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Crazy Love continues tvN’s line of revengey makjangs
by | March 26, 2013 | 49 Comments

My viewership of tvN dramas tends to skew toward their lighter fare, such as the Flower Boy series and their other rom-coms, but the cable station does appear to be carving out another niche for itself in the daily makjang category, and has a new one in the works: Crazy Love, which launches next month.

Previous daily revenge series by tvN include Yellow Boots (a ratings hit, breaking 5%) and Glass Mask (also a hit at 3%), and you can bet they’re hoping to solidify the trend with Crazy Love. Well, I guess they picked a good title.

The station is labeling this one a “passion melo” — words you’d presume were built into the genre but may be added here to emphasize the Angst and Intensity even further, perhaps? Directed by the PD of I Need Romance and Star in My Heart — two much lighter, fizzier shows — this drama tells the story of lovers who meet at their bleakest moment and fall into a “crazy, desperate love.”

The heroine, played by Park Sun-young (Can’t Live Without You, Sons of Sol Pharmacy), grew up in an orphanage and dreams of building a harmonious family life with the man who falls for her at first sight (Heo Tae-hee of Golden Time). However, her marriage turns out to be miserable and she is ultimately shunned by the family, which is when she meets leading man Go Se-won (Rude Miss Young-ae).

The teaser above (really, it’s two short teasers smooshed together, both offering up the same tagline) intones, “When I’d thought I’d been abandoned by the world, he found me.” Not much in the way of plot, though it does look pretty. Still, I’m going to presume there’s a lot more to this angst, because two sad people finding love doesn’t sound like much cause for a crazy intense makjang drama. Why all the passion and dramatics? Is she still married? Is one of them dying? Is he her brother? C’mon, I need REASONS.

Crazy Love follows the current daily drama Glass Mask and will premiere on April 8. It’ll run for 100 episodes.

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49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Meghan Auld

    TvN is really doing everything right. I can’t believe that a cable channel can get higher ratings than some dramas on the big 3 networks. Pretty amazing.

    • 1.1 Dominique

      It is. And, although the blog fails to mention it, the new tvN drama, Nine, is racing ahead of all other weekday dramas from the big guys.

      • 1.1.1 JoAnne

        OMG Nine. Every week it gets better. Episode 5 this morning zoomed the series up to the top of my list of currently airing dramas.

      • 1.1.2 Meeyeong

        What are you talking about? It’s doing 1~2%.

        • JoAnne

          It’s often the case that the home audience isn’t as thrilled with something as the away, or vice versa. I’m not surprised.

          • Jo

            or more like its CABLE as in you have to pay more?
            Like I know Homeland is great and stuff but it has relatively lower ratings than say some innocuous sitcom because its on CABLE.
            It’s not that enthusiasm is low per say. I don’t think that’s the right conclusion to draw from the ratings on cable tv…

      • 1.1.3 JC

        Nine is great~
        Recent tvn offerings have been way better than those on the big 3 networks.

      • 1.1.4 dramabliss

        I have started watching Nine after reading the raves about it here. And I agree–it rocks!

        Also, the drama resonates with me for two reasons. First, it brings back memories when my daughter and I went to Nepal. We were in Pokhara and stayed in the same hotel! I remember the terrace where we eat meals, with the magnificent Annapurna as backdrop. More than this, I recently lost my sister to brain cancer. The tumor was very aggressive and she passed away three months after she was diagnosed.

        If the same is true with Park Sun Woo, he might not even last the 6 months, even with surgery and chemo. I am hoping now that the time travel will have a healing effect on our hero.

        • DL Thompson

          OMG….I’m gonna start watching Nine now since you guys are raving about it!

      • 1.1.5 hAil3Y

        OMG now at Episode 6 and Nine is sooooo awesome and intriguing! :DD

      • 1.1.6 Steph

        Nine is the junk! It’s taking me back to my Quantum Leap loving days.

        • Dee

          That’s so true!

    • 1.2 Heidi

      Queen Inhyun’s Man was also a TvN drama and was a big success as far as I remember. They seem to know what the audience like πŸ™‚

    • 1.3 anna

      Really? Most TvN dramas get around ~5 (at peak), and around 3% most of the time. On the other hand, JTBC drama Childless Comfort is in a league of its own! 10% for a cable drama, that’s amazing.

  2. calvin&hobbes

    yellow boots was awesome! I love Lee Yoo Ri! am super excited about Crazy Love as Park Sun Young is another actress I really like! Go Se Won was great in another daily drama … so excited!!

  3. Mystisith

    Korean audience is swallowing those daily revenge dramas like me chocolate. I’m happy for the channel but not much for me since it’s not my cup of tea at all…

  4. crazedlu

    erherndred eps of crazy angst? geezles.

  5. Annie

    These dramas give me hives. And from what I’ve read, both the main leads are still married? Gross.

    • 5.1 seoulflysea

      What are you talking about? Are you referring to the characters who are still married when they fall in love or the married status of the drama’s leads? Either way, if this kind of “drama” gives you hives, you’re either not paying too much attention to Kdramas in general. KDramas do have characters who engage in extramarital affairs AND plenty of actors/actresses are married so I don’t understand your point.

      • 5.1.1 DL Thompson

        Thanks you! That was the craziest statement I ever ready…somebody can’t separate fantasy (or TV) from reality! Even though in real life lots of married people have affairs. That statement gives me the hives! πŸ™‚

  6. OMG

    tvN….and all the other cable channels really like OCN and jTBC are really stepping up their game in regards to their shows…m excited to see what this is about…as Glass mask is next on my list of kdramas to watch…

    • 6.1 Mak

      Just a warning:
      I’ve been following Glass Mask and, unlike Yellow Boots, the revenge in this one is weak sauce. Our heroine suffers and suffers, but the payback is… not a satisfying vengeance, at least for me.

      • 6.1.1 seoulflysea

        I totally agree with you. The tight storyline for Yellow Boots had me on the edge every episode to see what would happen and the acting from all characters were incredible! I expected more with Glass Mask but the storyline was too erratic and unfocused. If this story was about revenge and then leading to forgiveness and reconciliation, there was so much plot that was lacking in how to get the characters to care about it. From my perspective, it seemed like the writers started to lose focus on where the revenge them was heading and then when they lost steam altogether, they decided to work on the “forgiveness” theme. Storyline is very inconsistent and dragging.

  7. Hiba

    A hundred ! Omg ! And I thought Korean drama was nothing like mexican telenovelas ! But it’s shorter by like another 100 hhhh

  8. kopytko

    I tried watching Glass Mask because of Lee Ji Hoon, but I couldn’t take it. I don’t think this show will be groundbreaking in the matter – makjang heavyweight is too much for me.
    On the other hand Cheer Up Mr Kim shows that dailies can be indeed pleasant and casual dramas. So dailies as such – why not, melos – no, thank you.
    I don’t mind seeing Heo Tae Hee again, though.

  9. dtp_jnr

    I love revenge dramas more than any other genre…..When done right it’s beautiful (Yellow Boots)….In the case of Glass Mask, i guess they didn’t want to go the same route as YB in how strong the conviction for revenge was so they decided to pull a Temptation of Wife…..

    I need to know more about what this revenge will be about before jumping in cos so far from what’s written they don’t have any angst or evil that warrants revenge

    • 9.1 MsB

      They sure didn’t! As a fan of GM I’m more disappointed about the revenge than the romance. Truth be told, even though I love LJH, his romance roles are generally not the heavy.

  10. 10 snow_white

    not my cup of tea…..

  11. 11 MsB

    First episode of Yellow Boots was WOAH!. On my list. I am almost done with Glass Mask and what started out well up to 100 ep has petered out and become totally unsatisfying; however, there is no way I’m not finishing this. GM was all about the maknang and next to no romance which I fault the writers on that. Crazy Love? If I could find it, I’d try it but the synopsis does not sound like a revenge at all Not familiar with the leads at all.

    • 11.1 Gene

      Crazy love is not about revenge as such. The female lead was an orphange and she falls in love and got married. They had a child. Someone comes along and tries to seduce her husband. The husband falls into the temptation and was ensnared. I think the female lead through this found the love of her life.

      This, I think, is what the rough story is about.

  12. 12 JoAnne

    Maybe he’s going blind, and she’s desperate for money because of the abandonment so she’ ll fool him into thinking….nah.

  13. 13 creidesca

    Go Se Won! I really liked his character in KBS daily drama Moon and Stars for You. Now I have to watch.

  14. 14 Nokcha

    100 episodes of crazy makjang love!! Kill me now! Too long a run for angst but sounds like it has its fans. I’m just not one of them.

  15. 15 Betty

    JB : Is he her brother?
    —> lollllll

  16. 16 Quiet Thought

    The opening few minutes of Glass Mask were the funniest slice of overwrought Makjang cliches I’ve seen since the opening few minutes of Queen of Ambition, but neither of them were as hilarious as the opening twelve minutes of Flames of Ambition. When you’re yelling at your computer screen “Take off those g**d**n high heels, you stupid woman!” you know you’re not really cut out to watch soap opera.

    • 16.1 Quiet Thought

      Sorry, that was ‘Flames of Desire.’ Every time I see that goofball hurl the violin at the floor, I flash back to the The Three Stooges . . . “My Stradivarius! My Stradivarius!”

      • 16.1.1 DL Thompson

        LOL! πŸ™‚

  17. 17 Vargas

    I could watch Park Sun-Young for a thousand episodes! πŸ™‚ Bring it on…

    • 17.1 Hazel

      Me, tooooooooooooooo

  18. 18 TS

    Well, whatever ends Glass Mask…

    • 18.1 Quiet Thought

      LOL . . . It was either another Makjang or a major typhoon hitting Seoul. And it wasn’t typhoon season.

  19. 19 hellochloe

    ooh, always had a soft spot for makjangs, esp when it includes my favorite tropes.

  20. 20 amber

    JB! Why not recapping Nine? That show rocks. It’s making fun of makjang. The couple is not half siblings but an uncle and a niece. Wow! Didn’t see that one coming.

    • 20.1 InSu

      Sometimes, not always. Such is messing with history

  21. 21 Lady Seoul

    Trying to keep us at the edge of our seats by not telling us too many details. The teaser was very pretty and it was the only thing I notices. I’m betting she is still married since it wouldn’t be called crazy love for nothing..

  22. 22 Carmensitta

    one…HUNDRED…episodes!? Baby run run run run run…

    • 22.1 Cath

      Carmensitta…need a ride? πŸ™‚

  23. 23 miisy

    100 episodes?!! i wanted to watch this but i cannot stand watching makjang/revenge dramas that are over 30 eps! one of the reasons i couldnt start yellow boots! damn, and i was actually interested in this πŸ™

  24. 24 Velvet350

    This drama is so slow, dragged out and has become painful to watch. Can’t imagine it being 100 episodes. Way too much screaming and makes no sense half the time. Very disappointing.

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