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by | February 1, 2013 | 502 Comments

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  1. myweithisway

    Happy Friday!

    • 1.1 Korazy Lady

      Hi myweithisway! Happy first OT person!

      • 1.1.1 Eulaliee

        And you know what Friday means? Well, just today because its a special day. Warm Bodies comes out today! Woohoo! I can’t it to go see it later! I just the movie is just as good as the book. I’ve been waiting for Friday all week long since last week Friday! Lmao.

        • FishcalledWanda

          Yay! I can’t wait to see it! Did you also read the book? I really loved it, hoping the movie does it justice.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Lol, I’m not really to my senses apparently. I just read your comment and replied to it, but missed the part where you said you read the book, oops! But I just read on his site that Isaac Marion wrote a prequel to it, good news!

  2. RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday Dramabeaners! I’m happy to have off work today and what better thing to do than follow the posts on Open Thread.

    I watched the special episode of School 2013, and it reinforced the camaraderie I felt watching the series. I am going to miss this drama. I am looking forward to incarnation of Money this weekend. I’ll admit I will watch anything with Kang Ji-hwan in it; loved him since his Geum Soon days. It’s got to be good if it’s from the History of a Salaryman team right?

    • 2.1 myweithisway

      I watched the special too, I love the HeungSoon couple! So sweet!

    • 2.2 alua

      The special was lovely. And I never watch specials.

      • 2.2.1 John


        I started to watch the special, (1st 10 min or so). So much love for the young men.

        So many good looking guys, how can the ladies resist?

        • alua

          John, who’s resisting? 😉

    • 2.3 Enz

      I still have about 12 minutes of the final episode to go! Pathetic me

    • 2.4 sweetcloud

      Anticipating Incarnation of Money too! I’ve been wanting to watch something with Kang Ji Hwan since Hong Gil Dong and My girlfriend is an agent but neither Lie to me nor Coffee House appealed to me. Fingers crossed for this to be good!

      • 2.4.1 Korazy Lady

        Lie to Me was a mess but he had great chemistry with YEH! And he sure looked good in his suits

        • Lovebug

          Its funny because lie to me was the 3rd drama that I watched and I kept thinking – No one looks good in a double breasted suit. Oh how young and foolish I was! (Obviously dramawatching has changed my taste considerably in regards to men’s fashion)

          • sweetcloud

            I’m all for 3-pieces suits. Anthony in King of Dramas and Kangto in Gaksital = gorgeous. I even watched Public Enemies just to see Johnny Depp in Ganster gear.

          • Mari

            Lie to me was my first drama.. I remember him walking into the Hotel in the first episode and me thinking “wow that’s one good looking man. Maybe I’ll give this a try” the rest is history…

          • skelly

            I loved just about everything that PSH wore in Alice in Ch. but especially those three-piece suits. Really flashy styling, but it suited him and suited the plot (such as it was). Best thing about that show, IMO.

    • 2.5 pogo

      Thank you for reminding me I still have a bit of School 2013 to watch in the form of the special – I’m feeling a bit emotional about it ending and just want to hug every character in it, even the mean girls.

    • 2.6 owl

      Loved School2013 special. Love dramabeans – I am every bit as addicted to recaps open thread as I am the kdramas themselves. You are all so much fun 🙂

    • 2.7 eiyu

      watched the School special. liked it but i think there was too much Heungsoon though. i know they were the main characters but i wish they featured the other students as well.

      • 2.7.1 owl

        I agree, I kinda thought the same thing. They didn’t interview one female student actress. It felt like a lot of the others got left out. But Heung Soon were adorable, as per usual!

    • 2.8 DayDreamer

      I’m also anticipating Incarnation of Money, though not because of the cast (not really familiar with them) but I think the plot is very interesting. Also waiting for That Winter Comes ’cause I enjoyed the movie version.

      • 2.8.1 DayDreamer

        *That Winter, The Wind Blows (don’t know why I got the title wrong, heh)

    • 2.9 Laurita

      Just finished special. Now I remember why I’ll miss this 🙁

  3. SD

    Happy Friday!

    So excited for That Winter, the Wind Blows. Can’t wait for Feb. 13!!!

    • 3.1 starryeyes

      Yes yes yes. I’m eagerly waiting for more. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take all the melo, since I dropped Missing You so fast…BUT I’ll be watching it for all the pretty. Pretty cinematography, pretty first leads, pretty second leads, and oh, what? Kim Bum?

      So far all the interviews/photos/teasers for That Winter is making me ship the Kim Bum/Eunji couple so hard. They are adorable, always smiling and laughing with each other.

      • 3.1.1 pogo

        I hope Bummie and Eun-ji are a couple in the drama and not just the leftover love interests of the first leads, fingers crossed.

        I’m all melo-ed out too (Nice Guy followed by I Miss You has drained me) but I want this for the pretty too. Mainly the pretty second leads, I have no shame about admitting that.

  4. pillowhead

    WEEEEE! Im here on time!!!! 😀

    • 4.1 alua

      I know… me too, but I can’t stay too long, going to the cinema for Rebirth (J film screening as part of Japan Foundation Touring Film programme) in a little while!

      Haven’t been watching much.
      -School 2013, which I shall miss dearly
      -Next Door Flower Boy – So bored of Do-hwi and really hope Seo-young isn’t going to turn clingy because then I’ll have to check out, despite the fact that I enjoy the main trio.

      So few subs for J-dramas, there are several I want to watch (Share House no Koibito and Nakuna, Hara-chan especially), but they haven’t been picked up by any fansub group it seems.

      Have been watching:
      Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou, but I find it a little boring. I like the idea of it in itself, but the female lead’s role seems to be restricted to sitting there and providing explanations of cryptic things. Ummm…
      Saikou no Rikon – Liking this one. Eita’s character just cracks me up.

      But the real discovery this week has been
      Tonbi which is a really touching family story, in which a single father (after an accident kills his wife) has to raise his toddler son. It’s set in the 1970s (with a present day framework of the grown-up son recalling his childhood days). Takeru Sato plays the son as an adult and while I would like to see more of him (the present day takes up no more than 10% of the plot), the story set in the past is actually really lovely. An awkward father. An adorable child. A tragic accident. It’s made me cry and laugh at the same time!

      Oh, and I watched Q10 this week, simply because I needed more Takeru Sato :-). It’s a strange drama (boy falls for robot girl – and they really keep her robotty all the way through), but I quite enjoyed it.

      • 4.1.1 pillowhead

        wow alua. how cool!! pls tell how cool that screening was!

        • alua

          I will attempt to write a review for Rebirth, but given my immense backlog of reviews (going way back to last year’s East Winds Festival in March) who knows when that will be….

          Fingers crossed I will hopefully finish off the reviews for King of Pigs (K) and Like Someone in Love (J).

          • pillowhead

            jez us… y do you have this back log.. r u a blogger too? let me know if u do. I’ll read it…all. 😀

          • alua

            I have a mostly film-focused blog (click on my name). Mostly watching J and K films.

            Why do I have a backlog? Because I live in London and there are so many film events ALL the time. Like this week I could have gone to see one film at the Korean Centre, another one (HK) as part of the Terracotta Asian Film Club and about 5 as part of the Japan Foundation Touring Film programme. (I’m only going to watch one tonight and maybe another – Zero Shoten on Sunday.)

            And because it takes me about 10 hours to write a review (I do too much research and am a bit perfectionist about the writing :-D).

          • pillowhead

            shit! y is my life so boring. I was in london in the 90’s. LOVED it!!!! Goodness to you on your reviews!!!

          • Korazy Lady

            Pillowhead, where are you now?

          • pillowhead

            Korazy, I live on Guam. WHere are you?

          • Korazy Lady

            As it’s winter, I’m in Florida, in the good old USA. In the summer I live in Pennsylvania. I’m always to curious to find out where everyone is from!

      • 4.1.2 Windsun33

        “..So few subs for J-dramas..”

        Yup, and not sure why – some of them are pretty good. Someone is missing the boat here, not sure who – probably more than one entityl. Overall, the Japanese marketing of their dramas, movies, J-pop is WAY behind that of of Korea and Taiwan, and on the other end while places like Drama Fever etc pick up most of the popular K & T-dramas, they have very little in the way of J-stuff. Most of the places that have a lot of J-stuff, like Hulu, it is 99% Anime.

        Have not found a really good place for J-dramas. Some are available on torrent downloads but that is a pain and often the subtitles don’t work well (and a few are obviously pirated).

        • skelly

          Same here! I could not believe how long it took, and how painful the process was, to wait for subs for the latest Kimura Takuya jdorama. It appeared to be the labor of love of one poor beleagured subber, doing all the work herself. If it had been an equivalent kdrama, it would have been talked up on the net for weeks and been a featured presentation on Dramafever as well as available on Dramacrazy and viki. Jdoramas are so behind the curve, it’s laughable.

          • Windsun33

            Some are available on YouTube, but more than once I have gotten like 3/4 of the way through a series, and it gets taken down by a DCMA complaint.

      • 4.1.3 Julia

        I too have been watching my way thru Sato Takeru’s work this week so just watching Q10 and Bloody Monday.

        If you ever find a place that is subbing Nakuna, Hara-chan please let us know on the Open Thread. I am enjoying the series raw. How much better would it be with dialog? Ha ha.

    • 4.2 Enz

      Is that ALL you have to say? Is it because you had too much wine already? 🙂

      • 4.2.1 pillowhead

        hahah. yes.. i did.

        • Korazy Lady

          You know there is always something (hmmm, hmmm) we can talk about….)

          • pillowhead

            OH!!! I was wondering cause we kinda did it on Kakasi’s Shower article.

          • pillowhead

            Let’s do it again…. (BlkB style)

          • Korazy Lady

            BTW, do you remember any shower scenes from QSS? I can’t believe their wouldn’t be one.

          • Enz

            Korazy! It was in the first episode!! How could you?!! Might have to reevaluate your love for QSS .. She interrupted HIS shower to use his bathroom remember? Was it the lack of abs in that shower scene that made you delete it from memory?

          • kakashi

            hahaha, the QSS shippers are at it again.

          • pillowhead

            well there was that one in the first epi. but i think the reason we don’t think of it, is cause, first it wasn’t 1. one of the 2 catagories of shower scense. and 2, it was so far in the begining that none of us have gotten to the point that Eric was a freaking god of SEXINESS. I had to do some real scientific studies but that scene in the 1st epi 9 minutes does actually qualify as sexiness. 😀

          • Enz

            Hooray for scientific studies although this would not be a randomized double blinded one!

          • Korazy Lady

            Pillowheard, you are right! I knew I could picture him in the shower, but wasn’t sure where. I’d be willing to bet there may be another somewhere where he was more brooding, no? Or maybe it was just in my mind!

            I am terrible at trying to remember where I see things in dramas. I have total drama brain overload. And you know I lose brain cells with every day I age 🙂

          • pillowhead

            I agree Korazy. there has to be another Eric shower scene in QSS. he’s too sexy to not have been sentenced to another exploitation in this drama. I’ll look again. If it’s there, I’ll find it. 😀

          • Enz

            There is none. I am sure of it. But feel free to research pillowhead

          • JoAnne

            We could do 3d party blind, where I act as the unblinded pharmacist. I get to know who and where all the nekkid menz are, and you guys either get one of them, or Psy.

          • Enz

            Sounds good to me joAnne.. I haven’t any men, naked or otherwise in a very long time :p

          • JoAnne

            Me neither, Sister. Although I suppose you could tell without me saying.

          • Korazy Lady

            JoAnne, you always know how to make my day!

          • Janet

            There is a shower scene in Episode 6.

            I have just started trying again to watch QSS and so I started with Ep6 last night and there was one – shot was just to the chest, no abs!

    • 4.3 Jeannette

      I always miss it! Unless I’m off work haha!

  5. pillowhead

    Shoot I’m finally here on time and I don’t have any new dramas i’m watching!!! arg.

    • 5.1 pillowhead

      oh!!! I found Won Bin this week. where have you been? Watched Man from Nowhere. AND Mother. he is supa hot! even my sister that is not into anything Kish had to agree. 😀 Also, I’ve been having a BLAST with Eun Soo Han.. my new FB alias. So freeing to fangirl without your whole world watching. Ok I’ll think of more.. omg. why did i not plan better while I was waiting.

      • 5.1.1 Mariam Jang

        Oh my God! I love Won Bin, too! Btw, have you watched ”Autumn Tale” yet? It starrs Song Hye Kyo, Song Seung Hoon and Won Bin! It’s not the best drama out there, lots of tears with traditional melodrama elements, but it was one of my first Korean dramas and made me love Won Bin. Watch it, you won’t regret it, specially now that you found Won Bin!

        • pillowhead

          Oh!! I have been told. 😀 I will try and watch it this week AND i think this may persuade my sister to watch!! THANKS Mariam!

          • JoAnne

            Well…I didn’t care for the DRAMA so much, but Binnie is awesome. It’s a bit old fashioned and despite my much-publicized affection for the efforts of SSH, he was too much for even me in that one. Or too little, i guess you could say.

          • pillowhead

            well my sister is more of a hard sell in terms of looks. so the story is secondary cause she never watches tv. always reading text books… Weird cause I totally the opposite. I love a good story.

        • JoAnne

          ooh, Binnie was awesome in that.

          • pillowhead

            Thanks JoAnne!!!! My sister is a hard sell!

          • JoAnne

            There’s no point in resisting that face.

    • 5.2 Enz

      Oops.. I spoketh too sooneth

      • 5.2.1 pillowhead

        still struggling with the stress of being on time!!! I’m used to just replying 😛

        • Enz

          I know how that feels. Much easier just replying really. And annoying people or comforting whichever is apt 🙂 hehe

          • pillowhead

            haha. i thought you were working late. you’re still on time. signs of an overachiever!. haha

          • Enz

            I am still working.. Ssh

          • pillowhead


      • 5.2.2 pillowhead

        just saw your old english. lol

    • 5.3 iZzie :)

      It’s okay. This is OT. Anything goes. 😉
      I do that sometimes. Just joins the party with no drama in my pockets.

      • 5.3.1 pillowhead

        yeah thanks Izzie! that should be a song… no drama’s in my pocket. lol

        • iZzie :)

          haha! i feel like gollum with precioussss in my pocketsessssss. 😀

      • 5.3.2 Korazy Lady

        Oh, wait, are we supposed to talk about dramas? I just thought this was a site to meet up with people from all acros the world who have the same good taste in men…uhmm…. I mean viewing preferences!

        • pillowhead

          lol! let’s do so…. and .. i didn’t realize you were also a writer on Kakashi’s forum untill the shower article. 😀

        • kakashi

          yes, yes! Korazy aka lafer is my bestest guest blogger! and of course latteholic too and Shukmeister (who was scared away from this OT by an evil Walmart popup as she told me on Twitter just now) and bcook.

          • pillowhead

            hoooo. how do i spell that fantasitic koren amazement sound? BUt how cool!!!

          • kakashi

            yeah, you see: the more guest bloggers, the less work for me. I have it all planned out. do you have your own blog, pillowhead? if you do not but are full of great ideas for KDrama posts, let me know! I’m always recruiting.

          • kakashi

            and are you on Twitter, pillowhead? What about enz? ENZ! hello! are you on Twitter?

          • pillowhead

            my own blog? jesus no. lol. You got a good thing going!! I love your site. I will think up new ways to objectify my crushes and pass them to y’all. 😀

          • Enz

            Enz is not on twitter. Fb already takes up a lot of Enz’s inane thoughts and enz has none left over for twitter. Pillowhead will attest to that 🙂

          • pillowhead

            yes, that is true. Eun Soo takes up all of Enz’s time. lol!

          • Korazy Lady

            At least kakashi is being honest about wanting to share her workload. She know flattery will get her everywhere with me, and if that doesn’t do the trick – good old guilt works wonders!

          • Shukmeister

            Hola! Just got to my laptop, so I’m ready to venture out into the e-world again.

            The posts on Kakashi’s blog have been awesome, so I highly recommend them!

            And welcome back, everyone!

        • IzOcha

          Helloo OT, IZzie, Pillowhead, and Korazy Lady, I found my corner of the party I guess! I have nothing in particular to say but I have missed the party for months and wanted to say hello again.



          Though its been so long that I am planning a one hundred word abstract in order to vent the experiences in my drama pockets.

          • iZzie :)

            Hi IzOcha!
            LOL. Fire away! 🙂 Would love to read a long rant/rave about kdramas.
            I’m so seeing FBND’s panda editor in my mind doing a drama litany because of that. 🙂

          • Korazy Lady

            Welcome to the party. This is definitely where all the crazies hang out – oh, I guess I should only speak for myself 🙂

          • pillowhead

            haha. whaaat? how did i get lumpt into the crazies! lol just kidding that is the only place i belong. Let’s see that abstract. 😀

          • kakashi

            is there a word length restriction on this platform? I’m just wondering. It would be important to know. before one gets started on a very very long rant/rave

          • iZzie :)

            I haven’t heard of any post length restriction here. It’s probably because no one has broken the word count barrier yet. 😛

        • iZzie :)

          there was a time when recipes were shared in OT. and of course, we sometimes talk about our real life boys. 😉

  6. jomo

    Hello Dbeaners!
    I am having one of those bad news bad news weeks on the job front, and could use some positive vibes, please.
    Daughter has violin auditions for college over the next few weekends. You can send her some perfect pitch.

    I will be back later so I can relax and be silly with you all!
    Glad to have a place to rant and rave, here, JB/GF!

    • 6.1 Mystisith

      Oh noh! Real life has the gift to make things difficult. {{{{{hug}}}}}

    • 6.2 myweithisway

      Sending waves of good vibes!

    • 6.3 alua

      Positive job vibes and perfect pitch vibes zapped across the ocean* towards you and your daughter.


      *making assumption about your location here

    • 6.4 kakashi

      very sorry to hear — sending many good vibes your way —

    • 6.5 Enz

      Positive vibes and I’ll up it to hugs too your way.. Don’t know if you wanted that but you still get it la

      • 6.5.1 JoAnne

        Ha! Enz busts out the Malaysian English so you KNOW she means it.

        • Enz

          Hati saya jujur!

    • 6.6 Laurita

      Lots of telepathic positiveness to you 🙂 (and of course, good luck to your daughter ;))

    • 6.7 kopytko

      Good vibes to you and perfect pitch for your daughter 🙂

    • 6.8 pillowhead

      good wishes to u Jomo!!

    • 6.9 iZzie :)

      positive vibes – sent 😉

      I hope you have a great weekend, jomo! and daughter. 🙂

    • 6.10 Carole McDonnell

      Sending peace-filled hugs:

      ((((Jomo’s Daughter)))))

      • 6.10.1 pillowhead

        wow. those are some good vibes Carol!!! I’ll have to ask u for some, someday!!! 😀

      • 6.10.2 Enz

        I love that Carole! Completely felt the vibe even if it was directed to jomo!

    • 6.11 Korazy Lady

      As a mother I think sometimes we feel the anxiety much more! Best of luck to your daughter and you!

    • 6.12 pogo

      I hope things get better, jomo – here’s wishing good luck to both you and your daughter!

    • 6.13 JoAnne

      I’m sending unpitchy vibes to both of you!!!

    • 6.14 IzOcha

      Best vibes to you and yours, Jomo!

    • 6.15 Sabah

      Wishing you a fighting spirit and much success soon!

    • 6.16 oftheshore

      Sending you plenty of positive vibes – good luck to you and your daughter!

    • 6.17 Minnetter (aka: Min)

      Jomo I’m sending you as many positive vibes for you and your daughter!!
      Hope you’re doing well and things turn in your favour soon!! take care 🙂

  7. cherkell

    Happy OT Friday Drama Devourers! Wish that applied to myself, but I have to leave for work in 15 seconds, so I’ll make this brief:

    I’ve back to working 18-20 hour days, so I haven’t watched a single drama episode nor listened to a single OST track from my voluminous collection at all this week.

    And now I will go into the corner to hang my Hallyu Head in shame… be back later when things calm down. Mata ne!

    • 7.1 kakashi

      have a good day at work!!! I need to go prepare an afternoon snach for my daugther now. she wants to have a picknick in her toom ^^

      • 7.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Kakashi, bravo on one of your finest achievements! But I think your brain is turning to mush from too many shower scene viewings. Your typos are making me conjure up a whole different scenario. If you’re keeping your daughter in a toom, no wonder she’s hoping someone will snach her this afternoon! 🙂

        • kakashi

          hahaha, seeing them now 🙂 jeezuz. my sister is also here for a visit, so it’s a bit stressful, since I’m also doing the washing, thinking about cooking and planning some cleaning 🙂

          • kakashi

            but I think I can get credit for the funniest typos in this Ot (so far)

          • Shukmeister

            [handing out the Fooniest Tipoos Aywardz]

        • Enz

          I wish I could convey my red in the face from laUGHTER better than just writing LOL

        • pillowhead

          my typos are so regular i don’t see them in mine or other posts. Please share with me those “best typos”!!! r they mine? haha

          • pillowhead

            haha. ok.

    • 7.2 Korazy Lady

      Aww, Cherkell – I hope you at least like your job! Maybe you’ll get some much needed alone time with your dramas this weekend. But wait, are you having company?

      • 7.2.1 cherkell

        Sigh. Suffice it to say that I will probably NOT be finishing up my 6-month contract with this new job… it’s ‘circling around the drain’ right now. I REFUSE to sit in front of a group of attorneys and have them question my parentage on a daily basis. Hindsight being 20/20 (with corrective lenses), I probably should have never taken on this consulting work. Blech.

        Sorry for the rant. BAck to your regularly scheduled programming…

        • Shukmeister

          I’m sending happy vibes your way too!

        • skelly

          I could never watch those Japanese movies about the lonesome penniless ronin, wandering the countryside in search of a little love and respect but finding only suspicion and doom…reminded me too much of life as a consultant…

        • Korazy Lady

          wow, Cherkell! I guess it’s good if you are the one who gets to get out of the contract. Seems like way too many hours, though. We miss you on Twitter!

  8. Nina

    Hey everyone! Kinda new here, but glad to join in!
    Im currently lovinggg Level 7 Civil Servant, Joo-won has these killer eyes that make me swoon. I don’t know abt anything else, but how does he show such compassion when he’s portraying his “love” for his female partner? I’ve seen some of his other work, and I find it astonishing. Every single time, he has this look in his eyes when he starts to love his female character. It kinda gives me goosebumps, but its totally sweet at the same time!

    Anyways, I’ll stop blabbing about him, just admiring his acting ’tis all…I’m also watching FBND, and I can’t get over how well the script is written. Fantastic.

    • 8.1 pillowhead

      Hi Nina! I haven’t started L7CS yet, but you are making me want to start it tonight haha 😀

      • 8.1.1 Nina

        Hi there! Yes, you should, it’s witty and it’s starting to show some heart 🙂
        I’ve got time constraints due to school, so I haven’t watched the 4th ep, but I’m trying to find time anywhere i can!

  9. OMG

    HELLO EVERYONE!!!! So sad that School 2013 is over but i guess its good for a show to end on a high….i really appreciate that there was no extension….

    I’m eagerly anticipating VP3!!!!! I finished season 2 two weeks ago but i soooooo am anticipating season 3 and what’s gonna happen!!! AAAAAH!!!!!!

    Anywhos watching FBND, on episode 3 and i LURV it…m excited to see where it goes. What i love about the Oh Boy series is that its not just pretty boys everywhere (which i appreciate), but there is story that is behind each character….stories that are realistic, that i can believe in..even if the character(s) is unrealistic….

    Cant believe it has happened, but IRIS 2 has managed to draw me in…i now look forward to it…. Chuno reunion and it shall end with Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae together or so help me…….also WTF with Jang Hyuk’s hairstyle…please someone tell me that its not going to be permanent……also looking forward to the Winter that Blows…though i think i will wait for a couple of episodes to come out before i watch it….i think i can save myself from multiple heart attacks if i start watching after many episodes have come out…like 10! hahaha

    Incarnation of Money…m iffy…will wait for reviews to come out then i will decide!! Anywhos how is everyone!!!!

    • 9.1 pillowhead

      dammit!! why can’t i think!!

      • 9.1.1 Korazy Lady

        You are cracking me up!

        • pillowhead

          Shoot Korazy!!!! It took me 3 hours to get back to here!!!I’ve sobered back up. hahah

    • 9.2 Enz

      Iris 2 started already? I think jang hyuk’s hair works on him.. I like it. He is a cool looking dude

      • 9.2.1 kakashi

        nope, starts in February. I have a bet with Orion – we both vowed to watch it. without fast forwarding, falling asleep, or talking about hair

        • Enz

          A very noble goal that I will strive to achieve and I will challenge myself further by trying NOT to drop it either

        • kakashi

          just.great. we have an unfortunate time difference between us, or else, we could all tandem-watch.

          • Korazy Lady

            Yes, when Kakashi is back on Twitter, I know it is waaaay past my bed time!

        • OMG

          its okay…i shall watch it and broadcast it thru my mind to ur brains…therefore the knowledge will be there and u wont have to suffer thru it….i will be d one enduring/enjoying that….depends…haha

          • Enz

            With great power comes great responsibility..

          • Shukmeister

            Sign me up for the IRIS train. I loved the first one, but for Athena, I like the majority of the CSW scenes and that was about it.

    • 9.3 Ann

      I didn’t like his hairstyle either, which is depressing because he is so hot! A Chuno hairstyle is not *too* unrealistic, is it? 😛

    • 9.4 pogo

      yeah, School 2013 had a good finale – it’s a close on this chapter of their lives, and things are left hopeful if uncertain. I wouldn’t have wanted a ‘five years later’ epilogue with everyone successful, that would have been total fanservice and not at all in keeping with the tone of the rest of the show even if I’d be happy to know the characters are ok.

      16 episodes is way too few, but I really appreciated what they did by the end, and that things felt consistent with the rest of the series – thank god for no hastily-shoehorned-in superfluous flashbacks to fill in airtime, at least Se-chan’s reminiscing about his former student was actually justified.

      • 9.4.1 TS

        Oh, I don’t know, I wouldn’t have minded a fanservice “5 years later, everyone’s successful” ending. 🙂

  10. 10 Mariam Jang

    Happy weekend! I finished watching ”High Kick through the roof” last week and I haven’t gotten over the final episode yet. Is there anyone else here who watched High Kick and was infuriated by the final epiosde? Btw, we got a lot of snow here in North Norway today. I can’t wait to go on ski trip with the rest of my classmates to Sweden on Tuesday, gonna be so much fun!

    • 10.1 mommai

      HATED the final episode. HATED HATED HATED.

      • 10.1.1 Mariam Jang

        IKR! I was screaming, crying and kicking at the same time! I loved Choi Daniel og Shin Se Kyung’s characters in High Kick and suddenly in the last episode O_______o A comedy family sitcom turned into a freaking melodrama!

    • 10.2 ladysarahii

      I know, I read about what happens… and am DREADING IT. I can’t quit it entirely, because it’s so dang cute. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

  11. 11 kakashi

    My dearest Dramabeaners!
    The shower post I promised last week is ready! Enjoy! (though most of you seem to have seen it by now 🙂

    I might retire after this. This cannot be topped. And I’ll put it under “community service” on my CV.

    Or maybe it can be topped? I’m collecting suggestions for a part 2 (to be released in the 2nd half of this year) and have these dramas below on my list already. This time, I will also cover dramas I haven’t seen.
    – IRIS
    – Padam Padam
    – (post shower towel scene + real shower scene) FBRS
    – (bubble bath) King 2 Hearts
    – City Hall
    – Stairway to Heaven
    – Feast of the Gods
    – You are Beautiful
    – Ms. Ripley

    • 11.1 pillowhead

      HI kakashi! I’ve been meaning to ask. R u of Japanese decent? I’m half Okinawan.

      • 11.1.1 kakashi

        not in the least Japanese (apart from my alias!) – unfortunately!

        • pillowhead

          oh, i have a korean alias FB. Eun Soo Han lol ! 😀

        • Korazy Lady

          Well that shows you how much I know. I thought kakashi was just another form of granola!

          • kakashi

            Korazy. tsts. It’s a manga character. my favorite manga character.

          • Korazy Lady

            …Hangs head shamefully….I don’t do Manga…but the name is cute!

          • JoAnne

            Ha! I have to remind myself every time not to call her Kashi!

          • kakashi

            well, kakashi wouldn’t like to be called cute. he is a sensei. though with a certain weakness for … adult books. haha

          • Korazy Lady

            Adding insult to injury here, but what the heck’s a sensei?

          • kakashi

            he is a teacher (=sensei = the japanese word for teacher) for ninja (kids), Korazy. And I think we need to do a manga 101 for you, yes? 🙂
            or: just know that kakashi is awesome and that kakashi is Naruto’s teacher. that’ll do

          • pillowhead

            shoot, i’d like to take more credit, but i don’t speak Japanese and didnt know about the manga character. lol Kakashi just sounded Japanese. 😀

          • pillowhead

            i’d like to take credit, but i speak little Japanese and i didn’t know about the manga character. 😀 Kakashi just sounded Japanese. lol

          • pillowhead

            i had to say that twice. haha. mianae

          • sweetcloud

            Kashi sounds like cashew to me. Cute 😀

          • JoAnne

            SweetCloud, Kashi is a brand name here for a company that markets to the all-natural crowd.

          • Shukmeister

            ..if you like chewing on barks and roots. lol

          • sweetcloud

            So like… Kosher for vegans 😀

          • Korazy Lady

            I know, it’s hard not to visualize Kakashi as a tree-hugging, granola eating person

      • 11.1.2 Enz

        I am sure even if kakashi is not Japanese, she is decent..*bursts out laughing at own lame joke*. Hey pillowhead , what’s the other half? Okinawans have good genes for long life, or maybe it’s their lifestyle and diet

        • pillowhead

          my dad is from Pittsburg originally, Scotch-Irish descent.

        • pillowhead

          haha. YA! at your joke. lol

    • 11.2 pillowhead

      And I LOVED your Shower Scene article!!!! Saw it on ENZ’s wall and shared it!!! and posted of course 😀

    • 11.3 Laurita

      Nice blog 😉 Luckily my internet was strong enough and now the screen of my laptop is bursting with moving abs hahaha

      • 11.3.1 kakashi

        yes. I must apologize for the massive data overload on that site … but … the full glory only reveals itself in this form!!

    • 11.4 Carole McDonnell

      Had to go look at the shower scenes. oh my!!!! Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 11.4.1 pillowhead

        yeah!!! and it 3:38am my time… and i realized i eat too much at night. i keep looking for food. nevermind that i drank almost the whole bottle.. but guess what i found! Kalbe and kimche that my bf brought home from his dinner meeting!!!!

        • kakashi

          that’s some OT dedication there, pilowhead!!! well done. very well done. and to be rewarded with kalbe and kimchy … oh my, I am so jealous!!!

          • pillowhead

            thanks Kakashi!

    • 11.5 kakashi

      I forgot to add that I am open for suggestions! This is crowdsourcing! If you know of a good and hot and gif-worthy shower-scene …

      • 11.5.1 kakashi

        but it has to be a real one. not just an imagined one, like in QSS

        • kakashi

          I mean … not just a “I am sure there must be one that show is so good and Eric Moon is so hot”-scene. A real one.

          • Enz

            QSS has a real one!! And if you like men with a head of shampoo, lots and lots of shampoo, you’d find it sexy too!

        • Korazy Lady

          lol. You know me, I even write my own endings if I don’t like the drama so why not add some extra shower scenes!

        • pillowhead

          LOL!!! r we the, “doesn’t shut up about how good QSS is…”? hahah well it is that good. and you should write about all our imaginary scenes with Eric. hahaha

          • kakashi

            yes of course that’s you

          • JoAnne

            My imaginary scenes with Eric all happen in a glass elevator. I can’ t talk about them, though. Computers melt.

          • Korazy Lady

            I’ll take a little Kwon Sang Woo in my elevator with me. He was even better than Eric in an elevator. (… to watch first 3 minutes of drama…. I am eternally thankful for the JoAnne (who was not our JoAnne) who recommended Bad Love to me!

          • pillowhead

            and that is so cool that i, as part of the QSSers, was mentioned in your blog!!! I’m so excieted I’m going to show it to my bf, even thought he won’t give a shit. haha

    • 11.6 redfox

      this aint fair. I am already hurt from concussion now you give be a nosebleed as well!
      what next. sening PSH at my door so my eyes pop out?

      • 11.6.1 kakashi

        oh. if that happens, call me, redfox!!!!! I’ll take a rocket to where you are (Estonia, right?)
        but very sorry about the concussion. that’s a terrible thing to have. get well soon

        • redfox

          yeah, or maybe a shuttle train. we should have a worldwide Naked Kdrama Star spottind network with superfast underground trains.
          and dont worry I am like a museum stuntwoman, I test the strenght of museum ships with my head.

    • 11.7 oftheshore

      I got a free ticket to the Warm Bodies screening (I wouldn’t have paid for the ticket otherwise), and there was this shower scene…Ugh, I wish I were there with a fellow K-drama fan who would also see the similarity between that scene and the traditional K-drama shower angst! 😀

      • 11.7.1 pillowhead

        oh, I’m going to watch that today! I saw SilverLining. That was awesome. Highly recommend it. First time I’ve liked Bradely Cooper and Robert DeNiro is so good, as usual. Mann, he still looks good!

    • 11.8 Ann

      Thanks so very much! This is why T love Korean TV. You can’t get this quality of shower scene on American TV!

    • 11.9 Mari

      OMG!!! Lol… I open this and started laughing… Now my cowokers think I’m crazy… I have to wait till I get home to really enjoy this post..

    • 11.10 nomad

      Okay, I’m fanning myself cause of your post…

  12. 12 John


    Watching: He Who Can’t Marry.

    How how I’ve missed Kim So-Eun ? I’m in love.

    JDrama:Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou , Nobunaga No Chef

    Finished: J Drama: Moyashimon, Priceless

    K Drama: Alice, School 2013

    • 12.1 alua

      So, final thoughts on Priceless?

      • 12.1.1 John


        I enjoyed it. A happy ending. No kiss though, (sigh).

        • Korazy Lady

          And just when I thought I might watch it….scratch….

          • John

            Korazy Lady~

            Oh, don’t let that stop you. It’s a fun show.

          • alua

            Don’t let the lack of kiss stop you.

            It’s not that there isn’t a kiss when there should be one, but that there isn’t really, truly a romantic story line. At best, there are hints of it and could it have gone there, but they decided to focus on something else.

            Though I did think maybe they are just leaving an opening for a second season…

            Also, both near-kisses (I don’t want to say more because that would spoil them) were hilarious!

          • Shukmeister

            I thoroughly enjoyed Priceless. Even without the romance, and the constant use of the word “thermos”, I thought the evolution of the relationships as well as the character development were boss.
            It didn’t hurt that it had a couple of powerhouse actors in it, either.

    • 12.2 John

      Also watching FBND and Great Seer.

      Watched: J language film: White On Rice.

      Funny. A 40 year old “loser” stays at his sister’s house. Hilarity ensues.

    • 12.3 Kiara

      I’m watching Horse Healer/Doctor and I have to say that the bratty Princess played by Kim So-Eun is my favorite. She doesn’t have a lot of screen time but she is a joy to watch.

    • 12.4 pogo

      oh hey, another He Who Can’t Marry watcher!

      I freely admit that I am only into it for Kim So-eun and Yoo Ah-in, they’re adorable together and I just hope they have some semblance of a proper love line. (also, she was only 19 when she did this and playing a 25-year-old? Way to make me feel old, girl)

      • 12.4.1 JoAnne

        I adored that beginning to end – every bit of it

  13. 13 pogo

    Hey everyone!

    I’m down to ONE currently airing drama – FBND – after School 2013 ended, and now I miss School and its characters and am wishing they’d had that extension! And have now been hit full-on with a Kim Woo-bin Problem, which is going to join my Jang Geun-seok Problem and my Lee Jun-ki Problem, sigh.

    (but I still can’t get over how good School 2013 was, or how much better it became as a show for choosing to develop relationships and characters besides the three planned love lines. I especially appreciated the rapport between In-jae and Se-chan and have SO much appreciation for the fact that it stayed platonic, even if I was squeeing along with all the kids when they had to hold hands in episode 14 for that dodgeball game. I’ll be back with more finale feels later, because I am just not done yakking my head off about this. )

    As for FBND, I just love it so much – everything from its muted bright colour palette to its characters (except Do-hwi, who is just plain awful, and her teacher crush, who deserves to be marched over to School 2013’s In-jae and Se-chan – especially the latter – for some shaming over how he treated Dok-mi. In fact, I want to put young Dok-mi in In-jae and Se-chan’s class, I bet they wouldn’t do anything like that to her. I love the main ship, too, individually and now more than ever, together – even if he’s irritating her like he did by press-ganging her into being his editor, he brings out a fire in her that she just doesn’t have around anyone else. And I love that Dok-mi is coming out of her shell just a little more with each episode – at the start, she wouldn’t even stick her head out fully for the milk cartons, but now she’s following Enrique into the street and getting him away from a potentially hurtful situation with Seo-young, when he had to beg her for it when they first met? I CANNOT WAIT to see how they fall in love – we know it’s going to happen, but the how of it is a genuine question. And I even like the mysterious Tae-joon/Seo-young love story, even if it’s best in the background. Can’t wait for next week!

    • 13.1 TS

      I know what you mean about the Kim Woo Bin Problem. I’m watching Vampire Idol raw on Youtube because I can’t get enough of him, sigh.

      • 13.1.1 pogo

        ahahaha TS, I actually started doing the same before realising that I was on the verge of watching close to 30 hours’ worth of footage, raw. But if anyone is worth it, he is.

        (and let us not even get into the fact that I am on the verge of developing a Yeo Jin-gu problem after Moon/Sun and I Miss You, it must be fought and fought hard until he is legal!)

        • pillowhead

          Pogo, if there’s another Arang fan out there, it’s u. So I’m going to give VP another go. 🙂

        • pogo

          pillowhead – I admire your courage, I really do. I’m looking at 70+ 20-minute episodes and getting the shivers because NO SUBS and I really want to see Kim Woo-bin with the girl in the bunny outfit! (who is also Choco from Nice Guy, if you remember her)

          • pillowhead

            there’s no subs? oh well… i’ll try. my korean is drama level 1. haha.

          • pogo

            There are subs up to episode 7 so those clever bastards can reel you in, but after that it’s a wilderness of LOTS of episodes of no subs and not being able to understand what Kim Woo-bin is saying!

            (my Korean is drama level 1 too, I feel like such a chump when I run out of subs)

        • TS

          Legal, snigger.

          I’ve just decided my fate is to be a dirty old woman if k-dramas are going to throw Kim Woo Bin at me.

    • 13.2 sweetcloud

      I think everyone wants to throw Do Hwi under a bus! But I can’t wait for some karmic retribution for her, especially now that Jin Rak caught on that something was fishy about her.

      • 13.2.1 pogo

        I almost like her sometimes, like when she told Jin-rak that she preferred a Dok-mi who had a reason to stay out all night instead of the shut-in Jin-rak knew and idealised….but all my liking went poof pretty quickly.

        • Korazy Lady

          I find her very comedic – I love how she turns on the sweetness when greeting people and saying her name. But does anyone else think she looks like one of the animated characters from the movie ANTZ or A Bug’s Life?

          • sweetcloud

            Gah the way she says her name stuck with me somehow, now every time I read it I hear Do-Hhhhhwwwi! Korazy I totally see what you mean and now I won’t be able to unsee that… I think it’s the eyes/face size ratio and her small face with a pointy chin that gives the effect.

          • Korazy Lady

            I have a great picture but it won’t let me post it. Better not to put that image in too many people’s minds, I guess.

          • erinlibrarian

            I have to agree – she’s such a pitiful character that she reminds me of the fly my cat chases around the house. The way she says her name – seriously!
            I am anxiously awaiting when the fly gets to be swatted down, have his wings torn off and body eaten. (Flies are not treated kindly by my kittehs.)

          • Korazy Lady

            Tell me when you scroll down on this link and look at the second picture under Fanarts/wallpaper it doesn’t look just like her!

    • 13.3 iZzie :)

      It’s high time they make dramas about Flower Boy Problems. About a girl who has so many hallyu oppas that it’s totally taken over her life. Oh wait that’s so reply 1997. 🙂

      Bitten and infected with the KWB virus too. I’ll be watching Vampire Idol soon. Very soon.

      • 13.3.1 pogo

        Vampire Idol is such crack, I swear it and KWB are going to take over my life and get me to throw all my kdrama rules out the window.

        I first got into jdramas/kdramas because they were short and didn’t take as much time to watch as western shows, and now guess who’s looking 70-odd RAW episodes in the face? (even if they add up to less than 30 hours total). pogo, that’s who.

        • TS

          Yep, that’s me. And it gets frustrating because I want to know what they’re saying!

        • iZzie :)

          I have that problem with Sirius. I’m still looking for eng subs. So far, I’ve found up to ep3, but they’re not 100%qc’d. 🙁 still resisting recap reading.

    • 13.4 joybells

      Hey @pogo,im quite enjoying FBND too,but im just in 7th episode.BTW can you or any body who’s watching
      fbnd please help me out.There’s this instrumental piece that plays in some scenes,like when dok mi and enrique go to the beach and dok mi goes out of the car(episode 5) and also in the scene when dok mi thinks about the her schooldays when her peers accuse her of having an affair with her teacher,as she stands outside the classroom.(episode 6,begining/6:48)
      i’ve searched everywhere,but no luck.can u please tell me the intrumental piece’s name,if you’ve or anybody got any clue. 🙂

      • 13.4.1 pogo

        joybells – I know the piece you mean! but I can’t for the life of me find it anywhere, no idea if it’s on the OST or it even has a name yet (I hope it’s there, though – it’s practically the main theme I associate with this drama)

        • joybells

          yup,i checked the Ost tracklist too,which they’ve realeased till part 3,no sign of the instrumental piece.
          I hope they release the official version soon.Thank you for taking the time to reply.:)
          Have a good weekend,watching and catching up on dramas.

    • 13.5 Dee Dee

      My Kim Woo Bin problem actually began after watching White Christmas. I’ve watched practically everything that he’s been in and now that School 2013 is over, I have nothing left … He must star in another drama this year!

  14. 14 Mystisith

    Hello DB friends!
    Not much to say about dramas. Same old… Waiting for That Winter The Wind Blows and Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek to start. IRIS2 and Incarnation of Money don’t attract me at all.
    Still in a mini honeymoon with my J doramas: Dinner, Biblia and Nobunaga No Chef (that Nobunaga Sir is becoming “likable”, I wanted to punch his face at first, general or whatever!
    Will marathon Cheer Up Mr Kim this WE since it looks like an uplifting drama.

    • 14.1 Enz

      I am finding mr Kim, the man, too unbelievably nice and good. I don’t like it when they are so nice that they have to lie bout things so as not to worry others

    • 14.2 John

      Mystisith ~

      I watched the first 15 min of Ep. 1 Nobunaga No Chef and I like it.

    • 14.3 pogo

      I wasn’t actually going to watch That Winter until I realised who they’d cast as the beta couple – Kim Bum and Jung Eun-ji! (I can take or leave Song Hye-kyo, to be honest). Now I just hope KB has an actual love interest this time, I’m waiting for the day when he steps up to the leading-man plate.

      • 14.3.1 Mystisith

        Bummie was the lead in The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry and a good one. At least he doesn’t lack work: Movies and a lot of drama parts.

        • pogo

          yeah, but that was years ago now and he’s been doing supporting parts ever since, it feels like – I want another fix (and ugh, he was so cute back then but I want Hotter More Mature Bummie back in a full-length drama, sigh).

    • 14.4 Carole McDonnell

      Uhm.. maybe i’ll look at Cheer Up, as well. Are you gonna see NINE? Or are you burned out on time travel dramas?

      • 14.4.1 Mystisith

        Lol. Totally burned out on time travel stuff. That + the “try again until it works” = Not my cup of tea. I know it’s tvN and they do good stuff but I will wait for it to be finished and reviewed before giving it a try.

  15. 15 snow_white


    currently watching Flower Boy Next door (so good)
    Level 7 civil servant (fine)

    waiting for Ad Genius, Incarnation of money 🙂

    Good Evening!!

  16. 16 MariD

    Good Friday everyone!!! I’m running late. But darn it I’m going to post something anyhow.
    I still haven’t watched the last 4 episodes of “Scent of a woman” every time I open my account its just there, daring me to finish it. Sigh I don’t want to cry anymore..
    Flower boy next door is just amazing. Where did they find these writers and why don’t they just let them write all drama scrips from now on. I love how well the characters are developing. I’m on the Enrique/DoMi ship now. Yet my adorable JinRak I can’t help but love him.
    Grade 7 civil servant. I love it. I don’t care about all the haters out there. But my goodness some of the comments are vicious. I understand is the “Internet” so people’s nice filters seem to disapear. Yet I’m shock at the hate the poor lead girl get. I’m just going to enjoy the goofiness, and not take it too seriously.
    I’m excited to finally be able to marathon School 2013, I watched the first 2 episodes but the feels were soo much. I desided to just wait till it was done. That way I could just get all the pain out of the way in one day.
    One more thing. Does anyone know where I can find White Christmas” I tried the usual sites but since I only have an iPad right now it won’t let me play. My next choice was buying it but YesAsia is selling it for 200 dollars, at only 8 episodes that’s too rich for me.. Help! I really really really want to watch it. Sorry for such a long post..

    • 16.1 Korazy Lady

      You know MariD, I found the ending of SOAW very watchable. Definitely not as sad as some others. But I do remember going through a lot of crying to get there. Will be interested in your opinion when you finish.

    • 16.2 kopytko

      Hi Redfox!
      first of all I need to thank you for recommending Otomen. It was indeed a mind-swiping experience when i needed it badly :).
      As for music – I do like classical (my favourite pieces are largo and allegro non molto of Vivaldi’s Winter). I don’t really pay attention to music in dramas. The notable exception is I Need Romance where I discovered Pink Martini. Other than that I sometimes like a single song (Fox rain), but it happens only once in a while.
      Have a nice weekend!

      • 16.2.1 redfox

        Hi! I am glad I could be of some assistance! I hope you can attack new dramas with full force now and a clean mind! (…that did not sound right. ) but which drama fans´ mind isn´t a little dirty.

      • 16.2.2 kopytko

        I am so sorry, my comment seems misplaced.
        I couldn’t say anything about the dramas, because I am not watching any of them. Can’t warm up to FBND, so dropped it after ep.2.

        • redfox

          I cant get into FBND either. the reason perhaps being that she wasnt a loner stuck behind a window nearly long enough to feel her angst.

    • 16.3 TS for White Christmas.

      • 16.3.1 Mari

        Won’t work on an iPad, thanks anyhow.. I guess unless Dramafever carries soon I’ll never get to watch it..

        • TS

          Download Puffin. It’s a browser that will run dramacrazy. Not brilliant, but it works!

  17. 17 pogo

    In other drama news, I finished White Christmas (SO GOOD) last week, and I’m giving The Man Who Can’t Get Married a go this week because I really adore the beta couple – Yoo Ah-in and Kim So-eun look so cute together. Shame Uhm Jung-hwa is so stiff in the role, I really wanted to like this series more considering it has an adorable sismance between her and KSE, and girls actually connecting in a kdrama is kind of rare.

    I’ve realised this about myself with kdramas – a good beta couple can keep me into a drama, LONG past the point when the alpha couple have irritated me to death/I cease to care about them. (I was this way with Boys Before Flowers and Can We Get Married, and also with The Moon That Embraces The Sun and Mary Stayed out All Night even though boo to the fact that the beta couples I hoped for in TMTETS and MSOAN didn’t happen. And also School 2013 had me in wishful thinking about a certain secondary couple too, even though I completely get why that storyline was sacrificed).

    So basically – any recs for dramas with good beta couples, anyone? (I’ve already seen The King2Hearts, and loved the couple there)

    • 17.1 TS

      I”m occasionally watching Becoming A Billionaire on Netflix and although that second female lead cries a lot, she’s super-cute and pretty funny otherwise. And I’m rooting for her and second lead male.

      • 17.1.1 Lovebug

        I loved Le Si Young in that role!!!! She was freakin hilarious! Made me love her ever since when before had no particular feelings about her.

        • TS

          Is that her name? I’ve got to check out what else she does. Adorable girl.

          • Lovebug

            Yeah its funny because she was the crazy girl in Boys over Flowers and the second lead in Playful kiss and though I thought she could act had no real impression of her. Watched Birth of the rich (another version of the title) and abosultley loved her!!

    • 17.2 Lovebug

      Protect the Boss – I loved the beta couple more than the OTP. (Kim Jaejoong doesn’t hurt) I also developed a serious girl crush on Wang Ji Hye.

      • 17.2.1 oftheshore

        Aw, yes, seconded!

        • Korazy Lady

          Now I definitely want to rewatch it. Look for my bit about their hairstyles coming up in kakashi’s post sometime this week.

      • 17.2.2 Mari

        Yes!! I love Protect the Boss, but both couples are equally adorable.

        • nomad

          My favorite is the sistermance of that same show!

      • 17.2.3 Z

        I was gonna suggest this show too for a really likeable Beta couple (especially the second female, she’s adorable, hilarious and totally stereotypical). And they do a great job of making it so that they are not each other’s “consolation prize” for not ending up with the main leads.

  18. 18 owl

     February♥ My broken record message: pretty please, can we have School 2013 season 2? NS and HS’s relationship seemed refreshingly possible – hooray for bromance and sismance! Also really loved JH’s character development (btw–his dimples are absolutely adorable, see School 2013 special )

    Couldn’t possibly love FBND more! Check out Strong Heart 159 for the cast of FBND. Jin rak is a doll, but seriously, the suit he is wearing is made out of my grandmother’s old green brocade parlor drapes- whatdat?

    My JD scene:
    -Ouran HSHC movie is out!! with eng subs (!! It is a zip file with too much in too short a time, but I liked it anyhoot. Fav moments: the chocolate fountain in the OHS lunchroom (just because it was there); Haruhi’s dad’s poof mini skirt, so cute; and the REAL bro/sismance between the president and his younger sister–woot woot! Honorable mention: Who else but Tamaki could look so adorable with a long clump of bangs down the middle of his forehead and nose? And my all-time fav Kaoru/Hikaru-forbidden brotherly twinmance continues!
    -Hungry – it’s hot in the kitchen with beautiful Japanese males cooking French! Anytime I hear Crazy Love (composer Van Morrison, ep 2), wow–sizzle!
    -Switch Girl–laugh out loud. So cute! Switch Girl 2 – getting into heavier territory…I’m liking it in a different way than SG.

    ^^Drama watching hazard: sitting for long periods of time and eating. Especially in the winter cuz baby, it’s cold outside. So this week I broke out my 5 lb hand weights and I do sets while watching dramas. Okay, lame, but not as lame as doing nothing. Wish me luck – I want reunion arms for this summer’s family and school reunions.  peace

    • 18.1 Laurita

      Good luck in training, that’s a great idea;) I have just noticed the same problem with dramas and eating too (though, I cannot eat anything during sad/angst scenes).

    • 18.2 Enz

      Do some tricep dips and push ups owl.. Push ups are the best cos they work almost everything including core

      • 18.2.1 owl

        I know, enz, I need to dip and push. I did pilates for 4 years – love love love everything about it! But since I moved, I haven’t found a pilates set up that works for me (I’m a reformer lover over mat). Although I may have to give in and settle for mat pilates 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll do pushups (ugh) and start up power walks. When it warms up, that is. I’ve been lazy this winter. Fighting!

        • Enz

          Owl, fighting! Oh if I lived in a cold country I’d definitely be a round ball by now.. No doubt about it

      • 18.2.2 kakashi

        indoor rowing is very good for the whole body AND cardio. and you can do it while watching KDrama, too

    • 18.3 Carole McDonnell

      Same drama watching hazards here in NY. I’ve downloaded some k-pop and drama OST’s. At least I can dance around the room when i do the dishes.

    • 18.4 JoAnne

      Owl – omg, the dimples. I’ve seen him in 3 things and those somehow managed never to be seen in any of them. I was squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling with delight. Now we need him in some cute role because he seems like a LOVE in person. The other thing (apart from the open HeungSoon shipping happening by ER’BODY) was that the goofy student is actually 29 years old!)

      • 18.4.1 owl

        I kind of felt bad for goofy student when they revealed his HS report card. He seemed taken aback and embarrassed. He’s actually older that Daniol Choi who, btw appeared to be conservatively straight in his comments, you know?

        • JoAnne

          I wondered about that report card bit. Could he REALLY not have known? And yes, I was giggling when Daniel Choi was talking about how awkward he felt to watch the boys lying down together. There’s not that much age between them but he looks and sounds like a different generation.

          • TS

            Some people are just born middle-aged. 😉

            I have to admit, I wasn’t totally comfortable with the ways the boys lay down together. Especially at their ages, it seemed weird.

            However, we went through all this on the School 2013 threads, and apparently it’s normal for Korea. So, I’ll put my judgement aside.

          • JoAnne

            I guess not with Choi Daniel’s highschool friends though!

          • ladysarahii

            Yeah, I have to believe the report card was a joke and not serious… I can’t imagine any teacher would say, “Bright and works hard” and then give them all D’s and F’s. Plus, you’d have to know if you got bad grades, right? Ha.

            Daniel’s quickly becoming my favorite actor, and I have to say he sounds very conservative and reserved in most of his interviews. I Googled some interviews (subbed in English) and he seems very shy and reserved, which caught me off-guard, because he has the reputation of being a giant goofball.

            To JoAnne: Apparently not only is laying down together not something Daniel did with his friends, but also there was absolutely no imitating Japanese schoolgirls. 😉

          • JoAnne

            ladysarahii I guess then that lying down while imitating Japanese schoolgirls was definitely not done.

    • 18.5 pogo

      owl – I will second (and third, and fourth) your broken record message – I WANT more of School 2013, I’m not ready to let it go! Too bad Korea so rarely does second seasons of things, even if the self-contained single-series drama is one of the things I love most.

      (and a hypothetical Season 2 could have a teeny, teeny non-nauseating bit of romance, could it not? I’m good with the teachers remaining colleagues and not romancing, but a liittle Cupidishness for the students wouldn’t feel so shoehorned-in in a second season)

      • 18.5.1 owl

        You are so right, “the self-contained single-series drama” is a huge +. However, this kd calls for bending that norm. There is so much potential for romance, continued bromance, and character development. Like Min ki’s family (who is the bro behind the closed door?) Or what becomes of JH? That’s just for starters – way lots of potential. And those boys, just so cute, me want more!

        • pogo

          if there was ever a drama that begged for a second season, this was it. And a second season of guilting-free HeungSoon bromance would be perfect,

          Plus it would be so awesome to go more in-depth on the characters – I want to know more about the shut-in bro too, and see more of the girls, especially Kang-joo (whom I love in a way that is quite disproportionate to the tiny amount of screen time she gets – I love that she’s a good friend to both Nam-soon and Ha-kyung, and a tiny corner of my head still wishes that she could get a little something going with Heung-soo next season because I haven’t forgotten that she and Ha-kyung were the only ones not intimidated by him when he first got to school).

          I guess this is all wishful thinking and the closest we’ll ever get is if someone writes fanfic.

          • TS

            Kang-joo likes Namsoon. And if there’s a season 2, I ship her and him.

          • pogo

            TS – I will ship Kang-joo with anyone who’s awesome enough for her, and that’s only two people so far, Nam-soon and Heung-soo.

            (and she and Nam-soon would be so cute together if that did happen, as it is the way she sticks up for him at every turn is adorable)

          • TS

            Cool, we’re on the same page for Kang-joo then! I just feel like she deserves him since she’s been his friend and has consistently been interested, right from the first episode.

          • pogo

            oh I’m always wary of thinking someone deserves anyone’s love just because they got there first, but I love the ‘best friends who become something more’ trope so Nam-soon and Kang-joo could be perfect that way. I love the vibe they have as friends and also the fact that Kang-joo is not your clingy female second lead type – she’s just a cool girl who’s his friend, and she’s also Ha-kyung’s friend, and wary as I am of love triangles and the way second leads get treated in them, it’s a possibility.

            Her and Heung-soo, though, it could be interesting. I’d love a future situation where she gets a little jealous of Heung-soo taking up all Nam-soon’s time and attention away from his other friends (her) and they have conflict over it (or rather, she does – I don’t see Heung-soo as a readily confrontational type even with the gang past) but they end up interested in each other. Or, in the more traditional kdrama event that Nam-soon and Ha-kyung need privacy to talk, I can see Heung-soo being a considerate friend and getting Ha-kyung away (and maybe being a reluctant shoulder for her to cry on, hmm? And then something else.)

            Clearly, I think about these things too much.

          • pogo

            sorry, I meant Heung-soo getting KANG-JOO away, what is wrong with my brain.

    • 18.6 Ash

      omg, there are subs for the Ouran movie? I suddenly have plans for my evening now.

      Still haven’t watched the last of School, but I’ll probably get around to it this weekend. And then it’ll be officially over. 🙁 It’s a good thing FBND airs Mondays-Tuesdays or the gap in my schedule would be too bleak to think about.

  19. 19 redfox

    helooo happy OT

    the past two weeks I was working on friday till 12 pm
    and yesterday we had a museum gala
    lots of things to do
    half way with my book.

    I watched japanese drama Nodame Cantabile, the characters reminded me of my own and I got some ideas how to build their relationship. but I was disturbed by the excess violence in that drama towards the female lead. that was too rough. the japanese are really without limits

    but the music was great.
    what is your relationship with classical music? and musical obsessions through dramas? what was your last drama-induced musical obsession?
    (of course, Shut Up FBB is obvious, but what else)?

    • 19.1 pogo

      Apart from the obvious, my last true music-related drama obsession was You’re Beautiful. It was idol pop, but GOOD pop, and even now, Still (As Ever) makes me grin hard enough to make my cheeks hurt. Plus, I like that Jang Geun-seok and Park Shin-hye can sing.

      Classical music-wise, I’ve just started Beethoven Virus, and quite like it so far (two episodes in, and JGS again!). There’s also the anime/video game La Corda d’Oro, though I preferred the manga of that because the drawings were just SO PRETTY.

      • 19.1.1 redfox

        you are beautiful had some nice songs, but I can´t say I was totally obsessed cause that style of music was poplar here in the beginning of 1990ies last.

        But I still go wild at Gaksital theme!

        • pogo

          I’d be the first to admit that my love of the songs has everything to do with the drama association, but despite their frequent use in the show, they didn’t get old on me. Though I did find it funny that A.N.Jell in the show is more like a band – playing their own instruments onstage, writing their own music, rearranging other people’s etc – than an idol group as we know most of them.

          • redfox

            what I liked about them and also the latest Full House Take 2 (although that song did just not stick), is that the so called idols were really working hard, they weren´t some lip-syncing nothings who had everything handed to them on a plate. they were taking the music seriously.

      • 19.1.2 kakashi

        I really love the OSTs from Chuno, Warrior Baek Dong So, and the Princess Man

    • 19.2 redfox

      oh yeah and: I got a concussion by hitting my head inside the icebreaker, on some iron pipe. huge bump, felt dizzy for 2 days, couldnt see well and confused some words. notw I am feeling ok again.

      • 19.2.1 pogo

        ugh that sucks. Glad you’re better now though!

    • 19.3 kopytko

      Ugh, I left you a response @16.2. I am hopeless, I know.

      • 19.3.1 redfox

        haha dont worry, somehow when I reopened the thread that was the first thing that popped on my screen magically. maybe you are a wizard who can direct the messages straight to who they are meant to in a flood of information…

    • 19.4 Carole McDonnell

      Wow, congratulations on being half-way through your book!

      I liked Nodame Cantabile as well. Am working on my third novel (the second comes out in a few months) and am pleasantly surprised and amazed that although the novel was started before I got into shounem/shoujo dramas that the tropes of the genre seem to have been innately born inside me.

      Happy creativity!

      • 19.4.1 redfox

        thank you! wow 3 novels, I am envious! It is just my first, but I finished a childrens story at the end of last year which I am reviewing and editing now.

        But I would recommend writing to everyone, the begginning is hard and messy, the background work never seems to end, but somehow it gets easier and easier with practice.

      • 19.4.2 owl

        Are your novels available, Carole? How awesome!

        • Carole McDonnell

          Pretty available. The first is Wind Follower and is out there but unless you like Christian fantasy, you may not like it. But you may. From Wildside Publishing. The second is The Constant Tower and that is coming out in a coupla months. Not religious. Sword and Sorcery. The third is contemporary YA fantasy. I’ve got a collection of short stories called Spirit Fruit.

          If you need anyone to be a beta reader of a coupla of your chapters, I’ll be more than happy. Email me.

    • 19.5 oftheshore

      My biggest drama-related musical obsession was definitely Ravel (inspired by Nodame). However, sicne primary school I have been in love with Chopin. As for contemporary music, I loved the Coffee Prince soundtrack a lot, especially May, and it helped that I was already in love with Azure Ray’s Across The Ocean before I watched the drama. However, my absolute favourite K-drama song is Ee Bul Mot Han Ee Byul (sp?) from KSS. It’s a beautiful song with amazing lyrics, and call me crazy, but I know how I would film the music video to accompany it. 😀

    • 19.6 cherkell

      LOVED Nodame, as I’ve witnessed first-hand playing in an orchestra with such a colorful cast of characters. Best time of my life!

      Most recent (obsessive) relationship? FIVE FINGERS!!! Sooooo many classical piano works, with a heavy emphasis on Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Liszt. Very appreciative of the PD-nim’s use of the Chopin Etudes and other orchestral works in the episodes… and brought back memories of myself staying awake until all hours of the night practicing for my own recitals. Good times… good times. 🙂

      As to something more Pop Music-oriented, SUFBB and “What’s Up?” of course! “What’s Up?” was SO underrated it’s criminal! That’s the first drama I’m going to marathon again once life settles down a bit.

      • 19.6.1 redfox

        what was your favorite performance in Nodame? I think I really liked that Bach by Chiaki and Schumann by Nodame

  20. 20 TS

    Proposed Solution to HEungSoon Withdrawal (or, in my case, KimWooBin withdrawal since neither Lee Jong Suk nor Go Nam Soon did much for me):

    Frozen Flower Remake!!! KWB can be the King, and LJS can be Hong Lim (because KWB is more kingly).

    Does that work for everyone else?

    • 20.1 lmk

      If KWB is the king, his sex scene will be shorter..and that is unacceptable. LOL

      • 20.1.1 TS


    • 20.2 JoAnne

      Well the remake could have more scenes between them than the original, please….but I could also support Nam Soon as the King and Heung Soo as the lover.

      • 20.2.1 TS

        But KWB has that elegance…

  21. 21 oftheshore

    So…anyone on Team Dok-Mi: Single and Awesome? Seriously, the guys surrounding her are cute but way too annoying. I feel like we’ve seen this in gender-reversed dramas before – a bumbling female character saves a reserved and troubled main guy – and these girls would always annoy me. While I like Enrique as an orginal character, he really needs to learn to respect personal space. Jin-rak, on the other hand, is way too passive. I’m not sure they would get anywhere together. Eh.

    • 21.1 TS

      I actually prefer Do-hwi. But I’m not really watching that show anymore. I got quite fed up all around, though dog, second webtoon guy and Japanese chef do occasionally tempt me.

      Ad Genius Lee Taebek had better be awesome or else I may give up on K-Drama for the time being. Besides, I need to have something running while I work and clean and do other stuff and I keep having to focus and read subtitles.

      I have to say, I’m kind of glad School 2013 is over. I just couldn’t take all the feels and issues anymore. But I didn’t realize that until I stopped and started Vampire Idol and catching up on Parks & Recreation. I mean, I’d even noted around New Years that I need to watch a sitcom every other day, not realizing how caught up I was in all the angst specific to that show and also specific to my KWB love.

      Also, Gokusen is fun. I found it on Daily Motion. 🙂

      • 21.1.1 oftheshore

        Haha, I have the same problem as you do with subtitles: I like watching series as I’m performing mundane activities, such as cooking and cleaning, and reading subtitles is difficult when you’re ironing or chopping mushrooms.=(
        Unpopular opinion, but Do-Hwi is fun as a ridiculous, over-the-top character, and you can tell that the actress is enjoying portraying her crazy antics! My problem with FBND is that I like most of the characters (as in, find them interesting), just…not together. I also want Dok-Mi to be happy and get a puppy.

        • TS

          Ha, glad to hear someone is on my side! To be honest, this particular series is one I could do w/o Enrique, Dokmi, Taejoong and Seo-young. Everyone else appeals.

          • oftheshore

            I want a series with a Do-Hwi/Jin-Rak/Panda Noona love triangle. It would be…deliciously awkward.

    • 21.2 Nilechoclate

      Iagree I always love DM team even single 😀 she is my man

      • 21.2.1 oftheshore

        She’s THE man, yo!)

    • 21.3 kakashi

      yes, I like what you’re suggesting, oftheshore. Both guys are flawed in their own way, though I’d take in Kim Ji-hoon anytime. Just to set him right, mind you. He needs a good slap over the head! But Enrique …. oh my goodness, he annoys me so so much … in a good way. I simply love the show. But I’m guessing we will see the growth in both of them – and in the end, the pairing will feel ok

      • 21.3.1 oftheshore

        I certainly hope so, Kakashi! I do think Enrique means well, and so does Jin-Rak. They both need to grow and become more mature, though, of course.:) I also like the PD-/panda-noona a lot!

    • 21.4 oftheshore

      Oh, and speaking of Flower Boys, I loved this meme from Donnapie:

      • 21.4.1 Ann

        I loved that, too! If I could sit on my front porch and watch pretty guys go by…Well, nothing else would get done.

  22. 22 Shukmeister

    Happy Friday!

    I had my post destroyed by a pop up add. Since I don’t feel like recreating it, I’m done with OT until I can post using the laptop and Ad blocking software. Until then, this is just a friendly wave from my phone…

    • 22.1 Enz

      Poor Shukie . Waves from enz in KL !

    • 22.2 pogo

      hey Shukmeister! **waves back**

    • 22.3 kakashi

      Walmart is evil! I mean: Walmart pop-ups are evil!!!

    • 22.4 Korazy Lady

      Waves back! Hope your day goes better!

    • 22.5 Shukmeister

      Thanks everyone! But I have to do this:


      When I hooked up my Iphone to the laptop it automatically updated, then did a critical fail, and I just lost everything on the phone but the factory resets.

      Honestly, today might have been a good day to just hide under the covers. [sigh]

      • 22.5.1 Shukmeister

        I think I’ll just skim OT, then shut down, have some gnocchi and brood.

        Here’s a short synopsis before I go:

        Watched CDDA to the end. Okay with the ending, not thrilled.

        Watching FBND and loving every facial nuance.

        Watching Nobunaga no Chef. I guess I can’t get enough time travel and butterfly effect hijinks.

        Watching Drama Go Go Go. I love Jiro Wang more for his voice than his acting ability, but it’s a cute series, much like KofD for its meta BTS show within a show (she’s a screenwriter, he’s the star).

        Posted Baby-faced Beauty recap for episode 5 on my blog spot, and will have KDrama Culture: Alcohol Locations on kakashi’s site ready for next OT.

        That is, pending throwing my electronics across the room…. :-\

  23. 23 dany

    For all the cat lovers everywhere:
    Happy Friday!

    • 23.1 redfox

      I saw that being uploaded and read through description, but I don´t have time right now.

    • 23.2 Sabah

      Thank you. I really enjoyed it.

    • 23.3 FishcalledWanda

      Thanks for sharing! I’m not really a cat lover and where I live stray cats are not really common, but this movie hit me right in the heart.

  24. 24 iZzie :)

    Hello fellow OT peeps! 🙂

    Starting to really get back on ny kdrama groove this time. For January, I’ve finished I Miss You, Reply 1997, School 2013, QIHM, and started on Arang, FBND and Rascal Sons. Sadly, Nice Guy was moved down the priority list again. Especially now that there’s L7CS.

    So far, I’ve managed to keep panda eyes at bay, and incurred only 3 tardy records at work. LOL.

    School 2013… I want to have more. But then again, an extension would ruin it all, so I’d settle with my own version of what would happen next after their sophomore year. I didn’t see it as necessary, I even thought that it might ruin the story, but somehow I waited for a love plot development for the teacher pair. But it’s also good that there’s a drama that didn’t need an OTP to have a story. Oh wait, there’s Nam Soon and Heung Soo. 🙂 i almost forgot.

    Anyway, kdrama is a very useful distraction from real life these days. A friend of mine is about to undergo brain surgery anytime soon to remove a tumor that’s the size of a child’s fist. Our gang is trying to do the best we can to raise the needed money (around $11k) and get the needed blood (one of the rare ones, and he needs 8 bags of it) to help him. His family has so little to provide for his treatment. At some point he’s losing hope so we try our best to cheer him up and distract him from the situation. We’re organizing some sort of a blood drive tomorrow with the local red cross. We hope to get more than enough of the needed blood type. Please wish us luck and please pray for the success of the surgery. We need all the well wishes we could ask for.
    Where’s Dr. Jin when u need him, right?

    So to dramaland I run to recharge. Although I’m not really sure if it’s helping, this late night viewing.

    Back to lighter things, I’m about to start watching L7CS. That means I’m still avoiding the recaps. I’ll read them later when I’m done with episode 4. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next eps of FBND too. I luff Jin Rak, but I’ve moved to the opposing ship, SS Enrique. 🙂 If I were in the drama, I would be totally Dok Mi’s friend, sharing her apartment and locking her out at opportune times – when the flower boys are around – to help her come out of her shell. 😛 And then I’d have a standby bucket of paint to throw on fur for every time Do Hwi comes around.

    • 24.1 Carole McDonnell

      I’m so sorry about your friend’s health. I’m trusting all will be well.

    • 24.2 Laurita

      Really sorry to hear about your friend’s condition. I hope everything will turn out well. Wish you all the luck and success.

    • 24.3 iZzie :)

      Thanks, Carole & Laurita. 🙂 My friends and I are still coordinating with the blood banks regarding blood donations from our other friends. 3 more blood packs are needed.

      It looks like our prayers are being answered now, one by one, and all we need is to put effort into it. 🙂 Our friend will be undergoing surgery tomorrow. The doc said it will take almost 24 hours, so we’re all concerned about that.

      Keeping our hopes up. 🙂

  25. 25 iZzie :)

    Hello fellow OT peeps! 🙂

    Starting to really get back on ny kdrama groove this time. For January, I’ve finished I Miss You, Reply 1997, School 2013, QIHM, and started on Arang, FBND and Rascal Sons. Sadly, Nice Guy was moved down the priority list again. Especially now that there’s L7CS.

    So far, I’ve managed to keep panda eyes at bay, and incurred only 3 tardy records at work. LOL.

    School 2013… I want to have more. But then again, an extension would ruin it all, so I’d settle with my own version of what would happen next after their sophomore year. I didn’t see it as necessary, I even thought that it might ruin the story, but somehow I waited for a love plot development for the teacher pair. But it’s also good that there’s a drama that didn’t need an OTP to have a story. Oh wait, there’s Nam Soon and Heung Soo. 🙂 i almost forgot.

    Anyway, kdrama is a very useful distraction from real life these days. A friend of mine is about to undergo brain surgery anytime soon to remove a tumor that’s the size of a child’s fist. Our gang is trying to do the best we can to raise the needed money (around $11k) and get the needed blood (one of the rare ones, and he needs 8 bags of it) to help him. His family has so little to provide for his treatment. At some point he’s losing hope so we try our best to cheer him up and distract him from the situation. We’re organizing some sort of a blood drive tomorrow with the local red cross. We hope to get more than enough of the needed blood type. Please wish us luck and please pray for the success of the surgery. We need all the well wishes we could ask for.
    Where’s Dr. Jin when u need him, right?

    So to dramaland I run to recharge. Although I’m not really sure if it’s helping, this late night viewing.

    Back to lighter things, I’m about to start watching L7CS. That means I’m still avoiding the recaps. I’ll read them later when I’m done with episode 4. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next eps of FBND too. I luff Jin Rak, but I’ve moved to the opposing ship, SS Enrique. 🙂 If I were in the drama, I would be totally Dok Mi’s friend, sharing her apartment and locking her out at opportune times – when the flower boys are around – to help her come out of her shell. 😛 And then I’d have a standby bucket of paint to throw on faux fur for every time Do Hwi comes around.

    Happy Friday, chingus! 🙂

    • 25.1 iZzie :)

      Double post! O.o
      I’m soooooooo sorry!
      How do I erase the first one? >.<

      • 25.1.1 Mystisith

        You can’t! MWAHAHAHA! It will stay here for eternity.^^

        • iZzie :)

          so it seems. >.<
          really, really sorry about that. 🙁
          lesson learned: never post long comments via smartphone. 🙁 thumbs too big for small qwerty.

          • Mystisith

            Don’t worry: You’re not a hardcore DBner if it didn’t happen to you at least once. 😉

        • kakashi

          oupsie 🙂

          • iZzie :)

            yeah. it’s a big oops esp my comment’s v. long. 😛

  26. 26 Jinny

    Happy OT everyone! My first time waking up before its been posted ;____; what 7:30 classes+commuting will do to you. Unfortunately I almost missed my bus so I had to wait until I got on campus to post this 😛
    But on to dramas! I am severely deprived of dramas right now…Ever since school 2013 ended I’ve felt this void in my heart (yeah yeah cliche but it’s true, I love school dramas. I adore them!). Still watching FBND but behind by two eps, I love everything about the drama but it’s not one of those dramas that makes you finish all at once, it’s more of a subtle pull that draws you in slowly and before you know it, you’re hooked. Still being drawn in I think.
    Any dramas to recommend? That is a max of 24 episodes? I supposed I should continue rascal sons (oh seo in guk the things I will do for you, although its not a bad drama…) but I’m still looking for other dramas! I’ve basically tried/watched all the dramas our wonderful recappers are covering, but maybe there’s one that was super low-key and that I missed (like can we get married, that was quite an interesting ride haha).
    On a side note, did anyone else hear about KBS dropping City Conquest and filming being halted? Super bummed about that, it seemed like it had a wonderful plot 🙁 Maybe a cable station will pick it up?

    • 26.1 Mystisith

      Rascal Sons: I love many actors of that show but the tone is so serious and outdated and deja vu…. I’ve been spoiled with ridiculously good family shows lately: I just can’t handle mediocre dramas anymore. Probably a good thing since it gives me time for other things more productive…

      • 26.1.1 Addylovesbwood

        SO, don’t bother watching anymore? I’m only in it for seo in guk… on ep 2 and it’s not that bad…family dramas need time to fall in place.

        Currently watching my daughter seo young, its not the greatest but its my feel good drama because it’s easy to watch.

        about City Conquest, I pretty much figured it would get canceled sooner than later after reading that Jung Yumi signed on to another drama.

        • Mystisith

          I think I dropped RS at ep 12 or 13… And replaced it with Childless Comfort which suits me better.

        • Jinny

          Ah, I did start getting tired of it around ep 15/16 but I’m sticking with it because I want to see what happens haha. I feel like it resolved some conflicts too quickly and that we’re just going to go in circles and end up with an obvious answer for some of the lovelines and conflicts.

          Hm I might check MDSY and Childless Comfort out, I really really want to watch I Live in Cheongdamdong since I’ve heard amazing things about it but sadly, no subs 🙁

  27. 27 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Currently watching Flower Boy Next Door. Am really liking it’s realistic pace (although the publication of Enrique’s book seemed to be a might fast.) Am feeling Ahjumma needs saving as well and security guard may or may not be the one to save her. Ryu, maybe? Interesting that the Rapunzel figures in the drama are healed by men attempting to save them…and the wounded men are healed by reaching out and trying to save others. Trying to ponder that. Am hoping I’m not giving Dol Hwi too much pity and care…will see. Am thinking if Enrique doesn’t leave soon — or if he stays in Korea– he’ll have to go to military service. Not sure why but am feeling that.

    Loving Nobunaga/Chef. The main character Ken is just so likable…as is Natsu. (By the way, is it me or are there drama cycles where the same names seem to pop up in the same season across different dramas?) I’m not worried the mysterious woman with the diamond earring is a problem. I wish they would drop more hints about his past — with old man, with the woman– into the story. But I do like getting this great tour of the food world and of Japanese history.

    Am watching Switch Girl 2. I won’t say this drama is a bit on the schitzy side but I do wish there wasn’t such an obvious switch in style when they switch up. Something in me wants the weird darkness and unpredictability to be consistent and thorough instead of suddenly showing up and suddenly disappearing/changing. But I like the characters so…gonna keep watching it.

    Watched Oresama, a good little Japanese movie about Myavi. Liked it. Found it simple and sweet. Trying to watch Killer Girl K. Good so far, but weirdly am not gripped. Like the killer girl though.

    Trying to watch the Japanese drama Biblia etc but the main female character has that annoying all-wise non-intrusive-but-subtly-all-knowing personality i really get impatient with. I’m pretty impatient when i watch women in American movies who seem like the idealization of American wet dreams trophy wives (cause I don’t fit in, I guess) and it really irks me when I feel I’m watching some the Japanese idealized woman. This poor woman does not move but says wise things and is gently adorable. I’ve seen this type too often, usually played by older actresses. Anyway — rant over– I’m holding up for something of a more interesting arc to tie the episodes together.

    Liking 100 yeas’ inheritance a lot. I feel it does what Ooh la la spouses and My Love Madame Butterfly were aiming for. The first about the decision about giving up on a marriage and the second about returning to the homestead. (Although so far, long suffering wife hasn’t returned home to noodle home as yet.) Am wondering how vengeful long suffering wife will be. If she gets really mean, I’ll be totally riding on her vengeance and loving it.

    Can’t wait for NINE, the time-travelling drama.

    Happy weekend, all.

    • 27.1 owl

      Hi Carole, I feel like we are sitting side by side watching Switch Girl 2 and Biblia this week (lala pose)! I marathoned SG and went right into SG2. Biblia is slower than I like, but I’ll give it a few more eps since I’m hooked on anything bookstore pretty much. Did you watch the Ouran HSHC movie (@2 hrs long)? crazy fun!

      • 27.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I’ll try to watch it. I think maybe animes spoil me and make me avoid watching the live versions of stuff. Will check it out though, since you recommend it. Thanks.

        • owl

          Yeah, live drama is a whoel different animal than anime, but the movie was the caboose to the other versions and it felt complete in watching it. I am new to watching anime series (although not new to manga) and am loving it all!

    • 27.2 pogo

      Hey Carole! I’m not really sure anyone besides Dok-mi except maybe neighbour ajumma counts as a Rapunzel figure, Seo-young may be all about her oppa but she appears to be the one actively pursuing him instead of waiting to be rescued, so to speak. And even the asking Enrique what she should do bit felt more like a friend reaching out for some comfort instead of actively asking him to find a solution to her heartache (she did that all on her own, with the Spain thing, even if that is kind of Annoying Second Lead territory). And Do-hwi is awful, but I guess she’s on her own mission, boy-wise so she’s not really a Rapunzel type either imo.

      I think I might try jdramas for a while after FBND is over – I studied the language so can understand at least a little, and also I’m really looking forward to xxxHolic!

      • 27.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Hi there, Pogo,

        I’m thinking there is obvious woundedness and unobvious ones.

        There is something so wrong with Ahjumma but she is old and she goes outside her house and she drinks…so those who are into the romanticized Rapunzel mode would not recognize such a woundedness.

        Same thing with security guard. He is not the romanticized Rescuer Prince because he is older and not artistic and not rich….which is what we expect in a drama. So we don’t “see” his rescuing or his love as particularly important.

        Dol Hwi might be totally cruel and I’m being very foolish to believe she needs saving but I’m holding on to her as someone who might be in need of rescuing. I could be soooo wrong though.

        I have to stop assuming something weird is going on with Tae Joon. IF he’s dying, he better tell us. If he’s gay, he better come out. If he’s depressed, he better tell us. He is the ultimate non-communicative wounded person whom we think don’t need help: the beautiful distant man. That always reminds me of all the wonderful actors/actresses who we look at and who we admire and who we want and yet it never occurs to us that this guy might be in major need of help and communication. I could be wrong but I see him as a Rapunzel figure who needs to let his hair down.

        Seo Young definitely needs some kind of mental help…but at least she communicates.

        All this is me just guessing and wondering. I could be sooo wrong. And often am very very wrong.

        • pogo

          Carole – I thought you were referring to just the female characters as Rapunzel figures, but I agree about the men/boys (and also, yes, if something is up with Tae-joon we’d better find out, even though I think it’s just a denied love for Seo-young if it is anything at all).

          And considering Seo-young spent three years not speaking after being orphaned, mental problems are not hard to imagine but she is someone who (we’ve been told) has come a long way.

  28. 28 korfan

    Hello Everyone!

    So I’m the one who’s mentioned before that I’ve been faithfully watching The Great Queen Seon Deok every week, since July. The last episode was Tuesday. I have to declare that this is the best kdrama I’ve ever seen. I so enjoyed every minute of it, and everyone it, from beginning to end. I just said I enjoyed everyone in it, but I have to say Bidam really caught my attention. Kim Nam Gil, wow. So awesome.

    On a different note, I’ve begun watching I Miss You, which just started here 3 weeks ago …. so 6 episodes so far. Oh my!! It’s going to be quite an intense ride ….. pain everywhere! But oh, so interesting.

    Have a great Friday everyone!

    • 28.1 Carole McDonnell

      Uhm..Queen Seon Duk is in my dramafever queue. Will watch it. Thanks.

      • 28.1.1 TS

        I”m thinking of watching Kingdom of the Wind now. I like sageuks that are set pre-Joseon.

      • 28.1.2 korfan

        Carole –

        I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Certain people don’t make an appearance in the drama until episode 20-something ….. but oh, so worth the wait.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Will try. I love sajeuks. So I’m already psyched. It’s in my queue on dramafever.

    • 28.2 Ann

      A lot of people have panned QSD, but it was the first kdrama I watched and I will always like it.

    • 28.3 TS

      I so agree!!! Kim Nam Gil, he trumps everyone for me!

      And his work Great Queen Seondeok is what got me watching k-dramas! I went from GQS to Bad Guy and the rest is Dramabeans history.

      • 28.3.1 korfan

        I’ve heard about Bad Guy but I haven’t seen it, unfortunately. I totally have to now …. one of these days! What can I say, Kim Nam Gil definitely has my attention.

    • 28.4 canxi

      I’m planning on watching Great Queen Seun Deok! I always hear nothing but good things about it. I want to enjoy it, because I never can get into saeguk dramas (movies, no problem..but dramas?…)

      I finished School and really enjoyed it. It brought back some good memories and some bad ones from my school days. I connected with the characters and though Jang Nara and Daniel Choi were so good together in a subtly romantic way and platonic way. I wanna re-watch Baby-Faced Beauty now…

      Currently watching Alice in Cheongdam-dong and I’m enjoying it more than I thought. I love that it makes me think and there are no clear-cut villains, just people. A nice thing to have in Dramaland where the characters feel real and not just like characters.

      Up to episode 18 of I Miss You. I dunno if I want to continue or not (mainly because my interest is waining after leaving it for a couple of days) but I think I will most likely finish it.

      Can’t wait for Ad Genius and That Winter!

    • 28.5 Addylovesbwood

      yeaaa…62 episodes tho…mannnn

  29. 29 Laurita

    Hello, everyone 🙂

    So, this was my last week of long (and fruitless) holiday at home and after the weekend I’ll be back in Uni. I have so much work to do if I want to go and study abroad next few months, I hope I’ll manage it somehow and will go (if not, than not). But I hope, I will :).

    As for dramas, I think I need lots of help to run away from my obsession. Like real help. I sit near computer practically all day and my head just cannot function anything anymore. Like, seriously. And I have to write my Course paper with such head… The fact that I have to write it WITH computer and read and search for information also with it really doesn’t help. All I can do when I turn on the laptop is… you know.

    Ugh, sorry for so much complaining, I needed to say it to somebody (since my family would just suggest me to turn off the computer, which is … not the best advise for the drama addict). Any different advices?

    So I’ll not say anything about new dramas ( yeah, I’ll probably check them (all) out, but I’ll try to resist further watching). As for the current ones:

    – I already miss School 2013 (not in a heart-breaking way, but a little bit)
    – ended Alice (nope, I don’t miss it)

    – watching Flower Boy (First raw, then recap, than with subtitles. I don’t really miss it now, but I definitely enjoy it while watching)

    – Level 7 CS (watched first 2 eps, read all the recaps and I am glad it’s just “neutral” for me and might be the first drama that I will resist on watching. On the other hand, this theme about agents is so interesting that I spend lots f time thinking about possible serious scenarios for it. To escape from this, I have downloaded some older movies (such as Get Smart and James Bond 2006. It will do.)

    – 100 Year Inheritance (:( it’s not special in any way, just typical drama, but I somehow cannot resist to watch it… Like drugs. I’m already waiting for the raw version, though I watch only the moments between our leads (everything else is just predictable).

    – Re-watching some Gaksital moments (just because…)

    -still didn’t watch Salary man. (but I keep it safe)

    And lastly, I cannot find any subtitles for “Confession of Murder”. 🙁 I thought, the lead had a big fan-base …

    I think that’s about all. Good day/evening/morning to everyone. It’s 17:52 (evening) in my place.

    • 29.1 Korazy Lady

      Laurita, we’ve all been there. I try to limit my drama watching to only at night (which is why I never get to bed before 2 a.m. on a good day) but every now and then I’ll do a marathon and think – what else did I do today? But you are in good company given all the articles on blogs written about Kdrama addiction!

      • 29.1.1 Laurita

        To wait for an interesting drama till night would probably feel like torment as these webpages are just next to my research-pages… And not only drama, every piece of info about them are also like obsession, even if they are not at all interesting. But I surely have to do something, and quickly (my days and nights have already grown together into something… one).
        But it feels better to know that I’m not the only one (though I feel I’m the only one THAT addicted) 🙂

        • Korazy Lady

          definitely NOT true! There are many just as addicted as you. It’s a progression. But it does get manageable. Unless you start blogging and twittering about it, too! Then all bets are off!

    • 29.2 kopytko

      Hi Laurita!
      I know what it feels like to write a paper for Uni with dramas taunting your mind and asking for a little attention. The solution I applied was drastic: I wrote by hand. To make it bearable, I got myself a nice fountain pen, turquoise ink and a copybook with a pretty cover. In a way it is a good method, because it helped me work better on my paper, but now I have about 10 pens and even more kinds of ink. It may look like I tried curing an addiction and got addicted to something else. One addiction is time consuming, the other one is expensive.

      I am watching Inheritance, too. Mostly for the evil mother in law. She’s a piece of work, isn’t she. Athough when she is being over the top loving mommy, I am simply scared.

      • 29.2.1 Laurita

        Hey, kopytko,

        Well that’s a really really good idea (I just have to somehow manage and force myself to read enough info in order not to use the computer at all), but there is one problem – one of the books I am using through all the paper is only in pdf format (and in my computer). Yep, my mind just keeps searching for excuses…

        As for 100YI, my re-watching with subtitles is definitely “dedicated” to her. Last time I was so scared by mother in law was in “Don’t hesitate”.

        • kopytko

          Now, on a serious note: If it was really bad, I printed out some impotrant pages/chapters, sometimes I enlarged them to make preliminary notes and do some highlighting, and worked with that material (I used lots of e-books for my studies). Sometimes it works better than a pdf view. And it helps you to concentrate on a particular probem 🙂

          • Laurita

            It might work if my book wasn’t of the fiction genre (that’s why I’m using it all, haha).
            I actually made a drastic decision and deleted most of my movies and dramas (since I used to re-watch many of them without reason). Yep, most of, since I had a hard time downloading some complete packs (I planned to save some good dramas to re-watch sometime later), so I couldn’t force myself to completely empty my computer (yet). I think I would get a heartbreak, lol. So, I have yet to solve 2 other problems: dramas on the internet aaand procrastination in various sites about k-dramas (dramabeans doesn’t count, I need my daily re-cap-dose 🙂 ).

      • 29.2.2 Ann

        Stupid + mean is a scary combination, isn’t it? I mean, she is cunning but ignorant. I also don’t like the oldest dil in the other family. I suppose they do this on purpose, but her makeup is hideous. I think she is too irritating to be funny, and I wish she would stay in jail for the rest of the drama !

        • kopytko

          To me she seems to have some severe complex about her son. Would that be Jocasta complex? Dunno, but she should visit a psychiatrist, IMO. The worst EMIL I’ve seen in a kdrama.

      • 29.2.3 TS

        I just don’t get how that heroine can be so stupid. SHe knows all the evil that MIL did, yet still falls for her freak-outs and manipulations. And I wish the heroine would stop crying so much. I want her to get a backbone and walk out.

        • kopytko

          Actually, she isn’t that stupid. And she does have some backbone – she dares to laugh in her MIL’s face when she’s being really loony (remember the first episode and the lipstick thing?). In other situations she does what she does, because it’s good manners not to talk back to the elders.
          One may say she’s stupid that she ever married into that sorry carricature of a family or that she hasn’t divorced yet…

          • TS

            Okay, then she’s stupid for staying there. And for ever taking her MIL’s freakouts seriously.

        • Laurita

          She was not that bad at the beginning, so I blame the impact of the accident and still hope she’ll get some more strength next episode (it seems, her memories came back).

        • Windsun33

          I don’t get how her father can be so clueless. His daughter loses her memory and the best he can come up with is “don’t tell your grandmother, it would upset her” WTF??

          I think the heroine actually DOES have some guts, since she got her memory back she seems to be actively planning some massive revenge, and I suspect it won’t be a pretty sight for the Evil MIL.

      • 29.2.4 alua

        Darn, I could not write uni papers and research by hand any more….

        Actually, what I do if I really need to focus is disconnect the internet. I do it in steps: turning the wifi on the computer is sometimes sufficient. If I need more than that, I turn of the modem (which, helpfully, is downstairs and since I tend to be the only one at home during the day it’s never a problem). Sometimes I also go to cafés that have no internet to work (a few of those still remain).

        Of course, at the moment I’m doing research which requires some internet-based tools… But, actually, I’ve had a pretty productive week (well, for the PhD research, not for some of the lectures I really need to prepare for next week!!!)

        • kopytko

          The funny thing is, as long as I write by hand, it’s ok to have the computer on and even use internet. In my case the worst problem was that whatever I wrote I would erase and try to put it in another way. It was inefficient and frustrating (and the best remedy for frustration is…). And when I write with a pen, I don’t erase sentences (or whole paragraphs) and don’t cross out unless it is necessary.
          However, I don’t think I will ever write a PD thesis, so no idea what would work best for me…

        • Laurita

          I somehow “unlearned” how to write without computer during this month. It just frustrates me how slowly the writing process goes and there is no eraser. I think I’m glad that Uni is back in a way.

          P.S. “(and the best remedy for frustration is…)” hahaha, I just got the thought and started laughing in the middle of the night. Oh well, I think somebody is coming to take my computer away :D..

    • 29.3 owl

      Hi Laurita,

      I fear that escaping kdrama escapism is hopeless. Btw, I marathoned Salary man last week, so loved it – totally a scream and the acting was particularly good. It was an especially good one for a marathon!

      Had dinner (fresh vegetables and shrimp stir fry with rice) and ran upstairs to check out OT, watch L7CS ep 4, Biblia ep 3, and marathon FBND 1-8 – again – I’m gonna look in today’s posts and pick a suggested kdrama that I’ve not seen to marathon. After all, it’s Friday night and i’m technically off tomorrow (although I do some editing and have a few papers in the queque to work on. At home. Like Dok mi ~

      Glad you’ve enjoyed your break – squeeze in time for that course paper, whip it out, and then go back to kdrama streaming!

      • 29.3.1 Laurita

        heh, I think you’re right, there is no total escape (look, it’s late morning, like 10:10, and I am here again *totally red from shame*), but I will escape temporarily, I WILL (from Monday… since I have my 100YI…).
        Who said that people have to work what they love. I think the better saying would be: people have to work something that gives enough time for dramas and money for internet and electricity bills, lol. (yep, my mind is that damaged).

        But you really had to write such a good (provocative) comment about Salaryman 🙂 My walls of determination are still weak, you know. And I just keep hearing from every side how good that drama is, haha.

  30. 30 JoAnne

    OMG I forgot you again. No one is going to read this.

    Good Morning My Wondrous Beans!

    I feel like the week went by so fast and what happened? I mean real life stuff yes but what did I do in K-World? I can barely remember. I know I watched the finales for School 2013 (awwwwwwww) and Alice (awwwwwwwww) and I loved them both. I watched the special for School and that was fun, too. I watched a little bit of The Jackal is Coming last night before I fell asleep and JaeJoong is HILARIOUS…like seriously, genuinely, laugh-out-loud funny. And Song Ji Hyo – this is different kind of role for me to watch her in, more like Running Man (except bad at stuff) than her drama characters. I’m enjoying it! Flower Boy Next Door is upping the stakes…this show is really firing on all cylinders. Not a single misstep yet! Of the 4 Flower Boy shows…I like this and SUFBB the best. Ramen Shop was good enough, but didn’t grab my heart so much somehow. But I LOVE these people, and I LOVED those boys. What was the 4th one? I can’t even remember.

    I haven’t started any of the new shows yet. I had intended to start Level 7 but the first couple episodes didn’t get too highly recommended, although now it seems to be on the right track so I’ll get caught up on that. I still can’t bring myself to face that witch of a mother in law Eugene’s got. I have a little bit of interest in Yawang/Queen of Ambition. I know Korazy is watching that – how is it? I dunno…I just feel like rewatching things I’ve seen before, or dropping in on bits and pieces of stuff I’ve been watching slowly over the past year or so. Waiting for something new to grab me, I guess. There is stuff coming that I really want to see, that’s for sure, most especially the Winter Wind thing. I’ve been watching bits and pieces of MBlaq’s Hello Baby and The Romantic and the Idol, too. And I’m checking out Because of You, a TW-drama about a stunt guy who becomes an internet sensation. Baron Chen is RIDICULOUSLY adorable.

    I’ve seen the first two episodes of The Following on American TV. Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy. They’ve got me conditioned already to suspect EVERYONE who isn’t Kevin Bacon of being secretly crazy and working for James Purefoy. Love that kind of thing!

    Music. STILL have Infinite H Special Girl on heavy rotation, and I’ve added Without You, along with a few Lee Hi songs (1-2-3-4 and Killing Me Softly, mostly) And LeeSSang, Tears.

    • 30.1 kakashi

      I read it 🙂
      Hi JoAnne, you seem to have been busy! I missed you on Twitter! Come back!

      • 30.1.1 JoAnne

        It was a very tiring week! I’ll be around more now though. I missed you guys too!

        • Korazy Lady

          We always want to read what you have to say!

          • Shukmeister


            Have you seen anyplace with subtitles for A Werewolf Boy yet?

          • JoAnne

            no dangnabbit and I continue to search for a release date to buy it without any success either

    • 30.2 Lovebug

      So you enjoyed the Jackal because I heard it was pretty bad. I enjoy Jaejoong as actor (well have only seen PTB) so wanted to check it out. where did you watch?

      • 30.2.1 JoAnne

        I’ve only seen between the 1st 3d or 1st half of it – watching on DC-net. So far it was funny.

    • 30.3 Enz

      Write like no one is reading.. Oh wait. Doesn’t sound quite right

    • 30.4 Mar

      I watched Jackal. Both Jaejoong and Song were great in it, but I did not understand the ending. I do not know if it was me or the subs. When you finish it maybe you could explain it to me lol.

    • 30.5 Ann

      I like Yawang–it is so over the top! I thought it was going to be a little too much like Nice Guy, but the “husband” has a little more spine than that. Also, the boy bar was fun.

      • 30.5.1 Addylovesbwood

        I’m enjoying Yawang more than I thought I would… I like that it’s dark and I know the lead actress is wrong…but part of me is secretly cheering her on!!

      • 30.5.2 Korazy Lady

        I was wondering if anyone was watching Yawang. I really like it, too. I love the cast.

        Not sure what is up with the twin brother, though–I kind of remember reading about it but am not sure where they’re going with it. Should be interesting.

  31. 31 Swurbel

    Hallo Beanies,

    Finally a busy week is over and I am happy to join you.
    I’m a big kdrama-fan, but sometimes I am cheating and and watch thai-lakorns. (Please do not be angry).
    The last lakorn, I watched, was ‘Nuer Mek 2’. It was not a very typical lakorn – it was more a action-martial arts-mystery-drama. However. It was an exciting story and the main actor was very cute. But suddenly the lakorn stoppend, although still 3 episodes were missing. But why?? What happend???
    I found an answer in serveral blogs and messages, where people wrote about it. And it seems, that paranoid politicians stopped the broadcasting of the lakorn. I am very sad, that I couldn’t see the final episodes of ‘nuer mek2’ and I am even sadder, that people abusing power.
    I know neither Thailand nor the cultural and political background of that lakorn. Therefore, I do not know what danger was seen in that drama. I can not imagine that there was a deeper meaning. But I hope, the fans are looking for the reason why politicians are afraid of the drama. And then, those paranoid politicians should be afraid.
    I hope that such a thing never happens in kdramaland.

    Watching 7th Grade Civil Servant – very funny. I hope it will not lose the speed. But I will watch and see…
    Have a nice weekend.

    • 31.1 starryeyes

      Your comment interested me (I used to watch Thai dramas before I moved on to the crack of K-drama) so I quickly looked up Nuer Mek 2, and it seems like it was probably canceled because of how it portrayed govt corruption. Basically, super rich businessman/politician was Thailand’s prime minister for a while, overthrown by coup and exiled, and now that politician’s sister is back as the new Thai PM. Probably doesn’t like how that show is going, given that she has access to money and power plus the family history of corruption. There’s lots of money and corruption in real Thai politics, and a lot of govt oversight of Thai TV. It’s more controlled that in Korea.

      • 31.1.1 Shukmeister

        Wow, that’s really an abuse of power, in my opinion.

        I do watch an occasional lakhorn (my fave being the vampiric Love Never Dies), but I find it a wonder that they can show woman actively being face-slapped and implied raped, but you can’t show government corruption?

      • 31.1.2 Swurbel

        Thanks for the interesting information.
        It is always exciting to learn more about other countries media systems.
        I am often unhappy with the press and the broadcasting of my country. Of course, things could always be better. But now it seems like whining at a high level. Because now I know a little more about the situation of the mediasystem in Thailand.
        And I am extremely relieved to live in a country with a (fairly) independent mediasystem.

    • 31.2 Enz

      Swurbel :), I just want to say you should be allowed to love kdramas, jdramas, la kors, c-dramas and even reality show dramas freely! 🙂

    • 31.3 Enz

      Swurbel :), I just want to say you should be allowed to love kdramas, jdramas, la kors, c-dramas and even reality show dramas freely! 🙂

      Are you not watching FBND like almost everyone else?

      • 31.3.1 Swurbel

        Enz !! 🙂
        You are right. I don’t watch FBND now. ( I read the recap of course, but that doen’t count- does it???). But I WILL watch it. I know it is a very good drama. But I will keep it like a bootle of good red wine. And I’ll enjoy it later on a special kdramaevening.
        I decided, to watch only 1-2 dramas on time. And at the moment its L7S and Horsehealer.
        A good friend of mine collapsed 2 weeks ago – diagnosis Burnout. He won’t be able to work for the next 3 month. It was a shock for me. And I’ve been thinking about my own lifestyle. Ok. Modern life is always busy – but I should try change some things before I have a burnout too.
        And so I decided to reorganize my kdramahours a little bit too. I can relax while I watching kdramas, so I want to celebrate watching more. Means watching kdramas on a big screen while sitting in a comfortable chair (not small smartphonescreen in a crowded subway) and at a certain time during the day, where I can relax (and not think about the next meeting, the deadlines, the housework…).
        It’s only one of serveral small steps to reduce the speed in my life a little bit. I do not know if it will work. But I want to try at least.
        And today is my Dramabeans-OT-Evening. I enjoy reading the posts. And I take my time. The next week will be stressful too.
        So I hope you and everybody else enjoys this OT and the weekend without stress and hectic.

        • Shukmeister

          Swurbel –

          Excellent idea, reshaping your time. Unfortunately, my primary drama watching is at work, so my little IPhone screen is my window.
          I have a lot of outside interests and volunteer work that keeps me out of the work-sleep-wake-work burnout cycle, but there are a lot of people that can’t seem to stop the merry-go-round.

          Good luck to your friend! And enjoy Jo Seung-woo up close and personal!

        • enz

          i guess the trouble is not everybody has a choice about the working hours or how stressful it is at work. maybe though, we all try to pack too much in – for me, ive always loved doing nothing and just chilling at home but many would find that a waste of time. i just love to sleep a lot!

          however, after discovering k land, i have found myself neglecting sleep much more than before and feeling quite tired often, esp when work hours are long. its just that i want to do MORE with the little time i have. its funny, the less free time i have, i feel like i wanna do MORE with it. when i used to have sooo much free time. i wanted to just relax and sleep more! i blame k dramas!

          i hope you do take your time to chill, relax and enjoy. a good weekend to you too

    • 31.4 John


      I haven’t watched any Thai dramas.

      I like rom-coms or good mysteries. Any recommendations?

      • 31.4.1 Swurbel

        hmm, let me think about

        – Tawan Deard (with Mark Prin) – Action /Romance
        – Game Rai Phaai Game Ruk (with Nadech Kugimiya) – Romance – very schmaltzy, but nice
        – ‘Kom Faek’ and ‘Rook Kard’ – Action
        – Look Poochai Mai Ta Pode – Action and Mystery
        – Rark Boon (Mystery)
        – Nang Singh Sabad Chor (Action)
        There are more, but that are my favorites at the moment.
        And there was a lakorn with a cute dog as main actor. That lakorn was quite funny, but I can’t remember the title at the moment.
        Unfortunatly, not every lakorn has english subtitles.
        But I hope my choice will help you anyway.

        • John


          Thanks, I’ll have to take a look.

        • Shukmeister

          John and Swurbel –

          Out of those, I’ve seen Game Rai Phaai Game Ruk, and enjoyed it. Ricky HRH liked Roy Marn, but he has a fondness for contract marriages. LOL

          I’m going to check out the others in the list. I try to have a couple of non-KDramas waiting in the wings. Thanks for the advice!

  32. 32 Korazy Lady

    Good Morning all! Just a quick note on what I’m watching as I’d rather comment on others’ comments!

    kakashi has named me the queen of melos – don’t know that that’s true (really hated the older, leukemia ridden ones) but I did just marathon A Wife’s Credentials and loved it.

    AHYI – OK, don’t know how long I’ll keep watching because it is pretty absurd, but slightly entertaining if I fast forward through some of my lesser liked characters.

    Queen of Ambition – I feel like I’ve just watched this story line in Nice Guy, but KSW is just so heartbreaking and I love Soo Ae, even as a baddie. It has a more mature feel to it so I look forward to it each week.

    FBND – well, I think we all agree on that! Although Enrique, while cute to watch, would drive me CRAZY. And Jin-rak is kinda bumbling – but I love all the characters and their quirky ways.

    I want to watch L7CS but will wait a little longer to marathon.

    Did some research for a blog piece and now really want to watch Protect the Boss again. I loved that drama!

    Happy weekend to everyone!

    • 32.1 kakashi

      yeah, next week, we might be able to discuss your blog piece here ^^

    • 32.2 kakashi

      and seriously, OT can be totally overwhelming. I turn away for an hour and there are 150 new comments!!! sweet bejeezuz.

      • 32.2.1 Korazy Lady

        Alas, there will be no flexing abs in that post. Unless I decide to do another with some of KSW’s shirtless moves from Queen of Ambition. But that would just be fanservice, right? (And we would never do that!)

        • kakashi

          yes. about the shirtless moves… sounds like a very good post to me. let me know episode number and time and I’ll provide the gifs 🙂

  33. 33 whimsicalnet

    hi folks, hope everyone’s doing good … m here half awake after a tiring week at work which makes me question y i m doing this being away for almost 7 years… sigh…

    i’m really looking forward to watching FBND so it’s looking so cute and with a much deeper and developed story than what i expected, which is awesome. The ending of Alice in CND surprised me so I think I will find time to watch the entire show. I think school 2013 is gonna hit v close to home for me so i am planning to leave it aside for when i really have time to sit down n let it conquer me fully.

    2012 was good and 2013 is shaping up pretty nicely, esp thanks to cable! 😀

  34. 34 Lovebug

    TGIF Beanies! Seriously!!! Am so glad its Friday as I am really hating work right now and my productivity is at all time low. (Watching dramas to the wee hours of the morning is probs not helping…)

    So I finished the t-drama In Between. It was cute and liked the OTP especially when they were onscreen together. (I really digged the guy who is American in real life). But I felt like the ending was a bit reminiscent of Lie to Me where I really didn’t understand why the girl had to move away/break up with the guy other than the fact that if she didn’t the show would be over. (It didn’t make sense especially in light of how he caught her and confessed at the train station then followed her and confessed at the hotel). The last (maybe) two episodes were filler regarding the OTP but it did give the 2nd lead storyline a chance to wrap up in a satisfying way. (2nd lead girl was a bit cray)

    I am now watching In time with you, and am once again enjoying it but frankly am have serious doubts about T-dramas ability to end well. But I will say for some reason I love best friends falling in love story lines! Like seriously love it!!!!!!! (The main guys girlfriend though is like a serious stalker nutjob – I want to mail her a copy of “He’s just not that in to you” but that is a service that should be done for just about all women in dramaland).

    Finished Alice, initially I was satisfied with ending and it made sense in a narritive way. But I can’t say that I am not dissapointed with that drama. I started out loving it so much watching episodes multiple times (which i rarely do) and impatiently waiting for the next episode. But towards the middlish/ end, It became i will watch when I get to it. I think the problem lies in SeKyung’s character and the lack of a compelling reason why she had to lie after she found out who he was. Was it the worst drama ever – no. But in light of the zany yet heart tugging start what it became was a major let down. Will not warrant a re-watch in future.

    Also watching FBND and though enjoying it, once again not to the same degree that everyone else is. I do find it laugh out loud funny at times and like all of the character’s (I actually don’t hate Dokmi i think there is going to be a suprise twist regarding her and maybe the highschool issue – well i hope there is otherwise it will just be the norm 1 dimentional bitchy second lead). I guess part of my lack of excitement is that I feel like the show is moving pretty slow for a 16 episoder. I do adore Jin Rak (and Kim Ji Hoon – goodness gracious!) and have a feeling he is going to get the shaft/heart broken. I also like enrique but have no interest in his cousin and childhood friend storyline. This drama is nice, fun and light. Hope is stays that way, and that something you know… actually happens…

    Watched the first episode of Yawang and don’t know what I think about it. So will keep watching. Honestly I am watching for Yunho (I LOVE Homin a lot, like a lot a lot.) Hope he comes on the show soon and doesn’t suck. (I started watch Paradise ranch awhile ago but didn’t like the lead girl and was ambivalent about the story line. Changmin was in my (slightly biased) opinion respectable).

    • 34.1 Lovebug

      Sorry I meant I don’t hate DoHwi.

    • 34.2 Sabah

      I loved ‘In time with you.’ I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I won’t say anymore other than it is a good drama and the lead pair have wonderful chemistry.

      • 34.2.1 Shukmeister

        I enjoyed ITWY, especially for Bolin Chen and Ariel Lin.

        Other TWDrama favorites (recent ones anyway) would be Drunken To Love you, and Down With Love. Several Beanies liked Fated To Love You (the first of the franchise), with it’s heavy melo middle. It’s still a good watch, if you want to consider it.

        One of my alltime favorites is a police procedural called “Black and White”. There’s a hint of romance, but really it’s a gritty story of the fine line between good and bad. Plus, it has donuts, which always pleases a public safety maven like me. 😉

        • Sabah

          Thanks for sharing. I think I’m going to look up B&W.

  35. 35 Sabah

    Hey Wanda!

    “It’s funny how they all zone out when she’s talking in English.” Agreed but they all looked so cute. Another friend replied with this – Daniel Radcliffe aegyo! –

    “Are you still team Jin Rak?” I am though I do understand shy DM is pulling towards E. I think I find accepting E feelings the hardest because he’s coming off a deep unrequited love. It smacks too much of rebound distraction for me, as it stands now. I hope they explore his feelings a little more too. So far E’s character has been hiding behind that mask of silliness so I have been itching for him to take it off and have him be more ‘real.’ At first I thought Yoon Shi Yoon had dropped his game but then I realized that he was intentionally playing E as a caricature because it is meant to be a persona. Shi Yoon can be really intense as well as subtle and though it isn’t necessary to have him so in every role, I would like to see him break away from these exaggerated expressions.

    That is one thing I have loved in FBND. Everyone has nailed their characterizations that I can be in the moment with them. I think the only time I zone out is with W or the security guard and his crush.

    “also have distinct personalities and things they like to do or eat most” Someone ‘dany’ has posted a Korean short film on cats. I recommend it but be warned you will cry.

    I too really liked the ending to school. It wasn’t as profound as SUFBB but it did leave me satisfied. I wonder if there will be a season 2? Or a sequel? I think the original series did.

    “I also wonder how people find partners with whom they can share their whole life with and like you said still be connected during everything that may change” I think it takes real strength of character. The married couple who make the EYK videos are good role models. I remember their reply to the question on what happens when they fight. Simply they don’t. As the guy states, they are both adults in control of their actions so why would he do or say something that would knowingly hurt someone he cares about. However I think they are an example of soulmates like your grandparents. Unfortunately most people don’t find soulmates and just end up marrying someone they could start a family with or maybe is close enough. Do you believe that there is someone for everyone? Would you ever consider settling? I mean do you have an age which you have given yourself the luxury of waiting for them?

    Aw, I hate it when a good series I’m watching comes to an end. It’s bittersweet because you are happy at the fond memories and time spent well but then you are kind of left in a lull. I haven’t seen DA? How are you finding it? I doubt I would watch L7CS, because I’m not fond of the actress unless it gets great reviews or you recommend it. At the moment I am catching up on films. Most films I watch require subtitles, so I have a folder of films just waiting to be watched as I patiently wait. However a few subs are out for instance, Rust & Bone or Starbuck. I wish I could speak French but I just don’t have the elegance…

    Anyway, I hope you are still enjoying your holidays. Time off that is well deserved!

    • 35.1 FishcalledWanda

      Hi Sabah! : )

      Haha Daniel Radcliffe’s so funny! That buing buing was priceless. The FBND cast deed indeed look very cute. It’s funny that Park Shin Hye said that Yoon Shi Yoon was her perfect type and now he’s al self-conscious.
      I do love Yoon Shi Yoon’s acting. His charachter is indeed meant to be a caricature. But it speaks of his skills that he can switch from being all hyped up and goofy to serious in a minute and it still feels believable. I do want to see more fractures in his mask, it gives the character that extra depth and makes him not just some goofball without sincere feelings.
      I don’t like W at all. How can she use DM like that after what she has done to her? She has zero capability to reflect on herself. I do think the interaction between JR and W is very funny, because he’s so not impressed with her and she is so impressed with herself.

      Just watched that cat docu, didn’t think I would have to cry but then I did. That tiny kitten all alone in the world, makes me very sad. Luckily one of the guys took one home with him, now I want to take all the stray cats home with me!

      I think there is someone for everyone, but not everyone manages to find that person. Between aaaall the people in the world, there must one that’s right for you, right? I hope to find my soulmate eventually, rather than to be just contend with someone you could live with, so I hope it’s meant to be. I do want to settle some day, hopefully before I’m to old to have kids, but there isn’t a certain age at which I see myself having a family. What do you think?

      I haven’t seen much of DA, but so far I really like it. It’s set up well, right before WW1 and the setting and costumes are really good so it feels very much alive. The actors are all very good too. It’s about this rich family, but the series also focuses on the servants, so that’s really interesting. I would recommended if this genre you like this kind of genre. I still haven’t watched L7CS, every time I want to, something comes up! But I’ll let you know how I find it, when I finally get around watching it. I’m not looking forward to it as much as before, because the review are kind of mixed, so I’m curious how I find it.

      So what good movies did you see you liked? Still watching dramas between the movies?
      I’m very much enjoying my free time, but why does it always pass by so fast? I just received the new that I passed all my exams with good grades, so all that studying did pay off!

      • 35.1.1 Sabah

        When I didn’t see you around on Friday, I thought hehe, she’s probably hiding somewhere running through a Kdrama marathon. However there isn’t anything like rewarding yourself after you put in your best. I actually fist pumped the air and gave you a round of applause after reading about your results. Congratulations that is excellent news!

        I’m wondering if Daniel isn’t a Kdrama fan because to know Bbuing bbuing requires in depth knowledge, right? Hehe. Regardless it was really endearing. It reminds me of Hugh Jackman’s appearances. He’s a goodwill ambassador for Seoul and turns up on shows here and there…wait let me find my favourite…

        ” it gives the character that extra depth and makes him not just some goofball without sincere feelings.” Exactly. I think things really got interesting for me on the DM / E relationship during their fight. Though the words were harsh and maybe said in the heat of the moment, the feelings were really raw. She was disappointed that he didn’t try to understand the depth of her pain and I think for him it was being shut out and misunderstood which kind of comes to the same thing.

        One of the things I loved in FBND was that they didn’t take the evil female words as truth. The boys actually have brains and rather interrogate her own motives. Sure the whole let’s patch them up lunch might have been naive but they are most certainly team DM! Many people have suggested that in all likelihood they will patch things up between them i.e. that her character would be redeemed. I’m not against the idea of her finding redemption but it can’t be cheap considering that she was part of the cause that made DM think of ending her life.

        “didn’t think I would have to cry but then I did. ” I warned you! I didn’t realize that it was going to be all serious because it was called dancing cat but then the stories really tugged at my heart.

        ” Between aaaall the people in the world, there must one that’s right for you, right?” Agreed but then I think that means all the people from the existence of man. I do believe that I have or had a soulmate but I don’t think he is a man of the 21st century. I’m so old fashioned in so many ways, even my sister tells me that I was born in the wrong century. “I hope to find my soulmate eventually, rather than to be just contend with someone you could live with” Of course you still have so much time to seek him out AND I think you should stay optimistic that you would find him! : ) However I am at a point in my life that I need to consider whether I would settle or not. I’m not proof against the theory of someone for everyone because in truth I haven’t really been looking. However I just can’t see myself compromising on someone I would have to share the responsibility of raising a child with. The thought of staying single is much preferable to me than creating a mess of a home for someone to grow up in.

        Well, think I was in a mood of self reflecting I picked those kind of movies, so I watched, ‘Hello I must be going,’ ‘Jeff who lives at home,’ and ‘Lola versus.’ I enjoyed them all though I wouldn’t say they are exceptional movies but rather good distractions whilst being quite relative to me. Anyway, I found this video someone linked on the soompi FBND thread (the member is here on DB too or maybe they just share the same name) but I really liked it.

        • FishcalledWanda

          Thanks! I was so happy, I had mostly a good feeling about it, but then again you never know. Now I can really relax.

          Aah, I didn’t know Hugh Jackman was so funny! He totally wowed them with his charm, hehe. It’s always funny to hear Western people try to speak Korean.

          That fight was really intense. He looked so hurt. It’s like her words hurt him more (or he shows it more) than all the comments he gets on the internet. And its like what you said it’s all based on miscommunication, or lack of communication.
          I’m not sure what D could do to redeem herself. She did one of the worst things you can do as a friend: betrayal. She’s so fake, but there are also these hints that she has some ulterior motive with regards to JR, I’m curious as to what that is.

          Yes, you did warn me! But then I saw the title and thought ‘how sad can a movie called dancing cat be?’, very sad it appears.

          Maybe you must time travel to another century like all those characters from recent dramas, hehe. Or he to you. Maybe you should hang out on historic places, who knows ; ) But seriously I understand your dilemma. That responsibility is a great one, I wouldn’t want to raise a child if I’m not certain the basis (the relationship) is good enough.

          I haven’t seen any of those movies, but just watched that short movie you linked. Very heartwarming. I love it that she can pull him out of his numbed state. Very good music also I always like it very much when a whole narrative is played out without or almost without talking. Reminds me a bit of this: Though its a bit more silly and on a lighter note.

          • Sabah

            Nothing beats a well earned holiday except knowing that your hard work was rewarded. Your soul might just float away in happiness if it wasn’t weighed down by all the laziness of your body. hehe. Congratulations once again.

            “or lack of communication.” It used to be a pet peeve for me in fiction but then I began to realize that people in real life don’t communicate either. We don’t say what we want to say and just hold a grudge instead. We too expect people to have some kind of telepathy in regards our feelings. It’s strange though sometimes even if you speak your mind, people still don’t understand and I guess it becomes a reason why people stop talking. Still, I think we need to try even if we are misunderstood.

            Aw that’s so cute. Thanks for sharing. Hehe, she must have gone into the men’s toilets for one of them. Have you ever seen the inside of a men’s loo? Not that I’ve ever been curious about it…

            So what can you cross off your must see list today?

  36. 36 Trina

    Hi everyone, yesterday I had finished watching Reply 1997. I love love it. I am now watching glass mask on episode 10 but skip some episodes. Talk about daily makjang drama. It is getting good but sometime it is so wtf. I am looking forward to the wind that blows. There is 9 minutes preview and yesung from super junior sing the ost which is good. I am happy that the next episode of a hundred inheritance that finally CW got her memory back and hopefully got out of that house. In real life, been pretty busy and Sunday is Super Bowl which I will pass on watching it. I hope everybody have a nice day!!! Talk to you later.

  37. 37 Sabella

    Good morning! I’m de-lurking to share some thoughts on the dramas I’ve been watching (and drama news too). 😀

    After being so intrigued by javabeans’s episode recaps for Flower Boy Next Door, earlier this week I ended up marathoning what episodes were available. It’s a very thought-provoking drama, and I like how character growth and companionship are trumping over outright “romance,” though I suppose that may change towards the end of the series. It’s very fun to watch a series where all the characters have vulnerabilities that are on display (even Do-hwi, in her cattiness and underhandedness, obviously has an inferiority complex; why else does she need affirmation by keeping her group of “copycats” around?). The only character who consistently annoys me is Seo-young; she seems to have no other aspect to her personality other than pursuing Enrique’s cousin (whose name is escaping me at the moment). At least Do-hwi seems to have an ulterior motive (an advantageous marriage?) in pursuing Jin-rak. Other than that gripe about Seo-young’s character, I’m just sitting back and waiting to see how these characters work out their issues amongst themselves.

    I’m slowly making my way through some “hyped” dramas that I feel I should watch as a fairly new drama fan. The one I’ve been watching is Secret Garden, and I’m almost finished with it (currently up to episode 15). Hyun Bin is particularly noteworthy as Joo-won, though said character isn’t exactly *likable* (IMO). The body-swapping element is underwhelming to me; I thought the point would be that they would learn to understand one another by “walking in each other’s shoes”? Why cop out on such a potentially interesting plot device? The chemistry is great between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won, but great chemistry cannot hide lazy storytelling and iffy characterization. As it is, the drama is enjoyable enough to finish, but I doubt I’ll have the urge to rewatch it someday.

    After coming across a blog post recommending it, I decided to give the first episode of the popular Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You a try. The episode struck me as…cute, awkward, silly, and quirky. I would have probably found the heroine, Xin Yi, a bit too annoying and doormat-y if I hadn’t gotten such an endearingly quirky Ugly Betty-esque vibe from her. There’s room for growth, I just know it! Though I’m still keeping my expectations in check, the drama will probably continue to be entertaining at the very least.

    Not exactly a drama but related: I watched (and loved) the preview for Fabulous Boys (the Taiwanese remake of You’re Beautiful), despite the fact that it seems to deviate little from the original. I can’t wait to hear their takes on the music. At any rate, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the whole thing turns out! (The preview is up on YouTube if anyone else is interested in seeing it:

    Also drama-related: Last week I read a rumor that the title of the Hong sisters’ new drama is One Step. Oddly enough, the title made me immediately think of the Step Up dance movies. Since the Hong sisters have done their own takes on movie plots (Fantasy Couple, Big) in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this new drama was about dancers. If so, I think it would be a lot of fun. Given how much I like when they poke fun at the entertainment industry (You’re Beautiful, Best Love), I’d love to see them go back to that in their writing.

    • 37.1 Shukmeister

      Sabella –

      Welcome from delurking!

      I like watching adaptations (Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango Live Action / Manga, Boys Over Flowers) almost to see the cultural differences between them, and YAB is no exception. I’m looking forward to the new adaptation too!

      After FTLU, you might want to try the next one, DTLU (Drunken To Love You), which is more quirky, in my opinion.

      And don’t forget to post more!! It’s good to hear from all our Beanies!

    • 37.2 enz

      hi sabella, welcome to OT. i am not so ‘old’ to kdramas myself. and seem to be making really slow progress with my drama watching. when i love a drama, i sometimes get stuck watching it over and over and there is no room for a new one till that phase is over. luckily, there are not that many of those. so now, i ahve a few that i loved well but didnt feel the need to rewatch. maybe its the drama, maybe its me reaching a balance in drama watching.

      there many hyped dramas but its difficult to know which will hit a chord with us. i really didnt like secret garden and dropped it. also havent watched a lot of the hyped ones. since i started last year, i went o year end reviews for 2011 and watched those first. i must say there were quite a few there that i LOVED.

      am glad someone else feels the same way about seo young. anyway, hope to see more of you on OY 🙂

  38. 38 kopytko

    Hi Everybody! I hope you are all doing fine.
    I feel a bit overwhelmed by RL, and actually it is a good thing that there isn’t much going on in dramaland: I have no choice but to roll my sleeves and try to sort everything out right away. *fighting*
    When I have a spare moment, I tend to watch weekend dramas. My Love Madame Butterfly is my current favourite and I hope the writer won’t spoil it all with a lousy revenge plot.
    Rascal Sons may be not the most original drama out there and some characters are totally cardboard, but there is one big merit: I learned a lot about Koreans’ traditional outlook on family matters. At first I thought that the younger characters wouln’t make a big deal of some issues or rebel against some outdated “duties”, but they didn’t. Only then did I realize, how important Confucian values are and that they are still alive and kicking.

    On a very random note, as a fan of So Ji Sub, I had a look at his recent music video. The one with Park Shin Hye. There were two things I liked. First, someting that sounds like accordion in chorus, which made the rap/hip hop song much more charming (I an not a rap/hiphop fan). The other thing could be considered PPL, and it is the fact that the characters give/receive exactly the fountain pen, that I bought several days ago. I guess it is laughable, that I was so happy to see SJS looking lovingly at my pen. It feels hilarious.

    Have a lovely weekend, Everybody!

    • 38.1 oftheshore

      Czesc kopytko! Powodzenia in your real life – I’m sure you’ll be able to overcome all of the obstacles you’re facing. K-dramas have taught us that it just takes a lot of optimism and hard work. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a chaebol on the way.

      • 38.1.1 kopytko

        Chaebol!? *swoons, then ties a band on the forehead and starts working out*

        Dziekuje, oftheshore! That was the best encouragement I can imagine 🙂

    • 38.2 kakashi

      kopytko: hwaiting! you will overcome this!.

      • 38.2.1 kopytko

        Thanks Kakashi! I will do my best 🙂

    • 38.3 Sammy

      You can do it, kopytko! (and if you do meet a chaebol, make sure he’s not a jerk. XP) Fighting! *fistpump*

      • 38.3.1 kopytko

        Thank you! 🙂

  39. 39 KimYoonmi

    Still working on casting my fake drama: =P Jebal Chaebol

    I’m torn between Dennis Oh and Daniel Henney for the second lead. They are the only ones that fit the bill. How is Dennis Oh’s Korean and English?

    Votes for or against them in terms of acting?

    Not 100% sure on the second lead female either.

    ?- Jeong Mirae (32)
    Works in the upper management and is dating Ryu Minyong. Seems like the innocent naive girl at first, but actually is more perceptive than she looks. She makes friends with Kim Yeon Hee and Lee Cheol Soo, eventually asking them to “break her up” so she can get the engagement ring that Ryu Minyong has been holding out on. (I’d like them to be fairly fluent in English as well) Han Ye Seul? Park Ye Jin? Other?

    I also need a kid that looks like Lee Kwang Soo… preferably 8 and up. But then, I guess open casting calls wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    And should I pretend it’s airing on SBC, MBS, KBC (the fakey names in dramaland) or should I pretend it’s been sold to TvN (which I would need a fakey name for…) I’m afraid MBS might create actor strikes in the middle… OK, I watched King of Dramas… I’m leaning towards KBS or SBC… Probably more towards SBC, given they have running man, and I want the crossover appeal… (I know I’m nuts)

    I have a few script pages… though not posted. =P I have other things to write, this is for my own amusement.

    This week in Dramas/Variety shows
    Boar Doctor… Uhh… he’s back in Korea and it’s the same plotline… though if they go over phantom limb pain that would be daebak.

    Running Man
    That was the best this week with the reincarnation scheme. I was cracking up…

    Romantic and Idol
    Fluffy, but fun. I don’t know if it will neatly resolve…

    Strong Heart (subbed this week) Jeolla-do saturi… that was a ton of fun. I skipped the makjang though. I always do.

    Movie: When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep
    Taiwanese movie. Has a happy ending if you’re worried about that. Super cute and funny. Runs slice of life, so it is slow. It’s about a guy that had his long time girlfriend leaves him to go somewhere else, so in his grief he ends up working at a copying place and falls in love with a girl’s illustrations who has the nickname of “sheep”.

    Movie: Shabake
    Better for the guys, I think, and runs a little animeish. Not for everyone, but it does cover a whole ton of different kinds of Japanese ghosts and demons. The whole story runs very, very Japanese, complete with the traditional values of Honne Tatemae and Wa being lectured at the end. =P Despite that, it is a fun and easy watch. Younger boys probably would like it.

    Warming up, finally. It started out a little rocky, but it’s picking up. The last episode, I wanted to strangle that woman. =P But they dealt with it in a traditional Japanese fashion.

    Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou
    Probably not for everyone, but I do like how the book(s) illustrate something about the character…. and the quiet nature of it. I’m just jealous I can’t read any of the books, because the US is stingy compared to other countries about importing. Almost makes me want to be fluent in German since they import a ton of books. (I’m a storyphile)

    Ouran High School Host Club Movie Doing a second season??? Makes me ask that.

    Jeon Woochi
    Dropped Meh. Maybe resume it later.

    Nobunaga No Chef and Switch Girl 2
    Rompy fun. Switch Girl 2’s Japanese is fairly easy. I was getting through an episode and it took me 5 minutes to realize there were no subs. =P I thought I was reading subs… but I wasn’t. (Maybe the subs in my head.) Overall, just raw unserious fun.

    Love SOS (Taiwan)
    I wish the episodes weren’t so short… that’s my only complaint. It’s fun, zippy and rather original, so I’m really disappointed they couldn’t get better funding for longer episodes. I’m kinda sick of the dramas from Taiwan this last year—they pretty much had similar plot lines. I’m ready for something fresh.

    Flower Boy Next Door
    I still like this for the small human moments in between. With lesser actors this drama would have fallen flat. Plus Enrique is really getting rounded out in the recent episodes. You can see through his mask a little more… which makes it interesting.

    Saikou no Rikon… not sure about it still. I liked the first episode, but I still feel the lecture… I’ll probably watch to the end.

    Nakuna, Haru-chan: I’m looking forward to full English subs on this. It’ll probably float near to the top of my list since I saw it it RAW and was laughing. I like the message in the drama, which doesn’t (so) far seem to be lectured about. It’s fun… light… and though my Japanese isn’t 100%… what I got was a really good watch. (reviewed it last week on these open threads) Basically a character (Hara-chan) that the Main female created has come out of the manga she’s been drawing in frustration with her co-workers into the comic she’s been drawing. In order to save their world, Hara-chan comes to the Real World and falls in love with his creator (whom he calls “god” making for some funny moments) while learning about the great things about the real world his “god” failed to draw into the comic. I’m a sucker for dramas of this theme though… The first episode covered a small change. Nagase Tomoya overacts, but it fits with his character…

    Probably missed a few… I did like the conclusion to Priceless. That was a ton of fun to watch.

    • 39.1 KimYoonmi

      Oh and Level 7 CS, Meh. I noticed the writer was scattered in his previous dramas. I disagree it’s a matter of uneven tone. I think it’s a matter of not understanding how pacing can affect pathos. I’ll give episode 3 a try, but it it continues, I’m skipping.

    • 39.2 canxi

      Dennis Oh doesn’t speak Korean. Also as far his acting goes, I really think Daniel Henney is the better choice, especially recently that his acting seems to be improving.

    • 39.3 Lovebug

      Oooh I like the idea of Kim Yesul, she gets a bad wrap sometimes but I like her (especially in comedy). And can totally see her being able to play up the cuteness as needed.

      Regarding the second lead guy, i know i was one of the original critics of your choice of Daniel Henney but i think you should go with him in retrospect.

      Can’t wait to read/ hear more. Fighting!

    • 39.4 owl

      oops, I replied as #40.

  40. 40 Owl

    Hi Kim yoonmi, I checked out your link-wow, you sure have taken on a challenging endeavor. Writing a fake fake world Kdrama, I am impressed!
    Suggestion for fake name for tvN- tvME.
    Have fun!

  41. 41 Mar

    Howdy Beanies. Hope all are enjoying their crack of the moment.

    This semester is going to keep me busy, I am procrastinating writing a precis at this moment. Unless something airing in the future absolutely captivates me or pisses me off I will be mostly lurking probably! Poke me out of having my nose stuck in a book if Hyun Bin or Lee Min Ho or Jung Il Woo sign up for a drama!

    Mostly I am just tired and I think I will be like that for the next four months. I have more reading for just one class this semester then I did for four classes last semester. On a sort of relevant sidenote to this feed, I am taking a U.S. immigration (history) course and one of the areas we will be studying Korean migration to the U.S. I have to take the GRE in March as I am applying for Masters program deadline in June. I really wish I had done it in the summer but I kept putting it off.

    I am watching Flower Boy Next Door. Lovely show, so nice to watch a well put together show. I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat excited by it, but I think it is solid and charming for the most part.

    I re-watched Flower Boy Raymun Shop and wow that show is even better the their time around. I did realize that the Pillar was more annoying at third take. How the hell did Eun Bi not smack the crap out of him for all that wifey bs and the door thing? I mean really who would put up with that shit? That’s why it’s called fiction, eh?

    I have also started watching The Woman that Still Wants to Marry again. I just love that show. That will be my Aish I can’t read one more minute of school work I need a break outlet.

    I watched Jaejoong’s Mine mv. A lot of cliched visuals but wow it just worked for me. I liked that he went kind of dark in the mv to express his feelings of being stifled and then being freed to change into something new. I also liked the music and lyrics a lot too.

    Happy viewing all.

    • 41.1 Sammy

      I keep seeing comments that are hating on Kang Hyuk’s character, and I keep asking myself, “Why? D:”

      The dude is an adorable man-child. He’s calling Eun bi wifey because he is an adorable man-child. If both he and Eun bi were kids, and he kept calling her his wife, wouldn’t that be incredibly adorable? He’s just doing it because… he does. He really doesn’t mean it anyway (the wifey stuff) since he let Eun bi run and rescue her princess (err, prince) and gave her the means to do so.

      Although I must admit, taking her door off was a bit much. =/ Especially since she’s living with a bunch of boys…

      Ah well. Still love Jung Il woo! XD

      • 41.1.1 Shukmeister

        And yet, Enrique’s “Ahjumma” is adorable. LOL.

        Perhaps absence makes the heart grow less tolerant of cheesy nicknames… 🙂

      • 41.1.2 Mar

        I do not hate the character. He’s a father figure to the group and had a lot of heart. That doesn’t mean he was not annoying. And no, I would not find that wife thing adorable in any scenario.

        Did he “Let” Eun bi go after Cha Chi Soo? I don’t think she asked his permission.

        He was a stand in for her father (a guy like dear old Dad), and that is why she allowed some of his behavior, and frankly that made the wifey stuff even creepier. He absolutely meant the wife stuff. It was part of quickly establishing both an official and intimate connection with her when none actually existed.

  42. 42 TS


    Sorry for the shouty caps, but watch him be super-cute @13:23:

    For full impact, start the scene at 13:14.

    He is so cute, like a giant, beautiful toddler with his big toy bunny staring at pasta… Ooojwoojawooja…

  43. 43 TS

    Also, can someone explain to me why Yariru doesn’t like Minah on Vampire Idol? I’m only at episode 56, and the last big scene between them I saw (some other episode), he has left her on some empire state-style building where she’d frozen her butt off waiting for him.

  44. 44 Sammy

    Dang, I totally forgot today was OT day!!

    School 2013: Dang, I’m gonna miss this show. Loved HeungSoon soooooo much, though Se chan went kinda weird for a few minutes there….Gar! Why do all the series I think should only have 16 episodes have like, 24 or something, while the series I think should have 24 have 16 or less? Why is life so unfair?! D:


    I’m watching Warrior Baek Dong Soo now, since none of the currently airing shows seem to be worth my time. I love Yoo Seung Ho. Dang the fact he got in an accident and stopped having awesome fighting scenes….

    I tried watching Level 7 Civil Servant. *siiiiiiiigh* Watched episode 1, was severely disappointed, and just read the recap for episode 2. I’m so disappointed. D: I love love loooooooove Joo Won, but man, not even he can redeem this. So sorry, Joo Won, but no.

    On to the next week!

    • 44.1 Sammy

      Ohey, I forgot something.

      Yesterday, I started listening to the last podcast (Yes, I love these podcasts! Especially the drunk ones! Love you, unnis) and I was reminded of the fact that I still have not finished the King 2 Hearts.

      I was really REALLY into it. Buuuut then I had to put it on hold because of stupid real life and now I’m not into it very much anymore.

      What do you guys think? Should I finish it?

      Those foreign daytime actors were so friggin’ bad. I’m pretty sure even I could have been better… Not even the assassin is that good.


      • 44.1.1 Mashimomo

        Hey Sammy!

        Yes on King 2 Hearts, absolutely recommend you finish it. Especially if you have that much love for Seung Gi, I watched MGIAG and stopped at episode 7. Personally I feel that Seung Gi was too angsty on his role on that drama *maybe that’s the point* but it did not appeal to me at all although it had some funny moments. This on the other hand… it showed his range as an actor (and as a MAN, ROAR!). And as much as I ship Hyun Bin+Ha Ji won in SeGA, her character (Hang-ah) has much more depth and bad assery compared to Ra-im, which you will find out as the drama progresses. Not sure what episode you’re in at this point, but prepare to hold your breath (a lot) and hang tight because the drama will keep you on your toes until the end. I would fast forward thru some parts (uhm if you haven’t gone as far the Michigan terrorism attack yet, but MICHIGAN?!) but yes, bad actors withstanding you have to finish it!

        And for the record, nope, not done with Bridal Mask as well LOL. I think I’ll take my own advice and forward thru scenes that I potentially may not like just to see the outcome.

  45. 45 Mushroom

    How come 2012 Beanie Awards is not on the Recap List?

  46. 46 Ruth

    Meh. So late to OT. Hope everyone is doing well. If I could send perfect pitch to Jomo’s daughter, I certainly would. Having a senior, I know it’s nerve wracking getting them into that next chapter of life. I hope that she does well and is full of confidence for her audition.

    As far as tv watchin’ goes, I feel like there’s been a lull in quality kdrama coming out or maybe that’s just what happens after the first of the year during award season. Even so, I’m really enjoying a few of the ongoing dramas.

    FBND – I love you. You’re so cute, I want to pinch your cheeks. Little editor lady – you’ve lost your mind, but I like what you’ve done with the space left over. Enrique – you’re growing on me. You were too much of a spazz early on, but now….I think I might be cheering for you and Dok Mi. Haven’t decided yet.

    L7CS – Didn’t get into the 1st ep. Hooked by ep. 2. I’m not sure I like the casting of Choi Kang Hee. I mean she’s alright, but I just feel like she’s too old for this – at least paired with Joo Won. Oh yeah – Joo Won. I wasn’t a big fan before, having not watched Gaksital yet (well, not all the way through). I’m a fan now. He has one of the most expressive faces I’ve ever seen. I’m really hoping that this show doesn’t derail and keeps improving to a strong finish.

    Warrior Baek Dong Soo – Yeah, I took a break. Nearly an entire generation of good guys and people I liked died. I think I might have needed time to mourn. Now, I’m nearly ready to jump back into this for the last few episodes. Unfortunately, I think more of my favorite characters are going to die as well.

    Mawang – I cried like a baby. They cried like babies. We were all crying. My heart is still hurting from this. I marathoned it at the beginning of this week. So very sad.

    Baby Faced Beauty – If you loved School 2013, you know why I’m watching BFB right now. Because I can’t let go, and this is a really cute lil drama. It’s been an easy watch, and I think I’ll be able to say goodbye to School 2013 by the time this is over.

    Iris 2 – So anticipating this. Please don’t suck. Please, please, please don’t suck.

    Running Man – I guess I’ve never said that I watch this with my kids pretty religiously. I loved the last episode, “Rebirth/Reincarnation” even without any special guests. I’m not real excited about the next episode with the MMA guy and the boxing girl, but maybe it’ll be awesome. As a librarian, I LOVED this last one being partially set in the Seoul Metropolitan Library.

    Bleak Night – We’re adding this to the collection in the library, and I have dibs on it (not sure there’s much competition). Excited to watch it after having read the review on DB.

    And, finally, speaking of School 2013, I watched the special episode. I thought the cast did a great job and I loved the outtakes and little vignettes. What I did not love was the live music. I’ve not paid much attention to 2Yoon before other than with the drama’s OST. I really liked it as part of the show, but I thought their performance was abysmal. Don’t get me wrong – the sound was just fine. It was watching them sing that I couldn’t stand. It’s a peppy song – smile! Move a little. You don’t have to dance, but at least act like you’re into the music. The second act by the cast members was better, but still…well, it was like a high school variety show. Maybe that’s what they were going for?

    I also wish they had spent more time talking with the rest of the cast, but maybe people were only interested in Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk. Even so, I was glad for the special episode.

    • 46.1 TS

      RE the second act by cast members, I agreed with the announcer’s question: should high school girls be that sexy?

  47. 47 Jeannette

    I’m near tears, y’all!


    This is me: TT^TT

    My only regret is that I didn’t buy the poster.

    School 2013 was AMAZING. FBND continues to be awesome and cute and touching.

    Speaking of touching, I’m all about Infinite this week. I can’t stop watching Ranking King, lol. LOVE LOVE.

    Have a great weekend, loves!

    • 47.1 JoAnne


      Right now he is my ICOMYM. His little hip swivel and his cheeky smile and wink and that ‘come here noona’ finger…

      Yep. Just watched Special Girl again.

      • 47.1.1 Jeannette

        ICOMYM? JoAnne, what’s that? lol

        I don’t understand why the SHINee gods keep giving me Minho photocards in the albums…

        • Amberscue

          ICOMYM is … Inappropriate Crushes On Much Younger Man/Men

          This is were i first saw it.

          • TS

            That explains me and Kim Woo Bin, or Woobie, as I like to call him in my daydreams…

          • Jeannette

            Amberscue, that is too flipping perfect…I’m 34 and Onew is 24…is that inappropriate? 🙁 lol


    • 47.2 pillowhead

      Yes!! Loving Infinite H!! Thanks for the introduction, btw. 😀 omg JoAnne, love that swivel hip thing too, but I haven’t seen Dongwoo do it yet cause I zoom right in on Hoya everytime. lol. AND the new video is so cool, loveee it! I’m so excited that KPOP steve, who does the best reaction video that song, is now a friend on Jeannette’s DNA page!!!

      • 47.2.1 Jeannette

        lol pillowhead I feel special because he’s on there now, lol!

        If you haven’t gotten the album yet, you should, because Hoya and Dongwoo (omg Dongwoo) look freaking DELICIOUS.

        And don’t even get me started on Jaejoong’s album. Jeebus, he’s so freaking GORGEOUS!

        I’ve preordered SHINee’s new album but while I’m at it I’m going to order the rest of their stuff. Then I’ll start on my Infinite collection. Then probably JYJ and then who knows.

        I wish Onew would do a solo.

  48. 48 jomo

    Still at work, but I wanted to post this.
    Apparently it is a new thing to watch an entire season of a tv show in one sitting? Really New York Times?

    • 48.1 Mystisith

      Hihihi… “Hey, NYT! Looks like you’re new here.”

      • 48.1.1 JoAnne

        hahahahahahaha you and that sarcastic wit I enjoy!!

    • 48.2 pogo

      well, the NYT does have a rep for catching on to trends AFTER the whole world and its ahjumma knows about them, so no surprises.

    • 48.3 owl

      Geez, I marathoned all 7 seven seasons of Gilmore Girls with 2 friends and we’ve done it twice since then, during which time no one can get a hold of us and we don’t contact the outside world if we don’t have to. Another super fabulous series that we marathon is Road to Avonlea or Avonlea (the tv series spin off of Anne of Green Gables). It is in my top 5 favorite tv series ever. Ever. My fav reality show for season marathoning is Project Runway.What does the NYT think hulu and owning dvd sets is all about?

      But kdramas – my choice is to marthon those alone.

    • 48.4 TS

      I saw the original British show. I’m not letting Kevin Spacey ruin Ian Richardson’s brilliant performance for me.

    • 48.5 Windsun33

      I don’t think we can accuse the NYT of being exactly up to speed here. This has been going on for the last few years – ever since the high speed streaming came to big screen TV with the ROKU, Blue Ray, and other apps.

  49. 49 Trina

    So far, today is such a busy day. Ah Real life sucks somtimes. However, tomorrow is a Date Night with my hubby. Therefore, at least that is good. hrmm… Tomorrow will be A Hundred Inheritance and I think the new drama CA. Which, I am wondering are anyone gonna to recap it. Oh interesting that LSG/Suzy drama is competing against KTH/Yoo Ah In drama which I wonder which one will be dominate the ratings. Anyhow, I like cable kdrama more than regular broadcast well so far. Vampire Prosecutor is my next must watch list. LOL I still did not finish NG. oh well… Have a great week-end everyone. Oh, I am not gonna watch Super Bowl. Sorry, I am not a football fan.

    • 49.1 Addylovesbwood

      I’m going to a superbowl party sunday with my iPad tuned to dramafever.

      • 49.1.1 Mashimomo

        Same here! But probably for different reasons – I’m very superstitious so I don’t watch, or passively watch championship games of my teams. I will be bringing the Roku to my MIL’s house and marathon GHOST while the rest of the house cheers on.

        GEUX NINERS!

  50. 50 ZSF

    How’s life, people? What occurs in an open thread? Is anyone as bored as I am currently? How’s life at your end? I am sitting in an empty room, listening to the song above.

    • 50.1 Mystisith

      Hello ZSF! Currently watching Cheer Up Mr Kim ep 1. Nice little drama. Need my hours of sleep so I won’t stay awake much longer. (Almost midnight here.)

    • 50.2 Shukmeister

      ZSF –

      There’s all kinds of stuff that happens in OT, personal stories, and spoilers. Just read through and comment as needed.

      And welcome!

      • 50.2.1 ZSF

        Thanks for the welcome! I noticed on your About page that you’re a fan of Poe. What’s your favorite poem, BTW?

        • Shukmeister

          ZSF –

          Hmm, that would be tricky, since I have a lot of his published works, included some of his more obscure earlier stuff. My favorite short story is probably “The Cask of Amontillado” for its ability to show what friends will do to each other, with the second being “The Gold-Bug”, since I live along the US’s eastern seaboard with all of it’s pirate legends. I don’t really have a favorite poem of his.

          I also had a black cat with a tiny patch of white on her chest that I named “Pluto” in his honor. Plus a radio series of his poems spoken by Peter Lorre.

    • 50.3 owl

      ZSF – hi! Are you watching any good kdramas? If you haven’t already done so, you might enjoy checking out the dramabeans ratings – just click on it above and favabean (hahahah i mean javabean – i liked that typo -haha) and girlfriday rate dramas. It got me started and I’ve never slowed down. Before I found OT, I just kept posting on the drama site long after it was over. So, a weekly hit of OT crack is just the fix for kdramahappypeople like all of us here.

      Happy weekend!

      • 50.3.1 ZSF

        Hi Owl! Thanks for the message. I’ve frequented Dramabeans from a while now, but had yet to participate in an OT until today. I’m currently watching Flower Boy Next Door. What shows are you watching?

        • owl

          Oh, so you’ve been around. I listed a few in #18, but at this moment FBND is my fav and I just now finished ep 4 of L7CS which wasn’t too bad, watched Strong Heart 160 (featuring FBND cast) and jdrama Switch Girl 2 ep 5 . My goal (yes, I admittedly have a kdrama goal which just sort of happened and took on a life of its own) is to watch 100 dramas in my first year. That would be June 2012 -June 2013 and I’m rolling with 61 kdramas* (plus 11 jdramas, a new venture for me, but I’m not counting them in the 100). Needless to say, I watch a lot of them many times over, so…yeah, I’m pretty hooked. Oh sorry, is this too much information?? (to herself)

          *I list them in order watched and jot down any particularly noteworthy quotes that might come in handy…er, or not. Like “The world is not as simple as you believe it is, not only filled with events that can be imagined in your head” (PP). or “Princes who step our of their castles only become nuisances to others” (FBRS).

          okay, bye!