A Dramabeans Meetup? Vote!
by | March 10, 2013 | 931 Comments

We’ve had a lot of requests over the years for a Dramabeans Meetup, and while that seemed like a good idea in theory, we were always daunted by the reality of prying ourselves away from our screens, putting on pants and venturing into the sunlight. And then somebody suggested, “Nighttime could work and pants are still optional.” The idea was too genius not to consider.

So before we get really serious about putting on pants, we thought we’d ask you if you’d be interested in coming to such an event, to gauge interest. Because it would be really sad to be the only two people at our birthday party. [I dunno whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout. My mom will be there. *throws confetti* -GF]

As it turns out, we’ll be heading over to New York next month — who knew there were classes on Hallyu now? — which strikes us as a good time to test out this Meetup experiment. Unless the poll results say otherwise, that is, in which case you can stop reading now and we’ll turn away to cry into our ice cream. Votes?

Clearly we know exactly what we are doing and have no need of any help whatsoever in planning such an event because of our extraordinary foresight and stellar planning skills… but okay, we’ll open ourselves up to offers of help, if you insist. Does anyone have great ideas for meeting places? I’m sure we can scrounge something up, but right now our best idea is huddling somewhere in Central Park, fighting with the squirrels for space. Those bastards can be vicious.

And if you do think the Meetup is a fun idea but wish it were in your hometown, tell us where you’d like us to go next, and maybe we can make it happen!

931 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ann

    Well. I live near Dallas, and I’m already taking off some of next month to go on a trip, or I would go!

    • 1.1 Kristal

      I live in Dallas too!

      • 1.1.1 sally_b

        Austin chiming in ~ I’d love to go to a meet & greet for Beanies – but I’ve become accustomed to *all things Kpop related* occuring on either coast of the U.S.

        From central Texas it would cost almost as much to simply fly directly to So. Korea — as it would to journey to the “Coasts”.

        so instead … I’ll request a PhotoSlam article of all the happy faces that DO get to attend the *greet*. I’d love to see how it turns out.

        Go Girls!! (and perhaps some random fun males) woot!

        • Soo

          Dallas!! or Austin!

          • Mayra

            Good to know there are some Dallas and Austin residents here. WooHoo!

          • usachin

            Yes! Dallas, Austin, Houston whatever, as long as it is in TX haha

          • nomad

            I’m in Houston, Dallas and Austin are only about 3-4 hour drive, so I guess I”m in 🙂

        • downtheroad

          Meee tooo. photoslam article!!! (second that)

          I live in sweden :/ cannot come even though I’d love to

          • Gosia

            Same here…. come to Sweden maybe :P?

        • Lisa

          I’m in San Antonio, but would go to Austin, Dallas, Houston . . .ok, anywhere in Texas. Also, Los Angeles as that’s where I’m from originally and could double up with a trip home.

          I would love a Texas Round-up. It’s so sad to be the lone Kdrama/Kpopper around . . .sniff sniff.

          • Skettlre

            I live in San Antonio too!! Where r u??~~

        • infiniti512

          I’m in Houston! I’d be willing to drive to Austin or Dallas.

        • ocean

          Yay to the photoslam!

          I live in Finland so sadly no, can’t (afford to) come 🙁

          • Uhura

            Well, I would love to attend a meeting in Europe. And I am sure that I would not be the only one.

          • norau

            I join Europe!
            Me from Budapest, Hungary, but I would definitley make a trip to London 🙂 or anywhere else in Europe seems closer than crossing the Atlantic.

            kindda fun, how each continent joins in bunches, must be the time-zone thing 🙂
            You should really make a poll about the beanies whereabouts!

      • 1.1.2 Amy

        I vote for Dallas or Austin too!!!!!

      • 1.1.3 cattey

        I had no idea there were tons of us from the Lone Star State! hahaha I’m not from any of those big cities, but I would totally drive up there (4-5-10 hours) to meet fellow Beanies! I live in Mexico. Well, it used to be Mexico, but now it’s just really super close to it, about 10 miles away from the border. I’ve never been to Dallas, so a road trip up there sounds good to me! Honestly, though, I feel that Austin would be more appropriate for such a meeting, given the fact that it’s a place for eccentric people, things, events, etc. 🙂 Then, again though, if I had the resources, I would go to NYC for the meetup without hesitation.

    • 1.2 Naz

      I’m in Dallas too! Woot Woot! We should have a Dallas meet up lol

      • 1.2.1 MM

        Another Dallas resident here!

        • Agatha

          Yes Dallas beanies all the way!!!!!

          • Kim

            I live in Oklahoma City, but would be willing to go to Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

    • 1.3 Bandeena

      I’m in the Dallas area as well~

    • 1.4 Nellie

      I am in Houston but I wouldn’t mind driving to Dallas!

      • 1.4.1 KDR

        Another Houston person here! 🙂 I don’t mind driving to Dallas either!

        • Soxxy15

          Houston, too. I would definitely go to a Beanie fanmeet in Austin or Dallas. *Sigh* I wish I could go to NY.

      • 1.4.2 jinglebells18

        I live in Houston too!

        • houstontwin

          I’m also in Houston though I’d willingly travel to Austin or Dallas. I’ll even fly my twin sister from NJ!

    • 1.5 Ladymoonstone143

      I am in Houston and I wouldn’t mind if I will be going to Dallas….:))

    • 1.6 Ann

      Dang–we should have a mini-meetup in the Dallas area!

    • 1.7 TheJu

      I live in Fort Worth! 🙂

      • 1.7.1 mygarage

        ME TOO!! Hello fellow Fort Worthian!

    • 1.8 Lea

      MEE DALLAS TOO!!! Holy @$% where da heck are you all in Dallas?? I’ never meet anyone who likes dramas T-T

    • 1.9 meanrice

      Im in dallas too. I need dates in order to even think about travel…

    • 1.10 Lizzy4e

      What a great idea!!!!

      I live in Dallas also.
      I would love an excuse to go to San Francisco again but would need months of warning to save for the trip.

      NORTH TEXAS BEANIES: perhaps we could get together for a drama watching party or maybe a meet at King Spa (after the nekid tub portion of the program, hee hee, or we could all get bare-assed together and really bond!)

      I am so lame! I have a twitter account and I would share as a means to begin to organize a Gathering of Beanies but… I do not know what portion of my username to give out. *snort* is it the whole thing?

      • 1.10.1 Ann

        Sounds great! Where are you? I live in Plano.

        • Lizzy4e

          I live in Dallas. Just south of LBJ and Valley View Mall.

          My twitter is (crosses fingers) [email protected]

          North Texas Beanies tweet me so we can exchange contact info and try to schedule a gathering. or a collective squee!

          • Lizzy4e

            Just saw Ann’s post below #dallasbeans that rocks!

      • 1.10.2 Ciara

        Also, I tweeted with the #dallasbeans hashtag. I also tweeted with the #texasbeans hashtag! Since there are quite a few of us, even if we can’t meetup in Dallas, maybe we could meet somewhere else in Texas! ^_^

    • 1.11 sunshower

      I am game for anyway in Texas!! Just moved here 🙂

      • 1.11.1 Rose

        I am in the Dallas area also

        • Mrs. Hand Towel

          H-town represent! I’m up for a meet-up in Austin or Dallas

    • 1.12 Rita

      Minneapolis would love to host and I would volunteer to help organize!

    • 1.13 Ann

      Everyone near DALLAS! I started a hashtag on twitter, #dallasbeans, so if you are on twitter. send out a tweet with this hashtag and tell everyone where you are from and when you can meet!

    • 1.14 Ciara

      WHOA! There are so many people from TX, I’m surprised! I live not too far away from Dallas, as well & live 3-4 hours away from Austin & Houston! A TX meetup would be super fun!! ^_^ Let’s make it happen!

    • 1.15 INFINITElySHINee

      I’m also from Dallas!

  2. Francesca

    I wish I lived in NYC!!

    • 2.1 Moooma

      I wish I did ,at times like this. I’m halfway across the world. Love from the UAE. Happy Birthday.

      • 2.1.1 annie2468

        🙁 UAE as well…

        • Hope chan

          Me too from UAE

    • 2.2 canxi

      I live in New York, so it would be no problem. Unless ya’ll go to New Jersey…then problem, lol.

      But a bigger problem is that I am shy…I dunno how much fun I would be at a meet-up. x___x

      • 2.2.1 Carolin

        The EXACT same thought crossed through my head lol
        glad that ‘nother shy new yorker exists =P

        • cmrprindle

          We-ell, my meetup with some far-flung beanies here in the City for the Big Bang concert went pretty well and I don’t think of myself as very outgoing person. I think most of us are very much how we are in the OT and such, so once you get used to, y’know, seeing the people you talk to all the time it’s actually very comfortable. But that was just my experience. We definitely wouldn’t want you to feel awkward throughout the whole meetup.

    • 2.3 S a r a h

      Sigh, I wish I did too.
      I’m all the way here in the Philippines South east Asia.
      Hope Beanies could have a meet up somewhere near here, though yes, fat chance.

      • 2.3.1 yanyanhye

        I’m from the Philippines too! 😀 I’m sure there are other beanies from our country where are you located?

        • lee-june

          Same here I’m from the Philippines, too. Love to meet Beanies.

          • tiny

            Filipina here too! 🙂 should we do our own version then meet up with the rest of the world Beanies with Google+ Hangout? 🙂 🙂

          • S a r a h

            I’m from Baguio, but I’m going down to Manila this summer.

            Whooo! Google hangout, that’ll be cool! 😀
            Though I am not quite sure how fun I’ll be in a meet up, but dang it! We could just talk about our favorite oppa crushes and I’m sure that’ll break the ice! 😀

          • iZzie :)

            Oh yay! I hope the Philippine meet up pushes thru. shout out here from QC. 🙂

        • Wena Sadorra

          Filipina too! Korean Drama Society in the Philippines would love to help organize. Flyyyyyyy here!^^

          • yunjaenoona

            pls! pls! organize something for us here in manila….maybe in metrowalk where we get most of our korean dramas…hehehehe

        • S a r a h

          WOW, well hello there fellow Filipinas! 😀

          Not that I’m surprised to see (or read, heh) you here. I’ve known for a fact that kdrama addicts like me exist, thanks to the korean wave.

          But still! SO COOL to acknowledge each other here! Cheeeeersssssss!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

          • japchae

            hello, pinay beanies!!!i’m from baguio as well…(not really) used to stay there when i was still in college..and i must say that baguio city is the ”little south korea” of the…:) coz koreans are everywhere…i mean practically EVERYWHERE…@-@ #koreaninvasion

      • 2.3.2 Tweetstine_Joy

        Also from the philippines! I think a meet up would definitely be fun 🙂

        • anne

          Yay, me too,from Philippines, and would love a meetup, well with Beanies from Phil :))

        • m

          PLEASE!!! I hope you can come visit MANILA (Philippines). You’d be surprised to know how many hard core KDrama and Dramabean fans are here. We have Korean dramas in at least 3 networks airing them in the mornings, late afternoons and evenings. We breathe and live this stuff.

          • elmiraaa

            or Cebu?? 🙂 Dang, if only I live near to the capital, I’d be able to attend all the fun stuff people organize. My friends are DB and KDrama fans as well 🙂

          • S a r a h

            SO TRUE. And the fact that we actually get to interact with actual Koreans here makes it even more real.

            Especially here in Baguio (oh yeah, I live in Baguio City) where Koreans have arrived in droves, trying to learn English.

      • 2.3.3 Bengbeng

        philippines too. but would love to meet up with you. Even in Korea =)

        • pyrus_malus

          </3<3wow! Glad to meet fellow filipina beanies.. <3Certified<3 kdrama addicts… 🙂

      • 2.3.4 Jeliefish

        Me live here in the philippines as well 😀

      • 2.3.5 girlinterrupted

        i’m from the philippines too! manila to be specific! woohoo!

      • 2.3.6 discreet_addict

        waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! another (silent) Pinay reader! ^^

        can we meet? can we meet? *excitement overload*

        • Pepperanne

          i’m from Philippines too!
          i really love Kdrama and/or Kmovies,
          though i don’t usually write on RANT OR RAVE, i’m an avid reader of Dramabeans and would really love to meet other Pinoy/Pinay beanies too!

        • pink14

          Wahh! Filipina fan here too! 🙂 In in Manila too!

        • yunjaenoona

          sana someone can organize something so that, manila beanies can meet up 🙂

          • Elle

            hey ladies! i grew up in Canada, but was born in the Philippines. i’ll be in the Philippines between May & June for a vacation. maybe we can meet up??? what say you?

          • discreet_addict

            Game! 😀 Sooooooooooo excited.

            Imagine: a fun get-together of beanies in Manila.

      • 2.3.7 houstontwin

        Sarah, come to Texas! We’ll show you a good time!

        • S a r a h

          Oh, wouldn’t I, if I could! 😀

      • 2.3.8 bomchi

        wow. i didn’t know there were many DB readers who are from the philippines like me. i wanna go to a meet-up, too! :C

      • 2.3.9 yunjaenoona

        hi! i am also from the Philippines….maybe we can all meet up in a korean resto somewhere in makati,ortigas, qc any suggestions?? pwede din starbucks hehehe! 🙂

      • 2.3.10 broomhilda

        mabuhay! didn’t know there were a lot of readers from the philippines =)

    • 2.4 eternalfive

      Same. T_T This is an amazing idea though (dream come true! :D), and sounds sooo fun, and dramabeans should totally do it, and I’m sure it’ll be a success, pants or no pants. ^o^

  3. CityHunter8472

    I’m all for this. Unfortunately, I live in the Midwest. If it came to Indianapolis, I’d be all over it.

    • 3.1 Gabrielle O

      I live in Cincinnati but would be willing to drive to Indianapolis to see you guys!

    • 3.2 shinhwalover

      CHICAGO! =-)

      • 3.2.1 ringo

        yes Chicagooooooooo!!!

      • 3.2.2 smile134

        Yes, Chicago all the way 😀

      • 3.2.3 Lovebug

        OMG Please Chicago. I am seriously interested in a meetup for us Chicago Beanies if not the greater group. I have no drama friends here.

        • iluvlittlebear

          Yes. it would be awesome if you guys came to Chicago!

        • IBELIS

          I’m in Oak Park but that’s as good as Chicago. I don’t know I think I could love a N.Y. week end.

          • Janelle

            West side represent! I live near the Green Line.

      • 3.2.4 piggybunny12


      • 3.2.5 Sabella

        Wow. We Chicagoans might be able to arrange a K-drama fan meet-up of our own someday. 😀

      • 3.2.6 Angie

        YES CHICAGO!!!!!!

      • 3.2.7 Rexy

        Yay! It’s nice to know I’m not the only Chicagoan into kdramas. Except I just moved to Seattle three months ago. WAHHHHH!

        But seriously, if I could afford it, I would totally fly to New York and join the meetup.

      • 3.2.8 Guymonday

        Chicago all the way

      • 3.2.9 CHICAGO

        Yes, let’s do Chicago!

      • 3.2.10 sunny

        Chicago please!!! 🙂

      • 3.2.11 jantina144

        PLEASE Chicago!

      • 3.2.12 ilikemangos


        • ilikemangos

          And i also think that we should all meet each other in the middle (midwest seems best) hee CHICAGO!

      • 3.2.13 B020

        CHICAGO!!!!! Plllleeeeeeeeeeese!!!!

      • 3.2.14 abkitsune88

        I’m in STL but I would hop on a bus in a heart beat for a beanie meet up in Chicago

    • 3.3 tebz10

      OMG! I’m from Indianapolis too!

      • 3.3.1 KrazyKugel

        Circle City represent.

  4. De LE

    what about a g+ hangout for the ones we are far??? 🙂

    • 4.1 dewaanifordrama

      That could be really fun!

    • 4.2 Airyn

      Cool idea! You guys can stream video of the meetup via G+ hangout for the rest of us who are nowhere near the United States. 😉

    • 4.3 OMG

      this sounds like an awesome idea!!!!

    • 4.4 bernie


    • 4.5 Kimmi

      GENIUS ~!!!

    • 4.6 KDR


      • 4.6.1 ideaster

        G+ has a max number of participants at 10. There are other services like anymeeting that would allow you to do this for a larger audience. I work abroad and threw an experimental Christmas party on G+ that ended up being loads of fun. This way, pants are still optional, costs for participation are down, greater access for non-US participants, etc.

        • Honora

          Yey! But what about the time differnence? You all have fun, when the sun is shining and I have to stand up in the middle of the night…

        • shelhass

          What about twitcam? It works pretty well.

  5. Shiku

    Charlotte NC. Nothing ever happens here like k-pop concerts and k-movies, so why not do something different and have a beanie meet-up over here. Or Atlanta? Close enough?

    • 5.1 ILUKD

      I am in at Atlanta

    • 5.2 Z

      I’m in Atlanta, too. I vote for ATL whenever this party dips into Dixie. I can’t go to NYC but I’ll come out if you’re withing a couple hours of Atlanta.

    • 5.3 JiHwan


    • 5.4 yyp9665

      I’m in Charlotte, NC, too!!!

      • 5.4.1 Shiku

        Oh my! A fellow k-drama fan in the city! I’m so happy! I thought I was all alone!

    • 5.5 LingLing

      At least Charlotte, NC is better than freaking South Carolina… T___T

      • 5.5.1 Jenn

        Boo! I’ve lived here for 6 years and I love it (originally from CT and so glad it barely snows once a year)

      • 5.5.2 Heather

        I’m in a pathetically small town in SC – watch it! We’re not that bad 😉

        • LingLing

          If you don’t mind me asking, which small town do you live in SC? :O I go to Clemson University, so it’s a pretty small college town lol.

    • 5.6 apriltenfan

      I’m chiming in from the Charlotte area as well. Happy to see there are a few other addicts in the area!

    • 5.7 Jenn

      Columbia, SC is closest to me! Charlotte is not bad either 🙂

    • 5.8 Alexio

      Another ATL beany is here, heh

    • 5.9 Coco

      I go to school in Charlotte, NC, lol. It sucks I have no one to go fan crazy with over dramas and the music with, lol.

  6. mav

    So I am in NYC and would totally meetup. Also, I would even bribe you with cupcakes or cookies. However, a clear date would be awesome, since it would suck if its that weekend I’m going to be out of town or babybro’s birthday.

    • 6.1 DayDreamer

      I also live in New York City and would definitely like to meet everyone. I just hope there’s a lot of you guys coming there because I’m terribly shy in person and I’d rather blend in than stick out like a sore thumb, haha. Just to be able to shake hands and say hello to Javabeans and Girlfriday will be enough for me. (And maybe get an autograph, LOL).

    • 6.2 cmrprindle

      Ditto what mav said about having a clear date. It’ll be just my luck that there’s some major get-together or a birthday party, or it’s that one weekend my church group is going out. I’d love to meet some NYC beanies!

      DayDreamer, we could all sit on park benches and chat via the OT on our phones. No one would ever know it was a meetup 😀

      • 6.2.1 leeena

        dude I’m also from nyc. it would be sooooo awesome if we could do meet up!

  7. Sabah

    Aw, I would have loved to have come to the meet up! I live in England and don’t have 50p for the bus trip into town let alone £500 for a flight to New York.

    HOWEVER, I would love to hear about the meet up, see pictures, read beanies accounts of the day. That would just about cheer me up to keep my chin off the ground!

    • 7.1 Honora

      Me too! Europe Beanies, FIGHTING!

      • 7.1.1 Miss L

        Same here !!
        Europe is just unfortunately too far away =(
        But i Would love to hear about the Meet-up!

      • 7.1.2 Sabah

        Fighting! : )

    • 7.2 Yasmin

      Yay! Another European! Yeah, too bad the UK is so far away 🙁 But I too would love to hear bout this meet up! And I also think this G+ idea is good…

      • 7.2.1 oftheshore

        We can have a meetup, too! Just a much…quieter one. Let’s see if Alua and Leaf are interested.

      • 7.2.2 Sabah

        Oooh! Good suggestion!

        It really is the next best thing and that next best thing is pretty extraordinary!

    • 7.3 dany

      Europe, Romania. 🙁 A ticket to NY is almost 700 euros.

    • 7.4 Saya

      Me, too! How about a concurrent London one? XD

      ’cause I live in London, obvs.

  8. Eileen

    Boston! It’s close enough that I would go to NY though. 🙂

    • 8.1 Will work for soju

      Boston too. Good excuse to go to New York, though.

    • 8.2 Paul

      Boston too! Would go to NY.

    • 8.3 TiaC

      Boston whoop WHOOP! I would love to try to come to NY for the meet up! Just need to find out when it would be so I can free up that weekend and finagle a cheap bus ticket (damn that Fung Wah shut down…)

      • 8.3.1 Katejoy

        BOSTON!!! Pretty close to NY but I’m saving money to go to NY for CN Blue concert ): I can’t go there twice ):

  9. Mawiie

    D: there’s no love for Canadians. But it’s okay, I still love you *one side love hurts*

    • 9.1 mud

      I’m Canadian! And I vote for a Toronto meet up 🙂

      • 9.1.1 Nutella

        Nuuuuuu Vancouuuvveerr~~ *Psst You may get to stalk le hallyu celebs here*~~

        • picklemonster

          YESSS PLEASE COME TO VANCOUVER!!! It’s lonely here :'(

          • Nutella

            ZOMG~~Maybe we should band together and… lure people here?

            Clearly this plan needs work :c

            This is one of few times that I’m thankful that I’ve moved to Vancouver~

          • Ahsoka

            YES! Vancouver! I’m from Alberta but so much of my family lives in Vancouver and surrounding area that I have to make the drive/flight there a few times a year anyways!

          • picklemonster


            Haha couldn’t reply to your comment so I had to reply mine. I wish there were more Vancouverite beanies so we can successfully lure javabeans and girlfriday here! xD But yes, this plan needs to happen!

          • picklemonster

            Yay Ahsoka! Now we have at least three! =)

          • kirst3n

            @Ahsoka Fellow Albertan here. Woot, Calgary. 😀

          • Ahsoka

            @kirst3n Is your name actually Kirsten?? Because it’s mine too! Finally another Albertan! I’m from Edmonton though 😉

          • MK04

            Yay! Canadians unite!
            @Ahsoka: I’m from Edmonton too~! 😀

          • ren

            Another Vancouverite here! Please do come~

          • Ahsoka

            @MK04 Awwww just when I was beginning to think that I might be the only Edmontonian who loves kdramas! Well feel free to email me through my blog!

          • Mish

            I’m from Vancouver as well! Definitely feel no love from K-anything out here.

          • kirst3n

            @Ahoska Really? No, its Kristine but close enough. LOL Aww… Am I the only Calgarian here? 😀

          • katey

            Oh my! YES!! let’s plan a meet up Van beanies. ^^

        • katmoo

          I’m from the other Vancouver south of you guys and I would totally drive/fly/walk/crawl to get to a meet up in Vancouver,BC. Please make this happen!

          • Eliana

            Portland, OR here 🙂 Totally willing to road-trip to Vancouver.

        • Jackeline

          Vancouverites unite! 😀 I’m totally up for a Van meet up haha (complete with bribes and all that).

      • 9.1.2 Lina.

        I wholeheartedly support mud! Heh, that sounded funny.

        Let’s do a Toronto meet up, yeah?


        • mud

          I’m totally up for a Toronto meet-up!

        • Natalie

          I could totally do Toronto! I’m only about 45 minutes away 🙂

      • 9.1.3 Laica

        Toronto! YES! 🙂

        • Mawiie

          I would totally travel 6 hours to get there if it was true. This Montrealer will bring the poutine. Come one, JB/GF, I know you want to try it 😀

          • Kennedy

            I vote for Montreal, but if I have to go to Toronto, I would. But if you could come to Montreal that would be awesome. And I second the poutine idea Mawiie!:D

        • Roxy

          Torontooooo 😀

          • Mambo

            The only Manitobian? 🙁

      • 9.1.4 Roxy

        Toronto please! There’s a really good korean grill there too 😀

        • mud

          Which korean are you referring to, Roxy?

      • 9.1.5 jomo

        I can get myself to Toronto, too!!

        • birdscout

          Toronto would be fantastic!

      • 9.1.6 Aigoo

        I’m in Toronto as well!! A meetup here would be awesome!

      • 9.1.7 Gab

        Toronto def!!!!

      • 9.1.8 s2rosez


    • 9.2 Elle

      @ mambo………i’m Canadian and also live in Manitoba! so you’re not alone…*woohoo!!!*

      • 9.2.1 Jacks

        Yo yo another Manitoban here *hugs* you guys let’s hug it out, our love for Korean dramas together *drinks soju*

        • azfih

          Toronto!!! 🙂
          Don’t know whether I would be comfortable even if we do have a meet up though …cuz I’m a South Asian obsessed with kdrama… LOL

          • KC

            I would love to meet up in Toronto! South East Asian OBSESSED with asian dramas! I would go to New York if I could though, I love Manhattan…but can’t afford it right now….

          • ~Feather~

            Don’t worry, I’m also a South Asian obsessed with Asian dramas. 😀 I’m just glad I’m not the only one.

        • Elle

          OMG..another Manitoban..*hugs* to you Jacks and to mambo as well. i’ve always wanted to meet or just chit chat with fellow Manitoba KDrama lovers…woohoo!!! this is fantastic!!

          if we, Canadians, ever set up a time and place to meet..i would definitely make EVERY effort be there! love the cities of Toronto and Vancouver 🙂

  10. 10 xiaoSxin

    Awwww ~ Bad timing!!! I’ll be away on vacation to kdramaland next month! Otherwise an excuse to go to NYC again is always welcome in my book!

    I’ll have gummimochi or kaedejun put a cardboard cutout of myself to represent myself. And drink my share of makgeolli, soju and beer and whatever it is on the menu.

    • 10.1 Aigoo

      You’re off to kdramaland next month??? I’m so jealous….

      Who do you plan to stalk? Anyone?

  11. 11 dreamandwonder

    I’m nowhere near New York and REALLY not likely to be able to get there, but if you’re ever around Chicago I would totally attend a meetup.

    • 11.1 Naz

      The drive isn’t TOOO horrible. I made that drive this past winter, totally worth it.

      • 11.1.1 dreamandwonder

        Yeah, if you actually have a car 😛 I live in the city proper where there’s public transit. I’ve never even gotten around to getting a license. Also I’m swamped at work all next month anyway.

    • 11.2 Sabella

      Same here on both counts. Even though I’m still relatively new to the K-drama obsession, I’d still jump at the chance to meet up with fellow fans in Chicago.

    • 11.3 Marrrria


    • 11.4 smile134

      Yay, Chicagooooo ^^

  12. 12 amyrza

    I wish I lived nearby… not across the world. or maybe so stinking rich so I can have my own jetplane

  13. 13 raindrops1

    This sounds like a awesome, genius, amazing idea. :). Oh I wish I lived in NYC or near there at least. I live in the west coast. It would be wonderful if one day (soon) you came to the Bay Area. I think all the NYC bennies will be over the moon with a meetup.

    • 13.1 Amberscube

      Yes, Bay Area please.

    • 13.2 Licia

      I live in the Bay Area as well. San Fransisco would be great.

      • 13.2.1 Rossi

        Bay Area represent!

        Seriously, we have good food, awesome ppl, pretty bridges with one that literally lights up. How can you beat that, really?! SO COME!

      • 13.2.2 Melodyshell

        YES! SF PLEASE! I would absolutely be thrilled to be a part of this and anywhere in the Bay Area I am sure a lot of people could come 🙂

        • salina

          San Francisco FTW! 😀

          • Teji

            YES! San Francisco!! Although anywhere in California would doable 🙂

      • 13.2.3 Joy

        SF Represent!

    • 13.3 Mashimomo

      + infinity to the Bay, lets do this!

    • 13.4 tiffy

      BAY AREAA!! would totally to this if it was in sf.

    • 13.5 Rooroo

      I’m in central California so either Bay Area or Southern California would do. I would be willing to drive to meet up with other kdrama fans!

    • 13.6 Kitzeekat

      Yesssss 🙂 San Francisco Please.

    • 13.7 Mak

      I would definitely come if it were in the Bay Area (and probably still come if it were anywhere in CA). Now I’m sad I don’t live in MA anymore. Why did I ever leave college?

    • 13.8 yammy

      Bay Area Represent! 😀 <3 hi hi hi everyone who's from Bay Area!
      You know there are good korean food here~ (don't say anything, LA-ers). We had some kpop concerts here. Oh and colleges filled with Beanies, I would know.

    • 13.9 shel

      Chiming in for Bay Area/west coast folks.

      • 13.9.1 skelly

        Another Bay Area person here; I know from comments there are quite a few Bay Area – and CA in general – beanies. I would attend a local meet-up; I’m a lot jollier in person. I would also drag along some closet Kdrama fans that I know…

        • Mashimomo

          I do not mind having a local meetup here in the Bay Area for everyone for Beanies to spazz over, well pretty much anything kdrama related! I think I’m more articulate in person than what my posts are trying to convey 😉

          Would be interesting to see the age demographic that makes up DB as well. I recall seeing some of the posts that allude to being noonas *I AM ONE* but also see college kids and middle age professionals.

        • haruko

          Bay Area!!! 😀

        • Karina

          SAN FRANCISCO!!! I would come to a local meeting also.

      • 13.9.2 Sophia Caramagno

        I’m in the Bay Area too and I know how to coordinate these things. I do it all the time for our Steampunk Group.

        Let me know if you want me to start something out here….

        • jadetaia

          LA or Bay Area meetup!! I’m currently in the Sac area, but I would definitely drive out to the Bay or to LA.

        • AB

          That would be amazing! I am all for that 🙂

      • 13.9.3 tamago

        Bay Area! Though why SF when we could all meet in Santa Clara at the “Secret Garden” restaurant with our sparkly tracksuits, and then go to the Lawrence Health Center to get the ajumma scrub?

        • Mashimomo

          OMG there’s a SeGa restaurant? Ajumma scrubs too? (looks for sparkly tracksuits online and hops on the scrubs aren’t expensive like SF and i’m so there this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

        • jess

          San Jose/Cupertino! well i can always make the drive up to san franciso…

    • 13.10 SoyJade

      Los Angeles would be great!

      • 13.10.1 jinkzz

        LA would be great…West Hollywood -even better

      • 13.10.2 pinkmomostar

        yes!! come to LA~ we can meet up in K-town~ =)

        • jess

          Beach cities? its near la… but doesn’t party on the beach sound better?

    • 13.11 Le Becque

      The Bay Area (SF in particular) would be fantastic! I may or may not be crazy enough to drive to SoCal, if it is an alternative.

    • 13.12 AB

      Another Bay Area Beanie here! A meet-up here would be amazing. So jealous of the NY folk! Even if the wonderful Javabeans and Girlfriday can’t venture to the Bay Area, though, a meet-up of local Beanies would be awesome as well.

  14. 14 Divyrus

    Okay I get it most of your readers are from US, BUT YOU GOT TO HAVE A OPTION FOR OVERSEAS PEOPLE!!

    I am not expecting a meet up or anything, just a option of I belong outside of US would be fine!!
    To not even be considered in the poll kinda hurts After following your site for long time!!
    Yay for meet up! You beanies have fun and post pics!
    But just include us poor people who don’t belong to US Next time! I am sure am not the only one!!

    • 14.1 Aigoo

      That would be so awesome! It would be like one big kdrama-loving vacation!!

  15. 15 티샤

    *weeps* i live in singapore. but yes, pls meet up and blog all abt it! 😀 have fun~

    • 15.1 chickenwing

      Come to Singapore!!

    • 15.2 xkii

      ): i’m from singapore too!!! but i hope you guys really will have a meet up and have awesome stories to tell from it anyway (:

    • 15.3 Yumi

      Welcome to Singapore!

    • 15.4 Kelinci Biru

      If you come to Singapore or Bali, I’m definitely flying out from Jakarta!!

      • 15.4.1 ms.augie

        Another Jakartans, Indonesia but in SYdney! come to Sydney JB and GF! meet up in Hyde PArk!

    • 15.5 unknown

      Yes, come to Singapore!

    • 15.6 Belle3005

      Well I’m not from Singapore but I can fly over for a meet up there since Malaysia is pretty near SG. Do consider us readers from South East Asia pretty pretty please?

      • 15.6.1 Hui3r

        I’m from Malaysia as well.

        With advance notice, I’ll totally bus it down or something. 😀

        • Jimmy Holmes

          me too. I’m from Malaysia…:D

        • MissMia

          Im from Malaysia too. Wouldn’t mind flying to SG if you guys r coming!! weeehooooo!!!

      • 15.6.2 eL

        me t0o from malaysia 🙂

        this is so damn cool! lol

    • 15.7 Gaeina Lee

      Jakartans but SG PR, so SG or ID would be great..
      JP also doable too, or make it Seoul, SK, we could go on trip together..^^

      • 15.7.1 Aliya

        Jakartan! SG or any South East Asian country….I think meeting up in Seoul Korea will be good too, since we are in love with Kdramaland forever… Anyone living in Seoul can help?

    • 15.8 Yukie

      Hei!!! im in SG too. Indonesian but in SG =)

    • 15.9 whimsicalnet

      m in singapore too. maybe we should have a ‘zonal’ meetings. all the beanies in SG and nearby area could meet up. 🙂

    • 15.10 Crystal

      im from singapore too! Come to Singapore! it will be fun, i promise! 😀

  16. 16 neesha

    I don’t even live in the States 🙁

  17. 17 stef

    I would seriously consider LA or SF.

    • 17.1 egg

      YES, SF!!

      • 17.1.1 yammy

        another yes~~ 😀

  18. 18 Sue

    Sorry, but I live in Puerto Rico. Right next to the beach. Is that tempting enough for you?

    • 18.1 Sue

      By the way, have you ever considered a live chat through Youtube?

      • 18.1.1 Mawiie

        I would totally skip class for that :3

      • 18.1.2 Maricel

        People can chat on youtube?!!! I had no idea! EHM

      • 18.1.3 J3ss

        Ooh I think a live chat would be awesome! Everybody would be able to join in 😉

      • 18.1.4 Rita

        That is a FABULOUS idea.

    • 18.2 Lea

      aw you from Puerto Rico? V-V me too, but I moved 3yrs ago to Dallas TX, but my abuela and my dad are still there, Caguas, PR

      • 18.2.1 Andrea

        I’m from Puerto Rico too!

        JB & GF: the beaches here are beautiful! And there the pants are definitely optional. You should consider vacationing here sometime!

        • Sue

          ¡Hola amigas!

    • 18.3 MicolaM

      Good to know I am not the only one from the Caribbean following this site. I am from Jamaica.

      Hey, maybe you could add a few margaritas to the beach deal they’ll do a Caribbean cruise.

  19. 19 Jane

    Chicago, Milwaukee or Madison (cap. of Wisconsin)! But I do wish I lived close to NY….

    • 19.1 okiejune

      Yes, Madison!

      • 19.1.1 Rita

        I’d go to Chicago!

    • 19.2 Rita

      Yea, any one of those!

  20. 20 anniemo

    I should probably have put a vote towards NJ since well, I live in and love NJ (no, really), but getting into NYC is no problem for me. I’d really truly be there if this happened!

    • 20.1 anniemo

      Just FYI, my birthday doesn’t start for another 15 min. and you already made it.

  21. 21 Lisa

    Southern California near Koreatown.

    • 21.1 Kiara

      So.Cal Irvine. I prefer Vegas over NY lol.

      • 21.1.1 Kiara

        Oh btw we have the first Korean mayor in the US so come meet him :).

    • 21.2 anais

      K-Town FTW.

      • 21.2.1 jinkzz

        I’d totally go to a K-town meet-up if it ever materializes

    • 21.3 heayun

      Yes SoCal please. Biggest Koreatown outside of Korea itself 😀

      • 21.3.1 Swannie

        Finally another So Californian, I was starting to feel as lonely as the Manitobian. I’m not too far from K-Town either. Can’t do NYC right now, but a meet-up with fellow K-drama addicts would be awesome.

        • annedramaaddict

          From San Diego but wouldn’t mind an irvine meet-up!! I was wondering why SoCal was being under represented.. Where are the SoCal beanies??

    • 21.4 AnotherFan

      SoCal here too, Pasadena area. Love to meet up and anywhere (within the SoCal area) would be fine for me!

    • 21.5 mmmaggie

      Hells yeah! LA!!

  22. 22 chloe

    In NYC and would totally meet-up if I was in town and did not have prior obligations…. Curiosity….

    • 22.1 OMG

      me too…i hope that this meetup is in early to mid April….after that is preparation for exams!!!

  23. 23 Belle3005

    Well I can’t possibly make it because I live in Malaysia which is super far but hey it would be awesome to see how the meetup went! It’s like seeing a dream come true for some of us beanies who live outside of the US, although we can’t be physically present but you’ll have our mental support. BEANIES UNITE! :3

    • 23.1 ffiza

      Hey, I’m in Malaysia too. Hello there!! “wave hands”

      • 23.1.1 zat

        another malaysian here!! oh my, that would be so awesome to rant and rave about all the dramas! how I wish I could fly there.. tsk tsk..

        • Belle3005

          MALAYSIANS UNITE! 😀 I was pretty down cause I thought I was the only one so thank you fellow Malaysians for responding to this thread! HELLO! *waves hands*
          I always get really excited whenever I meet another fellow Malaysian on any K-drama blogs. It makes me feel robust with energy,knowing that I am not alone in this community. AYE LUFF YOU ALL MY FELLOW BEANIES. *virtual hug*
          Well,being in Malaysia,it’s not very convenient for us to meet Korean stars,let alone join in meetups in the US but it’s the thought that counts,right? 😉
          Oh btw,which state are you all from? I’m from Sabah btw. (Still intact amidst the latest upheaval over our side,no worries haha)

          • shel

            Have you “met” RickyHRH on here? He’s from Sabah also. Very busy student, though, doesn’t come on very often during the school term…

          • Belle3005

            uhm @shel nopeee I’ve never seen him up on here but that’s probably cause I’ve still pretty new to commenting on threads. I’ve been an avid lurker for about 2 years plus and have only started commenting recently. I think it’s only been a month or so since I first started commenting heh. COOL. I’ve never met a fellow Sabahan on a DB thread before. 😀 Oh wells,we all have our own commitments so I don’t blame him heheh

          • ffiza

            I’m from Terengganu. I don’t even go if there are idols performing in KL, let alone US, natch. Good to hear you’re doing well in Sabah, be safe.

          • ricky trh

            Ricky is here!!!!
            Apa khabar orang kampung?

            Incredibly happy to see some Malaysians here.

          • Belle3005

            @ffiza HAIII 😀 *waves brightly* I know right. Everytime when there’s any Korean stars performing in KL I just feel pretty much detached from the excitement simply because it’s too far from home haha. Will do thank you so much for your concern. Nice to know that there are still kind souls out there.

            @Ricky KHABAR BAIK OH KAWAN. Tia sangka dapat jumpa Malaysians di sini,apa lagi orang Sabah. Bha,I’m stoked to know that there are Malaysians checking out DB. Hurray!

            To all: It’s a shame that the US is so far from us,I would’ve love to join the meetup because GF & JB has been bringing so much awesomeness to this blog it’s only right that we get to thank these kind recappers in person. Oh wells,all we can do is wait for them to post up photos and be happy for those who made it. 🙂

          • Shado

            Interesting, interesting. Never thought I would meet a Sabahan here. Glad to know that you’re from my home state 🙂

          • Shay

            another Sabahan here! 🙂 I seriously thought there wasn’t anyone from sabah on dramabeans! hahaha

          • ricky trh

            Buli ba kalo kau!
            I’m quite active here. Emphasis on the word quite because school is pretty much consuming all of my being right now.

            Shado and Shay,
            I’ve never seen both of you here before!
            Have you been lurking around?

            I’ve been visiting this site for the past 3-4 years. Sometimes you can find me on the Open Thread. If you see anyone here commenting with a lot of “-lah” then it’s probably me or Enz. She’s Malaysian too.

        • Belle3005

          Shado and Shay I THOUGHT THE SAME TOO! All along I was wondering if there were any other Sabahans visiting DB at all. I mean obviously a huge majority of the readers are from the US itself so to find a fellow Malaysian would be like finding a needle in a haystack.
          Ricky whoa you’ve been a Beanie for a really long time then. I usually stop by the OT on a weekly basis HEH perhaps we can chat over there next time now that we’ve found quite a few Malaysians over here.
          I’m curious though,what course are you taking that’s making you so busy?O.O

          • Shado

            Well, I posted a few times on some drama and variety recaps here and there. But otherwise, yes; you can say that I’ve been lurking.

          • ricky trh

            I haven’t been commenting on the OT for a long time. I do visit from time to time and it’s always nice to see new people joining in the OT fun. If you see me on the OT this week, do say hi!

            Let’s just say that it’s an advanced course and it deals with Human Biology.

          • Shay

            yeah, ive been lurking hahaha! I think this is the first time I’m commenting on dramabeans because I was quite surprised to find out there are Sabahans here 😛 wow 3 to 4 years thats a looooong time

            I normally check dramabeans a few times per week for recaps.

            Very happy to see quite a few of us here 😀 I should probably be more active now haha

            Haha Ricky, the same here with me, school work is swallowing me up :S I have so much dramas to catch up on but they would have to wait.

    • 23.2 JJ

      Anyone in USJ, Subang Jaya?

  24. 24 amhrancas

    Ahwn. Unfortunate timing! XD; I’m actually going to be in NYC/NJ in a week and a half, and then April is already booked up for travel, but I think the idea is great and I wish all of you who can make it a great time! <3

  25. 25 Littlelovebee

    ok – I have been a long time reader but have never posted anything. HOWEVER, the chance to meet up with javabeans and girlfriday?? hell yeah! and also, I live in nyc and would totally meet up.

  26. 26 Pipit

    This is an awesome idea! Finally we have you two coming out into the light (with or without pants). I wish I were in the big apple (more reason why I have to go to NY!) but I’m on the other side of the globe.

    Still it’s such a wonderful idea that I wish could come into fruition. If NY is a blast the next event could be held in other cities or even countries! Beanies are all over the world!

    • 26.1 jomo

      I have always said the perfect PERFECT place for a DB meet-up is Bali. If only we all were there, or were made out of money.

      • 26.1.1 birdscout

        What Happened in Bali, Part II 🙂

        • Pipit

          That would be just the perfect title for our meet up ^_^

      • 26.1.2 Pipit

        Yes Bali would be perfect ^_^

  27. 27 tha

    ATL would work for me!

  28. 28 cv

    I would love to but do not live in NY. Midwest here . I’ll need two months ahead to plan. Lol

    • 28.1 cv

      I would totally meet up if there isn’t time conflict. ^^

  29. 29 Mika~

    OH MY GOSH. Everything’s looking pretty good for me so far (by that, I mean, the location sounds great!) *crosses fingers that it’s on the weekends and doesn’t interfere with some stupid test schedule*

    But since Central Park is kind of big and easy to get lost in… what about Columbus Circle? It’s right by Central Park…

  30. 30 langdon813

    Would TOTALLY come to a meetup (NYC or anywhere else) but I can’t do anything for the next 4 months due to other travel/family obligations. I think it’s a fantastic idea though.

  31. 31 lincolnmon

    Singapore? lol

  32. 32 Lilo

    Awww that so COOL! Talk about jelly much. Well would of loved to come but I live in the Southern Hemisphere, literally on the other side of the world. So fat chance I’ll be able to make it. But I hope you guys have loads of fun! 🙂

  33. 33 Chichiri

    I voted NO on all simple because I live on the other side of the world. *stompitty feet*

  34. 34 aaannie

    kpop happenings are always in LA or NY. no love for the midwest 🙁

  35. 35 Iwoney

    Too bad, I am from the Pacific NW. Would loved to go. Hope to visit Korea in June though.

    • 35.1 katmoo

      I would be awesome to have a meet up here in the “sunny” Pacific NW. Ok so not really sunny. but still.

      • 35.1.1 Bridget

        I’m in Oregon and would love to meet up!

  36. 36 karen

    …. and here i am in Toronto amiss all you Americans 🙁

    • 36.1 Elle

      hey fellow Canadians! Peg City representing…*woot*

  37. 37 Roxy

    Canada, come to CANADA! 😀 Missississauga would be cool, but toronto is fine!

    Oh god… I wish. 🙁

    • 37.1 karen


      • 37.1.1 Mawiie

        Canadian Beanies reunited <3 But then again I'm in Montreal so it's as far as NYC 🙁

      • 37.1.2 Roxy

        I HONESTLY THINK ALL CANADIANS SHOULD MEET UP IN THIS COMMENT (all caps cause im cool like that lol). So that they’ll see just how many candians there are.

        I vote for a Toronto meet up!

      • 37.1.3 Laica

        Another Canadian here! In the Toronto area.

        No one ever comes to Canada, sadly.

        • jyyjc

          Ugh, so true. But in the rare chance that they do, Vancouver is usually included. Vancouverite here 🙂

        • Aigoo

          Torontonian here too!! Willing to help plan any meetup in the area!

    • 37.2 Jill

      except I’m in Vancouver…

  38. 38 karen

    on a side note, you totally should do a poll to see where all your beanies live. i’m honestly curious

    • 38.1 Belle3005

      Ditto! I’ve always wondered how diverse our beanie community actually is. 😀

    • 38.2 Amberscube

      Yes, i have been curious too.

    • 38.3 anvesha

      I’m curious too.. Just to see how many here are from LA

    • 38.4 rheina07

      Totally agree!!

      please put up votes to know where beanies livee !

      Bet beanies are EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEEE <3

    • 38.5 Ahsoka

      This is an awesome idea 😉

    • 38.6 sgp

      Totally agree!!

    • 38.7 KDR


    • 38.8 Mystisith

      Not very precise but it will give you an idea:

      • 38.8.1 Belle3005

        THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL. Seeing the impressive stats,it made me feel extra proud to be a fellow Beanie too! 😀

      • 38.8.2 ck1Oz

        Hey, there are readers from Busan. And Mongolia and someone from Iceland 🙂
        It’s quite cool.

      • 38.8.3 AnitaLotti

        The stats change depending on time of day – I like taking a look at the map from time to time.

      • 38.8.4 h0ns

        AMAZING! Beanie Unite! we’re all over the world.. guess we can build our own UNITED NATION, I vote for BEANIE UNITED… 😀

      • 38.8.5 karen


    • 38.9 Joy

      Yes i’m curious too.

    • 38.10 girlinterrupted


  39. 39 joisey

    I live in Jersey but I will skip classes to get to New York if necessary! PLEASE COME you guys are like my heroes <3

  40. 40 Jess

    You should have a midwest meet up too! I’ve seen several suggestions for Chicago already…lots of great places to hang here!

  41. 41 mud

    Gosh this is like a dream come true. I missed the comic con the last time. But just out of curiosity…but when were you girls thinking of meeting up in April? I’ve got exams until April 26 (ending at exactly 12:00pm, at which point I can haul my ass over to NY in about 4 hours if need be…) This is likely wishful thinking, but would it be any day after Aprril 26 by any chance? Sadly I don’t think the dean will grant a deferral for me to go to NY to meet my superheroes.

  42. 42 sakura

    I would really happy to go.. but then i live in indonesia which means there’ s no chance for me to really go there and meet up.. 🙁
    But have fun..!! And put it here so we overseas fans can also having fun with you guys..!! 🙂

    • 42.1 Pipit

      You’re not the only Indonesian here. Perhaps we could entice them to Bali ^_^

      • 42.1.1 altins

        Hi JB…

        I’ll give you half of my dad’s coffee plantation in Indonesia, if you’re willing to come to Singapore…or Bali..


        -> trying to entice JB with cofee…


      • 42.1.2 momogi

        perhaps we’re in southeast asia region can gather in Bali??
        Yay, Bali FTW!!

    • 42.2 Kelinci Biru

      Bali!! Agree!

      But I would be happy for pictures and lots lots of it.

    • 42.3 h0ns_niech

      Bali would be awesome.. wave there.. I’m also Indonesian 🙂

      JB and GF = live chat would be great.. I wish I could join the meet up and talk about drama freely.. here in my place, I hardly find friend who has this k-drama addict.. so meet up and talk, omo it looks like a dream come true 😀

      • 42.3.1 Aliya

        Hello there, I too Indonesian! kdrama is my guilty pleasure…can’t talk freely to any of my friends either…so, Bali for meet up sounds awesome!

        • yay13

          Hi, there….I’m Indonesian too..Bali is perfect. Vote fot that…!!!

    • 42.4 Gaeina Lee

      Also Indonesian here, tho’ keep I live in 2 countries actually (SG-ID).. Bali would be great, been eons ago since the last time I went there until those crazy bombers scared me and fam.

      • 42.4.1 Gaeina Lee

        Ugh, typo. Just scratch the “keep” before “I live in 2 countries..”
        Sorry guys, mind and fingers aren’t in sync.. ^^

        • altins

          Hi Gaeina Lee,

          I’m too Indonesian, but also live in Singapore.
          So sad, when it was the last week of King of 2 Hearts, I already downloaded it, and asked in indosing forum, because actually I hate watching drama alone….can not hush&gush… but no one reply me.. huks..huks..

          • Gaeina Lee

            Awww, poor you… But, I watched UTW’s EM and Micky’s RP at that time.. ^^

          • altins

            So you don’t follow King 2 Hearts…?

            I watched both, but King 2 Hearts is better..:D

    • 42.5 Fairycutter

      Vote for Bali…
      I’ve always want to go to Bali, now I’ve found great reason.
      pretty please….

      and for those Beanies who got Lucky to meet with JB and GF, congratulation while i banging my head and cryin in the corner….

      • 42.5.1 kierikieli

        Yes, come to Bali, I live in Bali so I can help to organize things 🙂

  43. 43 May

    Sad and lonely reader from Australia here =(

    • 43.1 A_Asisn

      I’m from Australia too! I thought I was the only one after reading all these comments of people from Canada and the Midwest.

      • 43.1.1 Macon


        • Summersandy

          AUSSIE, OYE, OYE, OYE!

          • Rena

            MELBOURNE!!! SINGAPORE!!!

          • shiki

            Another Aussie here! Come to Melbourne Dramabeans!

          • bcandrin

            yehey!!!!!!!!!!! i thought i’m the only australian here!!!!!!!!!!!

          • epuda

            Melbourne. we can have elive gathering. don’t ask me how but I just attended e live classes where we could talk as well as chat (type) and it was almost like as if we were face to face. I was totally impressed. However i am not e tech savy so i would be glad to join in if such things ever happen!!

          • TeePee

            melbournian girl here too. would love a meetup down here =)

    • 43.2 ck1Oz

      NO ONE even comes to my city for photoshoots or concerts.

      However I would fly to Singapore if the meetup is there. Any excuse for shopping and food.
      Singapore? I’ll treat you gals to black pepper crab? Or chilli crab or basically anything thing you want.
      I’ll even bring Aussie wine… it’s good 🙂

      • 43.2.1 Gaeina Lee

        Black pepper crab (Geylang, Psr Panjang or Long Beach?) + Oz wine + Good good friend.. – When will you be in SG, dearie? ^^

    • 43.3 Diana

      You’re not alone! i’m from Melbourne ^^ i’m sure there’s heaps of other beanies here!

    • 43.4 Jo

      Another from down under 🙂 *pops a solitary party popper!* Looks like we get to stay pantless 🙂

    • 43.5 kungfupigeon

      Me too!

    • 43.6 jossy

      try lonely little NZ then we can talk T_T
      just me? kia kaha…. lol

      • 43.6.1 ck1Oz

        I just saw ” you ” on the map. From #38.8
        You’re right. There’s only 1 ping from NZ.

      • 43.6.2 Lord of the Things

        New Zealand! this is the kind of situation when being tiny sucks.

      • 43.6.3 determinator

        Kia ora cuz;)

    • 43.7 >_

      i need to find the word australia just to see if there’s any australians here hehehe
      Yehey! australians 🙂

    • 43.8 JIW_sobangnim


      Was scrolling to see my lovely city mentioned WOOTS! 😛

    • 43.9 Sponge

      Yes Australia! Any Sydney siders here? 🙂

    • 43.10 Nik

      Australian too!

    • 43.11 jay-z

      sydney-sider 🙂

    • 43.12 Musings

      Brisbane 🙂

    • 43.13 POPS

      I am also from Australia!!!!!!!!!!! Javabeans and Girlfriday please come to Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Adelaide in particular would be pretty great!!)

      I love you guys so much and would so go to New York if I could!!

  44. 44 austriandramalover

    That would be soooo awesome…. But it’s too far (and therefore too expensive) for me *sniff*

    Unless you pay for the flight from Austria to the US… That would change everything^^

    • 44.1 dedicated

      and i am from GERMANY! Let’s meet in Frankfurt! Or somewhere in EUROPE! Where all k-drama heroes and heroines go to study or come from! 😀

      • 44.1.1 Honora

        oMG! I live in Frankfurt too!

  45. 45 pbjtimeee

    Why don’t you guys do a Livechat? It’ll allow us who don’t live anywhere nearby to talk with you guys and interact. THE POWER OF THE INTERNET! Consider it? 🙂

    • 45.1 Roxy


    • 45.2 OMG

      I agree with this idea very much so!

    • 45.3 heayun

      Yes please:)

    • 45.4 dedicated

      yes pretty please! 😀

    • 45.5 shiki


  46. 46 Tam Tam

    San Francisco!!!!!

  47. 47 stars4u

    I live in FL but can go to Atlanta on some weekends if I would want to!

    • 47.1 HayKay

      ohhh! Someone else from Florida! lol

      • 47.1.1 Maria

        Florida here too! You’d think more cool things would happen in Miami, but nope.

        • KStyle

          I’m from Florida(down south )!!!

          YAY I thought I was the only one!!!

          • quinn74

            OK, so I live in Miami (beach) and i’m dying to meet other k-drama fans! i’ve looked and looked on for groups and can’t find anything anywhere. who else lives in south FL? Should we start a group?

    • 47.2 bebewhy

      OMG. I was getting so discouraged not seeing any Floridians in the thread. Let’s get a few more so we can get in this meetup running.

      • 47.2.1 quinn74

        YES!!!! Or barring that, let’s try to set up our own meeting. Though Florida is huge, so it would have to be split up into N, central and south. I live in Dade

    • 47.3 ilikehim

      Nothing ever ever happens in the Sunshine state.
      See? Only 3 replied to you. There must be like probably less than 5 Floridian on DB.
      Atlanta is a good 8+ hours drive from my part of Florida.

    • 47.4 magnus

      -sigh- no one lives in Florida or nothing happens here. Glad to see I’m not alone though ^_^

    • 47.5 PollyRose

      Add one more Florida resident to the list. I wouldn’t expect Florida to be a great meet up location, but I’d go as far as Nashville for a meet up. Centennial Park is great and I think the squirrels are friendlier…

    • 47.6 Whatsthescenario


      • 47.6.1 Emilia

        OMG!!! i live in ORLANDO TOO!!!

  48. 48 Ashley

    Please, have a meet up in Chicago! I cannot be the only Bennie, or k-drama fan in area right… (looks from side to side trying to find others).

    • 48.1 fangirl98

      How can I not agree with a fellow Chicago girl?

      PLEASE PLEASE come to Chicago. The Beanies here would be so psyched!!

      • 48.1.1 maiathebee

        Yes!!! I’m studying abroad in Korea right now, but I live in Chicago (a lot of the time — I go to school in Baltimore)

      • 48.1.2 Jambo

        Yes, Chicaagooo!

    • 48.2 Lovebug

      I live in Chicago!!! We should have one here for us Chicago Beanies even if the official one is elsewhere!

  49. 49 Lolis

    So Cal maybe?

  50. 50 Amberscube

    San Francisco, pls.

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