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Level 7 Civil Servant: Episode 10
by | February 21, 2013 | 70 Comments

Love is in the air. Today it’s Libido vs. Family, which you wouldn’t normally think were at odds, but then you’ve probably never met Seo-won’s family. Outwardly it seems like an entire episode about Gil-ro trying to get laid. Thematically, it’s about timing—the funny kind, the sad kind, and the kind that changes everything.


After checking the closet to make sure there are no hidden men waiting to pop out, Gil-ro plants a kiss on Seo-won and maneuvers her over to the bed. Looks like puppy’s got some moves.

She breaks away to try and reason that they shouldn’t lose grasp of their senses, while Gil-ro argues that they should just let go. Gil-ro clearly knows something she doesn’t: between logic and kissing, kissing always wins.

She stops arguing and wraps her arms around him, and we finally get some kissing in peace… that is, until an army officer saunters right into the room and gapes at the pair on the bed. Lordy, I hope that’s not an ex.

Seo-won gasps, “Min-ho-ya!” Min-ho: “Noona!” Oh. Hahaha. Embarrassing! Also, confusing. Where on earth did this character just come from?

They scurry off the bed and Seo-won starts nagging Little Bro for not calling and taking too many vacations, and he just scoffs that he’ll probably have a niece or nephew by the time he’s out of army.

He takes out his phone to call Mom and tattle, like big brat. So the immaturity runs in the family does it? Gil-ro tries to be friendly, but Min-ho refuses his handshake and glares at him, which is cute.

He sits them down for a lecture, which turns out to be leverage in order to get noona to give him spending money while he’s out on leave. I love that he’s got his phone in hand, ready to call mom in case noona hits him.

She caves and gives him the few bills in her wallet and he scowls, ready to go sleep if he has no money to go out. Gil-ro shoots up and takes out his wallet, not about to let romance get derailed by this.

He gives him all the cash he has and even hands him a credit card. Seo-won gasps and tells him not to, but Gil-ro says she doesn’t understand how it feels to be out on leave from the army, saying that Min-ho isn’t a child. Oh you totally just won him over.

Min-ho’s eyes change instantly. Suddenly it’s “hyungnim” and “brother-in-law” without irony. He skips away happily: “I love you, brother-in-law!” He says he won’t be home tonight, which is exactly what Gil-ro paid for.

Once they’re alone, it’s back to excuses for why he can’t go home, and he takes out his phone to play a game. Do you really need the pretext at this point? Thankfully this time it doesn’t take him very long to get back to the kissy.

But they get interrupted AGAIN, this time with a text from his credit card company with Min-ho’s first purchase. Seo-won freaks out and grabs her coat to go after Min-ho, while Gil-ro desperately tries to keep her there, insisting he can spend much more than that.

She runs out, and he sighs that her family members have one thing in common—their timing is a work of art. Seriously. How’s a girl gonna get on with her love life if people just keep dropping in like they own the place?

Gil-ro heads back to his office to brood over Dad, and makes the call to Won-seok that he’ll do his job and protect his father, but asks for some backup to keep an eye on Dad and Seo-won.

Seo-won returns home dragging Little Bro by the ear, and he collapses in the living room, drunk and saying he’s gonna tell on her.

She finds a note on the fridge from Gil-ro, saying to feed her brother hangover soup in the morning, and she finds a pot of soup sitting on the stove. Aw. We see that after she left he slaved over it in the kitchen. Of course it tastes terrible, as all his cooking does, but that doesn’t make it any less sweet.

Gil-ro goes home, and Dad’s just angry that he still hasn’t left the country. He tells him to leave immediately, but Gil-ro says without a hint of anger in his voice (a first when talking to Dad): “I’m not going abroad, and I’m not going to run away from home either. I’m going to stay by your side. If there’s danger I’m going to protect you, and if you face hardship I’m going to share it.”

Gil-ro muses that they say you grow distant from your father the second you go from calling him Dad to calling him Father, but he never had that problem—Father was always Father. “And besides, you never liked me.” It kills me that he really believes that.

Dad doesn’t budge though, and tells him that he no longer works at the company, and that his desk will be cleared out in the morning. Gil-ro shouts that he’s not staying by Dad’s side because he wants to, but because he has to. Ouch.

Seo-won finds out at work the next day, and has a run-in with Mi-rae. She accidentally spills coffee on Mi-rae’s shoes, but it gives her a chance to be apologetic and act like she desperately wants to impress the boss. Seo-won asks if they can maybe get together for a meal, and Mi-rae agrees, wanting to keep tabs on her if she really is Gil-ro’s girlfriend. I do look forward to seeing these two face off.

Seo-won goes to see Gil-ro, who’s sitting in his empty office. She asks what he’s going to do now, remembering that he never had another dream other than being 007. She assumes he’s going to apply to be a spy again, which he swears he won’t do.

He asks why she sent him that baby photo. Seo-won: “You love your father.” “No I don’t.” “You like him.” “Not at all.” “You want to be loved.” Silence…

Seo-won: “If you want to be loved, then love.” She asks him to make up with his father, and he agrees to because she asked.

They head out to shop for a give-me-back-my-job present, and the conversation with the guy at the watch counter cracks me up. “What’s your father’s personality like?” Gil-ro thinks on it, and describes him thusly: “He has no affection, we can’t communicate, he likes money, and thinks money solves everything.” Watch guy: “Ah… then just buy the most expensive one.” Ha.

Do-ha goes to the NIS director and asks to be transferred to a different team. The director isn’t keen to lose his mole inside Won-seok’s operation, and shuts him down. But Do-ha is prepared to quit, so the director complies with his request for the time being.

Mi-rae and JJ put President Han in motion and prepare for the big showdown, confident that the NIS big boys will show up in person this time, instead of sending the minions.

Won-seok finds out about Do-ha’s transfer and goes to confront the director about it, but there’s no getting through to him. The director insists he’s just pulling Do-ha out for a short-term side project and he’ll be back in no time. Won-seok doesn’t believe him.

The task force goes ahead without Do-ha, and in front of everyone else Sun-mi acts like they shouldn’t dwell on a guy who ran out on his team, but broods over her sketches of him when she’s alone.

Do-ha is out on a mission, tailing a guy we’ve never seen before. What, are we actually gonna do some spying on this show?

The NIS director goes to see the man who sold his technology to President Han and Mi-rae, and asks him to sell him the same information. When he refuses, the director asks bluntly why he sold it to someone else then. He informs the man that his agents are arresting his men now.

Back to Do-ha, who witnesses the exchange in the park and secures the baddies. Only, at the same time, the NIS director makes a second backdoor deal with the guy to let him go in exchange for more secrets. Dude, you are shady.

So Do-ha gets the confusing order to back off and let the guy go, for no apparent reason. He takes his ID and prints, but follows orders and lets him go. There’s something wrong here, and I hope Do-ha follows his gut on this.

Gil-ro drops Seo-won off at home, and invites her over to his house this weekend because the place will be empty. She’s thinking mission while he’s thinking naughty things, but in any case, they agree to spend the weekend at his place.

She sends him home without inviting him inside because her brother’s still here, so Gil-ro just spreads his arms wide: “I’ll go after one hug.” Why so cute?

She takes a step closer and he starts to wrap his arms around her, but of course Impeccable Timing runs up just in time to ruin the moment, and Seo-won slips right through Gil-ro’s grasp. Dude, isn’t the army calling you back to base yet?

Min-ho runs up to tackle Gil-ro in a bear hug, and Gil-ro actually spins him around and around. Is it strange that you seem happier to hug Little Bro? Just sayin’.

Dad finds a watch on his desk that night, and it’s not the one that Gil-ro originally chose. Flashback to Seo-won choosing a different one in the store, saying that it might not look warm, but it’s not a cold watch.

That’s what Gil-ro writes in the card. Dad contemplates the watch, and puts it away.

Mi-rae and JJ meet to go over their plans, and she notes that President Han and Gil-ro are each doing everything they can to protect the other. JJ tells her about his plan to kidnap the NIS higher-ups, insisting that he needs to hear them repent for their crimes before he kills them.

She says he’s difficult just like his brother, and walks away. JJ calls out to her not to die, and asks to live together when it’s all said and done. Aw, he has a crush on noona. She waves at him without turning back.

It’s too bad we’re not doing more with these characters. If they had been set up to have some kind of emotional tie to our main characters, I’d care more about their betrayal. As it stands, they’re just cookie-cutter antagonists and it’s too bad.

Young-soon preps Seo-won on her mission—she’s to break into the safe this weekend. She hands her a case with the equipment she’ll need, along with a gun. Won-seok warns her that this is no longer a game: “If you get caught breaking into that safe, prepare to die.”

Sun-mi gives Seo-won the cold shoulder, and while I get that she’s upset about Do-ha leaving, her reaction now (heavy brooding, lots of angsting) seems disproportionate considering we didn’t spend nearly as much time on her crush when she was having it.

Gil-ro looks up expectantly when Dad comes home that night, but doesn’t see the new watch on his wrist. Dad just snaps at him not to spend money on useless things. Bah. Could you just be nice ONCE, Dad? Would it kill you?

We cut to Seo-won’s parents in a scene that goes on way too long. Mostly nothing changes. They get the town council to vote on their ideas for the eco village, and do a lot of bickering.

The weekend arrives and Seo-won is over at Gil-ro’s. The parents are out for the day and Gil-ro is busy looking up places to go on their trip, while Seo-won asks a little too much about where his parents are and how long they’ll be out.

She tells him that she’ll go on a trip with him, which he thinks is obvious since she already agreed. But she’s thinking ahead to her imminent betrayal, and says vaguely, “If you say you still want to go then, I’ll go.”

She says she wants to cook for him, and tries to send him out to get ingredients so she can be alone for safe-cracking. But he doesn’t want to go, feeling lazy, not hungry, and not particularly anxious to be separated from her. This is not going according to plan. I’m just confused as to why Won-seok can’t call him out to give her time.

She keeps pushing for him to go, which then gets him thinking that she’s being weird. Uh-oh. Thankfully he gets a phone call, and suddenly he’s running out the door. He says he’ll be gone for twenty minutes, and that he won’t buy groceries like she asked. Well at least he’s out of the house, right?

She braces herself and gets to work searching for the hidden safe. The robot vacuum has at least given them a plausible location, so it doesn’t take her that long to find it, though I wish she’d hurry.

Gil-ro goes out to pick up matching couple wallets that he ordered, and grins excitedly.

Seo-won just barely cracks the safe, and already he’s nearing his neighborhood on the way back. But then he decides to stop and get the tofu that she requested, which is both a relief and even sadder, to think how nice he’s trying to be while she’s breaking and entering.

She takes out everything in the safe and takes pictures of everything a page at a time, and it’s really starting to get down to the wire. Gil-ro arrives just outside the house…

She’s ready to start putting things back, and that’s when she notices the watch that Dad put in the safe, along with the card Gil-ro wrote quoting her words. It gets to her, and she lingers over it with a sigh. I know it makes you feel guilty, but could you do that later?

She puts the last few things inside and gets ready to close the safe. Of course that’s exactly when Gil-ro arrives. Oh no.

He just stands there, dumbfounded, watching her put everything back and get up… which is when she finally notices him.

He drops the bag of tofu in his hand, and the wallets fall to the floor. We see now that they’re filled with happy pictures of the two of them, which just makes the moment sting even more.

Seo-won picks up the watch she had set to go off in twenty minutes, and it beeps now. Time’s up. Yeah I’d say.

After standing there in silence for what seems like forever, Gil-ro finally opens his mouth. “Kim Seo-won. Your timing is a work of art.”


Ouuuuuuuch. Poor Gil-ro. Man, between this and Flower Boy Next Door I got hit with a double whammy of puppy pain this week. Though honestly, for this story, it might be a good thing that he finds out something is amiss sooner rather than later. We all knew the pain was inevitable, because there’s no way around the fact that she’s been betraying him all this time. Sure, he’s a secret spy too (at least as far as he knows), but he’s not using her to get secrets. I mostly felt terrible for him, knowing he was going into this relationship all swoony and lovestruck, when she knew full well she’d have to do this despite her feelings.

The thing is, I fully expect her to lie her way through this somehow, to keep the NIS out of it. But that doesn’t change the trust issue, which is bound to put the brakes on the romance. I don’t want them to stop being cute, but I do think it’s time Gil-ro opens his eyes a little and stops blindly trusting her. I guess I’m looking forward to a more even playing field, where it’s really spy vs. spy.

The question is, will he trust her at all after this, or will it break their foundation entirely? I’m a little wary of the angst to come, but so far this show has always managed to stay light (and ridiculous) despite where the story goes, so I doubt we’ll lose the comedy or anything. I’d like to see Gil-ro turn the tables on her, and pretend to trust her while he digs around for her real mission/identity/affiliation. Two can play this game, right?

I was wondering if they suddenly brought Seo-won’s brother in for a side story, but it actually seems like there was no other reason than the fact that they needed someone to burst in on the couple in bed. You couldn’t invent something else to break them up, so you literally had to drag a brother in from offscreen netherspace, after we’ve had maybe one mention of his existence ten episodes ago? There’s nothing wrong with his character or anything, but the sudden need for him was just so blatantly not at all about him. Does the heroine really need another family member staying with her to keep them from jumping in the sack together? ‘Cause she seems to be doing a good job of fighting Gil-ro off on her own. Though WHY is entirely another story. Does. Not. Compute.


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  1. javabeans

    o >_< o

    • 1.1 Nina

      hehe! Why?! Explain the face please! lol

      • 1.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        It’s a face of pure frustration. So frustrating that you want to pull all your hair out and scream at the top of your lungs. Or is this just me projecting? Either way, this show is working my nerves! Argh, grar, grumble grumble grumble.

    • 1.2 Sintia

      Is this an angry face?? I am really curious 🙂

    • 1.3 bluemoon

      Javabeans, could you please explain what that mean? Is that a face or does it represent something significantly profound?

      Sorry, I am just very bad at this.

    • 1.4 husnaa

      hi JB, why with that face? You don’t like the drama or because of sad moments that Gilro faced?

    • 1.5 Dongsaeng killer

      Its a frustration face….. A pulling out my hair cos this is too much face. Yep, sounds about right

    • 1.6 KDrama Fan

      Maybe it’s b/c someone did an ‘I’m first!’ post?

    • 1.7 Shaista

      lol cute! \(^o^)/

    • 1.8 SS

      Thank you girlfriday and javabeans for recapping this drama.

      I am not exactly sure about javabeans’ expression here but it looks like one of frustration. It must be hard to recap the show when you feel this way. So, it makes me more thankful for your efforts. We are mid way through, there’s 10 episodes left and 5 if split equally between the two of you.

      There were a lot of anticipation and excitement for this drama here. I think most of us wanted to love the show but end up feeling frustrated.

      I am watching this because I have become vested in Gilro and Seo Won’s story and fallen in love with Joo Won’s acting here. This episode is another turning point, I guess. I hope it will get better and better.

    • 1.9 ilikemangos

      How come no one thinks JB is possibly doing a hugging emoticon for the heart broken gil-ro at the end of this episode?
      Or it can just be pure frustration. lol

    • 1.10 g

      check out choi kang hee ‘s double chin in the bed scene

  2. Ivoire

    Thank You!!!

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      I guess I am in the minority of those who actually like this drama… a lot, flaws and all, and I love it for a myriad of reasons. When I watched ep.8, I could not stop laughing. JW makes me care for GR and for what happens to him. I like that he was casted (sp, grammar?) for this drama and I am glad to see Chansung here as well, though I wish he was written better (given more depth) and given more screen time. I think he is doing well so far.
      I have a different reading on the kiss and on how it happens, and I actually liked the way it happened *Hides and protects herself from stares :-)* and I am OK with the brother showing up. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started watching this drama, however, as a rom-com, I find it funny and romantic, and some of the scenes endearing. I also love the OST, and that helps.

      I have a few questions:

      1–Does anyone know why JW’s character introduces himself as GR instead of Pil-hoon (sp?) to SW’s family? (her parents and her brother). I think at work he is known as PH (and at home for sure), so is he hiding his identity to SW’s family? And if so, why? Because I think that everywhere else, he is known as PH (work, home, NIS), even if he uses the name GR there (NIS). I understand SW using a fake name, but not GR. Is it b/c he thinks he is an agent?

      2–GR means one path, one road. Does Han GR mean something? When GR meets SW’s brother, he says (I think): “for the sake of the country, Han GR.” Please forgive my ignorance, however, did he just say “for the sake of the country” because he wanted to say it, or because that would be what “Han GR” would mean. Would that be a phrase in Korean? (That whole name, Han GR).

      3–I am still confused by the card game in ep. 3 and 4. So the 1st time, when WS moved his ears, it was because he had a good hand, which GR saw and he warned SW to not bid higher. When GR played against WS, he saw WS move his ears (which we now know he did on purpose), however GR knew that it was highly probable that WS had a good hand (or did he think it was the opposite?), and yet he bet all he had and then some. Why such a move, when he knew he could lose (well, he technically did)? His purpose was to help SW and her colleagues get their salaries back, and yet he KNEW (GR) that he wasn’t in a strong position. What was he thinking and why do it then? That didn’t make sense to me (still doesn’t).

      4–Is there a difference between introducing oneself to someone’s parents and bowing at someone’s grave or at a funeral? I am asking because when GR met SW’s parents, they asked (per the translation I read), “why do you want to bow again, are you bowing for a whole ceremony/funeral/procession?” and as he did it again (to do it right, I think), the mom said “I think he wants to kill us twice.” That left me confused. Is the way Koreans bow to the elders (being introduced, New Year) the same way they bow at grave sites and at funerals (like at funeral homes in front of the picture of the deceased, like we see in dramas) the same? Why did the mother make that comment, “I think he wants to kill us twice?” (that was in ep.8). I know GR bowed wrong the 1st time, however why did the parents compare it to a funeral/memorial service?

      Sorry if it sounds like I went round and round with my questions. I just wanted to be thorough. I feel at times that I know what I want to ask, yet I am not always sure I am making sense to the person reading my questions.

      Thank you to anyone(s) taking the time to answer my questions and to anyone who has an answer/insight(s) I could gain from. I tend to be interested in every aspect of the episodes in dramas. Thank you for indulging me.

      • 2.1.1 sheytowherever

        Well I’m just as confused as you are about the 1st and 3rd questions, but I can help you out with the other two.
        GR does not actually mean one path. Han gil is one path. Han means one and Gil means road. Ro is attached to words to mean through/on. So what GR is saying is that “for the country” and then his name “on one road”.
        With bowing, in Korea, people bow once to elders, twice to the dead, and three times in Buddhism. So thats why if he bows again to correct his mistake, it will be like he thinks they are dead people. (the same applies to greeting people twice, even if they didn’t respond the first time–my taekwondo teacher in Korea would hound me about it;;)
        I hope I helped! And if you have any more questions about korean culture, feel free to message my youtube or ask me on twitter! After all, I did live there all of last year.

      • 2.1.2 Ivoire

        Hello sheytowherever,

        Thank you so much for responding. I really appreciate it. I have to head out, however I will respond much later tonight or tomorrow, because I am working all weekend, until Monday.
        By the way, where/how can I contact you on YouTube? I don’t have a Twitter account and I don’t tweet (I don’t know how). Could I contact you on YT, please? Thank you again.

  3. June

    Hehe, thanks for the recap, Girlfriday. ^__^ Hiii, javabeansss~

    • 3.1 June

      Arggg – watching the scenes with Seo-won’s parents are so darn boring. I’m hoping that it’ll have SOMETHING to do with the drama’s solution/conclusion, and aren’t just random boring tidbits.

      Ahh, and when Gilro’s heart got smashed in itty bitty pieces… Noooo. T__T

  4. crazedlu

    Yurp. Do not digs this storrryyyy. Grr!

    • 4.1 skelly

      Yep. stupid story. I guess it’s girlfriday’s turn to fall on the grenade, after Heads did it for Dr. Jin.

      • 4.1.1 HeadsNo2

        *Plays “Grenade” by Bruno Mars*

        • June

          Bahahahah~ xD

  5. Sintia

    Thank you!
    My heart is broken because of Gil-ro… Just look at his eyes…

  6. Mystisith

    – Parents storyline running in circles: Check.
    – Bro from outerspace: Check.
    – Double dose of “puppy pain”: Check.
    I keep watching for Joo Won who I find surprisingly attractive here: Didn’t see him as a man in OB so something happened. It hit me behind the head without warning.
    And seriously, change the passcode or even the all door and have fun without interference.

    • 6.1 sally_b

      oh gurl ~ this show.

      Every episode is like watching a NEW show for the first time.
      Not in a *wow, this is really a fresh approach to story-telling* …but

      *wtf is going on* kinda way~

      I was fighting so hard to suspend-reality in terms of the OTP being…even remotely possible…but then they keep heaping pile after pile of nonsense-screen-time until I think….I’m actually done with this one.

      I always enjoy the recaps though…even Dr. Jin made for a good …*read*.

      (le sigh) Joo Won & Chansung …I lift my Soju shot in farewell ~ (chuckles them under the chin for good measure)

      • 6.1.1 thil28

        sally_b, you said what i felt, exactly!

        “Every episode is like watching a NEW show for the first time.
        Not in a *wow, this is really a fresh approach to story-telling* …but

        *wtf is going on* kinda way~”

        i thought it started out ok, got better, then got worse, and the ‘chemistry’ or lack of, is seriously killling it for me…
        bye-bye show…

    • 6.2 Aru

      haha yeah, he’s the only reason why I kept watching this drama too. but if you find him attractive in this drama, you should see Bridal Mask. The man is sex on legs in that drama *_*

  7. Katie

    Nooooooo Gil Ro. Why so cute??? I can’t wait for next week. I also admit I’m happy with this drama’s pace. Yay. Nothing else interests me really.

  8. turtlegirl

    ugh. his face.
    i admit everything about this drama is very surface-y and the only reason i’m holding on is for gilro but..ugh exactly that. spy vs spy action please.

  9. Jinny

    Eeep his face when he saw her 🙁 Thanks for the recap!

    AH IT’S THAT CAMERA AGAIN. I swear it’s the same camera as the one from Nice Guy, does anyone know what camera it is??

  10. 10 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GF for the recap.

    Still can’t get over how different JW’s Gil-ro character is to the one he played in Gaksital and hw he is his in real life.

  11. 11 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!

    Double facepalms for this episode:
    The first for the brother out of nowhere. There can be any number of ways to interrupt a makeout session. I think the writer may be struggling to pad out this drama in 16 episodes.

    The second for the second interruption of the make-out session. After the flak this drama has gotten for CKH and JW not having chemistry…please let them continue their kissing for a little bit longer! And a spy drama/movie needs making out/sex anyways!

  12. 12 Elle

    thanks for the recap 🙂

    omg, the pain in Gil Ro’s face…:-( i hope he’s not too, too damaged. i wonder if Seung Won will try to weasel her way out of this mess…she is in fact a top notch spy with exceptional lying skills. heehee!

    i’ve been trying to ignore the big A-HOLE sign on Gil Ro’s Dad’s forehead. but i can’t anymore. what’s his effin problem?

    why is everyone giving Gil Ro heartache? his father, Wong Seok…Seo Won. for FN sakes..spread the pain please.

    • 12.1 TechnoKeats

      I wish we’d get to see GR’s mature side (like when he fired SW due to her suspicious snooping) It’d be kinda cool to watch the GR spy action again.

      No more puppy face…. c’mon Gaksital 😀

      • 12.1.1 Elle

        hi TK 🙂

        i can’t get enough of puppy faced GR…but you’re right. i love it when our baby boy (hee!) acts the adult part. GR firing SW is one of my fave scenes. not cause i’m a sadist, but because he was SO in control of his inner conflict.

        maybe the betrayal will snap him out of his lovey dovey, ooey gooey state and he’ll do a full on Gaksital revival.

        Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooo Wwwwwwwooonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

  13. 13 redfox

    the writer is just stupid and clueless and has no grasp over the story´s logic. It feels like all the situations are “temporary solutions” – ahh, till I get a better idea I´ll just write something random – and then the random is forgotten to switch out. and what I get from the recap and from the reactions – people don´t want random fillers, they want the main characters. they want the characters that the story is about. it is like the writer just concentrated on developing Gil-Ro´s character and time ran out so the rest are sort of so and so and do some random unexplainable things. although Do-Ha is good as well. totally male-centered too. girls get too little screen time as it is. we did not need another guy-character who takes time away from 1) seo-won 2) main couple 3)us.

  14. 14 momosa

    Sigh.. I’ll keep watching, love the cute between JW & CKH.

    What’s going on with the story? So amateurish, the PD, the writer, the editing…. did the PD et al hang their towels on the job and assign some rookies to it? Is it a budget problem? They have good actors there, gosh, this is sooo frustrating!!!

    • 14.1 Elle

      if it is a budget problem, then that’ll explain a lot of things. like why the casts wardrobe are unappealing. especially Seo Won’s. or why Wong Seok can’t even get a haircut.

      kidding aside. you’re not alone in your frustration. i’ve tried to keep a positive attitude about the show overall and have tried not to nitpick, but i continuously find myself disbelieving the level of WTF moments this show displays.
      all i can do is sigh and hope, that next time, it’ll get better.

      Joo Won is my ONLY consolation, cause at the end of the day, he makes it all worthwhile 🙂

      • 14.1.1 Whatsthescenario

        Speaking of horrible wardrobe, I’ve been bothered for a long time now by Mi-rae and her overall look. 1 or 2 epis back, when they were walking into the hotel, they showed a long shot of her and she was wearing FLATS! Hideous, boat-like black FLATS that made her feet look huge. I know she is tall, but they’ve dressed her in flats on more that 1 occasion. And not pretty flats, more like ahjumma plain ugly flats. IDGI. Her overall style is lacking in jewelry too. She doesn’t give me the vibe of someone that is rich and powerful.

        • Elle

          que horror! all the women on this show have a bit of ahjumma look in them which is disappointing because clearly, they’re not. kdramas are known for their awesome, character appropriate wardrobe. unfortunately, this show is not one of them. with the exception of Joo Won of course…thank goodness!!

  15. 15 far

    seowon’s parents part is soooooo boring that i even watch Bridal Mask/Gaksital while waiting for it to end.

    anyway, i’m glad he finds out she’s betraying him in this episode. it’s like there’s not much progress in here apart from their slightly blooming relationship and lack of sexual interaction (yes, i’m complaining). i know they want to set up the love a bit more before he finds out, and that’s fine. i enjoy watching baby-joowon being all pouty and adorable and childish. ^^

    but seriously, seowon’s parents part is useless and bears no bearing to the story. even their spy work is slightly sloppy at times, but still bearable as i like the teachers and doha-sunmi couple. if it wasnt for joowon and chansung, i’d long give up the story.

  16. 16 tarianant

    whoa… no amount of pink can distract me from Gong Yoo’s abs…

    Nice header guys! I love your new headers.

    and sorry I have nothing to say about this recap,
    I just want to comment about the abs.. no I mean the header.

  17. 17 Boba

    Omo OMo I can’t wait foe next week’s episode I feel that time is flying I feel like yesterday I was waiting for ep 2 of KING OF DRAMAS and now I’m waiting for ep 11 of LSCS that is weired Hahahahah thank u very much for the great recap and amazing side comments uhhh I’m officially addicted to this site it’s even set as my homepage hahahahahHahh ! I love Gil-ro he is one damn good actor !

  18. 18 JoJo

    OMG! Ten more episodes? I’m gonna die.

    • 18.1 pobe

      I know how you feel .It’s cute and funny but it’s not attracting and somehow boring. Anyway, I’m a fan of Joo Won, so I will definitely keep watching it till the end, hoping the story line will be better.

  19. 19 DHM

    There was a heads up on little bro in the army just last week- , wasn’t there? I am sure he’s been mentioned two or three times.

    • 19.1 Betsy Hp

      Yeah, he’s been mentioned more and more, so I was more “finally” when he showed up than “who”? Though, because of the buildup I was expecting him to bring more meaning when he appeared. Of course, we have more eps so the meaning could come. But I’m not banking on it since this show isn’t big on depth.

  20. 20 Gaeina Lee

    I have some expectation when I heard this movie adaptation drama would be produced, then 6 eps later.. I jump channel during live stream to TWTWB.
    I’ll keep watching tho, it’s a commitment, can’t abandon it half way..*sigh*

  21. 21 Aiya


    I always skip the part when Seo-won’s parents are talking. Those scenes are completely unnecessary, methinks.

    Aaaand, the last scene just breaks my heart for Gil-ro. Poor puppy.

  22. 22 Sam

    I’m sorry Joo Won, but I’m officially dropping this drama for TW, TWB.
    The storyline is aimless and sucks, I’m seeing way too much of the parents and I’m just so bored!
    Why couldn’t they have stayed at spy school! This drama was supposed to be a romcom! I do not wanna see attempts at revenge/evil mastermind/grudge against the system crap. And the whole love vs duty angst.
    I expected loads of aegyo and cute bickering.
    This is a waste of Joo Won’s talent.
    Such a shame because I was looking forward to this even when I was dubious about the casting of CKH.
    Thank god for DB coz I’m just gonna read the recap’s until the end. Can’t completely give up on this drama. Need to somewhat see it through to the end.

  23. 23 Marce

    I absolutely love this drama 😀 ok honestly i absolutely love Joo Won! anywho I think he is an amazing actor I do believe him as Gil Ro and I did believe him as gaksital..enough said he is more than enough a reason to keep watching this drama 😀 It also has me laughing through most of it so that’s great 😉

  24. 24 MariePhils

    I have been patiently waiting for a good romcom drama at the start of 2013 … and thank God that i found 7LCS….

    Amidst all the flaws uve been saying… im still loving this show… not only for Joo Won … but on its whole cast as well!

  25. 25 (permanent) visitor

    The parents are both annoying AND boring.

    And it seems like Chansung is the only one remotely qualified to be a “spy,” despite his earlier bumbling. How did Seo-won get first place? When Gil-ro leaves and says he’ll be back in 20 mins, did she really think he meant PRECISELY that long? I mean, with traffic/parking/lines or the lack thereof, the time it takes to run any errand could vary widely. So why not set the timer for 15 minutes and actually hurry a bit? Oh wait, that would make too much sense.

    • 25.1 Elle

      LOL..sense is not the stronger point of this drama. but atleast it keeps us on our toes (ya know, catching all the blunders, etc.) and their inept spy skills makes me confident that hey, i can be a spy too. hahahaa.

    • 25.2 luiz

      Totally agree with you.

    • 25.3 Whatsthescenario

      …And why waste time looking at a watch that you picked out only 1or 2 days ago? Did she really need to waste an extra 60 seconds looking at it and reading the note? It’s no important. That waste of time is why she got caught like that.

    • 25.4 Dramafed1782

      If you notice Seo Won specifically gave instructions to Gil Ro on how to go around this particular area and the route to buy the tofu. So in general she researched on the area to get him out of the house and would have definitely calculated how much time it would take to get back to his house. This was anyways her plan to break into the safe since Do ha failed in the first attempt.

      On the extra time she spent looking at the watch, it was her guilty conscience. She was the one who partially changed Gil Ro’s perception on hating his father. The scene where she is in his room; Seo Won advices Gil Ro no matter how much we disregard our parents they are still our folks and should not be embarrassed about them. This was also another reason to make him come back home and as a peace offering to his dad, he asks Seo Won to come with him to buy the watch. This added to her guilt on breaking the safe as well as Gil Ro’s blinding trust.


  26. 26 bambledd

    Loving this drama! It’s funny, cute. And it was hard to imagine Joo Won doing a comedy, cutesy role b/c I had only him do serious bad guy roles. But he’s doing a great job… (swoon).

  27. 27 Rie

    I really like Joo-won so I keep watching this drama… his acting is good in both comedic & intense scenes. But overall the drama is not good (the writting, the editing etc.) – i’m a little sad because I really wanted to love it.
    Gil-ro is the only character I really like, and may be Choi kang hee in some scenes (who is btw a good actress). Hopefully after this episode, the story will be better – please please mr. writter !!!
    I don’t know why Joo won has accepted this drama…He must really want to do a rom-com role right after Gaksital…and there is not much rom-coms around here for him to choose lol

    • 27.1 Rie

      And thanks for your recaps that I always enjoy reading 🙂

  28. 28 tjin

    check out choi kang hee ‘s double chin in the bed scene

    • 28.1 bambledd

      Actually, she’s pretty skinny (check out her toothpick legs). Who wouldn’t have a double chin w/a hottie on you like Joo Won?? It’s a given. LOL

  29. 29 yeowcheong

    choi kang hee is a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lucky woman.

    the kissing/bed scenes :((((

  30. 30 bjharm

    well not to be mean but maybe her brother in it for tragic death time ie wrong place at the wrong time. And is the bad younger brother really JJ? I thought JJ was the big mysterious guy they where all working for..the one they NCI really after…and of course now the chief guy seems to be doing shady dealings it not impossiable in the way spy things go that he the bad guy behind everything..just as idea.

  31. 31 travelcrazy

    Good cliff hanger. My guess is everything back to normal, trust and all, next week. She should be able to use the father’s watch as an excuse.

  32. 32 Betsy Hp

    Thanks for the recap! I’m still enjoying the show, though there is a lot of sighing for what could have been. (I’ve resolved to just let it go and enjoy what’s there. The funny bits really are amusing and I do like the chemistry between the main couple so… that’s good, right?)

  33. 33 YBisTOP

    Is it just me who isn’t enjoying the drama? I like the first few episodes when they were all NSS trainings….but after that…… -___-

  34. 34 meanrice

    Every time I want to give up this drama (as it is I do something else while watching) Joo Won pulls me in with his performance. I know it is fluff and even if it was well written, it would still be fluff; the story was not going to make us question society, our lives, or anything else.

    But the way Joo-Won can change the mood by just the look in his eyes, bravo sir. Wow, this makes me a fan of his for life. The look of pain in his eyes in that last scene, the delivery of his line. OMG, teach a workshop, me and my interpreter will attend.

  35. 35 bambledd

    Anyone know if Joo Won is doing 1n2d the same time as Civil Servant? They showed his room at his house in 1n2d and he had CS posters everywhere.
    Wouldn’t he be exhausted doing both?

    • 35.1 Dramafed1782

      Yep, he is doing both at the same time. He had gone through the same schedule when he was filming Gaksital. Well, it is exhausting but this just shows how passionate he is about his craft 🙂

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