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1 Night 2 Days cast and PD changes on the horizon?
by | March 6, 2013 | 124 Comments

KBS sure is going to town on reworking their variety lineup these days. Kinda makes you wonder what was going on in those meetings that Jong-min walked in on. On the heels of canceling Happy Sunday show Qualifications of Men and Kang Ho-dong’s brand new show Moonlight Prince (both due to low ratings), they’re reportedly making some changes to their flagship Sunday variety show 1 Night 2 Days as well. There are no final decisions yet, but the things on the docket: cast member changes and head PD change. So… everything, yeah?

First up: PD Choi Jae-hyung (better known as Bird PD) reportedly requested to leave the show, citing the rough outdoor shooting conditions and his suffering health. I suppose you can’t exactly be the PD of Pain if you can’t take what you dish out, and when your show is based on suffering there’s really no escaping that. He took over the show when it went into its second season with a brand new cast a year ago, and there’s a rumor that his replacement will be PD Lee Sae-hee, of Hello and Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook. But KBS denied that any decision has been made on that front.

Kang Ho-dong, Moonlight Prince

But that’s not where the upheaval ends, because member changes keep being hinted at in the press, but without any details. There are rumors of an ongoing search for new additions to the cast, and this is purely speculation — but I wonder if they mean entirely new or returning, as in Kang Ho-dong. Or perhaps a few of the actors might be leaving due to their schedules? If you asked me to be cold and harsh, I’d say without a doubt that the second season, Bird PD included, isn’t up to original 1N2D snuff. Mostly, I think they’re all too nice. (You also can’t help but love them all for that same reason…) It’s just that when you have seven cast members and a PD who all abide by the rules, there’s very little surprise in your episodes. I do miss that completely insane unpredictable “it” factor.

That aside, they do a great job, but clearly KBS is having a bit of a freakout ever since SBS’s Sunday variety lineup started winning the ratings game. The four-year old Qualifications of Men was axed for falling behind MBC’s Dad Where Are You Going? and SBS’s K-Pop Star. And Ho-dong’s new talk show Moonlight Prince frankly had it coming — it aired to dismal single-digit numbers and was a celebrity talk show about books. Whose bright idea was that? And don’t even get me started on that peter pan outfit they put him in.

We’ll have to wait and see how the 1N2D cast changes shake out, because they could be for the better… but it’s hard to think so when you get attached to seven guys and their seven-way bromance. Cross your fingers and start chanting for your favorite member to survive…

Qualifications of Men

Via Osen, My Daily, Hankook Ilbo


124 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. blokkoms

    As long as if the Joo-won/Tae-woong bromance survives, I’ll be okay. But I worry – they do seem to be the busiest… Ack, dang you KBS for being so vague!

    • 1.1 kleenex

      JW and UTW are staying but it’s just been confirmed that it’s KSW that’s leaving w/ Bird PD!:(

  2. Starstruck.

    Secretly hoping that seunggi, Ho dong and ji won will return to the show but I highly doubt so since Seunggi’s has his upcoming drama, ji won has his tvN 3 idiots show (which btw, can anyone tell me if its any good and if it is, where I can watch it with eng subs) and hodong has his other variety shows… γ…œγ…œ

  3. austriandramalover

    Oh noes… I havent’s seen the old 1N2D so I have no comparison. But I love the current cast. I could handle Jong Min leaving because I can’t quite warm up to him. The other members I am really fond of. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

    • 3.1 otchosais

      I have nothing against season 2 but you SHOULD DEFINITELY watch season 1 πŸ™‚

      all SO UNPREDICTABLE hella exciting!!!

      the mixture of Lee Seung Gi, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, , Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min, Kim C, MC Mong, Uhm Taw Wong and their mascot Sang Geun (the dog)…

      they all have uniqueness but they made the Season 1 so great for 5 years totally remarkable πŸ™‚

      I want them to be season 2’s guests if they can’t bring them back.. πŸ™ I MISS THEM!!! πŸ™

      • 3.1.1 austriandramalover

        I would love to watch season one but I haven’t found the episodes with english subs yet… πŸ™

        • lemondoodle

          1n2depisodes.blogspot . com

          subs start @ ep. 27 (when Seunggi joins) to 109 episodes (so far, they upload new episodes frequently). Now I gotta go watch Seunggi and Mong’s low quality ping pong match again.

          • austriandramalover

            Thanks =)

            God when do I watch all this??? xD

        • 1N2D Fan

          download episodes ep 27 to 244 (for now) at

          ps: need to register and post once to view all download links

      • 3.1.2 crazyajummafan

        I totally agree with you, otchosals! Season 1 had an unpredictable element – that the show could end up in a different direction. It has also harsher as gf said, no meals really meant no meals, with lots of sea-sickness and mountain climbing thrown in.

        There was also more spontaneity, normally master-minded by KHD (and aided by the rest), who would sometimes come up with the zaniest plans. I particularly love the episodes when they challenged the entire 1n2d crew in games. Penalty? Sleep outside! The second time the crew lost, and they had to quickly find ways for 80 people to sleep outdoors!!! It was very tense and exciting! The third time they challenged the crew, PD Na went crazy… the crew lost their eating rights, and he agreed that the entire crew would jump in the cold water they continued to lose!

        It was also more heart-warming. They met up wit more of the locals and the one episode that had me bawling was the foreign workers special. It was so touching and heart-warming. After watching it, i forgave PD Na for all the crazy and harsh things he made them to do!

        • crazyajummafan

          Sorry…”it was also harsher” “if they continued to lose”.

    • 3.2 soleram

      On the contrary, I would love to see Jongmin stays. I would love to see all stay but if there is a change of cast, I prefer Sikyung left, he just left me cold. Of course everyone will have their own opinion and I am fine with it.

  4. Rie

    :'( I love all the 7 members of the current cast and bird pd too…

    • 4.1 shiku

      Me too! I don’t want any to leave.

  5. BB

    Wishful thinking but bring Win Win back ! I loved watching that show on KBSWorld. πŸ™

    OT: ‘Dad Where Are You Going?’ is my new crack lately. Enjoyable even without subs.

    • 5.1 noonajumma

      OMG! I <3<3<3 "Dad Where Are You Going" so much. I hope, if it gets subbed in English, it gets subbed well, because what's being said on the show is all kinds of cute and amazeballs. Those kids totally make me want to have kids.

      • 5.1.1 min

        shiareagy @ tumblr subs dad where are u going

        • KDaddict

          You guys r amazing! You’ve all kinds of sites for all kinds of everything! Thx.

      • 5.1.2 shepo

        yup,,up to ep 3

  6. lovin it

    i like season 2.. but i miss season 1.. still watch clips of season 1 sometimes.

    • 6.1 Waiting

      So, in the U.S. a “season” refers to an actual year of broadcasting.

      It seems that in K-land a “season” refers to a change in PD or a major revamp???

  7. ss

    was kind of disappointed when they decided to axe qualification of men though:/ did they manage to complete 100 tasks? the bond between the members and bird pd was starting to form:(

  8. Chichiri

    This is giving me whiplash.

    I forgave you for taking away Seung-gi and Ji-won because you gave me Joo-won and Tae-hyun. You took away Na PD, so I embraced Bird; now you wanna take him away too.

    Like, this is exhausting! *in Taylor Swift voice*

    • 8.1 george

      I totally agree!!

      Come on,KBS!Make up your mind!

      Some of the time,top ratings shouldn’t be everything.
      Rather,it’s survival.I hope they should just focus on making the show better instead of changing/adding/sacking casts or pd’s.

  9. lemondoodle

    I don’t mind S2, but should have let 1n2d end gracefully and when it was still on top last year tbh. It’s basically a dying show now. Poor Hodong. I hope he gets a hit soon.

    • 9.1 Mehkko

      1n2d is leading ratings for its timeslot. They’re not going to cancel it any time soon.

      • 9.1.1 lemondoodle

        Obviously they won’t cancel it until it falls behind, but that’s why I said they should have let it end gracefully…. it’s not airing directly against RM, but they do overlap I believe and RM beats it pretty regularly. It’s only a matter of time. I guess they are hoping the changes they make will improve things.


        Yeah, he seriously hasn’t been the same since coming back. Not sure why they thought a show about books was a good thing for him though. He needs to be out in the wild with normal people and playing games.

    • 9.2 Ann

      I watched a couple of Moonlight Prince episodes, and Hodong seemed very subdued.

      • 9.2.1 Stardust

        with a name like Moonlight Prince, I would have thought it was a variety show which used handsome idol boys to do moonlight work ( like something totally different from their ‘day jobs’ )… Now THAT sounds like something fun to watch? hahahah

        Tries to imagine Choi si won cutting and cleaning fish ( I just saw him in RM so he popped into my head )

      • 9.2.2 cielo009

        I’ve noticed that ever since he came back. I guess to receive back the love and respect of the viewers he’s become this subdued version of himself, which honestly doesn’t really work for him.

  10. 10 pauper

    I agree that they need to amp up 1N2D, bring in more games/race and less sightseeing. Just don’t change the cast or if you feel the need to add another member(s), I’d be okay as long as it’s not Ho-dong because his style of MC would dampen the current cast year-long progress and their camaraderie (assuming that they all stayed). I love the seven members and it’s nice to see them co-existing in the show rather than one-upping each other for screen time but give them something exciting to work with because they can deliver if given the chance.

    • 10.1 Ann

      Yes–more races and less oohing at the scenery. I love the hunts.

    • 10.2 Uodpop

      Yes definitely games/races, and I especially love their interactions with just daily people. The member’s humble nature was really reflected through simple actions. That, the bromance, and the variety jeongshin was what made me love this show.

    • 10.3 Shikurai17

      I like that there’s more sight seeing. 1n2d is a sight seeing variety show. You can’t tell at all, because there’s a major lack of any sight seeing. It was the only issue I had with this show.

      • 10.3.1 omo

        I agree. 1N2D is about introducing scenic Korea and its rich culture to the world. So I don’t know how they can maintain their branding if there are more games and races. It will be like another RM. I watched like 10 episodes of RM but I gave up because I felt I wasn’t learning anything about Korea from it.

        • jasaziz malaysia

          i agree too…. the reason i don’t watch RM is because it is all about games. 1n2d is different because they go all over korea to carry out activities….

  11. 11 Ann

    I think they need some new ideas instead of cast changes. The guys have been a bit meaner lately; Seungun cheats a lot and Taehyun stealing Jong-min’s place was hilarious. I also can’t thing of something meaner than making guys sleep in a house made of ice. Perhaps seeing Taewoong almost naked behind a tray was worse, i.e., funnier. I do think they repeat too many of the games.

    Bird PD is so funny when he gets picked on! I also like the guest shows with the Olympic athletes and the songwriters.

    Maybe because there are so many quiet personalities is why the show doesn’t seem as lively? Seungun, Seungwoo, and Jongmin are the only big talkers. Even though Jongmin is the one everybody likes to hate on, he does put himself out there without any shame.

    But don’t get me wrong–I like the quiet guys too. If Taewoong leaves, I might have to quit the show, too!

  12. 12 xiaoSxin

    It might be Cha Tae Hyun who will leave. This is just my wild guess. I don’t want him to leave. Heck I love all the members!!

    But think about it.. if Cha Tae Hyun’s contract is for a 1N2D stint for year, and a KBS drama, this sounds plausible. After all I’ve watched King of Dramas.


    • 12.1 blondie

      Noo!! I love Taehyun! Even when he always say that he’s not suited for variety, it’s actually the opposite because his comedic timing is perfect for variety..

  13. 13 Christy

    On the one hand, I liked Ho-Dong on 1N2D and think he’s a great, hilarious MC. On the other hand, I really don’t want something like that Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno problem from a few years ago. In the unlikelihood that any proposed changes includes kicking out a member to reinstate Kang Ho-Dong, I’m just gonna hit something…plus, I don’t think the cast is the problem at the moment, they all get along great – it’s just the content planned for the boys to do in the show pales in comparison to the past. Additionally, it somewhat bothers me that the games are so often skewed towards Su-geun, Joo-won, and Shi-kyung that the other guys seem to be suffering all the time!

    • 13.1 Airyn

      I have to agree with you here. As much as I love Bird PD and how he’s almost become the 8th cast member, I think changing him out for a PD with new ideas might be a good move. But it’ll be a pity if they change any of the cast because it’s really hard to get camaraderie like that going. Plus each member does have something that they contribute to the show. *sigh*

      I just hope whatever KBS does, it’s not gonna be too drastic that it’s gonna drag the show down the ratings race. 1N2D is doing well enough in that department, I think. When they do lose to RM, they don’t lose too big, and it’s usually when RM has big name guests on that week.

  14. 14 Ace

    Oh, no! I do like Qualifications of Men whenever I catch it and the one time I watched Moonlight Prince, I was initially bored but it got better since they were talking about Slam Dunk manga (Coach Anzai!). Though mostly I was laughing due to the reactions particularly those of CNBlue’s Jung Yong-hwa, Haha, & H.O.T.’s Hee-jun. Now, I’m kinda interested in Dad Where Are You Going? because lately I’ve been hearing a lot of positive stuff about it.

    Regarding new members of 1N2D, it may or may not be a good thing to bring Hodong in it. I think if they’re gonna bring him in, bring Seung-gi and Jiwon back too since they were the ones he had most chemistry with. Otherwise, no please. Can’t they add a girl? Baek Ji-young would be a great addition. πŸ˜‰ I hope that Seung-woo & Jong-min stays as they’re my favorite, but lately things have been unfair for them (I get that that’s the point of variety, but I don’t find it funny anymore and find they’re a little bit mean to Jong-min) so I hope they do get a good rest and find themselves in a *better* variety show. Tae-woong and Joo-won may be cute in it but they’re my least favorite *dodges cussing* so they get my vote off (though with their popularity that’s not gonna happen, I know).

  15. 15 Aye


  16. 16 DayDreamer

    I have not watched 1N2D season 1 but I did read all the recaps on this site pertaining to it so I agree with girlfriday that season 1 was way better…I was able to laugh a whole lot more with those recaps. However, I’ve watched season 2 and it’s still very enjoyable and I like the cast and Bird PD too. It’s too bad Bird PD isn’t physically up for it but I guess a meaner PD would do the show some good…give it the extra zing it needs. I’m not really happy, however, with the idea of a total cast change. Like I said, I like all the current guys together. Plus, they finally managed to have good camaraderie and inside jokes. That stuff takes time…it’ll be back to awkwardness and stiffness if the whole cast is changed.

    • 16.1 Elle

      i’ve never watched or read recaps for Season 1, so i don’t have anything to compare it to.

      but i do agree with everything you’ve stated said DD. especially adding more zing to the show and the camaraderie. i sincerely hope it doesn’t get disrupted. πŸ™‚

  17. 17 mira

    I love the current cast very much and really do not want any change at all. But if it has to happen i hope my favorite bromance joo won&tae woong will survive…

  18. 18 Megan

    Honestly, the show was best with Kang HoDong, MC Mong, Lee SeungKi, Kim C, and Lee SooGeun.

    • 18.1 lovin it

      how can you forget eun ji won?! love them all

      • 18.1.1 crazyajummafan

        Yes, best combo ever! Kang Hodong – Papa bear, rockface, wild siberian tiger, pig; Kim C – mama bear; Lee Suguen – nation’s worker and bus driver too!!! Eun Jiwon – baby bear and elementary kid; MC Mong – affectionately called Mongie – wild monkey and last but not least, Lee Seunggi – heodang and maknae of the group!
        They had such natural chemistry and I loved how they looked out for each other! Even when they tricked each other, one can tell that it was not out of meaness, that it was for the show, for variety. Their interactions and mutual fondness for each other was natual and genuine, and thus heart-warming.

  19. 19 YTMAR

    Noooooo!! I love Bird PD!!

  20. 20 YTMAR

    I do wish Bird Pd well on his health!!

  21. 21 chane

    This is so sad, I don’t want anyone to leave or get replaced!:(

  22. 22 ANO

    I love S1 and S2… No change of members please. Jong Min and Sugeun MUST stay!!!! No matter what.

    I noticed that less island hoping and boat rides in S2. Hehe.

    KBS will definitely keep Uhmforce, Cha Tae Hyun and Joo Won.

    I’m nervous πŸ™ :-(…. Bird PD will be deeply missed. Thank you Bird PD…

  23. 23 manassuper

    Bring back Kang HoDong, MC Mong, Lee Seung gi, Kim C, and Lee Soo Geun,eun ji won …they were the best …there is no match for them…..forget about pd na …..plz make a comeback… were truly the best ever…all memmber chemistry in season was awesom and was a dream team and show was was a national show at that time with 30% to 40% ratings…..

    • 23.1 smyrna

      Well, you said WAS. I guess that it somehow shows you love S1 dearly but you never like or perhaps even watch S2 at all. Those who watch S2 regularly and really love the show for it is (the cast line up, the PD, the crews) won’t say that lightly.

      The members of S2 have amazing chemistry that even most of the comments here can be summarized into how KBS should consider the member line up change into a very careful thought. It simply coz S1 and S2 basic personality of the casts is on so opposite side. S1 was much confident, yes it was funnier, much braver as they didn’t really have a doubt when they felt the need to betray other members, they were more wicked and wittier as well. While on the other hand, S2 casts are way quieter, more shy in personality/still pretty self conscious, and much laid back.

      Throwing any former of S1 casts into S2 now can mess the balance which later just affect the interaction of the casts and later then the whole show. I won’t blame you for missing S1 members in your weekend variety show, esp when you have your fave member on the show. But just because you love them and you want to see them back, it doesn’t mean you can ignore S2 guys, their fans, and 1n2d S2 itself.

      S1 is the best? of course, why not, it’s your perspective. But if you learn to respect other people, and understand that the world is evolve around them too you will learn too that we deserve to love other guys other than Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, or MC Mong. That it’s just fine to love and think that Kim Seung Woo, Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Su geun, Cha Tae Hyun, Sung Shi Kyung, Kim Jong Min, and Joo Won, are the best.

      • 23.1.1 alexisk

        I agree. I’m a fan of S1 but I think S2 boys are developing great chemistry with each other, and they’re getting funnier each week. I think it’s hard for people to NOT compare both seasons as S1 has been running for almost 5 years, and was arguably the most popular variety show in Korea at one time. Yes, S1 was great but it’s now only a memory. I doubt any of the S1 members would come back after they have already moved on with their other preoccupations.
        Having said that, I do think that S2 needs to amp up its entertainment factor a little (with its current cast members, pls). Viewers like me love suspense and surprises.

  24. 24 blondie


  25. 25 HUINE

    I’ve grown fond of BIRD PD, he’s like the 8th member but his health is very important wish him luck but what I can’t accept is the cast changes…i mean. WHY? they’re all great together and they bond so well..why change or replace any of them?

  26. 26 apluszee

    BUT I LOVE ALL SEVEN OF THEM. I feel their brotherhood/bromance, much stronger than season 1. Yes, S1 was better in so many way, but I’ve grown attached to these S2 boys now. They never failed to make me laugh (and cry) in every episode. Just change the PD, and don’t you dare change the cast OR I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN MYSELF.

  27. 27 tisha


    This is very sad, i love Bird pd and i love the seven bros!!

  28. 28 Wendy

    Can we keep Sung Si Kyung pretty please πŸ™

    I’ve actually never watched the first season and pretty much marathoned the second one during winter break…can’t imagine a different 1N2D but hopefully the changes are for the better..

    • 28.1 noonajumma

      Alas, so far, the Korean media are reporting that Shi-Kyung and Seung-Woo are confirmed to leave the show along with Bird PD. *Sad face*

      • 28.1.1 noonajumma

        Nope. Wait! Shi-Kyung’s management is denying that he’s leaving the show. Yay!

  29. 29 taro

    Woah..I remembered not too long after Mong joined, during their first Jeju island trip, Ho dong and Ji won kept pestering Seung gi and he ended up saying something along the lines of “without me happy sunday wouldn’t even exist” I remembered dying of laughter watching that scene..And now qualifications of men ending, and 1n2d’s possible changes D:I really love these seven guys currently so please don’t change them!! (and Bird PD too)

  30. 30 ZASHI

    Oh no shake ups are never good. But 1n2d has not been the same since the masochist PD left. hehehe. I liked Qualification of Men when their episodes were about the choirs they made and the triathlon training series. Those were good.

    No wonder they keep mentioning ratings these days. (I’m late since I catch on KBSWorld. ) Sadness for the cast and crew that got axed. Hopefully they will have better shows to replace the ones let go. The Midnight Prince show was kind of boring. Not like KHD that we know.

  31. 31 wheey

    they’ve had a seung gi then a joo won … who can be the next perfect airhead but smart maknae boasting ahjummas loves and good boy next door image??? T.T

  32. 32 wheey

    i love shi kyung too …. he was such an ingenious addition … T.T his ginormious appetite and pettiness and the lack of fervor over his supposed smartness make him fallible and therefore okay to love.

    he cooks well, is smart, is tall, is gentle-natured (mostly), is caring, can sing well, eloquent …. T.T

  33. 33 Cindy

    Omg, 1n2d don’t fail me now! Everybody stay!

  34. 34 Arhazivory


    *no words*

  35. 35 JO

    why are they trying to change my life?

  36. 36 song yong in

    i like both Qualifications of Men and 2D1N… even Moonlight Prince, I warmed up after a while.

    i hope these changes are for the better.

    Jong Min walked out???

  37. 37 Justme

    I hope they won’t change the cast, please….they really have great chemistry together T_T

    1N2D lost a bunch of viewers with the end of season 1 and manage to have a little back with new casts on season 2. What’ll happen if they change the cast again?

    On the lighter note, what if Jong Min was actually crashing into the meeting where they talks about 1N2D future? The bosses probably thinking that Bird PD send him on purpose to eavesdropping… πŸ™‚

  38. 38 zunaida

    My nephew was a student in one of Korean Uni for 8 yrs. When he came back home in 2008, he introduced to me 1N2D season 1 as a must watch Korean Variety and I had since never fail to watch every episode of it. I fell in love with all the cast member especially Eun Choding & Seunggi and the forever fave NA PD. We the 1st season ended, I too ended up shedding tears with all the cast in front of the TV. When season 2 start, I still continue to support even though first few episodes was not that exciting but after a year I grew fond of them and had fun watching the cast arguing with Bird PD who seems to be part of the cast. So to hear them changing PD again and cast, seems kind of sad as I’ve grown fond of each and everyone of them including Bird PD. Hopefully there would be a major changes and hopefully the can bring back NA PD.

  39. 39 Ally

    Anything but Kang Ho Dong in this please… he’s taking just too much air time for my linking, and not because of editing or the other guys doing bad, but just because he just doesn’t let people talk that much. On Strong Heart he was okay because he HAD TO let people tell their stories, but no matter how much people liked him in 1n2d season 1, I just didn’t like his style of variety in 1n2d overall. There were moments when he redeemed himself, but then again managed to annoy me. And mind you, I watched some Strong Heart episodes before starting 1n2d and watched almost all English subbed episodes of 1n2d episodes, there are people you just can’t warm up to.

    • 39.1 taro

      I don’t think Kang Ho Dong should come back to 1n2d now that the current season has got its chemistry going. But Kang Ho Dong by no means takes air time from people. He may be loud and obnoxious at times, however that’s his charm. He’s always playing the bad guy, so his fellow members can shine. And his master negotiation skills and putting everything on the line makes this show even more enjoyable. Very early on, (when Sugeun wasn’t funny yet) Sugeun was about to be axed, however Kang Ho Dong begged to let him stay and now Sugeun is probably one of the funniest guys on earth. Everyone had an unique charm, and Kang Ho Dong like the clock that pieced all their charms into a wonderful variety. He is wild, fun, loud, and proud exactly what 1n2d is.

      • 39.1.1 Hui3r

        This reminds me of that lovely love letter seunggi wrote to his hyungs towards the end of season 1 i think. That they hyungs have sacrificed so much so that their dongsaeng can receive more love.

        That letter was seriously touching.

      • 39.1.2 poop

        Wow I didnt know that about Sugeun, he’s always been funny to me…KHD really was an important glue to the original 1n2d cast…he led the group, sometimes he was irritating and annoying and it seemed like he changes the rules when its not in favor to him, but all this was done to create entertainment for the show. If everybody was nice and abided by the rules, then it wouldn’t be as amusing would it. Sugeun was really funny in season 1 cause he didnt have the burden to be the lead MC and he could just be laid back and do his comedy thing. 1n2d season 1 cast–hodong, kimc, sugeun, jiwon, mong and seunggi— had all different unique personalities that just meshed together so perfectly. The dont get along well all the time, sometimes they betray and are mean toward each other, but isnt that what a real family is like.

      • 39.1.3 crazyajummafan

        I initially didn’t quite like Hodong. I too found him rather loud and over the top. However, as I continued watching 1n2d, I realised that that was him, a persona he had created for himself. You either love him or hate him, but I also began to see that he was very good in making others shine. Hence, I began to change the way I looked at him. Now that I’m re-watching S1 again, I see this more and more. And he was the one who gelled everyone together.

  40. 40 lovely

    why don’t they bring Yoo Jae Suk in it???it’s surely good!!haha…just change the airtime and rating will surely go up!

  41. 41 Carmensitta

    I think a young, mean PD would do the show wonders, but at the same time (s)he’ll have a difficult time because of the age difference and respect for your seniors issue…

    Please don’t change the cast, KBS!!! And if you bring someone back, let it be Eun Ji Won and/or Kim C!!!

  42. 42 tiny

    it’d be weird having Kang Ho dong-ssi on board and not be the mat hyung cos isn’t Kim Seungwoo-ssi older? heeeheee

  43. 43 oscyani

    oh noes… i love season 1.. but i love season 2 as well!!! and i do enjoy qualification of men sometimes.. whyyyy! hopefully, despite the changes, things will continue to be fun!

    can we have all season 1 and 2 members combined?! hahahas!

  44. 44 Gaeina Lee

    I’ll be heartbroken if KBS is going ahead with their plan to cancel QoM and re-structure 1N2D. Members of both shows have found its characteristic and deliver the show as best as possible.

    I would agree for KBS to re-structure the PD and writer team, since as viewers, I noticed that this season’s teams are not as strong as the previous season. And I would highly expect the PD instruct the members of QoM not to worry too much about airtime while the camera is still rolling. By consciously saying that he needs to talk and stand out more to guarantee their airtime is becoming more and more annoying. Tell the members do things naturally, it’s more entertaining.

  45. 45 aenea

    I don’t want any cast changes. If Bird PD needs to leave due to health reasons, I’ll be okay with that (although, I will surely miss him), but leave the bromance intact, for the love of god!

    I’ve grown to love all seven members, and if KBS replaces any one of them, Imma gonna be flipping something.

  46. 46 Sintia

    I love the Season 2 and all the members, so it’s a very bad news for me. I just don’t want any change…

  47. 47 f

    season 2’s wining point is that it has got a lot of heart and real bromance.

    but it does need to improve the range of games.

    pls let the cast stay intact.


  48. 48 lemonade candy

    omg no! i love all 7 of them. heck, i love bird pd too! i dont want any of them to leave! nooooo!

  49. 49 jasaziz malaysia

    i’m shocked. my fav korean programmes are 1n2d and qualifications of men. they’re my sunday treats. i love that i could learn a lot about korea from these two programmes. i also like screening humanity and hello counsellor…..

    please retain as many members as possible, even if new ones are added. i think we can cope with a change of PD every now and then….

    i don’t mind if kang hodong and eun ji won come back. I don’t think female members are necessary. instead, they should appear as guests from time to time. πŸ™‚

  50. 50 Jo

    I’m always lookind forward to Sundays because of 1N2D. I love all of the members, but I l love Joowon the most. If Joowon leaves, I won’t watch the show anymore.

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