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Oh Ji-ho cast as Kim Hye-soo’s leading man
by | February 24, 2013 | 47 Comments

We’ve got some movement on the new Kim Hye-soo workplace comedy that’s set to air on Mondays/Tuesdays in the spring, called Please Come Back, Miss Kim. Kim Hye-soo has confirmed that she’ll headline, and the production has put an offer out to Oh Ji-ho (Third Ward, Chuno) to play her leading man. Now this is a noona romance that works — he’s all eye candy and she’s the sexy power player. That’s the go-to image anyway, but it turns out this time she’s not going to be the bossypants. (In the drama, I mean. In life, Kim Hye-soo is always the boss.)

The workplace drama is an adaptation of the Japanese series Haken no Hinkaku (Pride of the Temp), but reportedly plans to rework the original premise a great deal. Kim Hye-soo plays the title character, described as an everywoman office worker who’s good at everything. She’s basically your perfect employee, but you gotta figure the rest of her life suffers for that fact. The drama is basically all about the heroine reclaiming her life, and about the contemporary single woman and her work world. So… more like Miss Kim Got Her Groove Back, with a dash of Dalja’s Spring for good measure?

I can see it being a fun, light vehicle for Kim Hye-soo, and coming from the writer of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, I foresee lots of cute hijinks bolstered by heart. The trick is in making us care about the office stuff, but hell, if it’s actually funny, I can be made to care about almost anything. Directing is the PD of The Women of Our Home.

Please Come Back, Miss Kim follows Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek and premieres in April on KBS.

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47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. anais

    Oh daebak! I’m going to love this! Love her! He’s great eye candy. Yum!

    • 1.1 Dominique

      I like O Ji Ho, too. He is good looking and personable, without conjuring up anything that has to do with flowers.

      It is a wonder that, in this day and age of flower this and flower that – cringe – when referring to boys and men in Korean dramas, they still feature a few leading men on screen who look and talk 100% manly. Lee Sang Yoon of My Daughter Seo Young, anyone?

      • 1.1.1 bd

        There are plenty of “100% manly” leading men in Korean film/TV if you look beyond those who try to appeal to teenage fangirls.

        Besides Oh Ji-ho – Kim Sung soo, Ji Jin-hee, Joo Jin-mo, Song Seung-heon, Cha Seung-won, Jo Han-sun, Hyun Bin, Jung Woo-sung, Go Soo, Lee Jung-jae, Kwon Sang-woo, Jang Hyuk, Han Jung-soo, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Dong-wook, Jung Kyeo-woon, Jung Seok-won, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Kang-woo, Song Il-gook, So Ji-sub, etc.

        And then you have all the leading men actors who are known more for their acting skills rather than their looks/physiques – Ahn Sung-ki, Han Seok-kyu, Choi Min-shik, Lee Beom-soo, Hwang Jung-min, Shin Hyun-joon, Jung Jae-young, Cho Seung-woo, Baek Yoon-shik, Song Kang-ho, Park Joong-hoon, Moon Sung-keun, Lee Sung-jae, Shin Ha-kyun, Uhm Tae-woong, Lee Seon-kyun, Ryu Seung-ryong, etc.

        And then you have the idols turned actors who really don’t fit the “flower boy” image – Yoon Kye-sang, Rain/Bi, Seo In-guk, Taecyeon, Siwon, TOP, etc.

        As well as the actors who sometimes get referred to as “flower boys” for their looks, even if they are masculine (albeit still on the boyish side) – Ji-Chang-wook, Kim Bum, Lee Ki-woo, Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Ji-hoon, Gong Yoo, etc.

        • Fun-Lugha

          -how you managed to list all these gotminams minus Lee Jun Ki is a puzzle am still trying to solve
          -i think Umh Force & Ryu Seung Ryong r mad gorgeous! oh yeahs Ahn Sung Ki too-fine wine, thats what he is!
          -otherwise i pretty much agree with everyone else 😉

          • anais

            I think it’s because Lee Junki is probably one of the first “flower boys.” After all, he came to fame playing a female-impersonating clown.

          • nova611

            after reading the list cant help thinking this
            “what about Lee Jun Ki?!!”
            what category he’s in?

            @Fun-Lugha @anais
            Thank you for both of you..
            we think alike

          • bd

            Didn’t include LJK simply b/c he does not have masculine facial features, along with others like Jung Il-woo – they have that androgynous look to them.

            And sure. a no. of the actors listed in the category of being known for acting abilities are distinguished-looking or have their own sexy charisma, but generally do not fit the matinee idol “look.”

          • Opal

            Well I won’t include LJK in the “manly” category either. No offense to his fans but I always see him more in feminine side, maybe because he is too pretty in My Girl and I can still see his prettiness after his released from the army. I am sure he is 100% man though.

            Hmm, I would add Kim Myung Min for the list of actors known for the acting skill rather than the look.

        • Meera


          WON BIN SSI!!! My ajeossi no. 1 🙂

          And Lee Byung Hun?

          But impressive list with Korea’s finest men (insert drooling smiley).

          • bd

            Forgot Won Bin, but he would be on the list of those often referred to as “flower boys” due to their looks, even tho they have facial features on the masculine side (tho Won Bin is certainly leaving his boyish look behind).

            While I’m sure I missed a no. of others (can’t list everybody; not that I know of every actor), here are some notables that I missed.

            For actors known for their acting and definitely are masculine – Kim Gab-soo, Jeong Jin-yeong (both awesome), Choi Min-soo and Jam Woo-sung.

            Bae Soo-bin and Jo Seung-woo as 2 other masculine matinee idol types and Eric as another idol turned actor.

            As for LBH, I know he’s a big star, but didn’t include him o on the 1st list b/c I don’t consider him to be good-looking
            (he has that Macaulay Culkin “fish face”).

        • malta

          I like this list. 😉

          • daria

            huhuhuh, i love this list 😉 anything with cha seungwon, kim seungwoo, TOP & lee dongwook… substance, style, copious amount of charisma!

    • 1.2 a_diva

      i really like her too!

      but unfortunately as much as i like to look at oh ji-ho, i’ve never really loved him in any of his roles . . . except maybe chuno. he was pretty good there! perhaps if he stuck to more broody, strong silent type of roles like chuno i’d like him more, but whenever i see him, i’m always like, you’re lucky you’re so pretty now please shut up so i can stare in peace.

      • 1.2.1 Meera

        I think he did a decent job in “Third ward”… 🙂

      • 1.2.2 anais

        I really loved him and Han Yeseul in Fantasy Couple / Couple Trouble. Totally endeared himself to me with the reverse Candy role.

        • Pipit

          I love Fantasy Couple too. Whatever other people say about it and its leading couple FC was the drama that made me love them both.

      • 1.2.3 a_diva

        i liked fantasy couple okay . . . it was good enough for me that i did not drop it, but i did not like it as much as i thought i would . . . i guess my expectations were too high b/c i’d heard it was good and it was a hong sisters drama & i thought they could do no wrong (until that train wreck of a drama you may all vaguely remember–BIG–in which even my love and adoration for gong yoo could not make me watch past episode 6/7)

        but i digress . . . in FC, in my opinion (and i’m no expert or qualified critic), oh ji-ho had moments of goodness instead of being solid throughout the drama. han ye seul was the same. her performance was really good at times, then really flat at times . . . i wasn’t sure if she was acting that way as part of the character or what . . . still i did enjoy FC, but i enjoyed looking at ji-ho more than i did watching him act. he’s just so handsome to me and has a really REALLY great smile!!

        haven’t seen third ward — will try to check it out!

  2. Annie

    lol… this is going to be a disaster. Kim Hye Soo is all charisma and no technique and Oh Ji Ho has little of either… where’s Shinohara Ryoko when you need her?! I don’t even want to know what ‘reworking’ Haken no Hinkaku means.

    • 2.1 welma

      She’s in Japan

    • 2.2 Opal

      Well, I watched her drama Home Sweet Home with Lee Sang Yun, and I think she delivered her character well.

      OJH acting is improving since Chuno, at least I think he acts better than SSH.

  3. MJP

    I’ll check it out! Thanks.

  4. ravens_nest

    I’ll watch it. I loved Haken no Hinkaku and Shinohara Ryoko is in my top 5 fav Japanese actors/actresses. I’m skeptical about this remake but I don’t judge something fully until I see it. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

  5. asianromance

    Oh Ji Ho in a comedy! Oh Ji Ho, just works better in comedy than drama for me. I don’t think I’ve seen anything Kim Hye-soo’s been in, except for a few moments of Style. Don’t know much about her, except that she’s hot and has presence.

  6. haha

    I’m usually not so picky for actors/actresses as long as they fit in the roles, but since this is reworking of “Haken no hinkaku”…I don’t know. I like both of them though.

  7. lenrasoon

    This might work, i love Haken no Hinkaku and i think that a Korean adaptation with this actors would be great. I can’t wait^^

  8. jiki

    Bad thing about this drama is they`ll have to compete in same time slot as Lee Seunggi and Kim Tae Hee! Not a good time slot for Kim Hye Soo!

  9. jomo

    Awww, I like him because he is so cute and nice and seems like a great dimply guy for real.

    She’s playing straightlaced and cool against him?
    That should work.

    I would prolly marathon this after it finishes.

  10. 10 djes

    Kim Hyesoo is my idol.
    And Oh Jihoo is always an eye candy, so YES YES, please Dramagod, make this happen!

  11. 11 Mystisith

    I like OJO even if he is more a B list kind of actor. That said, another workplace drama on KBS, just after the ratings failure Ad Genius and with strong rivals on the other channels… It may be difficult. Will watch the first eps, I guess.

  12. 12 Noelle

    If this turns out to be less workplace and more her grabbing life by the haunches, I”m ALL in.

  13. 13 Waiting

    I am really hoping this will be good. I had to laugh at Domenique’s post having to do with lowers…

    “I like O Ji Ho, too. He is good looking and personable, without conjuring up anything that has to do with flowers.

    It is a wonder that, in this day and age of flower this and flower that – cringe – when referring to boys and men in Korean dramas, they still feature a few leading men on screen who look and talk 100% manly. Lee Sang Yoon of My Daughter Seo Young, anyone?”

    All I have to say is that I like my flowers with a heaping side of testosterone, please. Lee Sang Yoon is a great example. 🙂

    I am also grateful to see another 40-something-ish show. I was starting to think that actors my age didn’t exist!

    • 13.1 trotwood

      I support this entirely. I know people are looking for thos teen girl/20-something viewers, but our age group does have a lot of purchasing power; at least I know that is what networks think about in the states (for ad revenue). Is this not true in South Korea? Or are they assuming that people in our age group are more interested in the family weekend dramas?

      I have said this before, but it is a relief to have these men and women on screen not just because I can see people my age actually having lives (that aren’t just about their children), but also I start feeling guilty admiring men/boys who really should be dating my daughter. I don’t like feeling like a perv!:)

      • 13.1.1 malta

        You kind of have to branch out and look for dramas on your own to find the ones staring older characters and actors. Most blogs focus on dramas with younger stars so it can seem lopsided if they are your only source of information about what to watch. Also ‘trendy’ dramas tend to star younger actors too.

  14. 14 rearwindow


  15. 15 Rubysing

    Yay!!! I’m glad it’s on KBS ‘cos in time, I’ll get to see the series 🙂

  16. 16 Annnsow

    I’m in for this!
    I want some Kim Hye Soo’s romance, and a touch of Flower Boys Ramyun Shop!
    I’ve never seen Oh Ji Oh act (or I don’t remember) so I’d be glad to discover another big name.

  17. 17 Nokcha

    Happy to see Oh Ji Ho back, actually I’d be happy to see his back, or front, or must.watch.belle.again….

    Though he’s a bit stiff, I do like his comedy, and liked his performance in Chuno much better than Jang Hyuk’s over the top acting. OJH has matured as an actor. I think he’s in about the same realm as Song Seung Hun, only he picks better dramas.

    • 17.1 Pipit

      You’re so right about that ^_^ His acting skills don’t differ that much from our Hand Towel (only slightly better) but he doesn’t get as much criticism perhaps because SSH is a bigger name.

      Anyway I never put acting skills as the first requirement to watch a drama so the range of acting skills of its leads never bother me.

  18. 18 Jenny

    So basically they are not making a remake of haken no hinkaku but just using the idea and making it more kdramaish instead of having a strong female character who doesn’t need a husband or a boyfriend but who is excellent at everything. sigh
    Oomae-san would not approve!

  19. 19 snow_white

    hey, this sounds like fun!!

  20. 20 antonia

    loving this news…
    ever since i watched and loved Fantasy Couple i wanted to see him in another drama… but after reading about Chuno and 3rd Ward i didn’t want to watch them so i’m happy he’s making a new drama and hoping it would be good or likable… cause i miss him

  21. 21 Mar


    -FBRS connection

    -Working woman/mature woman character

    -Rom Com?


    -Is this another put upon downtrodden office worker plot? I’d like to see the female character at least at lower level management position or in a position where she has some agency. If she’s a full on girl friday running the show type AND GETTING CREDIT FOR HER WORK, then that’s acceptable. We don’t need another underdog admin assistant fall for the boss rom com.

    -OJH is lovely but he kind of fall flat for me when I see him act.

    I will check it out when it airs.

  22. 22 altair

    He is gorgeous. GORGEOUS! But his acting (except for Chuno, but he was not a main lead in that) is mediocre when it’s not bad or downright disastrous (Get Karl! anyone?).
    I have never seen her in anything (maybe I live under a rock, but that rock shielded me from watching many flops), but the noona dramas only work if the chemistry is excelent. I don’t think this is the case. I know, I judge before even seeing them on screen, but I just have a 6th sense when it comes to men and women doing anything together, even a drama. Plus, the trend right now is melo(TWTWB!!!!!!!!) so another con.
    And finally they will compete against Kim Tae Hee. There is no way, no how they are going to top that one. My prediction for ratings:5-7%.

    • 22.1 Pipit

      I like Get Karl Oh Su Jang.

    • 22.2 Pat

      `I think Kim Tae Hee is so boring I’d rather watch paint dry.
      and OJH is my favorite candy.

  23. 23 Lilian

    Wow! Haven’t seen Oh Ji ho for a really long time. The last I remember was his appearance on Running Man. That was a fun episode!

  24. 24 msim

    Could be a disaster or could melt the screen with the chemistry…
    The writing and directing will determine it all.

    They are both swoon-worthy.

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