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News bites: February 4, 2013
by | February 4, 2013 | 58 Comments

(Hong Soo-hyun, Lee Mi-sook, Lee Yeon-hee)

First off, the casting announcements and confirmations:

  • This news was previously announced, so it’s more of a signing-on-the-dotted-line issue: Hong Soo-hyun (History of the Salaryman, The Princess’s Man) is officially part of the cast for Jang Ok-jung, Live For Love, the SBS sageuk reimagining of the infamous concubine starring Kim Tae-hee in the lead. Hong will play her rival in love as Queen In-hyun, literally sharing a husband (King Sukjong, to be played by Yoo Ah-in). I love Hong, and she’s strong in sageuk. I have my doubts about Kim Tae-hee, but it may be worth watching for Hong Soo-hyun alone. [Source: TV Report]
  • We know that Lee Yeon-hee was previously cast in a cameo role for Gu Family Book, but now we know why: She plays Lee Seung-gi’s mother. Okay, this sounds sweet, and much better than I was fearing (she has very little draw for me as a romantic lead, but I’d like to see her working other emotional angles in her acting). Her character loses her father when he’s accused of treason and made a political scapegoat, after which she becomes a gisaeng. She escapes her father’s killer with the help of a man she then falls in love with, later giving birth to our hero. Hm, if she’s a human character, then is Dad the gumiho? Nice twist on the ole gumiho lore. [Source: Asiae]
  • Lee Sung-jae (Rascal Sons, A Wife’s Credentials) will be playing that archvillain in Gu Family Book, set to make lives miserable all around. He plays a man born into poverty who rises through the military ranks and is now an ambitious man who tramples others to further his own goals. Will his formidable political powers hold up against our half-gumiho hero’s mystical powers? More importantly, will our hero have any powers? [Source: Review Star]
  • Lee Mi-sook joins the upcoming weekend KBS drama You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, which stars singer and oppa-killer IU in the lead role, with Yoo Inna and Sohn Tae-young playing her unnis. Lee Mi-sook will be playing a famous actress turned agency CEO, whom IU’s character aspires to become. It’s Lee who discovers IU’s potential and, I presume, gives her career a kickstart. I’ve gotten used to Lee Mi-sook playing scary moms in recent years (Can We Get Married, Thousand Day Promise, Cinderella’s Sister), and while this one isn’t a maternal role it sounds tailor-made for her. [Source: Joy News]
  • According to the recent broadcast of Entertainment Plus, Joo-won sustained a nose injury while filming his current drama Level 7 Civil Servant, which stopped filming for three days. Ha, apparently it was in the Episode 2 scene when their characters throw food at each other while on side-by-side motorcycles, and Choi Kang-hee flings that bowl of jajangmyun in his face. Don’t hate her too much, though, since there’s been no lasting damage. Another tidbit: Apparently the scene when the characters get drunk (during training) and dance was fortified by the help of some real-life likker-drinkin’. Suuure. It was for “work.” And “realism.” And no fun whatsoever. [Source: ETV]

As for ratings and the weekend drama lineup:

  • To absolutely nobody’s surprise, My Daughter Seo-yeoung continues to dominate weekends; the KBS drama has solidified its “national drama” status by keeping up the 40% ratings. Saturday’s episode had been slightly lower at 38.8%, but Sunday rebounded for a 43.4%. [Source: Sports Seoul]
  • On the other hand, MBC’s weekend offering Rascal Sons is sinking farther and farther—not only was it crushed by Seo-young, it was also beat soundly by a cable drama, JTBC’s Childless Good Fortune. While Childless continued to rake in amazingly high numbers with a 8.867%, Rascal Sons had a 6.3% (for the latest episodes). Ouch. That’s fantastic for JTBC, but kind of miserable for MBC. [Source: Asiae]
  • Meanwhile, the later hour had a slightly closer race, with Eugene and Lee Jung-jin’s relatively new drama Hundred Year Inheritance claiming the lead with a 20.4%. I haven’t seen this show, but it seems to me a strange hodgepodge of genres—family, romance, makjang, comedy—but I guess it’s working? [Source: Star News]
  • My Love Madame Butterfly came in second with a 11.5%, and SBS’s new entry Incarnation of Money took in a 9.7% for its premiere episode and a 9.2% the following day. Those ratings are on the low side, but higher than the first episode of Alice in Cheongdam-dong and the initial reviews seem favorable, so there’s time to build. [Source: Review Star]
  • Speaking of Incarnation of Money, it appears we’ve got another case of two strong child performers paving the way for their adult personas. Seo Shin-ae (Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child) drew notice and got called a scene-stealer for her (be-fat-suited) portrayal of young Hwang Jung-eum, while Park Ji-bin has been credited for building strong momentum for his adult role, played by Kang Ji-hwan. [Sources: Chosun, Mk.co.kr]

And, just because I can:

  • Baby Go Soo! (As seen on the recent broadcast of Entertainment Weekly.) [Source: Hankyung]


58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. DayDreamer

    Go Soo is HOT. How come I’ve never seen this guy before?!

    • 1.1 scircus

      lol, good question that. How have you /never/ seen him before?

      • 1.1.1 DayDreamer

        I’m so picky with dramas…if a plot line sounds interesting and to my tastes, then I will watch it…otherwise, I’ve bypassed a lot of Korean dramas. So that’s probably why I haven’t seen him before. Or I might have but don’t remember now, lol. Some Korean actors/actresses are unrecognizable to me even though I’ve watched a drama of theirs before. Case in point: I didn’t recognize the female lead in I Do, I Do (Kim Sun Ah) as the same female lead of My Name is Kim Sam Soon) *facepalm*. I know, pretty stupid, but she really looked VERY different to me that I thought they were two different actresses, LOL. It wasn’t until I was looking through wikipedia that I realized they were the same person.

        • skelly

          Kim Sun Ah has changed a LOT since MNIKSS days – first off, she has lost major amounts of weight (way more than she originally put on for that role) and, although people will deny it, I think she has also had some work done to her nose and maybe a little jawline pruning. Fortunately, even though the face and body have changed the acting chops are still there, along with the mannerisms that some enjoy, and a few don’t.

          • DayDreamer

            Then I guess my inability to recognize Kim Sun Ah between her roles is not too farfetched? Somehow that makes me a little relieved, lol.

    • 1.2 Bengbeng

      seriously?! really?! you need to know him, hahahah =)

      • 1.2.1 DayDreamer

        For the shallow reason that he’s so hot, I will surely look up his dramas/movies, hehehe. Hopefully, he’s a good actor too….

    • 1.3 Mari

      That’s what I said too. I just found out about him when he was a guess in Running Man. He is extremely handsome.

    • 1.4 rabbitsfortea

      Well, I don’t think he has had many hit dramas for him to be internationally popular…

      But yes, he is hot (;
      On screen and irl.

      • 1.4.1 fan

        PIANO (if you can find it) is where I met GoSoo. Great emotional (somewhat sad) drama with GoSoo, Kim HaNeul and Jo InSung. There was a rumor that GoSoo and Kim HaNeul developed the feelings after the drama.

    • 1.5 jomo

      Go Soo is perfect.

  2. Mrembo

    Can’t wait to watch Gu Family Book! Don’t get the Go Soo appeal…yet…but ain’t his baby pic adorable? 🙂 As for Hundred Year Inheritance, it’s picking up nicely…that mother-in-law though takes the cake for worst drama M.I.L ever!

    • 2.1 TS

      Literally, eh? That show just got good! Love it when evil gets a comeuppance.

      What’s with the joint family system living, though? Is this normal in Korea? Watching Hundred Year Inheritance is like watching a Pakistani soap, except in the Pakistani soap, the DIL would be evil and manipulating husband away from mother while flirting with a much richer man.

      • 2.1.1 Mrembo

        Mmmmhhh, Pakistani soaps sound interesting…Is there somewhere I can find them with English subs? Not sure about joint family system living in S. Korea but I know it from the Indian community in my country.

  3. snow

    omo baby Go Soo is so adorable! the eyes!

    • 3.1 hana


    • 3.2 bd

      Weird eyes for a baby.

  4. Annie

    I was kind of hoping Go Soo would release a photo of his baby boy but I guess he’s much too private to do that.

    • 4.1 Laurita

      He has a son? Who did it???

      Ok, just joking. It’s good to be private on private matters.

  5. Rashell

    Awww baby Go Soo is adorable. And grown up Go Soo isn’t too shabby either.

    I love Lee Mi Sook, so if I wasn’t already really wanting to watch Jo Jung-Seok, IU, and Yoo Inna, this would get me on board.

    Thanks for these updates!

  6. Carole McDonnell

    Baby pic is sooo cute!!!!!

    One hundred Year’s Inheritance is fun. It feels kinda old-fashioned. I can’t put my hands on why but it’s got this soap opera feel to it. Maybe because we’re always stuck in the rich MIL’s house, maybe the camerawork.

    But it’s fun. You can skip whole episodes and not miss much.

    I gotta say though that it made me question my deeply-held teenage belief in “I saw and loved him first therefore he is mine.” I didn’t realize how ingrained it is with women in drama land until I realized I seem to have it too. But after heroine’s sister-in-law starts pulling that stuff on hero, I thought, “The heck with this first-come-first-served” theory of true love.

    Looked at the newsbites cause I was hoping to see upcoming pics/stills for NINE. So expecting that to be gooooooood.

    Thanks so much for the bites.

    • 6.1 zsa

      I love it too…esp the eugene and LJJ line…the chemistry is certainly crackling…and the way he’s starting to look at her differently…gahhh…looks like i’m defeated by makjang this time….

    • 6.2 Rashell

      Hundred Year’s is like drama crack for me. I know that it isn’t good for me but I can’t help but go back for more. I adore Lee Jung Jin and his chemistry with Eugene is fierce. But that family Eugene married into is the definition of crazy.

  7. Jae Shin

    I saw Haunters for the first time two weeks ago (I know, I know, I’m a slacker ain’t I?) and I have got to say – my fan-girl crush on Kang Dong Won as jumped higher than the Eiffel Tower, and I have a new found fandom for Go Soo – he is amazing!! >< ^_^

    • 7.1 JoAnne

      I loved that movie even though the end was VERY confusing to me.

  8. canxi


  9. addylovesbwood

    Lee Min Sook is bacck!! I can’t wait for Gu Family Book to air!!!

    My Daughter Seo Young ratings doesnt surprise me. It totally deserves those ratings. I love that drama!!

  10. 10 houstontwin

    100 year inheritance is dreadful! A waste of some very capable actors. …On the other hand, what a lovely and serious baby! Thanks for the picture!

  11. 11 kfangurl

    Gu Family Book sounds like a lot of fun! I’m definitely looking forward to it! ^^

    Also, LOL at Go Soo’s baby pic being shoehorned in – no complaints from anyone, I’m sure! 😉 What a lil cutie he was!

  12. 12 Sajen

    We know that Lee Yeon-hee was previously cast in a cameo role for Gu Family Book, but now we know why: She plays Lee Seung-gi’s mother. Okay, this sounds sweet, and much better than I was fearing (she has very little draw for me as a romantic lead, but I’d like to see her working other emotional angles in her acting). Her character loses her father when he’s accused of treason and made a political scapegoat, after which she becomes a gisaeng. She escapes her father’s killer with the help of a man she then falls in love with, later giving birth to our hero. Hm, if she’s a human character, then is Dad the gumiho? Nice twist on the ole gumiho lore. [Source: Asiae]

    so she dies or is replaced with an older actress or something right? cause otherwise I’m going to be wondering how it’s possible for the mother to be younger than the son.

    • 12.1 lovin it

      what i want to know too..

  13. 13 sponge

    Thanks for the update! Haha the go soo picture was unexpected but adorable! I haven’t seen him in anything except in running man as a guest, he has a very likable aura, and he’s purty 😀

    I’m probably going to watch incarnation of money when it finishes airing since i love kang ji hwan (finally back in dramaland) and i loved history of a salaryman! Park Ji-bin is adorable too, it’ll be cool watching how he grows up 🙂

  14. 14 jyyjc

    Awww go soo had emotive eyes even way back then.

    • 14.1 Lord of the Things

      I know! Serious baby is serious

  15. 15 MariD

    I marathon all 8 episodes of “100 year inheritance”. It’s such a weird drama! It reminds me of the old novelas I used to watch with my mom when I was a kid. I figure that’s why I enjoy it. The heroine is just soo helpless, the hero is mean, handsome and for some reason can’t stop himself from helping. Then we have the over the top might be in love with her son mother in law. Wow, she is pure evil, yet extremely entertaining..

    • 15.1 zsa

      i know…it’s crazy…but I look forward to it….sigh

  16. 16 Katherine

    Reading through the list & all I can re-call is Baby Go Soo LOL. How adorable is that photo !! His own son must be,just as cute as well.

  17. 17 jandoe

    Hundred Years Inheritance is raking in good ratings? OMG can’t think of why… (except it’s strangely addicting, almost like a guilty pleasure. Ooops, did I outed myself?)

    This is the most fun news bites so far, thanks JB!

  18. 18 pigtookie

    Those two child actors for Incarnation of Money are adorable! I loved Park Ji Bin’s character and he plays him well, strong and charming. When we ever get a trio of male leads in a drama, can we get him with Yeo Jin Gu and Lee Hyun Woo?

  19. 19 magnus

    Baby Go Soo!!! Ridiculously cute, i wanted to blast tot he past just to pinch his cheeks :3

  20. 20 Trina

    I like A Hundred Year Inheritance. As for between Gu family against OK Jung Live hmmm I guess KTH however I might watch Gu family or both. Depends which one is better.

  21. 21 shiku

    I always liked Park Ji Bin since I first saw him in Yi San. I may just give the show a chance.

  22. 22 TS

    I can’t find ad genius lee tae bek anywhere. Anyone know where I can watch it subbed in English? It’s not on dramacrazy (that I saw as yet, anyway) or viki or drama fever.

    • 22.1 Mari

      I don’t think it starts till next week…

      • 22.1.1 TS

        So what did they play today?

        • Mari

          I was wrong. It did start today.. Viki does no have a lisence for it yet. Sometimes people on Soompie forums will post the raw episodes. That’s how I been watching Level 7th civil servant.

          • TS

            I guess I’ll wait for Viki’s license. Right now, I’ve started an old drama, Ireland, and it’s captivating me for now (they don’t usually last). And I’m watching Gokusen occasionally.

            And today, I saw the Sword with No Name. Made me so angry at the cowardly Japanese men moving to kill court women and the Queen. Bastards.

  23. 23 Nina

    Aww Joo-won, baby hurt his wittle nose? :-/
    His nose is a work of art though, it’s so slim and it looks gorgeous when he smiles 😀 *blush*
    ok i’ll stop now….hehe

  24. 24 snow_white

    baby Go Soo is soooooo cute 🙂
    Park Ji-bin has surely given a strong performance…..
    really looking forward to Gu Family Book, the main reason being: Lee Seung Ki 😉

  25. 25 goldeng

    it bugs me so much that i cant watch childless good fortune!! i cant find it anywhere! 🙁 i feel like when I was looking for cable drama OCN’s Special Team Unit TEN episodes and had to wait months for someone to start subbing… hope sooome day i could find that drama…

    • 25.1 mommai

      I think it might be Childless Comfort on mvibo? They’re the new KBS world international service or something, and got Jeon Woo Chi exclusively and so on.

  26. 26 Gaeina Lee

    Your “And, just because I can” notes got me cracking…
    JB, you are welcome to bombard us with any of your “just because I can” anytime.. Love it! ^^

  27. 27 Mini

    haha~ oppa-killer IU. I don’t usually watch family dramas..but IU is making me really want to watch hers

  28. 28 miley

    i’m currently watching both one hundred years inheritance(of course it’s a eugene starrer)and my love lady butterfly(because of park yong woo).i love both of them and infact i even endorsed it to my friends to watch it in viki.

  29. 29 pogo

    Here for Hong Soo-hyun (who is a fantastic actress and needs a lead role sometime) and Lee Mi-sook <3

  30. 30 John

    Lee Mi-sook !

  31. 31 Windsun33

    I cannot help but watch Hundred Year Inheritance, no matter how over-the-top it gets. The MIL is the pure incarnation of an Evil Witch. In ep8 it looks like the heroine is finally starting to set up her massive revenge plan, so now I am hooked for a few more episodes.

    I am not sure how to classify that drama – though billed as Warm & Cuddly, so far there has been no sign of that happening – at this point it is pure makjang.

    (in another post someone asked what “makjang” meant – here is a definition that I use: “Then what makes a drama makjang? When it comes to dramas, when plot devices involving extreme, absurd, or outrageous instances of life (cases that make you go, hmm, what’s the likelihood of that happening in an average person’s lifetime) are dealt with in an illogical or twisted manner to arouse or hook the viewers, or conveniently inserted for that exact purpose, they are described as makjang. (Think American daytime soaps.)”

  32. 32 bd

    Seo Shin-ae has always done good work, going all the way back to her 1st role in the 2005 film “Quiz King”) w/ Han Suk-kyu when she was only 6-7 yrs old.

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