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All About My Romance begins filming
by | March 5, 2013 | 37 Comments

I know, I know — I wish the production of All About My Romance gave us more to go on, too. But for now we’ll have to make do with this first official still, above, picturing the leads of the political romantic comedy, Lee Min-jung (Big) and Shin Ha-kyun (Brain). Then below, we’ve got behind-the-stills photos featuring second lead Han Chae-ah (Gaksital).

According to the producers, their approach to their previous project, 2011’s Protect the Boss, was to twist the conventions of the workplace-chaebol rom-com and give it a bit of edge. That’s also their goal with All About My Romance, in tackling the realm of politics. Lee Min-jung is the rookie parliament assembly member (and liberal), while Shin Ha-kyun plays the conservative. The simple case of opposites-attract doesn’t stand out to me, but it’s the tidbit about them having a secret dating relationship — while clashing at the workplace, of course — that makes me anticipate the drama.

Not to mention the great second leads, whom I actually prefer to the leading couple. Park Hee-soon (The Client) is the former prosecutor turned heroine’s aide, while Han Chae-ah plays a reporter on the political beat who’s loved by both men (lucky her), and is also Park’s hoobae from law school.

I’d argue that Han Chae-ah was confined to a limited range by the writing of Gaksital (Rie was more about charisma and ambiance, which she delivered), but I really enjoyed her acting in Oohlala Spouses, even if I kinda wanted to yell at the character most of the time. She should make for an interesting rival to Lee Min-jung; I like Han more, but I do think they’re sort of on the same level, acting and career-trajectory-wise, so they’re equally matched. And hopefully both ladies are competent, smart characters. FINGERS CROSSED.

All About My Romance follows That Winter, the Wind Blows and premieres in April.

Via Newsen, SBS E!


37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. blokkoms

    A political kdrama! Cannot wait – this is literally all my drama loves at once.

  2. Jae Shin

    HAHAHAHAHA the statue in the last still!!!! XDDD Such an epic expression!!! XDD

  3. aX04

    Ooh. Intrigued. I like the leads. I approve! πŸ™‚

  4. Kiara

    Shin and Park, that is all.

    • 4.1 true2u

      Yes! I’m just hoping the lead girl will be strong. and not too girly/pouts a lot. I hope she will kick some butt.

  5. Elizabeth

    There is something sort of funny about Shin Ha-Kyung being a romantic lead.

    I do have it on good authority that he is a good lover though….HAHAHA!

    • 5.1 Kiara

      Lol <3.

      • 5.1.1 Elizabeth

        Seriously! One of my dear friends dated him in college before he was famous.

        • true2u

          O.O, How in the world did she let this sexiness of a man go?

          • Elizabeth

            Eh, you know. Relationships end.

        • canxi

          That’s awesome. It must be strange when ex-lovers become famous, though lol.

        • ht

          OMG! Shin Ha-kyun is like my ‘dream guy’ so I’m filled with envy now.. haha.

        • true2u

          lol, I kno ^^

  6. PebbledBeach

    oh, so they went with lee min jung after all *sigh* but a girls gotta get her shin ha kyun fix so i will probably tune in

    • 6.1 JoJo

      So true…I’m with you.

    • 6.2 true2u

      LOL!! I kno how you feel. Been waiting for him since brain, so i guess i will just watch it for him and few others.

  7. comradeS

    I’ll probably look into to it for Shin Ha-kyun. And I did quite like “Protect the Boss” so I’m interested.

    • 7.1 true2u

      Shin Ha-kyun’s my reason for watching. Although I did watch and like Protect the boss, I end up dropping it because i couldn’t connect with any of the characters. But both my sister LOVED it. hahahaha

  8. Do-ra-ma

    All I need is from-the-team-responsible-for-Protect-The-Boss to have my full attention. That is seriously one of the best rom-coms ever (still a bit puzzled why it was never covered here, but oh well), so I am highly looking forward to this. It’ll be a nice pick-me-up after the heart breakingly beautiful That Winter…

    • 8.1 bambledd

      Same here! Protect the Boss turned out to be one of the best dramas for me. I thought it was way funny and totally enjoyed it.

      …And this is a bit silly of me but I am somewhat biased against Lee Min Jung b/c she got in the way of Gu JunPyo and Jandi (Boys Before Flowers). I know- totally silly of me but I can’t help it! LOL

  9. jomo

    I will definitely watch this.
    That first two photos of the leads look so oddly shopped.
    I’m thinking gritty political workplace story, but it looks all prettified romantic blur.

    • 9.1 canxi

      Lol, I’m wiling to bet you just described the drama with that last sentence, hahaha.

  10. 10 Laica

    Thanks for the update.

    This drama has some seriously big shoes to fill in terms of political rom-com where the leads are on opposite sides and secretly dating – I mean City Hall, of course. It’s the best love story in a political world I’ve ever seen, and it’s also my favourite drama of all time. So at least for this viewer the bar is set really high.

    But I loved PtB, and the leading men are all kinds of sexy – on both the physical and cerebral levels – and I’m not allergic to either of the female leads, so I have hope.

    Dare I hope for good hair as well? It’s looking good so far… *crosses fingers*

    • 10.1 Dominique

      Well, this drama’s progeny goes much farther back, all the way to the Hepburn-Tracy American classic.

      Korean dramas have been borrowing generously from American classics, but their success rate has been very low. The current example? Level 7 Civil Servant loosely based on the Brangelina hit, which is a big mess.

  11. 11 snow_white

    looks interesting….

  12. 12 LangitBiru

    Shin Ha Kyun my man… I wonder if Lee Byung Hoon pull his string so that Lee Min Jung can act in tis drama… ok so random.

  13. 13 Meiyih

    i do not like PTB, dropped it whn the badass ger bcome indecisive so I’m gonna wait for the review in DB b4 deciding to check tis out o not but Show pls do not ruin SHK, he’s a great actor & i hate when great actors took a derailed train

  14. 14 canxi

    Well they look good together! And Han Chae Young looks totally cute and down to earth–I’m not used to it, haha!

    Hoping for a strong female lead the most, but everything sounds wonderful to be honest. I look forward to everyone and want to see if Lee Min Jung will stretch beyond her limits to keep up with Shin. Even just a bit. She already has such a sparkly screen presence and I feel she can be better if she tries. I’m thinking with good direction, everyone will be great. πŸ™‚ Hoping.

  15. 15 ht

    Something’s telling me that this drama is gonna be good. Or maybe that something is Shin Ha-kyun, lol. I can always trust him and his choices. There’s Park Hee-soon too… Two super hot and great movie actors. I’m feeling excited already, lol.

    Yes to the comment on Han Chae-ah’s acting! Subjective viewing maybe, but I don’t find her acting any ‘WOW! AMAZING!’ (which a lot of people think so).

    On a shallow note, this is one hell of an attractive lead cast. πŸ˜›

  16. 16 gratisetamore

    LMJ disappointed me in Midas and also in Big. I hope SHK won’t eat her alive. And she doesn’t just make her eyes big hoping to thrive on cuteness.

    HC would have been a better match for SHK.

    i will still be watching if only for SHK and with critical eyes. But will drop it like some hot sweet potato if it turns out to be a dud.

  17. 17 KoDFighting

    Yeshhh!!! Shin Ha Kyun’s back~~ πŸ™‚ I’ve drama marathoned his Brain and Harvest Villa over my winter vacation and became a HUGE fan of him. XD He’s so adorbs in his interviews cause he’s quiet and shy. Lollllll πŸ˜› But, I’ve watched City Hall too a long while back and I really loved that one as well. I hope this drama is just as good!!! I feel like it has potential, but if not done right, it could just as easily be a flop….

  18. 18 Mystisith

    This is a hell of an age gap but for some reason they look compatible on screen. The rookie and the old fox with tricks up his sleeves… PTB was def one of the best rom-coms l’ve seen so I’m waiting for this impatiently.

  19. 19 song yong in

    yehey, thanks for this. something to look forward to πŸ™‚

  20. 20 Mar

    The male leads are not my cup of tea, BUT…the Protect the Boss Team draws me in…because I did not watch Protect the Boss for the male lead either and I think PTB is a great show with one of my favorite lead female characters.

    The thing with Lee Min Jung is she does have some range. She can play cute, sweet, and bubbly girl, and she can play mature and experienced. I am wondering which way they will go. Please say mature and experienced lol.

    I’m a little worried it’s going to come off stuff and dry, but we will see. I’d hope it was a little more City Hall and Protect the Boss flavored than dry drama.

  21. 21 Drama fan

    Hey… Looks like they were filming at the Korean War museum.

  22. 22 Oopz

    Reviews for the original novel has been good so far, n with that whole package of awesome casts, hoping that the execution delivered^^

  23. 23 siopao

    Shin Ha-kyun is a powerful actor… not so handsome at first… but as one watches him he becomes very attractive and sexy…

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