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A look at Gu Family Book’s leading ladies
by | March 25, 2013 | 129 Comments

More, more, more stills from the fusion fantasy historical drama Gu Family Book, starring Lee Seung-gi and Suzy, set to air in just two weeks. Here’s a peek at our two leading ladies’ first day on set: Suzy as the heroine who spends most of her days dressed as a man, and second lead Lee Yubi as the much more traditional young lady and our hero’s first love.

Suzy plays Dam Yeo-wool, only daughter to a martial arts teacher (Jo Sung-ha), a girl who never goes anywhere without her sword and prefers to pass for a boy (it’s not a crossdressing drama, but I’m sure we’ll get one or two hijinks out of her tomboyish character). Suzy’s apparently been spending her prep time at action school, so let’s hope it gets put to good use. I’m excited for a kickass heroine, but I really like the idea that she’s a rebel more than anything. As in, let’s not use badassery as a substitute for a strong female lead, Show. Ya hear me? I want her to be awesome AND kick ass.

Lee Yubi plays our hero’s first love, Park Chung-jo. She’s the daughter of the family that takes in the orphaned half-gumiho when he’s just a child, and she’s much more the traditional, well-behaved, learned young lady. She does have one bad habit though — she knows that Choi Kang-chi (Seung-gi) loves her, and likes to play him hot and cold, using his affections when it suits her. I have a feeling she won’t start appreciating said affection until it’s gone.

There’s a four-way love square with her older brother, played by Yoo Yeon-seok, who will compete for Suzy’s love. Maybe second-lead-blood runs in their family? Though I know the unrequited love we’re all really waiting for is Suzy’s bodyguard, played by Sung Joon. My heart, it already breaks…

The sword-swinging gumiho-loving merry-go-round of unrequited love begins April 8 on MBC.

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129 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Abbie

    Cannot wait for this show! I think no matter what, I’ll be rooting for Sung Joon’s character. Looking forward to this!

  2. ck1Oz

    You know what? It’s really nice to get young age appropriate heroines in their lovelines.

    Then I don’t have to cringe looking at the couple. I am not even a Sung Joon fan and am already wincing on his behalf. Ouch.

    • 2.1 Mar

      What does “young age appropriate heroines in their lovelines” mean?

      • 2.1.1 ck1Oz

        Where they actually look the age of the heroine.Not this absurdly young actress playing an older role.Or a much older actress playing young.Where everyone looks the age range of their character.And don’t expect us to suspend disbelief when we see them next to the male leads.

        • Mar

          Ah! Thanks for response. I don’t know the age of the characters so I couldn’t say if the actors were cast to type or not.

      • 2.1.2 Anri Lin

        Aka Han Ga In with Kim Soo Hyun in Moon/Sun? lol.

        • JO

          but han ga in has a baby face. It’s pretty believable in terms of looks. I think knowledge just gets in the way.

          • Mar

            Agree with JO on Moon/Sun.

            That said, are we talking about the real age of actors here then, versus an actor being cast to fit the character? Because that’s a whole different ballgame.

            Regarding Gu, I personally think both lead males look much more mature than Suzy. Actually so does Sung Joon, he kind of looks more mature than all of them! But if we are talking real life ages, Lee Seung-gi is about 7 years older, and Yoo Yeon-seok is about 10 years older, than Suzy.

            Lee Yubi and Sung Joon are about the same age, and about four years older than Suzy.

            So if the real crux of this is past casting in dramas of actresses that are in real life older than the lead actors, not people being cast to fit a character role, then we have a double standard at play with regards to Gu, because the Gu lead actors and Suzy have about the same age spread as in the recent castings of actresses that are older than the lead actors. Just saying, double standards.

            I don’t really care about real life age spreads OR character age spreads either way as long as the show is good. But double standards are annoying.

    • 2.2 picklemonster

      Someone needs to make a drama where the heroine falls in love with the bodyguard! I’m crazy for that storyline but all the shows that actually attempted it are not very nicely done. =(

      • 2.2.1 Lurker

        It would be an epic twist in kdrama history! 😀

      • 2.2.2 JO

        It happened in Dae Jang Geum and just…it happened a lot of times. Trust me.
        Body gaurd? The drama? haha.
        good times.

        • Kiara

          The unforgettable Dae Jang Geum , my first Korean drama:).
          I think it happens a lot more in films than in dramas. I watched “Sword with no name” last week about Empress Myeong-seong and her bodyguard. Loved Su Ae in it.

      • 2.2.3 ck1Oz

        Love Truly.
        Lee Min Ki was a bodyguard and the hero.

    • 2.3 FerCGtz

      But Sung Joon is only 22!! Way younger than Seung Gi and 3 years older than Suzy O.o or are you implying he looks old??

      • 2.3.1 ck1Oz

        I am not talking about this drama only. Have you seen the other drama castings the last 6 months or so?

  3. lemondoodle

    The bodyguard sounds like the… 5th wheel? There is already a love square, still don’t get his point at all. Especially if we want our heroine to be a bad ass for real. Anyway, the new trailer came out today and the show looks awesome.

    • 3.1 JO

      IKR. I feel like this drama won’t give the side characters justice and will just have them as third, fourth, fifth wheels. I really dislike when dramas just have the main characters live “real” lives whilst all the other characters are extras living for the bid and call of the main characters. That’s why I like sit-coms usually (e.g. High Kick, You Who Just Rolled In) because the side characters have their own lives usually..

      • 3.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Amen to that as well. I like real lives all around.

  4. Caia

    I like Suzy but I can’t say I dig the idea of seeing her in a historical drama with Lee Seung-gi as the male lead. I find in the stills above she looks like a modern Korean woman dressing up for a historical-themed street market.
    Maybe it’s her clothes which are to blame: The deeply saturated pristine blue – as well all know in ancient times they did wear different clothings everyday-, the stainlessness and the material which reminds me of Adidas sports shoes.
    It could also be the contrast to the others standing around her who are dressed not only in washed-out mud colours but wear clothes which look convincingly historical.
    Which does not mean she is to be styled the same way but the other stills – portraying non-commoners in more fashionable clothes – are convincing as well.

    I simply hope the best. I pray for an awesome heroine, a generally awesome cast, an awesome plot and an awesome Sung Joon.
    Brrr, so much awesomeness. 😉

    • 4.1 Kiara

      Fusion sageuk always had me confuse as to what is acceptable and what is not. This one has history, fantasy and melo. I have to say that the leading lady’s attire is a bit more modern than lets say Arang or maybe because Suzy is not wearing a hanbook here.
      So whats the bodyguard for if she carries a sword everywhere and can fight?.

      • 4.1.1 lemondoodle

        Bodyguard is probably her father’s wishes. Though he’s supposed to be Kangchi’s assistant who he bickers with or something. I’d guess he’s there to be Suzy’s friend/confidant since there aren’t any other candidates available. Kangchi won’t have to compete with him since he’ll be friendzoned since he showed up.

      • 4.1.2 AnneAkemi

        Sageuks with the fantasy element can really make a drama a hit or miss. Sometimes, if it is too unrealistic, it can make a really good drama turn cheesy. So I’m hoping it will all balance out.

        Hmm… the questions raised here about the bodyguard are perceptive and I hope there aren’t any plot holes already forming before the drama even begins (I’m already doing my best sticking with Level 7 Civil Servant). I’m a fan of Sung Joon, so hopefully he has a good part in the storyline and not a last minute addition to attract viewers. Otherwise it’s just a waste of talent.

        • scbound

          LOL, I dont think they needed him to attract viewers The Lead can do that on his own. The whole cast overall is good.

          • crazyajummafan

            I totally agree with you! Lee Seunggi is a MUCH bigger name than Sung Joon. A household name in Korea!

    • 4.2 pogo

      It’s fusion sageuk so I’m ok with the clothes, but I hope she’s better with the action than the teaser made it seem :/

      And I am so here for Sung Joon. I hope he actually has something to do with his role, I mean Song Joong-ki wasn’t even the 2nd lead in SKKS but at least that drama didn’t waste him.

      • 4.2.1 Kiara

        She wasn’t convincing in that teaser that she can really handle a sword lol.

    • 4.3 JO

      I usually dislike Fusion sageuk hanboks. They look so “modern” it looks unflattering. The slick silk look, hmm. The costumes this time don’t look that great. Now Tree with Deep Roots and Princess’ Man had beauttttiiifullll costumes. Sigh. Just damn beautiful.

  5. myra

    i’m not supposed to make this comment here, but still…and please, don’t get offended..
    – so, what happened to Rascal sons drama? did it end last weekend? i just don’t see it here anymore..
    – and you wrote twice Incarnation of money..i think you wanted to add The end of the world on JTBC
    – and why is there only one episode from Horse healer this week? is it the final one? i’m asking this because Gu family book won’t premiere next week

    • 5.1 Kiara

      Horse Healer ends (50 eps) today myra. They might air a special tomorrow, idk.

    • 5.2 cimori

      rascal sons already ended on March 24th 2013, ended on 50th episode with so-so ending 🙁
      gu family book will premiere next week.

  6. bebeswtz

    she’s badass AND kicks ass….. but… she needs a bodyguard???

    • 6.1 1234itsover

      my guess is that she has a very protective father, as never her mother was mentioned, hence the bodyguard!

    • 6.2 Danna

      Ha!…but I’m guessing its more like a bodyguard-like figure…like a very protective oppa figure?….it standard kdrama trope- the second lead

    • 6.3 franz

      @bebeswtz “badass AND kicks ass….. but… needs a bodyguard”

      So is Jackie Chan.

    • 6.4 Lurker

      Her father might be protecting her from those people who are his enemies.

  7. kumi

    I’m a gumiho lover, so this one is surely on my watch list.

  8. Nilechoclat

    I hope the story will be brilliant and can compete with other 2 historical dramas 😀

  9. Hiba

    Ladies ! U r awesome but I DON’T REALLY CARE. Gehenna where is my seung go oppa ! Hehehh

  10. 10 1234itsover

    i can’t wait!

  11. 11 OMG

    Sung Joon….my heart shall be rooting for u….and it shall shatter when ur love continues being unrequited….even though i saw it coming….let’s hope he has a kick-ass storyline….i mean why else would he sign up to be a mere bodyguard when he’s leading man potential….like how Jung Il Woo was in 49 days…..*hoping*

  12. 12 junibacken

    I’m excited for this drama because of Lee Seung-gi. And now with Sung Joon joins the cast, I can’t wait! 😀

    • 12.1 Gon

      Me too..and whats with all this sung joon talk?

  13. 13 iphis

    suzy’s look is such a throwback to sung yuri’s hong gil dong wardrobe. such a great show that was.

    • 13.1 Kiara

      Yea it has that Hong Gil Dong feel. Hoping for a better ending.

      • 13.1.1 jomo

        OMG, me, too. I can’t even…

        • Nine

          Yes! I also thought of it when I saw the clip. *sageuk/old JGS,where art thou?* Seriously, my excitement for this show is up to the brim and about to spill over. As for Suzy, don’t just let yourself get carried by her sweet and innocent look ‘coz this girl got some mad skills, major power knuckles and a high kick through the roof. haha!(Okay, exaggerating a bit.) I do hope for a well-crafted show all throughout!

      • 13.1.2 iphis

        i actually loved hong gil dong’s ending! it was so poignant and heartrending, and that norwegian song and the arrows like fireworks… it was transcendent. perfect. buuuuut i know i’m in the minority.

    • 13.2 JO

      I believe Suzy can deliver, because a lot of the roles she has had involve her having a smart mouth in addition to her being pretty. I anticipate her being vicious, personality-wise and physically.

  14. 14 anvesha

    So I’m not the only one who is waiting to see Sung Joon.. to get her heart broken.

  15. 15 Shaista Melora

    Not digging Suzy. But I wanna see Sung Joon. I hope he’s not just and ordinary 2nd lead character playing atypical knight in shining armor who won’t get the girl.

    • 15.1 scbound

      LOL, well his role is not even a lead or 2nd lead so your wish may come true.

  16. 16 anna

    Looking forward to seeing Sung Joon in his mane of glory too!

  17. 17 Annie

    I actually like Suzy. She has good screen presence and that is half the battle. I’m not sure how any conclusions can be drawn about her character from a couple of stills….

    • 17.1 unknownX2

      Totally agree with you about Suzy having good screen presence. I look forward to seeing her in this new drama.

  18. 18 Meghan

    I really hope Sung Joon has more of a storyline than just pining silently after Suzy. He’s a much better actor than that and I feel that’s too reminiscent of his role in Lie to Me, which went nowhere for him. He’s taken awesome roles since then, leading man roles, so I’m sad to see him taking a step back to second lead. I hope there’s a lot more to it for him.

    I know most people aren’t excited about Suzy, but I’m a big fan of hers, and I’m excited to see her in action here. She’s not the greatest actress yet, but she constantly improves, and she works really really hard. I read an interview earlier today that said she spends as much time as she can learning stunts and fighting and that she’s talking in the saguek dialect and tone 24/7. You may not like her as an actress, but I don’t think anyone could say this girl doesn’t work hard. 🙂

    • 18.1 franz

      Everyone works hard. It’s as if all the rookie actors who get passed over for idols don’t work hard. They work equally as hard, maybe even much harder than Suzy.

      • 18.1.1 Meghan

        That’s not what I was saying. I was merely supporting her as people tend to assume idols dont have to do much to be cast or whatever. I know rookie actors work hard too.

        I’m just sick of all the comments bashing idol actors. I feel its unnecessary.

        • franz

          If you think her popularity and her company aren’t the major factors why she got casted, then you’re just dreaming. We are talking about the lead actress of a primetime drama here, not the lead actress of some daytime sitcom. It is a role not just for rookie actors. So not only has Suzy overtaken rookie actors, but also regular actors. Let that sink in for a second. She overtook rookie actors who had no experience but had theater training, went to university to do drama, etc. and not only them, but also the regular actors who had those qualifications above plus the necessary experience be it support roles or lead roles.

          A lot of people always say, “well how is she going to get better if she doesn’t do acting?” but I guess the only work they expect her to do are lead roles in primetime dramas? Even Seung Gi took support roles for weekend dramas and sitcoms. Before primetime, he was first a lead for a weekend drama. Suzy had her first acting gig on TV as the lead role of a primetime drama. Please tell me how Koreans are exaggerating when they see these two people basically end up in the same position, even if one had to do minor roles (as every other actor does) while the other one didn’t and just shot up to the top of the ladder. Let’s not be silly here and assume she’s THAT talented.

          • TellMe

            Blame JYP for creating a drama that became a HIT. Once you’re a hit you will always get better roles. The consecutive successes (DH and Architecture 101) w/ her as lead made her an in demand actress for PDs. Let’s get realistic here.

          • starfighter

            franz ily <3 and agree 100% very well articulated ^^

          • miranda

            This so much! Even if we compare to idols , Yoona who is more popular idol than Suzy, debuted in episode role in 9 Ends 2 Outs and than she was leading actress in a sitcom before she became a lead in primetime drama!

            And its not like Dream High was great success , it had 14,9% rating , nothing to brag about! And honestly Suzys performance was bland and boring!

            Suzy getting lead roles has nothing to do with her talent,success or even her popularity! It`s something else (we all know what)!

          • TellMe

            Tell that to her millions of followers
            Of course you have to brag about an international success that is Dream High. Won several awards internationally in Europe and Asia. Her character is more refreshing and real than those noble idiotic female leads. Her character in her movie gave her a Nation’s First Love title just like how Son Ye Jin got it from “The Classic” movie. Unlike some unfounded theories making up by a netizen, a certified blockbuster movie and an internationally hit drama are more accurate to believe why she got lead roles.

          • lsglover

            you talk like only suzy and only idols do that. pretty please, if you look at most lead actors and actress out there, especially the A list ones, most of them started out as lead actors/actress even though they didn’t have experience or their craft wasn’t that developted.

            @miranda the rantings was that, but it was the lead of it’s time slot and created a crazy, to the point it not only had a sequel but a musical based on it. and i hope you are not being vile as i think you are with that last comment and accusing of such things. if you are, i can only think you have a rotten heart, to not say anything worse.

          • orenji

            @miranda I can’t believe u just said that.Did u even know her personally? Do u have a proof of your statement? Don’t be so easily said things like that. 🙁 Even if the PD gives her the roles just because of her popularity,it’s not she like doesnt deserved it . She is that popular. She is the IT girl at this moment. She brought publicity to this drama the moment she is rumored to be cast. Bad or good it is still publicity. Lots of fans watching this for her. She does have many followers. So does all of other cast.
            Dream High success is not all about getting the 40+ratings. It’s more like the underdog drama win against the big scale drama that is AThena. Let’s not mention how phenomenol this drama at international level. It won several overseas awards and the latest one is this year they won the best school drama if i’m not mistaken.

          • Laica

            Well said! Totally agree.

          • miranda

            I wasn`t saying Suzy got role by sleeping with someone or something like that( i`m not bitch like that), i said she got it because of good connections in her company, and that`s no secret!

            And your are making such a big deal out of Dream High , so what if it had sequel , it failed to deliver! School 2013 was also a sequel and it had same rating as Dream High but i don`t see people talking like it was some `great thing`!

            She gets roles because of JYP! If she wans`t the part of big company, she would be stuck in episodes roles couse ,honestly, she is not a leading role material!

          • cimori

            AGREE WITH FRANZ.

            well this is a drama in prime time, usually a really A list or B list actress ( Not IDOL ) will perform on that slot time for lead roles.

            well we know, suzy in JYP , and i think suzy own a lot to JYP coz JYP have a big n strong connection in korea-showbizz industry. i believe there is money politic in here, if not how come she got the lead in prime time plus with record that her previous drama ( Big ) is a big failure.

            if there is a “sleeping with producer” >> well i disagree with that, . Suzy in JYP now so without “sleeping offering” , she can got any job in korea so easily. actually the person who is really work hard is JYP management and NOT SUZY becoz JYP already proves that they able to put the worst-acting-idol-turned- actress in lead actress for prime time slot.

            money and power and connection are talks in this drama.

            but is someone said in here thats suzy never sleep with any PD than its true. but i doubt that suzy is never “sleep” with her boyfriend. oh come on this is 21st century now !!

        • pogo

          Franz, I totally agree with you. I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to idol actors, but Suzy was a singular kind of terrible at acting in DH, even if she wasn’t the only one who sucked in that cast. (IU and Eunjung were good though)

          • Lurker

            She’s not terrible. She played Go Hye Mi well in my opinion.

          • Toritorisan

            I agree with Franz as well – as much as we wish for a fair and impartial world, it’s not reality. That being said, I don’t blame Suzy if connections were used to be get bigger roles. Becoming an actress is one way an idol can last longer in the entertainment biz.

            I think the issue with Suzy is that she isn’t one of the idols that seem to have an instant, natural talent for acting and some audiences are just impatient and don’t want to wait for an actor/actress “to get better.” I think Suzy’s acting is okay, but for me, if she was replaced by someone else, I don’t think I would be too disappointed. As you know, there are some actresses that literally “OWN” their roles and the audiences cannot imagine anyone else playing that part. I think this is a very important skill that an actor/actress should have.

          • pogo

            @Lurker – speak for yourself, I have no idea what to call an actress who delivers lines like she’s reading them off a teleprompter besides ‘terrible’, no matter how pretty she is.

        • redfox

          people aren´t bashing, they are being fare.

          • JO


          • redfox

            ok whatever.
            I always confuse those

    • 18.2 pogo

      Of course it’s good to work hard, but if the results are not up to par, people will say so.

      And in this case, I hope they are – I don’t want one bad lead performance stinking up a drama that sounds as awesome as this, and Suzy has a similar problem to Han Ga In – her acting is really rather soulless, and no amount of pretty can totally disguise that, even if her looks ensure her popularity. But then maybe she’ll be like Sung Yuri in Hing Gil Dong (another normally-terrible actress who turned in a good performance.

  19. 19 redfox

    haha teh post was about leading ladies, but all everyone talks about is Sung Joon. I hope future drama directors read this and take notice, how much buzz this guy can create with just a secondary character, and give him another big lead part.

    • 19.1 pogo

      I know, that one needs prime time leading man status and soon.

  20. 20 TS

    Lee Yubi looks adorable in here hanbok! I wonder if she crushes on Suzy as a boy?

  21. 21 Kalaido

    I’m going to have second lead syndrome aren’t I? Haha, I was all excited about Suzy and then I read all the comments about Sung Joon and totally forgot about her. I know it’s already been said but I’ll say it again: This has better be the most AMAZING second lead role in the HISTORY of K-dramas. *fingers crossed* 🙂

    • 21.1 lemondoodle

      He’s seriously not the 2nd lead. Yoo Yeon-seok is.

  22. 22 honeywell

    With all of these cast members im getting a lot of sungkyunkwan scandal feel to this series.

    • 22.1 franz

      Hopefully it’s not.

      • 22.1.1 pogo

        I know, I really don’t want a mk. II of that even if I liked that drama.

  23. 23 orenji

    I am so can’t wait for this drama. Suzy please be awesome. I’m loving all her character she played so far,yes even the bratty and annoying Mari. Love her. I am so excited and curious to see how she will play this young martial arts character. I hope she will make it believable. I want a cool action and fight from her. About her having a bodyguard,i thought it is quite common for a young agasshi to have one. Her dad used to be a higher up officer so she came from a wealthy and respectable family. Maybe she used to create so much trouble that her dad had to appoint someone to watch her..lol Anyway,i’m super excited for this, Just watch 3rd trailer, and i’m loving it even more.

  24. 24 ShakespeareinLove

    I can’t wait to see our heroine kicking butts in Joseon era!!!
    Please be awesome drama.

  25. 25 asianromance

    I wasn’t too into Suzy’s casting at first, but she does make a somewhat believable girl-passing-herself-off-as-boy. Sure, she’s pretty, but she’s not frail-looking like a lot of korean actresses and idols (which is why I do have a soft spot for her). Something about her in these stills make me think of her as Yeo-rim’s (Song Joong-Ki’s SKKS character)’s sister. He could be the effeminate boy and she’s the masculine girl.

    • 25.1 starryeyes

      I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who wishes Eunji was cast in this role instead of in TWTWB. I mean it totally wouldn’t have worked with the sageuk-speak, but she would have kicked ass as a masculine girl and actually knows taekwondo and can do cartwheels and did a variety show where she went to an action school and was awesome already.

  26. 26 Osi

    I’m so going to watch this drama because of Lee Seung Gi. Can’t wait.

    • 26.1 scbound

      Producer Park Tae Young said, “Lee Seung Gi is making every scene one to remember, and makes us feel like we′re watching a movie. If we didn′t know this was his first action piece, we wouldn′t have noticed because his acting is so high in quality. His brand of acting is also making his Choi Kang Chi role the best.”

      • 26.1.1 Osi

        Yes, I also read that. Thank you scbound.^^
        Seung Gi is enough to attract my attention to watch this drama because I love him and imo he’s a great actor. <3
        Really can't wait to see Kang Chi in action. 🙂

  27. 27 tortyserox

    definetly tuning in this for sung joon!! ♡

  28. 28 ohdrama

    GO HYE MI!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO HYE MI!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO HYE MI!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. 29 pinkering

    Why do I get the feeling that Sung Joon’s role will die early in the drama…

    Hope not…

  30. 30 Igy

    My baby suzyyyyyyy.

    Me rooting for SUngjoon I don’t care if drama tells me he’s not even lead or second lead. I don’t care. I hope they end up together LOL

    • 30.1 crazyajummafan

      Well, you’re definitely 1000% (if there’s such a thing) gonna get disappointed!

      I really surprised that in this day and age of technology and information that there are people who don’t read properly!

      To all Sung Joon fans who are watching this drama only for him and are hoping that he’ll get a bigger role and the leading lady, please read the synopsis carefully!!!
      This drama was written for Lee Seunggi and it’s all about his character Choi Kang Chi. It’s not a SKKS kind of story either.

      So you are duly warned! If you still want to continue to watch this drama, pls do so without continually whining about how SJ should get a bigger role and how you wish he could have the girl… You sound like a toddler who keeps on saying, “I want…I want…”

      In fact, to avoid a major letdown, just give this drama a miss please. This way, you won’t be heart broken and the rest of us can watch and read this thread in peace.

      • 30.1.1 redfox

        it is not like that and we dont want him to get a bigger part in THIS drama.
        it is much more outrageous with Suzy fans, she is nothing special, yet they go all gaga
        I am not gonna be disappointed, I am just going to be glad for whoever does well in this drama.

      • 30.1.2 scbound

        STANDING OVATION for this post and for our one and only LEE SEUNG GI

      • 30.1.3 franz

        Those fans and you (plus others in this thread) are of the same category. “This drama was writter for Seung Gi”? This drama was written for the whole group of actors, not just Seung Gi. I hate hypocrites the most. Yes, he is the lead, but a lead won’t be as effective if it weren’t for the supporting cast, and a drama which solely focuses on its lead will be dull and boring. Imagine Gaksital only focusing on Lee Kang To and Oh Mok Dan. BLEH.

      • 30.1.4 all for kangchi

        *clapping* bravo crazyajummafan! What’s with all the fuss over a minor character? a second lead? oh wait is it the third lead? lol whateva. Well to me, second lead, third lead, supporting cast they were meant to help the main lead shines brighter not overshadow him!

        • AnneAkemi

          Wow… it’s really unfair for people to just write off the other cast members of this drama. So what if people watch this drama for for SJ or other minor cast members??? Isn’t that a good thing?! That means more people are watching this drama in general which results in better ratings and more success for the drama as a whole!

          In addition, your argument is really flawed. If the supporting cast is needed just to make the main leads shine brighter, then it sounds like the main leads lack the ability to shine on their own??? Hmm… I’m sure that’s not the case, right?

      • 30.1.5 Maris

        To each his own. Everyone enjoys a drama for one reason or the other. For me, I will watch it because of LSG but that does not mean that I cannot enjoy other characters. For the drama to do well everyone has to do well. No matter how good an actor…….. a good script, director, acting, photography, music, editing etc is needed. I for one have no doubts that LSG will do well for no other reason except that he is a perfectionist, hard worker, charismatic and he chose the drama because he really liked the character that he is playing. I feel that Suzy will be fine in this role for the simple reason that she is cute and looks good. That does makes it easier to ignore weaknesses in acting. I enjoyed Dream High in spite of the fact that her acting was nothing to talk about. Yes, Sung Joon is good in looks and acting but that is an asset to the drama. There is no need to compare because all are playing different characters. All need to do their part for the drama to make an impact.

  31. 31 Lurker

    I love her Go Hyemi so I’m rooting for her! that character was hilarious! She’s a martial artist this time. But I might first watch Jang Ok Jung since I’m an avid follower of DongYi.

  32. 32 Rovi

    The reason why Lee Yubi wasn’t in “School 2013” in the first place.

  33. 33 jubilantia

    I cannot waaaaaait for this! *Kermit flail*

  34. 34 bellaluna

    Is Sung Joon one of the leading ladies? :)) haha, funny with all the talks about him when the post isnt about him. Anyway, the picture of Suzy with her hand up is kind of weird, not really like acting at all. Hope her acting will improve a lot, I dont have high hope since I watch all of her past works, but still litlle hope than none. Good luck to my dear Seung Gi 😀

  35. 35 MIKAN

    I’ll watch this for Suzy!
    She’s one of those who can make sparks w/ any guy.

  36. 36 snow_white

    both of them look so cute 🙂

  37. 37 haha

    I don’t like the black hat she is wearing…it’s looks weird. But rest so far so good. Suzy can be stiff sometime, but her expression is not bad. Her eyes gives somehow strong impression to me, and she has ability to portray each character well. Lee Yubi looks great as well. She looks much mature than the role from Nice guy.

    • 37.1 Kiara

      Only one that rocked that kind of hat was Mishil. I thought the veil part is a lot shorter here compared to the ones I’ve seen in other historical dramas.

  38. 38 anicheung

    Okay, I’m sold (not that I wasn’t already since it’s Lee Seung Gi we’re talking about here, in a half-gumiho role with conflicting “I want to become human” devices). But I like the premise of Suzy’s character’s description and I, too hope that she’ll be kickass AND awesome, not just kickass on paper, but for real kickass. Because I’ve been disappointed one time too many already with a summarized description of kickass female leads who end up being just as damsel-y and distressful and weak as any other regular female lead who gets tossed around by the male lead… And yet, whenever I see a premise that has a potential kickass female lead, I latch.

    I have no complaints about Suzy, though I know she’s not everyone’s favorite person, but I hope she can prove that she has what it takes to be a main lead. I think she looks charming and she doesn’t irritate me. So for the sake of Puppy and the potential kickass heroine, I am SO onboard permenantly.

    Please don’t disappoint me Show!

  39. 39 Amy

    Please drama, be as good as you seem to be! Can’t wait for this!

  40. 40 myra


  41. 41 cattaort

    dam yeo wool! hwaiting 😀 !!!

  42. 42 Minime

    Lee Seung Gi ! The only reason I am watching this drama.

  43. 43 cimori

    Same with all, i am watching this becoz Lee Seung Gi.

    really hope SUZY ( The WORSE ACTRESS FROM IDOL) will not messed up this one. becoz if she messed up this drama, then lee seung gi will get impact from that and that drama maybe will get low rating in korea.

    u know suzy doesn’t acting at all in Big Drama ( she just wearing a lot of beauty headbands n dress) thats it, n Big also got low rating. thanks to suzy’s headbands :)) . kidding guys.

    well, lets hope , she got a little screen time by each episode. becoz i only want to see Lee Seung Gi .

    • 43.1 orenji

      How is she not acting in BIG? Mari and Suzy are totally different in personality. I’m actually almost this close to hate Suzy just because of mari. She’s so damn annoying and the storyline didn’t help either. I quit that drama half way for the obvious reason.

  44. 44 Ivy

    This show is so pretty with such a pretty and promising cast – can’t wait 😀

  45. 45 mecattsumori

    Thanks to crazyajummafan for your comment, u said it all & all fans who r waiting & loving GFS for lee Lee seung gi, thank you for the comments & support.

    I’m one of the fan who is watching because of lee seung gi. I’m quite surprised to see the long comments, more about sun joon rather than lee seung gi. Sun joon’s latest drama must be super impactful. He has lots fans in DB. ^^

    To all lee seung gi fans, let’s keep in faith in uri’s 이승기. To suzy fans, she looks good with 이승기!

    GFS fighting!

  46. 46 jennie

    still not feeling suzy……
    I want to see Sung Joon, but not with her 🙁

    • 46.1 scbound

      no worries, he wont be LOL

  47. 47 orenji

    BIG HUG to Suzy!

  48. 48 springwind

    suzy do your best!! lee sung gi fighting!!

    both of them just awesome.. prefect..

    So, we just need good plot and story. .

    script-ajjushi please give us the best story that you can give to us

  49. 49 Mimi

    Watching GFS because Lee Seung gi. I like Suzy too, she is so pretty. Seunggi-Suzy fighting !

  50. 50 YanN

    LOL’ing at all comments here in DB. If GFS recap’ comments are cat fight & full of arguments like this, i better escape from DB.

    To all SJ fans, thank u for watching GFS. It doesnt matter if you watch because of him. The most important thing, just enjoy the drama. U can siding on SJ & say anything, but please don’t say anything bad about SG.

    So far i seldom see any SG fans talking negative thing abt SJ. Even if they (SG fans) did, it’s all because SJ fans started first.

    So please, why nt we just respect each other n support this drama.

    If you wanna support SJ, pls go ahead. But just dont talk bad/ negative thing abt lee seung gi.

    Thank you. Wont visit here again for a moment. I don’t want to read comments that make me ><

    Sigh… I miss TK2H era recap in DB. The comments in that thread much better n supportive.

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