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Previews for plague drama The End of the World
by | February 19, 2013 | 23 Comments

Ah, now we get our look at that other plague drama hitting dramaland this spring, JTBC’s The End of the World. Admittedly these stills aren’t quite as exciting as those for OCN’s drama The Virus… but I recognize that my opinion may be colored by the lack of Eom Ki-joon in this one.

Since the stories are so similar in concept, comparisons are inevitable, even though they seem vastly different in tone and scope. If we’re going to have two dramas be based on the same premise, this is the way to do it — as a viewer, I find it intriguing as a meta exercise to see how you can wind up with such different products in the hands of different creative minds. (Like Dr. Jin and Faith, or Rooftop Prince and Queen In-hyun’s Man.)

The Virus struck me with its stark vibe, like a sci-fi apocalypse thriller — its aesthetic made me think of The Host meets I Am Legend. Sciencey with a dash of scorched earth. On the other hand, The End of the World is completely the opposite:

In the preview we get a glimpse of an old Typhoid Mary clipping, and that Victorian aesthetic is sprinkled into the feel of the show itself. I dig that a lot. Where The Virus went for a bright, washed-out bleakness, The End of the World is dark and morose and dramatic.

Yoon Je-moon (The King 2 Hearts) is the hero of this version, playing the head researcher who leads the investigation once the epidemic breaks out. Jung Kyung-ah is a relative rookie (she was in Tamra the Island and Tree With Deep Roots), which makes me think she’s probably good — if you have no name or idol fanbase or much of a profile in the industry, there’s gotta be a reason you got chosen.

I’m not quite as enthralled with the overtly melo sensibility, though, because I don’t want this drama to feel like a regular ol’ Korean melo. But this is the creative team behind A Wife’s Credential, which is assurance that we’re in skilled hands.

The Virus will hit first, premiering on OCN on March 1 (it’s a 10-episode Friday drama). The End of the World is a Saturday-Sunday drama on JTBC and premieres on March 16.

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23 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Carole McDonnell

    oh my gosh! I so want to see this! I’m a sucker for end of world scifi medical dramas. Thanks for the recap.

    • 1.1 Conny

      Got any room on that couch? I brought popcorn.

      I just looooove those type of shows =)

      • 1.1.1 Orion

        Count me in. Love those works!

      • 1.1.2 Florentine Lily

        Room for one more? I’ve got drinks…and I’ll bring my 40-inch Samsung SmartTV.

  2. comradeS

    This drama looks a lot bleaker than The Virus, and from the teaser, I definitely like the tone for this drama much better (even though I love Eom Ki-joon).

    Plus, A Wife’s Credentials was some of the best K-drama I’ve ever seen, so I’m even more excited for this drama and am expecting good things. Also, I’m really pleased that a supporting actor like Yoon Je-moon is getting the leading role.

    • 2.1 Rachel

      Hee yeah for once he isn’t play ing the villain!

  3. Shin Anna

    This is totally up my alley, I am so looking forward to this.

  4. Mystisith

    From the trailers, the OCN one seems more interesting for me but I’m not writing this one off: JTBC has done some excellent job recently so I will give this one a try.

  5. canxi

    Damn. I like Yoon Je Moon. And I like Eom Ki Joon. Might watch both. Gosh, all this and I just started The Walking Dead yesterday… @___@

  6. foulou

    Why do I feel like I was reminded of The Walking Dead when I read the title?

    btw, Walking Dead is awesome. >_<

    • 6.1 mary

      Yes it is! 😀

  7. cv

    Will definitely check both drama out. Looks good. Haven’t seen much of this kind of genre in kdrama.

  8. MicolaM

    I’m still a bit scared of Yoon Je-Moon because of Kings 2 Hearts. But this seems interesting.

  9. lovepark

    The teasers were so eerily beautiful. I definitely like the atmosphere.

  10. 10 magnus

    I’ll be watching both! No need for competition when they’re on differentt days. Is this the year of the apocalyptic viruses? I wonder.

  11. 11 kaye

    like this one too! am so loving the teaser!

  12. 12 Orion

    I have one thing to say: WATCH ALL THE EPIDEMIC DRAMAS!

  13. 13 lizzie

    O still cant believe he wasnt nominated for his k2h role

  14. 14 Fairycutter

    I’ll be honest (shall we), will watch The Virus for the sake of EKJ, because another reason will pale in comparison. But this, just watch for the sake of the drama itself… Hell, in another drama, I won’t, still hold grudges toward Bonggu…

  15. 15 myra

    at first it was supposed to air on mondays and tuesdays…isn’t War of the flowers/Cruel palace going to air at weekends?

  16. 16 tonbotomoe

    Totally loving the vibe I get from End of the World.

  17. 17 Locturne

    Gosh! this looks good!

  18. 18 KimKas

    Yoon Je Moon is worth watching, this guy is good (admittedly as a villain he is fabulous but trying different roles is the sign of a good actor).

    It’s my first “sci-fi” KDrama so I’m looking forward to watching The End of the World.

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