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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 429
by | March 15, 2013 | 74 Comments

EPISODE 429. Broadcast on March 10, 2013.

girlfriday: Spring is here, and is it just me or are we getting an extra-epic intro today?

javabeans: It does have that build-up of momentum, with Bird greeting each member upon arrival with a pouch and instructing him not to open it — or show it to the other members.

girlfriday: I like it. Start the day with secrets!

javabeans: They’re splitting into three teams today, for a race taking them through the city and hitting seven points of interest. At each location they’ll play a game to win points, with a total of four thousand on the line. (The game is a pun on the city name, Sacheon, which also means four thousand.)

girlfriday: The winners get a 30-dish dinner, second place gets a 3-dish dinner, and last place gets rice and soup.

javabeans: I’m making a noise that sounds vaguely like “Awmuahahaw.”

girlfriday: Would that be your pity-glee-pity noise?

javabeans: A lady never tells.

girlfriday: Bird tells them their team fates have already been decided by the pouches they picked when they came, so one by one they open them up. I love that Joo-won stands there squishing his red ball going, “It’s kyoot!”

javabeans: The boys wonder what the little foam balls are for until they realize they’re colored differently. So the teams shake out thusly: Red is Joo-won, Tae-hyun, and Seung-woo. The Blue team is Su-geun and Tae-woong, who seem thrilled. HAHA, at first I thought it was because they’re such buddies, until five sets of fingers point in glee at the leftover team: Shi-kyung and Jong-min. OMO.

girlfriday: Hahaha the moment everyone realizes that the ‘79 friends will be paired together is so awesome. Shi-kyung actually backs away from Jong-min in alarm.

javabeans: The last two pull out their balls for the reveal… and Jong-min is Blue?

girlfriday: Er?

javabeans: What does it say that Shi-kyung looks relieved and would prefer being solo than with Jong-min? Even though that means our teams are 3-3-1. I do enjoy how the boys are still dying laughing at the idea of Shi-kyung being stuck to drive himself and talk to the camera alone.

girlfriday: Ha, remember the day Seung-gi had to do that and looked like a crazy person?

javabeans: Totally. But Seung-gi is good at stuff like that. I feel like Shi-kyung is more in the Tae-woong vein — remember when Tae-woong got ditched on his first day and had nothing to say to the cameras?

girlfriday: I know, I feel like if he’s left alone, Shi-kyung will just stop somewhere to eat chicken. OH, so apparently, Shi-kyung isn’t his own team so much as the villain in this game, who gets to steal points from any of the other boys.

javabeans: Don’t you love his very specific lawyerly questions: “No attacking while they’re in cars? Is one allowed to drag people from the cars? No?”

girlfriday: Ha, his violent lawyerly questions, you mean.

javabeans: Shi-kyung’s role in this Spring Race is the “Cold Snap,” and Bird actually calls him that like it’s his name. How poetic of him.

girlfriday: Oh, it gets better — for no apparent reason, the other boys have to wear wigs. Why?? I love these arbitrary rules.

javabeans: The two teams start strategizing over their respective maps, too busy to heed the VJ hovering to capture the exchange… which is Shi-kyung, in disguise, totally listening in to their plans. Muahaha. It’s hilarious how long they stand there without realizing, and how freaked out they look when they spot him.

girlfriday: HAHAHA. I can’t stop laughing at the wigs. The wigs are killing me.

javabeans: The Red Team (Seung-woo, Tae-hyun, Joo-won) members look like something out of Monty Python — they’re hamming it up like they’re schoolgirls, but they look like court fools. The Blue Team got stuck with even longer wigs, but I kinda think it works because they can go for the glam rocker bit. In any case they are ridiculous.

girlfriday: Strangely (or maybe not) Tae-woong is the only one who doesn’t look any less manly with his wig on. He looks like he needs a guitar and motorcycle, but it works. Tae-hyun, on the other hand, kind of looks like a twelve-year old girl. LOL, did Su-geun just do G-dragon hair?

javabeans: It doesn’t really work with the curls, does it?

girlfriday: By the time he gets in the car, it’s transformed into an ajumma bun, heh.

javabeans: Both teams drive off to begin the race wondering what’s in store for them and how they’ll earn enough points for a proper meal, since they’ll have snack buying opportunities. The short-wigged team arrives for their first game, the absolute pitch one that is Seung-woo’s weakness, and the round is entertaining though ultimately unsuccessful. It’s better because the whole way through they’re nervously looking over their shoulders, afraid for the Shi-kyung Monster.

girlfriday: Yeah it adds a nice suspense factor to the games.

javabeans: Shi-kyung is totally getting into his role, too — honestly, if given the choice I bet he woulda picked this one. He sits in his car waiting out the teams’ 30-minute head start, humming to himself while he draws on his face with makeup. It’s like something out of a psycho thriller. I love it. The result makes him look like a scary sad clown.

girlfriday: Dude. It’s so freaky. I love it. The creepy humming, the slow reveal… the tears of DEATH.

javabeans: Can you just imagine having that freakish thing lumbering after you full speed? Somebody might pee herself. I mean himself!

girlfriday: He looks like the grim reaper on drugs, like he went on a bender and started wearing flowers to seem less scary, only now he looks scary AND crazy.

javabeans: The long-haired team arrives to play the version of a speed quiz where the clue-giver has to run up a flight of stairs and give the clue from a balcony. Huff, puff.

girlfriday: It doesn’t help that the last person has to climb all the way up to the fourth story to give the clue, and with Jong-min on their team, half the time he makes it up there and doesn’t even know what the clue means.

javabeans: Oh my god, Shi-kyung starting the hunt is the scariest thing ever. Like we said, he’s not very talkative to the cameras, but that just heightens the whole fear factor because it feels like we’re watching a movie where we’re following the killer on a hit.

girlfriday: Somehow I don’t think this was what Bird was thinking, but it’s awesome.

javabeans: I feel like this was a gem unearthed in editing. The short hair team wins some points at the game, and decide they have time for another round. Of course, Joo-won nearly has a heart attack when a car pulls up, thinking it’s Shi-kyung, only to get a second freak-out about ten seconds later when Shi-kyung really does arrive. They duck and run while Shi-kyung calmly stations himself in the parking lot, biding his time.

girlfriday: This is so great. The boys are freaking out (they have to decide who holds their points because Shi-kyung only gets one shot per team at each stop) and so while they’re scurrying, Shi-kyung’s just sauntering up in no hurry, like a proper horror movie villain.

javabeans: There’s something terrifying about Shi-kyung assessing the scene slowly, then breaking into a run as he begins his hunt. Joo-won makes it back to the car safely hugging his points pouch close, but Seung-woo gets caught outside and reluctantly starts to hand his over… only to reveal an empty purse. Apparently they’d concocted this elaborate plan where Joo-won would be the diversion (“He’ll assume Joo-won has all our points, so I’ll take them, and Joo-won you run that way, and I’ll run this way and escape…”) — only once the running started, they all panicked and gave the money to Joo-won since he’s the fastest. HA.

girlfriday: Hee, when real fear hits, there’s no sticking to the plan! Also, it’s only now that I get the point of the wigs (though really, it’s just a half-baked one) because Shi-kyung has to yank Seung-woo’s wig off before he’ll open his purse.

javabeans: It’s like beards, but funnier. Wait, was beards funnier? They were both absurd. So this hunt is a bust for Shi-kyung, which means he gets no points. He has to steal points in order to use them to buy ramyun, so he gets back to plotting his next target. Both teams move one to their second location, which has more points on the line. Short Wigs spot the other team’s car first and start running, with the Long Wigs chasing after them, but the Short Wigs arrive and get to start first.

girlfriday: If Shi-kyung comes here, it’s a free-for-all.

javabeans: The game involves a zip line, and Seung-woo yells that they’ll begin. Then he adds, “Joo-won will go!” Haha. Advantages of being hyung.

girlfriday: The zip line part looks fun, though the game part is having to give out quiz clues while your teammates guess from the beach. Not so fun.

javabeans: Omo omo! At first the guys are just joking and yelling, “Shi-kyung is here!” to freak each other out. But then he actually does arrive, and it’s six headless chickens running around.

girlfriday: Ruuuuuuuuun! Lol, how fast did Tae-hyun run to the car? He practically teleported there.

javabeans: I feel like I’m watching the Hunger Games, I swears. Reaper Clown Shi-kyung catches Tae-woong just before the car and yanks off the wig, and Tae-woong yells, “I’m sorry!” to his team. Shi-kyung has the most pathetic look on his face as he tells Tae-woong that he just wants to eat… and finds his second empty pouch. Awmuahahaw.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung runs after the other team next, chasing Joo-won way into the mountains before turning around to go after Seung-woo. He makes it to the car seconds ahead of Shi-kyung… but the doors are locked. HA.

javabeans: That is the best punchline EVER. He’s safe, he’s safe! The door is WHAT?

girlfriday: He scores 100 points out of Seung-woo’s purse. Hee, Shi-kyung’s happy dance! So cute!

javabeans: Y’know, for all his intelligence and introspection, he really is the simplest guy ever. Food = happy. No food = not happy.

girlfriday: Yeah his dance is literally jumping in the air, screaming, “Ramyun! Whoo~! Ramyun!”

javabeans: Joo-won’s turn on the zipline is up, and he has to shout his clues at his team while riding the line over the beach. But as he’s flying down, we just see him gesturing wildly and yelling, “[??????]” No really, that’s how the show captions it, just question marks all around.

girlfriday: Wait, is he giving an emoticon (ㅠ ㅠ) as a clue??

javabeans: Yes, yes he is. Oh man, he really is a baby. The answers are hanja-based proverbs, but he’s explaining it using wordplay on netspeak. I wonder if it’s because proverbs are not his forte.

girlfriday: Pfft, are they playing Kenny G over all of Tae-woong’s shots? These wig jokes are cracking me up.

javabeans: This zipline thing is hard. How do you explain a classical proverb while flying through the air? Crazily enough, Su-geun’s team actually passes on their second try, because they’d rehearsed possibilities in the car. They run along the beach in celebration, and then that hilarious moment when excitement turns to panic because Shi-kyung is barreling toward them.

girlfriday: Hahaha. Jong-min and Tae-woong are actually doing that slow-motion run into each other’s arms, when Jong-min runs past him, because Shi-kyung’s on his tail.

javabeans: Okay, I’m going to vote that beards was funnier, because it’s actually frightening to see Shi-kyung attacking his prey and coming out of the fight clutching a head of hair. Shi-kyung actually gives Jong-min a hug because there’s so much points-money in his purse and he’s so thrilled. Aw.

girlfriday: The creepy factor is also in the fast-forward editing, where Shi-kyung is fifty paces away, then suddenly twenty, and then right behind him. Dun dun!

javabeans: OH MY GOD. Seung-woo totally ratted on Jong-min, knowing he held all his team’s points! MUAHAHA. Flashback shows us that Seung-woo heard the team talking about where Jong-min should stand to have easiest escape access, and he tipped Shi-kyung off that Jong-min was the guy to nab. That’s awesome.

girlfriday: Ha, I didn’t even think of that — they could just sic Shi-kyung on the other team while they run off to get more points.

javabeans: I feel bad for Jong-min, though, because Su-geun has been getting increasingly frustrated with him and now he’s upset that Jong-min lost their points.

girlfriday: Poor Jong-min’s got a case of hiccups too, he’s so nervous/scared.

javabeans: At least it gets better after three consecutive zipline wins, and with 1,200 points in their pocket, they leave in better spirits.

girlfriday: Is it weird that I’m starting to get used to their hair now?

javabeans: I know, it’s unsettling. Speaking of unsettling, the Short Wigs make their way to the yut game, and spend most of their time flinching at phantom Shi-kyungs. Seung-woo gripes that it feels like they’re doing something bad, the way they’re so on edge.

girlfriday: He blames Shi-kyung’s scary makeup, which I would agree is the thing that took this game into horror territory. Sure makes it fun for us though!

javabeans: How can they fail at this game so much? It’s the simplest concept — each member throws, and they have to get three different throws. Time after time they’re foiled, and Joo-won starts to throw like a caveman, in mock-anger.

girlfriday: I don’t know, but it actually starts to feel rigged because they fail so many times. Has Tae-hyun’s misfortune finally kicked in?

javabeans: It amuses me to no end that while the team is jumping in paranoia, Shi-kyung isn’t even on the chase because he has stopped for a ramyun break.

girlfriday: How like him to run to the ramyun stop as soon as he has some points to spend. Ha, he buys a second one before he even finishes the first.

javabeans: The Long Wigs get stuck on a tough game — they have to ride a bike in a small confined area, but stay in the area and on the bike for thirty seconds. You have to practically be at a standstill for that, and it isn’t happening. They amass quite a crowd, which is fun though not much help, ha.

girlfriday: Unsurprisingly, it’s Su-geun who gets a handle on the game and scores some more points for his team. Meanwhile, the yut team fiiiiiiinally wins two rounds and heads back to the perfect pitch game to pick up the remaining points they were trying to get before Shi-kyung came after them.

javabeans: Shi-kyung lays back after his snack break, and now that he’s not hungry anymore he sighs that he wishes he could just call it a day here. Ha, say that in about thirty minutes when you’re starving again. But next it’s Long Wigs’ turn to take a snack break, having won a nice chunk of points. At first they’re reluctant to spend too many points here, but hearing that the prize is dinner and not lunch, they decide to keep eating. And eating. And eating.

girlfriday: Gotta love it when Jong-min holds Tae-woong’s hair back so he can eat ramyun. That’s bromance, right there. Ha, the Short Wigs go back to the perfect pitch game and play the entire time with this panicked back and forth, with one person acting as lookout in case Shi-kyung comes back. Must’ve been some residual trauma from the last time.

javabeans: The race ends and the members all gather for the unveiling. There’s some faking out going on, but in the end it shakes out to the Long Wigs winning with 1500 points and the Short Wigs in second place with 700. Shi-kyung sighs that he should’ve at least used the rest of his points (300) to eat ramyun, since he’s in last place. But the funniest thing is that the Short Wigs didn’t know that the feast prize was for dinner and assumed it was lunch. And thus they didn’t eat during the race. And thus they are now hungry and must stay hungry till dinner. Aw. It was sort of poorly explained.

girlfriday: Sad. That’s what they get for trying to be frugal.

javabeans: Is Joo-won going to cry?

girlfriday: Is it wrong that I hope so?

javabeans: Bird reasons that the race timing and the snack stand should have told them that lunch was covered in the race, but I’m thinking that’s kinda shifty logic there. Maybe I feel extra-bad for them because I’m currently starving, which by the way, I blame the show for.

girlfriday: Yes, totally their fault. Between Joo-won missing lunch and Shi-kyung getting a crap dinner, we might actually get to see some tears from these two.

javabeans: The guys bus their way over to dinner, where the winners get to dig in first while the other four look on longingly. It’s pretty comical. Shi-kyung has to wait the longest, so long that the guys ask Bird when they’re going to let him eat. Oh man, did the writer actually admit, “Actually we forgot”?

girlfriday: Ha! That’s so wrong.

javabeans: I would never admit it! The thing about Shi-kyung is that at long as he’s eating something he seems to be enjoying it. Though he does complain that he’s the only one who has to eat on the ground like a slave.

girlfriday: At least in this case he can’t blame anyone else since he chose to be the lazy hunter and eat ramyun. Next week: sleepytime games get violent.


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    I love the wigs! Was it just me, or did anyone else have “Born to Be Wild” (or some other road trip song) play in their head at that photo of Tae-woong on the bike? Dude needs a fringed jacket and a bandana to complete the look!

    I’m also glad that the Long Wigs won first place – and they were smart enough to fill up at lunch! I always root for Tae-woong at these things, and Jong-min always has bad breaks so I was happy they got to eat.

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    The recent news of kbs struggling to compete with the sbs variety programs got me thinking: how great would it be if for one week, all the 2d1n members went on running man as guests and the next week, all the RM members be guests for 2d1n?

    Well, that’s beyond impossible, seeing as they are competitors for the same time slot. but that would be absolutely epic, since shikyung has proved to have the potential to be freaky predator material. Haha. well, no harm dreaming, right?

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    Shi-kyung’s back away from Jongmin thinking he might be paired with him and the way he looks relieved he will be all by himself….just made me dislike him more and more. I know he always have this feelings with it comes to Jongmin (and maybe Jongmin too) but Jongmin is always smiley and has more big heart. Yes you hug JM later but it is only because of the points you got from him to satisfy your appetite for food. You deserve to lost the game SK !!!. Sorry for SK’s fans, I just simply don’t like him and this surprise me as actually I was neutral to him in the S1 on the special edition with all ages. In S2, the more I watched the show, the more I can see he can be such a sore loser when he lost the game unlike UTW who seemed not care winning or losing no complaint.

    In fact I kind of hope SK is the one leaving the show instead of KSW but yeah….I have to cope to see him because I like the show.

    • 20.1 redfox

      do not believe everything your eyes see on TV. this might not be his real personality at all and the guys´ interactions off-show prove the opposite anyway. you fall into the variety trap too easily.
      besides being a sore loser is what everyone expects.
      how do we really know how much is scripted on TV or just people acting according to their parts, and how much is genuine? we are no insiders to know. so don´t judge a book by its´ cover.

      • 20.1.1 girlguide

        certain reactions cannot be hidden. ttz why we watch ‘variety; because sometimes the way one reacts, character is actually the truth

      • 20.1.2 R

        Agree with you, I believe it’s for variety (personnally I find his reaction to Jong Min quite funny) and it’s not his real personality at all…

        Me think he’s really nice and funny, maybe I am bias because I like him as a singer but I have also seen an interview of Joo Won about Shi Kyung “(…) hyung is a person who can clearly distinguish what’s right from wrong. Before I started out in 1N2D, I often heard that he is very proud and hot-tempered. But in reality, when I saw him, he was the exact opposite from rumours. He is someone who knows better than any how to respect elders, he is an upright person, someone who stands for social justice. For example if he see that someone does a bad thing, he will not just sit there and do nothing. He is the type who will immediately act to correct the situation. Looking at things like this, perhaps that’s how rumours of hyung’s temper started. But he is someone who is more principled than any, he is the man among men (…)” (from

        I love the whole cast and very sad that KSW will leave…But at least the 6 others will stay…
        Thanks JB & GF for the funny recap !
        But I think I must prepare my tissue box for the next 2 episodes…

        • Thursdaynexxt

          @ R: wow, thanks for that interview link – it’s hard to find extra behind the scenes gems with Eng subs!

          I also love SSK as a singer, and he had a successful radio show for a couple of yrs until his military service, so I don’t really think it’s his personality that’s the problem, as such.

          He’s not as spontaneous as some of the members, and he doesn’t try to hog the camera, but he’s very competitive, so maybe that makes him come across as aloof. That, combined with the fact that he doesn’t have Joo Won’s “adorability” factor or UTW’s instant likeability, and gets cranky when there’s no food (well, he’s the biggest dude on the show and it takes a lot of food to maintain all that…) But he always takes the initiative to cook for the guys, looking up special recipes and giving up sleep/airtime, like a mom.

          I think the best member for all-round variety, IMO, has got to be Suguen – he’s skilled at martial arts, he can do MC Hammer moves better than MC Hammer, he’s quick and savvy, can do killer imitations, and looks very handsome when you draw on his face with marker pen!!

          • Thursdaynexxt

            oops, *Sugeun

          • ivy

            i agree with you about SSK..and cooking is a very unique talent and he seems to be quite good in archery as well but he didn’t brag about it. it always surprise me to discover new things about this guy….i remember in one of article and quoted that…”you need to know him better to know the real SSK

    • 20.2 phornmalee

      Honestly though I feel the same way, when I heard that KSW is leaving, I kind of wished that it should have been SSK…there’s just something about him that I don’t like, his not-so-subtle hostility with Jong Min probably but it’s kind of hard to like him…

      This is just my PERSONAL OPINION, I don’t want to offend his fans!!!

      • 20.2.1 ivy

        no one in his right mind would get SSK as part of the show if he doesn’t have a purpose. you’ve got to observe the whole show and their individual identity..being tagged as the nerd, gluton and complains alot in 1n2d is a part of his role on the show. they are following a script and of what the PD told them to do so. even if SSK got a lot of talent and skills he remains modest and didn’t even brag about it….apart from that this is his first time in a variety show like this and he is even improving as the day passes by. and for me he is the only one who remains genuine

        • kindaichi

          i agree with ivy. they have a script to follow. and if one is more observant, you will see that SSK is a very caring person even in the show itself.

          i hope no one says things like “i hope who and who will leave instead…” it’s too selfish even if it’s just personal opinion

        • Thursdaynexxt

          @ ivy: “you need to know him better to know the real SSK”

          ooh, i’m right there! 😉

          Well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I mean, can u imagine the chaos if we all wanted to marry the same guy? Gotta spread the love around, after all!

          i can only say, SSK, hwaiting!!

    • 20.3 cimori

      agrre with u, i felt that Shi-kyung is a boring person, like a childish if he lost on a game. and i didn’t feel his important role on 1n2d, actually if there is not Shi kyung in 1n2d for a while, i bet the rating still on stabil and we can still have laugh since still have UTW, JM and KSW, LSG.

      well, i hope KSW is still on 1n2d, and Shi kyung better leave or get out from 1n2d. shi kyung role in 1n2d doesn;t bring impact to me and to the show, and doesn’t bring enough laugh to me at all.

      i will miss KSW, i hope one day Kim Seung Woo / KSW could be back on 1n2d in future or in another variety show 🙂

    • 20.4 dcmbr

      Actually I loved that Shi Kyung was relieved he didn’t get to be with Jongming. I mean it’s a variety show, it is for entertainment. It does not mean that Shi Kyung will turn his back on Jongming in real life. I like the deceiving, it makes the show so much more fun!

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    • 33.1 nancy d.

      “was it just me, or did this episode have more exciting and thrilling spying scenes than L7CS?”

      Not the only one, that show really needs to end soon, so that JW can star in a new and hopefully better project!!!

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  35. 35 nancy d.

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    Anyways, with regards to Sung Shi Kyung, unfortunately he has been getting some bad rep on his appearance on 1n2d not only with some international fans but also k-netz. I din’t think it was that bad, but I guess it kinda is.

    7. [+20, -7] Honestly, it turns me off to see Sung Shi Kyung get so serious and moody whenever he isn’t given food. He’s the problem of the show. Kang Ho Dong, even if he wasn’t fed, would try to be funny even while starving and just go with the flow. 1N2D lately is all just about being serious and ruining the mood… The producers need to go harder on Sung Shi Kyung. If he wants to eat that bad, get off the show and go home.

    8. [+19, -6] Sung Shi Kyung’s bad attitude is really apparent in the show

    With regards to 1n2d as a whole, I really feel the need for them to amp up the show with something new. They are having serious competitions with RM(big-time guests) and the new variety Dad where are you going. The latter being 1n2d like format(outdoors and missions), but with the added cuteness and innocence factor, what with kids and all. So, I hope with this new PD, they uncover more laughs and bromance.

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    I can see that Seung Woo and Tae Woong loves their hair the most. It’s like their own hair!

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    javabeans: It’s like beards, but funnier. Wait, was beards funnier? They were both absurd

    girlfriday: Somehow I don’t think this was what Bird was thinking, but it’s awesome.

    javabeans: Shi-kyung actually gives Jong-min a hug because there’s so much points-money in his purse and he’s so thrilled. Aw.

    girlfriday: Gotta love it when Jong-min holds Tae-woong’s hair back so he can eat ramyun. That’s bromance, right there.

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    Yeah, it was so weird whenever they take off their wigs during the game. I already got used to them with the wigs…

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  50. 50 zip line?

    Zip line? What zip line? The version shown in San Francisco didn’t even show the zip line part. 🙁

    There’s some mad KBS editor lately who has been chopping out all the good parts. Sometimes the editing doesn’t even make sense, it’s so badly chopped. We saw 0 minutes of the zip line, but endless minutes of the yut sticks – over & over & over.

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