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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 4
by | February 21, 2013 | 114 Comments

It’s not easy pretending to be a long-lost chaebol heir, and our hero has to work to keep up the lie when everyone else is hell-bent on exposing the truth. Even though he’s got enemies piling up on all sides and friends with dubious motives, he still manages to help our heroine on her journey of self-discovery. If only that self-discovery didn’t come with a side of lies, things would be so much easier. Except for the fact that we probably wouldn’t have a drama. Details, details.

That Winter took the lead in ratings this episode with 13.4%, with Civil Servant taking up the middle and IRIS 2 holding up the rear. That last one must be a bitter pill to swallow as far as producers are concerned since it’s certainly the most expensive show out of the three, but I guess it goes to show that while money can buy a lot of things, it can’t buy an audience.


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Young returns to the basement to retrieve the bell that she technically won for herself at the carnival game (with Soo’s help, of course), but once she hears Soo hiding she demands whoever it is to come out.

Soo moves as if to step out, but stays silent instead. Perhaps thinking it was nothing, Young heads back up the stairs until Soo makes another noise. She turns sharply, but a stray kitten wandering in the room causes her to lower her guard enough to leave.

Soo thinks he’s off the hook – but Young should be smart enough to know that stray cats don’t pick locks.

The results of the DNA test prove that Soo and Young are indeed siblings, much to Myung-ho’s chagrin. But the doctor notes that there was something strange. (So, did Hee-sun manage the switch after all?)

Jin-sung’s busy trying to get his dad out of the police station for a crime he didn’t commit, but we’ve seen his sister before – she was the one stealing money from Hee-sun last episode.

Soo finds himself locked in the greenhouse once Young leaves, an can’t get ahold of either Jin-sung or Hee-sun to get him out. The tapes from Young’s childhood continue to play in the meantime, all of them addressed to the mother who abandoned her.

In one, she’s wearing the garb of a cancer patient (including hat) as she tells her mother that Secretary Wang is taking her to a hospital in Japan to heal her. The next video’s tone is much more dour as she cries, repeating over and over again that Secretary Wang lied.

“She said not to tell Dad,” Young Lite cries. “Because I can’t see, I don’t know anything. But I can see a little. If I tell Secretary Wang Ajumma or Dad that I can’t see at all, they might make my eyes better sooner. So I lied. I didn’t go to the hospital, but she lied and said I did.”

Oh. My. God. My blood is boiling – Secretary Wang intentionally refused to give Young medical care?! And Young could see a little back then, which means her condition could have maybe been prevented and/or cured. So Secretary Wang wanted her to get worse? I can’t even.

While Soo waits for Hee-sun to get him out, he notices a polaroid of Friend Soo as a kid – and sees that the burn was on his left arm. Ohhhh crap. Soo burned the wrong arm.

Hee-sun makes it inside easily and rips up the polaroid to destroy the evidence, not knowing that Young already felt the burn wound on Soo’s right arm. She explains that the DNA test was a success, since she and Jin-sung managed to switch the samples in Myung-ho’s car without him noticing.

She grows suspicious of Soo once she realizes that he spent his entire waiting period watching Young’s childhood video diary, narrowing her eyes as she asks him if he sees Young as a woman. This kind of sounds like a jealous ex giving a warning, doesn’t it?

Soo hangs the carnival bell at Young’s window like a wind chime, unaware that she’s currently doubled over in pain in her bathroom. She tries to act like she’s fine once she emerges, but there’s no way Soo can’t notice how pale she looks, or the sweat on her forehead.

We see why she’s putting up a front, because she answers Soo’s concern about her well-being by asking if he hopes something bad would happen to her. Yikes. Girl’s got some trust issues.

When Soo tells her she looks ill, she fires back, “Is that a concern or a desire for you?” She claims that he abandoned her when she really wasn’t fine and needed him, but now that she claims she’s fine, he won’t leave her alone.

Of course, in her mind, she thinks he’s pestering her because he wants her to get sick and die. Soo knows there’s no winning in this battle, so he just points out the wind chime he made from the bell.

“You and I have two months left now,” he tells her. “After I leave, when the wind blows, the bell might sound like this. I thought…” he trails off before leaving. Was he hoping that she’d remember him later on, if she heard the chime? (We knew they’d bring the title in somehow.)

Secretary Wang freaks out when Hee-sun shows up at the house bearing loads of flowers. It’s clear that Soo had no idea she was coming, but she explains that it’s because she wants to be friends with Young, and calls her down from her window to plant flowers with them.

Young arrives at the greenhouse while Jin-sung and Hee-sun bicker outside. Soo thinks she’s there to stop him, but to the contrary, it seems like she wants to help.

Soo catches her when she stumbles over a gardening tool: “‘Help me.’ Say that. ‘Help me.’ Try it.”

“H…help me,” she ventures, and Soo sweeps her up into a bridal carry before setting her down on the edge of a flower bed. (In the midst of this, he corrects Young to address him as “oppa” instead of “you.” It should be cute but we know how weird this is going to get.)

Hee-sun watches, prompting Jin-sung to ask her if she’s jealous. He uses the opportunity to remind her: “You and I suit each other.” Aw.

Young recognizes one of the plants by touch, remembering that her mother liked it. When she asks Soo how he remembered, Hee-sun holds up one of the pictures she pilfered from Mom’s basement of the plant. Nice move, Hee-sun.

Jin-sung silently prompts him to ask her about the thing he’s supposed to buy her, though Young responds that it’s not so easy to buy nowadays. Soo is quick to backpedal out of that conversation since he still doesn’t know the answer to her riddle.

Soo carries her from flower bed to flower bed while they plant together, his hands frequently covering hers. Her prickly facade melts away as she starts smiling again, especially when Jin-sung and Hee-sun initiate a water hose fight.

Aww, everyone’s so…. happy. So cute. Secretary Wang shows up in the midst of the fun, but blessedly leaves without ruining everyone’s good time.

Later, Hee-sun takes out her jealousy over Soo and Young by pointing out the wall in the greenhouse that looks oh-so-suspiciously like a door. That certainly gets Soo’s attention, but she’s just messing with him. Isn’t she?

She starts pelting Young with questions in banmal, but when Soo reminds her that Young isn’t her friend but her unni, Hee-sun responds that she only had one unni – the one Soo dated.

Soo tries to get Young and himself out of the situation, but not before Hee-sun can tell Young that her sister is dead. “When my sister died, your brother, Oh Soo, sobbed like a baby.”

After that gem, Hee-sun saunters up to Soo and whispers, “Am I an enemy, or am I a friend?” I’m beginning to wonder that myself. Is she jealous on behalf of her sister, or for herself?

Myung-ho shares the DNA test results with Secretary Wang, though he mentions what the doctor found strange – the DNA on the toothbrush was at least ten months old. He wants a blood test to be sure, but Secretary Wang knows that Soo would never agree to it.

However, he decides to look into the Oh Soo that Friend Soo mentioned in his letters, since it bothers him that two friends had the same name. Uh oh. These people are sharp.

Weirdly enough, Secretary Wang and Myung-ho have a business meeting with none other than Jin So-ra, the psychopath who got Soo into this mess. A text from Moo-chul interrupts their meeting – he’s attached a picture of So-ra’s beloved Soo, and offers to arrange a meeting now that she’s back in Korea.

Young shares a friendly dinner with Lawyer Jang in order to reiterate the stipulations in her will. Basically, if she dies, half of what she has will go to Soo and the other half to charity, with something separate for Secretary Wang.

He grows suspicious over how fast she’s moving things along, but she eases any worries he has about her health by claiming that it’ll serve as a test for Soo’s authenticity, before changing the subject by urging him to confess his feelings for Secretary Wang.

Mi-ra looks to Soo for help in convincing Young to go to a party tomorrow, hosted by the man who introduced himself as Soo’s mentor, Joong-tae. She takes Soo’s startled silence as proof that he doesn’t want to go either, and wonders if it’s because he’s on bad terms with Joong-tae.

This leaves Soo with another mystery to solve, since Joong-tae claimed they were close. He needs to solve Young’s riddle and hopes that going to the party will help.

Soo finds Secretary Wang in the greenhouse that night and starts asking her questions about Young’s eyes, like whether they really couldn’t be treated. Secretary Wang claims that she tried to tell Young’s mother, but only got hung up on.

She asserts to Soo that her affair with Young’s father was only a one-time deal, and that he always loved Young’s mother. In fact, the reason why he kept Young when he sent her mother and brother away was because he was sure she would return for her daugther. “But your mother, because of her hate for the chairman and I, let go of Young.”

It’s only once she declares that she lived as Young’s mother that Soo intervenes, and uses a cold tone to remind her, “You’re not her mom. Don’t delude yourself. You’re not her mom, you’re Young’s nanny and legal representative. I’ll let you be that much.” Burn.

Soo sneaks a key to the new greenhouse lock (having replaced the old one) onto Young’s doorknob, which Secretary Wang ends up giving her as she tucks her in for the night. Young then smiles as she holds the bear keychain, while the bell Soo also gave her rings softly at her window. D’aww.

Young accompanies Soo as he goes clothes shopping the next day at one of the department stores owned by PL Group. Of course she can’t see his new duds, but he makes sure to tell her that he looks pretty snazzy in them. (Not going do disagree there.)

He tells her that he’s going to have her eyes fixed so she can see him one day, just as we realize that he’s not picking clothes out for himself, but for her. And arranging a makeover, too, because it’s just not a drama without one.

She’s not as open to the idea, even though he tells her that he’s giving her a makeover because wants whatever woman he goes out with to be pretty. And he’s telling this to Song Hye-Friggin’-Gyo? Blessed-with-immortality-and-ageless-beauty Song Hye-gyo? I can buy some stuff, Show, but let’s get real here.

Soo’s totally wowed by the final product of her makeover and weaves her arm through his, acting like a proud oppa ready to walk her down the aisle in dad’s stead when she gets married.

Ah, so we find out that Soo was getting her all dressed up to go to her class reunion, and Young goes into a fit when she finally figures it out. He can’t understand why she’s so afraid of going – does she not want her first love to see her blind? Is she afraid her friends will take pity on her? “How long are you going to hide from people?” he asks her. “How long are you going to stay alone?”

Young has a flashback to her high school days of girls talking about her blindness when they thought she wasn’t around, and how humiliated she was. She believes the same thing of those people now – all they’ll do is belittle her behind her back.

“So go in front of them so they can’t do that behind you!” he all but yells. He wants her to face her fears and stop running away, claiming she can go back to being a hermit once he leaves in two months. But until then, he wants her to face the world, because he’s been alone like her before and knows how tiring it is.

Jin-sung is already at the party and finds out that Joong-tae and Friend Soo were on bad terms because Joong-tae was responsible for the burn on his arm. And, yikes, he even remembers that it was Soo’s left arm. Not good.

Young is greeted warmly when she and Soo show up at the party, but things get a little awkward when her first love, Jung-woo, also introduces himself. In the meantime Soo gets a frantic call from Jin-sung telling him to get out because Joong-tae caused the injury and remembers where it was.

Instead, Soo rolls up his sleeve next to Joong-tae so he’ll see the burn clearly, and decides to be upfront and confident about it so that Joong-tae will doubt his own memory. Good thinking.

Young gets to catch up with Jung Woo, who’s now married to a hearing-impaired girl he met while volunteering at a welfare center, which he started doing because of Young’s impairment. “It’s like you introduced my wife to me,” he tells her. Aww. At least there doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings.

Young seems to be having a good time, and even gets an apology from a girl who’d tormented her in high school. But while the party goes on, Joong-tae hunts for an old picture that will prove Soo’s injury was on his left arm.

Young asks Soo to describe what’s going on at the party, so he gives her a play-by-play as Mi-ra’s boyfriend proposes to her during karaoke. Everyone urges the soon-to-be couple to kiss, so Soo shows Young how Mi-ra’s boyfriend is going about it by cupping her cheek and turning her face toward his.

“He kissed her,” Soo describes, his face inches from Young’s. Omo omo omo. If anyone were to turn around and look at these two right now, NO sane person would call them brother and sister.

Young’s smile fades, and Soo slowly pulls away to ask her if she knows the difference between a kiss and a peck, which she claims she does. Soo’s smile tells me he doesn’t believe such nonsense, but he grows concerned when Young fumbles over her drink.

She makes it to the bathroom without Soo knowing she’s sick, and only there does she start doubling over and gasping for air. She looks up at the ceiling and sees lights, but they flash like lightning in her mind, clearly causing her pain.

Myung-ho arrives in the meantime and asks Soo for permission to marry Young, though I get the sense that he doesn’t really care either way, it’s more of a way for him to remind Soo of his place. Per his request, Soo leaves the party alone.

He spots a snack shop from one of Mom’s polaroids, and remembers how Friend Soo and Joong-tae were eating cotton candy in the foreground while Young followed behind them, crying. He imagines the scenario as it would have happened, though it’s a bit strange that he’s fabricating memories. Especially when he smiles fondly as though they were his own.

Still, he’s sure that cotton candy must be the object of Young’s riddle, but finds the shop closed. He tries to chase down two kids who walk by with cotton candy to hilarious effect, yelling after them, “Ajusshi is not a strange man!” Ha. Yeah, good luck convincing anyone of that.

Young points out that Myung-ho has been unusually forward lately, and knows that it’s because he’s afraid of getting usurped by her brother. His defense falters when she forces him to face facts – after their engagement party, he didn’t stay for even a drink, and he’s never taken her out on a date. So… Myung-ho is an even bigger douche than we thought.

Soo returns, but Young isn’t too happy with him either, since she knows he left without telling her. She leaves first, and Soo stops Myung-ho from going after her (and basically competing with him) by telling him to cool his heels for two months. After that, he’ll be gone, and Young will be his again.

Soo presents the cotton candy to her outside, and genuine surprise comes over her: “You remembered.” So he solved the riddle?

She explains that she’d always go to that store after he and Mom left, but she never bought any because Mom never let them eat it. It’s with a smile that she confesses that they used to lie about eating it.

Young: “So Mom would…”

Soo: “…Take our picture.”

He’s smart to deduce all that from a polaroid, and it’s a risky move that pays off.

They both bite into the cotton candy at the same time, their faces almost close enough for their foreheads to touch. It seems to affect Soo more than it does her, almost putting him into a daze, but he comes to when she asks him to take her to the river they used to visit with Mom.

Luckily, he knows which river it is because of where Friend Soo had his ashes spread.

While So-ra tries to track Moo-chul down, Myung-ho finds him first at Oh Soo’s old apartment. When he asks about the former owner, Moo-chul replies, “Which Oh Soo? PL Group’s Oh Soo, or the conman Oh Soo?” Crap. Does he not want his money, or what?

Soo takes Young to the river, and the sounds bring back a flood of memories of all the times she spent there with her mother and brother.

While he’s distracted skipping stones, Young starts heading into the water, totally immersed in her memories. Whoa, what? That water must be freezing. What is she doing?!

Soo jumps in after her once he sees her, and he must be thinking that she’s trying to commit suicide because he remembers the train incident.

So after he hauls her to shore, he slaps her.

Only, that’s exactly what her brother did to her when they were children to punish her for going into the water. Eek, so this was a test? And Soo unknowingly passed it?

Her hand goes to his face as he carries her to the car. “Let me touch my brother’s face once,” she says, her eyes brimming with tears.

Uh oh. She believes him. This is bad news.


I was afraid this moment would come. So far, we had an easier time going along with the con because Young didn’t believe it herself. She’s suspicious by nature and trusts no one, so it seemed like she was just letting the situation with Soo play out, confident that it would resolve itself. And if the truth came out that he wasn’t her brother, no harm, no foul, right?

Until now, anyway. Young kept all those walls up with good reason, so it kills me to see her get fooled into breaking them down. What’s been nice about her character development is that we’re able to see why she can be so cold, enough so that her ‘letting go’ doesn’t feel unearned or out of character. The moments when she smiles are genuine, and it’s like she lets herself have fun only when she’s sure she’s keeping her emotions at arm’s-length to prevent herself from getting hurt.

But her argument with Soo before the party went a long way in showing her vulnerable side, going to prove that there’s nothing that makes her different from other girls who are self-conscious. She pretends to be an impenetrable wall but clearly, what people say about her does get to her, and I was happy to see that because it’s such a normal, human thing. I’ll believe the girl who says she’s thin-skinned but pretends like she isn’t over the girl who says she’s thick-skinned and immune to insults any day.

And once again, Soo genuinely helped her come out of her shell so that she could realize she’s just as capable of having fun as everyone else is. It really is getting hard to tell whether what he does is solely out of concern for himself or whether it’s partly fueled out of concern for her, though I’m in the camp that he does care for Young, despite his best intentions. But I’m sure that, like Young, he was content to play around with her because he was sure he could keep his emotions in check, or compartmentalize them all together. The look he gave during the cotton candy scene tells me that his walls are starting to break down too, whether he realizes it or not.

I’m really interested to find out more about Secretary Wang, which is an interesting place to be with a villain. Drama villains can get so cartoonish sometimes, but Secretary Wang has remained intriguing so far because I just can’t figure her out. By all accounts she’s a monster, yet when she talks to others, she talks like she’s the victim. She’s wonderfully understated, especially since mustache-twirling wouldn’t really suit a woman, and I like how there’s more to her than what meets the eye.

Same goes for a good deal of the characters, which is what makes watching so fun. Hee-sun put it best when she asked: “Am I an enemy, or am I a friend?”


114 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ilikemangos

    -I love everytime young smiles.
    -That cotten candy scene was too pretty.
    -Her first love is pretty cool.

    • 1.1 pogo

      yeah, it’s nice to see a non-protagonist first love who isn’t a complete wuss or a jerk in a kdrama.

      • 1.1.1 DayDreamer

        Definitely a nice thing to see. I liked how bad memories just became bygones instead. I also liked how the friend who heart Young’s feelings apologized and was very nice in greeting her. I was actually expecting the same rude attitude from her as an adult too.

      • 1.1.2 lolcoolcat123

        This “thing” which i’m gonna type has nothing to do with your comment but i need to say this and let people read it. I don’t know why but i get irritated whenever Hee-sun tries to “lock” Oh soo’s feelings by always mentioning her sister. i know that I cant say much now as we haven’t gotten a lot of back-story on the Oh-soo’s-girlfriend front but still it IS irritating for now. Ya we geddit your sister died but i don’t think it was Oh soo’s fault. I mean is it his fault that he dumped her and she went all crazy and had an accident. no i don’t think so. It’s like she isn’t letting him move on!!! Again this comment is only for the episodes we have seen till now. i don’t know what will happen afterwards, if Oh soo was really the reason for Hee-sun’s sister’s death and how Oh soo actually witnessed the whole scene. i don’t know any of that but till now that part has been so damn irritating that i HAD to say this!!

    • 1.2 zsa

      that first picture of JIS…*melts*….i find soo and young’s smile and laughter very honest and raw…good acting there…

    • 1.3 altair

      Her former love is CUTE!

      • 1.3.1 annebelievable

        Yoo gun.

  2. pogo

    I hope whatever the writers have in mind for Hee-sun is coherent, at least – the switching of sides just makes her seem a little all over the map right now.

    I’m liking this drama so far, but I think last year’s dramas like Moon/Sun and I Miss You, hell even the little girl in the closing scenes of Arang and the Magistrate – spoiled me rotten when it came to one thing – child actors. The little Young and Soo (both Soos) they’ve got here are adorable, but too much overt kiddy tears can be exhausting to watch and I much prefer listening to the adults over the kids.

    • 2.1 Kgrl

      I actually like Hee Sun’s spontaneity and ambiguity. Her character also possess a duality…If my guess is correct, she’s probably liked Soo since she was a kid, so at the same time she blames Soo for her sister’s death, she also can’t relinquish her childhood puppy love for him. This duality makes Hee Sun a very conflicted and compelling side character, since her adoration for Soo also makes her feel guilty toward her dead sister. To me, Hee Sun has always been the bomb waiting to explode.

      Lols, you can’t compare Moon/Sun’s child actors with the ones here. However, I do think these child actors have a very sweet sibling connection in their sparse/memory-like scenes. They haven’t really been given proper scenes in this drama yet…even lines spoken are through a video screened on a canvas, which is just brilliant. The child actors are shadows of the main characters, not meant to outshine or displace the current situation. I’ve lost count how many times I find myself connecting more to the child actors than the adult ones who replace them.

      Loving this drama so far…it’s just so beautiful and flows so flawlessly. The awesome cinematography and musical score accentuate everything.

  3. owl

    The story is getting just weird. The cotton candy scene was um, ~sticky. And the fake childhood memories are lies that are going to hurt Young no matter how you look at it. I don’t see how the crooked direction of (fake) brother/or/lover is going to straighten out. Step mom (at least in her own eyes), or Sec. Wang to everyone else is creepy. What exactly is she up to?

    The plus is that Jo In Sung is understated handsome – I don’t tire of looking at him on the screen. Oh, and I am sure I saw Tae-ik in the garden (remember the gardening hat in FHT2 – so cute).

    • 3.1 Mystisith

      I’m not raving the cotton candy kiss either: It didn’t feel spontaneous. On the other side, the peck versus kiss scene, the scene at the river and a lot of other ones impressed me a lot. Her with her migraines/flashes and him with the transplanted childhood memory: I can’t be the only one who’s seeing something supernatural here. I can’t help remembering Padam Padam… That writer is obviously a believer in God.
      Sec Wang has obviously a dark painful secret: She feels trapped by something.

      • 3.1.1 DayDreamer

        I didn’t think the cotton candy thing was a kiss….but yeah, that was the first moment I felt a little awkward. However, because of the feeling, I also thought it was a rather good scene because it showed how Oh Soo’s feelings were getting the better of him and the way his eyes shifted, it was like things were feeling too real for him. He didn’t seem to know what exactly he was doing and why. It was like he was bringing out his charms like he normally does to women but then he had this moment of realization that he’s supposed to be the brother and that Young is blind but there was this pull he was feeling towards her too. So the moment was jarring for him and I felt that effect.

      • 3.1.2 wanne

        Ditto on the supernatural thing. When Oh Soo was imagining the scenario between Young and her brother as well as when he reenacted what the brother did in the past (the slap), I feel like the soul of the dead Oh Soo was in his body. He probably hope Oh Soo could look after his sister.

    • 3.2 skelly

      The problem with the cotton candy scene, from my POV, is that it WASN’T sticky… They looked rather stiff in how they positioned their bodies and heads – I think they were being over-directed – and then when they pulled away, saying how good it tasted, I had to laugh because they both looked makeup-chair perfect. I can’t even touch cotton candy without a glob of it sticking to my fingers, and when you eat it there’s always the bits that stick to your nose and chin and the dye on your lips and tongue – that’s part of the fun, that it is so messy. I guess Laneige approved of the cotton candy provided it was made out of fiberglass, LOL.

  4. okdubu

    Ditto on how interesting our “villain” is in this drama. REALLY can’t figure her out.

    This show is quickly heading into squicky territory for me, even though I thought I’d be okay with it, lol.

    • 4.1 toritorisan

      I have a feeling that there is more to Secretary Wang’s story than what we have seen so far. Right now, the audience is really suspicious of her motives based on her actions in the episodes so far. But I have a feeling her character is more complicated and we (the audience) and the actual characters in the drama are not seeing the whole picture… for example there may be some reasons for her actions. I think the most suspicious people right now that are going to cause trouble is the fiance, the psycho girl (in the first ep) and even Hee Sun.

      I am really enjoying this drama… the acting among the cast is just flawless. Not to mention JIS and SHG just look so wonderful together. Back in the early 2000’s, it was their dramas that made me addicted to Korean dramas. So it is so nice they are back on TV in this drama together.

      • 4.1.1 Dark Justice

        I am starting to suspect that just maybe Sec. Wang is going to turn out to be Seos mom. Being a K-Drama everyone has to connect with someone else somehow and this is how I suspect will be the case.

        Abandoning your own kid must be harsh and I wonder what the reason could have been…

        I may be of mark but lets see though if that turns out to be the case then I feel really sorry for Seo boy will he really have a messed up life.

        Can’t say much because I haven’t seen this show yet am still waiting for a few more eps b4 I go on a marathon spree till then I will decide if I want to even watch it.

        So my comments will be extremely limited

        how many of you are going to agree with me please inform me.

        • Kgrl

          Interesting theory. However, I think no matter how much Secretary Wang wants to stay next to “her daughter”, a truly loving mother won’t jeopardize her child’s health just to be by her side. It would make more sense if Secretary Wang had abandonment/family issues and wanted Young as a child to compensate what Sec Wang never had with her own mother/family.

          I believe Sec Wang does love Young. Her decision to not cure Young’s illness was probably because she’s made herself believe that Young was already “completely blind” and the chances of Young recovering was so slim anyways. Sec Wang’s has internalized this rationale and that’s how she’s been able to live with herself despite loving Young like a “mother” – though I believe her love is far from that of a mother’s true love.

          • shelhass

            I like this version of yours.

            But maybe she decided not to cure Young’s illness in a atempt of making Young more dependant of her, even if it’s a really cruel way to make someone stick by your side.

  5. ilikemangos

    I never watched the k-movie version of this but i’m wondering if it’s at all possible for young to regain some of her vision..
    That would be really nice and a change for once in k-drama world.

    • 5.1 Shukmeister

      Being makjang, it would mean getting her sight back just long enough for the tumor to kill her or Oh Soo to lose his life in a freak mishap with a cotton candy machine. Lol

      I really like how the characters are not completely black and white, be they villains or heroes or grays. And the tension is off the charts, especially for someone like me who usually sticks to rom-coms and medical / police procedurals. What a rollercoaster!

    • 5.2 DayDreamer

      In the movie version, I think the heroine was going to get a surgery to fix her eyes but she went out to seek the hero who then was stabbed by the movie version Moo-chul and so he was bleeding while cradled in her arms. After that, the ending was really vague but I interpreted it as that both hero and heroine were dead since hero was stabbed and heroine didn’t get the surgery meant to fix her illness that was causing the blindness.

      It’s been a while since I watched the movie too so I’m a little hazy on the details and even my own interpretations, lol.

      • 5.2.1 ks

        oh no! i’ve never seen the movie, i hope this is not the same ending for the drama. i would be so sad.

      • 5.2.2 ilikemangos

        If that happened, i would be so angry.


        • DayDreamer

          @ ks and ilikemangos: Like I said, it was my interpretation and I don’t remember the details much either so don’t be too upset. This series can go differently too.

          Personally, I wouldn’t mind a super sad ending. As long as things are plausible and everything works out right. I’d rather have a sad ending than a really vague, wtf just happened ending. I learned my lesson from Nice Guy (I fervently hoped that none of the characters died and things worked out well for them but the ending just screwed with my head, lol).

          • shelhass


            I was so damn sure Maru was going to be killed. Then I got that strange happy ending that left me not so happy.

  6. skelly

    Thanks for the recap! One of the things I love about this show (besides the phenomenal acting) is the fact that the motivations and feelings of the characters are complicated, often conflicted, and subtle. I already can tell that this is a drama that will reward repeat viewing.
    I am totally in love with this show, from the acting and music to the jaw-droppingly beautiful cinematography, and I think it is justifiably in first place in the ratings.

    • 6.1 thil28

      yes, 100 % agree with you! it deserves all the accolades and has got me totally hooked on their story, no matter what happens. hopefully, it wont be too sad? one can dream…

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      • 7.1.1 Belle3005

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  9. DayDreamer

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    And omg, the crazy lady is back.I’m a little on pins and needles for the time when she and Oh Soo meet and what kind of stunt she will pull on him just to keep him by her side again.

    I’m also little peeved at the creepy Moo-chul. It’s like, c’mon, isn’t it enough that Oh Soo is trying hard to give you your money and save his own life that you have to sprout that kind of dialogue? Stop making things so difficult. Grr.

    Overall, I’m enjoying the drama tremendously. Can’t wait to watch the next episode.

    • 9.1 TS

      HeeSun is creepy too. What’s with her? Is she out for revenge for her unnie?

      • 9.1.1 DayDreamer

        I’m not too sure what Hee Sun’s deal is. But the fickleness/wishy-washiness/whatever it is that makes her jump sides at any random notice has been part of her character from the beginning. I’m not sure what drives it and I’m glad I can question it to get beneath her layers too. She seems to have a thing for Oh Soo; there’s the dead sister in the equation; she seems to root for righteousness but then supports Oh Soo in his scams….for now, not much is connecting but one can feel that beneath it all, there’s something connecting all that together. So I hope to see that connection.

        • pogo

          I feel like the ambiguity comes across a little clearer when she’s against Soo than when she’s actively working to help him – I find her character interesting (and really do want to untangle whatever she’s got going on with Jin-sung and how that connects with her feelings about Soo and her sister and the whole bundle – and now, with this new desire to connect with Young – is that all about revenge or is it in some small way because she feels bad about the scam? All these possibilities….)

          • danteee

            Nah, she’s just jealous, me thinks. Look @ the preview for episode 6, she literally blew up when she saw both OS and OY sleeping together.

          • pogo

            Ah, I hadn’t seen the preview. Makes sense, but still makes me wonder about Jin-sung and whatever it is they’ve got going on, because it didn’t look one-sided to me but if she’s into Soo…..oh, the melo possibilities.

            But I really like her.

    • 9.2 JO

      about the cotton candy thing, there was clearly a picture of him with cotton candy with that hyung who burned him and with Young trailing behind, crying. He conjured up the image because he remembered the shop from that picture and inferred.

  10. 10 news

    One thing that surprises me and makes me appreciate this drama is that everyone’s (hero, heroine, villains, frienemies…you name it) SMART O.o Who would’ve thought that’s possible in a kdrama, right?

    I’m totally hooked.

    • 10.1 DayDreamer

      And the best thing is that it’s the SMARTNESS that is bringing along the conflict. Like, everyone has a measure of distrust that’s keeping everyone on their toes and thus waiting to see what happens next, who will make the next move, who will believe who, etc, etc. I just love it.

      • 10.1.1 JO

        I love all the characters. I hate that argument that a villian is well written or well acted if you hate them. No, I don’t hate MyungHo. I am NERVOUS and sort of fearful when he comes out yet I can sympathize with him as well.
        This is what I call a well written, well acted villian.

        • DayDreamer

          I agree!

    • 10.2 Do-ra-ma

      A smart villain is truly the scariest. And all those who could antagonize Soo are rather smart (possibly with the exception of So Ra, but she’s not in his life anymore – btw I cursed at my computer when she appeared again; I reeeeeeally hope she gets her karmic comeuppance).

      • 10.2.1 news

        Yea, and what’s even better than the smartness is that if I view life from the other person’s perspective, I understand his/her motivations. No spoilers here, but in Ep 5, I totally get Moo Chul. If he (or some of the other people) were the main character of this story, I would be rooting for him/her too! This is what I call smart writing; the characters are flawed, the motivations are real and the stakes are high.

        • wanne


  11. 11 ck1Oz


    Okay I don’t melo and I am not watching the drama.
    But I have to say all the sceenscap for the episodes is like from a CF.
    The cinematography alone but those 2. Man, how good looking and luminous are they?

    • 11.1 Jacek

      You’re absolutely right! they’re so attractive

    • 11.2 ilikemangos

      If you think the screencaps remind you of a cf just watch the show for the pretty alone.
      it’s basically watching a bunch of pretty people and pretty things with the imax experience.

  12. 12 annebelievable

    It’s been a while since i’ve seen Yoo Gun on screen. But im glad he got this little gig.

    Lol at all the Laneige products during the makeover, get the endorsement a place in your drama He Gyo unnie!

  13. 13 anais

    TOTALLY HOOKED!!! I am really hoping that this drama maintains its quality all the way through the end. The cinematography is beautiful, the actors are beautiful, the acting is beautiful, the story is beautifully tragic already, gah!!!

    Thank you, HeadsNo2, for recapping.

  14. 14 Sajen

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  15. 15 zsa

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  16. 16 Abbie

    This show is GOOD. I absolutely love it, but I can’t see a happy ending for anyone the way things are going. Is Young really dying? I can’t believe Secretary Wang actually denied her treatment. How can she do that to a child? It’s just too cruel for words. I’m seriously disgusted with her, even more so than I already was.

    And Moo-chul and Myung-ho teaming up? No thank you, Show. That is one team-up I could do without.

    I’m firmly on Soo’s side in this show, so I want him to succeed. But I keep thinking about Moo-chul stabbing him and…. I can’t help feeling this show will end in his death. This show is so good, yet so sad and depressing, that I can’t help having these thoughts. I really hope I’m wrong.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  17. 17 Sandy

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  18. 18 dduk

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    that ending killed me. when her walls finally came down i literally said shit. this is gonna hurt her so badly.

    addictive story so far!!! love it!
    thank you for the recap!

  19. 19 Nikki

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  20. 20 Mar

    Was enthralled throughout this episode. I love a show that MAKES me watch it.

    Jo In sung makes sitting in a chair look sexual. How does he do that?

    The cotton candy scene annoyed me. Then I realized because it was a bug eye lip press. Ugh. Not bothered by it because of I was thinking fauxcest. Because I’m sick of bug eyed lip presses lol.

    It’s hard to be squicked with Oh Soo throwing a little heat because we know they aren’t related, and hell if you didn’t grow up with your biological brother and you had been sheltered all your life like Young it will be hard to fault someone for being “awakened” by Oh Soo’s flirtations. Not that we are really seeing that yet from her side. He’s definitely attracted to her tho. Now if she starts trying to oops sorry I’m blind grope him, then I might be squicked lol.

    Hee-sun- Is she possessive or does she have feelings for Oh Soo? I’m not even sure she knows. I’d like to slap her upside the head and say “Yeah, so while you are trying to figure out what you feel about Oh soo, (point at Jin-sung) that one, he looks like he bites, you might want to Tap. That. NOW.

    • 20.1 thil28

      LOL, you are so spot on! agreed…

    • 20.2 JoAnne

      “Yeah, so while you are trying to figure out what you feel about Oh soo, (point at Jin-sung) that one, he looks like he bites, you might want to Tap. That. NOW.

      @Mar: you get all the wins. All the wins ever. Yes indeed you do.

      • 20.2.1 pogo

        I agree, can we just give Mar all the awards because that up there was so on point, it cuts me 😉

        • Mar

          -bows- Thanks you guys! I mean seriously, the guy would go to the mat for his people and his following her around just waiting to be told to sit and stay combined with all that pretty. Silly girl.

          Now JoAnne, I have seen your comments and I think I have a long way to go to top some of yours. The one about Jonghyun being a growler in bed comes to mind lol.

  21. 21 janjan

    Wow! Thanks for the recap and I’m so digging your POV.
    “And he’s telling this to Song Hye-Friggin’-Gyo? Blessed-with-immortality-and-ageless-beauty Song Hye-gyo? I can buy some stuff, Show, but let’s get real here.” – this cracked me up! lol…I’m so glad to know we both share same opinions with regards to Secretary Wang. Indeed her character is very intriguing.

  22. 22 JoAnne

    Tumblr is calling this ‘That Time I Turned the TV On and No One was Ugly’

    Have to agree on that one.

    Also – don’t shoot me, but I like the vibe between Bummie and Eun Ji better than his previous pairings. I love their little faces at each other.

    • 22.1 starryeyes

      Lol! I love that name.

    • 22.2 pogo

      lol I am definitely not shooting you, I LOVED Bummie and Kim So-eun together (best pairing in that clusterfrak Boys Before Flowers, for sure) but I have to say it, Bummie/Eun-ji >>>>>> all his other pairings.

      Better writing helps, sure, but I love their chemistry.

  23. 23 Jackie

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  24. 24 Toystar

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  25. 25 Shaista

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  26. 26 ajj

    I’m hooked and I didnt even want to watch this in the first place because it’s a melo. I know if I get hooked I’m doomed because of the plot which deemed a bad ending. I know the’d kill all of them at the end hearts are going to be shattered. Troubled but who can help it when all you can see in the screen are pretty, pretty and more pretty even the acting is great. I guess Im gonna have to suck it up-the ending I mean.
    but wanna have to say Hee Sun-ah I know Oh Soo is freakin goodlooking but he’s way older than you and would never treat you more than a dongsaeng. And gosh there’s Jin Sung there who looks like Kim Bum for goodness’ sake.

  27. 27 dany

    I love this song by The One. Thank you.

  28. 28 Waiting

    Okay, I am getting over the distracting (for me) suspenders and its accompanying nod to Mister Rogers’ cardigans which should look amazing on JIS, but instead age him unnecessarily.

    So, as I was waiting for the next subs to come out and read these great recaps (thank you!!), I needed a JIS fix and watched the 2004 drama, “What Happened in Bali.” I am not going to include ant spoilers, but it made me a fan.

    I have added JIS to the “watch anything this actor is in list” in my head. He was great.

    • 28.1 ajj

      Im also gonna be watching Bali again..he was also awesome there. Even with the ending it’s still watchable because it’s Jo In Sung.

      • 28.1.1 skelly

        What Happened In Bali sold me on Jo In Sung. I don’t even necessarily think he’s that great-looking – he’s just one all-out fabulous actor. Idols, take note and have the grace to work a little bit at what keeps being handed to you, OK?

        • Waiting

          Great advice to the actors, skelly. Watch and pay attention to JIS!

          I agree, looks aside, JIS does a wonderful job. I just came across an old parody of the movie, “My Sassy Girl”, called, “My Sassy Guy” and he was hilarious in that which was toward the beginning of his career.

          This man has definitely found his “lane” career-wise. 🙂

  29. 29 sally_b

    Thanks for the recap!

    I want to say to all my fellow – non-fans-of-melo — this show is actually…GOOD. (check it out — you may be as pleasantly surprised as I have been)

    It definitely has the earmarks of melo – aka soap opera storyline — but stunningly, it’s done really well.

    There’s clearly a great deal of high-end production value and the actors are doing a fantastic job of both being *in character* and not over-reaching. (well, maye there’s a little bit of strained-faces in the high-drama moments..but hey~ it IS melo)

    Secretary Wang is either under the influence of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome (an extreme mental illness) — or somehow (melo-style) is in fact Youngie’s blood relation. Undoubtedly, her TRUE story will be twisty.

    If you want a Laugh….I found this link through DonnaPie’s Live is a Drama Blog.
    It’s a Filipino actress — FAMOUS for being a Melo-Villian.
    She gives all the clues for HOW to be a famously BAD Woman. It’s HILARIOUS. (I think I’m starting to like melo)


    • 29.1 Mystisith

      Thanks for the link. 🙂

    • 29.2 Tigg

      I can see where the k-drama mother in laws take the inspiration from 😉

    • 29.3 Ruth

      Such an awesome video. Thanks for the link. Definitely brought a smile to my face.

  30. 30 jjeennyy19

    The actors in this drama are nailing their roles…Not one is lacking..You can clearly feel what they wanted you to feel…You can see where they are coming from not like other melodramas who will just show a random bucket of tears which leads you dubious why they are crying.

    I love it how you can see OS’s small possibilities of falling for her and yet we are aware that he has motives on getting close to OY.

    OY’s vulnerability is nice to see and what makes it interesting is that a conman was the one who can bring that out. And that short glimpse of her smile was such a treat to see.

    Secretary Wang is another plus that makes it mysterious what her intentions and thought really are..At times you can see her bad intentions but the next minute she can act as the victim..She is really the only hard card to read in this drama..

    JS and HS’s character are like a breath of fresh air in this melodrama.

    Overall, I’m excited that I haven’t felt this good watching Kdrama in a long time though you know you’ll get burn in the end..keke

  31. 31 mintchocostrawberry

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    thanks for the recap, heads!

  32. 32 blabla100

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  33. 33 blabla100

    In fact i watched the movie yesterday with a friend and we both agreed that the drama is even better. And that comes from 2 people who were totally in love with the movie

    • 33.1 blabla100

      re-watched*, sorry

    • 33.2 JO

      The movie and drama are two different species. There is no use comparing the two.

  34. 34 george

    Thanks for the recap.

    What???!!!Oh Soo’s con as himself but not the brother Oh Soo is already busted at ep.5???(reactig based on the preview)Oh well,its bound to happen anyway.I’m looking forward to where they will focus on the story and how the characters develop after he(Oh Soo) is exposed of his lies but why do i have a feeling that everything will be predictable after this?I hope not.There’s still the mystery of being abandoned under a tree or Hee sun and secretary Wang’s character so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    The song gave me the chills.I’m glad i listened to it at this time of the day or else i’ll be depressed and crying in my sleep.

    I love everything about this episode because it’s still sweet and mysterious despite all the lies and specially because i think that most things will be looking cruel in the next few episodes if the lies are exposed or the
    motives known.


  35. 35 JO

    I just saw episode five.
    My heart hurts.
    I also LOVE how complicated everyone is. The “villians” are so confusing and aren’t EVIL to the CORE without reason like how they usually are in makjangs (eye roll).
    I get super nervous though whenever that gangster guy comes out. Actually, Im nervous almost the whole time in the show.

  36. 36 iitu

    I just watched both ep 4 and 5 and I must say I don’t think Young believes Soo to be her long lost brother. First of all Young would know which arm her brother had his burn, right? Secondly, she already said she recognized his voice from earlier.

    I think the whole scene at the river wasn’t about Young realizing Soo is her real brother after all, but about her realizing how similar Soo is to the realSoo and that he is exactly what she has been missing. He didn’t just save her from the river but he actually scolded her! Young must have heard the worry from Soo’s voice, because I don’t think he was faking it and she was genuinely touched that he cares.

    I genuinely think that Young hasn’t completely fallen for Soo’s lies but she has decided to treat him as her oppa despite all. Young wants to have someone to trust and love like a brother and since Soo is there she might as well just go with it.

    Especially episode 5 convinced me that Young still suspects Soo of not being her real oppa but wants him near her because he seems like a good person. Plus if Soo is the Soo her realbrotherSoo (ah confusing names!) was talking about in his letter – he must be a good person.

    Love this show!

    PS. does anyone else think Jin-sung is actually way more good-looking than Soo?

  37. 37 maakopla

    The more I watch this drama the more I fall in love with it. It’s been so damn long since I watched anything this good, seriously.

    I was never a fan of Song Hye Kyo but in this drama her acting is wonderful, it’s as if she is really blind. I wish she could see at some point, sigh… Jo In Sung again has always been one of my favorite actors and I think he is doing really well in this drama as well. Though it’s a bit annoying how he always keeps making those faces in front of Youngie xD So far Hee Sun annoys me the most, she is such a cliche melo character but it’s also been a while since I saw one the last time. I still think Jung Eun Ji fits the role perfectly, I love her slight Busan accent and husky voice. Now she only needs to get a cancer or something.

    I never realized until now that they actually skipped the usual childhood episodes and integrated the childhood parts into the present as flashbacks. I have always been hoping for this to happen but now for some reason, I actually wish they had the childhood episodes. I am so curious about Soo’s and his friend’s childhoods and stuff. We know so little about him anyway.

    When they went to the river and Youngie got all those memories flowing trough her mind I think she never realized she was going to the river. I think, the past must have seemed so nice, warm and beautiful, so much happier than the present and uncertain future. Youngi must have lost all her hope for better life long ago. She wanted to go back to her mother and oppa, to a place where everything was okay T__T

    What else? Oh yeah, I think it was a mistake to show that wound to Joong-tae, and it was so unnatural as well… And secretary Wang intrigues me so much, I’m actually hoping for her to be a good character rather than a villain.

  38. 38 jude

    It looks like Secretary Wang has Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. It’s that mental disease where someone inflicts pain towards her kids or dependent ones to garner care or positive attention for herself. She craves the kind of love that OY’s mother received from everyone (including OY), which is why she (allegedly) made OY the way she is right now, so she could feel needed at all times by OY.

    Ah I love this show!

    Plus that seemingly sibling-sibling incestuous relationship between OY and OS (although OS knows for sure he is just pretending to be her brother, so it’s not really incest in the usual sense)? Love it. Dark and twisty. It’s squicky but well, human is complicated that way.

    I learn psychology, by the way. Which is why I dont feel that grossed out (or should I? Now I’m confused)

    • 38.1 ksyj2009

      I’m loving that “seemingly sibling-sibling incestuous relationship” It is gross but we all know they’re not really siblings so it’s fun! hehe! OY knows for sure that OS is just pretending. I love the fact that she knows and just hiding it to herself…..she’s already falling for him 😀

    • 38.2 Asa

      I don’t feel grossed out as well coz I know thy r not siblings n soo is not grossed out for d same reason. Plus, he thinks no amount of love could rise above his guilt for hee Jo’s death so he doesn’t feel d need to guard his feelings that way. Only now he may realize he could be wrong… So I love that angle…

      • 38.2.1 ilikemangos

        I think what makes it squicky is the fact that they’re supposed to be playing brothers and sisters yet it’s all the things a brother and sister wouldn’t do.
        I’m not that uncomfortable as some people are but if she truly believes (which it seems like) that ohsoo is her real brother, and yet, responds to intimacy the same way lovers do, i’d feel a bit uncomfortable.
        Perhaps it has to do with her lack of intimacy growing up without much human contact because of her blindness, I can see why she’d overcompensate by being overly intimate with her brother.. But even then it could still get a bit icky.
        Basically, if they just keep her doubting him it wouldn’t be as bad for me.

        • maakopla

          In my opinion Soo is the only one playing foul. I think he often forgets he is supposed to be the big bro. Youngie seems rather innocent. I don’t think she has done anything “sexual” to her brother yet. Of course, she wants to know how he looks like and touch him since she can’t see.

          Okay maybe that sleeping scene, I was thinking “that’s how I sleep with my boyfriend” and “I wouldn’t sleep like that with my little brother” but I dunno, maybe some siblings would do that.

          Being blind might be a part of this too and having a trauma. She wants to hug him to make sure he won’t leave because she is afraid to wake up alone and have him gone for good. Like in that car when he went to buy some drinks and she was all like “don’t goooo!”

  39. 39 ksyj2009

    My eyes were literally glued to my laptop screen lol so many close up shots to enjoy of two gorgeous people! Great acting, cinemetography, script and all! I’m swooning, I’m dying and giggling….I’ve watched each episode 3 times and it doesn’t get old 😀 I love Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo together! The 02 couple have a really great chemisty. This drama is all I think about these days lol I can’t wait for each episode every week. I’ve been a fan of kdrama for years but because of work and moving into another country, I have not had time to watch anything Korean, but upon reading the news that Jo and Song have a new drama, that KoreanWave inside me suddenly sparks again lol This drama is hypnotizing me LOL also giving me something to look forward to every week, stress reliever and saving me from being lonely after the day’s work is done and I’m home alone. This drama is amazing! One of the best!!!!!!!

    • 39.1 blabla100

      i agree with everything you said!!!

    • 39.2 skelly

      Chemistry, unfortunately, has become so overused as a drama term that it is almost meaningless – all a couple has to do is smile at one another fatuously and viewers start crowing about their “chemistry” – in actuality, I think it is pretty rare. When I think of drama couples with real chemistry, the only couples that come to mind are the leads in City Hall, Coffee Prince, Queen In-Hyun’s Man, and now this drama.

      • 39.2.1 ilikemangos

        I wish people wouldn’t just throw that word around. Just because two megastars are in a show together won’t mean sparks will fly.
        Good chemistry = The two are in a scene together. Nothing needs to be said. or heard. And yet, you feel like its getting so hot you need to pause and take a second to recollect yourself.

      • 39.2.2 Lilian

        I really have to agree on Queen In-Hyun’s Man! It was….daebak! When it turned out to be real, I wasn’t surprised at all =D

  40. 40 haha

    I like this show, and I’m still enjoying a lot…but seems like episode 1 to 3 was highlight for me.

    It was fun to see how Soo approach to Young, and how Young react with him. But after that, it’s pretty obvious where the storyline goes. I don’t know if this is disadvantages of remake, or typical way of writer Noh…Somehow I feel the story is getting bit slow.
    I don’t like they use too much light effect for each scene as well, though SHK and JIS are good enough to keep watch.

    • 40.1 zsa

      I thought the same thing….this ep was not as enthralling as the first 3, but I quickly changed my mind after ep 5… I almost apologize for doubting you, show…..hehe. I hope you’ll feel d same after watching it…enjoy. I did, immensely…

    • 40.2 danteee

      LOL same. episode 1 with the letter reading, episode 2 with OS revealing his scar, and the pool scene, and episode 3 with OY doubting OS is her real brother. Those were the best XD

  41. 41 Belle3005

    Jo In Sung’s charisma sure is oozing like nobody’s business. I’m getting tingles everytime they show a close up of his face. Am I the only one feeling rather uneasy with the close proximity of the “siblings ” in a fauxcest way? I mean,don’t get me wrong,the OTP have great chemistry but I simply can’t find it in me to root for a “sibling-incest” relationship,even if they’re in fact not siblings,not when one party is under the false impression that the guy is her brother. It just feel so wrongs on so many levels. Idk,I guess I’m being picky. But I would so root for the OTP when the fact that Oh Soo isn’t her brother comes out in the open cause that would genuinely be based on the mutual attraction between a man and a woman. I somehow have this very strong feeling that Oh Young actually knows that Oh Soo is actually not Oh Soo(the brother) but Oh Soo the conman but then again,I might be wrong. I strongly hope that it’s the case so that they can blatantly fall in love with each other heh. I was so going to pass on this drama at first because I almost never watch melodramas. In fact,I didn’t quite like the last melodrama that I watched which was 49 days. It felt like the writers were out to earn tears from the audience through typical drama tropes. I have never watch dramas containing the element of fauxcest simply because the notion of it pretty much grossed me out,it feels very ala Flowers in the Attic. But then as I look around the blogosphere I realized that everyone was practically raving about the visuals and cinematography of this drama. And then there was Kim Bum. Ironically,although I first started on this drama because of Kim Bum,it was Jo In Sung’s charismatic and riveting performance that got to me. Damnnn,it’s a shame that Song Hye Gyo’s character couldn’t get to see such a beautiful face AHAHAHA. I freaking love this drama,even though my gut feeling tells me that we are in for a sad ending. Now this is what I call a melodrama done right. I just love seeing all the comments that y’all post up simply because some of them are actually quite insightful and also it made me think about the motivation behind each and every character. Me thinks that a good drama is one that makes you think about the characters even when they are off-screen.

    • 41.1 Belle3005

      *oops I meant wrong

    • 41.2 Ivy

      Agree – I keep thinking about the characters afterwards and I know I’ll remember them.
      A sad ending?? Hopefully not… But yeah it looks like there’ll be a really huge conflict, that will be hard to resolve

    • 41.3 ilikemangos

      Yeah. I’ve prepared for any uncomfortable feelings knowing the premise of this show.
      No doubt there’s gonna be some incestual vibes..

  42. 42 Belinda

    Gawd . So beautifully shot . I’m not a melo either but you can’t take your eyes off the screen for a moment ep’s just fly by.

  43. 43 Compass Wise

    For sharing purposes only:

    Screenshots – Episode 1: https://vimeo.com/60000090
    Screenshots – Episode 2: https://vimeo.com/60174345
    High Cut – https://vimeo.com/59858525
    Grandmasters – https://vimeo.com/59851861

  44. 44 bbee0798

    omo omo omo i am totally loving this show …never expected it to be such a great entertainer …its totally gripping …i m totally hooked … Jo In Sung’s is just great …never saw his drama before but man he has that charisma to carry the con man to the top notch …i loved the flirty glances he gave during make up of Song Hye Gyo’s …was soo mesmerized .. not really sure how the writers are going to pull SHG’s character …if she truly started believing that Jo In sung is her bro , how will she fall in love with him ? its not at all possible for her to see Jo in sung as a man .. else there is a case that she knows already that he is the same guy whom she met … she keeps referring to that incident when she met him first… and the almost kiss scene in the party was sooo funny …i mean no brother actually comes so near to his sister face LOL … so unnatural …but Song Hye Gyo is truly a beauty .. she looks tooo pretty …such flawlessness and her innocent smile is tooo cute ….Fighting …lets hope that this drama has a good ending …no death’s please …everyone needs a chance to redeem and improve themselves..so death is not the solution..

  45. 45 Ivy

    Nice episode! I’m getting more and more invested in the show. And yes – I seriously wonder how Song Hyo-Kyo look so freaking young still??

    • 45.1 ilikemangos

      Its that fountain of youth that isn’t easily found.

  46. 46 Amethyst

    Love this episode…… the scene in the river is so sad…. longing and pity.

  47. 47 kaye

    i’m still okay watching episode 4 and eagerly waiting for your recaps Heads on episode 5 because seriously, that’s the episode where I want to put all my raves and rants about this show. No misunderstanding here, i still love it but I can’t get over with what happened after. (no spoilers)

  48. 48 Lilian

    For now, still enjoying the flashbacks and the bro+sis scenes. but I am dreading the reveal part where we will find out Secretary Wang is Oh Soo’s mum etc. Not sure how it will not go into more makjang territory though. Will probably have to rely on the characters. I could barely stand Baker Kim Takgoo. Only stayed on till the end coz I liked Yoon Shi Yoon.

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