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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 6
by | February 28, 2013 | 143 Comments

Mistrust abounds when a wild card is thrown into the mix, leaving Young perfectly vulnerable to Soo’s lies, of which there are plenty of in this episode. Despite everything I still can’t bring myself to hate our deceptive hero, maybe because I don’t see him reaping the benefits from his schemes any time soon. Especially when he’s falling for his prey and digging his own grave deeper in the process, which I suppose is kind of ironic, considering how much he wants to live.


Soo denies Young’s request to give her the Instant Death Pill: “Because there is only one of this in the world, and it’s not yours… it’s mine.” As in, Get your hands off my suicide method.

It isn’t long before Young asks to sleep in the same bed again, but Soo’s temper flares up at her insistence as he reminds her that they’re not kids that can sleep in the same bed. “Oppa is still a man, and a man has to be careful.”

Young actually takes this into consideration, and explains that she doesn’t see things the same way because time seemed to stop for her after they were separated. To her, he’s just her brother, nothing more.

Moo-chul seems to be up to some nefarious plans involving Jin-sung’s sister, which seems to include putting her in debt by buying her things she wants, but can’t afford.

Meanwhile, Boss Man comes to demand the money Moo-chul has to collect from Soo, and Moo-chul actually spits on him when he’s disrespected. Guy’s got some stones.

Soo is drawn to Young’s room by the sound of the wind chime he made her, and closes her window against the winter air when he finds it open. She quips that the window will stay open if he’s not going to sleep with her, since she can only sleep hearing the chime. Soo sighs in defeat. “Let’s sleep together.”

She smiles, “I won.” Hah.

She’s all happy once he’s in bed with her, and wonders if she should get married since cuddling cures her insomnia.

She wants to know what he thinks about her fiancé, and Soo shrugs that he doesn’t seem like a very fun guy. She chuckles, “Like you?”

Never one to let things go, Young brings up the Instant Death Pill again and asks if they can both use it. In exchange, she hands him her will – the one where she promised to give him everything, no questions asked, if he kills her.

Soo thinks back to Moo-chul suggesting that very same thing, but Young is surprisingly chipper about the whole matter and makes him pinky swear that he’ll keep the pill for now, and then give it to her when he needs to.

“Now you’ve made two promises with me,” she says. “The promise that you will stay by my side if I ask you to, and that the pill belongs to both of us.” Soo has no choice but to reluctantly agree, but I think he’s just saying it so she’ll stop pestering him.

Young snuggles up to him and notes that he smells good, not because of any perfume or soap. “I don’t know what it is, but it’s a very good smell.” Honey, that’s what we call Sexy Man Smell.

Hee-sun comes barging into Young’s house the next morning on the basis that she’s Young’s friend, and goes to find Soo in Young’s room when he isn’t in his.

She forces her way past Jin-sung to go inside, and in the ensuing kerfuffle, Jin-sung knocks aside one of Young’s paintings to reveal a safe underneath before quickly covering it back up. (Ah, so Soo must have suspected as much, since he inspected that same painting before.)

As expected, Soo and Young are wrapped around each other in bed, and apparently Young’s keen hearing counts for beans because neither of them wake up, even when Jin-sung has to drag Hee-sun out kicking and screaming.

Secretary Wang followed Hee-sun in, and finally wakes Soo up by throwing the window open so the chime can ring.

Jin-sung tries to calm Hee-sun down outside, even though she’s fuming about Soo and Young sleeping in the same bed. Jin-sung reassures her that it’s all innocent and they slept with their clothes on “like real siblings.” He sleeps together with his own sister, so what’s the big deal?

Young comes out in the meantime, and Jin-sung warns Hee-sun not to say a word to her.

Secretary Wang takes Soo to task inside about the sleeping incident, claiming that Young is too innocent to know about men’s desires. He throws those words back at her, asking how someone who claims to be her mother never taught her that sleeping in the same room with her brother is unacceptable.

“But Young doesn’t know,” he says. “She doesn’t know anything.” He turns the tables on her – did she even know that Young had insomnia? Why would Young turn to him in her time of need instead of the woman who raised her?

So Secretary Wang offers a simple solution: Marry Young off. Because he’s leaving soon and Young hates her, it’ll solve all her problems. In fact, she’ll rush the marriage.

She’s got him there, and he punches a hole through the wall in frustration the second she’s gone. To make matters worse, Jin-sung tells him that it’s game over, since Hee-sun took Young out in order to tell her the truth. Soo starts running.

Over coffee, Hee-sun’s bitterness and rage reaches its boiling point when Young tells her that Soo rode a motorcycle with her. “Did he tell you about my sister’s death from a motorcycle?” Hee-sun asks, catching Young by genuine surprise. Hee-sun mutters under her breath that Soo swore he’d never ride a motorcycle again, even when she asked him. So, is she mad because that’s how her sister died, or because Soo gave Young what he wouldn’t give her?

Young can hear Hee-sun’s anger and sincerely apologizes, trying to take the blame off him. But it’s too late, as Hee-sun tells her, “Did you know? Your oppa is a conman. He isn’t being sincere when he’s being nice to you, he’s just conning you.” Oh, crap. Hee-sun. I know you’re mad, but let’s stop while we’re ahead…

Except she doesn’t. She explains everything to Young about the two Oh Soo’s, and how the Soo she has now is a conman, gambler, and a player. (To her credit, so far she hasn’t outright said that Soo isn’t her real brother, she’s just saying Young’s “brother” is the worst sort of person.)

Tears begin to fill Young’s eyes, but it doesn’t stop Hee-sun from telling her that Soo is using her for an easy con because of her disability.

Soo bursts through the doors of the coffee shop, and Hee-sun meets his gaze as she calls him human garbage. “I’ll tell you why your oppa came to you,” she tells Young. “It’s because of money.” She starts about the debt he needs to repay, but is interrupted when Soo slaps her across the face.

Jin-sung drags Hee-sun out, and attempts some damage control by claiming out loud that Hee-sun was acting out of jealousy. Soo struggles to keep his emotions in check after the slap.

Young looks crushed as she asks, “Is it true? That you were good to me, not because I am your younger sister, but because you need money? Is that why? Answer me.”

Soo takes a long pause, his face contorting as he holds back tears. Maybe he feels bad that it’s all over, or maybe he feels bad that he’s about to lie more. He finally responds with a simple, choked, “No.”

The word sends her tears spilling over, and she reminds him that if he read her will, he’ll know that everything thats hers will be his if she dies, and he’ll have more than enough to cover his debt. “If you need money, you can just kill me now. But, like I said before, you won’t get a cent from me before I die.”

While Young’s paid-for friend Mi-ra reports the fight details to Secretary Wang, Soo follows Young home, and has to fight the urge to help her up when she stumbles.

Moo-chul watches all of this from afar, and smirks like he knows a fight went on.

Young knows Mi-ra switched to Secretary Wang and maintains a cool facade as she claims that her and Soo just had a small fight between siblings. Curiously, she starts asking Secretary Wang about her family and catches her in a lie on purpose, noting how hard it is to keep the details of a lie straight.

Ah, so she’s confident in her ability to know who’s lying, and knows that her and Secretary Wang will go back to playing the lying game once Soo is gone, just like old times. Hooray?

Turns out she’s getting dressed up for a date with Myung-ho, not because she’s warmed up to him, but because Secretary Wang told her that it’s what Soo wants.

Soo calls to meet with Hee-sun, her cheek still red from the slap. She gives him what-for by slapping him repeatedly as she sobs, “I could have told Young that you weren’t her real brother, but I didn’t because of one reason. I have a crush on you. I saw it – the way you looked at her, the way you looked so relaxed sleeping with her. I’m a girl, too. I can feel it. You like her, right? What did I do so wrong that I can’t ask her for money?”

Okay, this all makes more sense now. I thought she was trying to throw Soo under the bus in a jealous rage, and while it was partly that, she was also trying to let Young know that Soo needs money. “If she knows you’re her brother, what’s wrong with her giving you some money? I’m the one asking for it. What did I do wrong?” she cries. “I have to ask for money so you can live!”

Soo knows her heart was in the right place, and pulls her into an embrace as if to say that he forgives and understands her. Jin-sung watches from a distance. Aw.

While Young heads off for her date with Myung-ho, Soo waits for Jin-sung at his parents’ humble restaurant, and it’s cute to see that Jin-sung’s parents treat him like a son (even though it seems like Soo swindled them out of some cows). Regardless, Jin-sung pointedly ignores him.

I’m literally a little shocked at how much of a douche Myung-ho is – I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt since we’ve seen so little of him, but on his date with Young he only pretends to be interested while he texts the whole time, using her blindness to his advantage. Dude, you can’t even try for like, ONE hour? Would it kill you? Grr. (This moment brought to you by: It’s Song Hye-Friggin’-Gyo!)

This guy even has the nerve to look bored while she’s talking. Seriously? Like, really? Really. Really? He even starts checking his watch. I’m about to fly to Korea just to punch him in the face.

At least Young is smart enough to realize he’s not listening, and manages to pour and down her own soju bomb. I love her.

Soo finally catches Jin-sung and apologizes for hitting Hee-sun, but that’s not even what Jin-sung is mad about: “You’re sorry for hitting her but not for hugging her?” He’s still mad, but he still loves his hyung. (And that’s what really matters.)

Young calls Soo to tell him she’s drunk in the most sober voice ever, and adds that there’s no better time like the present to come and kill her. Soo heads over.

Moo-chul calls Jin-sung to proposition him over to the dark side, saying that he’ll go down with Soo as an accomplice to murder if Soo gives Young that pill. He also adds that Psycho So-ra is looking for Soo, and if she finds him, “She’ll destroy him.” I… totally believe that.

Myung-ho is at least paying attention now that he has a few drinks in him, especially since Young keeps pouring them for him and encouraging him to drink. He wants her to answer whether she likes him or not, and when she tries to avoid the question, he leans over the table to kiss her.

Soo ends up seeing the kiss the second he gets there to pick her up.

“I love you,” Myung-ho tells her inside. He claims he’s wanted to tell her for a while… but I don’t believe it.

Soo interrupts to take her home, but Myung-ho volunteers to take her to her car when she stumbles, leaving his cell phone on the table. The same number that popped up earlier (it’s not a name, just “Secretary”) calls and Soo picks up, but the girl on the other end who called Myung-ho honey/darling quickly hangs up. So Myung-ho is having an affair? Ohhh man. It is on like Donkey Kong now. (*rolls up sleeves*)

On the car ride home, Young insinuates that Soo might try to kill her through a car accident but warns him against it, since he could hurt himself in the process. We know her morbidity stints come when she’s hurt, especially since she thinks that all the happy memories she had with Soo were only because he wanted money. “I can’t help but feel betrayed.”

Soo tries to just put up with it, but he pulls over when she starts talking about how easy it would be for her to die if she just took her seatbelt off, and what excuses he could give for her death. I love you Young, but this routine is starting to get on my nerves.

“It’s all a misunderstanding,” Soo finally says. “Hee-sun was lying.” But he’s not convincing at all, and Young chokes back a sob as she gets out of the car.

He cups her face in his hands as he tells her that if he had wanted to kill her, he had umpteen opportunities to do it by now. If he was only after money, he could have gotten it already. A tear falls as he speaks. Does he at least feel bad for lying?

“You’re saying I can trust you?” Young ekes out, before she drops to her knees. “You’re saying I can trust you, my oppa? I can’t trust anyone around me…” she breaks down, sobbing. “Please… can I trust you?” She’s all but begging, hoping, wanting to trust him. That last line, the switch in her tone when she says it, breaks my heart.

Soo knows very well what kind of grave he’s digging when he pulls her into an embrace and reassures her that yes, she can trust him. It’s all she needs to hear, and he knows it.

Jin-sung finds the Instant Death Pill in Soo’s room after Moo-chul’s phone conversation, and watches Soo suspiciously when he carries Young in. Does he think Soo would actually kill her?

Soo holds Young’s hand as she tells him that she had her first kiss today, only it wasn’t what she expected. Aww, she’s forgiven him. (Wait, that’s a BAD thing.)

“What you said earlier, that I could trust you… is it really true?” she asks. He says yes. (Well, he makes a throat noise that means yes.)

Once he thinks she’s asleep, he gently touches her cheek as we hear him in voiceover: “Why do I want to live so badly? Why must I live? I don’t even have a reason to do this to her, who can’t even see. An endless lie… Why must I live like this?”

Against his better judgment, he starts leaning forward, his face getting closer and closer to hers. Omo. Omo omo omo.

He seems to keep rethinking it as he wonders whether everything he’s ever thought about life – that it’s just something you get through, that it isn’t worth much – was a lie. “Was I frantically hoping for a moment like this all my life?”

He leans forward to kiss her… but stops just before his lips can brush hers. He’s holding back with all he’s got.

I need a fan. Soo needs a cold shower.

Jin-sung shows Soo pictures of Young’s safe, claiming that it’ll be a cinch to break into with Hee-sun’s help. But really, he wants Soo to break into the safe because he’s worried Soo’s plan was to kill Young, and while he can abide by gambling and stealing, he can’t abide by murder.

He tearfully reminds Soo that he never once hated him, even when he sold his father’s cow, gambled everything away, or when he lived off Jin-sung’s family and constantly ended up in the police station. His mother suffered a heart attack from always begging for Jin-sung to be released.

Instead of bothering to explain that the pill was for his own suicide, Soo resignedly agrees to break into the safe.

Soo and Young are back on close terms, though he keeps interrupting their movie-watching session to remind her about her upcoming meeting with Myung-ho’s parents. She’s not too enthused since she admits she’s only marrying him because her dad chose him, but she’s pretty laissez-faire about the whole issue. He tells her to get some beauty rest for the meeting tomorrow. (Once again, It’s Song Hye-Friggin’-Gyo!)

He bows out of the marriage meeting the next day by telling Young something urgent came up, and her instant reaction is to back out as well, because she doesn’t want to go alone. “You’re alone anyway. Get used to it,” he tells her coldly.

Ah, but we find out that he’s using the time everyone’s away to crack the safe.

Myung-ho’s parents oppose the marriage and refuse to go into the meeting, and at least Dad seems to know his son is in it for the money. Young overhears the conversation but plays it off, and calls the meeting off by claiming she has a cold.

So everyone starts heading back home, just as Soo sneaks into Young’s room to open the safe. Eeek.

When he finally breaks into it to find gold bullion inside, he hears Young about to enter and he hastily re-hangs the picture before hiding behind the door.

…But Secretary Wang spots him and the skewed picture, putting two and two together. She swings the door shut to rob him of his hiding place.

Uh oh. He’s caught.


I have no idea how he’s going to get out of this one, since he’ll be depending on Secretary Wang’s mercy. Considering their past track record, my money is on Secretary Wang using this as blackmail to get him out of the house. Or, she could just reveal it to Young and let things play out.

It’s hard to know what Secretary Wang’s motivation is, because everyone in this show defends themselves with the excuse: “If I wanted to do it, I would have done it already.” Secretary Wang claimed that if she wanted Young’s money, she could have taken it already. Soo claimed that if he wanted Young’s money, he could have killed her already.

The first argument I can maybe buy, the second one (“I didn’t kill you when I could, that proves XYZ!”) comes up in melodramas semi-frequently and makes me scratch my head every time. Yes, Soo technically could have killed her already, but it’s just weird for him to have to defend that choice. Even if he was a true bad guy, murder is still kiiiind of a serious deal. Can’t Young accept that maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t want to have that on his conscience? Is it impossible to fathom that even with the Get Out Of Jail Free card she’s giving him, maybe Soo would simply enjoy not killing another person? I know she’s focused on her life and how she doesn’t want to live it, but asking someone to help you shuffle off this mortal coil is asking a lot of that person. It makes me wonder whether Young’s worldview is comprised of complete polar opposites – black OR white, good OR bad, brother OR man. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a middle ground with her.

So it’s not that the ultimatum exists that bothers me as much as the way Young tosses the idea of murder around so easily, like Soo should just be falling at her feet and thanking her for the opportunity. How literal she’s being is up for grabs, and it’s clear that she uses the “just kill me” excuse to test his loyalty, not necessarily because she thinks it’s going to happen. (Or does she?)

Likewise, Hee-sun got some fleshing out this episode, and I love it when character reveals stem organically from what we’ve already pieced together. There’s a strong ambivalence in her character, especially with her tendency to run hot and cold, and I chalk most of that up to her feeling guilty for liking the man she considers responsible for her sister’s death. In that vein, though, it’s not like Soo wielded the murder weapon or intended for it to happen, so I’m not sure if Hee-sun wants him to feel guilty for the rest of his life in order to stay true to her sister, or if it’s just because she wants to keep him close.

A character like that is really hard to play, because her objectives in a scene can directly oppose each other in a way that say, someone like Jin-sung doesn’t experience as much. He has one objective: To help Soo not get killed. Hee-sun might want five different things at any given moment, but in instances where she’s acting out (like when she first told Soo to just kill himself, or when she told Young half the truth), I didn’t necessarily get what she was (secretly) aiming for in those scenes until there was dialogue to explain her actions. In that sense, I don’t think Eunji is doing her character a disservice, inasmuch as it’s just a freakin’ difficult part to convey. She’s still green, but she’s got natural screen presence and a great cast to play off of. Time will tell.

Of course, now that Young’s in this relationship to win it, the deception that’s bound to come later will hit her, and us, like a ton of melodramatic bricks. (Which, if you didn’t know, weigh a lot more.) Call me a masochist, but I’m actually excited.


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  1. Vix


    • 1.1 Vix

      I honestly wish Hee-sun can just get herself together already. The fact that she’s portrayed as ‘Hot ‘n Cold’ is annoying in that I’m not quite sure if I should be invested in her or not. Other than that, THIS DRAMA WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. I can’t believe that it’s only episode 7 and has tugged out my heartstrings already.

      On a separate note, I’m really liking how the writer is using the windchime as the “symbol” of their relationship!

      Until next Wednesday….

      • 1.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        You know, I think I might be the only one who’s not annoyed with Hee-sun’s character. While I completely understand why her character gets a lot of hate comments (she does come off kinda crazy), I feel like I can see where she’s coming from. It’s that swirling pot of anger, regret, denial knowing how her sister was abandoned before her death mixed in with Hee-sun’s uncontrollable crush on Oh Soo. It’s like her head tells her she has every reason to hate/kill him and yet her heat tells her to love/save him.

        • anais

          But I think her heart tells her to hate him also. It’s not just love/save that’s coming from her heart. She’s so often acting from instinct that she’s such a time bomb. I fear she’s going to go off in spite of herself at the worst time possible.

        • Vix

          Mmmmm…I guess as a super hardcore fangirl of Jo Insung I REALLLLLLLLY -really- don’t want him to get caught so I always get upset when Hee Sun goes SO close to revealing the truth :/

        • skelly

          I understand the character’s motivations – even more so now, thanks to some analysis by our estimable Heads – by I don’t like the character because I don’t think the idol/”actress” is doing a good job.
          In that crying scene, I didn’t even get the fact that Hee-sun had attempted to ask for money on his behalf; it all came out in the same snarky rush of words, all part of reeling out the reveal, and then a great big gush of fake screaming and crying.
          Sorry, but the acting was cringe-worthy; I can see why they didn’t do a close-up of her face. They only do close-ups of her when she is acting tough, which she can do fairly well. Yet again, I wish they would stop casting idols, just assuming they will do well. She did OK in Reply 1997 because even she admitted it was 80% like her. This role is a stretch, and it shows. Sorry, but assuming that idols will automatically be talented actors annoys me, and seeing them drag a good ensemble down REALLY annoys me.

    • 1.2 pabo ceo reom

      I’m almost ashamed to admit that I can’t stop watching this fauxcest unfold. There must be something wrong with me, right? T_T

      • 1.2.1 Vix

        Nah, I think if you adopt the mindset that they’re not legitimate siblings all those guilty thoughts go away ^^

        • pabo ceo reom

          I think that’s the only way to watch this! Or else it would just be way too “squicky.” Props to Jo In-sung and Song Hye-gyo though. They make it work/sizzle!

          • Vix

            Jo In-Sung’s perfect <3
            @"Honey, that’s what we call Sexy Man Smell." LOL

      • 1.2.2 topper

        Something wrong? There’s a reason the fauxcest genre is repeated again and again. It is something popular.

      • 1.2.3 Belle3005

        It’s definitely not just you. Homaigawd for the first time in my entire life I find myself actually rooting for a fauxcest so hard it feels so weird,and I keep thinking that I need therapy. Mind blown by the OTP awesomeness.

  2. Arhazivory

    I’m excited too. I’m a masochist as well. 🙁 Me and mum watched this today and that scene where he leans in – oh so closely – in the bedroom had us screaming at the screen.

    This show is all kinds of wonderful but girlfriend needs to chill with the ‘kill me’ bit or I’ll be mighty tempted to reach through my screen and help her out.

    • 2.1 ilikemangos


      Totally agree on the kill be bit.
      I dont know if she seriously thinks he really is going to KILL her or if she’s just saying that because she’s tired of living.
      Maybe both. But i can’t wait until she finds a reason to live.. Something tells me it’ll be a long while until then. 🙁

      • 2.1.1 Mystisith

        Am I the only one who starts to be tired of that “kill me” request already? If it’s a joke it’s not funny and if she wants to die, just swallow the content of a box of sleeping pills. I’m allergic to emotional blackmailing AND to undecisive people…

        • ilikemangos

          Nope you’re not alone.

          I personally groan every time she says kill me because she says it so nonchalantly like it’s no big deal.
          And because i don’t understand why she keeps asking Soo in particular to kill her as her request.
          I can’t possibly say i understand her pain but i can see why she’d have thoughts of dying. Still, why wait if she was serious? Why not now.
          I think that’s one of the things i can’t figure out about Young.

        • skelly

          I think she does that whole “kill me” thing to constantly see what his reaction will be. I understand how confused she is about him; she can’t see his face, which gives away SO much (how he was a successful gambler with that face is beyond me) and he blows hot and cold, drawing her close and being Good Brother one moment and then brushing her off as his own problems trip him up. I think she is trying to figure him out, so she says a lot of stuff she doesn’t necessarily mean in order to hear what he does with it.
          At this point, I’m not even sure that she really thinks he’s her brother – she is a smart cookie, and there are a LOT of things that don’t add up.

          • Mar

            Skelly-me too on the not sure she’s really buying the brother thing! Is she playing her own game or do we have another stupid and naive female lead that the writer give a smart moment every now in then to make it seem she’s not a waste of good air? I’m confused on this characters’ ‘smartness.’ She comes off as intuitive and savvy one moment and dull witted and naive as a box of rocks the next. (Pick one writers!) And the ‘extra’ ability to hear things in voices due to being more aware of sound due to blindness….in one scene but not the next, and she can’t hear people a few feet away whispering or people in a room with her? wtf? It’s all inconsistent.

            I really have a hard time buying she’s at the mercy of Sec Wang and all that. She is a grown ass woman in fairly sound mind and she’s loaded. I call bullshit on that plot device.

        • Mar

          I’m right there with you. I just read it as look at me look at me. Not that I do not have empathy for the character, but if she wants to off herself she needs to stop making it someones else’s problem and take responsibility.

    • 2.2 jomo

      LOL at the same reaction I had, I usually find myself yelling:
      “Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

      I can actually understand WHY she keeps asking him to kill her, meaning, I have been that depressed where somehow logically the ONLY choice you feel you have is to die.
      INR, if a person has been that depressed, it makes sense. If a person is in that much pain, they feel like, “Well, I’m not hurting anyone (but myself) so what’s the big deal?”

      The only thing is I wish they would demonstrate her depression more. Can they tell us about her previous but failed suicide attempts? She wouldn’t want to get out of bed, or shower, or eat. She wouldn’t have any thoughts of future.

      WE see a KINDUV sad, blind lonely girl who’s bored and alone and feels betrayed by everyone, but really nothing to the extent that she would keep keep keep asking for her life to end.

      • 2.2.1 Arhazivory

        Agreed! Honestly, there are blind people who have it far far far worse. I’m not dissing her pain or anything, but she can make do with the lot that she has going for her. There’s no reason to throw away her life.

  3. MariD

    I always feel a lil dirty after I finish watching this show. Yet I keep watching it. Sigh* my therapist would have a field day with me..

  4. DayDreamer

    OMG, I almost had a heart attack at the end when Oh Soo got caught. Like seriously, this show constantly has my nerves frazzled whenever Oh Soo hits a snag in his mission.

    Oh Soo is also definitely losing it to Young; those moments of indecision, uncertainty, and hopelessness are intense and well portrayed by Jo In Sung. What an excellent actor.

    • 4.1 JO

      I love how the show doesn’t do dumb things like the secretary not noticing the skewed picture and Go Soo behind the door though. It’s…realistic haha.

      • 4.1.1 ks

        I agree. Love how things don’t get dragged on. I love how the plots move along quickly to keep me glued to the show!

      • 4.1.2 DayDreamer

        That actually made me love the show even more.

        • skelly

          Me too. He’s really hopeless, at so many things in life, and to see him struggle with Doing The Right Thing while Doing The Wrong Thing just makes me cheer for him even more, the big lug.

  5. vee

    that almost kiss was soooo electrifying! and they didn’t even kiss! amazing chemistry right there.

    • 5.1 ks

      I am so in love with this drama! Smart writing, fast-paced, great acting, and the chemistry between those two leads are absolutely amazing. When ep 7 ended, I paused the video to take a few seconds to get back to reality, then told myself “wow, this is one good show!”

      • 5.1.1 vee

        ugh! i know. after each episode is done, i get so anxious waiting for the next one to come out. honestly, i don’t know what i’m going to do with myself until ep. 8 come out next week. i’m even thinking about rewatching autumn in my heart!

        • ks

          I saw a few scenes from Autumn in My Heart and just couldn’t watch it. Was so depressing and dragged on for so long. Have you seen Spring Waltz? Not as good as That Winter, but the mood is great and I thought the leads had pretty good chemistry too. Nine is coming up – that’s how I’ll be filling up my time before ep 8 comes out, ha!

          • ilikemangos

            Amazing how 2 dramas with the same storyline/scopes can be so different in style/pacing/tone.
            Autumn in my heart i personally thought dragged, although TWTWB is more gripping.
            RTP was meh while QIHM was pretty great.
            With Nice Guy and TWTWB i have hope for this genre to redefine melo. Although each have their own makjang scopes (amnesia,blindness, fauxcest), atleast it’s faster paced and not there to wring you of your tears for nothing.
            I’m waiting on the day where a melo doesn’t need to use a single makjang scope to actually tug at your heart strings.
            Too far fetched? hm..

          • skelly

            Yes, I am looking forward to Nine as well. I too need something to tide me over until the next episodes of TWTWB – I haven’t been this nutty about a drama since QIHM.

          • vee

            I just started Spring Waltz, and it’s gorgeous! The kid actors are so adorable. Thanks for the rec. 🙂

    • 5.2 Melissa

      it totally was!

    • 5.3 thil28

      INR!!!?? I was like, YES! and then NO!! thats too wrong cos she thinks you are her brother! but the chemistry was soooooo good…almost wanted them to kiss, but kinda glad it didnt happen, too…

  6. JO

    I love how we can be totally suspicious about where this drama is heading and then have everything turn on us the next episode. I already watched ep 7 and let me tell you, this show does things well. The details and plot machinations are sooo good. I also love the acting! I hate-love that I feel like I am going to die from fear for Go Soo every freaking moment and episode. Everywhere he turns, he has something or someone that can bring him down.

    • 6.1 DayDreamer

      Same here! I’m just so scared for him of that psycho ex-girlfriend and Moo Chul. *shivers* I want to take him and hide him in my house, cuddling, and tell him not to worry…I will pay all his debts for him, hahahaha.

      • 6.1.1 ks

        Haha! You’re’ too funny! I love the suspense and not all too worried for Oh Soo – I love seeing how he’ll get out of the next bad situation. What I love about this show is that even the “bad” guys/gals have many layers to their character such that I don’t feel like grinding my teeth every time they show up on the screen. There are some dramas where the bad guys are just so plain evil that it gets so tiring after a while and I don’t want to see them on the show anymore. In this drama, on the other hand, I’m actually curious to see what the psycho ex-friend and Moo Chul will do next.

  7. Almontel

    i really love this show, and i can’t help but just love what great chemistry they have…

    so bad that he has to be her oppa…ke ke ke..

    i’m sure he was controlling a lot of feelings when he leaned in close to her in bed..

    such great actors…


  8. Belle3005

    I think we need therapy. Even though we already know that it’s technically not incest in actuality,there’s still this guilty feeling nagging us at the back of our heads telling us that it feels kinda wrong to actually root for the “siblings”. And yet we can’t help but to anticipate every moment they share together when they interact in super close proximity. Heck,I’m even deliriously excited which makes it extra weird. Fauxcest has never been so interesting. This show,it blows our mind with all the pretty pretty visuals and cinematography,and the full blown chemistry between the leads. Jo In Sung may be a tad bit over the top at times but I guess this is one of the few times which I feel totally fine with the overacting. Dayum,this guy’s stare is so intense I swear it feels like he’s trying to see through your soul or burn a hole into your heart. Yeap,I’m still on this bandwagon all right.

    • 8.1 skelly

      I know what you mean – when they were kneeling in front of the car and he promised that she could trust him, he made this face like he was being stabbed in the eye. So while I was feeling for his dilemma, the quicksand of promises and obligations and affections he is slowly being mired in, I was also thinking that JIS hasn’t given up his predilection for scenery-chewing. But I’ll go with it – it’s a larger-than-life character, so he can go overboard once in awhile and I’ll just roll with it.

  9. Jackie

    Thx for the recaps as always <3

    Poor Soo, he is having a hard time keeping up with his lies.

    Can I just say I am loving the outfits Jo In Sung wears?! I am so digging the long-length sweater trench coats, overalls, collarless shirts, and colored pants. It's hot. *pops up collar*

    • 9.1 mumuamma

      This episode I felt really pushed and manipulated by the fauxcest. I mean the TV watching/chocolate feeding scene… c’mom there was no reason for that be played in such a hot and heavy manner. I mean siblings are chocolates over a beloved TV show and it seems like foreplay to me!!! It is the all those CLOSE-UPS and the sound design which picks up all the sighs, heavy breaths, rustling and brushing. This PD is totally perverted and I am thinking the same content could be communicated in a less prurient manner.

      • 9.1.1 skelly

        I don’t think it’s fauxcest. I don’t think it is prurient or perverted, either.
        He knows she’s not his sister, and she’s got a very good idea – she has to, she’s not stupid and there have been plenty of hints – that he’s not her brother. Both of them are going along with the idea that they are brother and sister because they are both trying to escape from lives that are literally and/or figuratively killing them. And so they are drawn toward something good, drawn toward someone whom they think they might be able to trust. I don’t think it’s perverted; I think they are happy and can find some rare peace and closeness with another human being. He can’t even bring himself to kiss her yet; I don’t think this is about sex, it’s about falling in love.

        And I missed the heavy breathing; I must have the sound turned down too far, LOL

        • Mar

          You just explained everything in a nutshell.

  10. 10 dewaanifordrama

    Ah!!!!!! I can’t get enough of this drama!!! I think that Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyeo are the most beautiful people in the world, and sometimes I am so mesmerized by their beauty I forget to read the subtitles – it’s that bad.

    The writing is so beautiful as well, and the music choices. So great!!!And the colour palette, and his style *swoon*, and how Song Hye Gyeo wears so little make-up, and it lets her natural beauty to shine forth, and their sizzling chemistry. With that almost kiss, I was simultaneously begging him to kiss her, and saying NO NO NO NO, you can’t do that.

    I think you’re right that for Oh Soo it’s either black or white. I don’t think he believes he can be the good guy because of the tragic mistake and accident he made with Hee Joo. And I think it’s why he allows Hee Sun to boss him around, and why he goes to comfort her. Ah! It’s all so messy and all tangled up in complex emotions.

    And oh, those melodramatic bricks, it’s going to hurt so good!

    • 10.1 ilikemangos

      ” I am so mesmerized by their beauty i forget to read the subtitles”

      Yup, me too sistuh. It’s one of those dramas that are so beautiful all around, cinematography, song, actors/actresses, that sometimes, i wish i understood korean so i could multitask better.

  11. 11 Whatsthescenario

    It’s been a while since I have been so into the lead couple. Yeah, I’m all about “fauxcest” too (it’s so hard not to root for them). I can’t wait until he really gets to kiss her. OMG!!

    I’m so scared of Korean Spock (Moo chul), but I wish he would stop tapering with Soo. How can he get the money, when he constantly keeps interfering? I get toying with him, but now he’s preventing Soo from making progress.

    I love this drama so much. It’s my fave of 2013.

    • 11.1 JoAnne

      Well, he’s like Hee Sun in that, I think. He has more than one thing he wants – he really, really hates Oh Soo for the death of the girl he loved, and I think his desire to destroy Oh Soo competes with his desire to collect the money for his boss. I really think he’d rather Oh Soo fail at paying the debt and be killed – but in the meantime, he’s going to screw with him because ‘torture is fun’

  12. 12 zsa

    the scene where young cries not knowing whether she could trust her oppa had me…I was crying like a baby. that was totally awesomely acted and played out..and JIS looked emotionally and literally swallowing his words to say that she can trust him. …I LOVE these two actors!!! and the drama!

    • 12.1 ffiza

      I know how you feel, I was crying too!!
      And in the scene when Young walked home from the cafe, I feel sorry for them both. I just wish I could be there to comfort Young.

      I love this drama, did not expect this a month ago.

  13. 13 Brenda

    I LOVE this drama so far!! Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo have marvelous chemistry and it’s so so so fantastic to see him back on the small screen.
    That almost kiss was so. . .so…(there are no words to describe the kind of tension that was there)

    I adore Jang Eun Ji, but her character irks me too much. I could understand if she was behaving that way because she felt that Oh Soo was forgetting her sister in favor of someone else, but if her attitude is because she wants Oh Soo to herself, then I kind of want her to disappear.

    • 13.1 crixa

      Aw. My thoughts exactly. I like Eunji too, maybe because I loved her in Reply 1997 and I’m having these love/hate feelings towards her. I would also understand her if it wasn’t because she likes Oh Soo. She’s creeping me out already, liking the man who “indirectly” killed her sister. I’m not saying that Oh Soo killed the sister, it’s just that he was the reason her sister got into an accident and died, but, yeah, you get the point. Ahh. These feels. Can’t get enough of this drama. Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo chemistry can’t be top off. Except maybe for Won Bin-Song Hye Ko tandem. Hah.

      and Heads, yes, I agree with your side comments. “It’s Song Hye-freakin’ Gyo, for God’s sake. As always, thanks for the recap. You’re awesome. 🙂

  14. 14 altair

    Soo stole JS’s family’s COWS???? And sold them? That is low! The ending of this episode was soooo great! In the usual dramas the hero just doesn’t get caught. Never. Ever. Soo did. I LOVE it!

  15. 15 redfox

    weird, yes. to try and make me believe people have no free will to say yes or no. what, was your mouth sewn up.
    I mean jeez. I don´t want to.
    what kind of a delusional world do the drama characters live in? whatever you do you are responisble for making the choice it is not the circumstances or fate or other people. you can turn around any moment.

    free will is the most important treasure. we are not some dogs to fetch the stick and still get kicked and blindly wave our tail.

    • 15.1 redfox

      that said, I love the actors, but I hate the crying. it annoys the hell out of me.

      • 15.1.1 dany

        Too much crying, indeed.

    • 15.2 kaye

      …which i hopefully will unfold in the coming episodes. I totally agree with what you have said. Well, we will have no drama without their issues though, lol. But I do have faith in this cause I know there is always light after dark. I believe there is redemption here, a life’s lesson to ponder.

  16. 16 kaye

    Writer Noh Hee Kyung is back! We’ve been spoiled by so many eye candies and cheesy stuffs in the past episodes, not that I’m complaining (swoons). But this episode embarks another chapter of the drama and I’m getting so excited! It’s the writer’s turn to tell her story and I’m loving the dynamics and the actors! SHK is at her best here! JIS is as usual explosive, so no surprise here and it’s kinda repetition of his character in Dirty Carnival but added more depth and enigma. But I would like to have special mention to Bae Jong Ok cause she is so good…I totally love the JIS-BJO conversation! I am so engrossed at the dialogues spoken that I didn’t even realize it’s the end of the episode already!

  17. 17 ilikemangos

    Maybe i’ve grown to completely denied my uncomfortable feelings about their fauxcest relationship, but i’m starting to get comfortable, which i don’t know is a good sign or not.
    Maybe im desensitized to the yuck factor? I don’t know if that’s even the proper word to describe how i feel, but i am getting sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable, I want to watch the romance unfold without having to wrinkle my nose and scrunch my face, who’s with me?
    What makes it easier is the fact that they’ve explained that Young is pretty much acting this way because she’s still stuck in the 6 year old mindset of how she remembered her brother. To her, this is all innocent, and her bringing up getting married (not to him) makes me feel a bit reassured; now i know she wasn’t getting all intimate for that kind of oppa, but just a regular oppa.
    And considering how much people actually know Oh-Soo’s secret, im pretty sure we’re soon going to have reveals of betrayals, truths, etc. Surely, Young is going to find out soon that her oppa aint really her oppa but a man. Wait, an oppa still is a man.. Oh whatever.

    • 17.1 ilikemangos


    • 17.2 Jackie

      I know right? When the kiss between the two airs on the tele we are all gonna shit bricks and lose our minds. I CAN’T WAIT.

    • 17.3 sweetcloud

      My feelings exactly! I don’t know why but I’m almost comfortable watching their interactions together now. Except maybe that chocolate feeding, that was weird but less squicky than other scenes in the previous episodes.

      But ever since she said Oh Soo’s voice had very particular intonations I believe she recognized him as other Oh Soo and not her Oppa. That’s why she insisted to see other Oh Soo, because she thinks it’s her real brother.

  18. 18 kbiy

    the best korean drama ive seen… love song hye kyo and in sungs chemistry.. cant wait for the next episode..

  19. 19 Arishia

    I don’t know why, but I think she’s always known he’s not her real brother. She’s whip smart, and never trusts anyone anyway, so before her brain tumor kills her, why not play with this tiger? I would.

    • 19.1 Sandy

      Hey… Arishia… i also have a feeling that she knew all along that this guy is not her brother … 🙂

    • 19.2 kaye

      That is what I’m thinking too since the beginning. And how she keeps bringing the other OS on the convo is quite questionable isn’t it? Maybe this is the reason why I don’t get iffy at all, just uncomfortable on the part of OS because how can he resist a goddess?

    • 19.3 Mystisith

      My thought exactly. I don’t buy her acting like a 6 years old sister either, she’s just provoking him. Hormones don’t lie.

    • 19.4 blabla100

      I’m with you on this one. I also have the feeling she knows he’s not her real brother, but either she isnt ready to admit it yet, either she wanna enjoy this fake sibling relationship a bit more 😀 nevertheless, one of the best drama ive seen

      • 19.4.1 jomo

        Yes, I agree.
        We have a couple levels of comprehension in our brains.

        She knows there are two OS’s.
        She knows the voice of the Faux Oh Soo when she met him and even commented on it to him.
        She has never fully trusted that THIS OS is True Oh Soo.

        But she WANTS True Oh Soo to be around and has wished it since she was a little girl, poor poor thing.

        When the dam breaks up the road a piece, and the truth comes bursting out, she will admit it.

    • 19.5 redfox

      either she doesnt believe, or she doesnt care any more cause people who abaondoned her once are not family to her any more. maybe she wants to believe he is her brother cause otherwise she would have to admit she has no one left. but it doesnt mean anything to her either. the words brother, family have lost credibility in general. maybe even the word “people”….

    • 19.6 missjb

      I just think Young just want to let her feeling take over instead of her mind always being suspicious all the time. She tired being to not trust anyone in her entire life. SImply she knows one day she will die, she just want to have someone to trust to before she die. she has testing him several times, and for her, it’s enough to make her sure this man it’s worth to trust to. Look at her reaction being all vulnerable when HEE Sun revelead Soo’s initial intention. It shows, She really want to believe so badly it’s her real brother and want to believe he really love her as a brother.

      As for Oh Soo.. I believe, his feeling for Young is getting deeper, but he doesn’t want to let that feeling grow. He really want that money (it’s his initial intention anyway), but not to the extent he want her whole inheritence and to the point want to kill her. He still has that consience. He has make one girl died because of love they had shared in the past anyway, and I think he doesn’t want Young’s fate will be like Hee Joo.. He still think himself as a jerk.

    • 19.7 jomo

      I read “play with his tiger”
      thinking you had created a really good euphemism.

  20. 20 Sandy

    I really love this particular comment of yours >> ” Honey, that’s what we call Sexy Man Smell ”

    How i wish i can smell him too !! heeheee …

    My heart beat faster with every episode and I have to survive till next week …. how am i to live ?! hahahaa

  21. 21 idlehouse

    somehow I have this thought that Young will overhear the exchange and cover up for Soo this time…

  22. 22 Peeps

    “(This moment brought to you by: It’s Song Hye-Friggin’-Gyo!)”

    “(Once again, It’s Song Hye-Friggin’-Gyo!)”

    … …

    Heads, I love you for writing these recaps but while once was cute, twice is ok, thrice is just overkill and irritating (please also refer to previous recap for more examples). I’m not saying that Song HyeGyo is bad or anything, but come on, Young is NOT Song HyeGyo. When Young just continues drinking like a badass, that’s Young, not Song HyeGyo. When Soo tells Young to sleep, please don’t bring Song HyeGyo in like he’s stupid for telling “the world’s most beautiful person how to maintain her beauty. To Soo, he’s just telling his “sister” to sleep. Song HyeGyo and her beauty has nothing to do with it.

    And call me blind, but I don’t even think Song HyeGyo’s stunning. Pretty, yes, but sizzling and rocking with inexlpicable charisma, no. So I don’t get all the hype about her and these repeated outburst of fan-girliness just kinds of gets on my nerves. I mean, she is not a goddess. Why are you WORSHIPPING her?

    Of course, I don’t mean to offend you. If I did, I’m sorry but I just wanted to get this off my chest.

    • 22.1 ilikemangos

      It’s funny how we quoted the same thing but for completely different reasons.
      (I actually didn’t see your post when posting mine underneath).
      It’s called a joke, lol.
      We know they’re actors/actresses and that’s different from their characters but when it comes to beauty, it is still Song Hye Gyo’s face, which admittedly, can be distracting. Not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, it’s alot of eye candy.
      Once again, a joke. You don’t have to be a fan of song hye gyo to admire her beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Heads is not worshipping her. She’s portraying the irony in all these men not really taking advantage of the woman before them when in real life, it’d be quite the opposite.

    • 22.2 Buorin

      Really it’s your opinion to not think she’s like a goddess.

      It’s also others’ to think she’s like a goddess.

      Nothing wrong with that.

      Although, I can understand your dislikes.

      In my speech class, it’s taught to me to re-read again what I write because words can be very difficult. A person saying something with no intention might bring bad intentions to the listener.

      I’m writing with wary, of course, but I can’t guarantee I won’t displease you.

      So, re-read what you wrote and see if you would like to hear that directed to you.

      • 22.2.1 Peeps

        I wouldn’t mind hearing that.

        Of course, I don’t think that I’m being particularly rude with that comment because if I did, I wouldn’t even have posted it. It’s not like I have some deep grudge against HeadsNo2 (of course I don’t. I can’t even say enough to express my gratitude to her for taking time to recap a drama for free) and would dearly like to hurt her and make her crumble. This is also a post and not part of some fighting match where my emotions can get the better me and push me to say nasty things.

        From your reply, I gathered that you do believe in free speech, as I do, and respect differing opinions, as I do as well. So I don’t think what I wrote was particularly hurtful and I took care in making sure that it did not come off as rude and obnoxious. However, I also recognise that different people have different “rudeness thresholds” and so I apologised at the end if I did indeed offend her. I don’t believe in not saying anything whenever you think that there might be a small chance that the other party might be offended because if so, then the whole world should go silent and we all should have only one view but of course one has to take care not to be rude.

        Also, I did not state that it was wrong for Heads to like Song HyeGyo. I just don’t understand why Song HyeGyo’s name keeps popping up for no reason. My irritation mainly because it’s like over hyping a person. Like, say, everyone has to foam at the mouth and bask in the honour of and fall backwards and serve this person (let’s say, Kim JongIl) because he is he, the almighty and we are worth nothing compared to him. What?

        And this is a recap, where the focus should be on the story and how well the actors act, no? There should be lesser stuff about how gorgeous they are. I don’t mean that you can’t gush over the pretty once or twice, but always bringing it up… isn’t that overkill?

        I don’t know. Maybe you think it isn’t, but I think it is and you are welcome to keep your opinions. I’m not forcing anyone to believe in what I believe in nor any I not hearing any other opinions, so I don’t see how I was being rude. And if I wasn’t being rude, I would think that the comment would be acceptable.

        • crixa

          “I just don’t understand why Song HyeGyo’s name keeps popping up for no reason. My irritation mainly because it’s like over hyping a person. ”

          If you’re irritated, then you can stop reading Head’s recaps. She can do anything she wants to do. She can write anything she wants to write because this is hers. Ok, I’m done. Peace out *hides in the corner*

    • 22.3 keya

      welll, we all have different taste after all, personally i find song hye gyo really beautiful, and i don’t mind the “Song Hye-Friggin’-Gyo”.. i think it’s funny. but i don’t think headsno2 is worshipping her like god or something (or maybe she does?)..the way you said what you feel sounds a biitt harsh though..i dunno..just saying..*runssss

      • 22.3.1 justi56

        I do agree with Bourin..

        @peeps.. I suggest u better not check or read the recaps of Head2 about this kdrama if found his/her blog doesn’t suits u..

        just saying….:-):_)

      • 22.3.2 peeps

        Why are you running? It’s okay, I’m fine.

        Was I really that harsh? I don’t know, maybe I was because I was too exasperated. I thought the song hye gyo thing was funny too at first, but then it kept popping up so many times I got really tired. I guess it’s like having to hear the same joke over and over. Once was funny and then it gets annoying.

        But thank you for your feedback.

        • kaye

          peeps, i totally understand how you feel but maybe there are certain aspects on how you wrote it that it seems offensive to others. We as individuals vary on how we treat/interpret a certain stimulus. Personally, it doesn’t bother me cause I treat it as a joke.

          to others, is it okay to end this OT discussion? Peeps just want to voice out his/her opinion but I think it doesn’t mean he/she is against Heads and also he is not against SHK.

          Let’s just enjoy this recap and rave for the awesomeness of this drama!

        • Little_Giant

          For what it’s worth Peeps, I think you articulated your point fine and were not too harsh. I think it’s possible to enjoy recaps and appreciate the work and effort that goes into writing them while also not agreeing with everything that HeadNo2 (or anyone else) says. I think the ongoing discussions (by everyone) on how good-looking the cast is does a disservice to the show because it implies it’s the only reason to watch. That might be true of say, Dr Jin but not TWTWB. That being said I think HeadsNo2 is doing a good job of recapping the show’s nuances and subleties.

          • Peeps

            Thank you.

    • 22.4 Asa

      Oh come onnnn!! Why r u so picky??? It’s a freakin joke! As a teacher I always hate it when others try to find fault from a good piece of work…appreciate effort n good work…SHE has written this in her free time…let’s give her more love…and it’s not even a freakin grammatical error or anything…jeez

  23. 23 ilikemangos

    “(This moment brought to you by: It’s Song Hye-Friggin’-Gyo!)”

    LOL heads @ this comment. I also said this to myself quoting you while while watching the episode yesterday. And we pretty much reacted the same way the whole time he ignored her.
    Only in dramaland would someone NOT pay attention to this girl. some people would kill just to meet this woman!
    And only in dramaland would kim bum be victim of a one-sided love.
    I swear, the list goes on and on…

  24. 24 ht

    Sorry, I just had to laugh at that part where Soo ran to the café to stop Hee-sun. Soo, you have a car. Don’t run.

    • 24.1 kaye

      Laughing out loud at that too, but just thought maybe he’s so in a hurry he forgot that lmao.

    • 24.2 Little_Giant

      Maybe he was worried it would take too long to find somewhere to park and figured it would be easier to run. Or he didn’t know where he left his keys. Or he is aware of just how much we appreciate Jo In Sung running (and being sweaty) and was doing it for us. For which I thank him.

  25. 25 Marie

    I am loving this drama and Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo have sizzling chemistry together.
    They are both great actors and very good looking people, their scenes together leave me wanting more. Love them!!

  26. 26 jude

    I hardly cry when I watch dramas but that scene where Young begs Soo for whether she could trust him or not was just heartbreaking. It was painful to see her being vulnerable like that after being strong for so long *tears*

    And how could an almost-kiss scene feel way much hotter than some of kiss scenes in other dramas? *fans self*

  27. 27 Bubble teaaaaa

    Secretary Wang is his (Soo’s) motherrrrrr!!! as in his biological mother~ I bet you she is!

    • 27.1 rienz

      i don’t think so.i remember the scene when Soo’s mother visited him to give $58 when he was teens in previous episode, their faces were tottaly different…

    • 27.2 Saskia

      She’s probably not the mother. It doesn’t wash.

      I have a fair suspicion that Secretary Wang’s troublemaking younger sister is Soo’s mother.

      Which makes Secretary Wang his AUNT. KABOOM

      • 27.2.1 JoAnne

        Yep, when I heard the story about the sister I had that thought too. Otherwise why bring it up and make such a point of it? That was a whole conversation, not a throw-away line…so it HAS to have something to do with the plot. Or else you disappoint me, Show.

        • Saskia

          I just want her to stop helping that awful fiancé

      • 27.2.2 Belle3005

        OMIGAD if this is real then we’re in for a whole load of mess. But it makes sense since his mom and secretary wang kinda look alike. Ngeh but I don’t like where this is going cause it’s gonna make the storyline even more complicated. As if things aren’t complicated enough already.

      • 27.2.3 myla

        Soo’s mother is Secretary Wang. The one Soo saw when he was young was Secretary Wang’s sister who’s the one who threw Soo without Secretary Wang’s knowledge. Probably, Soo was born out of wedlock and Secretary Wang’s sister, thinking that Soo would be an obstacle on Secretary Wang’s future, threw away him just after birth and then told his sister that the baby died.

  28. 28 leomee

    Did anyone notice the name of the caller on the fiance’s cellphone (the voice who called the fiance honey) when OS took the call? I think it’s the fiance’s secretary. The same name, Secretary Han, appeared earlier as the sender of the text which the fiance was reading while pretending to be in conversation with OY. Looks like she’s his secret lover. I suspected it when she first appeared in an earlier episode where the fiance was meeting So ra at the company with SW. She looked sort of worried and uncomfortable when So ra was flattering the fiance.

    • 28.1 JoAnne

      Oh thank God. Because when I saw Secretary I just thought of Secretary Wang and I thought…OH my goodness, THEY’RE sleeping together? Nooooooooooo.

      So yeah, nope, they’re not. Thank God.

  29. 29 orangejasmine

    what I love about the recaps/reviews in dramabeans is the sense of humor. we don’t have to take things (and ourselves) seriously all the time. besides, after watching melodrama, I don’t think I can stomach an overly serious review. I’d turn to traditional media for that but this is a drama blog.

    so thanks to the ladies behind dramabeans for keeping the site interesting! I’m particularly invested in That Winter, The Wind Blows: good (and yes, beautiful) cast, riveting story, lovely cinematography… and the suspense on what’s going to happen next is killing me!

  30. 30 snow_white

    thanks for the recap 🙂

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    The characters I hate: Secretary Wang, Myung-ho, Moo-chul.

    The characters who annoy me: Hee-sun.

    The characters who I like: Soo, Young, Jin-sung, and the lawyer.

    I do not want Jin-sung to go over to the dark side. I want him to stand by his hyung always.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

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      • 37.1.1 Abbie

        I actually think you may be right. Jin-sung may feel his hyung is taking things too far with an actual intent to kill Young (which I don’t think he has) and switch sides in order to “save” Soo and Young.

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      • 38.1.1 jomo

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        The audience can get more “heat” from the character if we can see what they are thinking, see how/what they are feeling.
        So in the almost kisses, or the famous hovering scenes*, the pair are breathlessly eyeing each other which we can attribute feelins of fear, anticipation, shock, wonder, desire, etc. Sometimes, like here, there is only one set of eyes, but it is as powerful.

        * Secret Garden sit-ups
        Secret Garden changing room
        Scent of a Woman tango scene
        I know there are more, but I am drawing a blank.

        • ilikemangos

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    She’s an amazing actress though, which is all I want!

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      • 41.1.1 heodang

        I’m* just exhausted

        Also, normally I wouldn’t single out just the drama fan community on something as widespread as misogyny, but I had hoped that with there being a majority of women commenters in it there would be less sexist remarks. Obviously, I was naive. =.=

      • 41.1.2 skelly

        Oh, I think Eun-ji is as cute as a button; she just can’t act very well.

        • heodang

          I don’t mind her acting, I just think her standard Seoul accent is cringe-worthy haha. Once again, I hope I didn’t come off as judging anyone here. This site’s been pretty great toward the leading ladies. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for other English and Korean sites.

          The only person that’s wowed me with their acting so far is Hye Kyo. I think Kim Bum is on par with Eunji’s mediocrity (just minus the bad accent) and Jo In Sung…I’ve never been fond of his acting so my distaste was a given.

          • kaye

            So far SHK impresses me here but I have to give credit to JIS too cause I think they have this chemistry (not the lovey-dovey part) actingwise. SHK’s acting is soft while JIS is intense so that gives SHK’s part a strong aura while it controls JIS explosive aura. SHK is definitely different here, this is her best performance! JIS is not everybody’s cup of tea, it”s either you hate him or love him and this I think he is perfect for the role.

            I’m actually liking Eunji’s acting while Kim Bum’s dissapponting me a bit (pls don’t hate me lols) maybe because I saw the jdrama and he is too soft here, smirking all the way. I still love you Bummie, but have the need to say this.

            How come no one’s praising Bae Jong Ok? I think she’s awesome!

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    First, I don’t think the fact that people are praising the beauty of someone means that they are downplaying other qualities of that person. People may say Huynbin or Wonbin is handsome and that does not mean they imply that Huynbin or Wonbin is not talented enough.

    Second, I don’t think praising the beauty of actresses does necessarily mean sexual bias. The fact is that actors are also drawing a lot of admiration for their handsomeness. Although the ability to act is the most important factor, beauty is also so a part that makes an actor or actress more popular. This is true in Hollywood, Bollywood and Korea.

    For Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung in Wind Blows in Winter, the simple fact is that these two actors have both the great appearance and the great ability to act. There is nothing wrong with pointing them out.

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    • 43.1 heodang

      Oh my, I didn’t mean for my comment to come off so badly. 🙁 I don’t think there’s anything with praising an actor or actress’ appearance. I was just peeved at the amount of the comments I’d seen around the internet that focused more on Hye Ko and Eunji’s features than anything else. Of course there are a lot of comments that talk about how gorgeous Kim Bum and In sung are as well, but I think it’s a bit disingenuous to compare how much importance is placed on an actress’ looks than on an actor’s. For instance, a female actress in Korea who looked like Song Kang Ho wouldn’t have even remotely the same amount of fame and respect – even if she had his same oppurtunities & acting prowess. I hope I’m making sense.

      • 43.1.1 dadidam

        heodang, I understand what you said. I don’t deny that women in general, not only in the film industry but also in other areas, including politics, tend to get unfair judgments on their appearance more than men. But I think we should distinguish that from stating the fact. In the case of Wind Blows in Winter, the fact is that both leading actors are greatly doing their job, but they are also greatly good looking. I don’t think people are focusing on the appearance of these two actors at the expense of their acting. No one has denied that one of the most important reasons drawing them to the show is the acting of the actors and actresses in the show, including Bae Jong Ok. And speaking about Bae Jong Ok in this drama, I have to say that she is not only acting very well, but she is also very beautiful :).

  44. 44 Sajen

    such a wonderfully written and acted drama that despite the pain I can’t stop watching. Jo In Jung and Song Hye Gyo are so wonderful. Kim Bum also awesome Jung Eun Ji while she’s still raw and not quite there yet her potential as an actress is higher that almost, I repeat almost, any other idol actor/actress I’ve ever seen.

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    and seems song hye gyo never had a normal sibling relationship with her (always) not-really-oppa. First, in autumn in my heart and now in TWTWB :))

    ahahaha, well there's impossible to only have a family-love-type when you get Jo In Sung or SSH as your brother. You can't help but falling in love with them <3 gyahahahaha 😀

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    Is it just me or does anyone else feels like Young might know Oh Soo’s true identity already? I keep having a feeling that she already knew that he wasn’t her brother Because she’s blind, I think she picks up things faster than people who can see. She should be able to feel when Oh Soo’s uncomfortable and feeling guilty. .

    • 49.1 doremi

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