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by | February 22, 2013 | 453 Comments

Sohn Seung-yeon – “저 달이 지면” (When that moon sets) [ Download ]

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  1. mia


    • 1.1 Swurbel

      here ! 🙂

    • 1.2 FishcalledWanda

      Hi mia! Happy Friday ; )

    • 1.3 enz

      hi mia! you sound surprised at being first. happy friday and OT to you.

      and errrr. .. happy chinese new year too! hahah

    • 1.4 redfox


      yippii, just when I arrived back from jogging and looked in my mailbox I had a postcard from South Korea there! I am part of the Postcrossing activity…. my first south korean card

      I am still thinking about hidden personalities and peoples´ personal history. also in the context of the world and other people. we have our own lives and desires, do we want to be a part of someone elses´ story or do we hide away in our own world?

      and how much the big picture, the grand ignores the individuals. that is why I like dramas: they are about different individuals not some great narratives. well, except sageuks. but even those concentrate on opening up the people behind the titles not just retell history

  2. Dorotka

    Hello :–)

    • 2.1 Dorotka

      Long time no see.
      Just finished some work and have a bit of time before picking the kids up from school.

      Dramawise, not much time for actual watching. Collecting data :–) and watching in chunks. So far like the Flower Boys the best. Though Jo In Sung still waits for a close inspection ;–)

      Went to J-dramas when I was sick last week.
      Managed to marathon Love Shuffle (liked the first round more than the second one, loved Usami and Airu) and first season of Hana Yori Dango (yes, I was feeling really sick :–) ). I think from all 3 versions this is the best one.

      Started Nobunaga no Chef. Wished all conflicts could be solved by good cooking.

      Last weekend I went to a book fair and bought by random choice 2 volumes of the Wallflower manga serie. Had big laugh. The 2 random picks were really funny. Then I found out that they even made it into a drama. Watched 1st episode, but so far it has a different vibe… or did I by chance manage to choose the only funny volumes?

      Anyway, nice weekend to all!

      • 2.1.1 enz

        hi dorotka! hope you have a nice weekend too 🙂

      • 2.1.2 kopytko

        Hi Dorotka! Long time no see!
        I definitely prefer JIS drama to Flower Boys (which I only read in recaps while commuting). But I am not as much a JIS fan as Bummie’s. Love him switching from the cutie mode into furious mode. He did the same in Padam Padam and that’s what I love him for. No, I don’t care about his face or whatever ;p

        Have a lovely weekend!

        • oftheshore

          Czesc, dziewczyny!

        • Dorotka

          I haven’t seen any episode from TWTWB yet. I don’t watch melos too often… but JIS got me in WHIB and I can’t forget him. Will defenitely watch couple of episodes because of him… and then see if I will be able to bear the melo-pain further…

          Prety Neighbours are nice to watch and I like the main trio. Though I do admit that for me this one is the weakest from the 3 – perhaps because the side characters are sometimes very poorly written (Watanabe??)…

          • kopytko

            As for the first 5 episodes you can watch them, they are practically painless :). I am not a great fan of melos, but if they are well done, they are good – this one seems ok.

      • 2.1.3 oftheshore

        Collecting data is such a bad phrase for me right now. I start panicking whenever I hear it.

        • Dorotka

          Why? :–)
          The right conclusions can be only done with the right data :–) Looking forward to my JIS analysis… ;–)

      • 2.1.4 will work for soju

        Czesc, tez sie dolacze!

        I’m really liking Nobunaga no Chef. Used to be a total Iron Chef junkie, and this also adds history, another favorite. I appreciate how educational this show is trying to be.

        • kopytko

          Hej! Milo Cie widziec/czytac 🙂

          I don’t really like cooking dramas, but this one seems very popular here on OT. Is it very food-centric? I mean is there lots of nitpicking and bitching over food because it is not “as it should be” or do they simply show the process of preparing meals? I can’t stand to watch where they throw food away just because there is one grain of pepper too much or something. The only drama of the kind I enjoyed was Fermentation Family, but I don’t mind expanding my horizons!

          • Dorotka

            I’ve just seen 2 episodes… but so far nothing like that :–) Definitely no wasted food (everybody is hungry).
            The main hero time-jumps to past times and is more trying to save his life by excellent cooking (and win some political battles for his lord Nobunaga). He lost his memory and doesn’t remember anything but his cooking skills. He also has a lovely helper Natsu (a woman smith pretending to be a man). Just try it and you will see if it fits your taste :–)

        • Dorotka

          I have seen first 2 episodes so far and like it. The historical parts as well. Though I’m horrible at history and usually forget everything in 10 minutes…

  3. Swurbel

    Hello beanies! Have a nice Friday!
    It is quite cold and cloudy here. I hope spring comes soon. Of course I also like the winter: Throw

    snowballs and laughing children, skiing in the snowy woods, great snowy landscape …. But something like

    this does not exist in the city. Everything is gray and mushy. People are cold. Everywhere, people

    coughing and sneezing. And they have a bad temper.
    I will not even watch Horeshealer until the end. There are also only sick people. ((Horesehealer: if you keep a lot of work, then your girlfriend will run away!!!) Anyway. I watch the remaining episodes later in a row.

    Hope the weather will get better soon in KDramaland. I want a drama with a beautiful beach, blue water,
    nice weather and pretty athletic people. The play volleyball and swim… And you can see a lot of triceps
    and ABS etc..
    I think, do I need the name of the nearest hotel to that beach, so that I can book my holidays right away.

    • 3.1 FishcalledWanda

      Hi Swurbel! A happy Friday to you too!
      It’s so cold here too! I can’t even take a walk outside without my head feeling like it’s about to come off from the freezing wind, brr. I wouldn’t mind some sunshine, even if it’s just a little to release everyone from their bad temper and coughing as you said! A holiday on a sunny beach wouldn’t be too bad either…

      • 3.1.1 Swurbel

        FishcalledWanda!! You speak to me from the heart!
        (…I know, it sounds a little strange, but I don’t know the correct english idiom at the moment… 🙁 ) But I hope, you know what I mean.

        • FishcalledWanda

          I know what you mean! Don’t know if it’s a correct expression in English (also not my mother language), but I do like it : ) Ah, I want to feel the sun on my face. It shone a little today while snowflakes were falling, a bit of a surreal experience that was.

    • 3.2 Dewo

      Reading your wish about a drama with beautiful beach, blue water, etc, I think I’m going to search Haeundae Lovers in my hard disk. Cause this drama fits your wish (with Kim Kang Wook abs and triceps too)

      • 3.2.1 Swurbel

        Hello Dewo! Thanks for the note. I know Haeundae Lovers. But one Kim Kang Wook is not enough. He needs partners for the beachvolleyballplay.

        Maybe Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Jung Suk Won, Bang Sung Joon and Yoo Seung Ho. that would be a fine flowerboy-beachvolleyball-competition!! Can’t wait, to watch it!!
        Sigh…(…nice daydream is over…)

    • 3.3 enz

      poor swurbel and wanda – wish i could send you all some of our heat and sun. we have rain almost everyday but generally we are never cold except indoors!! abuse of airconditioning in public places here.

      if its any comfort, there are not many pretty people on the beaches normally. just very ordinary looking ones haha.

      i quite like watching the winter dramas coz everyone generally dresses so well – i have no clue how to dress for cold countries. i can only try to look nice in the tropics coz i dont know the art of layering.

      in any case, i do hope the weather starts improving soon for you all although i seem to have said this in the last one month on every OT!!

      have a great weekend everyone, despite the cold.

      • 3.3.1 FishcalledWanda

        Haha thanks enz! I wish you could pack some sunshine in a box and send it to the colder regions of the world! But rain everyday can’t be very nice too.

        I agree with you that everyone looks so nice in winter dramas! The scarfs and hats and winter coats all look so comfy! Dressing with layers a skill indeed! I wish I could look so fashionable while freezing all over!

        Have a nice Friday! : )

        • enz

          wanda, our rain is torrential when it comes but usually over in an hour but may cause massive jams on the road 🙁

          have you been using some of the recipes that we all posted last time?

          • FishcalledWanda

            That’s not so good, I hate traffic jams (they always make me feel carsick)! But luckily the rain doesn’t last too long. It’s weird to imagine that here it’s freezing, but on some other part of the world the sun’s shining!

            Yes I did! Some of them made it to my list of regular meals, one of which being your pasta recipe! I really love pasta, but my mom always made a vegetarian version, so I wouldn’t have thought of it myself to add sausage. But I’m glad you suggested it, cause it tastes very good! Oh and your cookie recipe was also very good! I also tried making a cheese cake the other day, but that one didn’t turn out so well. I don’t know what I did wrong, but in the end it was all flubby and weird, hehe.

            What dramas have you been enjoying lately? Watched any other dramas with Jung Il Woo in it? ; )

          • enz

            oohh, happy to hear that youre still making that pasta. i am thinking of doing that this saturday as i will be having guests over.

            i am watching FBND and L7 as the currents and then recently i watched THE WOman who still wants to marry coz i wanted to see why everyone is so goo goo ga ga over kim bum. i really enjoyed TWWSWTM. its still on my mind a week later so i must have liked it more than i thought when i was watching it. have you watched that one??

            i am not loving the currents as much as most seem to.. i dont find enrique cute. the story and the characters dont grab my heart i am sad to say. i was anticipating this drama so much coz of my love for both FBRS and SUFBB. oh well..

            i really miss seeing jung il woo onscreen – sung joon too but at least i watched sung joon recently on Can We get Married. Il Woo hasnt been in anything new for a while. I do know that he is in Myanmar to promote holika holika. am looking forward to someone posting his pics on tumblr 🙂 poor deprived me. haha

      • 3.3.2 Swurbel

        hi enz!
        honestly, at the moment I would also take a normal beach with normal people. The main thing: no grey snowmud and cold wet wind!
        Envy you for your warm weather!

    • 3.4 Dorotka

      Cold at my place as well. Espicially the wind. Missing the warmth… Wouldn’t mind some beach and sun either… with or without people…or abs… who cares… just bring the warm sand!
      …so… I ended up relaxing on the floor in our bathroom… it has the floorheating… :–)

      • 3.4.1 Swurbel

        🙂 I would also like to do that. But my cat likes the underfloor heating too. And kitty do not want to share that warm place…

  4. Rubysing

    Hello there.

    Was watching Rascal Sons and it seems as though Inok’s first love (Kang Hee’s husband) threatens to take her child Dabin. He abandoned her when she fell pregnant and was never involved in the child’s upbringing. Now, my question is, does Korean law allow that? I mean taking the child – just because he fathered him.

    • 4.1 Rubysing

      (He didn’t know at the time he left that she was pregnant with his child.)

    • 4.2 Windsun33

      I and others have pointed out a few times in these forums that K-drama is not a good place to get your legal education on Korean laws 😀

  5. Leaf

    Hey everyone!! Hope you have a great week <3

    I've got my first performance in a play tonight so… hopefully it all goes well!!!

    Love xxx

    • 5.1 FishcalledWanda

      Hi Leaf! Wishing you a great week too!
      Ooh, exciting! Don’t be too nervous, it’ll go great! Good luck tonight : ) What play are you performing? And do you have a big role?

    • 5.2 Raine

      Break a leg Leaf! I love the theatre!

    • 5.3 enz

      oh wow leaf! good luck. do well. fighting!!

    • 5.4 JoAnne

      Good luck!

    • 5.5 Korazy Lady

      Yeah Leaf, way to go! Break a leg!

    • 5.6 shel

      Leaf! How are you, kiddo. (I haven’t been on much). Congrats on the play, I’m sure you’ll be awesome!

    • 5.7 pogo

      Break a leg Leaf! I hope you have a good time on stage 🙂

    • 5.8 kopytko

      Good luck!
      And don’t forget to share your impressions afterwards!

    • 5.9 oftheshore

      Good luck, Leaf! Where are you performing?

    • 5.10 Shukmeister

      Yay Leaf!!!

      Knock ’em dead, and maybe there will be a cute Korean guy in the audience who will be smitten!! 😉

      • 5.10.1 Korazy Lady

        Shukie-ssi! I wondered when you would be arriving on here!

        • Shukmeister

          Today had it’s own melo track – a trip to the local treasurer’s office followed by a trip to the DMV for my address change. So I’m a bit behind on OT. But I still try to get up here once or twice during the weekend!

          I think my first post ended up in the late 30’s somewhere downthread. It’s also a victim of the mobile phone, which takes a lot longer to type out.

    • 5.11 kdramapedia

      break a leg, leaf! =)

    • 5.12 Dorotka


    • 5.13 cmrprindle

      Break a leg, Leaf!! You’ll be awesome! 😀

  6. Dewo

    Now I know why tonight its so hard for me to open dramabeans, cause its OT’s time.
    Hello every one.
    It’s already bedtime for my children. So I can crave my kdrama obsession here with you guys.
    Currently watching:
    A gentlemen’s dignity
    Can we get married
    Nice guy (stuck in episode 7)
    Level 7 civil servant grade
    Flower boy next door
    That winter the wind blows

    • 6.1 Raine

      That’s quite the lineup! I’m dabbling in so many dramas cause I have MY dramas that I’m watching and the dramas I’m watching with my sister (a new convert!)

      I’m watching:
      Flower Boy Next Door
      King of Dramas
      Can We Get Married

      With my sister:
      Best Love,
      Secret Garden

      And then I have a few recapping dramas on the backburner: Padam Padam, White Christmas, How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

      AND I’m watchign White Christmas with my best friend AND her husband. How’s that for victory?

      • 6.1.1 Dewo

        Well, if you convert your sister, for me it was my sister who converted me into k drama addict. And I’ve read your unfinished recap of how to meet a perfect neighbour. I hope you can finished it. Fighting!

        • Raine

          Okay, well since you asked, I’ll do a HTMAPN next!

          I’ve converted my sister, my mom, my bestfriend and although they’re not converts, my dad has watched City Hunter and White Christmas and my friend’s husband is watching White Christmas…so at least they’re watching, right?

          In terms of converts, zgznoona converted me to team Arashi…she came for a visit and…well, I wrote a blog post on her nefarious reasons for visiting and ALL of them have to do with Nino…

          • Korazy Lady

            Dewo, I converted my sister and now we’ve converted my 89 year old mother. She doesn’t have internet, so she told me she’s saving her pennies to buy DVDs to go with the ones we’ve already bought her. My 89 yr old Mom has stayed up until 3:30 a.m. to watch a drama. How crazy is that?

      • 6.1.2 Korazy Lady

        Raine, I tried to start White Christmas last night as everyone said how fabulous it is, but I guess I kept dozing off. I think it’s something I need to watch while fully awake, not at 2 a.m.! Also, I’m not good with creepy things, so this may be a morning watch, haha!

        • Raine

          Korazy Lady – The first episode is slower paced and you do need to focus. It’s not creepy. You can watch at night. But yeah, be awake. You need to catch as many details as possible! Or just sit and observe how gorgeous the camerawork is!

          • Korazy Lady

            Thanks for the tips. I just keep seeing snow and dark hallways when I’d wake up, and when I’d try to rewind I couldn’t figure out where I’d left off. I have it all downloaded so will try again tonight.

      • 6.1.3 aznative

        Watched White Christmas last year — amazing series, need to watch it again.

    • 6.2 Dorotka

      From that list, I liked CWGM the most.
      From AGD…only the opening 5min of each episode…

      Kids in beds as well :–)

  7. Korazy Lady

    Good Morning Fellow Beanies! Hope this day finds you all well.

    Right now I am obsessed with Queen of Ambition. It is one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Also watching A Hundred Years Inheritance and Flower Boy Next Door. I dropped Level 7 Civil Servant so am looking for a replacement. Will be interested to see you Beanies’ suggestions!

    • 7.1 Raine

      I know, I have to start QoA just for you. Heh.

    • 7.2 Lovebug

      Morning Korazy Lady!
      So I never got past episode 3 of Queen of Ambition. I really want to watch but I got nervous at how dark it was starting to go. How is my Yunho doing? I haven’t heard any talk about his acting being bad yet, and found him to be respectable in episodes he was in. You are making me want to watch again. Not sure if I can handle her treachery though…

      • 7.2.1 Korazy Lady

        Hi Lovebug,

        Yes, it IS dark. I almost dropped it at one point as it was so upsetting. BUT am so glad I didn’t. It is so well written and well acted. Yunho is doing a great job altho not much is asked of his character compared to the others.

        I think it’s on episode 12 now and it keeps me on the edge of my seat. So much happens in each episode–I’ll be dying waiting for next week’s episodes to be subbed. You must try it! It’s worth the pain when you get to the revenge part (of course I say that now, not knowing what is coming next, haha!)

        • Lovebug

          Sold! or Call!
          Will start again this weekend as I am in drama lull. Hopefully my poor heart will be able to take it. Also glad Yunho is doing well!

      • 7.2.2 Windsun33

        If you think QoA episode 3 was dark, wait til you see the rest of them 🙂

        On the other hand, her list of really bad enemies is growing almost every day, so I think her downfall is getting pretty near.

    • 7.3 enz

      hi korazy,

      our fave dramas overlap so i might have to check out QoA if you let us know that it is good till the end. although am not much of a melo fan.

      arent you checking out that winter, the wind blows? i saw one episode and might check out more when i have the time.

      i never seem to LOVE those that i simulcast as much as those i have marathoned when completed. i almost loved nice guy and reply 1997 but then that petered out too :(.

      might have to change my drama watching habit to just completed dramas

      • 7.3.1 Korazy Lady

        I will be checking out That Winter, but am waiting for my sister to arrive next week. We will marathon the episodes available at that time. I can’t wait (but I promised my sister I would, and you know you have to respect your unni!)

        • Raine

          You should tell my sister that…

        • enz

          youre talking to someone who is someone’s disrespectful younger sister! hehe

          • Raine

            Enz- ha! my dongsaeng tortures me to make herself feel better!

          • enz

            i have no reason for torturing my eonni 🙂

          • Raine

            Wanna be MY dongsaeng? *looks around for Lil Raine…*

          • Korazy Lady

            Ok, it was kind of a lie – I’m more like the unni in the relationship. There’s no torturing involved, but it’s usually my way or the highway when it comes to sisterly things, haha! But that’s because she’s always relied on me to do all the hard stuff in life!

          • Enz

            Dongsaeng for hire! You’re on!! 🙂

          • Shukmeister

            It’s more fun to be the brat anyway… 😉

    • 7.4 Carole McDonnell

      QOA is good? Uhm..okay, i might give it a shot. Thanks. Not a k-drama but if you can deal with a sweet little romantic story, Shiawase ni narou yo is good.

      • 7.4.1 Korazy Lady

        Carol, QoA is so good, I may have to replace QSS as my favorite drama. And if you read these OT’s regularly, (which I know you do), you know how much I LOVE QSS!

        • enz

          EEEKSSS!!! NOOOOO !!!! DONT SAY THAT WHEN pillowhead is not around to help me to hold onto you with QSS love!!

          pillowhead, pillowhead!!! are you going to be here??

          • Carole McDonnell

            LOL! Ohjeeeeeeee! You guys have it bad! Okay, then. I’ll watch it. Thanks.

          • Korazy Lady

            lmao!!!! But did you read my rating of QSS on Kakashi’s blog? You know the love is deep, really deep!

          • Enz

            Actually Korazy, I’m not worried. It’s really hard to beat the ending of QSS, which was just near perfect. So many dramas seem great until the last few episodes and just don’t make that spot in the heart because of that.

        • Ann

          Oh no! I am behind on QoA, but I just can’t see how it can beat the magnificence of Eric in QSS!

          • Carole McDonnell

            Good heavens, All!
            I’m watching the first episode. Wow!!! Major stuff in the first 15 minutes!!!! The horror at the beginning… avenger will be doomed whatever the outcome of that first scene, right? I hate when they show something like that at the beginning. Will continue looking.

    • 7.5 kopytko

      I watch alternate episodes of QoA. It is an interesting story on the one hand so I keep watching, but on the other hand the main heroine is such a hateful character, that I can’t watch more than one episode per week. And I don’t want to be traumatised too much, so I skip episodes.

      Whoever decided to put the word “ambition” into the title, upset me a whole lot. It’s about greed and vanity. All heroes of underdog dramas should feel offended.

      • 7.5.1 Korazy Lady

        Are you reading recaps inbetween? Because I haven’t found any, and I have no idea how you’re following what is going on. There is so much happening now, I wouldn’t want to miss a minute!

        • kopytko

          How am I following? I guess it’s explained in flashbacks and in intros, so I get the main point. I think 😀
          To tell te truth, I just want the monster to be punished. Severely. And in original ways, like the ajumma did on her wedding day *malicious laughter*

          • JoAnne

            SO MUCH WIN

      • 7.5.2 Rashell

        Yeah, I gave up QofA after episode 7. That one was just too rough for me. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that all I hope for with that drama is the the supposed h of said drama pays and pays and pays for all the havoc she’s wrecked on the people she has hurt and killed. As a mother, I just couldn’t get past that episode.

        • Korazy Lady

          That is the episode where I literally turned it off and walked away. I did not feel they needed to go there. But in a way, they did. So I had to come back to see the revenge for it. And apart from that incident, the story is soooo goooood.

          • Rashell

            I will say that I understood from a narrative perspective why the story went there. And it did succeed in making this h completely unredeamable and unrootable. All I’d be watching for is for the H to exact any and all revenge he could against her.

            I am tempted to go back and see if she does get what’s coming to her. But I don’t know that I could stand to see even her small successes let alone any major ones. And I also worry that somehow the H will still love her.

          • Korazy Lady

            Rashell, this is not Nice Guy. There will be NO LOVE for her from H. The writers couldn’t go there. If you want, I’ll catch up with you in the end and let you know if you’ll be able to stomach the ending. I’ve had to do that with some. I wouldn’t watch Beautiful Days until I knew the ending (of course, that was in the early kdrama days, maybe I’m tougher now 🙂 )

          • Rashell

            @Korazy Lady: Ha, at your Nice Guy comment. That was an issue for me in that drama as well. But here it would be a dealbreaker. There is no way I could accept any love from the H for the h after ep 7. Just no way.

            You’re actualy tempting me to start watching again. I’m old enough that I can usually stomach about whatever, but as a mommy ep 7 was too much in that moment. But if the rest of the drama is about how to destroy that b!tch, then I think I wouldn’t mind watching that. But do keep updating in the OT if you wouldn’t mind. I’m currently obsessed with FBND and TWTWB, so finding time for another drama may be tough.

          • Carole McDonnell

            my heavens! you guys are totally turning me onto QoA. I must see this vicious woman’s story. Thanks. (hoping i can deal with her “ambition.”

          • Rashell

            @Carole McDonnell: Yeah, this lady is a prize. Probably the most selfish kdrama character ever. She really will sacrifice anything and anyone to advance her own agenda. Nothing is off the table for her. She’s a complete and total narcisist. And I’ve only watched through ep 7. I can only imagine what havoc she’s wrecked since. I would get so much satisfaction from seeing her crash and burn.

          • Windsun33

            I think ep7 was the high point for the Queen, and the low point for everyone else in the drama, but ever since ep8 the “good guys” seem to be getting the upper hand, and she is getting more an more boxed into a corner. It is also making for some pretty unlikely alliances to bring about her downfall – “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

            I also did not watch for about 2 weeks after ep7 – but then I just had to start it up again to see how she gets drug through hell in the end.

  8. Swurbel

    yoo hoo!
    I’ve forgotten something.
    Watching L7Servant. Funny funny. Especially the parents. (Good people, but I’m glad, that my parents are not like that).
    And finally I have also seen FBND. At first I was a little confused. I always thought that the man, who arrives at the airport at the beginning, does NOT get the girl – the normal fate of a 2nd-lead. (…but it seems, it is not a fixed rule in Kdramaland…).
    I wish Jin-rak and Dok-mi would be a couple. But Enrique and Dok-mi together is also ok. (A threesome is probably too much (or early) for KDramaland????) Because Jin-rak has still Dong-hoon. 🙂
    And my favorite part so far was the suit fashion how!!!. Totally unnecessary for the story. But hey! 🙂 What the heck. Good looking hot men in fancy black suits – I love it!!!
    I wish you a nice weekend!! Watch your health and do not catch a cold!!!

    • 8.1 Russe12

      The fashion show in FBND was so awesome! I was totally cracking up while saying “WHY is this here?!” That whole part had me laughing my head off.

    • 8.2 pogo

      FBND did great with the clothes this week – first the obligatory Cinderella transformation for Dok-mi (and I actually enjoyed that+Enrique’s goofing around more than the boys’ fanservice) and then the SUITS!!!!!!!!! (though what I really appreciated there was Enrique’s hair, it’s nice to see him with a different style lol)

      But yes, suit fashion show. It was awesomely cracky, if random. And I am not ready for it all to end next week, watching poor Enrique’s face at the end of ep 14 was bad enough T____T

      • 8.2.1 Redskirt

        I know, and I especially loved the “What is that on your face?” in the recap. I was laughing so hard at Enrique’s little gangsta patch.

      • 8.2.2 Swurbel

        Yes. Poor, poor Enrique!!!

        And you know what? I was totally inspired by that suitshow and wanted to buy a new suit for my boyfriend (… it’s a little scary how well product placement works sometimes). But my boyfriend did not feel like shopping. 🙁

        • Lizzy4e

          Talking about product placement. After seeing all the fine-looking Kdrama men in their suits I went out a bought my son a new suit.

          It was $700 with alterations (we had a $500 coupon) and it is the nicest suit in his wardrobe.

          I love the well dressed men in the kdrama world.

      • 8.2.3 Carole McDonnell

        Totally agree, espec about Enrique’s hair. I must be a hair person. (I’m generally a nose person who falls for guys with great noses…hence, Jung Il Woo.) But when I saw Enrique’s hair…I thought he looked super-good and I could see his beauty way clearer than i did in other episodes when he was Mr. Moppet.

        I especially liked when Dok Mi did her makeover. There was this look in Enrique’s eyes when she came out looking all hot. I thought: wow, even though he loves her already…this is where he sees her sexually. Clothes do really affect men, don’t they?

        Loved the guys in their suits. And yeah, i did think: “And what is this about? And why is it here?” But i couldn’t help but go along with such a wonderfully fun bromantic moment.

        • pogo

          yeah, I totally get what you mean about the look in his eyes when she came out and modelled her dresses – and it was GOOD to see him look at her that way <3

        • Shukmeister

          The look and lip biting when she came out in the white dress – EPIC!!

      • 8.2.4 Ann

        Enrique can rock such a range of fashion–from panda suit to gangsta suit!

  9. Pinny

    Hi everyone! Happy Friday to you all!
    I’m wondering whether it’ll be worthwhile watching ad genius. Has anyone started it??? Is it good? I’m not sure if I can bear watching poor kang-aaaahhh as only second lead. Why does he never end up happy?

    • 9.1 opheliadrowning

      I’m really enjoying it so far. I like the two main leads (still not sure about the second ones, though) and I like all the other tertiary characters. I like the drama that revolves around the underdog ad agency trying to make ads and grow–and find those characters endearing.

      The two main leads I think have a nice, natural chemistry, and they start out developing a friendship, which is a nice change up from the love-hate-bicker-bicker relationships you often see. I would give it a try at least. They have now 6 episodes fully subbed on Viki.

      • 9.1.1 pinny

        ooh I think I like the idea that they develop a friendship first. I’ll have to have a look 🙂

  10. 10 Russe12

    Happy Friday, everyone! Snowed in, so that would mean I could watch dramas…but I have midterms to study for so mehhh.

    I finished Secret Garden last week while I was sick…it kinda felt bipolar to me. It was hilarious, but then that dreaded scene in episode 13 happened and really turned me off of the show. I decided to keep going (I’d spent over 10 hours of my life on it, so why not finish it?) and sort of got back into it but then totally lost interest in episode 18 or so, so I just fast-forwarded a lot to the parts I wanted to watch. One thing I did love was the second leads; Seul was awesome towards the second half, and I really enjoyed Oska’s character. I actually cared about them getting back together, whereas I was just kinda a spectator with Ra-im and Joo-won. It’s an okay drama, I just don’t understand the hype xD On to Best Love!

    Flower Boy Next Door is finishing next week! I will probably shed a few tears when it goes…although I was pretty frustrated with this week’s developments. It does seem out of character for Dok-mi to do something like that, and the teasers for episode 15 seemed like she intended it. But I have a teensy bit of hope that it was just an accident or something…although I have a lot more doubt. Seeing Enrique’s face was awful! So let’s hope that Dok-mi hurts a lot? Haha, just kidding (sorta)…I have a lot less desire for Do-hwi to be redeemed after the way that she acted in episode 14, just saying. I still think it would be possible if it were real life, but in two episodes…not so much.

    Enjoy your day!

    • 10.1 Sabah

      Hey – about Secret Garden, Asian dramas and their asshead heroes!

      My alarm bells were ringing way before that ‘bed scene.’ What about the time he undresses her to see her wound, or forces her into the cubicle and tries to undress her? It’s something we see a lot in many Asian dramas and so I have pondered over it and just wanted to share/discuss my opinion so feel free to disagree.

      For me it is about a representation of a flawed character. And I am glad that not every hero is a saint because in this way I begin to relate to characters in a personal way. More than that it makes the characterization interesting in that I become invested in their downfall or development. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t make me uncomfortable because it does. Whenever I see such acts, I’m turned off but I go along with it for the sake of the story, to see where they are going to take the ‘asshead’ next because just like in real life, I like to know that people can always change for the better.

      Of course there is the whole issue of romanticizing such acts so that impressionable people grow up thinking that violence can be legitimate foreplay. However there is a big difference between fiction and reality and as much as media glorifies violence at some point I need to take responsibility for my actions. I think dramas like these need an age limit or parental discretion and involvement so that younger audiences are made to realize that such behaviour is only interesting in fiction, where we might dissect the human psyche. *cough* Twilight *cough cough* Hehe.

      I also understand why people would hate the manner the scenes are romanticized and again I agree that it would be much preferable to have such scenes depicted more true to life than some sugar coated fairy tale versions which emotional music and soft lighting but that is really the director/writer/actor’s artistic license to create art as they please. Just like computer games, action/horror movies aren’t the cause of murders and violence in real life, so too I place such aspects of fiction. I’m not saying that they are not blameworthy but rather I say instead of trying to control art we should communicate more with people, especially families and the youth about both negative and positive issues art raises.

      For me Secret Garden, especially Joo Won was problematic because he was far from any ideal but in that way I became interested and invested in his growth just like Daoming Si before and Darcy before that. Anyway, thanks for reading and feel free to disagree/debate.

      • 10.1.1 Russe12

        I totally agree with you on pretty much everything you said. I actually tend to like the flawed characters more, a la Gaksital’s Shunji, but it was pretty set there that he was the villain, and my appreciation for him was completely based on how well his characterization was done. When it’s the hero behaving that way and it’s not meant to be a ‘bad thing,’ I have issues. And I also was really bothered by those little things with Joo-won before (the forced kiss in whatever episode it was had me cringing). I realize that it’s just meant to be entertainment so take what you will from that, but I do think that it’s not something that I would want my little sister watching and possibly thinking “Oh, that’s okay to do.” It was a hilarious show, but that whole bit kinda marred it for me.

        • Sabah

          Uh-oh, when people start agreeing with me I get worried, hehe. Seriously though, I do understand the problem people have with such flawed characters and actions and I don’t people from switching off and tuning out, like many did with Que Sera Sera AND furthermore I understand the problem with such romanticizing because you don’t have to be young to be influenced. However I just don’t think placing limits on art is the way forward because people themselves don’t have limits. Though I would concede that with Secret Garden there really wasn’t much redeeming on his part in terms of his manner and actions and towards the end his actions were only glamourized more and more. It’s like, ‘he’s passionate! If you want passion you have got to take the good with the bad!’ which I didn’t like so much. I would have liked to have seen more change from his side in terms of the way he treated people, especially women.

          I get that those little things add up so that in the end you just don’t want to put any more time into such a repugnant human being. I guess I just like seeing the worst of people because like Frodo I need to see/know that they are able to find redemption.

          • Russe12

            I love growth/redemption in characters, especially when they’re so flawed (and therefore real) at the start. My problem with Joo-won was that I didn’t feel like he changed nearly enough, if even at all. He had a lot of potential for growth, but it never happened. In my opinion, he stayed the same immature, selfish person through the end of the series. This is a horrible comparison, but I think of Kang-to in Gaksital and how awful he was, but he became a “hero” despite the odds. Now that’s a COMPLETELY different scenario, genre, character, and whatnot, but it’s that character growth that I want in dramas…It’s taken pretty lightly in the more rom-com stuff, but they have done it in a few that I can think of off the top of my head, so it is obviously possible in the more rom-com type dramas. I just wish we saw it more often.

            I am not totally against the whole force-thing in shows, as long as it isn’t portrayed in such a way as to make someone think that it’s desirable. Rape, assault, all of that is a real part of life and cutting it out of media wouldn’t be accurately portraying humanity. But painting it in a ‘glamorous’ light, to use your wording, is a big no-no in my opinion, because that isn’t accurate either.

          • Sabah

            Your comparison with Kang-to isn’t so different. His redemption was presented well. It wasn’t just tacked on but you could see that inner struggle and though he eventually took the ‘wrong’ path, he took knowingly which is to say that he understood that what he did was wrong even if he justified it to himself. Now with the assheads of Kdramas winning their loves over only seems to vindicate their previous disgusting actions. Their struggles aren’t about what is right or wrong but over giving up with hearts to a person. In ends justifies the means and everything is conveniently forgotten. However sometimes there is change, sometimes you see the little ways they realize that the struggle isn’t an outside obstacle of their beloved’s resistance but something within themselves. It’s a blink and you will miss it thing and more than often I don’t see people discussing it on forums but still I’ll take what I can get considering that it is in the commercial domain.

            It is true that we are harsher with indie projects because they should know better and much more lenient with commercial/mainstream stuff because well, we are just so happy that they did a little something right but that’s a whole other debate. My point is that you can’t expect ‘radical’ ideas at the forefront of mainstream fiction. AND yes! I too think it is sad that in the 21st century protesting against the way women are treated is still considered radical.

      • 10.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        Love the flawed characters, if it’s a flaw i can put up with for the sake of the story. Some flaws I just can’t forgive. And there’s often a communal agreement among the viewers as to what flaw we cannot forgive..even if the character is somewhat redeemed at the end. Although I like fierceness in a character — especially if a character is a king– I’m not a fan of the rape-violence scene that makes the woman suddenly love the guy. Or of the fierceness that is merely cruel. I tend to like self-involved characters but not insensitive ones — a fine line between those two but we can usually tell.

        Back in the day when I was deciding what genre I would write for, I realized how restricting/restrictive some publishers were. Especially the Christian publishers. Characters not to be on a bed together, even if they’re married. No cursing/swearing. Characters not allowed to dance. (As the old Amish joke goes: Never have sex while standing, it can lead to dancing.) With that kind of stuff, one ends up with a great deal of human activity not being seen or even addressed. And stories become more instructive and preachy than real. Or the characters feel somewhat idealized. So I agree with everything what you say.

        • Sabah

          ” communal agreement among the viewers as to what flaw we cannot forgive” Yes I see this too and it relates a lot to what people or the public are willing to forgive in reality too. For instance, I was discussing this with someone who disagrees with me and insists that there need to be limit/borders in everything for our own protection, and asked me what if the character went as far as rape. Would that be acceptable under artistic licence? I mean in MG or BOF the main lead organizes for the girl to be raped/assaulted, which is not far from that. For her it just is unacceptable depictions of actions that should be removed from society as well as our sight. However for me I’m all about the inner struggle. It doesn’t matter if the person falls low as long as I can see redemption, remorse and eventually them making amends.

          At the crux of this issue though isn’t the depth of flawed personality but the depiction of their repulsive actions which are shown in an attractive/appealing way. I agree that though I don’t want to limit artistic licence I don’t like it. However unlike those who would protest such depictions by tuning out, I don’t. I watch and see where the character is taken and developed. Let’s say I am more forgiving of not just the characterization but the production crew because I am hopeful that both can redeem themselves. My friend sees this tolerance as detrimental as would those publishing houses you referred too and I would agree with them but the fact is we don’t live in a utopia nor should we want some kind of Orwellian nightmare. I kind of work with what we have, where we are at right now and slowly inch towards betterment. Maybe it isn’t the best way or the higher road like my friends but I believe it to be the more realistic.

          It’s like your case where you have two roads so to speak, and I don’t think either one was wrong. Maybe one was better than the other but in truth both are striving towards the same goal: the understanding of the human soul/psyche and its development. I wish you well.

          • Llamaesque

            I love flawed characters (and Que Sera Sera will always be one of my favorite dramas). But I hated both Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity for their treatment of their male leads—it’s one thing for a show to acknowledge that a character is flawed and behaving inappropriately, but those shows didn’t. They presented it as *romantic* when their male leads pinned women up against walls against their will, when really at best it was sexual harassment and at worst sexual violence.

            There’s an excellent post about this in relation to Coffee Prince over at Idle Revelry.

          • Korazy Lady

            Thank you for that link, Llamaesque. I loved Coffee Prince, btw, and was not at all offended by that kiss for many of the reasons stated in that article. Same with Que Sera, Sera. I think I could accept it because it was such a raw, gritty drama from the get-go, and I think it was aimed at a whole different audience than typical drama fans. It was important to the storyline, and made the ending all the sweeter.

            I do agree in both cases, the kisses elicited a necessary gut reaction. But to me they were’t repulsive, just kind of “Whoa!” The reason I loved both dramas is because of the intense feelings they generated, whether good, bad or painful.

            Secret Garden I liked because of the body switching parts and a few other scenes but really didn’t care for either lead’s character. Therefore, I just watched it on a shallow level and didn’t get too worked up over it because I wasn’t emotionally invested.

          • Sabah

            @ Llamaesque

            Thanks for the link, I will look into it.

            I would say even QSS depicted impassioned actions as acceptable even foreplay however I do agree that there was actual redemption for the guy in that he changed not just how he dealt with the girl but all women. I also agree that with other dramas including SG it’s just not there or is very insignificant; everything is made acceptable under the banner of ‘true love.’ This is why I would strongly encourage some kind of certification for such dramas because I just feel that you need mature minds that understand the bigger picture. I mean I watch because I love stories where the fallen rise from their ashes, so to speak but I know that for most this stuff is an ideal.

            It worries me that a chunk of romantic fiction is about obsessive love but instead of just belittling people’s feelings and telling them that their desires are strange or wrong, I would want to understand why. Why do women love watching/reading even writing about obsessive love? The fact is that this is the stuff that sells, it’s commercial and mainstream. Though sometimes I see supply and demand like the chicken and the egg, with the amount of fanservice that goes on as well as the whole concept of live filming, I do believe that it is the demand end that needs more analysing that the supply part. I’m not saying that the dramas aren’t blameworthy but rather that it is more important to look at why people love this kind of stuff. I’m just glad that sometimes we get redemption so that people might begin to see it as flawed as it is in reality.

          • Carole McDonnell

            you said: “Let’s say I am more forgiving of not just the characterization but the production crew because I am hopeful that both can redeem themselves”

            SOOOOOOOOOOO true. And there is nothing more disheartening than to realize a production crew is totally clueless about how they are. Or are not so clueless perhaps but they totally disagree with what everyone else sees so clearly. It’s like. “Oh, MR PD, you expect us all to go along with that????”

        • Windsun33

          “..there’s often a communal agreement among the viewers as to what flaw we cannot forgive..”

          While I think that is true to a large extent, my most hated drama of all time is “My Little Bride”, where a 15 year old high school girl is forced into an arranged marriage. But it’s all OK with many people I guess, as the show got fairly high ratings when it aired in 2004.

    • 10.2 FishcalledWanda

      Aah, midterms, I know all about it (sadface)! Good luck studying!
      I’ve never gotten around to finish SG. The constant bickering and arguing of the two leads got so annoying I couldn’t stand it. And when I got news of ‘the scene’ I lost interest all together. Oska’s character was really fun though!

      And I don’t want FBND to end! It’s the only drama at the moment that I’m really watching with interest, I don’t want to say goodbye to the characters already! And I agree with you about doubting Do-hwi’s redeeming, I don’t even know if it’s possible at all, let alone in two episodes!

      Have a nice Friday!

      • 10.2.1 Sabah

        Hey Wanda, how have you been? FBND has been wonderful and yeah, I didn’t marathon it as each week just had been wanting more! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and wish you well as always.

        • FishcalledWanda

          Sabah! : ) It’s been a while! How are you?
          I’ve returned to college (with a bit of a heavy heart I have to say), and busy studying again. Luckily it’s weekend now so I can relax a little.

          I knew it would be hard to wait till you could marathon it! Very understandable that in the end you didn’t. What other dramas are you watching/enjoying these days?

          Wishing you a great Friday and weekend!

          • Sabah

            I’m well. Don’t worry you soon will find your stride again. It’s always hard to adjust but I’m sure that you have already set new goals to keep you looking ahead to future joys and success!

            Hehe, I really was kidding myself! I’m actually watching a lot right now! There’s Ad genius and that winter…Also i started this wonderful drama from 2006 called Someday on the recommendation of a friend. It’s style is quite different from mainstream Kdramas. Slow and wistful. I highly recommend it especially since you loved the other ‘peculiar’ Kdrama WC. I’m enjoying everything that I’m watching which either means everything is good or my standards have fallen. I leave it up to you to decide. hehe. How about you, did you manage to start L7? I watching Corner Gas and a character called someone L7 which stands for square because if you write ‘L’ and ‘7’ on top of each other it makes a square…haha! I didn’t know that, is that universal meaning? I mean is that what L7CS means too? Enjoy your weekend too!

          • FishcalledWanda

            I hope so…thanks for your positive words!

            Someday sounds good! I will look into it as indeed I did love the other ‘peculiar’ drama as you said.

            I did indeed start L7! I love your idea that it could stand for a square. I’ve never known that meaning either, but it’s very interesting. Now when I read the title it looks like square civil servant! Watched the first two episodes. It wasn’t as bad as I feared but nowhere near pretty good. It’s that Joo Won is in it or I wouldn’t really have the motivation to watch further. Though it’s pretty light on the drama, that makes it a good drama to watch when you want something not too heavy.

            That Winter, looks very interesting. But I’m not sure I’m up for another melo seeing as the last one (Nice Guy) was kinda traumatizing. Would you say it’s as depressing as NG was? Or is it uncomparable?
            What do you like about Ad-genius? I always love an underdog story, so the plot appealed to me.

      • 10.2.2 Russe12

        Haha totally with you on not wanting to say goodbye to the characters…I will weep bitter tears when we leave Enrique behind. I totallly want one. And Dok-mi is so much like myself – it’s so refreshing, because she’s not a typical k-drama heroine! I’m really hoping that they move the Dong-hoon/editor noona story forward in the last two episodes, because that was a side story done right. They are so. Adorable.

        • FishcalledWanda

          Aah, I want an Enrique too! Were can I get one? Though his hyperactive behaviour might become irritating in real life, hehe.
          Dok-mi’s indeed a very refreshing character! Very nice to take a detour from the average candy-like typical heroine. She reminds me of myself too in certain extent, I like to hole up at home too (and watch dramas, hehe) with many layers of clothing and blankets.
          And the editor is one of the most brilliant side characters ever! She’s hilarious! I totally ship her and Dong-hoon together. Very adorable indeed.That moment when he had to pronounce Papua New Guinea was so funny!

        • pogo

          Dok-mi is more like me than any drama heroine I’ve ever encountered, and even if I wasn’t like her I’d still love her. And I want an Enrique too, how can anyone NOT want a hyper-speed vulnerable puppy on sugar like him? I wish it wasn’t all ending next week, I love the little world of this show and would have liked to spend a little more time in it.

  11. 11 meanrice

    Hello all!
    Anyone else digging iris2?
    Flower boy next door
    Level 7 civil servant
    Substitute princess (Taiwanese)
    Ad genius lee tae baek
    Incarnation of money
    Trying to finish ojakgyo bros.

    Clearly i have no life.

    Anyone else disturbed by the park si hoo debacle? Everything about it gives me the creeps.

    • 11.1 pogo

      I liked the kid actors in the first ep of Iris 2 (Kim So-hyun!!!) and really wanted to like it because Baek Sung-hyun is in it, but it was just too messy for me to get into.

      I’ve been trying to finish Ojakkyo Brothers for over a month now, but other dramas just keep getting in the way.

      (and Park Shi-hoo is in a scandal? I’m off to google, I had no idea)

    • 11.2 pogo

      Never mind I just googled and don’t have the nerve to read the full story……if it is true, he has to get the punishment he deserves. If people can get prosecuted for past instances of drug use, I hope sexual assault is taken as seriously.

    • 11.3 Aigoo

      I agree! I have a hard time believing we’re talking about PSH here! I haven’t followed his career but this sounds like a huge blow!

    • 11.4 korfan

      Wow! ….. the Park Shi-hoo situation ….. I just found out now …… *still processing the reported information* ….. this is not good for everybody involved

      • 11.4.1 meanrice

        The most annoying thing is the netizen reaction. Since when is it ok to take villifying a potetional victim so far? It made my stomach all kinds of sick.

        • lemondoodle

          They’ve moved on from blaming her now that more information has come out. Sad they didn’t wait for actual information before judging her. At first they only had the CCTV of the woman leaving the restaurant walking on her own, but now the police have CCTV of the rookie actor friend of PSH carrying the drunk woman on his back into PSH’s apartment. Adding to that now the friend is also facing sexual assault charges. This whole thing is just sickening on so many levels. I just don’t see how he’s not guilty.

    • 11.5 Lovebug

      I am so sad to hear about the PSH situation. I am a huge fan of his and even own a shirt with his face on it so I was shocked to hear of the allegations. I am praying its not true but honestly don’t know what to think. Eitherway its a really awful situation that is a blow to his fans.

    • 11.6 Korazy Lady

      The sad thing is there is not going to be any win in this situation, only lose-lose. Regardless of how it really happened, (and we’ll never know) it feels like another case of alcohol destroying lives, unfortunately.

    • 11.7 Carole McDonnell

      Alcohol is such a gray area. Drunk guys don’t know when to stop and get confused about what it is the woman wants. Drunk girls don’t remember what they agreed to do or what they did. I’m not one who immediately thinks an actor is innocent just because i like him, but I also don’t believe the girl is some evil gold-digger and I am really weirded out by the fact that his fans are even saying how good it would be to be raped by him. It’s like, really folks? Really?

      • 11.7.1 JoAnne

        I said this to someone last night…this would be my advice to any son looking to hook up:

        No means no. Drunk/hi yes means no. Drunk/high/unconscious non-response is an assumed no. Sleeping is no. When she says no because she thinks it makes her look like a nice girl but she really means yes? It’s a no.

        When you get a no you either drop back to the last verbalized, sober yes…or you wait for another opportunity to ask. You will not die if you don’t sleep with that girl. You might die if you do.

        • pogo

          My advice to guys even simpler: instead of wondering about whether she said no, go by whether you’ve got a YES instead. Much less room for misunderstandings, and at least consent is pretty unambiguous if your partner’s said it.

          • Rashell

            I agree. As long as your partner is not in any way impaired by drugs or alcohol. Then even a yes is a NO.

        • Aigoo

          Wow…that advice covered a lot of ground! You’re really thorough! But that’s good advice though! Got to remember that if I ever have a son….

        • Rashell

          JoAnne, that is EXACTLY the right thing to teach. If there is any sort of impairment then it’s an automatic NO. If No is said in any way, it means NO. Really unless you get an absolute YES from a sober, coherent partner then it’s a NO.

      • 11.7.2 pogo

        @Carole – I remember, four years ago, Chris Brown’s fans blowing up Twitter saying they wanted to be beaten by him – this is definitely a thing that cuts across countries, never underestimate the power of fans to make you despair for humanity :/

        • Carole McDonnell

          :sigh:: Yes, Pogo! I remember.

          what a world!
          I remember.

          JoAnne and Pogo…wise words, wise advice.

      • 11.7.3 Aigoo

        OMG! People are saying that?? What on earth is wrong with these people?! I can understand that you’re a fan but some things are just wrong!

    • 11.8 Rashell

      The Park Shi Hoo situation is disturbing on so many levels. I’m trying to reserve judgment until all the facts come out. But I will say that Park Shi Hoo showed a decided lack of good judgment no matter if the encounter turns out to be consentual or not. I could more easly excuse that from a 20 something year-old. But a man that’s mid-30’s (older then me) should know better then to put himself in that situation.

      Really the whole thing is just sad and potentially desctructive for two young people’s lives.

      • 11.8.1 Llamaesque

        Hear, hear.

        I wonder if this is at all related to his recent management change. (He went from a professional company to working with his brother, I think.) From what I’ve seen, managers are super hands on in Korea and essentially dictate every aspect of an artist’s life. So now that he’s free from that, is this an example of Park Shi Hoo being totally out of control because he’s on his own?

        • skelly

          Llamaesque, I thought the same thing. Some fans are saying that this is a set-up, a conspiracy by PSH’s former management company. But in my opinion, it is more likely that for the first time in his adult life he is on his own, without a handler, forced to make his own spur-of-the-moment decisions and live with the consequences. For most people this happens when they leave home as a young adult, their parents’ words of wisdom still ringing in their ears (thank you, JoAnne!), but in his case, here is a very high-profile individual in a position of power, with no one to check his actions. I don’t know if he committed any sort of sexual assault or not – the courts get to decide that one – but it is obvious that he suffered from a severe lack of judgement.
          And as the mother of girls, this is just one more example I put in front of my daughters as to what happens when you drink irresponsibly. Not that they don’t get that info already; at my daughter’s high school, they teach the girls how to guard a drink so no one can put a date-rape drug in it. It’s a brave new world, all right.

          • Domino

            I am not sure whether you can say Park Si-Hoo has suffered from severe lack of judgment. If what the test report revealed by Police is true, the incident is actually planned. In other words, knowingly, he and Mr. K individually or together has made a wilful act to harm Miss A, and their intention is fulfil his or their joint needs in Valentine’s evening.

            Can you call a supposing “romantic” wilful act a lack of jugement?

      • 11.8.2 Domino

        Three young people. There is now a Mr. K, the person who introduced Miss A to Park Si-Hoo.

        Destruction of three young people’s life. I do not think Park Si-Hoo is considered young. He is at the borderline of ajusshi.

        Under the law, they are adults and has to accountable to their own actions (rightly or wrongly). Among them, Park Si-Hoo is considered to have the most social and life experience. Putting alleged criminal offence aside, in terms of natural justice on morality, Park Si-Hoo should be the one shouldering the most responsibilities. Moreover, the crime scene is taken place in his home!!

    • 11.9 Julia

      I do not believe that Park Shi Hoo could harm someone. Until a jury of his peers declares him guilty, I am hoping it isn’t so.

      • 11.9.1 Domino

        Jury of his peers? Why his peers? Under the law, he will be treated equal. If he did it, with sufficient evidence, he will be prosecuted, and put in jail. Maximum sentence in Korea is life in prisonment.

        The severity of the punishment will depend on the aggravating factors that led to alleged sexual assault.

        Based on the lab test of Miss A, the Police now has every reasons to take the samples of his hair, urine and blood for verification. He is innocent until proven guilty!!

        The burden of proof is now with him and Mr. K.

        • roobi

          why would park shi hoo of all people use drug to get his valentine fun ?! absurd!

          • Domino

            Absurd in two levels:
            Level 1: If Park Si-Hoo used drug within in the last 6 months, testing of his hair sampling will reveal it.
            Level 2: whether he has taken the “drug drink” as the Police now does not rule out that Miss A was indeed drug.

            If Park Si-Hoo is also drugged, he may have a defense saying someone has drugged him. If Mr. K also came out positive on drugs. Then, we can have a pretty interesting and complicated case.

            Further forensic test will need to do on what sort of drugs and their finger nails will be further used to test for a specific type of drugs, they were exposed to…..

          • Domino

            Park Si-Hoo may take these 10 days to clean up his apartment. However, he cannot pull out his own finger nails. That will be too obvious that he has something to hide!!

            With the combination of blood, finger nails and hair sampling. Both pubic hairs and those hair on his head, the Police forensic team should be quite easy verifying the allegations against the test results.

            Through the collection of the amount of semen, the forensic team is also able to determine satistically, how many times he and Mr. K has done “it” to Miss A.

            If Miss A is still a virgin, through the examination of the “v” spot, the forensic doctor should be able to determine, the degree of tear (3 o’clock, 6 o’clock etc) to match the frequency of the activities they have done “it” to Miss A.

          • Domino

            Once determining the frequencies, the intent, and possible bruises and brutality, we shall hear the answer of absurdity of his valentine fun date = acquitted vs being detain and charged!!

            To acquit the case, he has to proof consensure. He remains innocent, until proven guilty.

            As far his credibility and moral integrity in the industry, he widenly known to be a playboy and womanizer. Apparently, his brother seems a bit more trustworthy. His demeanors and his choice of words in many public interviews will be used against him.

            Wonder how would you consider a man going on a casual “S” with a woman that he met only the second times, in a pub/bar? To me, he is rather desperate, hence, he definitely cannot argue that he is impotent (with all the great body he shows the entire workd) or only a brief erection and injection!!

            Just curious how is his litigation team going to build his defence!!

  12. 12 pogo

    Hey OT people! Hope everyone had a good week…

    I can’t believe Flower Boy Next Door is winding down, only 2 more eps to go and there will be nothing in the kdrama currently airing slate that I need to watch with a burning passion *sigh* but I do hope the ep 14 closing scene was a misdirect, SO MUCH. And I think Yoon Shi-yoon+ Park Shin-hye is coming pretty close to Jang Geun-seuk+Park Shin-hye in my favourite pairings stakes…..

    I’ve lost the patience to marathon 16+hours of dramas, so this weeks k-entertainment fix was a movie – Madeleine, starring a really young Jo In-sung and Shin Mina (like, before she fixed her teeth I think). The combination of That Winter +missing Arang drove me to it, and it couldn’t be better. And now I want her famous luck with flower boy costars to extend to a reunion with JIS, ha.

    In other news, I’m still trying out the Inspired By Kdrama manicures and this week’s was a blue-and-silver gradient manicure with silver glitter topcoat. (next up is probably going to be Do-hwi from Flower Boy Next Door’s half-moon manicure – she is despicable, but her nails are gorgeous!)

    • 12.1 skelly

      pogo, where did you get a hold of Madeleine? I am really enjoying JIS right now, and the combo with Shin Mina sounds fabulous.

      • 12.1.1 pogo

        It’s on dramacrazy!

        • Shukmeister

          pogo –

          I have never heard of it, but its definitely on my radar now!

          • skelly

            Me too! Thx for the rec, pogo

      • 12.1.2 kanon

        I liked the movie” Madeleine”….am big fan of SMA I liked the songs… u know the OST of this movie… ..

    • 12.2 D

      ahhh, someone mentioned Madeleine – a blond JIS.. sighhhh…

      i watched it a few years back (on crunchyroll, i think) when i was on a JIS marathon. i somehow dislike SMA’s character there and that caused me to not watch any of her work ever since until Arang.

      i love love love LJK but was amazed by SMA’s commitment to Arang’s character, so totally a fan of hers now…

  13. 13 Domino

    I have been waiting for this thread. Wonder how do you guys think of Park Si Hoo’s alleged rape incident? The case seems to develop quickly, but, Police is yet to interview Park Si-Hoo. I wonder why the Police has taken more than 10 days to investigate before interviewing the alleged suspect?

    Would appreciate your thoughts?

    • 13.1 cv

      When they r done with investigation…. Sure, otherwise no.

      • 13.1.1 Domino

        Wonder you know anything about the Police investigation procedures and Penal Code in South Korea? It is just strange that the Police has not taken any action yet to seal off the crime scene i.e. Park Si-Hoo’s apartment and interview him.

        As you may recall the former IMF’s President Klauss case, the NYPD moved in very quickly and sealed off the room and arrested him on the plane. But, the case was subsequetly acquitted.

        • Rashell

          My understanding is that they have made an appointment to interview Park Shi Hoo next week and that they are investigating the “victim’s” allegations first before talking to the “assailant”. I don’t know if that is standard procedure or if it’s outside the norm. But that seems to be the way this case is progressing.

          • skelly

            They also said they were giving PSH a chance to get a lawyer. Now that he has basically gone without a management agency (managed by his brother) he needs to find one himself.

          • Domino

            Yes, he and his fellow friend who carries the Miss A into Park Si-Hoo’s apartment will both be interviewed by the Police at 7PM on 24 February 2013. I hope the Police does not interview them together. In standard procedure, they should be interviewed separately. Preferably without the present of their lawyer(s).

            It seems that a big domestic litigation firm is now representing him.

            The latest development announced by the Police is that the test report has came out and they do not rule out the fact that Miss A might have been drugged!!

          • Domino

            Also, test report revealed that “the substance” in her body suggests more than one guy has made sexual contact with her. In short, a joint “gang effort”.

            BTW, one clothing company has pulled the trigger on his endorsement-confirmed. Samsung, is in the process to pull the trigger.

            Park Si-Hoo’s brother, the baseball player, may not have had the experience, nor the expertise to handle his brother affar, when it comes to alleged sexual assault.

            A few aggravating factors back with lab tests have surfaced, Park Si-Hoo’s defence is getting weaker by the day.

        • oh crap!


          Really? the lab results revealed that she was drugged? and the presence of semen from two people were found? I am so dumbfounded right now. Nothing should surprise me by now…but I had suspicion from the beginning of this story that K is a pimp and he set up PSH with ladies so he can f** her. I bet that wasn’t their first time committing the act but first time that the lady reported to the police. I wonder if there would be more ladies to come forward.

  14. 14 channah

    Does anybody know why the Park Shi Hoo scandal isn’t reported here?

    I mean it is a pretty huge thing and it is likely that he won’t be able to work for a very long time…

    • 14.1 meanrice

      I for sure thought it would have been part of a news bites package.

      It is a huge mess, from the maligning of the victim, the stalking of the girl with the same name. Everything is just a cluster. Statistically speaking one is less likely to lie about being raped than about any other crime. With all the sexual assault crimes in the news lately and then the resulting sentences…i need more info on South Korea’s laws and punishment system, but it seems like something that existed for a patriarchal nation, not one that exists in modern society.

      • 14.1.1 KimYoonmi

        From what I can find Korea has been trying to update their laws and the last law took out the statute of limitations for rapists, increasing the upper limit of sentencing to the death penalty if need be.

        The last major report about Korea’s rape laws dates from 1996, but in Korean years and the way the country has been moving 1995, in terms of law making, etc is like 30 years of US time in law making. (considering the US is dead slow at the moment.)

        This means recent rape laws probably aren’t up on the internet for us to see… and they’ve probably severely updated, if we are to take the 2011 report seriously.
        Keep in mind that while the country is moving fast the head of the country is slow to catch up because South Korea for all intensive purposes is still updating and industrializing at a breakneck speed. (Legislation takes a ton of time.)

        Since agricultural values still hold some patriarchy, and South Korea recognizes that, I’d say they’re trying to work on it as fast as they can.

        This is *not* to excuse the previous rape laws in the least or justify it. It’s to smack it with the reality that a changing way of subsistence system means that the government is still struggling to catch up with a changing country. Agricultural values have a set of self-regulating safety nets that industrialization doesn’t have.

        Beyond that, I would let the police do their work and withhold judgment. (agreeing with everyone).

        • Domino

          Existing law is one thing, and implementing the law and regulation is another thing, albeit interpretation of the existing law is always a challenge.

          From the existing lab result, the Police now has every right to move on to the next stage i.e. get the blood, hair and urine sampling of Park Si-Hoo and Mr. K to match and confirm “what” needs to be verified!!

    • 14.2 Locturne

      Maybe because it’s too controversial and it’s likely to cause a storm, especially since for now it’s impossible to know what really happened so there will speculations flying around from both sides.

    • 14.3 Korazy Lady

      The netizens are downright ugly about it. It’s probably better for JB and GF to wait until more concrete information comes out, although maybe they choose to stay away from these types of reports altogether. I don’t think they’ve covered the actresses and the Propofol abuse, either. I say good for them.

      • 14.3.1 pogo

        yeah, the amount of mud being slung at the victim makes me want to be ill, how can people let their fangirl tendencies take over human decency is something I will never understand.

        • Rashell

          And this is exactly why my first instinct is always to side with the “victim”. There is really no benefit to reporting that you were sexually assulted especially by someone famous. In fact it’s often the case that the “victim” is even more victimized by fans and the media as has happened with this situation. This whole thing is just really sad.

          I don’t blame JB and GF for staying away from this story. It’s a hot mess.

          • skelly

            Nothing good will come out of this. All sides will be hurt, regardless of whether the charge is true or not. If we are trying to “measure” the pain, the balance definitely tips to the woman: the fan hate, the judgement of her behavior, the destruction of her career, the months she must spend either in hiding or baring her most personal details in a courtroom and in the press, the story that will follow her the rest of her life – SK is a small place with a long memory.
            It can be said that PSH has farther to fall, but especially if he is acquitted he should do OK; people truly want to believe in the goodness of talented people, even though talent has nothing to do with good or evil.

        • Windsun33

          I think the mud slinging at victims is universal, not just in Korea. Some of the worst examples are in China (look at the website to see some really bad examples. But I think also that a lot of the most offensive posters are not who they seem and are going for shock value – after all, when most postings are anonymous you can say some pretty stupid things.

          • pogo

            I never said it was a Korean thing, only that it seems to be a thing with fangirls to blame the victim when their bias is accused of violence against women (see: Chris Brown).

      • 14.3.2 Mystisith

        I agree. Do we need to have posts about all and anything “scandalous” on DB? I say not. Plus tons of other sites are reviewing the affair, we don’t need one more. I’ll be happy if they do a post once the case is closed, with all informations needed. DB is not CNN (& I have nothing against News Channels, lol).

  15. 15 cv

    Happy OT/Friday/weekend all! ^_^

    This week dramas: watching
    Fbnd: awesome.
    No chef: yummy food, cool storyline. Wonder how they r going to end it?

    Otherwise been reeel busy in reeel life. N of course, it had to snow again. Blah….

    JYJ, <3 them. :p
    Bigbang, waiting for another album.

    • 15.1 John

      cv ~

      Happy Friday !

      Nobunaga No Chef is my favorite of current shows. I can hardly wait until the next episode.

    • 15.2 Raine

      SNOW! I’m praying it GOES away. I have to drive up to Wyoming on Fridays and it seems like th weather always chooses snow for my drive. Makes it SCARY!

      Oh Big Bang…I just started getting into them…why not sooner?

      • 15.2.1 JoAnne

        so disappointed in you. NOW do you understand that when I tell you to do something, you should just DO IT?

  16. 16 Aryast

    Yeorobeun annyeong! It’s OT time!

    Something inexplicable happened to me earlier this week. As of the most of last weekend, all I did was holing up in my room to enjoy the remaining days of my holiday by watching as many dramas as I could; meaning to say that all I did was laze around without moving a muscle. Strangely though, when I weighed myself on Monday(or was it Tuesday?), I had lost 1kg. Overnight. Strange that. Hmm.

    Anyway, I’ve managed to keep up with FBND til the latest episode. Finished Sirius though I didn’t find it THAT entertaining, just so-so.

    I decided to give TW, TWB a try…and let me tell you it has been a long time since a melo got me this invested since Kim Nam Gil-led Bad Guy! Last year’s Nice Guy was good but sometimes I just find myself spacing out in the middle of it(esp the fillers). Granted, it’s still a tad bit too early to tell where TW, TWB will be heading with the plot. It certainly has great potential that’s for sure. Btw, the mansion Hye-gyo’s(she’s gorgeous!) character lives in is the same one as the one in Fullhouse 2. I just had to mention that even though I’m sure you lot would’ve noticed. 🙂 Also, how could I pass on commenting about the pretties – Jo In-sung and Kim-bum. Kim-bum is just yum!

    Lastly, I got on a very late Answer Me 1997 bandwagon. 🙁 But hey, better late than never eh? Heehee. How cute is this drama? I have so much luff for it. The humour, the angst, the memories, the love, the message, the cringe, the second-hand embarrassment(!)… :’) I’m just starting ep 14 so Imma go finish it off now.

    Toodles. Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Go easy on the drinks. Take good care everyone!!!

    • 16.1 Raine

      If only drama made ME lose 1 kilo…

      AM97 is my drama love right now. I’m still blown away every time I think about it.

    • 16.2 FishcalledWanda

      Haha, so a K-drama diet is the best diet? I wouldn’t hesitate to try that!

      • 16.2.1 Raine

        BWAHAHAHA! If it really works, we’ll all be skeletons…

        • Korazy Lady

          LOL! You are so right!

      • 16.2.2 meanrice

        This happened to me last year. I lost 10lbs, i would not move, and therefore would not eat. Just sleep and watch kdramas. I just could not bring myself to go all the way downstairs, make something, eat, wash the dish, and go back upstairs.

        Unfotunately that has changed. 🙁

        • Aryast


          5kilos??? K-drama really IS the best diet. LOL
          The chores is one thing, and then there’s the emotional turmoil when you get invested in these characters. Just lose all appetite or mood to eat.

          • meanrice

            @Aryast also, you fill up on eye candy so there is that too.

    • 16.3 Dewo

      My question is: for all the time you watched those drama, did you not eat nor drink anything?
      As for me, there’s no way I can lose any kilos from watching any dramas because there’s always snack and beverage accompany k drama, laptop, and me.

      • 16.3.1 Aryast

        @dewo I did eat regular meals but I didn’t snack at all. Just coffee 🙂

    • 16.4 Aryast

      It really is, guise! Hahah but only if you’re on a steady diet of K-drama. Had to reduce my hours on K-drama per day because class had begun and I quickly gained back that 1 kilo within 4 days. Heol~ -_-ll

    • 16.5 enz

      hi aryast!

      could it be you had a liquid diet while watching your dramas?? in any case, it is better than exercising and exercising and finding that your weight has gone up by 7 kg in 2 years!! and having to hear everyone saying its muscles! well, i hope it is but i think that last 2 kg might have been non muscle weight gain 🙁

      you really put me to shame la – not chinese but can speak and write in mandarin. i can hardly speak it. and worse, i hardly try. its really bad.

      btw, have you tried watching the woman who still wants to marry? i found it really charming and although kim bum was like a korean keanu reeves, he had very believable chemistry with park jin hee. i enjoyed the drama more than i thought because its stil on my mind a week later. surprising. i think i might rewatch bits of it too!

      i remember liking AM1997 very much until the last few episodes. it was still ok but it stopped being awesome for me. hope that doesnt reduce your love for it. its still a pretty good show – one of the best that year i woud say. best was SUFBB for me.

      • 16.5.1 Aryast

        It might’ve been liquid diet but I had regular meals breakfastlunchdinner. I’m thinking that that 7kg was muscle because when I saw your pic during that HolikaHolika thingy when Jung Il-woo came, you seemed slim. Anyway, exercising and building muscle is much better because with muscles, you burn calories even while not doing anything. 🙂

        No I didn’t watch The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. Somehow seeing the word “marry” puts me off slightly. Heh. I might catch it although I won’t be counting on that happening any time soon.

        Oh yes. SUFBB was waaaaay up there for me too. Just the angst and the feels and the PRREEETTTIIEEESSS! My sister is head over heels for Lee Hyun-jae the drummer. He is so good looking! SUFBB is one of those rare dramas which is able to make me cry. I’m not much of a crier -I think the last time I cried about something not related to dramas was exactly a year ago – but SUFBB, QSS and Stairway to Heaven are of the very very very few dramas that managed to wring a few tears from me.

        Finished AM97 last night. I’m super satisfied and couldn’t ask for a better ending. I’m still thinking about that steamy counter kiss scene. SWOON. Hahaha. Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji has great chemistry! Ahhh… And seeing Eunji again in TWTWB with her standard Seoul accent. I luuurrrvvveee her.

        • Enz

          No la aryast.. Don’t let the title put you off. I really like pd it’s portrayal of the three women who are at different points in their lives and how they deal with the relationship issues that come their way. It was really refreshing even though it had my favourite furniture there, ie Kim bum. Haha.. His face didn’t move much during the whole drama. Even so, it was still believable chemistry btween him and the lead female, whom I really like.

          Try la. I watched it cos I wanted to see something light and with Kim bum in it before TWTWB .

          he has improved quite a bit as an actor is my opinion.

          • Enz

            Who! Who I really like… That’s the right one right? My English is getting worse by the day!!

          • Aryast

            Who/whom… I’m never too sure myself either LOL. The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry came out in 2010, no? That may explain why his acting was so stiff. He’s a 89-er so he was only 20 at the time and was paired with a woman 11 years his senior. While there exists very young actors who are more than capable and have that range of pulling and older/more mature role off i.e. Yoo Seung-ho(can’t wait for the post-army abs! :B), the rest -Kim Bum included- are just late bloomers or have no acting chops whatsoever.

            Btw, I was just dramawiki-ing Kim Bum and lo and behold GLORIOUS LOCKS! :O

          • Enz

            The little bit I saw of yoo seung ho in I miss you didn’t impress me. I think sung joon is very impressive in his acting and he is only 23 now. He was utterly believable in as a high school rebel in SUFBB and as a harried 28 year old nice guy in can we get married. I love his acting so much and through TWWSWTM, ikept thinking how great the show would be if Kim bum just emotes a little more.

          • pogo

            Yoo Seung-ho is another one who’s hampered by his age and looks – he came close a couple of times, but through huge chunks of I Miss You he just didn’t feel like a 25-year-old. He’s been great in other roles, but this one….I think he’d have been better for it after 2-3 years.

            Sung Joon is versatile enough to carry off playing both a high schooler and an adult, but even in CWGM it took a small bit of stretching to believe he or Jung So-min were anywhere past 25, tops.

    • 16.6 Carinne

      Haha~ my-my, how the world is this small. SAME HERE! I finished AM97 last wkend and felt lighter for some reason. I lost my appetite seriously wanting to finish the show up. Thereafter, I’ve been marathoning a few others, I’m on a roll, and weighed myself this AM, total loss 5kg. Who do I have to thank for this? Kdramas! LOL~

      My diet list:
      Answer Me 1997
      You’re Beautiful
      Love Rain
      Rascal Sons
      King of Dramas

      Averages out 1kg per show. =P

      • 16.6.1 Aryast

        HAHAHAH. Now k-drama list shall also be known as My Diet List. How do you lose 5kg though??? Teach me oh enlightened one.

      • 16.6.2 Carinne

        Yoda voiceover: Lose kilos, you shall.

        There’s no secret, honestly. Like merry stated, you and I both were too engrossed in our drama-addiction.

        I nibble on spicy lemongrass beef jerky I bought from my fav local snack store; its spicy chili gives me hell so I drink plenty of water or servings of tea (coffee is not my thang). I can’t handle spicy food well however my snack shop doesn’t have mild flavor for my unique taste so I just suck up the courage anyhow. It is a fasting process for me. LOL! Wae? TMI? I can laugh about it now, not then. Aigoo~ Once a while I’ll have some sushi, and snack on toasted seaweed plus a few citrus fruits in season.

        I’m hibernating. I’m allowed to get lazy. Furthermore, I do daily routines, like play/care for my pets and a lot of stretching exercises beside looking after myself. XP I’m just glad *knock on wood* I haven’t caught the bad flu this season w/ my wacky eating habits. (=

        Stay Beautiful Peeps! ^ , ^ v

    • 16.7 merry

      Hello fellow DBers. Lost a kilo from watching dramas? I think what happened was you were so engrossed that you did not want to stand up and open the fridge. If one can delay sleep, i guess delaying eating is also possible. Plus, you might have taken water, water only and you feel full therefore, not getting the urge for food at all. Whatever the reason, that is good news to those who want to lose weight.
      Have a good week-end everyone. Started Saturday nicking somebody’s rear bumper on my reverse. That’s what you get for rushing out to remember a community meeting i was planning to go to, forgot, and tried to catch. but all’s well. that’s what insurance is for anyway.

      • 16.7.1 Aryast

        Yea it sorta happened that way except my liquid was from coffee; I’m a coffee-addict!

        I’m sorry about that minor accident anyways, yeah, you’re right. Chin up and enjoy the rest of your weekend because what’s done is done 🙂 Just be careful next time even when you’re in a rush. This morning, I went to the bathroom in a rush having woken up to answer a very urgent call from nature and in my haste I somehow managed to lock myself out of my own room. -_-ll Fortunately, I picked up picking locks from somewhere(I was a good kid and all that so I’m still perplexed as to how and where did I get this skill) and let myself right in with 2 pairs of scissors.

        • merry

          This will probably be late. But i got that talent too. Not pick. But i can open simple door locks with,…tadaah, any thick paper or old credit card. Hah, at least that’s one use for the latter that doesn’t hurt. I saw it done by a locksmith who i had to pay about around US$55 because i locked my housekeys and purse inside. Now, i keep an old card in my glove compartment. So long as it is not complicated locks. it can be for double locks so long as the door knob was not keyed.

  17. 17 Aigoo

    Hey everyone!

    It’s been a slow drama week for me but I’ve started watching Ad Genius LTB and, surprisingly, I’m liking it! I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect to. This is my first time seeing any of the actors (shows what a newbie I really am!) but I think it’s going well. Anyone else watching? What are your thoughts?

    Haven’t caught up on FBND as yet but I hear good things and am looking forward to it!

    Also watching Level 7 Civil Servant but I feel my interest dropping. I honestly don’t get why I’m supposed to like Seo Won (or whatever her name is)… I don’t get why BOTH guys like her! Maybe it’s just the lying….that’s a huge turnoff for me…

    • 17.1 Korazy Lady

      I think to love L7CS you have to be a big JW fan. If not, it does start to lose its appeal. I dropped it last week and am just reading recaps now.

    • 17.2 kopytko

      Hi Aigoo!
      Ad Genius is slowly growing on me. I like the developing bonds and relations between the characters. What I slightly dislike, though, is AhRi who seems a lighter version of Queen of Ambtion Da Hae.
      On a shallow note, I am happy that I got to know JinGu 🙂

      • 17.2.1 Aigoo

        @kopyto I think we share the same shallowness!! Must be infectious!

        • Korazy Lady

          Isn’t that part of the Kdrama Addict creed? Must possess a certain amount of shallowness to thoroughly enjoy watching hot Koreans despite storylines? (Notice I didn’t say men as we are getting more men addicts on here!)

  18. 18 TS

    Aaaahhhh, I don’t feel good today. Really sad and frustrated. Will check back in with everyone later after I watch more Dad, WHere are you going?

    Which, by the way, is freakin’ hilarious. (Ooh, mood lift!).

    Here’s info and links to subbed episodes:

    One day, I might get to English-language tv…

    One more thing, has anyone seen Cupid Factory? Apparently it has Woobie My Wuv.

    • 18.1 Enz

      Feel better soon TS!

      • 18.1.1 TS

        Thank you! Muahz!

  19. 19 shasha

    woah i hope it’s not true about park shi hoo one of my top k actors….if it’s true why was he not careful? there’s so many eligible female celebs out there she shld trust right? if indeed found to be true, i am & will be in disbelief! i have high respect for him & all that! never wld hv thot otherwise about him! i hope it’s not true at all but i just read that he was saying it was consensual(spell?)

  20. 20 KDrama Fan

    Hello everybody!

    Really enjoying Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek, FBND, TWTWB.

    Thanks KDramaLand!

    Thanks Dramabeans Team!

    • 20.1 Raine

      HIIII! We’ve been tweeting…hehe.

  21. 21 Abbi Kay

    So I’m currently watching ‘100 years inheritance,’ but it is 50 episodes long!


    So far, I think it is a fantastic drama, but I’m not confident that I can stomach the mother-in-law for another 40 episodes! Lady is nuts! By episode 3, she had me popping blood vessels.

    However Jung Jin is in it and I’ve adored that man since ‘9 ends 2 outs’ and ‘I love you, don’t cry,’ so I’ll have to suck it up, I guess?

    Anyway, I’m also watching:
    -Love Cheer (just awesome)
    -Innocent Man (stuck on episode 12 since
    December..not because it’s bad, but some of the
    characters are too out of control for my sanity! Plus
    that secretary guy makes me uncomfortable.)
    -Flower Boy Next Door (waiting till the drama finishes so
    I can watch episodes 9-16 nonstop!)
    -Faith (I don’t even remember what episode I left off
    from since Oct/Nov so I’ll pick this up eventually.)
    -Live in Style (Dropped this one. It was good for two
    seconds and then took a nose-dive to obscurity).

    I’m looking forward to watching:
    -My Daughter Seo Young
    this drama has garnered >46% viewership! Surely
    that must mean something considering how people
    are happy if they exceed 10% viewership).
    -May Queen
    Everyone’s been raving about this and I’ve been
    avoiding it for months, so I’ll give it a go. I hope I like
    the lead actress…never saw her before.
    -I Miss You
    I started this, but stopped at episode 2, because I
    suddenly felt like watching a family drama. I think I’m
    shying from this drama, because I’m not too great a
    fan of its premise. I definitely haven’t dropped it,
    because YEH and PYC are in it, so I’m looking
    forward to their sizzling chemistry.

    However, I do wish that I could find more dramas like ‘New tales of gisaeng’ or ‘Ojakgyo Brothers,’ though.
    Thoroughly enjoyed those two and I’d highly recommend them.

    • 21.1 enz

      i loved ojakgyo brothers but i really am not liking my daughter seo young. everytime i catch it, i am irritated by the characters AND in particular seo young herself! i dont get her and maybe thats why i dont like her. i really am baffled why this show is getting such a high rating. ojakgyo and my husband has a family were so much better!

      sorry, just thought i’d share my thoughts on it. hope you dont mind.

      • 21.1.1 Abbi Kay

        No, I totally love inputs like yours because I can gauge whether I should invest 50 hours or so of my life to only end up irritated by the drama (like I was with ‘Live in Style’….grrr).

        You know what? I WAS thinking about ‘You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly/ My husband has a family,’ especially since the lead actress won the daesang award for her role. I’ll trust your judgment on this since you also liked ojakgyo brother. thank youu muchh!

        • aznative

          I watched “My Husband Got a Family” and really liked it. The cast is excellent and it’s a very interesting story, and best of all the ending was entirely pleasing.

          • Abbi Kay

            I hope that it ends well! After seeing the ending of “oh-la-la couple,” I’ve been traumatized, because it was a thoroughly dissatisfying.

            …I’m still reeling over it after 3 months!

            ahhaa, anyway, yes, ‘My husband got a family’ will be among my must SEE!

        • Enz

          I found her a really cold fish and I didn’t like the secondary storyline with the brother either. Lots of roll eye moments for me. Just can’t sympathize with her as a character.

    • 21.2 TS

      I feel that way about the MIL in Hundred Years too.

      And since the ex-husband will never leave ChaeWon alone fully, and also since MIL’ll be on the war path to get the hero for her daughter, we’re going to hear a lot of her.

      I was never so happy watching that show as when she faked hysterical speech loss, whew! Do that more, omoni!

      • 21.2.1 Abbi Kay

        ahh, I’m so terrified for Chae Won. You just KNOW that the jealous sister-in-law is going to go bat-ishh-CRAZY on her when she discovers that Se Yoon actually likes Chae Won.

        things can only get worse at this point before they get better.

        On a side note, I’m not feeling the piano teacher’s and that tacky ahjussi’s pending romance. I’m so disinterested in their story that I find myself skipping their scenes. I don’t mind the age difference, I just don’t like HIM, you know?

        I wish all 50 episodes were out already so that I could have my ‘Hundred Year Inheritance’ marathon in my PJs!

        • Windsun33

          Abbi – I agree. At this point in “100 Year” I pretty much fast forward through the side plots. I just don’t see the point in the piano teacher sillyness – not grabbing me at all. I guess they needed filler material to make 50 episodes.

          • Abbi Kay

            Don’t you just hate when that happens–when you have a fantastic main plot, but the side stories simply don’t match in quality?
            I just can’t understand why the writers don’t create more scenes with Chae Won and Se Yoon, rather than have nonsensical scenes with the piano teacher and her soon-to-be-significant-other. Seriously, what do these two add to the story other than bland comedic effect?

            We’ll have to grin and bear it, I guess.

    • 21.3 Korazy Lady

      Am now caught up with AHYI and have to say, YEAH! I feel like we can finally get somewhere with the OTP. I, too, almost dropped it because of the crazy MIL, but hopefully she will be on the back burner for a while. (I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her, though!)

      I love Jung Jin, too, but wasn’t liking him in this in the beginning. Thank heavens they changed his hair up a little and are giving his character more depth. He was so great in 9 Ins 2 Outs.

      And for some reason I thought it was only 30 episodes. This will be one long ride…..

      • 21.3.1 Abbi Kay

        ahaha I know right? Jung Jin’s character in the beginning was too indifferent and jarringly aloof. Now we’ve scene glimpses of his sense of humor, so I’ve warmed up to him a great deal.

        The most memorable scene for me thus far (I’ve only watched up to episode 10 before freaking out that this was a 50eppy drama) was when Chae Won was grocery shopping with her idiot husband for BBQ material and Se Yoon ran into her in one of the aisles.
        The look of interest and longing (I know, I’m lame) that he gave Chae won as he watched her leave with her hubby was the ultimate!
        It was then when I realized that I’m going to ship these two really hard…once they officially get together, that is.

        can hardly wait!

        I’m a little bummed that dramabeans isn’t covering ‘Hundred Year Inheritance.’ It’s such a promising drama!

        ….already hating the sister-in-law and she’s only appeared in scenes for a second. She’s not going to stay in her own lane, that’s clear. I just hope Chae won doesn’t stand for her nonsense.

  22. 22 Raine

    Hello OT!

    This week has been weird with the PSH scandal. I’ve decided to keep my comments on it to a minimum save to say I am distressed.

    I haven’t watched 14 of FBND because I promised my newly addicted sister to watch it with her. But I’m DYING. WANT TO WATCH….NOW.

    I’m also stoked for The Best Lee Soon-shin with uri Jo Jung-seok and IU (and Yo In-ah). Mostly because JJS is in it. He’s my total talent crush. The man is great on the straight stage, musical stage, film, drama….you name it, he rocks it. How is that possible? When talent was dealt, he seriously got WAY more than his share. That equals hearts in my eyes every time I think about him…

    It’s been fun getting my sister into k-drama because now we have k-drama time together. Currently we’re watching my love/hate show Secret Garden. I LOVE it because of the OST and the chemistry and OSKA!!!! And then I hate it for the reasons all the haters hate it. But it’s like crack. I keep coming back to it. And hearing anything from the OST makes me giddy. I blame it on my inner musician…

    Speaking of inner musician, I have some orchestral auditions lined up. If you don’t know me, I just moved to colorado from Florida and I’m trying to settle myself into the music scene. I’m a cellist trying to get work!

    Updates on zgznoona: She’s arrived safely in Japan. She’s exhausted, but doing well and on her way to Chiba I believe.

    • 22.1 FishcalledWanda

      Ooh, respect for your self-control to wait and watch with your sister. Not sure if I could do the same, hehe. But how cool that you can watch together!

      And wow you play the cello! I love that instrument, it has such a beautiful sound. Good luck with you auditions! Have you already played in a orchestra before?

      • 22.1.1 Raine

        I’ve subbed with professional orchestras, but I haven’t been a tenured member. That’s my current goal. I’ve done studio work and played in bands and stuff and done recitals.

        After you move, its very difficult to establish yourself in the string community because it IS very small and super competitive. Actually, I should be practicing now for my next audition…but I’m on OT…

        But one of my blog goals is to pick up my arranging of kpop stuff for cello:D My next one is going to an FH Island song, Love Love Love…heh.

        • FishcalledWanda

          I hope you can get to complete your goal! And not only your orchestra goal, I think it would be beautiful to hear a kpop song with a cello arrangement!
          How long have you been playing? I played some piano when I was younger, but I quit cause I didn’t have time to practice, but I know wish I had made a different decision. Making music is such a great virtue.
          And it’s very recognisable to be on the OT while having other thing you should be doing. I should be reading a text for college, but I’d rather hang out here!
          And by the way, how are you liking Florida? It’s a long way from Colorado! I can imagine it must be hard to start all over again in the music scene. Especially with all the competitiveness.

    • 22.2 enz

      ahhh raine!! you brought it up – i was wondering if i should post to say i am so looking forward to my daughter seo young ending so that i can watch that new drama with jo jung seok!! i think he is pretty good – having watched a few episodes of K2H and architecture 101.

      hoping the new drama will be good, if not awesome. my daughter seo young is so not good. such a chore to watch – not that i am following religiously.

      also, good luck with the florida move. so hard to adjust sometimes to a new place. hope thats not the case for you and hope you find work you love soon 🙂

      • 22.2.1 Korazy Lady

        Enz, I am looking forward to My Daughter Seo Young ending because I want to see a big fat wedding between Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung! It’s about time, already! (Not that they’re engaged or anything, but still….)

        • Enz

          Ugh, I can’t stand her character seo young!! But she’s a lucky gal to have ji sung. AND prob vice versa la

          • Korazy Lady

            I have not watched one episode so wouldn’t know. I’m just thinking now that the Great Seer is over – let’s make that commitment, Ji Sung!

  23. 23 JoAnne

    Good Morning My Wondrous Beans!

    I’m literally staggered by the beauty on the screen in That Winter. It’s icing on the cake that the story is good so far and that the acting is skilled and man – the filming. The score. The locations. They are the equal of the beautiful, beautiful people on our screen. Tumblr calls it ‘That Time I Turned on the TV and No One was Ugly’ and truer words were never spoken. Ok. Joong Tae and that perm slash wig, he’s not all that, but really, the rest of them? Even Moo Chul the gangster is kinda hot in a weird way. I think his voice is sexy. And I’m not prepared to hate Secretary Wang yet, so I will allow that she has lovely, lovely eyes. And the Fred Armisen lawyer is cute in a funny looking kind of way. Seriously, Song Hye Ko’s skin? Loved her make up in the make over scene. DROOLED over that woman’s skin, practically.

    I realized this morning that part of Jo In Sung’s appeal is the way he talks…I believe I mentioned before with Daniel Choi that that lazy sort of bored, amused tone was catnip and oh, does Jo In Sung have catnip. I must un-bore you, Pretty Man. I must wipe that patronizing tone out of your voice. How shall I do that? Oh, I have methods. Believe me, I do. Come closer, Catnip Boy. Noona wants, oh yes she does. Noona waaaaaaants.

    Anyway…I REALLY like Bummie’s sort of playful/slightly off-balance character. He is terrific with Eun Ji, who I adore, so there’s a lot of happiness here. And who is that guy who was Youngie’s first love? Can I have please? No really – who is he, and can I have him? He might have a few scratches when I return him. I’ll try to be careful, but I’m sure you understand. It will definitely fall under the normal wear and tear rule.

    Queen of Ambition continues to be Nice Guy for Grown Ups and I continue to loathe Da Hae with all of my Ha Ryu loving heart and as much as he’s been hurt…I dread the upcoming hurt for Hot Step Brother and sweet clueless Do Hoon, too, even though they have a part in his pain. Especially because I’m betting HSB’s hurt will include death, or possibly just jail time, but still. I KNOW HE IS A MURDERER. But it’s her fault. IT’S HER FAULT, SHUT UP. I need to have all her mens here for a big group hug. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? You can jump in to, Master Yum with your squishy face and crazy hair. Get rid of the stubble, though. And for the love of all that is holy, man – close your mouth when you CHEW.

    Flower Boy Next Door has never not made me happy, and even if the hints of NITC (Noble Idiocy to Come) aren’t trolling us, the truth is it can’t last long since it ends next week, right – so while I wouldn’t be THRILLED about it, I can deal. Part of me wonders, though…what if nobody ends up with anybody? Is it so bad, then? What if Enrique and Dok Mi are just meant to share part of their journey and that’s it? If it was handled well – with both of them acknowledging that they had a brief but significant moment – I could be happy with that. Especially if the couple together at the end is Do Hoon (really is that his name…two Do Hoons?…it’s what I think of as his name, you know who I mean. Designated Driver Cartoon Boy. Anyway. Him and Panda Editor. If they are the last couple standing, I could be way more than ok with that if the other ends for reasons I can swallow.)

    I’m behind on Level 7 and Incarnation of Money but I have no big plans this weekend so I have that, and I want to check out Ad Genius, and I do not care about the IRISH bad reviews. I have to watch it. My country needs me.

    (sorry have to interrupt myself. Jo In Sung is on my other screen and just…oy. How is that fair? Episode 5 we get angsty shower scene and even with a shirt on it’s STILL one of the sexiest things we’ve ever seen? How does fully dressed skinny drowned rat out-hot pretty much every post-MS ab ever?)

    New music – FINALLY started looking into Urban Zakapa, nice nice nice. And while I was hunting for Verbal Jint’s new song, I found a collab he did with Seo In Guk a few months ago that I really like. And while the sound and look of Dream Girl leaves me a bit cold, I really like Shinee’s new Japanese song, Fire. And yay, because *cue Minho* Shinee’s back! But what is happening with Taeminnie’s face? I keep looking at it and nothing seems much different but EVERYTHING is different and I can’t put my finger on it. I guess that’s good. Putting my finger on that maknae would be illegal, right? I guess I will have to distract myself with Jong. Or Minho. Or both…maybe I should just go make toast with Onew. Actually…I want to sit in a park with Key and snark about everybody that walks by while we drink lattes and look unrealistically pretty in a very androgynous way.

    I know, grabby-hands galore today. It’s not my fault!

    Also. Notice what I’m not talking about? I hope you’re not talking about it either. We are not him, not her, not even that other guy. End of story. Most of us aren’t in the same time zone, let alone zip code. We have nothing to add. Can we just offer up a prayer for all hearts to be truthful and for justice to be done, and agree that no matter what, everyone loses on this one?

    And now, back to the distraction of the The Pretty.

    • 23.1 Abbi Kay

      you might also like if you enjoy urban zakapa’s music.

      • 23.1.1 JoAnne

        oh thank you, I will look!

      • 23.1.2 meanrice

        I love urban zapaka, w&whale, and of course clazzi.

        • PiscesDragon

          If its not so much to ask, can you give me the english title of this Urban Zakapa song used in Ep 15 of Can We Get Married? Really want to know the meaning of this nice song.

          • okiejune

            iTunes calls it “Home”

    • 23.2 Raine

      JoAnne unni –

      I, as always, need to get on your current melo (IE that winter one with the really long name.) Also Level 7

      I’m praying that FBND undercuts the noble idiocy factor like its done with so many other things.

      I just wrote down Verbal Jint because you reminded me how much I like him.

      And the pretty. I’m looking at Jo Jung-seok right now…heh…

    • 23.3 TS

      I’ve been wondering about watching Queen of Ambition. Should I try it? I was surprised it wasn’t recapped here considering it’s Su Ae, who is brilliant and charismatic.

      • 23.3.1 JoAnne

        TS – it’s excellent. Watch it.

        • TS

          Since we have similar tastes, ahem, Woobie, I shall do so. 😉

      • 23.3.2 Windsun33

        Though I love Queen of Ambition, be warned that it is hard to take in large doses. If you marathon it, you may end up shooting or setting fire to your TV around episode 6.

    • 23.4 Aryast

      @JoAnne you be crazay! I love your craziness hahahahaha! Laughing at how “sinister” you are with all those grabby hands and cat-scratches and catnip shenanigans.

      I’m pretty much on-board with you when it comes to the overwhelming(the good sort) pretties on screen of That Winter; couldn’t have said it better meself.

    • 23.5 Korazy Lady

      JoAnne, are you starting to like TWTWB more than QoA? Yikes, then I can’t wait to start it next week when my sister comes. Too great dramas at once=kdrama heaven!

      • 23.5.1 JoAnne

        It’s ridiculous how good this stuff is lately. Of course, it’s early days for TWtWB but so far it’s very engaging and incredibly gorgeous. There isn’t anyone to just HATE the way that there is in QofA, and I don’t know if there will be, but I don’t have to have that, either.

        Just…let’s just say that when we get to the angsty love part between Song Hye Ko and Jo In Sung I am gonna be killing a lot of trees. I can feel that coming.

        And there’s this evil henchman knee breaker Moo Chul and we got a glimpse of him earlier in life and…what is that JB says? The universe for this one is well-constructed. Sometimes I think the best melos (and the saddest) are the ones where by the end, you realize you can’t blame anyone for your tears. It’s just because the lives you watched turned out sad, and that’s the way it goes.

        • Korazy Lady

          JoAnne, you are not only a comedic genius, but a writer of words of wisdom. Kasahamnida ***bows***

          • JoAnne

            awwwww, I don’t deserve that 🙂 but thank you!

    • 23.6 pogo

      Hey JoAnne! I’m really into TWTWB too, though not emotionally invested the way I am with FBND (which has me wanting to howl NOOOOOOOOOOOO DON’T END!!!!!!!!!!) or School 2013. It doesn’t hurt that everything is so gorgeous it looks like art photography come to life.

      And I adore our second leads no matter how cranky Eun-ji’s character is right now (she and Bummie are so adorable together, I want them to kiss again already once she’s done ranting about her sister), but I think you put your finger smack on why JIS pretty much sets my knickers on fire every episode – it’s not just his looks but THAT VOICE. (And yeah, Daniel Choi did it so perfectly in School, I loled when Nam-soon started taking on his inflections – perfect acting there <3)

      And I don't want FBND to end either! Not ready, not in the slightest 🙁

      • 23.6.1 JoAnne

        Pogo – I LOVED when she did that. Didn’t have the same effect on my knickers, but I was all ‘wink at the screen, I see what you did there, Jang Nara’ and giggling.

    • 23.7 Noemi

      Youngie’s first love is Yoo Gun…although judging by some of the comments on Viki, I think there’s already a line forming. Better hurry! 😀

      • 23.7.1 Rashell

        OMG the first love of Young is delicious! I can’t believe I’ve never seen him before in anything, but I was floored. It kills me that this blind girl has all this eye-candy that she can’t even appreciate! 😉

    • 23.8 Enz

      Joanne! I don’t believe you anymore !! You’re always staggered!! Are you sure it’s not just alcohol induced staggeredness? Hmm? Hmm?

      Anyway, I don’t know what you’re talking about coz I haven’t started on it yet but I distinctly remember you saying similar things about NG!! Don’t you think though that JIS has a unattractive way of keeping his mouth slightly slack when he is mad? * holds up arms to fend off blows*

      Hehehe thanks for the laughs as usual JoAnne :).

      • 23.8.1 JoAnne

        Enz! Jo In Sung is pretty but he has a weak chin. With NG, I was staggered by Joong Ki in general and in one outfit in particular….in this one, it’s the whole production, which kind of looks like a dream.

      • 23.8.2 skelly

        Actually, I’d say that one of the really attractive things about JIS is that he is not afraid to appear unattractive. He’s perfect for the part because he is so very, very chock full of imperfections.

        • Shukmeister

          skelly –

          I hadn’t really thought about it, but you are right.

        • Enz

          I don’t know. I don’t like his acting coz that’s what it looks like, acting! I’ve only seen the first episode though so I need to see more. I should reserve judgement till then, I suppose.

          • Korazy Lady

            Now I’m getting worried, Enz. We have similar tastes, and I’m not crazy about Jo In Sung to begin with, so I’m hoping I love this as much as everyone else on here does!

          • Enz

            In any case, we will have Kim bum who seems to be able to exercise his facial muscles these days so not all will be lost if we don’t like JIS.

            Watched the second episode, like the first episode for me, it had roll eye moments. I really have to suspend my disbelief at some of the situations. But yes, it moves very fast so at least I don’t nod off.

    • 23.9 Jeannette


      I love the new stuff. Beautiful is my fave song off of it and Minho and Taeminnie sound amazing.
      Fire’s gonna be great. I ordered two of those (4 Dream Girl CDs haha…I need an Onew photocard)…don’t forget the second half of SHINee’s new album drops in April. BEST YEAR EVER

      • 23.9.1 JoAnne

        Minho took part in my update, Jeannette. We’re tight like that. Jong is way jealous.

        I MUCH prefer Fire to Dream Girl. In fact, I don’t like Dream Girl all that much. But Fire has that Shinee sound I love and they look so handsome in that video.

        Although Jonghyun’s blonde-ish caramel hair is PERFECTION in Dream Girl.

        • Jeannette

          LOL JoAnne! His hair IS daebak! <3 I can't believe fans are hating it! WHATEVER.

          Fire…I CANNOT WAIT! iTunes will release it on Feb 27th, yippeeeee!

          I really love the progression of their sound though. SHINee's discography just flows so well. And Minho is getting way more lines! Minho-goon, you're killing me!

          TTBY time? lol

          • Windsun33

            Something that aggravates me on iTunes is the high prices compared to Amazon. iTunes has a little better selection, but I found that on some CD’s it is actually cheaper to order the original CD from Korea. (I usually use “grapemusiccd” on eBay, but there are others). And quite often with the original CD’s you get some cool stuff insert stuff.

    • 23.10 Mar

      Hey, JoAnne, I get the Moo Chul attraction too. When he smiles, I’m like wow, look at that.

      I have never quite figured out why JIS pushes my buttons. I generally don’t like the stuff he is in, but I like to look at him lol. He’s got this weird geeky vibe and I see photos of him I’m like meh at first glance. But when I see him act, it’s like hello come sit next to me. He’s got a rougher looking face than many Korean actors/idols that appeal to me, and maybe that is his appeal, he just looks more mature. To me he just appears to be holding back his sexy and it’s going to ooze out any time. Yikes.

      I’m also on the I want SHK’s skin band wagon too. And lips. And eyes. Seriously girl crushing on the pretty woman and I don’t girl crush. I just keep telling myself they are shooting her with a special lens to make me not want to glue myself to the screen lol.

  24. 24 owl

    Hi hi! OT is my early weekend kick off!

    That Winter The Wind Blows ep 5: When they were lying together (not like any bro/sis I know) and he said, “You know where to touch and where not to touch,” all I could hear was the overture of Tommy (the Who), “Hear me, feel me, touch me, see me.” Which, come to think of it, would be a hot remix for Big Bang or some other kpop boy band to do.Tommy, the whole thing. It would blow minds.

    FBND♥ in suitz – all day long, please.

    IRIS 2 – I marathoned IRIS for background. It’s confusing transitioning from Lee Byung Hun (loved) to Jang Hyuk (love too, especially in Midas) in time sequence. I don’t really want to read a detailed synopsis, but I may have to because it’s complicated. Espionage thrillers aren’t usually my thing, but I dig the IRISes.

    (jdrama) The Clockwork Orange episode gave Biblia (yes, I was dropping it, but…) some clout in my book (eh~). The background on Anthony Burgess’ novel was rather intriguing. I was shocked to find out the publisher’s suggestion for the ending change back in the 1960s and its impact. You learn something new every day.

    On the recommendation by several, I am going to start Queen of Ambition. I need something I can sink my teeth into for my voracious addict appetite~

    Downton Abbey fans check this out:

    Happy weekend

    • 24.1 Raine

      The only American tv I’m watching is The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time. TWD is still amazing. OUAT lost me after that horrible red riding episode.

      I’ve only heard good things about DA so I’m afraid to start and have some more tv crack…

      • 24.1.1 JoAnne

        Sugarpop, Raine, honeybunny, you need to be watching The Following. Trust me on this.

        • Raine

          Yes, unni, ma’am!!!

        • owl

          Kevin Bacon-ness. Not my hotness, but I get why he has the reputation that surrounds him. Pretty much like everything he is in ~

          • JoAnne

            You don’t understand, Owl. I have been watching Kevin Bacon since we were teenagers and he was Philip Spaulding on Guiding Light. My love for him predates those SallyComeLatelies who fell for him in Footloose.

            Plus, James Purefoy.

          • owl

            I see that you are in very deep, JoAnne.

          • Korazy Lady

            JoAnne, I can’t believe you remember Kevin Bacon on the Guiding Light! I was glued to the TV back then, too!

          • JoAnne

            I used to watch after school, Korazy! Then I got a job, and that was the end of soaps for me until I was in the Army, where EVERYONE would crowd into the dayroom at lunch time to watch Erica on All My Children.

      • 24.1.2 owl

        DA is a committment (3 seasons so far, with a 4th in tow) but it is SO worth it. No one does tea, royal weddings, and BBC like the Brits, hands down!

      • 24.1.3 meanrice

        The only American TV i watch are new girl, the mindy project and top chef. Gave up everything else b/c im addicted to kdrama

    • 24.2 JoAnne

      OMG OMG OMG….who should be Tommy though. SO ON BOARD.

      • 24.2.1 owl

        JoAnne, okay – let’s think this through. Daesung was ok in What’s Up, but he doesn’t have Tommy presence. G-Dragon’s got the talent. And the presence, maybe. But I think he is too manufactured to do 60s psychedelic.

        Imma go with TOP. He’s intense. He seems the most unpredictable. I’m thinking IRIS image – black hair, cold eyes.

        • JoAnne

          thinking thinking thinking…

          (and currently lusting after Vick, oddly enough, during lunches)

          yeah, that could work.

          You know what else could work? A BigBang remake of SGT Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – they’ve already got the outfits.

          • Shukmeister

            LOL – I’d pay good money to see that!!

    • 24.3 Carole McDonnell

      oh gee, now you’re making me want to return to Biblia. Will see. Thanks.

    • 24.4 Saima

      yayyyyyy for Downton Abbey love!! Cried like a baby at the S3 finale. Whyyyy?!!!! There go my tears…

      I cracked up when DA was mentioned a bunch of times in Suits S2 finale, heh.

    • 24.5 Korazy Lady

      Hilarious cartoon! Thanks for sharing!

    • 24.6 pogo

      Hey owl! I haven’t watched TWTWB ep 5, but now I have a burning need to watch this scene you describe even if part of me will still be clutching my face @the brother pretence lol

      I can’t believe I used to love Downton Abbey, it became such a mess in S2 and I only stayed in it for Mary…..let’s just hope the new guy they’re casting for next season is hot!

      If you guys don’t mind modern-day British comedies, I STRONGLY recommend Suburban Shootout – it’s about a policeman’s wife who moves into an idyllic suburb and finds that the local housewives have formed proper, shoot-’em-up gangs behind their husband’s backs – and they try to recruit her! Great cast, and if anyone remembers Tom Hiddleston (Loki from The Avengers), he’s in it as the main lead’s teenage sun and is adorable and hilarious.

    • 24.7 Enz

      No quotes owl?

      Have you watche the woman who still wants to marry? I think lots of quotable quotes there 🙂

      The last bit was

      “When the wind blows, it’s okay to shake. I have faith that at some point, the wind will stop. When it rains, seek out friends. You’re not alone. When love comes, love. And when love leaves, let it go.”

      Ok so maybe not the most original but when you’ve watched the show, it comes to mean something.

      • 24.7.1 owl

        Just for you, enz!

        “If it’s so unfair, then pack your bags and go live in a fair world” (L7CS ep2).

        “Money is quite handy. It works everywhere” (IoM ep 3).

        “Back then you would have gone to hell and back if I asked you. have you changed or have my words lost power?” (Midas, ep 6)

        Just a few kdramabytes to chew on 🙂

        • Enz

          Thanks owl.. Wouldn’t have wanted you to stop this. I keep forgetting or maybe, nothing was said that was memorable enough for me.

        • Windsun33

          Still one of my favorite quotes “You have the right to remain silent, but if you do you’re a dead man” – from “Windstruck”, an older but still my favorite K-drama of all time.

          • Owl

            Really? I haven’t seen it, but I always jot down a drama when someone says it is their fav. Love quotes out of context 🙂

    • 24.8 John

      owl ~

      I’ll have to watch Biblia now. I was going to drop it.

      Other J-dramas I’ve watched are falling behind in the subs, (Saikou no Rikon & Share House no Koibito ).

      I almost didn’t recognize Eita, he has a normal hair style !

      • 24.8.1 owl

        Checked out your reference to Eita, John. I haven’t picked up Saikou no Rikon (eng translation – Matrimonial Chaos) Share house subs are taking forever, I am antsy for new episodes. It’s crazy. Have you watched Sugarless? (originally manga). I’m in ~

      • 24.8.2 Owl

        So i’ve watched saikou no rikon -Eita is one of those guys who looks good w/o glasses and completely different with glasses (the wire rims -um big no!) I like the drama so far.

  25. 25 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Happy Friday!

    Am not watching too many dramas now. But I might check out That winter, even if I saw the movie it’s based on. I kinda hate knowing the ending of a story before watching it but I do like the pretend brother angle. Not gonna see Iris2 because I was told I’d be totally confused if I haven’t seen Iris. Not gonna continue with Advertising Genius. Just am not feeling it.

    Watching Nobunaga still. Really excited to see what will happen when Youko comes into the picture.

    The OTP can finally come together in One hundred year inheritance. A long wait but at last! Not even the most prudish divorce-hating grandma can accuse our heroine of adultery or blame her for giving up on Mr Momma’s Boy.

    Loving Flower Boy Next Door and Incarnation of Money. Incarnation has so many flaws I can’t begin to count but for some reason I just can’t let it go.

    Will try to marathon Conspiracy in the Court this weekend. Waiting for the subs of Monsters.

    Liking Mielino Kashiwagi. It has a nice modern vibe in how it’s directed. Might stick with it. Love Yakou Kanrasha. Having trouble sitting past the first fifteen minutes of Biblia episodes. Am thinking I should look at it and discover all kinds of wonderful Japanese literature. But noooooooo, it’ not grabbing me. Watched Sugarless. First two episodes was good if one likes looking at young incredibly hot Japanese guys but am not sure if there’s gonna be a plot worthwhile enough. Liking Mahoro Ekimae. Love the two guys and really like the OST, Flower Companyz Beautiful Dreamer.

    Saw some good Korean movies. Written, which was quite interesting. Also liked Werewolf Boy.

    Great weekend, all.

    • 25.1 MojoJojo

      I never heard of Mielino Kashiwagi, but I just looked up the synopsis and it’s right up my alley. Thank you for mentioning it.

      Happy Weekend all!

      • 25.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        it’s fun so far. Am not great at cinematic terms but the way it’s shot..especially the scene on the roof (i think it was the roof) had a real movie quality. And the way the dialog flowed…felt very natural, almost like a documentary.

        It feels really modern.

    • 25.2 JoAnne

      Hi Carole! Conspiracy in the Court is on my short list, and so is Sirius, which is now subbed on DC-net.

      • 25.2.1 Raine

        finally. I was waiting for sirius!

      • 25.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        Hi JoAnne:

        Yeah, I started the first episode six or so months ago then left it hanging. Liked the mc and the assassin girl. Sirius was breaking my heart in the first episode. Trying to hold on and force myself..and I should not have read the recaps of the last episode. Will see.

    • 25.3 John

      Carole ~

      I can’t wait for next week’s episode of No Chef.

      I’m all for Team Ken & Natsu.

      • 25.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        I’m thinking Youko can’t be a love interest. It’ll just be so sad if it was. I’m not into angst about Ken having to give up one love for another. Just wouldn’t help. Will see. Ken is just one of the best characters. Humble, gentle, cute has heck with luscious lips, intelligent, insightful. Do i sound as if I have a crush on the character?

        • John

          Carole ~

          You take Ken, I’ll take Natsu. It was so sweet when he asked her to live with him. Poor girl didn’t know what to say.

          • Carole McDonnell

            It’s a very tender love, isn’t it? The Japanese are so good at depicting that kind of love. (Maybe i’ll see some of that in That Winter…if I actually watch TWTWB)

            And yes, Ken and Natsu are perfect for each other but yeah, if they can’t have each other…they can have us at least.

      • 25.3.2 owl

        Must start No Chef. Sugarless is intersting, but not sure it will fully translate from manga to drama to measure up. So far, there hasn’t been one adult in sight, not at school, or on the streets, it’s funy!

        • JoAnne

          OMG will they ever SUB that damn show I have been waiting so long. The other day I got all excited because someone reposted some episodes on DC-net but I don’t know why. It certainly wasn’t because they were, oh, I don’t know…SUBBED or anything.


      • 25.3.3 Windsun33

        If you like the “cooking drama” type also take a look at “Osen”, a very quirky but funny J-drama.

    • 25.4 alua

      I want to watch Mahoro Ekimae but I hear it’s a sequel to the film, and I haven’t seen the film yet (really want to do – been on my to-watch list for a while and I’ve heard it’s good).

      Really want to watch some Japanese dramas, but nothing much that I’m interested in being subbed regularly (Sharehouse no Koibito, Saikou no Rinkon, Nakuna, Hara-chan).

      Tonbi is always quite moving though – fairly simple, and I’m not sure the narrative structure (present + extended flashback) was the best choice, but the story and the characters really pull at my hearstrings. Sato basically had me in tears with him when he was telling his Dad what to do, what not do when he goes off to university, rather than the other way around.

      • 25.4.1 alua

        *ignore all the errors* (need to proofread) X_X

        • Carole McDonnell

          :big grin: I always ignore proofreading errors. Pot calling Kettle black and glass house, kinda thing. I’ve been wondering if i should watch Tonbi. I might check it out but stories told from flashbacks are a bit tough for me. Am battling it now. When I started QoA –as everyone recommended– I saw what seems to be the ending…and I balked a bit but will muddle through. The story looks really good right now.

          • alua

            Tonbi is quite simple, but the characters are very endearing. Sometimes way too stubborn for their own good, but very loveable.

  26. 26 Nadia

    I enjoyed Iris. After surviving Athena, I definitely can give Iris 2 a chance.

    I really enjoyed Faith.

    Avoid May Queen (it’s a waste of time).

    • 26.1 John

      Nadia ~

      Yes, May Queen is a waste of time.

    • 26.2 owl

      Wudalchi power! Lady Choi rocks with her high flying kicks and court maidens. Whoo whoo Faith!

      • 26.2.1 TS

        Agreed! Loved Faith, the Woodalchi and the women body guards.

        Btw, is that a real thing, to have had trained female warriors around the Queen? It kind of makes sense, but still, we’re talking Goryeo.

  27. 27 Hahanzyy

    I miss Go Nam Soon
    I miss Park Heung Soo
    I miss their Bromance

    • 27.1 FishcalledWanda

      You and me both! But luckily they did that photo shoot (together) so you can still stare at those pictures and imagine their characters are doing well ; )

      • 27.1.1 Hahanzyy

        You are right! I hv been looking at those everyday, kekekeke! 🙂

    • 27.2 alua

      You are not the only one!

  28. 28 melo.boy

    Hello all!
    its a bit embarrasing to tell ya all but feels like m addicted to kdramas!
    wish you all lots of love from INDIA!
    this is my first time reply on OT and i love to read all your posts here … im just teen but i feel weird that i watch dramas that are supposed to be watched by only WOMEN!! ..
    basically i love to watch only melodramas and my first ever Kdrama was .. “A love To Kill”(TT_TT) and i was just HOOKED instantly and my list goes with MISA , Bad Guy , Nice Guy , I Miss You, Rooftop Prince , Coffe Prince , Queen In Hyuns Man , Prosecutor Princess , 49 Days ,… Blah Blah Blah ..
    i think i will start participating in OTs from now onwards because i feel good to see all you women sharing your week’s stories and feelings on dramas !

    • 28.1 MojoJojo

      Hey Melo
      Pshhh dramas are for everyone. I got my bro hooked on them as well. He’s watched some that even I haven’t seen. Welcome to OT.

    • 28.2 JoAnne

      Welcome! Dramas are for everyone!

      Join me over here in the melo corner because I love them too. Have you seen….Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School? (rubs hands gleefully)

      • 28.2.1 Raine


        • Saima


      • 28.2.2 melo.boy

        no @JoAnne because i thought its a romcom at first sight … but now when u said its melo than i surely giv it a watch!

        • JoAnne

          @melo.boy – definitely some comic elements. It’s Rain playing a gigolo, after all. But FIRMLY in melo territory. Serious elements of makjang going on there too.

    • 28.3 Korazy Lady

      Welcome, welcome, melo.boy! We are glad to have you here!

      I have been referred to as the queen of melos and I wear the name proudly! (As long as it’s not the cancer/leukemia trop that randomly kills the lead in the end, or blatant child abuse, I am good with it. I do have my limits!)

    • 28.4 Raine

      There are a few men around. John is here.

      Welcome! OT is for everyone as are dramas.

      I have to skidaddle now, but feel free to stay and chat!

    • 28.5 Carole McDonnell

      Hi there, Melo.boy!

    • 28.6 kopytko

      Hello melo.boy! Welcome to OT!
      Lost of love to India! (I heard that sky is the most beautiful in India. Maybe someday I will go and see for myself:) )
      It’s true that melos are usually women’s favourites, but everyone is welcome to share opinions. Not to mention that many ladies here enjoy thrillers, action dramas, historical dramas as well. Or even as oposed to melos.

      BTW, have you seen SangDoo, Let’s Go to School? A lovely tearjerker 😉

    • 28.7 Saima

      Welcome!! I assure you that you’ll have a wonderful time here.

    • 28.8 Shukmeister

      Welcome melo.boy!

      There is no shame in hanging with us! Sometimes you need to find a place where you can talk about stuff that other people don’t understand. My coworkers (and most of my family) laugh at my obsession with Asian shows, but I have gotten several to watch them!

      It sounds like you like a cross section of types: melo, procedural, historical, and rom-coms! That makes you well rounded in my book!

    • 28.9 Windsun33

      We are not all women 😀

    • 28.10 melo.boy

      HAHA i m very late to reply here now! actucally i went to bed after just posting as my timezone is +5;30 …

  29. 29 shel

    Drive by posting…..

    Hosted Cherkell and Zgzgirl last weekend. It was low key, but fun to meet them. We took them sightseeing a bit around Monterey, watched Song Joong Ki’s Werewolf Boy and rescued Zgzgirl’s misbehaving hard drive. I put her on the plane to Tokyo and her great adventure on Wednesday afternoon.

    Between that, homeschool, church obligations and a “family” birthday, not much drama time. I’m finally caught up on FBND ( LOVE LOVE LOVE the suit fashion show…laughed ’til I had to find an inhaler). And I WAS caught up on L7CS until yesterday. I still like it, thought I can’t put my finger on why. Don’t LOVE it, but I like it. Watched first ep of QOA and can see why Korazy and JoAnne are so addicted, but haven’t had time to catch up and probably won’t for a couple of weeks. I’ll try to slip in an ep here and there. Started IOM for my KJH, and almost dropped it before he ever showed up. But, since he did, it’s very funny cuz he’s a comic genius. I’m behind on it, though…I’m halfway through ep 5. I really wanna see IRIS2 and Ad Genius, but there really aren’t enough hours in the day.

    About it. Leaving town next week for a wedding in San Diego. I’ll try to download a few eps before I go and maybe I can watch one or two in the car on the way.

    Hope everyone is well and happy.

  30. 30 Trina

    Hi everyone,
    My hubby will be out of town for Business so it will be me and my two boys. I am caught up with A Hundred Year Inheritance and saw the preview of episode 15 are WTF she fell down and hit her head again. Dang it please nooooo amnesia again. This time ex hubby mama’s boy fell too. I need to caught up with FBND and That Winter too.

    Well, it is sunny in S. Cali but yet my house is still cold. Luckily, we have heater in the house. I hope everyone have a great week-end.

    • 30.1 Carole McDonnell

      What the???? Another possible amnesia?
      Oh gooood heavens!!! Please, i so hope not.

    • 30.2 Korazy Lady

      NONONONONO! I’m not sure I am strong enough to continue watching if she gets amnesia (again) and ends up back in her husbands house!

    • 30.3 Rashell

      WHAT?!! I haven’t seen that preview. If she get’s amnesia again after FINALLY escaping that travesty, I don’t know if I can keep watching. Even for the cute that is Lee Jung Jin and Eugene. Just please no!

      • 30.3.1 Trina

        There was a new preview of episode 15 and show that she did fell down with ex hubby mama boy and she hit her head. This time it show her more bleeding on her face.

        • Rashell

          Off to find new preview. Thanks for the info. Hopefully she’s just injured and has ever MORE reason to avoid everyone in that awful family. Maybe our H even ends up coming to her rescue. That seems to be his MO.

    • 30.4 TS

      This time, her family knows the story. So, I don’t think they’ll just let her stay at her ex-in-laws.

  31. 31 Dila

    May I know what’s exactly an open thread? I don’t really see a post by javabeans lol

    • 31.1 Korazy Lady

      Open Thread is for anyone to discuss any drama or drama related things or even other things. It’s just an open discussion, with no intro by javabeans or girlfriday.

    • 31.2 Dewo

      That was exactly my question, about two years ago. But now I’m addicted to Open Thread.
      Well OT is a place where you can share your addiction about kdrama or anything at all and get a lot of friendship reply from all over the world.

    • 31.3 Korazy Lady

      And I should have added that I’ve made many friends on here, some that I actually had the privilege of meeting in person (and going to see Big Bang with)!

      • 31.3.1 Shukmeister

        KorazyLady –

        And don’t forget, tried to get them to watch QSS as well. 😉

        • Korazy Lady

          Well, I’m not really very successful there, now am I Shukmeister?

    • 31.4 alua

      It’s our big playground (extends to all corners of the earth). During the week Javabeans and Girlfriday keep good order and watch carefully over us, on Friday they let us party and yell and sing and dance!

      That’s how I see it anyhow. 😀

      • 31.4.1 JoAnne

        that’s perfect! I wish Bourbon would come back so we could have a virtual pongmacha again

  32. 32 Rovi

    WTF, is that Seo In-guk in the header?! *surprised and shocked like hell*
    Just saying, tho…the mole is a giveaway, but then Lee Jong-seok has a mole like that too…

    URGHH, I’m in my “Schoo 2013” withdrawal stage~! DX Help me~!!!! XD 살려줘 도워주세요ㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛㅛ 진짜로~~~!!!!

    Which reminds me…I’m attempting of making my own headers, ㅋㅋㅋ…tho without Photoshop; my sister’s an ace at that.

    Just downloaded the V.A. OST of “School 2013”, and Seo In-guk’s latest single, so yeah I’m making headers out of them. XD

    Your opinion??? 🙂 It will help…

  33. 33 Saima

    Hello all!!

    It’s been an age since I last visited OT. Wanted to pimp this Turkish series that I am completely obsessed with called “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?” (English translation: What is Fatmagül’s Fault?) The first bunch of epi are difficult to watch (the protaganist gets gang raped and show follows her journey thereafter) but totally worth it. It’s quite surreal to watch it what with the hulabaloo surrounding the Park Shi Hoo scandal.

    Anywhoo, it’s a cathartic watch akin to “Soredemo, Ikite Yuku”. Wonderfully acted, very evocative with a heart-wrenching OST.

    Only on epi 21… still have about 60 episodes to go. Getting to watch MOAAAAAR of Engin Akyurek is a good thing. 😀

    • 33.1 Saima

      oh, and craziest thing ever: this show has a thread on soompi –>

    • 33.2 TS

      It sounds good, but at the same time, marrying the rapist? My heart couldn’t take it.

      • 33.2.1 Saima

        There’s actually more to that aspect. Any more info that I’ll provide will spoil it for you. When my friend briefly filled me in on the premise I was like you and said, “No, thank you!!” but the marriage angle is broached with sensitivity and tact that I’ve been okay. Although the first bunch of episodes made me miserable the later episodes convinced me that those tears were worth it. Beautiful angst…

  34. 34 Lovebug

    Happy Friday Drama friends!

    A bit heartbroken over a couple of things this week. So I finally finished marathoning WGM -Adam couple this week and really find myself believing (and hoping) that Ga In and Jokwon are really together in real life (despite a probability that Jokwon might actually be gay). They are so freaking cute together that I need this to be true. (They now take my top spot for fave WGM couple).

    On a more serious note I am also quite sad about the PSH situation. As pretty die-hard fan the idea that he took advantage of the female is heartbreaking to me. I am inclined to believe he didn’t do it because of my love for him but know after watching Dream High that in SK as woman you pretty much know you will be demonized by the netizens for any kind of sexual scandal even if it not your fault plus this girl is a trainee so her coming forward maybe putting her future career at jeopardy. Its hard to dismiss it and I hope Dramabeans covers it or some english site because there is a lot of confusion over what it means. If he isn’t guilty (which i really pray that he is not) this will be a real blow to his career which is sad as he was gaining more and more popularity. Sigh

    In actual drama watching news – still in a semi funk regarding currently airing dramas.
    I think I am the only one who finds FBND to be too slow and a tad overated. I enjoy it (Especially the bromance between Jin Rak and Dongjoon) but i kind of feel like not much happens and the fact that Dokmi has apparently come down with Noble idiot syndrome (Jin Rak also appears to have a slight case as well) makes me roll my eyes. The stalker girl and fan uproar regarding him returning to Spain is just annoying frankly. I realize i am in the minority regarding this.

    I was also disappointed by Incarnation of Money this past week as well. For some reason i though HJE’s character was going to loose weight the healthy way versus going for complete plastic surgery. Also I am finding KJW’s character to be more annoying than anything else. I know there supposedly this layer of him pretending to be foolish but not sure exactly why he needs to do that (especially if he doesn’t remember what happened as a kid). I like the plot and evil circle of evil so hoping it picks up again for the upcoming episodes.

    Still behind on L7CS – Gil Ro as of last week’s episodes is getting the shaft which annoys me. I also hate CKH styling. Could they make her look any more like a ajjummah with the hair and clothes. I am more watching this drama passively because its on and I already started it, but for me Joowon is the best thing about the drama.

    I actually watched a american show for the first time in recent memory. (I was watching scandal for awhile but gradually lost interest as season 2 progressed though there have been some recent major developments lately). I marathoned season 1 of News Room and really liked it. Anyone else a fan? (I love Olivia Munn!) It made me want to return to American TV shows as i find myself a bit underwhelmed with K-dramas as of late.

    Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

    • 34.1 alua

      “I think I am the only one who finds FBND to be too slow and a tad overated. I enjoy it (Especially the bromance between Jin Rak and Dongjoon) but i kind of feel like not much happens and the fact that Dokmi has apparently come down with Noble idiot syndrome (Jin Rak also appears to have a slight case as well) makes me roll my eyes. The stalker girl and fan uproar regarding him returning to Spain is just annoying frankly.”

      I don’t totally agree with you on this, but I don’t worship the ground off FBND because of things like Do Hwi (who only bores and annoys me) and minor story lines like the stalker girl. No chance that it’ll be my drama of the year or in my top 5/10 dramas because of those things.

      I refuse to believe the twist in ep 14 is going to play out as Noble Idiot syndrome – I’m not going to believe that Dok-mi tries to convince Enrique to leave by lying and pretending to like Jin-rak instead of him until I see it on the screen.

      I do like the main story though and the main trio of characters. I like Jin-rak and Dongjoon as individual characters (with flaws and all), but the bromance factor is quite minimal for me – especially when I start comparing to Go Nam-soon/Heung-soo whose bromance was off the charts 😀

      ockoala (over at Koalasplayground) has had the most sensible coverage of PSH that I’ve seen. I like her take as a lawyer 🙂

  35. 35 Bashful82

    I do want to try some other dramas from other countries other than the Big 5 heh.

    If anyone wants to try a Bulgarian drama, look for “The Glass House” (Стъклен дом). The series follows the return of a young man in Bulgaria only to see the murder of his father and the complicated relationships of his unexpected new family. The story unravels the reality of Bulgarian police, business and lifestyle

    The series had at least a million people tuning in every week (bear in mind, the popular of the whole coubtry is something just over 7 million). There have been five seasons so far with episodes numbers ranging from 9 to 17.

    Will try Saima’s suggestions of the Turkish Drama. What other dramas from other countries do people recommend?

    • 35.1 Saima

      Thanks for the recc. 🙂 I didn’t google it but I hope the Eng subs are easier to come by.

      As for “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?” since it was all the rage when it was airing the subbed episodes were pulled down. :/ On the following channel, the user has re-uploaded only the first 3 subbed episodes.

      The rest I’ve dl’ed vids from the channel and then the Eng subs are available here:


      • 35.1.1 Bashful82

        Thanks for that! 🙂

        I think Vikki subbed “The Glass Home” (which is how I think most translate it) up to the first 24 episodes) which covers the first two seasons.

  36. 36 Do-ra-ma

    Hi, dramabean…uh…readers?

    I’m not gonna go into full gushing mode (I’m gonna save it for the episode 5 recap), but That Winter, The Wind Blows is going to make me a nervous wreck for its remaining run. My heart officially broke during this week’s episodes and, ugh, I both loved and hated it at once. I haven’t been deeply pulled into a show like this since probably Equator Man last year. How on earth am I going to make it through the rest of this show?

    On another note, A Werewolf Boy is finally available w/ subtitles if you know where to look, so I’m gonna get to that sometime this weekend. I’m curious to see what all the fuss was about.

    Also, everyone should check out the variety show Dad, Where Are You Going? It is absolutely the cutest thing, and a lot more real than other shows as it involves actual familial relationships.

    • 36.1 TS

      Re Dad, Where Are You Going? I love that show!

      Also, where do we see Werewolf Boy with english subs?

      • 36.1.1 TS

        FYI, a quick google search finally turned A Werewolf Boy with Eng Subs! Yay!

  37. 37 Enz

    Hello fellow dramabeanuts

    It’s past 1 am and I wasn’t going to write but I clicked on DB and Jung il woo is the header and I thought I should say how much I miss him onscreen. Do something soon, il woo ah!!!

    I wanna sleep but I had a massive dinner from 8 to 10 pm and I feel that all sorts of marine life still in my stomach and if I sleep now, they’re all migrating to my ass.

    Lovebug, you’re not the only one underwhelmed by FBND. I don’t get the hype either. I wanna see what happens at the end is all. Then, I shall prob move to TWTWB. Or stick to completed dramas. Simulcasting dramas have been not quite worth the amount of time and energy spent.

    Well, I should stop and go to sleep now. Hope everyone gets a good weekend 🙂

    Happy chap goh meh to those who celebrate!

    • 37.1 Lovebug

      Glad I am not alone! Think I am heading over to TWTWB next as well and hoping for the best because its been a long time since I have been excited to watch a simulcast drama, and in that instance I ended up being badly burned (Why Cheongdamdong Alice, Why!!!!?)

    • 37.2 Russe12

      I was literally JUST thinking about how much I missed my Il-woo oppa on screen…I dearly hope that he picks a new project soon. *prays fervently*

    • 37.3 TS

      Same here, I just stopped watching FBND. Don’t get the hype at all. I do read the recaps though, mostly to procrastinate at work.

  38. 38 oftheshore

    Had a scary meeting with my doctoral supervisors. I want to hide under a rock with ice-cream and Kim Sam Soon/Coffee Prince. Hm, in fact, hiding under a rock with a prince sounds almost like a scene from a fusion sageuk…

    • 38.1 kopytko

      Oh, that must have hurt *pats you on the shoulder*, but let’s hope it’s for the better.
      Only, if I were you I would take good tea instead of ice-cream and watch AGD. And King of Dramas 😀

    • 38.2 Saima

      Brought back memories… brrr!!!

      Here’s wishing you the best of luck!

    • 38.3 alua


      Why was it scary?

      Sorry to hear that. Didn’t realise you are doing a PhD. Which uni are you at? What discipline?

  39. 39 Shukmeister

    Happy Friday everyone!

    You know, they say variety is the spice of life, but too much spice will ruin a meal. Substitute ‘sleep’ for ‘meal’, and there I am! So many yummy choices in KDrama Land! I’m watching:

    – FBND: As we come to the end, I am going to miss the gang from Ocean Village! The interactions, chemistry, and writing have been so very good. I admit, though, that the ending of the last episode was a letdown. Writer-nim did such a good job stepping outside the usual Path To Noble Idiocy that I’m going to hope it was just a slight stumble…

    TWtTWB: The Masochism Tango plays in my head as I feverishly stare at the screen, my nose mere inches away! I can’t even remember the last melo I watched, but this one has me by the throat.

    • 39.1 pogo

      Shukmeister – I’m honestly hoping that the being made to look like a setup part of that last scene of FBND14 is a misdirect like so many other episode endings in this drama .It’ll take more than some Noble Idiocy to shake my love, but this show knows better – or it should, anyway.

      • 39.1.1 Shukmeister

        pogo –

        IhopeIhopeIhopeIhope you are right. I saw a brief preview on youtube that seems to imply the cute will be back quickly.

        Enrique is confident he loves her, but she’s not confident she loves him, and that may be telegraph through their connection. Personally, I want to shake her silly and tell her to go to Spain and don’t look back…

    • 39.2 Shukmeister

      Man, I was typing so fast, I didn’t realized I had even touch the submit button, and kept clicking away on my phone until my screen disappeared and I screamed a little. That’s how I feel about Oh Soo. One moment he overcomes a hurdle and I can breathe again, and the next another “what now!?!” pops out. He has friends who may be enemies, enemies who are enemies, many people wishing him dead or dismembered, and one tiny spark of warmth that he may be forced to snuff out. I love the scenery, the wardrobe, the charged moments between him and Young, and even though I know it’s going to end in a Shakespearian tableau of bodies all over the stage, I’m going to stick with it. Along with a large box of tissues and done screen wipes.

      IRIS: This one is the dark horse for me. The first four episodes, with it’s slick editing and wonderful camera angles, has me sufficiently interested enough to invest in some energy drinks and eye cream. Although the plot is fairly typical of the genre, I’m willing to watch it in the hope that there will be something new. The pretty in the cast has nothing to do with my decision. [shifty eyes and grabby hands]…

      I’m on episode 4 if Nobunaga wo Chef, which I am enjoying. Unfortunately, I can’t watch it on my phone, and it has to compete with the siren song if my pillow. Still, I have all available episodes downloaded, to pigeonhole where I can.

      My lakhorn watching is currently on hold pending more English subs and time.

      And on to other things! I have posted my recap for episode 6 of Baby Faced Beauty, and added another romantic short story to my lineup. And taking some online FEMA courses to prepare for this years hurricane season. And yes, a little real life pops in every once in a while.

      I’m now off to wait in line at the DMV for a second time for my change of address and plate renewal. My own makjang! Lol. Take care, everyone!

      • 39.2.1 skelly

        The DMV…! {{{shudder}}}
        now THERE’s a horror story…be careful of the line of doom, the line that leads nowhere, and the line of confusion. Keep a sharp eye on the flashing numbers, or your space will disappear into the well of insignificance and then you must approach the desk of hopelessness.

    • 39.3 Enz

      Shukieeeee… I just wanted to say hi and keep cool in your own drama with DMV 🙂

  40. 40 DayDreamer

    I have plenty of time on my hands for a ton of drama viewing but the sad thing is that there are not much dramas that I’m finding to fill that time up. That Winter, The Wind Blows is the only current drama that has me going crazy for it. To a lesser degree is Incarnation of Money.

    Looking through some oldies, I still have yet to start on Time Between Dog and Wolf. I guess I have to be in some sort of mood for revenge stories to get into it. So I moved into Bad Family (for my love for Kim Myung Min) and it’s definitely a hoot. Finished 4 episodes and am loving it. I’ve always wanted to watch a Korean family drama but they’re far too long for my tastes so this was a good way to watch one being that it is shorter.

    I also tried Life is Beautiful. I don’t have an issue watching something with homosexual content and the only thing that keeps me away from the drama is the length alone. Okay, maybe some of the acting too….particularly between the actors playing the gay couple. Very, very awkward acting. My belief is, if you’re going to play these sorts of unconventional roles, then you might as well go with full gusto and not show the awkwardness you feel for the subject matter.

  41. 41 KimYoonmi

    Annyeong Chingu Deul.

    Nothing really changed this week. I put Level 7 Civil Servant on back burner status though.

    I’m cramming on other stuff… and there are less dramas of my style around.

    Running Man, though, is awesome still.

    • 41.1 JoAnne

      Annyeong Yooonmi ssi – dramaga ‘meh’ isseoyo

      • 41.1.1 JoAnne

        I always always always mess that up. -yeyo.

  42. 42 Swurbel

    Once again: Happy Friday everyone!

    Finally, I’m home and can enjoy the weekend.
    Could not follow the comments for a little while. Wow. So many comments already. Have I missed something?

    • 42.1 Swurbel

      Have a question concerning hairs and wigs, especially in kdramas and thai-lakorns:

      It came to my mind while riding the subway.
      But I have to start (shortly) with the primordial ooze:
      Every now and then I also watch thai lakorns, and not only kdramas. Currently it is “Sang Seua Fah2: Payak Payong”. It’s a Mystery-Action Lakorn. There are no subs, but that’s OK. Because there is plenty of action and magic. And 1 action scene says more than 1000 words, right?? The Lakorn’s pretty entertaining if you like the genre.
      And one thing is very funny: the CHEAP (UGLY) WIGS (and beards), which the actors have to wear. This is really bizarre sometimes (very very funny, but probably not as intended)
      But it is not just a phenomenon in lakorns. Ugly wigs and weird haircuts is also available in kdramas. Strange wig/hair: Su-ah’s nerdy girlfriend in ‘flowerboyband’ or the two nerds in L7S. Or the other extreme: modern haircuts (eg. asymmetrical bangs) in-sageuk drama.

      Why is that so? Is that a cultural phenomenon or perhaps some kind of fetish of drama-makers: at least 1 ugly wig or hair style per drama? Not enough money for cool wigs??? Or you can`t buy pretty wigs nowhere?

      Maybe it is just my imagination and I should not think about? I am not sure.
      Hope someone somewhere is still awake and can help me with my question???

  43. 43 OMG


    kinda …..VERY pissed that DF cock-blocked every other kdrama website out there, especially Viki, from obtaining rights to host IRIS II…i mean come-on…r u really kidding me. the internet is not supposed to be a monopoly…..u cant claim all d kdrama out there for ur website alone!!! like seriously, u cant claim ur the best when ur the only one showing content and cock-blocking others from obtaining the rights….UGH!!! Anywhos, starting watching IRIS II, only on ep 2, they r being really slow with the buildup, but m not hating it so far so that’s good….i think.

    FBND – Dok-mi is officially on my most hated list at least till next week when she explains herself….i don’t think the “I like Jinrak” was planned…but it definitely didnt help when she just stood there with her mouth open, unable to say anything and then allowing Jin Rak to pull her away….girl ur explanation and apology better be EPIC!!!

    Itching to watch, that winter, the wind blows – which has the weirdest most confusing name ever – but i know i will be in for a whole lot of hurt so m ma wait for at least ten episodes to come out before i start watching it, so that by the time i catch up its at the finale…hehehehehe…

    Slowly going into a kdrama slump….i think its because i watched Special Affairs Team Ten and Vampire Prosecutor II, so m ITCHING AND WAITING IMPATIENTLY, I MUST ADD for season 2 n 3 respectively, n m in the mood for some gory kdrama glory with some romance….especially with the way that Ten ended….i mean WTF was that ending…. and don’t even get me started with the mess that was VP2 and the answers that must gotten in season 3…along with some hugging, kissing, n maybe even more between JUNG-IN – she better be alive i tell ya – and TAE-YEON!!!

    Anywhos, hows everyone???

    • 43.1 Lovebug

      Hahahah OMG, yes I am with you on the needing the next seasons of Ten and Vamp Prosecutor stat! I recently watched (And by that I mean marathoned to the wee hours of the morn) Ten and think i had one of the most extreme reactions regarding a ending of drama maybe ever (though I did have a extreme reaction to the non-ending of Skip Beat, but thanks goodness for Skip Beat 2014!!!) I really wish more dramas would do a second season even if its just for sake of fan service!

    • 43.2 Windsun33

      Why SHOULDN’T DF block the others? DF paid for the rights, the other sites did not.

  44. 44 Trina

    Okay I am a lil bit confuse. I know that they did first reading of okjung live with KTH and YAI. They show another reading with okjung live but it is with some idols and lee sang yeob. I thought he was in another drama. The article is in allkpop.

  45. 45 kdramapedia

    I *always* forget it’s Friday until mid-afternoon! lol

    Random question (that I’m not sure anyone will see this far down): Do Korean stars use Instagram?

    I’m trying to stalk–I mean, look for, yeah, look for– my favorite actors/singers but can’t find them!

  46. 46 TS

    Speaking of That Winter, The Wind Blows, just how long does the Korean winter last?

    • 46.1 JoAnne

      until everyone is dead, or wishes they were.

      • 46.1.1 Enz

        JoAnne! Hehehe

      • 46.1.2 TS


      • 46.1.3 KimYoonmi

        Yup, yup. Dead, blind, hit by a car, have cancer, poisoned (Sageuk only) or commit suicide.

        In real life… Korea has mild winters mostly. There is snow, but it’s not as bad as say, Upstate NY or Russia.

        From about Novemberish, to Marchish….

        But mostly when I was there there was rain in the winter the cold kind. And women were wearing mini skirts (with tights) though there was ice outside, and wearing wide thick scarfs. I was like, why are you wearing frickin’ Mini skirts in the middle of winter??? And there are winds that are really cold too… despite that, I tried it once, ya know to see if there was a reason. And there isn’t! ㅠㅠ The people of my birth country are nuts.

      • 46.1.4 Rovi


      • 46.1.5 merry

        Hahaha! You have me giggling here by that reply.
        Thanks for the joy.

      • 46.1.6 pogo

        dead of laughter after reading this, now 😀

  47. 47 kopytko

    Hi Everybody!

    I am still in the middle of a burnout – nothing fascinating, nothing really exciting, I am waiting for THE drama.

    I watch the one about Winter and Wind. I like Bummie transisting from cutie to beast. It’s funny how it is similar to his Padam Padam role. I like the whole drama, maybe because I havent seen neither the Korean movie nor Jdorama and I really don’t know what happens next.
    Unfortunately, I cannot join JIS bandwagon. Why? I dislike his pronunciation. I can’t stand his s-sounds. No matter how hot a guy, I can’t get over it. And he really isn’t my type. Of course he is handsome, but it doesn’t move me.

    I also follow Rascal Sons. I like it for detailed explanation of social hierarchy and oulooks on the family. The characters are so-so, nothing spectacular. The middle brother is my favourite, but I just hate how he’s being paired with a girl who doesn’t suit him. He could just as well date a budgie – makes just as much noise and understands just as little. The girl is funny, but she’s really not a possible partner for him, there is an abyss between them in terms of education, upbringing, personalities. Therefore it’s annoying that she’s shown in that cheesy slow-motion shots as an attractive woman. I like her, but please, writer, be realistic…

    I am getting attached to Ad Genius. It develops slowly.

    Can you think of any nice comedies to watch in between?

    Have a lovely weekend!

  48. 48 mee

    Just saw a whole bunch of Korean news stories on Nate that Yoon Kye-sang and Honey Lee are dating. The story apparently is that they started dating after the rumors they had traveled to Bali together last year – while they weren’t dating, they started spending time together after making an effort to meet each other to apologize for the scandal …

    • 48.1 JoAnne

      I saw that last night and I was so touched by how cute their story was!

      • 48.1.1 skelly

        They need to get married and have mountains of adorable babies. At least Triplets, like Song-il Gook, although unfortunately “Hooray Korea” is now taken.

        • merry

          Who has triplets, SiG, Jumong? Where can i find the story?

          • JoAnne

            Song Il Gook and his wife the judge actually had triplets last year, and their names somehow work out to mean Hooray Korea. There was a Christmas picture of them that they shared with the internet and they are fat and happy and CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE beyond words.

  49. 49 Jeannette

    So. Tired.

    Dramas! COMEBACKS! SHINEE! omo.

    SHINee’s comeback has kept me up for four nights due to excitement and the addictiveness of the album they put out. Not to mention all the comeback stages and interviews and shows…

    I’m watching “This Winter…” and I love it. FBND is awesome.

    I preordered my TTMIK book 4 yesterday. Also bought a whole bunch more SHINee CDs.

    I’m so tired I can’t think. I started a second job so I work like 12+ hours a day.

    I think I’m going to nap now.

  50. 50 LizJ

    Hi, everyone. Weather’s not too bad where I am located, but nothing to be excited about. We had some sleet this morning, but it was too warm for anything to stick.

    Currently watching:

    Level 7 Civil Servant: I think it’s improving over time.

    Flower Boy Next Door: can’t believe this one is ending already.

    That Winter the Wind Blows: I agree with basically everyone that this is absolutely beautiful in how it was filmed; hope that it doesn’t have a super-tragic ending.

    Substitute Princess: now that we’ve moved on from the utterly fake overbite, this show has become more enjoyable. I honestly don’t know who the heroine will end up with, because it appears from the previews that the woman she’s impersonating is likely going to die.

    A Hundred Year Inheritance: The now-ex mother-in-law is a major scene-chewing villainess…she’s how I imagine a female J.R. Ewing from the height of the old days of Dallas, with major emotional dependency on her son. I also like the fact that the now-ex husband has some nuances to his character – he’s not a totally bad guy even if he tends to be a mama’s boy who drinks too much, apparently cheated on the heroine in the past, and drinks too much. Too soon to tell too much about the OTP, as their time together is limited. I am enjoying the romance between the heroine’s dad and the bar owner…it’s very sweet and is progressing quickly.

    Queen of Ambition: I’m not as thrilled with this one as JoAnne is (above), but I do keep tuning in, even if it’s a few days after it being posted on DramaFever. My main beef is the somewhat stereotypical Korean anti-heroine who is actually rather passive even though she’s evil. I suppose that’s the point, that’s she’s so effective at being manipulative that she hardly has to actually do anything in order to influence people. Although it doesn’t justify her actions, she really did have a lot of bad things happen to her (early abandonment, abusive stepfather, mother’s death, killing said stepfather out of fear and/or self-defense, and later the death of her daughter because of her negligence). To a certain extent she seems like a sociopath, but it it merely that everything that happened to her earlier caused her to shut down emotionally?

    OMG (the person posting above, not the expression): I suspected that Drama Fever is exercising some muscle regarding drama licensing. I noticed a month ago or so that there were some dramas that Viki was definitely being shut out from posting.

    Based on something I read on Viki’s site, did you know that there are different licenses for the site itself, and the mobile apps? Maybe even a separate license for Roku, or maybe it’s included in the apps.

    On that note, I keep hoping that Viki will improve their channel app for Roku (still in beta) but so far nothing. It’s still one of the worst interfaces out there for Roku channels. Everything’s categorized by drama, and then the episodes of all the shows in the category are just listed in one big long scroll. While episodes of each drama are right beside each other, the scroll is not in alphabetical order as far as the series. And there is no search.

    I’m still wondering about the two different revenue models Viki and DramaFever are pursuing – one relying completely on advertising, and the other as a subscription service without ads. It appears right now DF has the more popular model, but perhaps they just have better financing at this point?

    • 50.1 LizJ

      Oops, when referring to the Viki Roku channel, I was meaning to say, “everything’s categorized by genre” not “everything’s categorized by drama”

    • 50.2 OMG

      what does roku channel mean???

      • 50.2.1 Mashimomo

        OMG – a roku is a streaming device available in North America that you plug directly to your TV, and they have available “channels” or apps if you will on their device that you can download. Think of it like a gaming console (XBOX or Playstation) but catered more towards TV/Movie shows. Netflix and Hulu would the most popular channels i would assume, but they have Dramafever, Crunchyroll as well as other smaller channels that you can download.

        LizJ – I have a roku and have the subscription to Dramafever but have the Viki app as well on my ipad/iphone devices. I prefer my drama viewing experience to be on TV so i use my Dramafever a lot, plus you know i’m paying for the service so i might as well take advantage of it. That said, I notice though that the quality sometimes becomes more of the same of DF and Viki, and I honestly do not like that at all exactly because I *am* a subscriber of DF. Especially if it’s a Friday evening or weekends because a lot of their servers seem cluttered, and it takes a while to load. Not to mention missing subtitles on some of the dramas, it tends to drop off on Roku but I would actually see the subs on my Ipad. I know for sure DF servers are pretty bad because of the traffic it gets and how slow it loads, but I’m not to the point where I’m considering cancelling my subscription because I’m ok with it when it does work.

        I did read here that Viki is available on the roku but I didn’t find it at all yet. Now, as you mentioned if Viki fixes its beta version and able to stream the same amount of dramas as DF then i think they will give DF a run for their money. Plus, who wants to pay a service when they can get it for free?

        • owl

          oops, see 53 :\

        • Windsun33

          Last I heard from the rumor mill is that Viki will also be a fee-based channel on ROKU. Personally I would rather pay the $8 bucks a month or so and not have the ads.

          I am hoping that DramaCrazy gets added to ROKU eventually, as it has tons of J, C & T dramas not available anywhere else.

          • Windsun33

            Er.. make that, not DramaCrazy.

        • Mar

          Hulu also streams some of DF content and it loads much better on Hulu. You have to deal with the ads, but hey, less loading issues. And the viewing quality is better.

          The best viewing quality I get is Hulu Plus on my Kindle. Go figure.

    • 50.3 Windsun33

      The DF subs are also picked up by Hulu. Hulu has millions of subs, so DF probably gets a lot of their income from that.

      Viki on ROKU?? Last I heard in late Jan is that it was still in beta and expected to premier in late March. From what I gathered, the ROKU channel for Viki (and may soon DramaCrazy?) will be paid subs. I can live with that if they get rid of the ads on streaming TV.

      • 50.3.1 Mashimomo

        That would be interesting too. I guess they are going the DF way which is what I have right now. If ViKi can match or exceed the quality of their videos vs Dramafever and increase their database for dramas and movies the. I would probably consider switching over to Viki!

    • 50.4 mskololia

      Love Roku, love Viki, but I love the PC converter even more.