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All About My Romance teaser and stills
by | March 27, 2013 | 43 Comments

Is anyone else getting promo-fatigued these days? We have so many shows upcoming that are giving us glimpses at stills and teasers and poster shoots, but at this point I just want to SEE the damn shows already and enough with the teasing.

That said: Howsabout a new batch of All About My Romance stills? With That Winter, The Wind Blows heading into its final stretch, SBS is readying All About, its follow-up drama set in the world of politics. It’s got a familiar opposites-attract conceit — Lee Min-jung is the liberal, Shin Ha-kyun the conservative — but the hope is that the milieu offers up a fresh take on the standard rom-com setup.

The preview below shows her character apologizing for disappointing her constituency, while he blames “the ignorant citizens” for choosing such an incompetent politician. (I assume he means her.) Those are some words he’ll have to eat later on when he falls for her, I’m sure. (In addition to being a former judge, Shin Ha-kyun’s character is a fourth-degree geomdo (kendo) expert, which I suppose corresponds to his killer instinct and fierce temperament.)

The tone of the piece seems dignified and thoughtful, but as this is being described as a romantic comedy and comes from the producers of Protect the Boss, I do expect a fair amount of comic absurdity sprinkled throughout. Plus, we’ve got Gong Hyung-jin in place as one of our heroes fellow assemblymen from the same party, who’s known for ad-libbing his way through his comic roles. So while I’m not sure how funny our leads will be directly, it should be fun having a hilarious sidekick on hand, at least.

All About My Romance will run for 16 episodes beginning April 4.

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43 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Baerchii

    never knew he was so pretty

    • 1.1 Jo

      I think both of them are beautiful. But GOD I want Shin Ha Kyun to have my babies.
      His beautiful, expressive eyes!
      hyperventilating here

      • 1.1.1 Bengbeng

        hahaha, you’re funny, but i truly understand what you mean =). I would add, he has intelligent eyes and a very brilliant actor. Everytime i watched his dramas or movies, i’m completely mesmerized by his totality =)

        • DL Thompson

          I love “mesmerized by his totality1” ….and I completely agree!

          • Sonam

            Not only intelligent and expressive but very sensitive eyes….That makes it even better. Contrast that with full sensual pouty lips. …Intelligent, sexy and sensitive. What more could we ask of an actor?!!!!!

      • 1.1.2 AnotherFan

        And he can have mine too!

    • 1.2 SH

      It’s the hair!

  2. Carmensitta

    The over-saturation with teasers is similar to the one that happened with EXO last year. And isn’t it the VERY same time frame!? *blow your mind*

  3. Danna

    Please be good!

  4. Simi

    That ajusshi is hellah fine! And for that superficial reason, I will be watching this drama LOL

  5. ruky

    Quick question: does anyone know if dramabeans plans on posting pics from the meet up for those who can’t make it

  6. bambledd

    romantic comedy? pics seems so serious

  7. Mystisith

    I’m going to watch this no matter what. I’m ready for something different, more dynamic and light.
    (I woke up this morning and realized that my interest for TWTWB had completely faded, just like that. Cold ashes.)

    • 7.1 Sonam

      Strange. Same with me. I suddenly can’t stand it. And I had been so much in love with JIS’s OS. Weird. Scratching my head over it.

      • 7.1.1 MicolaM

        I think it is because there were some serious WTH moments in the last episode that really turned ppl off.

        • Sonam

          I think I just got bored. She should have found out he wasn’t her brother much earlier. I thought the kiss made a lot of sense. OS’s desperation. I think the drama ended at the kiss for me. There was nothing more to look forward to. They had done all the cute stuff …..all tension was gone. I don’t think we could have had more kissing scenes…..It would have looked like it was about sex, not love then. The drama was going at top speed but suddenly it lost steam.

    • 7.2 DL Thompson

      I don’t think TWTWB is that good. It seemed to be a commercial for the “physical features” of the two leads. While I think Song Hye-kyo is very pretty, she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. She is always paired with good looking and very talented actors. Her agent should be rewarded because she talent never lives up to the talent she is surround by. I haven’t seen a film or drama where I thought her acting blew me away.

    • 7.3 thil28

      this show i cant wait to watch, too! also agree with you with regards to TWTWB. for the first time, i did not eagerly rush to see new episode…in fact, totally have no desire to continue it atm. but i guess i will eventually, just to see how it ends…

  8. Ashley

    looking forward to this….bc shin ha kyun is amazing in every role….he portrays so well in any character even if you wouldn’t expect it from his appearance. the man is a true actor 🙂

    • 8.1 Opal

      I say Amen to that.

      When I watch K-drama, I am not usually attracted to eye-candy actors but only to those who can really act (at least to my standard) and SHK is surely one of them other than CSW, KMM.

      • 8.1.1 DL Thompson

        I agree wholeheartedly!!! There is a big difference between eye candy and truly talented actors…..Ha Jung-woo, Kim Joo Hyuk, Lee Jung-jae, Lee Chun-hee and Daniel Choi are all handsome men, but their talent and their machismo makes them especially sexy!

  9. Angeliam

    Those two are so adorable together. I would watch all about my romance for sure

  10. 10 Pipit

    This is the only upcoming drama that I’m really looking forward to. Might even go back to watching as it airs.

    Shin Ha Kyun with sword! Oh. My. Heart!

  11. 11 milkmustache

    If it’s coming from the producers of Protect the Boss (one of my favorite dramas ever), I’m definitely checking this out. Plus, I do like Lee Min-jung and Shin Ha-kyun as our leads, so that’s a plus. 🙂

    • 11.1 DL Thompson

      Just saw the guy from Protect the Boss in MY P.S. Partner (available on YouTube). Subs are horrible, but film see to be pretty good!

  12. 12 ida

    i’ve been thinking this since i saw the first stills of Shin Ha Kyun, but does he remind anyone else of Lee Je Hoon (or vice versa)?
    lol, i get this all the time, when an older actor has some familiar qualities to a younger actor, and i get all excited and curious about how the younger actor will change as they age.
    i get that it may just be me who feels like there are similarities and that’s ok too. but it’d be great to know if anyone else gets this.

  13. 13 ida

    on another note- (WARNING: FAN GIRL MOMENT AHEAD)

    OMFG!!!!!! So hot. SO. hot.
    and it’s not just looks wise, but his charisma, screen presence. he pretty much ownes the screen whenever he was on in MIA.
    Did y’all see that glimpse of him in the teaser?

    argh! can’t get enough.

  14. 14 JC

    I feel like this has the potential to be really good!
    -crosses fingers-
    Here’s hoping~
    Because I definitely plan on watching this.

  15. 15 snow_white

    planning to watch this…..

    but yeah, so many drama stills and teasers these days…I’m confused…

  16. 16 ssosh


  17. 17 canxi

    Shin Ha Kyun in the kendo attire made my heart flutter *__*

    Yay! I’m excited for this. I hope it’s awesome.

  18. 18 junibacken

    Shin Ha Kyun should wear the kendo uniform the whole drama. He looks sooooo good in it.

  19. 19 birdscout

    Gong Hyung-jin is looking mighty fine in these pics. Loved him in Dalja’s Spring and Alone in Love. He is very funny 🙂

  20. 20 asianromance

    I’m also feeling fatigue from the drama stills. I’m actually feeling none of the upcoming dramas. Been seeing still and thinking “that sounds nice” “that sounds exciting”, but I’m not feeling the excitement, so I’m paying attention to all the stills of the new crop of dramas, hoping for something to excite me.

    Not feeling the teaser here, but I do love Protect the Boss and the other opposites-attract-in-the-political-arena rom-com, City Hall.

  21. 21 ht

    CAN’T WAIT. Shin Ha-kyun! THE CAST! That is all. Haha.

  22. 22 Kiara

    Dont care much for the lead actress. This could have been All My Bromance.

  23. 23 Piggies

    Is it strange that Shin Ha-kyun looks kinda reminds me of Eric Mun? Like how Eric might look in a few years?

  24. 24 keith1987

    I love the hair though and the teaser looks so promising 😉

  25. 25 Lilian

    haha…really information overload. I can barely remember what each dramas are about! anyway, hated “Big” big time (pun intended). Hopefully this will do better!

  26. 26 blkasian

    I’m with you on the never ending teasers and still photos. It becomes an over kill…just bring on the drama pls.

  27. 27 Cath

    I adore Lee Min Jung to bits.

    BTW, the title “All about my Romance” is narcissistic-ly sweet.~That statement makes no sense.~

  28. 28 Sajen

    I love Gong Hyung-jin he was awesome in Alone In Love, I am ashamed to admit however that as much as I love him Alone In Love remains his only work I’ve yet seen.

  29. 29 C

    Is anyone else feeling reminiscent about Beethoven Virus from watching this trailer? It seems kind of familiar, older grouchy male lead, happy-go-lucky female.

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