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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 5
by | February 22, 2013 | 228 Comments

Emotions and deceptions hit an all-time high in a show that just keeps getting better, as trust starts forming in all the wrong places. It’s almost crazy how far we’ve come in just five episodes and how much we know about our characters and their deepest secrets, even with mysteries yet to be solved. Scene by scene, conversation to conversation, we’re coming to learn more and more about what drives and motivates our characters; what haunts them, what frightens them, what hurts them. It’s writing and acting like this that helps us see these characters as people, replete with all their requisite neuroses and issues. In short, I wish there was a way to fall asleep and wake up next Wednesday. (Theoretically. Also, without dying.)

Winter maintained its first place spot in the ratings and jumped up almost a whole point in the process, bringing the count to 14.1%.


Young maps out the contours of Soo’s face with her fingers, noting with a small smile that the bridge of his nose is high. Soo’s not in the mood.

Moo-chul figures out that Myung-ho is from PL Group, and doesn’t seem to be doing Soo any favors when he keeps reiterating to Young’s fiancé that that other Oh Soo he’s looking for is a con artist, gambler, all around bad guy, etc. Once again I ask: Does this guy want his money or not?

Once they’re in the car, Soo scolds Young until she breaks out in a fit of giggles, deducing that he must take after their mother with his incessant nagging. She seems so happy and carefree now… does she actually believe he’s her brother now? Eek.

He gives her the clothes she wore earlier and leaves her in the car alone to change.

Moo-chul figures out belatedly that Myung-ho is running his own investigation to find the real Oh Soo, but he practically hands over every piece of evidence Myung-ho would ever need to find the truth, including a magazine with So-ra (whom Myung-ho recognizes from the business meeting) and a picture with Friend Soo, Soo, and Jin-sung.

Even though he claims that Friend Soo is the conman out of the three, it seems like a pretty half-assed attempt. Moo-chul must really hate Soo.

He calls Soo up to tell him what happened – mainly that he gave a picture of the real Oh Soo to Myung-ho. It’s like he wants to torture Soo and it works, because we can see Soo’s hand shaking in fear.

“The day where we both have to square our debt will come,” Moo-chul warns him before he hangs up.

But we see that debt consists of more than money as we flash back through Moo-chul’s eyes to the day Hee-joo happily told him she was pregnant with Soo’s child. (He was almost a father, too? Sad.)

Moo-chul, then scar-free, was heartbroken. I shouldn’t feel bad for this guy, but I kiiiind of do. Then I remember that he stabbed Soo and I don’t feel so bad anymore.

Since Soo wants to avoid Myung-ho for the time being, he proposes that he and Young take a trip to the beach instead of going home. She agrees excitedly, adding that she wants to ride a motorcycle because he promised he’d let her when they were little.

Hee-joo’s motorcycle accident flashes through his mind, but Soo shakily agrees.

While dragging his sister out of a club, Jin-sung runs into Moo-chul – apparently this is his favorite gangster haunt, and he sort of runs the place. He offers to let Jin-sung switch loyalties and leave Soo for him, but Jin-sung tells him exactly where he can stuff that suggestion. Hah.

But Moo-chul’s got something up his sleeve, since he plans on treating Jin-sung’s sister, already a regular at that club, as a VIP. Jin-sung was dragging her out because drinking runs in the family, so what’s Moo-chul up to? “Let’s see where our paths lead us, Oh Soo,” he smirks. Uh oh.

Secretary Wang calls Soo in a fit when Young doesn’t come home, and he answers from their beach retreat. No amount of yelling gets through to him as he coolly reminds her, “I told you already that you are not our mother, Secretary Wang.” Click.

Soo takes Young on a scooter ride, controlling the bike from behind her so she can feel the wind in her face. She smiles like a child as she remembers riding a bike with her mother and brother, but Soo’s memories are much more bittersweet as he remembers riding with Hee-joo, both of them yelling at the top of their lungs that they loved each other.

In the present, his eyes brim with tears. Young remains unaware.

It’s Hee-joo’s death anniversary, so Hee-sun is justifiably upset when they can’t get a hold of Soo.

Jin-sung’s dad shows up to bring food for the memorial, but it seems more and more like Jin-sung is the real parent. Apparently, along with dad’s drinking problem, he has an addiction to buying cows – so any money that could have gone toward Jin-sung or his sister’s education instead went to… cows.

Dad doesn’t seem too apologetic (but he also seems to have pretty simple thoughts), and just encourages his son to make sexy times with Hee-sun. Hah.

Of course, we know Jin-sung likes Hee-sun, she knows he likes her, and he outright tells her he likes her when he tries to stop her from going after Soo: “Do you only think of Hyung, and not me?” Aww, poor invisible Jin-sung. Only in dramaland would this be possible.

Young picks the worst possible time to start asking Soo about his first love, and she even manages to guess Hee-joo’s name from knowing Hee-sun’s.

Aww, we’re seeing a side of Young we’ve only seen flashes of before – now she’s all chipper and smiling, eagerly pestering Soo even though she knows it might flare his temper. She finally breaks him down enough to agree to talk about Hee-joo, which he claims he can only do when drunk.

So they decide on soju, and Young’s face lights up at the thought of drinking all night with her brother: “I enjoy drinking!” She’s adorable! Ahhh, Show, stop with all this… happiness. It makes me feel like bad things will happen.

Soo opens up about Hee-joo over soju and snacks, though their story is a simple one: Girl liked Boy, Girl’s parents didn’t approve, Girl ran away with Boy. After that, he explains that they lived together, which prompts Young to ask: “And then you slept together?” Soo’s all, Duh, I’m a guy.

The night goes on and they talk like old friends, telling funny stories from their pasts. It’s like you can just see their connection building and strengthening. I suppose the better word would be: Chemistry.

Things get a little weird when Young convinces him to sleep with her for the night, despite his assertion that grown men and women don’t sleep together.

Young: “But you’re an oppa.” Soo: “Even an oppa is a man.” Er. Technically, yes, but… um. Where’s that therapist?!

Soo finally agrees to lie down so she can touch him and get a feel for what he looks like, even though he warns her: “You know where to touch and where not to touch, right?” Haha. He seems way more scared of this than she does. Then again, if she’s the only one operating under the assumption that they’re siblings…

She measures the height of his body by the span of her hands and all sorts of other things, marveling at his height and the softness of his hands. When she finally plops down next to him he turns to her, gently running the back of his fingers along her cheek as he wonders whether she can really tell what he looks like through touch. (Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle, folks. This is going to be a funky ride.)

Young asserts that beauty standards are much simpler for the visually impaired – if the man she touches has a thick arm and a coarse voice, they’re considered handsome. Plus, she knows he’s tall. “It’s a whole lot simpler than what you people who can see normally nitpick about, right?”

She asks him to give her his arm as a pillow, and closes her eyes as she nestles closer. When he asks why she walked into the river she responds: “If I can choose when to die, then I thought that was the perfect moment. Because you came.” (She says it meaning her Oppa came back.)

She cuddles in closer, wrapping her arm around his side. Soo doesn’t know what to do with his hands, and instead asks her if she no longer doubts his motives in coming to find her. He assumes she’s asleep when she doesn’t respond and moves his hand to her head to pull her away.

But she murmurs “Oppa,” and he immediately reels away, looking like he didn’t even realize what he was doing. “Don’t go,” she says as she snuggles further into his chest. “Stay with me.”

“Okay,” he agrees. “I’ll stay by your side. If you tell me to stay, I will.” But the look on his face seems to say: Shit just got real.

They play on the beach the next morning like no more barriers exist between them. Young reminds him of the promise he made last night: “The promise that you will be by my side every time I ask you to.”

Secretary Wang plays Young’s mother’s piano at home, remembering when she used to watch Young and her mother play it from afar. The look on her face (in the flashback) reads more like longing, and not necessarily jealousy.

Young asks Soo about the man who read his letter to her, wanting to meet him despite Soo’s claims that he can no longer be found. But Young remembers that he was kind to her, because he took the time to tell her that her brother loved her. Huh. Is it possible she’s still suspicious?

Jin-sung calls Soo to tell him to get his butt back to town, but Hee-sun snatches the phone away, furious: “You forgot my sister’s memorial ritual while having fun with another girl?” The news hits Soo hard – he genuinely forgot, the thought hadn’t even crossed his mind.

Hee-sun tears into him and shatters the wooden grave marker Soo made for her sister. “You’re a bastard,” she tells him over the phone. “I promise you, if you don’t die in Moo-chul’s hands, I’ll kill you myself.” Click.

Soo’s all shaken up, so he calls Secretary Wang to pick Young up. She has no idea what’s happening but can hear the change in his voice, and it’s breaking my heart that she looks so lost and afraid. “You’re different from earlier, like a stranger. You’re being cold. What’s wrong?”

But Soo lets his emotions get the best of him, perhaps unfairly placing some of the blame on Young as he yells at her to be quiet. Ouch.

Young’s good demeanor is gone by the time Secretary Wang picks her up, and Soo leaves after apologizing for keeping her out last night. (Strangely, Secretary Wang tells him it’s okay, because she was out of line telling him what to do. That doesn’t seem very like her.)

Young tells Secretary Wang how much fun she had with her brother almost like an attack, adding how happy she thought her mom would be if she saw them.

Young: “When I thought of that…”

Secretary Wang: “…You hated me more.”

Secretary Wang knows her too well, and even as Young’s emotions escalate, Wang remains calm and cool as a cucumber, like she’s dealing with a child’s tantrum.

Even though she claims that all Young’s assets would go to Soo even without a will, Young throws the Myung-ho issue at her, claiming that she forced the engagement with her father even when Young told her she didn’t like him.

“If you distrust me so much, why do you keep me by your side?” Secretary Wang asks. “You can just fire me. I’m just hired help to you. Why? I’m still of some use to you? I became your eyes for you since you can’t see. I manage the company on your behalf since you can’t see. I check around for you since you can’t see, and I drive you around like this.”

“But how did I end up this way?” Young asks accusatorially. Secretary Wang reiterates that it’s a brain tumor, nothing more, knowing that Young blames her for her blindness. She’s fine with that, and claims to be glad that Young will replace her with someone who can protect her. Until then, she tells Young to use her up.

Soo makes it to the forest and Hee-joo’s broken marker just in time for Moo-chul to arrive, smirk firmly in place. “Why is there only one grave?” he taunts. “There should be two.”

And he keeps going on about Soo’s unborn child, purposefully wheedling Soo in the worst way. You unbelievable bastard. You unbelievable bastard! If I could reach through this screen…

Luckily, Soo can handle himself, and starts punching the daylights out of Moo-chul.

A flashback shows how he’d handled the baby news from Hee-joo, and it wasn’t pretty. Afraid the baby would turn out to be a bastard like him, he’d shunned her after the news, despite her literally holding onto his ankles as she cried, “Don’t go. Don’t abandon me.”

He left her on a motorbike, and she tried to follow him on her own. Ahh, so this is what happened directly before the accident, and this is the last conversation they had. Ouch. Moo-chul was there to see everything, too. Maybe that explains some of his hate for Soo?

Back in the present, the fight gets brutal. (I’m pretty sure Moo-chul spits out a tooth at one point.)

And then we flash back to the past, where it’s like we thought – Hee-joo got hit by a truck trying to chase after Soo, while Moo-chul followed from behind. As she lied on the pavement teetering on the brink of death, her hand went to her tummy. Her baby. This is awful.

In the present, Moo-chul backs Soo against a tree: “I told you I loved Hee-joo, but you said you loved her more. So I said, ‘Fine. Be good to her.’ Since Hee-joo was my everything, the first and last woman I loved. The one I loved long before you even met her. But you dumped her while she was pregnant.”

Soo’s anger starts to fade, replaced by sadness and regret: “I was so young back then,” he starts, but Moo-chul cuts his excuses off. Soo can’t say he was too young, or that it was because his parents abandoned him, because Hee-joo was nineteen just like him.

“You’re a bastard worse than your mom and dad who abandoned you,” Moo-chul spits.

Soo’s face contorts in sorrow, his voice breaking: “I really didn’t know she would die.”

Moo-chul disrespectfully disagrees, claiming that Soo knew very well that he was Hee-joo’s entire world, especially since she left her parents for him.

Then, he proffers a pill, one which causes instant heart failure and death, so effective that it can’t even be found in an autopsy. He tells Soo to take it himself or give it to Young, and he’s sure Soo will choose to save himself because he’s the lowest of the low.

Soo sinks to the ground, sobbing. Poor thing. Before he leaves, he fixes the grave marker.

Secretary Wang refuses to sign the will Lawyer Jang presents to her, trying to prove that she doesn’t want any of Young’s money. She mentions Young’s trip to the beach and asks him to take her there sometime: “I’m asking you out on a date.”

Lawyer Jang become so flustered at the thought that he literally trips over himself. Aww. I wonder if she’s being sincere.

Secretary Wang seems to be trying very hard to get Young to like her, even giving her a camera she asked for, noting that she has the same hobby as her mother.

Young treats her colder than ever and refuses to take a picture with her, using her next breath to order Secretary Wang to find the other Oh Soo, the one who read her the letter. “You said I should use you,” Young reminds her.

She uses the camera to record another video diary in her mother’s basement, explaining to the oppa who’ll eventually watch it that she used to make them so he could catch up on her life easier when they met later – but now, she’s leaving the video for when she dies.

“I think my brain tumor has relapsed,” she explains to the camera. Apparently she’s been having those migraine headaches for two months now, and explains that she decided against going to the hospital in the time she was with him. The idea of getting brain surgery again and going through painful chemotherapy when Soo will already be gone is too much for her.

Young: “If there’s time left for me, I want to spend it with you having fun, living happily-…” A painful headache cuts her words short, but she perks up when she hears noise. “Oppa, I think you’re here. I’m going to go see you.” Aww.

Soo finds her waiting in his room after he gets out of the shower, and she asks for an apology – no one’s yelled at her like that in twenty-one years. He’s still in a foul mood from the day and tells her to get lost, even when she pulls up her sleeve to reveal a cut on her arm. (I think she got it tripping over the tripod.)

She leaves without a word, and Soo finally feels guilty enough to follow… but she knew he would, and was simply waiting outside his door. “Are you going to my room to apologize?” she asks. “I accept.”

Back in his room, she asks for the reason behind him yelling. We know he’s thinking back to Moo-chul’s suggestion that he kill Young, since the poisonous pill now sits between them ominously.

Young can feel the change in the air: “You’re still strange right now. The mood in this room is cold and heavy, like something bad happened to you.”

With his eyes fixed on the pill, Soo tells her the truth about forgetting the day Hee-joo died. Young unknowingly knocks the pill over when she moves to wrap her arms around his shoulders in order to comfort him.

He wants her off and away from him, causing her to stumble across the pill case. When she asks what it is, he tells her it’s an amulet.

Soo: “A friend went through a lot of difficulties to get it. If you take it when you want to die… without anguish, pain, or despair, they can disappear in one moment. He said you’ll feel total peace.”

So Soo’s just told her he has an Instant Death pill, and Young’s so morbid that she actually finds it interesting. “Give it to me,” she says, without missing a beat.

“Should I?” Soo wonders. “Should I just… give that to you?”

Young nods. Arghhh. What’s WRONG with you people?


To be fair, I do kind of get what’s wrong with these people. We’ve been given plenty of reasons as to why Soo and Young are the way they are, but it still frustrates me that people with diseases in dramas just don’t get treated. Once, just once, I want to see a melodrama where a character goes, “I need to see a doctor about this brain tumor, because I’d sure like to live.” I suppose that would negate the genre, but still.

This doesn’t seem to be a case where Young isn’t getting treated just for dramatic effect, since she explained that she’s gone through treatment before, and knows firsthand how painful and awful it is. I understand that, but Young’s constant readiness-to-die is a character trait I’d like to see change down the line. I want her to want to live, and since Soo is NOT helping right now, he gets to stand in the corner until next week.

I really like that Moo-chul got some fleshing-out this episode, and that his character revelations built upon the hints that were dropped in earlier episodes. This time, we finally got to see the full picture of what happened, so we can know where both men are coming from. Even though I gained a better understanding of Moo-chul, I do think he’s coming at this all wrong, not to mention the fact that he’s not a very good guy. The scene where he railed on his fellow gangsters for helping that poor kid out only highlighted the difference between someone like him and someone like Soo, since we know from Soo’s past that he’d sooner help someone before hurting them, as long as it was in his capacity.

Moo-chul gets faced with those same choices, but as we’ve seen, the decisions he makes are much different. It’s a nice breath of fresh air to know that his deal with Soo is more along the lines of revenge rather than I’ll-hate-you-because-the-script-told-me-to, because now Moo-chul gets a journey we can at least be aware of even if we don’t care about his personal outcome. I love that our characters have solid reasonings to back their actions, even if their actions can be all kinds of wrong, because we’re at least given the choice as to whether we want to sympathize or not. And it’s working out well for characters like Moo-chul, Hee-sun, and the growing-more-enigmatic-by-the-hour Secretary Wang. Seriously, I still don’t get her, but I love that my perceptions of her keep changing.

As far as Young believing Soo to be her brother goes, I think she’s at least 90% sure. If there is a remaining 10%, I’d attribute it to her lingering interest in finding the original Oh Soo, like she needs just that last bit of conformation. Even without it, she still trusted Soo enough to let her guard down, and it was so gratifying to see her smiling and laughing because of him. They make a cute couple and have some really natural chemistry that’s capable of transforming in the blink of an eye, like when Soo started to lose himself during their cuddling scene. That was intense.

I know, we all comforted ourselves to sleep at night with the thought that the skinship bits were less squicky because Young didn’t see Soo as her brother and vice versa. Only now she does seem to think he’s her brother, and while all her actions read as innocent, it’s not necessarily the same for him. It gives every scene of theirs that added layer – you know, the kind where you’re not quite sure if you should be enjoying a scene as much as you are. Or is that just me?


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  1. HeadsNo2

    Beanut Gallery: Group Therapy Edition

    • 1.1 gummimochi

      ><! TOO MANY FEELS

    • 1.2 myweithisway

      I think we’re going to need a professional…or an entire cast’s worth.

      • 1.2.1 skelly

        I agree, this show has me thinking so many weird things – like maybe they would just be happier if they were dead, or that they should get closer – yes, it’s like an alternate universe where ordinary rules don’t necessarily apply. But at the same time, it’s not illogical or unreasonable, as Heads so aptly said:

        “I love that our characters have solid reasonings to back their actions, even if their actions can be all kinds of wrong, because we’re at least given the choice as to whether we want to sympathize or not.”

      • 1.2.2 julia

        Agreed. We should get the group discount.

    • 1.3 ilikemangos

      This is pretty awesome.
      Can we have this every recap?
      I have a feeling i’ll be super torn once this shows through with me.

    • 1.4 Mystisith

      You know what? Even if *worst case scenario* they are real siblings, they have my benediction to be together. For that one and particular situation, I will cross the limit.

      • 1.4.1 Arawn

        I’ll be honest… I don’t mind incest. In some cases I even find it hot, like when Octavian & Octavia did it in Rome (HBO series).

        But even in real life, I do not condone incest IF all participants are willing adults. It’s not my job to decide who other people can have sex with if nobody is hurt in the process. Only real problem here are children because they might have all sorts of genetic diseases if their parents are closely related, but this is another discussion and I won’t go there.

        I’ll have to check this drama out because those scenes seem to be quite hot with a hefty dose of incesty vibe. I’m all for it.

        Korean drama, you really are a perv. Naughty, naughty perv.

        • Gidget


        • ilikemangos

          I think it’s more squicky for those that have a sibling of the opposite sex.
          Unless you do have one. To which i say whatever fantasies floats your boat.

    • 1.5 jann

      We were all tortured while watching the show with so many feels, now we get the same vibe from your recap…hehe, this is indeed group therapy…love your side comments…thumbs up, Heads!

    • 1.6 hawaiianseoul

      Is there a space for one more person in the therapist’s couch?

    • 1.7 tiny

      ohthankgoodness for this!

      i know i shouldn’t look forward to any skinship with them but… i do.

      So, Doc, I just could not wait any longer, I don’t know what to do with all these…these…feelings!

    • 1.8 narspo

      Secretary Wang is Soo’s mom.

      Can’t wait till next week

      • 1.8.1 Cup Cake

        I think Secretary Wang is Youngie’s mom. She had that long when she look at Young at the scene when Young was singing and playing the piano. Also she said that she will leave Youngie and go away when she find someone she can trust to take care of Youngie.

        • Cup Cake

          I mean longing. Typo…:-)

      • 1.8.2 Eva

        OOOHHHHHH that would be really good!! never even thought of that! dude ! ….. I will be watching for it : )

      • 1.8.3 Meera

        Narspo – Gotta agree. I’m pretty sure that Secretary Wang is Soo’s mum.

        I think Miss Wang brought Youngie to Japan to have treatment herself. Not for Youngie to have treatment.
        Maybe an abortion?

        I don’t know why, but I’m conviced that secretary Wang is a good person. The way she reacts when hears that Soo and Youngie are sharing a room…that seemed so genuine.
        Please Dramagod… don’t prove me wrong.

    • 1.9 Denielle

      What is the song at the beginning of this episode? :O does anyone know ? its seems like a really nice instrumental, i looked up all the soundtrack and i can’t seem to find it 🙁

  2. Francesca

    Feels a bit guilty watching those “touching” scenes…coz…incest is screaming!

    • 2.1 ilikemangos

      She is in doubt. She is in doubt. She is in doubt!!
      (I’m hoping)

  3. Kandiboo

    Incest, but not really. this is getting interesting

    • 3.1 TS

      However, a brother & sister who’ve been raised apart and not seen each other for 2 decades, they can get attracted to each other. There was that movie with Clive Owen and Saskia Reeves that showed the result, and there have been sitches where siblings, not knowing they were bro and sis, dated and even had a child.


      • 3.1.1 Arawn

        It’s very much possible because it’s not our genes that are screaming against incest but our upbringing. What I mean is when children grow up in one household, they become brotherly/sisterly attached to each other and this usually makes any kind of sexual vibe between them seem disgusting, to us and to people involved. This applies to adopted siblings too – and which is why I find it much more iucky to adopted siblings having a relationship (kdrama, I’m looking at you) than genetic siblings who haven’t grown up in the same household and who haven’t even known they are siblings. I don’t care about the genes, I care about the relationship these people had before they became lovers.

        • TS

          It’s disgusting in that siblings breed disease. But hey, Adam & Eve’s kids were siblings and they populated the world!

          Plus, on a genetic, kinship level, imagine meeting this person of the opposite sex who just gets you because they’re wired towards similar responses. 30 Rock raised it as a joke between 3d degree cousins where Liz Lemon & her distant coz were totally in sync. But for a lonely adult it must seem Heaven-sent, like meeting a soulmate. Until they find out Mum & Dad screwed them over.

          • enz

            hah, i remember that episode – so funny. i love liz lemon. just the mention of her brought a smile to my face 🙂

      • 3.1.2 houstontwin

        Thank you for the article! What a sad story!

    • 3.2 Windsun33

      Despite some giving it high marks I am having a lot of issues with this series so far.

      And not just all the gaping holes in the plot and writing – like in ep2/3 where the real brother dies like 10 feet from her (and she is totally oblivious, despite her saying several times that she hears better than most), with cops & sirens all around, and a smooshed up car – yet nobody knows he died?? WTF?

      I went back and watched ep1 again, and I am still not clear how he got that 8 billion Won debt to some gang boss. (also obvious the write does not know crap about poker).

      The on/off again talk from his sidekick about how he should “romance” his (supposed) sister just does not make any sense to me either.

      The weird sort-of incest plot I can take up to a point, but after watching up to ep5 I am starting to wish they would both jump off a bridge and start over.

      • 3.2.1 Ann

        I have always wanted to know why he didn’t tell the boss about what the actress had done and get that monkey off his back.

  4. D

    must be something wrong with me, cos i did not feel squeeky at all..

    • 4.1 kika

      Me neither! In fact I’m enjoying myself that he’s losing control *smirk* We all knew this day would come and it’ll be no fun otherwise..

    • 4.2 jann

      exactly…is there a second therapy group I should join?

      • 4.2.1 trotwood

        I am glad someone else said this. I was hesitant about reading the posts here because even though I know in my mind that I should feel icky about them, I really do not. They are so in need of each other and their chemistry?!?!?! GAH! Thank goodness it is that winter the wind blows because something needs to keep cooling them off and putting out this fire! Cold and Wind. Bring it. We need it. I’ll even go to Ikea and buy a couch for us all to sit on.

        • mary

          Me too.

          I don’t find it squicky at all. The only one who seems to be losing it is Oh Soo. Coincidentally, the same person who’s 100% sure that they are NOT siblings.

          (Plus I don’t want to sit in that therapist’s couch. It’s already too crowded :D)

    • 4.3 janjan

      im not getting that eek feeling either. probably because i believe that a part of her thinks that he is not her brother. that she is happy not because of finding her brother but because she now has somebody to trust.

      • 4.3.1 Kgrl

        I agree. There’s a part of her that wants to delude herself b/c for the first time she feels connection with another person so strongly. Soo reminds and acts like the brother she’s always envisioned, perhaps even more close to her imaginations than her real brother would have been had he not died. It’s probably why she’s opened herself to him so quickly. Soo is the brother Young has always wanted and wished for.

        I think it’ll be very interesting if Young finds out about Soo’s intentions in next week’s eps, it’ll definitely be interesting to cross the bridge early on.

    • 4.4 kiki08

      Maybe bc I don’t believe that there is even a 1% chance that they are brother and sister I don’t have a problem with their skinship. I do worry what other people will think of their skinship bc to every one else they are siblings and that’s why Sec Want freaks out when she finds them sleeping in the same bed and wants to move the wedding up while Soo is still here.

    • 4.5 joey

      same over here… i don’t feel squicky for several reasons:
      1. i’m pretty sure they aren’t real siblings
      2. their skinship still seems pretty innocent to me… i mean it’s not THAT weird for really close siblings to share a bed in my opinion, even if they aren’t the same gender
      3. oh soo seems to be the only one that’s starting to develop romantic feelings and he is fully aware that they aren’t siblings. to me oh young still sees soo as her brother.
      THAT SAID im totally excited for when young starts to fall for soo, if only because of the sizzling chemistry between JIS and SHG that makes me worry about my laptop sparking and going up in flames from the hotness they exert when onscreen together
      therefore the conclusion is, im also possibly a little weird and in need of therapy. as long as these therapy sessions dont get in the way of me watching TWTWB live, raw AND subbed each week.

    • 4.6 phillygirll

      me either…but that’s because I KNOW they’re not real siblings, lol

  5. Jackie

    This episode…UHH *fans herself*

  6. OneFive1

    [email protected]&@$TWRTYUWT%&#*^%WGRYFLS12@&$^**()1!~

  7. cassio

    I feel e same way too! Their chemistry is electrifying,yet at e same time u can’t help feeling that its quite wrong to want them to behave so intimately …

  8. Blair

    When all the skinship was happening, I was squealing but heartbroken all at the same time…ugh, SAD!

  9. Sophia

    Thanks for the review!
    But there were a couple of things I disagreed with-
    (1) Moochul seemed like he turned away the poor boy because he was young. He kept going on about how he didn’t want the young boy to disobey his parents and become a gangster (which is sort of mirroring how he didn’t want young Heejoo to disobey her parents and hang out with a gangster).
    (2) It seemed like Soo was actually lifting her head to get out of her embrace which was why Young said “Don’t go.”
    (3) Maybe I just heard wrong, but I’m pretty sure Soo never says that the pill causes a person to disappear/die. He says it makes all the worries and pains disappear.

    • 9.1 jann

      definitely agree with no 2, we was trying to move away from the embrace…coz like Heads says, he’s more scared than Young at that moment of the skinship, but no 1 and 3, i’ll have to rewatch…For whatever reason, Moochul is wrong coz any person should be given a chance to turn a new leaf, it’s not like soo danced at hee joo’s grave. He did not KILL her…it’s not Moochul’s job to condem soo to death…he needs to redeem himself aswell…

    • 9.2 scout

      That’s exactly how I saw things too. I guess other people don’t watch as closely as we do (lol), or things just get lost in translation.

      • 9.2.1 scout

        ^ BTW I’m responding to Sophia’s comments.

    • 9.3 JoAnne

      Agree with your interpretation

    • 9.4 Peridot

      Yes, I agree with your interpretations of numbers one and two. That is how I understood those two moments.

    • 9.5 caminus

      Adding that I also agree with w/ points 1 and 2 (not sure about 3 off the top of my head).

    • 9.6 Dongsaeng killer

      Definitely agree with 1 and 2.
      I actually like Moochul. Im fascinated by his voice and his slow delibrate movements so when he does things suddenly, like say stab you in the stomach, Im extra shocked. its likei i’ve been starring at the glistening skin of a cobra so fascinated that i didnt notice when it struck and bit me.
      I also understand his reasoning. He holds Soo directly responsible for HeeJoo’s death so Soo needs to suffer.

  10. 10 Do-ra-ma

    I have no idea how I’m going to survive the rest of this series…

    This episode broke my heart and killed me. Oh Soo’s confronation with Moo Chul just…oof…I hadn’t seen a crying scene get to me that much since Uhmforce in Equator Man last year. God. I both loved and hated it all at once. Loved because these characters are so multi-layered and complex. It makes perfect sense why Oh Soo is the way he is. And Moo Chul, too; but he’s twisted and evil because of it. He’s an example of what happens when you let hatred consume you and take over your life. Hated it because the emotions involved are so intense, near overwhelming.

    And then we have Hee Sun who just…I don’t know where she stands, but I have a mad theory: I suspect she actually does care for Oh Soo somewhere deep in her heart, but hates herself for it, and conversely hates him more. I would like this to be the case, as it makes her whole back-and-forth with him a bit more reasonable.

    But, still, Hee Joo’s death was an accident. A horrible, horrible accident which has affected these three characters. But, none of them seem to realize that.

    And Young is finally opening up, smiling, trusting…being content and my heart just cracks at what’s going to come when she finds out the truth. Plus, that drama favourite disease… Urgh, have I mentioned this show is gonna kill me?

    This show may be a melo, but it has me on edge a bit like a thriller. When will they find out the truth? How will they find out? Is there anyway out alive of this for Oh Soo? How far will these people go just to make him suffer even more for something that was an accident? I’m going to be a nervous wreck for the rest of this, but I’ll love it all the same. This episode made it clear.

    • 10.1 Do-ra-ma

      Another thing I wanted to point out: Now that Hee Joo’s death was revealed exactly, it almost echoes how Young’s death scene in episode one. And Soo was there for both. And if you think back to his reaction during that scene…oh man. Poor, poor, poor man. My heart just goes out to him.

      • 10.1.1 Do-ra-ma

        Whoops, I meant Young’s real brother, not Young herself. 😛

    • 10.2 mchall

      “But still, Hee Joo’s death was an accudent. A horrible, horrible accident which has affected these three characters. But, none of them seem to realize that”
      So true! It was totally an accident. He may be trash for the way he behaved with Hee Joo when she told her she was pregnant but he didn’t kill her. Everybody, however, seems to believe he is the reason Hee Joo is dead (Oh Soo included), and seem to take some kind of pleasure in reminding him of that. It is like Hee Sun and Moo Chul think he should live his whole life in mourning and being unhappy.
      And I had not even thought about the death go Young’s brother… Will Oh Soo feel responsible for it too?

      • 10.2.1 Betsy Hp

        And the thing is, Soo is right, he was young at the time. Frankly, he’s allowed a certain amount of freakout time. (True, he should have contained it and had it somewhere not in front of Hee-joo.) It probably would have passed. He probably would have gone back to her. But because of her death he’ll never really know. And now he’s frozen into remaining the bad guy. It’s pretty tragic.

        And gah! You’re right about brother-Soo! I wonder if that’ll shape his protectiveness of Young?

        • skelly

          Men a lot older than Soo – and with a lot more at their disposal – freak out when they find out they just got themselves a lifetime of worry, responsibility, financial drain, and enforced adulthood.

          • Betsy Hp

            Exactly! His reaction wasn’t good, but he didn’t try to kill her or anything. And now he’s trapped in that one moment, frozen there by his and others’ grief. Always the bad guy because he never got a chance to become the good guy.

      • 10.2.2 pogo

        In Hee-sun’s case I can understand, a little bit – she must have been what, 12 when it happened? And losing a sister AND potential nice/nephew in the same go cannot have been anything but awful, and I get why, in her head, Soo is responsible for their death.

        But Moo-chul…..I get why, but unlike Hee-sun he doesn’t even seem to have mixed feelings but is straight-up vangeful to the point of self-destruction – like Heads says, does he even want his money? After all, he is the reason why Soo started the charade to begin with.

        side note: I like that the actress playing Hee-joo resembles Hee-sun enough for them to pass as sisters. Good casting!

        • h0ns niech

          Did HS knew HJ was pregnant when she died? I dun think so.. Cos HS never mention about baby.. Plus on that time she was away from her sister (HJ live together with OS, rite?)

          • pogo

            I would not put it past Moo-chul to tell her, and feed the bitterness some more.

  11. 11 AVERLYN

    About Secretary Wang…I actually suspect she’s Young’s real mother. She’s overly concerned and sometimes she’s so sincere (like that photo-taking scene). But then again, it can be easily refuted if you think about her lying about Young getting treated at the hospital. Thoughts?

    • 11.1 Do-ra-ma

      OH MY GOD YES. I just realized I’d forgotten to bring that up in my comment above. I had that mad idea pop into my head while watching this episode. Young and the real Oh Soo might have been half-siblings and that’s why the mother didn’t take Young with her…because she knew Young wasn’t her biological daughter.

      • 11.1.1 Abbie

        Wow, that’s something I never even considered, but now…. That makes total sense. Whoa. That would probably devastate Young. But why would her mother (Wang) deny her medical treatment?

        • Do-ra-ma

          That’s something I have no concrete idea on. The only thing I can guess at maybe is by not taking Young to the hospital in Japan, maybe Wang was trying to get back at Young’s father somehow…? She did mention in an earlier episode that he just used her for one thing (I’m theorizing that thing happened to be giving birth to Young), and she DID let him die later on. This, of course, makes her more morally dubious. She’s so enigmatic right now though so I even doubt my own theories.

          • Betsy Hp

            Didn’t the DNA test say that Soo and Young were definitely siblings? Which… could she have been a surrogate-mom for both of them? (That might be too twisty, though.)

          • TS

            Perhaps Young didn’t understand and the treatment was worse than the disease?

          • Averlyn

            Hmm you’re right about that, Betsy. If the tests says they’re siblings, they are. Which makes Secretary Wang a really enigmatic character – what’s her motive behind being so sincere to Young?

    • 11.2 Phil

      For me the most intriguing mystery in this drama is why did the Mother leave with the son while the daughter stayed with the Father.

      Of course, if secretary Wang is her Mother then that would explain why Young stayed, but why wouldn’t the Father keep the son also. A wealthy business man would surely want his son to one day inherit the company and with his wealth and connections he would have had no problem getting custody of his son.

      All of the flashbacks we have seen have been of a loving Mother spending time with her two children. In those flashbacks she appears to love both children equally. I’m not sure she could have done that if one was hers and one was not. We have not seen any flashbacks of the children with the Father.

      The secret room is also intriguing. Why is it secret? Obviously, the Mother loved the green house but why the need to keep a secret room that only she and the children knew about.

      • 11.2.1 ilikemangos

        Im guessing it’s just a very sacred place for young to retain the memories shared by her mother and brother.
        I don’t think it’s so much as secret as young just wanting to keep people out of the room.
        If i were blind i wouldn’t want anyone touching my stuff. It seems like it’s her only safe haven whenever she wants to escape, considering she doesn’t have much privacy in her home.

      • 11.2.2 abby

        Hmmm, about your question about Secretary Wang, if they follow the arc as in the movie, it is said that she indeed had an affair with the Father of Young, but it was a one night mistake, and the mother never forgive their father for that, so she left the house, but the father kept Young because it was a way to have back his wife, to comeback for her daughter, but the wife knew he was pretending that, that’s why she never came back.

        Wang knew the father only love his ex-wife after all, and she could never fulfill that spot she left, that’s why she has this inferiority complex.

        As I said, if they are following this script, then that explains why she let him die, he doesn’t love her anyways, she doesn’t want a man who doesn’t want her neither and was just waiting for the money she could get from that (not that I support her, but I understand her).

        And I think this plot also get well with what we hear say real Young’s brother that his mother said that he would never go to his father for money. She had a big pride, but I still don’t understand her for leaving her little daughter in the hands of another woman and no going back to see her even once.

        • skelly

          Yes, I understand the motivations of Moo Chul a lot more than I do the mother. Moo Chul, he has transferred his grief into vengeance. But the mother – how could she just leave and never see her daughter again? How could she abandon a child like that, especially knowing the environment she was in? How could she have absolutely no contact for all these years? There better be a darn good reason, show – this is the one major flaw in your logic right now.

          • Sam

            Her mother died soon after she left, so that’s probably why she never came back to see her daughter. It seemed like she loved Young so much so I guess she just simply didn
            t have the chance to meet Young.

    • 11.3 jjeennyy19

      glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way…I suspected that at the very beginning when the mother brought her son and leave her daughter…but in this drama all the characters, you can see where they are coming from even obsessive Sora but Secretary Wang is the only card who is hard to read..At times you will think She truly cares for Oh Young and is just jelous with OY’s bond to her mother but the next thing they will drop the bomb that she never brought OY to a hospital..Such a riddle that is hard to find out..

    • 11.4 kiki08

      I don’t think Sec Wang is her mother I think Sec Wang really does care for Youngie like a daughter bc maybe she really wants to have a daughter like Youngie?
      I also think that Sec Wang lied about giving Youngie treatment(I know this sounds like she’s kinda crazy) bc she wants Youngie to be vulnerable and want to be needed by Youngie and stay by her side for a long time that’s why she didn’t tell Youngie’s real mother about her illness

  12. 12 owl

    What IS wrong with these people, headsno2? We’re only on ep 5 we’ve seen Young semi-attempt 3 ways to die – train, water, and the death pill. “There’s a pill like that?” she asks. Why did Soo even talk about it with her? I’m not sure if I can be on Soo’s side for any of this. The con is too great and as for the means justifying the end, I don’t think I am okay with that. Not to mention Soo’s backstory – he’s got a lot of baggage. Young may get hit hard by his trainwreck after all.

  13. 13 ilikemangos

    “Once, just once, I want to see a melodrama where a character goes, “I need to see a doctor about this brain tumor, because I’d sure like to live.””
    Lmao… you and me both heads.

    It was kind of odd to see Secretary wang act really nice in this episode. Esp. that scene with dorky lawyer jang trying to ask her out on a date. Is it me or the vibes are changin’ with our villain? Actually..I’m even starting to wonder who really is the villain.
    Even moo-chul seems interesting to me. If there’s one thing this writers doing right, it’s definitely fleshing out our side characters from the usual flat 2-d characters (Im talkin’ the typical ones) we get in melos.

    • 13.1 ilikemangos

      And i’ve got to say that scene with OhSoo and Moo chul at hee joo’s grave was so INTENSE i was literally holding my breath at the tension and pain between the two.

    • 13.2 altair

      Moo chul is one of the best villans EVER! I don’t know who is the guy playing him, but he is a brilliant actor! Can I say I kind of like Moo Chul? No? All right then. But at least I can say that I love all the scenes he is in.

      • 13.2.1 janjan

        he is a good actor, indeed! is it just me, or this drama is just brilliant at creating a love hate relationship with almost characters? hmmm.

      • 13.2.2 Elle

        brilliant indeed! so brilliant that whenever he’s onscreen, I genuinely feel fear. he’s so badass that I’m having a hard empathizing with his vengeance angle. knifing Oh Soo was a tough scene to swallow…Moo Chul was pure evil.

    • 13.3 pogo

      I find the odd moments of crack we get in every episode kind of discombobulating, if hilarious – whether it’s So-ra explaining her rationale for locking Soo away for a year, or Secretary Wang getting all giggly with Nice Lawyer Ajusshi, or Jin-sung’s dad’s addiction to cow-buying (so random, seriously)

    • 13.4 TS

      Your first line made me lol: funny because its true!

  14. 14 anvesha

    “It gives every scene of theirs that added layer – you know, the kind where you’re not quite sure if you should be enjoying a scene as much as you are. ”

    That’s totally how I feel. I was operating on the reasoning that she doesn’t think he’s her brother, but now she seems somewhat sure.. making me feel weird for liking that scene haha. But I really enjoy watching Soo lose himself in these scenes.. because I can see him falling in love! And I try as much as I can to not think about the whole they-should-be-siblings aspect of things..

  15. 15 Rashell

    No, this drama definitely makes me question my thinking. I was literally holding my breath during the “cuddling” scene. You could see on Soo’s face the moment the feeling changed from innocent to something else. And poor Youngie is oblivious to how her actions are affecting this guy. It was so intense. I told myself I should be disturbed since they’re supposed to have a sibling relationship, but damn if these two don’t have some of the best romantic chemistry I’ve seen. And could they be more beautiful? Seriously two stunningly attractive people right there.

    Yeah, only in dramaland does Kim Bum get overlooked by any girl he shows an interest in.

    This drama is creating a whole cast of layered interesting characters who aren’t all good or all bad. They’re all deliciously flawed. I love that about it. Everyone is to varying degrees the bad guy. The last scene is a perfect example. Soo is so lost in that scene. He’s thinking how easy it would be to let Youngie take that pill. He’s probably justifying it. She wants to die and in that moment part of him wants to take that easy way out. End this before it gets even more out of hand. I’m pretty sure he won’t do it. But what does it say about this drama that its definitely possible that he would. And yet even with that knowledge, I do still have sympathy for him. And it’s true for almost every character. That’s a drama that has the trifecta of writing, directing, and acting.

    I just hope it can stay this good.

    • 15.1 skelly

      Deliciously flawed. Exactly.

  16. 16 HelloToday

    I actually sympathized with Moo-chul a lot more in this episode. I loved how they made the line between the hero and the villain blurry. Moo-chul had his reasons for hating Soo so much and he genuinely cared for Soo’s girlfriend. And with the scene with the poor kid getting beaten up, he was trying to help the kid not go down the wrong path by becoming what he has become even if his actions were probably not the best way to do it. That’s why I love this drama so much because we want to just believe that Moo-chul is the bad guy and Soo is the hero, but we can see that they both have their flaws and better sides.

    • 16.1 JoAnne

      I agree with this and said as much after Ep 4, that we were getting his back story a little bit – and that there might not BE anyone to actually hate in the end when everyone in this melo dies and we’re sobbing hysterically.

  17. 17 ilikemangos

    One question.
    Why the heck is moo-chul living in oh soo’s old apartment?
    And why is there a picture of the three boys out in the living room still?
    Im gonna say moo chuls a little obsessed.

    • 17.1 kika

      If I got it correctly, Oh Soo had to give up his apartment as collateral for what he owes Moo Chul and his boss…

    • 17.2 starryeyes

      I’m pretty sure it’s because Oh Soo owes him and President Kim a whole lot of money, and that really nice apartment is part of the down payment.

    • 17.3 Betsy Hp

      I definitely agree Moo-chul’s obsessed with Soo. This is probably the most fun he’s had in… ever?

      • 17.3.1 Sam

        Nah, I think his fun used to be Hee Joo but she loved Oh Soo instead.

        • Betsy Hp

          Oh, yes definitely. His first obsession was Hee-joo — but since she didn’t love him back, I’m not sure how unleashed he was.

          And then the man Moo-chul became after her death… I think he turned that obsession onto Soo. At a low simmer obviously, since time has gone by. But he’s definitely enjoying his opportunity to finally (finally!) give Soo everything he has coming to him (per Moo-chul, anyway).

  18. 18 Aye

    Thanks for the recap! I wanted to say something substantial but all I could think of was how hot Jo In Sung looked. I am a goner!

    P.S.: The scene where Soo is asking Young about whether she stopped doubting him about his motives and after thinking she fell asleep when she didn’t answer, I don’t think he is pulling her closer to him then. Rather, I think he’s trying to take his arm out from under her head, that’s why she said “don’t go.”

    • 18.1 DeeDee315

      He is indeed pretty, but the open mouth heavy breathing while shooting laser beams out of his eyes, is a little much. I think he’s done it in every episode so far.

  19. 19 kaye

    THIS. Okay I really don’t get it. I’m still in disbelief right now that OY really thinks he is her oppa. (denial mode) I still believe she still thinks he is not her brother but is just amazed how the fake brother knew of their brother’s intimate details. Must mean that this fake OS is too close to her hyung and that’s what is stated also on his letter. As I remember, she said she wants to meet her hyung’s friend and he must be a good person and that something urgent happened that’s why he left. There must be a reason. Since I’m still in denial, I want to think this is just her of finding out herself the truth .But I want pull out my hair when she cuddle him! Do you realize OY that it is so dangerous to hug him if she is not your brother? The hormones…for god sake!

    Anyways, hats off to all the casts, a round of applause to everyone for making us, viewers attached in your show.

    Special mention to writernim, NOH HEE KYUNG…I totally admire you and I trust you….so please don’t fail me.

    Out to go rehab…

    • 19.1 caminus

      I hope that she knows that he’s not her brother but is fooling him/everyone. I can see her being suspicious but opening him to him anyway because she barely has anyone else.

    • 19.2 Melmax




  20. 20 Abbie

    So good. Gah! So damn good! I am addicted to this show, and yes, I enjoyed that cuddle scene. I do need therapy. Although, part of me thinks Young doesn’t believe Soo is her brother, and is just playing along (a little too well) with his facade. I hope so, because I don’t want to see her hurt when the truth is revealed.

    Moo-chul had excellent growth this episode, though I still hate him. He’s a jerk, the way he was messing with Soo at Hee-joo’s grave. What an asshole.

    I think, or I have a feeling, that both Young and Soo will end up dying at the end of this show. Just a feeling I get. Hope I’m wrong.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  21. 21 Nallali

    I lost count of the number of omos I uttered during that ‘bed scene’ (Oh God! is that what it was? therapist here please?!!)

  22. 22 Mar

    “It gives every scene of theirs that added layer – you know, the kind where you’re not quite sure if you should be enjoying a scene as much as you are. Or is that just me?”

    IT’S NOT JUST YOU. As you said, we are all trying to figure out at what point the squick factor will engage.

    I agree with the other Beanies that said-

    Soo was going to roll her away, not pull her closer.

    Secretary is either biological Mom (or one of the crazy drama/literature housekeeper tropes that obsess over a family member and manipulate things so they are in control or in the know of everything.) Hell, maybe she’s both.

    Only is K drama is Kim Bum ignored.

    Tumor-I’m having a hard time trying to buy the logic that Young has had a BRAIN tumor for 20 some years without thinking of Death Be Not Proud head flap thing going on. I know k drama land has it’s own rules when it comes to medical conditions but I’m sorry, not computing. (I never did figure out how Kim Sun Ah in Scent of A Woman had inoperable gall bladder cancer (rip that sucker out come on people), I just kept thinking the subs were wrong lol)

    This is not going to be happy ever after. Don’t even hope lol. I’ll be satisfied if Jin Sung gets laid.

    • 22.1 HeadsNo2

      Corrected. Y’all were right. I got a little too caught up in the Jo-In-Sung-Ness of it all.

      • 22.1.1 ilikemangos

        LOL im thinkin you need the most therapy out of all of us Heads. 🙂

      • 22.1.2 kika

        I was hoping that I remembered the scene wrongly and your were right about him pulling her closer. That would have made it all the more electrifying.

        We all need therapy.

      • 22.1.3 kika

        I was hoping that I remembered the scene wrongly and you were right about him pulling her closer. That would have made it all the more electrifying.

        We all need therapy.

      • 22.1.4 Melmax




    • 22.2 ilikemangos

      “I’ll be satisfied if Jin Sung gets laid.” hahaha

      Hee-sun just needs to see him as a man already and they need to start makin’ mini Hee-jin babies.

      • 22.2.1 starryeyes

        lol THIS. If the OTP dies, if everything gets sucked into a big tornado of snow and wintery things, I think I will be satisfied with Hee-jin babies at the end.

        Eunji, after those Seo In Guk kisses…IF YOU HALF-ASS THE NEXT KISS WITH KIM FREAKING BUM I will never ever forgive you.

        • pogo

          So will I! It’s the first time I’ve seen a kdrama with feelings this openly admitted and matter-of-factly acknowledged by the other person – Second Lead Syndrome strikes again this time, only its Second Leads, plural, ha.

          (and they have to kiss again! They must! Properly, this time!)

    • 22.3 kaye

      Mar, it has been stated that she sought treatment before and she thought the tumor has recurred because it has been 2 months since she’s feeling the symptoms again. It is a possible scenario if the tumor is benign and it only damaged her optic nerves. That is the reason why she got blind, because of the pressing of the tumor on the optic nerves. What I don’t buy is that she’d undergone chemo before so meaning it is cancerous? So that is very impossible, to live 20 years and you have cancer of the brain. I would like to know if Sec Wang is indeed making up stories about her true condition.

      • 22.3.1 starryeyes

        There is a slow growing tumor of the optic nerve (rare!) that could theoretically fit with OY’s symptoms:


        • kaye

          thanks for the info! So this condition is not FATAL (yipee). Maybe it’s only in the subs but I heard chemotherapy…and chemo is not used in benign tumors, only the malignant ones. OMG, my head is bursting lol

          • Kathy

            I’m also at lost at the translation. Chemotherapy is use only for malignant tumors and not the benign ones. And just in case you had malignant tumors and undergone surgeries and chemotherapies, you need only to wait 5 years to know if you’re truly healed. On the case of Oh young, 20 years had passed so I think what she’s experiencing is not because she has a malignant tumor again but I think it’s more on the possibility that he would able to see again just like in the drama.

      • 22.3.2 janjan

        as per my research, lol, this optic glioma is usually slow growth and could remain stable for a long period of time. which is very possible that at OY’s present age, it has already grown into a large tumor and could now be cancerous because they never seek treatment when it was still benign.

      • 22.3.3 Mar

        Right, it is a cancerous tumor that I’d be referring to not being able to live for 20 plus years.

    • 22.4 MariD

      Yep… I keep scratching my head on the Kim Bum being ignore by Hee-Sun.. It’s Kim Bum for goodness sake!

    • 22.5 TS

      Ya, know, I think you may be right, that she’s the real mother for Young.

      Otherwise, it’s all too weird. Then again, if she’s the real mum, wouldn’t she have pulled all stops out to get her child cured?

      As for Young, she thinks she’s dying. So she can’t be bothered to replace Wang.

      Soo, I’m just not sorry for him. Seems he’s incited a lot f the trouble other people put his way.

  23. 23 ILUKD

    I really really want truth about OS to be flash out …. Sooner the better …the chemistry between OS and OY is so intense and electrifying, I don’t want them to be sibling even it’s fake …. It’s mess our brain … Only after then we all can feel their passion without guilt …. I want these two wonderful character to fall in love so we can get all the amazing kisses, cuddling, and much more scene ….

  24. 24 yenyen

    why do i have this feeling that secretary Wang is Young’s real birth mother 😐

  25. 25 Fun-Lugha

    I say if ‘I miss you’ managed a happy ending, then any other melo can too! And yes only in k-dramaland does KB get ignored AND Song Hye Gyo gets called ugly…what? whaat?!!!

    • 25.1 Do-ra-ma

      @ last statement: I know right!? This drama is chock full of very attractive people.

    • 25.2 pogo

      I’d say if Nice Guy managed a happy ending with its characters set firmly on the path to Auto-Destruct still in episode 19, this might manage it too.

      (and yeah, only in dramaland can Song Hye-gyo be a girl you wouldn’t want to take out pre-makeover, lol!)

  26. 26 ilikemangos

    “Shit just got real”.


  27. 27 mintchocostrawberry

    Oh hot damn! this show, this.. this… ah! too lost for words! but i gotta say, JIS is really worth the long wait!

  28. 28 jjeennyy19

    Glad that I’m not the only one who is going crazy..keke..I really enjoy the lead character’s scene together but there is always something at the back of my mind interrupting that I shouldn’t feel this way watching them..Surely. waiting till Wednesday is going to be a long wait..

  29. 29 ht

    While everyone is crazy over JIS and Kim Bum (I like the former too) but dayum, Kim Tae Woo, you are so freaking hot. I believe Moo Chul has a heart and he definitely broke my heart in this episode.

    • 29.1 Peridot

      I think that he’s kind of hot too 🙂 I love his voice! So, you are not alone 🙂

      • 29.1.1 JoAnne

        hahhaah looks wise he doesn’t appear hot to me but when you put the package together – that simmering threat of violence (WHAT. This is the therapy couch. Shut up.) and that sexy sexy voice, yes, he is hot.

        And what’s amazing to me is that he was CLEARLY a dork back when they were 19. Even his skin was bad.

        • Peridot

          Lol! There is actually a resemblance between Kim Tae-woo and his younger brother Kim Tae-hoon (although the latter is more handsome). Kim Tae-woo is handsome in his own way, but I agree that his sexiness does not come from his outer appearance. It comes, in my opinion, from the way he comports himself and the way he speaks. I did not think that he was supposed to be nineteen in the flashbacks as well (just Oh-soo and his late girlfriend); although in k-dramas, we often have to suspend our disbelief! Kim Tae-woo is about ten years older than Jo In-sung in real life, so I imagine that there should be the same age difference between them in the show.

          • kaye

            you’ve reminded me about his brother. Nice guy villain= Kim Tae Hoon TWTWB villain = Kim Tae Woo lol

    • 29.2 ilikemangos

      He always reminded me of an asian spock from star trek.

  30. 30 risa

    “’If I can choose when to die, then I thought that was the perfect moment. Because you came.’ (She says it meaning her Oppa came back.)”

    Omo! Heads is servin’ up some saucy dramabeans tonight…

  31. 31 Betsy Hp

    Thanks for the recaps! And the therapy. ;D Because seriously, this show… If Young and Soo could just run away and be cute and adorable somewhere far away from Death (Moo-chul) and Obligation (Wang, Hee-sun&Jin-sung)… well, okay it’d be a CF.

    But seriously, this show has me all twisted up until I’m not sure who’s good or bad or right or wrong. (Well, except for Moo-chul. His death-dealing is wrong. I’ll stand by that.)

  32. 32 kaye

    omo, i forgot one thing, jinsung will be trapped in Moochul’s plot as he is giving privileges to his sister…what will happen to OS if JS will betray him!

  33. 33 picklemonster

    Am I the only one who is not feeling “squicky” about the cuddly+touching scenes?

    Haha, I feel that as long as I know they’re not blood-related siblings, I can fully and completely sit back and enjoy the sexual tension that’s enfolding, even if they’re posing as siblings. Sometimes, I do feel that Young’s actions toward her “brother” are a little strange, but then I had to remind myself of their close relationship. The only memories she has with her brother are when they were kids; a.k.a. when skinship and taking baths together was O.K. And because she never got to see her brother grow up, her intentions are justifiably innocent. She could very well still imagine his face to be that of a child’s.

    So with that said, BRING ON THE SQUICKY SCENES, CUZ I’M READY FOR ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *o*

    • 33.1 janjan

      Hell yeah!!! im not only ready for it but i want more of it!!!

  34. 34 mysterious

    Ye-sung does songs for a lot of dramas. Cinderella’s Sister, King of Dramas, this one. He has such a beautiful voice.

    That aside, I wasn’t going to watch this show but I decided to and I am glad I did. I only knew Song Hye-gyo from Hotelier but that was over a decade ago (and she hasn’t aged a bit) so I didn’t know how she’d do as a leading actress and I’ve never really seen Jo In-sung so he is new to me.

    (I knew who they were, just never watched their shows/movies. I know, I know: where have I been all this time?)

    But they are great. Kim Bum is too as always but can’t the man get a little/a lot of love? He is gorgeous and one of the most likeable characters. Oh, the perils of being the second lead. Women never see you no matter how fantastic you are. I was surprised to see Jung Eun-ji, but she is great too just like in Answer Me 1997; only here you wonder: is she friend or foe? Secretary Wang…..undecided about her. Either way this is a great cast and a compelling story and I am enjoying it very much.

  35. 35 Sajen

    “Jin-sung’s dad shows up to bring food for the memorial, but it seems more and more like Jin-sung is the real parent. Apparently, along with dad’s drinking problem, he has an addiction to buying cows – so any money that could have gone toward Jin-sung or his sister’s education instead went to… cows.”

    the fudge kind of addiction is buying cows? did they go let’s find the one addiction that doesn’t exist and put it in the drama, therefore wala cow addiction.

    • 35.1 ilikemangos

      LOL @ the cow comment.

      Honestly though, the dad is adorable.
      It’s so nice how they all seem like one family (even moo-chul) & jin sung’s dad bringing food for hee-joo’s memorial means they must’ve really been close for even the parents to know their relationship.
      I mean, it’s not like jin sung’s oh soo’s real brother, or if hee-sun’s his real sister, but it seems like they’re all really close.

  36. 36 Almontel

    What a beautifully skillfully written series…

    i’m totally loving this series and what more, watching so many flower boys and candy girls…

    i just want them to stop being sibling since their ‘cuddling’ scene was sooooooooooooooo electrifying….
    just one look on his face and you can see how much he was trying to control his ‘guy’ feeling…

    aigoooooooooooooo….i can’t wait to watch the upcoming episodes!

    and i second, only someone blind would say no to our hottie Kim Bum…


  37. 37 dany

    I love too many things about this show- I love the two leads, I love Jin Sung and his dad and his cows, I love the story. Thank you for the recap and the funny comments. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

  38. 38 ck1Oz

    * peering through fingers *
    Yup, reading that portion and reading all your comments?

    I feel the need to talk to someone about even contemplating such a drama’s premise. It’s so beautifully off-putting seeing those photos. Man, this show is going to twist your guts and tie them in knots.

    • 38.1 ksyj2009

      Me too 😀 I don’t really write anything…I just love reading all the comments before but watching this drama….I feel like I need to blurt it out all my emotions haha 🙂

    • 38.2 ilikemangos

      Come on over to the dark side…. 😉
      We have therapy after each recap

  39. 39 ksyj2009

    I’m worried about when this drama ends…..fearing of separation anxiety already hehe! Wishing tomorrow is Wednesday LOL 😀

  40. 40 crixa

    I’ve been refreshing this blog since Friday midnight for the recap. Thank you heads! You’re the best.

    The drama’s getting more and more interesting. I’m loving it. Dear Wednesday, hope you’d come sooner. Can’t contain my feels.

  41. 41 Marie

    I Love this drama, the leads have such good chemistry together cannot wait until she finds out he is not her brother so I can enjoy their cuddles more, I can watch those two 24/7

    The series is beautifully filmed.

  42. 42 blkasian

    I don’t think she feels this is her brother. I think she is just comfortable with him and the effort he is making to bringing her out into the world. Her heightened senses has made her recall meeting her brothers friend and something about that meeting now seems familar. These are just my thoughts. I think they would make a great love connection.

  43. 43 Peridot

    I love this drama. But I am hoping that there are no extensions. I am also hoping that the writer does not resort to unnecessary plot filler. I agree that this writer is really fleshing out her characters and that the distinction between who is good and who is bad is not so black and white. Our characters have real emotions and motivations (even if those motivations may, often enough, be based upon misunderstandings and preconceptions). Secretary Wang and Moo-chul are, in my opinion, very interesting.

    I am not sure, at this point, if Oh-young is convinced that Oh-soo is her brother. Perhaps there is some doubt, or perhaps she is drawing closer to him because of his connection to her real brother and because he is bringing some light into her world. If she does conceive of him as a brother in some way (or some type of connection to her brother), then one can read her interactions with Oh-soo as innocent. After all, she is stuck in her memories of Oh-soo as a child, as the brother with whom she shared everything and who meant so much to her. Oh-soo, however, is having difficulty maintaining the deception. I love that he is struggling with his emotions.

    I know that this is a melodrama, but please give us some happiness! And not the kind of ‘happiness’ at the end of Nice Guy, because I was disappointed with that as well. Please no personality shifts, aphasia, amnesia, or whatever other craziness such shows like to give us! I’m sending positive waves to the drama-verse!

    • 43.1 Moon

      No worries. I dun think they will be extensions like Nice guy. Both of them are just too expensive. But if there are extensions. I want both to have babies like SG!! They deserve to be happy. Everyone of them deserves happiness cos life is not a melodrama!! lol

  44. 44 kurage

    Very low tolerance for Eunji’s acting AND role here, to be honest.

    • 44.1 kaye

      as for me, she is doing a nice job here. I find her natural in her acting and I love her interaction with OS and JS. I’m also looking forward to her interaction with OY next episode.

      • 44.1.1 Mystisith

        I’m with you here: I love the way she plays her character, completely bipolar. And anyway, it’s not like we see her a lot either. Even if she was terrible, it wouldn’t stop me from watching this drama. 🙂

        • ilikemangos

          I agree. I think that adds more depth to her character because any character where you have to question their motives are definitely not 2D.
          Some people find her switching sides to be a bit random but if you see it from her perspective with her and her sister/oh soo’s background, you’d understand why she’s conflicted.

    • 44.2 JoAnne

      I like her. I don’t think it’s carry-over from Shi Won even though there are similarities, but that’s possible. I guess it doesn’t matter to me. I like the mix of comic relief and sad history she brings to the story and I LOVE her with Bummie.

    • 44.3 sharealot

      For the 1st 3 episodes there’s something awkward about her but she’s getting better as episodes get by. Her accent also improved (it’s SO awkward on last weeks episodes).

      Though the way she acts is different from others, as it is a given since almost everybody around her has skills and techniques build on experience (very unlike her with only 1 drama), she can stand on her own.

    • 44.4 Dada

      yeah, her facial expressions are really… ugly (?) to look at when she does her -_- face… but when she smiles, she looks decent.

    • 44.5 danteee

      She is awesome for her “jealous” scenes cause they look real (not surprising, cause Song Hye Kyo is a beauty) but other than that, she is meh.

    • 44.6 lemondoodle

      She’s an eyesore seriously. Not just her acting, but her character…. She just doesn’t pull off the is she bad or good thing well enough. She both and annoying.

      • 44.6.1 Guest

        I agree, I never found her acting spectacular in Reply 1997 (didn’t understand the rave about her) and don’t find her amazing here either. She is painfully awkward to watch.

      • 44.6.2 peach leaf

        She is like a nuisance character, actually…

    • 44.7 colors

      I don’t agree with you, on the contrary. I think she usually looks natural as opposed to completely cold for no apparent reason, say like the two nemesis guys who loved the same woman. Most kdrama guys are somehow re-enacting Greek tragedies to me.
      I don’t get why in this drama the main lead is comfortable enough to take a picture AND frame it (or let it be framed) in his living room while he’s usually tight (in the what he stands and moves) even with his best buddy. And the baddie, while I love his story line and his motives for once (though I think he’s more messed up than the main lead), he’s also really tense most of the time. (I mean, isn’t he supposed to be the leader of a mob?) That’s partly why I loved the fight over the grave, it felt real unlike their usual interactions with other people.
      But again, I’m not talking just about That Winter, and many kdrama girls are awfully unreal as well in the way they stand and move. I just think Eun Ji’s acting doesn’t look forced.

  45. 45 Melissa

    I think this is some of best fauxcest I’ve seen in a while…dunno how I’m gonna survive waiting till next week…*sigh*

  46. 46 ken

    awwww… this is what we call chemistry… I love Jo In sung and Song Hye Gyu… and the plot is really interesting… can’t wait til the next ep!

  47. 47 mehreen

    “Once, just once, I want to see a melodrama where a character goes, “I need to see a doctor about this brain tumor, because I’d sure like to live”

    • 47.1 ilikemangos

      Hm. I wonder if she still would have gone to the doctor as much if the writer never made a character like doctor poopy seok. But right, almost forgot

  48. 48 thil28

    thank you, heads for a great review!
    i LOVE

    • 48.1 thil28

      this show so so so much, and yes, i’ll probably need therapy after it ends! but the journey its taking us on is so beautiful and engaging, i literally count the days till wednesday and am so grateful to all the subbers who enable me to watch and enjoy this drama! kamsahamnida!
      multi-layered characters, great directing, great acting and cinematography, seriously, running out of accolades for the team behind this masterpiece!

  49. 49 blabla100

    This drama is like a breath of fresh air from all of the musical-romantic-comedy dramas that invaded the market in the past years. Its just…too good, and it rly gets better and better, im so addicted to it it hurts 😀 waiting is painful…

  50. 50 thil28

    sidebar: there must be something wrong with me if i feel way more squicky about joo won kissing choi kang hee in L7CS, than i do about jo in sung and song hye go getting intimate(?) with each other in TWTWB, right? nothing against her age, just feel no chemistry between them…
    but the chemistry between these two in TWTWB, whoa, smoking! in a bad/good way??? so confused…

    • 50.1 skelly

      No, nothing is wrong with you: you just have good taste.

      • 50.1.1 thil28

        thanks, skelly! : )

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