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That Winter premieres this week with double-header
by | February 12, 2013 | 108 Comments

The ratings race is off and running, and the shows haven’t even started yet! (Well, two of the three.) The Wednesday-Thursday timeslot is about to get interesting with two new shows premiering this week, and the third one still relatively new.

Level 7 Civil Servant gave MBC a nice lead since premiering last month, and the head start may have helped secure its audience. On the other hand, it could lose steam against two new heavy-hitters, KBS’s blockbuster action drama IRIS 2 and SBS’s star-studded melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows. Actually, both those new shows are pretty laden with stars, though I think That Winter may have the edge with anticipated comebacks for Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-sung (who’s had a long hiatus due to army service).

And it looks like SBS is leaving nothing to chance, not content to bite their fingernails and wait out the first broadcast to see who won the popularity contest. Instead, they’ll be loading up Wednesday’s offerings with a double-header, which is definitely an unusual move; it’s rare that a drama will flout the conventional airing slots without something like a special event (an election, an international sporting event) pre-empting it.

By way of explanation, a rep from SBS stated that the storylines of Episodes 1 and 2 are closely related and would benefit from same-day airing. To which I say: Duh. It’s a drama. Of course its episodes are related and continuous and chronologically relevant. Why not just admit you wanna get the jump on the competition? It seems pretty obvious regardless of what the official statement says.

This means Episode 3 will air on Thursday, which in turn means that for the rest of its 16-episode run the show will be off-schedule. Why would you purposely do that to yourself? I wonder if they’re hoping for an extra episode, or a special, or some added time. Otherwise you’re shooting yourself in the foot for finale week.

I’m terrible at predicting how shows are going to perform, but hey, let’s hazard a guess anyway. The thing is, while I can see the reason for excitement on all the shows, I actually think they’re more likely to fall short of expectation than meeting it. That Winter is a Noh Hee-kyung project, and she’s about as famous and respected as you get as a drama writer. On the other hand, while she’s known for her insightful, intelligent writing, her dramas aren’t automatic ratings-getters, and in fact may be better classified as mania hits. (See: Goodbye Solo, The World They Live in, and Padam Padam.)

Then there’s IRIS 2, which looks freaking awesome from a visual, cinematographic, special-effects, and action standpoint. On the downside: Athena. I think the luster is gone from the franchise, and repeating what IRIS did won’t satisfy; it’ll have to do more, and better. I know, us audiences are demanding like that. So IRIS 2 faces an uphill climb in earning back the excitement of the original.

So my vote for ratings leader goes to Level 7 Civil Servant, which isn’t rocking my socks or anything but is doing a decent job being funny and cute. It’s tonally a nice breath of fresh air, which reminds me how sad it is that this genre is so underpopulated these days. Where have all the fun rom-coms gone?

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108 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kitchy

    I always welcome new shows 🙂

    • 1.1 dr.mugglesworth

      I too was looking forward to these shows, but now not so much. Winter looks boring, another World Within in the making. And, I really can’t stand Level 7 Civil Servant – I was expecting a cute Mr. and Mrs. Smith type drama, and what we get is a trying too hard to be funny, miscast, over the top and boring to boot drama.

      Which leaves Iris 2, which sadly will suffer from the damages Athena and that Rain Bi drama did to the genre.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Can someone explain to me what a “mania hit” is, please?

      • 1.2.1 Eye Candy

        I’m pretty sure it refers to shows that have fans that are very devoted and so the show begins building a good reputaition due to the overall quality but in general do not have super strong ratings especially in the beginning.

      • 1.2.2 Requiem

        Think cult hit.

        Like The Princess Bride or Office Space.

  2. RockPaperScissors

    My plan is to have my two clones help me watch all three dramas. Let the sleepless nights begin!

    • 2.1 OMG

      This!!! My plan is to wait for more episodes of that winter, the wind blows to come out, while I watch iris 2, praying n hoping that its much better that Athena.

    • 2.2 TS

      What clone-maker do you use? I need a couple myself.

      • 2.2.1 Lily

        LOL, you guiseee! xD
        I also need to order one !

      • 2.2.2 AnotherFan

        Haha… Like “clone maker”!

      • 2.2.3 Nicole

        Calvin’s Duplicator.

      • 2.2.4 scarlett

        taoist magic ala cha tae hyun? ^___^

    • 2.3 mary

      Make sure you don’t get the whiny clone like Woo Chi’s.

  3. chane

    Level 7 FIGHTING!!!

    • 3.1 R

      yeah ! joo won & choi kang hee fighting !

    • 3.2 befuddled


    • 3.3 JoowonLover:P


  4. snow_white

    I’m not interested in either That Winter or IRIS 2….but if we compare, I can go for the latter….as I haven’t seen IRIS or Athena…..
    Level 7 Civil Servant is cute and funny, by the way..

    • 4.1 thil28

      i so agree with you! a break from all the ‘melo’, hahaha…

  5. mia

    Not interested with Iris and Level 7 servant. Can’t wait for That Winter.

    • 5.1 DayDreamer


      • 5.1.1 altair

        I’ll third that!

        • happybunny

          I fourth that!!!

          • soleram

            Me, fifthe

    • 5.2 skelly

      Yes, well, you have stupid spies on one hand and melo spies on the other – but it is still spies we are talking about…

  6. heiyeon

    Joowon vs. Jo Insung vs. Jang Hyuk wow. My Wednesdays and Thursdays are worth looking forward to now!

  7. bjharm

    I could never find anyone to like in Iris, and why watch a drama where you do not like anyone in it? Winter..melodrama even the word gives me the shacks, I sure it be great acting and all, but no thank you!
    So that leaves 7 …it is ok, but there been four episodes and I feeling very little in the way of buzz from it.

    • 7.1 TS

      T.O.P. was freakin’ cool, though I’ve no clue who his character worked for, and I’d really like it if he’d had more scenes.

      • 7.1.1 skelly

        T.O.P. was epic. I actually thought he was in just enough – just enough to wreak plenty of damage, leave a huge impression, and then be snuffed out. I thought it was actually an unusual bit of real-life – because the life of a real agent is hours of mind-numbing tedium punctuated by moments of adrenaline-shot terror that could possibly end in your death. And the long-term job prognosis is not good, unless you get yourself a desk job.

      • 7.1.2 ajj

        TOP is TOP. I watched Iris mainly because of him.

        • bjharm

          but wasn’t he a killer and a pretty remorceless one at that? How can you root for a cold blooded killer?

          • TS

            Because he was T.O.P.? Kim Woo Bin wants to play a serial killer next and, not that I’ll be rooting for the character, but I’ll watch for Woobie, My Love.

  8. jude

    I usually try to steer away from melodrama (Not even Song Joong Ki can make me watch Nice Guys) but all that pretty from That Winter trailer lures me in. I will definitely check out That Winter and probably keep tuning in till the end solely for Jung Eun Ji and Kim Bum. Based on the trailer I watched, both of them are going to be cutee!

    • 8.1 liquel

      lol they look like siblings

      • 8.1.1 SD


  9. girlatsea

    SBS, lol. I think this week it’ll be L7CS vs That Winter because established audience vs Jo In-sung/Song Hye-gyo couple. But the original Iris did so well, it’s hard to tell.

    Ratings will probably be pretty close for the first few weeks.

  10. 10 Ace

    After catching up on FBND, I’ll start with Level 7, then Incarnation of Money just to see Kim Sumi and the child actors.

    I hope Level 7 continues to be #1 in ratings, but if it falls to 2nd place, I’d place my bet on IRIS 2 just because I like Lee Da-hae more and I like the action genre better than melodramas.

    • 10.1 soleram

      Well, everyone has their own hope, me on the contrary, hope That Winter rocks and be the rating lead, even if not in the first episodes. I watched Level 7 just to kill my time but will only watch the re-run once SHG/JIS kick off the drama which is today.

  11. 11 DayDreamer

    I could care less that the station is potentially shooting itself in the foot during finale week. I was waiting for That Winter for a while now so 3 episodes in one week will be a treat. Bring the melo on!

  12. 12 The Real CZ

    They’ll probably just air a special for That Winter since SHK is going to China right after this drama.

  13. 13 crazedlu

    Dude whyyyyy would they throw of their ep pairings, unless they were planning it from the start?? Whatever the case, don’t care about That Winter, just Kim Bum. As for Iris 2, I think it might turn out alright. Who knows though. I’ll check it out for its star power, hoping Kim Soyeon will magically appear somewhere, since her sageuk tanked. Ah, Joowon…

  14. 14 haha

    I like rom com > melo = action.
    So I was all the way for L7CS, but I gave up after episode 5.
    Now…when I see only casting, I like That Winter better. But I don’t really like the story line, and I had enough melo in last half year.
    So even I didn’t have any interest for Iris2 at first, I go watch that since the teaser looks quite good.

  15. 15 JIW_sobangnim

    Joo and Jo 🙂
    Jang……… not much.

    In short, ‘All the Single Men, All the Single Men :P’
    *Beyonce References*

    • 15.1 a_diva

      jang may be married, but he’s sooo fine that i don’t mind . . .

  16. 16 Abbie

    I’m actually more interested in That Winter, The Wind Blows because Kim Bum is in it. Other than that, I don’t care.

  17. 17 Sajen

    I’ll be watching That Winter because with Goodbye Solo and Padam Padam Noh Hee-kyung has earned my lifelong support no matter what she should do even though I don’t love it as much as the other two I even liked The World That They Live In.

    Iris 2 I’ll be watching even if it’s exactly the same as Iris 1 because the cast alone makes Iris 2 vastly superior to Iris 1

    • 17.1 spark

      i agree- i am most excited to see oh yeon soo and lee bum soo. i can feel their charisma through the pictures alone.

  18. 18 MaB

    I know I’m switching to That Winter and IRIS 2. IRIS 2 simply because Jang Hyuk is in it!

  19. 19 sharealot

    Iris 2 should be the winner out of the wed-thu dramas just how much big the production is: the franchise, budget, star power, and etc. Heck, KBS even lost TWTWB because of IRIS 2. But we can also point out a lot of reason for it to fail.

    Level 7 on the other hand is like in safety zone – it’s ratings will always be safe and even emerge number one esp if the 2 others don’t deliver.

    TWTWB is like a dark horse for me. Noh has really never had a blockbuster, Jo and Song comeback might be anticipated but this will not guarantee anything, Bum and Eunji roles seems a repeat of their past dramas so nothing new there. But each and everyone in this drama is brimming with potential and with the right mix it might just be blockbuster. A hit or a miss in ratings but in quality- i guess the best among the 3.

  20. 20 wanne

    I’m interested in That Winter the most but rating-wise I hope IRIS 2 > That Winter > Level 7 for their production values, drama quality and great assemble of casts and production team.

    That Winter seems to have filmed a lot of scenes already as they have been shooting very early compared to usual kdrama filming, so I think broadcasting 3 episodes this week won’t affect them that much.

    Really hope that the two dramas that will premiere this week will turn out good.

  21. 21 Trina

    Hmmm. Hard to tell what kdrama I will be watching. That winter and then Iris 2 for now.

  22. 22 lemondoodle

    Level 7 seems to be #1 because everything else was kind of mediocre as well. It’s not like many people are that in love with the show so there is a lot of room to chip away at it’s audience if something exciting shows up. I honestly don’t think Iris 2 has that much of an uphill climb. I’ll go with it being #1 for a couple of weeks at least. Remains to be seen if they can keep the ratings though. I have no idea what That Winter will do, but I’ll be watching it.

    • 22.1 Annie

      I totally agree that L7CS wouldn’t have a chance in you know where if other decent dramas were airing but I kind of doubt that either of these 2 dramas will top it. Noh Hee Kyung doesn’t do ratings and for whatever reason I foresee Iris 2 flopping like Athena.

    • 22.2 Kay

      agreed….Level 7 isn’t blowing my socks off much but it’s there and i have nothing good that’s airing to watch right now…so i watch it….ahh i hate drama watching this way!

      why? exams…i can’t begin something with a bajillion episodes lol

  23. 23 Nakai

    Writer Noh <3

  24. 24 kaye

    highly anticipating the wed-thur dramas, i watched few episodes of level7 because of joo won but i hardly enjoy it so i decided to wait for the series to wrap up and avoid the recaps and i’ll do a marathon of the series.

    love jang hyuk and his superb acting so i will definitely watch iris2. Missed Jo In Sung so much and it’s been a while and I want to see his new work so i might give TW a chance although i am not so much into melo but I love the japanese version of this drama…

    am i the only one who think that the decision of SBS to put 2 episodes in a row might hurt TW ratings wise? it is either they are too confident to show 2 episodes and brag about the beauty of it or they are not confident enough that they will win the ratings battle so they need to put 2 episodes in a day to put a momentum on their drama? Well as a viewer, if I see first 2 episodes and saw that it has no potential, then i would definitely drop it. On the other hand, if it is beautifully made, then i will be hooked on it

    it will hurt me as a fan for sure if one of the 3 dramas fail but i will still watch all of it.

  25. 25 jomo

    I don’t at ALL get the off kilter broadcasts.
    Does that mean the ODD episodes have the BIG cliffhangers, or do they plan on sticking another doubleheader in soon to put them right?

    None of the three shows interests me, but I will be watching That Which Blows for the star power.
    Can JIS and SHG make it interesting enough to keep watching this duo’s trainwreck of fauxcest?
    It could be really titiliating, and that would be cool.

    I DID watch every episode of Thornbirds, and it was ALL pain all the time.

    • 25.1 canxi

      I think they just want the edge on ratings? More time on the air means more people are tuning in even after the other shows are over?

      I feel like they should just leave it as is, though. Unless the first two episodes are like a long pilot (a la Twin Peaks–had a really long pilot episode like a movie) and the rest continues from that. Like how crime dramas on OCN do it ya know?

    • 25.2 YY

      Don’t be surprised if, in the end, we get not one, but TWO twists! First, he turns out to be her real brother omg!! and then with the shock, WHAM! suddenly she can see again!!!! because all this while, she could actually see but she chose not to see, see?

  26. 26 Mystisith

    “Where have all the fun rom-coms gone?”
    A group of Kpop needs to do a hymn with that sentence. Seriously.
    Ratings wise:
    – In a perfect world, I would divide the ratings equally so everyone could head back home without lowering their head in shame (if the shows are worthy of it, of course). I’m such a sucker for fairness. Lol.
    – I’m not that good either at predicting but I bet on this one to be the leader: I’ve underestimated the love of SK audience for melos before… Also, IRIS2 is doing so much buzz for months already. I’m not excited by the project and I’m rather tired with all those pics posted everywhere. I love the cast but even LBS and Jang Hyuk won’t lure me for this. Also, is there an action drama apart from the first IRIS who had good ratings? I remember Fugitive Plan B being so-so.
    Will the audience desert 7GCS for the new comers? Good question.

    • 26.1 Pipit

      “Where have all the fun rom-coms gone?”

      Yes where? Some body please tell me. Lately, I find it really hard to find a good lrom-com. I stay away as much as possible from melo although I don’t actually mind melo or makjang like some people do. But rom-com is totally my preference.

      I don’t think Fugitive Plan B is a rom-com and despite my love for Rain I still haven’t finished it yet.

      Personally I think the SK audience will go for that Winter.

    • 26.2 secretlyaddicted

      I want MORE romcoms too. Please!!!

  27. 27 canxi

    I’m most excited about That Winter. I’ve watched the movie and enjoyed it, I’ve missed Jo In Sung, and I love Noh Hee Kyung. I don’t watch dramas live anymore, so none of this news affects me much, lol, but I would say I am least likely to check out Iris 2. I never finished the first one and didn’t bother with Athena, so I’m feeling like even though I love action shows, the Iris franchise just may not be for me.

    • 27.1 jomo

      You have a point of how NOT watching it live changes the experience.
      I will join you in your non-live watch, then.

      • 27.1.1 canxi

        Whoot! Yeah, dramas feel really different when you watch them in one go vs. watching them week to week.

        • DayDreamer

          I agree. Watching week to week actually helps sustain my viewership position whereas I’m more likely to drop a drama midway if watching it in one go.

          • canxi

            Yup! Shows benefit from week to week airing. I dropped Iris the first season cuz I was marathoning, lol. Granted there are plenty of shows I can sit through all the way or just watch day to day.

            But, sometimes there are shows that don’t really benefit by airing week to week as well, I think. Like when I read re-caps here while marathoning, sometimes the author feels the episodes in one week feel slow compared to last week. But, when I marathon it, it doesn’t at all. That could just be me though, haha.

    • 27.2 canxi

      So who knows who will win in the ratings? I’m not fed up with melodramas since I barely watch straight-up ones. I’ve probobly watched like 3-4 in since 2008, lol. But, what is SK in the mood for on their WED/THURS? And who do they most want to see? I’m feeling like That Winter & IRIS will take turns leading.

  28. 28 saranga

    i agree with your predictions. i don’t have high hopes for iris, because frankly, every spy drama is virtually the same old. just creatively packaged, with the same mashed potatoes on the inside. i didn’t love the original that much either, though it was better than athena. still i’m not sure that level 7 will win over IRIS 2 in ratings if the latter turns out to be even remotely watchable.

    that winter is the one i’m looking forward to most, just for SHK, but i don’t expect to love it. worlds within was great, but this one is a melo and i’m fed up with those, even from noh hee-kyung. i too have a hunch this one will be the last in the ratings, though i’d love to see it win.

  29. 29 Maris

    The winter has my vote because of the aesthetics as revealed in the trailer…….SHG, JIS and the BEAUTIFUL cinematography……..even though could not watch the original because of the tragic story.
    Cannot watch the other two basically because of the leading ladies ……..one being a total mismatch and the other for her totally expressionless face.

  30. 30 Katie

    Go 7th Grade Civil Servant!!! 😀

    I’m just not into the melodramas and action dramas at this point. Life is already stressful enough I just want to sit back and laugh a lot. I wasn’t a fan of Joo Won before starting this drama (mainly because I hadn’t seen him in anything before) but I think he’s freaking adorable. I love Choi Kang Hee and Chansung so I’m hoping they continue to have good ratings. I bet this week 7GCS will go down a little bit but it’ll be back to normal next week. I think it will be 7GCS > That Winter > Iris2

    • 30.1 zai

      i’m with you…too much stress in real life so the best medicine is to laugh out loud……7CLS fighting….

      • 30.1.1 redfox

        I third that. life is such a bloodsucker lately that I am just all drained and then I get home at 9.30 pm and still have to clean, write and next morning up again 5 am to go cook for granny, then write more, then go to work. even if I watch something funny I still cry. so what would happen with a melodrama

    • 30.2 Nina

      Yes go L7CS go!!!!!!

    • 30.3 umiumi

      7GCS all the way..

  31. 31 Betsy

    I’m sticking with L7CS, it’s cute and I haven’t watched a good ol’ rom-com in ages! I’m also not a big action fan so IRIS isn’t for me (although I may have to watch the scenes with Baek Sung Hyun) and I’ve already seen the movie version of That Winter so I kind of already know where the story is headed but I may come back to it once Level 7 is over.

    As for ratings I feel that IRIS may win over Level 7, but L7CS does have a strong (and growing) viewer rating. I can’t wait to see who reigns supreme in the Wed/Thurs drama showdown.

  32. 32 Mar

    -“Where have all the fun rom-coms gone?”

    Yeah, so, I’m thinking all pending Rom Com scripts are piled up at Hyun Bin’s house screaming pick me pick me!

    • 32.1 Dramafed1782

      Lol, that could be right… After Secret Garden, everyone loved the guy. Now that he has finished his duty period, rom-coms must have doubled up only for him 🙂

  33. 33 redfox

    I dont know why but the fun and the pun is running out in the whole world. people are so bitter and sarcastic or depressed and gloomy. or just miserable and pathetic.

    I miss great comedies…. people who write dramas should watch more I Love Lucy, Cosby Show and Allo Allo.

  34. 34 Immie

    SHK dramas after Full House were all a miss for me. As an actress, I think she takes herself a bit too seriously. Please don’t hate me, I still think she is beautiful.
    I’m not a big fan of korean melo. I mean seriously, if they can make rom-com with such angst. I really don’t want to torture myself and cry consistently for 16 episodes (like I miss you).
    Right now I’m just going to focus all my efforts in FBND, because it’s worth it. I will think about what to watch after that’s done 🙂

    • 34.1 canxi

      I didn’t cry during I Miss You. I dunno maybe it’s because it all felt like the writers were throwing in sad shit with the purpose of crying rather than just writing a genuine heartfelt story about missed love finding each other again. Which may be the problem with a bunch of SK melos (the purposeful tear-jerking).

      I think that’s why I personally like Writer Noh, because she kind of weaves everything into a story and nothing feels forced to make me cry; I just do naturally because I’m touched.

      Also feel you on SHK! I’ve only liked her in Worlds Within–she was a stubborn PD in that. I didn’t even make it through Full House D:

  35. 35 michy

    Ahhhh I won’t be able to watch this drama because of the storyline – Don’t like the whole I’m going to pretend to be your brother and then fall in in love with you..yuck.

  36. 36 ola

    as i noticed, Korean People love Melo-Drama & Sageuk…

    That Winter, have a chance to lead… but we never know

    IRIS & ATHENA was Ok on rating… sure be stay the same.

    my prediction is they will be go almost equal in rating… maybe different of 5% not more than that…

  37. 37 Alyyy

    I predict that TWTWB will smash all the competition and score some huge ratings in its first day. But as for the rest of the episodes… I’m not sure it can hold high ratings for so long.

    I think the first and last episodes will have huge ratings while the middle ones get average ones (but still above the competition).

    Honestly, I haven’t been this excited about an upcoming drama since foreeeeeever ago.

    But I really think the network is shooting itself in the foot with this “2 episodes in 1 day” start. SUCH A BAD IDEA!

    I really hope that after a few weeks the drama production doesn’t get so pressed for time that they enter the “live shooting” madness.

  38. 38 dramaready

    Im gonna watch this for the second leads :p. Hopefully though I will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy the show as a whole. Looking forward to the premiere!

  39. 39 Noonapau

    Agreed! Where have all the rom-coms gone? A lot of dramas are now laden with makjang.
    For now I will be sticking with 7th Level Civil Servant. I had expected it to be better but Joo Won is saving the drama (yet again)

  40. 40 df

    Is anyone else watching Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek by any chance?

    • 40.1 canxi

      Not yet! But I plan to. How do you like it??

      • 40.1.1 df

        I actually like it a lot! It’s nothing amazing but it’s extremely likable and interesting so far. It’s actually the first k-drama I’ve watched (i’ve only been watching casually for almost 2 years though) where the 2 leads develop a FRIENDSHIP and don’t hate each other. The male lead is so cute, positive, easy to root for and their friendship is extremely believable. I really like underdog stories in k-dramas, especially after King of Dramas. It’s executed pretty well so far and I’m liking Tae Baek’s allies on his journey. I also don’t mind the potential love triangles and actually look forward to them but everyone is different.

        It just makes me sad that the ratings are so low and noone is recapping it anywhere! I hope it gets more attention

        • canxi

          Oh yay! That’s awesome 😀 I like love that stems from friendship. It’s nice and when arguments arise later, I’m more likely to understand them.

          And yeah, I thought it might be re-capped here because Park Ha Sun is well-received on this site, but I guess the re-cap plate is full.

    • 40.2 Mystisith

      I am. Saw 2 eps and I like it so far. Nothing revolutionary but not bad. I just hope they won’t go melo on us later since the ratings are… No comment.

      • 40.2.1 df

        “I just hope they won’t go melo on us later since the ratings are… No comment.”

        honestly, if this happens, i’ll probably give up on watching k-dramas while they air. I’ve been dissapointed so many times with sudden changes for the worse. At least with finished dramas, I have a clue what to expect 🙁

      • 40.2.2 Pipit

        I think Korean ratings and me have steadily become mortal enemies…

        • skelly

          Same here – fabulous shows get low ratings, and drivel becomes a “National show.”

      • 40.2.3 canxi

        Hopefully not. I hope the writers just stick to what they are planning and go for it. Also, I feel tonally it wouldn’t fit. o_O Day to day business problems are melo enough XD

    • 40.3 Pipit

      I haven’t watch Ad Genius yet but it’s on my watch list. A mandatory see for me. I’m not a big fan of watching drama as it airs (right after there is subs). But the reason why I haven’t seen it yet is because this is the time of the year where IRL I don’t even have time to sleep. But I like the show already for having Jo Hyun Jae in it.

      • 40.3.1 YY

        I watched it for a bit but there are no subs and much as I adore kang-ah, it’s terribly difficult to watch him without understanding what he’s saying, but I did note in my few minutes of watching that he’s so so cute Kang-ahhh! and it makes me so sad that he’s so cute here because my darling is just the second lead here and that makes me even sadder so I had to stop watching.

        • Pipit

          YY perhaps with the power of love between us both we could uplift him into the male lead status.

      • 40.3.2 df

        Oh god, he is SEXY! I’ve never seen him before now and I’m just in…umph. There was a scene of him running ona treadmill wearing an extremely form fitting sleeveless top, muscles busting out and I almost passed out because I had no clue he was working with all that under those suits. I’m definitely a new fan of him…from head to toe! Whoo he’s made me dizzy *sits down*

  41. 41 MC

    I’m excited for IRIS 2! I liked IRIS, but it would not be a rewatch for me. I watched Athena til the end, but it wasn’t good.

    I really hope IRIS 2 surprises us and does a good job.

  42. 42 VINNYBLUE

    Wed-Thurs time slot is continuously giving hit dramas.
    This is going to be a battle between Leading Actors.
    I like the 3 actors, they all could do the intense and solid acting. But based on story itself, I think Jo In Sung has the more showy emotional role more than Jang Hyuk (action) and Joo Won (rom-com). I have seen the trailer and it’s Jo In Sung who will carry the show though I wanna see how Song Hye Gyo do something for her acting.
    This is the 1st time that I’m going to watch all dramas in the same time slot.
    PS. I just can’t ignore Jang Hyuk, he always looks fine and great in action pack.

  43. 43 Nina

    “So my vote for ratings leader goes to Level 7 Civil Servant, which isn’t rocking my socks or anything but is doing a decent job being funny and cute. It’s tonally a nice breath of fresh air…”

    I totally agree with ya javabeans! Hopefully it will be true! I think its a cute drama. We’ll see what Korea prefers between rom-com, melo and shooting guns action/fighting/stuff lol

  44. 44 soleram

    This is what I think…That winter audience will attract many ajuhmas or housewives, Iris 2 will get its audience more from the men or those who really love action pack, and Level 7 is more popular among the youngster mostly because of Jowon and Chanshung from 2 PM.

    So, I think the rating will be shared quite equally, the one who take the lead may do so with not so much different margin.

    But for me myself, I am bias to SHK so will vote for it to be the leader. And won’t be disappointed if they aren’t because the production team has said they don’t care much about the ratings. Besides, most people will agree when it comes to quality, cinematography, this drama has the most potential.

  45. 45 Urnaa

    i prefer rom-com to melo. But this is Jo In Sung, who won me over with his every movies and dramas. I just want smile silly when he smile and cry when he cries on screen.

  46. 46 Uhnny

    Yeah, “Where have all the fun rom-coms gone?”

  47. 47 MEalways

    I just watched the 1/4 ends of The Winter that Wind Blows episode 2, because I wanted to see the chemistry between Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo. Especially, since I have read some praises on their depth-act.

    I really don’t like mellow.
    But, seeing those two (and Ki Bum really, really, really doesn’t hurt. He’s kind of good), they are so intense.
    I don’t know if the story will make me stay with the story (drama tends to make them longer than it should, thus make it a bit boring), I hope not.

    But, I will watch more surely.

  48. 48 watcher&listener

    Watched the 1st episode and it feel so much alike with the ‘Love Me Not’ movie. This is the drama version I guess

  49. 49 TS

    Will That Winter get recapped?

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