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Posters and character stills for That Winter
by | February 5, 2013 | 106 Comments

Purdy. Things are starting to look up for the new Noh Hee-kyung melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows, with the release of pretty posters, a teaser that isn’t all doom and gloom, and some interesting character quirks for our leads. Granted, it’s still your con-artist-meets-heiress fauxcest melo, but the tone is leaning less tragedy-porn and more thoughtful and contemplative, in keeping with the writer’s other works. Well thank goodness for that.

That Winter is an adaptation of the Japanese drama I Don’t Need Love, Summer and stars Jo In-sung as a professional poker player and playboy who gambles away his entire fortune in one go and wins it back the next, and so on and so forth, without any direction in life or care for the people around him. Though he lets himself be called a cold unfeeling bastard by everyone around him, it seems to be a self-inflicted punishment — his big scar is the death of his first love, for which he blames himself.

Song Hye-gyo plays a blind heiress who lost her parents in an accident. But rather than be the tragic victim, she chooses to live a very active life, refusing to lean on others and even working as a teacher. The setup is that he approaches her posing as her long-lost brother, to get at her fortune. But they fall in love, and start to chip away at each other’s massive barriers.

Kim Bum plays Jo In-sung’s best friend, who looks up to him as a hyung and his own personal hero. What a guy to have as your role model, yeesh. He’s a fight-first-ask-questions-later kind of loose cannon, whose only constant is that he sticks by Jo In-sung’s side no matter what. His role is an interesting one, because he’ll be the person trying to keep the hero on track to get at the heroine’s money, as planned. But when Hyung starts deviating from the plan by falling in love with her, he’ll find himself at odds with his hero for the first time.

And then there’s Jung Eun-ji, who plays the younger sister to Jo In-sung’s first love. She’s described as a bit of an airhead, who speaks in banmal to everyone and knows nothing outside her tiny world working as a florist. The hero assumes she hates him, since her sister died because of him. But despite what their constant bickering would suggest, she actually comes to realize that she likes him, just as he starts to fall for the heroine.

The one thing I wish this story didn’t have is the inevitable plot thread — I can’t love you because you’re my oppa… not — but hopefully the drama won’t be about that, so much as an interesting character exploration despite that. We’ll see. It’ll be a 16-episode melodrama, directed by the same PD who did Padam Padam with writer Noh Hee-kyung, and premieres February 13 on SBS.



106 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bloomy

    melo drama. not excited actually. let’s see how the 1st episode goes.

    • 1.1 haha

      same here. I like all the casts though….too much melo in K-dramaland.

    • 1.2 a_diva

      i know. i really REALLY want to watch and like this drama, but it’s not looking good. the melo aspect has me totally not wanting to waste my time, but then when i consider the cast–which is totally awesome–i want it to change my mind. i mean, it has my all time favorite actress song hye kyo and my current favorite newcomer jung eun ji (who rocked it in answer me 1997). then the tasty kim bum whom i just drool over whenever i see him (minus the abysmal faux b-boy catastrophe that was boys over flowers) and the handsome jo in sung . . . i won’t know where to look . . . if i look at all.

      please be better than i think . . . chebal!

  2. snow_white

    I’m only looking forward to Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji story line….
    and may be i’m not giving this a try as it has that fauxcest thing….

    • 2.1 apple

      Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji look good together. Why can’t they be the lead in a Drama, preferably a Rom-Com?!

    • 2.2 pogo

      same here! Second Lead Syndrome strikes again, only this time it’s Second Leads Syndrome.

  3. Phemmy

    Our Bummie looks fine as always. 🙂 Melodrama is not my cup of tea but I’ll try this one. The characters look prutty.

  4. Kiara

    She needs some dark glasses on cause those eyes aint blind to me. It would have been more interesting if she was faking it. Fake blind rich woman meets fake brother. Sick of women being the victim.

    • 4.1 Birdie

      So true…..

  5. sweetcloud

    I’m too squeamish to venture into Korean melo but this cast is so pretty I might just give it a try…

  6. SD

    So excited for this! I’m sure JIS and SHK will have an unquestionably amazing chemistry. KB and EJ look more like siblings to me.

  7. Nokcha

    I won’t be watching because I don’t like melos, but, oh, Kim Bum, you naughty boy!

  8. Mystisith

    Definitely not watching this for the main plot. Just love the aesthetic choices of the Padam Padam team. Maybe the second love line will lighten up the tone a little bit. We’ll see.

  9. Jae Shin

    Didn’t Moon Geun Young star in a movie version of this?


    I’m so excited!! So many good movies to choose from… Hehe

  10. 10 That

    Thanks for the news. Hope you will recap this.

  11. 11 Keiro

    Love me not drama version.

  12. 12 jane

    ahh! kim bum looks so great without his long hair 😀

  13. 13 cheekbones

    Oh my….. Kim Bum !

    They all look so pretty 🙂

  14. 14 SH

    Super excited for this drama!

  15. 15 Okitat

    I’m severely allergic to melodramas, they give me hives! But OMG… Kim Bum, so hooooot!!! Luv him to bits! Maybe I’ll endure my breakout just for him…. Or maybe not. I loved Yoon Eun Hye to bits but still didn’t manage to endure her recent melo the trainwreck that was Missing You. But Kim Bum…… Howwww?!? Enough with all the melo, why can’t Kim Bum just get him cute ass into a super fun and zappy romcom NOW? Why why whyyyyyyy?!?!?!?

  16. 16 Rome05

    The plot is like the movie Love me not..
    Oh I’ve been waiting for another Song Hye Gyo drama!

  17. 17 lilac

    Totally looking forward to watching the Eun Ji – Kim Bum couple sizzle!

  18. 18 Aiya

    The poster itself is depressing already. Not sure if im gonna be in for this one.

    Has Jo In Sung ever been in a rom-com? Tbh, I only saw him in What Happened in Bali. Hmm. He’s kind of a So Ji Sub to me. You know, with all the melo and tragic dramas. Wish to seem them in rom-com for a change.

    • 18.1 trotwood

      I feel like I am the only person on the planet who watched and liked So Ji Sub’s Shoot for the Stars. It had lots of funny warm-hearted bits despite the angst turn in the last third with the evil guy turning into the long-lost brother who wants to take his girlfriend’s business away. I love that show and watch favorite episodes (love the one where Byeon Jeong-soo’s character–she plays the best friend of the female lead–goes and beats up the second female lead;she deserved it people!) whenever I am feeling blue. I wish he would do more rom-com because he can be adorable as well as quirky. He also needs to smile more, but I think that would do something to the ozone layer.

      • 18.1.1 kaye

        not so ji sub but it’s jo in sung in shoot for the stars…he first actually starred in nonstop 2 with park kyeong lim as his partner and i am so into their partnership…it’s so hilarious! i wish to see him too in a romcom and i hope after this drama, he’ll accept a romcom project.

      • 18.1.2 hannah

        Her girls taking on the evil girl in a hair-pulling beat down is one of my favorite scenes of the whole series.

      • 18.1.3 belleza

        I love Shooting for the Stars. Jo In Sung had great, sexy chemistry (skinship!) with Jeon Do Yeon in Shooting for the Stars. Also, pre-Damo Lee Seo Jin hams it up in his role too.

    • 18.2 bd

      JIS was in the film “Madeleine” w/ Shin Mina which could be regarded as a romcom, albeit his role/portrayal was pretty dry (quite the contrast from SMA’s sunny character).

      Never understood the hubbub about JIS looks, he alright.

    • 18.3 Moko

      That main poster totally reminded me of Winter Sonata….forecast for sure – he went blind in the end right? same thing xD

    • 18.4 belleza

      Oh, Jo In Sung is a riot. He’s great at playing “dumb.” When the Boys Before Flowers project was announced, there was a poll for candidates to play Jung Pyo/Doumouyji. JIS won that in a landslide.

      You can think of Jo In Sung as the Korean 70s John Travolta. Wiry energy.

  19. 19 HT

    omg I have absolutely no idea why but I keep reading ‘Jo In-sung’ as ‘Jo Sung-ha’… and had the latter’s face totally stuck in my head and for one second, he was touching SHG’s head in the poster. I swear.

  20. 20 Gom

    I didn’t quite get it. Eun Ji is the sister of In Sung’s first love? And that first love died because of In Sung? And so naturally, Eun Ji hates him? Then he starts to like him (as in like him in an older brother kind of way) when she sees him falling for Hye Kyo?

    Maybe I’ll understand it when the story unfolds but right now, it sounds like they tried a little too hard to put Eun Ji’s character in there. I just feel like it’s a character that has nothing to do with the main plot… or with anything, for that matter.

    Oh, but maybe everything will fall into place once I see the actual drama.

    P.S. Kim Bum looks gorgeous and I just know I will love his character. But I wish he kept his long mane of glory for this. I don’t know, he just looked extra bad-ish with that hair.

    • 20.1 canxi

      Jo In Sung’s character blames himself for the death of his first love. So, he thinks Jung Eun Ji will blame him as he blames himself but she doesn’t. She realizes she likes him (as a man. most likely) at the same time he starts to have feelings for another woman.

      The death was probably not his fault and it’s a very normal occurrence to realize how much you like someone when they start getting closer to someone else.

      Hope that cleared up some confusion (:

    • 20.2 alua

      I’m not into melodramas, so I’m unlikely to even try this…

      but, yeah, looked at those pics and all I could think was ‘Kim Bum, where is thou mane of glory?’

    • 20.3 sharealot

      The original japanese version has eunji’s role in there too so I’m pretty sure that her role is not force(?). I think her role’s like ‘what-did-my-sister-found-in-him-for-her-to-die for-him’; ‘i-want-to-discover-it-myself’; ‘ooohhh-he’s-indeed-lovely’ (haha).

  21. 21 watashiwachiaki

    just putting this on my planned list….
    I still couldn’t finish A Frozen Flower….just too much S Scenes….

  22. 22 DayDreamer

    I’m so excited for this!! A melo done right is always great…and hopefully this will be done right. Don’t let me down, drama!!

  23. 23 YY

    In the end, it’s either he dies and donates his eyes to her, or she dies and leaves her money to him. Titles with winter never end well. The blowing wind makes me even more worried.

    • 23.1 Mystisith

      Lol. I’m afraid you may be right about the ending. Unless they do like in Padam Padam: For me it’s a model of an ending and it contented a majority of viewers.

    • 23.2 lenrasoon

      lmao so true, this drama already check boxed so many cliches.

    • 23.3 jomo

      I had a pack of wintergreen mints once that I accidentally forgot to take out of my shirt pocket before laundering.
      It didn’t end well either.

      • 23.3.1 JoAnne

        see all you snarky snarky people over there on THAT side of the room with, I don’t know, unicorns farting rainbows and whatnot, and then there’s me all alone quivering with excitement on the MeloQueen side of the room with the tissues and the hot cocoa and the dog to kiss and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS.

        • SH

          lol…I’m joining your side too. Waahhh, I’m already shipping the main leads like crazy 😛

          Everyone else can go ahead fight over the second leads. Dun curr 😀

        • canxi

          JoAnne! I will bring the blankets :D!

          • JoAnne

            Yes! The only thing that will make this better is if, at the very end of the drama, a truck comes out of NOWHERE and runs over our OTP juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust at the moment you, as a neophyte drama watcher deeply enthralled with the male lead, are convinced that a happy ending is at hand, after hours of sadness and near misses.

            I’ve just realized that The Sang Doo Effect has warped me, much in the way that abuse can warp a victim or a kidnappee can begin to identify with the kidnapper.

          • canxi

            I’m pretty sure someone dies, but whooo knows what creative liberties the drama will go for. I’m ready, though! Soooo ready. *hugs teddy bear*

          • SH

            JoAnne, have you seen Autumn in My Heart? There’s seen with a truck out of nowhere 😛

          • SH

            I meant *scene

          • JoAnne

            Yes, but – pretty as he is – Song Seung Heon dying didn’t have the same effect on me as My Beloved dying, especially with that whole ‘what could have been/should have been’ there at the end.

            (Seriously my throat is closing up right now thinking about it and my eyes are pricking with tears.)

            But really, I didn’t much LIKE Joon Suh or anyone in that drama other than Binnie, whereas I thought if I could have a gigolo of my very own just like Sang Doo I would be the happiest girl in the world. Just goes to show, I guess. Because truthfully, between gigolo Sang Doo and thug Bok Gu in ALTK…I have a hard time picking which one I like better. Fine upstanding man? No thank you. Apparently I just want a hood rat. (It’s Sang Doo hands down, though, if I’m honest. With maybe a couple of Bok Gu’s suits and hair cuts.)

            They won’t revoke my K-card for not particularly enjoying the two Seasons dramas I’ve seen so far, will they?

          • jomo

            OMG, the Truck of Doom!

          • YY

            You are forgetting something – THE WIND THAT BLOWS. Yes, I have spent a sleepless night just turning and turning the title over and over in my head and I have come to the conclusion this wind that blows is integral to the plot. Maybe he’d call out to her in the final scene from outside in the WINTER (we have to connect the title to the plot here, guys. Seriously.), and she hears him and she’s so happy she runs out the front door and whooooooo! the wind suddenly starts blowing real strong and WHAM! the door slams shut on her head, cos she’s so happy she runs with her head ahead of her body, and she has concussion and dies.

          • JoAnne

            Well I guess hope springs eternal for me, YY, because when you started on your door theory I thought YES she gets a concussion and her sight miraculously comes back! But no. It’s a K-drama and she dies.

            I will never learn, and since it’s K-Drama, I guess I really WILL die trying.

    • 23.4 pogo


    • 23.5 kaye

      the jdrama ai nante irane yo natsu has a different ending than in the korean drama. I was actually looking for the english subs of that jdrama years ago because I am actually impressed on the acting and storytelling when I saw bits of it. I am hoping they will surpass ai nante in terms of storytelling and acting since they have 16 episodes while ai nante i believe is only 10-12episodes only. This is the reason why I am anticipating this drama and i love Jo In Sung in A Dirty Carnival.

  24. 24 B020

    KimBum why do you do this to me???

    I want to watch this for the secondary charactersKIM BUM and not the main characters. SHG is so very blah in everything I’ve seen her in and I just don’t believe she can carry a show as a main lead. JIS is waaaaaaay over the top that its distracting. I can only hope someone does me the favor of doing a clipped version with just JEJ & Kim Bum’s scenes.

  25. 25 lenrasoon

    The last melo i watched was “What Happened in Bali” a fews years ago and even though i loved it i’d always run away from melo dramas but this one is making me looking forward to ’cause the cast is really gorgeous plus the trailer is already making me ship JIS and SHG lol.

  26. 26 jomo

    I don’t like how NOT brotherly he is fondling her in these posters…

    • 26.1 JoAnne

      Really? ’cause I like it a lot. Pretty pretty people.

      But I will admit that in my head I automatically make these the ‘after’ pictures. ‘After’ she finds out he’s not her brother. ‘After’ she decides he’s not a jerk for trying to steal her money. And yes, ‘after’…you know.

    • 26.2 YY

      Possible scenarios:

      – She believes he is her brother and loves him like a brother because she is a dimwit

      – She is really mad with him for pretending to be her brother and PRETENDS to be a dimwit to find out how far he’s willing to go

      – He knows she’s pretending to be a dimwit and pretends not to know that she is pretending to be a dimwit

      Whatever the scenario, I have a Really Bad Feeling about this show, guys. I wonder what it will be….a fall down a spiral staircase, a truck speeding down the highway, a boiling kettle, a slippery bathroom floor, that nasty wind that won’t stop blowing….omg, I’m a nervous wreck just thinking about the possibilities!

  27. 27 Tammy

    I’m sold! Please don’t disappoint me like I Miss You… 🙁

  28. 28 notsolittlej

    I will give this a shot because of Eunji and the amazing fashion.

  29. 29 yunjaenoona

    can’t wait…jo in sung was my first kdrama crush when i saw “bali story” 2 years ago…now i am so addicted to kdrama….love him!!

  30. 30 canxi

    I am SO excited for this! Melo’s aren’t always great but they are when done with care and thought and not just thought into how much you can make a viewer cry!

    Also, I realize I’m not a very big crier, but Noh Hee Kyung’s writing truly touches me. Not in a way in which it seems as if she’s trying to wring the moisture from my eyes, but in a natural way with how she writes her characters and their interactions. Plus, the show is gonna be beautiful (cinematography).

    Excited, excited. Excited-cited-cited!

    • 30.1 canxi

      Also wanna point out that this is the first thing of Jo In Sung I will be seeing in which I think he has a hairstyle that suits him. Excited for that too!

      • 30.1.1 JoAnne

        he looks good enough to eat, Canxi

        • canxi

          Jo In YUM!

  31. 31 TS

    What does Kim Bum do in this?

    • 31.1 JoAnne

      You mean besides kill all the noonas? Again?

      It kind of sounds like he’s doing the opposite of what he did in Padam Padam. Gook Soo was the angel who helped Kang Chil learn to live and do good again, and in this one, he’ll be the devil trying to keep JIS on the straight and narrow path to hell.

      I’m sure there’s a twist in there though because the noona darling isn’t going to be a truly bad guy, not paired with everybody’s favorite high school tough girl.

    • 31.2 jomo

      Oh yeah.
      Kim Bum beats Jo In Sung all day long.

  32. 32 nabi2810

    i love the cast but why can’t it be a rom-com? melo dramas do me no good in this weather 🙁

  33. 33 starryeyes

    Watching for the pretty. And the Kim Bum-Eunji adorableness!

    I’m going to turn off my WTF!hat for a minute and just watch for the pretty (pretty people! pretty cinematography!). First drama I’ve seen in a while that is shot with that indie cinematic soft focus and it is oh so pretty.

  34. 34 Mar

    I dislike melo. And four awesome actors. It’s like shit just got real in fantasy casting. Hard to stay away. And Kim Bum looking all grown up making me feel less like I’m going to hell for looking at his pretty. Maybe I’ll just look at random pretty pictures and google about any scenes with heat instead of watching it so I don’t end up wanting to simultaneously stick my head in the freezer to cool off and stab myself with an icepick over the emo.

    • 34.1 JoAnne

      I love you.

      In case you’re reading this – you were confused by the end of the Jackel, did you mean the end when they’re on the roof or the very very end on the phone. Because on the roof we find out

      *********HERE DWELL SPOILERS, BE WARNED ******

      that she really IS the Jackel and was both pretending to be a newbie assassin AND set up the people pretending to be her. She had taken on two jobs – one to kill JJ for a crazy ex and the other to kill a cheating wife for a jealous husband – but she also set up another assassin who was pretending to be her with a FAKE job to kill the wife so that he could be caught/killed and thus SHE could get out of the business without anyone looking for her because they think he is her.

      but the phone call…it wasn’t properly subbed. All I really got from that was they got a thing for each other bad. And apparently JJ really likes his girl to be rough and threaten his life…

      Wow. Did my brain just go places or what.

      But it wasn’t clear to me if they actually were continuing their relationship or if he just happened to call her before she disappeared as a last goodbye.

  35. 35 sharealot

    Really looking forward to this. Melos are more contemplative and has longer lasting effect than other genres of drama – that’s why I like it. Though I really dislike melo where from start to finish, no one’s smiling (what’s wrong with you people! I scream). I’m very satisfied with the recent work of Noh Hee Kyung’s Padam Padam – it’s a melo done right. Compare to her previous works, the writer’s reaching out to the public’s wants more but not entirely compromising her art (I appreciate that NHK).

    But after watching the trailers and teasers, I think we will be given a somewhat ending-first-flashback-then (because there’s this one scene that is more suitable at the end then at the beginning). It might turn off viewers if done wrong, after all first impressions are important.

  36. 36 lily

    lord this sounds so cliched. I’m surprised that this is a remake of a japanese drama because the plot sounds like your average kdrama lol

  37. 37 goldeng

    I basically run away from melodramas since all the emotional stuff and crying leave me with massive headaches but i watched padam, Padam for the same reason I feel like watching this one: KIM BUM and ended up loving it! padam padam is hands down one of my fav dramas of 2012 and dont regret it… Id try to watch this one too… -but im not really feeling the nappeun sekki-like hero at ALL…-

  38. 38 djes

    I have prepared my heart for this mello.
    Definitely must watch, since…………..Jo In Sung is BACK!!

    ( i have to have tissue stocks for this. )

  39. 39 Tenshii

    prepare for some tissues. the plot seems so obvious… can we have a fresher plot? it seems like they try to bring back typical k-drama in the 2000s >__>

    • 39.1 Mystisith

      Almost too obvious. The kind of obvious which calls for a twist from hell…

      • 39.1.1 JoAnne

        Ah, my suspicious Gallic friend. Do you know how often I picture you with one eyebrow raised to match the disdainful sneer lifting the corner of your lip? You’d be the one person in the horror movie who finally says ‘I’m not going in the basement, you’re f*ing crazy.’ or the girl in the love story who says ‘You know what? You have issues no amount of hot can make up for. Next!’

        I love that about you.

        • Mystisith

          You’re welcome. My sharp survival instinct is at your service. 😉

  40. 40 kfangurl

    My word, Kim Bum’s getting hotter with each of his dramas – very nice indeed! 😉

    Also, agree that Song Hye Gyo does NOT look blind in those stills.

  41. 41 misha

    can’t wait to watch this awesome cast! hye kyo is stunning as ever! kyo’s character is suffering for tunnel vision.. not literally blind. So judging from the still her acting is good & fine.

  42. 42 J

    But, but, Eun Ji freakin’ planted a kiss on Bummie in the teaser! Why must she become third wheel in the already-complicated-fauxcestian love between the main lead? Can’t the former two just have their own semi-fluffy love line while the leads angst their heart out :/

  43. 43 queencircles

    Heyyo! Kim bum looks hot.

  44. 44 mintchocostrawberry


  45. 45 imot

    Yay!!! i’m so going to watch this one. Has always been a fan of SHG since full house. All the other casts seems awesome too. Looking forward to this one.

  46. 46 damianna

    who cries prettier? this is killing me already. at least i survived memories in bali…

    • 46.1 belleza

      Jo In Sung is the Soo Ae of Man Tears.

  47. 47 Rachel

    Wow..will you look at kim bum’s face? All man now. Not the cute baby face from high kick anymore.

  48. 48 jaejoongie

    watching the trailer makes me hate Jo in sung’s character right away, hope the writer could make the story a better melodrama than I miss u… Honestly Jo in sung succeeded at portraying a big fat jerk here.
    i hope kim bum could be a lead man next time, but he really did a good job as a supporting cast, better than being the lead. Hopefully he could expand his ability toward the lead man territory.
    i love melodrama, hopefully this will be good 😀

  49. 49 anna

    is song hye gyo standing on a ladder in that first pic? haha

  50. 50 Margie

    Yeah, I’m gonna have to pass on this one. I sense lots of bad overacting and drawn out, repetitive, exaggerated angst. Also, despite Song Hye-gyo being a stunningly gorgeous woman, I just don’t think she’s a good actress…like at all.

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