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Incarnation of Money: Episode 10
by | March 7, 2013 | 28 Comments

What is it that’s most precious to you? Is it love, justice, power, or money? As this show continues to ask more questions about fundamental values and beliefs, our characters are challenged when those things are pulled out from under them or left to watch as they disintegrate before their eyes. Perhaps now that what they consider most dear is gone, they’ll start to chase new dreams with a new ambition.

The series suffered some setbacks in ratings this past weekend with Episode 9 pulling in a 12.2% and another dip with Episode 10 at 11.4%.


As Se-kwang waits for an answer, it’s as if his piercing gaze can see right through Cha-don’s nerves. But then Cha-don smiles in return and in a calm voice, offers to find the infamous Shudal himself. Se-kwang tells him that won’t be necessary and they let the matter drop.

The job for President Choi still up in the air, Cha-don instructs Chief Yang to continue – Se-kwang hasn’t made the connection that he’s Shudal. I’d say he has a pretty good educated guess.

They sit in the sauna to wait for their informant and I love how Chief Yang hangs a lantern on their meeting place: “Do we have to meet in a place like this?” Did someone watch too many mafia movies? And Cha-don basically tells him to suck it up: “Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet!” Heh.

Chief Yang is about to drop off the intel in the locker room when Chief Prosecutor Jo suddenly whisks him away, pointing to the tail he’s picked up.

Back at the office, Chief Prosecutor Jo makes it clear that they have to stay on their toes with Se-kwang as the new chief inspector. He orders Cha-don to cut off all their ties in their underground network which is something Cha-don isn’t willing to do.

It becomes increasingly apparent that the idea that Se-kwang is their opponent shakes up one man more than the other. The chief prosecutor warns, “If you screw up one more time, you’ll answer to me.” Cha-don takes his leave and lets out a heavy sigh.

It’s both strange and creepy that we find Ji-hoo lying within the corpse outline at the crime scene. Er, can someone remind her that a guy died there barely a day ago?

She’s soon joined by Reporter Go, who reminds her that all arrows point to suicide – buried in debt, Lawyer Hwang wanted to die. But Ji-hoo isn’t so sure – someone who intended to kill himself wouldn’t buy a plane ticket to leave the next day. Furthermore, all of his belongings were intact apart from his phone, which is currently missing.

She orders a search team to comb for the phone when she’s suddenly called away.

The entire prosecution team goes out for drinks, and suffice it to say that it is awkward. Cha-don gives himself a pep talk in the bathroom to stay focused, but as luck would have it, he runs into President Choi on his way out, who loudly yaps on about any updates on the job.

Cha-don does his best to quiet the man when he sees Hyuk emerge from the room and quickly sends him away.

Cha-don cuts off his ties with the last of his customers (all CEOs or presidents of various companies) and it looks like his prosecution team also doubles as his underground team. The prospect of losing all of his customers frustrates him and Cha-don scolds his team members to release his exasperation.

He reviews the case on the Silver Rain apparel brand and instructs Chief Yang to perform a background check on Angelina. Convinced that this is their last big job, he says they can’t pull out now. Said like a true shyster.

The inspection department pours over documents trying to find a link between a corrupt prosecutor and a company president to no avail. To everyone’s surprise, it’s the newbie Cha-don who points out the connection within the contract that the men used a broker to settle their deal. This astute deduction earns him praise from Se-kwang.

Afterward, Hyuk asks why Se-kwang removed the chief prosecutor from the internal investigation. The answer is that Se-kwang wants to look into it himself because his sources tell him that somehow Cha-don is involved in his possible misdeeds.

The reason why Cha-don knows so much is because he’s an expert at pinpointing corruption in others. Then Se-kwang confirms that he knows that Cha-don is the infamous Shudal.

But they’ve currently got another problem on their hands because Jae-in has come to the office looking for them. It’s pretty hilarious how Se-kwang is awkwardly nervous in her presence as he stutters in surprise.

Their attempts to calm her down only riles her up even more and she grabs both men with each hand, demanding compensation for her ruined restaurant.

Cha-don asks Ji-hoo if she’s made any headway on the supposed suicide case. He gives her a thumbs-up at her answer that no victim should die an unjust death and asks if there’s any way he can help. Their banter is adorable.

Likewise, Se-kwang agrees to pay for the damages and cocks his head with a twinge of familiarity. Have they met before? But Jae-in misconstrues his compliments for flirting instead (or perhaps thinks he’s just trying to appease her).

Just then, both Cha-don and Ji-hoo appear by the stairwell on their way out to lunch. Jae-in eyes the latter up and down, wondering what Cha-don sees in her.

Then when Ji-hoo invites her superior to lunch, Jae-in cozies up to Cha-don to steal him away instead, declaring their status as lovers. Needless to say that Cha-don is NOT happy about this but Ji-hoo happy steps aside so the lovebirds can spend time with each other.

Funnily enough, all four of them end up at the same restaurant. Se-kwang asks Ji-hoo why she’s still unmarried and when she turns the question on him, he names his workaholic nature as the reason.

He calls her out on her sarcasm and she quickly apologizes that she means that he always seems too busy to get a drink outside the office. He laughs and tells her that he’ll be her drinking buddy anytime she needs one and she positively beams.

Cha-don watches this exchange at a distance with a stern expression while absent-mindedly putting in more and more pepper in his soup. Jae-in calls him out on his jealousy and rubs in that it’s pretty obvious that Ji-hoo isn’t the least bit interested in him.

But then she suddenly does a 180 and pours on the aegyo, pointing to Assistant Kim spying them from a corner. With a forced grin, she tells him to smile. Then she pinches his cheek. Hard.

He returns the favor and before you know it, they’re both pinching each other’s cheeks and Assistant Kim happily relays to Boss Bok that the two kids are enjoying their date. LOL.

They finally let go of that awkward and painful position when the senior prosecutors swing by to say goodbye. Cha-don spoons a mouthful of pepper-filled soup only to spit it out a second later. He asks Jae-in why her mother is suddenly keeping tabs on her and she barks that it’s none of his business.

Back at the office, Hyuk reports that Cha-don’s background check comes up clean though the montage of Cha-don laughing maniacally in his locked vault tells us otherwise. He suggests that further investigation may prove futile, but Cha-don’s blip-free record is even more suspicious in Se-kwang’s eyes.

Se-kwang is handed a file and Hyuk’s eyes flicker with recognition at President Choi’s picture. He recalls that Cha-don referred to him as an uncle, but of course no one in the president’s family tree is a prosecutor. Looks like the chief prosecutor just found Shudal’s sponsor.

Team Shudal sweats over its next course of action after President Choi relays his increased impatience to finish the job. Time is ticking and they know that Se-kwang has placed his men to follow them.

Cha-don knows that they won’t be able to shake off their tail and the others gape when he agrees to meet President Choi as planned and declares that they’ll face the enemy head on.

It’s pretty smart and hilarious how Cha-don walks into their designated meeting place and combs the room for a bug. He plays up the small talk (and Chief Yang furiously shushes the president) until he finally finds the bug hidden in the fish head.

Then Cha-don loudly talks into it about how surprised he is that the president is so unethical and that a Korean prosecutor isn’t some errand boy. President Choi leans in too and responds, “I’m sorry!” Hahahaha – this is pretty funny.

And as expected, Se-kwang’s team listens intently to this exchange in their van. By now, Cha-don dramatically yells that they’re leaving and everyone in the room gets into it. Se-kwang just smirks and immediately recognizes that it’s all an act.

Cha-don is nothing if not thorough and he has Chief Yang foot the bill to keep up the ruse. Only that tactic works against him as Se-kwang walks in to arrest President Choi and thanks Cha-don for his efforts. Ooh, smart.

At Cha-don’s concerned expression, Se-kwang tells him with a smile not to worry. The president will call for Shudal and this way, they’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Chief Prosecutor Jo is in a state of panic at the news and they brainstorm what to do next.

Se-kwang’s interrogation of President Choi reminds us of the already known fact that he excels in this field. Using Cha-don’s name and the president’s daughter’s upcoming wedding is enough to shake the president’s resolve.

So Se-kwang presents his proposition: that the president join hands with them or go to jail. President Choi cracks.

Cha-don is led to the other side of the two-way mirror just as President Choi spills the beans on all of their monetary exchanges and confirms that Cha-don has multiple sponsors. Oh crap.

Then Se-kwang asks his final question: Does he know who Shudal is? The president nods, Cha-don holds his breath, and the president answers: “Lee Cha-don.”

Cha-don looks to Prosecutor Kwon and asks in a soft voice if he really believes what the president just said. Prosecutor Kwon answers that he doesn’t believe the voice of the accused over his own employee.

He does, however, issue a thinly veiled warning: “If you betray my trust, you’ll pay severely. Not just you, but because every prosecutors’ honor depends on it.”

I love how Boss Bok catches her daughter every time she tries to sneak out of the house and that using Cha-don as an excuse backfires on Jae-in. This time, she runs away to a spa appointment and who should jabber on next to her than Angelina.

Jae-in tells her to quiet down and Angelina’s eyes bug out at her neighbor’s rudeness. Angelina passive-aggressively barks at the employees not to let anyone into the VIP room, referring to Jae-in as a bar girl. Jae-in shrills, “Bar girl?!”

Jae-in gets up and stands over Angelina with a bowlful of treatment. Then with a smirk, she pours it on her. Angelina screams and blindly grabs for the nearest person as Jae-in walks out. HA – I could watch Angelina go up against the Bok women all day.

Boss Bok follows her daughter by car and is utterly surprised when she learns that Jae-in owns her own restaurant.

Meanwhile, Ji-hoo informs Cha-don that a search warrant has been issued for his house and that Se-kwang is looking for him. Cha-don makes a run for it but he soon finds himself flanked by Se-kwang’s team.

In a panic, Cha-don calls Chief Yang before hiding his phone near a potted plant just before he’s cornered by Se-kwang. Cha-don plays dumb as Team Shudal listens to the conversation about a secret vault in his house.

Se-kwang advises him not to beat around the bush but Cha-don remains on the defense, calling out the passcode so that Team Shudal can hear. He agrees to cooperate and stalls for time while Team Shudal heads out.

Boss Bok reviews the books on Jae-in’s restaurant and sighs at the sizeable debt. Jae-in scoffs when her mother instructs Assistant Kim to freeze her credit cards. “Money, money, money! Is that all you know, Mom? Is money more precious to you than your daughter?!”

Jae-in bites back that she started this business so that she doesn’t end up like her mother in the loan shark business. Angry tears well up in her eyes when Boss Bok yells at her to get out. “Did you kick Dad out like this too?”

The question stops Boss Bok in her tracks as Jae-in continues that she knows her father isn’t dead like her mother told her. Did she kick him out because he couldn’t make money? Boss Bok slaps her daughter in response.

Jae-in cries that what she’s most embarrassed about is that she carries her mother’s surname (Bok) instead of her father’s. She storms out. Boss Bok lets out a deep, regretful sigh and then grabs her head in pain.

Team Shudal gapes at the piles of amassed cash within the vault and starts piling it into boxes. They’re just about to haul the lot into the car when they hear the police sirens nearby.

The prosecution team arrives at the house with Cha-don in tow and inside, Chief Yang sweats over what to do. An idea comes to him and he nervously hovers over the gas line before cutting it. He slips out of the house and nervously holds a lighter in his hand.

Cha-don notices that his car is parked by the house and realizes that his team is still in the area. He grabs onto Se-kwang’s arm in a last ditch effort to dissuade him. But Se-kwang won’t have it and Cha-don finally hollers: “Have you never committed a crime in your life?!”


The house bursts into flames and Cha-don watches in shock as the fire burns. He thinks to himself: “What’s happening in front of my eyes. My money! My money that’s as precious as my own blood!”

And inside, the bills burns to a crisp.

Ji-hoo backtracks to the crime scene. Surveying her surroundings, she deduces that a fight must have ensued before Lawyer Hwang’s fall and she rifles through the scene… and finds the missing phone.

The fire having died down, Cha-don sheds a tear at the sight of his burned house. Once the prosecution leaves, Team Shudal pops their heads from their hiding places.

Chief Yang apologizes through tears – this was the only solution he could think of. Now penniless, Cha-don breaks down, crying.

What in the what? Mom, what are you doing back at the psych ward? Tears silently stream down her cheek as she recalls that fateful day five years ago when Se-kwang came to pick her up at the orphanage.

Blindfolded and held down, she demands to know where she’s being taken as Se-kwang silently sits across from her. Taken back to that hellish prison, she vows that she intends to fight now that she knows the truth.

After some silence, Se-kwang finally speaks and instructs Mom that if she ever finds Kang-seok, to tell him that he was his father’s killer. But what if Kang-seok is already dead?

Mom cries that it’s not true and Se-kwang gives an evil laugh, telling her to hold onto that silver lining if that comforts her.

In the present, Mom thinks: “You keep on living believing that too. That my son is dead. It will be the happiest time in your life until he appears in front of you again.”

More bad news for Cha-don as his assistant tells him that a disciplinary hearing will be held to determine his future as a prosecutor. With a determined voice, Cha-don declares, “I won’t go down alone. ‘Shudal’? Don’t be ridiculous. Was I the only one who benefited from that money?”

His eyes glaze with new drive. Without a shred of hesitation, he resolves: “You heard of a suicide bomber, right? I have a bomb. Once I take the safety pin out, there are plenty of people who will tremble with fear. I won’t go down alone!”

He crumples the burned bills in his hand.

Cha-don beelines for Chief Prosecutor Jo’s office, who asks if he’s crazy to go ahead with the proceedings – he’ll be indicted for sure. He stammers, confused when Cha-don asks him to stop the indictment, citing that he lacks the authority to do so.

But Cha-don names the laundry list of people who all took his money as prosecutors and notes that the paper trail will lead to one person: Chief Prosecutor Jo.

Cha-don: “Whether I get fired as a prosecutor or get locked up in jail, it’s the same as a death sentence to me. A dead man walking won’t enter the afterlife alone.”


This man is on a mission and I wouldn’t underestimate him. Now that Cha-don doesn’t have a cent to his name, I look forward to see how he’ll build himself back up from the ashes. We missed that transition with the last time-jump in the previous episode where the rookie prosecutor suddenly bloomed into an experienced one with a small secret vault on its own. Money doesn’t grow on trees, right?

As a viewer, seeing the beginning stages where Cha-don has to tap into his natural charisma and astute observations to build those corrupt relationships would have been helpful to better understand his present destitute state. To him that money is linked to his freedom, no matter where it came from and to see that literally burn before his eyes is the same thing as being sent back to hell.

I’ve noticed that the people who make the most sense in this show are the ones dipping into the evil deeds. Like how Lawyer Hwang boldly admitted that he was evil and how Prosecutor Kwon told us that it isn’t easy for someone to stay on the straight and narrow. But if anyone can abide by the law, it’s definitely Ji-hoo, whose character seems to be getting pushed more and more into lovelorn unrequited love territory. Her snap, crackle, and pop personality is still there so I dearly hope she doesn’t get pushed into the wasteside.

I’m just going to say it: Se-kwang, you evil ass. As if we needed another reminder about how you despise the late chairman’s family. I should be thankful that Mom’s still alive and now knows the truth, but I ain’t happy that she’s back in the hellish psych ward. We see that Se-kwang is a smart villain – wearing an invisible moral cloak and thinking three steps ahead of our other baddies.

Which means it makes for a great and exciting upcoming battle between our prosecutors? Will it be corruption versus corruption or will someone turn over a new ethical leaf?


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. more

    HIS HAIR looks so strange lol

    • 1.1 Conny

      The hair kills me every time..lol

      Thanks for the recap <3

    • 1.2 ks

      Yeah, I don’t get that hairstyle at all!

    • 1.3 Joe

      The hair reminds me of Edward Wolfgang “Eddie” Munster is a fictional character on the CBS sitcom The Munsters, originally played by Butch Patrick. The only child of Herman and Lily Munster.

  2. aznative

    Hoarding all that money — remember his father did the same thing, so that ‘recessive’ memory (when his father took him to the site of the secret stash of money, etc.) motivates Cha Don’s actions? I feel so sorry for mom, as a mother myself I can’t imagine what she’s going through.

    Thanks so much for the recaps; I’m really enjoying watching this drama right now.

  3. MAC

    It’s refreshing to see a “bad’ hero in kdrama. Am enjoying how things are unfolding.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 3.1 a_diva

      i was personally disappointed in cha don for turning so bad, but from a creative standpoint, i like it—especially since it so rarely happens. emotionally it’s weird because on the one hand he totally deserves to get busted and i root for that, but on the other hand a part of me is like, “don’t get caught, don’t get caught, don’t get caught.” i think it was definitely the right call on the writer’s part to make him bad b/c he retains the sympathetic quality that keeps us from hating him . . . although i believe most don’t quite love him as much as they did at the beginning of the series. it’ll be fun to wait and see what happens next . . .

  4. DayDreamer

    All I can say…LOL at the single toe peeping out in the last screencap.

    I’m still not happy with the series currently….in the past, I was able to connect with Cha Don even though I couldn’t connect with the heroine but the time leap and personality change is making it hard for me to connect with Cha Don now. Without any connections to the leads, it’s hard to connect to the show as well.

    In my previous comment for episode 9, I mentioned that it seemed obvious that Cha Don was going to get indicted for being an extortionist. But since the show didn’t go that path (by burning his money to crisp), I wonder what will really happen. How exactly are they planning to put Cha Don in the loony bin? I guess I’ll read the recaps until that point. Frankly, however, I am waiting for the connection between Cha Don and his mom to be made because that was the highlight of the show since episodes 1-2.

    • 4.1 ks

      I really loved the first few episodes, but like you, I find myself not being to connect with the characters. It seems to get worse as I watch more. In this episode, I feel like I didn’t really care for the characters at all, although the story itself was interesting enough that I may keep on watching.

  5. TS

    This was a good episode. And I liked how it showed the why of Jae-in’s emotional state.

    I do have a question, though: how do you hide running your own restaurant? People who do that work all hours of the day and night. And they’re usually running on empty and it shows.

  6. Lisa-Loo-Loo

    I feel so bad for mom. The injustice of it all really bothers me. I can’t wait for it all to unravel, she deserves some revenge.

  7. maakopla

    I think the most powerful scene in this episode was when Prosecutor Kwon and Cha Don were watching Se-kwang’s interrogation of President Choi. First of all I pity Choi, or some reason I found him sympathetic. Second, I fucking HATE that arrogant piece of shit Kwon. And I loathe Ji Se Kwang. The moment when Cha Don was caught and Kwon was there, looking down on him but pretending to be on the same side. This is when I finally realized how much of a scum this group of baddies are. They are so evil it’s sick. And Cha Don gets double fucked by Se Kwang T__T

    I also don’t get it why did Se Kwang put the mother back into the mental ward? When she was cleaning the photos I suddenly thought if she works there she is bond to see Cha Don’s picture and then she saw it xD Don’t tell me Se Kwang found out about Cha Don’s real identity…

    I’m sure that Ji Hoo will start suspecting Cha Don at some point and join Se Kwang’s team. Probably the last call made by the phone she found was to Cha Don or something, that if something is going to trigger her suspicion.

    • 7.1 TS

      I can’t wait for SeKwang’s comeuppance! I even want Angelina to abandon him.

      I wonder if Jae-in and Mum Bok will reconcile?

  8. snow_white

    thank you..

  9. pace88

    I have to say that I love how Chief Yang walks like a penguin, it kills me each time his on screen.

  10. 10 chickenwing

    I must say the actor playing Se Gwang’s hoobae sidekick does a great job. I feel like smacking the side of his head every time he does his sneaky smirk

  11. 11 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi! This episode was definitely uncomfortable to watch, from Se-kwang trying to hunt down Cha-Don’s shady dealings to Cha-Don sweating to try to cover them up to all that lovely money burning up (don’t put your cash in one place!!!) to his mom being locked up again (what is it now? 20 years of unfair incarceration?).

    The episode was zippy and interesting enough for me to eat up all the scenes, but I think having few reasons to cheer for our original protagonists is tiring me out. I feel like the bad guys are winning everything in each episode and the only time we get to see one of them sweat is because of the mom.

    I know Cha-Don is now going to go after the people who had benefited from the illegal activities, but I get the feeling he may be digging a bigger hole for himself. If the synopsis still holds true, he’ll end up in a psych ward.

  12. 12 Dark Justice

    Okay first of all this is another show that I haven’t watched yet. Still thinking about whether I should invest my time in this one so, so far Iam just going with the reviews.

    Can someone please remind me which one was the Lawyer Hwang *the guy who died. What wrong did he do. (the only downside of reading recaps is that you don’t always remember who is who compared to watching the show)

    Just saw Jane after the time skip (via the pics) preffered her better with the long hair. Maybe I just like girls with long hair? Not that short hair is bad on some actress and some can pull of both. Maybe this is just me please correct me if I am wrong.

    In regards to Cha DONs mother I don’t think that she is dead yet. The reason will be as follows. I think that she is still alive but is infact spending time with a fake son. The reason that I base my assumption is as following. Her lawyer (villain member of Traitagon) is not really a bad guy. Yes he was/is corrupt (hard to say current status) but he never really wanted to harm people. He was out for revenge against Cha Dons dad (forgot why. The dad killed of his bro or dad) so his only target was the dad the others were collateral damage of sorts. I doubt that he would have put out the hit against Cha Don if the kid hadn’t found out about him and his GF. He had become a loose end. As for the mother he could have put in a harsher sentence yet he told her to plead for insanity so when she came out she could still be reunited with her son. If he was pure Evil as many think that he is he wouldn’t do such things. No the end doesn’t justify the means but I hope you all get what I am trying to say. 🙂
    So what he must have done is take Cha Dons mom to a fake son so that she can live happily of sorts (he did say that he found her son. He thinks that her son is dead so this has bound to be a trick) The reason that he would do so is that as he has stated that the statue of limitations is still valid for her husbands appeal he will let her be with the fake son and she will be so focused with said person (being reunited after such a long time) that she may not pay attention to this fact. Will not bring up the appeal. When the time is over even if the truth is revealed she wont be able to do anything and the Prosecutor will be safe. Everyone will be happy (this is drama land after all)
    Is it cruel, evil etc… most probably it is. 🙂
    but do we really care. do we really want cha don to go out all to the Dark Side and take his revenge on the person who was like a brother to him. The answer to that question will be either NO or we don’t care.

    that is all from me for now. Hope to hear your thoughts on this matter soon.

    • 12.1 Carmensitta

      That fake son plot would’ve been way better than mom back in phsyc ward, as it was mentioned in the last part of the recap. I agree with you that it’s impossible to paint these characters in black or white.

      • 12.1.1 Dark Justice

        I agree with you completely. Thankyou for liking my idea. As you can see this was an earlier post so it and I can’t remember why it is here in the first place. 🙂

        Really I thought that (his mothers lawyer) was a bad guy but not that evil that he would put the mother back in a Psych Ward that was just pure evil. 🙁

        I mean even if you had a fake son you could still have good plots. For instance the mom would be happy that she is back with her son but as time goes on she starts to suspect that something is of (his actions don’t match up, he may eat something that he is allergic to like Moon Chae Won in The Nice Guy/The Innocent Man) so maybe the mom comes to Cha Don and asks him for help, ie help locate her son or that her son has been replaced by an evil doppelganger. Also we can still have a revenge arc by Cha Don when he discovers that his life was stolen from him by someone that he trusted etc… Also the mom could also be out for revenge for the deception and maybe cross paths with Cha Don and help him while not knowing that he is her son and later…… 🙂

        Ofcourse now that I realize that all these points are well and good there could be complications as well (which come to think about it could also be part of a good story plot if used correctly) Getting a fake son would be good if the family was a normal one. But as this is a rich and powerful family the person who would have to act as the fake son would have to be someone the Traitagon could easily trust and control otherwise he might become over confident and try to blackmail/control them, make demands,not be willing to give up his power etc….
        Granted that this could be difficult to pull of with the limited number of eps for this show and other problems but this can be considered good plots.

        Would love to hear your thoughts on this matter and if any of you have good plot ideas as well.

        I guess what they are trying to show in this show is that maybe Cha Don will be sent to the same Ward for some reason and over here he will be reunited with his mother. Slowly they will discover who each other is plus he may well get his memory back by now. (We all know as the Klingon’s like to say “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold”) and we know Cha Dons behavior when it comes to revenge and protecting the ones he loves and cares about. Well then the rest will be history ….. Recycyle any number of ideas. Bonds will be made while others will be broken and shattered.

        Please respond would love to hear all your thoughts etc..

  13. 13 Shiku

    I can’t wait for Cha Don to find out his true identity and give the remaining group of 4 hell. I am furious that Cha Don’s mom is locked in a psych ward again!!!!! WTH!!!! Why make her suffer so much when she never did anything to you and probably treated you like a son? Can’t wait for the next EPs as I’m already hooked on the show

  14. 14 Ivy

    Interestong conflict! I’m getting really excited about the show now 🙂 Next week…

  15. 15 dp

    i dont understand why the villians still need to work as they got so much money-wealth from the murder…why dont they just enjoy their lives to the fullest instead of going into politics etc…back to their old jobs? lawyers, reporter etc? dont understand….

    • 15.1 Shiku

      They have to keep appearances or people will be suspicious

      • 15.1.1 Dark Justice

        Bingo (miss Gaksital and this line 🙁 )
        You just hit the jackpot. The problem is that only Angelina could pull this of without getting suspicious but since the other members all seem to be lawyers/prosecutors (will have to look up the difference one of these days) if they start to live the big life all of a sudden people will not only become suspicious of them but will think that they were corrupt so they might check the background of all of them. This will reveal many skeletons in the closet that they don’t want revealed and then it would have been Game Over for all of them. Cha Don would be denied his revenge and then what would have been the point of this story/drama. 🙂

        Plus it is human nature to do something. Can’t stay idle for long unless they are feeding their addiction such as watching K-Drama 24/7 only taking lunch and toilet breaks. 🙂
        So if they just lived the high life they would be bound to do something stupid pretty soon and well we all know what would happen next.

        Darn I Started these posts for some thought that came to my mind and now it just slipped my mind 🙂 guess that means that I will have to post again when I remember what it is going to be LOL 🙂
        Sry about that . I think it had something to do with the mothers lawyer 🙁
        Maybe someone will have to jog my mind again.
        Also can someone tell me what the dead member of the Traitagon did that he was a member of ie how had he wronged Cha Don and his family.Will really apprecialte all of it. 🙂
        Hope to hear your comments soon!!!!!!

  16. 16 dp

    can someone enlighten me on why the four of them still need to work? since they gotten such a huge fortune from the murder…dont understand why they still need to work as lawyer, reporter when their life should be in luxury now?

  17. 17 dp

    thanks shiku n dark justice…haa sorry to repost as i thought i posted in other episodes and wasnt able to find it….hmm but actually they can go overseas and enjoy life still? not very convincing to me in that part…

    • 17.1 Dark Justice

      No Problem. It’s understandable.
      I did think about them going and living abroad as well but then again we wouldn’t really be having this drama then. Action make a person and thus certain actions wouldn’t be done thus you wouldn’t really have such a conflicted hero now would we.

      Like I like to say Actions Have Consequences.

      On paper the idea is nice for all of them living abroad and living the good life but in reality it is not all that simple.

      See first of all they would have to go to a country where the conversion rate of the currencies would have been in their favor.
      Secondly another issue would be language and religion. For instance if they want to live a real good life lets say they go to Dubai. Here they can party everyday. How long do you think that the money will last unless they do jobs to keep it flowing. Dubai is an expensive place from what I have heard. Also learning a new language at this point would not be so easy. (they knowing Korean maybe some english as well so they might pull it of)
      As for the matter of religion they would certainly like to drink but lets say they go of to some place like lets say Saudia Arabia they wont be able to drink (by drink I mean alcohol ie beer, whiskey, wine etc….) but if they lets say go to Dubai they will be able to do so. Then again like I said financially they may be able to live better in SA (spending enough) but the rate would hike up if they were to live in Dubai.

      Finally the issue of returning home might become an issue.
      Lets ignore Angelina for the moment.
      The other 3 members were all prosecutors so if all 3 were to suddenly quit their jobs it would become suspicious. So they would have to leave shortly but not to short. See if 3 Pros were to leave there would have been a vacuum to cover up. I would investigate why have I just lost 3 Pros so I would discover that one of the changed his name (most probably) then worked for the person who killed of that persons family member. That would be suspicious itself and then when said person would be found murdered. Well then all sorts of alarm bells would start to ring. The same can be said for the other two so I would issue a warrant on return etc,,, thus if they ever wanted to return they would be instantly arrested.
      Trust me living abroad is nice and all but there always comes a time when you miss your roots and at this point you may want to return or perhaps some emergency may arise (death/illness in family etc…) so you are forced to return.

      Angelina would be able to do this from the entire group because she was an actress so getting away and avoiding suspicions would be easier to do so. Infact from all the recaps that I have read sofar we can see that is exactly what she did. Went to the States and lived a good life. Then the pull of the man she is delusional and thinks that loves her pulled her back.

      Hope this helps somewhat. if not I will try to explain better if i can

      take care

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