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  1. oftheshore

    Hello, fellow Beaners!
    What are you up to this weekend?

    • 1.1 Pillowhead

      hi oftheshore… i thought i was first. hehe.

      • 1.1.1 oftheshore

        Sorry about that! Didn’t plan on being first at all.

    • 1.2 alua

      Good day! I was trying hard to be first, but got distracted by making lunch.


      • 1.2.1 oftheshore

        Nah, I wasn’t even trying to be first. I was eating lunch, browsing the internet, and there it was – OT!

        • alua

          That’s because you’ve been first before.

          Enjoy your lunch… I’m making potato strudel but it’s still in the even (sooooo hungryyyyy).

          • alua


            TYPOS UGH 😛

          • oftheshore

            By the way, are you still interested in meeting in London sometime? I will be there in March/April anyway, and will probably even have to make several trips.

          • Raine

            Hi Alua! I’ve never been first…hehe. I’ve never tried. But I haven’t been on OT in so long I feel like a stranger! Any fun film festivals lately?

          • alua

            @oftheshore! Yes! Let’s meet! Are you coming during the week/weekend/at specific dates? If you can come during the week, you should come on the Thursday that Moon So-ri is coming for her Q&A film screening organised by the Korean Cultural Centre (I think it’s going to be April 4 but not sure).

            @Raine – To be honest, I wasn’t trying too hard to be first. Didn’t I see you on the OT a couple of weeks back? No film festivals this week, but I got my opening gala tickets for the Pan-Asia film festival (for the Taiwanese film *Gf*Bf which I have been wanting to see!), not sure if I’ll go see anything else as part of that festival as I already saw the K-film King of Pigs and as for Park Chan-wook’s Stoker, I’ll probably wait for the cinematic release… I think.

            Also waiting for the programme for the March-scheduled Lesbian & Gay Film Festival of the British Film Institute to be announced next week, fingers crossed we’ll get some good Asian features like last year. Like the Korean 백야 (Baekya/White Night, 2012) which was originally going to be screened at the Korean Film Festival back in October but then was cancelled because they got into the Berlinale (can’t blame them!).

          • oftheshore

            I could do weekdays! Usually it’s not a problem. I’ll keep the date in mind and let you know my plans a bit later on OT or maybe via your blog.=)
            By the way, I was so glad to find out about the Maimai Shinko to sennen no mahō screening in Bristol’s Watershed. Really looking forward to it.

          • Raine

            Alua – Those sound like fun! London is full of stuff like that. I’m going to start poking my nose around Colorado and Wyoming to see if I can find anything. Denver probably will offer the most. I know the ehtnic cuisine is better there…

    • 1.3 kakashi

      cooking wonderful food! having fun with my “baby”-girl! watch KDrama! (= what I am up to this weekend)
      yourself? Anything exciting?

      • 1.3.1 oftheshore

        Some exciting…work. 😀

        • kakashi

          hehe. yes. work. I might try that one too …

      • 1.3.2 oftheshore

        However, I might also try and get my K-drama fix!

        • Pillowhead

          that’s my plan. 😀

      • 1.3.3 Raine

        Kakashi, I think this is the first time I’ve talked to you on OT. Heehee.

        I’m going to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow today, then teach up in Wyoming, then this weekend teach some more, conduct a beginner orchestra and…work on converting my best friend to kdrama. Heh. Maybe blog a little…

        • kakashi

          yes, Raine, it’s the first time!! Whenever I raved about Park Shi-hoo in the past, everybody immediately warned me about you, haha, so your ghost was with me before you ever were… lol.
          About the bow and arrow thin: so cool! I did that ages ago and only for about 15 minutes, cause that’s how long my untrained muscles lasted …….

          • Raine

            Yeah, Park Shi-hoo has totally been MINE’d. Stay tuned for my next PSH post. It’s going to be HOT!

            I just came back from archery. We lasted for an hour, were shown up by a bunch of kids, and my muscles most DEF feel it. I didn’t like all the heads mounted on the wall, but the shooting itself was so much fun. I tried shooting left and right handed, but I’m a right shooter (bow in left hand, draw with right). SO much fun.

          • kakashi

            bring it on! (your next PSH post). I miss him. Pick your next project, Mister! not a movie! here me?

          • Enz

            Kakashi, if you miss PSH , you can watch delightful girl chun hyang. I recognized him even though he came out less than one minute so far!

    • 1.4 kopytko

      Hi Oftheshore!
      I’m kind of slow this week. I’ll try to catch up with things during the weekend. Oh, and I’ll have a look at my family dramas – I have been neglecting them lately 😉

      Have a great weekend!

      • 1.4.1 oftheshore

        Hope your family dramas have a happy ending.:)

        • kopytko

          Hehe. I want them to be happy, but I don’t want them to end. My favourite domestic series aired its 511th episode (with one episode weekly) and it’s never been so exciting!

    • 1.5 iZzie :)

      hi oftheshore!

      tomorrow will be my 2nd Saturday at work. my boss shifted my schedule to have someone in charge on half the weekend. so my weekend will start on Sunday. I’m planning to have an uber-lazy one – watching kdramas, eating, sleeping. (I’ll do some video editing if I don’t get too lazy.) Pretty much prepping for the coming week when I’ll be working on yet another monthly operational report. >_< I'm going to be on a 6-day vay-kay starting Friday next week, so my boss reminded me to submit the report early.

      I'm waiting for L7CS ep8 to finish dl'ding. Computer says it will be done in an hour, so i'm gonna have dinner while I wait. 🙂

      Happy Weekend! 🙂 congrats on being first. 😀

      • 1.5.1 oftheshore

        Haha, thanks. 🙂 I will be working in the office pretty much this entire weekend, so I can definitely understand you. Lazy Sundays are great, hope you enjoy your time off.

    • 1.6 Ben

      Marathoning Jdrama and The Marriage Plot. Maybe checking out That Winter (if I can get over Eunji’s miscasting). And hopefully watching a new episode of Cheer Up Mr. Kim.

      I may even do some chores. Maybe.

  2. Julia

    I have trouble understanding beauty as a Korean would appreciate it.

    I first realized it when characters would describe someone as fat or ugly, and I didn’t see it that way.

    I am probably all wrong, but here are some working hypotheses on what constitutes beauty by KDrama standards
    – curly hair is bad
    – long legs are good. tall men are more handsome.
    – faces so thin they look famine stricken is good
    – pointy chins are good
    – thick, straight eyebrows is masculine
    – B cup women are bordering on too voluptuous. clevage is bad.
    – a slender, rectangular shape instead of 10″ smaller waist hourglass. But you won’t be able to actually tell the shape because of scarfs, layering, and shirts that cover the hips modestly.
    – shorts or short skirts are great for emphasizing the legs
    – men are hiding muscular bodies under those shirts, cue shower scene
    – white skin is better (this one came as a surprise to me)
    – facial hair on men is bad, unless it is a historical drama
    – eye shape is important. huge eyes are good. small eyes are bad. (I still don’t get how to catalog in my brain the varying eye shapes. But I notice eyes more since watching KDramas.)

    Any other suggestions on how to understand beauty in KDramas?

    Any examples of who you think is beautiful/ugly and why?
    Maybe I should add the 13 physical requirements prospective mother-in-laws looked for as listed in NTC’s Dictionary of Korea’s Business and Cultural Code Words (p.5).

    Don’t hate me, but I will give a few examples of my inability to appreciate Korean beauty. Park Ha from Rooftop Prince (Han Ji Min), Dok-Mi from FBND (Park Shin Hye), Do-Hwi from FBND (Park Soo Jin – famine face by my standards). I love these actresses, loved their dramas, I just don’t swoon over their beauty.
    I do swoon for lots of Asian male actors. The list would be too long for this post!

    So my problem is not having the same standards of beauty for women as KDramas. I never saw Jan-Di from BOF as fat. I think Nakama Yukie from Gokusen is stunning, so the fact that her class found her unattractive is baffling. I find Moon Geun Young the most beautiful woman in Mary and CDD Alice. Ah well, chalk it up to “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

    • 2.1 oftheshore

      Curly hair might be bad – but not if it’s ramen hair! I never understood the issue with curly hair either, though. Example: Dal Ja’s awesome locks of glory. Her friend’s dad hated them, and the ahjummas weren’t fans of the ‘do either. I, on the other hand, absolutely adored it.

      • 2.1.1 nomad

        me too! me too! I love Dal Ja’s hair! I was even confused when it was recapped in DB and the writer said something about it takes sometime for her to get used to Dal Ja’s hair. I found her hair gorgeous!

        • MariD

          Ditto!! As a curly hair person myself, I would kill to have Daljas amazing curls and volume.

        • iZzie :)

          Not a fan of curly hair, but I liked Dal Ja’s hair too. I’m Asian, but I don’t get some of Koreans’ standards of beauty either.

      • 2.1.2 Lovebug

        OMG I loved everything about Daja’s styling, hair, eye make up, clothes! Loved it all, want it all!

        • oftheshore

          She had this one fab outfit in the Valentine’s Day episode, where they had to help their supplier to make chocolates. It was a top with short, puffy sleeves, worn over a long-sleeved top, paired with shorts. I absolutely loved it. Would definitely wear it.

          • Lovebug

            I think i know what you are talking about. Out of all the dramas i watched that is the only one where I have really considered trying to track down her clothes somewhere even though I watched years after it aired.

          • oftheshore

            It’s the one in this episode:

            Bonus awkward back-hug, Candy-style!

          • Lovebug

            Yes that was adorable! Man I was really inspired by her fashion in that drama, i need to rewatch and go shopping!

      • 2.1.3 sweetcloud

        Same here! Years later I still lust after Dal Ja’s outfits and paint my nails a dark colour from time to time with her in mind 😀 Her luscious locks suited her face really well, more than the straight look

    • 2.2 myweithisway

      Do keep in mind that sometimes for narrative purposes, a gorgeous actress will be deemed “ugly” by the characters around her. It’s part of the story set up and you might have to suspend reality for a bit.

      • 2.2.1 Raine

        So true.

        I think the general standard is: small, petite, pail and very frail looking with big eyes with double lids.

        Remember Rain was even thinking of getting eyelid surgery because of his monolids. (DONT DO IT OPPA!)

        I think beauty is looking healthy. And then of course symmetry and all that scientific stuff.

        Julia, you said you like Korean men, they tend not to be as ridiculously thin as the women.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Oh my gosh! This reminds me of an interview I heard with Song Joong-ki. He said he hated his lips most of all. I thought: Seriously???? You have the most beautiful lips!

          When someone can’t see their own best feature because of some flaky ideal, then I get nervous. I will admit that whenever I see certain actors I do check to see if they look the same as they did when I fist started liking them.

          • iZzie :)

            Omo! Why would he hate his lips? What more can he ask for with that face? Can someone give him a wake-up pill or something? I’m really curious as to what type of lips he prefers. Nonetheless, SJK hating his lips is just crazy.

            Same as you, I worry about this. I hope he doesn’t seriously hate his lips, or any part of his body, and have them changed. I’m not 100% against PS, but when there is actually nothing that needs improving, going under the knife will only make one look unpleasant.

          • Raine

            He’s gorgeous. But they have to focus on their looks or they will be criticized and thrown from the Hallyu ranks!

            Well, not MY Hallyu ranks. I like a lot of them pre-surgery and with darker skin and monolids and a little weight on them. Kim Sun-ah was so pretty as Sam-soon.

            The question for me is: when will Asians stop being type-cast in American television?

          • Carole McDonnell

            Here’s the interview:

            The 3:48 minute mark

          • Carole McDonnell

            Definitely, Raine!

            There’s this great documentary called The Slanted Screen which shows the history of Asian stereotypes in hollywood. Very sad.

            I remember one interview where Jet Li relates how “Romeo Must Die” originally was a love story with a bit more passion. But at the screening, ironically, the Black guys were really annoyed that Aaliyah and Jet Li would kiss — so the filmmakers changed the story and cut out the kissing scenes.

            So apparently, Asian guys are trapped into stereotypes by white and black audience “requirements/expectations”. Sad.

          • Enz

            Well, thank goodness that is one feature he can’t have cut off! His lips are so gorgeous. I didn’t know he hated his lips but I know he wishes he looks more manly and his ideal man look is Jo in sung.

          • Z

            I’ve seen “The Slanted Screen;” it is excellent.

          • iZzie :)

            I watched the YT video…

            SJK: i hate my lips.
            Me: wuuutttt???!!! (despite having read about it here.)
            when asked about whose lips he thinks are attractive…
            SJK: Ah In.
            Me: well if you put it that way… *shakes head to rid of image of YAI luscious lips from head in order to form a proper opinion*

            Song Jung Ki, if you’re reading this Dear, I love Ah In. I won’t object to your opinion on his lips. (stay sane izzie, stay sane.) However, you also have one of the most attractive lips in the world, and is not inferior to YAI. If there’s a sig-sheet for girls who’d be allowed to kiss you all day, please tell me where it is and I’ll sign up right away. (Since, there may be hundreds, nay thousands, of girls who’d want to be on that list, I’d kill to be no.1.)

      • 2.2.2 iZzie :)

        I really have a problem fully enjoying a drama when that happens. It’s so hard to suspend disbelief when it’s plain to see that the person they call ugly is actually pretty.

        Exception to this is Vampire Idol, where they deliberately flipped over the standards of beauty over at the vampire planet. 😛

    • 2.3 Carole McDonnell

      Ah, the white skin thing! Not a surprise to me. Seems to be the norm in Asian countries. And one can’t even blame the western media for that. It always makes me groan a bit when some variety host asks one of my fave hotties, “So what is your your type? Fair?” And the guys ALWAYS answer, “Fair.”

      “I’ve often asked myself, “Carole, why do you like movies from this culture where you would be deemed ugly?” Mercifully, I’ve never fallen in love with any of my Asian friends so I don’t carry any kind of wounds. So I can watch all these flicks without taking anything personally and getting too offended. I am writing a graphic novel about a black girl who falls in love with a Korean guy who is prejudiced against her. It’s like I do feel I have to work this thing out for myself…however painful.

      I remember watching a Korean movie about a handsome rich popular architect (I think) who fell in love with an ugly woman. That was the plot. I forgot the name but folks would react so badly to her I would think, “What is wrong with me? I don’t see anything wrong with her!”

      • 2.3.1 alua

        You are writing a graphic novel? Will you share it with me when you are done? So curious!!!

        • Carole McDonnell

          LOL! Yes, I am. Hubby will draw it. It’ll be called My Life as an Onion (Annyung.) Main character is a black girl who falls for two korean guys. The first is a silent hard nut to crack, likes her but has to get past his own prejudice and his own issues. Not thinking all Koreans are prejudiced but he’s from the country with weird ideas. The second is more cosmopolitan and my main character’s true love. Thanks for asking.

          • Korazy Lady

            Oh, I am really interested in your novel, also!

            This whole thing of beauty is so subjective, but it must dominate the Korean culture. Why would SK be the top country in the world for plastic surgery? And when you first started watching dramas, didn’t many of the women look similar? I have even had Korean women tell me that all the actresses look alike due to plastic surgery.

            Also, it’s a matter of personal taste. The comments on the L7CS board have been horrendous talking about the “ugliness” of the female lead. I find her cute. And I thought guys like Binnie and Bummie looked so much better with rounder, fuller faces – I’m not into this V-line at all. That’s my opinion. What a disaster it would be to all be attracted to the same thing!

            SK reminds me very much of the early days of Hollywood, when the actors were owned and run by their managers. Beauty standards were very high. (Read or watch something on how Judy Garland’s life was ruined by it, it’s so sad.) I still think they have a ways to go as far as their .entertainment industry is concerned – especially the Kpop industry, where they are (for the most part) scouted for their looks and then “formed” into idols. All I can say is it must be terribly difficult (from an emotional viewpoint) to be an actor or idol in SK.

          • Pillowhead

            Hi Korazy,
            I totally drew those same comparisons between the old hollywood studios and the SK ent. ind. sad.
            this weeks OT is heavy. lol

          • Windsun33

            Korazy – you are totally correct on this “many of the women look similar..”

            I find some of them looking so similar that even after years of watching K-dramas, I have trouble telling them apart. It is as if plastic surgery has removed anything distinctive about them, and they are all trying to fit into some kind of mythical Barbie Doll mold.

            I recall reading someplace that Korean actresses have about 6x as much plastic surgery as Japanese ones.

          • sweetcloud

            The sad thing is that they all have this botox frozen face that might look ok when they stay static, but once you try emoting some muscles that should be moving are not, and random wrinkles appear at the wrongs places.

          • TS

            I want to read it too. I get that prejudice from the culture thing. When I returned to the US from Pakistan, I got a long list of “don’t dates” from all the Aunties. It was like every ethnicity they could think of was covered. Finally, I asked, “So, what’s so great about us?”


          • Korazy Lady

            Right now I’m very curious about the Korean actresses accused of abusing propofol. I’m sure it all started with the numerous trips to the plastic surgeon. Doubly sad

          • Shukmeister

            TS –

            I think a great many cultures have an “ideal” face and form, but I find many people look beyond the superficial to the heart underneath.

            I think it’s generational, too. When I was (much) younger, my father used to catalogue my boyfriends by some physical feature, and that would be his ‘discussion’ name: “Is No Neck taking you out again? What movie are you and Pigeon-Toe going to see?”

            Since I’m a mix (but mostly Italian), I didn’t have the same specifics that you had. I just patted my dad’s hand and told him “Thanks for caring.”

        • Pillowhead

          how kool! good luck with that. let us know where we can read it. 😀

          • Carole McDonnell

            will do. Thanks.

          • enz

            i second that! thanks

        • Carole McDonnell

          I really think there is a kind of enslavement not only to beauty but to a particular kind of beauty…a kind of golden mean thing. A certain proportion and face shape.

          I sometimes would be on a forum and someone would say “the actress is ugly” and I’d think. “What?? Why does Beauty matter so much?” But to a lot of people — yeah, Mr Rex Reed– characters in films are supposed to be beautiful or else their story is not worthy of our time.

          I remember when the film Persuasion came out (with Ciaran Hinds) Jeffrey whats-his-name (Lyons??) said it was hard to get into the love story because the actor and actress playing the main characters were ugly. Mike Medved the other reviewer gave him a weird look. But apparently, one can’t love a Jane Austen film if it’s got supposedly ugly characters in the roles.

          • Shukmeister

            Lol –

            Maybe he left the ‘ugly’ characters to the Bronte sisters?

      • 2.3.2 Julia

        “The Relation of Face, Mind, and Love” with Lee Ji Ah playing ugly girl and Kang Ji Hwan as handsome guy.

        The premise of what would happen if an ugly girl is suddenly seen as beautiful and the guy falls in love is sort Cinderella, but I didn’t fall in love with the nasty character of the ugly girl who was shallow herself demanding she only date handsome guys.

        • Carole McDonnell

          yes, yes, i remember. He had some sort of brain trouble from an accident if i recall. Kind of a more intellectual Shallow Hal movie…with a richer Hal.

      • 2.3.3 Windsun33

        A while back I came across an old 1960’s travel guide for Hong Kong – it noted that while there are some beaches in the area, that most chinese avoid them or wear head to toe clothes to avoid getting tanned… 😕

        • Shukmeister

          The Taiwanese actress Barbie Tsu requires that an umbrella be over her at all times when on an outdoor set. So when it becomes time to film a distance shot, the Umbrella person has to run like hell to get out of the shot, and run back in between takes.

      • 2.3.4 Conny

        Ah, KJH in ‘The Relation of Face, Mind and Love’. Such a good movie, and I do think it was poking fun at Koreans and their quest for ultimate beauty. Of course, KJH pulled it off perfectly.

        Hm, might have to watch that one again 😉

      • 2.3.5 Raine

        That sounds awesome, I want to read it!

        Also, its weird, cause in the US, I get made fun of for being so pale. Everyone tells me I should get a tan. They think I look unhealthy although I’m perfectly fine!

      • 2.3.6 Leaf

        Yeah… The pale skin thing is kinda weird.
        But interestingly when I first meet my Korean friends they were like ‘you’re so pale. Are you ill?’ Haha. So I guess being too pale counts as a bad thing as well lol.

        • Raine

          Same thing here…I always get asked if I’m sick.

      • 2.3.7 Lovebug

        I would be interested to read this as well. I too sometimes feel a bit of discomfort regarding the fact that I am a fanatic about dramas (and now to a certain degree Kpop) but the actors and idols i follow and support might not be accepting of me. I understand about cultural standards of beauty being different but as black drama and kpop fan I sometime wonder about the seemingly widespread cultural prejudice the k-entertainment industry promotes and therefore how someone like me would be received in person.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Ah, lovebug, not only are you a woman after my own heart…wondering the same thing…but you also have the nickname hubby and I use for each other.

          I remember reading an interview with Jae Joong which made me very uncomfortable. I decided it was best for my sanity that I not interpret what he said the wrong way. Cause maybe it was just the way he said it. But still, although I still like him, it’s made me wary of liking him too much. Unlike Mickey who said the thing he hated most was prejudice and discrimination. I think in that same interview Changmin said the place he wanted to visit most was Africa. And I always think of Hwangbo’s charity work in Africa. So I think a lot of Korean pop stars are pretty enlightened. And some perhaps not so much…like whats-her-name who went on the mad racist tweet bit last year.

      • 2.3.8 enz

        fairness is ‘prized’ in most of asia traditionally. it has partly to do with the fact that in these places, they associate the darker skin with having to work in the sun – therefore fair skin becomes synonymous with wealth and status. very similar to how the europeans value a tanned skin coz that means they have the means to go to warm sunny places for their holidays etc. at least, that was what i have heard before.

        i am a chinese and my mom says there is a saying that being fair hides seven physical flaws. so, it is no surpirse then that fairness is coveted. i am fair but from young i was freckled. everytime i have been to a beauty counter, i am offerd solutions to my pigmentation. luckily for me, i loved my freckles coz i preferred looking different to conforming to the traditional idea of what is beautiful. it can be pretty damaging to your self esteem if you allow it to be – i remember ebing asked if the little spots on my face were a disease! 🙂

        here, in malaysia, there was a really offensive commercial based on the movie while you were sleeping. the girl manned a toll booth and had a crush on the guy passing her everyday. he never noticed her – she bought a cream called fair and lovely and used it and she becamew several shades lighter and lo and behold! the man noticed her and they started going out!

        it raised a ruckus and got taken off.

        well this was really long but hopefully helpful to help some understand why light skin tone is prized here in asia – just look at all the whitening products! its the opposite of all your bronzing product in the west!!

      • 2.3.9 Z

        I’m also writing a novel about a Black girl and a Korean guy. I started it years ago when I had a huge crush on my Indian friend but I didn’t want to be super obvious so I made him another kind of “Asian.” I remember doing a lot of reading about how African American women are perceived in Asian culture and being pretty disheartened (that’s music videos and Hollywood for the great stereotyping). It probably wouldn’t have mattered much in the case of this particular guy as he was born and raised around a lot of Black people but it’s got me thinking and I decided to explore the ideas a little bit through writing (especially since it didn’t look like I’d be getting much of a chance to explore them personally like I wanted to).

      • 2.3.10 Eulaliee

        I agree with you. I’m Asian and as I was growing up, my mom would always compared me to my cousins or her friends daughter. She would always complain about how dark I was to them… I’m not even dark. I’m a beige in foundation color. But it is just an Asian thing to have fair skin.

    • 2.4 TS

      Kim Woo Bin.

      That’s all you need to know.

    • 2.5 alua

      “I first realized it when characters would describe someone as fat or ugly, and I didn’t see it that way.”

      I think the characters just say that to the main heroine – I don’t always think the actresses playing those heroines are actually considered fat or ugly (although sometimes they might be sporting ‘unfashionable’ haircuts or not enough brand-style clothing).

      That said, I find those kind of comments within dramas infuriating because they are extremely damaging. Particularly for young girls it must really distort their understanding of what’s ‘beautiful’ or not.

      Once I did one of those “Can you distinguish which Asian country this person is from” quizzes (where they give you pictures) and while I was able to correctly identify most Chinese and Japanese people, I consistently failed with the Korean ones. Though it was a stupid quiz to begin with (it’s not like I can necessarily distinguish a Swede from a Norwegian from a German from a Dutch person either if they are all blond), it made me realise the reason I was atrociously bad at identifying Koreans was because all my experiences in terms of what Koreans look like come from dramas/films. The quiz pictures were different from those Koreans that appear in dramas and films: some with darker skin or more ‘ethnic’ looking features, while what Korean dramas push, in terms of looks in general and beauty more specifically, is so narrow that it’s scary.

      I feel really bad for young Koreans who must be influenced by this media-fabricated image of beauty and feel ‘ugly’ when they are definitely not.

      • 2.5.1 kakashi

        that’s really interesting and a little scary, alua.

        I’ve read so much about plastic surgery in Korea recently, I can now no longer just appreciate a beautiful actor/actress. I now keep seeing “PS nose, PS eyes, PS chin” … I am very grateful that there are some actresses (like Park Shin-hye or Shin Min-ah) who are (or at least look!) utterly natural.

        • iZzie :)

          oh and those contact lenses that make the iris appear larger. they look cute on photos, but when I see someone in person wearing those, they scare me a bit.

      • 2.5.2 doug

        My (Korean) wife uses this criteria when she sees a random Asian woman: No makeup=Chinese, some makeup= Japanese, lots of makeup= Korean.

        • alua

          Hahaha, that’s pretty funny.

          I think no one was wearing making in the quiz pictures, they made them as neutral as possible (I was looking for thinks like Korean glasses – I think clothing trends and hairstyles are sometimes a much better indicator of where people are from!).

        • Windsun33

          I think your wife is pretty close on that. A few years ago my wife (who is Japanese) commented while on a trip to Seoul that the Korean cosmetic counters in dept stores were much larger than those in Japan. I think my wife has spent about $100 bucks a year at most on makeup.

          • doug

            Look at Nam Na Bi s makeup table there in the meiju room in “My Love Madame Butterfly”-it’s packed with stuff!

          • sweetcloud

            Not only that, but you have make up stores every hundred meters or so and every twenty meters in shopping areas like Hongdae/Gangnam/Myeongdong

        • Raine

          Doug – bwahahahaha

        • Carole McDonnell

          A korean friend uses this criteria:

          If they look smart, they’re chinese
          If they look rich, they’re Japanese
          If they are just plain looking good, they’re Korean.

          • TS


          • Amberscube

            Hahaha… Oh my i cant stop laughing!

    • 2.6 Pillowhead

      I think that the women are usually less good looking than the men… and on purpose. It’s their strategy to have a plain(ish) noona with a hotty to turn all us adjummas into the Kdrama freaks we are. 😛

      oh, yes, the white manaquin skin can get too much for me too. Occassionally you have an actor that comments that they are dark skin, … what? ok. It’s not just asia, but where I’m living as well. The locals here are very tanned skin but when the spaniards colonized back several hundred years ago, and mixed in with pop, there became the upperclass light skinned familes. that old colonial attitue is still here… lighter, better,richer.

      • 2.6.1 Carole McDonnell

        Ah’s like watching Black TV or Black videos and saying, “why the heck is everyone in this video so light-skinned, especially the women? And why are the bad guys so dark? Isn’t this a black production?” OR like watching Hispanic TV and thinking, “How come none of my hispanic friends look like the folks on Latino TV?”

        I like both the “dark” and “fair” Koreans. DBSK’s Changmin is gorgeous! And Well, Jung Il Woo!!!! WOW!!! But it did make me smile when I listened to an interview and the nickname for that actor was “Milky White.” Or when I listen to the Carry On OST from Faith and the line is “my white skin.” So I have to back up and do a reality check. Folks are allowed to like their own skincolor and have their own tastes…but they aren’t allowed to make other folks — especially kids in their own culture– feel ugly.

        This reminds me of a funny conversation I was having with a friend about Mr Spock and how he represents the typical Oreo, not really connected with the darker side of his genetics..and always trying to disown it.

        • pogo

          I have similar feelings about Bollywood, where no girl darker than a very milky latte can ever get work as a lead without being instantly hypersexualised wayyy more than a light-skinned girl would (guys have it easier, is an obvious double standard, even if the darker-skinned ones are still considered ‘ugly’). Now they at least pay lip service to the idea that dark-skinned girls can be pretty too, but it’s just hollow.

          It’s pretty common across Asia, whether it’s East or South Asia, and not just in film or tv – the most beautiful girl in my class at law school actually told me that she never though of herself as beautiful because she was far too dark-skinned for it. I’ve endured my share of aunts clucking over my lack of fairness as a child, but this was the first time I’d met someone who was so badly lied to by our ridiculous beauty standards – sure, whitening creams are popular here but I always thought ‘people like us’ were too smart to buy the myth that dark skin was ugly.

          Basically this turned into a tl;dr rant, but the lack of diversity in media representation is more damaging than most people think, and I can’t even wrap my head around how that must combine with the relative ease of getting plastic surgery in SK.

          • NikaNika

            Yeah, I live in India and I see SO many pretty girls completely oblivious and in denial of their beauty because they aren’t pale-skinned.

            It’s just sad, but IMO the problem in Korea is different than India’s as they select uncommon and atypical features in comparison to their population than uncommon colouration. A study done with Korean Americans showed an emphasis on a significantly narrower face, larger and closer set eyes than the norm which the authors interpreted as an overall westernisation of features. (here’s the study:

            While a remember a similar study being done on Indian Americans finding that the highest rated Indian women had average Indian features, except selecting for somewhat more larger and wider set eyes. (They didn’t check for skin colour which I’m guessing would be a huge factor.)

          • pogo

            IMO the problem in Korea is different than India’s as they select uncommon and atypical features in comparison to their population than uncommon colouration.

            This is probably accurate, I’ve seen Shin Mina being praised for her beauty not because of her features alone but because she has a ‘small face’. It’s not just SK either – my lone Chinese colleague is always talking about ‘good’ features, and the way she describes them, they don’t sound common among people who share her ethnicity.

          • Carole McDonnell

            I remember when my friend from Goa became pregnant. She kept drinking lots of milk because supposedly that’s what women in her part of India do so they can have a fair child. She said, “It’s okay if the boy is dark, but the girl has to be light.”

          • Z

            Bollywood is notorious for discriminating against darker actors. Wasn’t Amithab Bachan (I know I mispelled his name) originally told he’d never amount to anything because he was too dark? 40 years later and well…

            I work as a pre-school teacher and one year the parents of one of the summer campers (an Indian kid who was maybe 7 or 8 years old at the time) told us that his son, Akil, wasn’t allowed to go outside that week. After the dad left, my boss asked Akil why he couldn’t go outside, thinking maybe he hadn’t been feeling well or something, the boy replied “I’m getting darker and darker.”

        • Pillowhead

          lol. which is the darkerside? the Human?

      • 2.6.2 MariD

        Yes. The light skin thing is true in many places. I remember growing up and always being told that it was a good thing I was not as dark as my family. It was even emphasize that I had cinnamon color skin ( lol.. to me that’s dark, but whatever). Then school I always impossible not to notice that blonde & blue eye was always the most popular since it was so rare in the small town I lived until I moved to US.

        • TS

          I get that too, feeling I should be lighter.

      • 2.6.3 TS

        Yes, in the Subcontinent too.

        I actually thought Koreans were light-skinned, since shopping for a BB cream is hard for darker-skinned women. Even MAC doesn’t have a good colour (Bobbi Brown is what I”m using now) because they targeted the Asian market first.

    • 2.7 owl

      This conversation in general reminds me of Disney portrayals of ethnic – often exaggerated features that are considered beautiful and exotic, but unrealistic. The images get out there, though, and we are mesmerized by them (even if it’s cartoon – Disney’s images are far reaching). Just look at kpop idols – we swoon over them, because of those exaggerated, exotic features (again, often based on cartoon manga).

      For me, it’s the stigma that seems to be attached to being called ugly and fat (in kdramas, that’s my only experience) that is hard to comprehend. But I did read an interesting article that discussed the high rate of plastic surgery in S Korea and related it to a homogenous population and a narrow definition of beauty.

      • 2.7.1 pogo

        It actually started me when Yoon Eun-hye was called ‘fat’ circa Goong (and lost a lot of weight after). What kind of crazy thinness standards must someone have that YEH of all people is thought of as ‘fat’?

    • 2.8 Windsun33

      Julia – I think you got the K-drama beuty thing down pretty close. Being a guy, what I notice most is the dichotomy between actresses in K-dramas, and female pop stars. The difference is even more pronounced between Taiwan T-dramas and T-pop stars (just do a YouTube search for Jeannie Hsieh to see what I mean).

      The one thing I really don’t get is the pointy chin thing – I thought the lead actresses in Dalja’s Spring and CDD Alice were really cute, but apparently not by Korean standards.

      The “white skin” thing seems to be universal – if you have ever watched any of the Latino dramas you will see a lot of “blondes” (fake or otherwise). Which is kind of funny to me, considering the number of tanning salons to make white folks darker in the US 😀

      • 2.8.1 Shukmeister

        My mother is 100% Italian, and my father has a Northern European background (Lithuanian / Irish), so it’s interesting that in my family, I have two siblings with black hair, brown eyes and an olive tone to their skin, while my older sister and I have blue-gray eyes, brown hair, and light skin that doesn’t tan well. The dark sister married a man with a German heritage, the dark brother married a Castilian Spanish girl, and my light sister married an Italian. The jury is still out on me 🙂 but I know I have some beautiful nieces and nephews!!

    • 2.9 pogo

      for what it’s worth, I didn’t think Park Shin-hye was a knockout in You’re Beautiful (cute, definitely. Pretty, absolutely. But gorgeous? Not quite) but in FBND she’s positively luminous and that has a lot to do with lighting and cinematography.
      She’s got looks that can be played up or down depending on the situation, but more than that she has amazingly clear skin, and FBND closeups just show it off like you wouldn’t believe.

    • 2.10 Gon

      Sometimes I look at their expression. if too much, it felt awkward. too little then it felt stiff. if the female lead doesn’t have much expression, then I thought about them getting plastic surgery, thus having stiff expression. is it bad for me to think that way?

      • 2.10.1 skelly

        It could just be that they can’t act. I’m not sure what’s worse, lack of talent or an overabundance of plastic surgery…

        • iZzie :)

          u gotta give it to the magistrate’s mom in Arang then. it’s obvious she had work done on her face but that didn’t stop her from conveying convincing emotions.

    • 2.11 Nilechoclat

      The outside beauty is Like Cream covering The cake but you don’t taste it yet and I just don’t like your judgement a bout beauty in this way I also think most who have beautiful are so complicated personality I didn’t say all of them but most who I had met .
      I Believe Park shin hye made me in love with her not bcz her outside just to meet someone like her to be your friend I wish to meet her someday and happy birth day to park shin hye <3

  3. Pillowhead


    • 3.1 skelly

      It’s a tough road to that epic achievement, that milestone above all of the many crowning glories in life, “first”

      Some struggle their whole lives for that brief moment of ultimate dominance over the field below. It is the labor, the hours of toil in humble obscurity, the tears and travails, the defeats that tumble from the jaws of victory, that make the final, life-affirming achievement worthwhile.

      Alas, pillowhead, alas. You have tasted failure once more.

      In short, can this be any more stupid?

      • 3.1.1 Pillowhead

        LOL. one day, one day…

      • 3.1.2 Leaf

        Hey being first is epic 😉

        • iZzie :)

          LOL. been there. epic, indeed! 😀
          and sort of awkward sometimes. especially when u get no reply while #2’s getting a lot of comments. hahaha!

    • 3.2 enz

      pillowhead – so hopeful! 🙂

    • 3.3 iZzie :)

      It was a close competition. First 3 all registered at 6:17am. The milliseconds made the difference. LOL!
      It ain’t possible here to have a tie.

  4. myweithisway

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    I watched first ep of IRIS2 last night for old time’s sake. Oh lordy is that drama a mess.

    Otherwise, I’m mainly just keeping up with Running Man since RL is running constant interference w/ my drama life.

    Best wishes for an awesome weekend!

    • 4.1 kakashi

      hm …. I loved IRIS 2. I so want epi2 to be subbed … right now!

      • 4.1.1 myweithisway

        Lol, I had fun watching it but you can’t exactly deny that it has a lot of problems. I do love how pretty it is, and I’ll probably keep watching for the pretty!

        • kakashi

          seriously, I didn’t see any problems 🙂 Okay, I was probably a bit preoccupied with Tweeting about it and thinking about blogging about it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Let’s see how long that last … hehehe

    • 4.2 MariD

      I saw episode one last nite. I don’t know if it was because it was 3 am or because it was kinda boring and confusing but I kept on falling a sleep. The one thing I love is the opening sequence. It makes you think you are about to watch something awesome..

  5. kakashi

    Hello Chingus – a very happy Friday to you all! Friday rocks!

    I have lots going on right now:
    a) I’m fully recovered from Virus X and Y and Z and am full of energy. Loving it. The only thing that’s still left is a nasty cold sore. I always get them in the same spot. ouchie. At least I don’t get them very often… The good thing about the down time was that I had time to watch some old dramas I’ve had on my list for ages (like Joseon X-Files and Time Between Dog and Wolf). I hardly have any time for this anymore when I’m fully functional!
    b) The semester is starting next week and I still need to finalize the syllabus for a seminar I’m teaching. Well, I’ll do the finalizing next week. Got some drama watching to do over the weekend!
    c) Doing research on a paper about Anonymous. I so love the phase where it’s all about intake (i.e. reading etc.) and not yet producing (i.e. writing). It’s so inspiring!
    d) IRIS 2! Omo! What an incredibly fulminant start. And so beautifully shot! It’s worth watching just for the sets and backgrounds I hope they can keep this up. If yes, then the next few weeks are going to be spy-action heaven … If no, then it’s kinda what I expected and I’ll move on to something else 🙂
    e) Also: I did the swimming pool post I promised you guys a while ago. It’s not even half as smexy as the shower scene post, though, sorry. I guess it’s because they are a varied bunch:
    f) Excuse the double SSP (Shameless self-promotion) in this post. It always feels a bit naughty doing it. But since this is all about sharing the lovin, I guess it’s okay?

    off to do some grocery shopping now, as always on OT-Day 😀

    • 5.1 Pillowhead

      Hi Kakashi!
      Since you didn’t say much, I’m guessing you didn’t love Joseon Xfiles. :(.. what did u thing about the ending?
      I’m gonna go watch those pool scene. 😀 be back.

      • 5.1.1 kakashi

        what?! didn’t love Joseon Xfiles?! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEd it. haha. seriously, it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The ending … well, I refuse to accept it’s the end. I’ve been bugging Kim Ji-hoon and TvN on Twitter for a while now about a 2nd season …

        • Pillowhead

          Was’t it just awesome!!!! I was thinking of rewatching and disecting the story to try and figure it out but season 2 would be much better. :

        • Shukmeister

          I haven’t watched JXFiles, but I have heard its awesome!

    • 5.2 Carole McDonnell

      Glad you’re doing well. Going over to look at your blog now.

      • 5.2.1 kakashi

        yes … uri Satto <3

    • 5.3 Korazy Lady

      Yeah for SSP! And hopefully your household stays well for a really, really long time.

      I’m going to check out Iris2 solely for the beautiful cinematography. We’ll see if anything else keeps me watching!

      • 5.3.1 kakashi

        Korazy! I’ve missed you!
        SSP isn’t working as it used to. People are quite reluctant to click, I think 🙂

    • 5.4 Raine

      Hehe…water and men…

      • 5.4.1 kakashi

        yes. there’s a third one in the making. It’s called underwater scenes. As a logical follow-up.

        • JoAnne

          ooh, Rain swimming in the beginning of Runaway Plan B!

          Glad you are feeling better, my friend!

          • Raine


          • kakashi

            hmmmmm …. that’s not on the list. there’s somebody else who wanted that scene. or was it you?!

          • JoAnne

            @kakashi – I dunno? I don’t think I ever suggested scenes to you. But trust me, the whole sequence is worthy.

    • 5.5 Orion

      Damn, you really love those corridors, don’t you? Bwahaha. They were pretty cool corridors, granted.

  6. korfan


    I hope everyone is doing well today.

    I have a couple of questions, pertaining to a particular situation, which I hope can be answered here. In a couple of Kdramas, I have occasionally seen wedding or funeral scenes where someone goes “in place” of someone else and they apparently get paid to do this. In other instances I’ve seen one person in a scene asking another person if he/she is willing to make a bit of extra money next weekend and, if so, all he/she has to do is attend a wedding/funeral.

    First, is this a common practice in Korea, to ask someone to go “in your place” if perhaps you cannot attend or don’t want to?

    Second, assuming the bride and groom and their respective families all know who was invited, will they be upset the “original invited guest” did not attend and someone else did? or perhaps, (and I’m guessing here) is it more offensive or embarrassing to have “the seat empty” at the ceremony and that’s why an effort is made to send someone else?

    Finally, when a person is hired to go to one of these events, does he/she sign the guest book with his/her own name or with the name of the person that hired them (the originally invited guest’s name)? In Kdramas, I’ve seen the “hired” person sign the guest book, but of course no one pays attention to it in the drama.

    I’m just so curious about this on this Friday morning and so I turn to all of you for answers.

    Happy Friday everyone!

    • 6.1 Pillowhead

      Hi Korfan, sorry i don’t have an answer, but i did once attend a western styled wedding in Korea and it was a trip. It was in a wedding chapel, but felt more like a sound stage with cameras that orbited the room and lighting that changed from red, to blue to green…. It was a full production. I wish I could say it was cool, but I was a little disturbed by it.

      • 6.1.1 korfan

        Pillowhead –

        Thank you anyway. I was so hoping to find this out …. simply to learn something new and to satisfy my curiosity. Oh well. I’m still crossing my fingers and hoping someone here has an answer …. *sigh*

        The wedding you attended sure sounds interesting.

    • 6.2 Enz

      Well, in Chinese culture, they used to hire people to come to funerals and cry for the departed. Just add to the number of mourners, especially if there are very few family members Usually, the richer folks used to do that. I don’t see that being practiced these days.

      We don’t have a practice of going to a funeral or wedding in place of another though

    • 6.3 bbstl

      this video from Eat Your Kimchi doesn’t exactly answer your question, but it does shed light on Korean weddings:

  7. DAEBAK!

    Happy Friday everyone^^
    Starting this week RL took over, so there will be no more watching Kdramas until the series end, giving me a chance to marathon them in one fell swoop! Come to think of it, I won’t get to watch anything, not even news for that matter. I am barely even keeping up with the recaps but I’ll work hard! KDRAMAS are my salvation ^.^ I hope all beanies out here are well and having a blast <3

  8. Carole McDonnell

    Hi all!

    Happy Friday!

    Am currently watching and totally loving FBND. I think it’s a really great example of a well-thought out drama. I especially like the questions it raises about relationships and nearness/debt. I’m not sure what I think of the idea that: “I OWE it to try to love/understand/give this person a chance because he/she has been loving me all this time.” I see the sense of debt and fairplay, especially if the person hasn’t confessed his love. But dang! Seo-young doesn’t have to go off with Enrique to Spain, Jin Rak doesn’t have to try to give Do Hwi a chance, and Dok Mi doesn’t have to love Jin Rak simply because the other person has been loving/wanting them. Weirdly, I find myself liking Tae Joon for leaving… because he has simply taken himself out of that kind of situational loop.

    Am liking Incarnation of Money as well. Will see where it goes. Am glad for the rom-com cum mystery plot. Will be see how they handle Kang Seok’s growing up.

    Am not sure I want to continue with Hundred Year Inheritance. It’s funny. I love a good revenge story but I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s the story but I kinda lost my interest when our heroine decided to make her mother-in-law suffer. Can’t she make her MIL suffer and leave the house? And it’s taking so long for her to just give up on her hubby and recognize that sane love is nearby? There is such a thing as the love match taking way too much time to recognize stuff.

    Other than that, am not watching many Korean dramas. Although I’ll try to catch up on Conspiracy in the Court.

    Loving Nobunaga no Chef. Will see how Youko fits in. Really loving Yakou Kanransha. Am finding it difficult to deal with the heroine in Biblia. That’s it.

    Happy weekend, All.

    • 8.1 TS

      Hi Carole,

      In 100 Year, I think the heroine wants to make her hubby suffer too. Anyway, I find i have to be in the mood for that one. I stopped where the dad was getting picked up for arson or whatever.

      • 8.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Yeah, I don’t know what the writers are thinking…or if they are on a different wavelength than their viewers or just me. Something just isn’t quite right somewhere.

        • TS

          Ha, no! Something is definitely not right somewhere, but that something requires a suspension of disbelief. 🙂

    • 8.2 MojoJojo

      I’m loving Nobunaga too. I can’t wait for this weeks episode. Watched all the episodes available last weekend.

      I just finished the latest episode of Biblia. I find the heroine muted. I wonder what her back story is?

    • 8.3 pogo

      Hi Carole! The FBND debt notion you’re talking about is something that I used to see in manga/jdramas too, when I was into those – the notion of ‘taking responsibility’ for someone else’s feelings because you owed them for supposedly causing those feelings.

      • 8.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        I can imagine acknowledging them and becoming good friends with them but heck, spending the rest of one’s life with them? or spending two or three years with t hem in a romantic relationship just because they like you? Isn’t friendship enough? Why must passionate marital love be the return for the debt?

        Hundred Year’s Inheritance has that debt thing going on too. The Sister-in-law who wants the main hero to give her a chance in case he begins to love again…cause –ya know– she loved him first. IT’s like seriously???? Is this high school?

        • pogo

          I know, it’s odd to apply that kind of debt rule in what is supposed to be an emotional connection, I could never really take it seriously.

        • TS

          Yes, its emotional high school.

    • 8.4 Windsun33

      Carole, I am with you on 100 Year Inheritance. It is not only that she is taking so long to leave that evil house, but the rather lame secondary plots involving people that I don’t really care about and to me at least, are downright silly (fast forward is your friend).

      I am watching a lot more Japanese and Chinese/Taiwan dramas these days, but still keeping up with Queen of Ambition and a couple others.

      • 8.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        I have to get back to Palace. I generally don’t like Chinese dramas but for some reason…

        • jomo

          I am so glad you brought up Palace.
          I was thinking of starting that next since Dfever has it all up now.

          It looks like BBJX, a little? Do you recommend?

          • Carole McDonnell

            It’s not bad. The main heroine overdoes the cute bit..but I’ve never felt Taiwanese or Chinese actress felt comfortable being cute. It’s like aegyo just isn’t part of the whole Chinese culture thing.

            I like the intrigue with the concubines and for that I watch it. The princes are all okay and although I know it’s historical, it doesn’t feel historical to me. Lacks gravitas or whatever it is a historical drama should have.

        • Windsun33

          Palace is one that I have just been waiting for the final episodes – have about 8 backlogged now, so maybe this Sunday I will marathon it. A little bit silly at times, but mostly pretty cute.

          But I still have about 30 J-dramas and 10 or so Chinese dramas I want to catch on Dramacrazy. Seems like they have newly subbed a lot, or I just missed them before.

    • 8.5 iZzie :)

      I feel bad for Enrique and Jin Rak having unrequited love with Seo-young and Dokmi, respectively. For Do Hwi… haha! Not.

      I agree, though, that there should be no emotional debt there. It’s not the fault of the object of affection as the admirer is the one responsible for his/her own feelings.

      I do like it that so far, Dokmi doesn’t seem to take Jin Rak’s feelings as an emotional debt. It’s probably more a part of her tendency to push people away that she told Jin Rak to stop doing things for her – a noble idiot would’ve done otherwise.

      I also give credit to Jin Rak for not playing that e-debt card with Dokmi. He only tells Enrique about having watched over DM for years for competition’s sake.But it’s also nice of him to step back at times when he knows that it would be more beneficial for Dokmi to have Enrique by her side.

      I think that Seo-young’s decision to take Enrique with her back to Spain isn’t about paying emotional debt to him. It looks to me like it’s her way of escaping, going away from the environment that reminds her of her hurt the quickest way and taking her emotional shock absorber (that is Enrique) with her.

      For Do Hwi, I agree with what fellow FBND fans say that although her character should be redeemed, she should not get Jin Rak. If she’s going to end up with anyone, I hope she ends up with that (hopefully remorseful now) teacher.

      If there’s any debt that I’d want to be paid in this drama, it’s Dong Hoon’s debt to raccon-eyed PD. 🙂 Money and more. 😉

      • 8.5.1 iZzie :)

        *raccoon 😛

        *sigh* spell-check…

        • Carole McDonnell

          hee-hee. Raccon eyes probably aren’t bad either. But i do love editor. And wonderful insight about the actual monetary debt between DH and bleary-eyes.

  9. Aigoo

    Good morning fellow beaners! How’s everyone doing?
    Watching FBND, Level 7 and, thanks to a recommendation last week, Hong Gil Dong!

  10. 10 TS

    Hello Everyone!

    I had so many questions come up during the week, but I didn’t write them down and now can’t remember them.

    So, I’m happy about That Winter The Wind Blows. So far, so good!

    IRIS 2, I’ll try it, I guess. I really only looked into IRIS at all because of TOP, and there really wasn’t enough of him.

    Finally finished Becoming a Billionaire: the ending was so-so. I’d like to have seen crazy rich girl and that oppa she was so obsessed with get married.

    Still going through Vampire Idol The way Dong Hyup plays the other vampires is too funny.

    Movies: tried a bit of Handphone last night. Really, it was to see Kim Nam Gil. Was struck at how his skin looked really bad. Still, he’s gorgeous…

    (But really, do managers beat up their clients like the MC in that movie?)

    In the middle of Bleak Night. One boy’s story has been told and now I have to see the second boy’s story.

    And am on my second watch-through of 19, a TOP and Seungri movie (who is that 3rd 19 year old?), which is cute and actually quite good.

    Btw, I also tried “I am Sam” and finally gave up. Not enough TOP, and both MCs needed slapping K-drama style, one for her selfishness and the other for his stupidity. Lee Min-Ho was funny though.

    Okay, will check in later.


    • 10.1 korfan

      It’s never a bad time to see Kim Nam Gil. I figured this out some time ago.

      • 10.1.1 TS

        IKR? (Gosh, I love that abbreviation.)

        Do you know if it’s possible to see his Ensemble movie online anywhere? I know he just produced or directed, but it sounds good.

  11. 11 MariD

    Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Did we all have a good valentines days? I worked all day and just came home and went to sleep. Anyhow… On to my new shows.
    Thanks so much to the person that solve my “white Christmas” problem. I finally got to watch and I love it! I just finish episode 5 and the dead… It made my heart hurt. I’m still crossing my fingers, hoping that bad guy did not kill him. Why was this show not popular?
    Still watching “Flower boy next door” and loving every single minute. PSY now has a new devoted fan. That girl can act. She can express so much with her face, her eyes, a shrug. I’m dreading the end of it his show. It’s going to leave a big empty whole in my drama list.
    I finally finish “My name is Kim Sam Soon” it’s only took me about 8 months. I like it, did not love it. If I had to pick a Sun-Ah drama to be my favorite I go with “City Hall”. I actually watched “City hall” in 2 days 🙂
    I come to the conclusion that I can’t watch Han Hye-Joo dramas. I started “Spring Waltz” and I’m completely in love with the second lead. Then I got to the episode where he is about to have his sweet little heart broken. I had to stop!!! Why does he have to be so freaking perfect, yet the silly girl likes the jerk?? Lol the same thing happen with “Shinning inheritance”. I stopped watching it after she and 1st lead kissed.
    Iris 2.. What did you think?? I only seen the first episode, the beginning gave me whiplash. That was an extremely quick recap, Then nothing much happens. Did they even give any of the characters names? I need names dang it.
    I still haven’t watch “The winter the wind blows” but I’m yet to hear a bad review. I probably watch it this weekend.

    • 11.1 alua

      I didn’t love “My Nam is Kim Sam Soon” either. One of those dramas were the whole ex-girlfriend storyline bugs the hell out of me because I will never, ever ever understand how someone can disappear, for years, and then come back thinking they have RIGHT over anyone else to be with their former partner. And how that partner can even consider for a second being with that person again (regardless of the reason they left for).

      • 11.1.1 MariD

        Yeah.. That bugs me too. My first Kdrama I watched was “Lie to me” which also uses the whole she’s been gone for for years plot. I remember being annoyed by it. Until I watched more kdramas and realize that’s a regularly used plot device. Now I just roll my eyes and enjoy the the cute guy ( Wild Romance I’m talking about you)

      • 11.1.2 Ash

        Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who wasn’t a fan of Kim Sam Soon. Kim Sun-ah was awesome in it, but practically everything else, oh my god.

        I loathed Hyun Bin’s character desperately. Who just up and leaves for that long with no warning and then expects everything to be fine and dandy when he gets back? Didn’t they wave it away with “oh but he was totally sending postcards the whole time and she just never got them” or something? If you keep sending cards and receiving bupkis in response, maybe you should try this marvelous invention called the telephone. Which we have. Because it’s not the freaking 1700s.

        Also, and I may be alone in this, but Daniel Henney irritates the hell out of me. There is just something about that man that I can’t deal with.

        • MariD

          Lol.. Yes! Totally agree!! The whole I’m going to disappear for a few months was so silly. If I been Sam Soon I would had told him to go to h#%+ ( I know it’s Hyun Bin so it’s hard to believe, but I can hold a grudge)
          I can’t however agree with the Daniel Henney dislike. That man is FINE!!! How can I possibly not like him? Him and Godfrey Gao IMO are some of the best looking men in the business.

        • alua

          I agree, Kim Sun-ah was pretty much the only thing in Kim Sam Soon that I had plenty of love for (not all aspects of her character because I would have of course dumped the I’m-going-back-to-my-ex- guy because he did not deserve to be taken back after all that – not even in the form of Hyun Bin!).

          So agree about the telephone too! That’s another pet peeve of mine in dramas and films. That whole we-can’t-be-in-touch twist in the era of smart phones, internet, free wifi etc. just makes NO sense, especially since we are never talking about characters that are somewhere in the remote Mongolian steppe (or similar) but people in Seoul, Tokyo or Asian who go off to the US. Think Dream High (they were ‘too busy’ for months to send a single message????) or Love Actually (a T drama so cliché and terrible with its reappearance of ex twist that I could not finish it). Even wonderful films like Starry Night (T) see the characters part forever because they can’t exchange addresses or phone numbers. And the characters were middle/high school kids – KIDS who are inseparable from their mobile phones and the internet!

          As for Daniel Henney, he doesn’t irritate me, but leaves me cold. He’s good-looking but not exactly my type so even that doesn’t do the trick.

    • 11.2 Pillowhead

      I loved White Christmas and that was even before I fully realized how much I loved Sung Joon. 😀
      FBND is already in my top 4 all time dramas, great cast and characters.

      • 11.2.1 MariD

        Woo Bin fan club here!! But yes I equally love Sung Joon in this. It’s making me want to give “SuFBB” another chance.

        • Pillowhead

          Wah! u didn’t love SUFFB? Chance it. 😀

          • MariD

            No.. * hides in shame*
            I saw the first 3 episodes, and did not feel it, then skipped to the end.. Ok. This is going in my second chance list.

          • Pillowhead

            that’s ok. 😀 we can’t all love the same shows. I think I’m the only one here that doesn’t love Coffee Prince xP.

          • alua

            It’s okay, no need to hang heads in shame, we all have our preferences.

            @Pillowhead – I selectively love Coffee Prince. The whole story line with the secondary couple I could have done without – yet another ex that should have never been given another chance. Pretty much skip all the scenes involving them whenever I rewatch CP.

  12. 12 Leaf

    Hey everyone!!!! Have a great week!!!
    Leaf is currently in vacuous party girl mode haha. I was out every night last week whoot. That was fun.
    Oh and I had soju for the first time! We had shots with gummy bears at the bottom which was really nice 😀 Had a bit too much though haha…

    Good luck with everything people!! I should probably actually try and pay attention to this lecture which is ironically enough about attention…

    Love xxx

    • 12.1 iZzie :)

      Leaf! *hugs*

      Haha! Can’t fight the urge to talk to your chingus, no? 😀 Better not get yourself caught sneaking a post.

      I like that idea about soju and gummy bears. *eyes soju bottle on table* hmm, what candies do I have here?

      Happy Friday! 🙂

    • 12.2 Pillowhead

      Hi Leaf!
      oh no, i gave up alcohol for lent. now i have to wait 40 days to try that. 🙂

    • 12.3 Korazy Lady

      Leaf, how are you?

      You’re in the UK, aren’t you? Someone on here last week (or maybe he week before) was looking to see if anyone was from the UK. Wow – totally ambiguous statement. Anyways, hope all is well! It’s nice to take time to party (a little!)

      • 12.3.1 alua

        I think at least Leaf, oftheshore and me are UK based.

        • John


          Speaking of the UK, I saw on the BBC that Kraftwerk was playing in London.

          I’d like to see them out of curiosity.

          I recall seeing them on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, (an American TV music program) in the early 70’s .

          I think the tickets were 60 pounds? Ow, too expensive for me to see. Their work has been “sampled” by a lot of groups.

  13. 13 alua

    Let’s do the drama-watching list:

    Flower Boy Next Door: Been enjoyable, though the new stalker (I’m guessing it’s the panda girl) feels recycled and I’m not to keen on the hints they are giving for redeeming Do Hwi. But the main couple is lovely. Especially when they were saying good bye to each other at the door and neither wanted to leave/close the door. I think it really gave a great sense of that very early stage of when you are cutely in love.

    Nothing else K-drama wise! Just nothing that I’m interested in at the moment.

    Saikou no Rikon – still enjoying that.
    Share House no Koibito – finally got some subs. It’s different than I expected and I’m still trying to figure it out, but it’s not bad.

    Have to catch up on Tonbi.

    Yokai Ningen Bem – marathoned this last week. ♥♥♥ My first real drama with Anne, so now I’m even more excited about the upcoming xxxHOLIC (initially I was only excited because of Sometani Shota).
    Love Shuffle – Why did I wait so long to watch this? Yet more ♥♥♥
    Yamada Tarō Monogatari – watched a couple of episodes and while it was sort of cute, the mother character irritated me, the girl character did as well, and the father was a little freaky? So I didn’t finish it.

    Didn’t make it to last week’s Open Thread, but reporting back on the films I saw as part of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme:
    Rebirth Brilliant. Haven’t reviewed it yet, but I think I would score that like 8.75/10 (or 9/10, jeje). Really want to rewatch it too.
    Zero Focus Was sold out but I managed to get a ticket by being on top of the waiting list. Very good (and somehow managed to review it already if anyone’s interested).

    Otherwise, I randomly watch Seducing Mr. Perfect (K-film with Daniel Henney) which, I’m sorry to say, was only lame. So cliché, idiotic characters and no compelling plot development. Still don’t get how the leads fell in love???

    • 13.1 oftheshore

      Love Shuffle? Yay, panda! Ja-pan-da!

      • 13.1.1 alua

        Yay, panda!!!!!

        And I also want neighbours (that are gorgeous as Tamaki Hiroshi and Matsuda Shota of course) to have pyjama parties with. I mean, PYJAMA PARTIES!!!

        • oftheshore

          Seriously, how awesome is that. And you still get to live in your OWN flat!

    • 13.2 pogo

      ahahaha Seducing Mr Perfect – it sounded so awesome from the synopsis but it is such a massive shame Daniel Henney can’t act *sigh* he is pretty though.

      (and that first scene of FBND 12 had me basically doing an imitation of my puppy getting happy with a new bed, they’re just so adorable together and I don’t want Stalker Girl to ruin their happiness)

    • 13.3 JoAnne

      Loving Yokai Ningen Bem so far – I have a couple episodes left to see. I was SO surprised to see that Anne is Ken Watanabe’s daughter! It’s hard to imagine that he has grown up kids. But then I realize he’s my age range and *I* have a grown up kid, so…

      • 13.3.1 alua

        I could not resist the temptation of marathoning Yokai Ningen Bem in one go. Just love those monsters. And the whole camaraderie – the friendship with the police family and all that (was so happy when the story developed that way, rather than the police guy being their enemy).

        I want to see the Yokai Ningen Bem movie too!!!

        • JoAnne

          @Alua I think it might have been someone talking about the movie (Zgznoona, perhaps?) that got me to put the series on my DC-net list. And I just love Kame, anyway, and anything supernatural always has my interest. Yes, LOVED the friendship with the police family, and the monsters having such tender hearts.

  14. 14 SJ

    DB/GF any news about one of my fave K actor Shin dong wook re his health or any improvement thereof? i’m praying that he pulls through & we’ll soon see him back again in kdramas or movies! pls pls any news will be appreciated! thanks v much

    • 14.1 Conny

      How did I miss that? I hope treatment is successfull and he gets his life back.

      Here’s more on the illness for those who are interested.

    • 14.2 skelly

      There were updates in January where he thanked his fans for their concern and loyalty, and promised to return, but that was it. One article ( the link is
      showed a recent photo (looked like a selca) and he is recognizable but much older-looking; not surprising, considering he’s been through a stint in the army followed by a struggle with a major illness. This disease sounds terrible, and I hope he can recover and return to his career as he obviously wishes to do.

  15. 15 Aryast


    It’s been 2 months since I last wrote on the OT I think. It was quiz week followed by study week followed by exam weekS followed by 3 weeks of fieldwork – all back-to-back. Got a week off but classes will resume after this weekend. Knackered. I missed this site and am really behind on my dramas.

    So, I just finished School 2013. LOVED the bromance between Nam-Soon and Heung-Soo and the non-existent romance plot(breath of fresh air!). Still, I drool for Lee Jung Sok and Kim Woo Bin. Yumm.

    Currently on the second last episode of TKoD. So many more to catch up on. Therefore, TOODLES!

    Enjoy your Friday, guise.

    • 15.1 alua

      School 2013 ♥♥♥

      I miss it!

      • 15.1.1 MojoJojo

        Me too.

        • Aryast

          Hopefully, a School 2014 or something of that sort gets produced! Y’know, since this is supposed to be a series. 🙂

          “Do you like me or Heung-soo?” – LJS would ask this frequently. LOL So petty like that.

        • pogo

          Me three!

          I wish there was some way we could get a second series or at least some good fanfic, my missing-it pangs are still strong and I wasn’t ready to let those characters go.

          (16 episodes? I feel so cheated)

          • Aryast

            They should have at least made it 20 episodes. Or better… 50? LOL

            BTW, I watched the Special Ep and truth be told Kwak Jung Wook(the actor playing Oh Jung Ho) didn’t seem half bad. And when he smiled… *melts* One of the sweetest smiles evaaarrrr. Mark my word, he will probably be the next Cha Seung Won or something. The gruff bad boy type.

          • iZzie :)

            Yeah. I also wonder how Kwak Jung Wook would be like if he’s not playing baddie. (I haven’t seen the special yet.)

            I would love to see a continuation of this School series. Can’t get enough of it.

            Does anyone know where to dl the prior School series? I’d love to see where & how this awesome drama series has started.

  16. 16 MojoJojo

    Happy Friday everyone!

    So still in my drama slump (and waiting for FBND to be over), I decided to go into “second chance” mode and relook at dramas that I once attempted in my fledgling days. One of them was mentioned last week by someone here, “The Man Who Couldn’t Get Married”. I tried watching it before but I couldn’t get into it. I don’t know what my malfunction was then, maybe it’s because I was so green that I didn’t know what to look for or didn’t truly develop drama patience but I stuck it out and so happy I did.

    This drama was so…quirky. I loved it. It was unbearably awkward at times, hilarious, and endearing. Some of scenes reminded me of Dalja’s Spring. I really enjoyed it. I watched it though the last week and it was like eating ice cream, not meant to fill you up, but satisfying.

    Anyhoo some other’s on my second chance list
    -Baker Kim Tak Gu
    -Conspiracy in the Court
    -Mixed Up Investigation Agency
    -Prosecutor Princess
    -Secret Garden (this one is on the back burner right now)

    Anyone else have a similar experience and which dramas were they?

    • 16.1 MariD

      Dream high. The first time I watched it I really dislike it. It was either my 4 or 5 drama I ever watched. Then months later I went back and watched it again. This time I got all the inside jokes. The JYP thing was actually hilarious since I now knew who he was. I was now into Kpop soo I knew that all this kids were idols. Oh I also watched dream high 2 and realize how much better the first was.

      • 16.1.1 MojoJojo

        I need to add Dream High to that list too. I started it, got to …episode 3 4(?), maybe. I don’t remember but I dropped it because I lost interest. I think I’ll understand/appreciate it better though because now I know more about Kpop and the groups.

        • MariD

          Yes. There’s a lot of meta that gets lost in dream high if you are new to the Kdrama world. Soo give it another try. I found that I loved the secondary couple a lot more the the lead triangle. IU & woo young we’re soo adorable..

      • 16.1.2 iZzie :)

        When I watched Dream High, I didn’t know much about k-pop too, and the references they put there. However, it was dramabeans’ recaps that helped me understand and enjoy watching it. 🙂 Well, aside from the fact that I like how that youth-oriented show was done – how they dealt with teenage and entertainment business issues.

    • 16.2 Julia

      I watched Prosecutor Princess up to about ep 4, and I stopped because I was fed up with vapid rich girl. But later I went back, and the drama picks up right after that. Worth a 2nd try.

      Secret Garden is one I liked too, although if I could redo it I would leave out the whole body swap plot device and introduce her father much earlier. There are enough nuggets of yummy romance to merit watching it once.

      • 16.2.1 MojoJojo

        Really? Okay i’ll put PP on my weekend list. I think for me when I read the synopsis it was the heroine that put me off from the story but I think I was being too hard on her.

      • 16.2.2 Ash

        Seconding this. I almost ditched it, too, but she gets pretty awesome if you can just stick with it through those early episodes.

    • 16.3 pogo

      I haven’t had that experience often, but it has happened with the following

      – You’re Beautiful (HATED it at first, then came circling back three years later and realised Jang Geun-seuk’s smile is more glorious than angels and more transformative than Clark Kent going Superman, and Park Shin-hye was just pure adorable)

      – and to a lesser extent with Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I found I still didn’t like the heroine much despite the script telling me HARD how much I should (Park Min-young’s acting lacks soul, imo) but Yoo Ah-in and Song Joong-ki made it all worthwhile the second time around.

      (and I liked The Man Who Can’t Get Married, too. It was cute, even if I mainly watched for adorable Han-kyu and Yu-jin)

      • 16.3.1 Pillowhead

        I also gave You’re Beautiful another chance this week and I agree Jang Geun seuk smile is” more glorious than angels and more transformative than Clark Kent going Superman” and his voice is like butter (haha, i’m not as poetic as you). but I’m still not a fan of this drama. He is hot though. maybe I’ll try again later. btw, did you see his “what is your name” video? Hilarious and sexy!!

        • pogo

          How far have you got with YB? I found it got better and better after episode 7, up until 14 – there’s an energy to it that I just adore, and JGS’s willingness to be made to look really stupid is part of what made it so memorable for me.

          • Pillowhead

            oh yeah? I don’t think I’ve hit ep.7 yet. I’ll give it one more try 😀 fighting!

        • JoAnne

          Pillow! I’ve been plastering that video everywhere and saying it should be the next Gangnam Style video to take over my country…it actually fits in pretty well both sound and style-wise with a certain type of hiphop video we see often here.

          • Pillowhead

            I know… it’s so good. Jang Geun seuk voice! omo…
            Jeanette asked KPOP Steve(English KPOP fanatic who does Youtube videos) to do a reaction video to this song. Was HILARIOUS!! 😀

      • 16.3.2 MojoJojo

        I watched SKKS when it came out. I feel like I didn’t appreciate Song Joong Ki as much as I should have. I loved their bromance, however but I was dazzled by Yoo Ah-in’s charisma that I didn’t see much else. lol

        • pogo

          Yong-ha+Geol-oh is the first time I’ve shipped a slash couple over the OTP, ever.

          (I was pretty indifferent to the OTP for the most part, and that did not change the second time either. But I did come to appreciate the awesome secondary and tertiary leads a lot more – Kim Min-seo and Seo Hyo-rim were wonderful)

          • Ash

            You mean they weren’t the OTP? 😉

            I think Yoochun was cast well and I get why people liked the character, but to me he had all the charm and charisma of a brick. He and Park Min-young never stood a chance against Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in.

      • 16.3.3 Lovebug

        Hahahhaa – “realised Jang Geun-seuk’s smile is more glorious than angels and more transformative than Clark Kent going Superman, and Park Shin-hye was just pure adorable”

        This is so epically awesome and true. Was a really new drama watcher when I watched You’re beautiful and my flower boy appreciation was random and unformed so didn’t get why he was the lead until he smiled…

        • pogo

          lol I loved my flower boys but with YB it was “ugh this stupid emo-looking skinny tool with stupid hair, of course he’s going to get the girl, I want to smack his face, would it kill him to smile just once!“………………and then he DID.

        • JoAnne

          oh, that smile…until that smile came I was like this:

          Seriously? That ass? With the HORRIBLE hair and the terrible clothes and first there was Jun Pyo and now there’s THIS guy and do Koreans mean this SERIOUSLY? Because look at that guy (pointing in my head at Yonghwa on the screen) he is BEE-YOOOOO-TI-FUL…

          And then JGS smiled and I said ohhh, ok. I get it.

          But I still preferred Yonghwa.

          • pogo

            Funnily enough, JGS and Park Shin-hye were apparently considered for the lead roles in Boys Before Flowers and I can actually see why (he kind of resembles Matsujun, with the skinny frame and baby face)

          • pogo

            And this is the more accurate, articulate version of what I first thought of JGS as Taekyung:

            Seriously? That ass? With the HORRIBLE hair and the terrible clothes and first there was Jun Pyo and now there’s THIS guy and do Koreans mean this SERIOUSLY? Because look at that guy (pointing in my head at Yonghwa on the screen) he is BEE-YOOOOO-TI-FUL…

            lord Yonghwa was SO PRETTY there. And as of episode 2 he was giving me some serious Second Lead Syndrome, but The Smile just blasted that to smithereens and led me floating over on clouds to the OTP ship lol.

          • Pillowhead

            omg….ok. I’m definitely going to watch some more.

          • Lovebug

            Ha its funny, because in the opening sequence when they walk by her like and she sees them like angels. I only thought Jeremy was cute! But they increasingly ruined that attraction with his terrible hair and styling as the drama went on. I was fully on both the JGS and to a lesser extent Yonghwa train after that drama ended. (I just don’t think Jung Yonghwa can act).

            I even found JGS even more adorable in MSOAN despite the barbie hair he was rocking in that drama!

          • JoAnne

            oh Jeremy. Jeremy was another occasion (consistently, every episode) for me to say ‘What the hell, Korea, what the hell?’ But at least Jeremy was always an adorable, adorable human being. And why isn’t Hongki ever acting in anything ELSE, TV Part Casters?

          • pogo

            JoAnne – seriously, Hongki did great in You’re Beautiful, acting-wise – idol or no, the boy was GOOD. (Yonghwa was just about bearable because he was pretty). I wish he’d be in something else already, but he seems happy with his band.

          • Lovebug

            Yes Hongki was excellent in that drama, the bus scene was probably one of my faves of the whole drama. Why isnt he acting more!! (I know he was in a jdrama awhile ago, may have to check that out!)

      • 16.3.4 Owl

        The JGS smile ahhhhh…pogo , don’t we know! ( aaaaaah, Love Rain too)

        • pogo

          owl – Oh god yes, but the first time I saw it………frakking lethal, it was. He shouldn’t be allowed to be surly and then unleash That Smile on unsuspecting noonas!

          • owl

            Did you see his music video What Is Your Name? The smile – it’s there too!!!!

          • iZzie :)

            that smile got me in Hwang Jin Yi. And then in hong gil dong. So by YAB, i was sold despite the crazy hair and make up. Uh, okay, it was a shock on the first ep. I thought they unleashed a mad, raving monkey on him armed with hairspray and eyebrow makeup – which would’ve explained the constant scowl.

  17. 17 bcandrin

    hi everyone! this is my first time to write a post here, well i would like to thank the people who love lee jun ki because i decided to watched his version of Iljimae and the story line is so full on. I just recently started watching K-drama again and fell for Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, he is so good in there. well, now i am waiting for FBND to finish so i can watch it as a whole and might try The Winter that blows and Iris 2.

    any suggestion of good J-drama? been wanting to try it out and the only series i saw is GTO because of my husband 🙂

    • 17.1 pogo

      Hello! I’ve been a fan of Lee Jun-kifor ages, and even though his Iljimae isn’t perfect I do love it – sageuk LJK is my favourite kind of LJK 🙂

      I used to watch jdramas a lot when I was learning the language, and I really liked Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) – it’s much better than the manga it’s based on. J-Hana Kimi of 2007 is also great, clean fun, and if you haven’t seen Hana Yori Dango (most iconic high school jdrama ever) and Gokusen (another one about a teacher – you’ll love her), you should try them sometime!

    • 17.2 MariD

      If you don’t mind goofiness watch Hana Kimi. One of my favorite Japanese dramas. Then my second favorite Buzzer Beat.

      • 17.2.1 Bcandrin

        Thanks for the recommendations, I think I got gokusen and i will try the others!!!!

  18. 18 Swurbel

    Dear my Beanies,

    Sorry. Before I throw myself into the conversation, I want to do something.
    Yes, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. And I like the idea, ​​to give something not only to the loved ones, but also to friends and special people.
    Unfortunately, I was busy yesterday. So I have to do it today:
    Javabeans! Girlfriday! kaedejun! HeadsNo2! And all the others behind the curtain! Thank you for your hard work every day !!!!
    A large basket filled with yummy virtual chocolate for you!!!! I hope there is something for everyone here: chocolate and truffles with delectable flavors like wild coconut, holy berry, passion caramel, heavenly vanilla, and more. But you can also find flavors of blood orange, Mexican chili, pumpkin as well as classic hazelnut, fine honey, rich caramel, and more.
    And the best thing??? It is virtual chocolate – therefore it has ZERO calories!!!! I hope, you like it.

    • 18.1 owl

      Wow, that’s the best box of virtual chocolates ever! 🙂

  19. 19 iZzie :)

    Annyeong! 🙂

    For the last four days, I only have 16 hours of sleep tops. I’ve been catching up with FBND and L7CS, and been making two MVs out of School 2013 and IMY.

    FBND – up to date. I’m loving the direction to which this drama is going. Although I’m fretting about crazy fangirl, I’m trusting Dokmi’s will to venture outdoors even more. I’m eager to see how much this new development is going to test Enrique’s devotion to the cause of pulling Dokmi out of the rabbit hole. Like I’ve said in the FBND thread, there may be a stalker vs. stalker face-off between Do Hwi and fangirl – if the former decides to cross over to the other side and be Dokmi’s friend again.

    L7CS – not quite. I still have eps 6-8 to watch. I’m really avoiding the recaps. It’s taking much of my will power not to click on those links even when I see the screen grabs and snippets of the recaps intros.

    I’m seriously having Second-Lead Syndrome. Arang’s Joo Wal, FBND’s Jinrak, L7CS’s Do-ha. I love the leads, but I just luff, luff, luff the 2nd men! Dramas sure know how to confuse me. argh.

    School 2013 MV – I’m about to upload this to YT. I was listening to REM’s rendition of “Mad World” and totally had flashbacks of School 2013 scenes. I had to make an MV. Besides, it’s been a while since I did video editing. I’m already getting rusty in final cut pro.

    IMY MV – I’m having a slow progress on this one. Finding particular scenes that I need is proving to be a challenge since there are no recaps for most of the episodes. I have to scour the episodes to get the clips I need. I’m rethinking if I’m going to finish this one. I even had to chop and extend the song I’m using for the scoring to match the clips I’ve used. *sigh* Something to work on the weekend when I’m done catching up with L7CS.

    My eyes hurt. My head aches. I think I’m a few sleepless night from resembling FBND PD.

    Yay! for next weekend’s adventure! My friends and I are going to an island hopping tour at the northernmost tip of the Philippines. 🙂 That’s where the south china sea and the pacific ocean meet, so I’m crossing my fingers for good weather and calmer seas. I’m hoping that we get to see whale sharks. And hopefully they won’t get scared by my dark circles. 😛

    Happy Friday, chingus! 🙂

  20. 20 Russe12

    Happy Friday, everyone! I get to spend my day sick in bed…thankfully it’s a quiet weekend so I can get caught up on my dramas.

    I am still loving Flower Boy Next Door. I can’t believe it’ll be ending in just a few weeks! And yet, as I look back, the characters have grown so much. It’s so rewarding to see Dok-mi come out of her shell and try to help others rather than just protect herself. From an outside perspective, the stakes in this drama may seem quite low, but when you’re inside it it could mean the rest of your life. I love the Dok-mi/Enrique pairing because they feed off of each other so well! And Dong-hoon/writer noona (does anyone know her name?) are ridiculously adorable. Jin-rak has really impressed me with how gracefully he allowed Dok-mi to go to Enrique in the hospital, but in the next episode broke my heart a little. *sniffs* I’m not sure how much of a wreck I’ll be when he finds out…I cry at everything, so someone pass tissues early please? xD

    I started Secret Garden a while back for something to watch between FBND episodes…because I have so much time on my hands (not). It is funny and whatnot, but I still kinda felt like the switch, and even the whole fantasy thing was a bit forced. It just randomly shows up in episode 3 or 4 (whenever the flower grew its petal back) despite the first couple of episodes being completely normal. That threw me off a bit, but I’m still really enjoying it. Joo-won seems just lonely and misunderstood until he opens his mouth – and then you sorta want to slap him. But then he does that stare thing and you go all *.* haha. And I enjoy Ra-im’s character; I’m just a bit cautious because I’ve heard others’ opinions that her personality switches to a damsel-type one somewhere in the middle. But I really like the cheesy bantering between her and Oska. Sadly, it won’t show up again for a while. *sighs*

    • 20.1 pogo

      Hey Russe! I know what you mean about FBND, it’s a small world they’ve built there but the things that matter in that world are no less important because it’s so small.

      (and editor-nim’s nightclubbing outfit was adorable, I would actually wear that in real life if I was brave enough to to nightclubs – I hate nightclubs)

      I will really miss this series when it’s over, no lie. There’s nothing I want to watch that badly on the slate after this, so back to older dramas it is for me.

      • 20.1.1 Russe12

        Haha I just love the editor period. She is so adorable!

        And it’s the same with me for after FBND ends…nothing has really caught my eye. I’m following L7CS because I used to have an inexplicable fangirl crush on Chansung, and the recaps have gotten a few laughs out of me, but it isn’t exciting me right now. Maybe after it’s over I’ll want to watch it…I am looking forward to Nine though, so hopefully that will be good.

    • 20.2 Russe12

      Oh! Also, the other week I watched My Girlfriend is an Agent and LOVED it. It was really late at night and I kept bursting into laughter…only to try desperately to hush up so I didn’t wake up my family. xD But I would definitely recommend that movie…and it’s up on youtube with eng subs!

  21. 21 pogo

    Hey everyone! I’ve just caught up with FBND ep 12 and it SLAYED ME with the cute, I just knew Dok-mi and Enrique would be adorable once they’re together, and THEY ARE. IN SPADES. (pretty sure I expired and went to heaven when he started finding excuses to stay in her flat and then had that long, cannot-make-myself-go goodbye at her door omg)

    (also, Do-hwi still sucks. Like they say, with friends like these…..and if the writers make Dok-mi reconcile with her and be her friend again, I will probably cut someone. But I did love love LOVE Jin-rak and Dong-hoon’s bromance and their talk about DH’s dream……and then of course, the full-on Flower Boy Attack on the landlady to charm her into making Dok-mi stay). That ending, though, it scared me. Not because I thought Dok-mi would do it, but because Enrique’s talker fan has the potential to make things drag if we spend too much time with her.

    (BUT UGH ENRIQUE AND DOK-MI ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER IT IS TOO MUCH FOR ME, telepathy return and all – Park Shin-hye’s expressions when she thinks he’s reading her mind are just perfection)

    • 21.1 pogo

      and as for older dramas, I’m still giving Dream High a spin (Suzy still has one-and-a-half expressions but is getting slightly better at producing her sneer, even if I’ve yet to see her with her mouth closed), but the male lead who isn’t Kim Soo Hyun sucks as much as she does so it is a bit of a drag.

      But as for better dramas, I just started Vampire Prosecutor two days ago and quite like it – very slick, and even if it is a weird thing to say, the blood on the show and in the opening credits looks SO PRETTY, I got inspired and gave myself a special pink-and-red manicure for Valentine’s day with the red shaded to look like blood, ha.

      • 21.1.1 MariD

        Vampire Prosecutor is like crack. I kept alway from it for soo long because the name just sound stupid! Then I was bored one day and started it, then he did the bastard smirk he is soo good at. 12 hours later I was done!! Don’t regret it!

        • Conny

          You should see him in Top Gear Korea. Worth watching even if you’re NOT into cars. He does the bastard smirk AND drives cars. Try to catch Season 1 Episode 6 (I believe). He learns how to drift and his facial expressions are to die for!!!

          • MariD

            Ahhh!!!! Where can I find this? I hate not being good with technology. All the amazing things I could look up on the Internet. That smirk… Sigh, I would fight his wife for his affection over that smirk..

          • Ash

            Oh lord, don’t tell me that. The ridiculous crush I have on that man doesn’t need to get any worse.

        • Mystisith

          Vampy oppa devilish smile. I could watch this all day long & never get bored.

    • 21.2 Carole McDonnell

      They are so very cute together. I’m waiting to see sexual passionate sparks, though. I don’t quite feel it yet.

      • 21.2.1 pogo

        I felt it for half a second when he was giving her that burning look right before he went in for the kiss, but I agree that sexual chemistry isn’t really something anyone in this drama is working on right now. Cute and emotional works with the tone of the story, and I’m great with that for now.

  22. 22 opheliadrowning

    Is anyone else watching “Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek”? I am enjoying it so far, more than some of the shows currently being recapped. I am liking the guy is the hardworking go-get’em Candy and the girl is the hidden Chaebol. Their relationship/friendship is developing nicely and quite naturally I think, and not only am I enjoying watching the process of the characters figuring out ideas for new ads, especially in episode 4 there was some nice pathos involved.

    • 22.1 owl

      I like it, too. I’m counting on it not being a “good guys finish last” theme. So far, it’s a good story.

    • 22.2 TS

      I started it and now that there are 4 episodes fully subbed, I’ll get back to it.

      I like it, but I get mildly annoyed that the second female lead is portrayed as such a user and not very bright at her field. She should be really good at what she does: she went abroad on scholarship, for Heaven’s sake! And she still worked and made a career for herself. Show some respect for that.

    • 22.3 KDrama Fan

      I’m there too. Just finished Ep.4 and glad to see it’s still solid.

      Wonder if anyone knows who the guy is that is singing Korean versions of Japanese singer Kuwata Keisuke’s songs. I’m a big fan of the latter and it’s fun to hear the songs in Korean.

    • 22.4 Mystisith

      I like it too. Minus the bitchy second female lead. Advertisement is a field I have a love & hate relationship with. Sorry to say, I never bought something because of an ad… But I like creativity and witty slogans.
      Of course, as always, I like the gentle male lead but I LOVE the cold rich guy who acts like a jerk. Is that guy hot or what?

      • 22.4.1 Owl

        He’ s Paul in 49 Days – loved him in that Kdrama!

      • 22.4.2 merry

        I’m with you in enjoying Ad Genius. It has got some real nuggets of wisdom. Worried about its subbing though as it is taking ages, and with new dramas that came this week, it might be relegated down in priority. Plus, there’s no one recapping. Woe.

        • RockPaperScissors

          I, too, wish someone was recapping this. I feel this is a lot better drama than most that are getting all the attention now. Boss Ma is stealing the show! I want the hat he is always wearing. Does anyone know what team it is from?

          If anyone is on the fence about watching this drama, give it a chance. It’s a refreshing breath of fresh air.

  23. 23 Miica

    Hello everyone 😉

    I heard it on the grapevine that the drama which will follow Iris 2 is 천명 (The Mandate of Heaven). But what really excited me was the alleged cast…
    which consists of…
    wait for it…
    Lee Dong Wook! In his first sageuk! The female lead is Song Ji Hyo ^^

    • 23.1 MojoJojo

      Please let this be true…

      What’s the synopsis?

      • 23.1.1 Miica

        “…another sageuk in pre-production, 천명 (The Mandate of Heaven), which reunites PD Lee Jin-Seo and writer Choi Min-Gi of 부자의 탄생 (Birth of the Rich). But if that duo doesn’t sound too promising, at least the story does: it’s about an officer of the Royal Pharmacy who gets embroiled in the attempted murder of King Injong and ends up becoming a fugitive, while he starts a race against the clock to save his moribund daughter.”

  24. 24 zgznoona

    Hi beamers,
    At the moment I’m in LA with Cherkell, getting ready for breakfast. So this will be a hit and run Cherkell style. K Will’s concert yesterday was great, we had so much fun screaming and singing.
    The theater was small and beautiful, and we were so close to K Will, he wink to cherkell.
    Though those eating next to the central
    Btw we met a drama beams lurker that was seating next to me during the concert. She might actually become active
    after last night.
    I’m sure cherkell is writing the details better than me.
    Well, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to comment on OT again. I hope all you have a great weekend and as much fun as cherkell and I.

    • 24.1 owl

      Hi zgznoona! I see you’ve left Colorado and are in Calif – sounds like you are having a fun vacation – gogo! Sounds like you had an intimate time at the K Will concert with fangirls galore – Are you making any other stops on your trip?

      • 24.1.1 zgznoona

        Tomorrow night I’ll be at Shel’s before I head to Asia

        • owl

          Safe travels!

        • shel

          Can’t wait to see you guys! Sam’s already planning his ragu….

          • zgznoona

            We can’t wait to get there. Tasty food and good company

  25. 25 cherkell

    Happy OT Friday, minasan! Urg… did anyone get the number of the truck that hit me? Just waking up in Los Angeleeeeees after the fantabulous K.Will concert last night at the Orpheum. JUST SO AWESOME. The Orpheum was built in 1926 and was the premiere vaudeville/movie palace (eventually amongst several) built on Broadway in LA’s Theatre District, so it was the perfect small venue for a show like his. What a killer voice, and the songs were punctuated with little film vignettes of his troubles and travails in filming a music video and a slice-of-his-life in getting to where he is in the music world today. Funny stuff!!

    Even though we were in the front row, I was mildly restrained in my picture-taking since both of my cameras are crappy, but he wandered over to our side of the stage and I leaned over the railing to snap a really-good shot… AND HE THEN WINKED AT ME. Me: DEAD NOW. Later on, he and his back-up dancers tossed candy to the crowd in the song before the encore. And the encores, you may ask? ‘Fantastic Baby’ and ‘Gangnam Style,’ including major amounts of the requisite dancing included. FAINT.

    Also more Big News this week, as we can now refer to him as Ji Chang Wook, College Graduate!! Seven years after entering, My Precious finally earned enough credits to graduate from Dankook University on 13 February with his degree in Music Theatre and Film. Chukahaeyo Changwook-ssi — now go get a job! Oh wait… 😛

    Also also more Big News: “The Days” musical had its press conference on 14 February, where the cast was introduced and sang a few numbers to introduce the characters. For those of you scoring at home, the three mains are Yoo Jung Sang, Oh Man Seok, and Ji Chang Wook… and JCW shares his Mu-yeong role with his co-star from the “Thrill Me” musical again!!! Tickets go on sale 20 Feburary, and the show is expected to sell out April’s performances ASAP so get your flight reservations in NOW. You know *I* am! 😉

    Anyway, @zgzgirl and I will be heading out shortly in search of sustenance for this tired ahjumma’s body and then meeting up with some of my fellow Joo Ji Hoon fangirls to squeeeeee over dramas n’ dinner at a new BBQ place here in KTown: Kang Ho Dong. Yup, you heard that right… no clue as to if that naming is just a coinkydink, or if it’s one of Hodong’s actual restaurants. I’ll report back!

    Will be tweeting throughout the day, so check there for any new gossip. I’ll put up a more detailed post on my blog when I return to NorCal, so stay tuned! Y’all have a nice one!!

    • 25.1 cherkell

      Okay, that was truly not planned — we’re sitting about 8 feet from each other typing away and didn’t know the other was on OT. BWAHAHAHAHA great minds think alike!!!

      • 25.1.1 zgznoona

        LOL, what can we do. It’s done. But I kow yours would be longer than mine. 😉

      • 25.1.2 Raine

        *snicker* OT addicts anonymous anyone?

        • Leaf

          Isn’t that just another name for the OT? lol
          How can one not get addicted to this thing? <3

    • 25.2 Lovebug

      Oh Man, that concert sounds amazing!!! So jealous of you ladies!!!

    • 25.3 shel

      Glad you guys had fun! Can’t wait til you guys get here, but looks like we should make it lowkey so you can rest from all the excitement.

      It’s supposed to be a spectacular warm day….tomorrow, of course, lol. But, it’s always nice here and it is supposed to be sunny, this time of year, that’s a bonus!

  26. 26 Sabella

    Good morning! I hope that you’re all doing well and that you’ve been finding interesting dramas/movies to watch!

    As for me, I watched a variety of things this week, so here’s a rundown…

    Flower Boy Next Door continues to own my heart at the moment. This week’s episodes were a nice balance of introspection, understanding, growth, humor, and romance. Even though I recognize the drama’s flaws, I can easily forgive all of them since I adore the characters so much. As far as recent developments go, I’m getting a bit worried about Jin-rak: so far he’s oblivious to the relationship developments between Dok-mi and Enrique, and I just know the news will hit him hard once he finally has to accept that he’s out of the running for her affections. Ahhh, that’s one thing I’m not anticipating about this drama in its final episodes. 🙁 (I’m also worried that his heartbreak will lead him into a rebound relationship with Do-hwi. No, Jin-rak, you deserve better!!)

    (Also, I found the stalker fangirl’s words about Enrique being a “fairy” who had no “shadows” interesting: the whole dialogue seemed like a subtle reference to Peter Pan. Much like the actual Peter Pan, though, Enrique has his own doubts and pain hidden behind his smile — and, through his interactions with Dok-mi, he seems to be leaving behind his “Neverland” bit by bit just as she’s leaving behind the small closed-off world of her apartment.)

    I stalled on Prosecutor Princess (up to episode 10) for now, but I’ll probably be finishing it up soon. It’s not that the drama is especially weak or anything; I just found some other things drawing my attention more this week.

    On a whim I gave the first episode of The King 2 Hearts a try since I’d heard some good things about it. And…wow. The premise, the execution of said premise thus far, the characters, the background music — all of them seemed pretty stellar in this beginning episode. It was so easy to get drawn into this world. I’m almost afraid to watch more because I’m worried the rest won’t be as good! 😛 Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but this is the kind of drama I’ll probably take my time to savor.

    A few days ago I gave the Korean movie Chilling Romance/Spellbound a chance…and, as much as I wanted to love it for its quirky romantic comedy/horror charm, I found the premise to be half-baked. The main weak links to me were the lack of depth to the hero/love interest and the almost nonexistent chemistry between the leads; even if a story’s weak, I can forgive it if it gives me characters I love and/or a couple I find adorable. Alas, I didn’t really find either here. The meta romantic comedy and horror movie conversations were fun, though.

    I decided to give another Taiwanese drama a try: In Time With You. The first episode was a nice introduction to the leads and the heroine’s reservations about growing older. Oddly, though, I find their high school scenes a bit more interesting on a character level than their adult scenes. Also, I thought the ending sequence where the whole cast seemed to be playing a game of telephone was a nice touch. 🙂 At any rate, I’ll be watching the rest of the drama to see what happens.

    Next up was another one I’d heard some good things about: Tamra Island. Oh my, this was a surprise. I’ve watched only three episodes thus far, and it’s surprisingly captivating. Yes, it has silly moments (and some questionable English acting), but I’m really enjoying the island inhabitants and their day-to-day interactions. And I can already tell I’m going to love Park Kyu. 😀

    Lastly, I decided to watch something bittersweet and romantic on Valentine’s Day…and the Korean movie Heaven’s Postman seemed a perfect fit. Wow, wow, wow. I absolutely loved this movie. An interesting premise, beautiful cinematography, lovely music, likable characters, a sweet romance, thoughtful themes about death and life — all of it amounted to a wonderful viewing experience for me. Even with the predictable trajectory of the plot, I didn’t find myself bothered at all because the unfolding scenes struck the right emotional chords with me. I definitely plan to rewatch this one in the future.

    • 26.1 Lovebug

      OK I recently watched In time with you and hope you enjoy it. The more I watched it became more interesting to watch the ending sequence of telephone because you could imagine what they were actually saying. I really liked the flashback sequences as well! It took me a couple episodes to get into that drama but really enjoyed once I did. (I love bestie romances). Also I absolutely love Bolin Chen now which really came out of nowhere. He is my first official T-drama love and am now on the hunt to watch his other stuff. Also first time in drama where I have seen a guy with tattoo sleeves as one of the leads (the second lead in a tank top = wowza!)

      • 26.1.1 skelly

        I watched this with my daughters and we loved it – especially the fun yet realistic family interactions – although our reaction to tattoo guy was totally the opposite. When we saw him, we all went “EEEEEeeeww!” at the same time. My oldest said that when he leaned over the lead to kiss the lead it gave off a great villain vibe, because the scales made him look like a snake hovering over her.

      • 26.1.2 MariD

        Da Ren is just the perfect friend!!! I want a Da Ren in my life. In the show there’s soo many little details that make it different. There’s animation going on in the background while the characters talk on the phone. The play they go see, I was in tears by the end of the performance. I just love this one. It’s going on the list of good Taiwan dramas.

    • 26.2 alua

      In Time with You started well but by the end I thought that You Qing was too self-centred to deserve Da Ren. Some of the final scenes were weird too (won’t spoil it for you).

  27. 27 Swurbel

    Hello everyone.

    I am still watching Horsehealer.

    I’ll watch it to the end. But this week I was a little disappointed.
    Perhaps you know it: Doc Beak is back from exile. And officially a Doctor. So finally time for a bit of romance with the nurse (or the princess or both..), such as kissing, hugging, dating… I thought … I hoped …
    But oh dear. The prince got sick and needs a surgery: terrible wounds, a lot of blood …. but I and my stomach trying, not to give up. Because there is a reward: the romantic part!!!???
    But until now: nothing but blood and intrigues. Well. Maybe they kiss next week.

    Nice weekend to everyone!!

    • 27.1 TS

      Is that show every going to end?

      • 27.1.1 Julia

        Someone tell them the spark of life has gone out of Horse Doctor, and I can’t seem to stop myself from watching with 38 episodes invested so far. It’s a rotting corpse, maybe they should throw in a few Zombies to liven things up.

        • Mystisith

          I think the same. The plot is (so) rather predictable: Surgery of the week a la Dr Jin, Princess’s cute scene, female lead staring at nothing… I watch it raw & FF a lot now and still I feel like I’m not missing anything. Beautiful hanoks in the snow are saving this show.

        • Swurbel

          or a Brain Fetus???!!!!

  28. 28 Lizzy4e

    I am watching and loving FBND and because of that or rather YSY I am also watching Me TOO Flower. He is a pleasure to watch.

    Also watching Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek, it is not getting subbed very fast so it is a back-burner watch as opposed to the front-burner watch that is FBND. Ad Genius is an underdog succeeds kind of drama, I find the lead likeable.

    I stopped watching 7th Level Civil Servant because of the lies between the OTP. It rubs me the wrong way. I am sure the drama will be great, but I cannot watch the lying.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    • 28.1 Shukmeister

      Lizzy4Me –

      I marathoned M2F this week, just to get over Lack-O-FBND.
      Once I decided to ignore the screaming police voice in my head, I have to say the actors did a terrific job, handicapped as they were by an extremely lazy writer and the crazy live-shoot from the beginning. Most of the characters were just so cute in their interactions, and YSY facial expressions (and kisses) were awesome.

  29. 29 owl

    Hi hi! I’ve got 9 dramas going this week– and I thought it would be a kdrama drought after School2013! I am keeping a tight, cool viewing schedule! My #1 is FBND of course (xoxoxo Enrique and Dok Mi).

    Also watching:
    L7CS – Romance is progressing, a little too slowly for my liking.
    Sirius – heavy, a lot of bloody faces
    IRIS (watching 1 [best 2nd episode kiss ever] and 2 – fabulously intense and hot) also a lot of bloody faces
    That Winter, The Wind Blows Jo In Sung – clean cut handsome!
    Incarnation of Money
    Advertising Genius
    (jdrama) Sharehouse no Koibito – Odd. “I…amanalien” – saywha?
    Anyone else watching Bilbia? I wanted to like it, but it’s dull. There’s too much telling bout and not enough actual story happening. Probably dropping it~

    Let’s see, in my non kdrama world, I was asked to do a guest lecture series on worship and art for April. Will skype teach the 3-session series – a new adventure for me. I am pretty excited and doing research now. Need to pull it all together pretty fast!!

    Have an awesome weekend and happy drama viewing, everyone!

    • 29.1 pogo

      I’m going to try That Winter soon, I felt like I was all melo-ed out after Nice Guy and I Miss You but it shouldn’t be too depressing as long as there are episodes of FBND (my #1 too!) in store.

      • 29.1.1 owl

        Totally a melodrama but I’m liking it- here’s my synopsis of ep 1 **Spoiler** Harsh windy winter conditions. So let me get this straight: Oh Soo and Oh Soo are roomies. While Oh Soo is in jail, Oh Soo dies. Oh Soo’s lawyer is looking for Oh Soo. He finds Oh Soo, who pretends to be Oh Soo. On to episode 2…

        • pogo

          ahahaha I shouldn’t be cackling so hard at this but I am.

        • JoAnne

          I watched 3/4 of the first episode at lunch today between emails – gorgeousness, isn’t it?

          Bummie is looking hot but Jo In Sung is just so classically handsome to me, and elegant. Long and lean and his skin is gorgeous.

          I was puzzled because they have that whole conversation, you know, and I’m like – how’s he going to do THIS? But then all that stuff happens and I’m good because it’s not like he tried to screw his friend. Because at first I was all ‘ohhh, nooo, don’t be THAT big of a jerk.’ But he wasn’t.

          What had ME cackling was the jealous girlfriend (wasn’t she the ditzy stepsister from Me 2 Flower who wants to be a model and ends up the with psychiatrist for a boyfriend?) who – in order to prevent him from cheating on her – has him framed for embezzling 5 million won and put in prison for a year. Except it was really 70 million won, and the reason it’s exactly one year in prison is because she got the prosecution to go in on it with her (that’s the rest of the money) and she needed him tied up for a year while she went off to do a movie. Seriously peeing myself over that one.

          • Owl

            Ooh yeah, that’s who she is – such a goof couple, her and the psychiatrist.

          • pogo

            I just watched the first episode, and that is some SERIOUS BUSINESS GORGEOUS cinematography right there.

            And ditzy frameup girlfriend is played by Seo Hyo-rim, whom I so enjoyed in Sungkyunkwan Scandal – that ‘I needed you put away for a year’ excuse was so cracktastic, for a moment there I thought we were watching a different drama lol.

            I was looking forward to this for Bummie and Eun-ji but I think Jo In-sung might just be the most beautiful thing to look at in this entire drama, and his intensity is crazy UNF.

          • TS

            Joanne, do you think Jo In Sung can be our filler until the next Kim Woo Bin show?

          • JoAnne

            @TS, I would say JIS could definitely do the job although they remind me in NO way at all whatsoever of each other. Seriously, the beauty on my screens these days is something to give thanks for:

            We have the Flower Boys of the Most Fantastic Apartment Complex in the World, we have HaRyu with his whole ‘I will kill you with my own hands’ intensity layered over that sweet, sweet, heart, we have the cutie Do Hoon in the same thing, we have Bummie and Mr Tall and Georgeous in That Winter, we have allllllllllllllllllllll the beautiful menz in IRISH…AND we have JooWon and ChannieBaby in Level 7. It’s a little too much. I have to sit down and fan myself.

      • 29.1.2 NikaNika

        Hope you like it! I’m already obsessed with it. Luckily so, as the stalker girl storyline in FBND’s last week’s eps soured it a bit for me…

      • 29.1.3 owl

        Oh, and the mansion was Tak-Ik’s home in Full House Take 2!

        • JoAnne

          Yes! Different inside but same outside? or did we only ever see the inside of the Annex in FHT2. Sigh. Now I miss No Min Woo.

  30. 30 Raine

    HI beaners!

    I haven’t been on in ages and ages! I’ve been semi-active on my blog and watching one or two dramas, but life certainly gets in the way.

    Zgznoona came to visit for a week before I passed her off to Cherkell and that was a lot of fun. She is currently telling me about the K.Will concert she went to in LA.

    Won’t you come to Denver, Korean artists?

    In other news, my sister has now become a k-drama addict and we live together. it’s absolutely glorious. We watched Alice together, and now FBND.

    Speaking of, FBND is so intrinsically dead on about people. I really love it. It gets me like AM 1997 did.

    And hello everyone I know and people I don’t know!

    And thanks JB and GF and everyone else for making DB possible.

    • 30.1 zgznoona

      I miss you so much girls!!!
      It was so much fun to play with you guys and turn you into an Arashi fan. 😛
      Good to see you at OT for a change.

      • 30.1.1 Raine

        I’ll be back more later! But now I’m going out with RoboticRaven and then to Laramie! <3<3

        • zgznoona

          Say hi to her, and have fun

    • 30.2 owl

      Hi Raine,
      I am a fellow Coloradoan!!, although currently elsewhere for the time being. You are so lucky to have a sister who is now a kdrama-watching partner in crime 🙂 I would love to have a sister to squeeeee with, and to share kdrama tears and uproarious laughter with – have a barrell of fun together!!

      • 30.2.1 Raine

        Owl – Coloradoan? When are you coming back?! We need a k-drama gathering! I know another k-drama fan in Foco! We’re watching Chuno…yes, you know why. Hehe.

        • Owl

          My permanent address is Colorado, and I spend 3-4 months there every year since I relocated for the time being 2 yrs ago. I’ ll be back in time. My next trip there isn’t until July, then I go to Yellowstone for August (summers I have worked in Yellowstone) and back to Colo in Nov and Dec. i stay with my mom and brother when I’m there. So I am in and outta there all the time, but love my home state. Have fun this week in kdramaland!!

    • 30.3 kopytko

      Hi Raine!
      It must be great to watch kdramas with your sister. I have been tempted lots of times to show this wonderful world to my little sis, but she’s in her final year of medical academy. She needs her peace and time to study and study and study. It would be very irresponsible of me. She would feel awful knowing there is so much fun just a click away but she must do something else. So I’ll wait till summer when she’s passed her finals 🙂

  31. 31 DayDreamer

    Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday. Meanwhile, I’ve been looking to see how many dramas I’ve watched in their entirety and realized that I only watched about 48 dramas (spanning from Korean to Taiwanese to Japanese). That’s roughly about 16 dramas per country and considering about how many dramas have been produced and are available in subs, it seems rather little. Not that I’m saying it’s worrisome, lol. Just like to play around with statistics. Which leads me to….how many dramas have you guys watched so far? Maybe we can have a winner here as the person with the most drama viewing experience, lol.

    Aside from that, currently I’m invested in Incarnation of Money and That Winter, The Wind Blows. I’m also waiting for Nine and Virus to air from the cable channels. After a mini slump, I finally have a plate filled with dramas to watch. That’s dramaland for you: it always has something for everyone.

    I also am going back to watch some older dramas that I haven’t watched and shunned for some reason or another. Currently, it’s Coffee House. I’m enjoying it so far even though I’m fearing for the ending (which so many people have said was horrible). Still, I think I will watch it all and form my opinions.

    • 31.1 Julia

      Quantitative numbers … the joy of statistics.
      @DayDreamer – 48 dramas is a lot! 700+ viewing hours

      The task of figuring out what I have watched is daunting. I’m ignoring the movies, and just counting Dramas.

      CDrama – 2
      TDrama – 10
      JDrama – 23
      KDrama – estimate more than 100, I will try to come up with a more exact number.

      I still consider myself a newbie to Asian Dramas.

      • 31.1.1 DayDreamer

        OMG, more than 100 Kdramas?! Wow, just wow. I’m too picky to watch that many. It was only because I was looking at this huge list on of all the dramas from various Asian countries to figure out what I haven’t watched yet by eliminating what I watched. When I counted how many I watched, it amounted to only 48…a rather measly number compared to your 135+. If you’re a newbie, I’m a nobody then, lol.

      • 31.1.2 TechnoKeats

        Yippee,,,, finally found a place to rant about by drama addiction. I’m a newbie too … watched about 71 dramas and counting…. (I rejected 13 in the first two ep., so that doesn’t count)

        My first was Rooftop prince and I’ve been searching for good KDramas, made since 2002. Dramabeans ratings are mighty helpful.

        I watch only KD because I believe that their quality is much better. My boyfriend says that I’m DEPENDENT on them (^_^)

        • DayDreamer

          I also find Kdramas to have better quality, hence why they’re so addicting to me. At first I used to stay away from them but once I started I could not stop.

      • 31.1.3 Julia

        Final Count of dramas I have watched in full:151
        CDrama– 2
        TDrama – 10
        JDrama – 24
        KDrama – 115

        Yet inspite of that large number watched, there are dozens on my get-to-someday list that people here at DramaBeans have mentioned. No end to my drama addiction is sight.

    • 31.2 NikaNika

      Wow, you guys totally outclass me. My tally of completed east Asian dramas (t = 14).

      By country:

      Taiwan: Silence

      Japan: Liar Game, Majo no Jouken, Kimi wa Petto

      South Korea: Full House (my first one), My Girl, Goong, Mawang, Shining Inheritance, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Prosecutor Princess, Queen In Hyun’s Man, The King of Dramas, Full House Take 2 (don’t judge me!).

      And I’ve been watching since about 2007-ish. My dropped and on-hold list are each nearly as long. Heh, I’m pretty picky and have low patience.

    • 31.3 Shukmeister

      Overall vs this year:

      I’m showing 135 completely watched shows, over the past three 1/2 years. That includes TW, J, HK, K, Thai and one Indo.

      2012 portion (not all of them were produced in 2012, though)
      1 Chinese series
      2 Thai lakhorns
      2 Taiwanese series, 2 movies
      5 Japanese series, 1 movie
      15 Korean series, 3 movies

      Included in the KDramas was 18 vs 29, which I recapped on my blog last year. I didn’t include Baby Faced Beauty, also from 2005, because I’m only up to episode 6 in my recapping.

  32. 32 kakashi

    how does one leave comments under a comment with the iPhone?! jeeeeez… got a haircut and am now at indoor playground

    • 32.1 Mashimomo

      its really really terrible, you would have to keep “expanding” the screen to make sure you hit the right reply button… and spell check does not work either.

      • 32.1.1 kakashi

        ah! I’ll try next time. I’m back in front of a proper computer … much better!

  33. 33 Amg1

    *Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek*

    From all the dramas playing this season, Ad Genius is a breath of fresh air, it is a situational drama that takes place in the world of advertising.

    What I like about this drama the most, its the Female lead, played Park Ha-sun, this is the first time I see her acting, and I must say she is quite good, Jin Goo plays the Male lead, also this is my first time seeing him acting, and I really like so far the work they are doing.

    *Spoilers Ahead*

    In episode we get the introduction of all the main characters, the Two leads and the Second leads.

    Our main lead, Lee Tae-baek attends a job interview, and even when he clearly has more charisma and talent than the other people his lack of proper schooling, and good connections, basically keep him of the race to land a job at and ad-agency.

    He Works for a small company that hangs the signs other people design,on his way to hang a giant sing for his current job, we are introduce to our female lead, Baek Ji-yoon who is carrying a couple bags full of drinks, and as per K-dramas, the bags brakes and she losses the drinks, while our hero is driving his motor-scooter, and almost gets in an accident as she is trying to pick the drinks from the street.

    He hangs a sign the wrong way, because he thinks that’s a better presentation for this kind of ad, as the giant ad is getting ready for the presentation, we are introduce to our other 2 leads, Go Ah-ri played by (Han Chae-young), and Eddie Kang played by (Jo Hyun-jae).

    Go Ah-ri is a top ad executive with a chip on her shoulder, that just happens to be our main lead boss, and as per K-drama she treats Baek Ji-yoon badly, who is just and intern, and the lowest member of her team.

    Eddie Kang, is the son of the CEO of Geum San AD company, and as per K-drama just return from working in the USA as a great advertising guru, and becoming the new Ad section Big Boss.

    All Hell breaks loose, when the people at Geum San AD realized that, the sign is hanging in the opposite direction, so Go Ah-ri, sends Baek Ji-yoon, to fix the problem under threats of her being fire, if the ad sign is not fix in the next 30 minutes, Baek Ji-yoon find Lee Tae-baek, in the roof of the building and both of them fix the hanging ad, and the first ship of the drama is set as both leads become friends.

    Lee Tae-baek, goes to Geum San AD agency, to collect the check for his work, but the ad agency refuse to pay, saying that they will get paid in a couple of months.
    He try’s to see the Ad exec in charge of the account, and it happens to be Go Ah-ri, who also happens to be his long lost Girlfriend, who went to America to study Advertising,
    the meting does not go well for both of them, but as per K-Drama Lee Tae-baek, overhears Eddie Kang giving Go Ah-ri a hard time for a very bad ad presentation, and he decides that he will help his old girlfriend, by helping her design a new ad for the account that she almost lost.

    Lee Tae-baek along with Baek Ji-yoon design the concept for the new ad, Lee Tae-baek gives Go Ah-ri a copy of the ad, and tell her to give it to the Boss, and see if he likes the concept, all he wants in return is credit for the concept, but we all know that the Bad long lost girlfriend, takes the credit when the Boss likes the concept, but she calls Lee Tae-baek and tells him that the boss did not like the concept. The Big Boss decides to make the new ad, with out knowing that Lee Tae-baek and Baek Ji-yoon actually created the concept, and as the new presentation arrives, and the giant screen is ready to show the new ad, Lee Tae-baek and Baek Ji-yoon are flabbergasted, that the new ad shown is actually what they created, but where told otherwise by Miss Go Ah-ri who by now we know that she is the evil second lead, setting the stage for the 4 leads in a collision with destiny…!

    Well I really enjoying this drama a lot, and , apart from having a serious tone the balance with the comedy is well done, and I love the Voice of the Female Lead, I have always like the female voice, when the lower range is the main texture of the sound…

    I highly recommended this drama enjoy!!!!

    • 33.1 opheliadrowning

      I agree that it is a nice breath of fresh air. While it has similar elements to drama tropes, it seems to be going for a more straight forward, less melodramatic arc. Male lead’s first love leaves him? In other dramas someone would be trying to win the other back. But here it seems like they are done in the pursuit but dealing with one another professionally instead, and personally, the journey is one towards closure. The main leads seem on their way to romance, but after the first meet cute, they have become friends and colleagues instead of bickering partners, and there is a nice, warm chemistry.

      The workplace intrigue is also a little more interesting because so much of it is used into the personal–as in what it means to the characters personally versus how their personal relationships affect the business, which can often be boring.

      I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Does anyone know how many episodes this goes for?

  34. 34 Trina


    Happy Friday! I am all caught up with FBND. It is getting good. I need to catch up with a hundred inheritance however, I think I will wait for this weekend and hope at least the divorce of CW and mama boy are finalize. In real life, so busy due to hubby is sick and my youngest son have a Kindergarten test today. Let hope he do good. other than that, I do hope that nine drama will be on Viki. Have a great day. Talk to you all later.

  35. 35 snow_white

    hi everyone…..

    I’m watching FBND and Incarnation Of Money….

  36. 36 JoAnne

    Good afternoon My Wondrous Beans!

    I did not forget you but OMG what a morning, so busy. I couldn’t WAIT to get here to you guys, though. Pesky work. Gets in the way of my fun.

    So – after the massive blizzard (well after. Two DAYS after.) I lost internet and cable. I have no idea why. They’re working on it. I’m about to go nuts because it’s not just my job that happens online. It’s also my bills and my purchases and a lot of my conversations with my daughter who is on the other coast and had dental surgery this week and omg I’m gonna go nuts if they don’t fix this soon.

    PLUS I am way behind on dramas. I have managed to see this week’s Flower Boy Next Door and yay, yay, yay, loving how they do not resort to cliche even when it really looks like they’re headed that way. Plus – when those 4 boys knocked on the Madame’s door and then stood there smiling at her, who besides me had a fit of giggles? And then they had that sweet tea party for her, and THEN the security guard had to distract and could only think of confessing his love as the way to do it? EEE, so cute.

    Queen of Ambition. Oh.My.God. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK. Korazy where are you, are you out there? It’s KILLING me not to be able to talk to you about this, but we have to get Shel in on the action too. This is too good. This WOMAN. Oh my GOD I can’t believe her. And the men who just fall at her feet and do her bidding. Hot StepBrother (need more of him in something – ANYTHING), poor sweet Do Hoon who’s gonna get stepped on in a big way pretty soon – and then Ha Ryu who just KEEPS getting hit with more and more revelations about just how badly she used him while he was home faithfully taking care of their child and providing the means for her education. Who loves Master Yum as much as I do, with his nutso hair? Who was thrilled to find out that ditso dipso Auntie really DOES have a plan of her own? And who else feels bad for Do Kyung the poor sad ice queen? Thank God she hates Da Hae and won’t give up.

    Anyway that’s all I have seen 🙁 so I rewatched Ninja Assassin last night and whenever Raizo-grown appeared I whispered ‘Oppa, I miss you.’ and whenever Raizo-teen appeared I whispered ‘Joonie, good luck with IRISH.’

    It’s KILLING me that Iris is out there, and That Winter the Wind Blows, and I can’t see them yet. UGH. Stupid internet. Stupid Cable Company.

    Ok now off to read comments.

    • 36.1 pogo

      Hey JoAnne! Sucks about the blizzard, I wish there was a way to barter weather because I would gladly donate you about 10 degrees Celsius from where I am.

      But, on to happier things, this:

      Plus – when those 4 boys knocked on the Madame’s door and then stood there smiling at her, who besides me had a fit of giggles?

      ME!!!!!!!!! Have to give it to those boys though, they planned their attack well, ha. Even though she saw through Jin-rak being all sad about Dok-mi leaving in like 5 seconds, haha.

    • 36.2 kopytko

      Hi JoAnne!
      I had a peek at 9th episode of Queen of Unsatiable Greed (jeez what kind of ambition would it be? it’s an insult even to lazy people – well, they don’t try hard, but are not monsters like DH). I am with you – I want Do Kyung to bring some justice into that story.
      Although the story with the poor horse gave me a funny feeling – as a remote memory of mafia custom to express their dissatisfaction by sending someone a horse’s head meaning “You’re next”. So was it a threat meaning “don’t try to get in my way”?

    • 36.3 shel

      I wanna watch, but there are only so many hours in a day. I’m going to try and catch up on that one before the next eps come out, but I don’t know if I’ll make it. Meg has no swim team or seminary until Tuesday and that’s my prime watching time, lol. Is it on DF or Viki (that’s all I can get on my phone)

      • 36.3.1 JoAnne

        both, I think

    • 36.4 Pillowhead

      Queen of Ambition sounds good. I watched Autumn in My Heart last week. Not so good. The good lookingness kept me watching till the end. Isn’t that strange. I can’t finish CP but I watched all of AIMH. Well to be honest, I watched for Won Bin, and HandTowel. Too bad HandTowel turned out to be a bad actor. He wasn’t terrible at all in this, maybe cause Won Bin overacted and had a wierd oral fixation.

  37. 37 redfox

    Hi! just got home from work, cleaned, did the laundry, baked bread. nw sat down first time in 5 hours.

    I intend to reach 100 000 words with my story. well, the word count is even not that important, as is what it says. my characters met fairies and leprechauns but they were a bit different than they imagined.

    I watched a Korean movie Neighborhood and it was crime-suspense, murder story + a bit of ghost story. what I loved was that I KNEW all those ahjussies and ahjummas and I feel like I am an “old fish” in kdramas. such a cool feeling when you can even identify all the side characters. and they were awesome too.
    a bit creepy though.

    remember when I had a concussion? now they have upholstered all the doorways and pipes in the ship. LOL. I guess I was just a test rabbit.

    watched Level 7 too, but I feel like it has no backbone. Seo wons´ parents remind me of mine, barging in, like their daughters apartment is totally their business to clean and cook in….

    well, intend to watch a few more movies if I get done today. only950 words to go till 100 000

    • 37.1 MojoJojo

      Watched Neighbohood too! Kim Sae Ron was great, but oddly my favorite character was the gangster Ahjussi. Man was hilarious, his presence made serious scenes so funny.

      • 37.1.1 redfox

        oh he was kickass! like the way the killer tried being a creep and the gangster just beats the crap out of him like he is a fly.

        • MojoJojo

          Yup, scene was gold. Or the ending scene in the killers apt. He treated him like an annoying fly, not the psycho killer he was.

  38. 38 KimYoonmi

    I was wondering if anyone definitively knew where Lee Kwang Soo was born. =P I can’t find it.

  39. 39 Lovebug

    Happy Friday Drama Chingus!! OT Fridays are good for the soul.

    So currently watching FBND, IOM, L7CS and random season couples of WGM.

    Enjoying FBND (but not as much as everyone else it seems). Its just moving a tad slow for me though I like all of the character development. Jin Rak (and Kim Ji hoon) are rocking my world. (Second Lead syndrome is strong with this one). though i want Dokmi to be with Enrique (and the charisma that is Yoon Shi Yoon). I loved the scene at the editors when Jin Rak and Dong hoon got all emotional with each other (Sigh, Bromance!) Absolutely loving Dong Hoon and the editor noona together, that and Jin Raks backstory are probably the things I am anticipating the most. I feel sorry for the Japanese guy as he has pretty much nothing to do….

    The drama I am most looking forward to, ie waiting for is Incarnation of money. I know we are still in set up territory but i am intrigued and enjoying all the characters (even the evil ones!).

    Enjoying but not loving L7CS, its a bit uneven for me but looks like it is picking up, i haven’t watched this weeks episodes yet since I am watching on dramafever (home of bad subs and long waits).

    I actually finally emailed dramafever about the quality of their subs. It was quite long though polite. I just increasingly hate watching dramas there and only go there if viki doesn’t have rights to a drama yet. I know the subs on viki aren’t always perfect (heck i don’t speak korean so maybe i don’t know what i am talking about) but dramafever’s subs are so distracting because as I am watching a subtitle will be different than what i know they are really saying. and then I will think that and it takes me out of the drama. Ok so i just ranted again.

    I need to go watch WGM to destress. I think i will tackle some of the new melos using WGM as my buffer.

  40. 40 shel

    Another driveby posting. Getting ready for Cherkell and zaznoona to come stay for a couple of days to soak up some Central CA Coast ambiance. Probably take them to Hippie Central….er….I mean Santa Cruz on Monday. Hubby is making a huge pot of his ragu for Sunday dinner.

    I’m behind in almost all of my shows, but real life goes on. I got lots of stuff to get done today, so catch you beanie’s later….

    • 40.1 kopytko

      Have a great time, girls! Sounds like a fun meeting:)

  41. 41 TS

    Tonight, I’m planning to stay in with either 71: Into the Fire or Legend of the Shadowless Sword. Of course, knowing me, I’ll probably find something completely different than planned…

  42. 42 Laurita

    Hey everyone 🙂

    I really didn’t plan to write there this time, buuut, I found a very inspiring talk on my favorite website and wanted to share it with you:

    ( the Koreans really talk so quickly without any longer pauses or was it because of TED’s time limit? :))

  43. 43 John

    I’m sick with the flu. Aigoo!

    Nobunaga No Chef is my current favorite. I love Natsu, (Mirai Shida)

    Watching various K dramas. FBND, Incarnation of. Money, Ad Genius, (Park Ha -sun is cute)

    The Great Seer finished rather haphazardly.

    Bottled my makgeolli experiment. I think it will be piggy back ride inducing in strength. Perhaps it will cure the flu?

    Our meade is still. mellowing, should be ready by this summer. We also have hard cider as well

    • 43.1 John

      Typing on a Kindle leaves a lot to be desired.

      • 43.1.1 iZzie :)

        Typing on a phone leads to misspellings and edit-deletes. 😛
        Not a recommended thing to do while lying down, esp. when u turn to your side.

        (this reply took 3minutes to make with all the mistypings and the back-back-backs. apparently, thumbs are too large for touch-screen qwerty.) 🙁

        • John

          iZzie ~

          Yes, the blasted thing wants to put periods where there shouldn’t be, wants to auto “correct” or “suggest” words and insert them.

          For emergency use only!

    • 43.2 kopytko

      Hi John!
      I hope you’ll fight the flu soon!

      Which of the currently airing kdramas do you enjoy most? I can’t seem to find a really good one for myself… Wind and Winter seems not bad, but I am looking for something at least a bit optimistic 🙂

      Your beverages seem very interesting, even to a teetotaller that I am.

      • 43.2.1 John


        We brew kombucha tea too. It is sooo good, especially during the summer. Add lemon and ginger. Delicious.

    • 43.3 JoAnne

      Party at John’s apparently.

      But let’s wait until flu season is over.

      • 43.3.1 Leaf

        I’m from the South West so Cider is our drink!
        We’re are all having an epic party together people ok? 😉

      • 43.3.2 iZzie :)

        Not a problem. I had flu shots. 😀 I’m bringing strawberry wine.

    • 43.4 alua

      Feel better soon!

      Use it as an excuse to watch dramas meanwhile. 😀

    • 43.5 owl

      Hi John,

      Hope you feel better soon, no fun! Wondering if you are still watching Biblia (jdrama) – it took forever to get episode 4 subbed. What I was hoping for, a romantic action story, just isn’t happening. The use of narrative to tell the story rather than letting us be a part of that story is an approach that isn’t working for me. I love the bookstore setting, but it’s not commanding my interest. Think I’ll have to let this one go.

      • 43.5.1 alua

        I gave up Biblia after ep 2. The use of narrative is precisely my problem as well.

        Too bad, it had potential.

        • John

          alua ~

          I’m going to give Saikou no Rikon a try.

          I’m also going to try Sharehouse no Koibito. It sounds wacky and the Japanese do wacky best.

          I’m looking forward to XXXholic, (almost done with the manga), it will be interesting to see if they can pull this off. Please don’t be a dud!

          I’d watch Yae no Sakura, but the chances of a 50 episode J drama being subbed with any regularity is slim to none.

          • owl

            Sharehouse is whacky, John. There is surprising whackiness all over the place. Cannot wait until ep 3 is up~

      • 43.5.2 John


        Yes, I’m watching it and I like the setting, but there’s no “spark” there. I had had hopes for it.

    • 43.6 Shukmeister

      John –

      I’m ready to try some of that makgeolli! Just tell me where, and I’ll bring my Big Bang glass KorazyLady made for me. 🙂

      Sorry you are feeling under the weather. Hopefully a few days of decent (not damp) weather may help that.

      I just found a local grocery that has Pho soup base, so I’m going to make that my next foreign food experiment. After that it’s a tossup between Tom Kha or abalone porridge. None of that would go well with mead, but I’m sure will go excellently with makgeolli….. 😉

    • 43.7 Carole McDonnell

      Hey, John.

      Am loving Nobunaga as well. I guess cause he’s such a sweet character. Sweet and handsome and intelligent and it’s all believable. My new crush, i think.

      • 43.7.1 John

        Carole ~

        When Natsu scolded Kaede for “acting nice in front of Ken” I seriously LOL’d.

        Poor Natsu is jealous and mistakenly so.

        Kaede’s a bodyguard, (okay, a leather hot pants wearing bodyguard), and Ken is her charge if you will.

        Poor Natsu, she’ll be heartbroken if/when Ken time slips back.

  44. 44 John


    Hmm Hard to pick just one. Incarnation of Money probably has the most potential plot wise.

  45. 45 KimYoonmi

    Annyeong, Chingu-deul. 안영, 친구들 (Hello friends)<– Done properly. And yes, I'm showing off. =P

    Level 7 Servant is on the back burner currently.

    My front line drama currently is still Flower Boy Next Door. Cute, fluffy, yet not mindless.

    Despite that I'm still waiting for the high flying fun, fluffy and warm and fuzzy drama that I love out of Korean dramas. I like it when the pace picks up.

    It seems I haven't gotten one like that since Greatest Love.

    Boar Doctor, BTW, did have a little change up, but I still wish that it wasn't so repetitive in places. I've decided that while I like the acting, and the sets, the writing and directing are flat for me in places. Count me sad. I keep watching, hoping it'll turn around. But Dong Yi and Dae Jang Geum were better. (Dae Jang Geum, same director, not the same writer). What those had that this doesn't was in the first case, mind games that played with you, so the suspense was thick and also you weren't sure of the moral ground. In the second there was layering of conflict, so when there was a switch of conflict it didn't feel like a hiccup, but a natural progression… TT I'm learning by watching it, so I'm continuing… it's important to watch train wrecks occasionally, though Doctor Jin (Korean one) was something I think I'll leave to the experts.

    The Japanese dramas are also doing fairly well too. Still waiting on subs on Nakuna, Hara-chan. I understand a lot of it, but not quite enough to get some of the subtleties.

    Since there isn't much drama change up my mind hasn't changed that much. (I also avoid giving away major spoilers.)

    Other than that working through my novel (Which is on ancient Korea), an article, a gift for a friend, lack of sleep due to making gift for friend, and the script, which is currently burning a hole through my brain.

  46. 46 Jeannette

    Hope everyone is well. I’v ebeen okay…behind on all of my dramas. Got a second job so I’ll be working over 12 hours a day…hey, more money for K-pop, right?

    SHINee’s Korean comeback is next week and that’s all I really care about at the moment.

    Have a great weekend!

    • 46.1 kopytko

      Wow! Two jobs are impressive! Athough I did have time in my life when I had three. One can feel like a typical kdrama heroine with zillion part time jobs. Just the chaebols are hiding 😉

      • 46.1.1 Jeannette

        When my daughter was little I worked three jobs, went to school full time and babysat on weekends, so two jobs will be fun! LOL!

        If I could find a chaebol I’d be all over that haha!

        • kopytko

          It turns out it is easier to meet a superwoman than a chaebol :).

    • 46.2 JoAnne

      *Shinee’s back*

      Yep, that was Minho. Feeling all better and refreshed now aren’tcha?

      • 46.2.1 Lovebug

        ahaahhahahahaa – Awesome

      • 46.2.2 Jeannette

        ROTFL! Minho is too cute when he does that in the Sherlock video. He’s growing his hair out right now, but I really miss the Tae-joon hair from TTBY.

        I’ve preordered the new album “Dream Girl-Misconceptions of You” from YesAsia and the SHINee forums…Chapter two comes out in April. ANd I preordered the two editions of “Fire”(SHINee’s Japanese single that’s out in March) so this is going to be the best year ever.

  47. 47 meanrice

    I am having a hard time deciding if I want to watch the Winter Wind That Blows or whatever. I’m not usually a fan of melos.

    I am trying to get into Ad Genius Lee Tae Bak, but so far the only thing i ike is Teddy Bear Ahjusshi. 🙂

    Marathoned High Kick 2 last weekend, I loved it, even the controversial ending. Maybe you had to watch the entire thing in one go to not be appalled by it?

    Loving Flower Boy Next Door, I need to know the purpose of Watanabe.

    • 47.1 Carole McDonnell

      LOL! I’ll join you with hope as well. There HAS to be a purpose for watanabe. There simply must be.

      • 47.1.1 Julia

        Did some exec come up with the idea of increasing viewers by adding cute Japanese character and the writers didn’t agree so they decided to not really give the poor guy anything to do? Poor underutilized Wantanabee. I want more, more, more. Maybe I just have to look for this actor over in JDramaland.

        • Pillowhead

          I agree. He’s adorable!

        • meanrice

          Right? Like we have to sell this to Japan so lets stick him in here. Argh, what if he is the building owner? What if he is Dok Mis half brother? Soneone give him more to do than just smiling and nodding and offering bibimbap. I mean i can think of SEVERAL things i could do to…erm…he could be doing.

          • Pillowhead

            haha. maybe a tryst with the webtoon manager.

  48. 48 Pillowhead

    Hey Beanies! So excieted I’ll be in Japan next weekend. 😀 Just confirmed my trip to Sapporo for some skiing and hotspringing. It’ll be cold, especially for this tropical girl. Need to find enough warm clothes!

    • 48.1 pogo

      Pillow – that is so exciting! Have a lovely trip, and tell us about it sometime 🙂

      • 48.1.1 Pillowhead

        thanks Pogo. I will 😀

    • 48.2 Enz

      Woohoo pillowhead!! Have fun there! Now, try to arrange Seoul in April ;p

      • 48.2.1 Shukmeister

        Menyeronokkan kali, enz!

        I can’t any of my friends to commit to a SE Asia trip with it halfway around the globe, so I have to decide if I want to try it solo this year. Let us know how it goes!

        • Enz

          You won’t be solo if you come to Malaysia! :). I’ll look forward to it if it happens.. Might force QSS on you:)!! Wheeee I go my QSS ode in.

          • Shukmeister

            LOL Enz!

            Since Malaysia is a bit spread out, if I go there, it would the Kuala Lumpur region. But if it happens, it could be fun to meet. And if you make me watch that show, you will have to feed me durian to transfer the agony… 😛

          • Pillowhead

            YAY! forceful QSS ode-ing. :D.

          • Enz

            Shukie, you don’t know what you’re asking for, durians WITH QSS!! Could be lethal. I can tell you that in my case, if I had lots of durians, I become comatose for about one to two hours.

            Definitely, if you head this region, we MUST make an effort to meet up!!

          • Shukmeister

            Enz –

            Comatose for about one to two hours? Can you make that episode 4 and 5?? Thank you. 😎

          • Enz

            Shukie, if you had watched QSS to completion, it might be episode 9 that you perhaps want to be comatose for!

            Durians take a lot out of me. When I was younger, I could eat durians morning, lunch and dinner. But in the night, I would generate so much heat that I would have to lie on my tummy on the cement floor so that I could cool down. Looked like a beached whale. Most westerners don’t like the smell but some do and some overcome the smell cost the like the taste. It’s a must to try in any case!

      • 48.2.2 Pillowhead

        that would be awesome!

  49. 49 Minnetter (aka: Min)

    Hello everybody!!! Just came back from a fun afternoon out with my guy friends… seriously they’re possibly the best out of my classmates, yeah I’m a girl so I’m usually not invited to guy outings, but they don’t discriminate so in my books they’re gold.

    I have to admit I did drink quite a bit in a short amount of time, two of what we mexicans call “caguamas” mixed with chamoy, tamarindo and salt, i’m not usually a beer kind of girl, but it’s pretty tasty. I am sort of tipsy but for the most part I’m pretty much still reasonably conscious of the who, what, when and where of my situation hahaha. I’ll probably go again with them sometime in the near future, but not too near, I don’t want to become a total lush jajajaja.

    On the drama front I’m still watching 100 years inheritance and it’s still pissing me off but I’ve come to terms that I’m a masochist as well as a sadist. the pain of those in the drama attracts me but I also get so upset with everything that’s going on with them I start to feel depressed too. I think I’ll postpone the drama for about a month until my quarter finals are over.

  50. 50 enz

    hi everyone! so late to OT 🙁

    watching delighful girl chun hyang and wondering why watching emotional retards being goaded, provoked, prodded and kneaded into responsible, loving, caring human beings never gets old? 🙂

    • 50.1 Shukmeister

      Selamat, Enz!!

      It’s Jae Hee in pink. That’s it.

      I watched M2F and watched supposed grown, responsible adults act like pieces on a chessboard for one psycho biatch with beautiful hair.

      But YSY’s smile makes it all worth it.

      • 50.1.1 Shukmeister

        And, hey, you are still on the first page!

        • Enz

          I know! I saw that and quickly got a post in before the dreaded second page! Hah

    • 50.2 Aryast

      Hi Enz!!! *waves frantically*

      How are you? What drama have you watched lately? How’s life???

      Btw, did you read recently about the 19-yr old female who jumped off the 6th floor or Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall? As much sympathy I have for her, I kept wondering whether Jung Il Woo would come again if he knew. Weird and strange process, I know. :/

      • 50.2.1 Aryast

        **thought process

        • Enz

          Woi aryast!! Good to see you back on OT.. All you Malaysians like abandon ship like that.. I felt a little lonely 🙂

          You still got time for real news ah? No la. I didn’t read bout that. That’s really horrible. It’s funny the kind of thought connections we make regardless of how inappropriate it is. Jung il woo.. I so miss him onscreen. So much so, I am watching bits of unstoppable high kick just to see a little of him. Even I think I shouldn’t be rewatching FBRS !!

          The other person I miss is sung joon. He is such a good actor. After SUFBB, I just had to see something else of his and watched can we get married? I loved that too! Although the beginning bit stressed me quite a bit. But great acting all around.

          Am watching FBND and level 7 but just ok only la for me. Not as enamored as I had hoped to be. Watched a bit of that winter, the wind blows but finding bits of it ridiculous ( like how the lead female character who is blind goes around without a plan of how to get around, then simply calls for taxi from the side of the road etc .. Small stuff I suppose but irritates me . Don’t know if you know hokkien.. Too hoa siao you know)

          Ooh, then in preparation for this TW,TWB, I wanted to watch something with Kim bum.. So I watched the woman who still wants to marry. I enjoyed it enough but aiyo.. Kim bum soooo flat one the acting!! Like Keanu reeves! I wonder if I should say all this in Malay lest I get killed by all the hate from fangirls

          Anyway, that’s it from me.. A lot!! I hope your studies are going well. I do remember you saying that you were going somewhere ( Myanmar ? ) for your field studies. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope to see more of you on OT 🙂

          • Aryast

            Hahahaha I didn’t abandon ship! Was super busy. It was quiz week followed by study week followed by exam weekS followed by 3 weeks of fieldwork – all back-to-back. And class starts this coming Monday, I only got one week off for rest. T.T

            For the field trip we just did an interstate thing. Did Mersing Johor for the first week and did Pahang for the 2nd and 3rd week. Absolutely exhausting! I did’t feel it while I was on the go but once I arrived home at the end of it, I just slept for 2 days straight. No exaggeration. Well, maybe a little bit. 😛

            I’m totally in love with FBND right now!!!! I just love everything about it. I can’t find any flaw yet as of know. Or maybe I refuse to acknowledge any teehee. Enrique is sooooooooo cute!!!!! GAAWWWDDDDDD. I just wanna put him in my pocket and cuddle and baby-talk him. And how can Yoon Shi-yoon be 4 years older than Park Shin-hye when he looks like a teenager and she like an ahjumma??? No fair LAH(yes, I saw you throwing around your LAHs there, Enz :P).

            Speaking of Sung Joon and Can We Get Married, I watched it too. For him and the actor playing Ki-Joong – hated his character in White Christmas but as Ki-Joong and as actor/model, he is one fine guy. I watched CWGM halfway through but havent finished due to the workload. Thanks for reminding! 🙂

            Didn’t Kim Bum appear in Padam Padam as well? I’ve only ever watched him in BOF so I’m not too sure heh. As for TW, TWB it seems interesting. Maybe I’ll watch it. Maybe not. I read the opening lines of its recent recaps, comparing its natural situational storyline to the other melo IMY. Have you watched I Miss You? I’m intrigued by it but the premise and how it’s been described as “scamming” you for tears with its sadism just puts me off.

            And to answer the question as to whether I understand Hokkien, it’s a yes. I don’t speak it though. I also speak Mandarin fluently, read and write in Chinese, and can understand Cantonese but I’m not Chinese. 🙂

          • Enz

            Hi aryast, hope you’re still going through the replies :). Yes, I did see your post above although I didn’t have time to respond to it and welcome you back.

            Wow, you put me to shame la. I am Chinese but only able to speak dialect. My mandarin is half past six. You can even read it!! Wow, impressive.

            You love FBND huh? Looks like most do. I like it enough but for me, FBRS and SUFBB are definitely a lot better. Also, I know Kim bum was in padam padam but was in the mood for something light and the noona dongsaeng romance bit piqued me.

            Just caught epi 1 of that winter, the wind blows and thank goodness, Kim bum is not as wooden as before. I think maybe he was actualy uncomfortable with that noona dongsaeng thing himself and couldn’t act more naturally. Who knows? But I am not enjoying Jo in sung’s acting so far.

            And so, if you’re not Chinese, what are you ?