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The ladies of InStyle’s tenth anniversary issue
by | February 26, 2013 | 44 Comments

Well, if In Style wanted to make a statement for their tenth anniversary, I think they managed with their March issue. I’m just not sure what that statement is. Romantic circus fashion? Handbags can be hats? Stars will do anything you tell them to if you call it a concept?

To go with the ten-year celebration, the issue features ten big stars (though only seven are apparently part of this particular spread). They are: Kim Hee-sun (Faith), Han Hyo-joo (Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King), Lee Yeon-hee (Ghost), Han Chae-young (Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek), Kim Hyo-jin (Mary Stayed Out All Night), Lee Yo-won (Horse Healer), and Kim Yun-jin (Lost). Jeon Ji-hyun (The Berlin File, The Thieves), at bottom, is the cover model.

I’m pretty sure Kim Hee-sun’s shoot takes the cake, because you start out thinking, “Oh, pretty,” and then scroll down and wonder why she’s sitting in a bush, hugging a bear. Or is she wearing the bear? Sure she looks awesome doing it, but that doesn’t make it less weird. I do like Han Hyo-joo’s Lego set, which goes nicely with the geometric patterns and color-blocking on the clothing, and Lee Yo-won looks fabulous. But what’s with the creepy plastic doll (Lee Yeon-hee) and the vampiric makeup (Kim Yun-jin)?

I guess I’ll never understand fashion.

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44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Annie

    Lee Yeon Hee is really, really pretty. And Jeon Ji Hyun somehow reminds me of a Chinese actress whose name escapes me… anywhoo, very elegant.

    • 1.1 Okay

      Gong li? Or zhang ziyi?

      • 1.1.1 Annie

        So I looked the actress up out of curiosity, and I was actually thinking Barbie Hsu (she was in the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers) with a dash of Gong Li.

        • Yushi

          I can totally see Barbie Xu especially in the black dress picture!! More like gong li in the white dress picture though

    • 1.2 Han Hyo Joo

      They say Lee Yeon Hee is stunning in person. Jeon Ji Hyun seems ordinary for me for some reason. >__<

      • 1.2.1 emanuel


  2. MsGB

    They’re all very pretty but…..PUPPIES!!!!!

  3. snow_white

    Lee Yo Won looks gorgeous..

  4. HT

    Love Kim Hyo-jin and the vibrant colours but I wish there’s more. (Considering how awesome she (fashionista, too.) and her body are, lol.)

    Whatever. Pretty, pretty ladies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. jandoe

    they’re ALL gorgeous though, my God…

    • 5.1 CharLee

      Aren’t they?!! Especially considering how ridiculous the concepts are, as JB aptly pointed out. They all look amazing! My favourite has got to be HHJ in Marc Jacobs and JJH in the long black Chanel gown…stunning!

  6. Chels

    The creative director’s first words at the last company meeting were “I have the funniest idea ever for a prank!” And then they decided to accessorize Lee Yeon-hee with a baby doll.

  7. Gom

    Wow. Jun Ji Hyun is so… long.

    • 7.1 sugarpunch

      Yes, I was just thinking that…. She looks really long in that black dress. While the length from her ankles to her knees seems about right, is it possible for her to be so long from her neck to her knees??? Nevertheless, pretttyyyy~~~

  8. Nicole

    Jeon Ji-hyun looks gorgeous and Han Chae-young is cute with those poodles! But as a whole, what bland direction for an anniversary issue.

    I don’t know about Korean fashion shoots…most of the time they feel very uninspired and then once in a while, I’ll really enjoy one. I think it has a lot to do with many Korean female entertainers not knowing how to pose and/or solely interested in looking pretty or cute.

    • 8.1 pogo

      I know, it’s rather uninspired but then InStyle as a magazine in other countries is also rather boring. I think we wouldn’t have seen anything this bland out of, say, W or Vogue Korea (which have GORGEOUS shoots, and I know because I used to collect those magazines).

      and I so agree that Han Chae-young and Jeon Ji-hyun are gorgeous. Especially the latter, I’ve had a crush on her ever since My Sassy Girl and it isn’t going anywhere.

      • 8.1.1 Nicole

        True true, InStyle is a magazine I hardly ever look twice at. I’m a Vogue person as well. I used to follow fashion photography quite regularly and then I fell out of the routine, but I think Britain and Europe does it so well.

        Jeon Ji-hyun just gets better and better looking…and I’ve always had a soft spot for HCY. ^__^

        • pogo

          A lot of international magazines’ Korean editions have great styling and photography though – Vogue Girl Korea, in fact, is FAR superior to Teen Vogue, and Vogue and Elle Korea aren’t boring like their American editions. On the whole I’d say they’re comparable with UK/European/Japanese magazines, and actually a lot better than most mainstream American fashion mags – this shoot is positively edgy by InStyle standards lol.

          And I like the editorials from High Cut and First Look that get posted here, too.

  9. Alicia

    Han Chae Young is so pretty!! I liked hers with the puppies <3

  10. 10 pogo

    That shot of the black-and-white dress with the dots has got to be my favourite – I love the lines the skirt makes.

    • 10.1 Taber

      I was thinking the same thing, I have to get that dress! Thank God! for internet I think I get a hit by the weekend!

      • 10.1.1 CharLee

        In case you were wondering… It’s a dress by Marc Jacobs, part of his spring summer 2013 ready to wear collection. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 10.2 Taber

      I loved the shoes in photo # 12 the tan, pink and cream….Oh my

    • 10.3 ladymoxie

      Dots? I thought the dress is checkered. But I love the other bland-and-white number on Han Hyo Joo more. But then, I love mostly everything on her.

  11. 11 Kiara

    Too much make up. So where are the men?.

  12. 12 OoOoOoki

    Lee Yeon hee ruined it.

    • 12.1 Gala

      Two of her pics look like she’s breast feeding…

    • 12.2 jajajaj


      ALL OF THEM ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 13 JIW_sobangnim

    Kim Yun Jin, DAEBAK. Didnt even realize WHO that was!! ><
    Lee Yeon Hee & Kim Hyo Jin, why u here??! LOL Jokes aside, wish Moon Chae Won and Ha Ji Won were included ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 14 Kiara

    Kim Hee-sun reminds me of Kate Hudson.

  15. 15 Hanjae

    Kim Hee Sun is GORGEOUS! I could do without the extremely fake stuffed animals, though – I’m not sure how they’re supposed to add to a fashion statement.

  16. 16 Sajen

    they couldn’t have picked a creepier baby doll for Lee Yeon-hee to pose with if they tried.

    Also do they let any crack-pot off the street come up with their concepts? cause I’ve got tons of crack-pot ideas where do I go to give them mine?

  17. 17 Noelle

    what the hell is with the doll!? that was just weird/creepy.

  18. 18 zsa

    Kim Hee Sun….that waist after having a child…??? Where do you come from? Gorgeous!! I have to say I really envied her hair while watching ‘Faith’…she’s got one of the most full volumed hair i’ve seen on an actress (that is without extensions, etc.)

  19. 19 bd

    A bit overdone w/ the makeup, but those are better shots of Kim Hee-sun than usual.

    Always thought KHS was overrated in being considered a top beauty in Korea since there isn’t anything striking about her features and her thick eyelid folds can look weird.

    Han Chae-young is another when it comes to being overrated for her beauty (she’s the Korean version of Julia Roberts w/ the oversized mouth/smile).

    The make-up artist did a horrible job w/ Kim Yun-jin (not flattering at all).

    Overall, the best shots were of Jeon Ji-hyun (which isn’t surprising).

  20. 20 Chisaicherry

    omg those puppies are so cute.

  21. 21 favoree

    I like Jeon Ji hyun best of all ( I think she is THE most beautiful korean actress),
    second place goes to Lee Yo won- classical, but gorgeous ,
    I have to give 3rd place to Kim Hee Sun- this lady rocks any quirky fashion- mainly due to her peculiar looks: She is not exactly beautiful but has this mesmerizing quality because her face and figure are so particular.
    Interesting that all the featured ladies are now not very fashionable types in kdrama land : these days the actresses tend to be shorter. more petite and rather cute than beautiful, not model-like at all- Park Min Young or Moon Geun Young for example.
    Also, curious phenomenon: some major development must have happened in the korean cosmetics: the complexions of some ladies ( especially Kim Hee Sun) became MUCH paler, she used to be rather olive skinned even a couple years ago. What do they do? Or is it the light and make up?

    • 21.1 kkongchi

      BB cream, which is ubiquitous in SK, almost always has whitening agents in it. There are also other creams that are basically just skin bleach, and I know people who practically bathe in them.

      Also, some photoshop might be at work here too.

    • 21.2 Kosumo Kho

      I like your comments. You ‘re right, Kim Hee Sun had a peculiar looks and now, she looks fairer than before. I think she go thru lighten her face with laser.

  22. 22 am

    InStyle. What r u doing? InStyle. STAHP.

  23. 23 Faye

    I think that bear is ogling the shoes and bag, trying to figure out how to get his paws on them. I can relate :).

    Love so many of the clothes here, especially the longer dresses and the bone-colored, long-sleeved suit. I love high fashion but prefer more conservative styles, so it’s good to see spring has something to offer me!

  24. 24 Carinne

    Love ALL the B/W pieces, then the color contrast w/ blue and burnt orange is wonderful. Another era where gold is in, again… oh well, my precious. haha~

  25. 25 jn

    Oh, LEE YOWON, she’s always SPECTACULAR.

  26. 26 Gunawan

    I like the first photos with Kim Hee Sun in it, look more artistic works.

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