, and it had KHJ’s name on it, but they probably chose other dramas that they had which they felt would be more bankable on their time slots…they’ve got a pretty huge lineup for this year, probably didn’t have any choice but to let it go.
    As for cable, the asking price was probably too high for them to pick up. City Conquest seems like an expensive production it being an action drama AND having KHJ’s name on it.
    I dont think it was all “politics” and it being too “violent” and against the government. Iris 2 is in KBS and im pretty sure thats going to be on the same tone.
    If I was KHJ’s manager, I’d make him pick up a drama do a supporting yet high profile role and surround himself with other veteran actors.
    ..Im pretty sure after my comment a lot of fangirls would be up in arms…heh.

    • 48.1 ninimoo

      dont worry dear we fans of him are calm and rational beings. So nothing violent or such. We are from one of the peaceful fandoms there is. So I come in peace.LOL!. But i do agree with you there partly with the supporting role but we all know that idols in dramas in korea always are the main characters of the story if not all then majority . But lately as i observe dramas with idols in it doesn’t seem too paved much success no matter how famous they are , except if they are on supporting roles. is it because they are tired of idols being all around? and thus stealing the real actors chances in having roles. That is why stations now limit their dramas with so much idols in it?..Hmmm

  49. 49 CouchTV

    Ah well. business is business.

  50. 50 ahlia

    Agreed. He should be with veteran actors and good role. He has what it takes to be a superstar

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