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School boys Lee Jong-seok and Kim Woo-bin get cuddly
by | February 20, 2013 | 118 Comments

Oh. My. Gaaaaaaah. How can there even BE such a thing so cute? It’s been a while since I’ve seen a drama bromance that rivals the epic Song Joong-ki/Yoo Ah-in pair, but I think Lee Jong-seok and Kim Woo-bin have officially joined the ranks. They’ve become something greater than the sum of its parts — each delightful on his own, but together they make things go melty. Here they are behind the scenes shooting a spread for @Star1 called “A Friendship Deeper Than Love.” Ask and ye shall receive.

There’s so much pretty I don’t know where to look. It seems like there should really be some kind of cosmic imbalance when such beautiful people are actually friends, but these two genuinely seem to be bros. Don’t you love that the shots of Kim Woo-bin match Lee Jong-seok’s, like they’re having a photo shoot conversation? Or battle, take your pick.

The pair of 24-year old model-turned-actors have been friends since their modeling days, and while a great deal of their awesomeness as bleeding-heart high school mortal enemies (who were really just besties who missed each other, aw) in School 2013 was due to the writing, their friendship chemistry was undeniably off the charts. It helped that they played it unabashedly like two boys who really might live or die by friendship, as emotional as any love story, just without the romance.

When asked about the onscreen bromance that’s been getting so much positive attention, Kim Woo-bin said: “Actually Lee Jong-seok and I had our eye on the Best Couple Award (Laughs). At first I thought my hands and feet were going to curl up, but the environment on set helped me to live as Park Heung-soo. Lee Jong-seok especially helped me out when it came to acting or dealing with external factors. When I was acting, I think I really loved Go Nam-soon. In the flashback scenes we weren’t supposed to cry, but I loved him so much that I cried. Lee Jong-seok and I are really good friends now.”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Via @Star1, Break News


118 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Russe12

    Oh my word, are they trying to kill me?! So much cute. Can’t. Breathe.

    It’s so cool that they’re such close friends though. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re so good-looking. *cough*sorry,shallow*cough*

    • 1.1 Windflower

      *shipping them so hard*

  2. hester

    “I loved him so much that I cried.” Straight to the heart, that one. <3

  3. row.an

    They were so pretty I almost did not notice that floral jacket KWB had on. Almost.

    *burns jacket*

    • 3.1 skelly

      YES. Jacket reminds me of a Bed-and-Breakfast sofa from the 1980’s

      *dances on ashes of burned jacket*

      • 3.1.1 sally_b

        *plays Don’t You Forget About Me — from John Hughes’ Breakfast Club — for you to dance on ashes* ♫♪

        • Jae Shin

          Hahahaha you three just made my day….night…

          • Jae Shin

            It is nearing midnight… I have school tomorrow… -whispers- I may have laughed really loud… ><

    • 3.2 pogo

      **adds fuel to the fire**

      but jacket or no, they’re adorable, whether it’s as Nam-soon and Heung-soo or as themselves.

      • 3.2.1 Roggy

        *sits in corner as you dance*

        but… i liked the jacket….

        • merrie18

          Me too. I like it and pretty much everything else Woo Bin has ever had on :”>

    • 3.3 mary

      NOOOOOOOOOO!!! That jacket had KWB’s essence on it!

      • 3.3.1 merrie18

        I second that. Whatever has been worn by Woo Bin is precious to me.

    • 3.4 M.D.

      Ugly is the new beautiful.

      • 3.4.1 selma

        i second that !

  4. Tha

    I need another season of school ASAP!

    • 4.1 Florentine Lily

      I know how you feel. I actually didn’t expect to love it as much as I did.
      I just NEED something with these two together. They are so amazing.

  5. myra

    was Lee jong-seok in Prosecutor princess? did he have some plastic surgery, as he looks different?

    • 5.1 Laica

      He looks exactly the same to me. I haven’t seen any change since 2NE1’s mv for I Don’t Care, so I don’t think he’s had PS.

    • 5.2 dulcedeleche

      Yeah when he smiles he reminds me of Park Shi Ho too. but no that’s not him. He’s much younger and wouldn’t have been able to play that role.

    • 5.3 mary

      Yes, he was the assistant of the Chuno-prosecutor Ma Hye Ri was crushing on.

      I think he was just a bit young back then and still had baby fat(?) He looked like a kid playing dress-up with his dad’s suit.

      But he’s still recognizable to me. Maybe he just got thinner so now the angles are more noticeable…

    • 5.4 vipkate

      yes, it was him. and was younger.. he also looks the same to me. same smile and all. kekeke

      • 5.4.1 YT629

        Whoa, that was Lee Jong seok? I loved Prosecutor Princess! I’m still not sure if I ultimately prefer Park Shi hoo with Kim So yeon or Moon Chae won (Moon Geun Young is not even in this competition, Alice in Cheongdamdong, you never reached your full potential!) as I loved both Prosecutor Princess and Princess’ Man. But now I have a good excuse to flip through PP again 🙂

  6. hana

    their bromance is more beautiful……………………….than any girl boy romance ……………………………………………………………………its rarely to be seen in people ……………………i am happy about them ………………..always stick together…………………………………ok…………………………………………

    • 6.1 canxi

      Hana, breathe! Breathe woman! I know the feels are too much but pull through! lol

    • 6.2 MariD

      Ha! My reaction exactly!!! The pretty is everywhere!!!!

  7. Bengbeng

    In my opinion, both this guys should be in the FRIEND sequel. Lee Jong-seok is more fitting as Jang dong-gun’s son while Kim Woo-bin will be Yoo Oh-sung’s son. they look a bit more similar than woo-bin and dong-gun

  8. Ruth

    They are seriously so stinkin’ adorable. Makes my heart melt and ache at the same time. So…….damn…….cute!

  9. TS

    I love Kim Woo Bin, aka Woobie My Love, but LJS? I can take him or leave him. I did like Go Nam Soon the character, but somehow don’t see GNS in LJS.

  10. 10 stars4u

    So much love between the two!!!
    Hope they get to work together again!

  11. 11 dany

    tsk tsk, so cute!

  12. 12 owl

    Go ahead, make my day ~ ahhhhhhh, boys, you did it!

  13. 13 Abbie

    Best Bromance Ever. They should get a Best Couple Award. They’re awesome! Love them both!

    • 13.1 alua

      Definitely should get the Best Couple Award. Or they should start giving out Best Bromance Awards. Wahhhhhhh!

      • 13.1.1 Lilian

        ooh…idea! haha! Since they tend to give out awards like to almost all dramas. why not just add one more??? voted by fans =D

  14. 14 Katie


    They look adorable in these photos.

    I am obsessed with Kim Woo Bin ever since A Gentleman’s Dignity. I didn’t watch School 2013 but I heard he did great and he and Lee Jong Seok were great together…I can’t wait to see them both in more dramas!

    • 14.1 hipployta

      Obsession with Woo Bin should start from White Christmas…LOL

      • 14.1.1 HeadsNo2

        Second this. The prerequisite to true Kim Woo-bin stanning is White Christmas.

        • Katie

          I AM SOLD. Just looked it up. Sung Joon is in it AND Kimg Young Kwang??? I was obsessed with Can We Get Married? So I will watch this soon. Although…it’s a little outside my comfort rom-com zone…but I will watch it after 7GCS

          • JoAnne

            omg a White Christmas virgin….you have to come to OT and tell us about some Friday please because a lot of us are HUGE fans.

            Sigh. Mireu, with the pink hair. So you know, it’s not just Sung Joon and Kim Young Kwang and Woobie, either – it’s also Oh Jung Ho from School 2013, and Baek Sung Hyun plays a COMPLETELY different person than the ditzy brother in Big and…really, this is an amazing ensemble. Enjoy!

          • canxi

            Ah, Katie. You haven’t watched White Christmas yet.

            If you think you love Kim Woo Bin now, then just wait. Wait.



        • TS

          So true. That Elmo scene is burnt into my mind.

        • eternalfive

          Definitely, hahaha. XD

        • KStyle

          Third that.

          I saw Woo Bin in White Christmas and went a little crazy trying to find out any and everything about him, I even watched Vampire Idol because of the White Christmas cast mates, yes it does that deep!

          Kim Woo Bin: you had me at the stare and the red hair!!!

      • 14.1.2 hanie

        White Christmas is forever in my heart. I have soft spot for the casts, well… except the psycho doctor…maybe. I still sometimes sad that the red hair had to go. The red hair is so hot.

        • TS

          I know, right? Actually, I have a thing for redheads (which kind of begs my recent K-drama obsession, but never mind) and smartass punks, so Woobie My Love was perfect.

          And he shows some skin, hee.

          • hanie

            +1. We got WooBin in undies in first episode after all. I still can’t believe I only caught that scene after my 3rd time watching. *facepalm* oh the wasted opportunity to pause and ogle~
            dem, I’m sound like a pervert.

      • 14.1.3 cheekbones

        Third ! I still can’t shake Mad Mireu off…….

    • 14.2 owl

      He also had a 2 episode cameo as former boyfriend in TTBY – and was super cool as a photographer driving a convertable – *sigh*

      • 14.2.1 wits

        KWB was so adorable in TTBY. Of course, I loved him in everything I’ve seen so far (AGD and School). But now that you talk about White Christmas, well then… see ya! *runs off to watch.

    • 14.3 anna

      YES! Adding to the endless list of White Christmas fan. I love Kim Woo Bin since that drama! Kang Mireu was my life. Ugh, sad to see that red hair go. He pulled it off so sexily. LOL

      • 14.3.1 Katie

        Wow! So many responses, obviously I need to watch White Christmas. YES I did see him briefly in To the Beautiful You but he was really the only part I could watch…even my love for Minho couldn’t let me get through the entire drama haha.

        Woooooo Binnnnnnn. Why so gorgeous?

        • nomad

          *off to google on white christmas* All these comments always have me giggling in front of my laptop. One of the big reasons why I always go back to reading DB.

  15. 15 myweithisway

    *plop* can’t breathe, too much pretty and cute!

  16. 16 crazedlu

    Thank you, Dramabeans, from the depths of my heart. Hahahaha. Gush!

  17. 17 Rashell

    Aww…they are so adorable. Love that their becoming besties off screen too. This pairing does rival that of Joong Ki/ Ah In. And maybe Woo Bin will get his wish and they’ll win best couple as well.

  18. 18 kdramapedia


  19. 19 tha

    Where do I get this magazine?! I heart these two!

  20. 20 Julia

    This is going to be my wallpaper. Ahhhh …. happy today.

  21. 21 JC

    I liked them both a lot individually before School, but this has actually made me love them so much!

  22. 22 JoAnne

    Woobie with the boxing face *faints*
    Woobie with the glasses *faints again*
    Woobie so sweet and lovey *just stays down, because dead*

    • 22.1 pogo

      I think he just slew all of us lol, they both did

    • 22.2 TS


    • 22.3 TS

      Hey Joanne,

      We Wuv Woobie!!!

      Sigh, I kill me…

      • 22.3.1 JoAnne

        We Were Woobed!

        • TS


    • 22.4 myr

      The Woobie Squad died.

      • 22.4.1 JoAnne

        The Woobie Squad! We need Woobie Snacks.

        • TS

          Specifically, Woobie pics, videos and acting: all Woobie snacks!

  23. 23 anvesha

    Aww.. I love off-screen friendships that mirror the on-screen ones. I find it funny that all the guys seem to feel weird filming bromance scenes (even Daniel Choi said that he found it awkward).

  24. 24 biankoy

    If only ALL of my mornings can with something like this…
    but, HOMYGOSH!! the first picture is giving me a wistful longing for wedding bells for these two… which I don’t really want. But they look so good together and SO HAPPY. Argh. crisis.

  25. 25 MIKAA

    miss this pair they really should have won Best Couple i swear. 😐
    anyway cant wait till they act together or act at all again haha
    i was actually the happiest that School 13 had bromance instead of romance 😀

  26. 26 ck1Oz

    Okay I haven’t watched School 2013. I know you guys love it.But why should I try to?
    Thank you.

    • 26.1 alua

      Why you should try?

      The pictures above tell you why!

      • 26.1.1 ck1Oz

        🙂 🙂

        Thanks everyone. I was waiting for someone to be cross about the bad writing or acting. Since none of the above appeared, will watched it. It was just sitting there in my HD.

        Yes, I discovered with popular dramas that marathoning is the way to go. That is why I am stuck at ep 6 of FBND. Refuse to move on.

        Me, not a fan for or against bromance. So that is not a factor that would pull me in. However if a pair is written well, and they happen to be besties… then yeah, okay, you’ve sold me.

        Thanks again.

        • JoAnne

          @ck10z – Coupla dangling plot points, but good writing, great acting, wonderful chemistry – and not just for our two lovey boys up there. There’s a LOT of great stuff for you in School 2013. Really well done.

    • 26.2 Rashell

      Because it is a show about a group of teenagers just struggling with life and the teachers that help them. It’s a show with heart and feeling that leaves you with a smile and a feeling of hope for their future. Each characters is whole and rounded with noone being all bad or all good. Each character has a trajectory that feels real and relationships that feel real. It does not tie up all the ends in nice little bows, but has some threads left hanging which is realistic. Not every character is going to have their dream come true. But all of them are touched and affected by the other students and these two teachers who also grow and learn during the series.

      And the bromance between these two boys is impossible to resist. Their past, present, and future are something you can’t help but be sucked into. I loved this pairing as much as many of the romantic pairing in past dramas. The loving friendship between them really was special to watch and got me in the heart.

      Watch it. Really. You won’t regret it.

    • 26.3 hanie

      NO. You definitely should stay away from School. Run!!!! Or else, you will get suck into their beautiful friendship and you will left wanting for morrrreeeee.

      hehehehe. I’m kidding. You should watch it. The way they portray school environment is quite spot one. They mostly focus on them mending their broken friendship and other students struggle. The teacher also have a nice story.

      • 26.3.1 TS

        Actually, if she can marathon it, that’s probably the best way. Keeping us waiting for each episode was just sheer torture.

        • hanie

          Yes, that is the best way imo. The waiting is almost killed me….. I ended up watching WC for the nth time in between episode.

    • 26.4 canxi

      Honestly, just watch the first episode and see what you wanna do from there. No one can tell you better than yourself!

  27. 27 Rin

    It should be illegal to be that cute.

    • 27.1 Rovi

      Then the ICOMYM cast should be in jail then. And us all pedoes/slash/cougars their gaolers. LOL.

  28. 28 addylovesbwood


  29. 29 Nokcha

    I just woke up…this is a little too much before my coffee. Wow, these guys have great chemistry….I think I’ll have to skip the coffee and go straight for the cold shower.

  30. 30 hanie

    If Woo Bin try to sell the air to me, I’m gladly paid at mark up price. ~That is all~

  31. 31 stellar

    /reduced to a fit of giggles/

    oh my heart!XD woobin, you’re such a sweetheart.;u;

  32. 32 lizzzieq

    You know it’s good when Dramabeans gives it THIS many hearts! Love both of them. Psst there’s another bts video on the same channel /hands out feels

  33. 33 Mawiie

    Bromance showdown for Thing vs Things please!!!

    I’m trying to decide which pair is better and I can’t pick a side!

  34. 34 dirtydrunkennoona

    I think you ladies need a “Thing Vs. Thing: Bromance Edition”. Include School 2013, SSK Scandal, Gaksital, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, or others. I’m just saying…

    • 34.1 Rovi

      True. Let’s sign a petition. Oh and actually include Rep.1997 & SeGa’s Ssun & Oska. ㅌㅎㅎㅎㅎ~!

  35. 35 Gala

    So… I’ll just pretend that five years later Namsoon and Heungsoo became models. Ahhh, Teach will be so happy.

    Gahh, I really need more school 2013.

  36. 36 malta

    Kim Woo Bin in glasses…

    Dead *.*

  37. 37 anvesha

    I love when guys wear glasses and pull off the sexy! They look adorable together xD
    I feel Lee Jong Seok’s solo photoshoot had some weird poses haha

  38. 38 myr

    My feels had gone to heaven. OMG. So true that they can rival that of Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In. Bromance all the way!

  39. 39 cv

    Wow, sooo cute! Both great actors n gotta love the bromance in school 2013. Hands down the best bromance this year unless
    Another great show can beat this one. So far, i haven’t seen any up their yet.

    • 39.1 anna

      lol i’m waiting too. so far no bromances i’ve watched that can beat the epicness of the Heungsoon couple. i mean Sungkyunkwan Scandal was the last one and that drama was in 2010!! we probably have to wait 2 more years for another epic bromance to appear 😀

  40. 40 glacier

    which issue of star1 mag is this?

  41. 41 DAEBAK!

    Last night I watched 1st ep of SKKS on KBS WORLD, I thought about SJK/YAI pair last time I watched and ever since, I wanted to see that magnetitude of bromance then I get HS/NS pairing which basically fulfilled my wish and I was in heaven^.^
    This indeed is a very good morning. Thank you JB & GF for all posts on these guys*hugs*
    Anyone knows how to reshape a melted heart?!

    • 41.1 DAEBAK!

      *magnitude, i think sorry!

  42. 42 Ebay

    I really love them… My heart broke when School 2013 ended…
    and thanks to JB and GF for always doing the recaps of my favorite drama… it adds a lot more excitement… love love love!

  43. 43 asianromance

    I’m rooting for them to get the Best Couple Award!

  44. 44 anna

    o m f g, that translated part! can we please get a jong-suk’s comment on this epic bromance too? it seems like woo bin is the one that talks about it the most. he really wants that best couple award. if they don’t win it, i’m going to freak out. at least a nomination! then again, these award shows give like 5 best couples at the time or something right? the chances of them winning are pretty high.

    • 44.1 TS

      JS can’t talk properly. There’s an interview with him and KWB where he just smiles and blushes a lot, and KWB answers for him.

      • 44.1.1 Ash

        My favorite thing is when he gets part of the way through an answer, gives up, and has Woo-bin finish the thought for him. Freaking adorable.

  45. 45 anna

    also, didn’t the Song Joong-ki/Yoo Ah-in’s bromance kind of fizzle out? i don’t think they’re as close as they used to be after winning the best couple award. i think JK said something about wanting to win the best couple with an actress instead? i hope these two won’t end up like them.

    • 45.1 Francesca

      I think they’re still friend. Because YAI went to SJK’s movie premiere 🙂 Perhaps they don’t hangout together but they keep teasing each other on tv. e.g: SJK appologized to YAI on tv because he wanted to win best couple award with a woman (which he got it with Moon Chae Won). And then later on YAI told SJK on tv that he was upset coz SJK won best couple award with another person XD

  46. 46 dobabado


    I am super glad they are bffs off screen. ♥u♥

  47. 47 Dita


  48. 48 Farhana

    Woo Bin in nerd glasses… My life is complete ♥

  49. 49 Rovi

    Best Couple 2013

    or if not

    We Got Married season 5.

    HeungSun / Tsunami / Ramyeon Couple FTW~~~!

    *withdrawal feels, same with YAB & Rep1997*

  50. 50 Ivy

    OMG they are soooo cute – totally made my rainy, painful, depressing day good again 😀
    Friendship like that is worth dying for (or living through hell for)

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