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Running Man: Episode 133
by | February 24, 2013 | 69 Comments

Our Running Man cast go overseas once again in a multi-stop Asia Tour. When Jo PD said that he was planning something BIG for 2013, he definitely wasn’t kidding. We first head to Macau where the mission starts as soon as they arrive. It’s time to climb new heights, conquer your fears, and hunt down the nine daggers hidden all over Asia.

EPISODE 133. Broadcast on February 17, 2013.

Destination Macau. As our cast arrives at the airport one by one, we’re shown snippets of what’s to come in this episode. I’m just going to say it now – it looks AWESOME.

Gary says that he’s still jetlagged from his concert tour in America (β™₯) and it looks like Jong-kook will join the cast later (he injured his leg in this leg of the tour).

Mr. PD announces that their teammates are currently sitting next to them. Thus we have: Yellow (Jae-suk & Haha), Blue (Easy Brothers), and Green (ex-Monday Couple).

Jae-suk doesn’t miss an opportunity to tease the ex-Monday Couple, asking if they’re going on their honeymoon (Gary: “It’s our farewell trip!”). Suddenly, a flight attendant hands Kwang-soo a tablet, to which he asks: “Phone number?” As in yours?

But no, it’s a mission card telling them to find the secret agent and head to Fisherman’s Wharf. And that mission will start as soon as they step foot on the runway. Shocked faces all around.

The cast’s arrival is surprisingly a quiet affair compared to their other greetings but Jo PD reminds them that the mission starts now. Time to run.

They run around the terminal, trying to hunt down their secret liaison. As expected, it’s Ace Ji-hyo who finds one first and the ex-Monday Couple darts out the door… where dozens of screaming fans scream in excitement.

That’s more like it! CrowdsΒ of passionate internationalΒ Running Man fansΒ never fail to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

When the Easy Brothers finally grab their case and head out, the crowd chants Kwang-soo’s name. It’s so nice to see Giraffe gettin’ some love! Aw, and a couple of them dressed up as one! So creative.

The ex-Monday Couple arrive at Fisherman’s Wharf first where they’re told to find another secret agent who holds the key to their locked case. Oh and that person is located anywhere from here to the end of this looooooooooooooong road.

Ji-hyo strolls down the lane, enamored by the beautiful buildings and pier. They drop by a jewelry store and Gary says the one phrase every woman dreams of: “Choose one you like!”

So he asks how much the ring Ji-hyo picked out is and the store employee responds to them in Korean. HA. That’s pretty awesome. What’s not so awesome is the price: over 280 million Won (~$280,000 USD).

The employee doesn’t so much know about a key, but the couple tells him to put it on hold. Ji-hyo: “The name is Kang Gary.” Gary: “For Ji-hyo.”

The cast keeps running into people who hand them their personal keys (granted, yelling just “Key!” can be confusing). We check in with the Easy Brothers who have a small crowd tailing them.

Not only do they know the “Feel! Touch! Cross!” chant, they even know the Easy Brothers’ song composed by JYP. That’s fan dedication right there. Unfortunately, that fan love is short-lived because word breaks that Jae-suk is somewhere down the street and they all run to catch a glimpse of the Grasshopper.

We cut away to two mysterious guests whose voices sound awfully familiar…

Back to the ex-Monday Couple who heckle a man for the small keys he has on his person. Gary: “You liar!” *tries keys* *doesn’t work* “Okay, you ‘ahn’ [not] liar! I’m liar.” Ha.

One of our mystery guests get caught by Haha and Jae-suk and she darts away before they can recognize her. But Jae-suk catches up to her in no time and gapes: “Hye-jin?!” He means actress Han Hye-jin (Syndrome, Thorn Birds).

They bombard her in a Healing Camp-esque way (she’s one of the MCs) about a key just as the Easy Brothers arrive. The Yellow Team sits down with Hye-jin, who hands over the key, and Jae-suk figures that there must be another guest.

Kwang-soo spots the other guest from the corner of his eye and gives chase while the Yellow Team reads the mission card inside. They’ll need to meet Gladiator Maknae FD and carry their new teammate to their destination.

But then they hear Kwang-soo’s cries mere feet away from them. Whoever they are, they sure can run, eventually losing him. Only to walk right into the same store where the ex-Monday Couple is.

Helloooo Lee Dong-wook (Wild Romance)! What’s with ex-Strong Heart MCs coming to visit lately? Not that I’m complaining of course.

He’s completely out of breath and his teammates offer to buy him a drink. And wait what? Dong-wook has friends in the hip-hop community? Ha – then he raps a little with Gary. You certainly learn something new every day.

That “carry the guest” clause worries the Yellow Team. Is it that she’s possibly too heavy or that they’re too weak? My money’s on the latter. After a few failed attempts, the third time’s a charm and they hoist Hye-jin into their arms.

I love it how they’re both like, “Relax, relax!” and when she sort of does, they immediately respond, “Never mind! Don’t do it!” The PD instructs her to lean back (for the camera angle of course) and she does, even showing a little clavicle. She asks, “Is this sexy?” HA.

Surprisingly, the ex-Monday Couple are able to lift Dong-wook, who seems equally surprised at the feat. But it’s the Yellow Team who arrive at the gladiator arena first.

Hye-jin already cracks me up. Gladiator Maknae FD hands her a dagger for arriving first and then she pokes him with the end with it. That flusters both Haha and Jae-suk who ask, “What kind of ‘style’ are you?”

Meaning, what kind of variety skills do you have so we can complement it? Jae-suk takes the dagger and marvels: “Who thinks of stuff like this?”

When everyone gathers together again, Mr. PD explains that anything can happen from here on out, so their team members can change (Kwang-soo’s eyes light up in hope). Jae-suk make a joke that that’s what makes the show so entertaining and then Hye-jin unsheathes the dagger. Point taken.

Entitled “The Secrets of the Nine Daggers,” all nine are hidden among Asia (*jaws drop*) and their mission is to be the first team to find them all.

Their next mission location, Macau Tower, is cause for worry since it also houses the highest bungee jump in the world. Dong-wook informs us in a matter-of-fact tone that you have to sign a waiver and “wear a black t-shirt because it represents death.”

That freaks everyone out. Omg, you were the kid who told horror stories around the campfire at night, weren’t you?!

Kwang-soo drinks in the popularity of his “Asia Prince” status, though one placard refers to him getting eliminated by Jong-kook. So maybe it’s not necessarily positive popularity, but it’s better than nuthin’.

The Green Team settles the age hierarchy (Dong-wook and Ji-hyo are both 1981-ers) and Gary says that he’ll speak informally to Dong-wook, but he can’t bring himself to. Cute.

The cast is greeted by two startling sights: (1) the massive number of fans and (2) the 338m tall Macau Tower. Um, if it makes you feel any better, the bungee jump is only 233m?

None of the cast can really believe it – the staff wouldn’t make them jump from this height, right? The Yellow Team remains silent as they ride the elevator to the top.

Jo PD explains the rules and he’s all, It’s simple. They’ll just need to do three separate missions that give them a letter and then guess the word. At least they have options: bungee jump, sky walk, and a mast climb.

The members can only laugh at the tall tasks asked of them. It’s times like these where I start thinking of the poor VJs who have to position themselves to get a great viewing angle. And that doesn’t always mean it’s safe. Eek.

They ask what happens if they jump and forget to read the letter, and Jo PD’s like, “You jump again.” Like it’s no big deal.

Then he tells them that their female PD did a test jump. She’s gives a thumbs up: “I’m alive, see!” Incriminating Kwang-soo: “You’re crazy! Your face has changed [since then]!”

Jae-suk argues that he still has nightmares from the last jump, so they decide to forgo the bungee and try to figure out the word from the other two characters.

Oh that’s right – the Easy Brothers are on their own and they go back and forth about who will go twice.

It cracks me up that Hye-jin’s so confident and offers to do the skywalk first, whereas Dong-wook gets put on the spot (“You do the bungee jump!”) and he breathes, “I can’t…”

Then when they egg him on that he’s GOT to do it because he’s an actor (so it’ll be cooler and boost his variety image), he’s like, “I’m a variety entertainer! I got an SBS Newbie Award!”

Dong-wook still insists that his heart’s racing and his teammates put a hand on his chest to check. Then with determined eyes, Ji-hyo checks Gary’s chest. He naturally just stares at her and she gives him a slap: “Pay attention!”

It really does sound like Dong-wook has a legit fear of heights because now he’s just throwing out answers (they’re wrong). Ji-hyo asks if he wants to walk the skywalk ten times or bungee jump once, and he immediately answers: “Skywalk!” So she slaps him too.

Dong-wook has a solemn blank look on his face for a moment. Then he suddenly declares that he’s going to bungee jump. That earns immediate praise from everyone.

They weigh him and when they ask how much he weighs, Kwang-soo pipes: “42 kg!” Jae-suk: “It like your spirit’s left!” Dong-wook crumples. Hee.

Jae-suk, Kwang-soo, and Ji-hyo head out to the mast climb and it’s no surprise that she steps out to get a better view at this height. And the two scaredy cats badger her about how it’s unsafe.

Then there’s Hye-jin on the skywalk and she strolls along, calmly as you please. Haha slowly follows behind her, rattling on a mile a minute to mask his fear of heights.

But they don’t spot anything on their walk and Hye-jin asks if she can go around again. Why do I get the feeling you have to look over the edge?

Dong-wook stands at the landing with the cast cheering him on. He tries to compose himself but his knees buckle beneath him. He takes a few more minutes before they call the official countdown (and Jo PD reminds him of the mission)… and he does it. Yay!

The courageous act lifts his spirits and he looks up to find the character ‘na.’

Back at the mast climb, Ji-hyo marches on a few more flights before she stops and asks, “This is too tiring. Can I do something else?” I love the Ji-hyo say what? expressions on Jae-suk and Kwang-soo’s faces. They try to talk her out of it but she’s like, “I’m falling asleep here.”

It still doesn’t compute with the guys, so she strikes a deal: she’ll do the bungee jump and they’ll exchange hints.

Ji-hyo keeps her word and before you know it, she’s suited up and ready to go. There isn’t the slightest hint of a hesitation and she even asks for a helicam. Meanwhile, Dong-wook sticks his head out and asks if she can stall for a bit like he did. Heehee.

Helicam in place and with a broad smile on her face, everyone counts down. And she jumps. She squeals: “This is totally fun!” Daebak.

She skips once her feet touch the ground and the crowd chants her name. She is one amazing lady.

When she rejoins her castmates, she revels in how much FUN it was before adding that it probably wasn’t too attractive for her to just jump without hesitating like that. Girl, you are my hero.

Then Hye-jin says she kinda wants to jump too. The guys are like, What’s up with all the ladies today? Haha’s missing when she’s all ready to go, but that’s because he’s crying a river on the skywalk. Aw.

He manages to get both clues (they form the character ‘sae’) and he freaks out when he tosses the second one over the edge again. “Even seeing that fall over is scary! Don’t ever make us do this again!”

He makes it back for her jump and she yells: “Healing Camp, fighting!” Double daebak. I especially love how she closes her eyes and drinks in the moment.

Cut to our mast climb boys who finally make it near the top. They can barely hold onto their nerves let alone listen to the PD’s instructions. Jae-suk climbs the last bit and furiously scratches the surface for the clue: “do.”

And as luck would have it, Kwang-soo’s is taped upside down.

Ashen-faced, they rejoin their teammates. Now that everyone has all the clues, they race to answer the question and it’s the Green Team who gets it: Senado Square.

Night falls in Macau, and in the taxi, Jae-suk curses the tower and specifically points at the needle: “That’s how high I climbed! That thing!” Haha tells him that Jae-suk can cry if he needs to, and he does: “Kwang-soo and I were completely tricked!”

Kwang-soo mentions a souvenir photo they saw of someone smiling at that height: “It’s CG.” Cut back to Jae-suk, his sobs heard ’round the world.

At the same time, someone else arrives in Hong Kong: Jong-kook. He smiles wide despite a noticeable limp, and gapes when he learns he’ll be taking a helicopter to Macau.

He gets in the taxi and when he hears from Mr. PD that there are two special people waiting for him, he’s like, “Who?” Cut to: The Easy Brothers.

But back to the mission at Senado Square, where each team will need to find seven natives who can either speak Korean, are taller than Haha, or wear glasses. Seems easy enough.

The excited smiles on the Easy Brothers’ faces are so cute when Mr. PD tells them to find a mysterious someone with a flower bouquet. They immediately think of another guest and Suk-jin expectantly asks, “Is she an idol?” Does 90s idol count?

Jong-kook: “NO WAY!” Omg, it is SO adorable to see how excited Kwang-soo is and he literally showers his hyung with hugs and kisses. Eeee! They worry about Jong-kook’s injured leg (Kwang-soo: “Can I kick it to check?”) but Jong-kook shows us that he’ll do just fine.

They cry that they don’t have any daggers and because no one talks to them, “This is the first time we’re being filmed this episode!” Caption: What are you talking about…

The teams finally head out and it cracks me up when Haha asks how tall one guy is and Jae-suk answers: “He’s taller than you!” Then the Green Team find people who can speak… Kpop. Ha, close enough.

It’s like the crowd grows bigger as the night progresses and the cast members are all surprised to see Jong-kook. Then Mr. PD announces the mission as a three-way tug-of-war. The Blue Team cheers – they’ve got this in the bag.

As soon as the whistle blows, we know that this is one epic battle. Each team tugs hard and it goes back and forth as the cast members on the ends try to reach for the bell they need to ring.

Haha misses a few times by mere inches and the other teams tug hard… and then surprisingly, Haha rings the bell, winning it for the first round.

The second round is just as intense and the Blue Team’s strategy to stick close to the middle means that Suk-jin wobbles around. But it’s Haha who looks closest and with a final burst, he rings it. His teams earns the third dagger of the night.

The cast heads back to the hotel but it’s not over yet, because they need to find a flag in order to acquire the fourth dagger. They ask around but it’s a huge hotel/shopping mall.

Then just on top of the escalator, Suk-jin sees a statue with the flag… only to find out that it’s a living statue and freaks out. At least you finally got a flag for your team!

Everyone wakes early the following morning (Jong-kook limps behind, aw) and they’re all confused when they arrive at the airport. Where’s Hanoi, Vietnam you ask? Well Kwang-soo, you’re about to find out.


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  1. austriandramalover

    Thanks for the recap of this awesome episode πŸ™‚

    Ji Hyo was just DAEBAK (so is Hye Jin) for jumping off the tower like it is nothing. And I kind of want to try bungee jumping myself now xD

    All in all it was another fantastic episode and I guess the awesome will continue next episode.

  2. jel

    The episode felt incomplete without Jong Kook. But oh wow. Ji Hyo’s such an ACE! She’s seriously awesome and fearless. No wonder Jong Kook just called her irreplaceable in an interview. she truly is.

    I thought it was great how everyone was so supportive of whoever was bungee jumping, be it Dong Wook, Hye Jin or Ji Hyo. I love such camaraderie.

    And Kwang Soo’s love for his Jong Kook hyung was so sweet to see. Was the boy almost crying upon seeing his hyung

    • 2.1 canxi

      Me, too. Loved how Dong Wook always through his fists up when the ladies jumped, haha, and everyone cheered and watched. Awesome to see. It also made me want to bungee jump. It was cute when Hye Jin said she was curious and that she wants to do it now XD.

  3. Dita

    Ji hyo DAEBAK!!!

    Overseas mission is always fun.
    Btw, thanks for the recap as always πŸ™‚

  4. Jade

    How did Kookie injure his leg?

    • 4.1 ren

      News reports I saw just said it was due to exercise..

  5. Waiting

    Thanks for the recap!

    RM is such a new guilty pleasure for me and so much fun. Can anyone fill me in on the Monday Couple thing which I now see as ex-Monday Couple?

    Was Spartakooks on tour with Gary??

    (I love the name mash ups they invent!! LOL)

    • 5.1 Kern

      Early on in the show (Ep 10 or so) Gary had a crush on Jihyo, and Jihyo was always making fun of him. It’s quite sweet and funny, especially the Busan cruise (18-19) episodes. It went on for around 1 and a half years and “officially” ended around ep. 80-something when Jihyo announced her engagement to some CEO of some company.

      • 5.1.1 Waiting

        Thank you! I have been confused on this point. πŸ™‚

        • Anatisha

          When Ji Hyo announced her relationship monday couple in the missions were apart, just recently they become close again on screen, starting rummors again even from the castmates; which is proof of how everyone in the set is so close and supportive XD

    • 5.2 ren

      Spartakooks was on tour in Asia I think whereas Gary was in the US

      • 5.2.1 Waiting

        Thanks! I think it would be great to see them both in the US on a tour. Maybe one day. πŸ™‚

    • 5.3 Jackeline

      Correcting Kern: Jihyo only announced that she was dating the CEO of her company, there’s no engagement at all.

      But it’s now been… a year? half a year? (can’t remember exactly lol sorry) since that announcement and nobody knows if Jihyo is still dating him or not. On more recent RM episodes, it seems like the Monday Couple is back since they’re getting teased all the time. Who knows. I just love them on-screen. xD

      • 5.3.1 kpshyazn

        in an episode a few weeks ago, Jihyo had the initials of her BF (the ceo) on her nails.

        so, based on that, seems like its still going strong.

    • 5.4 MariD

      To add to everyone’s comments they were called the “Monday” couple cause they used to film the show on Mondays. Now they film for 2 days and there’s an episode where Jihyo is all excited over a male guest. I’m not sure what Gary says but she yells at him it’s Tuesday so it’s ok. Meaning they are only a couple on Mondays. Anyhow I love those two together. If you get a chance watch all episodes. I started about 3 months ago and finally caught up..

      • 5.4.1 Deets

        I started about 3 months ago too! I used to think that nothing can beat 1N2D and that Running Man is just for kids, but boy I’ve never been so glad to be proven wrong. Now I get to enjoy bot 1N2D and RM recaps.

  6. onyxx

    this episode was all about “test of courage”. and the picture that sticks in my mind is the look of abject error pasted the ashen faces of YJS and LKS as they climbed that high-rise tower to complete their task — priceless! [if that had been me, I would have peed in my pants, i think.] LKS’s face (creased with lines of worries) looked like a crumpled can LOL!

    other highlights:

    1. ji-hyo rocks! ’nuff said.
    2. the Easy Brothers’ “fans” changed gears and left as soon as they realized that Jae-suk was in the vicinity (talk about rude awakening lol
    3. LKS’s look of intense relief and celebration when he realized that KJK would be joining their team (deliverance!)
    4. Ha-ha (while asking some guy about his height): “how long…” (i practically fell off my seat laughing)

  7. Melmax

    Thanks for the recaps… I just love how Ji Hyo and Hye Jin were able to bungee jump…. A really great fun episode!!! Watching the foreign fans cheer them on makes me proud of our cast and guests.

  8. Lolita

    Ji Hyo’s so fearlessly AWESOOOOOME~! I have so much respect for her. <3 <3

    Han Hye Jin too!

    Wah! Ji Hyo and Hye Jin both starred in Jumong as Jumong's wives and all I can say that both are incredibly strong women even in real life.

    Running man is really a daebak show~!! They deserve all the love of their international fans!

  9. Dix

    This episode was my first time watching a whole episode. It was awesome!

    Where does the names “ex-Monday Couple” and “Easy brothers” come from?

    • 9.1 KrazyK

      The name Monday couple came from Gary and Ji-hyo joking that while filming the show that they are a couple. It seemed that they would film on a Monday and this is how they got that nickname. They are paired together sometimes and Gary acts like a caring boyfriend to the indifferent Ji-hyo. They became the ex-Friday couple when it was announced that Ji-hyo was actually dating someone for real.
      You have to watch some of the older episodes to see the Monday couple in action. Or you can look at episode recaps to find another episode you might want to watch with a guest you might like to see.

    • 9.2 ren

      Easy brothers comes from the one earlier mission where LKS and JSJ were teamed together as spies and when you combine their last names Lee + Ji, in Korean that is 이+지 which sounds like the Korean word for easy and that was also one of the hints for the identities of the spies. So then it just stuck because it describes them so well lol

  10. 10 Lilian

    I kinda missed Jong Kook’s presence too but I guess they just couldn’t fit it into his schedule. Hope his leg has fully recovered by now! I love it that the girls are the ones who bravely attempted the jump! Girl power!!!

  11. 11 inxomnia

    Loved this ep, though it would’ve been awesome with more Jong Kook. I feel kind of bad for him because it’d be pretty intense to have to do a tug of war with an injured leg – imagine all that pressure resting on your body and feet, eeks.

    Anyways, I loved the guts of the cast. They were all so game. Dong Wook seemed genuinely concerned, so I was happy he seemed to enjoy it on the way down. Ji Hyo, she simply rocks my socks (ha!) and Hye Jin, I’ve always liked her because she seems really down to earth and this episode made me like her even more!

    And poor Gwang Soo and Jae Suk… their was probably the most torturous with the amount of time and having to climb even higher up in the air. Bungee seemed quick and easy and exhilarating… Skywalk seemed a bit more relaxing.

  12. 12 KrazyK

    Thank you for the recap. I have been waiting for this episode since I heard Wookie would be on it. I love Wookie. I wonder how many episodes there Asia tour will be?

    Of course Ji-hyo was fearless when it came to the bungee jump because she if freaking awesome!! It also proves why she is the ace on the show.

  13. 13 myweithisway

    That bungee jump is awesome, if I ever get a chance, I totally want to jump too!

    Thanks for the recap!

  14. 14 Steph

    Ji Hyo is FIERCE!! Recognize people.

  15. 15 Carmensitta

    You forgot to mention how Gary was jumping around on the sky-walk to get one of the clues, gummimochi, but that’s no biggie, thanks for the recap πŸ™‚ My heart was tinny tinny tinny and beating quite fast too during the Macau tower missions. And I also liked they had the “find the guest” mission too, it was quite a while since the last one! πŸ™‚

  16. 16 BattleAngel

    Thank you for the recaps! I watched it earlier already but I still love re-reading it in your recap.

    The episode did seem that there was almost no opening scene without Kim Jong Kook around and the episode seemed to lack the “competition” feel to it without him. BUT it was still an AWESOME episode with the tower jumping, skywalking, and tower climbing. I love how brave Ji Hyo and Hye Jin were doing the bungee jump! They both were having lots of fun with barely any fear! Girl Power!

    I like how Hye Jin had to hold HaHa’s hand during the skywalk because he was scared but he did real well for how scared he was. I was proud of HaHa for doing as much as he did since I remember one old episode where he was crying and bawling trying to walk across a suspended bridge over a swimming pool for a “1 chance” group mission and KJK had to coax him over. I think HaHa wants to make his future baby proud of his/her dad in the future so he wants to be braver (aw).

    Love how Kwang Soo literally kissed KJK and scolded KJK for not being there and made KJK promise never to leave him again. (Even though Kwang Soo was pretty violent about it.) I felt bad that KJK had to do tug a war with an injured leg but I love that just the presence of KJK ratcheted up the competition feel. As if even an injured KJK poses a threat.

    Love how much the fans supported Running Man. I love Running Man and I can’t wait for the next episode!!

    • 16.1 Hari

      I emphasized with HaHa, LKS and YJS…I have a height phobia too, but I laughed so hard. Even if you don’t have a phobia, those heights can make anyone have 2nd thoughts. Plus, being able to climb those ladders? Geesh! Ji-hyo was great – ladychair & the jump. I enjoy the recaps; thanks.

      • 16.1.1 Hari

        Make that “empathized”…lol

  17. 17 ophulsian

    Loved this episode and the guests β™₯β™₯ Oddly enough, the skywalk seemed scarier than the bungee jump (which I now kind of want to do)! That tiny jump they had to do to get the clue looked terrifying haha

  18. 18 pigtookie

    Great episode! And thanks gummimochi for delivering Running Man recaps every Sunday morning (well in my time zone) before I wake up!

    The sky tower missions were fun, no wonder they spent so much screentime on that one mission. I’m amazed how they got a helicopter and got to go on the sky tower for filming but it’s a great addition to the show. Ji Hyo but also Han Hye Jin are so brave for wanting to go bungee jumping with no hesitations, you go girls! (Speaking of which, Han Hye Jin’s been an awesome, quirky guest! i don’t know her name but she’s going on my list of favorite RM guests.) Lee Dong Wook was cute hesitating but props to him too for jumping off! Though the other missions called for a lot of guts too. Jaesuk and Gwangsoo were hilarious up there.

    Aww Jong Kookie’s face when Gwangsoo and Sukjin were cheering with joy when they saw him. Yes we love you even injured, get better soon!

  19. 19 joyce

    Ji Hyo rocks!

  20. 20 bjharm

    yes Ji Hyo was great but the real heroes are the ones that overcome fear to complete their tasks and the first on that list had to be Jae-suk, his phobia about heights is well documented so for me he was the outstanding one.

  21. 21 JC

    Ji Hyo is amazing! 8D
    Definitely the Ace; she did that bungee jump without a second thought.
    (Also, I’m totally rooting for Green Team~ haven’t seen Lee Dong Wook in dramaland in what seems like ages.)

  22. 22 Cheli

    Macau is simply beautiful. I would love to travel there one day. I love it when the guests are active participants. I didn’t really like hye jin before but she was really fun to watch in this ep especially when she was just having with the swords. LDW is a pretty good runner! I totally forgot that song ji hyo was in Goong. I have a much better appreciation for her in RM. Her jump was awesome! The background music was so fitting.

  23. 23 Ani

    Ji-hyo is definitely DAEBAK!

  24. 24 Runningismylife

    All I know is Jackie Chan will be on Running Man as a guest.. in two weeks. That episode is not to be missed.

    • 24.1 Conny

      As if this show isn’t epic enough already!! Can’t wait. It’ll be such a hoot.

    • 24.2 Carmensitta

      And we thought this is big! Now “When Jo PD said that he was planning something BIG for 2013, he definitely wasn’t kidding.” is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! BRING IT ON!!!

    • 24.3 onyxx

      as if i didn’t already have enough reasons for watching RM…! Jackie Chan & RM = awesome combination that should NOT BE MISSED! *marks date on the calendar*

  25. 25 bd

    Loved Han Hye-jin’s personality (hopefully, there will be more opportunity for HHJ to show her personality/wit in the 2nd ep, since this one wasn’t as conducive towards banter as it was so task-focused).

    While Ace is great as always (as was HHJ) in doing the bungee jump w/o hesitation, I’m actually more impressed by all the guys who have height-phobias and yet accomplished their tasks.

    Having a bad case of vertigo myself, the skywalk (w/ the jumping and reaching over the side to get the slips of paper) and the climb up the mast are actually WORSE than the bungee jump (oddly enough, while I get a case of the dizzies while looking down, I love roller coasters, bungee jumping, etc.).

    The last mission was way too easy, but then again, it was late and they all had an early flight next morning.

  26. 26 Quiet Thought

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    2) Running Man cannot miss anyone out, especially Jong Kook. Thank Goodness, he came to Macau by Helicopter.
    3) Easy brothers reaction when they saw Jong Kook.. Especially Kwang Soo is so excited and relieved.
    4) Jae Suk, Haha, kwang soo and Gary conquered their fear and complete their mission
    5) The sound effect when Jong Kook appears at the Airport.. One Man Jong Kook is the best.. Simply melt at his presence. Not to forget ‘Sparta’ when he demonstrated tearing the name tag when the easy brothers doubted that he is going to help them win.
    6) The easy brothers simply followed the Commander instruction during the tug of war
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    I loved the bungee jump on this episode too. Two girls showed up ll of the guys. Ji Hyo only quit the climb to the very top not because of the fright of heights but because it was too much work climbing. Keke.

    Who says bravery is only the domain of men?

    • 31.1 maskbunny

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    Ji Hyo: Wow! can I be her when I grow up? Just sayin’

    Lee Kwang-su: Why do they love him so much? Not that he is not lovable but…what has he done to make him such a rock star in Thailand and Vietnam? The adulation must be stunning for him.

    • 33.1 Elia

      because Lee Kwang Soo is the ACE of variety! he’s able to create many entertaining characters and can do comedic gag and know the perfect timing for punch lines so naturally like he’s been doing this for long time. And the fact that he’s such a nice, humble, sincere, trustworthy guy in real life makes him sarang surowo and adorkable!
      he’s the rising star in South Korea and the new prince of South East Asia! ^^ <3

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    • 39.1 Carinne

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