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You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin’s teaser and stills
by | February 26, 2013 | 71 Comments

You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin is the upcoming weekend drama starring IU as the titular character, and based on our teaser it looks like a cute family drama that suits the timeslot it’s in: a plucky heroine who’s down on her luck, a hero who might be a bit of an ass, an upbeat tone with some laughs and tears.

When done right, there’s something compulsively watchable about these kinds of dramas — they’ll never really break out of the mold, but the good ones know how to work with the conventions and make the best of those setups. They get you invested in their characters and hook you with enough cuteness to make you stick through the hard times. Too early to say whether You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin will be one of those (like, say, Ojakkyo Brothers or the more recent ratings blockbuster My Daughter Seo-young), but here’s a look at its upbeat preview:

IU plays Lee Soon-shin, whose name will probably be a recurring bit. In the clip her name is pointed out with incredulity, like, “Your parents named you Lee Soon-shin, really?” Like Sam-soon, I expect she’ll have a ready answer to the question she’s always gotten, since it’s a bit like naming your daughter Ulysses S. Grant.

Soon-shin narrates, “My name is Lee Soon-shin. People say that the world’s a stage. A life full of happy… sad… and infuriating events. Let’s be strong!” The drama’s title turns into her rally cry for herself, while the stage motif explains the Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin getups. The plot kicks off after the unexpected death of Dad, after which Mom and her youngest daughter (of three) find themselves “caught up in fate’s whirlpool.” Elder sisters are played by Sohn Tae-young (I Am Sam) and Yoo Inna (Queen In-hyun’s Man).

The hero is played by Jo Sung-seok (yay for his leading debut, after stealing scenes as memorable supporting characters), who is (as we expected) a haughty type. Sigh. I know, I know, it’s practically a fixture of the genre. They appear to get off on the wrong foot and he calls Soon-shin “hundred won,” which is like saying, “Yo, ten cents!” At least we can trust Jo to make this role his own, in his unique way.

You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin premieres on March 9 on KBS.

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71 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. twentyonebuds

    Can’t wait for jjs’s lead debut! I think I will watch this just for him.. Plus I need som light/stable drama right now.. Everything airing at the moment is so heavy…

    • 1.1 JO

      Despite my very picky tastes with Korean dramas, I am a sucker for Korea’s family dramas. I especially fell in lovelovelove with Unexpected You. Those who love quality family dramas, you need to check it out.

      • 1.1.1 kwondap

        Me too. I love family dramas. Although, a part of me is concerned with the casting. I love IU, she is probably one of the best among the current crop of Kpop stars, but casting her as lead was a mistake. Family dramas have small budgets and the number of episodes her long. This requires a lot from a rookie actress. Considering the backlash from her casting in Korea right now, I am worried for her and the drama.

        Also Yoon In Na, loved her in High Kick, but since then she has been overdoing the botox, which gives her that bloated, immobile face. It’s hard to do comedy, when your face is expressionless. She is such a beautiful girl, I wish she would stop and go with the less is more mantra.

  2. TS

    Where’s that cute reformed kid from School?

    • 2.1 Rovi

      My question too…


  3. KdramaQueen89

    Yay cant wait! Hope someone subs it though

  4. Dewo

    Yay too for Jo Jeung Seok!!! Perhaps I will watch it somewhere in the future when the drama already finished airing when the weather is nice (cause weekend drama have a lot of episodes to go, CMIIW). Ojagkyo brother still on my next watch list, but it get pushed of by 16-20 episodes drama

    • 4.1 Nina

      you gotta do ojakgyo…it may sound intimidating (58 eps), but its such a feel-good drama. You wont regret it. You’ll keep re-thinking the scenes in your head. I’m still doing it after a year and a half later!~

      • 4.1.1 am

        Oh thank goodness I’m not alone in my OB boat!

        Still convinced Joo Won and Uee are dating and hoping that Ahjumma and her ducks are doing well.

        • Nina

          Haha! Yes, i hope the ducklings are doing well too…i totally wanna visit the set (OB farm) if I ever visit Korea!

  5. jandoe

    He’s sooo cute I just want to snuggle with him hahahaha. Not digging IU and very surprised she’d landed the leading role so soon (I think I just need to accept the fact that unfortunately from here onwards idols will be a regular thing in Kdramaland, SOB) and their age gap is a leeetle bit surprising but you’re totally dead on this, JB: if done right, these shows are easily watchable. I might just be tuning in!

  6. asdjfkl

    Kyaa~~~~ Jo Jung Seok!! Loved him since What’s Up!

  7. Kiara

    Man, she looks 16 even with that awful wig. I think she is cute but that has got to be the worst Marilyn Monroe I’ve ever seen.
    This is not the type of show for me but I hope it’ll be good for those who will be watching.

    • 7.1 soleram

      I was about to say the same. The only different is I don’t think she looks like 16 but even older than her actual age.

      I like her other pics though.

  8. queencircles

    Gah I don’t go for long dramas, or family dramas, and this storyline doesn’t really catch my attention …. But jo jung seok! I luff him! What to do, what to do…

  9. Gala

    I’m a sucker for weekend family dramas, but had to skip Daughter Sooyoung. I’m no IU fan but she was okay in DH. I’ll tune into this after 20eps, just like with You Who Rolled…

    • 9.1 Addylovesbwood

      huge mistake. mdsy is awesome!!

    • 9.2 JO

      But the first twenty episodes were heart wrenching! 🙁

  10. 10 mav

    Im not hatting or anything but wouldn’t Audrey Hepburn a better Hollywood legend to have IU portray in the teaser… it just.. makes more sense with the story and her better ending, in comparison with Marilyn….

  11. 11 Noemi

    I’m torn between wanting to watch Jo Jung-seok and wanting to stick to shorter-length dramas…any word on how many episodes this will be?

  12. 12 MariD

    Jo Jung-Seok i luv you!! He is soo adorable. I Hope this ends in Dramafever otherwise I can’t watch it.

  13. 13 asianromance

    The daughter and mom pic is adorable!

    I’m sort of sad that Jo Jung-seok will play the haughty type. So used to him being the warm, unconventional guy. I’m hoping he really will put his own spin on the haughty, rich guy.

  14. 14 JC

    This looks adorable~
    I hope IU and JJS are able to make the roles their own (and make me love them moreeee), as they’ve done in previous dramas.

  15. 15 Sajen

    I’ve only watched two dramas over 20 episodes from beginning to end, most likely this won’t be any different but IU’s adorable and Jo Sung-seok has this weird screen presence, probably from his background in theater, that makes it hard to turn away when he’s on screen so if I can find it with English subtitles I might give it a try. Well that and I fell in love with Yoo Inna in Queen In-hyun’s Man.

  16. 16 Eliza

    The short trailer gives me a “SG / Kim Joo-won (Hyun Bin)”-vibe for the character our earnest bot Jo Jung-seok is going to play.
    I really would like to see him as a leading man, but *deep sigh* 50 eps .. with IU? I’m not a fan of idol singers acting! (there are exceptions who proved that they actually can act, though).

    • 16.1 sa

      same here…I just don’t dig IU….even after giving DH a try…what a waste for JJS (…I know, I’ll be dead on the hands of mass haters)…I just get so pissed when ppl condemn JJS as to old for IU, just change the actress, problem solved…anyway…I love Yoo In Na…if i do come around to watching it it’ll be for him and her…sigh

  17. 17 bd

    While IU is a cute girl, there’s something about the shape of her eyes that has always bugged me.

  18. 18 Ace

    You know what I noticed from the stills? The many hairstyles of IU. 😉 Oh Hani from PK was the last time I remember seeing that many hairdos from a heroine.

    The drama looks like it’s light, upbeat, and heartfelt so I’m looking forward to it.

  19. 19 Guest

    I wish they casted Han Hyo Joo or Park Bo Young instead…

  20. 20 danteee

    IU is the next Lee Da Hae~ look @ the amount of make up she puts on.

    • 20.1 hana

      WTH are you talking about? you can barely see her eyeliners in all the pictures above. The most she has makeup on is to look like Marilyn Monroe ( the wig and makeup made her look terrible though )

      • 20.1.1 danteee

        look at how white her face is. compare it to her bare face pictures, and you’ll notice the difference~

  21. 21 eny

    Long drama, Long drama that I watch are :
    Dae jang geum
    Queen Seundeok
    Ojakgyo brother
    My Love Madam Butterfly
    because the story and the acting is good

  22. 22 anna

    Some actors are so lucky to get their big break and get lead roles after a few dramas, and there are those so unfortunate that they’re stuck as secondary lead forever. I’m really happy for Jo Sung-seok! I loved him in Architecture 101 and think he’s really talented. Good luck to him and this show. I’m not sure how I feel about IU being the main lead yet and hope she’s not going to act all cutesy throughout this drama. 50 episodes right? Err.. I think I’ll pass unless it’s 30, I’ll think about it.

  23. 23 Makoto

    Maybe I’ll give it a try because there’s Yoo In Na in it. I love her sooooo much.

  24. 24 vee

    I’m really excited for this show. I love how it’s been casted, and I have high hopes for it. I don’t understand the idol hating thing. Eunji from Apink, Uee from Afterschool, that CN Blue guy (sorry forgot his name) are all pretty good actors. And when they headlined their own dramas I didn’t see a lot negative comments about how they were casting only idols in lead parts. Let’s have a bit more faith in the production team.

    • 24.1 skelly

      I tried the whole faith thing, with idols. Got burned too many times, so don’t ask out of hand for me to play nice. Why should I? Someone else can get burned once again. And “that CN Blue guy” is terrible.

      • 24.1.1 MariD

        How dare you insult my Yong-Hwa… He can act * she says as she hides her head in shame* 🙂 I luv you YongHwa please forgive me for making fun of you..

      • 24.1.2 vee

        I don’t see the point in insulting someone’s acting based on other idol’s acting abilities. I’d like to see whether IU or any other future idol actors’ abilities before I start being negative. Don’t forget that a lot of actors started out as idols such as YEH and have done a fairly good job.

      • 24.1.3 Bengbeng

        vee might be referring to the other 3 members of CN Blue… But YH could get better with right projects like the other 3 did =)

      • 24.1.4 hanie

        Sister, you have to hint us which CN Blue guy cause all of them had been in dramas =p

        Yonghwa (the singer) is the best among them 4, Minhyuk (drummer) is okay-ish, so is Jungshin (bass). My dear bias Jonghyun (lead guitar) need more acting lessons. cheers~

        • vee

          Hahah, yes it’s Yonghwa! I completely forgot his name. And I agree, out of all his band mates, he’s currently the best actor.

  25. 25 Boo

    I was interested in watching this, or maybe I still am… but I didn’t realize this drama would be so long… 50 EPs?! O.o

    ….. My longest one was 28. (LOL GAKSITAL ^^)

    I do like Yoo Inna and I’m happy for Jo Sung Seok getting the lead role though!

    I hope JSS’s character is still likable despite being haughty~

  26. 26 gook93

    apparently jo jeong seok calls iu (lee soon shin) “100 cents” because on the face of the 100 cent coin (which is like a dime in the US) is the actual general lee soon shin

  27. 27 Nina

    “a plucky heroine who’s down on her luck, a hero who might be a bit of an ass, an upbeat tone with some laughs and tears”

    One distinction I found comparing this and Ojakgyo Brothers is that the male lead in OB was quite the opposite of a “haughty ***hole”. Hwang Tae-hee (played by Joo-won) was one of the sweetest male characters I’ve ever watched and I think he pretty much broke out of that typical stereotype…yunno, the one that says that all male leads basically act like annoying brats and later blossom into wonderful, endearing men lol.

    To be honest, I thought Tae-Hee was Joo-won’s real breakout role, even though most would say Gaksital was his breakout. If anyone’s watched OB, they would understand… 🙂

    Just like Joo-won, I think this will also be Jo Jung-seok’s breakout performance as a mainstream TV actor. I believe he has the potential to bring out his character to the utmost. I think musical actors have this certain presence about them that is just astonishing. It’s kinda beautiful to see, really. As for IU, i think she will really shine with Jung Seok, just like UEE did with Joo-won. I remember at first, people were pre-conceptually bashing on UEE because they didn’t think she could do it. But Ojakgyo ended up bringing out the best in her acting as a whole. So i have faith in IU as well!

    You’re the Best, Lee Soon-Shin! Hwaiting!!!~~~

    • 27.1 Addylovesbwood

      naa. I’ve seen all Joo Won’s dramas. Gaksitaal was definitely his breakout role.

    • 27.2 anaa

      Totally agree with you. Joo Won, Uee and Ojakkyo Brothers. So Good. Definitely a breakout roles for both of them (The two wins best newcomer at KBS Drama Awards and Paeksang people!!!) Eeeppp, it’s still top the list of my favourite K-Drama along with Gaksitaaaaaaaaaaaal.

      I hope to see the same kind of chemistry between JJS and IU and prove to people they’re wrong. I love IU in DH, it’s not her best performance but I see potential in her. IU, you go girl!!

      Weekend family drama is good foundation for actor expend their range of acting, you will work along with experienced sunbae and you can learn a lot from them. Hopefully the script is great and the stroryline is interesting and I want to watch this because it’s from PD Yoon who gives us Gaksitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal. He he.

  28. 28 snow_white

    really waiting for this one..

  29. 29 kfangurl

    50+ eps of Jo Jung Suk working his onscreen magic? Who can complain that that’s too long? 😉 He’s so awesome I could watch him for hours & hours – yay for his first lead role! Woot! 😀

  30. 30 Danna

    What on earth did Jo Jung Seok do to deserve that bowl cut?! Why show? Why?
    I love him but aside from hima and Yoo In Na, there really isn’t much to excite me here so I’ll be checking this out but I don’t think I’ll be sitting through 50 episodes (unless its amazing or something)…IU is cute and great singer but I have my complaints about her getting a lead role when there are more talented actresses out there like Im Joo Eun and Lee Yoon Ji still stuck in Second lead territory

    • 30.1 Noemi

      Definitely agree with you about Im Joo Eun and Lee Yoon Ji…I would love to see them in a leading role!

      • 30.1.1 Addylovesbwood

        nadou. still waiting for lee yoon ji’s lead debut. Why isn’t yoo in ah the lead here? I get the impression that she’s not even gonna have a major role in this drama. If not I’m dropping.

        congrats Jo Jung-Seok!! I can finally cross his name off “Awaiting Lead Role” list!!

  31. 31 rhia

    Jo Jung-seok!! 😀

  32. 32 anvesha

    I don’t mind arrogant heroes. I think I’ve watched so many dramas that without them something feels missing lol

    IU is cute but -sigh- another plucky heroine? I guess it goes with the flow… JJS!! Finally a leading role, I’ll watch it for him.

    • 32.1 anna

      But once in awhile you get a hero that isn’t a Darcy and it’s just such a nice fresh of air you know? Like Enrique and Kim Boong Do.

  33. 33 jakebot

    it’ll be cool to see IU and Yoo Inna as sisters since they are practically bffs, as far as Win Win goes. I think they both have a nice endearing

  34. 34 jakebot

    it’ll be cool to see IU and Yoo Inna as sisters since they are practically bffs, as far as Win Win goes. I think they both have a nice endearing quality to their acting personas. this Ajusshi is in, though it’s more my Yoo Inna crush…oh, dramaland…

  35. 35 Addylovesbwood

    I’m picking this up after My Daughter Seo Young ends.

    • 35.1 Addylovesbwood

      and that trailer is horrible!! If I had to pick a drama based on a trailer…this wouldn’t be it.

      • 35.1.1 Mystisith

        Agree. Maybe the drama will be good, dunno… but that trailer is awful: Is it supposed to be funny?

  36. 36 gene71632

    Hasn’t anyone notice the trend of K drama, they are heading towards 100/120 episodes?

    • 36.1 Kiara

      Nothing new for weekend dramas. Some have gone over 200 eps.

  37. 37 tessieroo

    No. No, no, no. I Love JJS but he looks way too old for IU – no matter how they style her.

    Just NO.

    • 37.1 Nina

      I know. 13 years. Yeesh.
      Well it helps that he looks pretty young…I think they’ll be cute. Hopefully he doesn’t call him Ahjusshi though. o.O

      • 37.1.1 Nina


  38. 38 lemondoodle

    The story really sounds boring and overdone, but I think the actors can bring out something interesting in cliched characters. I’m a big fan of family dramas and this one will be subbed so I’ll have to watch it. I’m still not feeling the IU and JJS thing though. Just nope.

  39. 39 differentsisters95

    Why did you they have to make IU be blonde. I get that it’s for a Marilyn Monroe reference. But NO. She’s pretty just the way that she and pray to god she never dyes her hair like other idol. Because she’s beautiful just the way that she is

  40. 40 Quiet Thought

    One thing for certain: this director really, really, REALLY thinks IU’s smiling face is gonna sell this series. She must have impressed the hell out of him in the initial shoots.

  41. 41 bluelysia

    I really want to watch this..
    Can’t wait for this to aired.. ^^

  42. 42 Raine

    How stoked am I for this? Jo Jung-seok, my second love…

  43. 43 Anshu Sethia


    will you be doing recaps for the same?

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