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FinKL members Lee Jin and Sung Yuri reunite in drama
by | March 25, 2013 | 41 Comments

Two idols from the same girl group in a drama? I suppose you get a pass if it’s been eleven years since you were in said idol group, but still, that’s a lot worlds colliding, people. Idol-turned-actress Lee Jin (The Great Seer) has just joined the cast of her ex-groupmate Sung Yuri’s new weekend drama Birth Secret, though sadly their characters’ secret isn’t that they were once in a girl group together. I know that’s probably TOO much thinly-veiled meta, but it’s kind of the only situation in which I’ll be able to suspend my disbelief long enough to watch a drama starring the pair of them.

Sung Yuri stars in the drama that sounds like it has a makjang plot, but swears it’s a trendy: the heroine is a genius who has a hidden birth secret and suffers from amnesia, specifically all her memories from age 17 to 27, making her forget that she has a husband (played by Yoo Joon-sang) and a daughter (Kal So-won). She thinks her husband is all wrong for her, and doesn’t believe she would have married him, and the drama is her journey to recovering her memory piece by piece, and also falling in love with him all over again. Though it has a melo premise, if they breeze past the tragic beginning quickly, I suppose it does have potential to be executed in a fun, heartwarming way.

Lee Jin has joined the cast as a chaebol daughter-in-law who “lives with an illness of the heart” (they mean feeling-heart, not cardiac problems), and was once our heroine’s best friend. Because Sung Yuri can’t remember her life from age 17 on, she seeks out her then-best-friend Lee Jin for help in figuring out what happened in her life after high school.

What she won’t remember is that Lee Jin was her best friend back then, but she was jealous that the boy she liked was interested in Sung Yuri, and stole him, only to ditch him for the rich man she eventually married (Han Sang-jin). So basically they’re playing ex-besties and now-rivals, which is oddly not that hard to believe. Add a stint in a girl group to that past and I’m sold. Here’s the pair of friends in the show’s first script read, below.

Birth Secret follows Incarnation of Money and premieres April 27 on SBS.

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41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jules

    This sounds like an angsty version of 18 vs 29….

    • 1.1 DayDreamer

      But since the drama swears it’s trendy, then it’s just another version of 18 vs. 29, heh.

      • 1.1.1 dovatoes

        wth is a trendy supposed to mean?

    • 1.2 lenrasoon


    • 1.3 d

      yup def sound like 18 vs 29, but this time she has a daughter!~

      maybe., just maybe…

      it’s like 18 vs 29 II; i.e the daughter grown up… and well, she got amnesia back.. as complications of previous series accident~


    • 1.4 asianromance

      at least 18 vs 29 had the adorable Choi Si Won and Park Min Ji playing the young versions of the characters in the ending tags. And Ryu Soo Young’s too cute. 18 vs 29 was a cute drama, but dragged on a bit long. I don’t think I can do a part angsty/part trendy version of it.

  2. Indigo

    But they already did this show. 18 vs 29, anyone?

  3. mystisith

    …ZZZZzzzzz… Won’t watch.

  4. Mrs. Hand Towel

    @2 LC’s: I doubt this show will be even a third as good as 18 vs 29

    • 4.1 Annie

      But… Yoo Joon Sang ….

      • 4.1.1 JO

        Annie, I get you.

  5. Jennifer

    Gaaaaaa!!! I can’t wait!!!!! I love Lee Jin and Sung Yuri!!!!! YAY!!!!!

  6. Gon

    I thought I saw MCW for a moment..Lee Jin looks a lot like her..except the mouth?

    • 6.1 Gon

      MCW=Moon Chae Won..abrreviate too much..hgeh

    • 6.2 respechuae

      OMG I thought I was the only. I totally saw MCW for a moment.

  7. milkmustache

    Aw, that’s cute. Not so interested in the drama, but it’s kind of nice to see two members of a former girl group reuniting like this. 🙂

  8. moosie

    OH MY GAHD. Han Sang-jin is in this? ゚▽゚

  9. Luz


  10. 10 panshel

    Fail on my part. I forgot Lee Jin was in Finkl. I only remember her from Xman.

  11. 11 glace

    I really liked Lee Jin in The Great Seer, so I think I’ll try this!

  12. 12 Danna

    18 vs 29: the melodrama, huh? Sorry I’ll pass

  13. 13 Aj

    Didn’t even recognize Lee Jin. Age?

  14. 14 Gaeina Lee

    GF, you had me spitted my milk when reading: “lives with an illness of the heart” (they mean feeling-heart, not cardiac problems).. – Duh, SK and its terms.. *LOL*

  15. 15 maldita

    Someone should get Hyori and Joohyun to do cameos just for the lulz of having all of FinKL in one drama. Yes? Yes?

  16. 16 PollyRose

    The first thing to come to mind when you said “breeze past the tragic beginning quickly” was Stars Falling From the Sky/Wish Upon A Star. That definitely had a sad start, but didn’t spend the entire show sad. So maybe this could do the same? It’ll be sad then move onto being heartwarming/cute.
    I know, I know. I might be stretching. But they said trendy! What, can’t I hope and ignore the clear makjang underpinnings? Hope springs eternal 🙂

  17. 17 bd

    My only impression of SY was from is from HGD and let’s just say it wasn’t a good one.

    Lee Jin, however, was one of my favorites on X-Man (stiff Queen) and she did a decent job of acting in TGS.

  18. 18 Jushi

    It has a lot of potential to be heartwarming. I’m quite liking the premise.

  19. 19 SKS

    핑클짱! 핑클짱!

    This raises my interest slightly although I can’t deal with the literal naming of the drama.

    Maybe they should have not just Juhyun and Hyori but some S.E.S. members pop in too. 😛

  20. 20 magnus

    Wasn’t this a drama in ’05 or ’06? I swear I remember watching a girl lose a specific set of memories and falling back in love with her husband. I assume it’s the 18 vs 29 I’m seeing in the comments. Lol good job writers, how are they not getting picked up for plagarism?

    I’m going to avoid the makjang fest until reviews come out. I’m not dealing with this train-wreck unless someone watches it and tells me it’s not.

    • 20.1 JO

      just because one has an amnesia plot etc. can’t be plagiarism.
      Also, if we’ve learned anything from Anthony and his show, plagiarism is double checked through the script etc.

  21. 21 DarknessEyes

    I hope you will recap this… pleaseee???

  22. 22 haha

    Do I see my favorite king from Horse doctor? Wow, that’s interesting. I don’t mind Sung Yuri as well, but the plot….again amnesia?

  23. 23 snow_white

    now it sounds a bit interesting……

  24. 24 mlhw

    wow so interesting love yuri & leejin ::)))…

  25. 25 jessy

    Yess,Sung Yuri is back…Im looking forward to this drama,love her previous acting in Feast of God :-)))))

  26. 26 tokki

    I’m really happy those 2 fairies have chance to be in same drama. They’re really really close in real life. Yuri said, if she’s not busy, she meets Lee Jin daily ^^ Now they bring their friendship into the drama. Cant wait to watch this. The only problem for me is Yoo Jun Sang. I dont know him much. He’s old to Yuri T___T Is he good at acting?

  27. 27 amber

    He is a great actor. He sold me as Terry in My Husband got a family.& I love Lee Jin. Though I can’t stand Sung Yuri’voice, her acting is bearable 4 me.

  28. 28 HALOM

    Han Sang-jin????????????????


  29. 29 aX

    Oh interesting. Failed lead guys though but whatever!

  30. 30 KimYoonmi

    I whatever number the 18 v. 29. That drama was cute, yet dragged just a little.

    Here, it’s just dead… the single writer, Kim Kyu Wan, wrote Cinderella’s Sister, Robber, Dr. Gang, Spring Days, Say You Love me, and Piano (2001-2002).

    Excuse me, while I have no faith in this writer to pull it off.

    I watched his movie Crazy First Love too… but it wasn’t a top movie.

    Again, excuse me while I don’t have much faith in the writer.

    This drama looks like it is destined for a train wreck…

  31. 31 Bobo

    Lee Jin ang Sung Yuri? Playing bestfriends? Omg. Well, exbestfriends but still. I’m sold. And lee jin playing the btch? Excited for this. Loved her in Man of Honor. Used to watch her banjun dramas too, just for the lols. She was funny then lol and in Nonstop.

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