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Lee Yubi joins Gu Family Book as Seung-gi’s first love
by | February 28, 2013 | 62 Comments

Filming has begun on the new fusion sageuk Gu Family Book, but the production is still busy casting, and we finally have a second lead vying for our half-gumiho hero’s affections. (‘s about time. Was wondering if we’d actually get a drama without a love triangle.) Nice Guy’s little sis Choco, Lee Yubi, has been cast to play Lee Seung-gi’s first love and Suzy’s rival. It’s the first historical drama for the young up-and-coming actress, which means it’s a whole slew of sageuk newbies everywhere you look on this drama set, save for the veterans of course. Brace for impact?

I find Lee Yubi adorable, though I frankly liked her better as the mute-turned-chatterbox whackadoo in Vampire Idol than the whiny sister in Nice Guy, even if the latter is her more notable role. But that’s likely to do with the characters more than anything; Bunny beats Choco any day of the week. This is only the third project for the 23-year old rookie actress, but she’s always stood out for me — she’s green, but she has range and can be emotionally vulnerable onscreen. I’d like to see what she can do when she outgrows the cuteness, but she can get away with it for now.

In Gu Family Book, she’ll play the daughter of the man who saves the hero Choi Kang-chi (Lee Seung-gi) as a child. Kang-chi gets left on the family’s doorstep as an orphan and Dad takes him in and becomes his benefactor. Lee Yubi will play his first love, a girl who’s beautiful, intelligent, and witty to boot. When they’re young she can be selfish, knowing that Kang-chi likes her, and she uses that to her advantage when it’s convenient. But later she’ll come to her senses (likely too late?) and be a rival to Suzy’s character for Kang-chi’s affections.

Seung-gi stars as a half-gumiho who falls in love and wants to be human, while Suzy plays the heroine, the daughter of an ex-soldier and martial arts teacher (Jo Sung-ha). She’s a skilled fighter and particularly good with a bow and arrow. Badass. Should come in handy when dealing with a beasty hero. I swear Show, you’d better not fail me in the action department. *steadies slingshot*

Gu Family Book premieres in April on MBC.

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62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. shoo...

    are one of the few rookie actresses that i like..

    now waiting for Park Se Young and Jin Se Yeon to have their comebacks..

    • 1.1 shoo...

      i know its too early for PSY but yes im that greedy πŸ˜€

    • 1.2 Maris

      Park Se young seemed too blank in her expressions in 2013. Maybe its just her character in that drama but thats how she came across to me. Is she different in other dramas?

      • 1.2.1 LangitBiru

        PSY got cameo in every drama that had Park Shin Hye. U decide.


        • shoo...

          @LangitBiru just read the comments XD so many bitter comments… assuming and believing things they don’t even sure of.. i mean like seriously do you really believe on those things?? sorry to say but they are so IGNORANT
          i wish those commenters know how the k-entertainment works before judging that PSY is riding on PSH fame.. and they are friends XD

          • Guest

            those are comments made by k-netizens in a korean article (the ones on the English blog are i-fans)… i’m pretty sure they know more than us.

          • shoo...

            so they just believe what ever these k-netizens believe in to??
            me: “sigh” ” facepalm” :l
            okay fine, believe whatever they want to believe its their freedom but just a piece of advise KINDLY USE THEIR BRAIN (hope someone send my advise to them)

          • sajatokki

            I loooove PSY but I do think their company is pushing her to “ride off PSH fame.” It’s an easy way to promote her. As long as PSY gets screentime I’m happy xD

        • Brandi

          How many dramas of Park Shin Hye has Park Se Young cameo-ed in? As far as I know, FBND is the first.

          So they have the same agency. Who knows, maybe they’re actually friends? One drama and a couple of photoshoots together and suddenly it’s a conspiracy? Seriously, people?

          • :P

            It was supposed to be an all PSH photoshoot and then suddenly PSH had to share it with PSY.

          • LangitBiru

            PSY cameo in Park Shin Hye movie, 2 photoshoot and 1 (the Ceci) supposed to featured only PSHye and FBND drama.

            Well, they’re friends but the way the co. push PSY is too much.

        • TS

          Wow, that whole article sounds so moronic.

        • Guest

          when have k-netizens not use their brains? they’re better than the CIA.

      • 1.2.2 shoo...

        i love her in faith the love story between her and king gongmin was just adorable
        and i like her as brat girl in love rain though the drama was a train wreck for me..
        but i agree with you she was blank in school but i blame that on her character.

      • 1.2.3 Stardust

        I really liked PSY in Faith… Watching the king and queen no guk was my high point in that snoozefest ( for me *ducks*)

        • Ennayra

          Lol. I love that you ducked. I loved Faith, but I admit long scenes of it are skippable. πŸ˜‰

      • 1.2.4 danteee

        yeah, she got that dead eye look in 2013. lol not sure about her other dramas, she isn’t that great of an actress for me to check her out in her other stuff πŸ™

        • TS

          She was way better in Faith.

          • danteee

            is that the drama with lee minho?? i’m not a huge fan of either period dramas or LMH so i don’t think i’ll check that one out πŸ™ thanks for the rec tho!

      • 1.2.5 cindy

        She was good (better than school and faith) on Equator man. I thought she did great there..

        Another actress I’m looking out to: Jung Soo Min πŸ™‚

      • 1.2.6 Maris

        I think that PSY has attractive features. I have seen her cameo in FBND and since that was supposed to be a DM number 2 so really could not judge her versatility as an actress. Regarding the other matter I just know that PSH is a loyal sincere friend and basically a good human being but she is not a stupid person to be taken for a ride. If they are appearing together it must be with both agreeing to it. They seem to be friends too.
        My question seemed to have led in different direction.
        Is she better in her other dramas?

    • 1.3 HT

      Ah.. Finally there’s someone who is waiting for Jin Seyeon’s comeback. Because it’s hard to find a JSY fan. Everyone has been criticising her acting (in Gaksital) and I honestly thought she was not bad. She has already picked up a few leads roles (I know, she’s very lucky) but I thought maybe these roles are quite overwhelming for her? Well, considering the fact that she’s still new and young. Alright, there should not be any excuses.. But I like her. I could feel her emotions in Gaksital. Definitely not the best but still average. I believe she can improve.

      .. and her smile is so sweet. I mean.. She’s so pretty. :p

      • 1.3.1 judepps

        i don’t mean to sound rude but why there’s a lot of unrelated post to the topic here??? it just make the reader confused & lost..”The Topic is about Lee Yubi joins Gu Family Book as Seung-gi’s first love”

        Why unfamilar names is being here…

        • ht

          lol sorry for the OT comment. Hope this drama does well in terms of acting and plot!

  2. Katie

    I am soooo excited. Beyond excited. Why is it not April already??? Lee Seung Gi!!!

  3. pogo

    Damn, I would have been all over this if Lee Yubi was the lead because annoying as her character in Nice Guy was, she can be good at the acting sometimes.

    It’s probably going to be Moon/Sun all over again, I’m not really down with this trend of the competent actresses getting shafted as second leads while a pretty face occupies the lead spot :/

    • 3.1 TS

      That’s a good point. Still, Lee Yubi sells this for me.

      Now if they could just get Woobie My Wuv in there as her love interest…

      • 3.1.1 shoo...

        kyaaaaaaaaaa………… what a GREAT IDEA you have!!! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME…

        • TS

          They made an awesome TV couple. Want more now!

      • 3.1.2 pogo

        God there are so many young actresses I want Woobie to pair up with on screen when he finally graduates to drama leading roles, last but least among them being Park Shin-hye.

        (and before everyone yells at me, look at her with Lee Jong-suk first because girl looks amazing: http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/10694784.html)

        • pogo

          I meant last but NOT least, what is my typing

          • TS


            Woobie needs to pair up with more girls on screen so we can imagine it’s us…

        • Maris

          I will watch Shinhye with anyone but I am waiting for the day she is paired with Lee Seungi because not only they look sooo good together but because I really admire these two as extremely talented and basically good human beings.

    • 3.2 12345tothe6

      lol at you calling yoobi a competent actress when is average at best and only got where she got thanks to her famous mom.

      • 3.2.1 pogo

        ‘average’ still >>>>>>>>>>>> terrible, which is the best I can say about the first lead. Or are you trying to tell me Suzy is in this drama because she earned her role by being competent at the acting?

        • shoo...

          LEE YUBI is still better than Lee Yeon Hee and Suzy though.. i had no hopes for LYH but i will give a benefit of a doubt for SUZY..

  4. shoo...

    TO ALL PARK SE YOUNG ANTI with all due respect if you don’t have any better things to say especially regarding to this drama or Lee Yu Bi about her casting, please have a decency to refrain yourself from commenting because
    as a reader of this blog its kinda frustrating to read this unrelated comments

    • 4.1 Annie

      Weren’t you the one who mentioned Park Se Young in the first place? I’m not an anti or a fan but there’s really no need to be policing this discussion space. It would probably be easier for you to scroll past comments you don’t like instead of warning others not to post comments you might find offensive.

    • 4.2 haha

      damn you are annoying lol . your behavior is similar to kpop fans *cough* sones, elf, vips *cough*

      from what i can tell reading all the replies here, you’re the one who brought her up in the first place. and people are just commenting about their assessment on her.
      no need to get your knickers in a twist haha

    • 4.3 shoo...

      yes.. i think i should take the blame.. sorry for mentioning them if only i knew where this is going..
      SORRY GUYS!!

      • 4.3.1 Maris

        I will take some of the blame but I did not realize where it would be heading. Sorry, too. πŸ™‚

  5. addylovesbwood

    Oh god all these rookies. I seriously had high hopes for this drama. Pls dont ruin it for seung gi. I already hv doubts about suzy. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.this is such a downgrade for seungi whos worked with high profile actresses.

    • 5.1 MicolaM

      You do remember that Seung-gi was a rookie once? Just checking.

      If Seung-gi is still the professional and superb actor I know him to be I think he will be able to carry the show given the writing and directing isn’t too screwed up. If their acting is do poor it should reflect poorly on them not Seung-gi.

      I do understand your concern, with so many actors with no sageuk experience doing the show but they have to start somewhere.

      If newbies only worked with newbies they’d never learn.

      • 5.1.1 Annie

        MTE. We should be thankful that actresses in this age range get even one shot to prove themselves. I wonder if the OP could have stomached someone posting the same comment about Joo Won?

    • 5.2 danteee

      yup, such a downgrade πŸ™
      it was going so well when he went from han hyo joo to ha ji won. now he’s acting with suzy… damn, what a big fall. suzy is not female lead material, i rather yubi switch with suzy πŸ™

  6. snow_white

    she is cute…..

  7. lemondoodle

    Yay, I like her from what I’ve seen. Choco wasn’t the best written character in the world, but I did like her towards the end. Her acting was good enough and convincing anyway. I’d actually rather have her be the lead than Suzy, but… I guess it’ll work out.

    • 7.1 TS

      She was really good in Vampire Idol. She showed a lot of range and had really good control over her words, if you get what I mean. Plus, comedy takes excellent timing and incredible body and face control, so she’s got the ability and skills.

      Let’s cheer on Lee Yubi!

    • 7.2 yamapisukii

      agreed! Suzy just doesn’t do it for me. *sigh*

  8. crazedlu

    Suzy. x.x;

  9. manassuper

    just excited……with news just popping out every now and them about the drama my anticipating is also rising with it……really can’t wait for the drama to air…..hoping cho kang chi (LSG) WILLL ENTERTAIN AT THE EARLIEST THROUGH THIS DRAMA….”GU FAMILY BOOK” fighting!

  10. 10 FerCGtz

    Mmmmm wasn’t she already at the script reading, so how is this any news? Or am I missing something???? http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/02/script-readings-galore-for-springs-upcoming-dramas/

    • 10.1 lmk

      I don’t think she’s in any of the pictures.

    • 10.2 Little_Giant

      She is not in any of the pictures in the article you linked but I do recall seeing pictures of her at the script reading and her casting in the drama has been known for awhile. It’s not the last minute casting that the article makes it sound like.

  11. 11 gaea

    “I swear Show, you’d better not fail me in the action department. *steadies slingshot*”

    Same sentence from me GF *wink

  12. 12 Maris

    Lee yubi looks lovely. In fact all the female stars are. Looking forward to watching this drama. It’s nearly here. Looking forward to seeing LSG in action scenes. Since he is so athletic that I am sure that it will be worth watching

  13. 13 Trina

    I read it from Koala unni blog that Lee Yubi mom is a actress. I forget her name. That is what I read. Therefore, I do hope her mom give Lee Yubi some pointers. I do not like her in Nice Guy. She was really annoying at some part of the drama. I still did not finish that drama. Oh well.. that will be my drama that have not finish list. It seem to me that list is long.

  14. 14 wanne

    I don’t really like her in Nice Guy but I hope she’ll be good here playing a darker role.

    Anyway, we have the ‘brainy hero – badass heroine’ in King 2 Hearts. So this time, I’m excited to see our couple fighting against each other and against their enemy which should be fun!

  15. 15 piggy68gal

    Aw yeah! I really like Lee Yubi! πŸ™‚ I thought she was really cute in Vampire Idol and Nice Guy. Being a rookie, she isn’t exactly the best around but she has got potential (and charm!) and I hope she keeps improving! πŸ™‚

  16. 16 Roxy

    Suzy is a black belt though, so maybe that counts for something in the action department? πŸ˜€

  17. 17 MyluvLSG

    I was hoping the drama doesn’t have much love story/ triangle involve, :((, but still, it’s a drama after all & people love love scenes, haizz. I suspect that it will similar to MGIAG in the 1st part, which is quite typo in Kdrama: annoying 1st love. Not my interest at all. But anyway, still eagerly wait for April. πŸ˜€

    • 17.1 MyluvLSG

      Sorry, mistake, typical πŸ˜€

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