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Running Man: Episode 131
by | February 10, 2013 | 45 Comments

This week, our cast go against each other to fight for the coveted throne of the King of Ddakji. But there’s some tough competition to beat and I’m not just talking about Spartakooks. Who knew that watching people flip a piece of paper over can be so riveting and engaging to watch? Will the Ultimate ddakji champion be able to keep his throne or will someone else come to take his place?

EPISODE 131. Broadcast on February 3, 2013.

It’s still pitch dark when everyone gathers at the university library. Still yawning, Jae-suk immediately complains: “‘Good morning?’ It’s 4AM! It’s barely daybreak!”

Their suspicion radar pings as Mr. PD leads them inside, one by one. Nametag ripping at this ungodly hour? Bingo.

Wanted posters line the wall and Suk-jin notices that the combined reward for the Betrayal Trio doesn’t even amount to Ji-hyo’s capture. Kwang-soo looks at his own poster: “300 Won?” Aw, that’s like 30 cents.

Gary tells us about his dream about being chased by ghosts (which sounds more like a nightmare) and then the speakers announce today’s guest: actress Lee Shi-young (Wild Romance, Poseidon). Collective looks of initial shock and then the cast sighs in defeat because Shi-young is a champion amateur boxer.

Jong-kook is the only one who isn’t all that scared (“It’s nametag rippin’, not boxing.”) but that smile fades when they hear there’s one more guest: mixed martial artist Chu Sung-hoon. Don’t let that charming smile fool you – this man is a beast.

Everyone looks like the Devil came lookin’ for them today and Kwang-soo’s like, It’s not really him, right? When the PD tells him it is, Kwang-soo answers: “…”

Sung-hoon cuts off his sleeves as if they were some kind of nuisance and elsewhere Gary’s like, “I’ll be going home now.”

Thus begins the Rewards Hunting Race where only one person will come out as the victor. Sung-hoon seems pleased to have the highest reward (900 Won) and then crumples Jong-kook’s wanted poster. He’s going to bring his A-game and asks how fast his VJ can run. Gulp.

I love how everyone’s first thought is to hide from the guests (or should we call them fighters?). Shi-young’s name alone is enough to raise the hair on the back of their necks but then they hear a soft voice call out: “Hello?” Time to run.

Sung-hoon is crazy fast once he catches sight of Haha and chases him down in no time. It’s sorta hilarious how Haha is like, “Nice to meet you!” but Sung-hoon ignores him, flips him over, and rips off his nametag all in a span of 10 seconds.

You could easily mistaken Shi-young for another dainty actress if you just heard her gentle voice. But Gary knows better and is rightly cautious in her presence. She offers an alliance and he agrees because, “I am a guy after all.” Sure, but who’s actually going to be the one who needs a bodyguard?

And right around the corner is Sung-hoon, who immediately gives chase while cheerily shouting, “Hi! Nice to meet you!” They’re cornered in a stairwell and Gary tells Shi-young to make a run for it. So she pulls Gary towards her… and tears off his nametag. Like I said, who’s the one who needs protecting?

Gary and Haha exchange formal greetings with Sung-hoon on their way to jail and Haha points out the man’s ripped sleeves. Sung-hoon answers casually, “They were too small.” Sung-hoon has a definitive target today: Jong-kook, who’s currently hiding behind a bookshelf.

Elsewhere, Sung-hoon spots Jae-suk and chases him down a few flight of stairs. He lets Jae-suk off this once (and the latter’s knees crumple beneath him).

When Jae-suk recounts this moment of leniency to Ji-hyo later, he’s like, “He didn’t let me go because he felt sorry for me. It’s because he knew I was a formidable opponent!” HA – like we’re going to believe that.

Jae-suk’s bloodhound nose picks up Sung-hoon’s scent nearby and he approaches cautiously before bolting towards the opposite direction. And sure enough, we see Sung-hoon a few hundred feet away, searching the halls.

Kwang-soo joins them (and Jae-suk regales him with the same “Sung-hoon was scared of me” tale) but then the trio notice Shi-young and bolt up the stairs… where Sung-hoon is waiting for them. Um well, crap.

Both Ji-hyo and Jae-suk manage to slip away and as for Kwang-soo, he pleads with Sung-hoon to let him go free. Sung-hoon counters that he’s gone easy on a lot of people today. Kwang-soo tries to persuade him some more and Sung-hoon sighs: “You sure talk a lot.”

But the next moment, we hear a rrripp and Kwang-soo whirls around to see Shi-young with his nametag in her hand.

Neither Jae-suk nor Ji-hyo are surprised to hear of Kwang-soo’s elimination but there’s no time to dwell on it because Sung-hoon peers down above them. Though Jae-suk loses Sung-hoon, he picks up another tail: Shi-young. She’s so focused on the game that the first question she asks Jae-suk is: “How much are you worth?” Pfft.

One by one, the rest of the other members go down and soon, it’s just Shi-young (with 1,200 Won), Sung-hoon (1,000 Won) and Jong-kook.

Now Jong-kook emerges from his hiding place and comes face to face with Sung-hoon, who flexes his muscles for the upcoming battle. Sung-hoon’s like, I’ve heard rumors about you! and when asked where he’s heard them, he answers: “Naver (aka the internet)!” HA.

Shi-young appears from the doorway and Jong-kook now finds himself sandwiched between the two guests. Sung-hoon manages to grab ahold of the Tiger’s nametag for a second before Jong-kook wiggles himself free.

Sung-hoon shifts over to Jong-kook and then in a surprise twist, he edges to Shi-young and eliminates her. And then Shi-young reattaches her nametag, refusing to admit defeat since it means handing over her hard-earned money to Sung-hoon.

Sung-hoon smiles like an excited little boy when he learns Shi-young’s reward is 700 Won. Then he turns to Jong-kook: “You’re worth 800 Won, right?”

Now this is the fight we were waiting for: brawn vs. brawn. Both contenders wear broad smiles as they try to overpower the other. It’s pretty funny because they both compliment each other (“You’ve been working out!”) before another quick attack.

Then, either Sung-hoon’s getting tired or annoyed, because he finally bursts, “Just hand over the 800 Won!” HAHAHA.

Both of them have lightning fast reflexes and really, words can only say so much. You have to see this epic battle to believe it. They’re both focused and ha, I wonder if Sung-hoon momentarily forgot himself because he almost jerks his knee to hit Jong-kook where the sun don’t shine.

Sung-hoon grabs onto Spartakooks‘s sleeve and pulls the man towards him. In a flash, he tears off the nametag and beams with pride. He wins 2,500 Won in total.

Mr. PD introduces today’s race as King of Ddakji, as a continuation of the Ultimate Ddakji competition a few months ago. The rules are simple: earn money to buy ddakjis and whoever wins at the final battle is the winner.

The cast members look at Sung-hoon and ask if he knows what a ddakji is. He doesn’t but totally understandable if you spent your childhood in Japan (His Japanese name is Yoshihiro Akiyama.).

Sung-hoon chooses Haha and Jae-suk as his teammates and the PD stop for a moment to ask, “Did you [Jae-suk] just call Sung-hoon ‘hyung’?” Jae-suk vehemently denies it at first (because he’s actually older than Sung-hoon) and then brushes the moment under the rug. “It doesn’t matter what I call him!”

Thus our teams are: Blue (Jae-suk, Haha, & Sung-hoon), Red (Jong-kook, Shi-young, & Suk-jin) and Green (Gary, Ji-hyo, & Kwang-soo).

Jae-suk and Suk-jin tease Shi-young about her amateur boxing status, pretending to throw a few jabs in the air. She nearly buries her head in embarrassment.

It’s a seat cushion quiz game where they’ll have to roll towards the table and place their seat cushion to answer the question. Jae-suk warns, “If you’re not careful, Shi-young will hit you!” Shi-young says that she’ll do no such thing. Caption: …Really?

Then she hits them anyway while rolling towards the table. The guests are quick but the problem is that they don’t know the answers. So then what’s the point of trying to beat everyone else?

Gah, and then Kwang-soo has the gall to give Sung-hoon the wrong answer before they start. Hey, you walked into the lion’s den all on your own buddy.

Haha is the first one to get the answer right and Shi-young complains about his pronounciation. Potayto, potahto. Then when Jae-suk and Kwang-soo gripe that they’ve been hit numerous times, she looks up at them with doe-like eyes. Jong-kook comes to her defense and that’s the end of it.

Mr. PD acknowledges that her actions aren’t out of bounds and then Shi-young turns to Jae-suk: “You can hit me too!” Um, I know you mean well but I don’t think they’re gonna be able to do that to a guest, let alone a girl.

After a few more false starts (and everyone still get the answers wrong, heh) Ji-hyo whizzes forward and gets it right. What the – now you’re asking them to spell out their answers? So Gary does… and it’s hilarious.

Oh dear, Shi-young. I know you’re speedy but getting the right answer is part of the game too. Gary gets another answer right (and spells it out for us again, ha) and soon, only four members remain.

Man, this last question is a toughie (“Which hand is placed on top when you give your New Year’s Day greetings if you’re a daughter?”). Formal bows are confusing enough but there’s a particular order and answers come out flying. “Right hand comes second!” “Right arm comes fourth!”

Jong-kook and Suk-jin try to convince Shi-young that her guess is wrong (and Shi-young’s like, We’re on the same team!) but it turns out she’s right and she glares at them as if saying, See?!

Poor Kwang-soo is left to fight off two of the Blue Team members who adopt this new strategy of wrestling the Giraffe to the ground. Sung-hoon gives a thwack on Kwang-soo’s forehead and he reels in pain. Ouch.

Kwang-soo must have some sort of deathwish today and he manages to capture Sung-hoon in an armbar wrestling move. But then Sung-hoon easily flips around and gains the upper hand.

Kwang-soo keeps trying and then Sung-hoon gives him a wedgie with his foot. It’s so childish and yet I’m dying.

Sung-hoon is huffing and puffing by the time he gets to the table. He gets the answer right and when Mr. PD asks him to be more specific, Kwang-soo’s like, “Can’t we put an end to this?” End the suffering, good man!

Kwang-soo, did you just smack the man? Sung-hoon’s eyes flare and drags Kwang-soo towards him. Then Kwang-soo somehow manages to scramble to the table and places the seat cushion first… only to find out that the one in his hand was Sung-hoon’s. His face is one of genuine heartbreak.

Sung-hoon reminds me of those guys who forget how strong they are. The next time around, he accidentally throws the plastic seat too and it breaks. I’m pretty sure it’s like the fourth seat he’s broken today.

Kwang-soo actually gets the answer right and then jokingly gives Sung-hoon a thumbs down. Dude, you are ASKING for it. The teams receive their rewards and Jae-suk jokes that the 1000 Won for the Green Team isn’t enough to pay to treat Kwang-soo’s wounds.

In the car, Jae-suk jokes that he’s got over 30,000 ways to tease someone and that his wish is to use up Kwang-soo’s quota in his lifetime. HA.

The conversation turns serious when he asks Sung-hoon about his upcoming Ultimate Fighter competition in the summer. Those fights are intense because it’s like an Anything Goes, as long as someone doesn’t die situation.

Sung-hoon admits that he feels the pain as soon as the match is over. He also mentions that the nervousness he feels right before the match is like “no other in this world.”

The teams arrive at the Muddy Beach of Doom and Jong-kook wonders if it’s a wrestling match. Bingo. Jong-kook gives Suk-jin some tips and when Shi-young tells them to stop, I wonder if she means that they’ll get hurt. But she clarifies that the other teams are watching.

The PDs on this show crack me up ’cause they’re all excited about being in the mud and the cast is like, Y…ay? First up is the Ace vs. Champion Boxer and Jae-suk’s introduction of the two is: “Shi-young runs 8 km a week, and Ji-hyo eats 8kg a week!”

The ladies’ battle is pretty intense but Shi-young wins that round. Shi-young topples Kwang-soo over but the poor guy gets kneed in the groin on his way down. Ouuuch.

The Red Team advance to face the Blue Team thanks to Suk-jin’s win and the PDs allows Shi-young to choose between the ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ rule (The losing rule means that the one who loses [i.e. hits the ground first] is in fact, the winner.)

To everyone’s surprise, she chooses the former and Haha steps out of his character image and asks, “Really?” He’s got his pride on the line and the match begins. Shi-young loses her boot but still wraps her foot around his ankle, bringing him down. It’s a hard loss for Haroro to swallow.

Shi-young wins the match against Jae-suk (“My feet couldn’t move in the mud!”) and Jae-suk asks for a rematch. Myuk PD grants it and when Haha calls for a rematch for him too, Myuk PD answers: “You definitely lost.”

They go for a barefoot rematch and Shi-young totally has her game face on. And this time, she beats Jae-suk fair and square. Myuk PD laughs that this footage is going to be saved forever in the archives. One thing’s for sure – this lady is a beast.

Shi-young chooses the ‘losing’ rule when she goes up against Sung-hoon. As expected, he takes both her and Suk-jin down pretty easily. Jae-suk pipes on the sidelines: “I’m jealous! At least Suk-jin got to lose against Sung-hoon!”

It’s down to Jong-kook versus Sung-hoon and Myuk PD asks for a word about their strategy. Jong-kook’s like, “I just have to win!” Sung-hoon: “I’m going to flip you.” Then Jae-suk interrupts again, “Sung-hoon, you have to win so that everyone will forget about [my] loss!”

The whistle blows and both men bide their time, waiting out their opponent. It’s a long minute as both contenders look immobilized… and in a split second, Sung-hoon lifts Jong-kook into the air and spins him to the ground. Woah.

Jong-kook takes his loss without regret and though he has some wrestling experience under his belt, the captions remind us that Spartakooks is a singer. HA.

Jae-suk starts in this long-winded recap speech about how both men channeled each other’s energies for that final burst. Then Haha cuts in, “And Shi-young channeled all that energy to beat you!”

The cast arrives at their ddakji competition where each of them will need to “buy” their ddakjis. The variety is hilarious – ranging from a ddakji made from ice, to another burnt to a crisp.

The first round begins and I raise an eyebrow at Shi-young’s choice: cardboard dipped in water? But it turns out it works just fine as she flips Kwang-soo’s “sketchbook” ddakji over.

That is, until Gary steps in and flips it over with his “R” ddakji. What’s really surprising is Haha’s “fashion magazine” ddakji – strong enough to both attack and withstand the others. With Gary’s loss, the Green Team is out of the running.

Jong-kook reminds us why he’s the Ultimate Ddakji Champion, flipping Haha’s ddakji after a few tries. Then the two strong contenders face off once more. Jong-kook throws… and it doesn’t move.

They try to badger Sung-hoon, who finally has enough and launches himself at Jong-kook. But he fails, giving Jong-kook another chance… and he flips Sung-hoon’s ddakji over. Epic.

The ddakji champions, Jae-suk and Jong-kook now face off. Each slam their ddakji to the ground and surprisingly, neither ddakji moves.

They go back and forth like this a few more times and everyone waits with bated breath. Gary breaks through the tension: “Can we end with a ddakji competition every week?”

Jong-kook revs up, determined to see the end of it… and Jae-suk’s ddakji flips over. Daebak. The Red Team wins it and Jong-kook keeps his throne as the King of Ddakji.


45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. June

    Thanks for the recap, Gummi!

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  3. Nincy

    Well, I’ll be waiting jae-suk to use another 29.999 trick to tease kwangsoo~HAHA

  4. Mariam Jang

    Oh, God, this episode was EPIC! The quiz scene between Kwang Soo and Sung Hoon had me in stitches! Gosh, poor Kwang Soo…

  5. hannah

    I’m glad Jong-Kook won. Everyone has been targeting him lately and beating him. I wonder if he’s been feeling pressured for not winning in the recent episodes. It’s seems the win was pretty sweet for him.

  6. Quiet Thought

    You could have used an extra looonnngg sentence to describe that epic wrestling stand-off between Sung Hoon and Jong-Kook. The two of them were practically cracking the earth’s crust trying to force each other down by the knee, and Sung Hoon was showing the strain until he got enough purchase for the flip.

  7. Quiet Thought

    Another high point: Shi-Young, who acted like she gets teased a LOT about her boxing skills, kept brushing off Ha-Ha and Yae Suk’s teasing and horseplay for the first half of the show. Then, when Ha-Ha did his flaying schtick before their wrestling match, she suddenly grinned, crouched, and snapped out a right jab the full length of her arm into the air just inches from his nose. Ha Ha practically wet himself and Gary’s face as the punch passed in front of it was frozen in shock.

  8. Quiet Thought

    . . . Footnote: Ji Hyo even YAWNS cuter than most people.

    • 8.1 racheose

      i agree, everything she does is cuter than everyone… i love the ace and if she had the chance she could easily flip haha and jaesuk too XD

      • 8.1.1 noms

        Agreed. I’d say this was unfair, but then I remember that we get to watch it.

      • 8.1.2 jjaym

        definitely not. haha and jae suk are way stronger than they pretend, if they didn’t let her trip them and fall on purpose, she couldn’t do it. she’s only the ace if they let her be the ace

  9. racheose

    lol that quiz was hilarious… gwang soo was even raped by jaesuk and i don’t know if it was the subbers who just made it up but the captions are really hilarious… and when shi yong beat gwang soo in wrestling i tried not to laugh for him but it was to funny haha sung hoon is like min soo strong, but adorable especially when he was playing dakji XD

    • 9.1 jjaym

      kwangsoo was the one attacking jaesuk, not the other way around

  10. 10 Running Man Fan

    Wow, the two strong fighters in Running Man! Amazing episode with fun filled moments. I really took my hat off to Running Man team and trully appreciate their effort all these while. Imagine 4am in the morning, playing Hide and seek! Daebak! My favorite moments:
    1) The wanted list poster with their prices based on abilities. The betrayal trio add together still lose to Ji Hyo who is worth 700 won.
    2) The Running Man reaction when they heard about the guests
    3) The capture of Haha
    4) Gary name tag tore by Shi young
    5) Sung Hoon chasing the Running Man and his target Kim Jong Kook
    6) The epic battle between the beasts
    7) Sung Hoon twisted Jong Kook sleeves and Jong kook lost his name tag. Really classic moment and only Sung Hoon can do it
    8) Sung Hoon cut the sleeves of his track suits and showed his big guns
    9) Jae Suk accidentally call Sung Hoon ‘Hyung’ and denies it.
    10) The wrestling between Kwang Soo and Sung Hoon. Poor Giraffe!! Anyway he deserved it as he trick Sung Hoon.
    11) Sung Hoon and Shi Young Competitiveness
    12) Sung Hoon broke the rolling chairs
    13) Jae Suk and Haha defeated by Shi Young. (Lost their pride. Haha)
    14) Sung Hoon win Kookie in the battle of wrestling but still a intense fight!!
    15) The ultimate ddakji championship and how they took it so seriously
    16) Spartakook finally wins Sung Hoon
    17) The defeat of Jae Suk an his team
    Then again, Ji Hyo seem to fade to the background again. Shi young is supposed to be against Ji Hyo. Anyway, I really respect Yoo Jae Suk as a MC, he is able to bring in entertainment and speaks well. The two guests were aggressive especially during Quiz time but is all for fun. Haha Thanks do review!

  11. 11 Running Man Fan

    Ji Suk Jin and Jae suk is funny, trying to imitate boxing in front of Shi Young who was embarrassed. I love the song Ji Suk, Jong Kook and Shi Young sang!

  12. 12 snow_white

    thank you..

  13. 13 Joyybrn

    This is the best episode ever! I didn’t know that Running Man is this much entertaining to boot! LOL! I just started watching this variety 2 weeks back and when I heard tha SHI young is going to be a guest I really freak out to my senses because if joy! Than a professional fighter is going as well? OMG that was the EPIC episode ever! Plus glad that my commander finally beat Sung Hoo in that game! Love it! I hope they will be back for another episode and this time my Ace Ji Ho will finally be competitive.

  14. 14 Lilian

    This was the most exciting “name tag fight” in history for me. The ending duel made me so anxious to know the results. And dakji has never seemed so interesting before! Haha…only RM can make such a simple game so amazingly interesting.

  15. 15 Cynthia

    Epic RM!

    I love Shi-Young (as far back as her We Got Married days) – all those big doe eyes, soft voice and shy demeanor only masks the total killer underneath. This girl has a will of iron, HATES to lose and has total tunnel-vision when it comes to achieving her goal. It’s absolutely no surprise that she’s a champion boxer. She’s fearless and relentless – shown by the tidal flat wrestling. I can’t think of any other actress who could have gone more than one round (even Hyori!), nevermind all the rounds that Shi-Young went.
    She was an excellent guest for RM.

    Thanks for the recap, G! 🙂

  16. 16 BattleAngel

    Thank you for recapping so I can relive the episode! I LOVED this episode! The fighters/guests were great! Even though Kim Jong Kook lost to Choi Sung Hoon in both battles of strength. I respect CSH because he wanted a fair one on one fight with KJK that he got rid of Si-Young first so they can throw down for real. I loved how CSH was like getting tired and said “just give me your 800 won!!” and I think KJK would’ve lasted longer if he didn’t have sleeves like CSH but that’s how it goes in the tag ripping game. They both had good battles and I laughed when the PD’s put in the captions after the wrestling that Choi Sung Hoon is a REAL professional fighter and Kim Jong Kook is just a Ballad Singer! LOL So funny that even I forget that KJK isn’t a pro athlete or fighter and I am disappointed when he loses. I mean…uhh of course he lost to the pro-fighter, he’s a ballad singer!

    Loved how Kwang Soo kept trying to beat CSH no matter what even though physically he’s no match for him. CSH broke SO many of those chairs I think they almost ran out of them.

    I loved Shi-Young because she looks so delicate and is soft spoken and shy when the Suk Jin & KJK were singing in the car about boxing and stuff…but when it comes to the competition she is super competitive and her fierce punches come out of no where to scare the living daylights outta HaHa and Gary. I love how she beat HaHa & Jae Suk even though she chose to win by winning. I loved the boys faces said “Really? I’m a guy ya know and you’re a girl…you really want to fight with strength versus a guy?!” and then she totally kicked butt! You go girl!!

    • 16.1 jel

      I remember KJK telling his teammates in one episode before to take away their long sleeved jackets and just wear short sleeve, because long sleeves make it easier for the opponent to grab hold of you. So your theory may be right.

      Anw, epic battle there between CSH and KJK, both times. Seriously their lightning quick reflexes are scary.

      • 16.1.1 megumi

        as much as i love KJK you have to admit that he is no match for CSH, the guy is a ufc fighter, i don’t delude myself like some people here that KJK has a fighting chance with him, he might be able to withstand some attacks from CSH but no way in hell he can beat him in strength games, now ddakji game is a whole different scenario…

  17. 17 reyna

    Jae-suk is representing my basketball team!!

  18. 18 haruma

    lo….this year is all the “weak” running man year….kwang soo finally wins for the first time in the next episode.

  19. 19 Sun Yue

    Sigh, Sexyama’s cardio hasn’t improved

  20. 20 onyxx

    poor LKS — he looks like he got pretty banged up in this episode LOL. you could just see how “deflated” the RM cast felt as soon as they realized who the guests were. and man, despite her delicate appearance, Shi-young is fiercely competitive!

  21. 21 myweithisway

    I really ought not be amused by other people’s fear but it was so tangible in this episode that I can’t help but crack up.

    I’d love to see Lee Shi-young and the Hunter team up together, someone might actually never recover from the fear/shame *coughgrasshoppercough*

  22. 22 Hari

    I enjoy your recaps almost as much as the actual episode. What a great laughter outlet. When Sung-hoon flipped HaHa over, I was dying. This cast has to be the 1 of fittest TV cast ever. LKS’s antics with Sung-hoon were hilarious. Soooo looking forward to the Vietnam & Macau special. I just watched episodes 46 & 47; office couple mission with the Playful Kiss/F4 actor. It was nice to get a glimpse into actors & singers actual personalities; to see them relaxed.

  23. 23 Bro

    I really enjoyed this episode. Especially because I watch and follow MMA so I’ve been wondering where Sexyama aka Chu Sung-hoon has been. Now I know he’ll be returning in the summer. Haha nice to see he’s a really cool person outside of fighting too. He looked like he was just really having a good time, laughing and playing around with Kwangsoo.

    • 23.1 bd

      Think CSH could have a career in variety after he retires from MMA.

  24. 24 Laica

    This episode was amazing! Haven’t had such simultaneously funny and badass guests in a long time (maybe ever, if we’re talking toughness. WOW.)

    Thanks for the awesomely funny recap <3

  25. 25 bd

    RM has been at the top of its game for the past 2 eps.

    Lee Shi-young joins the ranks of female guests like Han Da-min and Gong Hyo-jin as being the most fiercest.

    The nametag fight btwn Choo Sung-hoon and Spartakooks was just epic.

    It seems like Choo has gotten more adept at variety, playing around in the seat cushion quiz game and not just reacting to others like he did when he appeared on Family Outing (which, btw, was a real funny ep of FO, esp. Daesung’s “Chucky” impression and Choo’s reaction to it).

    I think the Grasshopper took it easy on LSY when it came to Ssireum (YSJ is actually pretty strong since he’s been working out); Haha, otoh…

    As well as LSY did in Ssireum, I don’t think she would be able to beat Yoon Eun-hye (the original “young girl warrior”) or Suzy (the heir to the YGW mantle) as both are big and strong.

    YSJ should just give it up as to being the Ddakji champion, It’s KJK w/ Gary having a good claim on being 2nd.

    • 25.1 cinthy

      i don’t know about beating suzy because i haven’t seen it, but although i like YEH, LSY is a amateur boxer, it will be fun to watch but i think LSY totally wins it.

      • 25.1.1 megumi

        you’re right, some people here delude themselves too much, YEH can beat LSY???, no matter how much strong YEH is, LSY is an amateur boxer with a winning record, she trains about everyday, unless YEH is a professional wrestler or a boxer herself i don’t see her having even 1 percent chance of beating LSY, and who?? Suzy?? hahahaha…no matter how strong you are normal human beings can’t beat trained athletes…

    • 25.2 sp

      I can totally see her beating YEH and Suzy. Girl is professional boxer and her balance skill on the mud was great.

    • 25.3 jjaym

      Jae Suk’s Ddakji King thing comes from when he was doing a show with Kang Ho Dong and absolutely KO’d KHD with his Ddakji skills. Lots of stuff in RM is a reference to YJS’s past, not only FO but from other shows as well.

      In any case, I think its hilarious how KJK/YJS have the rivalry thing about ddakji. Gary may be good but what’s the point of having fun with ddakji in the episodes if YJS and KJK aren’t having a psychological battle over it lol? If they just accept, oh ok, Gary’s pretty good let him have the title, how boring is that. YJS knows how to keep the entertainment factor going.

  26. 26 Quiet Thought

    Caption highlight: Jae Suek loping along trying to get away from Shi-young with the caption “Huk . . . huk . . . huk” and Shi-young rocketing along behind him with the caption “Swoosh!”

  27. 27 Esther

    I don’t know, I wasn’t really a fan of this episode. I guess I’m more into using wit and deception in the races, as opposed to employing sheer brute strength and power.

    So glad that Kim Jong Kook won the ddak-ji game though. Ji Suk Jin also looked so happy in the car, when they made up that “jjook jjook” song! so cute

  28. 28 cinthy

    glad that Kim Jong kook won this, he totally deserve it after loosing the name tag rip and the fight?? with CSH, and LYS daebak, she is strong, i wouldn’t go against her

  29. 29 Raptor

    Into the first game and I’m already SICK of the female guest’s over competitiveness. She’s way too aggressive when she doesn’t even know the proper answers, and when others get it right, she finds stupid arguments against them. Because of her nonsense she gets so much screen time!

  30. 30 it just me

    Kwangsoo vs Shiyoung wrestle match was actualy won by Kwangsoo. They played the loser game, and Kwangsoo was able to lift her, and made himself fell backward and drop to the ground first. Thus it was Kwangsoo’s victory. But oh boy oh boy, the icon of unlucky and god of variety do always watch over him. She accidentaly got her knee on his groin when they falling down and cause the impact preasure to be…. *sound of Ambulance’s Sirene ringing*

  31. 31 Nandar

    i want to know the title of background music in this ep 131
    the moment of conversation between jae suk and Sung-hoon

  32. 32 me

    i want to know the title of background music in this ep 131
    the moment of conversation between jae suk and Sung-hoon in the car

  33. 33 Krissy

    I thought LSY was rather annoying. I did not really mind her in the beginning, although trying to rip off KJK’s name tag while CSH was cornering him.. Like literally, don’t be pettyful. Then, throughout it she just started acting more and more like a kid… Couldn’t stand it.

  34. 34 Dani

    I swear, LSY is so annoying here. I get that she’s an athelete and a really competitive person, but when it translated into the game, it was petty. Her competitiveness was not in line with the show and it was so overwhelming for someone to be such a sore loser.

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