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  1. Fairycutter

    Happy Friday fellow beaners! Hope you had great week!

    What you girls (and guys) watching this week? I am in need to watch something good… Bad drama go to shell…

    This week i marathon Keizoku 2: Spec, but i can’t find the movie (with eng sub of course). I love me some (okay aLOt) Sebumi and Toma, but peoples keep saying the movie is bad that’s way no sub anywhere, there’s even no raw…. but you know, once you addict to something, it’s just hard to resist them… right?

    for KDrama, I abuse some scene in Ten, and that got me my first wathing Ten but also my 2nd, my 3rd and so on…
    and yeah, I know i am late… season 2 on the horizon yet i just started the first… oh yeah… i can’t find good sub for 2 final episode…
    and that’s not savoring for waiting for season 2….

    • 1.1 kopytko

      Hi Fairycutter, a nice weekend to you!
      Actually, I am not watching anything much. Just sticking to Rascal Sons and My Love Madame Butterfly. Just cannot find any interest for other airing dramas nor much free time for kdrama archeology 🙂

      • 1.1.1 Fairycutter

        Weeks ago i’m temped to watch MLMB, but somehow just can’t bring my self into it.. any tempting might work…. 😉

        • kopytko

          The main character is really great. The plot and other characters tend to be uneven, so you can FF them, but Nam Na Bi totally rocks!

          • Fairycutter

            I’ll give it a try then…

            thanks Lord there is FF button to abuse…

          • Annie

            I wish Yeom Jung Ah hadn’t messed with her nose. If people didn’t know any better, they would have thought she was a crack addict!

    • 1.2 Julia

      i’M just watching my first lakhorn “Game Rai Game Ruk”. I adore all the tropical island scenes and crazy cast of Min Islanders plus it starts with like 5 hours of sweet innocent falling in love between the main couple. Few dramas linger that long just letting you spend time enjoying the romance. Of course, that’s so when they throw the complications at the couple you can have the endurance and joy of wanting them together.

      The heroine had me in episode one when she asks why can’t men and women shower together? And with the love set on a tropical island, you just know there will be wet people with their shirts off … forgive me, but I do like my vicarious thrills.

      • 1.2.1 Fairycutter

        I just Google-d “Game Rai Game Ruk”. It seem interesting, where did you watch it? if the engsub are good, ‘ll add it to watch list…

      • 1.2.2 Sara

        I watched that lakhorn before. The latter part of the lakhorn is very dark but I really enjoyed it.

    • 1.3 Stacey

      Hey – I am watching 100 hundred year inheritance … But (here begins the rant) … It is neither funny nor romantic. So where the heck did they decided to describe it as a romantic comedy!?!? So far it’s all sad looks and frustrating inaction by Eugene. And I like Eugene and it’s the only reason I started watching! I said it was about a divorced woman who narrowly escapes her evil mother-in-law and runs the family noodle shop. Unless this show is 100 episodes long, we are nowhere close to that. And even more frustrating, the guy who will be the main lead just looks so bad!! He looks tired and old and what’s with the haircut? Sigh … Disappointing all the way around. Rom-com ….. Please!

      • 1.3.1 Fairycutter

        Hearing Eugene is back, i’m eager to watch 100 hundred year inheritance but then i visited Mystisith site, then suddenly I got phobia watching ‘not so good’ drama just for the sake my fav actor…

      • 1.3.2 KimYoonmi

        I have to agree, I tried it, but it’s a melodrama. Why is it listed as a Romantic Comedy?

        • Mystisith

          After 10 eps, the romance is still to be seen (at least for the main couple) but the baddies are ridiculously funny. It’s so farcical… Melo which can make me laugh and giggle is a winner in my book.

          • Ann

            I would love to see the evil MIL and the awful oldest SIL in a cage match!

          • JoAnne

            Still get a terrible stomach thinking about the 15 minutes of that awful woman that I watched. Still have that awful voice in my head. Still can’t bring myself to try it again.

      • 1.3.3 Windsun33

        I am with you there – up to ep10 (and still no divorce?), and 40 more to go. Not sure I can take it. The interaction with the main actress and others is pretty good, but there is a lot of boring and/or silly sub-plots that I fast forward through.

      • 1.3.4 Korazy Lady

        I agree! I am not sure why I’m sticking with it. And your assessment of the main actor is right on. His hair is awful and he looks considerably older than he did in 9 Ins 2 Outs. I don’t even think his acting is good here. And Eugene’s hasn’t done much for me either. If things don’t pick up soon, it will be another dropped show for me

    • 1.4 MojoJojo

      Happy Friday Fairycutter.

      I like Spec as well I actually watched the whole series, both seasons, the special, and the movie on dramacrazy. I believe they’re still there. I didn’t check the links to see if they were active but I know that it’s up.

      As for Kdramas, I just finished watching Me too Flower last night. Like some drama tend to do, it kinda veered of course during the last few episodes but the ending was satisfactory. I’m thinking about rewatching city hunter if I can’t find something that I feel like watching.

      I’m waiting for flower boy next door to finish so I can marathon it. Patience, willpower, I can do it. lol

      Watching two J dramas both are quite mellow, Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou and Itsuka Hi No Ataru Basho De.

      • 1.4.1 nomaden

        I’m watching oldies as well, but since I’m new with Jdorama, they’re currently my new crack. I watched love shuffle, now watching nobuta wo produce, and ALL of Hana Yori Dango series (finally…a boys over flowers that doesn’t cause me to scream WTH? WTH????!!) in the end.

        • MojoJojo

          I haven’t watch HYD, I know blasphemy, but I’ve heard really good things about it. Love Nobuta, the phrase “bicycle, bi, bi, bicycle” just flashed in my mind. Enjoyed Love Shuffle too.

          Jdramas just have a completely different vibe to them. I love them just as much as Kdramas but in a different way. it’s like they’re my children lol.

      • 1.4.2 Fairycutter

        Days ago, i visited dramacrazy, but i cant watch the movie…

        I also waited patiently to marathon FBND… ‘Patience, willpower, I can do it. lol’ We can do it!!

        MTF, watch only the Kiss (hide in embarrassment)….
        someday, i will watch it, for sure… for first half before doom and gloom….

        Me too, i love me some Jdorama right now.

    • 1.5 Fairycutter

      To All Fellow Cingus,
      this is emergency notice asking for a favor of sharing information…

      Where can i watch or and download Jdorama Boss season 1 start from episode 3?

      Pretty please… help me…

      • 1.5.1 cherkell

        I grabbed my torrents off of d-addicts. Not sure if they’re still being seeded or not…

        • Fairycutter

          thanks, off to D-addicts!

    • 1.6 Windsun33

      Right now I have almost no “must see” dramas on my radar, except “Queen of Ambition”.

      Casually watching (that means I fast-forward a lot, for one thing) “Love me or Leave me”, “100 Year Inheritance”, “Substitute Princess”.

      Been digging into Japanese and Chinese drama/movies a bit more, but some are hard to find, though a surprising number of them are on YouTube – “One Litre of Tears” and “Windstruck” – older but good ones.

  2. kakashi

    Happy Friday, Chingus!

    I’ve about had it with these multiple influenza strains that are making their evil rounds. Everybody I know has the one or the other and once one is gone, the other comes. I am glad the semester or generally the more stressful time of the year hasn’t started yet so that I can take care of the husband, the kid, and when there’s time, left, myself.

    I demand world peace! And world health!

    I am not watching any of the new shows yet (Ad Genius, Incarnation of Money, or L7CS). Not sure why, but all three do not intrigue me much (yet) from what I’m reading and hearing. Instead, I am watching an old one: Time Between Dog and Wolf. It’s been on my list for ages. So glad I’m finally getting around to it! It is a bit slow at times (especially some of the family interactions), but beautifully shot overall. There are a lot of close-ups and carefully lit scenes. Lee Jun-ki is fabulous. I hope he is doing another drama soon!!

    • 2.1 kopytko

      Hi Kakashi!
      I hope you and your loved ones fight the nasty flu and stay healthy and happy 🙂

      Time between Dog and Wolf was one of my first dramas. I enjoyed myself a lot admiring LJK. And I still keep Giraffe in fond memory.

      • 2.1.1 kakashi

        haha, so funny that you mention Giraffee. I heard his name mentioned in the show for the first time yesterday (or at least I noticed it for the first time) and thought how great a name that was!

        • kopytko

          An apt name. I saw it written as Gi Ra Peu and couldn’t figure whether it was his real name or just a kind of transliteration 🙂

    • 2.2 Fairycutter

      ‘world peace! And world health!’

      Amen to that!

    • 2.3 Enz

      Hope the cycle stops soon kakashi!

      • 2.3.1 kakashi

        yes. cause it’s EEEEVIL! >:(

        • Enz

          :(. It is

    • 2.4 DayDreamer

      I’m also not watching a lot of the currently airing stuff except Incarnation of Money which I found interesting from the plot itself.

      I’m also planning on watching Time Between Dog and Wolf mostly because after Arang and the Magistrate, I wanted more of Lee Jun Ki. However, the reviews were very discouraging of his previous shows like Iljimae and TBDW. After much hesitation, I watched Iljimae and surprisingly I liked it. I mean, I noticed the numerous flaws that were present in it (in terms of acting, directing, and writing) but I guess with all the negativity surrounding it on the site, I managed to lower my expectations significantly that I managed to enjoy it, lol. Surprisingly, the show actually got better as it went on and it had a lot of heart. I think if anyone is thinking of watching it, they should think of it as more slice of life style (because the larger plot plodded along very slowly).

      On the other hand, Return of Iljimae is not capturing my interest well enough…which is weird because it’s said to be much better quality-wise. I guess it’s just love for Lee Jun Ki that can blind me a little, lol.

      • 2.4.1 Jeannette

        I LOVED Iljimae. I thought it was really good! I loved teh character development and was really surprised when I read that lots of people disliked it. Kind of not wanting to bother with Return of Iljimae.

        • DayDreamer

          Yeah. everyone just has different tastes.

          Oh, but this show caused me for the first time to have a case of second lead syndrome where I wanted Yong to be paired with Bong Soon…she was so cute and more interesting than his actual love interest.

          • unik

            Hi! Funny that you mentioned that. Bong sun was my first second lead syndrome in a drama. I had my first taken by an anime. hahaha! I remember back when I used to be a member of crunchyroll before it became crappy that I actively posted on the Iljimae thread to fight for Bong-suns right to be with Iljimae. I couldn’t help it since the supposed to be main lead was so lackluster and anemic.

            My favorite scene between Bong-sun and Iljimae was when she forced a kiss on him. I thought she was the first modern woman in the saeguk era. There were a lot of beautiful and heart warming scenes between the two of them that I couldn’t stop rooting for them. She was just so alive there (thanks to Lee Young Ah!). And I thought the writers favored her too since in the end, Iljimae didn’t end up with the supposed main heroine and somehow it was left to be vaguely understood that Bong-sun stayed/went with Iljimae.

          • DayDreamer

            Ahhhh!!! Unik, don’t spoil the end for me!! lol

            I still have the last two episodes to finish watching….but now that you say that Bong Soon stayed with Iljimae, I will also keep that interpretation….it will make super happy, that’s for sure!

            I also loved that scene too and I had the same exact thoughts. I was like, you go girl! 😛 But then I was sad when Yong went to that noble girl directly afterward and kissed her. I was all, “Nooooo, Yong! You can’t do this to Bong Soon!!” Hehehe.

            My most favorite scene between the two, however, was in Iljimae’s little lair/hideout when he made her that cute present of various paintings of them. I actually thought Iljimae was finally seeing Bong Soon’s charms and falling for her. But alas, it wasn’t so.

            Lee Young Ah is also a very good actress. She certainly makes her characters alive. I noticed her and liked her first in Vampire Prosecutor. She really makes these adorable expressions of exasperation. 😛

          • unik

            Sorry didn’t mean to put out some “spoiler”. I thought you were done with it! 🙂 Yes, I was a Bong-su activist then and now. I used to have heated rebuttals with the “other lady’s” supporters but it was fun. Yong was warming up to her quite well by the last few episodes especially since there weren’t really many scenes between that noble and Yong. The whole time, I was wishing the adopted brother would elope with that lady just so she will be out of my hair.

            I wonder why there is no reply button under your post.

          • pogo

            Count me in as another one on Team Bong-soon, she was 100xbetter than the insipid love interest. I liked Iljimae, it was far from perfect but some characters/performances were really good – I LOVED his relationship with his adoptive father.

            Also it’s funny to think of it now, but Iljimae was the first ever drama I saw Yeo Jin-gu in, and that too paired with Kim Yoo-jung as the child versions of their characters – just like they were in Moon/Sun, except they’re cuter in Moon/Sun.

          • DayDreamer

            @ unik: Don’t worry! It was my fault for not saying that I didn’t finish the drama. Also, at some point the reply button doesn’t appear; not sure why though.

            @ pogo: I also loved the foster father and Yong’s interactions. He is so kind-hearted. I mean, there’s not a lot of people who can take care of others’ children and not be all loving like he is. So it was heartbreaking when he died.

      • 2.4.2 kakashi

        I also liked Iljimae a lot! And, hehe, same for Return of Iljimae. I know many people who just couldn’t watch it – so I got to accept that I am not weird ^^

        • DayDreamer

          Since you also liked Iljimae, I will also take your word for Time Between Dog and Wolf and get started on it too. No more hesitating! 🙂

        • Shukmeister

          kakashi –

          I want to watch TBD&W myself after hearing you rave about it.

          And I preferred Iljimae to Return of Iljimae, in spite of the boytoys in both… 🙂

  3. cherkell

    Happy OT Friday, Cats and Beanie Kittens! Hah, I’m up on time for a change! First off, warm hugs going out to you guys on the US East Coast who are gearing up for SNOWMAGEDDEON or whatever they’re calling this next round of crappy weather. (And here I’ve been complaining since my knees have given out because it’s raining in NorCal. Sorry.) Hang in there!!!

    So more news is trickling out on the “The Days” musical that will be JCW’s next project, and it’s a doozy! The poster shoot was held earlier today to announce the full cast, and no other than Yoo Joon Sang (recently seen in “My Husband Got A Family” on KBS) and Oh Man Seok (MANZZANG!!!) will rotate the lead roles during its run!! That’s some heavy hitters My Precious will be standing along side on stage, so I can see why he jumped at the project without hesitation! Changwook-ssi’s character plays Mu-yeong, the head of the Assistant Bodyguards and is written to be somewhat of a ‘question authority’ type of guy. DAMN. How much for a ticket to Seoul these days (opening empty wallet…)?

    In other news, RL has slapped me upsides the head and I’ve been falling behind on 5F recaps and other current drama watchings. But I’m thankful for one of our local Korean stations that runs late-night programming from MBC, JtBC, TvN and Arirang English-subbed shows. For a couple years now, they have been running older SBS dramas, chopped up into easily digestible 30-minute blocks (which means a 50-episode drama ends up being 100 episodes or more). Since they started, I’ve had a chance to watch “Super Rookie” (ERIC!!!!!), slogged through the Death March that was 2004’s “The Land” (not a sageuk, but close enough *yawn*), and now is airing 2007’s “The King and I” starring Jun Kwang Ryul and Oh Man Seok (he’s everywhere!), amongst lots of other recognized faces (Ahn Jae Mo, Kang Nam Gil, etc.). The storyline explains the rise and fall of the Eunuch Community during the time of Munjong, the 5th King of the Joseon Era. It’s pretty graphic in its description of how eunuchs were created (if they weren’t born that way), with a fair amount of bare butts, blood and castrations shown so far. Started out kinda squicky, but has progressed enough to where we get to see a 13-year-old Yoo Seung Ho (as the future King Seongjeong) and a 17-year-old Park Bo Young as his fiancee. Truly fascinating to learn something about a part of Korean history that isn’t widely spoken about!

    Lots do to before @zgznoona hits the Left Coast — we’ll be traveling to Los Angeles to the K.Will concert on Valentine’s Day and then staying in Koreatown for a few days afterwards. (Yes, pictures… or it didn’t happen.) Looks like the weather will be picture-perfect all next week and we can’t wait to see you, sweetie!

    Anyway, gotta run. Need to get the Servo Mobile into the shop for an oil change and look-over prior to hitting the road. Hope everyone has a great day and I’ll be back laters! Mata ne!

    • 3.1 Mystisith

      I didn’t know than OMS had been cast for The Days. Not than my wallet is more full than yours at the moment… How about filming the show and airing it on TV for us non Korean viewers?

      • 3.1.1 cherkell

        I’m sure there will be TONS of rehearsal and show footage available soon. I just received an e-mail with several awesome pics from their poster shoot yesterday, so I’ll put up some of the better ones on the JCW Soompi forum once I return home! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ♥♥♥

        If anyone wants to follow “The Days” on Twitter, the production just opened an account: @MusicalTheDays. Barely up and going for 12 hours, and already over 400 followers!

        • Mystisith

          Khamsa hamnida! Squuueee!!

    • 3.2 Carole McDonnell

      wow, all that castration stuff just made me want to see it. Am presently reading a book about a eunuch. I might as well jump in. Thanks.

      • 3.2.1 cherkell

        I wonder if there are any sites out on the Interwebs carrying torrents or streaming this show (look for the title ‘왕과 나’); I haven’t searched because I can handle watching it piece-meal at 11 PM every night. But last night’s episode was mega-squirm-inducing, to say the least. Finally found out why the eunuchs considered the porcelain urns kept on their homestead altars their most prized possessions. Fascinating!!!

        • Carole McDonnell

          I couldn’t find it on Dramacrazy or dramafever. Might look on AZNV or some other site.

    • 3.3 skelly

      Cherkell, we are traveling on parallel lines – I too live in the Bay Area, driving down to So Cal on the 15th only in my case it’s because my daughters have a skating competition. I just took the van in for a brake job and for them to shake their heads over my bald back tires, LOL.

      • 3.3.1 cherkell

        Oooh, how exciting! Figure skating or short/long track? Are they members of one of the clubs up here? I ask because one of my good friends skated for the Japan National Team when she was younger, and I hear all the skating stories from her — she knows anyone who’s everyone in California skating!

        • skelly

          It’s figure skating, but we are not in the big leagues, LOL. It is an ISI competition, which is the amateur/fun/non-Olympic division, and they are skating on a team with 20 other people – between the ages of 6 and 56! – in a precision dance number with a Disney theme. My oldest daughter also skates competitively in the USFSA (Olympic track) division, but she is way down there in Preliminary so really, they both do it for the love of it.

  4. shel

    I find it hard to believe that I”m first, but whatever, eh? I’m sure someone will post before I finish this.

    Drizzly morning here, hasn’t rained in weeks, ever since hubby finished setting up his rainwater catch system, lol. It’s not raining much, but at least we can see if it works. It’s only raining because the AT&T Pro Am Golf Tournament is going on at Pebble Beach, and it’s against their rules to play if it’s not raining, lol.

    Life is busy, not much time for drama watching. I was watching I Miss You, which I liked OK, but not as much as I hoped, given the leads. I was also watching School, which I did love, I thought it was so well done, the characters were great, the story was great, etc etc etc. Now I”m down to just FBND, which is adorable. I watched one ep of Incarnation of Money for my KJH, and 2 eps of Level 7, which is hilarious. I probably only have time to pick up one of them, so we’ll give them a couple more eps each to decide.

    Looking forward to hanging out with fellow Beanies CherKell and zgzgirl in a week or so.

    Hope everyone is well and happy!

    • 4.1 Fairycutter

      Now i’m felt guilty…. 🙁

      • 4.1.1 kakashi

        hahaha, Fairycutter … the quicker one wins! ^^

        • Fairycutter

          Hehehehe…. guilty pleasure then.

    • 4.2 zgznoona

      We have to make some time for drama watching when I visit next week. 😉
      I would go with FBND over IoM. I tried the first episode, and I could take the makjang. But of course. I will always pic a romantic comedy over a melo.

      • 4.2.1 cherkell

        How about I bring my copy of “I Am The King”? I bet you guys haven’t seen that yet! We need to make sure not to drink excessive amounts of liquid, because Joo Ji Hoon will make you laugh SO hard that I don’t want to cause any ‘accidents.’ 😀

        • unik

          I saw that. He was funny, I wonder what he is up to these days.

        • zgznoona

          Sounds good

    • 4.3 Jeannette

      AW SO CLOSE!

  5. Aigoo

    Hi all!!

    I’ve been lurking on the OT for a while and thought I’d come out of the shadows to say hi!

    I’m in Toronto and the weather is SNOWY here! It’s a horrible day to be out but looking forward to going home, hiding under the covers and watching tv!

    I’m watching FBND right now and plan to start Level 7 Civil Servant soon.

    Any other recommendations?

    • 5.1 shel

      Welcome! Glad you came out to play. Everyone here is pretty nice, no one bites….or at least as long as you dont try to take JoAnne’s Rain, Raine’s PSH or Cher’s Wookie.

      I’ve not much time for dramas these days, but I have a long list of past watches if you’re interested in older stuff.

      • 5.1.1 Aigoo

        Sure! I also watch jdramas and tdramas if you have any good recommendations!

        I’m flying to Florida next week so I have lots of airport time to catch up on dramas!

        • shel

          Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
          Queen In Hyun’s Man
          Coffee Prince
          Arang and the Magistrate
          The Greatest Love
          King 2 Hearts

          Those are all time favorites.

          A Man’s Story AKA Slingshot is kind of a psychological thriller that I really liked alot. It’s pretty old, so it’s harder to find, I had to download it.

          Capital Scandal AKA Seoul Scandal and couple of other names, with Kang Ji Hwan is fun. It’s a historical set in Japanese occupied Seoul. Also, Kang Ji Hwan’s Hong Gil Dong is a kind of fusion-sageuk where he plays kind of a reluctant Robin Hood-ish hero. I thought it was fun, too.

          Do you like rom-coms, sageuks, melos, etc?

          • JoAnne

            A Man’s Story is coming to Drama Fever, I saw that yesterday. I heartily second all those recommendations plus if you like to cry….I’ve got some others.

          • Aigoo

            LOL! Is it sad I’ve seen all of your all time favs except Greatest Love?? LOL!

            I also started Hong Gil Dong but didn’t get all that into it. But since you’re recommending it I’ll give it another shot!

            I’ll pretty much watch anything except for those dramas that make me depressed and bemoan mankind…..real life is hard enough!

          • shel

            OH, Dal Ja’s Spring with OMGLeeMinKi is cute. A tiny little weirdness at the end, but totally worth it for the middle, lol.

            Just finished Prosecutor Princess, that was fun. Kind of Legally Blond-ish.

          • shel

            And The Man Who Can’t Marry is cute/funny.

          • skelly

            Like your list, Shel, only I’d replace The Greatest Love with City Hall – I prefer smoldering CSW to manic CSW.

          • Celery

            I heart Greatest Love. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t exactly appreciate k-dramas (well, GL’s the first that I really, really liked, I’m Kim Sam Soon being a close second and What’s Up, Fox rounding up the three) or follow the scene closely.

            I tried getting in City Hall because of CSW and KSA, but I just can’t beyond the 2nd episode? But I shall try again!

          • Shukmeister

            CherKell –

            I watched City Hall and BL, and CSW is awesome in both. I lean a little more towards City Hall, just because I love some of the smoldering scenes (any other recent KDrama where they make out in a car by the waterfront?)

            Haven’t see A Man’s Story, but I know our chingus have been talking about it, so I’m all about it, as long as it’s on DF mobile.

            Take care!

          • skelly

            Celery, you have to be patient with City Hall – it starts out a little silly, with some slapstick humor and some very broadly-drawn characters, but then from about episode 3 it slowly picks up steam, and weight, until there are scenes near the end that sock you right in the gut. It wasn’t until the tango scene, in episode 3 I think, that I realized they might be going places interesting. And they did.

          • Celery

            Yes, ladies! My eternal bias is CSW so I HAVE to complete City Hall.

            I am currently trying to absorb this thing (HAHA!) called Athena but the plot is driving me crazy with its unrealistic characters.

        • oftheshore

          Some great recommendations there! I also highly recommend Love Shuffle, a jdrama. It’s not too serious, but has a lot of heart, and it’s also a nice break from high school/occupational jdramas.

          • nomaden

            I second that Love Shuffle. Also, if you like to branch out of Kdrama, Nobut wo produce is good too. Kdrama wise, I like The woman who still wants to marry too (it’s old). Oh, and Damo. My all time favorite (but come to think of it, you might hate it since you said life is hard enough…this is not one to make life easier :P)

          • Aigoo

            Thanks for the recommendations everyone! I’ll check them out!

          • peaches

            yess love shuffle is pure awesomeness. i’m also watching “saikou no rikon” right now, which is absolutely amazing.

          • ladysarahii

            Love Shuffle was my first Jdrama! I love that one! And every time I’m in an elevator I think of that drama.

          • skelly

            Yaaaaay Panda!

      • 5.1.2 pogo

        Hey Aigoo! I second all of shel’s recs (especially Arang) but here are a few more, if you haven’t seen them:

        School 2013
        Shut Up Flower Boy Band
        You’re Beautiful (if you like Park Shin-hye, you must watch this – the first episode almost put me off, but from episode 2 onwards things really pick up)
        Ojakkyo Brothers (crazy long but it has Joo-won)
        My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho
        Answer Me 1997

        and on the more intense side
        The Devil
        The Princess’ Man

        • Aigoo

          I haven’t watched The Devil but The Princess’ Man is on my hit list! LOL! I even bought the DVD but I’m waiting until I have enough time and popcorn before I start watching it!

          I’ve watched the rest – they’re all great recommendations! Loved School! Miss those boys! Can’t wait to see them in something else!

          • Carole McDonnell

            Could i recommend”

            Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
            White Christmas
            Dal Ja’s Spring
            Take Care of the Young Lady

            Floating Classroom
            Delicious Gakuin
            Liar Game (fun if you like logic games)

            Chinese Dramas:
            Gloomy Salad Days

          • pogo

            Carole – ita on White Christmas, that cast is like a Who’s Who of young talent, but – Take Care of the Young Lady?! I never made it all the way through because I thought it sucked so hard and the male lead was ugly (plus YEH really can”t play mean girl) and it managed to waste Moon Chae-won in second lead, but you’re the first person I know of who likes it so I want to figure out if it’s worth a shot when I have nothing else on my plate.

          • pogo

            Aigoo – how about Can We Get Married? That’s recent, but it’s pretty great plus of course the cast is gorgeous..

          • skelly

            OK, for true brain whiplash, cut back and forth between White Christmas and Delicious Gakuin…!

            OOOH, school story mashup!

          • Carole McDonnell

            @Pogo, I think I liked it because of Jung Il Woo. My big failing. He was second lead so… But i didn’t think the main guy was so ugly.

          • Jeannette

            Agree with White Christmas. It’s what I tell EVERYONE to watch. I’ve never met someone who didn’t like it/wasn’t affected by it.

          • pogo

            @Carole – haha, I think he probably isn’t THAT bad-looking, but compared to her previous leading men, he was a serious downgrade (and I am shallow enough to note that, in the pantheon of her leading men, he does come wayyy below all of them – Joo Ji-hoon, Gong Yoo, Kang Ji-hwan and Yoochun)

      • 5.1.3 Jeannette

        YA! No one better take my Onew, either! >_<

    • 5.2 Fairycutter

      Hi Hi!!!

      have you watch Spec? that’s one fine and hilarious jdrama…

      • 5.2.1 Aigoo

        I totally loved that!! The lead was hilarious! I wish they had another season…..

        • Fairycutter

          there is another season on the make, or at least SP and Movie… and Toma in Red….

          • Aigoo

            No way! Do you know when it’s supposed to come out?

          • Fairycutter

            Filming start about December last year and due out this year for both the SP Zero and the Movie Close.

    • 5.3 Carole McDonnell

      oh my gosh! I love your name, Aigoo!

      • 5.3.1 Aigoo

        LOL! Thanks! I thought it was totally fitting given the amount of kdramas I watch! I swear I don’t watch anything in English anymore!

        • Fairycutter

          I even forget the last English speaking drama i watched…

          God lord, what a doom we facing…

          • Carole McDonnell

            I totally understand. The only stuff I watch on TV are an old British comedy, Keeping Up appearances and reality shows like The First 48, I survived, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Stalked, and Frenemies. And of course American Idol. On American TV, truth is always stranger and less predictable than fiction.

          • Shukmeister

            I adored Keeping Up Appearances!! Hyacinth was a right old broad. Some of that old British humor is just what you need sometimes for a bit of a smile with your tea and biscuits. lol

            Other older British comedies on my list:

            ‘Allo ‘Allo – set in occupied France during WW II

            The Thin Blue Line – A short series based in a police station

            Are You Being Served? – The interaction between employees at a department store.

          • Carole McDonnell

            yeah. KUA is my long-time favorite. Loved, loved, loved Are you being served? I also liked Butterflies. Once in a while i watch Vicar of Dibley and am trying to get into Mrs. Brown’s Boys. But i watch that on the internet. Haven’t heard of Allo Allo or Thin Blue Line. Will look out for them. Thanks.

        • pogo

          The only thing that will drag me back to English-language TV now is the third series of Sherlock. Which is not getting here before 2014, ha.

          • Aigoo

            They take forever to come out with new episodes! I’ve taken to watching the new one – Elementary – but it isn’t as good as the BBC version….although I do enjoy the twist of a female Watson….

          • Shukmeister

            I think the delay for Sherlock is the actors: Martin Freeman (Dr Watson) was filming The Hobbit, and Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) in the new Star Trek movie.

          • John

            pogo ~

            Have you seen the British series Doc Martin?

            Shortened synopsis from wikipedia.

            Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes), a brilliant and successful vascular surgeon at Imperial College London, develops haemophobia (a fear of blood), forcing him to stop practising surgery.

            Despite his medical brilliance, Ellingham is gruff, ill-mannered, and lacks social skills.

            He obtains a post as the general practitioner (GP) in the sleepy Cornish village of Portwenn, where he spent childhood holidays with his Aunt Joan

            Ellingham also finds it difficult to express his romantic feelings to primary school teacher Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz)

        • KimYoonmi

          When I watch an English-language drama, I find myself looking for the subtitles….

          • Jeannette

            Same here! The last English speaking anything I watched was RuPaul’s Drag Race, and it only lasted a few minutes before I started getting antsy…I wanted some K-dramas, darnit!

          • JoAnne

            I find that I get confused sometimes because I’ll flip to a different screen to check something while watching an English-language program, think to myself hey, I understood what they were saying! And then realize that’s because it’s in my own language.

            I guess basically I don’t even realize I am listening to Korean anymore. Not that I can follow entire conversations or anything – heck I can’t follow lots of SENTENCES – but I don’t register that it’s not English because my brain is accustomed to hearing it. Especially music.

            The other day, I caught myself thinking ‘Oh man, I wish Daesung’s new album wasn’t in Japanese, I won’t understand it.’ Then I realized ‘um…I wouldn’t really understand it anyway.’ But the thing is…Korean sounds familiar to me, like English.

            I’m not explaining it well.

    • 5.4 Mystisith

      Hello Aigoo! (That name, kekeke…)
      Looks like you’re a sweet tooth when it comes to dramas?
      How about a little marathon of Cheer up, Mister Kim! It’s a daily drama (33mins/ep) airing now but more than 40 eps are already subbed and it’s SO easy watching…
      Anyway, welcome in the OT!

      • 5.4.1 Aigoo

        Thanks Mystisith! I look forward to OT every Friday (although I’ve only been lurking to date…)

        Btw…I love your website as well! I check it daily! LOL!

        • Mystisith

          Nice of you! 🙂 I blame my writer’s block and my crazy schedule for the lack of posts recently. I want to find a light topic but can only think about dark ones… Winter blues sucks!

          • skelly

            Not to put pressure on you or anything, Mysti, but we ARE stalking you…


    • 5.5 John

      Aigoo ~

      Chinese dramas:

      Bu Bu Jing Xin

      The Legend of Zhen Huan

      The Little Nyonya

      J Dramas:

      Nodame Cantabile

      Hotaru no Hikari

      • 5.5.1 John

        I should note the C dramas are tear jerkers,

        the J Dramas are funny.

      • 5.5.2 Aigoo

        Hi John!!

        I’ve seen the j dramas – awesome!!

        Bu Bu Jing Xin was also good! I didn’t care for the ending but that show put me through the emotional wringer!

        Will check out your other recommendations!

  6. RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday! I’m starting to like Level 7, hope it keeps up this week’s momentum.

    I’m trying to finish some of the older dramas on my list. I really enjoyed Attic Cat. Considering that it is ten years old I thought it held up to the test of time.

    Does anyone think Iris 2 will be worth watching?

    • 6.1 kakashi

      Hi RockPaperScissors! Well, the promo material for Iris 2 looks VERY promising, but then, I also thought Iris would be incredibly good … and it was, until it wasn’t … and Athena! They certainly know how to do flashy fight scenes etc., but so far, they all messed up the story. I’ll certainly tune in for Iris 2, but I’m not expecting too much. better safe than sorry, lol

    • 6.2 Fairycutter

      ‘Iris 2 will be worth watching?’

      of course, at least first 2 episode, well, whatever happen, i’ll watch those first 2…

      just don’t set your expectation too high for story department…

    • 6.3 kopytko

      Hi RockPaperScissors!
      I am glad I am not the only one praising Attic Cat. It was one of my first dramas and I still have fun rewatching bits of it. Love the main characters and the rooftop room.

      I was afraid I would become a really boring broken record about Attic Cat 😉

      • 6.3.1 unik

        I like Attic cat. The actress was one of my favorite and I was sad when she died. I had a dvd of her last drama “That Summer Typhoon” but unfortunately, I lost it. For some reason I can’t find a streaming video on any of my usual haunts.

        Spoiler beware: (^^^)

        I remember it to be melo nearly makjang and it was the first time that I found myself rooting for incest. Imagine the ethical conflict I had watching that drama. I wished and wished for another birth secret that would render the incest null but alas the dramagods were cruel.

  7. John

    Friday! A wet and windy one her in VA.

    Watching K dramas:

    Ad Genius, Incarnation of Money

    FBND (Enrique all the way)

    Great Seer ( General Lee finally became king).

    Finished: He Who Can’t Marry. Cute

    Watching J Dramas:

    Nobunaga No Chef

    Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou.

    No Chef is the better of the two.

    • 7.1 Aigoo

      Woah! Where do you get the time?

      I tried starting Biblia….didn’t make it through the first episode 🙁

      • 7.1.1 John


        I’ll watch the J dramas before I go to work, K dramas at night.

        Re Biblia:

        Elf/Pixie girl “detective”. Her male counterpart seems kind of dense.

    • 7.2 Carole McDonnell

      Hey, John,
      We’re awaiting the big storm up here. Am so tired of winter.

      Definitely loving No Chef.

    • 7.3 Mystisith

      @ John
      I call Biblia my Zen drama: I can’t watch it if I’m in hyper mode. But relaxed with a cup of green tea in hands, it works for me.

    • 7.4 cv

      Hi John!

      Yes, GS–GL–he did finally became King. What a long wait that was. LOL

      I’m really liking No chef—anything to do with foood—yummy! (cause I can’t cook like that) :p

      It’s weird… Jdorama—they have some really good ones at the end of last year…but starting this year, all those storylines are not interesting at all.
      Kinda goes for Kdrama too. eeks.

      • 7.4.1 John

        cv ~

        Great Seer: Are Ji Sang & Hae In ever going to be able to settle down?

        I actually felt a bit sad for Jung Geun , he’s lost all the women in his life.

        No Chef is funny and the food looks delicious !

        • cv

          I know right? Jisang and Haein are together but seem to be always separated. His job must be tough.
          As for Jung geun, I don’t feel bad for him at all. I think it’s karma kicking him in the butt—for being a bad person, scheming and killing when he didn’t have to.

          no chef—yes, it has it’s moment of seriousness and fun parts. I wonder if he will ever get back home to the future? Or I wonder if it’s just a dream and he’ll wake up? Will he change the past by helping Nobunaga? hmmmmmm….

          • John

            cv ~

            When Ji Sang was watching Ban Ya die in Jung Guen’s arms, I thought of the song by the O’Jays, She Used To Be My Girl.


      • 7.4.2 peaches

        i said this in a different post as well but the jdrama “saikou no rikon” that’s airing right now is pretty awesome.

        • John

          peaches ~

          Re: Saikou No Rikon

          Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out .

          With It has Eita and Maki Yoko (from Osozaki no Himawari ), it should be interesting.

    • 7.5 Mar

      I’m in the 757 and glad to be avoiding the S word, so I’ll take the rain…just not all at once! I don’t particularly want to have any Noah sightings! I got a little soppy walking to the office but I had armed myself with my trust rainboots and heavy duty bubble umbrella. Hope you stay dry and warm!

      • 7.5.1 Shukmeister

        Mar and John –

        I’m glad we missed the worst of it. Sometimes it’s nice being close enough to the ocean to keep away the snow. Of course, that means your are wet and miserable when precipitation occurs, but I guess you can’t have everything.

        I’m currently watching Nobunaga no Chef as my JDorama fix, and really enjoying the interaction of the characters!

        • Mar

          Me too on the coastal living! Then sun had come out by afternoon that day!

  8. kopytko

    Hi Everybody!
    How are you doing? The Winter came back to my town with lots of snow. It’s a bit inconvenient to walk or drive, but on the other hand it’s just great to listen to Vivaldi’s Winter and look at the garden. We’ve got lots of birds visiting, and i must tell you it’s better than any drama running currently. If you look carefully, there are many complicated social interactions, both between different species and inside homogenous groups.

    As I mentioned, I am not really excited by anything, I just stick to Rascal Sons and Madame Butterfly. The power of habit it is.

    Have a nice weekend!

    • 8.1 oftheshore

      Czesc-czesc kopytko!
      Are you feeling better this week?

      • 8.1.1 kopytko

        Czesc oftheshore!
        Thank you so much, I am way better now. I resolved some things, some problems resolved themselves, and I am working out the rest.
        Yesterday I treated myself to the traditional doughnuts and was close to absolute happiness 🙂

        How are you doing?

        • oftheshore

          I could pretty much copy what you said above regarding your own situation. 🙂
          I’m still trying to watch FBND, mostly because of Park Shin Hye and the editor noona, I just love them. Also, wciaz ogladam czasem Z Archiwum X.

          • kopytko

            LOL… recently my mechanic-oppa made fun of me when I told him that I learned German (that’s right!) watching X-Files on German tv. Truly, it’s one of the series that I will always think warm about.

          • kopytko

            And forgot to say: I am not able to like FBND. I am looking forward to the next offering of tvn, the one with Lee Jin Wook *dreamy eyes*

        • Aigoo

          ….now I want to eat a doughnut….LOL!

          • kopytko

            The complete thing was: doughnuts (with rose filling), good black tea, my sis at home (she’s on winter holiday) and the Ball at the Oper in Vienna on tv. I normally don’t care about things like that, bit this one has definitely a timeless charm to it.

  9. snow_white


    Good Evening 🙂

    I’m watching FBND (awesome)…..

    also started Incarnation of money and L7SC, but still have to catch up with them….will do so next week….

    eagerly waiting for You’re the best, lee soon shin 🙂

    have to start Ad genius as well… many dramas!!!!

    • 9.1 snow_white

      And ya, I watched a movie as well: “Never Let Me Go”

  10. 10 Annie

    I’ve officially given up on Level 7 – can’t justify wasting my time anymore.

    Anyone watching Swordsman, the new Yu Zheng drama?

    • 10.1 Fairycutter

      I plan to watch if there is good English Sub….

      God, I still remember Jet Li version…

    • 10.2 pogo

      I’ve given up on L7 too – too many good dramas out there for me to waste any more time with this, and I can’t get past the lack of chemistry (which is NOT an age issue, seeing Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi and then contrasting them to this is just sad)

      • 10.2.1 Annie

        Yeah, I think that 2 people can click regardless of age even if they don’t necessarily look ‘good’ together but it just didn’t happen between CKH and Joo Won. And the drama itself is so lightweight – I’m really interested to see how many viewers Iris and Song Hye Kyo’s drama can steal away.

      • 10.2.2 DayDreamer

        Amen. I honestly tried to get into it too just for Joo Won but it’s not happening. I somehow don’t like the actress. It’s not even her looks or age or anything like that. Something about her doesn’t let me tune in to the show. Same thing happened with Protect the Boss.

    • 10.3 cv

      I have not started Leven 7 yet. Not good?

      I’m planning to watch swordman–will be helping segment @viki but they have a bug thingy that won’t let me segments…so I’ll have to wait on that.
      It looks good.
      I watched the 2001 version (well, ending that is–LOL) I like it so as long as the new version follow that one, it’s all good. ^^

      • 10.3.1 Fairycutter

        “I watched the 2001 version (well, ending that is–LOL) I like it so as long as the new version follow that one, it’s all good.”

        which drama or movie do you refer?

  11. 11 pogo

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    Flower Boy Next Door is my one and only among the currently airing, and it just kills me a little more each week, and this week it was Enrique’s eyes that did me in. So much vulnerability there, when he’s not playing up his puppy-high-on-sugar persona…..and Dok-mi killed me some more. (also , THE PREVIEW. Fingers crossed that TVN is not trolling us, and that Park Shin-hye gets to react a little to being kissed this time, even though what we do see is rather sweet and intense and emotional – more about the fact that they’re kissing at all, than how they go about it.

    On the older shows front, I finished The Man Who Can’t Marry, and now I’ve re-started on Dream High……and I did not expect Suzy to be quite this TERRIBLE at acting. It’s actually painful because she’s not even acting, she’s just saying her lines and making the required facial expressions, but there’s a blankness to her that I just can’t get past – she’s just going through the motions. And here I thought Kim Hyun-joong was bad….this is worse.

    (and before anyone says anything about me being biased against idol actors, I do know there are good ones out there and some of them are in this drama – Eunjung, for a start, Yoochun and even Yoona, who held up her end much better than I’d thought she was capable of in Love Rain. Now I’m nervous about Gu Family Book, ugh)

    • 11.1 Ace

      I actually liked Suzy in Dream High. The one idol I thought of that acted badly was Taecyeon. When I watched Suzy, I was seeing Hye-mi, but when I watched Taecyeon painfully I see Taecyeon, not the character he was playing. Even IU & his fellow 2PM member Woo-young was better than him which was sad because those two like Suzy were first-timers and he was not.

      • 11.1.1 pogo

        Oh yeah, that guy – he was so bad I didn’t even want to find out why he was a lead or what his deal was. Another one just going through the motions, eh. I

    • 11.2 Enz

      I didn’t watch dream high but Suzy sounds like the female equivalent of Kim bum in The woman who still want to marry then! 🙂

    • 11.3 John

      pogo ~

      Re: TMWCM

      Kim So Eun ! She was so cute.

      • 11.3.1 pogo

        Kim So-eun and Yoo Ah-in together were just THE cutest. I just want to cover them in puppies or something.

    • 11.4 Pucelle

      I actually like Suzy in Dream High as I realized what you are seeing is her character. As her character gets better at expressing her emotions Suzy starts to warm up a little.

      I think the guy who plays Jason and Taekyeon were the worst although Jason gets better. IU is just adorable so I’m not sure she’s really acting since that’s her idol personality as well but it suits the character.

      • 11.4.1 pogo

        It’s still early days for me, but frankly the character doesn’t really have much by way of emotion to express yet, and that is not the problem – the problem is that Suzy (and that dude who saved her from the thugs and also sucks) act like they’re reading their lines off a Teleprompter that’s also feeding them facial expression instructions.

        I don’t know much about her idol career and I can get her appeal – she’s cute, but I honestly hope she’s better by the end of the drama.

        • JoAnne

          you’ll grow to like her, and they turn her limited skills into a plot point, which was hilarious.

          • Llamaesque

            “This is the face I make when I’m happy.”


            Suzy’s got such a high charm factor that I’ll forgive her low actor factor.

            (Wow. That rhymed.)

          • JoAnne

            The actor factor.

            I think we’re probably going to hear that term used quite a bit going forward, LLama dear 🙂

            But yeah, I adore Suzy. Her ‘light’ acting skills are actually part of the charm for me now, because her mgmt group seems to be aware of it and interested in capitalizing on it – placing her in roles where it actually begins to work for her, rather than against it.

        • skelly

          I hear you, pogo, but this is exactly why idols will continue to be stinking up dramas for years to come – so many people are willing to overlook their deficiencies as actors because they are so ‘cute.’ Fans like them enough as singers or CF shills or tarentos or game show contestants or whatever (“personality,” for example) that they are willing to turn a blind eye to their actual lack of talent.

          • pogo

            …and when one does criticise a bad performance, the fans will jump on you saying ‘but she’s a first-timer!’ or ‘singing and dancing were how she chose to express herself first, and now she’s ~expressing herself ~ by acting!’ (I have actually seen this right on DB)

            Far better actors than Suzy have been ripped to shreds for performances that weren’t even a quarter as bad as this, but we’re supposed to let the idols off because they have to live up to only a specially lowered standard? Rubbish. And if they had to cast idols, I wish said idols would at least take an acting course, or supporting roles instead of lead right off the bat. Learn the damn craft first!

          • Windsun33

            “ many people are willing to overlook their deficiencies as actors because they are so ‘cute.’..”

            That is one of my main objections to the Idol Factor in dramas – even here among us Professional K-Drama Fans 😀 I see a lot of “the story and acting sucked, but Xxx is so cute 🙂

    • 11.5 Llamaesque

      Flower Boy Next Door has literally eaten my brain. It’s all I think about, especially after the promo for episode 11 =X

      I can’t decide if I’m glad I started watching it while it’s airing (thereby getting to experience the fan frenzy), or incredibly annoyed with myself for not waiting until the whole thing was subbed. If I’d just been patient, I could have marathoned the entire drama in like…a day.

      I’m trying to withhold judgement on the kiss until we get to see the whole thing. Right now it looks like just what I expected: Yoon Si Yoon is smoking hot, and Park Shin Hye is a cold fish. The facial expressions are great, but she’s just standing there like a mannequin, as always.

      In my dream world Enrique and Dok Mi would officially get together in episode 11, rather than being kept apart by outside forces until episode 16. (Which I bet is what will actually happen.) That way we could see them being together and figuring out how to make Dok Mi comfortable with a physical relationship.

      • 11.5.1 hydrangeabloom

        I noticed that with FBND too! I thought, ‘Dok-mi, what are you doing?!’ However, your analysis is terrific Llamaesque, and I hope that the drama possibly delves into that part of Dok-mi’s relationship with Enrique. Because there is still plenty of room for her to come out of her shell, and exploring that within a romance with Enrique would be brilliant.

      • 11.5.2 pogo

        …I know the kiss in the preview isn’t perfect, but at least it reassures me that it won’t be as bad as Heartstrings (which gave new dimensions to the words ‘dead fish kissing’)

        I only started watching dramas live/as they aired last year, and it’s fun to watch with everyone else but frustrating as hell for the wait!

        • Shukmeister

          I both love and loathe the wait, but I’m practically driving to work on Mondays with my handphone duct tape to the steering wheel so I can watch it raw before work. For some reason, FBND has captured my heart that dangerously.

          And no, I don’t actually watch it that way, sillies 😎

  12. 12 JoAnne

    Good Morning My Wondrous Beans!

    Greetings from the wet, nasty outskirts of Winter Storm Nemo. OUR fun begins tonight, I guess. Just a little snow so far, but it’s heavy and wet. Power outage in my future? Should I go stay with the parents? Sigh.

    Let’s see…Enjoying Incarnation of Money and Level 7 Civil Servant, that’s as far as I got with the new stuff so far. Flower Boys! You rock my world, you honestly do. What else am I doing? I’m so SCATTERED mentally these days. Outside of work anyway. I guess because INSIDE is requiring a lot of focus.

    Why can’t I have both, world?

    Jin Won, my lovely Chicken Beak, is going to be on We Got Married. I do luff me some Joonie, but I can watch him in Irish next week. So I’m excited!

    *Shinee’s back* Tumblr is killing me with that sh**. Laughing so hard I choke.

    Ok, off to read comments 🙂

    • 12.1 pogo

      Hey JoAnne! My time zone is currently phasing out of winter and I haven’t even needed a sweatshirt all week – soon it’ll be too warm for jackets, and then nasty hot summer T_T

      I tried L7CS, but I just can’t get past the non-chemistry between the couple and gave up at episode 4. And speaking of variety shows, I want to know what that one was that had a bunch of idols pretend-dating each other – someone from 4minute was in it, that’s all I remember.

      • 12.1.1 Annie

        It’s ‘The Romantic and the Idol’

      • 12.1.2 JoAnne

        The Idol and Romantic – I’m currently watching Season 1 on DC-net and have Season 2 cued up as well.

        • Janet

          TRAI is really cruel to the older idols who join. They always end up with nobody wanting to pair with them.

          • JoAnne

            They’re still on Jeju-do, I’m not far into season 1. All I’ve really noticed at this point is that there’s that one boy who was paired up with the older girl and they really hit it off and he’s kinda scary sulking that she’s showing interest in other people…and also that JunK is adorable and earnest but his face is oddly long.

    • 12.2 cv

      hi Joanne! keep warm and have lots of food/water in hand it case you get stuck inside for a few days. I heard bout the storm coming your way. Hope it’s not too bad.

      Looks like most people are loving FBND! As long as the story get’s interesting aka love between the two leads–i’ll be cheering them on! 🙂

      • 12.2.1 JoAnne

        plenty of food, plenty of water. the keeping warm part might be tricky, because if power goes so does my heat. And we’re pretty sure power will go. Neighbor has a generator so I can camp over there, but parents really want me to come down off the hill and stay with them since they have one, too. It’s just such a PAIN to pack stuff up and there’s the dog and ugh. Plus I’m trying to work, and I can’t do that from their wireless as I haven’t had IT set that up yet. Only from mine. Which, ha. Because I have internet, but can’t get into the company network and EVRYTHING is online. I’ve been trying all morning. Very frustrating, but there’s stuff I HAVE to do today.

        • cv

          Oh yea…. just have lots of blankets handy too. LOL
          IF it gets too cold, neighbor it is.

          Good luck!

    • 12.3 Mar

      Girl I saw a uh, interesting, Jonghyun GIF this past week and I immediately thought of you and I THOUGHT I’d bookmarked for you but alas it appears I did not. Will look for it again when I have surfing time. Just thought I’d torture you a bit 😉

      • 12.3.1 Jeannette

        I would also like to see this GIF. lol

        • JoAnne

          I’m gonna tell Onew on you.

          • Jeannette

            It’s just for RESEARCH.

    • 12.4 Jeannette

      I know, right? I’ve been fangirling for DAYS!! (you might already know)

      I have both comebacks on my work calendar, preordered “Fire” the MOMENT I was given the option, plan on buying the iTunes “Dream Girl” (less than two weeks!) even though the physical album will be released later…

      And oh, Taemin. What the hell. WAE GROW UP? Brat. (refuse to watch BOA’s new MV b/c I can’t deal with TaeMAN.)

  13. 13 KDrama Fan

    Hi there!

    Anyone watching Adverting Genius Lee Tae Baek? It’s go~od!

    Also watching FBND, MLMB and Rascal Sons-the latter has grown on me.

    • 13.1 Aigoo

      It’s on my ‘to watch’ list so I’m glad to hear it’s going well! Now I have something to look forward to!

      • 13.1.1 KDrama Fan

        Hi Aigoo.

        So far so good:)

    • 13.2 kopytko

      Hey KDrama Fan,
      can you tell something more about Lee Tae Baek? What do YOU like about it? I am looking forward to any interesting new drama, but nothing catches my attention enough to give it a try.

      • 13.2.1 KDrama Fan

        Hi kopytko.

        I like that it’s solid. I already have a good feeling for the main characters-they seem real from their clothing to the personalities they portray. No-one is over-the-top crazy/mad/jealous. The story is easy to follow and makes sense. The directing makes me not think about the directing.

        Watch and see what you think.

        • kopytko

          Thank you for your recommendation. I can see the first ep is already available 🙂

        • DayDreamer

          What exactly is the storyline though? Wikipedia didn’t really give much away hence why I haven’t been able to watch it myself.

  14. 14 korfan

    Hello Everybody!

    So I have to share that I’m now really enjoying I Miss You. Episode 8 just aired last night. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I am given the heavy-duty does of trauma and difficulties, but I am. Can’t wait for the next ep.

    I have to add that I Miss You has a great “look” to it, in the technical sense (although the actors aren’t too shabby to look at either!!). Of course I have no idea what lenses, filters or lights they use, but gosh, every scence looks awesome.

    I’ve continued with King of Dramas. The last 2 episodes air next week. KOD is absolutely great. I’m already a little sad that this is ending next week.

    Still watching May Queen, half-way through already. I’ve found Jae Hee totally wooden, but then again, maybe that’s what they asked him to do, who knows. The name escapes me right now, but the actor who plays Ilmoon, I think he needs to do comedy or something…..I don’t know, but he just cracks me up.

    That’s what is going on with me for now. Take care everyone and happy Friday!

    • 14.1 Dewo

      Hi Korfan. I’m typing this in the middle of watching I miss you episode 8 too. I’m glad we share the same page, cause I think most people here already finished watching it or decided not to finished at all. So let’s high five….

      • 14.1.1 korfan

        Dewo –

        Hi! Sorry for the late response. But yes! *high five*.

        I hope you’re finding I Miss You as enjoyable as I am. At this point it’s revenge, some mystery, manipulation, guilt, and dare I say even a little, subtle seduction all mixed up together. What a combination.

        Let’s see what happens next week…..

    • 14.2 pogo

      Hey korfan! I liked I Miss You when it was on too, and I agree that visually it’s gorgeous. And the trauma and pain is somewhat balanced out by lighter moments (really adored Jung-woo’s partner, he was unadulterated awesome), which thank goodness because otherwise I’d never get through it.

      • 14.2.1 korfan

        pogo –

        I agree with what you’ve said here. I’m glad you liked it too.

    • 14.3 Windsun33

      For me, after ep8 in I Miss You was where it started going really downhill for me. I ended up watching to ep10, then skipped to the last episode.

      • 14.3.1 korfan

        Windsun33 –

        Awww…..that’s ok. It happens. Sometimes we really connect with a drama and sometimes we don’t. But that’s what makes life interesting, I think…..that we all have different tastes!

  15. 15 Julia

    I’ve been watching KDramas for a year now. Only a few have tempted me back for repeat viewings (mostly rom-coms). So I reach out to you to tell me which dramas you have watched more than once and what it is about them that makes the drama so appealing to you.
    Below is my list of multiple watched dramas.

    Mary Stayed Out All Night – My all time favorite KDrama. Jang Geun Suk! Kim Jae Wook!
    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop -Pillar and the bromance makes this a place I love revisiting.
    Queen InHyun’s Man – Ji Hyun Woo is the Chosun scholar with charm.
    Lie to Me – Kang Ji Hwan, Hotel chaebol, needs a coke splattered kiss.
    Full House – plain Jane gets to move in with Rain. Can we see those abs again please?
    Boys Before Flowers – My entry drug to KDramas. (jDrama Hana Yori Dango). A fairytale.
    Goong – Princes and young love. Compelling 2nd lead.
    Your Beautiful – Music, cross-dressing, and handsome boys. (JDrama Ikemen Desu Ne)
    Secret Garden – Philip Lee as stunt coordinator. Ha Ji Won in action scenes. Ridiculous plot with sweet moments.
    Personal Taste – Lee Min Ho plays an architect pretending to be gay.
    Coffee Prince – Love this couple. Lee Sun Gyun great 2nd lead to Gong Yoo’s lead.
    Playful Kiss – I found Oh Hani annoying, but love Sueng-Jo. Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Tae Sung. Watched JDrama and TDrama (It Started With A Kiss) versions too.

    • 15.1 kopytko

      Hi Julia!
      from the top of my head I would recommend:
      Love Marriage – Kim Min Hee and Kim Ji Hoon in a rom com about matchmaker and divorce attorney. A great couple with chemistry.
      Dal Ja’s Spring – a terrific example of noona-dongsaeng romance. Lee Min Ki and Chae Rim as the leads. Kim Jae Wook in a tertiary role, selling clothes on a market 🙂
      Sang Doo Let’s Go To School – an early Rain. As a single dad and gigolo. Need I say more? Ok, there is also Gong Hyo Jin. And a lovely bullterrier.

      • 15.1.1 oftheshore

        Fully support that Dal Ja’s Spring recommendation. I always loved the workplace drama (or rather comedy) in it, as well as the female friendship/bonding. I also really like that there’s no real love triangle in this drama. They kind of toy with the idea then turn it into a source of more jokes (that Candy reference! :D). The beta-couple is also really good. I think someone asked about beta-couples on here recently, and I really wanted to mention them (but completely forgot to post a reply).

      • 15.1.2 Lovebug

        Omo i had no idea that was what Sangdoo was about! Adding it to my watch list. (Rain remains one of my true drama loves).

        • kopytko

          I haven’t seen all Rain’s works, but I think he did a great job there. This drama is a lil’ bit of a tearjerker (a sick child) but Rains plays this part with so much dedication, that I didn’t drop it (I would normally stop watching). It was made several years ago, so one could find it a little below current trends and standards, but it has one big value: lot’s of heart.

          • JoAnne

            He was great as Sang Doo. I didn’t find Gong Hyo Jin all that appealing – too WHINY but overall I adore this drama with every ounce of my heart. Fair warning: it WRECKED me. STILL f-ing cry when I think about it.

    • 15.2 Sammy

      Oh wow, that’s so cool! We have the same first drama! And we’ve been watching dramas for about the same length of time! 😀 And I’ve watched almost all those dramas except Mary Stayed Out All Night, Lie To Me, and Playful Kiss. How cool is that? XD

      Off the top of my head…

      City Hunter- Lee Min Ho acting as a masked avenger. What’s not to love?
      Shut Up Flower Boy Band – Words cannot explain my love of this story of underdogs, Sung Joon, and growing up. It’s so good. <3
      Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Park Min Young in Joseon times fighting against the system of no girls working.
      Arang and the Magistrate – Fantastic fantasy world, with just the right amount of fantasy and mystery. Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min ah.
      Full House Take 2: The hair is incredibly bad, but once you get over that hump, No Min woo, Park Ki woong, and Hwang Jung Eum are adorable.

    • 15.3 pogo

      Here is my re-watchable list, which overlaps quite a bit with yours:

      Arang and the Magistrate
      You’re Beautiful
      Shut Up Flower Boy Band
      School 2013 (yea, already! 16 episodes is NOT ENOUGH!)
      Coffee Prince
      Boys Before Flowers, but only for the Kim Bum/Kim So-eun pairing and their scenes – got tired of the main couple super quickly
      Sungkyunkwan Scandal, for parts not involving the OTP – I admit I hit the fastforward button a lot to get to Geol-oh and Yong-ha!

    • 15.4 Mar

      Repeat viewing:

      Boys Over Flowers
      The Woman That Still Wants to Marry
      Flower Boy Raymun Shop

      I’ve started Coffee Prince again.
      I’ve started City Hunter again.

      I will watch again:

      Padam Padam
      Worlds Within
      Secret Garden
      My Name is Kim Sam Soon
      Scent of a Woman
      Answer Me 1997
      Protect The Boss
      Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy
      Me Too Flower
      Personal Taste

      Taiwanese I would watch again:

      Meteor Garden and Meteor Rain
      Devil Beside You
      My Queen
      Office Girls
      Down With Love

      There are others I would watch again but this is off the top of my head.

    • 15.5 Windsun33

      The only one that I have watched twice was “My girlfriend is a Gumiho”. Just a note, but the only English language drama/movie I have watched for weeks is “Ramen Girl”, which takes place 98% in Japan.

      • 15.5.1 JoAnne

        I LOOOOOOOOVED that movie. I’ve seen it two or three times now.

    • 15.6 DayDreamer

      Normally I don’t rewatch dramas. I’m always on the lookout for something new. But there were two Korean dramas that I managed to watch the second time and that was 1st Shop Coffee Prince and Vampire Prosecutor.

      However, there were others that I liked a lot too like Arang and the Magistrate, King of Dramas (this one, however remains a strictly one-time watch), Gaksital (I loved this one to bits and pieces but it is far too powerful for me to go through the heartbreak, intensity, and thrills again so it will also remain a one-time watch only).

  16. 16 whimsicalnet

    dropping by to say hi to everyone and to those who are celebrating, happy chinese new year!! may the drama gods continue to prosper you with many good shows.

    happy OT and weekend everyone!

  17. 17 Jae Shin

    How is everyone doing today?
    I’m chipper, I am! (Hyper is more like it, but.. )
    Too many chocolate will do this to me. ^_^ Hehehe

    I started writing a story long ago (in English), and because my Omma’s Korean and not fluent in English yet, I had to tell her the premise – in Korean – and the first thing she told me?
    “You’ve been watching too many dramas, haven’t you?”
    She made my day, my Omma. Lovely woman.

    • 17.1 Korazy Lady

      Love your story about your Omma. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. 18 Enz

    Hi everyone! Unlike most of you experiencing your cold winters, am in my tees and shorts coz it’s a balmy 28 degrees celcius here. Also, Chinese New Year is this Sunday, so happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate. May the year of the Snake bring you and your loved ones much happiness, prosperity and most importantly, good health.

    On the drama front, am more than midway through The woman who still want to marry.. I like the female lead and the noona-dongsaeng romance enough but I do wish Kim bum would exercise some facial muscles, apart from the ones to move the mouth, once in a while.. Don’t hate on me.. He is pretty but he is not emoting. Am hoping he has improved and the That winter, the wind blows will be good.

    Otherwise, also watching FBND and L7CS.

    Have a great weekend everyone!! It’ll be eating, drinking and gambling for me in celebration! 🙂

    • 18.1 Aigoo

      28 degrees you say?? Where are you again??….*packing my bags*

      • 18.1.1 Enz

        Haha.. Aigoo.. Many many hours of flight away from you.. In Malaysia 🙂 I feel for you coz even in my air conditioned workplace, I am freezing! At about 18 degrees celcius.. Quite pathetic esp when I am watching 2D1n and its snow everywhere

        • Aigoo

          Malaysia! I’m so jealous! I need to move….

          2D1N – awesome show! I haven’t checked out the new episodes but I loved the older ones….but Joo Won’s cute so I could be convinced to start watching again! LOL!

    • 18.2 kopytko

      I think Kim Bum showed some more emotion as the bipolar angel in Padam Padam. It was the first role I appreciated him as an actor and not only a cute boy. I’m looking forward to his next performance.

      • 18.2.1 Llamaesque

        I really think Kim Bum has the brightest future of any of the F4 actors. He seems to be picking roles that are interesting and challenging, rather than just always having to be the star. ::cough::LeeMinHo::cough::

        • Enz

          But he is so so flat in TWWSWTM! It would be great if he improved after that since as you say he is taking on diverse roles. From this one drama, he definitely is not leading actor material yet.

          • kopytko

            TWWSWTM is ancient. Look at Padam Padam. Kim Bum has really improved.

    • 18.3 Dewo

      Bummie was a lot lot lot better in padam padam (except the so skinny part). I watched padam padam before the woman who still wants to marry so i wasn’t annoyed by his acting cause i’m proud he can improve his acting ability ( i honestly don’t watched boys before flowers).
      But I can hardly wait for his next movie along with kim kang woo. What’s the movie title, i forget.

    • 18.4 pogo

      hey Enz! It’s balmy bordering on warm here too, which is nice for once even if it won’t last. And a happy Chinese New Year to you!

      • 18.4.1 Enz

        Thanks pogo! It’s New Year’s Eve today and I am frantically cleaning stuff and my house to set the right spirit for this coming year!

    • 18.5 Shukmeister

      Selamat, enz!

      And, yes I’m jealous over the whole temperature thing… lol

      Have a great New Year! Ricky HRH says you can’t do any cleaning on the first day, so I hope you got all your laundry done ahead of time.

      FBND is total crack to me! One of the things I like is that the actor playing Security Guard Hong is actually likeable! I’ve seen him play the smarmy cop or the persistent paparazzi, that it was a surprise to find him “like a butterfly among the flowers” lol. I hope they keep up his story line to the end.

      • 18.5.1 Enz

        Hi Shukie :). Ricky hrh is right.. But I am not bothered about the laundry coz its just the first day of cny what you are not allowed to clean up. Am debating whether to mop the floor or bake a cake coz am feeling too tired/lazy to do both!! But it’s like a ritual, cleaning the house properly before the new year starts.. You know, must start the year on the right foot and in the right spirit.

        We have to go around repeating the same phrase.. May the year of the snake bring you abundant health, much joy and prosperity, etc etc.. Augurs well for the year ahead.

        And then firecrackers at midnight to usher the year in and ward of the bad luck. Al sorts of traditions and rituals which I am not very good at adhering to.

        Hope the weather starts getting better. I deliberately mentioned it JUST for you. Haha

        • Shukmeister

          Smarty pants 😎

  19. 19 Carole McDonnell

    K dramas:

    Ad Genius, Incarnation, Flower Boy, One hundred year’s inheritance.
    Ad Genius. I really like the heroine but am burned out on love triangles/quadrangles between the poor heroine and the entitled rich girl and Most Wanted Bachelor and poor guy. Will see how this goes. Hoping my worst fear won’t rear its head.

    Am liking INCARNATION and waiting for the world to right itself, secrets to be revealed, and evil punished. I love stories with villains and heroes doing the point-counterpoint, machination-counter machinations. Which is why I liked SYNDROME and CHASER. I’m not sure how an in-the-dark hero is gonna work that. But am willing to go where screenwriter nim leads me.

    Re: FBND: Loving Enrique and DokMi. Wondering about Jin Rak’s personality. Interesting how he responded to the editor praising Dong Hoon’s drawings. Wondering how this connects to what he is running away from. Am wondering if this is a hint to his character flaw. Does he give up easily or not believe in himself? OR is he just complacent?

    Marathoned or marathoning: Rebound, Busu. Good but somehow…I think …not as good as they could have been. I felt the screenwriters didn’t quite believe/relish in/enjoy their premise. Little things they did that made me feel they were estranged from their own material and, it felt a bit like pandering but…yeah… didn’t work for me. Alas, my bullsh*t meter can spot it when a writer doesn’t believe in what he is writing. Watched Queen Seon Duk. Loved the first two episodes. Will see if I can finish it. Lotta episodes there.

    J Dramas:
    Nobunaga No Chef, Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou, Switch Girl Two, Crime and Punishment, Karamazov. Saki.

    Monsters: Still awaiting the end of Monsters. But that’s because I’m loyal to Yamapi.
    Re: Saki: While I am no prude and can endure an incest storyline, Saki just kinda threw me for a loop with two possible incest/fauxcest plot threads. Darn it! Is it the tiny living spaces in Japanese houses or what? That incest thing is so darn ubiquitous. At least in Korean dramas, the birth secrets/adopted/given up/abandoned child..makes the odd incest story believable. Not sure if I’ll continue with Saki.

    Re: Doesteyevsky:
    Not sure I can keep watching Crime and Punishment; harsh world. Not sure I want to watch Karamazov anymore. I realize I don’t really like that novel so watching the adaptation isn’t priority with me. Love, love, love, Nobunaga no chef. Just such a sweet drama about a fierce world. Still wanting to see hints of Ken’s arc but hey, understanding Japanese history is fun. And the food history lessons aren’t bad. Still being faithful to Switch Girl…which certainly does like “switching up” its genres.

    Chinese Dramas:
    Palace. Chinese dramas kinda overdose on cuteness, and the actresses don’t seem to do comic cuteness well. But if you can deal with’s a good little drama.

    A Company Man. — highly recommend this
    Dangerous Liaisons — Taiwanese adaptation. Set at the time of the last Emperor. Couldn’t finish it. But very lovely.
    Ouran Host high school Club — gotta finish this.

    Anticipating: Nakuma, Aruma-chan

    Intending to watch:
    Under the Hawthorn Tree
    Werewolf Boy (hopefully)

    Gave up on Saikou/The Great Divorce. Am feeling it’s gonna be somewhat lecturey and “daring.” Japanese movies can be really quirky but when Japanese movies try to be daring, they often (not always) come off as labored.

    Happy weekend, all and to writers/artists of all kind/cooks…happy creativity all.

    • 19.1 TS

      Carole, where will you watch Werewolf Boy? I’m dying to see that!

      • 19.1.1 JoAnne

        it’s available on DC-net, but it’s not subbed yet. And the first set of links no longer works, but the second set does. Don’t let the lack of subs keep you from watching, if your Korean isn’t up to that level. You won’t actually miss much of anything by not understanding the dialogue, and the movie is FABULOUSLY gorgeous and touching and funny and scary and emotional.

        • TS

          Cool, will try it out!

        • Korazy Lady

          I will second that. Werewolf Boy is wonderful. I will probably buy a copy when it’s available.

          • JoAnne

            you and me both

          • Shukmeister

            But still no subs!! Wae????
            If it can make me cry with only guessing what they are saying, I’d better invest in a tissue company when I know for sure.

      • 19.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        Am thinking it’s best to look at the raw before it disappears from dramacrazy. Lat week stuff just disappeared and urls proved useless. Got me nervous. So..yeah, am in just in case mode. Plus I’ve gotten used to listening to the RAW of so many dramas.

        • Shukmeister

          Another couple of movie that were recco’d on OT are:
          ATM Er Rak which is a Thai comedy
          The Wolf Who Fell In Love With A Sheep

          I’m still trying to find that somewhere to watch these, if anyone has any idea. Kamsahamnida!

          • Carole McDonnell

            Wow, Shukmeister,
            “the wolf that fell in love with a sheep sounds totally good.” My NY mind sees ATM and thinks “BanK?” I’ll check netflix but they are generally useless about foreign films. I’ve been waiting forever for them to put up BLIND by Tamer Van Den Dop (I think that’s how one spells her last name.) I saw clips of that film and have been wanting to see it for ages. Alas, nowhere to be found.

          • Shukmeister

            Carole – Thanks for checking.

            ATM is about a money machine that spit out double for everyone, and the two leads have to track down everyone that got money and make them give it back. Male lead is the actor from “Hello Stranger” a hilarious Thai rom-com movie.

            “Wolf” was a script that won a Taipei Film Commission contest and was filmed last year. This is the only plot synopsis I could find: ‘A young man works at a copy shop. His life is stuck in boring routine with copying test papers. But one day, he finds that on the back of a piece of paper, there is a drawing of a sheep, which will lead him to an unexpected journey…’

  20. 20 Ann

    I’m watching Queen of Ambition and Hundred Year’s Inheritance in addition to FBNC and L7CS. Those first two are cracktastic in about the same way. Over the top crazy characters and situations so absurd that it is fun melo. I love how the heroine of HYI is messing with her mother in law’s head.

    Marathoned Que sera, sera over the weekend, and it was great. Are there any other Eric dramas that are any good?

    • 20.1 Carole McDonnell

      Exactly why I love OHYI! Sometimes it feels like a soap opera but it’s over-the-top soapiness. I actually love the MIL although God knows the poor heroine has suffered. But my eyes can’t leave the screen when MIL is on screen.

      • 20.1.1 Ts

        Because she’s so freakin loud.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I’m not sure if they give out best evil-but-weirdly-familial-villain awards but she has got to get something. She reminds me of folks in one’s family raised to the n-th level. The screenwriters make her both monstrous yet familiar. She’s someone who would make a great redemption arc.

    • 20.2 Enz

      Hi carole, did you check our urban zakapa when someone posted the link a few weeks ago?

      They did a song or two for Can we get married.. Very easy listening, jazzy vibe to it.

      There is a whole album on YouTube and I really like it

      • 20.2.1 Enz

        Oops sorry I commented on the wrong thread. I was too excited to see another person that loves QSS !! Whee for QSS love 🙂

        Pillowhead, Korazy lady! Over here!!

        • Carole McDonnell

          Thanks! Going over there now.

        • Korazy Lady

          I’m late to the OT today, but so happy to see another QSS lover! I really may do a post on kakashi’s blog about the top 5 reasons I love Que Sera, Sera! As you might have notice Ann, Enz, Pillowhead and I can not get through an OT without a mention of QSS

          • Shukmeister

            And, for the record and just for these lovely ladies, I’ve included a few screenshots of QSS in my two guest blogs at kakashi’s site.

            This week is KDrama Alcohol Part II: Location

            For the next one, I’ll probably focus on the food found in KDramas. Who knows, maybe there will be another QSS sighting. lol

          • Ann

            It is one of the best dramas I have seen so far. It was good all the way to the end.

          • Enz

            Totally agree Ann.. One of the best final episode and that ending bit was lovely and dreamlike

    • 20.3 MojoJojo

      Me too! Sorry, just excited someone else marathoned Que sera, sera. I loved Eric, loved the drama. It was my first Eric Drama, didn’t watch the spy one. Was it any good?

      • 20.3.1 Enz

        The general consensus seems to be that spy, myeongyul was very very bad! S I haven’t tried it myself, nor any other Eric dramas.

        • cherkell

          The first 3-4 episodes of SMW were wonderful!!! And then it went swirling down the drain (even before the whole drama-inside-a-drama that it created started up). Not even the hotness of Eric and Lee Jin Wook could save it. Sad, really.

          There should be a special entry in the Webster’s Dictionary for EPIC FAIL DRAMAS… with SMW and Fashion King posters placed next to the narrative as examples. 🙂

          • MojoJojo

            I didn’t venture toward Fashion King, my little sister did however, and it was tragically comical how upset she was after finishing it. If it was a movie theater screening, she would have went to concessions and asked for her money back.

        • snow_white

          I really liked Que sera, sera and Eric was simply great in it 🙂

          • JoAnne

            ahem. I saw a naked picture of Eric yesterday. The good bits were covered but I saw plenty anyway. He has a scar wayyyyyy under his right hip bone, Enz, Korazy, pillow….did you guys know that?

          • kakashi

            oh. I know who will comment on this (if she finds the comment), lol

          • Korazy Lady

            I found the comment! Believe it or not, I am not totally obsessed with Eric, just his role in QSS. But then again….

            I am so happy we can add MojoJojo and snow_white to the QSS fanclub 🙂

          • Enz

            No joAnne, didn’t know that. Where did ou find the pic?

          • JoAnne

            It was on Tumblr and showed up on my dash. I am not sure why..but anyway he was nekkie but the other two members of Shinhwa in the photo were not, and they were blocking his frontal bits but you got to see alllllllllllll down his lovely side and flank and thighs – it was a jungle-y we just got out of the water kind of thing. I bet if you search Shinhwa it would show up

          • Enz

            Thanks joAnne, act I check out Eric tumblr almost daily :p. I do know they had a nude photo book from their win win interview

    • 20.4 Korazy Lady

      Ann, I just noticed that you are watching the exact same 4 dramas as I am (in addition to loving QSS.) Interesting…

      • 20.4.1 Ann

        Two great minds with the same great taste!

  21. 21 Lizzy4e

    I started watching Couple or Trouble and oh my but the acting is bad! at least during the auction scene in New York City. pee yew! I do not think I have seen worse acting anywhere. It was cannot-look-away train-wreak bad.

    The lead man strips naked in front of middle aged women in a bathhouse during the first episode. One commented “I feel young again” lol

    I am going to keep watching for the intentional and unintentional laughs.

    Also watching FBND. ( think we are getting trolled with the preview of a kiss.)

    And just started the new drama: Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek, which looks very promising.

    • 21.1 Lovebug

      Ha, I honestly really liked Han Yesul in this! Especially her encounters with Makeolii. Her best role in my opinion.

  22. 22 Chimera

    Hi beeners! Is the cold killing you all? I can barely emerge from under my blankets these days. My final exams start next month and I’m curiously detached from anxiety. I’m not studying as much as I should but I keep thinking I will get through in the end. I’m glad I put School 2013 on hold or I’d have died of guilt watching them sweat over their books.

    I’m barely able to squeeze in one night marathons for FBND (so. much. love) and Level 7 (still have to see this week’s but it’s nice goofy fun) once a week. A couple of days back I ended up watching Duelist with Ha Ji Won and Kang Dong Won on a whim and kept muttering ‘this movie is so fuckin’ awesome’ throughout. It was literally like watching a manga come to life with all its emphasis on visual aesthetics and light and shadows. A lot of people won’t like Duelist but those with whom it strikes a chord won’t just like it, they’ll love it. I have much to say but I should be running along, so tl;dr Ha Ji Won is boss, Kang Dong Won pwns, this director earned a new lifetime fan and this movie now belongs in my all time favourites collection.

    • 22.1 Chimera

      And have a good weekend y’all!

    • 22.2 kopytko

      Hi Chimera!
      I am enjoying the cold 😀
      and I liked the Duelist. The funny thing is, that I cannot remember this title and have to google it whenever I want to say something about this movie.

      Have a lovely weekend!

    • 22.3 momosa

      Duelist is my all time favourite. I like how the roles being played out, a policewoman & a dark mysterious gorgeous swordsman! It is really a treat to all senses.

  23. 23 mud

    Happy Friday everyone! It’s a Snow Day for me =D I’m going to use this time to catch up on my school work, but also save some time for dramas/ movies. Also, I can’t believe I did not want to watch Nice Guy in the beginning because of it’s melodrama but OMG it’s fantastic melodrama. SJK is da bomb, and EG is probably one of the most hardcore female characters out there.

  24. 24 owl

    Hi hi! ~ Can’t believe how much fun I had (and how much time I spent) marathoning Strong Heart this week – I must have watched a 20 episodes at least. 123 and 124 were farewell to Lee Seung Gi (btw he was chosen as the most desired valentine) with TOP (hot), G-Dragon (I am still so infatuated with him) Se7en, Minzy (2NE1 so cute) – I get the sense that these groups are driven, heavily controlled, worked very hard by the E-world, and live a stressful, rigid existence with little if any privacy. 159 and 160 are FBND cast – fun show! You just have to be an expert at ff when needed with slow (read: boring) guests.

    FBND♥ – I love this story. Enrique really does have it together. He just needs a stable relationship to help balance his state of perpetual motion. The thing with Jin Rak is that as long as Dok Mi doesn’t change, he doesn’t have to change either. That’s stagnant, as evident in his behavior over the past 3 years. While nothing would thrill me more than to swoon into the arms of Jin Rak, I can’t be on his side for Dok Mi. What I like is that Dok Mi is supremely capable of sorting all this out. This kdrama is just so perfect all around. I can’t WAIT for Monday (that kiss preview better be real. I mean it). Since School 2013 and FBND overlapped, it helped with the S2013 withdrawals. However, I am getting panicky for the end of FBND. I vote for FB-something to be airing at all times! Is that too much to ask? I think not…

    • 24.1 Sammy

      In regards to FBND: That’s one reason why I think Enrique and Dok mi balance each other out so perfectly. Dok mi, I think, is the only one who’s capable of making The Energy Bunny stop being so exhaustingly energetic. 😛 While The Energy bunny, I think, is the only one capable of drawing Dok mi out of her little world.

      I’m intrigued by what you said about Jin rak, solely because it’s so true. If Enrique hadn’t come along, how long do you think Jin rak would have waited? Enrique’s right. If you don’t confess, someone else will, and that someone else will swoop the person you like right out of your sight.

      Gosh, I love FBND. XD

      • 24.1.1 owl

        Jin rak’s head romance, although I understand it, is one-sided love defined. His head romance + post-its does not equal a relationship. At all. But he acts like it is a legit stance in expressing his intentions and “being first”, and in reality- it is so nothing. It happens all the time, but it’s a big NO for such a claim. Because of Enrique, he has had to become more visible to Dok Mi to even stay in the picture, but Jin rak, you should have manned up a long time ago. Me thinks it’s too little too late~

    • 24.2 Carole McDonnell

      I’ve been wanting to see episode 100 which supposedly has kim hyung joong on it. And now that it’s on DC, I don’t have to go searching about youtube for episodes. Thanks

    • 24.3 pogo

      yeah, Enrique and Dok-mi, in a weird way, are like yin and yang to each other – so different, but so similar in some ways, deep down. And I really appreciate how the Flower Boys series write their women (loved them all in SUFBB) except for Do-hwi because she should just go away forever and maybe we can get to see someone who’s actually fun in her place now that she’s done with Life-Wrecking, mk.II

  25. 25 Carole McDonnell


    Any drama OST out there that you love?

    Am feeling the need for more.

    Presently listening to the OSTS from
    MARS, FAITH, ARANG among other Asian pop favorites.

    Heck if you know a really good Japanese or korean song to recommend, I’d be much obliged.


    • 25.1 Mystisith

      Hello Carole!
      Me Too, Flower has one of the most lovely OST with completely different styles for each song:

    • 25.2 oftheshore

      I highly recommend Final Fantasy OSTs. 😀
      On a more serious note, Coffee Prince and My Name Is Kim Sam Soon OSTs contain some of my favourite Kdrama songs ever.

      • 25.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        I have a lot of Kokia/final fantasy. Love that woman.

    • 25.3 Enz

      Did you check our urban zakapa when someone posted the link a few weeks ago?

      They did a song or two for Can we get married.. Very easy listening, jazzy vibe to it.

      There is a whole album on YouTube and I really like it

      • 25.3.1 John

        Enz ~

        I checked out Urban Zakapa. Nice !

        • Enz

          I know you did John :). I was not the one who talked about it first though. I really enjoy it coz its on my playtube now..

    • 25.4 Sammy

      Gaksital’s OST is amazing and awesome and everyone should listen to it at least once. <3

      • 25.4.1 ladysarahii

        Yes! Especially “Holy”! I get goosebumps every time I hear it.

    • 25.5 Lovebug

      I really my first itunes korean music purchases were from Heartstrings and Secret Garden. (I Absolutely loved the soundtrack from SG, especially a lot of the instrumentals.)

      I will second the Me Too Flower recommendation as well!

      • 25.5.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thanks, all!

        • Enz

          Oh, QSS had some really great songs too!

    • 25.6 Enz

      Hi Carole, someone mentioned attic cat above.. I haven’t watched it but I did love the OST ( I have a cd collection of 100 OSTs). I also liked the OST from I’m sorry, I love you. The song from my sassy girl ( the movie with cha tae hyun) was also nice.

      Hope you will like at least one of these 🙂

      • 25.6.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thanks, Enz and Aigoo. Will check them out on youtube.

        • snow_white

          Delightful Girl Choon Hyang OST!!

    • 25.7 Aigoo

      I don’t know if it’s your thing but I like some of the songs of the Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST.

      I also like 2am’s Can’t Let You Go even if I die and the song on the IRIS ost (I think it’s called Don’t Forget).

      • 25.7.1 Shukmeister

        Aigoo –

        I love “Don’t Forget” by Baek Il Young from IRIS! My OST collection isn’t as extensive as Enz, though I have WBD too. I also love the instrumental BGM for IRIS, TPM, and Iljimae!

    • 25.8 pogo

      Kind of obvious, but –
      Shut Up Flower Boy Band
      Coffee Prince

      and some more

      You’re Beautiful (VERY poppy, but good pop and our leads have nice voices – both versions of Still As Ever are good, but I do like the JGS/Park Shin-hye version a little better because it feels a little more like a love song, while Jong-ki’s is more playful)
      The King2Hearts

    • 25.9 pogo

      also we all know and love (and now miss!) this one, but School 2013’s got a great, catchy theme sung by 4minute – it’s a very 4minute kind of song, and I’m surprised at myself for being able to recognise that because I’m not really that into kpop.

    • 25.10 cherkell


      I want this OST played at my funeral. Is all.

    • 25.11 nomaden

      I love, love, love OST from School 2013…listening to ’em along with OST from The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry.

    • 25.12 hydrangeabloom

      Hi Carole! I am particularly fond of City Hunter OST2 (OST1 was a single, and OST3 mostly had pop songs I didn’t care for), the instrumental OST for 49 Days, My Girl OST (so much fun classical-inspired pop), the instrumental OST for Secret Garden, Goong OST (probably more OST1 than OST2), My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST, Runaway: Plan B OST, Witch Yoo Hee OST, and of course the OSTs for You’re Beautiful (definitely more OST1 than OST2).

      • 25.12.1 Carole McDonnell

        Wow, i’m gonna have to copy and paste these recommendations into my journal. So many, so little time to explore them all today. Thanks so much.

    • 25.13 pogo

      Carole – you want song recs? Here is my favourite upbeat song (I dare you to look up the lyrics), Superman by Norazo

      and also anything by MC Sniper, the songs he did for Vampire Prosecutor, Arang, Chuno and Faith were fantastic and SO catchy.

      Mask Dance:

      • 25.13.1 DayDreamer

        Could you recommend some more upbeat Korean songs? I noticed a lot of the drama OSTs are more on the slower tempo side so I was hoping you’d share ones with faster tempo/upbeat. I honestly don’t know a lot about Korean singers so not sure who is good but I’ll be grateful for recommendations. 🙂

        • pogo

          I’m not super well-versed in kpop either, but Oh, Gee, Mr Taxi and Flower Power by SNSD are all super upbeat and catchy.

          You could also try 4minute or 2NE1, they seem to do up-tempo songs best (I really like Lollipop and Volume Up), or Bubble Pop and Don’t Fall Apart by Hyuna. Otherwise, Psy (yeah, the Gangnam Style guy) also has other songs that are just as great – Right Now is one of the best. And Superman, which I mentioned in my first comment, is SUPER catchy too.

          OST-wise, though, my favourite up-tempo song on an OST is Still As Ever, sung by JGS/Park Shin-hye as well as by Lee Hong-ki.

          • DayDreamer

            Thank you, pogo. I really appreciate it. I’ve already downloaded some and will load them onto my ipod. 🙂

        • Carole McDonnell

          Went to my youtube Asian pop playlist for these:

          DBSK/Tohoshinki does really good upbeat and slow songs.

          Jaejoong and Mickey did a coupla really great songs:
          Been so long

          M-flo did the original been so long. A different flow but just as good.

          SS501 with kim hyung joong: I really like “Love Like This”

          Drunken Tiger is good if you like rap, along with his wife. My fave is “Isolated ones, left foot forward.” And his wife Tasha does a nice song called “Black Happiness.”

          Daenghida (I’m fortunate) is a great song as well. Kim Hyung Joong and others do it like K Will and Lee Juk.

          Wonder Girls, Nobody like you

          IF you like religious songs, you might like the Korean church group, Heritage Mass Choir

          • DayDreamer

            Thank you for the recommendations!

    • 25.14 pogo

      Carole – more recs (the spam filter caught my first comment because of youtube links) but in the j-music section, I love love LOVE Ikenai Taiyou by Orange Range, which is the opening theme of the first J-Hana Kimi and super, SUPER catchy rock. Also, Nakashima Mika had some good songs on OSTs – Hitoiro is one, and so is LIFE from the drama of the same name.

      (and of course my recs for MC Sniper and Norazo – whose MVs are hilarious – still stand)

      • 25.14.1 Carole McDonnell

        Wow!!! So many! Thanks again.

        • bbstl

          crazy love for OSTs from MNIKSS (both 1 and 2), which can easily lead to loving Clazziquai Project. Also Coffee Prince (White Love Story is a lovely song), Goong, Sorry I Love You and a little-watched drama, Snow Queen. Also
          (just did that to get attention)! I think his first role was in a show named Phoenix, where you can see him learning (sometimes painfully). It’s very melo and may be too out of date to watch, but there’s a good OST.

  26. 26 Ruth

    Good morning OTers (otters?) I’ll come back and read a little later, but wanted to let y’all know what I’ve been watching/listening to/reading. What had been exclusively dramas has now turned into something a lot more bibimbap (everything and the kitchen sink). So here goes.

    Dramas –
    FBND is, of course, very cute. Honestly, at this point, I don’t really care a whole lot about where it goes. It’s just so cute and comfortable that I’ll jump on that bandwagon and tag along for the ride. Enrique has captured my heart as he’s slowly become a little more of a person and a little less of a caricature. The editor(!!!!!!) I LOVE her. Okay, she’s obviously a caricature, but what a great one.

    CSL7 is warming up. I know. It’s silly, but so much fun. I’m glad I stuck with this one, at least for the time being.

    Sign – I know this is older, but I wanted to marathon something that seemed like it could be quality. I’ll say, I wasn’t disappointed by this forensic drama. I know it’s been compared to CSI, probably just because it deals with forensics. IMO, there’s no real comparison. This has much more of interaction between state agencies, and the politics were fascinating. But I dunno anyone that watches a drama for the politics alone. This had mystery as well as romance. If you haven’t seen it and you can stand a little gore (not TOO much), this is a great drama that will tear your heart out at the end. It’s been a day, and my heart still hurts (in a satisfying way?).

    So, that’s it for the dramas. Feels a little light right now, but it’s allowed me to do some other things like…

    watch the movie Bleak Night. I purchased this for the library based on the review here on Dramabeans. I’ll be honest, I fell asleep. It’s not because the movie was bad. It’s because I was tired, and as good as it might be, it’s a difficult watch. I’m going to watch it again because something about it really got its hooks into me. It almost seems a bit like where School 2013 would have gone if it hadn’t been geared toward kids.

    And then I’ve also been reading…
    More stuff about the Korean War including “General Dean’s Story” (the biography of General William Dean during his time in Korea as a soldier and prisoner of war), “Where’s Mama?” (an English/Hangul picture book retelling a classic 1938 Korean story about a child waiting for his mom at the trolley station), and “Bride of the Water God” (a manhwa by Yun Mi-Kyung). As you can see, the lines between work/home have begun to blur for me. My hope is that others in this community (a pretty stereotypical white, midwestern small-town) will be introduced to Korea and start asking why it’s important other than just the news we are fed about NK.

    And finally….music.

    I rarely purchase music, but because of a bank rewards program, we got $125 in itunes cards. My kids were over the moon. Me too. So, I decided that because I didn’t actually own any Korean music yet and had finally heard some that I really like (beyond OST), it was time to get some on my iPod. So, here’s what I got…and what I’ve finally decided I like the best.

    Clazziquai Project – three songs (She Is, Can’t Go On My Own, and Love Recipe). These are all good songs, but Can’t Go On My Own is my personal favorite. It’s nice and mellow but with a nice amount of happy energy.

    CNBlue – “I’m Sorry” – I don’t wanna be a fangirl. You get to a certain age and it’s just embarrassing, but I love this band and I love this song. My only beef is the opening voice “It’s over, I’m sorry” spoken too quickly and too….cheesy. The music, however, I love. If it doesn’t make the drive to work longer, it stays on my “happy” list. This does not make the drive longer.

    BoA – “Disturbance” – Honestly, although I do like this song, I like it much better when it’s accompanied by the video. BoA has an awesome voice, and this is a good song. There’s just not enough to keep my attention since I don’t speak Korean. I’ll learn the words and then I’m sure I’ll like it more.

    FT Island – “I Wish” – Short story, this was the first kpop song that I liked so much that I went and listened to it over and over on YouTube. I love the mix of classical guitar and Latin feel with the driving rock. It’s not hard rock by any stretch of the imagination, but it moves forward really nicely. I love this composition.

    Jae Joong – “Mine” – I like it….I like him. I think that the production was lacking for this. Without the video to add depth, you can really hear how thin the music comes across. All the elements are there. Just, whoever was at the sound board didn’t fill this out enough. For Jae Joong’s part, however, I like his old school rock voice. Nowadays everyone wants to sound raspy or hoarse. He’s actually got a good (mildly falsetto) voice that kinda reminds me of Meatloaf (the dude, not the food).

    Eric Nam – “Heaven’s Door” – If you haven’t seen the video, watch it. It’s cuter than a button…a really cute button. If, however, you’re driving and can’t (shouldn’t) be watching videos, this song is just as good. Eric has one of the best voices I’ve heard from a Korean artist.

    Plumb – “One Drop” – I know. It’s not Korean. But I just happened to download it sight unseen (having liked Plumb in the past) and just love this song.

    And, last…but definitely not least…in fact…my favorite of recent purchases…

    MFBTY – “Sweet Dreams” – No idea how I got introduced to Tiger JK and then Drunken Tiger and then MFBTY. It all happened…and here we are. Well, it started with a crush. Somehow I developed a mild crush on Tiger JK. We were born on the same day, and he’s hot (at least to this ajumma). Then I found out he was married (my heart was sad for 30 seconds); then I saw a video of him with his wife and son; then I just decided to see what was up with him/them musically. I could go on and on and on about the whole stream, but we’ll just go with….this is an awesome song. In fact, I’d say that it ranks among my favorite songs of all time, regardless of origin/genre, based on the composition, vocals, and instrumentation. The video is good, but doesn’t make or break the song itself.

    So, that’s the longest post I think I’ve ever put up on here. Sorry for that, but I had to share.

    • 26.1 oftheshore

      Apparently, Eat Your Kimchi’s Simon and Martina have recorded an interview with Eric Nam. He is incredibly cute indeed.

      • 26.1.1 Ruth

        I can’t wait to see that interview. Hoping that it’s posted pretty soon.

      • 26.1.2 bbstl

        Eat Your Kimchi also did an interview (their first in the new studio) with Clazziquai Project, it was posted this week. *sigh* Alex.

        • Ruth

          Saw it and enjoyed it. Martina wasn’t back from Canada yet, but it was still good. The sticker booth segment was very cool also.

    • 26.2 Lovebug

      I really liked Sign as well. I primarily watched for my love Jung Gyu woon and girl crush Um Ji won but overall thought the whole cast and story was solid…

      I finally saw the MFBTY Sweet dream video last night and thought it was pretty awesome. (Also the rapping felt authentic and legit unlike what i often hear in Kpop).

      • 26.2.1 Ruth

        Sign just gutted me. I couldn’t stop watching even when i wanted to. It physically hurt me but was worth it…I think? I’m still raw.

      • 26.2.2 Shukmeister

        I’m jumping on the “Sign” bandwagon. I’m a fan of police and medical procedurals and that one was one of the better Korean options.

        If you like purely medical, the JDorama “Code Blue” was awesome – aspiring residents want to get on the medivac helicoptor.

        If you like a good police story, the TWDrama “Black and White” explores how corruption can change even the most ardent cop. And yet, it’s not totally dark either, since there is friendship and a touch of romance. And Vic Zhou from F4!

        • Ruth

          I’m still steering away from jdrama and tdrama for the time being, but both of those suggestions sound good for the future.

    • 26.3 cv

      Anything by JYJ group or solo is very goood. You can’t go wrong with their music.

      • 26.3.1 Ruth

        Jae Joong was definitely good for what he brought to the whole thing. I wish, for his sake, that he could get some genius sound people to really bring his style to life. Oh, as a sound note…the stupid, cheesy angel wings would have been fine in the MV if they hadn’t been so stupid or cheesy. At least CG those puppies so they vaguely look real. It looked like a Halloween costume.

    • 26.4 JoAnne

      Tiger JK IS hot. I agree. And it’s only heightened by his obvious love for his wife and his adoration of his son. I think I heard he’s going to do some acting? If so…squeeeeee

      • 26.4.1 Ruth

        I have to take a deep breath before I talk about Tiger JK. Although the crush is completely ridiculous, it’s still in full force. JoAnne, I read your comment and all I could think was “I know, right?” He is supposed to be doing some acting. Actually, I think it was an article on or something about him on set that turned me onto him.

      • 26.4.2 Ruth

        AHHHHH! Simon and Martina are going to interview MFBTY!!

    • 26.5 pogo


      I used to devour every single chapter of that manhwa when it came out, back in 2008 even though I was already too old to be fangirling over fictional gods in pictures lol. But Habaek was hot, and I remember how thrilled I was when I found that someone had bought the drama rights to it and I thought it’d be live action….sadly, that never happened.

      And yay for CNBlue and FT Island – I admit I first gave them a try because Yonghwa and Hongki were in You’re Beautiful, but I was surprised how good it was – far from your typical idol music, which makes sense because really, those two are bands.

      • 26.5.1 Ruth

        Our “book boxes” came from UPS a few days ago (or a week ago? time flies), and I was so disappointed that we got the 3rd vol. of BotWG but the 1st and 2nd were backordered. Like I’m going to read it out of order. Will probably have to find it online and get moving on it. As far as live action goes, it could happen. I wouldn’t even mind seeing it turned into an anime, although I’d hope that it would be a Korean production company that does it. Maybe with the relative success of Arang, though, someone will take on the challenge of doing live action. You never know.

        So funny that you mention “You’re Beautiful.” When I watched it, I didn’t even know that those two were idols. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. I’ve actually been thinking about rewatching that this spring.

        • pogo

          the art on BOTWG is so gorgeous, I think the volumes are actually worth owning for that alone (and it gets even more beautiful and lush as the story progresses). I do hope someone makes that drama someday, though, even if I’m old by the time it happens.

          • Ruth

            We got more boxes today, so I’m hoping that the first two volumes showed up.

      • 26.5.2 Shukmeister

        POGO !!!

        For a brief moment, I thought your allcaps meant there WAS a live-action in the works. This is my first manhwa, and my absolute favorite in terms of the lush backgrounds and palace intrigues.

        When I was watching A&TM, all I kept thinking was, “How come the Jade Emperor didn’t have floating waterfalls and a fish shaped flying gondola?” LOL

        • pogo

          Shukmeister – you should have seen the day I read the news that someone had bought the rights, over on soompi – sadly, I didn’t realise that buying rights =/= guaranteed making of drama. Sigh.

          And yessss, Arang’s heaven would be so gorgeous if they BOTWG-ed it up, even if the Jade Emperor has the bonus of no one trying to kill him and steal his wives lol.

          • Shukmeister

            Yep – More makjang per square meter of fabric than anything out there. Lol.

            I’m not complaining, mind you, but how can you wear 1000 meters of fabric and still end up exposing the dragon tattoo on your chest? That’s the mysterious power of the gods, bless ’em.

    • 26.6 pogo

      I would rec anything by MC Sniper. Great rapping (can’t understand the words but his flow is good and the tunes are so so catchy)

      • 26.6.1 Ruth

        I’ve heard great things about MC Sniper. Though rap isn’t generally my thing (who’d know it the way I’m obsessing over JK Tiger?), am going to check him out.

        • JoAnne

          oooh but do check out Verbal Jint. And Tablo/Epik Hi, of course. And Sanchez/Phantom. Dynamic Duo. Ugh, too many. But definitely VJ and Tablo. Or just, you know, VJ. Ahhh, VJ.

          • Ruth

            I’ve heard Verbal Jint before and did like it. There usually has to be something in the music though that sticks with me and that hasn’t happened yet. I might just need to try more.

          • JoAnne

            Two of my favorites with him are Yeokseohae or however you spell that – Promise – with G.Na, and You Look Good. That one is with Sanchez, I think it is. There’s another, I can’t think of it right now. He has a lot of good collaborations. But the Promise song is the one in my ‘Over and Over’ playlist.

  27. 27 Sammy

    Hello, fellow DBers! ^_^

    Real life. It’s SO annoying nowadays, especially with the piles and piles of homework that are being dumped on me. Rawr. So I haven’t watched much dramas this week.

    To Mashimomo: Sorry for never replying to you! I keep saying to myself: “Self, you really must go on the last OT to figure out this person’s username.” But I keep forgetting! D: I’m not ignoring you, I promise.

    Anyway, thanks for your input on King 2 Hearts. I’m actually at the part where Bong Gu made it so that Korea would go up against the US in that competition. But idk… Not watching it for such a long time has taken all the feelings I have for it away. 😛 I should probably check that out…

    But hey, we’re in the same situation! Can’t get through a drama that everyone says is amazing. 😛

    On to dramas I’ve watched this week…

    Flower Boy Next Door: Do hwi’s theme song: Seriously. That girl.

    I was surprised by how fast she turned into a hateful bitch from Dok mi’s best friend, and now I’m wondering if she really meant to do that. Because… really… how can you turn on your friend of a bajillion years just like that? *snaps fingers* But she continues to be a hateful bitch so… I’m guessing she’s really just like that? Idk. It’s weird.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t hate her with all my heart and that I don’t think that she should burn in the deepest depths of the fiery inferno. Because I do.

    That being said, I’m a little annoyed by how the guys are treating Dok mi as if she has no say in who gets to be by her side but meh. It happens. I still love both Enrique and Jin rak, and I’m going to be so sad if Enrique doesn’t get his happy energetic self back. Because it’s really sad when he’s not The Energizer Bunny. 🙁

    Alice in Cheongdam-dong: All I can say is…. Wow. Park Shi Hoo. Just… wow. The last time I saw him, he had the most glorious mane of glory, and was trying to get revenge. But now… But now….

    My poor brain. It hurts.

    That being said, I love love love Jean Thierry Cha, and Se kyung really is driving me nuts. It’s not often when I hate the female lead, but Se kyung is just…. gah. She’s hateful, to say the least.

    • 27.1 Sammy

      Wow, that was long for only two dramas….

      • 27.1.1 kopytko

        Nah, just read some older OTs, you’ll see longer rants on a single drama 🙂

        First of all: sending good vibes to you and your homework. And thank you for your encouragement last week. It did help me 🙂

        I am with you about Jean Thierry Cha – he was the very essence of the whole drama, along with his doc friend. If I were to choose one scene that I remember from CDDA, it would be JTC dancing “Barbra Straisand”.

        • Sammy

          Thank you! And you’re welcome! 😀

          Haha, yeah, I loved that scene. I was laughing so hard. XD And then, I tried watching The Princess’ Man when Seung Yoo was at his maddest and broodiest.

          Cannot compute. O.O

    • 27.2 pogo

      yeah, the fighting over Dok-mi in FBND is frustrating until it becomes hilarious because she decided to remove herself from the scene and doesn’t even register that both boys are fighting over her!

      I wanted to try Cheongdamdong Alice because Moon Geun-young has been good in everything I’ve seen her in (even when the drama was a mess like that one she did with Jang Geun-seok) but I hear very mixed reviews.

      • 27.2.1 Sammy

        Haha, yeah! Serves the both of ’em right! 😛

        Oh, yeah, Mary Stayed Out All Night? I dropped that at the second episode because the story was all over the place. The actors were good though.

        Well, I wouldn’t know about how good Cheongdamdong Alice is because I’ve only watched the first half and already I’m beginning to hate one of the leads. The story is meh, but the chemistry and the actors are wonderful. At least, so far. 🙂

    • 27.3 Mashimomo

      Sammy! No worries! I’m not consistently on OT either, life (cough *werk* but not really working) catches up with me. It sucks coz hey, it’s Friday but sometimes they just like to pile ’em up today. But today is a good day… so far lol

      RE: K2H and Gaksital. I see your point, sometimes you get caught up in the excitement of a drama, especially if its one that’s well received by the db community! Not to say that these dramas are bad – i feel that despite of some flaws these have solid stories and actors to boot. I actually got thru watching episdoe 25 now but more of passively watching while i clean up the house, I figure if the music/tonation of the character dialog change the scene something worth paying attention to, heh.

      As for me, I’m not watching any currently aired dramas like you. I’m currently watching Ghost, and really enjoying it so far! it really reminds me of a CSI meets Hawaiian 5-0 type and liking it a lot because of how good Eom ki joon is, the story is pretty fast paced and not a lot of unnecessary side stories.

    • 27.4 Ruth

      I totally agree with you about the guys from FBND and how they act toward Dok Mi. I get that it’s sweet and all that, but it seems like they’re forgetting that she’s a person and has reasons for why she is the way she is. Maybe they should be less focused on the love relationship and more on the friendship relationship. It seems like that’s something she needs a lot more.

  28. 28 Tushi

    I always wondered how come i never saw a sign up tab.

    Always a pleasure reading the weekly open thread,altho,i usually end up seeing it Friday evening when it has 500 comments to read.

  29. 29 Dewo

    Anyeong haseyo beaners!
    I’ve been testing what’s so called the multi tasking ability of a yeoja. So tonight, while enjoying my dinner, I turn on my laptop and watch Bridal mask episode 12, and then I turn on my dvd player on I miss you episode 7, I also open Viki on my 5′ android to follow Level 7 which recently subbed. All at the same time, but with much help from the pause button.

    1 and a half hours later, I finished the 12th episode of Gaksital, almost finished the 7th episode of I miss you, and barely watch halfway of Level 7 (caused the internet connection not so good). Then I run all the way here to tell you my story.

    I hope you all have a nice weekend

    • 29.1 Tushi

      Loools Such is the life of a true addict.

      • 29.1.1 Dewo

        Well Tushi, i didn’t do it for the sake of an addict. But on behalf of sciene, y’ know for a better life of human kind..wink wink..XD

        • Ruth

          lol, definitely for science. That’s why we’re all here. For research 😀

    • 29.2 latteholic

      Wow Dewo, you’re a brave one. Watching Gaksital and I Miss You at the same time, like lliterally… 😀 But at least you got Level 7 to balance it a little bit!

    • 29.3 Shukmeister


      LOL! I started watching a drama on my laptop today, but couldn’t stand the commercials, so I switched to my IPhone, propped it up against the lappy screen, and just Twittered and Dramabean’d while watching it on my tiny tiny screen.

      Good times!

    • 29.4 DayDreamer

      How do you even do that? I know if I even attempted it, I would fail miserably and not be satisfied with any of the dramas I would be watching simultaneously. For me, it’s better to focus on one and then move on to the next.

  30. 30 cv

    Happy OT all! ^^

    It’s been a very busy few weeks–lots of babysitting and tax season has started. :p So many books that I need to read but no time. Arrgh! Returned many back to the library without even looking at it. Nexxt time for sure.

    I haven’t been on twitter or facebook for awhile now. Dang, I’ll need to catch up there with everyone else. How’s all my drama-addicts buddies doing?

    The few dramas I’ve been following is nabunata’s chef(spelling is wrong lol), FBND, and Great Seer(almost done). Otherwise, I have not started on any of the new dramas that just came out. Will try when time permits.
    I’m waiting for Iris2. It better be kickass awesome. hehe

    Kpop—-Love love love Bigbang, JYJ, FTisland,2ne1 and cnblue. Listen to them every day. 🙂

    Kpop star season 2—Can’t wait to see who will make it to the top 10. I think they have 3 or 4 in already.

    Busy busy! Hope everyone have a great day/weekend! ^_*

    • 30.1 kopytko

      Have a great weekend too!
      Thanks for reminding me about the taxes (not that I love writing the returns, but huh need to)

      I have a feeling that I am not missing anything out, although I haven’t started any new dramas. Seems a calm season in dramaland.

      • 30.1.1 cv

        Hi kopytko!

        Nope, you aren’t missing out on anything. Nothing seems interesting. :p Maybe drama burnt out perhaps?

        • kopytko

          Drama burnout?
          Again? It means I will just read recaps at dramabeans for about three or four weeks and then get into new dramas so that I’ll go to sleep at 3am? LOL

  31. 31 zgznoona

    Happy OT everyone!!!
    My trip started and I’m having a lot of fun. Tuesday I got to Colorado, and I’m having a lot of fun with Raine and her sister. Lot of drama watching and laughs. After Raine’s birthday I’ll head west to meet cherkell and Shell. That going to be a lot of fun too.
    Cherkell got front row tickets for the K Will. LA won’t be the same after that. 😀
    On the drama front:
    Enjoying FBND and L7CS
    I hope the first doesn’t disappoint me. I’m not to sure about the ending of 10, but I’ll trust the writers.
    L7CS keeps getting better each episode. I just hate all the lying, but I know it’s what builds the story.

    My only problem is once I really start my trip, I don’t know when I’ll have time to finish them.
    I hope you all had a great week too.

    • 31.1 owl

      Colorado – my stomping grounds! I just spent 3 weeks ther (it’s home, although I am elsewhere for now, work and all). Any special plans? I think L7CS gets better each episode, too.

      Hey, you can always catch up with kdramas – so enjoy your trip and see the beautiful Rocky Mountains (although it’s pretty snowy there, right now. Are you going skiing? My all time fav spot is Steamboat Springs, summer and winter). Have fun, chicka!

      • 31.1.1 zgznoona

        You’re from Colorado? there are a lot of kdrama lovers here. 🙂
        We might go to the mountains today or tomorrow. But not skying, I hurt my knee skying 5 years ago, and still hurts when I exercise. And tomorrow we’ll go to a concert.

        • owl

          Chinchia? So cool – I wasn’t aware of kdramas when I was at the U of Colorado (I’ve only been a kdaddict for not quite a year), but I bet there are a lot of marathoner fangirls in the dorms (apts).
          Is that the K Will Valentine’s Day concert in LA?? You’re making the rounds!

          • zgznoona

            Yes, the awesome cherkell got two tickets and she’s taking me with her. My unnis rock

  32. 32 iZzie :)

    Hi DBers! 🙂

    My head hurts from marathoning Arang in between work, social life, and worrying for a friend. 😛 While waiting for episodes of FBND and L7CS to pile up for my drama viewing backlog collection, I started on Arang. And then I couldn’t stop nor watch anything else. Work is affected because I usually sleep late, rush to work the next day, and then go through the day a zombie-bot. Arang is messing up with my sleep, too, by way to mixing up with my dreams. But how can I complain if Lee Sung Ki is there, right?

    And for the good news… my friend, whom I posted about last week, is now on the road to recovery from his 14-hour brain surgery. The fist-size tumor was removed, and he woke up the next morning – able to talk, move his hands and feet, and remembers everything and everyone. He even has the energy to worry about his utility and credit card bills. 🙂 We couldn’t thank God enough – and those who prayed and put an effort to help him. That being said, I also would like to thank fellow DBers here who read about it last week and prayed/sent good vibes for my friend. 🙂 We got more than enough of the needed blood type for my friend during last weekend’s blood-letting. Kamsahamnida, chingus!

    Excited here cuz I’m going to start watching L7CS soon. 🙂 Two more episodes and it’s marathon time. Meanwhile, I’m going to continue watching FBND & Arang. Can’t wait to see where the Rapunzel-Enrique ship will go. 🙂 (Peace, Jin Rak shippers. I like him, but Enrique won me over.) I’m also still avoiding the Arang recaps cuz I really want to watch how the mysteries get sorted out. The assistant+psychic love team often gives me big laughs. Also, it’s refreshing for me to see Yoo Seung Ho in this drama after watching IMY. 🙂

    And back to my drama marathon…

    Happy Friday chingus! 🙂

    • 32.1 Korazy Lady

      IZzie, so glad to hear about your friend! Now you deserve to really enjoy your dramas without that worry over your head. BTW, I’m watching L7CS and unlike some others here, I am enjoying it. It’s give me some good laughs, which I find are always appreciated 🙂

      • 32.1.1 iZzie :)

        Hi Korazy Lady!!! 🙂

        Thank you. I’m so glad he’s able to get up now and eat. Watching dramas was my escape from the stress over his situation and the pressures of work.

        I’ve just finished Arang and is asking myself why I didn’t watch it while it was airing so I could’ve joined in on the conversations under the recaps here. I had a great time watching – despite the raccoon eyes – and it feels nice to see a very good drama again. And so I decided not to have a viewing backlog anymore. As long as RL allows it, I will watch the dramas that I like while they’re airing. So I’m gonna have another viewing marathon this weekend to catch up on FBND and L7CS.

        My mind is still wandering in the Arang universe, though. I’m still digesting everything, reviewing things in my mind. It’s going to take days – or until I get absorbed in another kdrama universe – before I recover from this. It just pulled me out from the Reply 1997 universe, which pulled me out from the School 2013 universe, which pulled me out from the IMY universe. I feel like I’m going to meet Dr. Jin in this universe-skipping thing – only I’m not going to watch that Song Seung Heon drama.

        I hope Moo Young is having a blast being a heavenly goat, eating heavenly grass. He turns into a goat but he loses his goatee. Hmm.

  33. 33 TS

    Greetings and Salutations Beaners!

    I’ve had a super-Korean week, except for where I watched Gokusen, teehee.

    I ate bibimbap for the first time. Yum! Also watch several movies because I can’t find a drama to get into. I start and stop them. So, basically, I’m waiting for Iris 2 to blow me away.

    The Movies:

    Sword with No Name. Awesome film, and Soo Ae majestic and beautiful as queen. I might even try Yawang now! Anyone wants to discuss, please do!

    Howling. Brilliant, film, shows what it’s like to be a woman cop in Korea, and the wolf-dog rocks, even if he is a Dead Dog Walking. And Lee Na-young? Please act with my loves, Kim Woo Bin and Kim Nam Gil.

    19, which has TOP and Seung-ri, (and TOP looks KWB’ish, so cute) and was really good. Three teenagers, all 19, all connected to a murder victim, run from the police while trying to figure out the murderer.

    Baby and Me. Cute baby with some funny moments, but mostly fast-forwarded to said baby moments.

    I’ve also been watching Frozen Flower in bits, because, well, it’s a bit much to take.

    And I keep replaying scenes from Runway Cop. The flamboyant effeminate model, Yeon Min Seung, is too adorable. I want to see him in more movies/dramas!


    • 33.1 owl

      omg – I forgot to mention that I marathoned Gokusen this week, too! Loved, loved it – I want to read up on the yakuza, as I so loved the household of men she was raised in. It is so foreign to anything I know, and I’m intrigued. On to Gokusen II and the movie!!

      • 33.1.1 TS

        I’m starting Gokusen II this weekend! Yay!

        you know, there’s a third season too…

      • 33.1.2 pogo

        YANKUMI!!!!!!! <333333

        That series basically turned me into a Nakama Yukie stan for life (and the boys're just a bonus)

        • TS

          <33333!!!! indeed!

      • 33.1.3 l

        So just now finished Gokusen (the movie – it’s @ 2 hrs) and really really loved it. Glad i followed up Goksen first with the movie – it was perfectly in sync!

    • 33.2 hydrangeabloom

      I loved Gokusen so much. I’m trying to make my way through the third season right now, however, and it is slow going. Definitely lacking the charm of the first series.

      • 33.2.1 TS

        That’s good to know. I love the quirkiness of the first series.

        Is there anything Korean that is like Gokusen humour? School 2013 was supposed to be based on Gokusen, but let’s face it, the two shows are apples and oranges.

        • pogo

          Oh god now you make me think of Yankumi meeting In-jae and Se-chan

          oh, the possibilities….

          • TS

            Ha! I’d like to see her take down that gang Jung-ho was mixed up in (and who were going to recruit Heung-soo, I’m sure of it! But the drama stopped.)

        • owl

          Sometimes it helps to know that something is based on something else, but in this case yeah, apples and oranges. Although it really didn’t matter to me because I loved them both on their own. Gokusen II tonight – fighting -oh!

        • hydrangeabloom

          What I loved about the first series of Gokusen was how much heart it had in its strong writing and endearing cast. Gokusen 3 is very repetitive – going through the motions without ever hitting home. However, I’m happy that the first series was so good, and my lack of engagement with the third series doesn’t diminish my love of the first.

          I’m not sure I can think of any kdramas I’ve seen that are in exactly the same vein (other commenters might have a wider repertoire). I always thought it was a cultural difference in terms of setup, since typically jdramas have a more episodic feel to them. I remember liking Dream High, which is similiar to Gokusen in its idealism, but not perhaps in its slapstick humor.

          • TS

            Yeah, I need some slapstick humour. 🙂 Okay, I’ll work my way through Gokusen for the time being.

    • 33.3 TS

      Correction: adorable effeminate male model (he’s told not to walk like a woman, and snarks back, “This shows personality!”) is Shin Min-Sheol.

      Such a sweetie:

  34. 34 Lovebug

    Happy Friday Drama Peeps! Cheers to the freakin weekend and all that….

    So like most I am still enjoying FBND. I think the cast is really great and acting is awesome from everyone! I am especially loving Dong Joon this week (the part when Jin Rak accidentally spits in his face and he starts patting his face like a facial was so funny). and am loving the love line developing between him and the editor. I will say I still think the drama is moving a tad on the slow side, and am disappointed by the seemingly one dimensionalness (not sure thats word) of Do Hwi. I thought there would be a twist with her character but no, seems she is just a straight beyotch. The change from being besties with Dokmi hasn’t been adequately address in my opinion. Still loving Jin Rak and the mystery of who he is still the most interesting thing to me.

    I watched Ten this week and after the last episode my exact quote was this: What, what, what, seriously, what, wait what, what, there better be a season 2!!!

    Also finished the t-drama In Time and really liked it. Though at times i was really frustrated by Ariel’s lins character’s obtuseness but i just love best friends fall in love dramas!! I will say this, my first official t-drama love is Bolin Chen!!! I have now watched quite a few t-dramas and have encountered some very attractive and charismatic men (looking at you Van Ness wu and Roy Qui). But Bolin Chen has stolen my t-drama watching heart. (I could totally fangirl out about how freakin adorable and engaging he is but this comment is long enough – so i will end with a Swooooon).

    Ok so am also watching L7 agent but haven’t watched this week’s episodes but i hear they are good. Not totally loving this show but hopefully it will continue to improve.

    So i watched the first 2 episodes of Yawang and stopped because I was scared. I knew from the opening of the first episode where this show will ultimately go and I really want to see how it gets there but i am so scared about whats going to happen!!!! What is she going to do…Whats going to happen to the daughter, who else dies, and especially what happens to my poor Yunho!!! (Also I had heard about his atrocious acting but don’t think he is bad, it could be my rather large love/bias for him but i feel i can be pretty objective). So i am going to keep watching but need to find something light and funny to watch with to give my heart a break.

    I hope someone on the Dramabeans recaps Yawang, but not sure who else is watching.

    Also is Incarnation of money good? Worth picking up? ( Also will Hwang Jung Eum

    • 34.1 Lovebug

      ever have a good haircut?) is what I was supposed to finish with. oops

    • 34.2 kopytko

      I watched the initial episodes of Yawang and found and alternative title: Mawang. With that thought I suspended my interest for that drama.

      • 34.2.1 Korazy Lady

        I’m watching Yawang but have to admit it is difficult to watch. I had to stop episode 7 mid-way because I was so upset that they went there….. I think I’m staying with it because the acting is so good (and my chingus here say I’m the melo queen:) ) Plus I have to see if this poor guy is able to get his revenge….*fingers crossed*….and it better be good

        • JoAnne

          Well that does it, if the power keeps on (we’ve had some MAJOR FLICKERING) I will start Yawang tonight.

    • 34.3 cv

      There will be a TEN season 2 coming soon. I heard that all cast from season 1 has signed up. Yay! Can’t wait!

    • 34.4 skelly

      I just marathoned In Time With You with two of my daughters, and what really impressed us was how real the side relationships were, especially the family ones. My daughters don’t really like shows with dysfunctional families (no personal experience, at least not yet!) and so they liked watching families that understood one another and quarreled together and helped one another.
      Then last night we were watching the previews for next weeks’ Dance Moms, where the women are screaming and even tossing the contents of water bottles at each other and my daughter turns to me and said, “throwing water? What do they think this is, a kdrama?”

    • 34.5 Shukmeister

      Bolin Chen and Ariel Lin are in a movie together as well, and he is just great to watch! Lovesick is the name of it, and he looks awesome in a doctor’s coat.

  35. 35 Rach^^

    Is Dramabeans going to recap Ad Genius? So disappointed that the subbed versions are not available yet and no recaps on here either. Is it because of the low ratings?

    • 35.1 Mystisith

      Ep 1 is subbed on dramacrazy/viki & I’m watching it at the moment. ep 2 is almost subbed on viki so it won’t be long. I guess workplace dramas are not that popular… I love them when they are done the right way.

      • 35.1.1 TS

        I watched episode one but only partially subbed. I asked dramafever to take it on. It’ll be a lot easier to appreciate!

  36. 36 redfox


    how you doing? Just got home from work. I am participating in a writing contest (a little skip from my regular story) which asks museum workers to recollect their most colorful encounters with visitors. I had a case with a lost monkey a security guard in the closet and calling wrong numbers asking if they had lost a monkey in Seaplane Harbour.

    I have one movie my eyes stopped on which I would like to watch if I have any time: Fox Family, found on Gooddrama. It doesnt seem like the werefox in my story they are quite violent.
    I also watched a few parts of ep 5 & 6 of Level 7 Civil servant. I seems kind of cold. joo won is nice to look at, but I dunno. It is not intense enough for me. the puns are the best part though, like making fun of all those uber-cool spy series by turning learned young spies complete clumsies. …well the older experienced ones don´t seem much better though.

    • 36.1 redfox

      P.S. on todays jogging in the forest I met a tree. the snow covered forest was just too lovely to stare at so I paid no attention to the path. Don´t worry, the tree survived and is recovering. and I had a thick hat….

    • 36.2 kopytko

      Hi Redfox!
      That writing contest seems fun. Good luck with it! Do you mind sharing a story sometimes? :):)

      L7CS – it’s a case when I only read recap and discussion on DB, but I’ve never felt the need to see an episode for myself. Same thing was with School 2013 – I watched some episodes, but now I have no recollection whatsoever what I read and what I actually saw. Is it the power of imagination?

      • 36.2.1 redfox

        I would love to share, but that would involve translating everything from estonian to english so I kind of…

        • kopytko

          LOL. It’s a pain to do. I know what I am saying. 🙂

    • 36.3 latteholic

      I kinda like Level 7 because it’s not too intense, and it’s nice to see Joo Won plays this sort of character. And, I’m giving up on taking the spy stuff seriously because just like you wrote, this drama is actually making fun of all the spy stuff. Esp after watching episode 5, there’s no way a real spy like Do-ha (Chansung) who has been trained for one year and comes from a military background does such a messy espionage… but I got a good laugh out of it.. 😀

      • 36.3.1 Korazy Lady

        I’m laughing at it too. Plus I do like Choi Kang Hee a lot, although I preferred her with Ji Sung. Altho it could be that I just prefer Ji Sung in general 🙂

  37. 37 umbanana

    Hi Everyone!!!

    It’s my first time commenting here but been dramabeaning for at least a year and been kdramaing for much much much longer (10+ years…). Anyway, cannot express how glad I am that it’s Friday!
    Just finished a week of night shifts so my body clock is completely screwed. Couldn’t sleep this morning before class so just marathoned 6 eps of FBND… and I am absolutely loving the show. I love all the characters (save Do Hwi who is such a pain in the backside) esp Dok Mi. I think she and Enrique are characters that most people can relate to. Everyone’s had moments when they feel like they are wearing a mask (or the need to do so) to face the world. Can’t wait to finish catching up, though with exams looming the dramas may have to wait 🙁
    Anyway happy Friday to all!

    Just wondering if there are fellow UK folk here?

    • 37.1 kopytko

      Welcome to OT!
      You’ve got quite a lot of experience of drama watching (10 years !?), so I hope you’ll share this and that about older shows 🙂

    • 37.2 pogo

      Yay another FBND convert!

      And 10 years? WOW that’s a long time. I watched my first kdrama in I think 2005, but only off and on – I didn’t watch them constantly the way I do now, but two years ago I finished watching Battlestar Galactica and needed something light and sweet after that show gutted me, and now here I am 🙂

  38. 38 Sabella

    Good morning, fellow Dramabeans followers! Yet another week of drama-watching has come and gone…

    Last weekend I finished up the final episodes of Secret Garden: I wasn’t sorry to see it go, to be honest, since 20 episodes seemed too much a stretch for what little plot the drama actually had. I respect SG for the cast (and the fan following it has), but it wasn’t a favorite of mine by the end. Can’t wait to see what Hyun Bin will choose as his next project, though, now that he’s back from military service. 🙂

    Flower Boy Next Door continues to burrow deeper into my heart with each episode. I thought episode 9 was great (one of my favorite scenes was the “karaoke battle” between Enrique and Jin-rak), but then episode 10 came along and made me fall even harder. I adore the subtle character growth in this series, how it doesn’t appear to be a lot from episode to episode but it is quite a change once you think back to how the characters were in the beginning. Although I’m still interested in the truth of Jin-rak’s real identity and the mystery of Enrique’s stalker, I’m much more invested in seeing how Dok-mi will continue to step back into the world and whether or not she and Enrique will become a proper couple sooner rather than later. I’m with the rest of you who are hoping that the confession/kiss in the preview for episode 11 was not a dream/imagination sequence!

    (Also about this week’s FBND episodes: it was nice to see more screen time for Jin-rak and Dong-hoon’s editor. Give Miss Editor’s sudden interest in Dong-hoon, I’m anticipating a scene where she and Do-hwi cross paths. Can you imagine how Do-hwi might wilt underneath a wave of rage from Miss Editor? Oh, how I grin and giggle at the thought.)

    Early this week I started Protect the Boss…and ended up going through all 18 episodes over a few days. The lovable cast and comedic moments were a win right from the start for me — but then something happened around episode 12 or 13. The drama suddenly lost a lot of its spark and started to go downhill as it began to take itself too seriously and slowed its pace for the sake of Unnecessary Drama. Such a shame, since at the beginning I expected this series to rank among my favorites. Alas, I’d come back for the enjoyably zippy early episodes, but I don’t think I’ll find myself rewatching the later episodes (though the final episode was adorable and fun just like the first half of the series).

    Lastly, I started Prosecutor Princess two nights ago. I had high expectations for it (given how much I liked 49 Days and what little I’ve seen of Shining Inheritance; all three dramas are by the same screenwriter), but I really disliked the first two episodes. (I’m accustomed to weak beginnings in Korean dramas — out of the dramas I’ve seen thus far, only two or three have had what I considered “strong” first episodes — but it’s not a good sign if 2+ hours of a drama pass without my feeling “hooked” to see what happens next.) Thankfully, my worries ebbed a bit once episode 3 showed Hye-ri actually starting to take her job seriously and gave me reasons to feel sympathy for her character. I’m up to episode 7, and I’m slowly starting to fall in love with the characters where it’s fun to watch them interact. Though I’m not entirely sure yet what In-woo’s deal is, I’m loving Park Shi-hoo in the role.

    I also must say I’m really enjoying the Dramabeans recaps for Level 7 Civil Servant. Yesterday’s recap of episode 6 made me laugh out loud as I read it and convinced me that I need to start this drama soon. (I’m a sucker for romantic comedies with fun characters and the kind of humor that builds in momentum as the viewer gets to know the characters better.) I haven’t seen the original movie, but maybe that’s a good thing since I have nothing with which to compare-and-contrast the drama. I’m looking forward to it very much!

    • 38.1 hydrangeabloom

      Hi Sabella! Don’t worry, I was also uncertain at first when I started watching Prosecutor Princess last summer, but I found my opinion of it improving as the drama went on. By the end of the drama, I really liked it and was pleased with the character development. I hope you will find this the case too! 🙂

      • 38.1.1 Sabella

        I’m hoping my viewing experience will be similar! I’ve enjoyed each episode progressively more than the last, so here’s hoping!

    • 38.2 Lovebug

      Yay for Prosecutor Princess! That drama starts off a bit weirdly but it really gets good around episode 7 if you ask me. It remains my favorite drama! PSH is really dynamic and charismatic in that role!

      I have been contemplating re-watching PTB again lately but I do agree that it lost its steam a bit during the second half. I kind of want to watch again for the Jaejoong – Wang Ji Hye couple. I really want to see her in another drama preferably a lead in a rom com!

      • 38.2.1 Sabella

        That’s good to hear about Prosecutor Princess!

        PTB is the kind of series where I could see myself rewatching portions of it but probably not the whole thing. As for Wang Ji-hye, she really surprised me in her PTB role since very rarely do I find myself liking second female leads. I’d be really interested in seeing her as a heroine in a rom-com; I’m sure she’d be wonderful given how comedic she was in PTB.

  39. 39 smo_ore


    First time I’ve written on OT. It’s nice reading everyone’s comments! But now my head’s so full of new information I’m not sure what to do with it. Lol

    • 39.1 Laurita

      Welcome 🙂 (I guess I can say that already – these past weeks I feel there as if in a very big crowded but cosy home.).

    • 39.2 Lovebug

      Welcome and enjoy! Looking forward to Open thread Fridays helps me get through the week!

  40. 40 hydrangeabloom

    Hello, Beanies! I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday!

    Earlier this week I finally finished Gaksital. It was a really powerful drama that left a big impact, but I now feel emotionally drained and in need of some more lighthearted dramas. Lately I have slowed down a bit with Ojakgyo Brothers, even though I still like it very much. I tried starting Gokusen 3 but am having difficulty making my way through it as both the writing and the cast seem weaker than season one or even season two. If I finish season three, it will only be out of my love for Yankumi. I have also started watching Queen In-hyun’s Man after reading so many glowing reviews of it. I am only two episodes in, so it is too early for me to offer much insight into it, but it seems cute so far.

    • 40.1 pogo

      I’ve been stuck on episode 43 of Ojakkyo Brothers for the last 3 weeks now – I love the show, but I’m amazed I’ve made it this far because almost 60 episodes is no joke.

      And yeah, Queen In-hyun’s Man is adorable, though to me it wasn’t the OMGEPIC love story everyone says it is, it’s still on the lighter side of epic.

      • 40.1.1 hydrangeabloom

        For me, it’s episode 32 at the moment. I’m halfway through the episode, but the stream I’ve been using decides to load very slowly at frequent intervals (I don’t seem to have this problem with other dramas I am watching). It’s also because of all the drama concerning Tae-hee’s half brother and mother. The way his grandmother reacted really disappointed me.

    • 40.2 hydrangeabloom

      I can’t believe I forgot to mention, but I also started watching Flower Boy Next Door, and like it more and more every week! This drama has definitely got me by the heart.

  41. 41 Trina

    happy Friday everyone!!! Sorry, I am late. I am catching up with Zetsun No Tempest anime and Amnesia anime which is interesting. I am trying to get everything done so I will be busy on Sunday for Vietnamese New Year. My hubby will be out of town. So, it will be me with my two boys and will be celebrating with my family. I have not catch up with FBND with subs yet. I think I am gonna take for a while since I am more watching Japanese anime. I am watching Hakkuokia anime so far been watching Hakkuokia Shingem Hatsu I think that how you spell it. t is getting good with catching up of the other two anime. Okay glotta go will post later on.

  42. 42 KimYoonmi

    You know you’ve watched too many Asian dramas when you…

    … look for subtitles on your English language dramas.
    … spend 5 minutes into a drama and don’t realize it’s not subtitled.
    … recognize the buildings that belong to the various stations used in dramas before. TT
    … start to worry you won’t recognize any of the actors in the drama and feel relieved when you recognize one, then 2… and then can name the dramas they’ve been in.
    …for the last 5 years…
    … see an episode of Running Man and then say, is that the same location as it was in Running Man?
    … beg a relative to try to moonlight on one of your favorite shows. *cough* (TT He refused…)
    … start counting drama romance points in order to figure out the ending of the drama. *Beach check–are they running on it… check*
    … play a round of connect the actors to each other like Kevin Bacon. Hey, did you know you can get from Daniel Henney to Gweneth Paltrow, which means you can connect Kim Seon Ah to Gweneth Paltrow?

    I learned the majority of my languages from dramas. –;;

    I’m also guilty of the above. I still remember the days that pink shirts meant something in K-dramas…

    • 42.1 Julia

      @KimYoonMi Screamed with laughter over your list! Thanks for sharing.

    • 42.2 Shukmeister

      LOL!!! And I identified with wayyyy too much of that!

      Thanks for the list!

  43. 43 KimYoonmi

    Level 7, I’m still on the fence about. On one hand I like the events, but I’m not that thrilled about the characters (writing side, not acting side). I wish they’d have just a tad more dimension.

    Top drama for me right now is Flower Boy Next Door. It’s addictive in that quiet way.

    I finished Switch Girl 2 by mistake. ^^;; I kinda went through the Japanese episodes and thought that Episode 8 wasn’t the end… but it was…

    I’m still waiting for Nakuna, Hara-chan. It’s a really good drama. Runs kinda slice of life. The changes in each episode are really, really small, but it proves to be a fun ride getting to that point.

    Jebal Chaebol
    Kang Nam Gil or Sung Dong Il for the role of the father?

    Born 1960. A soft-hearted father that is a bit too over protective of his daughter (Only daughter). He’s savvy in business, not with his daughter, whom he treasures highly and spoils. He’s set her up with a condo and she thinks the rent is cheap, but he’s made it that way for her. He feels sorry towards her for when she was really young and was made to live with her aunt while he and his wife were considering divorcing…

    I like Kang Nam Gil (Goong Father), truly, but I haven’t seen him play a businessman. He’s mostly played bumbling characters, who are truly likable (even when a gangster)… I’ve seen Sung Dong Il (of Answer Me 1997), but I don’t recall any roles where he had to play across from Im Ye Jin, so I don’t know what their chemistry would be like. I think both actors could do a great job.

    =P I’m casting the fictional drama so I can get a visualization of how they might play it and at the same time fantasize about how I could push them a little bit to play a bit outside of their comfort zone, which makes most artists happy anyway…

    I have to work on pacing my script better. ^^;; It’s too fractured, which I see was a problem with Level 7 servant.

    Is it sad that I’m scouting locations through the dramas I’ve watched?

    And I think I’ll pretend it would Air on SBS (or the fictional world of SBC.) I want Running Man in-jokes… ’cause I’m a huge fan of meta.

    I wish my Korean was good enough to translate it into Korean… (Delusions are fun)

    • 43.1 Laurita

      I must confess, I search for the news about your script on every OT 🙂 What a nice idea. If we could create fake casting news with photos of the actors and put them next to the real news in the main page of dramabeans with the real comments- that would be so much fun to read, heh :D. Ok, sorry, my imagination just turned wild for a moment. Anyways, I’ m dying to see your script and rooting for your brilliant idea :).

    • 43.2 Lovebug

      Ha i am totally waiting for your posts/ script updates too!!! So i like both your suggestions for the dad as they have both wrung my heart playing dads in dramas. (Especially Sung Dong Il in Answer me).

      My only other thought would be Kang Suk Woo who was adorably sweet as the dad in Can we get married, but he also can play a douche as seen in Smile, you.

      Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

  44. 44 Sajen

    I know it’s twisted but from watching dramas I’ve come to believe that even if the parents are extreme caricatures of Korean parenting it’s quite possible life in Korea would be better if every child killed their parents when they came of age.

  45. 45 Celery

    Any shows similar to Greatest Love? Not in terms of premise per say, but level of wackiness and comedy.

    Spanks spanks!

    • 45.1 KimYoonmi

      Try the other Hong Sisters dramas… they get up there…

      • 45.1.1 Celery

        KimYoonmi – I have watched YAB and FC (didn’t complete) and found both quite enjoyable (but nowhere near Greatest Love).

        If there’s ONE Hong Sister show to recommend, which would you recommend?

        I tried Gumiho after Greatest Love… but I just can’t get into it. The main male lead just doesn’t appeal to me (I know, he is really popular in Korea, but he just doesn’t appeal to me for some reason).

    • 45.2 Lovebug

      Flowerboy Ramen Shop kind of reminded me of Greatest love. It was super funny which larger than life characters…

      • 45.2.1 Enz

        I was going to say the same thing.. Flower boy ramyun shop.. Very clever, lots of metaphors and plenty of heart too 🙂

  46. 46 Laurita

    Hey everyone 🙂

    First week of coming back to studies was quite chaotic and I was too busy to do any of my plans (e.g. writing paper), but I finally met my assigned lecturer who told me… that my plan was ok. (Ok is ok, but I’m still in the same place…) However I’m trying to be optimistic here – I keep repeating that it’s just the beginning of the month 🙂 though it’s not, lol…

    As there are no new especially tempting dramas, this week was better (for my mind, that is). I feel more alive now and strangely, the dramas that I do continue to watch are like… more interesting (?). Somehow. And I started to read for [forced] pleasure a little bit again (I used to be such a reader…). Maybe it looks really strange to others, but because of computer and dramas, I just… lost my abilities to stay focused on other things for more that … well 10 minutes maybe? So reading is healing after all.

    Ok, and the dramas?

    -I still watch “Flower Boy…”. Mostly without subtitles first and then read recap. It’s simple, warm, lovely and doesn’t occupy my mind too much. Very good.

    -Level7 – just recaps. According to the latest ones, the main pair does have some chemistry (or the beginning of it), and since I didn’t feel anything in the first 2 eps., I’m a little bit curious, what am I missing there.

    -OHYI – mostly without subtitles too, as I fast forward to the main pair’s interactions (that longing eyes of our hero in the supermarket…). When the subtitles are up, I FF to see some MIL’s evil “monologues” (I’m not sure if that can be called my guilty pleasure..? Since it’s not a … pleasure.) Other scenes in this drama have no effect on me. Oh, there is that father’s romance, but… (that pair is just too weird. They are not young children anymore, but they act every cliche of young k-drama romancing… And it destroyed that nice feeling of hearing “oppa” for me. It’s not lovely anymore :/).

    – I found 2 Italian miniseries of “Cenerentola” (2011). I’m a real child when it comes to such type of stories. And no, it’s not a cliche. It’s fairytale. It’s different. And I found out that Italian is a really nice language. That’s what a nice foreign series can do to me – they make me love the language. Always. (I remember how I didn’t like Korean at first. And look at me now…)

    And lastly, why am I writing there again, when I didn’t watch anything new of k-dramas? Well, the Valentine’s day is coming. And I have my tradition to watch something new (no matter, it’s a film or a marathon of series) during the lonely Valentine’s days. Of course, I usually let myself enjoy some romance or good comedies. So can you recommend something? (I have already watched many new k-dramas and, I believe, most English movies of that genre, but I’m kind of new to k-movies).
    And maybe you know some good German series? I really need it for my language learning, but I cannot find any apart “Doctor’s diary” and there was something called “Alice…” that was already shown on TV.

    Ok, I stop there. It’s 22:19, snowy and soggy evening in my place. 🙂

    • 46.1 kopytko

      Hi Laurita!
      I wish you fruitful work on your paper. Whenever you’re discouraged, think there’s someone who counts on you and keeps her fingers crossed!

      For a Valentine’s day – do you know I am a Cyborg but that’s OK? – A wacky movie with Rain and Im Soo Joong. Off the wall but charming and really makes you feel good.
      Just have a look:

      Another one, also with Im Soo Joong is Finding Mr Destiny – about a girl travelling to India to find her love and finding… well, she finds someone 🙂

      A German series? When I was in highschool, I watched “Mein Leben und Ich” every Friday. It was about a highschool girl (therefore I loved it) and her thoughts about her place in life, her attitude towards other people and her crazy family and even crazier friend.
      But to tell you the truth, you don’t need to watch original German series. You may want to watch some American series with German dubbing. I learned a lot watching X-Files in German 😀
      If you like detective series, there’s also Tatort. A very watchable thing.

      Have a nice weekend!

      • 46.1.1 Laurita

        Aw, thank you for the encouragement, it really helps a lot :).

        I didn’t watch any of these movies and they look perfect for the case (yeeey ).
        And as for the Mein Leben und Ich, it must have been popular as I found the series so quickly. I think, easy nice plot will be very good for the beginning. I wonder if there is any possibility to find English subs… (I learnt a bit of German at school, and now I don’t know how much of it is left in my head. I try to practice though). Tatort looks a bit scary for my limited language knowledge. But I put it on my list, thanks:)

        Annnd…I’m a bit wary of watching dubbed series. It depends on the voices (if they sound natural to the actors and if I like the story). Did you watch X-files in English first? If so, wasn’t it disturbing to watch it again “with different voices”?
        A very nice weekend for you too. 🙂

        • kopytko

          Hehe, the voices in X Files were really terrible (Scully spoke like an old drunkard), but I could get over it.
          There is a reason why I suggested dubbed series. You know why? Because dubbing actors are usually professional and they speak very clearly. It can be a different story with original German series – they hire different people like starlets and other amateurs who sometimes mumble something under their noses, and it is not always a good learning material. At least not at early stages of learning.

          Many German channels have really good mediathek – you can watch documentaries, news, lifestyle programmes. It is a very good alternative for series. You don’t need to look for a whole series, you just watch whatever you feel like at the moment. And there are subtitles. German subtitles – whatever you can’t hear well, you can read. It works 🙂

          • Laurita

            That’s a good point about the clearness of language, I didn’t think about that at all. :O I guess I’ll have to reconsider the matter of dubbed series.
            German channels – you mean in the internet? Though I have very uneven Internet connection (home-bad, rented room-good), it might work too. Now all I need is more time to practice. Thanks again 🙂

  47. 47 Trina

    I hope tomorrow will be finally a divorce and CW funally move back home and take over business on a hundred year inheritance. Is anybody excites as next week finally Iris 2 and that wind blow will be air. It will be a year of snake. Those who born of the year of snake including me. Let’s hope we have good fortunes this year.

  48. 48 Mashimomo

    Happy friday chingus! If you live in the eastern seaboard, all my thoughts are with you as Nemo makes his way in today.

    Not watching any currently aired dramas, but got intrigued with the comments about Gong Hyo jin’s appearance in Running Man and ended up watching last night and OMG. I love her so bad, that girl is FEISTY! it was so hilarious how she totally called out Giraffe on how he’s one of the bad ones at the press conference but kept protecting him anyway during the entire episode. I do not normally watch variety shows but if I know someone I like from the drama world is a guest I seek out the episodes. Aside from that, the only other RM episode that I watched was with Park Shin hye and Seung-gi yah, which was totally hilarious too!

    Also watching: Ghost, and really really enjoying it! It’s a nice change for me as I usually watch rom-coms but this is a pretty well written mystery drama without the fluff. I love the pacing so far (I’m at episode 10 currently) and do not mind the side stories , its almost like watching an episode of CSI or Hawaiian 5-0. What I love about it most is it avoided (so far) playing out any sort of romantic angle between “Woo-hyun”/ Ki-young (So-Ji sub) and Kang mi (Lee-yeon hee) which is REALLY refreshing. There was something there but obviously did not happen at all, and I’m fine keeping it that way.

    Also, am on a hunt to watch the movie Late Autumn with Hyun Bin and Tang Wei. Can anyone recommend where to find this? I was reading that they were speaking English on most of the movie anyway, so maybe I do not need a subbed version except for the parts where they speak Chinese or Korean. Unfortunately its not on the Independent Film channels here in North America. Or maybe I’ll resort to just waiting until they release on Netflix (harrumph).

    • 48.1 Shukmeister

      Late Autumn is on Dramacrazy.

  49. 49 merry

    Hello DBers. Feels like i burrowed long enough in the sand. Finding some recent dramas entertaining enough to look forward to. I’m quite current L7CS – JW is awesome. I am thinking not that there is no chemistry between OTPs but that the story does not really tie them together. I do not like the matchmaking of the senior spies. i cannot understand why they need to be close together. but anyway, i just love the angular face and dimples of JW.
    FBND – cute;
    AdGLTB – hope this leads somewhere. Not liking the characters of the second leads (Only You actors) and can’t imagine how they can actually get together. Underdog story, but gives you insight. Can supervisors really slap interns or juniors in an office? Did not know you can do that, what with labour laws and all. And here i was thinking of go to korea on retirement to teach English. Yayayay.
    IoM – starting melo. awesome child actor. i hope revenge part would be out of the box, otherwise it will be just that…revenge.
    J-drama: haven’t really watched any costumed dramas or saguek equivalent. Oh except airline movies. recently watched about astronomer samurai. Flitting into episodes or part episodes of Biblia and Dinner.

    What i am thinking in terms of project is connect the dots of who is where and can be joined up and of the same age group in Open Threads. I am loving the community. Happy week-end. Happy Chinese New Year, too.

  50. 50 Jeannette

    My stupid phone wouldn’t let me reply or anything here and the site is blocked at work. DUMB. I would have been like #4 or so if it had! >_<


    What happened:
    New lady started at work with me…she's from Hawaii and watched K-dramas! It's just the dailies but I'll convert her! She's having her Hawaiian friend send over some Korean treats for me, too! SHE IS AWESOME! Seriously, I was in tears when I heard about that! And she LOVES my k-pop playing at my desk because she says it reminds her of home! I know you all know how much a RL fan means to us…I am so happy.
    Korean Comeback: 2-19-13
    Japanese Comeback: 3-13-13

    JAEJOONG REPACKAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 2-26-13! OH HECK YES! I'm preordering that junk heck yes! I'm glad I'm one of the first ones who got their albums because the 1st press of 120K all sold out.

    Oh, what, you want more? Okay!

    My FB page now sports a YT celeb called Kpopsteve. I asked him to do a reaction to our Sukkie's new song (as part of Team H) and he did! AND HE MENTIONED ME AND THE GROUP! Oh man, it was so cool! See it here:

    Oh, that's nice, you say? Okay. Well now I'm also even more internet famous (I'm internet famous all over but only just now for k-pop stuff lol, thank you XBOX lol). Because MYNAME chose my question to answer ON AIR and now I get a FREE CD! WHAT?!!? Oh, sure, see that here:

    Also, My DAZZLING GIRL CD finally came in and it's gorgeous! <3 SWOON.

    Still working on the "OPERATION! Bring KPOP to the SOUTHERN USA!" movement and could use some help…if anyone wants to help, let me know! You can live anywhere!

    And I can't remember if I mentioned it yet, but my Infinite H CD came and I got a RARE Dongwoo card! He's my I-H BIAS! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

    Hey, my eBay seller person left me a feedback saying I am the BEST CUSTOMER IN THE WORLD! I want a mug that says that. ha

    Okay, drama stuff time.

    I'm behind FBND,. This week has been SO EXHAUSTING! I'm also watching Rich Man, Poor Woman with the ladies at the Operation KChat FB page. I started falling asleep so I didn't finish it, but I really like it so far. I keep finding myself in miserable moods so I keep watching TTBY and SHINee clips and Infinite Ranking King to stay sane.

    Oh! At my page I'll be introducing SuJu to the fans! I know NOTHING about SuJu so watch me as I research and make an idiot out of myself trying to get all the people right haha. I have done SHINee and Infinite so far. I think after SuJu I'll do MYNAME since they are sending me a CD. lol. Plus they are one of my fave groups.

    And boring RL stuff…I think I really like my oppa. I need to stop that. lol There was a "set-up" attempt by a friend and her husband to get me on a blind date with their best friend…Um. No. But then I was overruled by three people (My ex, my oppa and my daughter) so I said whatever…but he hates blind dates too THANK GOD. Then I saw his pic and my jaw DROPPED. Not in a good way. I was told that he had a belly but he was a good-looking man (not Asian, oh well)…saw his pic. Borderline morbidly obese, BALD on top, LONGISH HAIR in the back and a FULL ON SCRAGGLY BEARD. Okay. I LOVE hair on the head. It's the most important thing to me. GOOD HAIR. I also DETEST ANY TYPE of BODY HAIR. UGH. Is this what my life resorts to? Unattractive men? Oh my god. DEPRESSING. Nope. Not happening. Give me my dramas and music and let me delude myself haha.

    Anyway, I love you all and hope that your weekend and LUNAR NEW YEAR and upcoming week is AWESOME! I'm really glad to have found you all!

    PS Can you tell I had coffee today? lol <3

    • 50.1 owl

      Nice, Jeanette, with Kpopsteve – loved his reaction and comments to What Is Your Name , “…asian prince, the guy can get away with anything” about JGS. So true, and he knows it. Funny Kpopsteve was practically drooling thinking about Yoona in Love Rain (me- drooling over JGS). You scored, way to go!

      About your not date – yeah, good thing it wasn’t. “Give me my dramas and music and let me delude myself.” It’s the best. I watched jdrama Hungry last week; melted when I heard Crazy Love in ep 2 (written by van Morrison, but don’t know who sang it here). So glad the rest of your week was awesome, though. Happy weekend!

      • 50.1.1 Jeannette

        OOOH I’ve never heard that one! Hungry…I’ll have to add that to the list! I was also told that I needed to watch the J-movie Departed? Or something like that? It’s about a man who is the caretaker of the dead and he plays Cello.

        I think I’d be really good at being a dead person caretaker.