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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 431
by | March 30, 2013 | 64 Comments

EPISODE 431. Broadcast on March 24, 2013.

girlfriday: We start at the end of the last trip, when Seung-woo had complained that Bird only fed them once a day, which led to Tae-woong of all people suggesting a jokgu match. So then they set up for a Staff vs. Cast game of jokgu, with jajangmyun on the line if the cast wins. But if the staff wins, on the next trip they really will only get one meal a day.

javabeans: This is a bad idea, right? A foregone conclusion? A Dog Feet nightmare?

girlfriday: Yes, historically this is an epically bad idea. Each side sets up handicap rules, like the staff having to include the older cameramen, and the cast having to always keep either Tae-woong or Jong-min in play. But when they start, Joo-won turns out to be a black hole too. Did we know this about him? Or is he just trying to be Dog Feet II?

javabeans: I didn’t think he’d be terrible, but I seem to have the pre-existing idea that Joo-won is not especially gifted at game-sports. He’s fast and possibly strong, but not necessarily coordinated. Maybe this is just one more reason Tae-woong loves him so much.

girlfriday: I do love it when the guys play sports because they stop being nice to each other. It’s What the hell are you doing? and Stop that! left and right.

javabeans: Yeah I like the shift in power dynamics, both between the teams and within them. So they’re playing jokgu and suprisingly (for me), the cast gets the early lead. I enjoy the moment when Jong-min keeps messing up and Tae-woong’s contribution is, “Be like me and stay out o fthe way!” Less surprisingly, the crew catches up soon enough till they’re within a point of each other.

girlfriday: It’s pretty great how obviously Bird is booing one team and rooting for the other.

javabeans: In past episodes I’ve been split on the hilariously terrible ref (the lighting director), because if I were treating this like a real sporting match he’d be awful at the job, but his inclusion does add a variety spirit to an otherwise straightforward match. Like when the cast protests a point and he admits, “I didn’t see it!”

girlfriday: Yeah his rules are so arbitrary. Later he calls one of Su-geun’s spikes out, “because it was too hard.” And so when Su-geun apologizes and promises not to kick so hard, he lets it go. HA.

javabeans: Yeah it’s the “You mean it? Okay then” that cracks me up.

girlfriday: Hahahaha, go figure, it’s Dog Feet who loses the game.

javabeans: It’s such an anticlimactic moment, too. The members just sort of stare. “We… lost.”

girlfriday: And then of course Bird gets the crew to chant: “1 Night 2 Meals!” to the losers. Heh.

javabeans: I always find it weird when the show cuts from one trip to a different one, but the next thing you know we’re at the airport for a trip to Jeju Island and the boys do a new intro, sans Joo-won who is late because he’s finishing up shoots for a Drama That Will Not Be Named.

girlfriday: The first thing we see before the intro is all the members either stuffing their faces or talking about having had breakfast, knowing that they’re in for a one-meal day. Sadness.

javabeans: The theme of today’s trip has the guys groaning: Solo trips. And weirdly, the first bokbulbok of the morning: Sleepytime?

girlfriday: Is this because he doesn’t plan to feed them at all?

javabeans: Or he’s trying to be as random and strange as possible? He explains that indoor sleeping rights are determined by arrival order — but not the first four guys to arrive. Nope, it’ll be guys 1, 3, 5, and 7.

girlfriday: What? Lol, that’s certainly random.

javabeans: They actually like that idea because it doesn’t require them to race, and then Shi-kyung realizes that number 7 is a winner. So… are we going to have the slowest race ever today?

girlfriday: Or they just don’t come to basecamp at all, till like the next day?

javabeans: Now I’m picturing six guys sitting in their respective rental cars, refusing to be number 2.

girlfriday: Pfft, Bird gives each guy a spork to wear around their necks, saying that they’re allowed to beg for food from strangers today, as long as it’s just one bite using their spork.

javabeans: Su-geun: “Have you thought about the hurt you’re inflicting on us?” The answer is unsurprisingly no. LOL. They’re prohibited from going into restaurants to beg for food, which leaves them dreaming of random strangers having barbecues on the streets. Oh, so this is Begging For Everything Trip? The boys have to get their own rides from the airport, which leads to a lot of hitchhiking with strangers. It’s so cute how Joo-won starts to ask very politely if this one lady is headed in a certain direction and she interrupts, “Just get in!” She might be dancing on the inside, just sayin’.

girlfriday: Seriously, what’s taking a detour to give Joo-wonie a ride?

javabeans: Seung-woo gets aboard a really friendly bus that’s been taken out by one really big extended family, and they share their many snacks with him. He really lucked out. Shi-kyung, on the other hand, is in a bus of couples and hilariously notes that all the couples are sitting far apart from each other. Maybe that’s what couples vacations are like once you’re older?

girlfriday: Like back to junior high dance, with boys on one side and girls on the other? Tae-hyun giggles as he passes by Tae-woong, who’s still searching for a ride. Tae-woong doesn’t seem like he’s in a big hurry though, and muses that he could just walk the whole way. Cue look of terror on his VJ’s face.

javabeans: Omo, Tae-hyun’s ajumma is ADORABLE. The guys are only allowed to hitchhike for 10 minutes in each car, so they have to all get out pretty quickly. But his ajumma gets on the phone to her unni, explains the mission, and Tae-hyun finds her literally waiting at the curb to take him on his second leg. That’s awesome. She tells her unni, “Let’s do our lunch after you let him off.”

girlfriday: Shi-kyung is the first to arrive at their destination, a horse ranch, where there’s a spinny wheel with a variety of horse-related missions he has to do before he can move onto the next location. Among the options: pet the horse, feed the horse, take a picture with the horse, or all of the above. Oh and the horses are numbered, so they also have to find the exact horse they spin.

javabeans: The boys start seeing others on their way to the ranch, which gets them anxious. Shi-kyung finds his horse, but it keeps running away from him and he needs to take a photo of himself with it, so he ends up chasing it around the corral. LOL, but it’s not as bad as Tae-hyun, who picks the worst mission (doing everything).

girlfriday: Man, he really does have the worst luck. But at least he’s done a horse movie, so he can’t possibly be afraid, right? Jong-min, on the other hand, might be here all day.

javabeans: He basically gives his horse the angry staredown. Good luck with that! Haha, Shi-kyung resorts to that Eiffel Tower maneuver where he’s actually far away but manages to get his head and the horse’s numbered ass in the same shot. That means he’s also first to move on to Destination 2. while Joo-won manages to feed his horse (how can he make that look so cute?) and leaves in second place, which is a slot that requires some strategizing.

girlfriday: Perhaps this is where bonding with Horsital comes in handy. Seung-woo can’t even manage to pet his horse, and Tae-hyun goes around feeding ALL the horses except the one he needs to feed.

javabeans: Jong-min and Tae-woong leave almost at the same time, with Jong-min just in front in sixth place and Tae-woong in last. Jong-min gets a gleam in his eye (since 6th place is bad) and parks his car near the exit, hiding so he can let Tae-woong go first and claim 7th instead. Except… he just waits and waits and waits. Cut to: Tae-woong taking a leisurely break watching doggies, aww.

girlfriday: He’s never met a dog he could just pass by. Also, Tae-woong seems like he’s happy to take last place today and just enjoy the scenery, so for all his waiting and strategizing, Jong-min’s just gonna end up having to do this again.

javabeans: Shi-kyung and Joo-won meet by the roadside near a mountain view area and decide they’re hungry. With luck, a car full of excitable ajummas screeeeeams out Joo-won’s name and offers him snacks, all but ignoring Shi-kyung (except to say in a backhanded way that he’s way thinner in real life, because he looked “so chubby on TV”). Then Tae-hyun pulls up and they screeeeaaam some more, and by this time they know the snacking drill and yell at him, “Spoon! Give me your spoon! Your spoon!” I love happy ajummas.

girlfriday: They’re so cute. Also, how many of them are there in that one car? They hit the ajumma motherlode. Ha, Tae-hyun gets better snacks from the same group of ajummas and Shi-kyung complains that they’re playing favorites. Hee. Meanwhile, Seung-woo is the first to arrive at their next stop, where they have to find a couple to answer three questions the same way.

javabeans: Seung-woo passes his round immediately and wonders at his good luck today. It’s especially remarkable since the other couples found by his teammates all strike out. His thoughts turn to hunger, and he sighs that some food would be great… just as an ajumma is on hand to offer a banana. Wow is he actually going to win today?

girlfriday: He really might. It’d be nice, since (*sniff sniff*) it’s his last trip.

javabeans: I know. (Sob.) I love him in any case, and he’s one of the better losers on the show, but I want to see him go out well. You know, happy and fed and all that. Lol, Joo-won passes his couples quiz but gets told an unsavory tidbit about today’s trip, which he missed hearing earlier since he was late: His accompanying VJ and PD are guaranteed a lunch, so for 20 minutes Joo-won must pause while they eat — and sit next to them while they do.

girlfriday: Dude, that’s so mean. Seung-woo stops at a restaurant to ask for some help with his next mission, and his PD and VJ just park at a table and start ordering.

javabeans: He has to take photos including a diver to fulfill this photo mission, and the restaurant ajumma happens to be a diver, but she’s also hilariously withholding (“I’m busy!”) and he ends up helping wipe down tables while begging her for a photo. He totally got hustled by ajumma.

girlfriday: He sends the photo to Bird, who calls to say he failed because the mission is to capture three things in the photo: a female diver, rocks, and the wind. The wind? How’s he supposed to do that?

javabeans: He complains, “That’s going too far!” Bird: “…no it’s not.” Lol.

girlfriday: Haha, that slight hesitation in his voice is so hilarious. It’s like a split-second war in his head. Do I put my foot down? I’m putting my foot down. Imma do it! Foot going down!

javabeans: Joo-won also gets tripped up on “wind,” but some cleverness with a flying banner gets him around that hitch. Tae-woong actually finds a poster OF divers, ha, and puts a rock on his head while blowing on a tissue to show the wind. HEE. Bird actually has to scratch his head about it, and says, “I feel kind of sketchy about it, but you’ve passed.”

girlfriday: Points for making Bird feel sketchy. Now the only task that remains is finding basecamp and pulling the flag. Here’s where things get tricky, and everyone starts wondering who’s ahead and behind them, calling to try and gauge the order.

javabeans: They’re all starving, too. Joo-won gets some bread, and has to drink water from his spoon. Tae-woong, on the other hand, gets lucky and is allowed to eat a whole tableful of leftovers at a restaurant — I thought the rule was that you couldn’t go to a restaurant for begging, but I guess it’s allowable as long as it’s literally table scraps?

girlfriday: That’s really sad. Though he technically gets the best lunch today.

javabeans: Joo-won looks SO defeated as his VJ-PD team stops for their lunch, and they taunt him with their plates of steaming food.

girlfriday: He looks like he might cry. Is it wrong that I’m enjoying this?

javabeans: He stares at his sad little tangerine, not wanting to eat it just yet, but his PD offers up a trade — 30 seconds of eating if he hands over the tangerine. He takes the deal and gets literally three bites.

girlfriday: Tae-woong really has no desire to win this race — he goes sightseeing and then just plops down in the street for a nap. Su-geun drives around and around, having ditched the race for only one goal: food. He finally hits the jackpot, a village banquet, and goes in with dreams of buffet food dancing in his head. Oh noes, he goes inside and it’s all over! No buffet for you.

javabeans: Seung-woo arrives at the final flag first, and has a pretty good idea that he’s in the lead. But he’s not absolutely sure, and starts to second-guess himself like crazy, which is hilarious (since WE know the truth). He ends up calling Jong-min to check his place in the race, and makes an inspection of the team’s awaiting bus just to make sure it’s really empty before he finally claims his first place. Aw, yay Seung-woo!

girlfriday: Woot! Aw, I’m glad he’s first. I’m sure we’ll get our share of reversals and trickery with the rest, so I don’t mind that he didn’t have any competitors for his spot.

javabeans: The hilarious thing is that the other guys start arriving, but at this point it totally doesn’t matter who ELSE is there with you if you don’t know who was there first, and they are all talking in circles trying to figure out who’s here and who’s pulled the flag.

girlfriday: Muahaha. This is the fun part.

javabeans: For instance, Tae-hyun works out that he’s in fifth place and starts running. Jong-min chases him to try to freak him out, saying that this is the battle for sixth place, trying to get Tae-hyun to yield to him. Then Joo-won comes strolling up as the other two hyungs are in their battle of wits, LOL. But then Tae-hyun goes to the bus to confirm that he’s (only) the third body inside… only Number 2 is a VJ in disguise. Muahaha!

girlfriday: Hee, Su-geun arrived before him, but of course he’s too wily to just pull the flag. Flashback to his second-place arrival, when he decided he’d rather wait, and traded clothes with a VJ. So he’s been standing around with the crew this whole time, watching.

javabeans: I love that Jong-min then hides behind a wall instead of pulling the flag, even though he would technically be third place. If he waits, then picks fourth place I’m going to die laughing. Of course, by this point more and more guys start arriving, which makes the numbering a bit easier, and soon it becomes a battle at the flagpole.

girlfriday: As Tae-woong arrives (and calls Joo-won out of his hiding place, heh), suddenly Su-geun jumps out from behind the camera line and gets to the flag first. Of course that’s when Jong-min jumps out too, so now all four of them are circling each other and getting grabby…

javabeans: WE know it’s for third place… but what do THEY think?


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  1. Cherry

    Aaaw. Seung-woo ahjussi looks so cute in that picture above~ I’m gonna miss him so much!

    • 1.1 Rovi

      This is Seung-woo & Bird PD’s last episode technically (since they shot this during the 15th).

      Broadcast-wise it’s 2nd to the last, and today (ep.432 130331)’s their real last appearance.


      • 1.1.1 H.T.

        What? What are you talking about…They’re not leaving, those are just rumors, they’re gonna be there next week. No! They’re staying….

        *in utter denial*

        • JiHwan

          HAHAHAH! I read that first sentence thinking, ‘really? did they change their mind?? daebak!!’ I love the first picture of Seung Woo Ahjusshi!

        • ilana

          wish they really changed their minds til then im also in denial!!

  2. snow_white

    thanks for the recap!!

  3. pV

    thanku 🙂 cant wait for tonight

  4. h0lymoley

    Apparently next week (or tomorrow’s) episode is going to be THE LAST ONE for SEUNGWOO & BIRD! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    *gets a tissue box*

    I’m seriously going to miss SeungWoo like crazy. I didn’t really think he’d do much for this show at first but now he does… a lot. his comments are so funny and on time! he really brings the cute to a max. LOL not to mention, i love his relationship with all the members. XD he’s definitely the best mat-hyung<3 T___T gonna miss him a lot.

    in exchange, i better see this sexy ahjusshi kicking some butt in a nice suit. 😀 LOL (IRIS 3 but with only the north koreans? kimsoyun, i'm looking atchu) :3

  5. Katie

    Hahah…Joo Won is so adorable! And to think he came late because of filming…that show that shall not be named.

    Thanks for the recap!

  6. Thursdaynexxt

    Me too 🙂

    I just want a big group hug. Or a big indoor sleepover to mark the occasion.

    Looking forward to a special montage of KSW and Bird PD’s best bits.

  7. swol

    i will miss Kim Seung-woo !!! cutest mat-hyung ever!!!! and his legendary butt!!!

  8. yuri

    One of the reasons I love Korea. Because I don’t think you could do this in the States. People giving rides, free food.
    That woman who said, “Just get in!” to Joo-Won was so lucky!!!

    • 8.1 mischa

      I don’t think that’s generally true but I watched a travel documentary series from the US and the hosts go on missions to different states, they’re never given a car or fares for transpo so they have to hitch-hiked and most of the time no one would stop for them, and they are no cameras following them around, they have hidden cameras all over their body(in hats, shirts, bags, etc.)

      It’s nice to watch 1N2D and see that there are a lot of nice people in Korea!:)

    • 8.2 mischa

      Lol, but you’re right that lady was so lucky and if it was me, I wouldn’t stop driving, I’ll just take him as a hostage.hehe.

  9. chane

    Thanks girls!!

  10. 10 chane

    That featured pic of Seung-woo is so darn cute!!!

  11. 11 DAEBAK!

    finally! been waiting since yesterday hehe khamsahamnida^.^

  12. 12 Jeshka

    JB: “sans Joo-won who is late because he’s finishing up shoots for a Drama That Will Not Be Named.”

    As much as I love Joo Won, glad that train wreck of a drama is finally over.

    Thanks for the recap!

  13. 13 uma

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    I’ll drive Joo Won to the moon if he asked me! Hehehe! Lots of ahjumma love for our cute maknae! ㅋㅋ

    Awww. I’ll surely miss Seung Woo! And Bird PD! And writer Choi! They’ll be showing the final ep today right? :(( I heard there were lots of tears! :(( I remember when Tae Woong announced his wedding and the rest thought he’s leaving, CTH’s already teary-eyed, so is Su Geun! Huuuu!!

    I hope they’ll get to reunite in some movie or drama. But knowing these guys, as long as their free they might meet up for a soju or bbq. And I hope the new writer/PD and cast member will help make the show better, maintain or even improve the brotherhood and earn higher ratings! 🙂

  17. 17 peter g.

    thanks ladies.

  18. 18 Annas

    LOL at Jong Min vs The Horse. I didn’t know KSW afraid of horses and love how easy Joo Won with them 🙂

    Uhuks, SW ahjussi.. I’m gonna miss you. Please do a drama as soon as possible, a comedy!!

  19. 19 irene

    awww, next weeks the week, and later the farewell ep is gonna air, don’t think i cant watch it without crying.

  20. 20 irene

    thanks girls, love this recap.

  21. 21 stevie

    Yeah, thank you so much girls, can’t wait to watch this ep!

  22. 22 penny

    this show is so awesome, hope yoo hae jin becomes a perfect fit for this show

  23. 23 genevieve

    Just watched the latest ep and I cried my eyes out, i don’t think i could watch it again….omo, im gonna miss all of them together its not gonna be the same next week.

    • 23.1 R

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    • 23.2 udety

      Me three, my pillow’s full of tears!!!!

  24. 24 genevieve

    I can’t post the links here but if you want to watch it just reply to this message with your emails and i’ll send you the links.

    Thanks for the recap.

  25. 25 breaking

    i just hope that Moonlight Prince (KHD’s show that already cancelled) will be replaced by Kim Seung Woo’s new show and KBSW will air it ASAP.

    or at least, this ahjussi appear in Happy Together or other shows in KBS channel

    • 25.1 VV

      KSW’s having a new show?

      I thought it was KHD and LSG’s new show?

  26. 26 VV


  27. 27 vienna

    Wahhhhh, saw the screen cap images of the latest ep with the departure in soompo and it made me cry a lot….

    • 27.1 vienna


  28. 28 vienna

    I’ve already downloaded the latest ep but still can’t watch it, it might me cry a lot again.

  29. 30 madame

    What’s next week gonna be like, hope it’s not gonna be awkward with the new members!!!

  30. 31 ilana

    The ratings have been decreasing steadily and i’m really worried for them, they might cancel it just like QOM who was cancelled because of constant low ratings. Hope they don’t cancel it and the new changes they bring in could help pull up the ratings. 1N2D FIGHTING!!!!

  31. 32 MEalways

    I just watched the farewell episode and skipped most of the scene, too hard breaking…

    Spoiler alert: not for the soft-hearted people, really… It breaks you heart.

    Although it inevitable (people do can choose) and we have been there before (the shift between Season 1 & Season 2), still can’t prepare a good way to say goodbye.

    The rating also down some notch, people wrote that they didn’t want to see the farewell episode, very understandable.

    I thought first that this ‘reality show’ was ‘heavily scripted’ (to some extend it is I think), I never thought they would be bound that close…. I have to minimize my cynicism I think, and not generalize everything.

    I wish they found (and will always share) closeness with each other and care for one another. A rare quality in entertainment business.

    Please stay strong.
    And PS: I don’t care if they promote the same area in S. Korea, I will still enjoy them. Especially with the food…. Oh.. yummy

  32. 33 betty sue

    why oh why did i have to watch the farewell ep when i know that it was gonna be so sad i cried a bucketful and not even exagerrating

  33. 34 ck1Oz

    Wow, I love the ajummas in this show.

    I am behind in watching the episode, but even I am sad that Bird PD and KSW are leaving. Just went they were fitting in 🙁

  34. 35 eve

    The last episode made me CRIED
    in the last 5 minutes, Kim Seung Woo can’t hold anymore his tears and su geun give a sweet hug for his hyung
    (they been together in win win and 1n2d and now get separated)

    as huge fans of kim seung woo, i watch the last episode until 3-4 times, and always make me crying.

    KSW just can’t sleep in the night, thats so make my heart break…..

    can’t wait for the subb


    • 35.1 revy

      guys send me link of last episode of kim seung woo..thanks

  35. 36 wLenny

    Two attacks in a row, KSW and Bird PD last episode plus lowest rating ever…So sad! 🙁 Hope it will twist very soon.

    Thanks for the great recap on this amazing show as always.

  36. 37 Nina

    Horsitaaaal! Lol that was the best!

  37. 38 Elle

    reading this recap plus comments, then watching the unsubbed last episode with KSW, officially makes me a sucker for punishment. i knew it would make me emotional, i just wasn’t prepared for the extent of it. oh man….i sobbed. *sniffles*

    i will miss KSW so very much. he was such a pleasure to watch. being the only daughter (eldest @ that), with two younger brothers, i saw and felt the warmth and compassion of “the” older brother that i never had.

    i wish KSW & PD Bird all the best in their future endeavors. 🙂

    thanks for the recap ladies…..HORSITAL FTW!!

  38. 39 yuri

    Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know but why are they getting rid of KSW and the Bird PD? (or are they leaving on their own accord?)
    If it’s for ratings, it’s kinda mean to single out 1 person like that…

    • 39.1 Elle

      @ yuri..from what i recall reading, they’re leaving of their own accord. PD Bird’s reason is to better care for his health and KSW is because he wants to focus more on his acting career.

      • 39.1.1 yuri

        That’s good – I’m glad they’re not getting kicked out. But still sad. TY!

  39. 40 gdf

    if it gets cancelled, Lee su guen is well prepared.
    he being sly, has another show with khd already.

  40. 41 candice

    “while Joo-won manages to feed his horse (how can he make that look so cute?)”

    LOL, it’s JW, he can make everything look cute!

    • 41.1 xavier

      especially when he did the gwiyomi intro, that was so cute

  41. 42 candice

    Thanks girls!

  42. 43 ailee yip

    no more seung woo oppa.. and PD Bird

  43. 44 strawberryfieldsforever

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  44. 45 victoria

    Awww, they really didn’t get to eat properly and it cracked me up that Joo Won gave up his orange for 30 seconds of eating the leftovers and sugeun breaking his alliance with seungwoo just to find food and when he did, it’s all gone.

  45. 46 victoria

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    Just got to watching this, such a bittersweet episode since it is PD Bird and Seungwoo’s last shooting. My tears are already staring to boil up as I wait to watch the second part. I’m gonna miss pd bird and seungwoo.

  48. 49 far

    awww, this is such a cute episode~ i’m loving joowon more and more. discovering his not-so-perfect sides like sports and trivia quizzes really made him seem all the more human and normal. as mentioned by JB and GF, joowon’s fast. but in games, he cant think very well, thus the lack in coordination. it’s surprising though, coz he plays soccer almost every weekend.

    i miss Disruptive mat-hyung so much!!!!! haejin’s funny too, but i’ve gotten used to Seungwoo. it’s gonna take some time for me to get used to haejin. the lack in hilarious stuff in their current episodes got to me too.

    well, let’s hope the New PD (he REALLY needs a nickname) try and bring things up next time they film.


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